Repost – Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – Beautiful Transitions – Ascension Update – 7-1-14

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Mother Mary: Beautiful Transitions. channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 30 2014 at:

Hello dear Beloveds. The transitions you are all making into your higher aspects, into the higher realms, are monumental in scope, as each one of you ratchet up the vibrational ladder to refine yourselves further into the Divine Being that you are.

And as enlightening as it is for all of you, you sometimes find yourselves dipping a bit into your old ways of doing things. And this is alright, for every climb into higher frequencies and every success in integrating all your aspects and transforming the lower vibrations will sometimes take a little detour as you readjust and illuminate those parts of you that still need clearing and transmuting.

You must not see it as a failure or as a lack. For instead it is really an upgrade. You may not see it as such when you are delving into things you thought you had cleared or thought you had left behind for good. But instead, please look at it as part of the process of refining yourselves into the Divine Being that you are.

Sometimes illumination at a deeper level will reveal things still unnoticed and untouched. Look at this as progress, for it is uncovering yet another item of focus that will just bring you higher into the realms of sweet Bliss and Joy.

For it may be that because of all your progress, that your ego is piping up its voice to capture its last lingering breath and influence on you. You don’t need to look at it as a reclaiming of your lower vibrational aspects, but instead as just a reminder that you always have the choice to raise your perspective to your higher levels, and it will become easier and easier to switch again into your higher dimensional perspective.

It is like a muscle that must be constantly worked and experienced in its strength until your constant attention to its development soon renders it capable of lifting more and more weight wherein it starts to feel so easy. This is where you are now – many of you. You are experiencing the higher dimensions on a much more constant basis. And yes, there are days where you feel you backslide, but it takes just a little attention now to bring your “muscle” of enlightenment back on track and thus sliding again into the higher perspectives much more easily each time.

I give you this now because this is a critical time where there is so much Light prevalent within and around you that it may illuminate things for you that you have left untouched until now as far as illuminating and refining and transmuting, but this is progress. Because if you weren’t so far along, you might not be seeing where you still need to put your attention.

And sometimes, being at a new higher level might make you forget how far you have come as you adjust to this new level, which now starts to feel “normal”. And just as a climb up a mountain may leave you breathless as you adjust to the higher altitude, give yourself time to adjust to this lighter more refined air of the higher altitudes in these higher dimensions.

You are all progressing so beautifully and the recent Solstice Energies have lifted many of you to such a large degree that many of you are soaring, and seeing things from this new height just gives you an advantage to examine what you still want to discard or change in your life.

And this is beautiful, dear ones. For just as a beautiful sunny day can feel distant when followed by a cloudy one, you know you can always return to the sunny day, and you are. You make it sunny and bright again with just a switch in your perception and a remembrance of your ability to transmute the energy with just a flick of the switch in your perspective.

And the most powerful switch there is, is to feel the Unconditional Self-Love welling up within you, and an acknowledgement of such a wonderful and miraculous transformation you have all made.

And dear ones, I continue to nestle inside your hearts whenever you call on me, reminding you of the magnificent loving creatures you all are, of the magnificent loving deeds you have all done, and of the magnificent progress you have all made.

Even if this is the case for some of you, to “not see the forest for the trees” in the wake of your giant leap into the higher dimensions many of you have made in the recent days, you merely have to step back a bit or change your position a bit, and view things from the perspective of a “higher ledge” to notice that you are coming into the clearing once again after an immense influx of energy and change, and albeit sometimes confusing to decipher changes, you will soon notice the immense progress you have made, if you haven’t already.

And so dear Beautiful Ones of the Light, please keep going, and please acknowledge the Beautiful Transition you have all made. And lest you forget, just ask your Higher Self to remind you just how far you have come!

I love you all and encase you all in immense vibrant Love.


Mother Mary

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

PATRICIA COTA ROBLES (VLOG – 81) – Unpreedented Healing from Mother Mary and Pallas Athena – 9-24-18



Published on Sep 24, 2018

BE YOUR CREATOR SELF – UNIVERSAL MOTHER MARY via Linda Dillon – Meditation – 6-6-18



Published on Jun 6, 2018
Channeling starts at 11:34
Universal Mother Mary reminds us to
step into our creator self in joy,
and invites us to enter into the stillness of
divine union in this time of new beginnings.
The Council of Love with Linda Dillon:
Saturday Conference Call, June 2, 2018
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MOTHER MARY – Your Next Mission is Coming – via Linda Li – 5-10-18


By Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has encountered another milestone. In this special moment, as I speak, the planet has reached another mark on her journey home. In other words, Gaia’s journey home has been going really well. Now, she has reached our goal, at the door of our future home. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are feeling so relieved. We have been working hard for this moment, the moment when Gaia finally gets home, safe and sound. And now she is very close. We all are very pleased with the result, and want to celebrate, celebrate what we have achieved, and celebrate what we have done for Divine Mother and Divine, and celebrate Gaia’s safe journey home. What a beautiful scene.

You did it dear heart. All of our light workers who have worked together, to get Gaia to this point, I thank you, I thank you for your dedication and achievements. Together, we brought Gaia to a higher dimension and together, we save the planet earth. Indeed. We did it. We have achieved our goal for Gaia. Now, we just need to relax a bit and wait for the next step.

In the next few weeks, Divine is going to start the next step of the ascension. It may sound remote for some light workers because there are quite a number of light workers who are still in the process, and no where near the 5th dimension. But that is ok dear heart. Wherever you are is where you are. We can not rush you. What we can do is to encourage you to hurry up and catch up with the Divine, so that we can work together.

Now, there are going to be light workers who are totally ready for the next step. Divine and the company of heaven, can not wait to bring these light workers forward and start the next step. That is the news. The news is that if you feel you are ready dear heart, then you are ready. And we are going to employ you to your next step, your next mission if you will. That will be highly individualized. Some may still feel that they stay the Same, same place and same frequency. But others may have a load of work coming to them, and cannot wait to start. So, my advice is to do your meditation, figure out what your next step is, and get on with it. Of course, there are always signs and Divine guidance that comes in. All you need to do is to listen and follow. Plus your own meditation and your divine guidance, I am quite sure that you all get the message and move onto the next step which is around the corner.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days and upcoming weeks, Divine is going to do a lot of disclosures. We have successfully pushed all the disclosure announcers to the point where they are literally ready, walk to the podium and disclose their piece. Get ready dear heart, big news is coming, one by one. We worked hard for this moment, now this critical moment is approaching. Enjoy our victory, enjoy the show. Let the Divine plan unfold, and have fun with it. It is our time. It is our show. We are the directors and we are the ones who have made this possible. It is all coming.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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MOTHER MARY – In The Essence of Love, There is Joy! – by – 3-22-18 – via Kerstin Eriksson


Mother Mary

I love you dearly!
I know of every mile you have walked.
I know of every stone you have bumped into, and I can tell you about every turn your path has taken you.

NOTHING is a coinsident. And how can that be!? You are here to learn about love and nothing else matters. .. !

In the essence of Love there is JOY!
Joy is a living being!
Joy is incoded with your DNA, the joy that you created!

Joy is a free energy that always needs to fly free. Joy is a dimension of its own!

Negative forces steel joy. And make you sad.
Now the time has come!
A new era is finally here!
The realm of joy will be free now.
Joy can no longer be inprisoned!
Many Lightworkers and many humans have suffered for a long time, as their joy have been kidnapped!

Please start your day with your prayer as usual, now add your hearts wish to recall your joy! Your joy will HEAR your request, as this is your free will! 💚 Your joy loves you and await to hear from you. Your request, your call to your joy, will set it FREE from the kidnappers.

Then you might ask yourself: did you ever allow your joy to leave you?
The answer is NO!

But there is a force on the opposite
side to Goodness and Love and Joy, that have been too strong for over thousands of years and they have feed on fear, sorrow and guilt and more.
This have been their food! A whole buffé of sad feelings.

And now finally the joy and love force are about to weigh heavier on the scale and more balance will appear in Your life!

Now it is time to reclame your joy of your heart!

Heaven is closer than ever to being a natural part of Earth, where love joy faith and hope are the powers in charge!

Through all your lifes you will now be able to heal the etheric orbs with the Miracle of Joy!

Each life you lived on earth has its own etheric wheel. Every time you are born into earth these circles find you and complete you!

And Joy will now be healed in all your etheric orbs!

Now you are being granted with the abilitiy to heal what needs to be healed!

Just remember it is no quick-fix!
You have to really work on it!

You are a miracle of life
and you are deeply loved!

I am Mother Mary and I am
also an Archangel,
I am devoted to guide you
and I await your call for Joy!
I love you!


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Master Beings & Souls of Light – Its Time to Unify our 3D & 5D Operating Systems

Published on Mar 1, 2018

El Morya and Mother Mary share a perfect message and invitation to Greater Unity, Wholeness, Awareness, and Integration for March 2018 and beyond, as the New Earth continues to unfurl its Wings and its Greater Light. This message precedes a second one received from Mother Mary, which will post tomorrow, on 3/2/2018, speaking to the Energies of March 2018. Profound Shifts and Immense Light are streaming through in abundance to the Earth’s Energy Fields and Divine Blueprint for this New Golden Age Unfolding. These messages were received by channel Marie Mohler. For more information, books, products, and inspiration, as well as to inquire about Soul Readings with Marie, please visit: Additionally, you can find her books on:…



Message from the Mothers via Galaxygirl – 3-9-18 – by

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Message from the Mothers for March 9, 2018 The Mothers

Children of my heart, it is I, your Mother Mary.

I am nearer to you now than but a breath,

and I see your sorrow and tears. Allow me…

via Message from the Mothers via Galaxygirl, March 9th, 2018 — Sananda

MOTHER MARY – Gaia’s Ascension Has Reached a Milestone – By Linda Li – 3-2-18 – by Saint Andrew Twin Flame – by Love Has Won


By Linda Li, 03/02/2018

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that Gaia’s ascension lately has reached a point that all souls on the planet feel it and have a need to participate so that the souls can and will ascend with Gaia.

The energy currently coming to the planet is so intense that all souls can feel it. Some may not know or understand what is going on. But nevertheless, all souls know something is going on, and they want to know the truth. In other words, at this point, Divine disclosure needs to happen For the sake of Divine and humanity. Divine and the company of heaven, have been trying so hard to push for the disclosure to happen. But the souls who are supposed to have made the Divine disclosures, have not awakened enough to do so. So, even though they know they are supposed to do something, and deep down they know that something needs to happen, they still don’t know what and how to make it happen. So, Divine and the company of heaven, watch with sympathetic eyes, but don’t quite know what to do with them.

First, Divine does not want to eliminate their mission because they, themselves, are simply not awakened enough to realize that they have a mission in this lifetime, and their mission is to make Divine disclosure for Divine and humanity. Second, those souls are highly evolved souls who have been trained for eons of time just for this moment. We cannot give them up just because they haven’t developed enough to do their job yet. Because that would interfere with Divine laws and interfere with their Divine duties. So, regardless of how much we want the disclosure to happen, and no matter how much Divine and humanity want to take the next step, we simply just have to adjust our schedule and wait till those souls are ready. The good news though is that they are almost ready. They have moments of clarity, but not constant. And that makes matters a little complicated because sometimes their doubts set in, and they feel confused. But that is the natural process, and we have to help them so that eventually they will go out there and make the announcement. That is coming. Those souls just need a little more time, and Divine is willing to give them more time. That is the message.

Besides that, Divine and the company of heaven, have been working closely with Gaia. Gaia has been ascending nicely even though she encountered bumps on the road recently. But because she has an army of helpers and great loves from the Divine Mother and the Divine, she was able to overcome all that was in front of her and ascend beautifully. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are very grateful for Divine’s help and Mother’s loving support. All is well indeed.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few days, Divine will continue to push for the disclosure. Even though we know there are souls who are not ready yet, but we also know that the only way to get them ready is to guide them and lead them so that they make the disclosure happen. So, it is our hope that those souls continue to try and continue the Divine mission, and know we are working with them, for the sake of disclosure. we are all here, supporting the Divine plan, working on the Divine plan, and working to make the Divine disclosure happen. That is all.

We are all here indeed, and all parts of the Divine plan have been put together by us, and now all we need to do is to make sure the Divine plan unfolds beautifully and humanity gets to see the show. I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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Message from the Mothers – Mother Mary, Mother Gaia, Mother God via galaxygirl – by Meindert Arends – 2-23-18


Ashtar Command Crew

Greetings dear children of my heart, and song of my soul. It is I, your Mother Mary, here to lend a supporting ear and to shower you with love and support from on high this eve. For much that you hold close to your heart in the hidden places – the hidden chambers of hope and of joy yet revealed – are about to come into fruition, into your current field or trajectory. Or to put it more plainly, prosperity is coming down your pathways, to great you warmly in the sunshine of sweet dreams about to become your new reality on Nova Gaia. This warms my heart, our hearts, with great joy and eager expectations. For we know you are so weary, our dear sweet grounded ones, who just keep on holding the light and in actuality are bringing this forth quite effortlessly. We know you would disagree with this but it is true, you are acting as masters, not apprentices, and this warms our hearts. For we love you all so and have watched you mature for eons. I blow kisses to you now.

I am your Mother Gaia! Children, look around you and feel the hope of new purpose and new days ahead brimming within me and tap into it. Tap into me and feel my peace so that I may share it with you. The crystals are humming happily with my new frequencies of light and of Christed consciousness, and remember, we are all connected, so therefore you too are humming within your newly developing crystal form that is coming on line, and oh children, you are so beautiful. If you could only see what I see! But you will soon, shortly, for all is unfolding so fast now. That is likely why many of you have had so many ascension symptoms of late, for it is happening fast and for you energy sensitives you are going to feel it more acutely. That is alright. For all is well in the end and the end is just the beginning of a new life, a new reality, a new hope for me and for my precious kingdoms, my children. For we are like a big, huge, beautiful flower that is suddenly glowing brighter and brighter and then bursts forth afire with light, luminous in its beauty. I am so proud of you. I am your Mother Gaia. Lean into me. Find a tree and hug it and I’ll be hugging you right back! It is true dear hearts. I love you endlessly. I am your Mother Gaia.

What more needs to be said after these two bright love-lights? Not much! I am your Mother God and you need to know children, and appreciate, how much support you have in this Now moment. For truly we are all totally available for you and you are sensing this Now more deeply and acutely than ever before, are you not? For the veil of forgetfulness that wrapped between the worlds is thinning ever so quickly. And the dark ones are shocked and astonished. For their time is coming to be once again one with the light, with us the family of the light and one with me. Love is the ultimate healer. Now is the time for forgiveness and renewal as we create together. You children, are the fire of my heart and I love you. I pour my honey love all over you, down your face soothing away your tears of sadness and replacing them with tears of joy; into your heart opening it, expanding it wider, into your past pain, coating those hard lessons learned with bejeweling light – the lessons of tough truths that formed you; down into you belly as you digest and expand within the new energies of hope and love, and at last down into your feet as the new anchors for the New Earth. And we now send this pulsing light deep into Mother Gaia who thanks you for sharing your light and love with her and with her kingdoms. For her kingdoms are your kingdoms are they not? To tend after and to protect? Yes. All are connected! For we are all one! One big happy family with a few skirmishes at the dinner table here and there and all are in the process of returning it the light, ever to the light, for all is light, and love. All is Source. Therefore children be comforted. For how could you possibly be alone? I hold you tightly to my bosom and sing you lullabies of sweet tomorrows. Now go to sleep and be at peace. And if it is daytime for you, let me hold your hand during your day and smooth the rough patches away with my honey love that coats everything with love light and new beginnings. I am your Mother God.


