STEVE BECKOW – The Spiritual Dimension of the Reval – 3-6-16

marijuana-money-263x164Steve Beckow

Sent as a guest posting to Intel: Dinar Chronicles.

I haven’t posted here before. Perhaps you’d permit me to say a few words about the spiritual dimension of the Reval.

I’m editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, a blog committed to building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone. (1)

I’m also CEO of the Michaelangelo Fund, a foundation that will use Reval money primarily to end gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet. But we’ll have other projects as well, such as ending leprosy, funding artists and musicians, promoting universal medicare, helping farmers, etc,

To look at the spiritual dimension of the Reval, we have to start first with the Source of all funds, wealth, prosperity – God. In its ultimate dimension, God, whom Jesus called the Father, is still and silent, everything/nothing, a transcendental Void from which everything originated and to which it returns one day.

We have no dealings with God as the Father. No one does, has had, or ever will have. The ancients called the aspect of God with whom we have dealings “God the Mother.”

The Mother has a thousand names – the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, Royal Glory, Dharma, Procreatrix, etc. (2) Under whatever name we worship her, she’s the Creator, Preserver and Transformer of this world. She’s all sound and movement. She’s the form of all gods and God-in-form. She and the Father are One and the same – Mother/Father God. (3)

She, like the galactic and terrestrial ascended masters guiding this financial revolution, speaks to us through telepathically-conveyed or channeled messages.

And what she has said is that she wants us to take up the invitation to play a leading role in the reconstruction of our world that’s taking place as we speak.

The spiritual dimension of the Reval is that we get to show the world that we know that God owns everything and we’re merely her stewards.

The spiritual dimension is that it allows us to set a new pattern on Earth in which we financial wayshowers get to demonstrate, with our money, that we are in fact our brother’s – and our sister’s – keeper.

The spiritual dimension is that we have an opportunity to build a new economy based on love, compassion, and cooperation. reincarnation of St. Matthew.)




Christina Sarich – Monsanto Is About To Escape All Regulation From The USDA – 3-10-15

gmo_corn_dnasBy Christina Sarich, Natural Society, March 9, 2015

What’s an intentional mutation? Nothing more than a fancy technological phrase which describes a new way that biotech is getting around regulatory approval for genetically modified crops.

Scientists have already created ‘designer monkeys’ by orchestrating precise genetic mutations. The same technology used to achieve this feat more than ten years ago is now being used by companies like Scott’s (of famed and failed GMO grass) to create genetically modified food without the oversight of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It isn’t as though these alphabet agencies offer much protection to the average US consumer anyway. Considering that no long-term studies have been conducted on altered DNA and human health, and the fact that the USDA and FDA seem to give their rubber stamp to almost every biotech creation without a second glance, many people have long turned to other ‘experts’ to get their facts on genetically modified foods.

However, taking away the regulatory process makes it that much easier for biotech companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Scott’s, etc. to infiltrate non-GM crops with their altered plants.

Until now, at least the guise of a regulation would stall a biotech company long enough for the public to get wind of their plans, and to at least voice their concern, if not smoldering outrage, at a GM apple that doesn’t brown, or GE salmon that grows ten times the size of non-GM salmon.

Click for large version.

How do companies like Scott’s plan to unleash new GM grass, and other genetically modified crops? By utilizing “genome editing” which wasn’t even heard of when regulations for GMO crops were originally penned.

Plant researchers at the University of California, Davis, have remarked that the regulatory framework has become “obsolete and an obstacle to the development of new agricultural products.”

The system is indeed obsolete, but not for the reasons Big Ag thinks. If companies like Monsanto have their way, genome editing will be used instead of the previous methods for altering living organisms by genetically altering DNA material through artificial manipulation in a laboratory. In this way, they can bypass the FDA and other agencies throughout the world who are trying to ban GMOs.

The genetic manipulation (through gene transfer) process already differs from traditional hybridization where only species that are very similar can be combined to produce a new offspring. For example, in hybridization practiced by gardeners and horticulturalists you would never put a bacteria gene inside a plant gene to create a plant that is essentially a pesticide – and then end up with plants that, when consumed, are cytotoxic to the human organism.

Genome editing is the process of precisely targeting a gene for mutation. Harvard researchers describe the process thusly:

“. . . developing genome-scale editing tools as fast and easy as word processing have rewritten the genome of living cells using the genetic equivalent of search and replace — and combined those rewrites in novel cell strains, strikingly different from their forebears.”

