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SuzanneLieAs I come toward the conclusion of the Pleiadian books, I am coming towards the conclusion of many other areas of my life. Primarily, I recognize how the outdated behaviors of my third-dimensional self lower my consciousness. Third dimensional behaviors have always limited our consciousness, but we could not identify them quickly enough to see the connection. Then, a long “time” after that behavior we would realize the cause of the situation that we had created.

Now we are seeing how our thoughts and emotions lay down the foundations of that which will soon be our creation. We are catching our self in the act of reacting to life in a third dimensional manner. Now, we can often observe how our reactionary behaviors create the same kind of situation again and again.

Fortunately, we are beginning to consciously connect the dots of our old patterns of “unconscious” creation. As we consciously identify our reactions and interactions, we are realizing that we can choose to Let Go of our reaction and allow the unknown to enter our consciousness.

This letting go has repeatedly been displayed in our life over the last six months or so. Therefore, we have been much more “conscious” of our unconscious creations. The wonderful lesson we have learned is that when we allow our self to LET GO of 3D reactions, interactions, judgments and conflicts, something always manifests that is much better.

In other words, when we LET GO of my 3D reactions, a more creative and higher frequency energy field replaces that which we just released. With this realization, one may think that we would instantly “let go” of any third dimensional reactions to any person, place, situation or thing that is lowering my consciousness.

However, before we can Let Go of all 3D reactions, we have to identify our third dimensional behaviors and/or habits that are tenaciously creating the very reaction that has NEVER worked. Why would we hang on to old behaviors that lower our consciousness and hold us in the lower frequencies?

The answer is because it has become “normal” to accept, behave, desire and/or react to life in a third-dimensional manner. As long as these behaviors are normal, we cannot see the portal of light that is quietly glimmering through the trees. This light is calling us to be aware of our both my reactive 3D self, as well as our Multidimensional SELF who constantly reminds us to LET GO of third dimensional challenges.

In other words, our inner voice is whispering, crying, shouting to LET GO of old patterns of engaging in the now extinct third-dimensional dramas. Yes, these dramas are extinct, but many of our perceptual channels are tuned to a version of reality that only exists within my own unconscious self.

Fortunately, and often uncomfortably, we are NOW recognizing that these old tapes are no longer of interest. Our third dimensional desires are diminishing along with our third dimensional dreams of fame and recognition. Yes, we still like to feel as though someone is observing our life, however, as we stop judging our self, we are less and less concerned as to whether or not others are judging or acknowledging us.

Most important, we are beginning to KNOW and trust that we are always protected. We know that we are protected because we are able to “feel” our higher guidance above and within us. Of course, there still are “Initiations” in which we have chosen to confront any inner darkness that is ready to fall from our aura and be transmuted into light.

Through these Initiations we are able to understand that we are actually being giving another chance to live the higher path of multidimensional light. We can choose this higher path by releasing our fear reactions and interactions with the illusions of the physical world.

Since I joined Sandy and Jason in their process of merging with the elementals, there has been a huge shift in my consciousness. I am floating in and out of time in an embarrassing way, with lots of excuses as to why I appear so disoriented. But, the main change has been in my relationship with the elementals. My backyard is forging its way into the fifth dimension with the growing trees, abundant flowers, myriad insects and hummingbirds.

Many of us have decided to LET GO of our corporate jobs or that fast paced life of the big city. More and more of us want to walk in nature and enjoy our friends, family and the new life we are creating. We are discovering our inner abilities of manifesting the life we choose. Therefore, money, and the lack of it, has been as issue for so long that it has lost its value.

Meanwhile, we are refusing to participate in a reality based on fear and lies. We can make this refusal NOW because we are remembering the WE are the “higher self.” This realization allows us to remember that we can only create a loving life we love our self. Loving our self is not easy because we have been trained for myriad incarnations that something is wrong with us. Or, maybe, we just weren’t “good enough.”

Why did we never stop to consider just “who was judging us and why. We were far too busy “trying” to be good enough for “them.” That is one of the main things that are changing. Because we are not judging our self, we are not be affected by the judgment of others.