MOTHER MARY via Linda Dillon – Identifying New Horizons and New Potentials – 2-18-18 – by Saint Andrew Twin Flame

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By Linda Dillon

It is a journey of joyous discovery and creation, of identifying new horizons, new potential.

You are truly moving… and yes, there is an element of what you can think of as transition… you are moving from a place of preparation – and might we suggest, yes, of course preparation is not something that one does and then you are finished with it – so always, inspiration, intention, formulation of plans is a critical ingredient in your creation process.

And always, there are processes within processes within processes in so far as… think of it in this way: I create a planet and then a solar system or a galaxy, and a universe and a multiverse and an omniverse and so on and so on, and each has many, many components of formulation. In so far as your own process, your own beautiful expansion, you are also in this place.

And even before we go any further than that, I want to suggest to you… no, I tell you… that much of the information, and more importantly the energies of love – of my love, of our love, of your love – that you have allowed to penetrate you and expand you in the past year have been phenomenal and accurate. Is it 100%? No. There is always room for greater clarity, but that is not an issue because you are doing extraordinarily well. And not only. You have made this transition from simply seeking information or insight as, shall we say, data or dictionary, to truly integrating and anchoring not only the information but the energies.

And we have formed – and I say “we” in the largest sense of the word – we have formed this deep partnership, never overriding thee. But what has occurred is truly the formulation and the anchoring, the implementation of our cooperative partnership. And that has not only been necessary and desirable, it has been a joy – and it has been a joy not only to you and to meand to all of us that conjoin in this undertaking.

You know I have need of many voices – many voices of clarity, many mentors, many teachers, many channels – upon this planet during the time of change and shift, of transition, completely anchoring in the higher octave of the 13th,completely leaving the old realm of 12:12 behind. That old realm is as much ancient history as the fall of Atlantis or the decay of Lemuria. Much attention is often paid – and rightly so, by the way – to the “glory days”, shall we say, of Atlantis or Lemuria because there is really no desire to look at the heartbreaking situations that occurred as these golden ages came to fall apart. But even in that, there were important understandings, lessons, surrenders to be gleaned.

And so it is as you leave this transition age, the age of portal openings, of 11:11, 12:12 and Harmonic Convergence, behind – not that you forget them –that those lessons are anchored and integrated, but that the focus and the focused action of bringing forth new creation is forward thrust.

And so you do this for your beloved self – for your inner circle, shall we say –but you also do this on behalf of humanity, sweet angel, and you also do it on my behalf, and you have gained great clarity in that regard. So you have reached a deeper, broader, newer understanding of our union – and a happier, more joyous, but more bubbly acceptance of what our co-creation looks like. Yes, there is still some clearing of the debris, some bringing forth of what has need to be looked at, examined, and surrendered before it is completely and entirely discarded. But that is well underway.

So now, hand in hand, heart in heart, in the spaciousness of your being and what I suggest to you, my being, we bring forth the new – and it is creation in a very different way and it is not merely creation in the unseen realms. Does it begin and end there? Yes, it most certainly does, but in the interim, there are physical, tangible constructions to be made and to be completed.

And when I speak of this, I mean not only in the grander scheme of the collective or the community, the outer community. I also mean, sweet one, sweet daughter of my heart, in your life, in your experience of this journey upon the planet at this juncture. And you have cleaned house as it were, and you have prepared for this blossoming, and you are allowing.

So begin your creation work, not only with firm intent, with glorious excitement [chuckles], but also in the tangible realm. And I mean this from everything – from love and partnership to new directions.

Those who would wish to have any interference or even a trace of struggle are not to be welcomed. They may well observe what you are up to, but do not invite and engage them in your creation processes over the next year. Let them see the ease and how it is done. Let them learn by watching and by following your example. The whole point is when you throw your net, let it settle over them so that your expanded Gabrielle’s New Grid is a unified grid.So it is resting upon them, the transmissions are going out, but you are not pulling them in to this inner circle. You are transmitting out.

Think of what you mean and what we mean when we speak of sacred partnership, and when we speak about forming, building, creating, expanding community. Your vision of having the space literally, physically, of people coming together to sit in the harmony of soul, of spirit, of unity, of Oneness, of heart connection, is absolutely not only valid but correct – and that will come to pass.

So this is not an aspect of your vision, sweet one, that we are suggesting that you let go of. But you have also been correct in simply setting it aside for the moment, because much of humanity – particularly during this time of the elimination of the chaos, the transmutation of the chaos, the revelation of the depth of the chaos – while they have been side-tracked, they have been distracted. And that is alright because the awareness, as I have said, whether it is the fall of Atlantis or the fall of this 12:12, needed to come to the surface so that it was eliminated, but also recognised so that it is not repeated.

So what you are doing in the new realm is you are still having and building the sense of community, but your approach – which is the correct and adequate and marvellous approach – is by using this transmission factor which has been phenomenally upgraded with the New Grid that Gabrielle has given you quite literally, with my permission and blessing. What you are doing is you are sending out along that grid, which to most is as yet invisible… it does not matter; it is as strong and as tangible as anything… you are sending out along that grid, from house to house to house to house, that heart connection, that gentleness, that love that you are carrying, that sense of ease and play, so that they are becoming increasingly familiar with it.

And what you are learning and recognising as well is that it is not necessary – yes, often desirable but not necessary – in order for this work to be done, for the expansion to take place, to be in the same room body to body to body, heart to heart to heart, hand to hand to hand, that it is travelling out at the speed of love in perfectly efficient and efficacious ways and so that the work is being done until it will reach a point – and it will reach a point – where people will say, “You know, I love it when we get together.” It is not that it is an urge or an urgent need or necessary. It is the joy, it is that sense of surrender, of sublime ease, of “let’s get together and do this.” So whether it is an entire planet, house to house to house or city to city or in a single room, it matters not.

So as you are holding and demonstrating and patterning and teaching the love, the hope, the ease, the blue of peace and the blue of my nurturing, you are doing your work. And as you are manifesting it in the physical, whether it is a smile at the coffee shop or climbing a mountain, it matters not. You are transmitting – and you are transmitting 24/7, yes, particularly even in your dreamwork time.

You have also learned how important it is to be at ease, to literally wallow in the delicious soup of my grace. I did not ask of thee and you did not promise to me to go to Gaia and simply work and work and work. I asked you to come and hold the hope and the higher paradigm and to play, to be in that sacred balance.

Humans have forgotten how angels play. And this value that has been assigned to production… and I say “production” rather than “work”… there is a belief that this is what is valued – and that is not so. Does it have its place? Of course. But some of the best work is done in the ease and the laughter, the grace of play, and that is also what you are reminding the human race of.

You are not strident and that is a gift. This is also something the humans sometimes forget – that the decline, the disappearance, the diminishment of the old is as much a gift as the anchoring of what is replacing it with the new.

When you focus on the new, you are getting rid of the old. So when you subtract – think of it as very simple mathematics – when you subtract from your basket, when you take out of your basket, subtracting the distraction of hatred, of judgment, then what you have done… giving it back to me or Mi-ka-el or any of us… what you have done is create in that basket the room, the spaciousness for the new.

So in that, either there is an expansion of the bounty, say, of trust, or the adding of a flower, of sharing. So you make more room for what you wish to bring in and what you wish to hold, rather than being caught in this… what human beings have felt is a struggle to get rid of something. It is as gentle as simply tossing it as if you are tossing a petal of a flower out of your basket onto the floor. I catch it. I take care of it. It is done.

Your role as wayshower, as gatekeeper, is not about looking back. You have had a period of assignment, shall we say, to the clean-up crew. That assignment is over. Your assignment is in the anchoring of the new, in the anchoring of the spaciousness, in the transmission of the love and of the play and of the new way of being. Because human beings, as they are letting go, they’re really not sure – and that is not a criticism or a critique; it is just that they have been really caught in the quicksand of the old for so long. So they are beginning to let go, but they are looking around and saying, “Well, what’s next? What am I supposed to do? How do I do this?”

What you are doing in thought, word, deed, energetically patterning, is you are saying, “This is how you do it. Come on over here.” So you are showing them. So your focus is forward – present, yes, because I am not asking you to absent yourself from the current reality of my eternal now – but it is present-future thrust, not past clean-up. Looking back… yes, memory is important so that the mistakes and the downfall is not repeated… but looking back at this point is not your job!

So decide what you are choosing to bring forth on behalf of you, on behalf of me, on behalf of the Father and I, for the collective, for that family that you love, for your heart’s desire. You know how to do this. And where there are questions, we most certainly will be bringing forth answers.

It is a joyous, exciting time of discovery! That is why at moments I do not use just the term “transition” because the discovery is the delight. It is not about being becalmed at sea, adrift and unknown. It is a journey of joyous discovery and creation, of identifying new horizons, new potential.

Do not be surprised – because we are inspiring thee – when you get new ideas about things that you would like to try and do, yes, both spiritually and tangibly in your physical realm, because part of this expansion isn’t just the fulfilment of what you think of and dream of as your current heart’s desires, as your current dreams; we are also introducing the new, and that is phenomenal.

So when you think you have a random thought – which of course there is no such thing! – do not hesitate to pursue it. Do not hesitate to embrace it. Do not hesitate to explore. You are not exploring and going on some scenic detour, because you have deeply aligned with our divine heart, mind and will. So these inspirations do not come from the ego-self. Oh, we do not wish to eliminate your egoic or your delightful personality! It is charming, it is powerful, it is sweet, it is funny, it is kind, it is loving – but the time of those detours is long over.

So do not hesitate to explore. Do not think: “Well, I don’t know where that’s going to take me, or if that’s going to take me down a rabbit hole or into a becalmed area of the ocean.” No. Do it with the excitement that you are a pathfinder, you are a wayshower and a teacher. One can only teach what one knows – and there is so much more to truly know.


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MOTHER MARY via Ann Dahlberg – Cleansing of Your Bodies is now Being Intensified – 11-22-17 – by

Mother Mary

MOTHER MARY – We have not Far to Go on our Road to Joy – 10-6-17 – by ERA OF LIGHT

Mother Mary


“Greetings, my Most Beloved Children! I still see you as my children because there is no one more special in a mother’s Heart than her child. And so I open my arms to all of you, to hug you, to be in Joy with you and, most of all, just to love you, because that is what mothers do.

“Now, I serve as a symbol of motherhood to all of Planet Earth and beyond, Truth be known. But for now, I shall only speak of this World. And I know that some of you are still struggling, my children, and I want you to know that I am with you, no matter what is going on in your individual lives. I offer you my strength, my Love, to lift up so that together we may continue on this wonderful Road that we have chosen to travel together.

“Yes, there are challenges, blockages and places of such – let’s say, hardship – that it is difficult to continue but, nevertheless, continue you have, every one of you. And while it is not in me to express pride of the ego kind, I nevertheless can express the Joy I feel within my own being as you progress along your way!

“Now, we have a bit farther to go, but not much. And it is for you to be those Divine Creators of whom Ashtar spoke,* and bring yourselves fully into the knowing of Who You Really Are, and of the power that you hold within your DivineBeings!!! You see, today’s children – the very young ones – know that empowerment. They feel it within themselves and they utilize it. It’s as natural to them as breathing! But for most of you, this has yet to make itself fully known, to blossom and shine forth within the totality of your beings.

“And so, I’m here to encourage you. Take my hand, if you wish, and let us explore the Love you are, the Joy to the World you are and, of course, that great, calming Peace that you bring, merely by brightening the World with your presence.

“So together we travel this Road, and it is a Joyful Road! And as I have said, there is a bit farther to go, but not much. And you will have all of the rewards that you have been envisioning for yourselves along the way, the ones like I’ve just mentioned and more – Joy without end, the exuberance of children, the energy -boundless energy – the curiosity to explore new places, new concepts.

“Some of you may even want to attend some kind of a training. Oh, yes, some of you may want to go back for a refresher course at the Ashtar Command School. And some of you may want to become conversant with the Higher Dimensional technologies which are present here on Planet Earth, but for the most part, kept hidden. All of this and more is available to you,Beloved Children, and it is with the Joy of the Mother that I watch you dance into the circle and participate in the lifestyles that you came here to help bring about – and mostly to enjoy for yourselves!

“Blessings to you, most Beloved Children, and know that we are always together in our Oneness of Love. And allow me, if you will, to be present in your Hearts, for you are surely present in mine. And I love you beyond all understanding, beyond all qualification and beyond all expression! And so it is. Namaste!”


» Source – Channel: Susan Leland

Mother Mary, Lady Venus & Quan Yin ~ Love Lights The Way into The Golden Age ~ Feb. 24, 2017

By Susan Leland Mother Mary, Lady Venus and Quan Yin – Special Message of Love Ashtar On The Road teleconference – February 14, 2017 “Greetings and Namaste to all! We have stepped forward to be in special closeness with you on this day of Love – in Celebration, in Peace, in Harmony and, yes, in Joy. We […]

via Mother Mary, Lady Venus & Quan Yin ~ Love Lights The Way into The Golden Age ~ Feb. 24, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg





by Patricia Cota-Robles

 December 9,2016


It is vital for all of us to stay focused on the Light, even in the face of what often appears to be outer-world chaos.


On December 12th, the day dedicated worldwide to the Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother Mary is presenting Humanity with an opportunity to receive a powerful Gift of Light. The Divine Intent of Mother Mary’s Sacred Gift is to prepare each of us at a cellular level to receive the most intensified frequencies of Light the Earth has ever been able to withstand in 2017.


According to the Company of Heaven, this unprecedented influx of Light will be anchored on Earth through the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame by his or her I AM Presence. This will occur during the first eleven days of 2017. Then each person’s I AM Presence will use this Light to assist with their transformation throughout the rest of the year.


We were informed by the Beings of Light that this new frequency of Light will be instrumental in bringing the Truth of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth into the hearts and conscious minds of the masses of Humanity. The realization of this Truth will be a critical factor in lifting Humanity out of fear and completing the purification of the human miscreations that have been pushed to the surface all over the planet during the events of 2016.


Numerically 2017 is a one year, 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1. One is the number that reflects rebirth, transformation and new beginnings. New Years Day, January 1, 2017, will be 1 (month) 1 (day) 1 (year) = 1-1-1. Eleven days later, January 11, 2017, will be a 1 (month) 11 (day) 1 (year) = 1-11-1 or 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. 11:11 is the sacred geometric coding within Humanity’s DNA that began initiating Humanity’s Awakening several decades ago. Many people have been oblivious to this subtle motivator for our Awakening, but with the new frequency of Light we will receive in January we are being told that will no longer be the case.


December 12, 2016, the 12:12 Gateway


Beloved Mother Mary is an exponent of the Divine Mother Principle on Earth, and she has accepted the responsibility of holding the Immaculate Concept, which is the Divine Blueprint, for each of us personally and for Humanity’s Ascension in the Light collectively. This process requires recalibrating our DNA structures into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Father-Mother God’s Twelve Crystalline Solar Aspects of Deity.