“The payoff doesn’t really come from making a copy of something that already exists,” said George Church, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, “You have to change it — functionally and radically.”

By altering crops in this way, biotech companies are, according to Michael Hansen, senior scientist for Consumers Union:

“…using a technical loophole so that what are clearly genetically engineered crops and organisms are escaping regulation. [Gm grass] can have all sorts of ecological impact and no one is required to look at it.”



Like other biotech techniques, genome editing isn’t fool-proof either. In the pharmaceutical industry this technique has been used to try to cultivate cultures that can be used for drugs. A notable example of this technology going very wrong can be seen with the biotech company Genzyme, where estimates of costs due to viral contamination from genome editing reachupwards of $1 billion. The company has attempted to develop various gene technologies for diseases of the central nervous system, diabetes, and more.If gene editing isn’t completely predictable for pharmaceutical drugs, how can we be sure that gene editing will result in anything different than other biotech practices that have been used to genetically modify crops to date? Without regulatory oversight, these practices will also likely be carried out without the public’s awareness, and once again we will be eating food that is, in the least, very questionable.

There are multiple methods of gene editing, but this video from MIT explains one of them.


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About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.
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Wes Annac – Artists Will Heal the World – 3-3-15


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” – Osho (1)

I think creativity is the best way to express our spirituality, and all I’ve wanted to do lately is increase my receptivity to the voice of our inner universe. I want to be a conduit for the universe to express itself, because this seems like one of the most potent ways to achieve true creative and spiritual liberation.

I’ve been listening to Terence McKenna a lot lately, and he’s opened my eyes to the idea that our creativity is our bridge to the other side of the veil and we can use it to communicate with spirit and raise the collective vibration.

The biggest obstacle I face in becoming a true spiritual conduit is my own sleepiness, which I’m starting to confront. This sleepiness tends to formulate a barrier between me and the unseen, and any creative person will tell you that writer’s block is one of the most frustrating things we can experience.

I’m also learning that writer’s block is an illusion and, to an extent, we can creatively flow regardless of the obstacles we face if we’re willing to open that channel, keep it open, and have confidence in the things we express.

I’m just as passionate about music as I am writing, but I’m realizing that writing is one of the most artistic and spiritual things we can do. Using words to convey specific, sometimes flowing expressions is a potent form of art, and it’s a great way to open up to the universe and let that omnipotent force speak through us.

It doesn’t really matter if our minds are as open as we want them to be when we sit down to write, even though I can say from experience that open-mindedness is an important part of it.

Even if we feel like we’re communicating from the ego, which, despite that it can hold us back, is just as spiritual as any other part of us, the expressions we convey still come from within and, thus, still come from the inner universe.

“There is no such thing as an idle thought. All thought creates form on some level. Every thought leads to either love or fear.” – A Course in Miracles (2)


I think we need to become more comfortable creatively flowing, and to do so, we’ll have to shake off our sleepiness and our tendency to censor ourselves or worry too much about what others think of the things we say.

I’m noticing that regardless of what time I go to bed at night, I always sleep in when the morning comes (even if I have an alarm set). I’m one of those people who’ll hit ‘snooze’ twenty times before finally crawling out of bed, and I think that sleepy tendency can inhibit the creative process.

I think we need to be as open, active, alive and awake as we can if we want to creatively flow. We’ll want the mind to be as clear as possible when we try to express ourselves, and we’ll meet a creative brick wall if we’re sleepy or unwilling to express anything solid.

This is where sustaining an active lifestyle comes in, and I think activity is an important part of creatively flowing or finding any degree of enlightenment. The more active we are, the more we get the spirit flowing and the clearer and more intricate our expressions will be, but we’ll meet failure every time if we try to force the flow from a sleepy perspective.

We don’t have to meditate for hours before we write to let the inner universe speak through us properly, but I do recommend meditating for a short time before being creative.

We can write (or express ourselves in another way) with a clear mind and a willing heart, and all we have to do is recognize that a clear mind is one of the most important components of the creative process.

Think about it – if the mind isn’t open and clear, the expressions of our inner self won’t be able to flow very openly or clearly. We need a clear mind to be able to express ourselves, and without it, our expressions will be choppy and our creative flow will seem non-existent.

My biggest desires lately have been to stay open to the inner universe and to have that receptivity come across in my articles, music or anything else, and like I’ve said before, dedication and consistency are important to maintaining this creative flow.

