FORGIVENESS – Anastacia Blue Beyond – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-25-19

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New Light Paradigm-Anastacia Blue Beyond –

PLANETARY FORGIVENESS=HEALING GAIA=OURSELVES from/on a Higher Heart Level – 25th April 2019

Dear Ascending Masters,

This energy update has come through for those amazing souls who are ready to FORGIVE ALL on all layers and levels, no matter what abuse/trauma one has gone through for self, others and all of humanity = Gaia

This is of a bigger and higher heart picture for/of all of humanity/Gaia – as those who do resonate to this, will feel and understand the Divine Love of where I AM coming from:

Forgiving oneself and others in owning our ‘part’ of any interaction with others of FORGIVENESS and OWNING our part, claiming our part or responsibility of ANY interaction with others has come through right now – for a change of evolution of the masses for those who wish to forgive others and themselves on a Higher heart level = of an ALL OF HUMANITY HEALING=GAIA

Whether or not one can bring this through into the human being further, depends on ones sacred connection and previous soul contracts with others and all else this may entail for individual situations/circumstances

Let me explain a little further…

When we say about forgiveness of self and others, it always starts with SELF and then flows onto the outer with others WHERE THIS IS POSSIBLE

If this is not possible in the human being through human interaction, one can do this in the Spiritual aspect of astral and higher self energies (visualisation/meditation shared below)

This has now stepped up newly in/of a higher planetary and universal energy scale just this morning as a further follow on from previous update:

Forgiveness for/of ALL no matter what this is, is a VITAL STEP/part of our Ascension Process with the New Master Code Key of Diamond Pink energies recently (above link)

To allow us to FREE ourselves of all unwanted outside influences/energies (seen and unseen/felt) where there is injustice that has been performed or experienced in the whole of humanity – which is felt by GAIA!

This comes from a Higher heart level we are speaking of with this right now.

How can one forgive atrocities one may ask – by seeing the bigger picture that even the darkness needs love and forgiveness for (past) actions which are relevant to current actions as well at times or in moments of personal private experiences – taking the personal abuse/experiences out of it at this level of forgiveness

When we fully surrender in total trust and forgiveness of ALL we do totally free and surrender ourselves to the will of the Divine and do not judge others for what they are going through or are doing

We remove or separate ourselves to allow further fully healing for ourselves of both soul and spirit

Then we let this go and surrender our will over to God/Source and the Divine and all Benevolent beings who are assisting us and taking care of us, as we grow and learn further in our souls evolution

We are talking about a planetary forgiveness energy here that has been revealed to be over the whole of the planet of childhood abuse/trauma energies

I am not going into personal situations or explanations here, this is going above and higher than this right here…

This is for those who wish to help our planet and humanity ascend even further now with this prayer/blessing/healing that one may choose to participate in with reading and sharing these writings/healing energy that has come through for us

Please let me repeat this, that this is in no way saying any form of abuse is ok, this is not going into personal previous trauma situations of what one has gone through as my heart so goes out to all of what one has been through in a particular area in their lives

This is of a higher dimensional energy shift that is needing to take place for/with us all for all we have endured of any form of abuse over our lifetime(s) of a higher heart level of healing for those who feel and understand where I am coming from here

This will allow a further personal healing for oneself of all they need to do to heal in the human with personal boundaries and forgiveness for any blame one may put on oneself or where one is given themselves a ‘hard time’ for ANYTHING they have endured – so we can heal any remnants of those energies for ourselves FURTHER

We need to fully love and nurture ourselves as it starts with us and doing so in Spirit/Higher Self on a planetary scale then allows this further healing to flow through to the HUman Being…

Please understand the love and compassion I have for all souls, for all traumas and abuse many many souls have endured, more so than myself in many areas – I so honour you for what you have been through personally for us ALL, I thankyou for still being here and doing and going through all you are to heal your personal trauma

Look at a higher level picture of what one has endured in the past with family or anyone close (or not) that one has suffered abuse of any form from and send, see and feel a diamond pink higher heart energy go over and through all of this (or each) situation

See that energy and love go over all of this (the visualisation of a person or group) for yourself and when you do, one can feel a surrender and release in doing so – a visualisation essence of the person/persons/group is enough for this

