Jim Self – What Do You Mean The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away? – 3-7-15

jim_selfBy Jim Self, In5D, March 6, 2015

As the Age of Aquarius approaches there is an increasing urgency to this message because we’re all, literally, running out of time to play in the third dimension.

In simple terms, the habit of thinking and feeling and behaving that we know of as the third dimension is going away. Everyone is shifting into a fourth dimensional consciousness and experience, and then into a fifth dimensional consciousness and experience.

However, most people on the planet are not prepared for this Shift. But it is happening nonetheless, and for those who are unaware of what’s going on it will not be an easy or comfortable experience.

Yet this can be a wonderful, enjoyable time as well. With some basic information about what the Shift is, and what “dimensions” are, and with simple tools to help manage our thoughts and feelings, everyone has the ability to evolve their consciousness and move gracefully and joyfully into these higher vibrational realms.

If you don’t know what dimensions are, you are not alone. Most people playing the game of life as we know it in the third dimension are playing without a “rule book” that would explain what the game really is and how one can play it successfully.

This article provides these basic, missing rules. It explains what the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are, and why they are the most important consideration of your life right now.

If you can understand the structure and play of these dimensions, you can begin to move fluidly through the unprecedented changes of this Shift without fear, without effort, without the tension and anxiety that is, for the most part, the daily habit of our lives.

So, first of all, let me define what dimensions are not.

Dimensions are not places or locations, and they are not a linear progression – 3, 4, 5, 6 – stacked up like pancakes. And the 3rd dimension, or the 4th dimension, is not the chair you’re sitting in, or the walls that surround you, or even the Earth itself. That is form, which exists predominantly in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, and which will still be very much part of the play in the 4th dimension when the 3rd dimension is no longer an option.

In general, dimensions are states of consciousness available to anyone who vibrates in resonance with the specific frequencies and opportunities available within each dimension.

In a way, you could think of each dimension as a different game with a different set of rules as to what is possible and not possible for the beings that choose to play and create there.

So what is the 3rd Dimension?

The third dimension (3D) is a box of rigid beliefs, more or less, with a relatively inflexible set of rules and limitations. Most of us have been playing this game for lifetimes, so we tend to think it is the only game available to us. But nothing could be further from the truth. One of the rigid 3D beliefs that structure our lives – our thinking and feeling and actions – is linear time.

Linear time is an optional belief and structure that let’s us “live” an experience of past and a future… and then we die. Because this belief is the default assumption of mass 3D consciousness, and events seem to validate the belief, most of us think and act as if it’s true.

But now we are all waking up from the illusion of this ubiquitous belief. And as you become more conscious, you realize that time in 3D is actually a time loop. What you experience in “the past” is pretty much what you put your attention on now, and you project that reality into “the future,” and therefore you experience it over and over again.

So the structure of time is quite specific (and limiting) in the 3rd dimension, but your experience of time is quite different (and empowering) as you move into higher dimensions.

Everything in a 3D consciousness is also very conditional. The concept of, for example, ‘unconditional love,’ does not exist in the 3rd dimension. If you experience ‘unconditional love’ or ‘unconditional peace’ you have actually moved into a fourth dimensional (4D) consciousness.

You see, in the earth experience now, we have access to both 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness, but most of us rarely step out of the well-grooved habits of 3D thinking and feeling.

The 3rd dimension also offers no possibility of choice. We don’t choose our thoughts, feelings, and actions in every moment (that’s a skill of 4D and 5D), instead we react from unconscious beliefs and training to the people and situations that pop up in our space.

Duality provides another rigid structure for 3D experience. Up/down. Left/right. Should/shouldn’t. Since the fall of Atlantis 12,500 years ago, we have become very fearful as a way of life, and in that fear we have learned to narrowly define good and bad, right and wrong, etc. Unconscious judgment permeates 3D thinking.

Moreover, we perceive our 3D experience predominantly with the left hemisphere of the brain, home of the rational mind, and so we use only about 5 to 10 percent of the brain’s capacity to play the 3D game. Most of us suspect the rest of our brain must do something but have no idea what it actually does and how it functions.

In fact, what the rest of the brain enables us to do is function in the higher 4th and 5th dimensions, and beyond.

We already have the potential, all the necessary equipment and wiring, right now, to be fully conscious in all these dimensions. But our habits of thinking and feeling, grooved over many lifetimes, dumbs= us down and limit us to 3D experience. Our left-brain, rational mind only knows what it knows, and doesn’t know what it doesn’t know, and it works tirelessly to keep us within a thin range of objective 3D thinking and possibilities. And we, for the most part, have gone along for the ride. But no longer.

The increasing light energies and frequencies of the Shift are rewiring our brains to allow us access to a much wider range of information and possibility than is available in the 3rd dimension. These light energies are preparing us for 4D and 5D experience, even as they are clearing the rigid 3D “rules” from our consciousness.

So what is the 4th Dimension?

The “rules” of 4th dimensional consciousness provide an enhanced sense of ease, possibility, and capability than the structures of the 3rd dimension.

Time in 4D, for example, is always present time. The focus is only ever this moment, what is happening right now. Our bodies already know only this present time; they can’t know ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow,’ and as conscious beings in our natural alignment in the higher 4th dimension, we function absolutely in this “Now” of present time awareness and attention. When our attention point becomes present time awareness, choice becomes possible again. We can observe any and all events with a sense of detachment, merely as information to consider, and from that still, uncluttered platform we are then, and only then, free to choose our response. In the higher 4th dimension we become response-able.

A concept and possibility known as paradox also becomes available in the present time of 4D consciousness. Paradox simply means that what was true just a moment ago may not be true right now. And what was false a moment ago may no longer be false. Instead of applying rigid, pre-existing definitions to any experience, we choose our preferred version and vibration in every moment.

So as we move into 4D consciousness in present time, with the power of choice and response-ability, and the flexibility of paradox, the ability to alter the game to enhance our happiness and wellbeing becomes available.

Interestingly, 4D consciousness will not be a long-term option after the Shift clears away the rigid structures of 3D consciousness.

The 4th dimension is serving as an essential, but short-lived, stepping stone or vibrational platform from which we will all move into 5th dimensional consciousness. 5D is the target for Earth and all her inhabitants. The archangels have said the entire consciousness of Earth will be a fifth dimensional consciousness by the year 2015.

But although the 5th dimension is the target, the experience of the 4th dimension is essential. We cannot enter 5D directly from 4D. All mental and emotional baggage from the 3rd dimension must be left at the door to the 4th dimension, and we can only enter the 5th dimension after we have become masterful of our thoughts and feelings in the 4th dimension.

Some assembly is required.

So what is the 5th Dimension?

The 5th dimension operates, to a great extent, in a completely differently fashion from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Time in 5D is instantaneous time, meaning that everything (all possibilities) occurs in the same place at the same moment. In 5D, you focus your attention and the answer or experience is given to you exactly when and where you focus.

Ask and you shall receive.

In 5D, you don’t have to move or go anywhere for your answers or experiences; everything comes to you easily and effortlessly based upon the attention point and vibration you choose to hold in every moment.

When you are vibrating in 5D consciousness, you don’t create with form as you do in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, you create with light and light patterns and light frequencies. You apply sound and color and geometric shapes. You consciously interact with the Creator and all the Beings of Light.

In this heightened consciousness, the rational mind plays a very minimal role. It returns to a small, specific focus it was intended to have, namely the wellbeing of the physical body.

So how do you become masterful in 4D consciousness?

The Tools of 4D Present Time

As I mentioned, 4D is the ‘right now’ of ‘present time.’ But present time actually has four different levels.

The vast majority of people on this planet are not prepared to be the masters of their every thought, feeling, and action in every moment. But there’s no option. It’s a required, baseline skill of higher 4D and 5D consciousness.

One of the reasons the 3rd dimension was created was to provide a “playground” in which we each can practice and hone the vibration of our thoughts and feelings. To accomplish this, the 3D playground has a time buffer. Instead of ‘instant manifestation’ there is a time lag between the thought we think and the manifestation or experience of that thought. For the most part, we are very sloppy with this buffer.

Instead of focusing on what we want, and allowing this to unfold over time, we spew anger, frustration, boredom, worry, anxiety, blame, guilt, fear – all kinds of lower, disharmonic thoughts and feelings. We behave as if we can think and feel anything with impunity because we do not see the instantaneous results of our thinking.

But no longer. As 3D linear time is collapsing into a single point of present time, the time buffer is collapsing too. We have less opportunity to practice being aware of our mental and emotional habits before what we think is what we get. This is a very big deal.

Fortunately, some simple energy tools can help you manage your thoughts and emotions in every moment so that you can be prepared for the unprecedented opportunity and challenge of living and creating in present time in the higher dimensions.

These basic energy tools are available for free on our website http://www.masteringalchemy .com but let me explain a few of them here by way of example.

Allow the Shift to clear your unconscious thoughts & feelings

In simple terms, the Shift is using one wave of light frequencies to clear away who we are not, and another wave to remind us who we are. The Shift knows where we’ve stored unwanted, unconscious habits of thought and reactionary emotion, and the light is clearing all this from our vibration.

However, as these lesser thoughts and feelings are cleared, they will come into our awareness, and magnetize people and circumstances to us that mirror these chaotic energies. How do you handle these often-powerful energies when they appear. You allow them. If you can simply observe them with a sense of detachment as they come up – knowing that they are just coming up to be cleared – they will clear quickly, and you won’t even remember what the fuss was all about.

But if you grab hold and engage these chaotic thoughts and feelings, if you insist on feeling guilty or worrying, if you continue to argue that ‘I am not OK’ or ‘They are not OK,’ these energies will not be cleared from your space – and the Shift, as it accelerates ever faster, will become a very bumpy, very ‘not OK’ road for you.

Remember most often what comes up is not even yours; it does not belong to you. Acknowledge it and know that it’s coming up to be cleared… forever. Take a couple of deep breaths, go for a walk, listen to music — but turn your attention point to something of a higher vibration.

Understanding the Lower and Higher 4th Dimension

To simplify another important aspect of the Shift, let’s imagine that the 4th dimension has just two parts to it – a lower 4th dimension and a higher 4th dimension. (This is not technically true, but it’s a useful distinction.)

As I mentioned, form will remain when 3D disappears. We’ll still experience houses and cars and trees. But fear, judgments, blame and guilt, the rights and the wrongs, will disappear. All this dense emotional energy, which is the only thing that prevents us from playing in the higher dimensions right now, will simply be cleared from our space.

However, depending upon the vibration of the thoughts you are thinking as 3D disappears, you will find yourself in either the lower 4th dimension or the higher 4th dimension.

The lower 4th dimension, which is also called the astral plane or dream space, holds all the thoughts ever thought by anyone in the 3rd dimension.

You see, thoughts don’t just disappear after we think them. They live on in the lower 4th dimension, with specific weight, texture, density and emotional charge. And they bond and cluster with all the other thoughts of similar character.

Some thoughts – such as rape, domination, slavery, war, hatred – feel heavy, dense and dark. Conversely, thoughts such as ‘butterflies,’ ‘children playing in the park,’ and ‘flowers blooming on a warm spring day’ feel light and have a simple, airy vibration. Lighter thoughts like these rarely linger in a 3D consciousness. Because in order to align and feel the vibration of, for example, ‘beauty,’ we must step out of 3D consciousness into present time, a higher 4th dimensional space.

Wait, you say, I know ‘Beauty!’ You do, because we’re now living in both the third and fourth dimensions simultaneously, but how often do you align yourself with, and linger on, the feeling of beauty?

It’s a 4D, present-time skill to take thoughts like ‘light,’ ‘airy’ and ‘beauty’ to heart. These vibrations don’t even exist in the hurry up, past/future of the 3rd dimension where it’s very difficult to pause in present time and smell a flower.

But, on the other hand, have you noticed that heavy, uncomfortable thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough.’ or ‘They don’t like me.’ or ’I’m never going to succeed.’ tend to linger quite a bit longer in 3D consciousness? This is because thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. A set of light, airy vibrations like ‘beauty’ or ‘graciousness’ has a low, soft, electrical charge that is expansive and fluid. Whereas heavier, uglier thoughts come highly charged and wrapped in highly magnetic emotions. These thoughts are not only harder to clear than kind, loving thoughts; they also bond magnetically to all other thoughts like them in the lower 4th dimension.

So much of the magnetic field we walk around in – I’m not OK, You’re not OK – has very little to do with who we really are. It’s just the magnetism of one heavy, unconscious thought attaching itself to the magnetism of similar heavy, unconscious thoughts.

You begin to see why it’s vital to become conscious of the thoughts you think and the emotions you throw into your vibrational mix.

Fortunately, the second wave of the Shift is making this easier and easier. As we let go of the heavier energies of Who We Are Not, the light is rewiring us, stepping us up into a higher 4th dimensional vibration where lesser thoughts and emotions are not such a distraction in our general experience.

We start to live in alignment with the heart, and experience the vibrations and consequences of concepts such as ‘I like me,’ ‘I’m happy,’ ‘I’m pleased with myself.’

The alignment with the heart becomes natural because it already is our natural alignment in the higher fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions.

However, some assembly is required.

Any limitations, judgments, denials, blame, guilt, or resentments that we each still argue for, in one way or the other, become like weights on a hot air balloon. They limit how far we can rise within the fourth dimensional range of vibration.

Each of us is 100 percent in charge of the process. The more weight – lower-vibrational patterns of words, thoughts, and emotions – we remove, the higher we rise into the expansive experience of the higher 4th dimension. Here, it is as if we look past the boundaries and limitations, which were always just a habit of observation in 3D. It’s a wider view, a calmer view, and a quieter view. In the upper 4th dimension, you can choose fear or worry, and drop into the lower 4th dimension… but you won’t.

As you begin to align with the heart, very naturally – ‘I Like Me’ – you’re going to find there’s no reason or compulsion to choose an uncomfortable attention point in the lower 4th dimension. It comes naturally and readily because it is the language and vibration of you’re natural well being – if you let it, and if you focus upon it.

It’s a choice.

As the shift accelerates and time collapses and everything is in the present moment, you could still choose your thoughts and feelings unconsciously, out of 3rd dimensional habit, and you would have the opportunity to live that discomfort immediately and fully in your experience.

Or you can choose your thought and emotion in every moment, with focus and awareness, and live the fullness of that experience.

In other words, it’s to your benefit to practice and integrate the ability to choose the contents of your consciousness right now, before it really counts – and that moment is not very far away.

It’s all up to you.

Until now, the center of your head, the place from where you can choose your thoughts and attention point, has been pre-occupied by the thoughts of others. Your Mom-Dad-Teacher-Minister loved you and had an opinion about the best way for you to live your life, and as their thoughts moved in to your head, “You” moved out.

Now it is time to take back ownership of the center of your head. As you recognize and let go of the unnatural thoughts that say, ‘Oh, I can’t do this’ and ‘I can’t do that’ and ‘I must do this,’ you’re going to find that soon all those thoughts, with their sticky interlocking connections in the lower 4th dimension, disappear.

