The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – Surrender to Your Perfection – 2-7-15

The Lighted Ones: Surrender to Your Perfection. Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, February 4, 2015

Today we wish to speak about where you stand in this moment. Of course the truth as you see it will be individual to you and yet we want you to consider that wherever you are, that you are perfect as you are. For every being there will always be new opportunities to learn and to grow.

There will always be a higher frequency to ascend to. However at this point we encourage you to consider that your work now is simply to be as you are. Shine in the beauty of the perfect state you are now existing in.

We understand that this may seem confusing to some. In many of our previous messages we have spoken so often of healing and clearing and purifying and letting go of all which no longer serves you. We have talked to you about surrendering to where you are and embracing yourself with Love and compassion in order to release the illusion of separation from all that is.

Today we wish for you to consider that you can now surrender to the perfection of who you are. Surrender to the fact that you have come through the fires of transformation and now the refined energies that you house are so brilliant, they shine brighter than ever before. If the larger part of who you are is loving you now, exactly as you are…why not embrace that Love?

We understand that from a human perspective you may still see endless things within yourself and in your world that you want to fix or to change. Yet we present to you the idea that you could continue the search for unwanted or undesirable aspects for a thousand lifetimes and in your search you will always attract to you more things to fix or to change. What if you decided that where you are now is more powerful than any place you have been before and that the simple act of resting in that Light will do more than any fixing or purifying that you could do?

When the Sun shines it does not search for shadows or darkness to illuminate, it simply shines knowing that nothing can escape It’s brilliance. It shines knowing that It’s Light reaches the place it is meant to reach and it does not worry about the shadow for it understands that in time, all shall be illuminated.

You are in a place not unlike that now, Dear Ones. You have focused so diligently on the areas in your lives that were asking for acknowledgement, Love and acceptance and there is no area within you that has gone unloved or unnoticed. So now, what if you decided that it was time to go out and begin to live in the truth of who you know yourselves to be? What if you decided that your job now was simply to shine and to choose those things that magnify your brilliance?

The echoes of the old thoughts and patterns and beliefs in your personal lives get weaker each time they reverberate back to you and the sooner you let them go, knowing that the work has been done, the sooner they will silence themselves. Trust that you are now in a place that if something does need your time and attention, you will know it without question.

At some point, the master painter must decide that the work is complete and that it is time to unveil the masterpiece. The primary work for you now is to understand that the incubation period for you has passed. This is your time to step out and trust that you have everything you need to progress into the world you have been dreaming of. Surrender to the truth of who you are and let that be enough!

Do not let the old patters of your ego entice you into believing that you are not ready, for the truth is that the journey up the spiral is never complete. Allow yourselves to be the beacon that shows the way for those who seek the Light. Surrender to the brilliance of who you are and allow yourselves to shine! Trust that your Light will find its way and your job is simply to shine!

In Love and Light we leave you.



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The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – Even Fear Is Growing Tired of Fear – 10-29-14

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin
 Channeled by Andrew Martin   –  October 27, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones,

As the month of October is coming to a close, we understand that many of you feel like you have no idea what is next. You may find yourself shifting from joy, to fear, to sadness, to anger and then back again, all the while marveling at how surreal and incredible this whole month has appeared! Many times it seems as if you are outside of yourself observing the whole thing through a two way mirror. Watching with detachment and keeping the illusions of drama and chaos at an arm’s length. Then suddenly you find yourselves in the thick of the action surrounded by emotional upheaval and reactionary patterns that you haven’t engaged with in months, or even years!

You may find yourselves picking up old habits of thought and belief and in the very next moment remembering how outdated they are and remembering that you have long since discarded them. You find yourselves laughing at what once used to cause you fear…not out of a lack of compassion for those who still choose the path of fear but out of a recognition of how far you have come. Your amusement is of the remembrance of how those paper tigers used to immobilize you but how you now see them for what they are: Merely an opportunity to see past the illusions that once used to keep you so transfixed.

So many at this time are still becoming accustomed to the energy of detachment. When you have spent so much time trapped in the illusions of fear and separation, detachment can feel very uneasy. We remind you that worry is not the same as compassion. That being upset about something isn’t a gauge of how much you care. Creating drama is not evidence of your concern. It is only through your steadfast alignment with and offering of Love that you can be a pillar of strength and a beacon of Light. The only pandemic that exists upon your planet, is a pandemic of fear. Anything else is only a manifestation of that fear.