If one feels any emotions with this and find they are not able to for any reason, then know one is coming from their lower heart…keep going and ask to come from ones higher heart to raise above this to do so from a higher heart level…persist with loving intent from within ones heart

Keep going until one frees themselves from the personal human interaction energy of past abuse/trauma/raises above this

When does this one can feel a release in the Solar Plexus and this is enough to know one has done this as best they could to then feel a surrender, of total love and release of a higher heart energy for and of all including oneself

Take this one step further and then take or share this energy or feeling of this and visualise our planet and bring this energy over all of humanity = GAIA

This needs to be done consciously and to take ones time doing this, a deliberate intention to do so, again where one feels and resonates to do so

This is from someone who has done this and what came up for them:

“Absolute instant forgiveness washed over me and each situation/persons I’ve been interacting with over the past week. I sent and felt the diamond pink light, sent to my twin and deep grief has come up to be released with love, I sent it to my dad, anger and what felt like confusion arose, huge resistance in sending to my mum, so I’m appreciative and patient with this process. Could feel Gaia needing support so sent to our mother, she hurts so much”

Please feel free to share what this is for you/what you felt when you do this

So much Divine Love, Blessings and healing for ALL

As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Double Master 11:11 – Multidimensional Emotional Healer of Divine Light 
New Light Paradigm Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer-WaySeer Blue Ray Elder Ancient Future Scribe
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self/Monad – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul/Higher Self in 12D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment which is unique to her Souls Human awakening Journey of personal experience of 24yrs. Of having been in 5D-Zero Point for 13yrs with her mission/role – to assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into New Earth 5D energies as an Ascended Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge of Spirit to Soul and WITH all of HUmanity

Blue Beyond Guide

Jesus through John – Forgiveness calms the storms of painful emotions within – 3-8-19

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 Jesus Audio Blog for Friday March 8th

The Oneness that is God, that is All That Is, includes every sentient being ever created or that ever will be created: There is NO separation!  Ever.  But, living in form, as humans, the reality of this escapes you.  You have forgotten the Truth, and because of the severely limiting beliefs that being human imposes upon you, you need divine Guidance to find your way Home.  And that Guidance – the Holy Spirit – is always with you waiting patiently for you to take the time to listen.

Living as humans in form your egos are extremely vociferous, making it very difficult for you (you are not your egos, although your egos don’t want you to know that) to hear the still small voice for God.  Sometimes you do hear but refuse to believe it, thinking that you know better.  You have all at times gone against your intuition, your inner knowing, and, when things have not turned out as you had hoped they would, you have regretted not listening to your intuition.  Your intuition will never lead you astray.  Nevertheless, that does not mean that your path will always be smooth, because before you incarnated you set yourselves up with a path that would present you with the lessons that you needed to learn, and that you had therefore chosen to learn.

Most of you have had many human lives and have not yet learned all the lessons that were appropriate for your circumstances.  Now, as your awakening approaches, these lessons must be learned to enable you to move forward.  Within every human these lessons are now arising in myriad ways, causing chaos, confusion, and conflict in many places, and in many relationships.  The way to deal with them is to listen!  Your divine Guidance is always with you, and Its message is consistent, it is always the same: “Love one another!”

Deep in your hearts you know this to be true, and yet you disregard it when you choose to be offended by another’s unloving judgment of you, or by their unloving words directed at you, and instead of responding with Love you choose to respond – or, more honestly, react – in a similarly unloving fashion.  Many people are forever attacking others, or defending themselves against others, and even though it is normally done only silently in their minds, what people do in their minds establishes their beliefs, the beliefs they live by and which direct their lives: “I cannot trust anyone; I am always being attacked; no one appreciates me; no one understands me; no one LOVES me!”

For as long as you wait for another to be loving first, so long will you keep on waiting to be loved instead of being attacked.  Love and change starts with you!  After all, as you have so often been told: There is no one else!

Over the last five or six decades many people have woken up to this, and have changed their attitudes and their behaviors.  As a result awareness has grown, on a scale never before seen in humanity, of the need to move from fear to love in all relationships, from personal ones to international political ones, and all in between.  It is this enormous change in the collective awareness that is leading you so powerfully forwards towards your inevitable awakening . . . and without delay.

