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LISA GAWLAS   –   God Is Becoming You   –   If You Make Room   –    YOU!! …if you made room   –   3-12-165


I stumbled onto an article yesterday, a mans near death experience, that completely changed what I thought I was seeing thru you.  The man’s name is Mellen-Thomas Benedict and if you click his name it will take you to his near death (he actually totally died) story.  One of the clip arts that was used in telling his story, changed everything I thought I was seeing thru some of you, thru the field, which also changes what is truly happening.  The clip art next to section three titled “The Light of God” but let also include a quote from him as well to launch this sharing:


“The body is the most magnificent light being there is. The body is a universe of incredible light. Spirit is not pushing us to dissolve this body. That is not what is happening. Stop trying to become God; God is becoming you. Here.”

Over the last two days of readings, the physical body is no longer the focal point in our expansion, instead there is this thing I thought was a small sun directly above everyone’s center field.  It didn’t feel like our “sun” and yet, the rest of the imagery, story was coming out of that place.  I did, however, understand the energy and imagery that formed next was the soul energy creating a geez, I really don;t have adequate words that truly express what it is, but we will use the new skin that makes up your personal universe.

But lets look at the universe itself, there is not one tiny or large part that is more important or less important than any other.  The invisible (to our eyes) that make up the interdimensional space is as extraordinary as important as the planets and stars and everything.

What we are starting to see in the readings is your part in this new universe.  Your job is to know your part, intimately.

I want to really crack this egg wide open tho, it is too important to not fully and completely understand.  God is becoming you.

Why have we painstakingly been clearing our minds, removing the crippling judgement, the fear and separation, turning inwards with love, unconditional love of self with the Self.  If we want to be the embodiment of God, then we sure as hell must make room for the purest of love in all creation.

This is where the blessing and pain in the assness of free will comes in.  Thru incarnated eternity, we have been given the choice to clear our vessel for the embodiment of God, Source, Creator (pick a name) or continue to play in the illusion of separation.  Our souls and God both know, there are in infinite reincarnation journeys to live thru, to get the ultimate task eventually completed.

Lets change the subject a little bit, so I can tie this into our grandness too.  My first lady that showed up, orbiting around her still forming life field universe, were 5 planets.  Spirit made these planets look like balls of gray clay, I didn’t completely understand why until later yesterday.  Let me tell you, just breathing in her energy field gave me an instant headache that last thru the day, well, until I finally tapped out and ate some ibuprofen.

There are many, what we would call more advanced civilizations out there… advanced meaning, in a unified body conscious with Source, Creator, God whatever.  Their planets, their worlds ooze this pure consciousness energy.  Until now, even our greatest or closest ET contact(s) has been filtered, the energy muddled so as not to blow the human evolving, connecting, up.  But now, as we step into our purer soul expression of life, they are releasing the filters, the pure consciousness of creation that they and we are a part of.

I want to use another quote from this amazing mans story that emphasis let go of what you think you know and what you think you are:

“The Biblical “I am” really has a question mark after it: “I am? What am I?”

Putting the question mark leaves room for the unknowable, the inexperienced as of yet.  When we think are something, we close off that emergence.  Just like our “purpose” is ever evolving into areas we could not ever foresee, if we allow ourselves that gift, so too must we be that as well.  The unknowable becoming known.  With this thought, I want to share yet another quoted experience from this mans story just after he died:

So as I was moving toward the light I said, “Please wait a minute, just hold on a second here. I want to think about this; I would like to talk to you before I go.”


To my surprise, the entire experience halted at that point. You are indeed in control of your near-death experience. You are not on a roller coaster ride. So my request was honored and I had some conversations with the light. The light kept changing into different figures, like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, mandalas, archetypal images and signs.
I asked the light, “What is going on here? Please, light, clarify yourself for me. I really want to know the reality of the situation.”
I cannot really say the exact words, because it was sort of telepathy. The light responded. The information transferred to me was that your beliefs shape the kind of feedback you are getting before the light. If you were a Buddhist or Catholic or Fundamentalist, you get a feedback loop of your own stuff. You have a chance to look at it and examine it, but most people do not.”