There are many groups upon Earth right now who are beating the drum of fear and anxiety…screaming at the top of their lungs for everyone to “Beware”! Yet it would seem that even those groups are like an actor who has grown weary of their performance. The lines they have been tasked with speaking have lost their resonance and they no longer care to play the parts they once agreed to play. Even the fear that used to hold so many of you so tightly in It’s grip is fading. It is almost as if fear doesn’t even believe in itself any longer. It is putting on a show that fewer and fewer people are showing up to take part in.

For the sake of this message, we would like to personify fear for a moment. It is like an actor who used to pack the house to the rafters, and now sees fewer and fewer people showing up. Fear ends It’s nightly routine and as it sits in the dressing room, removing the makeup and taking off the costume, it knows that It’s successful run is almost over. Fear is elated at this development, because fear can only continue to perform It’s one man show as long as people come to watch. It agreed long ago to play the part it has played so that there would be contrast available to ensure you had another choice to choose. Fear is just as eager to retire It’s illusory act as we are to see it retire. Playing the part of the villain is exhausting and is only rewarding as long as there are people in the audience. When you see fear rear it’s costumed head, bless it and thank it for all that it has done. Say “Thank You” for the service it has provided and remind it that it no longer has top billing and that it is now retired.

How appropriate the upcoming celebration of Halloween is at this time. It is a wonderful opportunity to externalize your internal monster. To dress it up and make it a caricature of what it once was. To drag the boogey men from the closet and out from under the bed and to invite them to dance and play with you brings an immediate shift in your energy. When you reassert that fear is not only no longer in charge but that it is no longer necessary, you free up the energetic space that it once held in your vibration. You are only bound by your perception of that which you are. When you are choosing to let fear exist in your field, it will lovingly show up to play the part that you have requested it to play.

We remind you that when you desire something, that you are immediately provided with the essence of what you have requested. Whether the essence of it is Love or fear, you will be provided with the means to realize your request. When you begin to observe the fear based structures in your life as you would a child having a tantrum, you comprehend that it is not the tantrum that needs your acknowledgement, for the tantrum is the symptom. When you see fear show up in your life, merely ask it what it needs for you to see, to hear, to feel and it will immediately show you. Once you see that the fear is only a masked aspect of who you are you can poke through the illusion and love what has shown up masked in fear. Just like the children who will show up on your doorstep with refrains of “Trick or Treat”! You will not run in fear that it is an actual goblin that has shown up, but merely another childlike part of you that has emerged for you to acknowledge. Once you have acknowledged it, you can then asses whether or not it is an aspect that needs healing and release or healing and integration. Either way, the fear is not the truth, but merely the aspect that is hiding behind the mask of fear.

Continue to practice compassionate detachment when you see others locked in the choice of fear. Continue to love and bless all aspects of yourself that show up seemingly with the intention of causing you fear. They are no more than an aspect of All That Is dressed up in costume playing the part that they agreed to play.

In Love and Light we leave you.



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The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – The Fuels of Your Creations – 9-5-14

The Lighted Ones: “The Fuels of Your Creations” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, September 4, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones!

Today we wish to bring your focus to that which fuels your creations. Many of you have been taught to believe that if it doesn’t feel like struggle or sacrifice or like you are pushing a ten ton boulder up a hill, that the results will not be worthwhile.

These old ideas based around such concepts of “no pain no gain” only serve to keep you locked in the vibrations of fear, anxiety, competition and lack. You have been programmed to believe that there can only be one winner, and that there are only enough resources for a select few to have what they need.

Do you see how these outwardly focused means of motivation only serve to keep you afraid and how these outdated concepts rely upon you beating yourself up for not being good enough or fast enough or smart enough or strong enough?

We wish to remind you that the very fact that you are in human form in this lifetime means that you have the ability to create that which you desire. When you remember that you are Divine Spirit choosing to have this physical experience, then you can begin to tap into the endless well of unconditional Love that flows to you and through you in each and every moment.

We will not deny that there is work to be done. Yet we encourage you to begin to re-define your concept of what “work” is. Your job…if you would like to call it that, is to learn to center and to focus within yourself first. Your responsibility is to first remember what it feels like to be in alignment with the truth of who you are. You duty is to take the point of view of All That Is when engaging with circumstances in your life.