As I am moving into the next phase, I find myself looking back to my first inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communication. Since these communications seemed so weird, so different and so unacceptable to almost everyone I knew I hid these files
in the bowels of my computer.

Computer after computer held these early secrets that I kept from others and even tried to keep from myself. However, as much as one part of me was sure I was insane, another part of me KNEW that what I was experiencing was real. This process began when I first met the Arcturians and they encouraged me to move through the “vortex.”
Some time in May or June of 1995 I began to receive these transmissions from Antares.
We are from Antares.

We have come to communicate with you because you have formed an ancient alliance with us. You did not remember this alliance until the Orion implant was removed. This implant was placed in your etheric field when you were taken prisoner by them.
You have served in our legions during many incarnations. You have not been able to recognize this portion of yourself as you have placed it in the darkness and judged it as “wrong.” Before you can move through the gateway of Arcturus, you must make peace with your warrior.
We have asked you if you would be willing to channel information for us. We have messages, which we would like to relay to the people of Earth that are willing to hear. We feel your doubt and fear to put your self in a vulnerable position. This fear is ungrounded. You are a great warrior. The word warrior in you language means one who is at battle.
We translate the word “warrior” as one who is brave and unafraid of battle. Battle is not the first choice, but it will be taken if necessary. However, we on Antares have resolved the term battle into evolutionary terms instead of devolutionary terms. You are very connected to us because you were a Norseman and as a Celtic. Do you now remember your bravery?
We came to your planet in the late 1980’s to assist your Gaia as She expands into her higher frequency expression of form. We have been working with humanity’s immune system, which has been very taxed by the pollutants within your biosphere.
Some of the pollutants were released from Earth and others were a part of a chemical warfare that was occurring in the sky above your planet. The apex of this battle at that time was above your city of Los Angeles. This is why we have come to communicate with you.

It is time now for you to open your memory to us. To assist you with this process, we will recount the “dream” you had on our first meeting:
You were in your Light Body flying above your city. The vibration of your Los Angeles is much like the vibration of Atlantis during its fall. Our commander, Radulan, a name with which you are familiar, came to great you. There was a facsimile of a space ship created for you so that you could feel more comfortable.

When you entered the ship you met with many old friends from past, future, and parallel realities. We are a very dynamic people. Our energies are very different from the Arcturians with whom you have formerly communicated. We are very tall to your earth standards, about ten to twelve feet tall. Our skin appears copper in color to you and we enjoy long hair, much like the Celtic pictures which you have collected.

You have taken on a body this life that carries much of the genetic codlings of our people. Your line of heritage is Northern Europe. You felt our energy strongly when you where in Norway and Ireland. You have also taken a Norwegian husband. None of these incidents are accidental.

You have been being prepared for many lives for this task. Yes, we feel your hearts pull to Arcturus. It is indeed the planet of your ascension. However, at this time of our first meeting you need to align your energies with our race for the tasks that you are to accomplish.

First you had to come to peace with the Warrior within you. It was the final step necessary for the opening of your heart. We have assignments for you that you volunteered for very, very long ago from your measurement of time. Of course, time is not as you would measure from your third dimensional world. When you have made the transition from duality to unity, you will be living in the NOW.

In fact, we speak to you from the omnipresent NOW. It is our task to assist you to understand the functioning of the NOW, so that you do not become confused by the many ensuing changes you are facing. For example, you are becoming someone new at the same time that you are becoming the person that you have always been.

You are moving into the future at the same time that you are moving into the past. In no time and no-space there is no separation between future—past or new—old. All simply IS. As you have learned before, your planet is moving into the IS, NOW and BEING of the fifth dimension. Feel this Isness, Nowness and Beingness about you as you communicate with us.

We use the word “US” because we are no longer in duality and no longer perceive ourselves as beings separate from each other. Again, when we say “no longer” there is an inference of time. It is difficult to communicate in your language without the inference of time or space.

One the techniques that will allow you to expand your conscious is to communicate with us by using a language free of references to time or space. Within the NOW, language is NOT laid out in strings of letters or sounds such as we must now do to communicate with you.