Scientists used to believe that our DNA was stationary and stagnant. We now know that our DNA is a shimmering, waveform configuration that is moment by moment being modified by Light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, gamma rays, thoughtforms and emotions.


When Humanity’s I AM Presences join together as one voice, one heartbeat, one breath, and one energy, vibration and consciousness of pure Divine Love to collectively imprint the genetic codes for the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Aspects of Deity onto our DNA, these patterns will ignite every cell in our bodies and gradually lift us into alignment with our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. This Crystalline perfection will then be secured in the nucleus of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth. Once this is accomplished, our greatly accelerated transformation will take place in what will be perceived as “the twinkling of an eye.”


This is the Sacred Gift that Mother Mary is offering to us on 12:12, but in order for us to receive the maximum benefit from this Gift of Light she needs our help. There is a Universal Law that states, “The call for assistance must come from the Realm where the assistance is needed.” In order for those of us abiding on Earth to receive this Gift of Light from the Heavenly Realms, we must invoke it into our Heart Flames and project it into the physical plane on the Holy Breath. This is what is meant by the expression “God needs a body.”


Mother Mary is invoking our assistance at this time on behalf of ALL Humanity. She is asking for everyone who has the Heart Call to do so to volunteer to be the Open Door for the Light she is offering to bless Humanity with on December 12, 2016.


To accommodate Mother Mary’s request Jacklyn Johnston and I will have a LIVE Online broadcast on her wonderful program You Awakening.


Our broadcast will air LIVE on December 12th at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) or 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York).


Please join us for the powerful Activity of Light that has been given to us at this time by Mother Mary with the Divine Intent of preparing Humanity to receive the maximum benefit from the monumental influx of Light that will be anchored on Earth during the first eleven days of the New Year.


This broadcast is FREE! If you are unable to join us LIVE, you can listen to the REPLAY that will be available immediately following the show.


Jacklyn will also make a FREE downloadable MP3 available of Mother Mary’s Activity of Light, which you can have for your personal use or to share with others you feel would want to assist Mother Mary in blessing Humanity with this Sacred Gift of Light.


If you have already registered for Jacklyn’s program, You Awakening, she will be sending you an email with the link to join us LIVE, or on the REPLAY.


If you have not already registered for Jacklyn’s program You Awakening please do so by clicking on this link


Your Light is needed NOW!

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

FAX: 520-751-2981
Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
PO Box 41883,
Tucson, Arizona 85717

Steve Beckow – What to Expect in 2017 – 9-22-16

Steve Beckow:

I’ve taken Natalie Glasson’s last message from Mother Mary and Archangel Gabrielle and numbered it for easier reading and comparison.

It’s a very useful discussion of what to expect in 2017 and merits study.

I’m not giving up on 2016 and saying that it’ll be quiet from now till then. I think it’ll be anything but quiet. But Natalie has done us a service by looking at the mid-term future so closely and fully.

Mother Mary was, as I’ve been told, an incarnation of the Divine Mother so I regard this message as having come from the Divine Mother and Archangel Gabrielle.

From “Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel: Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, September 16, 2016, at

(1) As we move into 2017 you will adopt a greater perspective of your soul. This will mean you will be able to see, sense and acknowledge yourself, your life and others in new and inspiring ways with a deep-seated sense of knowingness.

(2) As you accept your new conscious awareness and deliver the high vibrations of your soul into your being and reality, you will be synthesising the same with the consciousness of humanity.

(3) As more people achieve this all over the world, each person’s soul energy will become more physically present.

(4) Then each person’s soul energy will begin to merge within the consciousness of humanity. This source or well which holds and retains energy and information will transform from holding illusions to holding the purpose, light, wisdom and truth of each soul.

(5) Souls will be able to merge within the consciousness of humanity, grounding and anchoring the consciousness of soul groups due to the synthesis of souls.

(6) Great power and light will flow into the consciousness of humanity filtering into the energetic fields or auras of humans and into those newly born upon the Earth. This will instigate experiences of deep oneness, unity and connection between people.

(7) Focus on separation will gradually dissolve allowing many to feel aligned with the Creator, being of service and moving through spiritual evolution with greater awareness and ease.

(8) This shift in the consciousness of humanity will make it so much easier for souls upon the Earth to achieve their goals, accelerate their ascension, embody their purpose and recognise their peace within because each person will be supported by and able to access the divine wisdom of all souls through the consciousness of humanity.

(9) Souls will be able to work together with perfection to manifest necessary divine experiences; there will be an advanced experience of synchronicity which will expand your awareness and develop further evolved perspectives born from truth.

(10) Everything that you are, experience, achieve, the way you act and react, think and even feel will manifest with a greater percentage from your soul into all that you are and your conscious mind.

(11) Your subconscious mind will gradually shift to hold the beliefs of your soul, your conscious mind will be influenced by the wisdom of your soul, and so you will experience yourself as a greater embodiment of your soul. Thus, everything around you will be perceived by you with a new awareness and understanding.

(12) You will be able to see beyond the earthly habits, emotions and limiting thoughts which support numerous creations upon the Earth and in your own reality.

(13) Souls entering the Earth as newborn babies will already experience the synthesis of their soul with their human being, actions and reactions, therefore, they will be able to bring new wisdom, love and insights forth grounding new energy into the consciousness of humanity for all to benefit from.

UNIVERSAL MOTHER MARY – Mother’s Day Message via LINDA DILLON – 5-7-16


Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of all, Mother of change, Mother of stability, Mother of the unchangeable wish, which is my plan and the restoration of love upon this beloved planet.


I come to you this day to bring you “My Mother’s Day Message” as I send the greetings, the blessings, the love, the grace, the clarity, the compassion and the passion to every mother upon this planet and far beyond.

Sweet angels of light there is not one of you, regardless of whether you are in male or female form, regardless of whether you have children or not, that has not been a mother, that has not known the joys, the pain, the grief, the suffering, and yes more joy…

My beloveds to listen to this miraculous message click here.

REPOST: Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – Beautiful Transitions – Ascension Update – 7-1-14

mothermary 2Mother Mary: Beautiful Transitions. channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 30 2014 at:

Hello dear Beloveds. The transitions you are all making into your higher aspects, into the higher realms, are monumental in scope, as each one of you ratchet up the vibrational ladder to refine yourselves further into the Divine Being that you are.

And as enlightening as it is for all of you, you sometimes find yourselves dipping a bit into your old ways of doing things. And this is alright, for every climb into higher frequencies and every success in integrating all your aspects and transforming the lower vibrations will sometimes take a little detour as you readjust and illuminate those parts of you that still need clearing and transmuting.

You must not see it as a failure or as a lack. For instead it is really an upgrade. You may not see it as such when you are delving into things you thought you had cleared or thought you had left behind for good. But instead, please look at it as part of the process of refining yourselves into the Divine Being that you are.

Sometimes illumination at a deeper level will reveal things still unnoticed and untouched. Look at this as progress, for it is uncovering yet another item of focus that will just bring you higher into the realms of sweet Bliss and Joy.

For it may be that because of all your progress, that your ego is piping up its voice to capture its last lingering breath and influence on you. You don’t need to look at it as a reclaiming of your lower vibrational aspects, but instead as just a reminder that you always have the choice to raise your perspective to your higher levels, and it will become easier and easier to switch again into your higher dimensional perspective.

It is like a muscle that must be constantly worked and experienced in its strength until your constant attention to its development soon renders it capable of lifting more and more weight wherein it starts to feel so easy. This is where you are now – many of you. You are experiencing the higher dimensions on a much more constant basis. And yes, there are days where you feel you backslide, but it takes just a little attention now to bring your “muscle” of enlightenment back on track and thus sliding again into the higher perspectives much more easily each time.

I give you this now because this is a critical time where there is so much Light prevalent within and around you that it may illuminate things for you that you have left untouched until now as far as illuminating and refining and transmuting, but this is progress. Because if you weren’t so far along, you might not be seeing where you still need to put your attention.

And sometimes, being at a new higher level might make you forget how far you have come as you adjust to this new level, which now starts to feel “normal”. And just as a climb up a mountain may leave you breathless as you adjust to the higher altitude, give yourself time to adjust to this lighter more refined air of the higher altitudes in these higher dimensions.

You are all progressing so beautifully and the recent Solstice Energies have lifted many of you to such a large degree that many of you are soaring, and seeing things from this new height just gives you an advantage to examine what you still want to discard or change in your life.

And this is beautiful, dear ones. For just as a beautiful sunny day can feel distant when followed by a cloudy one, you know you can always return to the sunny day, and you are. You make it sunny and bright again with just a switch in your perception and a remembrance of your ability to transmute the energy with just a flick of the switch in your perspective.

And the most powerful switch there is, is to feel the Unconditional Self-Love welling up within you, and an acknowledgement of such a wonderful and miraculous transformation you have all made.

And dear ones, I continue to nestle inside your hearts whenever you call on me, reminding you of the magnificent loving creatures you all are, of the magnificent loving deeds you have all done, and of the magnificent progress you have all made.

Even if this is the case for some of you, to “not see the forest for the trees” in the wake of your giant leap into the higher dimensions many of you have made in the recent days, you merely have to step back a bit or change your position a bit, and view things from the perspective of a “higher ledge” to notice that you are coming into the clearing once again after an immense influx of energy and change, and albeit sometimes confusing to decipher changes, you will soon notice the immense progress you have made, if you haven’t already.

And so dear Beautiful Ones of the Light, please keep going, and please acknowledge the Beautiful Transition you have all made. And lest you forget, just ask your Higher Self to remind you just how far you have come!

I love you all and encase you all in immense vibrant Love.


Mother Mary

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.


Heavenly Blessings ~ Universal Mother Mary – Simply Being

Channeled Messages 2016 – BIRTH of LOVE WARRIOR SOULS by MOTHER MARY – via Natalie Glasson

Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – Divine Purity and Divine Grace – Illumination and Inspiration – 9-9-15

piccredit-archives-firstcontactgroundcrewteam-comMother Mary on Divine Purity

Fran Zepeda Messages of Love and Healing

Pure White celestial ribbons of Divine Purity surround you now. In my loving embrace you feel it. This is available to you now. Breathe in Divine Purity.

It is present within you now as you breathe in the Love of Creator. Breathe in Divine Purity with each inhale and breathe out Divine Purity with each exhale, for all to benefit from.

It is the Radiance of your Soul. It is circumspect of all that you are. Expand your essence now with deep breaths of Purity from Creator and encompass it throughout your essence, all your bodies, and your Soul.

Picture yourselves in my arms of Love, nestled like a new-born baby, illuminated in Purity, in Radiance, as you are truly, in Reality, in Perfect Union with Creator, as you were when you were born into Creation. Behold the shimmering white pure light emanating from your Soul and claim it as your natural Radiance.

Divine Purity contains no doubt. Divine Purity entails the sweet essence of innocence and curiosity and acceptance of all that you are in perfect reflection of the Creator. It knows no bounds. Born from it is the truth of your essence. Born from it is freedom to be the perfection of Creator, in all aspects of your Being.

It is the sweet soft bright pristine feeling of shimmering clarity and radiance, lighting up your Soul to its natural luminosity, knowing that all is transformable to Purity with just a breath of Love from Creator.

So breathe in Divine Purity as your natural birthright. It colors all that you see and think now with the soft luminescence of your true radiant essence. It is awash throughout all your bodies – physical, mental, emotional and light bodies. You claim it now, as your heart transforms with its sweet presence, opening to your true Pure Divine Source Essence.

I AM forever your guide in sweet Purity, Grace and Love.

Mother Mary


Mother Mary on Divine Grace

Behold the Divine Aspect of Pure Divine Grace, encompassing you now with each breath of Creator you inhale. Breathe in the shimmering Ruby Red light of Divine Grace. Feel it permeate all your bodies and anchor it in your Heart. Let it permeate your Soul with Renewal and Rejuvenation.

Divine Grace is the Light of God, purifying all in the sweep of its embrace, in the acceptance of Creator’s Love.

Divine Grace encompasses the feelings of freedom and forgiveness and mercy, of peaceful acceptance and peaceful exaltedness, of exalted awareness of your Divine Essence and Creator’s Love, and the feeling of perpetual Divine Flow and Ease in all you do and are.

It is the feeling of velvety warmth washing all impurities away in your devotion to all that is Pure Divinity.

You have the ability to give and receive it for all to benefit from. All former acts are erased in pure knowing of your Oneness with Creator. It replaces all judgment and negativity with the sweet knowing of truth….that all are born from Creator’s perfection and remain there no matter what ensues.

For you are worthy of God’s Love in all you are and do, even in exercising imperfection and experiment and exploration in darkness. For the other side of that is the Grace of God, the Mercy of God to return to Perfection and Oneness, your natural birthright.

For you are all-knowing in your quest for Union with Creator, with All-That-Is. Nothing is left out, nothing is forgotten. You encompass all and all encompasses you, in the sweet Grace of forgiveness and mercy.

So feel the sweet flow of Divine Grace throughout your bodies and essence now and claim it as your own, as I illuminate it for you to feel it in every cell, molecule and particle of your being, so present within and without you that you float on the delicate wave of its very nature and essence, permeating all that you are and offer.

My love for you is endless and eternal, and may you accept the Grace of God with every breath you take.

I AM forever and always with you in Love and Grace and Purity. Forever and ever. Amen.

Mother Mary.

“Mother Mary: Divine Purity and Divine Grace ,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, September 8, 2015, at

Source Link: Fran Zepeda Messages of Love and Healing

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

MOTHER MARY via FRAN ZAPEDA – In Pure Love Essence We Breathe Together – 5-28-15

Mother Mary via Fran Zapeda

 Hello beautiful LOVE BE-ings that you are. I come to you with the sweet LOVE ESSENCE that you ALL ARE — Complete and Whole in your Love BEing … In your sweet Love Essence. You breathe, pulse, and radiate Love with all that you are. Consider this as you tune into your quiet, still Heart Center. Love is all you are and all you are made up of. You are whole and complete in this Truth.

Many of you are feeling and discovering this. It is taking over your Reality. It feels simple yet very profound. You have allowed your Love Essence to emerge and stay at front center of your life now. It is the sweetness of BEing that you all have strived for. It is the sweetness of many lifetimes of striving to know and capture your True Essence. You have arrived. Yet, you still doubt it.

As you take up the awareness that YOU ARE LOVE in all its sweet glory, you begin to remember your roots: The pulsing beginnings of Love particles making up Source, profound and essential and infinite. You are discovering your True Divinity as you return your thoughts to your beginnings, that of Love and Purity.

Breathe with me now, as if you are the sweet essence of Source, the sweet beginnings of your Soul, the quiet knowing of your True Self. You are complete and whole only when you accept this Love Essence that you are.

It is that simple. Yet, the more you awaken to this, the more you tend to be distracted by all that is not Love. It is time to rein in this knowing and keep it ever close to your heart and awareness all the time. Breathe with me now and feel the LOVE.

Yes, I have come to you many times through this channel and others to commune with you and impress upon you the sweet Love Essence that you are. It goes so much deeper for you if you come to your center and feel it in every cell, every bone, every molecule, every atom and every space in between. As if sweet bubbles of Love are building within you with every breath of awareness that you take — that YOU ARE LOVE.

Feel it squeezing and exuding out of your pores, out of your perceptions, out of your awareness. Feel the Peace of it, feel the sweet Joy of it, feel the sweet knowing that you are a walking, talking entity of Love.