Your awakening requires that all your ignored or denied issues – anything within you that is not in alignment with love – arise into your awareness so that they may be released.  This means that you must forgive all who have caused you pain or suffering of any kind.  Most of you are aware, or are becoming aware, that quite often what you experience as an attack is nothing of the sort, that you have in fact just misperceived a situation or a communication.  However, in the moment, you either reacted defensively or attacked the other, leading to escalation and conflict which was not only unnecessary, but was also painful, and very damaging for the relationship.

Before forgiving however, demanding judgment and restitution for perceived wrongs seems just, righteous, essential, and the only way for people to live together peacefully in any kind of community or society – Rules are required and must be obeyed . . . or else!

This is the way humans have conducted their lives for eons.  It is not forgiveness justto let go of bygones because the offending person has been judged and suitably punished, leaving you feeling and believing that justice has been served, while, at the same time,you continue to hold onto a sense of vindication because of the outcome.  Now, more and more people are beginning to see through the unworkability of this belief, and are changing their attitudes and behaviors to reflect this awareness.

Forgiveness occurs when you choose to forgive another by completely and utterly, without any conditions whatsoever, letting go of any hurt that you have experienced and been nursing – sometimes for many years.  When you do that you find peace within yourselves.  Within that feeling of peace another amazing thing also happens: you find that you can forgive yourselves for all the wrongs that you have committed which have hurt others, and which you have, until this moment, either denied because you are so ashamed of them, or justified because you believed that they were perfectly reasonable responses to another’s attack on you.

Forgiveness calms the potential energy that can build storms of painful emotions within, which have often been lovingly held onto for long periods of time, sometimes decades, that erupt powerfully from time to time, totally and utterly dissolving them.  Until you truly forgive you will find this impossible to believe.  And when you do forgive your whole experience of life changes dramatically for the better, because all those jealously harbored resentments and feelings of bitterness, over how others have treated you in the past, are no longer constantly replaying in your memories and bringing those events vividly back to life in the present moment, thus denying you any sense of peace or joy.

The process of forgiveness, and it is a process, demands recognition and acceptance of your humanness and of your divinity.  Your divinity is, of course perfect, but your human side is in the process of evolving spiritually, and forgiveness is a large part of that.  There are very few among you who do not bear grudges and resentments against others for perceived mistreatment, valid or invalid, that continues daily to disturb your ability to feel at peace for any length of time.  When memories of mistreatment arise causing strong emotions of fear, pain, anger, and resentment to invade your minds, your sense of pleasure in just being alive gets blocked out or hidden from you.  When true forgiveness occurs within you, you will know it, because those storms of painful emotions will no longer be present, and you will find yourselves mainly in a state of peace and contentment.

Therefore, in your daily periods of contemplation, meditation, or plain relaxation as “you just smell the roses,” set the intent to let go of the judgments that encourage your sense of righteousness, and which forbid you to forgive, because you believe that justice must be done and be seen to be done.  It is these long held attitudes which have brought so much pain and suffering to humanity over the eons.  After all, most of you have no trouble forgiving small children for their errors and mistakes, therefore intend to realize that although you inhabit adult sized bodies, and have probably done so for decades, there is still within you a small child who acts out from time to time.  Now is the time to intensely renew your love for that small, and often frightened child – who undoubtedly had many experiences of painful and abusive behaviors while growing towards adulthood –and welcome it into your arms with a warm loving embrace, while totally forgiving it for every misbehavior or misdeed that it has ever committed.  This will not be accomplished in an instant, because injury – mental, emotional, or physical – encountered during childhood leaves deep scars that require time and loving kindness in order to heal.

Give yourselves that time to heal, don’t try to rush it – rushing, seeking instant gratification, is endemic in many parts of the world today.  Your inner child needs time, your time!  So provide it willingly and lovingly, and listen to it with great patience and empathy.  Explain that you totally and utterly support it, and that you will be there when it is in fear, and that you will help it to grow up – as it most certainly wants to . . . don’t you remember, you did? – being there with wise guidance when it feels threatened or needy.  Love is the offering that your inner child needs and deserves from you, and only you can provide it.  It’s very likely that when you were small those who were caring for you, or were supposed to be caring for you, did not give you the time you needed, therefore it’s a need you do fully understand . . . honor it in your inner child!

Your loving brother, Jesus, who always honors your inner child.