Imagine now that we are with you. See our form. Yes, we are very tall by your standards. We have taken on a denser form than we usually wear to facilitate your vision of us. Do you now see two beings standing behind me to my right and my left? They are emanations of myself.
All is a spectrum. I am a band of energy. In order to communicate with you, I place my consciousness at a particular vibration upon that spectrum. My “wings,” which appear to be two other people standing behind me to my right and left, are the bands in my spectrum.

Imagine a long ribbon that is elastic. It is anchored at two distinct points. The points of anchoring are the edges of the spectrum. Now these “edges” are actually an illusion. However, we choose envelopes of operation such as your envelopes of light and sound.
At the point within this band or envelope that I place my consciousness, there is a peak of activity that fans out and behind me in both in both directions from that point of consciousness.
Experience yourself now as a point on your spectrum. Put the past at one end and the future at the other end. Now move your consciousness towards the “past” portion of the spectrum and experience Atlantis. Feel your consciousness moving along the band of the spectrum and view some of the other lives that you have remembered. Your Atlantis life has a “niche” on the spectrum, as it was the point of your entry into duality.
Now realize that this spectrum is actually a circle, as is all life. As you see the band as a circle you can match up the resonant point of your entry into duality with the point of your exit from duality. As you see this spectrum as a circle, you realize that there is no beginning and no ending, no now and no later because you can travel around the circle many times.
Also, you can go in either direction on the circle. Therefore, you can begin again and again, or end—again and again. You, however, are not the point. You are spectrum. The point of your consciousness is just a tool that you can use at this point of your remembering until you can embraces more of your emanations.
In actuality, you are the entire circle and can exist in all “spaces” on the spectrum at the same “time.” You do not have to learn this process. You need only to remember it.

We see in your mind the graph of the light spectrum and the points of it that are visual to a third-dimensional human. That is a good example of what we are saying. Now place that spectrum into a circle by connecting the “ends” of the spectrum. We ask you to practice expanding that spectrum of visibility until you can see all of it at once.

How do you do this? You move to a point of perception above the circle of Light. After you have achieved the ability to see the entire circle, practice becoming the circle and moving your point of awareness around it.


We see that you struggle with the wounds of your long battle on Earth. Release that struggle now and allow those wounds to heal. Your life shall be calm and simple for a portion of your time so that you can come into a complete healing. Your body is undergoing a great transformation, your emotions are being healed in a deeper level than you ever imagined possible, and your mind is being expanded beyond of all of your lives on Earth.

(Note from Sue, It is interesting that I was guided to read this message now. It has been 19 years since I received this message and I am just beginning to enter the phase that the Antarian is speaking about here.)

Allow yourself now to enjoy this process. The Light will care for your needs. Release that old belief that you have to struggle in order to survive. You will always survive because you are Spirit. Spirit is infinite.

You are very blessed to be able to have this experience of transformation first hand. For many lives you have been prepared for this experience. Remember to use your Merkaba. Draw it out and meditation on the drawing. The integration of you higher selves into your current reality will greatly assist you.
Finish all that you have begun and BE patient. All is proceeding just as it should. Remember, there truly is no time, as you know it. Therefore, there is no impatience.
Commander Malteese

I add this Mayan Inter-dimensional Star Map because it shows the alignment of Arcturus, Pleiades and Antares (spelled with an H) with Sirius serving as the tip of that inner pyramid. These are three planets in our galaxy that been the most active in assist Earth with Her ascension.

link to picture Mayan Interdimensional Starmap

Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson – Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear – GoldenLight Channel – 6-27-14



Archangel Zadkiel’s July 2014 Message




Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation.  We are being joined by Sananda (Yeshua) to discuss keeping your energetic channels clear.

The incoming energy is providing you with many opportunities to move to higher levels of being and to experience new insights and awakening.  This process is much easier when your energetic channels are clear and free from old or outdated ways of thinking and being.
Clearing your energetic channels can be compared to clearing debris from a highway.  Your journey is much easier when you do not have to navigate around items in your path.  When your energetic channels are clear, you can rise to higher levels in a natural process of ascension.

