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Published on Apr 23, 2018



TEAL SWAN – The Catch Up Effect – The Real Reason We Fear Change

Teal Swan


TEAL SWAN   –   The Catch Up Effect   –   The Real Reason We Fear Change


It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is so much fear around change. Most of us resist change like the plague. We would so much rather stick with what is familiar to us, even if it is causing us pain. Why is this the case?

We cannot stand the pain of uncertainty. I did a whole video on this subject on YouTube incase you ever want to check it out. It’s called How to Deal With Uncertainty. Essentially, uncertainty is the state of being when something is either not known or not decided. When something is not known or not decided relative to a circumstance that causes us stress or pain, we feel vulnerable, anxious and helpless. But what I would like to expose to the collective consciousness today is that there is one particular type of uncertainty that creates the vast majority of our unwillingness to make changes in our life.

As humans, we are a group species. This means that our survival and ability to thrive is dependent upon being connected to other people. We have very real needs that do not go away when we grow older, which are dependent upon other people being there. In fact, most of the emotional needs are related to our connection with other people, such as the need to feel understood and to feel seen and to feel heard and feel belonging and to feel connection. This means, when we form bonds with others, those attachments are very, very strong. We depend on them so as to not starve emotionally. And in my opinion, emotional starvation is more of a threat to the physical human than physical starvation. This is why when someone is heart broken; you often see them quite literally starve themselves and loose weight dramatically. This indicates that emotional needs in fact rank higher for the physical human than physical needs. Separation from someone who you are attached to creates terror for you as a physical human.

We live in a vibrational universe. Everything is vibration. Generally speaking, over the curse of our life, if we are committed to growth and expansion our vibration will continually increase. Even if someone is not ‘conscious’ of growth specifically and simply makes a change for the better to their life, their vibration will increase. In a universe based on the law of attraction, we can only come into contact with and stay in contact with things that we are a vibrational match to in one way or another. So what happens if we change our vibration? We run the risk of no longer being a match to the people who we are currently bonded with in our current vibration. We run the risk of losing them. We run the risk of losing our connection. This triggers our attachment based self-preservation system. We would rather preserve our connection at all costs rather than become isolated, which is the number one worst fear for the physical human. It is a torture that far exceeds death. We would rather preserve our connection even if it means dropping anchor in the stream of expansion and staying stuck where we are, in excruciating pain.

The uncertainty that makes us incapable of making change is the uncertainty of whether or not the people and things we are bonded with and attached to will be lost to us as a result of making the change. Take a look at the story you are telling yourself about the change you are afraid to make and see how the deepest root of it, is in fact the fear of loss of connection and separation. For example, you may come from a background of poverty and you may not be making the changes to create wealth in your life. You may tell yourself that you are afraid of success. But is that really true? Or is it that you fear that by becoming successful, you are going to be shunned by your family, who has put down rich people all their life and made rich people ‘not one of them’. Or you may be afraid to make the change to your life to come out to your parents as gay, because you fear that they will reject you. Or you may be afraid to move to a different city because someone in your family needs you. By moving, you will feel guilty and bad and because being bad in your childhood led to punishments like time outs (disconnection), you are convinced that moving means losing your connection with them.

I call this the “catch up effect”. I call it this because any time you make a change for the better that increases your vibration and causes you to expand, the things and people in your life, must play catch up for you to stay a match to each other vibrationally. Luckily, because expansion is in the best interests of all beings, and because by loving them, you want to stay connected, the universe brings every opportunity to those things and people to make the shift with you. The universe does this in kind ways but also violent ways. In other words, by going with the current of your own expansion, it turns the fire up on the expansion of other people around you.