The diligence that you have agreed to in this lifetime is to remember what Love and flow and ease feel like and to unlearn the fear based illusions of competition and scarcity and exclusivity. When you can face those fear based programs and show them Love and Compassion, you immediately disarm them and the power that you have given them instantly comes back to you. When you take that power back, you expand exponentially.

As you continue to expand, your ability to create from your Heart…your power center, grows. When you remember that Love and Compassion are transformative and integrative and that everything is only a measure of how much Love Light there is or how much room for more Love Light there is…you can begin to see through the illusions of these old paradigms.

We are not implying that you should not take action…nor are we implying that you should not challenge yourself to continue to grow and expand beyond what you have known. If you love the experience of physical exercise, then of course you understand the thrill of pushing yourself to reach new levels of strength and endurance and that there may be physical discomfort at certain stages in your progress.

Just as when you are focused upon the internal process of releasing old patterns and thought structures that the ego and the rational mind have created, you may find the resistance of the ego creating fear and panic from a mind based perspective. However, we invite you to remember that your ego and your logical mind are no longer in charge. The old physical response of “fight or flight” is simply a by product of your human form that at one point in your existence was necessary for your physical survival.

You can acknowledge these physical responses much like you would acknowledge a child that is frightened of the monsters under the bed. You show them Love and Compassion and gently and lovingly remind them that the monsters exist only in their head. We want you to take action when you are inspired by Love to act. We applaud you for committing to moving forth along your path in spite of the fear or anxiety that your mind may throw at you with the intention of distracting you.

Struggle is a choice dear ones, fear is only one option. And as options go, fear is the least productive option you have access to. Acting because you are afraid to fail will only keep you locked in fear. We encourage you to let Love be the fuel for your furnace of creation, not fear and anxiety. Continue to dismantle the old ideas of right and wrong. Understand that when you discard the fear of failing, that the false concept of failure immediately transforms into the reality of simply being another stage in your success.

Stop seeing all of this as such an excruciating life or death situation. Laugh at yourself more, find humor in that which you used to see as a fault or a weakness. Poke holes in the paper monsters that your mind may use to scare you into inaction and rediscover the inherent delight in the act of creating. Take the perspective of All That Is and draw upon the Universal Power of Love Light to call to you that which you desire. Remember that each Now Moment contains everything that you need to get to the next Now Moment. Bring back the sense of play and childlike wonder to your lives and stop insisting in supporting the old ideas that it must be of blood sweat and tears to be valuable.

Commitment and focus are very important. So choose to commit to the idea that you cannot fail and focus upon using the Love Light that is your divine birthright. We cannot say it enough that you are all so much more powerful than you have been allowed to believe. Let go of the external definitions of who and what you are and align with the powerful energy that resides within you!

In Love and Light we leave you.



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The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – On Trusting Your Intuition – 8-19-14

The Lighted Ones: “On Trusting Your Intuition” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 18, 2014

Greetings Dear Friends!

Today we wish to expand upon the concept of following your intuition.

Can you accept the concept that in each and every moment that which you desire is on its way to you? The path of least resistance is always opening up to you to bring that which you have created into your Now moment. The voice inside of you which some call your gut feeling or your conscience or the voice of God but is what we are calling intuition is always guiding and prompting you to discover the things for which you have been asking. It is only ever in your insistence that you know a better way or your unwillingness to trust or that you must control each step of the process that you push it farther away from you.

Can you see the conflict here? You cannot, on one hand, trust that what you have asked for is on its way to you and on the other hand not trust that you are being guided to it in every moment. Your intuition speaks through your Heart and will never steer you wrong. It is not only the voice that says “don’t go down that dangerous alley”. It is also the voice that guides you to the right questions to ask, or tells you to strike up a conversation with a stranger who turns out to be a powerful ally or someone who can connect you to an important event. Your intuition is your guide, your protector, your friend, your confidant and your genie in the bottle! We would like you to begin the process of trusting your intuition without expectation.

When you summon a request from your Heart then a great treasure hunt begins! Your intuition is like a guide prompting you to the next clue and the next clue and the next clue until finally what you desire is right in front of you, ripe for the picking. Now, if you have asked for something and you are prompted to take a certain action, we know that your ego will jump in to say “well is this going to bring me to what I have asked for? And of the many things that I have asked for, which thing is it going to lead me to”?

Can you begin to believe that a singular event or occurrence might bring you more that what you have asked for? Can you trust that you may experience the fulfillment of multiple desires from one situation? When you accept that you are indeed guided by the eternal flow of unconditional Love, then you can release your need to second guess your intuition. When you begin to trust your intuition without a set expectation of exactly what it will bring you, then the beauty of your life begins to open up and flower before your eyes.