I highlighted that sentence, because it is what is happening right now, without death.   Equally tho, if you do not put the work into expanding and understanding yourself, you will forever stand at the comma of your life waiting for the next formation to happen, but it can’t because it’s all up to you!!
HA!!  “In my father’s house, there are many mansions.”  Each and everyone one of YOU are a mansion in which God dwells, right here where we Are!  Have you run the electrical current to turn the Light on??  Have you made room for such increased voltage? (This alone, is the fullness of March, if you allow.)
I am going to leave you Here.  One day, my greatest desire, is that you will be able to see your own enormity, constant change of evolution, the way I have the privilege of seeing You!!  Thank you, each one of you, for being the Light into this amazing thing we all Life!!  I love you!!!

STEVE BECKOW – The Spiritual Dimension of the Reval – 3-6-16

marijuana-money-263x164Steve Beckow

Sent as a guest posting to Intel: Dinar Chronicles.

I haven’t posted here before. Perhaps you’d permit me to say a few words about the spiritual dimension of the Reval.

I’m editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, a blog committed to building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone. (1)

I’m also CEO of the Michaelangelo Fund, a foundation that will use Reval money primarily to end gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet. But we’ll have other projects as well, such as ending leprosy, funding artists and musicians, promoting universal medicare, helping farmers, etc,

To look at the spiritual dimension of the Reval, we have to start first with the Source of all funds, wealth, prosperity – God. In its ultimate dimension, God, whom Jesus called the Father, is still and silent, everything/nothing, a transcendental Void from which everything originated and to which it returns one day.

We have no dealings with God as the Father. No one does, has had, or ever will have. The ancients called the aspect of God with whom we have dealings “God the Mother.”

The Mother has a thousand names – the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, Royal Glory, Dharma, Procreatrix, etc. (2) Under whatever name we worship her, she’s the Creator, Preserver and Transformer of this world. She’s all sound and movement. She’s the form of all gods and God-in-form. She and the Father are One and the same – Mother/Father God. (3)

She, like the galactic and terrestrial ascended masters guiding this financial revolution, speaks to us through telepathically-conveyed or channeled messages.

And what she has said is that she wants us to take up the invitation to play a leading role in the reconstruction of our world that’s taking place as we speak.

The spiritual dimension of the Reval is that we get to show the world that we know that God owns everything and we’re merely her stewards.

The spiritual dimension is that it allows us to set a new pattern on Earth in which we financial wayshowers get to demonstrate, with our money, that we are in fact our brother’s – and our sister’s – keeper.

The spiritual dimension is that we have an opportunity to build a new economy based on love, compassion, and cooperation. reincarnation of St. Matthew.)



Heavenletter #5511 via Gloria Wendroff – Peace Has Been Declared


God said:

I hear this cry coming from your heart:

“God, My Beloved God, why, God, do we, your children, require comfort? Why are we so uncomfortable as to desperately seek comfort from You? Why such a need for comfort in this world?”

Why? Because of the pictures you have in your mind. Because of what you have been taught. Because of what you believe to be true. Because of conclusions that the world puts together and perpetrates upon others, parts of life considered less valuable for silly reasons like physical appearance or family status.

Because of how you relate to the physical world and the existence of your body, your guard is up, and your heart goes down, and cruelty became established. Laws helpful to some and not to others were made.

Instead of loving all the wonders of the physical world and the Beings who make up the world, you feared life for its very temporariness. Individuals tried to make their temporariness permanent. Some elevated themselves by pushing others down.

You may not really know what you want, and so you cling. You take the physical life as if it were the whole of life, and that you must protect yourself or be ravaged.

Primitive societies came to greater wisdom than you. Closer to the Stars and the Sun and Moon were they. Closer to Me and All My Glory were they, while more sophisticated groups clung to straight and narrow objective evidence and required proof or made up unsubstantiated theories and held them as truth. The so-called evidence carried more weight than the Truth in the Human Heart, and so was the Human Heart covered up with facts and figures.