The clearing and purification process begins with a desire to move to higher levels.  You have studied many concepts, and you are aware that there are levels and worlds beyond your current state of being.  This awareness has enabled you to move to your current level, and it has prepared you to rise even higher.  Keeping an open mind will allow your present concepts to expand and change, and new ones can emerge as you ascend.  You are presented with new information as you remain open.  The information is there, and your openness and receptivity will allow it to come into your awareness.

Keeping your receptivity open can begin by remaining in a state of acceptance and non-judgment of others.  Each person is at a certain point on the path.  You can send them Love by connecting with their Divine Spark within their heart center.  It does not mean that you have to agree with their views or actions, but remaining free from judgment will keep your energetic channels clear.  Judgment is like a boulder on your path.  When you release judgment, you are clearing an obstacle in your channel.

Keeping an open mind also applies to new concepts.  What you now accept as part of your beliefs and philosophy may have, at one time, seemed foreign to you.  Now, it is a natural part of who you are and what you believe.  By keeping an open mind and remaining non-judgmental to concepts, you have removed another rock on your path and purified your channels even more.  When your channels are clear, new concepts and understanding can enter more easily.

Many levels of understanding exist simultaneously.  An open mind and a desire to see a bigger picture allow this new understanding to come into your awareness.

As you encounter new concepts, you can examine them to see whether they resonate with you.  If they do, you have added another level of awareness.  If they do not resonate with you, you can set them aside for future consideration or discard them entirely.  It is your willingness to look at new concepts that keeps your energetic channels open.

Another aspect of keeping your energetic channels clear is forgiveness.  When you hold on to negative feelings about someone else or a situation, this forms a block in your energetic channels.  Many times the person with whom you have angry, hurt, or otherwise negative feelings may not even be aware of your feelings.  Even if they are aware, your negative feelings toward them are causing you much more harm than you can imagine.  The negative feelings form an energetic block that slows or impedes the flow of higher level energy.  Again, it is as if you have placed a large boulder in your path on your energetic highway.  Not only does this form a block, it also attracts more energy of a similar type due to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.  Negative feelings vibrate at a lower frequency than positive feelings, and what you focus on expands.  Therefore, you are actually harming yourself when you harbor negative feelings about someone or a situation.  When you forgive someone or a situation, you are removing an energetic block, and this allows higher level energy to flow through you.  When you take this process to the next level by sending Love to them, you are opening the way for even greater understanding and harmony.

Another aspect of forgiveness is forgiving yourself when you feel you have not measured up to your desired ideal.  Each situation is a learning experience.  When you feel that you have not measured up to your ideal, take a moment to review the situation and your actions.  Look for the lesson in the situation, and replay it in your mind as you wish you had handled it.  This prepares you to choose another option should a similar situation arise in the future.  Then forgive yourself for not living up to your desired ideal.  Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving someone else.  If you find that you need extra help in the forgiveness process, you can call on the Violet Flame to assist in the process of transmuting and transforming the energy.

When you consider that all of humanity is an interconnected energetic network, the concept of forgiveness can be viewed from a higher level.  It is truly a case of the Golden Rule and treating others as you would like to be treated.  Because you are part of this network, forgiving yourself is important because, at a higher level, energy is even more connected, and you want to have what flows from you to others to be as loving and positive as possible.

Beloveds, you are making rapid progress in your ascension to higher levels.  We encourage you to continue your rise to higher dimensions by keeping your energetic channels clear through practicing non-judgment and forgiveness.

Know that you are greatly loved.
WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, along with Sananda,
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
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Wes Annec – Enlighten Yourself – Anger and the Transcendence of Duality, Part 2/2 – 6-14-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Paul Ferrini tells us that “You cannot be in the heart if you are worried or angry.” (1)

It’s much harder to attain a heart-centered flow if we’re in a negative frame of mind, and opening ourselves to spirit is far, far easier when we’re already willing to feel an immense amount of love. Anger turns us cold; takes us away from the warmth of the heart space and the divine gifts it offers.