A while back, I was in the middle of a deep healing process and I got to a point where I could feel this process was about to change my entire vibration and my entire perspective on life and also my boundaries. I could feel that I was shifting in a way that would make me no longer a match to the relationship I was in, in it’s current form. I was so afraid of it that I went numb and couldn’t make myself continue with the process I was engaged with. I knew that by continuing, I was making a conscious decision to risk disconnection with my partner. I had to deal with that fear first before continuing. I had to become ok to potentially lose the connection so as to continue with the current of my own expansion. Fortunately, I was in a relationship with a man who was equally committed to growth and health and so when this terror came up, he essentially gave me permission to shift, even if it made our connection in our current state less secure. He later shifted with me. But I have had plenty of relationships where shifting meant losing the relationship in the physical dimension. I tell you this story to illustrate just how intense this fear is for us all.

Most people think it would be an absolute delight to be in a relationship with a spiritual teacher, like myself. But what they do not know is that the stream of expansion is flowing so fast through people who actively pursue and commit their life to awakening and expansion, that everyone in their life is drug along in that fast moving current. The flames of expansion can be turned up so high around people like myself that people who resist their on growth at all, get burnt by it. It can be agony to continually be forced to play vibrational catch up with someone you are in a relationship with so as to stay a match to them.

It is at this point that I will issue a small warning. The human ego, being comparative and competitive in nature, is tempted to use this idea of vibrational catch up as a means to strengthen its own sense of superiority. So I do not want you to begin using this catch up effect as an excuse to fuel your own sense of superiority. A person who is expanding is not “better” than anyone else. They have simply made a choice to ride the current of expansion. Rather I want you to use the catch up effect to understand what is going on in your life when you make a change and why you resist change so much.

Even the most unconscious person on this earth is a spiritual being and is therefore subconsciously aware of this effect. And so, on a subconscious level, he or she will be afraid to make changes to their life because they wish to prevent the pain of disconnection. He or she will most likely have to get to a point where the pain of staying as is, is equivalent to the pain of changing. In other words, they may have to feel as if they have nothing to lose for them to actually make a change. And the universe is perfectly willing to make this happen. Terminal illness in fact is all about this. It’s the universe putting you in a “you have noting more to lose… so change” scenario.

There is an old saying that goes, “To get what you want, you have to let go of what you don’t want”. This feels a bit like letting go of one ledge of a cliff in the hope that another ledge will catch you. So it is totally understandable why we would avoid this. This is a tormenting degree of uncertainty. If you are afraid of change, ask yourself “what or who am I afraid of losing my connection with by making this change?”

So what would I say to someone who is suffering from the fear of this catch up effect of universal expansion? I would say that you will find connection on the other side of your disconnection and that connection will feel so much better than the connection you have now. I understand you don’t have proof of that yet. And I trust that when you are ready to pull up your anchor and go with the current of your own expansion, you will do it.

I would say that the real dilemma of this life is that no one is exempt from the current of expansion. It is the reason we came into this life. So you must go with the direction of your healing, progression and desires or as you have noticed, you will suffer greatly. Do you want to live your life being held back in the prison of that pain so as to guarantee you will stay connected with someone? Is it even loving to them to do that; or by doing that are you preventing their growth, expansion, highest happiness and healing too? Perhaps the universe is calling you to make this change for the sake of them too, so you can call them into alignment with their own expansion.

Wouldn’t you rather have relationships where you are committed to consciously staying a match to one another by both committing to growth? Wouldn’t you rather have relationships where the other person looks you in the eye and says, I want your healing and your progression and your happiness and so I am committed to shifting with you when you shift rather than expecting you not to shift so as to stay connected to me? Wouldn’t you rather be this kind of friend or partner to others? Would you ever consciously want someone to give up on their own happiness, health and progress just to stay in a relationship with you? On a conscious level, no one wants this of anyone. The time has come to heal our past trauma around disconnection, separation and the isolation that followed.

Awareness is the principal ingredient for change. All other ingredients are accessory to it. And so, just by becoming aware of “the catch up effect” and seeing that it is really the root of our fear of change, we are a great deal closer to making change. When we can stare this root of our fear of change directly in the eye, we can resolve it and change will be the inevitable result.

Lee Harris – Releasing Fear – 2-27-15



Lee shares an exercise for dissolving fear during the February 2014 Live Q&A broadcast in the Lee Harris Energy Portal.

