Lee Harris – Energy Update, August 2016 – The Quiet Strength within the Loud Storm



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Key points: • Extreme consciousness is arriving now. • Sensitives will be noticing the extreme pulses of growing consciousness right now, emotionally and energetically, as we move between dark and light at greater speeds. • The healing of unconsciousness in our world is currently focused on: Division. This period brings up extreme reactions, emotions and […]

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January 2016 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

LEE HARRIS – December 2015 Energy Forecast – 12-4-15

Lee Harris(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s spoken video message.)


Hi Everybody, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for December 2015—the final month of this very strong year.

Before we do anything, let’s take a few breaths together…to clear and release anything that you feel you need to release. Let yourself release any tension in your body or stress you may have picked up from the people around you or from world events of this past month.




While the second half of November this year doesn’t need to be fully recapped, to say it was intense and brought many shadows to the surface would be an understatement. So over the past few weeks, and certainly coming into this early part of December, many of you will be having a wide range of feelings and reactions.

It’s very intense in the world at the moment, with the amount of energy that is threatening to explode, and this has been building for quite some time. So if you are in shock about what is happening in the world, it can be helpful to remember that the tumultuous change that is going on now was actually seeded long ago and at the moment is coming to a head.

One of the things we’ve talked about over the last few years, and has long been prophesied about this time, is the great illumination that is taking place. As more light bathes the planet, there is a rise in some of the darker elements. This was always going to be case. And just as it’s happening on the world stage and all around us, it is also happening inside us.


One aspect of this energy shift is that the level of chaos that is going on outside us will be catalyzed by the level of chaos inside us, and vice versa.

For most of you, what you will have noticed in the last few weeks is a rise in your own internal chaos. Your own internal panic. Your own internal amplification. Therefore, you are going to need more than ever in these coming weeks to just keep taking deep breaths. Stop in the middle of your day and just come back to the present. It won’t always be easy; there are going to be a lot more thoughts and a lot more feelings circulating in you. But more to the point, there are going to be a lot more amplified thoughts and feelings in ALL of us.

This amplification has an effect whenever we engage or merge with each other. When we have a conversation with a friend, we are affected by what they’re thinking and what they’re feeling. And remember, this impact can happen whether they are expressing it or not. For example, if I am the friend you are meeting for coffee and I respond to your question of “How are you?” with something along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, I’m doing really good at the moment. I’m great thanks,” it may be very clear from my energy (beyond my words) that I’m not doing so great.

The energy that many people are leading with at the moment is very strong, very intense, and very amplified. This intensity can affect our consciousness and our ability to know or verbally express our truth. Yet we are broadcasting our truth all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not.


Be mindful of conflict. Conflict energy is high in the world, and this is always an end result of the belief in right and wrong. Conflict energy is where two energies in people (or in countries or governments or other groups) clash and get into a power struggle in order to have their way. The clash point that happens can be very explosive and very destructive.

To bring it back to you, think of a conflict you might be having with a friend, family member, or even your own self. Try and look underneath the situation and ask yourself, Do I have a belief in right or wrong that is pushing me into this very edgy, difficult, hard-to-be-in state?

You’ll find this coming up for you a lot at the moment because there is a big collective flushing up of what we would call basement thoughts and feelings. This is perfectly exemplified by what is happening on the world stage, which may be raising your own fear of survival, fear of being safe in the world,


Your humanity will be clashing with your spirituality a lot at the moment, too. I know that there are many of you out there who are highly spiritual in your beliefs, in your way of working, and in your way of life. Some of you might have been walloped into your humanity in the last few weeks in a way that you weren’t expecting, based on your empathy and reaction to world events. And that’s okay if that’s what’s happening for you. Nothing has gone wrong, and you haven’t lost balance for no good reason.

Life is a constant balancing act. It’s not like we can achieve a spiritual state and effortlessly stay in it forever. It takes maintenance. The world-class athlete who doesn’t train for four years is no longer ready for the Olympics. They need to keep going, training daily, and adjusting their training as their body changes—as their age changes their ability.

So those of you who are getting caught in a right or wrong with yourself about how you should be feeling, recognize this chaos is going on the world over right now. Everybody is in the intense of rise of feeling stemming from the events of this past month, and extending before and after it as well.


For a very long time, we as a planet have been collectively asleep to some of the issues that are now staring us in the face. In addition to the debates about war right now, I’m also talking about the environment, climate change, and what is needed for this size of population to survive on earth. These things are getting very up close and personal in our faces, and what that can do is have a “catalystic” effect on our own inner sense of balance.

So, as is often the case, productivity and action are remedies through this time. Even if you find yourself sitting in the house feeling unable to move, do something. Draw, paint, go for a walk or a run, make a list, dance. Just giving yourself to outward action can move you out of what we might call inner tormenting states—states that go round and round in a looping circle.


The support of others is crucial at times like these, so don’t isolate yourself, especially if you are feeling bad in isolation! That’s the time to reach out and make a call, send an email, or use whatever method of connection works for you.

Just step beyond your own inner prison if you find yourself in one at the moment.

Because here’s the good news: When you are able to pop into balance or pop into joy or pop into action during intense and amplified times like these, the high that is available in those experiences has a balancing effect on the low you’ve just been in.

So often when we are in a very low or compressed state, it’s easy to believe that we are going to stay there forever. That’s what the mind tells us anyway. But staying there is not good for our survival, so the mind also broadcasts, “Danger. Danger. Danger!” As the mind continues to broadcast more danger, what we tend to do is sit back and listen to the inner panic as it attempts to convince through many artfully constructed sentences that relate personally to us and our own story: “Oh my god, oh my god. Oh, it’s true. Oh yeah, you are right, that’s awful, that’s awful.”

If we could just stop watching the cinema screen of the mind and instead move in some other direction—even if it’s small movement—we will bust through watching the movie and instead get into the movie and then change the direction of the movie.


Remember, we are creating every single moment with our energetics. If you walk into a room as a bright, buoyant person, you are going to have a very different experience than if you walk into a room as a person who is feeling quite sad, quite low. One is not better than the other, it’s just that you are going to attract different kinds of people and different kinds of experiences.

So if you find yourself in an internal compression phase at the moment (which can also be amplified by the holiday period), remember the hibernation and contemplation energy that can come up for those of us in this hemisphere at this time of year. Those of you in Australia and that side of the world, you will be in the opposite energetic space right now and openings and higher energies can abound.


If you are mindful of nothing else this month, just remind yourself that everything is intense right now. As you keep that in mind, you can go, “Okay, I’ve been really busy for five days, and I’m feeling a little fried. That tells me for the next day or two, I need to not over-stimulate myself or do too much. I just need some quiet and that will help me balance.” Conversely, if you feel like the intensity of loneliness and isolation is too much for you, change it. Go out, do something, start creating.

You may find yourself having thoughts right now that are sometimes chaotic and unhelpful to the state that you need to reach. It’s easy at times, when there are “world alarm” types of events, to just go into trauma, shock, and chaos. So at times like this, it’s more important than ever that you are able to focus on your balance, your brightness, your light.

And all of that is still there—available and very strong in you. You just have to directionally walk toward it.

This month will be a month where an extraordinary amount of light connection and love is available, but it will also be a month where you will have to direct yourself toward it.

When you are feeling pointed away from it, you will have to re-steer yourself in the direction of the light. This can look like changing some of the people you are hanging out with or letting go of the thing that you were trying to create in a very ferocious determined way, but are finding distressing because it’s not going very well.

The universe is a strong master of all of us at the moment, and if you can get into your lane and feel balanced in your lane, you know you are on track. But if you are in a relationship, a situation, or there is something you are trying to create at the moment that isn’t right for you, you will get bumped out very quickly—faster than ever before. Until you take action to change it.

So pay attention. Confer with yourself: If it’s not working, I’ll let it go or make a change. If it is working, I can sit in the gratitude that in this moment. I’m alive. I can feel connected to everything. I recognize there is a chaotic dance happening on earth, but in this moment I can look at the flower, I can feel the sun on my face, I can feel warmth in my heart.

And if you are particularly low at the moment, recall an uplifting memory. Go back to that loving time with a friend, go back to that loving memory you have of something wonderful, and use those sense memories to start to bring gratitude back into your body, because gratitude is the fuel of new life and new love.