We have no reason to keep letting this quality distort our growing spiritual perception, but if we do, we’ll continue to hold ourselves back from the perceptual gifts the divine offers. If we can maintain a constant, loving frequency by using self-discipline to refrain from anger, our spiritual connections will be much more enjoyable and free-flowing.

Proverbs 16:32 tells us that “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” (2)

‘He that is slow to anger’ is likely the same as ‘he that ruleth his spirit’, because refraining from anger requires self-mastery and control over the woes of the mind. We’ll find that our efforts to refrain were very worth it, however, because in the higher realms, we’ll see, feel, and know everything we did on earth.

We’ll look back on our experiences from the blissful higher dimensions, and some of us might wish we held our anger back a few times and chose love and joy over the destructive, lower qualities. The more we choose love, the more the planetary vibration will grow and the happier we’ll be when we look back on our experiences.

We’ll know that we did everything we could to raise our vibration and that of the world around us, and we’ll feel satisfied enough with our efforts that, hopefully, we won’t choose to do something as foolhardy as incarnating on another extremely lower-vibrational planet again.

Some of us are pretty headstrong, though, and we might do it all again if we’re given the choice. Oh, how I pray I won’t be this headstrong again!

In Proverbs 15:1, we’re told that “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” (3)

I think this quote refers to the importance of our every word and expression, as well as the vibration they carry. Like I said earlier, we emit a constant frequency, and this is especially true for the words we speak.

Our vibration’s very pure and potent when we emit a loving and peaceful frequency, but when we feel so low that we’re comfortable expressing anger or similar emotions, our vibration’s very dense and we keep ourselves from the greater love we can otherwise feel.

We don’t have to keep ourselves from it any longer, and anything that’d try to convince us otherwise is pure illusion. We’re the masters of our expressions, and we can use them for a higher purpose that’ll raise the vibration of everyone who’s been too rooted in darkness to understand the importance of the things they think, say, and do.

According to Bodhidharma, letting go of our dualistic perceptions of anger andjoy will free us from karma.

“Once you know that the nature of anger and joy is empty, and you let them go, you free yourself from karma.” (4)

I recommend embracing joy and a greater, more loving perception, but I recognize that my viewpoint is a little dualistic. Our goal is to liberate ourselves from duality, after all, and we won’t do much good by fleeing one side of the dualistic pole in favor of another.

Balance, then, becomes a favorable route to take. I haven’t examined a lot of material about balance, but due to some of the things I’ve experienced, I’m increasingly convinced that it’s an important and helpful quality for anyone who wants to leave the lower vibrations and the karma associated with them behind.

Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us that people who’ve realized Source are capable of anger, but their anger’s temporary and fleeting.

“The anger and lust of a man who has realized God are only appearances. They are like a burnt string. It looks like a string, but a mere puff blows it away.” (5)

Realizing Source doesn’t automatically liberate us from anger – it’s up to us to act on our newfound understanding and liberate ourselves from it. We aren’t automatically infallible because we realize or believe certain things, and what we do with our beliefs is more important than anything else.

I don’t think the things we believe and advocate are as important as we think. It’s how we use our perspective that counts, and if we believe in positive, spiritual things but still routinely express negativity, we’ll hold ourselves and everyone else back from the qualities we want to see the rest of the world adopt.

It’s up to us to show the way by transcending any and every lower quality that holds us back, and even though most of us aren’t there yet, we’ll get there if we make an effort.

Like Bodhidharma, Adyashanti transcends our dualistic perception of anger and joy, telling us that it’s impossible for a seeker not to get angry.

“There’s no such thing as never getting angry. Enlightenment can and does use all the available emotions. Otherwise, we would have to discount Jesus for getting pissed off in the temple and kicking over the table. The idea that enlightenment means sitting around with a beatific smile on our faces is just an illusion.” (6)

Even though I advocate choosing joy over anger if/when we have the choice, Adyashanti’s advice makes sense. We can’t deny any aspect of our lower and higher-dimensional existence, and to do so is to deny an aspect of ourselves.