Nature was less validated and ignored. Material fact was considered more true even as material fact often revealed smugness rather than Truth. Hearts were torn, and the world became off-track. A pretty picture was not even painted.

Of course, at the same time, there were always those great and small heroes who saw further and who cared about all Beings and opened the world.

For the most part, accomplishment became more important than Being Itself. The heart was downplayed. Conviction of other human beings was easy. Disregard for the reverence of Human Life and an upsurge of irrreverence and the irreplaceable became replaceable. More fear crowded the world.

One’s body became ultra-important, and the bodily existence of others no longer mattered all that much. The call of the wild took over, and frozen hearts were truncated.

Now, life restores itself. There is a great revival of the human heart, and the lion and the lamb lie down together. Kindness and generosity become the good guys.

The time for regeneration of the Earthly world has come. Selfishness falters, and inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, reigns. More beautifulness to fill the world is arriving every day. Victor and victim will no longer hold name-cards. Hierarchy in the world revises itself.

The world is becoming lighter-hearted. The world is serving joy for everyone more seriously. The bells of love are chiming. The human heart is recollecting love and piling it up for all to give and to receive. The idea of ownership fades, and Oneness is on the rise. Oneness rallies. The bugles of war grow fainter.

War is no longer seen as viable in a world that I created. War never was viable. War was anger’s desire. Anger overflowed.

Once upon a time, militancy was seen as more fun than peace. My children liked to have a cause, and they liked news to be news. War was entertaining.

The Goodness of the World is coming into its own. Love is on the rise, and nothing can stop it. Peace has been declared.

“Heavenletter #5511: Peace Has Been Declared,” Channeled by Gloria Wendroff, December 26, 2015,


Esther Hicks – God Force, Source Energy

All Day, All Night – Pat Cegan – 12-28-15


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Jesus via John Smallman – God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity -12-19-15

jesus 3


Jesus via John Smallman   –   God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity   -12-19-15

Jesus AudioBlog for Saturday December 19th

In the illusion moods occur in your subjective experiences that flow like the weather. Sometimes that emotional or experiential “weather” stays dull for long periods. Some have referred to it as “the dark night of the soul,” meaning a time when they are feeling very down and seemingly unable to connect with their spiritual side, their oneness with Source. That is depressing to experience, but it is a time in which great and important spiritual work is being undertaken beneath the level of your conscious human awareness, and when you come through it, as you will, it is as though a great burden had been lifted from you, and enthusiasm for life once more bubbles into your consciousness, and your inner knowing that you are an indispensable and infinitely loved aspect of God comes back into your awareness.

It’s all about letting go of the illusion, and the first steps involve the personal realization that it can never satisfy you, which is depressing because you have relied on it for pleasure, enjoyment, and distraction, and to finally realize and acknowledge that it can never truly satisfy your needs is very unsettling. BUT it is also the first step towards awakening as you come to realize that only God’s Love can satisfy you, even though you may often have felt yourselves to be unlovable and then assumed that God judges you even more harshly than you do yourselves, thus confirming your unlovableness. In this you are in fact producing an idol from your imagination, an imaginary human type of authority figure much larger and stronger than you whom you think of as god, and who has the same insane need to judge, condemn, and punish as you do!

BUT God does not judge, ever. He is Love, and Love is unconditional because there is nothing else, so no one is excluded, everyone is infinitely loved for all eternity. Those whom you choose to see as evil, unacceptable, deserving of hell are just mirroring back to you your own self-judgment. When you cease to judge and start forgiving and accepting, you will see those others in a different light – as suffering damaged ones desperately seeking Love and terrified of rejection. There is no rejection because every child of God – and all are children of God – was created perfect and nothing has occurred or ever could occur to change that.

That sense of being unlovable is an aspect of the illusion that absolutely drives many humans to seek joy or relief in a variety of addictions that, in the end, only bring them more pain. Letting go of addictions can be very difficult as issues that you would rather not look at tend to invade your consciousness – guilt for misdeeds, and judgment of self as unacceptable, not good enough, not strong enough. As clarity arises it is very tempting to flee back into the apparent safety of whatever addiction you use for escape – anything that you use to avoid being quietly alone with yourself, to keep yourself busy with the world “outside” yourself, is an addiction. And there is nothing outside yourself!

That is why it is essential that you go within daily. Doing so allows and encourages your hearts to open to the divine field of Love in which you are eternally enveloped. Many have difficulty with this because the ego is ever alert to the possibility of you abandoning it in favor of God’s Voice which is with you always just waiting for you to become quiet and open. So your egos fill your minds with all kinds of distractions – needs, shoulds, anxieties, anticipations – anything that will prevent you accessing the state of quietness and stillness that will enable you to hear the quiet and loving Voice for God.

However, if you just persist and sit, allowing the issues that you fear to arise, and then just observe them without judgment, you will begin to feel the Love enveloping you, and you will be able to forgive and accept yourselves, as you come to the realization that there is only Love, that all else is illusory.

Intellectually many of you know this and accept it but, due to the enculturation that appears to enfold you and make demands on you as a human from the first moment that you experience human awareness as a tiny infant, you all have a deeply ingrained sense that you need to conform to the cultural norms of the society into which you were born. At some stage an intense need for personal freedom will arise and the child or young adult will either rebel against the intrusive nature of the imposed culture, or succumb to cultural pressure and conform. From that moment on inner conflict will disturb and confuse the individual, and the only way forward is through it as the mind develops the ability to reason and then discard all that dishonors the integrity of its divinely created self.

All have the ability to move forward and leave behind the cultural conditioning that they have undergone. You are all divine beings of infinite integrity who chose to incarnate as humans and experience self-doubt, unworthiness, and unacceptability for the lessons that a life in the illusion could offer you. You chose human life in this moment of the illusion to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and in order to be of service you had to undergo the full illusory experience. This does make it difficult initially for you, as the memory of your true nature is hidden from you by the cloak that is the illusion.

Nevertheless, you have limitless assistance from your support team in the spiritual realms who are constantly available to answer when you call. You have been very well prepared for the human task you undertook because, prior to incarnating, you were given intense training to enable you to deal with all the eventualities that you might encounter. Still, the cloak that hides your true nature from your awareness is heavy, and frequently, when you attempt to go within, it appears to shut you off or isolate you completely from your spiritual guides and mentors, the Voice for God. Often people feel that they are wasting their time trying to connect with spirit, that the spiritual realms are just a figment of their imaginations, a sad and desperate attempt to find something holy to believe in because “the real world” is such an unhappy place filled only with suffering and poverty. But of course that “real world” is illusory, as you well know, and you will awaken and find it has dissolved without trace.

Until that moment it is your most urgent task to go within, to keep going within, to persist in your attempts to hear the Voice for God, and to distance yourselves from the distractions with which your egos attempt to entice you back into the illusion. You are on Earth to be the Light and the Salvation of humanity by demonstrating Love in action and by constantly holding the intent to share and extend the Love which our divine Source wishes to channel through you to humanity. All you have to do, all that you need to do is to intend to be a willing conduit through which God’s Love can flow. Nothing more.

But when you allow your doubts about God or about your own worthiness to be a channel to occupy your thoughts it is as though you were damming the river of Love so that beyond you the ground experiences a drought. Trust in God, the Source of All That Exists, and know that the Light and Salvation of humanity shines through you to bring all home to awakening. It is a done deal. Humanity’s awakening is inevitable, but your input, your individual loving intentions are an absolutely essential part of the deal.

God has infinite faith in your ability to bring the Light of His Love to all of humanity, and your will and the holy Will are One. You cannot fail because you have already chosen to do the Will of God. So go within at least daily and feel the Love that envelops you, and listen to the Voice for God offering you wisdom and guidance in every moment.

Your loving brother, Jesus.