Big Love,
Lee x

“December 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, December 1, 2015, at http://www.leeharrisenergy.com/lheblog/december-2015-energy-forecast

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Lee Harris – December 2015 Energy Forecast – 12-1-15

LEE HARRIS – November 2015 Energy Forecast – 11-4-15


LEE HARRIS   –   November 2015 Energy Forecast   –   11-4-15

Found at:  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/11/04/lee-harris-november-2015-energy-forecast/



Hello everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for November 2015.

We’re here today in the Arboretum at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, in the Japanese garden. If you’re in the San Francisco area, or you get to visit, do come here and check this place out. It’s extraordinary and there are so many incredible and peaceful nature spots—I thought it would be the perfect place to film this month’s forecast.

As usual, we will begin by breathing for a moment. So just join me in taking a breath and releasing it … and taking another breath and releasing that.

It’s very like life, breathing. We take things in all the time and we release them. And just as the breath flows in and out, we’re constantly changing as we go through life.



Two of the headlines for this month that came to me this morning while I was tuning in were: This is going to be both a month of connections and a month of upgrades.

To look at connections first, the energy conductivity in the world is getting stronger and stronger all of the time. So depending on where you are in your movement through awareness, and through integrated consciousness, you’ll be having different fluctuations.

Some of you might be tired. Some of you might need to power down a little bit. Some of you still might be experiencing the edges of conflict with other people in your life. We’re all at different points on the journey, but one of the overarching themes for this month that is going to show up for most of us in our life is that of connections.

In the last 2-3 months, this has started to appear for many of you—you’re making really deep, profound connections with other like-minded, like-hearted, like-feeling souls. And these connections are hugely important.

Not only because by connecting with each other we become an even stronger team, an even stronger web of people, but there is a consolidation effect. Many of you have been yearning for closer friendships, better working partnerships, deeper intimate relationships, and this is a time when that energy is in the air.


So don’t be surprised if some of you are replaying old relationship heartbreaks in your dreams or in your daily thoughts. Disconnections with friends or with old lovers and partners are now rising to the surface for healing or clearing as we move into this era of greater connectivity.

Those of you who aren’t processing in that way might be finding that you’re beginning to meet very like-minded people, very like-hearted people, and you’ll have strong feelings when you meet these people. There will be something in your body that will recognize them. You might put it down to a past life. You might just put it down to a feeling of a similar energy with them. Whatever the case may be, these are very activating connections that you’re walking into now.


Some of the people that you’re meeting in this period of time, in this coming month, will be key players for you—and in some cases, for the rest of your life. But it’s most important to understand that when you recognize and have those connections with people, you don’t need to know what the future relationship is going to be.

For example, you may have a very activating moment with someone where you think: “God, I just met this person, and I just love them! I have this amazing feeling about where we can go together…” Let that feeling about “where you can go” remain in feeling, and let go of the details. Because when you have these experiences—these connections with people—it takes time for the two of you to alchemically merge and to let the path of co-creation reveal itself between you … and you don’t want to rush that.

If you find yourself rushing in your mind, if you find yourself saying, “I just met this woman, and I think that she could be the person who I create that healing center with, which I’ve always wanted to do…” just notice that thought. Don’t block the excitement or the vision. But do take the time to get to know each other first before moving quickly to action, because these ARE powerful connections that many of us are coming into alignment with now. And so, as you meet these people, in order to be ready to move into a future together, it’s very important to heal the past relationships or friendships through your body, before the new actions start.


Some of you will find this a little overwhelming to your heart. Remember, we’ve talked a lot over the last few months about how strong the heart energy is becoming on Earth at this time. And so for people who are conscious and present most of the time, and who have been actively opening themselves, many heart-connected relationships will now be showing up in your life.

This is a big thing.

It’s not just a great celebration. It’s actually a very big thing in and for the body, as it takes strength and patience to let the effect of a real heart-connected relationship illuminate you from within.

It does tend to heal the past disconnections—the heartbreaks, betrayals, losses of trust. And that’s a very invisible process that may sometimes come into your mind, but a lot of the time it’s just taking place energetically.

These are some of the reasons that I frequently encourage all of you to take space in your life. And I encourage myself to do the same on a daily basis. I have to remember this too—that there is so much moving right now on Planet Earth, and there is so much consciousness hitting these bodies of ours that we do need these moments each day to step back and let it all breathe through and absorb into our body.

So with these powerful new connections, just allow them to BE in your life. Allow the magic of the feeling of those relationships to move through you and trust that whatever your visionary mind is telling you about where this relationship can go or what it could do—be it a friendship, a work relationship, a love relationship—just let that play out. Let it take its place inside you and rearrange you. Because the beauty of when we connect with other people in such a powerful way is that our minds no longer need to do as much of the work.

Our minds are often leading us into safety or into areas where we hope we’re going to get our needs met. And when we genuinely have heartfelt, powerful connections with other people, we work as a tribe and we work as a hive, and then we’re no longer this individual entity that is solo having to make our life work. We enter this tapestry of love, this tapestry of connection, this tapestry of togetherness which, in and of itself, carries us forward. So that is why it’s a big thing, and that’s why it needs time.


If you’re listening to this and feeling some grief around what I’m talking about, you may be feeling loneliness, a sense of isolation, or sadness that this isn’t your story right now. If so, just write the following statement on a piece of paper:

I welcome loving, supportive, heartfelt friends and connections into my life.

I welcome loving, supportive, heartfelt friends and connections into my life.

Once you’ve written that down on a piece of paper, stick it on a wall in your house. It will not only rearrange the room for you, every time you see it, you will have an activation around what you are now bringing into your life. It’s a shockingly effective process, so do try that with anything you want to manifest.


This brings me to the next theme for November, which is upgrades. In important ways, “upgrades” links to connections and to resolving issues and old feelings that you have had about certain people in your life.

The concept of upgrades is something that I first came across several years ago. It is the idea of when you say “no” to one opportunity or offer, you leave the space for a “yes” to a better opportunity or a better person’s offer.

Now you might say, “Well, hang on! We’re all equal, everyone’s the same.” And that is true, but often what we’re trying to do is fit ourselves into opportunities or relationships that are either smaller than we are or that aren’t really in alignment. And this can happen in many different ways.

For example, if your parent was an alcoholic or abusive to you, somebody who was incapable of seeing and loving you as a child, it’s quite likely that until you’ve dug into yourself and revealed to yourself what it was that you went through, you might keep choosing people who never fully see you, never fully love you, never fully support you—because that is what you were used to and what you’re trying to resolve. But when you learn to say no to the abusive relationship, you leave yourself open to the upgrade.


Some of the reasons we don’t say no:

We’re afraid of isolation.
We’re afraid of disconnection.
We feel guilty for letting someone down if they have offered us something and we have declined.
We feel guilty about leaving someone.

The beauty of this is when you learn to say no and go through those feelings, you then leave yourself open to an upgraded opportunity to come into your world. There is so much power in learning to not being afraid of those feelings and just allowing.

You can say to yourself, “Okay, as much as I wish I wasn’t feeling lonely, today I’m going to accept that I’m just going feel lonely.” And the power of this is when you admit to yourself you feel lonely, and you allow the loneliness to be in your body for as long as it needs to be, it leaves you a lot quicker than when you are avoiding it, denying it, or trying to distract yourself from it.

So, it is very powerful to remember that even if there is a little part of you that regrets saying no or has doubts, you ARE opening the space for a greater opportunity to come to you in the future.


With this month being a month of connections and upgrades, some of you will be practicing saying no more frequently—which will mean having to follow your instincts more closely. “I really don’t want to go to that party this weekend, even though all my friends are going? A part of me yearns for a party, but my instinct is that I don’t want to go to that party.”

Follow that! Because you never know who you might meet elsewhere because you didn’t go to that party, or what epiphany you might have privately at home … because you have listened to yourself and taken that time. Trust yourself and your instincts.

This sensory way of being is what we’re all calibrating to now, and it takes time to fully land in it. But know and trust that the connections and upgrades you are inviting yourself into will be so supportive.

It’s one thing for us to conceptually understand the new way of being we want for ourselves, but it’s another thing to actually have people in our lives who we can practice and share that with.