When you use your sense of discernment to question whether or not it is your rational mind commanding you to act from fear or your intuition guiding you to act from Love, then you can begin to trust implicitly that you are moving in the right direction. Your Heart and your intuition will never use fear or intimidation or the false concepts of lack and competition to scare you into action. Your intuition will lovingly guide you to take the next step upon your path to bring you that which you are aligned with in your Heart.

Of course, the Law of Free Will says that you may make whatever choice you want in each moment. The fact that you are an eternal being also means that you don’t have to worry about the idea of getting it wrong or getting it finished. Those concepts are false concepts of the ego and of the rational mind. When you accept that there is only evolution and that death and finality are only stages of transformation, then you can begin to see that there is no way to get it wrong!

Whether it takes you 100 life times or 10 minutes to “get it”…you will eventually get it! From the perspective of All This Is, there is no difference. When you begin to combine the concepts of play and fun to your everyday choices, then each step along your path becomes an exciting question of “what will this day or moment or choice bring me to”?

Would you rather choose to see each choice and each moment as a clue to bring you to the next perfect moment, or would you rather choose to see each choice and each moment as a dreadful chore bringing you one step further to inevitable death and destruction? The choice is yours, Dear Friends. We know what your Heart wants, and if you listen closely enough, you will begin to hear it too!

So choose what you will, it is always up to you. Just know that you always have a choice.

In Love and Light we leave you!



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Wes Annec – The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – On The Concept of Failure – 8-13-14

The Lighted Ones: “On the Concept of Failure” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 12, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones!

Today we wish to talk to you about your concept of failure.

Before you have begun each of your Earthly lifetimes and incarnations, you have, from a soul level been completely aware of the lessons and experiences you were going to have while inhabiting each lifetime. You chose to go through what you would go through with great excitement and eagerness as you knew that the more lessons and evolution you experienced, the higher your vibrational state would become.

You also knew that in every instance you would sometimes be a teacher and that you would sometimes be a student. You knew that from your human perspective you would have a limited understanding of the arc of your soul and that you would perceive many of your experiences to be negative or to be failures.

However in your Unity state prior to each Human incarnation, you were able to perceive that your individual evolution and growth meant evolution and growth for all. In your state of connectedness to All That Is, you never questioned or labeled experiences as anything other than successful and ultimately joyful, for as the saying goes “there are many roads to the top of the mountain and all roads lead to the top of the mountain”. Each and every experience within your multiple journeys has value for the individual as well as the collective.

Consider for a moment when a child is learning to walk…they try many times to take a step without falling before they are successful. However, they do not sit and berate themselves between each fall and call themselves a miserable failure for not being able to walk on the first attempt. They understand on an energetic, soul level that there is a process to all things and each time they fall, they learn to adjust their center of gravity, their balance, inertia, hand, arm, foot and leg placement until one day they seem to magically begin to walk!

Now we are not implying that you are a baby, we only choose this example to illustrate that while they may not be able to verbally articulate their experience, they are driven by the same Divine Spark that drives all of us to evolve and grow. The primary difference is that as a child, they have not yet learned to judge or criticize themselves…they only experience each Now moment as it unfolds. We all seek out the experiences that will ultimately benefit our soul’s growth and in turn the growth of the collective. There is no way to not evolve…it is impossible not to learn from each experience.

Even if it takes you 1,000 attempts to create your masterpiece, the other 999 attempts were absolutely neccesary as they all contained the lessons which ultimately led you to the one which you deem a success.

So understand that when you are tempted to perceive an experience as a failure or as negative, you can trust that it always helps you to learn something new, or to clarify more clearly what your desires are, or to move in a new direction that feels more aligned with the truth of who you are. You are eternal beings who are constantly, always, eternally, evolving and growing…there is no singular moment that does not contain the answers that you seek.

So try to begin to see your life as a string of connected Now moments which will always bring you to the next Now moment, which will in turn take you to the next Now moment and so on. When you accept that there is no end, that there is only transformation and evolution, you will begin to see the greater picture and can finally let yourselves off of the hook for your perception of being a failure.

In Love and Light we leave you!