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Paul Lenda – Making the Transition from Fear to Courage – By Graham Dewyea – 1-7-15

21Paul Lenda

Many souls around the world today are still living much of their lives and consciousness in the state of fear. It’s a sad thing to see but it’s a reality that can been seen all around us.

Many systems (various social, political, religious, and others) within society perpetuate the energy of fear, and such systems will continue as long as the consciousness of courage does not exist within us.

By having courage, we are able to stop experiencing the fear being perpetuated by those systems and take off the illusory shackles imposed by them.

The transition from fear to courage is a very big step and often requires much effort and energy, but it is entirely possible with a little determination and perhaps some external support. Not only is it beneficial for us to confront our inherited fears but also for society as a whole.

The less power that the systems within our cultures and societies have through their use of fear, the quicker they will disappear into the sands of time and liberate consciousness wherever it may be imprisoned.

Fear limits the growth of our personality and inevitably leads to a nature of inhibition and repression. When we exist in a state of fear, we put up an impenetrable boundary between ourselves and our own self-actualization.

It takes a bit of energy to transcend this level of consciousness, which is why we see so often that some people gravitate towards those who seem to have conquered fear and who offer to lead them out of the slavery that it holds. Unfortunately, these individuals whom they are attracted to are many times oppressive totalitarian leaders who take advantage of those who follow this logic.

It is unfortunate, but the subjective consciousness state of fear is a limiting, prevailing, and habitual state of expectancy that can be projected onto essentially any and all aspects of one’s life. Stress becomes the primary byproduct of the fear and creates its own problems as well, which are too many to mention here.

Embodying Courage

The perpetuation of fear will be stopped in its tracks once we embody the consciousness of courage. Courage allows for exploration and accomplishment thanks to our focus of awareness being on exciting, stimulating, and challenging parts of life. Progress occurs when courage is emboldened.

There is a passionate willingness to experience wonderful things that have not been explored before. Fear will been faced head-first thanks to a significantly-higher level of energy and any previous hindrances are gone. Self-esteem will go through the roof because there is a sense of “I can do this” which becomes progressively self-reinforcing. Productivity soars to new heights.

In courage, there is enhanced confidence that one feels within their being. There is an empowerment of the self, thanks to the realization that a person is not dependent on external factors. Everything that one ever needed has been within his or herself the whole time. Freedom is finally experienced as the shackles of fear are taken off and thrown away.

The significant shift from fear to courage allows for a person to now be able to realize and work on manifesting his or her inner potential. This potential can be aligned with one’s sense of an overall mission or goal in life that will be the primary focus from then on out. Pursuing our life goals would not be possible if we had a consciousness of fear since it would inhibit any action towards manifesting such goals.

With courage, our overall level of happiness grows immensely and everything is seen in a more positive light. People are perceived as being more friendly, societal problems are not seen as hopeless as they used to be, and many other positions of awareness are shifted. The evolution of consciousness from fear to courage can change our lives in such a dramatic way that we’d feel we’re living in a different reality than before.

Taking Responsibility

There is perhaps one factor that is more important to be mindful of beyond all others which has to be realized if we wish to make the transition from having fear to having courage: accepting personal responsibility. This critical action is a requisite for the shift from fear to courage and requires that a person gets rid of the idea that he or she is a victim of a perpetrator.

All social belief systems that are based on the suppositions of blame and excuses have to be transcended so that we can shift away from fear. None of this is easy since courage requires a higher input of energy than fear below it does. However, whether it is through the inner determination of oneself or the outer support of others, this critical transition is certainly an obtainable reality.

Understanding the differences between these two sates of consciousness is important to know before the process can begin so that we know what we’re working with. It can take a day or it can take a lifetime, but whatever the pace may be, once it occurs, the sense of self-empowerment can be the satisfaction one has always felt was needed in order to accomplish a most-fundamental self-realization.