Just putting your attention in present time on ‘beauty’ and ‘well-being‘, or just being ‘happy’ in a state of ‘ease‘, eliminates the lesser vibrations stored within the lower astral fields of the 4th dimension.

Start by playing with the vibration of what I call Living Words. The Archangels very deliberately and precisely selected these words – words such as Certain, Capable, Commanding, Present, Senior, Graciousness and Happy – so that you can most easily clear all the unconscious vibrations from your space.

Choose one word each day and live with it all day, think it and feel it often.

If you practice thinking and feeling these vibrations now, when it doesn’t absolutely count, they will become your habit when it does count.

You begin to gracefully realign with the fullness of “You,” and your natural state of wellbeing lifts you into the higher 4th dimension.

Easy? Kind of.

Simple? Yes.

Does it require awareness and a choice from a present time space? Absolutely.

Can you sit on the sidelines and hope it all turns out? No.

Increased levels of electromagnetic light from the higher dimensions are now flowing within all of us. Many people in the 3rd dimension cannot handle this surge, and they are choosing to step out of their

And many, many more will follow as the Shift accelerates

You see, everyone is going home to the 4th and then 5th dimensions, but not everyone is going home on the same timeline, and with the same ease and grace.

How do you choose?


Jim Self

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Message from the Arcturians: Stepping Out of the 3D Matrix – November 12, 2014






Dr. Suzanne Lie   –   Stepping out of the 3D Matrix and Webinar Announcement


To join us on Saturday, November 15 at 11:00AM PST

please click:


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In this Webinar we will be


Message from the Arcturians

Your persistent memory of human, physical incarnations has limited your consciousness to the habit of only perceiving third-dimensional patterns of light. Hence, expressions of your self that are calibrated to the higher dimensional grids of Earth’s holographic matrix are lost to your physical awareness.

Your long habit of placing your attention on the lower vibratory grids of Earth’s holographic matrix amplifies the sensations, perceptions and experiences of your physical self. Therefore, your habitual attachment to the third dimensional grids over-rides your connection to the higher frequency grids. Because your primary attention is on the lower grids, you believe that only the physical world is REAL.

Because of this small, lower frequency perceptual field, your higher-dimensional Sirian, Pleiadian and/or Arcturian expressions of SELF who projected into many of your physical earth vessels is invisible to your 3D perceptions. To experience your entire range of light, you must attach your multidimensional consciousness to the higher frequency grids of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix.

The first challenge you face is to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being. Because you are aware of that truth, you can “save” the experiences of your expanded consciousness onto Gaia’s higher frequency holographic grids. In other words, when you save your inter-dimensional occurrences on Gaia’s holographic matrix, they merge with the experiences of other earthlings who have had similar experiences.

Once this group energy is ‘saved’ others can connect with this energy field to make inter-dimensional travel more ‘normal.’ Also, as more of you remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life, your memory will connect the higher frequency grids to Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional grids.

All life on Earth is connected to Gaia’s holographic matrix. It is through the shared experience of this matrix that Gaia’s inhabitants are moving beyond the limitations of third dimensional consciousness and into the higher frequencies of reality. At first these experiences are labeled as “dreams” or “just imagination.”

However, when these dreams and imaginations are communicated to others via the shared grids, they become more ordinary. As the “new normal” expands, more and more of humanity feels safe enough to openly share their experiences. Fortunately, the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms live in unity consciousness with Gaia and naturally embrace Her return to multidimensionality.

Make sure to ground/save your higher frequency perceptions/experiences on all the frequency grids of the hologram. Then, it will be much easier for you to remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life. In other words, you “save” your inter-dimensional experiences in both the “hard drive” of the planetary matrix and in the “software” of your physical brain.

A great disadvantage of the software of your human brain is that it only spans one lifetime and a few dimensions. In order to access all the dimensions and lives of your full SELF, you will need to access the “hard drive” of Gaia’s Matrix. Gaia’s Matrix is much like a transporter in that it carries the DNA codes of every inhabitant that transports/bi-locates onto Her planet.

Therefore, through the ‘transporter files’ of Gaia, you will be able to find all the lives in which you have entered Gaia’s evolution, your point of origin for that entrance and when you logged in and logged out of that incarnation. Most important for your present timeline, you be able to retrieve the files for all of your incarnations on Earth.

In this manner, you can consolidate all that you learned in your many lives on Earth to collect all the information you have accumulated about what you have learned abut planetary ascension. Once your consciousness is fully connected to Earth’s multidimensional matrix, you will experience the light of Gaia’s information that constantly flows from Her planetary light body to your personal light body.

To remind you of an earth expression in which you lived in total unity and unconditional love, I will activate the component of Gaia’s matrix in which we first met in the earliest periods of Lemuria. To access this light code, I ask that we unite our consciousness and focus on the base of Gaia’s Core Crystal

When you gather in front of Gaia’s huge Core Crystal, focus your attention on the base of the crystal. Slowly you begin to feel a sense of planetary consciousness that you have never experienced before.

At first many pictures of myriad realities come into your awareness then, suddenly, you are experiencing two realities at once. You are still in the core of the planet standing before the Core Crystal, while you are also a huge bird.


From deep inside your being, you hear,

“I am Kaa-ah from the Bird Flock of Mu.” Instantly, you felt the joy of flying above a land that appears to be shades of ocher and gold. The sensation of flying is marvelous beyond words, and the purity and love of that reality is pristine and alive with pure potential. As you listen to Kaa-ah’s story, you we also live it.

“I am Kaa-ah,” you hear again. “I am from the Bird Flock of Mu. You likely cannot say my name, nor could I say yours, for we speak only in tones and melodies. I telepathically connect with you so that I can share the vision of my most beloved memory of flying into our golden city in the center of Mu. Of course, our entire world resonated to shades of ocher, gold, bronze and crystal.

“We of ancient Mu are the first in this rotation of the Great Galactic Cycle to experiment with form. There were many other realities that existed in former cycles, but they are unknown to us during this incarnation.

“We have come from the ONE to assist in creating a reality of duality and are joyous to communicate with you. As I look into your mind I see that the term ‘we’ means many, but to our minds the term ‘we’ means the ONE. We have no term for individuality. We are the flock.

“Each of us cares as much for the flock as for the heart that beats within our own chest. Perhaps we feel this way because we all beat to the heart of the Sacred Egg. We, the Bird Flock of Mu, are the Keepers of the Sacred Egg. The heart/core of our life within this holographic projection Earth is the gestation of the Sacred Egg.

“Mu, who is the entire planet to us, continually breathes Her sacred force of creation into our Sacred Egg. It is this force of creation that is used by all the citizens of Mu, as not all of our citizens are of the Bird Tribe.

“Before we entered this reality, we experimented with many forms. The concept of form was new to us, for in our true Home in the higher vibrations of Light, we are pure consciousness.

“We, the citizens of Mu, came to Mother Earth to initiate a grand experiment of polarities of life in form. We joined this reality knowing that these polarities would become increasingly extreme.

“We also knew that eventually these polarities would create an appearance of separation. Within our experiment, Light was to be gradually split into good/light and bad/ dark and form would be split into the genders of male and female.

“In the former cycles of the Mother’s sojourn around the Central Sun, there had been many other visitors. Mother Earth has long offered a format for many differing life forms to live and gather experiences. In this manner Earth has prepared her SELF for her Final Initiation, the Initiation of Unconditional Love.

“Unconditional love is the cohesive power of the Multiverse and the power of creation. Within the ONE, only unconditional love and divine creation is known. When we no longer require our manifestation, we simply withdraw our attention and intention so that the creation can gradually, or instantly, cease to exist.

“We have long been aware of the myriad torsion waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love traveling the multiverse. With the power of attention, observation and intention we call for these waves to break into particles of creative potential.

“Then using our power within of unconditional love, we create the manifestation of our desire by using the raw potential of these particles of light which are composed of love and potential.

“This ‘new’ discovery of these torsion waves in your ‘modern day’ is common knowledge in our land of Mu. It is in this manner that we create forms for our consciousness.

“We have great fun experimenting with taking many different forms. Just as you experiment by wearing different clothing on your body, we experiment with wearing different forms on our consciousness.

“The Sacred Egg, which is the power source for our planet, is far away from the interruptions of the psychic energy of Mu’s other inhabitants. In the highest tower of our highest mountain, of which we have few, the Mother’s Sacred Egg lives in constant communication with the Mother’s mate, the Father of Light.

“In this manner, Mother Earth’s Egg of creative potential remains eternally basked in the unconditional love of Her Divine Complement, Father Light. This constant connection between Light/Spirit and Matter/Form gives us the power to consciously create our forms and fulfill our needs.

“We, the protectors of the Sacred Egg, needed a form that could fly, as we were the emissaries between the Mother in the central mountain and Her outer lands and oceans. When we first began our experiment of life in form, every being could easily float up the mountain and into the Great Temple of Completion.

“However, as the Mother became more and more polarized we had to choose to live within a form of one of Her four elements of earth, air, fire or water. Some of us chose to walk the land, others chose to fly the air or swim the sea, and others chose to remain in formless light so that they could serve the element of fire.

“Gradually, the water beings could not leave the water long enough to travel the great distance up the mountain, the fire beings chose to maintain their flickering, ever-changing forms of light, and those who walked the land could no longer take the time to journey to the Temple.

“Hence, it was the creatures of the air that became the ‘Keepers of the Sacred Egg.’ We could easily fly from the mountaintop, over the waters and onto the land. We could also converse with the fire creatures. All the beings of the four elements are totally conscious of their form and can easily communicate with all the other beings through telepathy and empathy.

“As Keepers of the Sacred Egg, we create nests around the top of the mountain, just below the Temple, to lay and hatch our own eggs. We only create an egg when we are ready to complete our experience as a member of Mu’s reality. When we begin to long to return Home to the ONE to visit our family of Spirit, we build a nest and lay our egg.

“Once we lay our egg it is instantly fertilized by the Flow of the great Father Spirit that penetrates every molecule of our mountain. We patiently sit on our egg until a being of light desires the experience of our form. Once this being enters our egg, we totally share our consciousness.

“Through our joint consciousness, our potential replacement travels Mu to learn about the experiences and responsibilities of our Bird Flock. If the light being decides to take a form on Mu, it hatches into its bird form. The mother bird maintains her own form until her replacement is ready to perform her responsibilities on her own.

“At this point, the light of the Mother Bird flashes out of her form, and the form disappears as the light returns to the unity of Home. Please understand that there is no ‘birth’ or ‘death’ in our reality. Birth means surrounding our light with form, and death means releasing that form back to its elements and returning to the light.

“Life and death are the same in your day, which to our perception is occurring in the same cosmic NOW as our reality on Mu. In our reality we only ‘eat’ light. Hence, there is never a need for food or any elimination of waste products. All form is filled with life and all form communicates with each other, as well as with our spirit self of light.

“We Lemurians began the cycle which you are now closing. We have come into your awareness to assist you with seeding the Mother’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals. We have come into you for we are you. We represent the birth of this cycle and you represent the transmutation of this cycle into its higher expression.

“We bless you on your journey, for it is much like ours. We are the Alpha and you are the Omega, the beginning and the ending. We began this experiment of polarity, and you are here to close it. Just as we are assisting others to step in to the 3D Matrix, we will assist you to step out of it.

“Once that circle is closed the beginning and the ending will merge into the Oneness of NOW. Once within the NOW you are free of time and will be returned to the ONE.

I AM Kaa-ah,

Blessings on your transmutation

Dear Readers,

I have been preparing “The Landing Party,” Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension for publication. In doing so I discovered how much I had changed since I finished this book less than a year ago. I remember stating in my multidimensions.com site many times, “What is impossible for your ego is simple for your Soul.”

Before I could understand Mytrian’s Oversoul of SELF, I had to learn more about my self. I don’t know when I learned it, or even if I did, but this time I understood that which confused me before. It is always interesting when life forces you to look at the same thing in a different way. Then, we can really see how we have changed.

When we change our self, we also change our creations. Actually, what I realized is how much wisdom was in that book all along, but my consciousness could net fully perceive it. What I discovered from returning to this book was that everything I wanted was already there.

I have posted a few chapters that it took me till now to “get,” and I will continue to post more of them. Also, we are moving into the “new ending.”

So stay tuned,



The GoldenLightChannel – The Illusion Of Matter – Our Physical Reality Isn’t Really Physical At All – 7-20-14

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July 20, 2014 by



Niels Bohr, a Danish Physicist who made significant contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory once said: “if quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” Quantum physics has left scientists all over the world baffled, especially with the discovery that our physical material reality, isn’t really physical at all. “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” It seems philosophers of our ancient past were right, our senses really do deceive us.

Again, our physical material reality really ISN’T physical at all. The meaning, significance and implications of these findings within our quantum world have led to a plethora of ideas and theories, some of which lay inside the label of “pseudo-science.”  This article will present scientific evidence that clearly shows the connections between consciousness and what we call reality and how these can no longer be denied. It will also ponder the implications of this knowing, and how this realization plays an important role in the potential transformation of our planet, at a time when we need it the most.

Scientific understandings change continuously throughout human history.  Old “knowings” are constantly dismissed as we come across new ones. Even with our current understanding about the laws of physics, it could have some loopholes, especially with the recent disclosure of the black budget. We now know that trillions of dollars are going towards projects that the human race knows nothing about. Other phenomenon, like zero-point energy, extracting energy and heat from electromagnetic zero-point radiation via the Casimir force have shown to be correct and conclusive -for more information on these sources, please click here. (1)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13) Some of these ideas threaten our current understanding of physics, but how can we even have an understanding of physics when what we call ‘matter’ isn’t even real? How can we understand it if when we observe an atom at its tiniest level the behavior of that atom changes? The quantum world is definitely a weird one, and it’s safe to say that we don’t understand it, but we do recognize the significance and potential it has to help transform our world. We are starting to recognize that non-physical properties govern the universe, and we are turning our attention towards consciousness and the role it plays with regards to the physical make up of our reality.

The notion that the atom was the smallest particle in the universe fell with the discovery that the atom itself is made up of even smaller, subatomic elements. What was even more shocking was the revelation that these subatomic particles emit various “strange energies.”(0) Proponents would argue that the findings within quantum physics only apply and are significant at the subatomic level, but to those I say, are we not all existing at the subatomic level? When we observe ourselves and our physical environment at the smallest level, are we not made up of atoms? Are we not made up of subatomic particles? Are we not what we observe?

At the turn of the ninetieth century, physicists started to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter. In doing so, the belief that a physical, Newtonian material universe that was at the very heart of scientific knowing was dropped, and the realization that matter is nothing but an illusion replaced it. Scientists began to recognize that everything in the Universe is made out of energy.

Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. Therefore, if we really want to observe ourselves and find out what we are, we are really beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature -this is fact and is what quantum physics has shown us time and time again. We are much more than what we perceive ourselves to be, and it’s time we begin to see ourselves in that light. If you observed the composition of an atom with a microscope, you would see a small, invisible tornado like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These are what make up the structure of the atom. As you focused in closer and closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing, you would observe a physical void.(0) The atom has no physical structure, we have no physical structure, physical things really don’t have any physical structure! Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

It’s quite the conundrum, isn’t it? Our experience tells us that our reality is made up of physical material things, and that our world is an independently existing objective one. Again, what quantum mechanics reveals is that there is no true “physicality” in the universe, that atoms are made of focused vortices of energy-miniature tornadoes that are constantly popping into and out of existence.  The revelation that the universe is not an assembly of physical parts, suggested by Newtonian physics, and instead comes from a holistic entanglement of immaterial energy waves stems from the work of Albert Einstein, Max Planck, and Werner Heisenberg, among others. (0)

Despite the findings of quantum physics many scientists today still cling onto the prevailing matter-oriented worldview, for no good reason at all. As mentioned earlier, these scientists restrict quantum theory’s validity to the subatomic world. If we know that matter isn’t physical, how can we further our scientific discovery by treating it as physical?

Despite the unrivaled empirical success of quantum theory, the very suggestion that it may be literally true as a description of nature is still greeted with cynicism, incomprehension and even anger. (T. Folger, “Quantum Shmantum”; Discover 22:37-43, 2001)

What Does This Mean?

What does it mean that our physical material reality isn’t really physical at all? It could mean a number of things, and concepts such as this cannot be explored if scientists remain within the boundaries of the only perceived world existing, the world we see. Fortunately, many scientists have already taken the leap, and have already questioned the meaning and implications of what we’ve discovered with quantum physics. One of these potential revelations is that “the observer creates the reality.”

A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005) (14)

 We can no longer ignore the fact that our beliefs, perceptions and attitudes (consciousness) create the world.

Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual (14)

One great example that illustrates the role of consciousness within the physical material world (which we know not to be so physical) is the double slit experiment. This experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (2)

A double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function.(2) The ratio of the interference pattern’s double-slit spectral power to its single-slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double-slit as compared to away from it.(2) The study found that factors associated with consciousness, such as meditation, experience, electrocortical markers of focused attention and psychological factors such as openness and absorption, significantly correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double-slit interference pattern.(2)

Below is a video that demonstrates the double slit experiment from the film “What the bleep do we know.”

The problem presented in this experiment is called the quantum measurement problem (QMP). It refers to (as seen in the video) the intriguing effect whereby quantum objects appear to behave differently when observed than when unobserved.(2) Scientists only view it as a problem because it disregards what our senses tell us, that the world is completely independent of observation. This problem has led to the study of the role of observation and measurement -which many believe to be one aspect of consciousness due to our mind-like capacity of awareness, attention and intention.

Observation not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement. (2)

These types of experiments are not the only ones available that show consciousness does play a role, and is interconnected with our physical material reality in some way. The possible influence of human consciousness on the behavior of physical or biological systems has been subject to rigorous research and documentation for a number of years by several researches. Many of the experiments that use the role of human consciousness and how it affects our physical material world have been done so under the Department of Defense and military agencies, thus remaining classified -hidden science kept from the eyes of the mainstream public world. (3)

One example of this is the 24-year government-sponsored program to investigate ESP and its potential use within the Intelligence Community. This operation was called STAR GATE , and most of its research and findings remain classified to this day. (4) Another example is the research conducted by the CIA and NSA in conjunction with Stanford University. (5)(6)(7).

Personally, I am compelled to believe that much of the science that deals with the “weirdness” of the quantum world, and many of its technological applications remains within the realm of the classified world. A world so secretive that it could be thousands, if not millions of years ahead of the mainstream world.

What Level Of Consciousness Do You Operate From?

Now that we’ve established that our physical makeup is one that is not physical at all, where do we go from here? We are atoms, made up of subatomic particles, that are actually a bunch of energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Us, these vibrational beings of energy exhibit consciousness, which has been shown to manifest, create and correlate to our physical material world. The next question to ask ourselves is: what level of consciousness/ state of being do we individually, and more importantly, collectively operate from?

Studies have shown that positive emotions and operating from a place of peace within oneself can lead to a very different experience for the person emitting those emotions and for those around them. At our subatomic level, does the vibrational frequency change the manifestation of physical reality? If so, in what way? We know that when an atom changes it’s state, it absorbs or emits electromagnetic frequencies, which are responsible for changing it’s state. (15) Do different states of emotion, perception and feelings result in different electromagnetic frequencies? Yes! This has been proven. (8)

Below is a video that uses the example of the heart, and sheds some light on some facts you may not have known.

The non-physical world is weird, isn’t it? The fact that material substances (matter) appear out of thin air, with lots of evidence to point to consciousness as that which is creating it, is pretty intriguing. One minute we are holding a physical object in our hand, like a coin, and then the next minute we realize that if we were to focus in on the coins material substance with an atomic microscope, we would see that we are actually holding nothing.

The best we can do for now is understand that the human race must operate from a place of peace, a place of co-operation and understanding. We must realize that we are all interconnected, that we can solve our problems here easily, given the fact that we have a number of solutions. The only way we will be able to implement and utilize these solutions is through a shift in consciousness. The world is indeed waking up. My soul knows the significance of these findings, it is difficult for the mind to explain. Hopefully I did a decent job.


Lipton, H Bruce. The Biology of Belief. United States: Hay House INC. 2008

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Feeling Dense And Human – Channeled Ascension Message from The High Council Of Orion – 7-18-14

 Contacting Beings of Light

Image Source

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood  /  Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Are you having moments these days that are ebbing and flowing between feeling enlightened and on your path and feeling very dense, grounded and human?

As the vibrations are changing on the planet, as the manifestation of the fifth dimension is beginning to energetically work its way down to a place of an embodied reality, understand that you might have more moments of feeling the contrast between the old and the new. There are times when many of you might feel a little physically more dense, a little more sluggish, more tired, foggier in your head, and a little lackluster with your energy and your enthusiasm for life.

Understand that for many of you this is just a result still of these transforming energies which will be at work for a long time to come on your planet. So, are you sick? Are you unwell, mentally and emotionally? Perhaps not. (Of course, we don’t advocate not taking yourself to the proper professionals if one feels that one needs to be there.) However, there are times when the energies are just going to feel lower for you physically, mentally, emotionally. Again, life could feel a little lackluster or sluggish or foggy on many levels.

What we encourage you to do during these times is to work as best you can within the energy that you’re feeling. What we mean by this is if you are feeling energetic, alive, excited, passionate, thriving and connected, then live that to the fullest and be in deep gratitude and appreciation for those moments as evidence of you moving closer to the vibrational reality of what you’ve been dreaming about. If there are days when you’re not feeling that way, you’re feeling the opposite, just honor it and not judge, honor it and feel that it’s just this ebb and flow of the change and transformation. It’s not evidence of moving backwards. It’s not evidence of lack of progress. It’s just some time where you’re feeling a little more human, a little more 3rd dimensional. Rest. Take time out. Take things more slowly if you need to. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water, eating good food and being in as uplifting a situation as you possibly can while your body is in more of the ebb, instead of the flow of the recalibration of this time. Understand also that it won’t continue. You may feel that for a day or so or however long is necessary, but you will begin flowing in that positive direction again, so holding it as a place that is temporary and honoring where your energies are telling you to be in that moment is the ideal thing to do.

As you observe yourself and as you’re moving, transitioning and recalibrating at this time, you can observe yourself having more of those days where you feel in synchronicity, alive, excited and in tune with all that’s around you at that greater level. Celebrating those times as not just what you expect, but being thrilled by it, being excited about it, being happy and grateful to feel that level of aliveness, sensitivity, awareness, synchronicity. All these things you’ve been striving for, celebrate it! It’s easy to say, “Well, of course it’s like that! It’s just how it’s going to be. It’s my new reality!” That’s fabulous. Honor that and expect that and allow yourself to have those days of being human every now and then.

Again honor it as part of the recalibration. Honor it as part of the upgrade that many of you are in at the moment. Surrender to whatever it is for it’s a time also where you can be called within and spend more time focusing within through meditation, uplifting music, taking naps, taking walks out in nature, always grounding to the planet, connecting to the star systems, as well, to feel yourself as that center-point between heaven and earth. Before you know it you’ll start to feel in that higher threshold of where you’re striving to be.

Laugh more! Smile more! Enjoy this beautiful place, these beautiful experiences that your Soul has said yes to during this time of great transition. Know always that Love is who you are. It’s the core of everything. It is everything and All that Is.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in its original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the author and a link to http://www.AkashaHealingStudio.com clearly displayed as shown below.
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Message From The Arcturians – Our Difficult World – These Images Represent 3rd Dimensional Consciousness In Manifestation – You are Helping Dissolve Obsolete Energies from Universal Human Consciousness – Your Inner State of Consciousness Manifests as Outer – Re-posted: 7-11-14



By Arcturian Group

JULY 6, 2014

Dear ones, we come again to greet you with words of love and encouragement for we understand how difficult the world has become for so many. Indeed, things really are proceeding as they should, so try not to get distracted by the images you see through an understanding that images represent the third dimensional consciousness in manifestation. This understanding was Buddha’s enlightenment experience. He then tried to teach others, but most were unable to fully comprehend the idea and believed that since the whole world was an illusion, it was ok to ignore the suffering of others. The world is real, it is the false interpretations of duality and separation consciousness that constitute illusion.

When you give illusions your concern, thought, worry, etc. you empower them with your energy. There is only ONE power and that ONE is real, forever, and held in place by Divine law. Mankind is beginning recognize this and see things for what they are– interpreting from a state of higher awareness.

God never formed ITSELF as power struggles, wars, hatred, disease, or any of the negative situations manifesting now. These things are mind interpretations based in a world consciousness of duality and separation. Love is the connection and interaction between the many within the One, but this interaction becomes severely distorted when beliefs of separateness are held in a belief system. Error can never become the truth, no matter how many may believe it. You can say over and over that 2×2 equals 5, and the whole world may agree, but that will never make it true and as long as you continue to believe it, your personal check book will be off.

Much of what you are now witnessing in the world as increased violence is the effect of higher frequency energies shining into corners of long standing shadows making it appear as though the world is becoming ever more violent and dense but which in reality is illuminating that which needs to be looked at and changed. Every time you silently acknowledge truth even while witnessing discord, you are doing the work of helping dissolve obsolete energies from universal human consciousness. Your job is to know the truth (the spiritual reality behind the image) about everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

We have stated this many times, but we repeat–this is Light work, this is how you live as lightworkers; by not entering into and giving the illusions of sense more reality and power and then trying to fix them. This does not mean that you make the mistake many have made of sitting back and blindly saying; “Oh it is all illusion, I need do nothing.” This means you take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, but only AFTER realizing that appearances have no law or reality to support them. You will find that you become somewhat detached to many issues that in the past deeply affected you because now your energy no longer be resonates with them.

We would like to talk about “freedom” which is the word most often used as an excuse to kill and be killed in war. Freedom is your Divine birthright. You could never not be free in reality for who could imprison God? As you learn who and what you are, you will come into the awareness that you are and always have been, free. Even if you sit in a prison cell you can learn to be free within yourself and will find that as these deeper truths become your state of consciousness, your freedom will manifest in an outer way.

Freedom is a state of consciousness, and can never be attained through war, power struggle, or the destruction of others. Freedom is already embodied within you and the belief that you must attain it regardless of the consequences to others (who are actually yourselves in different form–all are made of the same “stuff”) is the height of the duality and separation belief system and is being kept alive by those who stand to profit from it. It is only the ignorance of an un-evolved state of consciousness that has for eons led mankind to seek outside of themselves for that which is already within. You are evolved enough to move into new and higher ways of understanding and experiencing freedom.

This is the lesson–truth must be realized and lived if mankind is to evolve into and then manifest higher ways of living. The first step is to stop giving power to anything or anyone for the only power there is, is within you. Seeming powers are the result of beliefs held in the universal human mind–the ONE mind distorted by beliefs of duality and separation.

This may be difficult for some to swallow, but every individual at a certain phase of their evolutionary journey begins to not care what the world presents as power because they have attained the realization that there is only One power. As you live and move and have your being in this awareness, you experience an inner freedom even if someone is trying to keep you in some form of bondage. You see as with all things, the inner state of consciousness manifests as outer. Freedom is, always has been, and always will be yours but the world has not known this and has thus struggled to attain it outwardly.

Those who find themselves in situations they themselves have created which are not easily gotten out of, may find nothing seems to change even as they begin to realize that freedom is within. If this is your situation, do not give up in frustration but instead understand that an apparent absence of physical, emotional, or mental freedom usually involves some karmic lesson specifically chosen by an individual for learning and evolution. As the lesson needed is learned and moved beyond, the reality–freedom, must manifest. This does not mean you cannot take human footsteps, but means that you must be very honest as to whether or not you are running away from a situation, or have evolved beyond needing it. Know that certain actions appropriate for the un-evolved soul may not be right for an evolved one. Always trust your intuition.

There is a popular statement; ” Freedom isn’t free”. Well, we beg to differ, freedom is free when recognized and claimed. Wars are manufactured by those who stand to profit from them–never forget that. All are within the One. You are the person you war against for there is only One individualized as the many and it can never be otherwise.

Take these truths into your heart and ponder them dear ones, for the energies of war and the profiteering from it in the name of “Freedom” must dissolve into the nothingness that it is as mankind awakens.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/6/14


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Saul via John Smallman – The Heat Is On – The Illusion Is Melting – 6-1-14

john-blog-pics-0135All on Earth are soul extensions of your true and higher Selves.  It is as though you dipped your higher Self’s index finger (if it had such an appendage!), which possessed all your physical senses, into the illusory environment that humanity appears to inhabit to test it and found the experience enthralling, indeed captivating.  So much so that it forgot Itself and became totally engrossed in the tiny – and I assure you that it is indeed tiny! – environment into which it had dipped that finger.  So engrossed that it altogether forgot Its own magnificence and the joy that Its eternal existence at One with Source, in Reality, in Heaven, brought It in every moment.

Of course that finger dipping lasted but an instant, nevertheless, it still seems to be ongoing.  The initial state of enthrallment has long since passed, and you, the soul extensions, are not at all happy with the situation in which you find yourselves.  You want to return to your natural state at One with God, and that desire and intent is leading you to wakefulness, to complete the necessary preparations that will allow the withdrawing of that finger from the illusory environment in which it seems to have become permanently ensnared – perhaps you could say that it has become frozen in the icy pond of time.

It is your illusion, that you imagined and built, and that you support by the power of your intent to maintain its apparent reality.  You are very conflicted about it because you have made it seem so real.  The idea of letting it dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being frightens you because, naturally, due to the severe limitations it seemingly imposes on you – within it you are beings of limited consciousness, limited awareness, limited intelligence, and limited creative abilities – you imagine that if it dissolves then so will you.

It appears to be the only reality, and you do not want to lose it and therefore, yourselves.  You do not want to cease to exist, as you imagine might, could, or even, most definitely would happen in those circumstances.  The very thought of the void, of nothingness, terrifies you, but such a state does not and could not exist because all existence is within God and is consequently eternal and everlasting.  You are all, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on your chosen life paths, self-aware, and therefore you believe that you exist because you experience and feel alive through your bodily senses, and that aspect of you that is aware, that believes, that witnesses is the eternal You created by God.