So, there are action steps that we need to take to support allowing those connections to come to us:

First, as discussed above, write down what it is you want to bring into your life around relationships. What qualities and experiences? And then look at where you have to prune and weed your relationship garden.

That’s not offensive to anybody in our relationship garden; it’s not about making others bad or wrong in any way. It’s about recognizing and admitting that you aren’t experiencing your highest self or your highest possibility with a particular person. Therefore, if you leave yourself open to new possibilities with others, not only will you elevate within those new relationships, but your lit-up energy will infuse everyone around you in an even higher way.


I will just clarify something here: There are all kinds of relationships for us in our life. You know, there are the people who you might never be able to have an emotional conversation with, but you love and adore them and want to be around them, and so you are around them some of the time. But then you balance that by making sure that the people you can have an emotional conversation with, which is important to you, are also present in your life.

So it’s not necessarily about certain people being right or wrong, better or worse. It’s about looking at the whole tapestry of relationships in your life and asking: “Where do I need some adjustments to my tapestry? Where do I need to make some improvements?”

For some of you, recognize that the connection and upgrade energies might first come through you being with YOU. You might be thinking, “Ugh, Lee. But I’m exhausted. I’m sick of people. I just want to be on my own.” So maybe the focus this month for you is about giving yourself the gift of you.

With that, maybe November for you is about NOT making plans and committing to that. Your best action step could be to say no to plans with others. “I’m just going to give myself the space to be at home by myself and see what happens.”

You will find yourself again. And that will be your connection and upgrade.

And through finding yourself again, your ability to magnetize the right people and the right opportunities grows once more. Because you’re no longer corroded by relationships that are either no longer serving you or slowly chipping away at your energy on a daily basis.

This mastery thing—mastering our energies and emotions—is something that we all have to do completely by ourselves and in ourselves. We get amazing support, but ultimately, we have to learn how to listen to ourselves—and that’s a slow process sometimes.

But if we keep remembering the importance of this process, we seriously upgrade not only our own lives but others as well. Through our genuine open-heartedness, we can become more benevolent toward other people than we were ever capable of being before now.

At this time, on this planet, that benevolence is what we need.

Have a great month and lots of love.

Lee x

“November 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, November 3, 2015, at http://www.leeharrisenergy.com/lheblog/november-energy-forecast

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Lee Harris – October 2015 Energy Forecast – 10-3-15


(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s spoken video message.)

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for October 2015.

Before we get started, let’s just take a few breaths together.

(Lee breathes deeply in and out)



Transformation at the speed of light: This is very much where we find ourselves right now, as individuals and as a collective.

One of the ongoing themes for you this month will be noticing how many things you are going through in one day, one week, one month. This can lead many of you, particularly after the intensity of this past summer, to an October that’s going to require you to take a little more space, a little more stillness.

You might want to sleep and rest more than you usually do. Some of you might find that your high-intensity exercise or physical routines need to just come down a notch or two—so that you can actually learn to balance everything that is pulsing through your system without necessarily stirring the pot some more.

The electrical energy field of the planet is continually changing and advancing, which means that sensitivity gets higher. Those of you who are going through deep awakenings are noticing sudden sensitivity shifts. You suddenly become a lot more open. You suddenly feel and sense things a great deal more. More and more, this is happening for everybody across the planet.

Now, these shifts don’t always look very, what you might call, spiritual. But then I would argue that spirituality and spiritual people don’t always look very spiritual either, especially if we try to label them as highly enlightened, ever-peaceful, or ever-loving—because we are human. And as humanity, we are all evolving and going through our stuff in our growth here on Earth.


With these lightning speed transformations that are raising the sensitivity, some of you will notice that you need to be a lot more quiet (in addition to needing more rest and sleep) because the volume level of everything around you is a lot higher.

Some of you will notice that you just need to keep calming things down while you get used to how fast everything is going.


Regarding the people who I just mentioned—those who don’t look very spiritual—remember that there is an intensity of conflict and release energy going on for lots of people on the planet.

If you’re becoming more sensitive, what’s happening is you’re pulsing much more pure energy through your system—and that pure energy is affecting you at the levels of mind and emotions.

This is why people are acting out a little more in the everyday of humanity. They are more easily triggered, more easily irritated, more easily accusatory, more easily emotional.

So issues may arise with certain people in your life where you need to set loving, firm boundaries. There is no need for you to be on the receiving end of repetitive and abusive behavior from another person.


In general, if you can, try and remember to stay in your heart as much as possible. It will make it easier to not get so tangled up in some of the dramas or the conflicts that you’re invited to.

And if you can’t be in your heart right now, know that you’re not doing it wrong. It’s a total practice for all of us because it’s not how we have been trained. We’ve been trained to be very opinion-based, mentally focused people.

And those of you who came in wired to be highly sensitive and have found your way through your healing path—you are now in a place where you’re ready to practice more vulnerable, open, and honest communication—these are wonderful, highly supportive times for all of that.


But don’t be surprised if, from the left or the right, something comes in from your past that you find yourself playing out with someone in the present.

This is an accelerated time, and it’s a very multidimensional time. It’s a time to discover that when we agree to open in a multidimensional way, and when we are being pushed by the universal energy and life force to do that, it’s going to be chaotic at times. Therefore, one of the greatest things you can remind yourself of is that there is no getting it right.

So, if any of you out there believe that you have to get it right in your yoga practice, you have to get it right with your mother-in-law, you have to get it right with that person down the road who needs your help—try and let go of this concept of right. It’s all perspective.

You don’t need to be thinking about what’s right and wrong when you’re able to live in your heart more often … because the heart always wants to give where giving can be received and where the human body has the energy to support that giving.


This is why those of you who are over-givers might be a little freaked out right now. You may not be wanting to give to everybody all the time. But that’s fantastic! That is exactly where you need to be for a period of time.

But don’t worry. This too shall pass. You can go back to over-giving as much as you want in the future, but you’ll be doing it with a clearer sense of what you need to sustain yourself when giving … and with the discernment to choose where you can carefully give your energy and see it multiplied.


When you open up to being your more multidimensional self, going back to a linear way of being can be quite boring. It might feel a little dulled down to try and have a more linear conversation again or, especially, to have a more linear life where you’re focusing on one thing at a time.

So those of you who are opening multidimensionality and perhaps examining certain aspects of yourself—for example, over-giving—recognize that our wounds AND strengths are coming up in equal measure at the moment.

So you might be learning how to say,

“Wow, I can really give at a high-capacity, and I’m going to value and honor that. At the same time, I recognize that because I haven’t always valued my ability to give, or even seen that in myself, right now I’m dealing with the wound of over-giving. It’s showing up with this friend who is yanking my chain because I’m not giving them as much as I used to. And that hurts and wounds me. They say, “Hey! Why aren’t you doing what you used to do? You’re not a very nice person.”

If, when any of those kinds of words come at you, you feel something in your body (if it feels like a hit to your body), try to not make it about the other person. Try instead to ask yourself, “Huh, what tender point did they touch in me?”

Inquiring about and noticing your own inner reactions will very quickly bring you back to the present. That is because these reactions are very past. They can be from this lifetime or they can be generational woundings that have been carried through your family line. But, in any case, it’s all leaving and moving out now at a rapid speed.

The linear mind used to be able to track everything. It used to have plenty of time to reflect, digest, and go, “Three months ago I had this great breakthrough and I’m still riding on it.” Now it’s like three hours have gone by and you’ve forgotten about it—because you haven’t got time to track everything. And that’s okay.

The more you get into your heart, the less you need to track everything.


To come full circle, remember…

  • Practice being in the heart.
  • There is no mental right or wrong in human conflict disagreements – there are perspectives.
  • You may find yourself going through transformational relationship issues with other people—which might be key for helping you to change things from the past or change how you feel about yourself in the now.

Certain people may help mirror new parts of you—parts that previously you weren’t able to bring forward or celebrate.

Coupled with all of that, there will also be these extraordinary new energies coming through you that you won’t have a roadmap for—because they are new. You’re the child learning to walk again. And as that happens it is a little chaotic, it is a little messy sometimes, and that’s okay – you’re new!


In your newness, this is a great opportunity for those of you who have an idea that you have to be a certain way all the time to let that go. Because if you stay in bondage to that idea, you help to keep others in bondage to limiting ideas of who they are. In other words, they stay bound to who they are because you won’t let go of who you are—even when you’re feeling the impulse to make changes in how you communicate, how you show up, and in what you do.


So, I may have confused you slightly because at the very beginning of this I talked about becoming slower and more still. But I’m also talking about acceleration and speed and all the details going on inside and around you.

What I’m trying to address in this video are the multidimensional layers of everything that are impacting and surrounding us at the moment. So if you feel like you’re going a bit crazy, you can see, “Oh, I’m not going crazy. This is just how fast everything is going. This is just how much I’m feeling everything. This is just how sensitive I am.”


Remember you can always shut the door. You can shut the door by finding a room or space in your environment where it’s just you for a moment. And if you’re struggling with that because you don’t get those kinds of opportunities, here’s a way to shut the door.

(Lee breathes deeply and closes his eyes)

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.

As I told people at a seminar a few years ago, this was one of my tricks when I was still learning my boundaries and needed some tricks to help me when I was among people and felt over-stimulated.

I would go to the bathroom—or the toilet, as we like to call it in England—and it wasn’t that I needed the facilities. It was more that in that moment I got to remove myself from the group and go by myself to a place where I’m supposed to be by myself. I would do a self-check:

“How am I right now? Where am I? Oh, I’m over-stimulated. Or my blood sugar feels low. Or that angry man is beginning to bother me, and I think I need to just have a break from him for a while.”

Do these regular checks of yourself more than ever at the moment. So whether you’re on the train, in a work meeting, out with friends and family, or anywhere else, just take a breath and check inside:

“How’s my inner world? Oh, it’s chaotic. Okay, so I shouldn’t take more stimulation right now. I should bring it down.”

Ironically, we’re in a world that offers us more external stimulation than ever before. But I think that’s perfect, because those external stimulators show us how the energy of everything has changed here on this planet. And it can also direct us back to stillness and to the beauties of nature…


I’m filming this month beneath this amazing tree here in Saint Helena … powerful land in California. The reason I wanted us to be under here together is because this tree really activated me when I first saw it. The ancient, magic energy it holds feels to me very much like what is moving through our planet right now – ancient, magic energy.

I realize that it doesn’t always look that way when you notice things you don’t like about the modern world. But if you can, try to remember the ancient, magic energy that we are all connected to, the energy that is now renewing in all of us and finding new circuits in our bodies.

The way to remember it if you’re stuck and stressed is to close your eyes and just for some minutes, breathe deeply. Use deep breathing as a little tool this month, and see how it goes for you.

Until next month, everybody, lots of love. Take really good care of yourselves in these lightning times … and see you soon.




For more from Lee, visit http://www.leeharrisenergy.com

“October 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, October 1, 2015, at http://www.leeharrisenergy.com/lheblog?month=October-2015

Source Link: Lee Harris Energy


Lee Harris – August 2015 – Energy Forecast – Power Imbalances – 8-4-15

Lee Harris(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live video message.)


Hello and welcome to the energy forecast for August 2015.

Before we do anything, I want you to just take a moment to breathe with me.

(Lee takes a deep breath in and out)

And again.

(Lee takes another deep breath in and out)

And one more for luck.

That feels good. I hope it feels good to you, too. Because at the moment there are so many energies flying round — in our faces, in our bodies — that just remembering to stop and breathe as many times a day as you feel you need to or want to will really just help to bring everything back to zero point. Because the fires are raging right now. They are raging.

If I backtrack a little through the year, I can see how a lot of fires were raging outside of us and coming towards us as a collective. And one of the observations I’ve made in the last couple of months is that now the fire seems to have gone into a much more inward phase and process.

So this summer is much more an inner time. This started in July and is carrying on through August. The summer is a more inner time of you coming to understand, meet, and allow fire in your life. This can show up in a multitude of ways – and not all of them pretty.

But when you remember to stop and breathe, you can become conscious to this incredible inner fire rising in you right now, wanting to flush out every part of you that no longer serves you or that in the past has caused you pain, limitation, or in the worst case scenarios, damage. This is a time where everything is rising for you to not only examine the pieces and memories, but also to move things around ready for a different future.

You and Your Strength
As we go through life, we are given many opportunities to either compress our strength or expand our strength.

So if there is a bullying person in your life when you are young, you may decide that they have the power over you and then compress yourself in response to the bully. For example, you might have a sibling or another family member who is constantly putting you down. There are two ways that people will usually go due to that energy experience:

The Yes Person
You’ll either become a ‘yes person,’ someone who—because of the fear of the energy that the bully is sending at you—will start to collapse inside and become more meek. And the problem is, you then go around the world carrying that energy, and other bullies (other people who want to play ‘Alpha’ over you) will find you. They will see that energy, read it in you and target in. So the same unconscious victim-perpetrator dynamic will play out.

The Rebel
Conversely, you can become the rebel or the defensive person. You can push against the bully and be very defensive—locking your arms, locking your energy, learning to always push back. And the shadow side of being a defensive person or rebel is that you can block openness, vulnerability, and true intimacy in your life.

The Power Imbalance Scale – Victim/Perpetrator
So, I’ve given you the extreme examples of either end of that power imbalance scale. You might find yourself somewhere along that line from victim to perpetrator, and not just in life, but several times a day, on any given day!

Finding the Sweet Spot – Your True Inner Self
The truth is we all have both a personality and a soul that we come into this world looking to explore — and it’s an individual experience for each of us.

You may not be a natural victim in your life, but you may have, through circumstances, become more of a victim than you were designed to be. You may also, through circumstance, have become more of a rebel than you were designed to be. So the sweet spot for all of us is finding and having a relationship with our true inner self.

Every time we get impacted in a relationship — every time someone hurts us, wounds us, or brings our energy down — there is a body impact. The energy of those emotions goes into the body and creates a deadness or density inside your body. Which means there is some life force that gets lost in there. There is a section of you that you can’t access.

Kundalini Rising – Burning through the Density
Kundalini energy doesn’t care about any of that stuff. Kundalini awakening is when your base chakra remembers your original primal fire of life: that which you came in with as a baby. And it starts to heat up, and it starts to rise and move its way all the way through your body. And what it’s doing is it’s burning all of those areas of density so you can open your full spirit again.

You may be very unaware that kundalini energy is rising in you. But you may be aware that you’re suddenly remembering a past event and it’s going round your memory and you’re remembering the feelings. That’s your, if you like, more mentally focused experience of how that kundalini energy is pushing things through you.

This happens naturally in life all the time. To say that it’s been happening at a greater speed and intensity for more people than ever in the last five years would not be an exaggeration, and to say that it’s been happening at evermore lightning speed in the last six months is very much what I’m seeing and feeling going on in the collective.

So right now, you’re in the heart of a complete recalibration of who you are and who you are here to be.

That is a very big process. And even though what I’m describing might sound very personal and very much just about you and your life, it’s never just about you and your life. Even a very self-centered or self-focused person is having a huge effect on the planet because they’re walking around with their energy affecting everybody and affecting everything.

So, in a way, the idea of being self-focused or self-centered is mythic when it comes to the idea that a self-centered or self-focused person is not having an effect on others. In fact, often those are the people who might be triggering you left, right, and center. They might be having an almighty effect on you through their unconsciousness of the effect of their energy on others.

Sensitivity, Resistance, Compression & Other Positive Signals
So this word ‘trigger’ is a word that many are going to be feeling right now. A greater sensitivity in you leads to you being a bit more trigger-able. Anything in your past that is unresolved — any of these dense areas in the body, any of these past impacts — is absolutely popping up and open right now so that you can become bigger, wider, and more present . . . more here.

Conversely, some of you will be experiencing an enormous resistance and heaviness to this process. You might feel like you’ve dug in your heels, and you may be experiencing a health crisis or other crisis in your life that has a lot of weight and density. You might be saying, “I don’t know what he’s talking about. I just feel like utter crap.”

It’s the same thing, it’s just a different position on the energy scale. Essentially, when you feel that low or that compressed, the only reason that you’re feeling that low and that compressed — and not liking or enjoying that feeling — is because this fire is trying to push through you. It’s trying to awaken you. It’s trying to rise. And everything inside you that can’t let it come through is what starts to wobble and you go, “Argh! I’m really upset right now, I’m depressed. I’m…angry.”