“Making the Transition from Fear to Courage”, by Paul Lenda, January 7, 2015 at…


The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – Even Fear Is Growing Tired of Fear – 10-29-14

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin
 Channeled by Andrew Martin   –  October 27, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones,

As the month of October is coming to a close, we understand that many of you feel like you have no idea what is next. You may find yourself shifting from joy, to fear, to sadness, to anger and then back again, all the while marveling at how surreal and incredible this whole month has appeared! Many times it seems as if you are outside of yourself observing the whole thing through a two way mirror. Watching with detachment and keeping the illusions of drama and chaos at an arm’s length. Then suddenly you find yourselves in the thick of the action surrounded by emotional upheaval and reactionary patterns that you haven’t engaged with in months, or even years!

You may find yourselves picking up old habits of thought and belief and in the very next moment remembering how outdated they are and remembering that you have long since discarded them. You find yourselves laughing at what once used to cause you fear…not out of a lack of compassion for those who still choose the path of fear but out of a recognition of how far you have come. Your amusement is of the remembrance of how those paper tigers used to immobilize you but how you now see them for what they are: Merely an opportunity to see past the illusions that once used to keep you so transfixed.

So many at this time are still becoming accustomed to the energy of detachment. When you have spent so much time trapped in the illusions of fear and separation, detachment can feel very uneasy. We remind you that worry is not the same as compassion. That being upset about something isn’t a gauge of how much you care. Creating drama is not evidence of your concern. It is only through your steadfast alignment with and offering of Love that you can be a pillar of strength and a beacon of Light. The only pandemic that exists upon your planet, is a pandemic of fear. Anything else is only a manifestation of that fear.

There are many groups upon Earth right now who are beating the drum of fear and anxiety…screaming at the top of their lungs for everyone to “Beware”! Yet it would seem that even those groups are like an actor who has grown weary of their performance. The lines they have been tasked with speaking have lost their resonance and they no longer care to play the parts they once agreed to play. Even the fear that used to hold so many of you so tightly in It’s grip is fading. It is almost as if fear doesn’t even believe in itself any longer. It is putting on a show that fewer and fewer people are showing up to take part in.

For the sake of this message, we would like to personify fear for a moment. It is like an actor who used to pack the house to the rafters, and now sees fewer and fewer people showing up. Fear ends It’s nightly routine and as it sits in the dressing room, removing the makeup and taking off the costume, it knows that It’s successful run is almost over. Fear is elated at this development, because fear can only continue to perform It’s one man show as long as people come to watch. It agreed long ago to play the part it has played so that there would be contrast available to ensure you had another choice to choose. Fear is just as eager to retire It’s illusory act as we are to see it retire. Playing the part of the villain is exhausting and is only rewarding as long as there are people in the audience. When you see fear rear it’s costumed head, bless it and thank it for all that it has done. Say “Thank You” for the service it has provided and remind it that it no longer has top billing and that it is now retired.

How appropriate the upcoming celebration of Halloween is at this time. It is a wonderful opportunity to externalize your internal monster. To dress it up and make it a caricature of what it once was. To drag the boogey men from the closet and out from under the bed and to invite them to dance and play with you brings an immediate shift in your energy. When you reassert that fear is not only no longer in charge but that it is no longer necessary, you free up the energetic space that it once held in your vibration. You are only bound by your perception of that which you are. When you are choosing to let fear exist in your field, it will lovingly show up to play the part that you have requested it to play.

We remind you that when you desire something, that you are immediately provided with the essence of what you have requested. Whether the essence of it is Love or fear, you will be provided with the means to realize your request. When you begin to observe the fear based structures in your life as you would a child having a tantrum, you comprehend that it is not the tantrum that needs your acknowledgement, for the tantrum is the symptom. When you see fear show up in your life, merely ask it what it needs for you to see, to hear, to feel and it will immediately show you. Once you see that the fear is only a masked aspect of who you are you can poke through the illusion and love what has shown up masked in fear. Just like the children who will show up on your doorstep with refrains of “Trick or Treat”! You will not run in fear that it is an actual goblin that has shown up, but merely another childlike part of you that has emerged for you to acknowledge. Once you have acknowledged it, you can then asses whether or not it is an aspect that needs healing and release or healing and integration. Either way, the fear is not the truth, but merely the aspect that is hiding behind the mask of fear.