Nancy Troupe – Forgiving Ourselves – 2-25-19 – Charlie @ Golden Age Of Gaia


Writer’s Corner

by Nancy Troupe

We, as Light Warriors, are here on Gaia to shine Light on the darkness of anger, greed, and hate and to send Love to all to help raise the vibration of the planet. This is a very common message coming from so many enlightened avenues. This is important, as important as it gets.

But today I want to remind the lightworker community that we can’t forget about ourselves. I find myself shining Light on, and sending Love to, myself more and more often lately, because I’m finding that I REALLY need it and have needed it for so very long.

When I see pain and sadness in my past and realize that I did it to myself and to others, it is not only humbling, but often debilitating and devastating. How could I have said that? Why didn’t I see the truth? Why didn’t I think for myself?

Universal Mother has long urged us to love ourselves, care for ourselves, nurture ourselves. (1)  Her recent messages are timely as I have been beating myself up about my past actions, blaming myself for what I considered mistakes and poor choices throughout my life. Blaming others, too: those “authority” figures.

Raised to always follow the rules to win parental approval in my good Catholic home and teacher approval in my early Catholic-school education led to patterns in adulthood that have been presenting themselves to me more and more, like layers of the proverbial onion peeling off. Even after somewhat rebellious and exploratory years during my twenties when I was on my own, as I got older, did I replace those early authority figures with my husband? With my employer? Perhaps even with friends who had more “status” in our circle because of money and position in the community?

So when I go into the darkness of judging myself or others, after the tears and agony, after the exhaustion, eventually I end up asking myself, How is this self-battering going to help in my ascension process? And isn’t my ascension important for Gaia’s ascension? I don’t want to let her and all of her beautiful inhabitants down. Guilt and shame must be transmuted back into Love.

Forgiveness–not just of others, but also of ourselves–is so very important if we are going to move forward. It’s something that I struggle with daily. But isn’t this what personal growth is all about: looking deep within, studying what we find, and giving it back to the Father/Mother to be transmuted into Love?

In reading a GAOG post from Narendra Mishra recently (2), I was struck by his reminder that “As above, so below. Our Consciousness, our sense of self-worth, dictates our external manifestation.” In other words, we need to get right with ourselves first before we can expect any desired outward changes in the world. So, knowing that, I’d say I had better get busy.



Nourish Nurture Inspire – The Power of Forgiveness


Nourish Nurture Inspire

Forgiveness is easily mistaken as a weakness. A misconception on our part where we enable our ego to shine in all of its pride, anger, blame and resentment.
We’ve all been victim to hurt and abuse in varying degrees. Whether it is actively directed towards us, witnessed or acted upon by one’s self. Acknowledging and standing in the hurt is one thing, however holding on to that pain is what hinders personal healing and ultimately blocks you from feeling potential peace and happiness within yourself. When you play into the victim mentality long-term and allow negative energy to fester within you, you are also allowing yourself to perceive your external world in ways that invite fear, creating disharmony in current relationships and blocking potential relationships and experiences. Overall, sitting in this mindset is where you are inadvertently placing negative impact on your emotional wellbeing. Contrary to common belief, disengaging from compassion and forgiveness is where you are giving your power away to the people or situations that have hurt you, possibly giving them the reaction they intended upon you.
I am obviously aware our negative experiences can vary significantly. On one end of the spectrum, a stranger could say something unexpectedly in passing that triggers you or then there are the unfortunate events that are incomprehensible and sinister, deemed unforgivable to most people. I am by no means suggesting that a rape victim make excuses for her perpetrator and deviate from taking judicial action. What I am suggesting is that you do what you can do emotionally to propel yourself towards self-healing, giving yourself the opportunity to experience life the way you should and step back into your power rather than go down a path of self-loathing, depression, blame and isolation. No matter what we experience, we and only we have the ultimate control over what we allow ourselves to feel on the inside. Given that, the level of healing for each individual is subjective given the personal circumstances and progress relies on a great deal of inner-strength and self-determination. Whether it’s self-healing or professional help, the proactive step here is the direction towards healing which is the best thing you can do for yourself.
From personal experience, below is some basic advice that may help you along your self-healing journey.

When you forgive, you heal. And when you let go, you grow.