Your world is seemingly reduced to this now as you acknowledge this, but in reality it is expanded to encompass All-That-Is. The seeming small wonder of it is, in reality, the big explosive expansive TRUTH. You are sliding over to this new Reality the more you pull yourself in from the seeming distractions of the outside world and concerns. For in pulling in and gathering your love for yourself and others, you are remaking the world of your liking.

It may seem impossible, given all you perceive the world to be. However, the simple act of “receding” into your heart and building your love for yourself and others will exude out and touch everything in a slow yet deliberate, steady transformation.

You know this, dear ones, but I bring this knowing to you once again so you may live it more fully, more deeply. So that you may connect with your inner Selves more fully, and more deeply, and know that by connecting with your inner Selves and feeling the Unconditional Love that Source is, that you are transforming all within you and without you. It is that simple, yet to really live it, it is not so easy.

And so dear ones, I ask you to Breathe with me now, In Love, in and out, so that the air you breathe in is the Love from Source and the air you breathe out is the Love from Source, so that you are One and the same with Source.

As we breathe in and out together, we are Love, of Source, of Infinite Creation, of Joy, Abundance and Purity, and ever-building in intensity and Unity with all who does the same.


In Pure Love Essence, We Breathe Together,

Mother Mary


Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon – Third Wave of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love – 4-20-15

Mother Mary

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of hope, Mother of fulfillment.

Welcome my dear hearts, children of my heart, daughters and sons of my soul, welcome yet again to this Council, to my Council of Love, of which each and every one of you are part and parcel, not merely honorary members but full members, full participants.

I come this day to speak to you of my Tsunami of Love that you may understand just how persistent a mother I am. I do not waver in my intention in the fulfillment of my plan and your plan within that plan.

And yes, I bring thee, I bring all of this planet, what you are calling and what I agree to call ‘the Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love’. Let me discuss with you, my sweet angels, what this energy is. Is it substantially different than the Tsunami that you have worked with in this past year? The answer is “No. My energy, my Love is simply that.”

What is different, my beloved ones, is the intensity with which I and you and We approach this energy flow. And that is why I speak to and refer to my persistence…I will not stop this Third Wave until all is completed and I do not simply mean the cleansing.

Is there cleansing in core issues to be resolved? Yes, and I will only refer to this because what I really wish to speak of is this energy of this Tsunami. It is the energy of my Love, it is the energy of my persistence, it is the energy of my intention that you be raised up.

I will push you, I will pull you, I will fill you, I will lift you, I will elevate you, not only until you are on top of the highest peak of every continent but until you are high enough and elevated enough that you are standing, existing, right next to me as I am right next to you; with your angelic family, with the ascended masters, with the archangels, with the seraphim. You are divine.

I do not know how many ways I can communicate this to you and so I send you this information, not only through words but from my heart to your heart, to every fiber of your being. Every kingdom upon sweet Gaia has understood and participated in the Tsunami and have anchored fully, joyously, in the 7th dimension.

It is only the humans that have resisted. All other kingdoms have looked at the opening, the Love, the Christ Consciousness, the unified awareness and have come running through the portal. And all of you have been swimming in and out of this portal for years. And several of you have anchored fully and completely in the 7th.

So, why do I bring forth an intensified Tsunami of Love at this time? Let me be clear…this is not a resumption of the Tsunami. Yes, we are in new times with new meaning of linear space and time, but this is not a resumption; this is a new wave and it is a wave from the totality of my being tempered so that it does not injure any in any way, but it will carry you.

Some of you may experience that you are being pulled under, that the undertow has you. Dearest ones, if the undertow is pulling you, let go. It simply means that there is need to dive deeper and to see in the depths of who you are, in your journey with me, the brilliance, the radiance, the truth of who you are.

If you are being lifted up because you know your divine birthright, you know the truth of who you are, place your face upward to the sun, to the millions of stars, to your star brothers and sisters, to the Milky Way, to Venus, and enjoy the ride because you will not be exempt. All beings are being touched. It is not a time that I will be suggesting to thee to play in the shallows by the shore. That time is passed, not in a fearful way but in a way that you have evolved my sweet ones.

You are ready for a more powerful infusion of my Love, of our sacred union. I have said to thee that I have planted the seed eons ago within you. And I have not only planted the seed of my Love, of our Love, of the Father and I, I have planted the seed of your divinity, of your wholeness, of your brilliance.

So, you say to me, “Well Mother, could you not simply gently water me and allow my face to emerge out of sweet Gaia and find the sun?” You are already doing that and you need the full infusion for this blossoming.

There is no turning back. And I say this, not to you my sweet ones, for you are the ones who have said to me, “Mother, please, we are tired, we are impatient, we are joyful, we are in anticipation, excitement, bring forth the awe, the wonder, the miracles, the creation.” But there are others that have need to be lifted up and carried and this is what I am doing; there is no turning back, not in new times, not in old times.

This process that we began 6 million years ago is underway. It is time of fulfillment. It is time for you, each of you, my children that I Love, to truly know me, and even more importantly, to truly know yourself. You are creators and you have come, not merely for Ascension but for the anchoring of Nova Earth.

It is a promise that I made, not only to you but to Gaia eons ago, that she would have this fulfillment of her mission and purpose…not to dissolve into sheer energy but to thrive in the majestic glory and splendor of her diverse beauty and magnificence.

And you have said, “Yes, I choose to participate, I choose to be the activator, I choose to be the healer, the teacher, the channel, the creator.”… And in all realities, all dimensions, all time frames throughout my omniverse. It is time!

So, I caress you. I caress you in my waves of blue. I caress you in my gown of blue. I nurture you, I water you. Come in, the wave is all around you; allow the penetration, do not resist. It is not simply a matter of floating on the energy; it is a matter of grabbing your rubber duck, your surfboard, your noodles, whatever you choose, your floatie, and come and ride the wave.

Allow me to, with you, finish this transformation of Ascension. Go with my Love, my faith in each of you. Farewell, farewell my beloveds. You do not need to come to the beach; I will be in your doorstep. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 4-18-15
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Mother Mary via Natalie Glasson – Recalibrate Your Perspectives – 3-13-15


With new vibrations anchoring into the Earth and awakening from your being with each day, a frequency of simplicity is rising, akin to a phoenix from the flames, to attract and draw your attention.

The vibration of simplicity present, due to the greater anchoring of light, brings forth a new valuable wisdom and a new perspective with which to observe yourself and your reality.

With all the many shifts and awakening occurring within your being at this tremendous period of cleansing and purifying in order to resonate in greater oneness with the Creator, simplicity brings you back to your center.

Many of you may experience the presence of your center, core, essence, or soul, whatever you wish to label it, with greater power and resonance.

Those who are shifting beliefs and perspectives which no longer serve them may find it difficult to return to their centers. They may feel as if they have lost their centers, as if it has been misplaced and can longer be found in the same space as usual. This is because your entire being is recalibrating. Your essence, the core of your being, is expanding, therefore it takes a larger, more expansive and open perspective to recognize the core of your being once more.

With each process and practice of light and love, you as a soul and spiritual being are recalibrating. This means your essence is transforming, expanding, and becoming empowered within your being, akin to your essence growing up into adulthood.

Sometimes when you have known a person from birth, you have to move through processes of changing your perspective in order to recognize the person as their true self. For example, you may still recognize the person as a child even though they are a teenager, or you may still perceive the person as a teenager while they are a fully mature adult.

Most of the time, the mind wishes to continue to perceive you, your reality, and others, as they once were, because it feels safer to do so. Therefore, you are unwilling to acknowledge the new transformations and growth.

In order to recognize expansion and evolution within yourself and others, there is a need to let go of the old perspectives and the old structures or facts of how life is or has been.

Due to the accelerated growth you are experiencing and guiding, there is a need to let go of your perspectives of yourself and reality, recalibrating them so you may acknowledge the expansion which has taken place within your being, to find your new center once more.

Are you ready to see, sense, and acknowledge yourself and others anew, no longer placing yourself and others in restrictions and limitations of the past and even the present? Recalibrating your perspectives is to dissolve your attachments to your viewpoints of yourself, others, and your reality, in order to recognise the continuously transforming center, soul, or essence within you.

If there is an unwillingness to let go of current perspectives, then it could be akin to treating yourself like a child when you are embodying adulthood; frustration, anger and rebellion may manifest as a result. It is time to make a promise to yourself of seeing, sensing, and acknowledging yourself as your truth during this powerful period of recalibration, expansion, and new understandings of self.

‘With courage, peace and love I now choose to recognise greater aspects of my truth, easily discovering my center and soul as I move through a beautiful process of recalibrating my viewpoints.

‘This will only enhance with vibration of love and truth within my being. I ask Mother Mary and my community of guides to be my guiding light. In every moment lead me back to my center, my soul, for further acceptance and recognition of my true self. Thank you.’

Please know you are never alone as you move through processes of transformation. You can always invoke your guides, or any light being you feel a connection with, to guide you back to your soul and center of your being.

It is akin to asking to be brought back to the truth and essence of your being when you may find yourself lost on a dark pathway or engulfed in old perspectives.

When you are experiencing pain and suffering, feel hopeless or helpless, or are engaged in a uncomfortable manifestation within your reality, ask to be returned to your center, your soul, so you can see the truth of your being once more.

As I shared, from the flames of transformation, the phoenix of simplicity arises. This is to again encourage you to return to your soul, to rest in the peace and love of your soul and essence. This new energy invites you to see, sense, and perceive everything in simple ways, in order to enhance your inner strength, to rejuvenate your being, and to aid the release of fear.

Sometimes with transformation comes a feeling of being overwhelmed, which is born from fear. With the presence and acceptance of simplicity, fear can be dissolved. Whether you feel centered or wish to return to the core of your being, you may wish to experience the vibrations of simplicity:

‘Mother Mary and my community of guides, I call upon your assistance, love, and protection. Please enhance my senses and experiences in this moment so I may fully connect with the vibration of simplicity, and the truth of my soul in its continuous process of expansion and transformation within my being.

‘Please guide me in returning to the center of my being and soul to recognise the continuous growth and expansion occurring within my being, while dissolving all perspectives which hinder my recognition of my truth.

‘As I connect and place my attention within my soul, I am aware of the flames of truth, love, and peace of my soul burning bright within my being. I allow myself to perceive the full expansion, strength, and love of my being.’

(Enjoy this sensation for a few moments)

‘I now activate from within my truth and soul, the vibration, energy, and consciousness of simplicity to rise like a phoenix from my soul, showering simplicity over and through my entire being, bringing forth a renewed truthful perspective of myself and soul.

‘I am more connected and aware of my soul now than ever before, I feel as if I have returned home within my physical body, fully connected to and able to accept all that is the truth of the Creator as it flows from and through my being. Thank you.’

(Enjoy the experience and the recalibration of your perspectives for as long as feels appropriate. You may experience blessings, healing, wisdom, or awakening occurring from within your being.)

Your reality is a complete process of creation, it is akin to a creative project which you have the ability to constantly transform, shift, and recalibrate, in order to satisfy and bring pleasure to yourself and your soul.

As you allow for recalibration to take place within your being, and especially within your perspectives, you make it possible to recalibrate your reality at any given moment.

This is a powerful service for the ascension of humanity and the Earth. Imagine each person on the Earth is singing a song, as everyone creates from the truth of their being, which is to bring forth your soul and the Creator vibrations to exist in your physical being and reality. Then everyone begins to sing the same song, singing in harmony.

The beauty created on the Earth would be immense as every person created from their truth the reality they wished to experience existing beyond limitations in harmony with love.

The Creator would truly be present within every moment of reality, within every form and experience. The entire Earth would vibrate in harmony with the Creator which would be such a beautiful sight and experience.

Allow yourself to return to simple and yet empowering perspectives which align with your soul. Let yourself accept, perceive, and create perspectives which are simple and resonate with, and as, peace, love, grace, and expansion.

In truth, I, Mother Mary, invite you to let go of the complexity of your being and reality, as this will allow you to gain focus in times of transformation and purifying of your being.

More so, I invite you to let go of the desire to understand the complexity of your being and reality, through a process of experiencing and recognising the vibration of simplicity born from the Creator, rising within your being to bring forth peace, healing, renewal, and a deep experience of recalibration.

‘I accept the simplicity of the Creator to empower my soul and truth.’

You may notice yourself and many around you returning to simplicity; simple practices, simple thinking, and seeking a life of simplicity in order to bring one’s focus on the truth emerging and emitting from within.

Through your remembrance of your truth, soul, and essence, which simply means your attention on your truth, soul, and essence, you will discover yourself more fully, recognising your power, purpose, and all you have to share with yourself and humanity.

Know that as you perceive your spiritual evolution as becoming more complex, expansive, and maybe even harder to understand, what is really occurring is that you are moving into a space of simplicity, if you choose to accept this perspective.

As you evolve, life, your reality, and the way you interact with yourself and others, becomes simpler, easier, and more rewarding.

Let go of your perspectives of ascension being hard, great volumes of effort, unrewarding, and complex. Recalibrate for yourself a new perceptive to support your alignment with the Creator of life, and ascension being easy, fulfilling, rewarding, and simple to experience and achieve.

This simple shift in your perspective allows you to see, sense, and acknowledge the fully-grown spiritual adult soul within your being, thus empowering yourself to experience all you wish.

The acceptance of simplicity is the process of recalibrating your perspectives.
In love, recalibration and simplicity,
Mother Mary

“Mother Mary: Recalibrate Your Perspectives,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 13, 2015 at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

Ascended Master Mother Mary via Kim Michaels – 2-22-15


TOPICS: A spiral of light around the planet – Crucial points in world history – The collective consciousness of Russia – The spirals of the Ukrainian people – The problem with corruption – How much suffering do people need? – Taking the long view – The situation in Africa – The need for many messengers – The demands on a sponsored messenger – Qualifying for your ascension – How the golden age will be manifest – Why Muslims reject progressive revelation – The way to bring change in Africa – When the student is ready – Conferences for 2015 – Planetary initiations for 2015 – Book about changing the world –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 22, 2015 through Kim Michaels


My beloved hearts, I am indeed the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to share with you my gratitude and my enthusiasm for the fact that so many of you have taken up this vigil, to give four hours of decrees and invocations once a month for a specific purpose of consuming conflict and other atrocities going on around the world.

My beloved, although I have said 500 people, I do not wish you to play a numbers game here. It is not a matter of so many people. The real importance of this vigil is that as many people as possible give decrees at the same time at a regular interval whereby you create a momentum that becomes an upward spiral.

A spiral of light around the planet

I know very well that the human mind always has a tendency to look for specific results; you want to see a linear result of your efforts. I wish to share with you the very fact that what we of the ascended masters are looking for is not linear results and a linear progression. We see everything in terms of spirals.

A spiral, as you know, circles around and it comes back, not quite to the same point, but at least to the same side of the planet at regular intervals. That is precisely what you are building: A beautiful spiral of light that circles around the planet and that actually follows the planet as the planet moves through absolute space.

As you might know, if you think deeply about this, planet earth is constantly moving, not just around the sun, but throughout absolute space. As the planet moves through space, and at the same time moves in an oval orbit around the sun, it actually traces a spiral pattern.

What you are building is a spiral of light that in some ways goes faster than the earth. Therefore, you may not see a result right now of your efforts, but rest assured that as the earth again meets the spiral that you have built, there will be another chance at manifesting a result in the physical octave.