Continue to practice compassionate detachment when you see others locked in the choice of fear. Continue to love and bless all aspects of yourself that show up seemingly with the intention of causing you fear. They are no more than an aspect of All That Is dressed up in costume playing the part that they agreed to play.

In Love and Light we leave you.



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Karen Dover – Releasing the Fear of the Unknown – 10-13-14


For many of you at this time it may be a time of utter chaos, as the old 3D earth created constructs begin to dissolve there are no reference points that your human logical mind can reach in this frequency and so the human logical mind goes into a panic.  Many of you may have felt the increase in energies over the past few days especially just on or at the full moon.  At a human conscious waking mind level this may play out with roles and patterns being shown for what they are in TRUTH.  The triggering that is done at a human conscious waking mind level may be intense with very physical symptoms that may appear in various forms.

It is to be noted that in order to allow the flow and the movement of the New Earth energies then you must move from being a “solid” to “melting” to “fluidity”. The “solid” form being the static, solid that the old 3D earth created construct teaches you to be in order to be present and live in human form upon this planet.  As this is released then this form moves to “melting” mode, where the energies begin to flow and movement begins to occur. It is in this movement that your deepest fears will begin to surface as you have been taught to hold tightly on to them and to create from WITHIN them.  As they begin to move to the surface you may begin to believe that they are real and that you must “do” something with them.  All you are required to do is to acknowledge them and then to allow them to flow. Attempting to address them or ignore them will see them begin to be “fed” with the very frequencies that you are trying to allow to release and dissolve.

This is done on ALL levels of your BEing so can be felt on ALL levels and will play out on all levels. Many of you at this time may be tempted to try to hold on to other lifetimes and try to live through these lifetimes by bringing them into your current waking reality. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth, only TRUTH is supported and TRUTH JUST IS.  The human race are moving into evolution, they are NOT recreating another reality that exists on any other dimensional level and this must be acknowledged and accepted and released fully.

The dance with other dimensional realities will have you remain in the “loop” of frequency from which this was/is birthed and will see you blind to the loop whilst feeding it.  The “unknown” has been taught to the human race as the “enemy”, to allow SELF to expand is to walk in the unknown and be in TRUST and FAITH of SELF at all moments of all moments, this does not mean that the unknown is indeed unknown for you are creating this at higher levels of your BEing and then allowing the expansion into said movement.

At this time there is much panic in the world, energetically a race that has been kept in isolation and kept in containment has just been handed the keys to the jail cell but much like a prisoner who has been kept caged and has subsequently adjusted to said cage the walk out of the jail cell may feel to be very scary indeed.


A New Earth and a new way of living is birthed through moving into expansion in ways never experienced before, it is not achieved by revisiting other dimensional timelines and trying to replicate something that has already been experienced despite how “comforting” or “secure” this may attempt to make you feel it is further distortion.  THIS is the only waking reality in which the New Earth can be birthed with off planet and inter dimensional distortions seeping into and throughout the old 3D earth created construct it is not  TRUTH to interact with them on any level. They will seek at all times to pull you out of balance and to pull you out of alignment.

At this time you are asked to allow the melting and the subsequent flow of energies through you, around you and within you, noting that at first this may seem overwhelming and may seem to be the very opposite of what your human logical mind wants to happen. ALL JUST IS and ALL IS BY DESIGN.  FLUIDITY has been prevented from being experienced by the human race until this moment and you are asked to BE.  As the outer waking reality begins to move into fluidity you will instinctively know when to move and to shift and to align fully with it.  It may feel as if you have been visited by an emotional storm, any storm has a calm centre and this is the place to BE whilst the storm rages and re-aligns the outer waking reality.  The shifting will be at a speed that you allow and can expand with, attempts at stopping the movement will see you in emotional pain and constriction and is not supported by the New Earth frequencies. By allowing the flow you allow expansion into the “unknown” which then shifts to become the known.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


PL Chang – How Fear Weakens Your Energy of Empowerment



By PL Chang

Empowerment is an expression of energy that has the potential to empower your soul to the point where no amount of fear can scare you into giving up your freedom, sovereignty, and natural rights. If used wisely, this energy of empowerment can prevent fear from weakening your soul, because it can act like the light of a burning candle that pushes the darkness away, giving you tremendous courage, strength, and spiritual power.