1) Face your emotions

When these situations occur, more times than not we suppress the emotion and mask it with fakery and hope it will just fade away. We can feed into illicit substances, excess alcohol, destructive behaviour, virtually anything that can either distract you or numb your pain. Then there are times where you know what it is your feeling and live in it, breathe it and direct it outwardly to the world around you displayed in acts of anger, revenge, arguments and physical violence because you believe others deserve it. Then there are also the times when your experiences lead you to place negative perceptions about yourself creating a lack of self-worth and taking a front seat to a path of self-destruction. It is in your best interest to take the time and space to feel what you’re feeling. Journal it, cry, talk about it to a friend or seek professional help and do it again and again if you have too. This form of release will give you an almost instant relief and a sense of lightness and peace.





Jesus through John – In forgiving yourselves, you find it much easier to forgive others – 8-25-18 – by John Smallman

Jesus teaching

Image Source

JESUS  through John Smallman

The way you, humanity, live on Earth is to change soon and dramatically for the better.  Awareness is finally dawning on enough of you that to live as separate individuals attending mainly to your own needs and desires does not work and cannot work.  The evidence has been there for eons, but your ego-driven selves have either been refusing to see it, or have totally denied it.  Instead the world has been a place where unbridled competition has held sway on all levels of society and in every nation and culture.  The fear of rejection and the need to belong to a group that is supportive and protective has been extremely divisive, as wars and conflicts within families or between nations throughout your recorded history clearly demonstrates.

As humans, in form, it does appear that you are separate, and for eons you have sought to belong to powerful support groups, because as individuals you seem small, insignificant, and vulnerable.  But these support groups always developed dominating hierarchies where the seemingly stronger members – practically all of whom were males – were forever competing in a hostile or aggressive manner for the role of leader.  This behavior is ego and testosterone driven and always leads to pain and suffering, often on vast scales as recent global wars have shown.

It may appear that competition in trade is good and honorable, and that, being far more rational than conflict, it has greatly reduced the possibility of further major wars.  This is not the case.  Competitive games were once an amusing way to express and release these tensions by engaging in friendly challenges of skill and strength between opposing teams.  However, these games have become very serious money making ventures, the fun has been removed, the aim has changed, and now the intent is mainly to engage in conflict to crush, dominate, and humiliate the opposing team.  Competition in trade is even more ruthless, and wars have been instigated to protect business assets.

For a long time the mainstream media has manipulated the truth to ensure that the general population supports the wishes of big business, the owners of the media, by presenting the news in a light that is favorable to it.  However, in the last two or three decades, with advent of inexpensive and instant worldwide telecommunications available to all, the mainstream media’s control and manipulation of the news has been seriously weakened and undermined.  People everywhere are learning that what they are told always has a hidden agenda supporting it, and that it cannot be taken at face value.  The phrase “follow the money” has arisen to encourage awareness of the pervasive dishonesty that was, until recently, well disguised by those claiming to inform.

Mass awareness of the lack of honesty and integrity in business, politics, and many other social, religious, educational, charitable, and cultural organizations is growing rapidly, and this is already leading to big changes in order to disclose what needs to be uncovered.  New leaders, who will operate openly and honestly, are now standing up and being promoted into positions from which they can first cleanse these organizations, and then ensure that they can be directed to engage honestly and wholeheartedly with their claimed mission statements of purpose.

These changes are enormous and phenomenal events arising in human society all across the world.  Do not be discouraged by the continuing flow of information about corruption in high places.  Instead, remember that this has been going on for eons, while information about it was deeply hidden.  It has always been there, many have suspected it, but the evidence was not available to confirm it.  Now it is all coming out because the Light of Love, that you all intend to open to and demonstrate in your daily lives, is massively effective.  Your loving intentions are changing each of you, assisting you to act from your hear centers with honesty and integrity, and are then flowing out from you in waves of loving energy that is assisting enormously in changing the world.  You all chose to incarnate at this time to take part in humanity’s awakening process by offering the energy of your powerful loving intentions to all with whom you interact in any manner at all.  It is not something you do in words or conversation, it just is your personal energy field interacting with other energy fields and uplifting, lightening, and inspiring them.

What you are doing in every moment is essential to the awakening process, because your energy fields are all intensifying in every moment and because you are all holding and renewing the intent to be only loving whatever arises for you personally in your daily lives.  Nevertheless, there will be times when a situation is emotionally very disturbing for you – after all your are still in form as unawakened humans – and you will react unlovingly.  But, even if not immediately, you will quickly realize that you reacted in a way that was unloving, in a way that was out of alignment with your true intent, and you will be upset, even angry with yourselves.