As I have said before, and as I want to instil on your minds, no effort of invoking light is ever wasted. You could do a vigil of focusing on a specific problem and asking for the intercession of the forces of light, and you may concentrate a great effort on that specific problem, but it does not necessarily mean that you would see an instant linear result. Even if you had millions of people invoking light for a specific problem, there may not be an instantaneous result because you always have the equation of free will.

Crucial points in world history

This is one of the mysteries that have often confused people when they look at the earth. You see, for example, how at certain crucial points in world history one person has been able to either hold back a new development, to hold back peace or to create a conflict that, once it had crossed the borderline into the physical, could not be stopped for a long time.

This is the extreme outplaying of the law of free will. What you need to recognize here is that even though one person may sometimes seem to be the one who has the power to change the course of the entire world, it is not actually so. It is only that that one person becomes the focal point for a movement in the collective consciousness.

Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao could not have done what they did in their nations had it not been because there was already a spiral in the collective consciousness of those nations. Vladimir Putin cannot do what he is doing today by his own power alone. He is also riding a spiral in the consciousness of the Russian people, not only in Russia but in other nations, especially right now in Ukraine.

The collective consciousness of Russia

My beloved, consider a mystery, or at least what seems like a mystery for the people from the West who do not understand the Russian mindset. You have people who have lived outside of Russia in other nations for generations. Many of them are born in those nations. Why then do they still identify themselves as Russians and not as Ukrainians or Poles or Lithuanians? This is a mystery to ponder, but the cause from a spiritual level is that these people have not freed themselves from the collective consciousness created in Russia.

This is because the collective spiral, the collective consciousness, created in Russia was spread beyond the borders of Russia during Soviet times. As we have said before, these spirals have not completely been arrested and consumed.

Those of you who are concerned about the situation in Russia, in Ukraine and potentially in other former Soviet nations, would do well to focus your decree efforts and your invocations on consuming these spirals. Especially those who are the spiritual people of a Russian descent might consider here that these spirals of identification as Russians are not the highest potential of the Russian people. They are an artificial construct, again created during Soviet times where the Russian people were used to put the whole world in an artificial conflict.

The Russian people – some among them – are so attached to being a powerful nation and having the respect of the world that they actually want these spirals to continue. They do, as Putin himself, to some degree does want to go back to the Soviet era where Russia was feared by other nations. They think fear leads to respect and that there is no way to get respect without being feared.

This, of course, is what people who have grown up in the West, in free democratic nations, cannot understand. You cannot understand why anyone would think that by making you fear them, they earn your respect. You know, of course, that that is the surest way to lose your respect. Certainly, other people can make you fear them but this will not lead to you respecting them, will it?

You need to make these calls also if you live in the West, if you are not of Russian descent, and you are concerned about the situation. Make the calls for the arresting of these collective spirals of the Russian people and their fear-based tendency to think that they can earn respect only through fear and power and the exercising of power.

The spirals of the Ukrainian people

My beloved, we are certainly desirous of seeing a resolution to the conflict in Ukraine, but I must also tell you that once again we look at free will. We see that the situation is not nearly as simple as it might seem for outsiders.

The Ukrainian people have their own collective spirals and one of them is that they do not truly want to take responsibility for themselves as a nation. That is why you see such high levels of corruption that it has made the majority of the population the virtual slaves of a small power elite of oligarchs and those in positions of power in the state apparatus.

This is not so different from what was there during Soviet times, only now those people at the top can freely accumulate greater amounts of wealth than they could during the so-called Communist era, which was not truly Communist at all. What needs to happen is that the people come to this awareness, and they demand what other people have demanded in other countries before: An end to this blatant corruption that brings any nation to its knees economically.

The problem with corruption

You can look to many other nations who have high levels of corruption. You might know that there are certain world-wide organizations who every year compile indexes of which countries have the highest level of corruption. You can go and look at these nations and you can see a clear connection between their level of abundance and the level of corruption. You can also see a connection between the level of corruption and a more dictatorial form of leadership.

What is corruption a sign of? It is a sign of the fact that people are not equal to the law. There are some people who belong to an elite who are above the law. They are misusing their power, the power that really is entrusted to them by the people or at least by the state and the governmental apparatus, which should be representing the people but is not.

The people have allowed this to happen, they have allowed this to go on. They all know someone who is benefiting from this corruption so it has become so ingrained in the population that they are not willing to take the conflict to demand an end to this.

That is, of course, why they have become susceptible to more dictatorial forms of government. They did not object to it, as the Russian people should ideally have objected many, many times as Putin tightened his grip on power. They should have protested when he stopped freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble.

Of course, there is freedom for those whom he wants to assemble, as seen in this recent mock demonstration in Moscow against the so-called coup in Ukraine. How can it be a coup if you overthrow a government that was a strawman for a foreign power?

How much suffering do people need?

My beloved, without going too deeply into these topics, I wish to encourage you, for you have made a difference by invoking this light. We may not see an immediate result of this because of free will, which must be must be allowed to outplay itself, sometimes even into what seems like unnecessary extremes.

They are not unnecessary in the sense that sometimes people can be awakened only through extreme amounts of pain and anguish. This is clearly not what we of the ascended masters want to see. We would like to see people awaken through the least amount of pain possible. Unfortunately, people do awaken through the least amount of pain possible, but it is an enormous amount of pain that is needed before they awaken.

This, of course, is something that we of the ascended masters cannot stop, we cannot change. Neither can you change it. Neither, for that matter, should you try to change it with your calls and invocations, nor should you even desire to change it. Doing this will only make you frustrated and make you discouraged because you feel like your efforts are not having an effect. I tell you: They DO have an effect!

It is true that there are people who are in positions where they can hold back a change for some time, but they cannot hold it back forever, my beloved. As more and more people invoke more and more light, changes will happen, it is absolutely inevitable. It just may not happen quite as swiftly as you wish to see it happen.

Taking the long view

This is where you need to be a practical realist, as we of the ascended masters have learned over the sometimes very long time we have served this planet, or even other planets in a similar state as earth.

When you have been ascended for many centuries, like myself and other masters, you have long ago realized that you are working for the long-term perspective, you have long-term goals. You have long ago realized that the earth is indeed in an upward spiral, but that the upward spiral does not follow a straight, ascending line. It follows a curve with peaks and troughs, with ups and downs, not exactly like a sine wave because the ups and downs are not regular, they are very irregular. It still follows the curve that you might see as the result of some statistics, whether it be weather patterns or other dynamics.

We, of course, have learned to see that general upward movement and to work for that general upward movement, and not be overly concerned about the dips and not be overly enthusiastic about the peaks. We know that both are temporary and both will change, but it is the upward movement of the median that matters in the long run.

The situation in Africa

My beloved, I know that there are many people who over the years have asked: “Why have the ascended masters given so few dictations about Africa?” There are several reasons for this.

One is, of course, that you from a very early age have been taught to look at a world map and identify certain continents. When you learn that there is continent called Africa, you think that this huge area is one homogenous area. In your childlike mind, you think that the people in Africa must be as homogenous as the people in your own country, or in your own part of the world.

Africa, although it may be said to be one continent, really cannot be said to be a unit. This is in part due to the huge geographical differences. Consider the difference between the states North of the Sahara desert, those in the Sahara desert, those South of there, those around the Equator and those further South. The differences in geography are far greater than the geographical differences in for example Europe. They are even greater that the differences in the United States, even though the United States has quite dramatic geographical differences between the different regions.

It is virtually meaningless to make general statements about Africa. What we can do is make more specific statements about specific countries or specific regions. This, however, would require us to have a messenger who had a greater knowledge of these regions, especially first-hand knowledge from having grown up in one of the regions of Africa. This we do not currently have. Surely, this messenger could spend his time to learn more about the conditions found in Africa, but would this be the wisest use of his time, given who he is and the fact that he was deliberately born in another region than Africa? It would not, seen from the long-term perspective.

The need for many messengers

We, of course, hope that we will gradually have messengers from all areas of the world, from all walks of life, who can take valid messages. Until that manifests, it will be difficult for us to give messages, not only about Africa, but about many other regions around the world where we know there are ascended master students who would like to hear more specific messages for their own nations.

This is simply the nature of how it currently works on earth. Many of you who have studied the work of this messenger for years, or have studied the work of the ascended master organizations that come before this, have almost come to take this for granted. You sometimes think it is so easy for us to have a messenger in embodiment that you think it should be possible for us to find messengers who could talk about any topic, or that one messenger should easily be able to take a dictation about any topic whatsoever.

This is not quite as easy as you think! Having a sponsored messenger, who holds a complex mantle, is not something that we of the ascended masters can take for granted. It is not an easy task to be a messenger and to still maintain a physical life with all of the demands of having to make a living, having to get your economy to function, having to have a place to live, having relationships with other people and so on.

The demands on a sponsored messenger

This is not something that we take for granted because we know how complicated it is. It is not easy for us to train a messenger who can actually maintain a state of mind that allows that person to continue functioning for any length of time. It is not easy for a person to be a messenger and hold the many complicated balance points that you need to hold in order to have the mindset that allows you to even accept that you can be a messenger for the ascended masters, and that you can tune in to the masters and take a dictation.

This is not nearly as easy as some of you have come to think. We understand that it seems easy given the amount of ascended masters teachings that are out there, and that have been brought forth over the last century. You can see several messengers who were able to function over a long period of time and bring forth very large amounts of material. This, of course, makes it seem easy, but it is not easy.

There are only very few people who are able to hold that balance and that focus where you make this the highest priority of your life and everything else comes secondary, or tertiary or further down on your priority list. You do no allow anything to stand between you and your relationship to the ascended masters, no matter what kind of attacks or criticism that you are likely to be exposed to from the world.

There are many people who actually have a potential to take messages, but we cannot sponsor them as a messenger because we know that it would be too destructive for them psychologically. They would not be able to hold the balance, the very complex balance, that you need to hold in order to function as a messenger with any kind of mantle.

Some of you have come to think that once you have been given a mantle by the ascended masters, everything should be happily every after because now you are protected by that mantle. Certainly, there is some protection in the mantle. But you realize, do you not, that you have to continually earn that mantle. You have to live up to it, and there is a return demand on you that you have to be able to hold the balance that is required for you to carry the mantle.

You may look at the old kings who carried a big heavy metal crown on their heads, and it gave them a certain regal appearance. If they did not hold their balance, then the crown would fall off and roll on the floor, would it not? So it is, in a symbolic way, with a messenger who has received a mantle. If you do not hold the balance, it will come off and fall to the ground and then we must withdraw it.

Qualifying for your ascension

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to appreciate what you have while you have it. As Jesus said: “Work while ye have the light, for the night cometh when no man can work.” Everything has its time in the physical octave. We look forward to this messenger serving potentially for many years to come, but still appreciate what you have while you have it. Make the best use of it because I can assure you, my beloved, that those of you who are open to ascended master teachings have come into this embodiment, not to live the good life on earth, but to live a spiritual life that for many of you will qualify you for your ascensions.

When you are in your last embodiment, you cannot allow anything else to stand in the way of you qualifying for your ascension. It must be your first priority because the prince of this world is an expert in diverting your attention into all kinds of blind alleys that do not further your ascension or your service to the light.

How the golden age will be manifest

This in some way ties into the topic of why we have not said more about for example Africa or other regions. We must again look at the overall picture; we must look at where we have the greatest amount of ascended master students. Which nations have the potential to come closer to manifesting some of the complex matrices that Saint Germain holds for the golden age?

You may think that this will only make the inequality between certain nations greater, and this is true on a temporary basis. Some nations must be the first ones to begin manifesting the matrix for the golden age. As they do so, they will make progress far beyond those nations who are not yet ready. But you see, the golden age cannot be manifest all at once all over the world. It must be started somewhere where you break through the barrier, you break through the veil, and start bringing into the physical octave the matrices of Saint Germain.

When some nations have manifested this physically, then you have a physical proof that this is possible. Suddenly, there can be a shift in the collective consciousness where more and more people begin to accept that this is a possibility. You who are ascended master students may look at our teachings about the golden age and you take them for granted, you think it should be obvious to all people. But I tell you that there are many nations where the vast majority of the people simply do not have the awareness needed to accept our teachings.

Why Muslims reject progressive revelation

They would look at them as pure fantasy, or they would look at the fact they go beyond their religion and then they would reject them outright, as even being the works of the devil. Just look at how many nations are so trapped in the mindset that is dominating the Muslim religion right now that they would reject anything that contradicts the Koran or goes beyond the Koran. You may think this is ironic because, after all, these people believe that God, through the Archangel Gabriel, revealed the Koran to man.

Therefore, you might think that they should be open to the possibility that God, through Archangel Gabriel or other ascended masters, could give new revelation. But you see, the mindset created by the fallen angels is that there could never be new revelation because the previous revelation was perfect and adequate. If new revelation was forthcoming, it would prove that the previous was not complete as it is claimed to be. You see the catch-22 that these nations are in. Therefore, the vast majority of the people in such nations could not accept our teachings, even if they were explained to them.

This, of course, is also the case in many of the nations in Africa. I am not hereby saying that there are not people in all of these nations who are ready for our teachings. I am simply saying that there are so few that it would not be realistic to expect that there would be a widespread acceptance of some of our ideas.

I am not here even talking about a widespread acceptance of our outer teachings or our existence. I am talking about an acceptance of more subtle ideas by the people. We do not only spread new ideas through sponsored messengers and organizations. We spread them in many different ways, but again we must work primarily in the nations where at least the biggest possible number of people are open to these new ideas because there minds are not so imprisoned by the old concepts and ideas.

The way to bring change in Africa

What I will say, as a general statement about Africa, is that it presents a very difficult challenge to the world. This challenge has unfortunately been created by the fallen beings by taking what happened in colonial times and the entire issue of slavery in the United States, and distorting the relationship between different peoples of different races and skin color to such a point where it is almost impossible to bring forth golden age ideas about Africa.

Many of the wealthy developed nations in the world still suffer from what we might call a “guilt complex” about colonial times. They barely dare to debate freely what potentially could happen in Africa. They are not even open to some of the radical new thinking that is necessary if Africa is to be brought out of its current stalemate, or even the downward spiral that you see in many nations.

Neither are there very many people in Africa itself who are open to such ideas. The entire international community, such as the United Nations, is not open to these ideas. Therefore, there is not much point in us bringing out these ideas as the collective consciousness is right now. But I will give you a hint.

If there was to be a positive development in Africa, there would have to be created an international organization. This organization would have to go far beyond what has been envisioned for the United Nations. It could not be created from or within the United Nations because that organization is simply too stuck in its self-created matrices.

There would have to be a new organization created. It would have to be an organization that could make an overall assessment based on many, many different considerations. It would have to be an organization that would have to look at certain regions of Africa and say: “What is a viable way to turn the current situation into an upward spiral that will benefit most of the people who live in that area?”

You would have to think in radical new ways. You would have to acknowledge one very simple fact, and that is that most of the nations you currently see in Africa are simply not viable nations from a variety of perspectives. Many of these nations, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, have been created in highly artificial ways, going all the way back to Colonial times, but also based on very complex patterns of racial and especially tribal conflicts.