Anger lives within, no matter how often its expressed at the surface, and if we turn away from our anger, we’ll only bury it within and leave it to sit, negatively affecting our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We certainly shouldn’t take our attention away from anger, but instead, surface and heal it.

We can’t deny anger or anything else that stews within, but we don’t have to accept its presence either.

We can heal it if we really want to, and I recognize that going out of our way to choose joy over anger doesn’t help the situation. We don’t want to avoid or deny anything, and like we’ve already learned, acceptance is a big part of successfully traversing the path.

Adyashanti continues, telling us that when our vibration’s high enough, anger will never tempt us again.

“At a human level, enlightenment means that you are no longer divided within yourself, and that you no longer experience a division between yourself and others. Without any inner division, you stop experiencing most of the usual forms of reactivity.” (7)

We’ll lose the desire to be angry when we reach a higher state of consciousness, and we’ll start contributing to the pure vibrations being sent out from the higher realms and everyone who resides in them.

We won’t have to avoid anger, because we won’t have any more left to transmute and heal. We’ll have long stopped letting the woes and stresses of the mind keep us down, and we’ll be far too absorbed in our growing spiritual perception to want to toil in the lower vibrations again.

It’ll feel great to say the least, and I look forward to the time when nobody’s tempted by stress or anger anymore. We have to strive a little if we want to reach a pure state of consciousness where anger doesn’t exist, and once we’re there, it’ll be our duty to help billions of others get there too.

Anger, like plenty of other lower qualities, blocks our greater perception and prohibits us from living in the heart and feeling the divine flow that results. It’s also necessary for our growth out of the lower dimensions, and whether or not we advocate spirituality, we still have the potential to lose ourselves in darkness and the tendencies that feed it.

When we reach a certain purity of mind and heart, however, anger (and anything else that keeps the lower vibrations in place) will be a thing of the past. A lot of spiritual teachers have and will continue to tell us about anger and it’s destructive but ultimately necessary nature, and hopefully, their guidance will help those of you who tend to get lost in anger.

I’ve been there, and I can say from experience that it’s much less fun and rewarding than the path of spiritual evolution. Enlightenment is our goal, and to get there, we have to release our resistance and flow with whatever happens, making sure we don’t deny the existence of the lower qualities we want to transmute.

They certainly exist, and they’re ready to be healed. Are you ready to heal them and move on?

Wes Annac – One of many seekers who’s interested in healing anger and embracing love.


Wes Annec – Enlighten Yourself – Anger and the Transcendence of Duality, Part 1/2 – 6-13-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to talk about anger and the manner in which it holds us back from our greater growth and development. Anger, like a lot of other qualities, clearly hinders our growth because it takes us out of a naturally loving frame of mind that isn’t easy to get back into, and there are plenty of other reasons it just isn’t good for us.

Anger holds us back from accessing and feeling a greater, more wholesome part of ourselves, and it stops us from feeling the sense of wellbeing that helps us thrive. Plenty has been said about the manner in which anger hinders our spiritual development, and I’d like to examine some of what’s been said here.

I think it’s essential that we surface and transmute every bit of anger we hold within if we want to find enlightenment or do anything spiritually helpful or significant, and fortunately, we’ve been given a wealth of assistance with doing just that.

First, Mahendranath Gupta tells us that anger and various other lower qualities are temporarily necessary for our lower-dimensional growth.

“God created anger, passion, and other troubles in order to mould great souls.” (1)

We’re here to learn and grow out of the lower vibrations, but to excel from the darkness, we first have to experience it in all of its forms so we can have a sense of what we’re growing away from.

Evolution is probably a lot easier on other planets whose civilizations don’t have to deal with the extreme negativity of the earth, but even they have to experience and understand darkness before they can move on from it. We can’t touch down into darkness without experiencing it intensely, but now that we have, we can start the journey back home.

Now that we have enough experience with darkness to understand it, it’s time to move on from it by refusing to continue feeding the lower qualities that keep us ensnared in it. Now’s the time to find and act on a greater level of self-discipline, because we’re ready to grow away from darkness and everything that keeps it in place.

