FORGIVENESS – Anastacia Blue Beyond – via Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure – 4-25-19

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New Light Paradigm-Anastacia Blue Beyond –

PLANETARY FORGIVENESS=HEALING GAIA=OURSELVES from/on a Higher Heart Level – 25th April 2019

Dear Ascending Masters,

This energy update has come through for those amazing souls who are ready to FORGIVE ALL on all layers and levels, no matter what abuse/trauma one has gone through for self, others and all of humanity = Gaia

This is of a bigger and higher heart picture for/of all of humanity/Gaia – as those who do resonate to this, will feel and understand the Divine Love of where I AM coming from:

Forgiving oneself and others in owning our ‘part’ of any interaction with others of FORGIVENESS and OWNING our part, claiming our part or responsibility of ANY interaction with others has come through right now – for a change of evolution of the masses for those who wish to forgive others and themselves on a Higher heart level = of an ALL OF HUMANITY HEALING=GAIA

Whether or not one can bring this through into the human being further, depends on ones sacred connection and previous soul contracts with others and all else this may entail for individual situations/circumstances

Let me explain a little further…

When we say about forgiveness of self and others, it always starts with SELF and then flows onto the outer with others WHERE THIS IS POSSIBLE

If this is not possible in the human being through human interaction, one can do this in the Spiritual aspect of astral and higher self energies (visualisation/meditation shared below)

This has now stepped up newly in/of a higher planetary and universal energy scale just this morning as a further follow on from previous update:

Forgiveness for/of ALL no matter what this is, is a VITAL STEP/part of our Ascension Process with the New Master Code Key of Diamond Pink energies recently (above link)

To allow us to FREE ourselves of all unwanted outside influences/energies (seen and unseen/felt) where there is injustice that has been performed or experienced in the whole of humanity – which is felt by GAIA!

This comes from a Higher heart level we are speaking of with this right now.

How can one forgive atrocities one may ask – by seeing the bigger picture that even the darkness needs love and forgiveness for (past) actions which are relevant to current actions as well at times or in moments of personal private experiences – taking the personal abuse/experiences out of it at this level of forgiveness

When we fully surrender in total trust and forgiveness of ALL we do totally free and surrender ourselves to the will of the Divine and do not judge others for what they are going through or are doing

We remove or separate ourselves to allow further fully healing for ourselves of both soul and spirit

Then we let this go and surrender our will over to God/Source and the Divine and all Benevolent beings who are assisting us and taking care of us, as we grow and learn further in our souls evolution

We are talking about a planetary forgiveness energy here that has been revealed to be over the whole of the planet of childhood abuse/trauma energies

I am not going into personal situations or explanations here, this is going above and higher than this right here…

This is for those who wish to help our planet and humanity ascend even further now with this prayer/blessing/healing that one may choose to participate in with reading and sharing these writings/healing energy that has come through for us

Please let me repeat this, that this is in no way saying any form of abuse is ok, this is not going into personal previous trauma situations of what one has gone through as my heart so goes out to all of what one has been through in a particular area in their lives

This is of a higher dimensional energy shift that is needing to take place for/with us all for all we have endured of any form of abuse over our lifetime(s) of a higher heart level of healing for those who feel and understand where I am coming from here

This will allow a further personal healing for oneself of all they need to do to heal in the human with personal boundaries and forgiveness for any blame one may put on oneself or where one is given themselves a ‘hard time’ for ANYTHING they have endured – so we can heal any remnants of those energies for ourselves FURTHER

We need to fully love and nurture ourselves as it starts with us and doing so in Spirit/Higher Self on a planetary scale then allows this further healing to flow through to the HUman Being…

Please understand the love and compassion I have for all souls, for all traumas and abuse many many souls have endured, more so than myself in many areas – I so honour you for what you have been through personally for us ALL, I thankyou for still being here and doing and going through all you are to heal your personal trauma

Look at a higher level picture of what one has endured in the past with family or anyone close (or not) that one has suffered abuse of any form from and send, see and feel a diamond pink higher heart energy go over and through all of this (or each) situation

See that energy and love go over all of this (the visualisation of a person or group) for yourself and when you do, one can feel a surrender and release in doing so – a visualisation essence of the person/persons/group is enough for this

If one feels any emotions with this and find they are not able to for any reason, then know one is coming from their lower heart…keep going and ask to come from ones higher heart to raise above this to do so from a higher heart level…persist with loving intent from within ones heart

Keep going until one frees themselves from the personal human interaction energy of past abuse/trauma/raises above this

When does this one can feel a release in the Solar Plexus and this is enough to know one has done this as best they could to then feel a surrender, of total love and release of a higher heart energy for and of all including oneself

Take this one step further and then take or share this energy or feeling of this and visualise our planet and bring this energy over all of humanity = GAIA