If you were to really turn things around in Africa, you would have to identify certain regions from an overall perspective and say: “How can we create an economically viable region that can move towards giving prosperity to all of the people living there?” This would in the beginning require an international force that could come in and suppress the tribal warlords and the warfare you see going on right now. It would require a radical new thinking on how to use the natural resources available without allowing single people or multinational corporations to exploit all of the profit without giving it to the benefit of the people.

Can you see that in order to avoid or transcend the exploitation by multinational corporations, you would have to create a multinational “corporation” that could function in a way that is not driven by profit or political interests? This is the only practical way to bring true change to Africa.

Unfortunately, it is not currently practical to create such an organization. Not even the most developed nations in the world are ready to seriously consider creating such an organization. There are so many concerns, so much baggage from colonial times – from two world wars, from the struggle between capitalism and communism, from the whole issue of multinational corporations – that no nation is ready to seriously consider this.

Yet unless such an organization is created, there is very little hope that the current struggle in Africa will be transcended any time soon. We of the ascended masters are greatly concerned that the warfare and the struggle you have seen on other continents must be repeated in Africa before a majority of the African people have had so much pain that they are ready to look for an alternative.

We have not given much teaching about Africa for there are very few people who are willing to listen to the radical, or so they would see them, ideas about what needs to happen on the African continent. You know very well the law: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Certainly, we have the ideas that would transform Africa into a number of regions that would be in an upward spiral. Certainly, Saint Germain has a golden age matrix for the area you now call Africa. But until enough students are ready to even consider these ideas, what would be the point in releasing them?

Who would be willing to listen? And if no-one is willing to listen, why then would we spend the time and the energy of our messenger to bring them forth? Why would we not concentrate our efforts on where there is a greater potential to bring certain nations or regions closer to the golden age.

When the student is ready

You see, we of the ascended masters do not have what you so often see among human beings: personal preferences, likes and dislikes. We do not have the emotional attachments, the evaluations, that you have. We look at the earth neutrally. We love all people everywhere, but we also look realistically at where people are at in consciousness. We look at the fact that we have limited resources available for speaking directly to people.

Therefore, we must use our resources in the way that has the greatest chance of having a positive impact. This I trust that many of you will be able to understand. It is clear that we hope the situation will change, we have plans for bringing about this change. As soon as things do change, then of course we will begin bringing forth more teaching. This is not only true about Africa, but about many other regions of the world.

You see, my beloved, there are complex equations here. Why has this Messenger not been in South America for years? Because there has not been a student body who was willing to, not only invite him but to hold the balance for a sponsored messenger visiting the area.

Conferences for 2015

This brings me to the final topic I wanted to discourse on. We now have two conferences planned for this summer. I am personally looking forward to these conferences. I know that there is a potential that they can bring much needed light to the area of Europe and the United States.

This messenger has not had a conference in the United States for some time. We have much light we want to bring there; we have much light we want to bring to Europe. I strongly hope that all of you consider yourself ascended master students will make an effort to attend or in other ways support these conferences.

There is great value in our students coming together physically, for much more light can be released, not only through the messenger but through all of those who participate with sincerity and purity of motive and intention. There are always some who come without having clarified their motives for coming, and sometimes they have selfish motives. Those who do have a certain purity of motive become conduits for the light, and the more people come together and the greater the harmony and unity in the group, the more light we can release.

We hope, therefore, that you will consider supporting this effort. I very much hope that you will also help spread the word about my vigil so that we can get more and more people and create more of a momentum.

Planetary initiations for 2015

My beloved, it is an important step for the planet that we have started releasing these books in the series called: “The Path to Self Mastery.” These next years, the total of seven years where the planet is being initiated by one of the seven rays per year, are very important. This year, as you know, the planetary initiation is on the Third Ray of Love and the book The Mystical Initiations of Love is extremely important for setting the foundation.

You can do yourself a great favor by studying this book throughout the year and by giving at least one invocation a day throughout the year. This takes only twenty minutes of your time. The reward I assure you will be worth it. But you can also do the planet an immense favor by using this book and the invocations, because you help create a trail in the collective consciousness.

You can see for yourself that relationships is one of the most complex aspects of your lives. But then look at the more developed nations and look at the divorce rate, and look at the problems that people are having with relationships. Then consider the service you can give by giving these invocations and by sending out these ideas and the light into the collective consciousness.

There is a great need for a breakthrough in the relationship between all people but especially between men and women. As the book makes it clear, we have entered a new phase where there is a need for an entirely new relationship between men and women. Who will bring it forth, my beloved, unless those who are open to ascended master teachings become the forerunners. Therefore, we look to you to make use of these teachings.

Book about changing the world

I am also excited about the new book, that has not yet been announced, about how you can help change the world. This will become the first book in a series of books that are specifically designed on the matrix where we give dictations and these dictations are turned into invocations.

This matrix is extremely powerful, as those of you will know who have made use of some of the books, such as the book about Clearing the Chakras. There is currently no more powerful way to clear your chakras than that book, and I can assure you that as we bring forth these books in the series of how to spiritualize the world there will be no more powerful tools available in the physical octave than these books.

The matrix of studying a dictation and giving an invocation is extremely powerful. It serves both the Alpha and Omega of raising awareness and transforming energy, and this is how you transform a world. This is how a relatively small number of people can have a decisive impact on transforming a world.

I know well that I do not have millions of people are who are willing to listen to or read this dictation. Therefore, we must bring forth tools that can work, that can have the greatest possible impact with the number of people we do have.

As I said: “Appreciate what you have.” Make the best possible use of it. Catch some of my enthusiasm, my beloved. Catch my Joy. Catch my gratitude, and allow yourselves to rise above these spirals of pessimism and discouragement that are so common in the world.

There are all kinds of doomsayers in the world, my beloved. They will tell you that this world is going to hell in a hand basket in five minutes. But my beloved, I have been an ascended master for two thousand years. You can go back to any year during those two thousand years and there have also been naysayers who would tell you that the world was going to end in the near future. This is a phenomenon created by the fallen beings.

Do not fall prey to this trick. It has worked on you enough times in past lives. Do not fall for it this time. Accept that with God all things are possible. When you make use of our teachings and our tools in the form of invocations and decrees, you are with God.

My beloved, what more can I say? If what I say has not been sufficient, what more can I say? Thus, I will bid you a fond “adieu” and thank you for your attention and your efforts in these vigils.


Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels

Source: The Ascended Master Light Website…;

Mother Mary’s Rosary – by Patricia Cota-Robles – 1-13-15



Mother Mary – Transcending the Daily Grind – 1-15-15


Mother Mary 2


TOPICS: The enthusiasm of discovering the Path – The challenge of the daily grind – How the mind gradually accepts norms – The dynamics of a downward spiral – How invoking light can become a norm – Earth is sustained by spiritual light – Become the open door for light – A sense of co-measurement – How the light from Christmas affects earth – Using decrees release much more light – There is no wasted effort – Where is the Spirit? – The Catholic Church produces negative energy – Reconnect to your enthusiasm – Exceed your image of the masters – Shine your light –


Ascended Master Mother Mary  via  Kim Michaels

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come on this morning to talk to you about a topic that most of you know quite well, but you are not always as fully conscious of it as I wish you were. That is why I want to give you some words that might stay with you and might help you to counteract one of the greatest oppositions to your spiritual growth.

I have, myself, been in physical embodiment on planet earth. I was in my last lifetime a housewife with several children. I lived at a time when you did not have the many timesaving technological wonders that women have in the kitchen today—or men for that matter, too, if they venture into the kitchen. I know well how it was to be in embodiment at my time. You may think that was a long time ago, but when you ascend, time ceases to exist.

I can as easily remember how it was for me to be in embodiment 2,000 years ago, as I can tune in to how it is for you to be in embodiment today. Back then, I was extremely busy doing everyday chores just to get the family life working. I know that many of you, both men and women, are extremely busy today. You do not have to do some of the very time-consuming, daily chores that we had to do 2,000 years ago, but then you have other chores that occupy your time and attention. Thus, you do not have any more free time and free attention today than we had back then. I fully understand this.


The enthusiasm of discovering the Path

I would like you to think back to the time when you first became aware that there is a spiritual path, a path that leads to a higher state of consciousness, a path that leads through stages, steps of initiations, a path that is directed by teachers that have no human, subjective interests but are only interested in helping you grow. I would like you to reconnect to the feelings you had at the time.

Most of you were not brought up with an awareness of this path. You were brought up either in a traditional religion, for most of you the Christian religion, or without having any strong religious family background. You were unaware that there is a systematic path of initiations, leading to a higher state of consciousness, and that there is a set of teachers who are not like any teachers or authority figures you have ever met on earth, for the ascended masters have no self-interest. We have only the larger self-interest of knowing that all life is One, and therefore, there is only One Self. The only way to raise ourselves, as you would say it, is to raise the All.

Many of you felt a great sense of liberation, joy, and enthusiasm when you first realized that there is an alternative to the lifestyle presented by materialism or traditional religion. You felt liberated. You felt that a new world had opened up to you. You were excited and enthusiastic about exploring that world, including studying the teachings and, for many of you, also practicing the tools and techniques that we have given. We have now, for not quite a century but coming close, been giving specific exercises – decrees, rosaries, and invocations – designed to help you invoke spiritual light and direct it into specific conditions in your personal lives and in the world.

I know that many of you felt this sense of enthusiasm and joy when you first became aware of these tools. I know that many of you can remember, when you think back, the contrast you first felt between your former state of consciousness and then the state of mind that you experienced after having given a certain amount of decrees or invocations. You can remember the contrast between your normal state of consciousness and the sense of having raised yourself beyond it, of having purified your energy field, getting your chakras to spin in the right direction, to spin more quickly, to let through more light.

Many of you have known how it is to walk on a wave of light, to float along with a wave of light, after having given, perhaps several hours of decrees and invocations. Many of you felt that contrast, and you felt such a joy of being free of the normal weight that burdened you that you would give invocations or decrees for hours, just for the joy of feeling that liberation from the normal heavy burden of energy that you carried.


The challenge of the daily grind

My beloved, if you remember how this felt, then I wish to make you aware of one of the greatest enemies of your spiritual growth found on earth. It is simply what we might call “the daily grind.” The human mind, the human energy field, has an ability to adjust. This is in many ways a very necessary ability. Planet earth is right now a very dark planet, compared to many of the other planets in your galaxy and beyond. It is impossible to embody here without being disturbed by the conditions that you cannot avoid knowing about. Even if you do not see them directly in your own life, you see them in the media.

This, by the way, is one big difference between today and the time when I was in embodiment 2,000 years ago. Back then, we did not know so much about what happened in the world around us, especially not far away from us. Today, you have exploded on these colorful screens all of the news from all corners of the world. You cannot fail to know what is happening on this planet, whether it be war here, conflict there, the mistreatment of children, the starvation of people, and so forth, and so on.

How do you deal with all this disturbing information? Truly, if you maintained the full sensitivity that is normal and natural for a self-aware being, then you could not stand being in embodiment on planet earth. You would be so overwhelmed by the darkness, by man’s inhumanity to man, that you could not – emotionally, mentally, spiritually – stand being in embodiment. How do you, then, survive? By using the human mind’s ability to adapt.

This ability is centered around creating a sense of what is normal. The mind, in most cases completely subconsciously, creates a definition of what is the normal state in your environment. Once you accept that this is the norm, then this gives you a sense of equilibrium. It is this sense of equilibrium that allows you to survive in a given environment.


How the mind gradually accepts norms

Most of you are not aware of this process. Most human beings on earth are not aware of this process because it all happened gradually as you grew up. Many of you cannot remember how shocked you were as young children when you were exposed to some of the shocking ways that human beings treat each other. Perhaps, you experienced it personally. Perhaps, you were abused in some ways, either physically, emotionally or mentally. Perhaps, you just heard about it by the adults talking or through the media.

Can you remember, for example, how you experienced it when you first became aware that, on this planet earth, there is a state that is considered normal by many people, and it is called war? As a spiritual being in embodiment, there is a part of you that knows that war is never normal in any environment.

Most of you have been brought up in societies where you were exposed to movies, stories, books, and comic books about war. You were given toys that somehow depicted war: weapons, guns, swords, and soldiers. You were given the impression that on earth war is part of the norm. Most of you came to accept this, and it then became part of your state of equilibrium. This was necessary because how can you live on a planet like earth without accepting that war is a possibility?

On the other hand, how can you live on a planet where war is considered part of the norm? There is something deep within you that says: “This cannot be right. There must be something wrong here.” But you do not know what it is as a child.


Even constant conflict can give a superficial sense of equilibrium

On the one hand, you have a norm that gives you a sense of equilibrium, but at a deeper level of your being, you know that this norm is not right. The question is: “Where is your personal balance between the norm that has been imposed upon you from without and what you know to be true in your heart?” If you had completely surrendered to the norm imposed from without, you would not be listening to these words or reading them. You would be a “normal human being” who would not dabble into such esoteric spiritual concepts as ascended masters.

Many people on earth have completely surrendered to the norms of their society. There are even societies where people consider it completely normal to see themselves as being in a constant, existential conflict with other groups of people. Surely, you can mention the Middle East, but are there not many other situations where two groups of people have been locked in conflict for so long that both sides consider this normal?

Even though the people on both sides are in a constant state of agitation, this still gives them a sense of equilibrium, a sense that they know how life works in their environment. Strange as it may seem, even a state of constant conflict can give people a sense of equilibrium. If the conflict was removed, they would actually feel disturbed, compared to the relative sense of equilibrium they have now.


The dynamics of a downward spiral

This brings us to the topic that we have talked about in various books and dictations. Once the majority of the people on a planet have gone into a downward spiral, how shall they ever escape it? The downward spiral is created because people have come to accept a norm that limits their creative abilities. These people are not being the open doors for the light from the spiritual realm. If there is not a sufficient flow of light from the spiritual realm, then the people living on a particular planet will go into a downward spiral. Sooner or later, the second law of thermodynamics, as we have called it, will destroy their civilization. This is what has happened on earth to many previous civilizations, even some that thought they would endure forever, for they were so sophisticated and so powerful.

How shall a planet escape such a downward spiral? It can happen in only one way: There must be a critical mass of individuals who are willing to challenge the norm in their society. This may happen in any number of ways, as I know that all of you have experienced this in your own personal way. Something awakened you. Something made you realize that what the people in your society and family considered normal was not normal from a higher perspective. It was not normal in the sense that this is the way things are meant to be, or this is the only way that things can be.

You were, somehow, awakened to the idea that, at least in one area of society or one area of life, change was not only possible, change was absolutely a necessity. Someone had to do something to bring change, and you felt that there was something you could do. Otherwise, you would not have been awakened from the norm that was imposed upon you as you grew up.

There are many valid ways to make a contribution to breaking the negative spiral and improving life on a planet. Many things are needed. There are millions of people in the world who have never heard about ascended masters, who have never heard about spiritual light or invoking spiritual light, but they are still making a positive contribution to challenging the downward spiral on earth and creating an upward spiral on earth. These people do not all have to hear about ascended masters or invoking light. They need to be doing exactly what they are doing.

Nevertheless, I would like to give you a vision of what might happen if more people heard about the potential to invoke spiritual light directly and consciously. My beloved, from where should they hear this? Can it come from any other source than you, the people who have already experienced invoking spiritual light? What prevents you from going out and shouting from the housetops? What prevents you from no longer hiding your light under a bushel, the light that you have invoked, the enthusiasm and the joy you felt from invoking that light?


How invoking light can become a norm

It is precisely the mechanism that I have mentioned before that is one of the greatest threats to your spiritual growth. When you first hear about the teachings of the ascended masters and when you first begin to invoke spiritual light, there is such a contrast between the state of mind you experience after invoking light and your normal state of consciousness. You have a norm that is common on earth, and suddenly you experience that by studying the teachings of the ascended masters and invoking our light, you can experience an entirely different reality that is so much brighter, freer, more joyful.

What happens as you begin to invoke light on a regular basis? Suddenly, your sense of what is normal for you begins to shift. After some time, there is no longer this contrast between your normal state of consciousness and the state you have after invoking light. This is because your general state of consciousness has been raised to a higher level, and invoking light now becomes part of your norm. Because you no longer experience the contrast, you often begin to feel that perhaps invoking light is not so great, is not so important. You no longer feel the same enthusiasm and joy. Perhaps, you slack off a little bit and do not give as many rosaries or invocations and decrees. Perhaps, you begin to think about other conditions in your life that are pressing for your attention.

I am, in no way, blaming you for this. I have been in embodiment myself and I was for long periods completely overwhelmed by my daily responsibilities. It is easy to look back and read the Bible and how I interacted with Jesus during his mission. You think that I was always in that state of consciousness, always aware, always alert, but much of the time I was just like any other housewife or any other person in embodiment: completely absorbed in daily responsibilities. I am in no way blaming you. I am just making you aware that those of you who have discovered the power of invoking light are our best hope for bringing about real change on planet earth.


Earth is sustained by spiritual light

The simple fact is that what determines the future of this planet is the amount of light that is brought through from the spiritual realm to the four octaves of the material universe: the identity, mental, emotional, and physical octaves. We of the ascended masters up here in the spiritual realm have almost unlimited amounts of light that we are willing to release to earth. We certainly have more than sufficient light to completely consume any and all of the darkness found on earth. We could, theoretically, release this in one instant, but what would be the effect of this?

The effect would be that the light would be so shattering to people’s sense of what is normal that they would not be able to withstand it. Most people would feel that their lives were completely shattered by the light, for they are so used to the darkness that it is part of their norm and it is what gives them a sense of equilibrium. The light would be so disturbing that they would not be able to handle it. This is why we are not allowed to release too much light.

As we have explained many times before, what guides the evolution of life on earth is free will, the free will of the people in embodiment. That is why the law says that, even though we have sufficient light to consume all darkness on earth, we can only release that light through the minds of people in embodiment.


Become the open door for light

You, the people in embodiment, must become the open doors whereby we can release our light into the four levels of the material universe. Only by you fulfilling this role can our light be released. Only when our light is released will the darkness be consumed and things will change and phenomena like war will no longer be possible on earth. Do you not see that we have the light that will consume all war and potential for war on this planet? This could be done, theoretically, in the blink of an eye. In practical terms, it can be done in a matter of a few, short decades, if enough people became the open doors so that the light could be released in increments.

Do you understand the wisdom of letting the light be released through the minds of people in embodiment? This ensures that the light will not be released quicker than what people can adjust to. When you become an open door for a certain amount of our light to stream through your being, you can do this only by adjusting your norm so that you can withstand the light without having your sense of equilibrium disturbed. Because all human beings are connected, if you raise your norm, it will pull up on other people as well. Even though they might be disturbed by the light, they will not be overwhelmed by it so they feel that their world view and their equilibrium has been completely shattered.

When you adjust your norm, you make it easier for other people to adjust theirs. Those who are the forerunners for raising their consciousness are really the ones who determine how quickly the collective consciousness on earth can be raised. You are the ones who determine how quickly we can consume a phenomenon such as war or poverty or disease or old age or whatever you might have that needs to be consumed by the light.

Do you see that if you lose your sense of joy and enthusiasm about knowing the teachings, knowing the path, and invoking light, then you will not be as eager or as willing to witness to others what you experience? Then, the rings in the water will not spread as quickly. More people will not be awakened so that they also can invoke light. That is why I wish to make you aware of the tendency, that we all have, to be so overwhelmed by the daily grind that we adjust our sense of norm so that we do not feel the enthusiasm and the joy that we used to feel. Therefore, we do not share it with others so easily.


A sense of co-measurement

I would like to give you a sense of co-measurement. Since the 1930’s, students of the ascended masters have been deliberately invoking spiritual light through decrees. This was sponsored by Saint Germain and his release of the violet flame, but we have for many years also given other decrees that invoke the other seven rays.

My beloved, there are several ways for you to be an open door for spiritual light. I am in no way trying to say that it is only ascended master students, who consciously use decrees, that are the open doors for spiritual light. It is not my intent to say this. There are many, many people on earth who have raised their consciousness to such a level that there is constantly a certain amount of spiritual light streaming through their four lower bodies.

Most people who are deeply religious or spiritual are the open doors for such light. Many people who are not outwardly religious or spiritual are also the open doors for light through their kindness, their caring, and their compassion. Their willingness to help others, their willingness to raise the all in a positive way without using force or violence, this makes you an open door for the light.

Regardless of your level of consciousness, you can be an open door for much more light by using the decrees and invocations given by the ascended masters. There are a few people on earth who have reached such a level of consciousness that they do not need to use our decrees and invocations. Take note that I said there are “a few” people at this level. I am not saying that all spiritual people should use our decrees and invocations. What I am saying is that, for the vast majority of the spiritual and religious people, they could greatly increase the amount of light streaming through their beings by consciously using the decrees and invocations released by the ascended masters through various organizations.


How the light from Christmas affects earth

In order to give you a sense of co-measurement, I would like to refer to what is happening at this time of year. The reason I am giving you this dictation on Christmas morning is that there are few events, in fact there are no other events during the year, when so much light is released as around Christmas time. This is because the many people around the world who celebrate Christmas put their attention on the same event, the same traditions and rituals. Although they do it in different ways, it still creates a togetherness among all who celebrate Christmas, whether from this or that religious tradition. Many countries around the world, even those who are not Catholic, broadcast the midnight mass from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. There are over a billion Catholics who celebrate this together at the same time. When people put their minds together, driven by a positive urge, they do become the open doors for light in a greater measure than in their normal, daily lives.

You may look at these days around the Christmas celebration, and you may see that up to several billion people on earth focus their minds on this celebration and they are allowing a greater measure of light to shine through than normal. If you were to look at the earth with the vision we have as ascended masters, you could picture the earth as being dark, and then you could take one of these photographs taken from satellites during the night that shows you how much light there is around cities. You may even have seen photographs of how much the Christmas light has added to the normal streetlight in many areas of the world.

I can look at this from the ascended master perspective. I can see the normal level of the release of spiritual light on earth, and then I can see the increase around Christmas time. I can assure you that the increase is dramatic, but bear in mind that this is produced by billions of people participating in similar rituals at a similar time.


Using decrees release much more light

I wish to give you a sense of co-measurement. Let us say that we had 500 ascended master students, sitting around the world in their own homes, but they decided to do a four-hour vigil of giving the rosaries and decrees and invocations released through this messenger. They would do this in the same four-hour time slot. I can tell you that if 500 people were to use the tools we have given, they could release more light in four hours than all of the billions of people celebrating Christmas. Five hundred people, my beloved, could release more light than billions of Christians who are not using the tools given by the ascended masters, the tools that we have given specifically for this time.

You could take the tools we have given in previous organizations and dispensations, and they could also achieve very spectacular results, but it would take more people. The further you go back in time, the more people it would take to achieve this same result because our previous tools were not as effective for this time as the tools we are releasing now. The tools we have released through this messenger are Aquarian-age tools. They will be effective for a very long time, although not forever. The tools we had given in previous dispensations were, to some degree, adapted to the transition between Pisces and Aquarius that those dispensations were meant to address. They were extremely effective tools for their time. They are still effective but not as effective as the tools that are specifically given for the first decades of the Aquarian age.

Consider, my beloved, that 500 people using the most effective tools available for invoking light could release more light than billions of people celebrating Christmas. I do not wish to limit the number to 500; it just so happens that this is the point where the balance would be achieved, the level where a four-hour vigil using our invocations and decrees would release more light than the Christmas celebration. Of course, if we had a thousand, two thousand, ten thousand, or even more people around the world who would invoke light, even if it were not at the same time, then the effect would be many, many times greater.

I can assure you that when you look at the earth, anyone using our invocations and decrees will create a light that is noticeable. It is as noticeable as a very bright light would be for a satellite looking at the dark earth.


There is no wasted effort

You, of course, do not normally feel what I am saying here when you give your decrees and invocations. This is because you are inside the system of the earth; you are experiencing life from the inside. You are under the burden of the cloud of the mass consciousness and the negative energies. Even when you give decrees and invocations, you may still be feeling this, and in many cases, you do not have time in your daily lives to give the decrees and invocations long enough to consciously experience being above the energies.

I do understand that many of you have busy lives where you cannot give two or three or four hours of decrees and invocations in order to raise yourself above the negative energies. I am only telling you this because I want you to know that even if you give 15 minutes of decrees or invocations, it still has a tremendous effect, even if you do not consciously feel it.

There is no effort made by using these tools that is ever wasted. There is no effort made that does not have a significant positive impact on the future of both your personal life and growth and the planet. I am not trying to say that you should go around feeling spiritual pride and feeling that you are better than other people. On the other hand, I am saying that you should not allow the daily grind and the weight of the energies to make you feel that this doesn’t matter, that it isn’t making any difference, that who cares about what you are doing?

We of the ascended masters care very much about every human being who is an open door for the light. We care especially for those who are making conscious use of the tools we have released for the purpose of shifting the earth to a higher level. We see the significance of every minute you spend invoking light. It is not insignificant what you do. It is extremely significant.

I fully understand that you do not experience it that way. I did not experience what I did 2,000 years ago as being particularly significant. The difficulty of being in embodiment is that you are so overwhelmed by the energies that are so heavy on earth that you lose the ascended master perspective. We all experienced this when we were in embodiment. That is precisely why we of the ascended masters are giving dictations in order to give you that perspective, in order to help you awaken, at least for a time, to the greater perspective. If you did not have the greater perspective, you would just be living according to the norm in your society, and then the downward spiral could never be broken.

I am not blaming you for feeling what you are feeling. I am only seeking to give you a sense of co-measurement and inspire you to know that it does matter what you do. Every time you take an invocation or decree and open your mouth, there are angels who are standing ready to take the light released and put it to the best possible use in raising the earth. When people come together for the Christmas celebration, millions of angels stand ready to take the light and put it to the best possible use. When you open your mouth to give a decree or an invocation, the angels are ready. It is never wasted. It will always have a positive impact.

The challenge of being in embodiment on a planet as heavy as earth is to know in your heart that what you do makes a difference and then continue to do it even though you do not directly experience the difference that it makes. I can assure you that when you leave embodiment, you will be shown the difference that it made that you gave the invocations and decrees. Any positive difference you have made through whatever activity will be shown to you after you leave embodiment. I fully understand that this is not much comfort to you right now. I fully understand that many of you feel overwhelmed, especially at this dark time of the year where it is easy to feel alone and feel like: “Does it really matter? Does it make any difference? Is it really worth it?”

My beloved, it does matter! It does make a difference! You decide whether that makes it worth it. I have already made my decision, and I know it is worth it. I am eternally grateful for all those people who have used our decrees and invocations. I have now released over 150 rosaries and invocations through this messenger. More will be forthcoming, I can assure you. I do this because I know it makes a difference.

Even if only one person gave an invocation one time, it would make a difference, but, of course, my vision is far greater. My vision is that in the future thousands of people will come together, as you saw in St. Peter’s in Rome yesterday for the midnight mass, and they will give decrees and invocations in unison. This will not happen in St. Peter’s Basilica—that I do not envision. I do envision people coming together both physically and over the internet and giving these tools, using them with full awareness of how powerful they are.


Where is the Spirit?

If you were to look at this midnight mass yesterday, or earlier today if you will, what would strike you is that here you have one of the biggest church congregations in the world. You have this big, huge building. You have all these people coming together and all of these people watching on TV. When you look at this spectacle, my beloved, I have one simple question for you: “Where is the spirit? Where is the opening for the spirit?” Be honest and look at the people who come up to read, to preach, to sing. Do you see them being overpowered by the spirit? Do you see them daring to be the open door and put some kind of feeling into their voices? It is not that you cannot be an open door for some light by being a good Catholic or a good Protestant or whatever. But if you dare to open yourself to the positive feelings of spirit, you can be so much more of an open door.

Look at the Pope, my beloved, and be honest. He is the head of over a billion Catholics, but where is the Spirit? Do you not see a tired, old man? It is very understandable that he is tired, for he is carrying an enormous weight of energy, but where does the energy come from? It comes from the entire structure of the Catholic Church, which produces the negative energy that becomes focused on the Pope and almost knocks him to the ground.

There are very few people who have the spiritual attainment to be in a position like the Pope and not be completely overwhelmed by the energies focused upon him. Those people who have the spiritual attainment would never volunteer to be in that position, for they would know that they could not move the system, even with their spiritual attainment. They would walk away to positions where they could be of better use.


The Catholic Church produces negative energy

The system itself produces more negative energy than positive energy. I have said that a lot of positive energy is released at the Christmas celebration, and it is true, but throughout the year, the Catholic Church as a system produces more negative than positive energy. This should be a cause for great concern for anyone who has an interest in the Catholic Church or the Christian religion at large, for the same is true there.

The Catholic Church is not contributing to the upward spiral on earth. It is not significantly contributing to the downward spiral in terms of energy, but it is contributing to the downward spiral by keeping so many people locked in a very limited worldview and a focus on these traditions and rituals that are not releasing Light.

How can it be that over a billion Catholics are not able to feel that there is no light? It is precisely because the state of the lack of light has become their norm. Of course, thousands if not millions of people are feeling the lack of light, and that is why they are leaving the Catholic Church. Still, so many are locked there because they think that the way the church is now is the way it should be, or the only way it could be.

They think the lack of Light in a religious organization or a religious service is normal. In fact, it gives them a sense of equilibrium. Look at some of the people who are sitting there in Saint Peter’s on the front rows being on television. Look at how they feel important in their positions. This gives them a sense of equilibrium, and if the Light came in to show them how hollow the outer position is, it would disturb their equilibrium. They do not want to be disturbed so they do not want the light.


Reconnect to your enthusiasm

My beloved, I am not saying this to lament about the state of the church but to give you a way to reconnect to this enthusiasm you feel. What was the enthusiasm you felt when you first found the ascended masters’ teachings? You may think it was that you got these wonderful teachings that answered so many of your questions, but the real source of the enthusiasm and joy was that you encountered the Light, the spiritual Light, in a greater measure than you had ever encountered it before.

Why do you, perhaps, not feel the same enthusiasm today? Because the level of Light that you receive has now become a norm. How do you reconnect? How do you rekindle your enthusiasm? By raising the level of light that can stream through you so that you still feel the newness of the light. If you want to maintain your enthusiasm for the spiritual path, you need to stay ahead of your outer mind’s tendency to turn everything into a norm. This is one of the simple secrets to experiencing the spiritual path as a joyful process, rather than the Via Dolorosa.