Understand that what occurred was not what you intended or would have chosen, and that it was just an emotional reaction to a powerful feeling that in that moment seemed to be you. However, you know that you are not your emotions or your feelings, it’s just that occasionally that knowing escapes you in the moment, and that is simply an aspect of being human.  So the important thing is to forgive yourselves and let go of any judgment, blame, or shame you have dumped on yourselves.

You know that what occurred was not intended, and that how you reacted was not who you are.  It is a lesson for you because it helps you to understand why others overreact in moments of fear, panic, or extreme stress.  Just seeing that strengthens you!  Yes, when you explode in anger at someone it very clearly shows you the downside of being an unawakened human.  And in seeing that, and in forgiving yourselves, you find it much easier to forgive others, while also raising your awareness of how easy it is to react inappropriately.  It shows you that you do need to be alert – especially when you are tired or in a hurry – to triggers that can shove you into reaction before you manage to pause and take a deep breath.

You are all divine beings, infinitely loved in every moment, and, as you know, God does not judge.  Therefore, follow His example, and cease judging yourselves.  Instead love and forgive yourselves as He does, and in doing so you will find that you have the strength and the desire to forgive others, and in that desire you will find a beautiful sweetness and a compassion for all others.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



OPEN HAND WEB – The Liberating and Empowering Effect of Absolute Forgiveness – 6-5-18


On Openhand’s level 3 course DIVINICUS, we explore deeply into the importance of not apportioning blame and instead taking full responsibility for the lives only we are creating – at a soul level, we draw everything to ourselves in order to learn, evolve and grow. One vital aspect of this approach is that of forgiveness: realising the other person is not to blame for their distortion (and my creation) and therefore being able to forgive them. In my experience, this is one of the most liberating and empowering things we can do. But if EVERY situation is purposefully designed by the natural flow for us to self-realise, then is there truly a need for forgiveness, and if so, what might that look like?

Taking responsibility

This is an important realisation in the Openhand book 5GATEWAYS: that to blame another is to disempower ourselves because basically we’re saying: “something outside of myself, over which I have no control, is the cause of my beingness.”

To truly empower yourself as a being of the Universe, is to realise and accept, that you are the creator and therefore the master, of every single situation you manifest – that nothing is ‘being done to you’. By the natural Law of Attraction, you draw every experience your soul requires, in order to learn, evolve and grow – to be able to be integrated as an experience of The One, through all universal possibilities.

When this realisation dawns, as we give it breathing space, we might look back through our lives with profound self honesty, looking at every situation from the perspective of, “what was I being invited to realise?” Then, if you inquire deeply enough into any karmic source pain you were carrying (see later), I believe you’ll surely see, how synchronistic patterning guided EXACTLY those situations and circumstances to you. It appears that every person who comes into our lives is helping us self-realise in this way and has a “sacred agreement” to help us evolve.

Finding the blessing

So if this is the case, then it begs the question, if every person who ‘commits a crime against me’ has a sacred agreement to help me evolve, then what is there to forgive?

If in these circumstances we’re being offered a priceless gift of self-realisation, even if it can, at times, seem almost impossible to integrate and be accepting of.

Consider the biblical story of Jesus and his relationship with Judas (it matters not whether you believe the story to be true, it’s the story itself that can reveal an important realisation). Judas was castigated as a ‘traitor’ in the story, taking his thirty pieces of silver to identify Jesus to the Romans. But we might consider the crucifixion helped Jesus move beyond his own shadow identity (“why have you forsaken me father?”); he was caused to realise that he and the father are one (just as we all are), that he could never be abandoned even in the midst of total violation. It was his own shadow identity seeing itself as separate from the all that is, that was being crucified, and therefore dissolved, leading to Jesus’ Enlightenment. So then, if my take on the story bears water, Judas was actually performing an invaluable service not a ‘sin’ – yes he certainly had his own distortions, but the engagement was created in order for the various parties to expose their own shadows.

Absolute Forgiveness

The story also illuminates another crucial aspect of this . It is to realise that each of us manifests the situations we need at a soul level, to expose karmic ‘shadows’, where in a past life, the soul has identified with a particularly traumatic situation, and has then become fragmented into the trauma. The fragment of soul gets buried under layers of repression, retraction and denial – avoidance of the original source pain.