What is fear?

Fear is the strongest thought form in the negative polarity. It is often experience through negative emotions that cause you to feel nervous, scared, or uncomfortable. Fear is the negative thought form that weakens your soul, because it puts your mind in avictim consciousness state. This negative state of mind prevents you from appreciating the gift of love, making it hard for you to understand others and appreciate life. Fear also brings chaos into your life and prevents you from accessing your higher thinking ability. These negative effects of fear are the reasons why the Controllers (Elites) like to use fear to control the hearts and minds of the people.

How fear weakens your energy of empowerment

Fear weakens your energy of empowerment by making you scare of facing things that you are fearful of. By not facing your fears, you are making it impossible for you to understand and overcome them. The lack of understanding your fears will cause confusion, doubt, and anxiety, leading to psychological and emotional problems. If these psychological and emotional issues aren’t healed properly, they will negatively affect your mind, body, and soul, causing you to lack self-empowerment. To prevent these negative effects of fear from consuming your vital energy, you need to be more responsible by facing your fears instead of running away from them.

Fear is your greatest weakness because it promotes confusing, anxiety, and cowardice. These negative effects of fear lower your intelligence, preventing your from thinking clearly and understanding your fears. Because fear is your greatest weakness, it is one of the best “mind control” tools to use for controlling your mind. The Controllers are well aware of how powerful fear is as a “mind control” tool, which is why they are always using their mainstream media to broadcast news related to fear, such as wars and terrorism. For strong evidence of these claims, read this controversial article titled How Mainstream Media Deceives You with Its Magic Tricks.

One of the worst things that fear does to disempower you is by interfering with your ability to connect to the divine energy that supports your existence. This divine energy is the loving energy of Creation that focused your body and soul into being. Without this energy connection your body and soul will cease to exist. When you lack the connection to this divine energy, it weakens your intuition, creative thinking skills, and intelligence. Fear also lowers your frequency, which in turn makes you vulnerable to illness, emotional problems, and manipulation.

How to overcome your fears

One of the best ways to overcome your fears is to face them with love and courage. You will also need to learn to observe your fears, so that you don’t allow your fears to control how your body process your emotions. By doing these things, you can build up the courage to face your fears without letting them disempower or control you. Once you understand your fears to a certain point, you can overcome them to a great degree.

Another great way to overcome your fears is to learn how to turn fearful information into knowledge of empowerment. When you fear something, it is because your mind has been conditioned to process that information in a way that causes you to respond to it in a negative way. Most of time this occurs because you don’t understand what that thing is. This lack of understanding creates a type of phobia in your mind that disempowers you, causing you to subconsciously freak out whenever you see or sense something that you fear.

By conditioning your mind to turn fearful information into knowledge of empowerment, you can control how you respond to fearful information. For a great article on how to use knowledge to empower you, read this empowering article titled Turning Knowledge into Wisdom and Using It for Empowerment.

Reducing the power of your ego to overcome your fears

Conditioning your mind to overcome your fears can be hard, but if you learn how to reduce the power of your ego, it will make it much easier for you to overcome your fears. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that our ego is an “evil” entity in our head. This belief isn’t accurate. The ego is actually a part of our personality that has lost a great portion of its connection with other sections of our mind and higher self. This sense of separation gives the ego a false sense of finite life, causing it to live in a false state of fear and loneliness, which is why the ego always feels the need to consume whatever it can to survive.

The ego loves putting you in a state of victim consciousness, because this state of mind disempowers you, which in turn increases the ego’s power. To prevent the ego from putting you in a state of victimhood, you need to be a more responsible human being, so that you don’t give away some of your responsibilities to your ego. The more you give up your responsibilities to your ego, the more powerful it becomes and therefore the easier it is for your ego to control you. For more empowering tips to overcome your ego, click on the previous link.…