On an altogether different level your real Self knows that what it is experiencing with that “index finger” is unreal, and that It will return to a state of utter joy when It withdraws it from the illusion.  Your awakening is the process of withdrawing that digit from the dark, frightening, murky, and freezing waters into which the illusion changed as the sense of separation, abandonment, and aloneness with which it provided you overwhelmed you.

Your strong imaginative powers enabled you to make the instant during which you dipped your fingers into the illusory reality that you had built stretch out over eons, time being a powerful and essential aspect of the illusion.  It was through the use of your own God-given powers, given to you by your Father at the moment of your creation, that you built and developed the illusion, and now you are in the process of dismantling it so that you can return Home by withdrawing your support from it and allowing it to dissolve like melting snow, or to fade away like morning mist in the heat of the sun.

The heat is on, and the illusion is melting, dissolving, and about to fade away because nothing unreal can exist in the Presence of God.  It never has existed, and all that has seemingly occurred within it is as illusory and as unreal as the illusion.  You did a good job inventing and imagining it into being, but its moment is over, and wakefulness beckons.  You are a little like children totally absorbed and caught up in your games, so that they seem extremely real, and then you are called to supper and reminded that there is ice-cream and strawberries, and instantly the game is forgotten as you race indoors to wash your hands in preparation.

So, when you engage daily in meditation, and seek a loving hug from those on whom you call, remind yourselves also that ice-cream and strawberries, and many other things that truly delight you await your awakening:)

With so very much love, Saul.


The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away – Free Webinar By Jim Self | in5d.com

in5d·343 videos

Reviewed by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Review Link: http://www.in5d.com/jim-self-webinar….

This webinar by Jim Self is so fascinating that you will want to listen to it multiple times!

On September 20, 2012 Jim Self gave a free webinar entitled, “HELP! The 3rd Dimension is Going Away, Time is Collapsing, and the Sky is Falling … and …”. Jim covered a plethora of topics including what we can expect in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, understanding the importance of the present moment, how time feels like it’s speeding up, emotional baggage, when thoughts become manifestations, 5th dimensional awareness, soul cleansing and much more!

Jim stated, “The universe and the shift in consciousness that we’re currently experiencing is very much aware of you… of each one of us. This grand shift, these great cycle of consciousness are all beginning to merge at a single integrated point right now, and that point is creating an opportunity for some very significant change.”

“The game is coming to a conclusion,” added Jim. “The 3rd dimensional game has been extraordinarily, successfully played out and very, very successful in terms of what it was designed to be. And it is no longer of value.”

According to Jim, there are new waves of light energies that are helping to cleanse our minds and souls. “There are tremendous waves of light coming forth. If you have been paying attention in the last year… the amount of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, huge solar winds, charged particles, cosmic and xrays from the center of the galaxy and those coming from the sun. As these great bursts of light occur, something very interesting happens. This new wave of light comes in and it creates a new baseline. The next wave of light comes in, it simply builds upon the last baseline. So there’s this enormous loosening up of the density of that 3rd dimension that’s occurring, but in that space, let’s say that there are 2 waves of light. One of those waves of light is passing through the Earth, the solar system everywhere, but most specifically, it’s passing through you and it knows that that baggage and all of those expressions were never your expressions.”

These new energies are bringing about a cleansing of the soul where fear-ladened thoughts and beliefs will be eradicated from our memories for those who are attuned to these energies. As I can attest, this is already happening.

Ultimately, our thoughts create manifestations as we create our own reality which is going to happen as the time buffer gets smaller and smaller.

On the Q&A, Jim answered the following questions:

Does rigidity affect our dreams?
Can all things in the past be altered or changed?
Is all of this unhappiness all around the world part of this massive shift?
How does homosexuality fit in with ascension?
How does one clean the thoughts out before you go to bed?
I’ve had some very surprising experiences of actually having more time. In other words, the clock hasn’t moved for half an hour or an hour while I’m busy doing something. I thought we were supposed to be losing time?
What is the best tool for removing disenchantment?
How can I help those people who are not awake?
How do we know or recognize the limitations we have?

For more information on Jim Self and his work, please visit his website which is linked HERE: http://www.masteringalchemy.com/

Bashar – 3rd 4th 5th Dimension – Choosing Future – Past Lives Consciously

Felipe Alexander·195 videos

Bashar speaks on how we are moving out of 3rd density and into 4th density and how we can be able to conscioulsy choose our past and future lives in the higher dimensions since time will become non-linear.

The Angel painting (2:073:02) and the Peter Pan painting (7:348:04)was created by Artist Risto Turunen, his website can be found at http://www.ristoturunen.com/

Eireport – Final “old paradigm grid point” removal occurs with agreement of Gaia and inhabitants – 3-23-14


Entractions are fully removed via energetic collaboration at all levels, in this moment.

Final “old paradigm grid point” removal occurs with agreement of Gaia and inhabitants.

Cosmic Humanity completes the process and aligns Gaia with the Cosmic Energies.

Precision Blue Light accomplishes the final stage.


Robyn – This Grand Illusion of Physical Reality – 3-23-14



AngelicView: In this NDE, Robyn had an intuition that the baby she was carrying was not meant to be born. During her abortion, she died from too much anesthesia. She was so surprised when she got to the other side of the veil, at how real 3D human life seemed – knowing it had been just an illusion.

I went into this abortion clinic in Austin, under the strong impression that the baby growing inside of me was not meant to be born. How on Earth I knew that being the peaceful, ultra-sensitive, loving girl I was is a mystery. Never in a million years would anyone have guessed me as someone who would abort unless it was dire. In my unique case, the baby had detached from my uterine wall and was barely hanging on. Apparently all the stress caused spikes in my blood pressure and tonsillitis in the first month, making my body inhospitable. My decision to have the baby removed was a certain decision… and later I would find out why.

I went with my mother who has been an RN for over 20 years, for support. She waited while they lead me back to the room. I laid down on the table, and they put the iv’s in and put the gas mask on my face. I took slow deep breaths and closed my eyes… it felt like they were administering too much, so I tilted my head to allow the mask to fall off prematurely. The next thing, while still inhabiting my body, I went into a timeless dimension. I heard the door creak open, and I knew what was going to happen before it did… I knew what the nurses were going to say before they spoke… I was aware of so much more. Everything was telling me “This experience is meant to be”. So I relaxed deeper and went with it.

Toward the last part of the procedure, I was still under, but felt the surgeon apply pressure.. not painful, just a jolt of pressure, and I consciously decided to respond with a bodily twinge. I did this to let him know I could feel a little bit… well… he and the nurses took that as me being in pain, so naturally they turned up my anesthesia. I felt it go into me, and before I knew it, I had LEFT.

All went dark and weightless, an infinite bluish purple perhaps, and amazing sparkling particles connected everything. I was HOME and I was so appreciative of how REAL 3D human life seemed! I zoomed to the BeauHandsHeartceiling, ‘faced’ all directions simultaneously. I was aware of my body below and felt zero remorse, attachment, fear or sadness for leaving. I became ONE with ALL IN EXISTENCE, yet, I had a firm knowing that I was me. ALL was okay, all was LOVE, the purpose of human life is solely for experience and expansion. I was ONE with the doctor, the nurses, my Mom down the hall, the equipment, the sound of the flat line, and all the space in between. I could have raised the doctor’s arm up if I wanted to… but here’s the important thing: I had zero desire to manipulate his free will. None. But I knew I was capable of controlling the entire situation, it just wasn’t in my best interest for me to do so. They were me and I was them. Murder, rape and cannibalism… all okay. Just experience to grow from. I knew everything that had ever and will ever exist in the universe, there was perfect infinite timelessness. Linear time is an illusion just like our skin and bones and five senses. Our carbon-based senses were designed to perceive carbon-based reality, and wow it is really a spectacular illusion! My true nature is ONE with all, and I am God. and so is everyone and everything else.

The next thing I remember was hearing my name being screamed very loudly, twice: “Robyn!!!!! ROBYN!!!” and I took the biggest, deepest breath I have ever taken, like my very first breath! And I was back. Heavy, but SO empowered, so refreshed, I KNEW EVERYTHING NOW. No one can ever lead me astray, and I would never again for as long as I live fear death. Because there is no death!!! LOL We are meant to come here and PLAY. That’s IT. Just BE and PLAY and experience this grand illusion of physical reality 🙂

The sensitive details of what I experienced outside my physical body are challenging to describe in written or verbal language, but I did my best. Remember that my brain is merely trying to interpret such a high vibrational experience and decrease it enough to fit into human language according to my brains knowledge and journey. I had an expansive spiritual life before this experience so I can go into more detail sometimes. But people will always be limited to explaining their NDE through they’re human understanding of God, which is not universal, but subjective. Keep that in mind. Sometimes the less knowledge a brain has of religion is best to keep the translation clear. That’s my perspective anyway.

~ Words are a low vibrational activity of the human brain. Vowels, consonants, sounds put together to convey a message and reach a point of connection with another life form. Our potential is to connect telepathically, its faster, clearer and without filters, lies, exaggerations or withholding. Words are simply a lower vibration and the universal realm just gets straight to the point.

~ During the ENTIRE out of body experience I was omnipotent, omni-present, aware and one with all of existence.

~ It was out of this world, unexplainable. I was able to perceive all of the energy that creates physical reality, I could see the sparkling particles connecting and webbing all things together, felt totally embraced and emitting of pure unconditional LOVE.

~ I didn’t ‘have’ vision, as I do in this body. I WAS VISION. I didn’t ‘have’ hearing, I WAS HEARING.


~ I became aware and remembered my decision to incarnate and why. I remembered being born. I remembered that my purpose is to show the way for others into their Christ Consciousness, and to do so by being a living example.

~ Instead of God, I will use the term Source, as it has neither masculine or feminine energy to distort the message. Source is the source, the ONE infinite consciousness. Source has one desire, to know itself. Who am I? Source cannot know itself unless it divides itself into two, thus having another perspective to see itself from. This is where polarity and expansion cycles into eternity.

~ It is a huge challenge to have to pay to survive on the planet you were born on. When all you focus on is survival, you cannot create and manifest heaven on Earth. Our lesson is to examine everything, know thyself and seek happiness. In meditation we can all find our true core essence of oneness. We all have a unique purpose.

~ I am incarnate to usher in the new paradigm for this beautiful planet. I am new here, I have no karma, and that is why I was not supposed to bear that child. The child would have weighed me down to this place energetically. It was an experience set up for my NDE, which enabled me to remember my mission. If I choose to have a child I can, but I still want my creation in this lifetime to be helping to save humanity. (AngelicView: I believe what she is trying to say here, is that the NDE was a planned event – it was in her life plan to have the NDE. It seems that once the veil is broken through (by having an NDE or OBE) one has more clarity after that).

~ I see God as something that I am part of, inseparable from. Not an individual  entity of power to worship or serve. That just makes no sense to me whatsoever. God/Goddess is Source, and Source is OMNI.

I know with full certainty now that our science at this ‘time’ in human evolution is a mere ‘activity’ of the mind, and is nowhere near understanding the totality of the universe with left-brained logic alone. Science MUST evolve toward meditating on the quantum and metaphysical realm to grow. It is highly unbalanced toward logic and not inclusive enough of individual EXPERIENCE.

Also, I had been hanging in the doorways of perception my whole life prior to my NDE, in limbo, with one foot in and the other out, attaching myself to numerous fears and excuses that kept me from completely breaking through. I finally walked all the way through those doors, faced the darkness, terrified and alone, like a long awaited death with each step forward.

There’s no other way out of the prison of our ego than to face its darkness head on. It takes an unbelievable amount of bravery, but worth every bit of pain a thousand fold. I awoke to warm bright light all around me, sunshine beaming from the inside out. A side of what I used to hold onto as ‘me’ has now died….and will continue to reshape itself in alignment with Source perspective a little more each day for the rest of my life.

Waterfall in Romania

I can never return to that sleep state again… What’s left of me is love. What’s left of me is real… I’m lighter, clearer… more alive… more in sync with the true Robyn than ever before. The nameless, speechless all-knowing mass of sacred feminine energy that shines within me, connected to you and you and you and all that is… God(ess) can speak fluently through my voice now, loud and clear. Her voice is slow and glows with even more compassion, and heats up my chest when connecting in love. I know what rings true to me instantly now. I can’t hide behind an expression, I can’t lie in my words… especially not to myself. This is the meaning of liberation… true freedom from masked suffering that we all share in one way or another. I can fly higher, love deeper, sing louder… all of the ‘bottled’ emotions and negative feelings have now been shattered and creatively recycled into a mosaic of soulful art… all of my old wounds that hid behind the curtain have been spot-lit on the stage, I just watch them dance and sing their dark song, then I stand in ovation without any judgment in my heart. I’ve stared my inner critic in the face, only to watch her burn beneath my magnifying glass, transmuting into golden ash… gently blowing it all away in the wind. I live in the world as a bright young child again, where everything is magic and magic is everything! The universe speaks to me in many languages and frequencies, every day, and I can finally comprehend the guidance.

Love and beauty are everywhere, peace is inside of me through both extreme joy and extreme sorrow. Yes, In the midst of grief there is peace, in disappointment there is peace, in death and loss there is peace, in total humiliation there is peace, in what may seem like abandonment or murder, yes, there is still peace.

This is the way life was meant to be lived, this is the one love that I’ve spent my whole life searching for externally, in a partner, in a career, in my travels.

I know why I am here and what I’ve come to learn. I have no answers for another and I don’t need them, I just trust in the present moment, in the eternal flow. I have always known that LOVE IS and I will continue to embody that love.

This is where I am now… Welcoming new experiences of all kinds to paint this new canvas of my life, share all that I truly am, my unmasked self at one with the world. I have walked through the doors but I have not left the building… we are all in this together and I hope I can inspire others to join me here in this heaven on earth… some of you are already here ❤

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”  ~William Blake

Thank you Robyn!


Lady Quan Yin – The End of Illusion – Channeler Aljeiana Sapphira

Lady Quan Yin

Kuan Yin of the Pink and Golden Ray of Light

Greetings dear ones I am Kuan Yin of the loving vibration of the pink and golden ray of light. I come to you with love in my heart and to hold humanity through these ever shifting and moving frequencies as the computation of love and fragmentation settle together in a heavenly array. You are dearer to us than you will ever understand at this time and we commend and revere you for bringing the light deep down into places that we could never go. Although much is changing, we say to you, be strong and hold the light in your bodies, for this is the magic of the mystics and the seers and it is so simple that many overlook it altogether. Use your imaginations, for they were given to you as such a beautiful gift to receive the inspirations of God and to co-create with God in all the infinite delights that the cosmic world has to offer. We come today to bring you wisdom and also the tools that you can use to assist you to bear the light where light is not a this current time. We want to help you to activate your higher chakras, to activate your DNA sequencing and to commune with your galactic and celestial brothers and sisters and also with the linages of your ancestors, for these beings are imparting knowledge and wisdom to yourselves all the time, if you but just learn to listen with your multidimensional selves. Become aware of the way in which your multidimensional selves operate and learn what it has to teach you. It is but another body in which you can interface with the world. The more you spend imagining and being this multidimensional self, the more that will be revealed to you. Serapis Bay would like to assist you with this as well at Jeshua and the Sananda energies, for he has walked this path to manifest those energies that you will need to tap into, to achieve this aim. This is the love he has for you and all beings.

I hear the heavens calling now, just tune into the sounds, the subtlest vibrations and frequencies are residing in an infinitesimal amount above your current level of hearing and understanding. Just expand your boundaries for hearing and sensing vibrations a tiny bit to encompass this new vibrational sound. Imagine now, your multidimensional, multi-bodied self grasping higher and higher energies, as for the first time. Such innocence. Such beauty in the freshness of the experience. Pull down these vibrations into your physical vehicle and command the physical body to assimilate these and to allow the body to change to be a more loving entity. So simple is the way of ascension that it actually eludes many of you, but alas, it is but a command to the cosmos, and the ability to receive the culminations of those commands that begins your ascension. Step by step, a process by which you drop that which doesn’t serve you and then take on more of the light and the beauty that God has to offer.

Dear ones, such is the amazing abilities your have at your disposal, to decide and create who you are in every moment of your being. So powerful you are, that you can manifest the world, expand and take in all things and be of all things until you are united in the will of God; and such you will be, a God in and of itself, through the ownership of these powers. We now ask that you command your DNA to activate those godlike qualities and to express the coding as a subtle multidimensional matrix around your bodies. A new level of vibrational form that can detect and receive beyond that which you have been currently able to receive. And to change the neural and cellular matrix of the biological being to accommodate this new influx of light and wisdom that you be receiving. You are becoming Gods, my friend. You are always changing, always growing, always moving toward and spiraling inwards into the hand of God, the driving light, the epiphany of love.

Please take this time to feel joy in your hearts. Sit and just imagine the joy as it enters you body at the crown area and travels down your spine and into your hearts. Let it fill up every cell in your body. Let it penetrate every nuclei, let it alter the DNA structure. Let there be light! You are the God that commands it to be so! Take your power, take your mantle, its yours by Divine right. Call to the higher beings in your energy field, those of the light and aligned with the light and command that they be a part of your ascension experience and your commands of light-working. These beings are here to assist you. They are you in another form, both part of you in spirit, but there they dwell in your field of awareness as proof to be of your experience and therefore you, sharing in the divine space and divine existence within your own consciousness. Welcome them. See them now. Who are they? See them, study them and know that these are a part of you and there to assist you. What gifts do they have? These gifts are yours. What powers do they have, these powers are now yours to use to do your bidding. What friends do they have, these are your friends. Align yourself with them, welcome them, make friends with them for they are you! Call these beings into your DNA, because this is where they have come from!! Your DNA is manifesting your experience for you all the time, projecting it out so you can see with your limited 3rd dimensional sight…. yes so you can interact with yourself and learn the secrets of the master, masters which are you, in ancient times and future times, where your have mastered everything. The outcome is already set, for all there really is is light. Such you have travelled through the sea of oblivion to experience the loss of yourself as an all encompassing experience because you can do anything! And everything! Even not know yourself! How amazing is that! You are able to experience this phenomenal delusion at the hands of your own intricate mastery. Congratulate yourself on your amazing ability to manifest what ever you want. So the time of delusions are coming to an end, what an enormously powerful game it really was? And you, a winner in every respect. And now we are journeying back to the light, back to Heaven, back to our own godlike selves, to reacquaint ourselves with an even wiser self. Yes we will be different when we get back to ourselves, having not known ourselves and having studied and understood ourselves on a newly and profound level. Oh what a paradox we have created for ourselves. A scrumptious, beautiful and interlacing design of our own making that literally dares to defy life itself, and in doing so, just merely affirms how sacred all things really are. Isn’t this what this dense world has taught us, that there is a new level of depth of the sacredness that has been reached. A new level of profundity. Oh what a beauty is the world to bequeath to us but a star filled dusty arena of light for poets and visionaries to breath life into the spirit of matter, to candalesque between the stars and the night and joyfully dance to the imaginary tunes of love, to speak to the fairies, to sing to the night, to become the queen of the Maker itself. How we float through the abyss, spangled in the light by the awareness of the gods, how we intermingle in the loving embrace of our many selves and project love to that depth of pools of life. Oh the irreversible joys of it, the reflecting magnificence, the adoration, the compelling brightness, the grand symphony and epiphany that is remembering your divine selves.

Note: (When we hear something that is new, that challenges our everything. We just allow it to be in our awareness. No need to think about it. It is doing it’s amazing work all by itself, no need to do anything more. Just allow all this information to be. As time progresses and you change too it will drop into the awareness as realisations and revelations, and then you will know and not a moment before.)


Karen Doonan – Staying in the NOW Moment as ALL Dissolves – New Earth Energies Heightening – 3-7-14




As many of you can now FEEL the New Earth energies are now heightening and expanding in preparation for the BIRTH of the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANITY which begins to enter the delivery room over the next few linear days (at a human conscious waking mind level).

For many of you the triggering will have already begun, you will be able to FEEL yourself automatically try to apply the brakes to this process.

This may confuse many of you as at a very CONSCIOUS waking mind level you are ready for these changes, many of you are literally reaching out for these changes, tired of the holding patterns and yet somehow still unable to fully embrace your creations.

The frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality sit at SUB and UN conscious mind levels, so whilst you may state consciously “I WISH TO”, the human logical mind is working on ways to self sabotage, this self sabotage is driven by these lower dimensional frequencies that sit hidden deep within the cellular structure of said human vehicle.

The way to work with these frequencies is to allow the frustration to ARISE WITHIN YOU.

Begin to look at it, detach from the frustration itself and ask the question

“what do I have to believe is true in order for this to present itself to me in this form”.

From this question you will begin to get some answers from your SOUL,

Be open to how these answers are delivered to you,

They may come via dreamtime, they may come through those around you.

It is often the actual use of human language that illuminates this for you and you may attempt to filter this out.

Why did you choose the words that you chose to describe your situation and your frustration?

These types of questions when LISTENED to are helpful.

They are not stated in order to trigger the human logical mind, that is do not ask them in order to solve “the puzzle” .

(in TRUTH there is no puzzle you are TAUGHT there is).

Ask the question, you can do this silently and then FEEL the answer.

Communication between those who have taken human form upon and within this planet

and ALL who are incarnate in the UNIVERSE OF 3 at this time is heightening and deepening for just this scenario.

ALL is hidden in plain view, when you reach a level of expansion of clarity of vision,

it is often staggering just how obvious the answer is, it will have literally been staring you in the face

but the frequency that prevented you from viewing was anchored deeply.

Trying to solve “the puzzle” will see you walking blindly down a very dark street wearing a blindfold.

ALL IS FREQUENCY in the universe,

NO ONE is keeping anything from you, quite the opposite

However the frequencies of the old 3d earth created reality were created in order to blind you.

Therefore there is NO servitude in berating yourself for not being able to see something when it is illuminated.

This is a tool of the old 3d earth created reality,  designed to re-lower your energy signature. F

or each moment of clarity will see you NATURALLY RISE in energy signature.

The codings that are sent out via these blogs and are sent out energetically across and through planet earth

work to release these frequencies, this is why I continually state that the unfolding of a new reality

is a highly PERSONAL and UNIQUE perspective for only YOU are incarnate into the human vehicle that you are.

How this human vehicle interprets the DATA that is sent energetically to it from the universe is PERSONAL and UNIQUE.

It is NOT TRUTH to assume that all can interpret in the same way.

This is a teaching of the old 3d earth created reality which seeks to TEACH that all do.

This is why it is not TRUTH to “follow” ,

Each perspective on this planet is unique and PERSONAL to the human vehicle that is experiencing it.

This is why there are a minimum of 7 billion UNIQUE realities that are manifest upon and within planet earth.

As your human logical mind only sees the human vehicle,

and references the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality, it ASSUMES that the entire human race live the same reality.

This is highly distorted and it is this teaching that seeks to blind many at this moment.

This teaching is now dissolving for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.


take off


It is to be noted that “spirituality” is a prison that is holding many in place at this time,

A creation of the old 3d earth created reality it seeks to teach at all times to hand over your power to a “higher” power in the universe.

A gentle reminder that ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE EQUAL.

Therefore there can be NO higher power in the universe,

this is also a teaching that is blinding many at this time,

for how can you take and accept full responsibility for your human life experience and creations

if you are placing responsibility at the feet of some “higher power”?

Yes you may be in a human form upon this planet,  but this is but PART of your manifestation in the universe

For you are at SOUL level vast and eternal,

therefore to state that in your chosen human form,  you are somehow less,

is handing over your power to the old 3d earth created reality.

Until you can accept full responsibility for your human life experience

then you are to a certain extent “powerless” for you are continually handing your power to those around you.

YOU chose this human life experience at this particular moment

KNOWing at a SOUL level that you could move into full expansion and creation AT HUMAN CONSCIOUS WAKING MIND LEVEL,thereby creating HEAVEN UPON EARTH.

This is not possible if you continually seek to reference your life

through the “higher” power of something that exists outside of SELF,

for the human vehicle is but your vessel of choice to experience this particular planet.

At this time upon and within planet earth you are asked to LET GO and BE,

to enter the silence when it is needed, in order to understand that which is now dissolving around you,

through you and within you, was never TRUTH.

It was a CREATED reality into which you chose to incarnate over and over.

This reality is now fully dissolving and is held in place ONLY by the frequencies that are still anchored within the human vehicles upon and within planet earth.

To live a NEW LIFE in a NEW WAY in a NEW REALITY,

you must first of all release ALL that you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality,

in order to embrace and expand into TRUTH for




Question for Jim Self – What Are the Structures of the Third Dimension?

MasteringAlchemy·128 videos

Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

11:11 Talk Radio, hosted by Simran Singh
8/15/2013 episode: Jim Self – What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

11:11 Talk Radio

Simran Singh’s website

Karen Doonan – Dissolving the Invisible Anchor of the old 3d Earth – 2-17-14

Karen Doonan



I have blogged previously about “anchors” and how these work to anchor your energy into a particular “place” or “dimension” in which you exist.  Like the physical anchor of a boat, the anchoring of your energy will see movement in your outer waking life but only as far as the length of rope that is attached to the anchor. You will in essence never drift very far from where you have “anchored” your “boat” which is your human vehicle. At this time upon planet earth the energies are heightening and expanding in order that you dissolve fully ALL anchors that have kept you energetically TIED to a dimensional timeline.

There is one “invisible” anchor that is stronger than any other in this your human life experience and at this moment the old 3d earth created reality may be attempting to blind you further to it.  For you were BORN INTO the old 3d earth created reality and as such there is an “anchor” point that you have been TAUGHT to place in THIS dimensional timeline which seeks to keep you within the bandwidth of the old 3d earth created reality.  The universe and YOUr SOUL will send you various symbols and signs in order to help highlight that which is on the very edge of your vision.  For me it has been the symbol of “DEATH”, this has come up over and over again for me the past few linear days and especially in relation to GRIEF.   It is to be remembered that you cannot take any of the old 3d earth into the New Earth and that this transition is similar to the process of DEATH in that you will go through the various stages of grieving BUT you are retaining your human vehicle.

This is of course very confusing for the human logical mind which will try to TEACH that you cannot grieve for SELF for you are still alive.  LOGICALLY this makes no sense but you are in TRANSITION, the transition from the old 3d earth created reality previously  always involved a physical death. You were born, you lived in the old 3d earth created reality and then you died, returning back to SOUL and then re-incarnating once more. THIS TIME and in this TIMELINE you are dying AND being reborn into a new reality, a new dimensional space but KEEPING your human vehicle, an energetic transition whilst still being conscious of being alive on this planet.

At this moment there may be people around you who are at a loss of how to interact with you, they may actually state that they do not recognise you or that you have changed so much they no longer recognise you. For your human vehicle will take the same form as the one that you birthed into in order to birth onto the planet earth but ENERGETICALLY you are shifting, moving and expanding. Again this is highly confusing to the human logical mind and your own human logical mind may at this time be trying to teach you to filter out where in this process you are. For in order to move fully into the New Earth you have to ACCEPT your death in the old 3d earth created reality. You have to accept that the life you came ORIGINALLY to live within the old 3d earth created reality is now OVER, it has dissolved and you are NO LONGER the same person.


Until you can illuminate this movement and this energetic release you will still be anchored deep within the old 3d earth created reality for the anchor will seek to pull you BACK INTO the old 3d earth created reality. You may find yourself self sabotaging in your waking life and be at a loss as to why you are doing this. This behaviour shows that the “old” version of you, the old 3d earth version that birthed onto this planet is still trying to exist within the human vehicle into which you are now transforming energetically. You may find that you move between dimensional realities and that sometimes you are able to hold the higher dimensional realities and at other times you are triggered and revert back to old 3d earth behaviours.



At this time you are asked to reach out to the New Earth and YOUr SOUL and ask to be shown that which is anchoring you into the old 3d earth, that which is anchoring you into the “old” karmic lifetime that you are now dissolving in order to move fully into the New Earth, for you can dissolve layers and layers of lower dimensional frequencies but you also need to dissolve the anchor in order for the physical movement to occur into the physical manifestation of the New Earth reality that YOU are manifesting with the guidance of your SOUL at this moment.


The subject of “invisible” anchors will be the topic for Beyond the Looking Glass which airs on Wednesdays 7 – 8pm (est) USA on the pyramid one network.  For more info please click here.  If you have questions then please call into the show live when we are on air, ask through the online chat box or skype.


Jim Self – What ARE The 3rd and 4th Dimensions – 1-22-14


What ARE The 3rd and 4th Dimensions? > Jim Self

Understanding the aspects and rules of 3D and 4D allows us to better choose where we want to live.

Many of us know or intuitively feel that we are transitioning form the third-dimensional reality, passing through the fourth and are on our way to the fifth dimension. Dimensions are not places but instead levels of consciousness, each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking and feeling.
Our Third Dimensional Experience

The third dimension is very dense and operates within a specific set of rules and structures that hold many vibrations of thought and emotion. One of those vibrations is known as fear. In our spiritual quest to fully explore All-That-Is we went deeper and deeper into density choosing to incarnate many times upon the Earth. To maximize our third-dimensional experience we purposely left behind Higher Aspects of ourselves and lost our sense of connections to the Creator.

In this perceived sense of separation we lost our way and, like abandoned children, we begin to experience the energy we call fear. This state of fear created rigidity and made it more difficult for us to move freely. As we continued to passionately play in this rigid third dimension we began to take on many uncomfortable attributes such as dis-ease, victim, guilt, lack and resistance. We chose to do all this in order to know ourselves better, and in spite of what we may think, we have been very successful at playing in this third-dimensional game.

Many who cling to fear have created a default system which gives them a false sense of security. “If I just go inside my house and close the door, I’ll be safe”. This reaction has closed down our ability to expand and grow, re-merge with our Soul, and re-member our Higher Selves. Too many humans have stopped living their passion as they argue for their limitations within a web of fear.
Third Dimensional Structures

Let’s explore the composition of this third dimensional world we live in. If we look carefully, we can see three structures of this playing field or “game board”. Understanding these will allow our transition through the Grand Shift of Consciousness to occur more comfortably.

1 – Duality. The purpose of duality has been to help us learn how to walk in balance while experiencing contrast. Our intention was to have experiences without becoming affected by them. Living within the field of duality was simply meant to provide us with a broad array of choices and opportunities to “Know Ourselves.”

To assist in this adventure, Creator made the Law of Attraction available. Like a compass, this unwavering Law reliably shows us where we are and what we are experiencing at all times. The Law of Attraction simply says “what you place your attention is what will be given to you”. This also means that “what we resist will persist”.

As we resisted our fears, a greater range of duality or polarity came about-good and bad, right and wrong, should and shouldn’t-and with our attention on the uncomfortable experiences, these fears magnified. We resisted this discomfort, submerging many of our fears in our unconscious mind where we would not have to look at them or deal with them (we hoped). But the Law of Attraction doesn’t just bring us the “good stuff, it responds to the loudest feelings and thoughts we broadcast those holding the greatest emotional charge) whether they are conscious or unconscious, comfortable or uncomfortable, desired or unwanted.

2 – Reactionary Present-Time. As we learned fear, we also began to project experiences which did not feel good a moment ago (past) out in front of us (future) thinking “I hope this never happens to me again”, and thus we began to create Time. Third-dimensional time was not created as a straight line of events with a beginning, middle and end. It was actually a time-loop consisting of past and future, with a single insertion point known as the “present moment” where we make new choices based on past experiences and future desires. By reacting to situations from fear, we began making fear-based choices.

Our decisions about the future were based upon the past. Our 3-D life became a series of reactionary experiences founded in resisting rather than allowing, thereby dragging the past with us into the future. And because the Universe adores us, the Law of Attraction will never object to, or challenge, what we place our attention on; it simply delivers what we ask for. Most of us waste a great deal of our energy ensnared in an endless cycle where our past haunts our future and our future echoes our past in a continuous 3-D Time loop.

Also built into the structure of 3-D Time is a wonderful mechanism that can keep us out of troubles in this adventure. A buffer or lag-time gives us the chance to reconsider the consequences of our actions, reactions, thought and emotions before we react and create something we might have to clean up or apologize for afterwards. This built-in structure allows us a moment of Choice. During the Shift this buffer is getting shorter and things are manifesting faster than ever.

3 – The Rational Mind. Our analytical, reasoning thought process is know as the rational mind. When we came to play in this adventure we disconnected 90% of our available awareness in order to have this experience. The development of the rational mind served us well in this environment. Its purpose is to keep us safe and fit in. But due to fear and misuse, the rational mind operates more in limitation than in possibility than opportunity.

Because we have given assignments to the mind that it was not designed for, our awareness and spiritual ranges of choice have greatly diminished. While the logical mind is a wonderful tool for measuring, comparing and storing information, it only knows what it knows and does not know what it does not know.

For thousands of years the rational mind has kept humanity tightly focused in the three-dimensional realm. This is now changing.

These three energetic structures are intricately woven into the fabric of the third-dimensional matrix. If you focus on only one of these the other two intensify, creating more distraction and more pressure until you reset your focus and allow them to come back into balance. By becoming aware of the underlying templates from which the third dimension is born, we can begin to reconstruct and remember a significant part of ourselves, freeing us to move beyond the limits of the third dimension and begin to experience the possibilities of the fourth and fifth.
Fourth Dimensional Structures

Now let’s explore the elements of the fourth dimension.

1 – Eternal Present-Time. Where 3-D time is a charged, Reactionary Present-Time, 4-D time is the Eternal Present-Time. NOW. In 4-D the past is simply history without emotional charge and the future is an opportunity waiting to be fashioned in this now moment through choice. Yesterday has no bearing on tomorrow. The eternal present is all there is. We can plan for a future event using information gathered from the past, but decisions are conscious choices that are made in the present moment. What we think is what we will experience in the moment. There is no lag-time in 4-D. What you think about will manifest so be mindful of what you think!

2 – Choice. In the fourth dimension, “choice” replaces “reaction”. Reaction is an emotional 3-D response, whereas choice provides flexibility. Flexibility creates expanded opportunity and a grater ability to combine possibilities to produce a variety of outcomes. In the fourth dimension you take back your power to choose.

3 – Paradox. In 4-D the past and future become points of reference or information and have no emotional attachments. What was true a moment ago is not necessarily true in this present moment and what was false many not necessarily be false any longer. This opens up more possibilities to experience, releases judgments, and increases our ability to allow.

4- Alignment/Balance. In the fourth dimension we are constantly moving towards balance and re-alignment. This structure is very open, entertaining and allowing of all possibilities. Well-being, Beauty, the Inner Smile, Appreciation, and Love are options in 4-D. Whereas Fear is a choice which will place us back in 3-D reaction and limitation.

Our spiritual journey includes the movement toward a higher, lighter way of life. This is a life of community, cooperation and co-creation in 4-D while we walk in the density of 3-D. 5-D opportunities are not far behind. This is remembering how to be in the world but of the world. This is remembering who you came here to be.
Universal Copyright 2013 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and http://www.masteringalchemy.com is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial
no charge basis.What ARE The 3rd and 4th Dimensions? > Jim Self.

Kryon – Your Divinity – Your Divine Connection to All

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Saturday, March 14, 2010
Melbourne Australia

Kryon, channeled live by Lee Carroll, shares with us more about our divinity and our connection to all…

December 21, 2012 marked the halfway point in a 36 year cycle wherein Gaia has entered the milky way galactic equator, or center. We have 18 years to go, to build this “New World”, and for decades beyond that… This date marked a point with the highest potential in consciousness that humanity has ever seen in over 26,000 years. We are in it already halfway. This is a time of Earth changes. This is a time of profound consciousness shift. Our perceptions will go beyond our 5 senses. We will be able to better detect wisdom, also feelings of compassion and love. When we are not aware of our path, our path becomes fearful. Now it is imperative that we seek within for answers, and ask for help, and it shall be given. Authentic power needs to be created, and it must be created. Development of you, by you, to better distinguish the difference between love and fear… Find the qualities that are not serving you, and find the ones that do. Every moment and every second is a choice. The power lies in within you. You can change the planet and your life. Realize how beautiful, and powerful you are.


Dimitri Halley – Facing the Shadow to Liberate from the Illusion

EBTV presents host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) with special guest Dimitri Halley in a dialogue about facing the shadow to liberate from the illusion.

Dimitri is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, and describes his role as a depth psychologist at the individual and collective levels. He is also a professor in the psychology of paranormal phenomena and studies the deeper reality Physics calls ‘Quantum’ and Religion calls ‘Spiritual’ in terms of firsthand experiences.

BLOG: http://touchingtheshadow.blogspot.ca
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/daniela1771
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dimitrihalley

Specific topics covered in the video episode are as follows:

1. A summary of Dimitri’s view on the nature of reality. (1:40)
– the role of observation and perception in how we see reality

2. The role of the mind in creating our reality. (3:55)
– the mind as the centre of the atom

3. What is the shadow and the meaning of doing shadow work? (7:20)
– coming back into wholeness with ourselves

4. How society teaches an alienation of the self, and the consequences of this. (11:25)
– the rejection of the shadow
– the rejection of the feminine

5. The root of our obsession with external salvation, i.e. God, Jesus, super heroes, ETs, etc. (14:45)
– looking to the external for external causes and solutions

6. The meaning behind our preoccupation with external control systems, i.e. NWO, Illuminati, etc. (17:20)
– the entrapment of fighting against something too much

7. The preoccupation of negating the Ego and the missing step in moving from Ego-centered living to Love-centered living. (22:10)
– the consequence of the spiritually inflated Ego

8. What is at the root of trying to force our ideas onto others, or convince them towards a certain view. (26:40)
– a representation of our personal insecurities
– the reflection of ourself in all interaction of others

9. What is the purpose and role of duality? (31:35)
– the “Law of Nature” and polarity
– learning how to sustain the opposites

10. What is the bigger picture understanding of “we are one”. (35:10)
– seeing the “individual” as a fractal

11. The meaning of “returning to the star – our true state”. (39:05)
– our light/photon nature/state

12. What is the solution for real awakening and liberation? (42:15)
– changing our perspective about the external

13. How can we understand what our dreams are telling us? (45:40)
– dreams as our direct link to our unconscious, and the Source

Karen Doonan – Find Balance Whilst Dissolving 3D Earth



Many of you at this time may be in total frustration and chaos. The overlay of the New Earth working to pull you into your heart space AT ALL times whilst the old 3d earth maintaining or trying to maintain its hold on your LOGIC.  It is vital that at this time you find and try to maintain BALANCE. This is found by being in your HEART space AND your logical mind but allowing one to reference the other.

By this I mean you allow your logical mind to reference the HEART space and NOT the other way around. If you try to anchor that which your logical mind is trying to teach you then you will lower your energetic signature and may descend into the hall of mirrors of the old 3d earth once more. This is not supported by the New Earth and will not therefore manifest fully, so you may find yourself in a sort of see-sawing motion where you attempt to move forward but may feel that you are going around in circles and actually getting nowhere.

It is NOT TRUTH to believe that you are getting “nowhere”, all is energy and energy CONTINUALLY moves, it never stops, it is the perception of the human logical mind that will try to teach you that you have not moved. Many times during this process the process has APPEARED to slow down, experience has shown me personally that when things in my life APPEAR to be slowing down they are doing the exact opposite, the “slowing down” the perception of my logical mind.  Again I have blogged on this previously, any of you who have been in a traumatic situation or accident will be able to resonate how the incident APPEARS to slow down as it is happening, this is the way that the human logical mind has been TAUGHT to interpret the overload of information that unfolds around, through and within the human vehicle at that moment.

At this moment upon planet earth there are energetic frequencies that are flowing both within and across the planet that have never been experienced by the human vehicle at this level. So perception takes some “time” (to use a human expression) to find balance and be anchored within the cellular structure of the human vehicle.

There are NO reference points for this part of the unfolding of the New Earth, your HEART is creating them and your human logical mind is referencing them at all moments, this is the opposite  from what you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth. TAUGHT to allow the human logical mind to reference and the heart to follow. I have often asked people “if you had to make a decision to choose HEART or HEAD which would you opt for?”  The answer is not as easy as it first appears, for when EMOTIONS are running intensely around, through and within you the human logical mind will begin to assert its position, but this position is DISTORTION.

Many of you at this time may be trying desperately to make some sort of “sense” of your outer waking reality, with many scenarios perhaps birthing around you, through and within you that challenge your logical mind. You may find yourself using the phrase “this makes no sense”, “this is insane”, “what is going on?” repeatedly and if you are attempting to share your thoughts and anxieties with those around you who are still within the old 3d earth frequencies this may be ADDING to your frustration and anxiety. For you will be able to FEEL TRUTH long before you can SEE it and identify it. For ALL is hidden in plain view, all that obscures your vision are the teachings of the old 3d earth. It is no longer enough to work only with the teachings, you must now align yourself FULLY with the New Earth and focus SOLELY on the New Earth.

I have always guided and stated that YOUr SOUL is overseeing this entire life experience and many people filter out the depth of this statement.  At this moment upon and within planet earth YOUr SOUL is triggering you deliberately to “flush out” the hidden residue of the old 3d earth teachings. Personal experience has at times taken my breath away as the New Earth has shown me the DEPTH of distortion that is in operation upon and within this planet.  How my logical mind will at ALL times attempt to teach me that what I see is what is actually real and this is NOT TRUTH.  It has taught me to process each moment the energies that are presented to me.

MANY upon and within planet earth are running karmic dimensional distorted frequencies (see websites for further info) and they may at a very human level APPEAR to support and understand you but unless YOU check the frequencies that they are running personally through your HEART then you may get drawn into the reality they are trying to create. This is an overlay from the old 3d earth and more information about this will be placed upon the Crystalline Sanctuary and Whispering Universe websites.

It is not enough to anchor that you are CREATING your OWN reality within the New Earth,  YOUr SOUL is trying to show you how to move fully into this moment whilst detaching from the karmic residue that others are allowing to run unchecked within their energy signatures. Remember the old 3d earth teachings attempt to BLIND YOU at all turns, if you believe that you have dissolved all that you need to dissolve I would guide you to look again and to look deeper.

TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.  ALL is not as it APPEARS upon and within planet earth at this time.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.


Ascension – Learning Module 01 – Ascension Help Radio with Cameron Day

AscensionHelp·22 videos

“Ascension Help Radio with Cameron Day”

Take a journey deep within yourself to address hidden limitations holding you back so you can increase your frequency of thought. Cameron Day addresses topics such as how to put your ego mind into it’s proper place in your consciousness, how to strengthen your connection to your higher self, how to safely and effectively disconnect from harmful external energies and people, how to reclaim your energy and power from limiting beliefs, and much more. Visit AscensionHelp.com to access a free version of the Ascension Help Self-Clearing System.

Webstite: http://www.ascensionhelp.com
Blogsite: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/
Radio Archive: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/ascensio…

Suzan Caroll – Releasing Illusion to Remember the Truth

3D Illusion

The main enemy that we have is the lies that we tell ourselves. These lies that we tell ourselves come from believing the illusion. I had big trees at the back of my house, which were planted in the neighbor’s yard, that created total privacy, Then, then the neighbor cut them all down, which was devastating to me because I adored those trees. They were like people. Days later, after I had gone through my grief, I looked out at the huge houses on the hill behind my house and said, “The illusion of privacy is gone.” and then penny dropped

Then I got a higher lesson that what was so devastating was actually the death of an illusion. The trees proved me with an illusion of privacy, and when I lost that illusion I was very sad. We have lived many, many lifetimes in the 3D world of illusion. Hence, as we move in to the higher frequencies of our consciousness, our perceptions will see through illusions of our physical world and into the truths of the higher dimensions.

Many of us are going to keep a copy of our body on Earth in the same manner as we save a copy of a paper we are writing. If we are writing a presentation or a paper we remember to save a copy. In this way, we can make sure that we don’t lose the original while we are making the revisions. Whether or not we know it, we are all in the process of making a lot of revision to our consciousness and even our body.

The main revision we are making as we move into the higher frequencies is that we are leaving time. When our consciousness pierces the illusion of time, can consciously experience into the higher dimensional worlds. Then, we return to our physical form a second before, or after, we left. Thus, to our physical reality, we never left. This is something that is happening to a lot of us and is why people are losing their short-term memory.

Although, it isn’t really our short-term memory that we are losing, but the memory of where our consciousness just dashed off to and returned form. We do not remember what happened because we just left time. Since our 3D memory is based on the past, present and future time, it cannot register a concept of moving into a timeless reality and returning just before, or shortly after, we left.