It’s utterly essential therefore, that we regress into these karmic past life situations when they arise. Not to try to push away the pain, to bury it, or placate it. And neither to simply gloss over it, by painting some premature layer of spiritual acceptance on top. To be truly The One, is to be able to accept the fullness of the Universe, both the darkness and the light, without needing to change it. So by regressing into one’s trauma, provides the possibility of complete acceptance by becoming as-one with the pain. Only then do you come to realise, it does not define you. At this point, you discover yourself as The One, and reclaim the fragment of soul gold that was buried in that inner karmic sediment.

This is why I call the approach “Absolute Forgiveness”, because you really have to soften into the absolute in order to process any buried karma and become as-one with it, so as to liberate the aspect of soul that was buried there.

Consider this 9 step healing process for dealing with karmic source pain.

Digging for the Shadows

How might we apply this approach in daily life? Well I invite everyone reading to deeply confront situations where we might consider another has ‘sinned against us’; to see the possibility for deeper self realisation that was presenting itself – what were you attached to? What did you need from the other person? How were you needing them to be?

And most importantly, what inner reaction, what ‘shadow’ does it activate, that I must now work into? Here’s an Openhand video on dealing with those inner contractions and how they present an amazing opportunity to unleash the soul through them…

Is Forgiveness even Necessary?

When we’re able to empower ourselves in these situations and reintegrate soul through them, it begs the question, “is there a need to forgive?” I would say that when you’ve reached the point of complete acceptance, where that’s helped you find The One in the situation and reclaim a lost aspect of soul, then the answer would be no, there is no need to forgive. At the same time, at that point of surrender, in the work that we do at Openhand, we still find offering the sense of forgiveness can be valuable – it lets each party know that acceptance and integration has been attained.

At this point, you might say something like…

I accept what took place, thankyou for helping me become whole and complete. I see the light in you. I forgive you.

But crucially, only AFTER complete regression into the incident, acceptance of it, and liberation of the soul from the situation.

Absolute Forgiveness then is actually to become awesomely okay with what took place, becoming The One in it by finding peace within your heart, seeing the blessing within the event, taking ownership of the gifts of beingness offered, and then finally, when all judgment has dissolved, forgiving the other person. In a way, it becomes a blessing.

Forgiving another Meditation

On Openhand’s level 3 DIVINICUS course, we guide people through Absolute Forgiveness meditations, by regressing them into the original situations and guiding them through the density. People always find them exceptionally liberating. So here below is the kind of meditation approach we apply, that you might also like to work with. It’s taken from the 5GATEWAYS book…

Forgiving another meditation – Create a loving, warm and protected space with incense, candles and soft music. Relax, using deep breathing and visualisation. Allow an experience to arise in the past where you have suffered or were abused at the hands of someone else. Contemplate deeply the situation where you suffered, visualising what you would have seen, hearing the sounds and feeling the feelings. What thoughts and emotions are arising for you? Watch them, feel them, fully express them, so as to become as-one with them.

Go deeper into the situation and contemplate the main perpetrator/s. What was it that caused you to suffer? What were you attached to? How were you forgetting this is all an illusion? Now contemplate what was the blessing? What was the lesson? What were you being invited to realise? What aspect of soul is now wanting to come through? (maybe will and power for example). Can you now integrate that aspect of soul and let go of the suffering and pain?

When you know you are ready, feel the darkness gathering into a heavy, dense ball in your right hand and then next see the ball dissolving into light. Then visualise the perpetrator. Connect with the soul in them. See firstly their perfected light. Can you now let go of your resentment, fear or hate? Can you release yourself from judgment? Keep working at it until you can let go of all such negativity.

If you would like help applying the Openhand Approach to Forgiveness, feel free to contact us.

In loving Support

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Forgiveness, is Never Permission – 2-15-18 – via Linda Dillon – by roseramblesdotorg

By Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow Host, Inlight radio

Why are they so afraid to truly hear and see

and discern and act in love, as love?

It is always the same answer.

It is because they are afraid.

And it is important when you look at these groups …

via Archangel Michael ~ Forgiveness is Never Permission ~ Feb. 15, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg