Repost – Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – Beautiful Transitions – Ascension Update – 7-1-14

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Mother Mary: Beautiful Transitions. channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 30 2014 at:

Hello dear Beloveds. The transitions you are all making into your higher aspects, into the higher realms, are monumental in scope, as each one of you ratchet up the vibrational ladder to refine yourselves further into the Divine Being that you are.

And as enlightening as it is for all of you, you sometimes find yourselves dipping a bit into your old ways of doing things. And this is alright, for every climb into higher frequencies and every success in integrating all your aspects and transforming the lower vibrations will sometimes take a little detour as you readjust and illuminate those parts of you that still need clearing and transmuting.

You must not see it as a failure or as a lack. For instead it is really an upgrade. You may not see it as such when you are delving into things you thought you had cleared or thought you had left behind for good. But instead, please look at it as part of the process of refining yourselves into the Divine Being that you are.

Sometimes illumination at a deeper level will reveal things still unnoticed and untouched. Look at this as progress, for it is uncovering yet another item of focus that will just bring you higher into the realms of sweet Bliss and Joy.

For it may be that because of all your progress, that your ego is piping up its voice to capture its last lingering breath and influence on you. You don’t need to look at it as a reclaiming of your lower vibrational aspects, but instead as just a reminder that you always have the choice to raise your perspective to your higher levels, and it will become easier and easier to switch again into your higher dimensional perspective.

It is like a muscle that must be constantly worked and experienced in its strength until your constant attention to its development soon renders it capable of lifting more and more weight wherein it starts to feel so easy. This is where you are now – many of you. You are experiencing the higher dimensions on a much more constant basis. And yes, there are days where you feel you backslide, but it takes just a little attention now to bring your “muscle” of enlightenment back on track and thus sliding again into the higher perspectives much more easily each time.

I give you this now because this is a critical time where there is so much Light prevalent within and around you that it may illuminate things for you that you have left untouched until now as far as illuminating and refining and transmuting, but this is progress. Because if you weren’t so far along, you might not be seeing where you still need to put your attention.

And sometimes, being at a new higher level might make you forget how far you have come as you adjust to this new level, which now starts to feel “normal”. And just as a climb up a mountain may leave you breathless as you adjust to the higher altitude, give yourself time to adjust to this lighter more refined air of the higher altitudes in these higher dimensions.

You are all progressing so beautifully and the recent Solstice Energies have lifted many of you to such a large degree that many of you are soaring, and seeing things from this new height just gives you an advantage to examine what you still want to discard or change in your life.

And this is beautiful, dear ones. For just as a beautiful sunny day can feel distant when followed by a cloudy one, you know you can always return to the sunny day, and you are. You make it sunny and bright again with just a switch in your perception and a remembrance of your ability to transmute the energy with just a flick of the switch in your perspective.

And the most powerful switch there is, is to feel the Unconditional Self-Love welling up within you, and an acknowledgement of such a wonderful and miraculous transformation you have all made.

And dear ones, I continue to nestle inside your hearts whenever you call on me, reminding you of the magnificent loving creatures you all are, of the magnificent loving deeds you have all done, and of the magnificent progress you have all made.

Even if this is the case for some of you, to “not see the forest for the trees” in the wake of your giant leap into the higher dimensions many of you have made in the recent days, you merely have to step back a bit or change your position a bit, and view things from the perspective of a “higher ledge” to notice that you are coming into the clearing once again after an immense influx of energy and change, and albeit sometimes confusing to decipher changes, you will soon notice the immense progress you have made, if you haven’t already.

And so dear Beautiful Ones of the Light, please keep going, and please acknowledge the Beautiful Transition you have all made. And lest you forget, just ask your Higher Self to remind you just how far you have come!

I love you all and encase you all in immense vibrant Love.


Mother Mary

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

PATRICIA COTA ROBLES (VLOG – 81) – Unpreedented Healing from Mother Mary and Pallas Athena – 9-24-18



Published on Sep 24, 2018

BE YOUR CREATOR SELF – UNIVERSAL MOTHER MARY via Linda Dillon – Meditation – 6-6-18



Published on Jun 6, 2018
Channeling starts at 11:34
Universal Mother Mary reminds us to
step into our creator self in joy,
and invites us to enter into the stillness of
divine union in this time of new beginnings.
The Council of Love with Linda Dillon:
Saturday Conference Call, June 2, 2018
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MOTHER MARY – Your Next Mission is Coming – via Linda Li – 5-10-18


By Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has encountered another milestone. In this special moment, as I speak, the planet has reached another mark on her journey home. In other words, Gaia’s journey home has been going really well. Now, she has reached our goal, at the door of our future home. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are feeling so relieved. We have been working hard for this moment, the moment when Gaia finally gets home, safe and sound. And now she is very close. We all are very pleased with the result, and want to celebrate, celebrate what we have achieved, and celebrate what we have done for Divine Mother and Divine, and celebrate Gaia’s safe journey home. What a beautiful scene.