If we stay dedicated and work hard no matter what obstacles we face or what responsibilities we have each day that could impede our creativity, we’ll strengthen the creative flow, and thus, our connection with the universe will strengthen.

Credit: Tumblr

I think it’s more important than ever to do what we can to strengthen this connection, and more and more, I find that I’m being motivated by love. I’ve talked a lot lately about being an open, receptive conduit for the inner universe, but when I really think about it, it all comes down to love.

If we have love, we have the strongest, sharpest, most enhanced form of creativity we could ever hope for. When we’re passionate and we can let our love flow into our work or anything else we do, we’ll have discovered the true secret to creativity and spiritual evolution.

Love drives it all, but there are other sub-components, like dedication, that are equally important. As long as we have love in our heart and we’re willing to flowingly express it in everything we do, our creative flow will be as enhanced as our connection with the universe (they’re basically the same thing).

Staying connected has honestly been the only thing on my mind lately. I mentioned earlier that I’ve been listening to Terence McKenna, and this counterculture icon and advocate for consciousness exploration has opened my mind to things that have solidified my passion for creativity.

After listening to him and a lot of conscious musicians, I’m convinced that my path is to use creativity to raise the collective vibration.

I want to do this by exploring my consciousness and imparting the things I learn into my writing and music (which McKenna encouraged us to do), and while I’ve always known this on some level, it’s been significantly reaffirmed lately.

Art and self-expression are gifts from our creator that other species on this planet aren’t as capable of as us.

Because of this, I think we should embrace these gifts and use them to uplift ourselves and everyone else who’s been so lost in darkness that they’ve forgotten what true, spiritually driven self-expression looks and feels like.

I’m discovering what it feels like, and it feels better than anything the material world will ever provide.

“To me, all creativity is magic. Ideas start out in the empty void of your head – and they end up as a material thing, like a book you can hold in your hand. That is the magical process. It’s an alchemical thing. Yes, we do get the gold out of it but that’s not the most important thing. It’s the work itself.” – Alan Moore (3)

Bringing our raw creative potential up from deep within and expressing it in specific yet expansive forms is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our planet, and in my eyes, creativity and the ability to express how we feel about any given issue will change this world more than anything else.


Activism is great, and we need it to raise awareness of issues that need discussed, but I think the best way to be an activist is to be creative. Without our creativity, we’re left with dull, mechanical methods of expression that don’t allow us to impart our inner love into what we say or do.

Creativity is the new activism, because it’s a potent way to raise awareness about everything that needs discussed before the world can change.

We’re headed for some serious, alarming planetary changes and things will have to get worse before they can get better, but like McKenna and so many other conscious pioneers have told us, the artists of the world will help us get through the chaos.

Out of the chaos of the crumbling, disintegrating old world will arise a collectively enhanced sense of spirituality and creativity, and we can bridge the gap between the old and the new by using our creativity to express our growing spiritual perception.

A lot of bold and paradigm shattering things will have to happen before the world can wake up, but we can make the transition easier by calling on our love and creativity to soften the blows we’ll inevitably face.

For now, the conscious artists who are using self-expression to uplift themselves will want to continue to use their newfound understanding to awaken others, because the greatest planetary changes have just begun. When things really start to heat up, artists will be needed more than ever.

Lady Nada – Our Healing, and Now Freedom From the Dark Ones – Channeler Kathryn E May – 2-24-15

Mario Gattoaladino



Channeler:  Kathryn E. May



Lady Nada: Our Healing, and Now Freedom From the Dark Ones

Nada  via  Channeler Kathryn E May

Greetings to you, Beloved Ones.  I wish to first thank all of you who sent your love and wishes to me while I was being restored by the brilliant medical team who brought me back to life.  I will be forever grateful and forever touched in the deepest part of my heart by the enormous waves of Love I felt from my beloved Sananda, my brothers and sisters of the Company of Heaven, our glorious Father/Source, and especially from all who read these messages.  You have brilliantly forged ahead on your path, removing the “dark cell,” building the glowing Pillar Portals of Peace (we chuckle every time we say that tongue-twister), and lifting the Light vibration on the ground.

Your energies of Love are felt throughout the Heavens, lifting our hearts and clearing away the darkness that has shrouded Earth for thousands of years.  I am filled with joy to see the tremendous progress you have made on the ground to shift the balance toward the Light, growing every stronger and more dedicated in your Light work.

It has made such a difference when you send your loving energies to us.  We are working very hard on your behalf here in the Temple of Light with the recalcitrant ones who have controlled the cabal for centuries.  Your Light energies help to counteract the vibrations of rage and fear they emanate, bolstering everything we are doing, creating a synergy between us that grows in power every day.