Recognizing the Gift In Front of You – Fully Embracing THIS Life
So, sounds intense right? Well, it IS intense. And it’s going to be particularly intense for those of you who are highly sensitive, highly conscious, and highly developed. But the beauty of it is that you’ll also notice that it’s a great time to fire and rewire who you are, what you’re doing, and why you’re here.

It’s a great gift for all of us to remember that people are dying every day at very young ages. It’s a great gift to remember that any day now anything can happen to any of our loved ones or to us as a group. THAT is the kind of remembrance that helps you to live!

“I’ve got this one opportunity in this physical body.”

Yes, there can be many lifetimes, there can be parallel lifetimes. But in this physical body, this identity that you know yourself to be, you’ve got one life. You’ve got one opportunity.

And as you are feeling uncomfortable about some of the suppression that is now coming to the surface — whether that’s repressed memories or parts of yourself that you abandoned in the past — you might find yourself saying, “God, I can’t believe that’s how I behaved ten years ago.” You might find that either you’re not pleased with the way you behaved or with the behavior you accepted from another.

When these things come up, breathe.

They are not coming up to make you run back to that person and go to war. They’re not coming up to make you look back on yourself with self- judgment or shame. They are coming up because they are moving out.

Preparing for the September – December Period
I spoke in July about the September to December period being a period on Earth where strength is going to come online for you in your life in an almighty new way.

This may be hard to believe for those of you who are currently on the depressed or crisis-end of the scale. But your depression and your crisis will keep moving. And September to December is a period where you can start to stabilize more.

Now, for those of you who are already flying high and full of positive life-force, it’s going to be a directional energy that you will be able to bring to yourself September to December.

As I said in July, I encouraged you to this summer to try not to ‘do’ in the outer world, unless it feels great to do so. Try and take the rest of this summer as a time to really be inner. There is an enormous rewiring going on inside people that, as I mentioned last month, can bring miraculous changes. But it takes time and you have to be patient with it.

More of you than ever before are right in the heart of this. And you’ll see other people in your life, who maybe aren’t as conscious of that process, going into chaos, reaction, projection. You’ll be tempted to join them sometimes — especially if they come at you with chaos, reaction, projection. And you’ll notice if you do join them — if someone shouts at you and you suddenly find yourself shouting back — it will feel odd.

You might do it, but then you’ll go, “Oh, that’s a bit weird.” It didn’t feel authentic or true to you. That’s when you know you’ve temporarily gotten off center and caught in someone else’s energy vortex.

From Anger and Fire to Peace and Calm
But for most of you, despite this energy of fire that’s going on at a really high level, the beauty of fire is the peace it reveals. It’s an irony that often the opposite end of an energy scale supports the other. So fire and anger can really lead to peace and calm. They’re highly connected even though we tend to think of them as separate entities (we’ve been in the habit of thinking of everything as separate).

But when you understand that everything is energy and thus connected — all sentient life surrounding us here is energy and is having a relationship and a conversation all day long — then you start to understand that you too are energy and are connected. And there is big energy — a fire for life — that is coming through you now and calling you forward.

Liberation from “What Other People Think”
In practical terms, how do the energies of August show? Well, for you it’s going to be a redefining of how you want to live. This can be seen on the global scale right now where we are, as a collective, trying to figure out and get our heads around some of the stuff that we’re seeing going on around us and what to do about that. That’s the kind of wider world.

But on the more micro level, in your personal world, for many of you it will involve a radical shift in the way that you’re relating to others, the work you’re doing, where you’re going, the way you want to live.

You might find that with relationships in your life right now you need to make some sudden changes that don’t quite make sense to some of your friends or loved ones, but they really make sense to you. Trust that.

If you notice that some are resistant to you or that YOU are the concerned one, saying things like, “I can’t really do that because that’s going really shock them,” I promise you this: In 2-3 months, they’re going to be in the same energetic dynamic. Because even if they’re not in the same mindset as you right now, we’re all being affected by this catalystic energy of fire that is essentially heating everything up from below and within. It’s melting down a lot of very metallic and dense energies that existed inside us as individuals and inside people all across the world.

So don’t worry too much about what others are going to think about what you’re doing. That’s the liberation. You don’t want to be as concerned about how people think about what you’re doing; you want to be more aware of your place in the energy flow of things.

Trust that if you are feeling constricted by someone else’s demands, there is a power dynamic playing out between the two of you that isn’t good for them either, ultimately. Because if someone is asking you to do something that feels constricting to you, they are also receiving an energy of constriction — otherwise you wouldn’t be feeling it!

Recognize that barometer in your own body and start trusting yourself. As we continue at this time on Earth to be feeling and sensing more than ever before, you’ve gotten really good at reading your sensory body.

The tricky part is practicing it . . . and practicing with it. It’s one thing to be inspired by an inspirational video or book or an inspirational moment with a friend. It’s another thing to take the inspiration and understanding and put it into action. It’s a little more scary for us. It’s a little more unknown. But we can do it!

Take Action This Month:

Breathe. Breathe whenever your emotions or sensations feel a little too intense.

Choose pleasure, growth, and space. Make some different choices about things that will bring you either more pleasure, or more growth, or more space in your life. Actively look at how you can bring some of those aspects into your life because they ALL feed growth in you, which will feed the growth that you can offer to and give others.

Forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone for everything. It’s a very famous practice. It shows up in many different religions and faiths – and in many different ways. Everyone is always doing their best, which is something you hear me say a lot, so if their best is repeatedly not serving you, and you can’t discuss it with them, move away from them. Trust the dissonance and make a change rather than stay in the situation and build up more resentment or sadness.

Release judgment. Forgiveness is very important for releasing self-judgment and clearing the judgment of others. Self-judgment and judgment of others are highly destructive energies — energies we all feel at different times because we’ve grown up in a world that is full of them.

The difference is, you can feel those things in yourself and breathe them out, asking yourself, “What’s underneath this judgment? Why am I triggered? Why am I attacking myself? Why do I want to attack another?”

You can choose to step out of the fight matrix that exists on our planet, because the fight matrix is getting very tempting right now. It wants to tempt people into the fight, which is the way that fire has often been used in our world.

Fire Used for Love Is Extraordinary
Fire used for love is the kind of energy that we see in those people who selflessly go around the world serving love, serving peace. They are some of the great masters on our planet. Some of these are the taxi driver, the lady who works in the flower shop, the man in the apartment across the hall from you — masters appear in countless roles.

Check In: How are you mastering your fire this month?
If you’re afraid of your fire, trust it. It will give you a life unlike anything you’ve known.

If you’re enjoying your fire, ride it, have a good time, but be mindful. It will be too much for some people. So be aware of where you can go to fully be in your fire without other people having a negative or opposing reaction to it.

The rebel in you might say, “I don’t care. I want to unleash my fire.” But trust me, if you’re unleashing your fire at someone who doesn’t want it unleashed, their constriction is going to affect your energy flow. This is why being a defensive rebel is a lose-lose for everybody.

Listening, Being and Loving
There is a place in the middle that involves listening and being. And if you get that balance right — if you can be yourself and listen for direction to find the places and the people where you can go to be yourself — you get bigger, you get wider, you get fuller. And the end result really is more love for life and more love for others. This is the energy paradigm that we need more of on the planet right now as we go through this transformation.

So, I wish you all love and luck with this coming month. And I will see you again in September.

Lots of love everybody. Take care and have a great month.
Lee x

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“August 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, August 1, 2015, at http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog.html

Source Link: Lee Harris Energy


(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live video message.)


Lee Harris

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for May 2015.

Time is flying by and so are the energies. In last month’s forecast, I mentioned to you that April would feel wider than March. March was a bit of a crazy, intense month, and while April wasn’t without its intensity, there was certainly more of a feeling of spaciousness. Until that is, this past week or so; the last week of April.

Sensitivity issues through May

Many of you will have felt sensitivity issues arising in the last week of April and that is expected to carry through at least the first half of May.

So whether that’s your own inner feelings of hypersensitivity; for example, being even more sensitive to the volume of someone’s voice, or the way someone walks into a room. Or more ‘outer experiences’ that are showing up in the outside world; so perhaps being upset at what someone is doing or saying, or upset at the job that you’re in. Sensitivity is the theme of not only our time, but particularly in this year of 2015, dealing with your sensitivity is the key to getting through planet Earth in this transitionary era.

So, a couple of things to remember when you find yourself in a space of heightened sensitivity.

Space is what’s usually needed, because your nervous system has amplified and so you need to let it calm down before anything. This is because the more you keep running at the same person or the same issue with a heightened nervous system, it’s just going to continue to amplify.

So, do take time alone.
Do ask yourself, have I been working and doing too much?
Do I need to sit still and ‘be’ a little more?
Ask yourself, am I getting support?

Support from yourself, support from others

The support which you can give yourself is nutrition, exercise, good people, your own connection.
Or do you need the support of others at this moment?
To reach out to some people in your life because you’re trying to struggle through it alone?

Not everybody that you reach out to is going to be able to be there for you, but if you’re willing to not take the first ‘no’ as rejection, and keep asking a few other people, you’ll get that support. Support from others is wonderful because our nervous systems do calm down when we live in a more tribal way. Nature is the other great ‘energy reset’ when you are overstimulated.

So, ask yourself;
How much tribe energy have I got in my life right now that’s supporting me and helping me feel good?
How much personal space am I getting?
If you’re in a city and you can’t get to nature, make sure you’re soothing yourself from that stimulation. Cities have very electrical energy fields compared to nature spaces and the countryside. So you really need to monitor the amount that you are letting yourself get ‘amped-up’ by the energy of a city.

I’m just about to move from Boulder, Colorado to San Francisco. For me personally, San Francisco is absolutely the right place for me right now. So it’s not necessarily a case that city = bad/countryside = good. It’s just that there are different ways of monitoring your energy, and one of the issues that can happen for people who live in more isolated or countryside spaces is they can go through ‘people-isolation’, and sometimes that’s too much for the nervous system as well.

It’s all about balance, and what you personally need on any given day.

Finding your ‘balance-point’ within the demands of collective energy

So regularly ask yourself;
Where am I on my balance of what I need?
Have I got enough tribe in my life?
Have I got enough space in my life?

Because only we can monitor this and sometimes as a collective, we all get very giddy together. As one big group energy, we collectively get on that hamster wheel and pound it really hard, and the only person who can truly monitor your experience of it, is you.

The reason I say this is that many of you listening to this might be in the role of ‘helper’ to people in your life. You might be most people’s emergency phone call. The problem is that not many people in that group for whom you’re the emergency phone call, will be considering how many emergency phone calls you might have taken that week. Only you can monitor that. So the helpers and the healers among you, you’re probably a little overwhelmed right now with the requirements of people outside you, if you’re not maintaining your own inner needs.

Now, to go to a different place.

Again, what I’ve spoken about a lot in the last year or two is that many of you, even with some of these sensitivity challenges, will be feeling better than ever before in yourself and in your experience of life.

Releasing Ancient Issues

Life is a strange ride and it has as many challenges and downs as it can have ups, but so much of it is to do with our approach to it, and so if any of you are still in the dying throes of being angry about something in your life or feeling like a victim to something in your life, what will be working through you at this time is ancient history.

It will be your own history around that issue so, for example, you hate your job. How many times in your life have you hated your job and what is it about the job that you really hate? Is it really that building that you go to and that employer that you have, or what is it that makes you feel crushed in that job? And if you start to ask yourself those deeper questions, you might have a breakthrough moment where you go, Oh, I hate having to be nice to people all day. So, try not faking being nice all day!

There’s a real societal pressure that we have to be happy or we have to be nice and friendly, and it’s just not true. It’s time for you be who you are, more than ever before, because a lot of you will be running into trouble by trying to be more positive than you feel. Or trying to leave your dark side at home, or whatever difficulty you’re processing at home, because you don’t want to throw it at other people.

Being Authentic/Expressing where you are at

There’s a big difference between throwing it at someone else and being authentic with how you’re feeling.

So, I could walk into my office place and, someone says, ‘Hey Lee, how are you doing?’ to which I respond (acting out depressed and angry emotions) ‘Oh, I’m really miserable, I’m really fed up!’

Y’know, that’s me throwing it at them. The other way is, someone could say, ‘Hey Lee, how are you doing?’, and I could just go, ‘Y’know, it’s a bit weird for me at the moment, I’m going through some stuff, I’ve got this going on with my family…..’

There are two very different ways of using energy in my demonstrations, and being present in energy. But the second one I demonstrated, tells the person that I know where I’m at, and it’s me communicating who I am today in a peaceful way. But a clear way, and that’s very, very important for those of you who are helpers, healers, trying to keep the light and the strength going for others.

These are rocky times in many ways, and for all of us in these rocky times, we have to be authentic about the stuff we’re going through that’s really difficult, as much as the stuff that we’re going through that might be feeling good or liberating to us. So this month, invite yourself to more authentic communication.

People don’t need all the details

As I say that, I feel a whole bunch of you go, I don’t want to share all my personal details with everybody, and the point is, you don’t.

There’s a big difference between me saying ‘Y’know, I’ve got some funny things going on in life and I’m struggling’ versus ‘Well, my mum’s got this illness…’ and giving a whole detailed list of things in my life.

You can always just give people a headline as to how you feel if you don’t want to go into the details.

But in giving them that headline, you help the less sensitive around you understand where you’re at a bit more. It doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily wrap you in a blanket and treat you exactly the way you might want them to, but it means you won’t feel so unseen or invisible or unhelped by the people that you perhaps are bringing your helper energy to.

And this will create balance for you in a new way.

So authenticity is a big theme for the sensitive among you at the moment; being authentic with how you feel, being authentic with your communication and inviting that in at a whole new level.

The ‘Opening’ among people

We’re opening more and more as a people. We’re opening our hearts, we’re opening our minds, we’re opening our communication; I wanted to say (communication) devices, which is hilarious ‘cos of course it’s (our voice), not a device. But sometimes communication is a device, in terms of how you navigate the world via the way you communicate with other people.

Now, this opening I speak of, happens in stages. And as much as any of us would love to have a breakthrough because of a book that we’ve read, or a really potent conversation we’ve just had, or a workshop we just went to, and immediately return to our life and apply that whole breakthrough the very next day, it doesn’t work like that.

We do a piece at a time, and with that said, there are several of you who are missing the point around some of the shadows you’ve gone through in the last few months. You feel like, I’m not growing, I’ve felt really crappy or dense so there’s surely something going wrong. No, this is just this time on Earth and it’s speed. It compresses everything and then lets it rise to the surface.

So if what’s compressed in you was ancestral issues around feeling like a victim or feeling angry at the world, angry at the planet, that’s going to get compressed in you and rise up.

So try and get conscious of it rather than just throwing it at all the people at your workplace like I demonstrated earlier, because that just recycles the energy and makes you feel worse.

Try and get in touch with yourself, perhaps, ‘Ah, OK, today I feel angry and that’s OK. I don’t need to add a story to that, I don’t need to judge that, I don’t need to think therefore I’m regressing on my growth path…’

If you’re alive, you’re growing! Even people who seem unconscious to you are growing, because the experiences they need to learn through will keep coming at them in a different way until they become more conscious.

Going against/inviting non-historical patterns

So try and be peaceful with yourself as much as you can. That is not the historical society-inbuilt way of being, granted, but it is the way that will support your opening at this time to the best of your ability.

Because if you keep running out into the madness and trying to keep up with the madness, you’ll not only get exhausted on the hamster wheel, but you’ll catch your foot in one of the grates and go head first into the hamster wheel. So look at how chaotic things feel for you and if they do feel chaotic, keep stepping back and taking breathing space.

Some of you will be in tricky circumstances you can’t step back from – you may have family members who are ill, you may have real financial or work difficulties right now. So then you need to minimise everything else in your life and you recognize, I can only be around supportive people for a while, I just need to take care of me in the middle of taking care of everyone else and minimize all other stresses.

The new energy that exists above the ‘stress-line’

The stress point in the collective is rising, so what you have to do is get really good at noticing and managing your own stress levels.

There is so much potential at the moment for ‘New’, and if you can keep managing everything that I have said here, in this video, then you’ll find that opening to the new – new connections, new relationships, new experiences, new moments of just Aaah, I’m alive, look at this amazing planet’ – then you’re going to find it all a lot easier to flow with it rather than bang your head on a wall with the intensity.

So, this is the final video I’ll be recording here in Boulder before I leave for San Francisco next month. It’s been almost three years I’ve lived here and been making videos for you guys out here on the hill.

So I just want to honour this place and thank it for not only being a support to me in my life the last few years, but more importantly, for these videos, we’ve all been here on this energy, on this land, having these messages monthly, so thank you Boulder for everything.

So, Big Love everyone.
Take care and see you in June.

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“May 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, May 4, 2015, at http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog.html

Source Link: Lee Harris Energy

LEE HARRIS – Energy Forecast – May 2015


Lee’s May 2015 Energy Forecast

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Lee Harris – April 2015 Energy Forecast – 4-3-15



Lee’s April 2015 Energy Forecast – April Awakenings – Stepping Into Power and Peace
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Lee Harris – March 2015 Energy Forecast – 3-2-15



Lee’s March 2015 Energy Forecast – Faster Times and Feelings in the Shadows and the Light

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Lee Harris – Releasing Fear – 2-27-15



Lee shares an exercise for dissolving fear during the February 2014 Live Q&A broadcast in the Lee Harris Energy Portal.

These live broadcasts are held monthly in The Portal and also archived there for viewing at any time. Members are invited to ask their questions via live chat with moderator Patty Sherry.

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Lee Harris – February 2015 – Energy Forecast

lee_harris(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live video message.)

Hello and welcome to the February 2015 Energy Forecast.

This is my first forecast of 2015. It’s lovely to be back with you and be here in 2015, a very different year.

So firstly, just a recap on a couple of things I’ve touched on over the years with the forecasts.



Found at   –   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/02/05/lee-harris-february-2015-energy-forecast-2/

Post-2012 Depression/Heaviness

Cast your mind back to 2012, and those of you who perhaps had big hopes or desires for what December 21, 2012 was going to bring. For a lot of people at that time, I would hear them speak about they couldn’t even think about beyond 2012 because they felt like it was such an important year – what now?

Well, I’ve mentioned before that there was a kind of post-2012 depression for a lot of spiritual or awake people . People who thought that something was going to happen but then didn’t see manifest experience of that happening around them.

Well the good news is that in 2015 we’re far enough away from that marker point that things can really start to get grounded in compassionate, loving, spiritual action for everybody.

2015 – A Year of Rising, Loving Action

Now this has been already happening for some of you in the last few years. Some of you have felt brighter and more grounded than ever before in what you can do in the world, and how you can use how you feel, and what you see to help bring more consciousness through your actions. To bring that consciousness either towards a person that you meet, or a business that you’re creating (and you want it to be a highly conscious business) – the areas are endless and that’s how many of you have already been focusing your attention.

But the general wave of everyone catching up with that way of being is hitting us now more than ever and will continue to throughout 2015.

So this is the year that more people will be coming out of the mud that they were affected by through and post the 2012 year, and starting to recognize they can live. Truly live, and perform, and act consciously and lovingly in their lives and in their world.

I know that many of you who watch these videos are sensitives. There are terms like ‘highly sensitive people’ that are used for people who feel a lot. And it’s a good term; it’s a useful term to know that about yourself. For many of you sensitives out there one of the things that you’ve been dealing with is the rise in feeling among the collective.

Sensitives and Boundaries

So, people on the planet are feeling more than ever before, and that is something that has encouraged or forced many of you sensitives to learn to claim your boundaries. So as a sensitive person what do you need to do to make sure that you’re not being invaded by or affected by others around you?

You need to invite yourself to life, as much as you may often feel like you are the observer or responder to others.

Many of you over the last few years have felt like you’re constantly scooping the water out of your boat (energetically and emotionally), trying to just kind of keep your equilibrium and own boundary.

It will be far easier for you sensitives this year to find a way to regularly ground in your life. Whether that’s through an exercise routine you decide works for you for three months or for a year, whether it’s through studying boundaries for yourself in a deeper way, or whether it’s through the actual action that you want to put into the world. It is time for you to claim and take your space in your life and in the world.

Because as much as this world is a feeling and a sensing place, those of you who are sensitive also need to remember that it’s a place of doing too. And that doing can be very loving, and very conscious.

Look at somebody like the Dalai Lama; he’s absolutely standing for consciousness and peace, but he’s doing things all of the time.

And there’s a beautiful balance point that comes for you when you are spiritually opened enough. Then, you start to come back to your grounded body and you find that perfect meeting point where you can have more consciousness through your actions every single day in a very grounded way.

And an inner space that you have created is what will allow this.

Making Space for the New

So, as we go into this year, just think about what it is that you feel ready to leave behind.

What story about yourself are you ready to leave behind?

Are you ready to leave behind the idea that you’re always struggling with money?

Are you ready to leave behind the idea that you’re too sensitive to have friends so you have to stay on your own all the time, (even though it kind of makes you miserable?)

It’s always good when a new year is in its early stages to use it as a focuser of what it is that you would like to create. And sometimes to create we have to leave behind the old.

Because creation is really what I’ve been talking about here throughout.

The whole essence of 2015 onwards is new creation, not just for this year but the coming decade.

Identify Fear to No Longer Be Seduced by It

You see this if you take a look at many of the things that people like to fear, (or spiral off into fear about). Whether it’s fracking, whether it’s net neutrality and the fact that they want to try and privatize the Internet, whether it is issues of government or finance.

There are so many, what I would call ‘good fights’ going on at the moment. Movements and voices trying to bring elevation and consciousness to some of those darker and tighter aspects of our planet.

There are apsects of our world that are messy, and there are aspects of our world that are serious problems to deal with, but what we’re all seeing in the last few years is more of a wave of community action and community voice towards those issues. And this is also why there is a little bit more faith now growing in people.

Because the mainstream media delights in painting a very bleak picture, which keeps us very disempowered and scared as a people.

An article I read two days ago, which echoes something I’ve seen before states that statistically, we live in safer times than ever before in terms of what’s going on in people’s neighborhoods and crime levels, and yet more people have anxiety or fears about what’s going on because of how much the media and things that influence us will project fear to us, or talk about fear.

So one of the greatest gifts you can really give yourself this year is learning about your own fears.

What are the things that trigger you or that usually make you feel afraid?
Write them down so you can see them for yourself and become aware.

Because then when they next come along, it will no longer be like the bogeyman coming along and scaring you at night. You will just go, “Oh yeah, this is me in my fear.” And you will know to take a breath and acknowledge that fear is working in you, and you can take the steps to let it move out of you.

Everything in Life Will Move and Change, so BE HERE NOW

All energy and emotion that we feel can and does move, so we are never in fear all day and all night. There are times you move out of that state and you go to something else. And this is the dance of consciousness.

Consciousness will always keep moving like a wave. And for many of you this year what you’re looking for is to no longer be so much in a wave that is dragging you along, but instead to be a little more planted on the ground, doing things with your life within that wave.

It’s very easy when you have a spiritual mindset to almost write off the life that you’re in, because you think about past lives, or how consciousness goes on forever and you can feel the vastness of spirit within you.

But the truth is, while we are in this human body, everything in our programming in the body, everything in our body’s history that comes through our families genetic line, and everything that we are energetically in relation to with everyone else around us, is asking us to be here and show up. It’s asking us to live our lives.

Are You Ready to LIVE and LOVE Your Life?

One of the gifts that people who are terminally ill will give us when they write articles about their experiences, is they will say things like, “God, I used to worry so much. And as soon as I got the diagnosis, I just stopped worrying. I wish I’d known this before, because now I’ve started appreciating every hour or every day I had left.”

That life-force is the energy that more of you are going to be able to tap into this year and become; because the reason so many of you are looking to heal or grow yourself is because you want to find and reclaim that spaciousness inside you.

When you reclaim the spaciousness inside you, life changes. So to understand how and why you lose it, either through triggers from other people’s behaviour, triggers of historical wounds, is to know your ‘fear pattern’.

Once you identify your fear pattern, you stop believing it as much as you used to. And you start reclaiming your inner space in a bigger and bigger way than ever before. So then you start living in a bigger way and you are able to share and bring that open and spacious energy to others. And that’s why we’re all here.

We Want to Connect

We’re here in this form because we want to connect with the grid that is down here. And the grid can refer to the grid of humanity, which is very much where a person like me is slanted; I’m very much slanted towards people.

There are others of you who are more into the grid of nature, or the grid of animals and you will be slanted that way. So just as I serve people, you might be an ecologist, or you might be a force in your community for caring for animals better.

Essentially, all any of us are doing in this evolutionary time chapter that we happen to be in on the Earth, is assisting the expansion and the transformation of consciousness on the planet. And at the same time, expanding our own souls.

What do you need more of?

So ask yourself what would you like a little bit more of in your experience of life?
You’re allowed to do that.

Some of you, there will be a conflict because you’ll think it’s not very spiritual to be attached or to want. And the opposite is actually true, because you can want or want to achieve or experience something in a very conscious way now because of all the inner work you’ve done. You may simply want to walk in light more than ever before, or meditate more than you usually make time for.

So what is it you would like to experience more of this year?

And it will be really helpful for all of you as you go through this to remember that we are isolated on this planet and with together. So often, what happens when you get a romantic partner or perhaps you move into a community house for example, is we forget we are alone on Earth as well as connected.

The part of us that knows we’re alone forgets we’re alone for a while. And so we start to attach into that relationship or attach into that community and it takes away our anxiety of being alone.

But once you make peace with being alone, everything grows including your appreciation of the people around you that you get to connect with. The fact is we all die and are born individually.

There may be loving people around us when birth happens and when we die, but if you think about the fact you are somewhere between birth and death right now. And you have life you can live before that death, and can keep changing, growing and dancing through your life in a new way every day, if you allow it to happen.

Can Life Be That Good?

I always work intuitively and I never know what I’m going to say before I start. And on reflection now, the reason I think I’ve been focusing on these themes for the last 10 minutes with you all, is I can feel this apprehension in many of the bodies that I’m talking to. Many of you like what I am saying but it brings up a fear in you too. The fear says:
“Can I dive in?”
“Can life be that good?”
“I was disappointed before. Can life just be okay?”
“Can I have space for me in my life?”

Yes, yes, yes, and yes is the answer. ALL of those things are possible.

They won’t always be true in every moment. Some moments of the day we’re dealing with a challenging thing, some moments of the day we’re feeling sad because something is going on with our friend, but it all moves. And it’s a wave.

So it’s time for those of you who’ve felt like you’re a hostage to the wave of consciousness, the wave of energy, to actually decide now is the time for you to swim in a direction of your choice.
Now is the time for you to decide what you want to do in this year of life that you have ahead of you.

We never know when we’re going to go. We never know how long we’ve got left in our lives. So choose a brighter reality for yourself this year. And write it down as an intention.

Creating Your Intentions

If you’re listening to me and you feel like something is sparking in you but you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something in you is waking up as I’m talking, write down an intention. Ask what would it be like for you this year if this was the best year of your life? What would that take?

It might be that you write, “I have amazing loving relationships.” Because you identify you feel like you’re missing loving relationships. The intentions can be simple and feeling based as much as a ‘doing’ or a physical creation. You can simply intend the way you want to feel more of the time in your whole life, or a certain area.

So, yes, this is the February 2015 forecast but I realize now this is actually an annual message to all of you about the energy of 2015 that’s going to be available to us, and how you can work with it.

So really allow and invite yourself to experience your piece of the pie down here on Earth.
Your experience.
Your life.

You can choose and redirect at any time.

Lots of love everybody and I will see you next month.
Take care

“February 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, February 4, 2015, at http://leeharrisenergy.blogspot.com/2015/02/february-2015-energy-forecast-energy-of.html

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Lee Harris – Energy Forecast December 2014


Lee’s December 2014 Energy Forecast – Clear, Open, Discern, Live, Love!

Full transcription found at http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog

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Lee Harris Energy Update – Electrifed Living – Peace lies in the deep of the ocean – 11-21-14

Lee Harris
This past 2 weeks, the energy has seen a lot of us deep-diving.
Diving down into the depths of ourselves – our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs, our patterns, our life journey.
Soul diving.
It’s as if an electric current is pulsing through your body, wiring and firing you to awaken, awaken, awaken.
More and more and more.
To shed and cleanse, to release and intend.
Peace comes, clarity comes, followed by challenge, distraction, emotion, disorientation, restlessness.
A feeling that things must be going wrong, or need to be changed and quickly.
Yet you do not have the energy to make the changes in the timescale you feel you need to.
This is electricity, moving through your energy field and the field of the collective.
This is the electrified living of these times, bringing us all to clearing.
It can be relentless – it can make you mad, bring you to sadness, and then, it can elevate you into a moment of blinding clarity.
And yet the waves of inner-change keep coming, sometimes fuelled by outer impulses.
Difficult or fear-based dreams are happening to clear us also.
And as you dive deeper into them, you feel it all more than ever before. 
You see what the thoughts in you are as they rise more than you could ever see your thoughts before.
You allow the chaos of all this experience to rise in you, for you have no choice.
You learn this quickly.
For if you try to control or fight it, things just feel harder and more ‘against’ you.
So you surrender. It is the only choice.
And it leaves you at the bottom of your ocean.
And then you realise that the bottom of the ocean, where you now find yourself, is not in-fact, to be feared.
Not at all.
It IS a different world than the one you knew, yes, but it is one you can be safe in and find new space in.
Once you adjust and realise that the seeming chaos and speed is part of the deal.
It comes from the impulse of electricity driving us all right now.
It presents a choice to feel everything and allow the chaos, yet find your direction within that in each and every fast changing moment.
As a world we are in a force of change that asks you to flow with it.
As an individual you are in a force of change that asks you to find rebirth within it and the loss of old identity.
This takes courage, and faith that you will be safe without your old ways.
Can you be ready to stop seeing yourself as ‘blocked’, ‘resistant’, not yet ‘there’.
To let go of these old ideas, aims and ways of pushing yourself to grow?
And instead accept that wherever you find yourself today, it needs NO judgement for judgement will only make you feel worse. MUCH worse, and perhaps that is the spiral you are used to.
A downward one.
Can you accept that where you find yourself today only requires great compassion, from you, towards you.
Today needs you to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend who was struggling.
So take your foot off the accelerator. Stop buying into the stress, the speed or the depression of others as anything you need to swallow whole and thus also become in yourself.

We absorb each others energy all the time, so pay attention to who you are around and whether their energy would be nutritious or toxic to you today.

Be mindful of the company you keep, but do not judge them for where they are.
You can bear compassionate witness for where they are. Yes.
And Empaths, you don’t need to feel or fear the size of their electrical releases.
You have your own to deal with, so observe and leave anything that feels too big for you to handle.
Breathe and say ‘I am safe in my centre’. ‘I release that which is not mine’.
And know we are ALL in this together, navigating a time we have never seen like this on Earth.
An intensity we have not yet been through.
And right now, these pulses are electrifying all of us to keep on rising, keep on clearing and integrating in our bodies and our souls, all we have been learning over the past years.
Sometimes it’s a messy act, this thing of being human.
Spirit knows this, and loves you anyway.
Can you love yourself that much, despite how you are feeling?
Can you let the layers of human judgment and suppression we have all absorbed and identified with, fall away. Even if it looks and feels messy?
Because THERE lies the key.
Loving yourself through these rapid releases. Even the ones that are disorientating you the most.
There lies the peace that we can all learn to find at the bottom of the ocean.
For once we accept how different it seems, we start to realise how safe and connected it all is.
You are very loved.
Never forget that and you will never forget to love.
And then, love will be the fuel that keeps you warm in the world.
Just as you will keep its flame alive wherever you go.
Lee Harris
Much love everyone


Lee Harris – Energy Forecast – November 2014


Lee’s November 2014 Energy Forecast – Multiplying Love and Shifting from Density to Light

Full transcription found at http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog

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Lee Harris – Energy Forecast – September 2014


Lee’s September 2014 Energy Forecast – Turn Left at Distress and Head Toward the Light-Body

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Lee Harris – Ascension Energy Forecast – July-August 2014 – Your Brain no longer works the same – Problems with Memory, Concentration, Words getting jumbled up – Brain of the Heart becomes more Dominant

Lee’s July-August 2014 Energy Forecast

Full transcription found at http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog

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