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The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – Boundaries Within Unity – 8-10-14

The Lighted Ones: “Boundaries Within Unity” Channeled through Andrew Martin, The Lighted Ones, August 10, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak to you about the importance of boundaries. When we speak of boundaries, we do not mean the illusory boundaries and borders that many humans use to create to further support the illusion of separation. We are speaking of boundaries which are set internally by you which align with the truth of where you are in each moment.

These energetic boundaries are important in that they allow you to take responsibility for your own choices, your own experiences and your own creations while allowing others to do the same.

Much talk is given to the subject of Unity Consciousness, and the paradox of understanding and accepting that we are all connected as One is the understanding and accepting of the fact that everyone is responsible for their own choices and actions. Acknowledging that we are all connected as One does not imply that you must take on the burdens of another…in fact it is quite the opposite. Accepting that we are all One and that each choice and action has an effect on the collective, means that we must allow others to be free to make their own choices and decisions for how to live and create their lives.

Many of you have chosen to take the path of being helpers, guides, and way-showers. That work is crucial to the ascension of all. Yet those that come to you for help, wisdom, and guidance are still ultimately responsible for the choices that they make.

We have used the analogy of the personal trainer in previous messages and we will elaborate on that idea today.

If you are one who has chosen to be a trainer for others wishing to make healthier choices in regards to their physical bodies, you would know that your role is to guide and offer insight, wisdom and in many cases correction for your clients. However it is not your job as a trainer to lift the weight for them, or to stand over their shoulder in each moment telling them what to eat or what not to eat. Making the decision to carry the burden and do the work for your clients would not only place an undue burden on you, it would do nothing to improve your client’s state of health.

The same is true for you and the other individuals that you encounter on your path. Having compassion and empathy and Love for another does not mean that you must take on their burdens or do the work for them. You may offer them loving advice, or you may offer them a shoulder to cry on or an empathetic ear, but when you decide to do the heavy lifting for them…not only do you do yourself a disservice by taking yourself out of your own alignment, but you also take from them the opportunity to learn the lessons that they most need to learn for their own soul’s advancement and evolution.

These are the boundaries of which we speak.

These boundaries cannot be seen…they can only be felt. When you align with the Heart Center and create and live from here, you know what it feels like to stand in your power and in your truth. When you are guided to act or to help or to assist from this Heart Center, then you are working within a boundary that is energetically healthy because you are moving from a place of alignment. When you take an action or make a choice that feels “off”, then you have learned to trust that it is indeed off.

Regardless of what you perceive to be going on around you externally, when you choose to stay in alignment, then you are establishing and cultivating a healthy boundary. To learn that allowing external circumstances to take you out of alignment is a choice, is a very powerful understanding. Your power and your free will are yours by Divine Right and can only be surrendered by you…they can never be taken from you. Your peace of mind and kindness of heart and flow of alignment are the most important things that you can nurture.

We are not implying that you should never help or assist another…we are simply stating that when you act from a place of alignment and personal power, you are acting in accordance with your truth and therefore within a healthy boundary. When you act because you feel that you “must” or that another is incapable of helping themselves even though it feels like you are diminishing your own light…you are acting outside of a boundary that is healthy for you.

Each soul has their own individual frequency and path and what is in alignment for one, may not necessarily be in alignment for another.

We will offer you another paradox in the discussion of this subject: The most successful boundaries are boundaries which are fluid and which you allow to evolve from moment to moment. Setting yourself within a rigid energetic structure may at one point serve you, but do not be afraid to go with the flow of that which you are guided to do.

Just as you will find yourself wanting different things from your life at different points along your path, you will also see in each Now moment that you will be guided to offer different responses and make different choices. When you realize that a choice no longer resonates within you as truth, then you will be guided to make a new one.

When you encounter individuals along your path who at one point may have gotten a specific response from you around a certain subject, It is up to you to define to them what your new boundaries are as they change. If you are unable to assert yourself and honor the new boundaries you have set for yourself, then you will find yourself taking action that brings you out of alignment.

That is not to say that you are required to explain, defend or describe why you have shifted your boundaries…sometimes a simple answer such as “it is no longer in my flow to do that for you” or “I have made some changes and this is what I can do for you now”. Even the simplest response of “that is not something I feel comfortable doing anymore” will suffice. Your boundaries are yours to create and to tend to just as your alignment is yours to nurture and tend to.

It is the greatest act of Love and Compassion to allow yourself to feel honored, loved, valued and safe by your own choices. You are not required to say yes to anything that does not serve you. Martyrdom and self-sacrifice are noble concepts, but too often they are used as an excuse to either abandon yourself or to expect others to abandon themselves for the sake of another. There is nothing enlightened about diminishing who you are in the hopes that it will help another.