I am not yet back to a full schedule like the others, who are working round the clock.  I am still receiving healing sessions, as my essence is being restored and the integrity of my energies gain in strength.  I will tell you something of the wondrous treatment I have received during my recovery.

As most of you know, I was hit directly by a scalar weapon, directed at Sananda and me and others representing the Company of Heaven as we approached the meeting we were about to attend to negotiate the peaceful departure of the cabal from Planet Earth.   It was a type of powerful and very dangerous weapon, utterly banned from use in the Multiverse because of its potential to destroy souls.  Let me emphasize this – it kills souls, not just the body.

Only God has the right to create a soul, and only rarely in the history of the Universe has it ever been necessary for him to dissolve a soul.  It is certainly not the province of anyone to meddle in this process of creation.  You are learning this lesson on Earth as you discover how dangerous and foolhardy it is to experiment with genetic modification of crops and cloning of animals.  Nothing – absolutely nothing good can come of such arrogant and dark practices, no matter how eloquently the intentions are disguised.

Let me tell you now of the result of that attack which damaged my very being.  My beloved friends and loved ones wrapped my torn lightbody and carried me to a treatment ship where the medical team began working to literally put me back together again.  Sananda sat with me for days while I was in and out of consciousness, aware only of the loving team surrounding me.  They used a technique that has been practiced only occasionally in our history, because we, the Higher Selves, have rarely been exposed to nuclear-type weapons in the higher dimensions.  However, the explosion of nuclear weapons on the planet and in space can potentially cause terrible soul damage throughout the dimensions, as we experienced during the destruction of Maldek and the fall of Atlantis.  This is why Earth has been quarantined since then, barred from all Galactic exchange in higher dimensions.

Father/Source, who carried the original template for my soul, was initially able to provide what you might call the bones of my soul essence.  Of course, after millions of years I had evolved and grown through the experiences of all my incarnations, so he could not recreate all the intricate elements of self I had created in myself.  This was where the imagination and dedication of my incredible team came in.

In my case, I was lucky to have an incarnation who had worked so intensively for so many years to clear all the residue of this lifetime and to clear away any dark energies. We had truly become as one.  It was possible for the team to rebuild me by using Kathryn’s DNA, her stored memories, and her essential substance, because it is so identical to mine.  I was recreated with parts from her soul being, some elements from Sananda that were my soul match, and memory tracings from the Akashic record.

I am now nearly finished with my rebuilding process.  A few gaps remain in my memory functions, but all procedures for the restoration have been planned out and are gradually being implemented step by step. With each upgrade I feel myself becoming stronger and more myself.  We are running all my programs, synching everything so that I am returned to seamless integration.

It is truly a miracle of innovation and creativity to see what our beloved healers and creators were able to do.  New methods were devised as they went along; new ideas flew through the air; excitement and creativity reached an extraordinary pitch as they worked on all of us who had been injured.  Sananda was healed almost immediately, and the others who had been severely shaken but had not experienced a direct hit were treated with what you might call etheric glue, to restabilize and reorganize their molecules into their previous state.

All spent a few days resting before beginning their work in the Temple of Light, which was created in the meantime by the builders and architects of Light.  Within the period of one week – the time designated as the deadline for the cabal souls to be taken to the Temple – all was readied and in place.  As you know, they were taken to the Temple, and have been offered an intensive reprogramming approach to remove the sleeper cell and clear the darkest of the thoughtforms they have been carrying.  They are then taken, but only when they command it for themselves, to the 5th dimension for their very difficult review process.

Those of you who may be feeling left out, or wishing you could have such a program for yourselves must realize that you are being given just that, in a gentler, richer form over the years.  It is the book, “Who Needs Light?,” the messages “When God Pinched My Toe” and recent writings from the Masters that you have been given day by day and week after week here, delivered to anyone who requested it, for several years.  The removal of the dark cell radio programs and messages are just the latest gift you have been given to speed your ascension and bring you peace.  You see, you have been freely given a specific, clearly organized program to help you through to ascension. You only need to use it fully, with an open heart, and you will reach a level far beyond anything we are working toward with the dark ones.