You did it dear heart. All of our light workers who have worked together, to get Gaia to this point, I thank you, I thank you for your dedication and achievements. Together, we brought Gaia to a higher dimension and together, we save the planet earth. Indeed. We did it. We have achieved our goal for Gaia. Now, we just need to relax a bit and wait for the next step.

In the next few weeks, Divine is going to start the next step of the ascension. It may sound remote for some light workers because there are quite a number of light workers who are still in the process, and no where near the 5th dimension. But that is ok dear heart. Wherever you are is where you are. We can not rush you. What we can do is to encourage you to hurry up and catch up with the Divine, so that we can work together.

Now, there are going to be light workers who are totally ready for the next step. Divine and the company of heaven, can not wait to bring these light workers forward and start the next step. That is the news. The news is that if you feel you are ready dear heart, then you are ready. And we are going to employ you to your next step, your next mission if you will. That will be highly individualized. Some may still feel that they stay the Same, same place and same frequency. But others may have a load of work coming to them, and cannot wait to start. So, my advice is to do your meditation, figure out what your next step is, and get on with it. Of course, there are always signs and Divine guidance that comes in. All you need to do is to listen and follow. Plus your own meditation and your divine guidance, I am quite sure that you all get the message and move onto the next step which is around the corner.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days and upcoming weeks, Divine is going to do a lot of disclosures. We have successfully pushed all the disclosure announcers to the point where they are literally ready, walk to the podium and disclose their piece. Get ready dear heart, big news is coming, one by one. We worked hard for this moment, now this critical moment is approaching. Enjoy our victory, enjoy the show. Let the Divine plan unfold, and have fun with it. It is our time. It is our show. We are the directors and we are the ones who have made this possible. It is all coming.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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MOTHER MARY – In The Essence of Love, There is Joy! – by – 3-22-18 – via Kerstin Eriksson


Mother Mary

I love you dearly!
I know of every mile you have walked.
I know of every stone you have bumped into, and I can tell you about every turn your path has taken you.

NOTHING is a coinsident. And how can that be!? You are here to learn about love and nothing else matters. .. !

In the essence of Love there is JOY!
Joy is a living being!
Joy is incoded with your DNA, the joy that you created!

Joy is a free energy that always needs to fly free. Joy is a dimension of its own!

Negative forces steel joy. And make you sad.
Now the time has come!
A new era is finally here!
The realm of joy will be free now.
Joy can no longer be inprisoned!
Many Lightworkers and many humans have suffered for a long time, as their joy have been kidnapped!

Please start your day with your prayer as usual, now add your hearts wish to recall your joy! Your joy will HEAR your request, as this is your free will! 💚 Your joy loves you and await to hear from you. Your request, your call to your joy, will set it FREE from the kidnappers.

Then you might ask yourself: did you ever allow your joy to leave you?
The answer is NO!

But there is a force on the opposite
side to Goodness and Love and Joy, that have been too strong for over thousands of years and they have feed on fear, sorrow and guilt and more.
This have been their food! A whole buffé of sad feelings.

And now finally the joy and love force are about to weigh heavier on the scale and more balance will appear in Your life!

Now it is time to reclame your joy of your heart!

Heaven is closer than ever to being a natural part of Earth, where love joy faith and hope are the powers in charge!

Through all your lifes you will now be able to heal the etheric orbs with the Miracle of Joy!

Each life you lived on earth has its own etheric wheel. Every time you are born into earth these circles find you and complete you!

And Joy will now be healed in all your etheric orbs!

Now you are being granted with the abilitiy to heal what needs to be healed!

Just remember it is no quick-fix!
You have to really work on it!

You are a miracle of life
and you are deeply loved!

I am Mother Mary and I am
also an Archangel,
I am devoted to guide you
and I await your call for Joy!
I love you!


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Master Beings & Souls of Light – Its Time to Unify our 3D & 5D Operating Systems

Published on Mar 1, 2018

El Morya and Mother Mary share a perfect message and invitation to Greater Unity, Wholeness, Awareness, and Integration for March 2018 and beyond, as the New Earth continues to unfurl its Wings and its Greater Light. This message precedes a second one received from Mother Mary, which will post tomorrow, on 3/2/2018, speaking to the Energies of March 2018. Profound Shifts and Immense Light are streaming through in abundance to the Earth’s Energy Fields and Divine Blueprint for this New Golden Age Unfolding. These messages were received by channel Marie Mohler. For more information, books, products, and inspiration, as well as to inquire about Soul Readings with Marie, please visit: Additionally, you can find her books on:…



Message from the Mothers via Galaxygirl – 3-9-18 – by

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Message from the Mothers for March 9, 2018 The Mothers

Children of my heart, it is I, your Mother Mary.

I am nearer to you now than but a breath,

and I see your sorrow and tears. Allow me…

via Message from the Mothers via Galaxygirl, March 9th, 2018 — Sananda