PL Chang – How Fear Weakens Your Energy of Empowerment



By PL Chang

Empowerment is an expression of energy that has the potential to empower your soul to the point where no amount of fear can scare you into giving up your freedom, sovereignty, and natural rights. If used wisely, this energy of empowerment can prevent fear from weakening your soul, because it can act like the light of a burning candle that pushes the darkness away, giving you tremendous courage, strength, and spiritual power.

What is fear?

Fear is the strongest thought form in the negative polarity. It is often experience through negative emotions that cause you to feel nervous, scared, or uncomfortable. Fear is the negative thought form that weakens your soul, because it puts your mind in avictim consciousness state. This negative state of mind prevents you from appreciating the gift of love, making it hard for you to understand others and appreciate life. Fear also brings chaos into your life and prevents you from accessing your higher thinking ability. These negative effects of fear are the reasons why the Controllers (Elites) like to use fear to control the hearts and minds of the people.

How fear weakens your energy of empowerment

Fear weakens your energy of empowerment by making you scare of facing things that you are fearful of. By not facing your fears, you are making it impossible for you to understand and overcome them. The lack of understanding your fears will cause confusion, doubt, and anxiety, leading to psychological and emotional problems. If these psychological and emotional issues aren’t healed properly, they will negatively affect your mind, body, and soul, causing you to lack self-empowerment. To prevent these negative effects of fear from consuming your vital energy, you need to be more responsible by facing your fears instead of running away from them.

Fear is your greatest weakness because it promotes confusing, anxiety, and cowardice. These negative effects of fear lower your intelligence, preventing your from thinking clearly and understanding your fears. Because fear is your greatest weakness, it is one of the best “mind control” tools to use for controlling your mind. The Controllers are well aware of how powerful fear is as a “mind control” tool, which is why they are always using their mainstream media to broadcast news related to fear, such as wars and terrorism. For strong evidence of these claims, read this controversial article titled How Mainstream Media Deceives You with Its Magic Tricks.

One of the worst things that fear does to disempower you is by interfering with your ability to connect to the divine energy that supports your existence. This divine energy is the loving energy of Creation that focused your body and soul into being. Without this energy connection your body and soul will cease to exist. When you lack the connection to this divine energy, it weakens your intuition, creative thinking skills, and intelligence. Fear also lowers your frequency, which in turn makes you vulnerable to illness, emotional problems, and manipulation.

How to overcome your fears

One of the best ways to overcome your fears is to face them with love and courage. You will also need to learn to observe your fears, so that you don’t allow your fears to control how your body process your emotions. By doing these things, you can build up the courage to face your fears without letting them disempower or control you. Once you understand your fears to a certain point, you can overcome them to a great degree.

Another great way to overcome your fears is to learn how to turn fearful information into knowledge of empowerment. When you fear something, it is because your mind has been conditioned to process that information in a way that causes you to respond to it in a negative way. Most of time this occurs because you don’t understand what that thing is. This lack of understanding creates a type of phobia in your mind that disempowers you, causing you to subconsciously freak out whenever you see or sense something that you fear.

By conditioning your mind to turn fearful information into knowledge of empowerment, you can control how you respond to fearful information. For a great article on how to use knowledge to empower you, read this empowering article titled Turning Knowledge into Wisdom and Using It for Empowerment.

Reducing the power of your ego to overcome your fears

Conditioning your mind to overcome your fears can be hard, but if you learn how to reduce the power of your ego, it will make it much easier for you to overcome your fears. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that our ego is an “evil” entity in our head. This belief isn’t accurate. The ego is actually a part of our personality that has lost a great portion of its connection with other sections of our mind and higher self. This sense of separation gives the ego a false sense of finite life, causing it to live in a false state of fear and loneliness, which is why the ego always feels the need to consume whatever it can to survive.

The ego loves putting you in a state of victim consciousness, because this state of mind disempowers you, which in turn increases the ego’s power. To prevent the ego from putting you in a state of victimhood, you need to be a more responsible human being, so that you don’t give away some of your responsibilities to your ego. The more you give up your responsibilities to your ego, the more powerful it becomes and therefore the easier it is for your ego to control you. For more empowering tips to overcome your ego, click on the previous link.…