The program that was developed for the dark ones was not only addressed to them.  It was put in place by Father/Source, with help from us and our counterparts on the ground to be the most powerful and fast-moving therapy program possible, to optimize the chance for every soul to awaken and choose the Light.  This is as much a gift to all of you as it is a last chance for them.  When the final bell tolls, your lives will change immensely.  The dark weight under which you have lived will begin to melt away, because the darkest, most murderous and recalcitrant ones will be gone.  Those who are left here in bodies will be the souls whose light quotient is more than 15%, and those who have already gone to the Light to finish their reviews and to return as fully conscious Lightworkers.

Anyone who has not reached a stable light quotient of at least 15% will have been dissolved into the sea of Light, and anyone who later descends below that level will follow.  It is a merciful and gentle end to a vicious, inhumane and unremitting trail of destruction.  Only those who choose the option to refuse the Light will end their lives here, not only as incarnated beings but as souls as well.  All the Universe will be spared the misery of having to deal with these dark ones.

Those Lightworkers who are tuned to the highest dimensions have become aware of energy patterns and how profoundly they affect every breath you take.  The cabal had become experts in creating every toxic form of psychological, spiritual and physical poison.  Your familiarity with chem-trails has given you just a glimpse into the far-reaching technologies they were willing to use.  The physical effects have been devastating to human health, reproduction and aging, but the psychological effects have been even more destructive.  The dark thoughtforms produced constantly and fed into the energetic atmosphere surrounding Earth have had the effect of paralyzing much of the population.  It is a barrage that requires great strength and presence of mind to withstand.

We are working with all of you now to protect you from the damaging effects of those thoughtforms.  We have had to step up our efforts as the darkest ones in the Temple of Light rage against the Light, sending waves of vindictiveness and contempt into your dimension.  They are targeting all who walk on the planet, but especially the Lightworkers.  You are being allowed to feel a tiny proportion of the acid darkness they are producing so that you can perceive exactly what the problem is and understand why Father’s intervention is necessary.  It is a somber time in our history, but it will be followed by great relief, and after a pause to pray and reconnect with one another, we will go on, stronger and more joyful than ever before.

I have told you there is a deadline for all souls in the Temple to make their choice – Light or dissolution.  That deadline is Tuesday, 12 pm EST, February 24, 2015. I remind you again: this is not punishment.  Anyone who wishes to be forgiven and returned to the bosom of God’s family will be welcomed back and sent for their intensive review and restoration, but there will be no half-way measures for this group.  They must achieve 100% Light in their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies before they can return.

This plan is fair in the deepest sense of the word.  Free will is absolutely preserved and honored.  Merciful and kind treatment will continue for all who inhabit Earth.  Those who have planned difficult lives including a certain amount of suffering will be allowed to work through those chosen challenges as their Higher Selves direct.

Those who are still maintaining a large quotient of darkness will be the next group to be treated to a new phase of intensive rehabilitation programs.  Nothing will be left to chance, and no pocket of darkness will be left to grow and flourish like the cancer it has been on Planet Earth.

Ride the wave with us, Beloved Ones.  Take note of the changing energies, not just the more obvious news reports (which are still mostly running on the previous dark patterns), and watch for change all around you.  It is there, but you must raise your consciousness to learn a higher sensitivity to the Truth of who you are and what surrounds you.

Absorb the loving energy we send to you, dear humankind.  When you open your hearts, and align each chakra and lift yourself to the highest vibration of which you are capable, you will be part of the cure.  What will follow will be blessed Light, gratitude and peace across all the towns and countries of Earth, and extending to the Multi-dimensional cosmic Reality of which we are a part.

We love you without end, and we are with you without pause.  Join us in Light and in prayer as we complete this historic journey together.

I am your Nada, stronger, more grateful and more dedicated to this glorious Great Plan than every before, together with my Sananda and the Company of Heaven.
Through Kathryn E. May, February 23, 2015, 2 pm EST, New York


© Kathryn E. May, PsyD.  Permission is given to copy and share these messages, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,  Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.



Dear Friends,    I’ve been extremely sick for about a week or so, and off and on before that, with life-threatening illness and pain. This is a call for help to please send prayers for healing!

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for any positive healing energy and prayers you could send my way at this time. The issue has been with my liver/gallbladder and I cannot eat any solid food or move around much, and live alone so this has been very difficult. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and will be getting some testing done to find out what the issue is. I am practicing every alternative and holistic healing therapy I know of at this point, and hope to get a diagnosis so I can treat it more specifically.

Many thanks for all of your love and support, and thank you for sending prayers and positive healing energy.

Much love and light,
Goldenlight ~:~


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Nahko Bear – Medicine for the People – Aloha Ke Akua


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