When each individual begins to live and create from a place that is honest and true and aligned with Love, then one by one the creation of Unity begins. Unity is not a destination in the physical sense, it is an energetic place where each individual honors and respects their own internal sense of peace and alignment and in turn honors and respects the internal sense of peace and alignment for others.

So honor and Love yourselves in a way that feels honest and true. Say yes to that which you want to say yes to and allow yourself to make new choices when the old ones no longer resonate. You are not here to suffer so that others may flourish. That is not the way of Unity.

In Love and Light we leave you!


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The Lighted Ones via Andrew Martin – The Grand Illusion – 1-30-14


The Grand Illusion

The Lighted Ones through Andrew Martin, January 28, 2014

Greetings Dear Ones!

We come to you today with a message about the next phase that is occurring within you at this time. The energies that have been arriving to your planet and will continue to arrive on the next lunar phase and towards the Spring Equinox are indeed sublime and magnificent! We realize that every time we speak to you about energies we remark upon the truth that the energies are of a nature that you have not experienced before. We remind you that all has arrived and occurred within the divine plan and with perfect timing.

It has been indeed a subtle yet steady increase of frequency and energy designed to increase your capacity to anchor Love and Light within yourselves and upon this planet. You may find this week and in the weeks to come that your dreams and your physical symptoms once again begin to get unusual and strange. Yet we encourage you not to worry and not to fear for you are now equipped to handle that which is being delivered to you and it is only your intent to allow the influx of newness to continue to transform you which is required for this to occur.

Many of your legends and myths speak of a brave soul who goes out on a quest to face a terrible beast to regain or reclaim a grand treasure that was once lost or hidden. We love these stories for they are a perfect metaphor for that which you have done within yourselves over the past few years and especially since December of 2012.

These energies that you have been awash in have brought you to places where you have had to face some dark, seemingly terrifying aspects. You have victoriously faced these fears with great courage and grace.

We wish to remind you however that the dark, terrifying, aspects have not been without you, then have been parts of yourself that have come from within that you have faced.

Consider that you are like a golden puzzle with a 100 separate pieces. Over the years and over many lifetimes (some in this dimension, some in others. Some in the past some in this timeline) you have broken off pieces of this puzzle and have hidden them from view. Either because you were afraid of them yourself or you were afraid of what others would do or say if they witnessed these parts of you. The process you have been on, the journey you have agreed to embark upon, has been one to go out and bravely reclaim those missing pieces.

The process of integrating your wholeness has happened in this lifetime. However as we have spoken to you before, some of those pieces have been aspects that were hidden in past lifetimes or in alternate dimensions with alternate aspects of yourself. Again we say do not try too hard to comprehend the concept of alternate realities or timelines, for all occurs simultaneously and parallel. You have gone out and have faced parts of yourself that have seemed dark and unloveable and unwanted. You have reclaimed parts of yourself that you were afraid to embrace because they seemed too spectacular or too unique.

As humans you have spent so much of your time wanting to be accepted by those around you that you perceived to be in control, that you have become very good at diminishing aspects of yourself in order to stay within the safe boundaries of the majority. Now you see however that the shift is occurring and it is now that by integrating all of those pieces of yourself that you become more powerful, more dynamic and more spectacular than you have ever dreamed you could be.

Much like the story where a treasure had to be hidden from an evil or corrupt character, you felt compelled to do the same. We say of course you had to, for the balance of love and fear on this planet was one that was tipped in the favor of the lower vibrational aspects. Those precious parts had to be hidden so that the lower vibrations could not find them and try to corrupt them for their own selfish needs. Now however that story is no longer true.

Now it is the millions of beautiful souls who have quietly, gently, lovingly been on their own journey to reclaim those magnificent parts that were so long hidden that are coming into their own. Now as you continue to integrate and reclaim those wonderful aspects of who you are your Light grows brighter and stronger and more powerful than anything you have experienced in this lifetime!

That is why it has often seemed so scary to face these parts of yourself where the gems have been hidden…because they had to be hidden in a place that would scare even the lowest of vibrational souls! (laughter) Yet we are here to say to you, it is the fear and the darkness that are the illusion! Do you not see that the only thing that is real and that is eternal is the Love and the Light?

