PATRICIA COTA ROBLES – RELEASING KARMIC CODES FROM OUR DNA – courtesy of amparo alvarez @ Ashtar Command Crew – 3-2-20


Patricia Cota-Robles

March 1, 2020
 We have taken another monumental step in our Ascension process that was victoriously accomplished through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. This is something that the I AM Presence of each and every one of us has been striving to help us accomplish for aeons of time. Please set aside any preconceived notions and focus the full power of your attention on what the Company of Heaven is revealing to us about this Cosmic Moment.

The Beings of Lights have revealed that this New Decade will be a life-transforming New Decade. Our Father-Mother God have assured us that during the next ten years Humanity will change the course of history for Mother Earth and ALL her Life. They have also told us that during this decade Humanity will develop our latent abilities and literally TRANSFIGURE our Earthly Bodies and our outer-world Life experiences into the Heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the New Earth.

They know that this information may temporarily be beyond the comprehension of our finite minds, but they are sure that as we progress step by step through this process their words will become crystal clear.

With the God Victorious success of the miraculous events that Birthed this New Decade, we have crossed the Threshold into the full embrace of the New Earth. This means that we have severed ties with the entire 3rd– and 4th-Dimensional fields of the old Earth. The door to those dimensions has now been closed and is permanently sealed.

Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have now fully entered the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Fields of the New Earth. As we tangibly experience this Truth through the various activities of Light that will take place month after month in 2020, we will prove to ourselves the adage, “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE.”
In 2019 we experienced the successful activation of our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA and the 12:12 Catalyst Codes which were encoded within that 5th-Dimensional DNA. Since those activations, the Company of Heaven has revealed that Humanity’s I AM Presence has been able to heal the wounds created by our fall from Grace. These wounds have been referred to by the Company of Heaven as “enslavement codes.” Our fragmented and fear-based human ego has used these genetic “enslavement codes” to manipulate and control us since our fall into separation and duality millions of years ago.

We are being told by the Beings of Light that now that we have permanently crossed the Threshold of the “13th Gateway” into the Crystalline fields of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth, and the door to the fields of the old Earth has been permanently sealed, the “cords” that have kept us attached to the old Earth human template of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies have been severed. This means that our fallen human ego can no longer tamper with our Earthly Bodies and our “enslavement codes” can no longer affect us adversely. This life-transforming event paved the way for the next step of the Divine Plan for this New Decade.

On February 9th, 2020 we held our Free Seminar in Palm Springs, California. Our first activity of Light was to unify our Heart Flames and join in consciousness with Lightworkers around the World to create a mighty transformer through which our Father-Mother God infused our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love with the Light that will expand every person’s Lightwork one thousand fold every single day.

The next wave of our God Parent’s Light will infuse our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love during our Free Seminar in Houston, Texas, March 15, 2020. If you have the Heart Call to add to the Light of the World in this critically important way on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth, and you would like to physically attend our Free Seminar, you can register by clicking on the link below. During the Second Phase of our seminar in Palm Springs, the Company of Heaven revealed that with the healing of the wounds from Humanity’s “enslavement codes”, Humanity en masse had reached a critical frequency of vibration that created an unstoppable shift of consciousness. This shift is not occurring outside of us. This is a very cellular based Transfiguration that is occurring within the Core of Purity in every Electron of our Earthly Bodies.

The Company of Heaven said this shift created the sacred space for every person’s I AM Presence to, at long last, RELEASE THE KARMIC BIRTH TEMPLATE that was encoded within our DNA by our fragmented and fear-based human ego after our fall from Grace.

To understand the magnitude of what this means for each and every one of us, the Company of Heaven revealed that the Karmic Codes within the DNA of this grossly mutated Birth Template contain the distorted patterns of aging, disease, mental and emotional dysfunction and even death as we have experienced it for aeons of time. It was never the Divine Intent of our Father-Mother God for the Daughters and Sons of God to experience these painful challenges in our Earthly Bodies.

On February 9th, through the mighty transformer of our unified Heart Flames the Company of Heaven guided us through an activity of Light that initiated the permanent release of Humanity’s Karmic Birth Template and the TRANSFIGURATION of the Karmic Codes of aging, disease, mental and emotional dysfunction and even death as we know it. Simultaneously, the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child encoded the Immaculate Concept of the Crystalline Perfection of Humanity’s NEW Birth Template for our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies into our 5th-Dimensional DNA.

Now, for the first time since our fall from Grace our I AM Presence and our Body Elemental will be able to proceed with the Divine Alchemy taking place within our Earthly Bodies unimpeded by those obsolete Karmic Codes and our grossly mutated Birth Template.

Dear One, this is a lot to absorb. Take some time during your meditations and ask your I AM Presence what all of this means for you personally. Listen carefully and your I AM Presence will respond intuitively through your Heart Flame. This is a major step forward in our Ascension Process and the Transfiguration of our physical reality.
 God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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KATALINA ASTER – Why Clearing Your Ancestral Karma Is Essential For Your Growth – via Spirit Articles

Ancestral Karma


Accumulation of Ancestral Karma

The simplest example of this stored-memories phenomenon is instinct. Instinctual behaviors are passed down through genes via genetic memory and have a strong impact on the brain.

The theory that memories are passed down the family tree has seen proof based on an observation of animal behavior. In one study, rats were introduced into a maze. What they learned about the maze was passed down to their children. The children regained the knowledge before examining the maze themselves and knew exactly where to go.

All of the available studies suggest that genetic memory also bears the records of traumatic events that happened to anyone in the bloodline and passed down generation after generation.p

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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D –



Published on Sep 4, 2018

Uploading pre-recoded videos & audios Ive made & i have had on the computer so I can delete them to d.l. & export new files To find your Moon nakshatra: Google you are Vedic natal chart. Look at the placement of the Moon and ruler of the nakshatra, that is the Dasa cycle you have started with in this incarnation then you can add the cycles and find out what current does a cycle you are in now.

LISA GAWLAS – An Upcoming Event Horizon – Clearing Karma! – 4-18-18



There is a so much to try and spit out today, and my lazy butt woke up late, so this is going to be less detailed than I want, but I don’t want to sit on it another day or I will forget as I have a full day of readings today.

For the month of April, thru some (not all) of the people, there has been a date line shown of the 21st of April.  Spirit never explained the significance of that dateline, but some people were being prepped for it.  Yesterday it finally came out in the readings that it is going to be an “event horizon.”  It was also stated that there will be several “event horizons” thru the rest of this year.  God forbid we should get too much understanding about what that even means.  All I could see were two lines blended together of black and deep purple to represent the event horizon, no other details were even hinted at, expect to state that it is a planetary thing that some will be completely oblivious to while others were prepped for it.

So I went to wikipedia to get a little more understanding about what an event horizon is:

In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman’s terms, it is defined as the shell of “points of no return”, i.e., the points at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible, even for light. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes. Light emitted from inside the event horizon can never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any object approaching the horizon from the observer’s side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon,[1] with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses. This means that the wavelength is getting longer as the object moves away from the observer.[2] The traveling object, however, experiences no strange effects and does, in fact, pass through the horizon in a finite amount of proper time.

I know event horizons came thru readings in previous years, but damn this brain of mine gets too full and defrags and dumps, a lot!! lol

The first person I had seen in relationship to this dateline, was also on my dance card yesterday too.  She first appeared in either late march or the beginning of April with 5 umbrellas buffering the incoming energies and her team said it will take her to and thru the 21st.  Imagine my surprise yesterday she was out in the field and these bow and arrows that completely reminded me of cupid’s bows, were firing arrows all around her body.  One arrow penetration at a time.  Of course, it had nothing to do with cupid, except to express the love in which this was being done.

As I was trying to understand what the hell was happening, man if her team didn’t send a long string of mathematical frequency equations in front of my eyes.  I am so seriously allergic to anything algebra and above, that it just pissed me off (in a humorous way) to get this long string of numbers and symbols that I had no way of even explaining forget understanding.  Her team did explain, over and over that her body is changing its mathematical frequencies with these arrows.  A complete DNA reconstruction which takes her to the first week in May, so a wooden plank bridge that enlivens each mathematical frequency.  How?  I have no idea.

She mentioned stem cells and that really cracked open some invaluable information as we were talking about the body naturally using the stem cells for regeneration.

Her team explained, yes, we can use the stem cells that are naturally within the body to regenerate any part of the body… ONLY if we have released all karmic energy.  Meaning, not an iota of negative energy can be held in the body at any given time.

Let’s be very clear on what this means.  Karmic energy, in my world, is simply what you put out is what not only comes back, but is resonant within yourself.  Judgement, fears, deeply held expectations, that is all discordant energy.  Even our choices of what to do or not to do, is a karmic field of energy.  The example my lady was given with this was when my mother reemerged back into my life and I was at an instant choice point of assisting her or remaining safely in my heaven, in my life.  Had I made any other choice than the one I did (to move and live/take care of my mother) I would be clearing negative karmic energy to reset the inner balance.  If my choice was opposite of what I did, I would be dealing with the energies of self preservation/ego driven choices and more, in which case, the body will also reflect that energy.

Thru their explanations, OMG her team came into my body as an over inflated balloon.  It was the most amazing feeling and I got to see the changes in my own physical body, energetically, from this infusion.  Not what was changing, but that CHANGE is underway.  I think her team heard me pondering about my own body issues with the near constant inflammation and this is how they showed me the clarity in which my body is changing.

It is also being explained, that if I had any discord in my field, when they came in with their energy bodies, I would not only see it but it would be triggered instantly too.

It was perfectly time, I suppose, that last nights class within the Nation was a hypnosis event called “Opening to Your Christ Consciousness” with a focus on releasing any discordant energies in your field.  It is up and available for download.  If you are having any sort of issue in regards to not being able to see or hear spirit, I would repeat doing this hypnosis event to reclaim your power instead of your ego’s dictation of what you can and cannot do, until you break thru!!

Well, that is as much as I have time to share.  My day starts earlier than usual today.  I will be sure to get my butt up and out of bed early tomorrow!!

I love you all soul very much, thank you for always keeping my understandings new and fresh!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of crystal clarity of love thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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