Therefore our brain usually translates these experiences as a sensation of something rushing across the side of our vision. However, when we turn to fact it, there is nothing there. We may also have a dream or a meditation that seems totally real. These experiences take us to a place or a person who appears as real as anyone we might meet on the street. We are having these experiences because we are gradually releasing our attachment to the third dimension.

I say attachment because we came here to assist Earth, the physical being of Gaia. Thus, our physical vessel serves as our anchor into the earth. This anchor pulls us back into our earth vessel at the completion of our wonderful inter-dimensional escapades. In other words, our inner world that was once called “just our imagination,” is becoming as “real.” Simultaneously, as our expanding consciousness is activating our expanded perceptions, our inter-dimensional sojourns seem increasingly “real.”

This process of activating our multidimensional mind enough to perceive the higher frequencies of reality will increasing expand. When we have these experiences it is important to save it to our “computer mind” by linking with our “external hard drive” in the core of Gaia. Once we share/save these experiences with Gaia’s core, everything that is saved in Gaia’s core is shared what everyone else who has linked to Gaia’s core. In this manner, all of Gaia’s beings, who are not all humanoid, are moving into a deep unity consciousness.

And, unity consciousness is the secret to ascension. Those of us that are awake are a very small percentage of the entire human population. Fortunately the animals are awake, the plants are awake, the elements are awake, and the elementals are awake. Far too many of the people are NOT awake. Therefore, those of us who are ready for ascension need to band together so that two and two are four, four and four are eight, eight and eight are sixteen etc, etc, so that we can exponentially increase our ability to influence this reality.

We are advancing in this exponential manner because we are becoming portals of light. As this light enters our pineal gland it activates our multidimensional mind, which is connecting with our physical brains. When you look at a lot of pictures of ET’s they have huge upper sections of their head because they have included their multidimensional minds into their visible form. Human’s multidimensional mind is not visible to 3D perception because it resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

As an exercise, close your eyes and psychically look at someone that you feel is in the process of ascending. Look at them with your third eye and you will see their multidimensional mind on top of their brain. Once the circuitry between the third dimensional brain and the multidimensional mind is connected they will have multidimensional consciousness. We all have this multidimensional mind. We don’t have to earn it because we were born with it. It’s just that we have to remember to hook up the circuitry of our 3-D self with the circuitry of our multidimensional mind.

Guided Meditation

We, the Arcturians, will now guide you into the core of Gaia. While there, visit the Lemurian civilization in Inner Earth. They have created a beautiful fifth dimensional reality, which is a living example for the creation and accepting of fifth dimensional Earth. Let’s begin by all of us imagining that we have found our passageway into the core of Gaia and allow the memories of our lifetimes in which you were Lemurian.

Perhaps you remember traveling in one of the speedway vehicles Inner Earth Lemurian. You may even remember being in some of those hidden catacombs that the Atlantians found. Maybe you were a Navaho or one of the Native Americans that followed the deep inner tunnels all the way to Tibet. You might even have entered Lemuria via Tibetan.

Either way, you will find that the middle of Gaia is not unoccupied and is inhabited in the frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond. Since these inner passageways and inner worlds of Gaia resonate to a higher frequency they are out of phase with your physical time, as well as your physical perception. Therefore, a scientific journal would say, no, no, no that’s impossible. That is correct. It is absolutely impossible in a third dimensional reality. But what we are doing here is moving beyond the limitations of that third dimensional reality.

These higher frequencies of light have always been here. What occurred at the flashpoint that we called Ascension on 12-12-12 was not commonly perceived because your third dimensional illusions blocked out your knowingness. The higher frequencies did enter your world and cleared many illusions from your personal and planetary 3D matrixes. However, what you expect to see, you will see.

Hence, humanity has to release the habit of living in illusion to find the courage to see the truth. Some are trying to keep these illusions alive. They are spending a great deal of their energy living in a reality that no longer exists as it is too difficult to release their habit of being third dimensional. Thus they live in a reality that no longer exists, except in their illusions.

Now, take a moment to take a few long, deep breaths to calibrate your attention to your higher states of consciousness. We invite each and every one of you to connect with one of your myriad higher dimensional expressions. You do not have to get better, you do not have to prepare, you don’t have to learn, and you don’t have to work hard. All you have to do release your illusions. It may feel painful to release some of these illusions because humanity has loved their illusions. However, NOW humanity can learn to love the truth.

Sometimes you may have a difficult time releasing your illusions because you are using them to disguise an action or a feeling that is too uncomfortable to feel. For example, many of you here now have directly experienced the sinking of Lemuria and/or Atlantis. However that memory is so painful that you have kept your illusion rather than facing the true emotions of the end of a magnificent world. However, every ending is also a beginning, just like in your NOW.

We are the Arcturians, will guide you through the experience of he sinking of Lemuria so that you may realize and release the old sorrow and gain your important lessons. Before we return to this memory please remember that third dimensional communication is logical, sequential and focused on time-based past, present and future. On the other hand, multidimensional communication is based on imagination, perceptual images and emotional/bodily feelings within the timeless NOW.


Soren Dreier – Getting The Doorway Influx? – 11-12-13



Seems like the ether is starting to get both very dense and very swift now and it’s taking its toll on people.

Some folks are taking that in as a weight on their shoulders and are going into ‘sadness’- mode. It is the density causing this.

Somehow, if we are there, we got to flush out the sadness. By the weapon of choice.

It is door opening time in Beamed Up City and it is door closing time. If we have the courage the density will clear up. If we can’t close the doors we need to close, the density and sadness will prevail. Time to reach for the keys.

The influx is somehow very subtle and very ‘suggestion’ based and it shifts almost overnight.

My take on it: If you feel the influx – unlock the doors, no matter what, as long as it is uncharted territory and not: One step forward – two steps back. If the old doors signal: ‘I’m getting pulled back to my past’ – lock them.

Be firm, stand your ground. You are not responsible for other peoples need for keeping you in your past. We are responsible for not being dragged there.

When the ether, the morph or the collective consciousness gets this density the psychological picture here looks like a mist turning into a very thick fog and we can’t let that get to us. We will begin to feel that we can not trust our own emotions. In a way that is good, since the influx calls upon the intuitive guidance system. Listen…

It also impacts our sleep patterns. I know people who sleep a lot more than they are used to. And I know a great deal of people who have barely slept for a month. They toss and turn and have the feel in the nervous system that they describe as similar to an electric current running up and down their legs. Some have a bright light in their inner eye, where there should be the healing darkness of sleeping, at least that is what they so long for.

I had that myself, and it’s been driving me nuts. Until I found out that coffee in the middle of the night actually helped. A bit strange. But it does. And I´m not much of a coffee drinker, so it can’t be a tolerance issue with caffeine.

If you’re there right now and tossing and turning, and maybe are trying to doze it down with different substances, avoid alcohol though – since it blocks out the possibility of REM sleep.

The opening of doors is, as mentioned, very subtle. Subtle is good, since the God-Force speaks that way through the density. On occasion it certainly speaks with high impact, but the vibe is: invitation based.

Are you getting surprising invites? Maybe they even will push your boundaries a bit, since they seem highly untraditional and straight forward.

It can be invites to seminars, traveling, moving, social visits, romance and obviously other adventures.

My take on those: Consider and act.

Don’t over think it – just set out.

People are finding each other now at a very high frequency level.
It’s like: ‘I feel at home in your eyes – can you love me?’ – Very rapid yet very deep.
It is on a soul level and any kind of foreplay with the situation whatever that may be, is not needed. The connection is there instantly, and it will be life changing.

Nothing that goes on right now on that level or in the field of infinite possibilities is random. It is: Meant to be.

We have a lot of good reasons/excuses for not engaging in these cosmic invitations. Because they challenge our comfort zone, they always will. But in all of that being a good reason to decline that the Universe is inviting us to the dance floor: Is it a go – or a no go?

No go – meaning status quo, and there is absolutely at the present time no status quo. It is: Get moving time, emotionally, intellectually or physically until spring 2014. Then the invitations will go down.

Is it common amongst the Heart People? Yes it is. I see it with the people I engage with. Something’s about to change big time.

Maybe you have the urge to invite something or someone into your life. Now is the time to do it. Take a leap of faith and express it by sending out the invite.

If we don’t – nothing will happen and it will be: Opportunity lost.

Invite yourself to invite circumstances to alter and hereby take on and connect with the abundance through change, love, experiences and so on.

Maybe put into other words: ‘Follow your cravings right now as long as they represent a higher vibe and offer insights, love, or just a change of physical coordinates and they embed the leap of faith’.

The door closing is maybe a bit more difficult because it can sound cold.

Somebody asked me the other day: ‘Do I need to blow love at people that I really don’t fancy’.

No, shut it down. You´re not a bloody saint. And folks pick up that you´re not full hearted in it anyway, so let’s detach from that ‘spiritual’ idea of servicing without taking our own resources into account, which I touched upon in the Ruby post’.

This is not the time to pretend, and pretending will not get us anywhere. This weird 3D world doesn’t need that. It wants us genuine, and if we cannot be, we cannot be. Simple as that.

So the shut down process is targeting that.

Shut people down who hold you as a prisoner of the past. They might feel a loss, that cannot be avoided and we have to architect their loss since we are giving them that loss of: ‘I cannot do this anymore’: our relationship, family, work, people on line and the whole emotional architecture we have created around us.

Since we more or less subscribe to the: ‘I create my reality’, we need to take some of our creation down. And Love is also: Giving other people a crisis so they can move on and find their relationships on whatever level where they feel safe. And they certainly aren’t safe if we think they restrain us. We will riot at some given time and so will they.

It seems to be an ongoing mechanic: When there’s high impact subtle changes in the field of the void, the morph, the unmanifest, low frequency also kicks in with high impact and will try to restrain you for opening the doors to that fact, and it sends the battle for emotional or spiritual survival into the inner realms so we get the battle between: ‘I would really love to go with this Universe invite, but I don’t think I´m allowed’.

Well, if that is so, we need permission from others. That’s not a good strategy.

The most important thing though is the permission we have to grant ourselves and go for it on a soul level. If it is on a soul level: Go!

That seems to be a great challenge right now, if I´m decoding the influx correctly.

So will you grant yourself that permission?

The permission to accept the invites that the Universe is pointing to. It whispers so pay attention.

We also need to decline any invitations, which for any of us individually would be a setback.

That’s the delicate walk of Dharma right now.

These changes on a soul level that are suggested, whether it will be by the Universe, your higher self (which it always is, since the higher self is plugged into the God Force) or people you might have a vision of, will all be life altering.

Find the courage and maybe: Open some doors by inviting new circumstances, enter the doors that will open now  and close the doors to the old and worn out.

Sideeffect: Happiness will kick in.   /   © 2013 Soren Dreier


Karen Doonan – Ghosts and Mirages of the Old 3d Earth – How to Dissolve Them – 11-8-13

Once more the New Earth energies begin to heighten and many of you may be wondering why you seem to be shown the “same” scenarios over and over. It may be that the scenarios are “haunting” you and I use the word “haunting” deliberately. A world that is dissolving has plenty residue and the old 3d earth IS dissolving.  It is built on the lower dimensional frequencies of fear and as such will attempt to bully you into believing that all is not as it FEELs.

Many of you at this time may be repeatedly using the phrase “oh not again, I thought this was all sorted” and then give out a large sigh of exasperation.  The old 3d earth knows NO other way of reacting or of BEing so it will attempt at all times to show you how fearful the world is, except  it will do so with less “bite”.  It is becoming literally a shadow of its former SELF. Much like a bully in the playground will not back down and admit they have done anything the old 3d earth paradigms will try to hold on until they fade completely.

The way to work with these “ghosts” and “mirages” is to fully interact with them, if you try to touch them then you will find that you can place your hand through them and that they have NO substance at all. At first glance they may appear to be more than they are but standing in your LIGHT and FEELing will show you that what you are dealing with is not real.  The old 3d earth can appear to be solid in its creations but it cannot hide the energy signature that it uses and this is also a key. For as long as you remain in the heart space and allow yourself to FEEL then you can begin to SEE THROUGH that which is being presented to you.

I would ask you to work at this level with ALL that is being presented to you at this time, remember the old 3d earth NEEDS your fear to make it solid, this fear is now dissolving also for as you work with the LOVE that IS and anchor this fully within your very BEing then the fear cannot take hold and you STRENGTHEN your LIGHT.  The old 3d earth may repeatedly try to show you the “ghosts” and try to make you believe that they are real but ALL that is not TRUTH will dissolve and all that is will continue to STRENGTHEN and expand and deepen.

As you begin to strengthen you will naturally begin to detach from that which may have triggered you in the old 3d earth paradigms and that which was running at a karmic dimensional timeline level. The old 3d earth paradigms and the lower dimensional realities are also dissolving and as the New Earth begins now to birth fully,anchor  and expand then the “hold” of the old 3d earth paradigms will continue to fade and to dissolve.

The New Earth at all times asks you to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and this may also be perceived at times as the old 3d earth making its presence felt but again I would guide you strongly to FEEL the energetic signature that is below that which is being presented to you.  A bit like lifting weights, you would not move through the different weights without first checking that you comfortably lift the weight that you did previously. We use this analogy to show you how you build strength in relation to that which may have once triggered you but now you see  and FEEL it for the karmic frequency that it always was in TRUTH.  It is vital at this time to discern that which is the dissolving and that which is the strengthening and again I would guide you to step out of “assumptions”.  These serve no one least of all SELF.

ALL is not as it appears on planet earth at this time, much is now being removed at an energetic level across the planet as a whole and as these lower dimensional frequencies are dissolved then more will be shown for ALL is hidden in plain view at all times.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

Trey Smith – Theory of Everything – God, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons, Illusion, Reality

Trey Smith·23 videos

The Theory of Everything: GOD is now SCIENCE FACT (FULL) God, Devils, Dimensions & the Illusion of Reality. The Theory of Everything. Get DVD here: http://www.godinanutshell.com/

The Theory of Everything: “Michio Kaku & Steven Hawking have interesting ideas, however, this video veers less to the direction of Darwin & the “extremely” improbable — more in the direction perhaps of those such as Sir Roger Penrose (a Steven Hawking’s mentor), Steven Meyer (ID), Niels Bohr (atomic structure), Sir John Eccles (Nobel Prize for consciousness), Max Planck (father of Quantum Physics), Albert Einstein (Relativity), Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle (teacher of Alexander the Great), Plato (student of Aristotle) — and (above all) — Jesus Christ. ” —– a review / quote we liked from a friend at NASA

The Theory of Everything DOES cover sensitive topics such as Evolution, Time, Space, Dimensions, Quantum Physics, Measurement Problem, Synthetic Universe, Digital Universe, Holographic Universe, Big Bang theory, Multi-universe / Multiverse theory, Darwin theory, and even ancient texts / Prophecy that line up eerily with modern scientific knowledge. The Theory of Everything: God, Devils, Dimensions & Man is a journey through the blurry lines between science and spiritual.