The magnificent, golden pieces of your infinite aspects are the only thing that is real! The illusion of darkness and of fear were only in place to keep you separate and apart and afraid. For so long, so many believed the illusion and it was only the illusion of that which kept you separate from yourselves and in turn from each other. Yet now as you continue to wake up and to see through the illusion you can now say “Nothing scares me any longer”! Nothing is more powerful than my Light and my Love! I have been to the darkest parts of my mind and I have been to the places within me that I was for so long afraid to face and I see that the great beast was only smoke and mirrors!”

That is what we wish to impress upon you Dear Ones! The opposite of Love is not hate, it is fear! The darkness is only an illusion and even in the appearance of darkness there is still Light! There is no vibration in this universe that cannot and will not be transformed by Love and Light! For all comes from Love and Light!

You can now face any aspect of yourself and say with a smile on your face and with Love in your heart “I accept you, I Love you and therefore I heal you”. The power of creation and transformation truly is within your hands! We know that it may be so hard to believe. For after centuries and lifetimes you have agreed to buy in to the fallacy that darkness and fear reigned because that was the illusion we all agreed to play within!

Without the appearance of darkness and of fear, you would have nothing to transform. In your humanness you all have required the illusion of struggle and strife so that you could feel you have earned your Light and Love! Yet we lovingly say, the darkness and fear were only the sets and props of a grand play.

They were allowed to manifest so that all of you could spend lifetimes re-learning how to use these gifts and re-learning how to take back your power. Yet as you have seen, the minute, the moment, the second that you have turned to face your fears and to snatch that golden piece of the puzzle from the jaws of a great terrible monster…the instant that you have faced the monster, you have seen it disappear in a poof of smoke! We want to remind you that this is an inclusion based universe and nothing can come to you unless you are of the same vibration.

All is an aspect of who you are and the aspects that you have interpreted as dark or low are only additional aspects of you that were created by you so that you could have the experience of facing that aspect of yourself to relearn how powerful you truly are and have always been! The weakness and fear have been the illusion! It has all been a magnificent obstacle course that you have all designed so that you could have the experience of going through it to get back to that which is and has always been your divine right!

Do we make ourselves clear Dear Ones? (laughter) Do we have your attention now? (more laughter) You do not and have never had to wait for someone to give you your power back, for you were the one who agreed to create the illusion of someone else holding your power from you so that you could experience on an emotional level what it felt like to muster your courage and reclaim it! The grand quest to go bravely off in search of that which you have hidden from yourself has been the entirety of your human experience!

The human-ness is the illusion, the fear is the illusion, the sadness and scarcity and tactics to keep you separate and afraid are the fading paradigm of the old 3D play that is the illusion. Now we say the play is over! The time is up! The curtain call has come and gone! The souls that you have cast in the roles of the evil aspects have played their part and now you have begun to wake up. With every part of the golden puzzle that you have reclaimed you have seen your power grow. With every dark aspect that you have bravely faced, you have seen your Light get brighter. You have seen that all is an aspect of you.

Now you say “I face this aspect of who I am, I accept this aspect of who I am, I reclaim this aspect of who I am and I LOVE this aspect of who I am.” When you do that, the lower vibration is instantly dissolved, the smoke and the illusion instantly vanishes and you integrate the highest parts of you while the lower stuff is transformed by the powerful flames of Love and Light! The legend of the Phoenix is no legend Dear Ones!(laughter) It is exactly the process that you undergo each and every time that you reclaim part of who you are. As you continue to reclaim the golden puzzle pieces that you have hidden over time you get brighter and more powerful and more magnificent.

Accept. Integrate. Accelerate.

The only thing now that stands in your way is your continued belief that something stands in your way. The only monsters and fears that remain are the ones that you have yet to see through. Like all other aspects of this grand illusion, once you have faced them you have seen that they are only paper monsters, they are only made of cobwebs and string. They were the grand designs that you created so you could play the part of your own hero!

Oh, Dear Ones, you have played this role so well! You have jumped in to the wonder of this grand illusion! You have built the sets, you have cast the roles, you have created the costumes and designed the lights and the programs and have even written the music! (laughter)

So now Dear Ones, the illusion is at an end and we say to you. What is the new story? what does the hero do now? Of course the hero returns back to the rest of the terrified village and says “See what I did? I vanquished the beast that none thought could be vanquished! I faced the fear that none thought could be faced! I made my way through the labyrinth that all thought I would be lost in!”