According to Ajahn Sumedo’s experience, after so long on the path, anger’s replaced with peace of mind.

“Over the years, equanimity seemed to develop. One found that anger, annoyance and aversion began to fade out. And when your mind no longer inclines towards dwelling in aversion, you begin to have some joy and peace of mind.” (2)

I think we could all use this joy and peace of mind, and we’ll attain it when we learn to leave the tendency to be angry behind and embrace constant, free-flowing love. Unlike anger, love will support and nurture us as we grow out of lower mindsets and habit patterns and expand like never before, and this expansion will naturally entail a full-on release of anger.

As we embrace love, the lower qualities we would’ve otherwise been susceptible to will have less and less influence with each day that passes. The result will be an immensely expanded perception, and by the time we find full-on enlightenment, we’ll have long moved away from the restrictive qualities of the lower vibrations.

Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us that “Anger arises when obstacles are placed in the way of desire.” (3)

If we’re rooted too deeply in the mind, mortal desires become much more appealing than spirit or enlightenment. If our mind perceives itself as being blocked from its goals or desires, it naturally expresses the negative and angry emotions that lay underneath the surface.

This is because the mind thinks it’s being blocked from something that’s essential for its survival, and it’ll send us plenty of angry signals and emotions that a lot of people choose to embrace. A lot of people use anger as a crutch that seems to help them cope in negative situations, and this is unfortunate given that we send a constant signal to the rest of the universe.

Our every emotion is felt via the signals we send out, but most of humanity doesn’t know we send these signals in our best and worst times. As it stands, most people won’t believe that there are numerous civilizations out there, waiting to be discovered, much less that they’re picking up on the signals and impressions we send out.

Sri Krishna tells us about the destructive process that results from an initial mortal desire.

“Thinking about sense-objects Will attach you to sense-objects; Grow attached, and you become addicted; Thwart your addiction, it turns to anger; Be angry, and you confuse your mind; Confuse your mind, you forget the lesson of experience; Forget experience, you lose discrimination; Lose discrimination, and you miss life’s only purpose.” (4)

When we’re rooted too deeply in the mind to listen to the intuitive voice that guides us, we lose track of the purpose of our existence on this planet. We forget that we’re here to bring a world of lost souls into the light, and if we dip too low, we can lose ourselves.

We, like anyone else, have the potential to get lost in the mucky unawareness of the lower vibrations, and I think it’s essential that we root ourselves in a greater perception as much and as often as possible. This can especially be said for those of us who want to raise the consciousness of the planet, and if our own vibration is too low, we can’t uplift anyone else.

Bodhidharma tells us that anger blocks our ability to remain on the path.

“To go from mortal to buddha, you have to put an end to karma, nurture your awareness and accept what life brings. If you’re always getting angry, you’ll turn your nature against the Way. There’s no advantage in deceiving yourself.” (5)

We don’t gain anything by expressing anger in unfavorable situations, and as Bodhidharma suggests, it’s far easier to take life as it comes and deal with everything in as detached and loving of a way as we can. We’re honing our spiritual understanding, but we can’t greet the higher realms until our vibration matches theirs.

Anger keeps us on a lower vibration and stops us from feeling the purer energy making its way to our minds and hearts, and if we want to walk the path ahead of us, we have to be willing to lay our anger aside and embrace life in all of its beauty and difficulty.

According to Paramahansa Ramakrishna, anger inhibits our judgment and clarity of mind.

“Through anger one loses one’s wits and cannot distinguish between right and wrong.” (6)

We lose our perception of what is and isn’t okay or acceptable when we’re really angry, and even though most people are able to show some self-control, others have a much harder time controlling their impulses.

Anger takes away our inhibition and makes us forget what is and isn’t acceptable.

For the most part, this is because we feel like our reality’s crumbling when we’re really angry, and nothing really matters or makes sense. All we can understand is our anger and/or the perceived unfairness of the situation we’re angry about, and other important things don’t really click in.


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