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The Arcturian Group – You are the Divine I AM – Illusion increasingly dissolves with each soul who hears and heeds their inner voice – Oracles and Healers – Marilyn Raffaele

              Greetings dear people of the great planet Gaia, we rejoice with you as we observe the Light  flowing forth from and to you at this time.  Earth is moving quickly toward a new universal energy which increases with every person who opens their heart and mind to new and higher ways of seeing.  We observe people the  world over questioning and asking themselves if what they are being told by those in charge is actually true.  This questioning  indicates  personal and universal receptivity  to truth which in turn  brings focus and change to the myriad  forms of  powerlessness so many still experience. This is how change happens.
             The new receptivity of individual consciousness is bringing an awareness that man is  much more than just a servant for those holding world power.  Illusion  increasingly dissolves with each soul who hears and heeds their inner voice  and begins to awaken to the truth of who they really are.  Most of the world does not yet understand the spiritual nature of the energetic changes taking place.  They desire change because  living as they have always known and accepted,  no longer resonates with them and  many  are finding their voice–experiencing a new courage and strength with which to communicate and live in  new ways.
                 You are rapidly reaching the point at which more people are questioning the status quo than not, which is  a sure sign of consciousness change.  Do not expect  change to manifest fully in one moment, but know that evolution on this grand scale must be a gradual process.  You have lived many lifetimes in and of the third dimensional energy that always reflects the  pairs of opposites–experiences that are deeply ingrained physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is what is now clearing, releasing, and bringing the changes  taking place within you.  This will  enable you  to hold higher frequencies not present on earth before.  Be patient dear ones, and know that when you gave your permission to ascend, your Higher Self began the process.  You don’t have to make it happen, it IS happening for it is the Reality of you.
              It is time for every serious spiritual seeker to stop looking outside of themselves for Light to come to them in some form or another and begin to realize;  “I am the Light”.  This  step  must be taken if you are to move out of the old third dimensional way of understanding the world.  “I am the way, the truth, and the light.”–words not spoken simply by and for the master Jesus, but words spoken by him in order to explain to those listening that “I”  is not a personal “I”, but “I” is the Divine–the one and only “I” — your true identity. Since the Divine is all there is, it must  also your real Self–how else could you exist?
“I” is the  name of the Divine and the words “I AM” do not refer to one human being, but to the true essence of every being.  “I” is a sacred word.  Throughout time and even now,  there are those who through  gross ignorance and ego, have misinterpreted this truth to mean that they in their humanhood were God.  In this false sense of self they always proceed to  set up  rules and teachings  for others with dire consequences if not obeyed.   Their spiritually ignorant followers more often than not do experience dire consequences of some sort, for in their choice to  follow these false prophets they willingly give away their power.
            Many have sought in the past and still seek  to find enlightenment through certain practices, churches, teachers, symbols, etc. all of which definitely help  lead one  to a certain  point of enlightenment.  However, there comes a point when the spiritual student must  let go of these tools, and step into their own power and  identity or they will forever be students of truth, never  realizing or experiencing  truth.
          For those of you evolved enough to be understanding these messages, it is time for you to stop being students of one path or another and acknowledge that YOU ARE THE PATH, THE TOOL, THE MESSAGE.   The tools are helpful up to a certain point,  but become blocks when depended upon past the time when they were needed.  The child must become an adult at some point regardless of how comfortable it is to simply be told what to believe or what to do.
            We are NOT are saying that you must give up your spiritual group or  books and classes that may still speak to you,  or any of your spiritual activities.  We are saying that there comes a time when a student must begin to see the tools for what they are, tools–  tools that have helped you get to where you are,  to the  understanding that you ALREADY ARE complete, and whole, and abundant, and perfect, etc. Understand that there is nothing that can ever make you more  than you ALREADY ARE be it a person, book, relationship, path, drug, job,etc.  Many of you are discovering that most books no longer speak to you in the way they used to.  Honor that.  This means that you are now able to receive your teaching from within.  If you enjoy going to  church each week, fine, but let go of the belief that if you miss or even stop going you will be less–church is within you–do you understand?
           Crystals carry their own wonderful energy, but this energy can manifest no higher than the individual working with it which is true of oils, colors, vibrations etc etc.  These tools in the hands of a very evolved individuals can bring about change for good  but in the hands of someone with evil intent, they can bring about the opposite representing the duality and separation that constitutes  third dimensional energy.   It is the  state of consciousness that determines how they are used, so let go of the power you have given to so many tools.  When an individual buys a crystal guaranteed to bring abundance or healing or whatever, yet continues to live out from  a consciousness of lack and limitation, that crystal’s innate energy is limited to that individuals ability to channel the energy of it.   This is the shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.
             Mysticism is the realization that you already embody your true essence; Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience. In the past these Divine  qualities have been  interpreted by the world at large through a lens of third dimensional thinking–always appearing as a separation from what is needed–thus the need for tools be they gurus, books, classes, ceremonies, etc.  These things serve to lift an individual into a higher energy and are helpful for the beginner but–YOU ARE IN THE HIGHER ENERGY NOW.
          You reclaim your power the minute you realize I already am.  This is  the step most of you are ready for and is the difference between metaphysics and mysticism.  Metaphysics works to change a bad picture into a good one.  Mysticism sees nothing needing to be fixed for it knows that good appearances and bad appearances are both the manifestations of the belief in duality and separation–two ends of the same stick.
We are the Arcturian Group

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real – The High Council of Orion October – 03-2013

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High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 3rd Oct 2013
3rd October 2013.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
F.E.A.R — False Evidence Appearing Real

Alania – Dis-empowering The Veils of Illusion – We Belive In Light .org



From – We Believe In Light

My spirit has most recently been spiraling in joy and ecstasy…feeling the clear and true force of divine light flowing through me!!    I can fully acknowledge and sense that I have just recently walked through a profound gateway of initiation and awakening…and YET…I can also sense my spirit reacting to several old thought patterns and fears.

As a jack-in-the-box pounces to claim authority over that moment (no matter how we prepare ourselves for that inevitable pounce)…so do these old thought patterns challenge my peacefully spiraling energy!!

Yes!!   Once the pounce is complete…I place things in perspective…I claim my truth…and I consciously choose my reality.    But…in the last 24 hours my own personal cosmic jack-in-the-box is in overdrive!!     So much so that it is comical!!    Challenges that never appear in my world anymore…are presenting themselves like an ever-flowing river of annoyances.

So I claimed responsibility.   YES!!   Even for these moments of insanity!!   I claimed responsibility and asked “Why am I still allowing this to be??”        I genuinely asked what part of me still needed to shift.    And then I saw it CLEARLY!!

As Siddhartha Buddha once sat under the Bodhi Tree seeking enlightenment and was challenged with all the forces of illusion and temptation…so am I being tested in my own spiritual strength!!

In the past…I would have allowed these small challenges to symbolize the sadness, disappointment, and lack-of-authenticity there is in the world.    It would have caused me to withdraw my energy and retreat to my ethereal crystalline cave of inner reflection and sole spiritual growth.

BUT…i am no longer that woman any more!!!    Now….I lovingly give each and every soul freedom to BE themselves most genuinely… WITHOUT ALLOWING IT TO AFFECT ME!!     My world is NOT defined by that which another shares or takes…or that which another is able to share or receive!!      I DEFINE MY OWN REALITY!!    If it IS in my world….then “I” have allowed it to be.

Spirit spoke to me early this week about Fair Energy Exchange.     They told me that I would be accepting greater Fair Energy Exchange into my life.    And i thought “How can that be??”    I had assumed Fair Energy Exchange IS Fair Energy Exchange…how can it be anything but.

But they then showed me that if “I” assume my energy to only be worth 3 hugs (my random form of exchange for this teaching)…then that is what I will receive in exchange (when asking for Fair Energy).    BUT…as my interpretation of Self-WORTH expands…so does the Fair Energy Exchange I command!!!

SO….spirit brought me challenges this week to present this teaching in greater light.    Will I define myself by what others feel comfortable in sharing with me???    OR…will i define my own SELF by what “I” choose to be!!!

The feeling of lack, being un-seen, and misunderstood were the ILLUSIONS of my past reality!!!    They all united themselves powerfully to challenge my HEART and SOUL in a profound way!!      But I will no longer SHIFT my loving energy for that which i perceive to be.    I am now the fully empowered MASTER of my own reality!!

That which I know myself to be worthy of…will flow in powerful force and light!!


And to those who know their own radiant worth as well…I invite you to spiral joyfully with me!!

This world is an ever-expanding opportunity TO BE ALL WE SO BLISSFULLY CHOOSE TO BE!!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Wonder,

From – We Believe In Light 



Dolores Cannon – Don’t watch TV – Let go of fear – Think for yourself

Forgive The Dark Ones – Let go – Remembering – Christ Consciousness Within


Meline Lafont – The Arcturians – This reality is literally cracking in on itself and it is not quite clear for us how much longer this illusory reality can be maintained – Awakening To Higher Love


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http://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

The Arcturians

It is our delight to welcome you in our consciousness with an encouraging message enabling us to share a communication through this connection. With clarity in the current state of affairs unfolding on your world, we wish to bring you more information because of this clarity and also give you our point of view in these matters.

Due to the fact that many shifts are taking place presently in the collective of humanity and in your personal reality, a certain number of deeper and more obvious things will arise in your awareness and in your consciousness that, up until now, you were rather reluctant to cope with let alone take it for truth. What we are referring to are the most natural abilities and the deeper insights which are nestling in your reality and which are making themselves known more powerfully.

For a long time those issues seemed to be a mere dream or an illusion and for you it was difficult to just consider that everything that has been shared through our messages and our means of connection would ever become manifest in this life, let alone in this reality! It gradually dawns more and more in your current awareness that everything we talked about will definitely become your truth and your reality in the most subtle but nonetheless most powerful way. We advise you to welcome and accept these matters, to have an open mind about them and sweep all doubts aside whether they might just be fiction.

It has always been a difficult concept to grasp for the brain and for the human self to accept as your reality those super abilities and those seemingly unnatural developments of your own real Self. That’s the reason why quite some time has elapsed in order to put this into practice and to grasp it through the human brain throughout this illusion, throughout this duality. Step by step you arrive at the reflection that everything comes your way leading you to where you always worked so hard for to bring into manifestation and to prove to yourself what you are capable of in this reality and who your real Self truly is.

Now we have arrived at an auspicious time in which many of you will be able to make use of inner changes unfolding in the heart and in the pure lightcells of your incarnation in order to put the first actual steps in the development of, for instance, earthly travel through the gift of teleportation or the development of the gift of channeling of very high frequencies which will give rise to a revolution in this Earthly duality. Activations in the brain are carried out extensively at present by our teams and by us because your brain has to be activated in order to manifest all of this within your reality.

There are shifts in your hearing abilities and there is a speeding up of your notion of time and of frequency, which is absolutely the case and this gives rise to an intense shift within your reality. Everything is now in the process of speeding up considerably as to the pace and to the energies, in such a way that many hearts request an adaptation in this frequency shift to be able to exist in the current magnetic frequency because the heart will continue to serve as the engine of the body in which you dwell. However, everything is shifting in such a way within your physical body that a totally different frequency will present itself and will be felt within you as well as around you by others.

This reality is litterally cracking in on itself and it is not quite clear for us how much longer this illusory reality can be maintained as it bursts of spirituality, awakenings, shifts and growth. This current reality will never be the same again, you will never be the same again. You will no longer be able to recognize yourself in such a short notice because what you will evolve into will be beyond your power of imagination. This all has to do with the fact that your evolution and your expansion will bring you to a completion in such a way that nothing, pertaining to this world of duality, will remain a part of yourself.

You are now in the phase of the home stretch and the last ties connected to your physical body will now be released and you will be able to soar higher and higher in this new reality. We have now begun with the exploration of your abilities and the real development of them. Your innate abilities will far surpass your imaginations because you never considered them to be part of your reality. The more you can accept them, the bigger your evolution and your manifestation of them will become. Your reality can now begin expanding and evolving, for you have taken your first steps in this new reality, all together hand in hand. One person will find him/herself in a more refined world than another but there will be improvement to say the least and certainly no setback unless one does not feel nor create progress and growth and where the resonance on the current frequency vibration is the most comfortable for your being.

No matter what the case may be, everything is perfect for you and perfectly matched for your being. Nothing is too less or too much for you because everything has to be precisely as it must be. In full delight and with gratitude, we are the Arcturians.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered http://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away – Free Webinar By Jim Self – in5d.com

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Review Link: http://www.in5d.com/jim-self-webinar….

This webinar by Jim Self is so fascinating that you will want to listen to it multiple times!

On September 20, 2012 Jim Self gave a free webinar entitled, “HELP! The 3rd Dimension is Going Away, Time is Collapsing, and the Sky is Falling … and …”. Jim covered a plethora of topics including what we can expect in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, understanding the importance of the present moment, how time feels like it’s speeding up, emotional baggage, when thoughts become manifestations, 5th dimensional awareness, soul cleansing and much more!

Jim stated, “The universe and the shift in consciousness that we’re currently experiencing is very much aware of you… of each one of us. This grand shift, these great cycle of consciousness are all beginning to merge at a single integrated point right now, and that point is creating an opportunity for some very significant change.”

“The game is coming to a conclusion,” added Jim. “The 3rd dimensional game has been extraordinarily, successfully played out and very, very successful in terms of what it was designed to be. And it is no longer of value.”

According to Jim, there are new waves of light energies that are helping to cleanse our minds and souls. “There are tremendous waves of light coming forth. If you have been paying attention in the last year… the amount of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, huge solar winds, charged particles, cosmic and xrays from the center of the galaxy and those coming from the sun. As these great bursts of light occur, something very interesting happens. This new wave of light comes in and it creates a new baseline. The next wave of light comes in, it simply builds upon the last baseline. So there’s this enormous loosening up of the density of that 3rd dimension that’s occurring, but in that space, let’s say that there are 2 waves of light. One of those waves of light is passing through the Earth, the solar system everywhere, but most specifically, it’s passing through you and it knows that that baggage and all of those expressions were never your expressions.”

These new energies are bringing about a cleansing of the soul where fear-ladened thoughts and beliefs will be eradicated from our memories for those who are attuned to these energies. As I can attest, this is already happening.

Ultimately, our thoughts create manifestations as we create our own reality which is going to happen as the time buffer gets smaller and smaller.

On the Q&A, Jim answered the following questions:

Does rigidity affect our dreams?
Can all things in the past be altered or changed?
Is all of this unhappiness all around the world part of this massive shift?
How does homosexuality fit in with ascension?
How does one clean the thoughts out before you go to bed?
I’ve had some very surprising experiences of actually having more time. In other words, the clock hasn’t moved for half an hour or an hour while I’m busy doing something. I thought we were supposed to be losing time?
What is the best tool for removing disenchantment?
How can I help those people who are not awake?
How do we know or recognize the limitations we have?

For more information on Jim Self and his work, please visit his website which is linked HERE: http://www.masteringalchemy.com/