So we say to you now Dear Ones, tell a new story! Write a new tale! You now see that you were and always have been the one who held the power…you only ever have hidden it from yourself.

We say aren’t you tired of pretending now? Aren’t you ready for a new role to play? (laughter) As our brother, our scribe, our partner would say “Aren’t you over this yet”? (laughter)

There is never truly darkness…for all is but a measurement of Love. All was created with and through Love so that you could have this moment on the stage of playing the part of the hero and now you see that the only one you have been waiting for is you.

In Love and Light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones (TLO)

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You Are Light. You Are Love – The Lighted Ones – 12-20-13


Rest Dearest Ones, that is what we wish to speak to you about today. With so many planetary occurrences and activity in these moments, not to mention the waves of energy that so many of you are feeling at this important time, your self care is of the utmost importance.

The occurrence of the Solstice tomorrow is a magnificent time to anchor in the new frequencies that have been available to you as well as to honor the progress you have made. It is a celebration of the balance of life and the return of the light.

The light represented by the Christ child, the light that will transmute and heal the perception of darkness first within and then without. This is a time when so many gather to celebrate the spirit of love and light,  when so many hearts open to share and receive love. For many this can also be a time of great sadness and loneliness. Take care to send love whenever you are compelled to do so. A smile, a warm embrace, a kind word or loving thought will make such a strong impact at this time.

First however it is important to remember to care for yourselves. Honor that to which your heart is drawn. Practice love, compassion and acceptance for where you are now and for all that you have done in the past year. It is so easy to get drawn into the game of comparison. It is so easy to look at others who you may perceive as being more advanced or further along in their journey.

We wish to remind you Dear Ones that all walk their own path, all unfold according to their own plan and all is Divinely timed. Like many wheels in a great cosmic clock, you all have a purpose and you all are important to the greater whole. Our scribe, our brother, our friend may very easily look at his own path on this journey and say “why now? Why at 42 years old am I only now able to hear and translate these messages”? We have reminded him in those moments of doubt that there is no wrong way, that he is exactly where he promised to be at this moment in time and that all is well. All is well. All is well.

We want for you to feel the love, support and caring that is being showered upon you at this time and allow it to wash away any lingering doubts that you may still have. Allow those doubts to rise within you, to be acknowledged and blessed and released so that they may return to the light from whence they came to be transformed and transmuted back into the higher frequencies. For as the lighter, brighter, higher frequencies continue to flood your planet and your bodies, they will continue to wash away the lower vibrations to make more room for love and light to reclaim its place within you and Mother Gaia.

Excavate, acknowledge and release. These are the words our scribe has been repeating over and over the past few days. Excavate, acknowledge and release. Feel the power of love as it washes over and through you to help you dislodge the stuff that is stuck within you. Breathe into it, find the stillness and let it go, let it go, let it go. If you find yourself unable to heal that which comes up, love it all the more. Take it in your arms and hold it like you would a delicate child. For you know in your hearts that if something is arising within you to be healed that you are able to heal it. That if something comes up for you that feels low, heavy or tangled that it is only your attachment to it that allows it to stay with you. Call upon your angels, call upon your guides, call upon the loved ones of the light who are always around you and they shall help you as they can.

This time can feel overwhelming and overpowering, but remember Dear Ones you are all powerful, Divine Creators who agreed to come here now at this moment. Shine the light on it. Show it the way back to Love, allow it to slip from your fingers so that it can be healed and transformed. Surrender is not a passive act, surrender is not a sign of weakness. Surrender says I am strong enough to accept my sovereignty as I step into my power as a Divine Being. Much like when you seek the healing help of a medical doctor or a therapist or a holy person or an energy worker, you allow yourself to be guided by their knowledge and their wisdom. Of course, your own discernment may always be used to ensure that something is true for you, but when there is faith and trust and love, then there can be surrender.

You need not ask for permission to use your powers of light. You need not wait for a sign from above. You have only to nurture and love yourself until you are strong enough to take a stand and step into that light that has been yours since the beginning.

There is so much more to share, Dear Ones and we could continue on and on and on! (Laughter)

Just know that you are loved, you are cherished, you are necessary and you are Divine.

Take this time now to integrate and honor all the work you have done over all of your lifetimes and all of your incarnations. For while the journey has only just begun, it was this marker in the road that all has previously been leading up to.

You are not lost, you are not wrong. You are light and you are love.

Celebrate your divinity and the divinity of all.

In love and light we leave you.Rejoice!

The Lighted Ones.

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