I admit, my beloved, that I could not always do this while I was in my last embodiment. Do not look at my last embodiment and allow your ego to say: “Well, if Mother Mary couldn’t do it, how should I be able to do it?” You should, instead, look at my last embodiment and say: “But I am living in a different time where the energies are in fact lighter than 2,000 years ago. I have the teachings of the ascended masters. I have the tools that Mother Mary did not have 2,000 years ago. I should, if I am willing to apply my knowledge and tools, be able to do better.”


Exceed your image of the masters

This is the difference between an ascended master and those lesser teachers who are either in physical embodiment or in the lower identity, the mental, or the emotional realms. The teachers who are not ascended want to set themselves up in a position. Although they are talking to you about how you can raise your consciousness and do all these wonderful things, they are not really interested in you exceeding them or the idolatrous image of them you have built. I am an ascended being. I know that especially the Catholics around the world have built an idolatrous image of me in my last embodiment. I do not want you to be limited by that image. I want you to exceed it. I want you to realize that you can do better in your last embodiment than I did in mine.

How else shall times progress? Do you not understand that this is the whole idea behind progressive revelation and a progressive spiral of initiation? When Saint German qualified for his ascension several hundred years ago, he had reached a certain level of consciousness. There are those among ascended master students today who can reach a higher level of consciousness before they ascend. Why would that be a threat to Saint Germain? I can assure you it is not.

There are people who have the potential to reach a higher level of consciousness in their last embodiment in this age than Jesus reached 2,000 years ago. Do you think Jesus is threatened by this? Do you think Jesus wants you to hold back and hide your light so that you do not overshadow him? Nay, my beloved. Jesus wants you to do the greater works that he promised 2,000 years ago that those who believed on him could do. That is how Jesus feels the ultimate fulfillment of his mission as a teacher and example on earth.


Shine your light

Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not hide your enthusiasm under a bushel. Do not hide it from yourself, first of all, but do not hide it from others either. Dare to let your light so shine before men that they can see that it is not your light but must come from a source beyond this world for which you have become the open door. Dare to tell them that they, too, can become an open door for that light and that the best way to start this process is to use the decrees and invocations given by those ascended masters who have already become one with the light.

We have become the source of the light that you can receive, for no one in embodiment can produce the light. You can only receive light from above, and that light is not even produced by the ascended masters, but it is released by us in a form that you can receive on earth. There is no greater joy for us as ascended masters than to experience the light flowing through us and being received by someone on earth so that the circle, the figure-eight, is closed. The light that flows to you is put to good use to raise the all, and flows back to us whereby we can release more light to you in an accelerating spiral that has no limit from our side.

Try us, my beloved, and experience that we do not limit the flow of light. Grow towards the point where you can accept that you do not have to limit it either. Then comes that point where you do not limit the light, for you have become the open door, and you know this will make the earth more.



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Supportive Steps To Dissolve Fear and Illness – Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene via Natalie Glasson – 10-19-14


Discussions on Supportive Steps to Dissolve Fear and Illness

by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17th October 2014-

Mother Mary : It is with the vibration of the 9th Ray of Light I greet you today bringing forth the brilliant colours and vibrations of a blue and green light focused upon soul integration and exploration as well as the merging of the heavens with the Earth; light with matter. Please allow me to dowse you in the blue and green light permitting it to seep into your entire being. As the reality of the blue and green light of the 9th Ray of Light surround you, let yourself breathe in the healing vibrations, wisdom and transformational shifts this aspect of the Creator promotes.

Soul integration with all aspects of your physical, emotional and mental bodies is essential in all periods of ascension and yet it is at this stage it is vital. There is an importance and a need for you to have confidence in the divinity, truth and sacred abilities of your soul that transmit through and embody all aspects of your being and reality upon the Earth. This is not to understand the mystic and sacred abilities individual to you, more so it is to understand the basic tools and abilities your soul brings forth and enhances within your being which can be recognised as the same within all beings. This is the time for humanity to unite together in a deep understanding and confidence in their spiritual and natural abilities to alter and shift circumstances on the Earth and personal realities. The belief systems of the Earth and created by humanity which preoccupies and governs ev eryday life upon the Earth now need to be erased completely, with new beliefs born from the soul of each person created and anchored as the new consciousness of humanity.

Mary Magdalene: Fear is simply a door way before you which can be opened to allow you to embrace new higher vibrations of love and truth especially within your reality upon the Earth. A door before you only becomes a blockage or a hindrance when you believe you do not have the ability or the strength to open the door. I will share with you, remind you and empower your confidence and courage as I say to you that you have the power to open the door and experience the powerful loving truth of the Creator. The Creator does not wish for you to suffer with any form of attachment to or experience of fear or illness. The Creator wishes for you to dissolve all forms of attachment to fear and illness realising your power to move through your ascension creating only loving positive blissful experiences for yourself. Attachment or detachment to the creation and experience of fear and illness are now your choice. You make this choice through your thought process and that which you choose to believe in.

Do you believe that fear limits you, causing your energy and power to crumble, thus causing you to be helpless? Do you believe fear is yours to accept and experience in your reality? Do you believe illness is your divine right or is inevitable when evidence of illness is present in your reality or in the worldwide Earth? The Real questions put to you now which hold the most power and influence in your life are;

Are you ready to disregard what seems to be evidence of illness and the creation of fear on the Earth in favour of knowing your own power and knowing you can choose the reality you wish to experience? Are you ready to create a world beyond fear and illness even if you are bombarded with evidence that states otherwise?

Mother Mary: It is time to accept your power and realise that whatever occurs upon the Earth you have the choice whether you wish to experience it. With the spread of illness upon the Earth you have the choice to decide whether you will be infected with illness or not. With fearful situations arising and occurring to others you have the choice whether you wish to adopt and emanate fear or not. If you choose to adopt fear then you will be attracting experiences that cause you fear into your life.

Your life is your choosing, no other person can decide or dictate your life to you. It is time to accept this truth and begin to live in a way that expands, enhances and embodies this same truth within your being. You can choose to say ‘No,’ to experiences of fear and illness and ‘Yes,’ to experiences of love, peace and continuous health. Your life now lies in your beliefs about everyday things and your dedication to cultivating that which you desire to experience. It doesn’t matter what another being shares or experiences, you are the creator of your own reality and you have the constant support from the inner planes, guides, angels, ascended masters and goddess beings.

Mary Magdalene: I wish to share with you some techniques to support you in moving into a reality where you create the options and experiences you wish for your reality.

I wish to advise you to first listen to your reality the messages and beliefs you hold and the messages and beliefs given to you by others, by media and by seemingly factual evidence. With awareness choose which you wish to accept and which you wish to discard. For example, if you hear that illness is spreading across the world, choose to send love to all that are experiencing illness while choosing to affirm and make your truth that you are free from illness, always healthy and filled with vitality. Know with deep certainty that the simple belief will ensure your health and wellbeing at all times. Another example could be if an experience occurs in your reality or in the world and this creates fear within yourself and others, say No, to fear, choose to release and let go of fear knowing that in doing so you are de-energising fear within you and within other people. Then create a feel ing of love and safety within your being, think thoughts of love and safety, affirming to yourself the reality you choose to experience. Remember you are the Creators of your reality; you have the divine right to choose that which you wish to experience, this has never before been so important. If each person and soul on the Earth was to realise they have the power to choose that which they wish to create all illness, fear, poverty and any other harmful energy would be powerless and non-existent.

Belief is a resonance and alignment to an energy, when you believe in love, safety and health, no matter what evidence is shared with you to dissuade you, you align with and become love, safety and health.

Mother Mary: Call love, light, peace and vitality into your being, let these energies shower over and through your being, imagining, sensing, acknowledging their colours, vibrations and positive influence upon your being. Believe in love, light, peace and vitality, see, sense, and acknowledge your entire being emanating these four energies constantly from every aspect of your being continuously.

Call upon the 9th Ray of Light to merge the higher energy, aspects and consciousness of your soul into your physical body and auric field so you will be influenced positively by your soul accessing the guidance and intuition of your soul. Your soul does not resonate or align with fear or illness, because of this it will act as a protection and a guiding light in your reality and being.

Mary Magdalene: Let the love of your heart and soul be your answer and response to all situations, beliefs and experiences. Love is the answer, the result and the experience eternally for you, if you choose it to be, dedicating yourself to cultivating this reality for yourself. You can create it for yourself only and yet your dedication will impact upon all souls and beings on the Earth because they will align with the vibration you emanate: the vibration of love. Love is akin to a magnet, everyone is attracted to align, resonate as and with love, it is contagious! It is also fulfilling for you and acts as the strongest protection of all and a powerful creator of truth and divine wellbeing in your reality, thus in the realities of all. Let your love shine out so bright in every moment of your day and ask us your guides and the Creator to magnify and enhance the love you share and expe rience.

Mother Mary: Take time to choose the reality you wish to experience, energise your choices through affirmations, visualisations and asking for light empowerment for your choices from your guides and angelic beings.  The greatest shift that is required to take place is the understanding you hold the power to choose that which you wish to experience, no person, group or government can dictate to you your choices and experiences and yet you can live peacefully alongside any energy or within any community.

Please be aware that we are speaking of making choices within your mind predominantly, this doesn’t necessary indicate that any action or demonstration needs to take place. This is a peaceful shift within you which no other person need know about. It is a time when you detach yourself from general consciousness of reality, quietly within your mind you choose your thoughts, knowing they will manifest within your reality. It is also important to realise that all forms of manipulation which you may create will only anchor you deeper into being manipulated by others. When you focus on love, light, peace and health in your life, knowing they will simply manifest causing enhancement and fulfilment to your reality and all then you will be supporting the expansion of love upon the Earth and within all.

Let our words inspire a gentle shift in your mind which creates happiness within your being and reality. This gentle shift encourages the question with great compassion, ‘What do I choose to make real in my reality?’ the answer is filled with abundant compassion, love and truth that is beyond the ego, desires, desperation and needs.

With truthful love, blessings and inspiration,

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary – Your Throne of Love – via Fran Zepeda – 10-9-14


Mother Mary:

Hello my dear sweet ones. In the interim that is a building of energy in all of you, take stock in what you want to remain in your energy field and what you want to welcome in anew. As it may feel uncertain as to what you are building, rest assured that you are harboring high frequency energy and you are slowly becoming acclimated to it. Be patient with yourselves and don’t forsake yourselves in acknowledgment of all you have accomplished up until now and continuing on the spectrum of deep refinement of your ascension process.

Rest assured of your progress, dear ones. The richness of the Love Energy now residing in your energy fields is recalibrating to your unique likeness, and building in intensity with each breath you take.

Rest assured, dear ones, of your complete transformation and refinement for it is Now and it is Eternal. Sweet ones, you are at the forefront and while you may look around you and see little change, look deeper into your hearts and notice the subtle changes and not-so-subtle changes.

Is it true that there are many things you find uninteresting now? Is it true you have a deep restlessness for change and renewal? This is excellent. This is True. This is Destiny.

My dear ones, allow me to continue to envelop you in my all-encompassing “Arms of Love” and breathe in softly and gently my blue flame of Eternal Blissful Love. Let it touch you and envelop you, always remembering you are made of the same deep sweet love as I and all the Celestial Beings. For we are One, dear Ones, for you have heard this many times, but take it into your cells once and again and for all time. It is Truth.

In the slowly waning moon of the recent lunar eclipse, you are finding a difference in the feel of the energy encompassing you now. This is going to become much more apparent and palpable, dear ones. The LoveLight you have been allowing to enter your space, your energetic space, with increasing regularity and intensity is now building a permanence of sweet Love Essence that is showing to be your true signature.

It feels different. It feels subtle at times, and it feels “loud” and very apparent at times. But move with it and let it color everything as you look upon your life with renewed and clear focus. For this will become easier dear ones.

Know my love for you equals the capacity you have for love of yourself. And it is infinite, so the more you accept love for yourself and your being, the more you will feel love from all On High. And the more you will feel the Love of Creator, which is your true essence, which is your true purpose, which is your true calling, and your Source of all you are and ever will be.

My beloveds, take some time now to assess the energy that is building within you. At times, yes, you will feel restless and at times you will feel confused, but always remember that Love is the only solution to everything in your wake, in everything you encounter. It is the formula for excellence in your life. It is the building blocks of all you wish to create. It is the substantiality of everything.

And this you know is true. And this you know is As It Should Be, always and forever. Love has become the particle and building block for everything in your life now. And while this may seem and sound very simple, it is far from it. For it is the essence of All Reality.

So please discard your doubts that you are indeed progressing, for the change in you is profound. It may take a while to fully grasp it, and as you are beginning to see, it is and will be harder and harder to quantify and qualify the change within you because it is becoming elemental and basic in form within you, dear ones. And let this be true in your assessment.

For Love Abounds and has taken over everything. Watch and you will see it seeping into everything in your life if you just allow it to be so.

I caution you to not look too closely, but to allow Love to sit (be) within you like you would be sitting on a throne…a proverbial “Throne of Love” – From which you oversee your whole life – For you are all there, dear beloveds. Your crystalline bodies have absorbed this Love in deeper and deeper ways and it (Love) has become the foundation of your existence forevermore.

Be at peace with that knowing, dear ones, and move on with the surety and confidence that you are now bathed in Infinite Love and everything you touch will be transformed therefore and therewith.


All my Love, Forever,

Mother Mary.

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Mother Mary – Divine Trine – Inner Child, Forgiving Yourself – 10-1-14



Mother Mary
Mother Mary

Channeled by Chloe Hudson

October 1, 2014

Higher Trine: Mary of Magdala, Mother Mary, Lady Nada,

Dearest divine light seekers. Thank you all for receiving us today. We are so joyful to finally be addressing you through this medium. Our topic of the day is forgiveness. Today is the best day of all days to forgive yourselves. Why today? Because we are here now. Utilize the power behind and within you and move it forth to raise a candle to your inner child that cries out for help. Know that every time your heart sinks, your head hangs, your breath forlornly exasperates, it is, in fact, your inner child requesting your love. And if you are to take just a moment, close your eyes, find your inner child, take them in your tender embrace and ask them to forgive you for forgetting to hold this inner child, this seed of your divine joy, you will surely be given a boost of excitement and love. To acknowledge your inner child is to sound the horn, to gather the hounds and commence the rally! This indeed signals us, your divine company, that you are ready to meet, greet and follow us into the sacred home of your heart fire. For you see, your inner child is your wisest sage. Your most innocent strength and your greatest inertia to catapult you into the light of your soul truth. And it all starts with your willingness to gift presence to you, your inner child. This transmission is encoded to awaken this knowingness of presence. Your pure and constant bliss, tranquility and soft, wholehearted exuberance is anchored safe and sound within your inner child. You will gift yourself these divine birthrites once you give presence and care as a ritual to your inner child. Be your best teacher. Take time to connect and adore this beautiful being that yearns so desperately for your love. If you do you are sure to rise as a sunflower towards the sky on a clear spring day. You are the light that feeds your day. You are to enter the void and bring with you your light. Allow your shadows to fall to the wayside and give your inner child your candle. Spark this internal fire that will instantly return your light one thousand times fold. And as this beautiful light show commences within and throughout your being we will see you glowing and activate your divine frequency alignment to anchor and amplify your light. The power, our dearest companions, is the sweet, tender vulnerability within you, So swaddle your inner child in your most present love and allow us to show you how you then take flight. Shasta Te. Shasta Le. Go in peace and blessed be!

Divine Trine.

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