This needs to be done consciously and to take ones time doing this, a deliberate intention to do so, again where one feels and resonates to do so

This is from someone who has done this and what came up for them:

“Absolute instant forgiveness washed over me and each situation/persons I’ve been interacting with over the past week. I sent and felt the diamond pink light, sent to my twin and deep grief has come up to be released with love, I sent it to my dad, anger and what felt like confusion arose, huge resistance in sending to my mum, so I’m appreciative and patient with this process. Could feel Gaia needing support so sent to our mother, she hurts so much”

Please feel free to share what this is for you/what you felt when you do this

So much Divine Love, Blessings and healing for ALL

As always I am right here with you

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Double Master 11:11 – Multidimensional Emotional Healer of Divine Light 
New Light Paradigm Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer-WaySeer Blue Ray Elder Ancient Future Scribe
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia Kompos is in service to Humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer. Her gift is having linked her Soul to her Spirit-Higher Self/Monad – in having two Souls – her Spiritual Soul/Higher Self in 12D and Human Soul in 7D Embodiment which is unique to her Souls Human awakening Journey of personal experience of 24yrs. Of having been in 5D-Zero Point for 13yrs with her mission/role – to assist-guide others to link their Soul to their Spirit/Higher Self through their EMOTIONS – to progressively merge their Spirit/Higher Self into the human into New Earth 5D energies as an Ascended Earth Master in the physical.
As a Multidimensional 5D Ascended Earth Master Anastacia does this in real-time experience – both as a template FOR humanity as a Rainbow Bridge of Spirit to Soul and WITH all of HUmanity

Blue Beyond Guide

Jesus through John – Forgiveness calms the storms of painful emotions within – 3-8-19

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 Jesus Audio Blog for Friday March 8th

The Oneness that is God, that is All That Is, includes every sentient being ever created or that ever will be created: There is NO separation!  Ever.  But, living in form, as humans, the reality of this escapes you.  You have forgotten the Truth, and because of the severely limiting beliefs that being human imposes upon you, you need divine Guidance to find your way Home.  And that Guidance – the Holy Spirit – is always with you waiting patiently for you to take the time to listen.

Living as humans in form your egos are extremely vociferous, making it very difficult for you (you are not your egos, although your egos don’t want you to know that) to hear the still small voice for God.  Sometimes you do hear but refuse to believe it, thinking that you know better.  You have all at times gone against your intuition, your inner knowing, and, when things have not turned out as you had hoped they would, you have regretted not listening to your intuition.  Your intuition will never lead you astray.  Nevertheless, that does not mean that your path will always be smooth, because before you incarnated you set yourselves up with a path that would present you with the lessons that you needed to learn, and that you had therefore chosen to learn.

Most of you have had many human lives and have not yet learned all the lessons that were appropriate for your circumstances.  Now, as your awakening approaches, these lessons must be learned to enable you to move forward.  Within every human these lessons are now arising in myriad ways, causing chaos, confusion, and conflict in many places, and in many relationships.  The way to deal with them is to listen!  Your divine Guidance is always with you, and Its message is consistent, it is always the same: “Love one another!”

Deep in your hearts you know this to be true, and yet you disregard it when you choose to be offended by another’s unloving judgment of you, or by their unloving words directed at you, and instead of responding with Love you choose to respond – or, more honestly, react – in a similarly unloving fashion.  Many people are forever attacking others, or defending themselves against others, and even though it is normally done only silently in their minds, what people do in their minds establishes their beliefs, the beliefs they live by and which direct their lives: “I cannot trust anyone; I am always being attacked; no one appreciates me; no one understands me; no one LOVES me!”

For as long as you wait for another to be loving first, so long will you keep on waiting to be loved instead of being attacked.  Love and change starts with you!  After all, as you have so often been told: There is no one else!

Over the last five or six decades many people have woken up to this, and have changed their attitudes and their behaviors.  As a result awareness has grown, on a scale never before seen in humanity, of the need to move from fear to love in all relationships, from personal ones to international political ones, and all in between.  It is this enormous change in the collective awareness that is leading you so powerfully forwards towards your inevitable awakening . . . and without delay.

Your awakening requires that all your ignored or denied issues – anything within you that is not in alignment with love – arise into your awareness so that they may be released.  This means that you must forgive all who have caused you pain or suffering of any kind.  Most of you are aware, or are becoming aware, that quite often what you experience as an attack is nothing of the sort, that you have in fact just misperceived a situation or a communication.  However, in the moment, you either reacted defensively or attacked the other, leading to escalation and conflict which was not only unnecessary, but was also painful, and very damaging for the relationship.

Before forgiving however, demanding judgment and restitution for perceived wrongs seems just, righteous, essential, and the only way for people to live together peacefully in any kind of community or society – Rules are required and must be obeyed . . . or else!

This is the way humans have conducted their lives for eons.  It is not forgiveness justto let go of bygones because the offending person has been judged and suitably punished, leaving you feeling and believing that justice has been served, while, at the same time,you continue to hold onto a sense of vindication because of the outcome.  Now, more and more people are beginning to see through the unworkability of this belief, and are changing their attitudes and behaviors to reflect this awareness.

Forgiveness occurs when you choose to forgive another by completely and utterly, without any conditions whatsoever, letting go of any hurt that you have experienced and been nursing – sometimes for many years.  When you do that you find peace within yourselves.  Within that feeling of peace another amazing thing also happens: you find that you can forgive yourselves for all the wrongs that you have committed which have hurt others, and which you have, until this moment, either denied because you are so ashamed of them, or justified because you believed that they were perfectly reasonable responses to another’s attack on you.

Forgiveness calms the potential energy that can build storms of painful emotions within, which have often been lovingly held onto for long periods of time, sometimes decades, that erupt powerfully from time to time, totally and utterly dissolving them.  Until you truly forgive you will find this impossible to believe.  And when you do forgive your whole experience of life changes dramatically for the better, because all those jealously harbored resentments and feelings of bitterness, over how others have treated you in the past, are no longer constantly replaying in your memories and bringing those events vividly back to life in the present moment, thus denying you any sense of peace or joy.

The process of forgiveness, and it is a process, demands recognition and acceptance of your humanness and of your divinity.  Your divinity is, of course perfect, but your human side is in the process of evolving spiritually, and forgiveness is a large part of that.  There are very few among you who do not bear grudges and resentments against others for perceived mistreatment, valid or invalid, that continues daily to disturb your ability to feel at peace for any length of time.  When memories of mistreatment arise causing strong emotions of fear, pain, anger, and resentment to invade your minds, your sense of pleasure in just being alive gets blocked out or hidden from you.  When true forgiveness occurs within you, you will know it, because those storms of painful emotions will no longer be present, and you will find yourselves mainly in a state of peace and contentment.

Therefore, in your daily periods of contemplation, meditation, or plain relaxation as “you just smell the roses,” set the intent to let go of the judgments that encourage your sense of righteousness, and which forbid you to forgive, because you believe that justice must be done and be seen to be done.  It is these long held attitudes which have brought so much pain and suffering to humanity over the eons.  After all, most of you have no trouble forgiving small children for their errors and mistakes, therefore intend to realize that although you inhabit adult sized bodies, and have probably done so for decades, there is still within you a small child who acts out from time to time.  Now is the time to intensely renew your love for that small, and often frightened child – who undoubtedly had many experiences of painful and abusive behaviors while growing towards adulthood –and welcome it into your arms with a warm loving embrace, while totally forgiving it for every misbehavior or misdeed that it has ever committed.  This will not be accomplished in an instant, because injury – mental, emotional, or physical – encountered during childhood leaves deep scars that require time and loving kindness in order to heal.

Give yourselves that time to heal, don’t try to rush it – rushing, seeking instant gratification, is endemic in many parts of the world today.  Your inner child needs time, your time!  So provide it willingly and lovingly, and listen to it with great patience and empathy.  Explain that you totally and utterly support it, and that you will be there when it is in fear, and that you will help it to grow up – as it most certainly wants to . . . don’t you remember, you did? – being there with wise guidance when it feels threatened or needy.  Love is the offering that your inner child needs and deserves from you, and only you can provide it.  It’s very likely that when you were small those who were caring for you, or were supposed to be caring for you, did not give you the time you needed, therefore it’s a need you do fully understand . . . honor it in your inner child!

Your loving brother, Jesus, who always honors your inner child.

Nancy Troupe – Forgiving Ourselves – 2-25-19 – Charlie @ Golden Age Of Gaia


Writer’s Corner

by Nancy Troupe

We, as Light Warriors, are here on Gaia to shine Light on the darkness of anger, greed, and hate and to send Love to all to help raise the vibration of the planet. This is a very common message coming from so many enlightened avenues. This is important, as important as it gets.

But today I want to remind the lightworker community that we can’t forget about ourselves. I find myself shining Light on, and sending Love to, myself more and more often lately, because I’m finding that I REALLY need it and have needed it for so very long.

When I see pain and sadness in my past and realize that I did it to myself and to others, it is not only humbling, but often debilitating and devastating. How could I have said that? Why didn’t I see the truth? Why didn’t I think for myself?

Universal Mother has long urged us to love ourselves, care for ourselves, nurture ourselves. (1)  Her recent messages are timely as I have been beating myself up about my past actions, blaming myself for what I considered mistakes and poor choices throughout my life. Blaming others, too: those “authority” figures.

Raised to always follow the rules to win parental approval in my good Catholic home and teacher approval in my early Catholic-school education led to patterns in adulthood that have been presenting themselves to me more and more, like layers of the proverbial onion peeling off. Even after somewhat rebellious and exploratory years during my twenties when I was on my own, as I got older, did I replace those early authority figures with my husband? With my employer? Perhaps even with friends who had more “status” in our circle because of money and position in the community?

So when I go into the darkness of judging myself or others, after the tears and agony, after the exhaustion, eventually I end up asking myself, How is this self-battering going to help in my ascension process? And isn’t my ascension important for Gaia’s ascension? I don’t want to let her and all of her beautiful inhabitants down. Guilt and shame must be transmuted back into Love.

Forgiveness–not just of others, but also of ourselves–is so very important if we are going to move forward. It’s something that I struggle with daily. But isn’t this what personal growth is all about: looking deep within, studying what we find, and giving it back to the Father/Mother to be transmuted into Love?

In reading a GAOG post from Narendra Mishra recently (2), I was struck by his reminder that “As above, so below. Our Consciousness, our sense of self-worth, dictates our external manifestation.” In other words, we need to get right with ourselves first before we can expect any desired outward changes in the world. So, knowing that, I’d say I had better get busy.



Nourish Nurture Inspire – The Power of Forgiveness


Nourish Nurture Inspire

Forgiveness is easily mistaken as a weakness. A misconception on our part where we enable our ego to shine in all of its pride, anger, blame and resentment.
We’ve all been victim to hurt and abuse in varying degrees. Whether it is actively directed towards us, witnessed or acted upon by one’s self. Acknowledging and standing in the hurt is one thing, however holding on to that pain is what hinders personal healing and ultimately blocks you from feeling potential peace and happiness within yourself. When you play into the victim mentality long-term and allow negative energy to fester within you, you are also allowing yourself to perceive your external world in ways that invite fear, creating disharmony in current relationships and blocking potential relationships and experiences. Overall, sitting in this mindset is where you are inadvertently placing negative impact on your emotional wellbeing. Contrary to common belief, disengaging from compassion and forgiveness is where you are giving your power away to the people or situations that have hurt you, possibly giving them the reaction they intended upon you.
I am obviously aware our negative experiences can vary significantly. On one end of the spectrum, a stranger could say something unexpectedly in passing that triggers you or then there are the unfortunate events that are incomprehensible and sinister, deemed unforgivable to most people. I am by no means suggesting that a rape victim make excuses for her perpetrator and deviate from taking judicial action. What I am suggesting is that you do what you can do emotionally to propel yourself towards self-healing, giving yourself the opportunity to experience life the way you should and step back into your power rather than go down a path of self-loathing, depression, blame and isolation. No matter what we experience, we and only we have the ultimate control over what we allow ourselves to feel on the inside. Given that, the level of healing for each individual is subjective given the personal circumstances and progress relies on a great deal of inner-strength and self-determination. Whether it’s self-healing or professional help, the proactive step here is the direction towards healing which is the best thing you can do for yourself.
From personal experience, below is some basic advice that may help you along your self-healing journey.

When you forgive, you heal. And when you let go, you grow.

1) Face your emotions

When these situations occur, more times than not we suppress the emotion and mask it with fakery and hope it will just fade away. We can feed into illicit substances, excess alcohol, destructive behaviour, virtually anything that can either distract you or numb your pain. Then there are times where you know what it is your feeling and live in it, breathe it and direct it outwardly to the world around you displayed in acts of anger, revenge, arguments and physical violence because you believe others deserve it. Then there are also the times when your experiences lead you to place negative perceptions about yourself creating a lack of self-worth and taking a front seat to a path of self-destruction. It is in your best interest to take the time and space to feel what you’re feeling. Journal it, cry, talk about it to a friend or seek professional help and do it again and again if you have too. This form of release will give you an almost instant relief and a sense of lightness and peace.





Jesus through John – In forgiving yourselves, you find it much easier to forgive others – 8-25-18 – by John Smallman

Jesus teaching

Image Source

JESUS  through John Smallman

The way you, humanity, live on Earth is to change soon and dramatically for the better.  Awareness is finally dawning on enough of you that to live as separate individuals attending mainly to your own needs and desires does not work and cannot work.  The evidence has been there for eons, but your ego-driven selves have either been refusing to see it, or have totally denied it.  Instead the world has been a place where unbridled competition has held sway on all levels of society and in every nation and culture.  The fear of rejection and the need to belong to a group that is supportive and protective has been extremely divisive, as wars and conflicts within families or between nations throughout your recorded history clearly demonstrates.

As humans, in form, it does appear that you are separate, and for eons you have sought to belong to powerful support groups, because as individuals you seem small, insignificant, and vulnerable.  But these support groups always developed dominating hierarchies where the seemingly stronger members – practically all of whom were males – were forever competing in a hostile or aggressive manner for the role of leader.  This behavior is ego and testosterone driven and always leads to pain and suffering, often on vast scales as recent global wars have shown.

It may appear that competition in trade is good and honorable, and that, being far more rational than conflict, it has greatly reduced the possibility of further major wars.  This is not the case.  Competitive games were once an amusing way to express and release these tensions by engaging in friendly challenges of skill and strength between opposing teams.  However, these games have become very serious money making ventures, the fun has been removed, the aim has changed, and now the intent is mainly to engage in conflict to crush, dominate, and humiliate the opposing team.  Competition in trade is even more ruthless, and wars have been instigated to protect business assets.

For a long time the mainstream media has manipulated the truth to ensure that the general population supports the wishes of big business, the owners of the media, by presenting the news in a light that is favorable to it.  However, in the last two or three decades, with advent of inexpensive and instant worldwide telecommunications available to all, the mainstream media’s control and manipulation of the news has been seriously weakened and undermined.  People everywhere are learning that what they are told always has a hidden agenda supporting it, and that it cannot be taken at face value.  The phrase “follow the money” has arisen to encourage awareness of the pervasive dishonesty that was, until recently, well disguised by those claiming to inform.

Mass awareness of the lack of honesty and integrity in business, politics, and many other social, religious, educational, charitable, and cultural organizations is growing rapidly, and this is already leading to big changes in order to disclose what needs to be uncovered.  New leaders, who will operate openly and honestly, are now standing up and being promoted into positions from which they can first cleanse these organizations, and then ensure that they can be directed to engage honestly and wholeheartedly with their claimed mission statements of purpose.

These changes are enormous and phenomenal events arising in human society all across the world.  Do not be discouraged by the continuing flow of information about corruption in high places.  Instead, remember that this has been going on for eons, while information about it was deeply hidden.  It has always been there, many have suspected it, but the evidence was not available to confirm it.  Now it is all coming out because the Light of Love, that you all intend to open to and demonstrate in your daily lives, is massively effective.  Your loving intentions are changing each of you, assisting you to act from your hear centers with honesty and integrity, and are then flowing out from you in waves of loving energy that is assisting enormously in changing the world.  You all chose to incarnate at this time to take part in humanity’s awakening process by offering the energy of your powerful loving intentions to all with whom you interact in any manner at all.  It is not something you do in words or conversation, it just is your personal energy field interacting with other energy fields and uplifting, lightening, and inspiring them.

What you are doing in every moment is essential to the awakening process, because your energy fields are all intensifying in every moment and because you are all holding and renewing the intent to be only loving whatever arises for you personally in your daily lives.  Nevertheless, there will be times when a situation is emotionally very disturbing for you – after all your are still in form as unawakened humans – and you will react unlovingly.  But, even if not immediately, you will quickly realize that you reacted in a way that was unloving, in a way that was out of alignment with your true intent, and you will be upset, even angry with yourselves.

Understand that what occurred was not what you intended or would have chosen, and that it was just an emotional reaction to a powerful feeling that in that moment seemed to be you. However, you know that you are not your emotions or your feelings, it’s just that occasionally that knowing escapes you in the moment, and that is simply an aspect of being human.  So the important thing is to forgive yourselves and let go of any judgment, blame, or shame you have dumped on yourselves.

You know that what occurred was not intended, and that how you reacted was not who you are.  It is a lesson for you because it helps you to understand why others overreact in moments of fear, panic, or extreme stress.  Just seeing that strengthens you!  Yes, when you explode in anger at someone it very clearly shows you the downside of being an unawakened human.  And in seeing that, and in forgiving yourselves, you find it much easier to forgive others, while also raising your awareness of how easy it is to react inappropriately.  It shows you that you do need to be alert – especially when you are tired or in a hurry – to triggers that can shove you into reaction before you manage to pause and take a deep breath.

You are all divine beings, infinitely loved in every moment, and, as you know, God does not judge.  Therefore, follow His example, and cease judging yourselves.  Instead love and forgive yourselves as He does, and in doing so you will find that you have the strength and the desire to forgive others, and in that desire you will find a beautiful sweetness and a compassion for all others.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



OPEN HAND WEB – The Liberating and Empowering Effect of Absolute Forgiveness – 6-5-18


On Openhand’s level 3 course DIVINICUS, we explore deeply into the importance of not apportioning blame and instead taking full responsibility for the lives only we are creating – at a soul level, we draw everything to ourselves in order to learn, evolve and grow. One vital aspect of this approach is that of forgiveness: realising the other person is not to blame for their distortion (and my creation) and therefore being able to forgive them. In my experience, this is one of the most liberating and empowering things we can do. But if EVERY situation is purposefully designed by the natural flow for us to self-realise, then is there truly a need for forgiveness, and if so, what might that look like?

Taking responsibility

This is an important realisation in the Openhand book 5GATEWAYS: that to blame another is to disempower ourselves because basically we’re saying: “something outside of myself, over which I have no control, is the cause of my beingness.”

To truly empower yourself as a being of the Universe, is to realise and accept, that you are the creator and therefore the master, of every single situation you manifest – that nothing is ‘being done to you’. By the natural Law of Attraction, you draw every experience your soul requires, in order to learn, evolve and grow – to be able to be integrated as an experience of The One, through all universal possibilities.

When this realisation dawns, as we give it breathing space, we might look back through our lives with profound self honesty, looking at every situation from the perspective of, “what was I being invited to realise?” Then, if you inquire deeply enough into any karmic source pain you were carrying (see later), I believe you’ll surely see, how synchronistic patterning guided EXACTLY those situations and circumstances to you. It appears that every person who comes into our lives is helping us self-realise in this way and has a “sacred agreement” to help us evolve.

Finding the blessing

So if this is the case, then it begs the question, if every person who ‘commits a crime against me’ has a sacred agreement to help me evolve, then what is there to forgive?

If in these circumstances we’re being offered a priceless gift of self-realisation, even if it can, at times, seem almost impossible to integrate and be accepting of.

Consider the biblical story of Jesus and his relationship with Judas (it matters not whether you believe the story to be true, it’s the story itself that can reveal an important realisation). Judas was castigated as a ‘traitor’ in the story, taking his thirty pieces of silver to identify Jesus to the Romans. But we might consider the crucifixion helped Jesus move beyond his own shadow identity (“why have you forsaken me father?”); he was caused to realise that he and the father are one (just as we all are), that he could never be abandoned even in the midst of total violation. It was his own shadow identity seeing itself as separate from the all that is, that was being crucified, and therefore dissolved, leading to Jesus’ Enlightenment. So then, if my take on the story bears water, Judas was actually performing an invaluable service not a ‘sin’ – yes he certainly had his own distortions, but the engagement was created in order for the various parties to expose their own shadows.

Absolute Forgiveness

The story also illuminates another crucial aspect of this . It is to realise that each of us manifests the situations we need at a soul level, to expose karmic ‘shadows’, where in a past life, the soul has identified with a particularly traumatic situation, and has then become fragmented into the trauma. The fragment of soul gets buried under layers of repression, retraction and denial – avoidance of the original source pain.

It’s utterly essential therefore, that we regress into these karmic past life situations when they arise. Not to try to push away the pain, to bury it, or placate it. And neither to simply gloss over it, by painting some premature layer of spiritual acceptance on top. To be truly The One, is to be able to accept the fullness of the Universe, both the darkness and the light, without needing to change it. So by regressing into one’s trauma, provides the possibility of complete acceptance by becoming as-one with the pain. Only then do you come to realise, it does not define you. At this point, you discover yourself as The One, and reclaim the fragment of soul gold that was buried in that inner karmic sediment.

This is why I call the approach “Absolute Forgiveness”, because you really have to soften into the absolute in order to process any buried karma and become as-one with it, so as to liberate the aspect of soul that was buried there.

Consider this 9 step healing process for dealing with karmic source pain.

Digging for the Shadows

How might we apply this approach in daily life? Well I invite everyone reading to deeply confront situations where we might consider another has ‘sinned against us’; to see the possibility for deeper self realisation that was presenting itself – what were you attached to? What did you need from the other person? How were you needing them to be?

And most importantly, what inner reaction, what ‘shadow’ does it activate, that I must now work into? Here’s an Openhand video on dealing with those inner contractions and how they present an amazing opportunity to unleash the soul through them…

Is Forgiveness even Necessary?

When we’re able to empower ourselves in these situations and reintegrate soul through them, it begs the question, “is there a need to forgive?” I would say that when you’ve reached the point of complete acceptance, where that’s helped you find The One in the situation and reclaim a lost aspect of soul, then the answer would be no, there is no need to forgive. At the same time, at that point of surrender, in the work that we do at Openhand, we still find offering the sense of forgiveness can be valuable – it lets each party know that acceptance and integration has been attained.

At this point, you might say something like…

I accept what took place, thankyou for helping me become whole and complete. I see the light in you. I forgive you.

But crucially, only AFTER complete regression into the incident, acceptance of it, and liberation of the soul from the situation.

Absolute Forgiveness then is actually to become awesomely okay with what took place, becoming The One in it by finding peace within your heart, seeing the blessing within the event, taking ownership of the gifts of beingness offered, and then finally, when all judgment has dissolved, forgiving the other person. In a way, it becomes a blessing.

Forgiving another Meditation

On Openhand’s level 3 DIVINICUS course, we guide people through Absolute Forgiveness meditations, by regressing them into the original situations and guiding them through the density. People always find them exceptionally liberating. So here below is the kind of meditation approach we apply, that you might also like to work with. It’s taken from the 5GATEWAYS book…

Forgiving another meditation – Create a loving, warm and protected space with incense, candles and soft music. Relax, using deep breathing and visualisation. Allow an experience to arise in the past where you have suffered or were abused at the hands of someone else. Contemplate deeply the situation where you suffered, visualising what you would have seen, hearing the sounds and feeling the feelings. What thoughts and emotions are arising for you? Watch them, feel them, fully express them, so as to become as-one with them.

Go deeper into the situation and contemplate the main perpetrator/s. What was it that caused you to suffer? What were you attached to? How were you forgetting this is all an illusion? Now contemplate what was the blessing? What was the lesson? What were you being invited to realise? What aspect of soul is now wanting to come through? (maybe will and power for example). Can you now integrate that aspect of soul and let go of the suffering and pain?

When you know you are ready, feel the darkness gathering into a heavy, dense ball in your right hand and then next see the ball dissolving into light. Then visualise the perpetrator. Connect with the soul in them. See firstly their perfected light. Can you now let go of your resentment, fear or hate? Can you release yourself from judgment? Keep working at it until you can let go of all such negativity.

If you would like help applying the Openhand Approach to Forgiveness, feel free to contact us.

In loving Support

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About Openhand Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living. Join us…OpenhandwebOpenhand fbOpenhand TV




ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Forgiveness, is Never Permission – 2-15-18 – via Linda Dillon – by roseramblesdotorg

By Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow Host, Inlight radio

Why are they so afraid to truly hear and see

and discern and act in love, as love?

It is always the same answer.

It is because they are afraid.

And it is important when you look at these groups …

via Archangel Michael ~ Forgiveness is Never Permission ~ Feb. 15, 2018 — roseramblesdotorg

Kathleen Mary Willis – 21 Days of Forgiveness, Interconnectedness – 1-26-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia

Voice of

Each of us affects the entire planet in the interconnectedness of everything.

We are here now to be the change, to create peace everywhere we are.

Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, in his Plea for Peace Now! meditation says:

“It does not need to take nations making decisions. It does not need to take decades or years.

“What it takes is you claiming your creator self (forgiveness of everything) in sacred union with us, and deciding right Now:

‘Enough! We will proceed, and we will anchor, not merely as an act of will, as an act of creation, but an act of Love.’”

4 years ago, February 2014, former US President, Barack Obama, launched an organization called, My Brother’s Keeper.

This group encourages people to take action locally, to ensure everyone has the chance to achieve their dreams, regardless of circumstance.

I Am My Brothers Keeper — My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance
Published on Dec 21, 2017
Join the Alliance at

An Act of Love
Creating Peace


saying a mantra

3, 4, 5, 6 times. . . allowing.

Allowing old energy to be felt, anger,

sorrow, whatever the feelings are. . . feeling them

finding that place of peace within for all interactions without.

I Love you and myself

I forgive you and myself

I Am the Infinite Flow of Gratitude

I Am the Eternal Flow of Forgiveness

PEACE ON GAIA is our peace within,

the miracle of gratitude and forgiveness.

Suggested Practice

Daily Invocation:

I invoke Sanat Kumara
and the Universal Laws of Intention,
Balance, Change, Unification, Unity, Transmutation,
Instantaneous Transmission, Dispensation,
Attraction and Repulsion, Elimination
and Completion and Continuity
for forgiveness of everything
to create peace on Gaia.

I’ve found with, a consistent daily meditation practice alongside Universal Law invocations, comes greater understanding and knowing how to let go, how to embody the new.

During Your Meditation Time:

Sitting in St. Germaine’s Violet Bonfire
or bringing his Torch of the Violet Flame
into the heart space, observing, listening
for inspiration, the ‘how-to’ steps,
keys to forgiving everything.

P e a c e  within
creates peace without,
as within  s o  w i t h o u t,
the Universal Law of Balance,
how things work in the higher realms.

8 Minutes @ 8 PM (wherever you are on Gaia):

Listening to Archangel Michael’s
Plea for Peace Now! Meditation
with his Mighty Blue Breath.

In the months after Archangel Michael’s Plea for Peace Now and Archangel Uriel’s Meditation for Drought were channeled by Linda Dillon, a small dedicated group and I have been gathering on Skype to listen.

Embedded within these meditations is magical expansion. . . Consistency, again, is key.


If guided please
share on social media.

The more of us participating,
finding that place of peace within,
the faster we manifest PEACE ON GAIA.

“When there are billions holding the energy 
of the only acceptable reality being peace and Love, 
then peace will reign.”

Archangel Michael

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HEAVEN LETTERS – What Do You Think You Must Atone For? – by Rainbow Wave Of Light


God said: 

Sometimes you seek the ultimate of yourself. No matter how fine you are, tomorrow you want more of yourself. In this way, you are never satisfied.

The cry of More! More! may be asking too much of yourself. You may whip yourself to a frenzy. You may not let up on yourself. You may ask too much of yourself. You may not love yourself enough — or why would you keep berating yourself? What do you think it is that you must atone for?

I teach forgiveness, yes? No, I don’t even teach you forgiveness, for what do you think you have to be forgiven for? If you have been a scoundrel in a previous Life, so you have been a scoundrel. That was then, and this is now.

Be good to yourself. How can you be beautiful to others when you frown so at yourself? Love yourself first, and then others will be drawn to your Love.

There is a tendency for many of My Children to be too stern with themselves. There is a tendency to perhaps punish themselves, as if they do deserve punishment.

Have a more friendly approach to yourself and to the world and to Me. Engage with Me, Beloveds. Do not be hard-hearted to yourself as if this is how to win My approval.

Win My approval by accepting yourself as a worthwhile human Being who learns, not all at once, but little by little. You don’t have to be an overnight success. You don’t have to be a Child Wonder who makes the headlines of the newspaper.

Be your own teacher. Do you want a teacher who is loving and kind or one who is so strict you can hardly breathe? Let go of the idea of being a hard taskmaster who demands more and more of yourself. Don’t be over-demanding. Bestow some of the Milk of Human Kindness to yourself.

Accept that you are on the right track.

Give yourself some of your own approval. Don’t be impossible to please. Start with a clean slate.

If you met up with Christ in the world, do you think he would frown at you? If you think that, think again. My Son Christ would shine his Light on you. This is the least you can do for yourself. Be genial with yourself. Enough of faulting yourself.

Never are you to kick yourself in the shins. Open your heart to yourself. Don’t have it in for yourself. You really aren’t so bad, you know. Give yourself some air. Do you really want to be some kind of perfect saint who is so somber he cannot laugh and smile?

Give yourself a pat on the back, and stop trying so hard. Give yourself a break.

I created you Beautiful. I created the world Beautiful.

I do not put x’s on anyone as if I write them off or throw them out of My Good Graces forevermore or make it so difficult that they are to be wilted in guilt.

Not at all. Stand up straight. Put your arm around your shoulder, and hold your head high enough so that you can see above the crowd. Do not endure yourself. Don’t put up with yourself. Don’t kick yourself aside. No, be gracious to yourself. Encourage yourself. You are My Child.

Easy does it. Hard, encrusted, stale, doesn’t do it. Love does it.

Do you desire hard-to-please people in your Life? Do you think that hard-to-please people are good for you and beneficial to others and the world? Do you want frowns or smiles and some pats on the back?

From this day forward, be what you desire others to be. Be what I desire you to be. I desire you to be warm and loving. Start with loving yourself. If you want to grow fast, this is how to do it.






STEVE BECKOW – The Goal is to Forgive Everyone and Everything – 12-4-17 – by Golden Age Of Gaia

Forgive everyone and everything, as Kathleen says.

I’m not asking us torealize that statement. That might be too much for us to do all at once.

Let’s begin with intellectual knowledge and later move to experiential knowledge.

Why forgive everyone and everything?

Well, surely we see by our recent history that maintaining resentments and getting even, so to speak, have only led to catastrophe.

Gandhi once said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Were we not well on the road to making the whole world blind?

The Illuminati had built deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) where the cabal planned to sit out the nuclear winter following World War III. This war would be over in minutes.

They wanted 6.5 billion people to be killed and the remaining 500 million to serve as slaves.

This scenario was foiled by white hats in the military, the intelligence agencies, government, etc.

But without them we would have endured World War III.

How far do we have to go to stop the whole tragic cycle of resist, resent, revenge? How many people must die and how many planets expire before we let it all go and commit to leading peaceful lives?

We won’t get there unless and until we forgive everyone and everything.

That’s the intellectual case for it.

The GoldFish Report No. 142 – SAINT GERMAIN – MESSAGE of FAITH, FORGIVENESS, HOPE – Dr Werner with Winston Shrout and Louisa – 10-12-17

Image result for Goldfish Report

Thanks to


Published on Oct 12, 2017 

Image result for louisa goldfish report
On The GoldFish Report No. 142 – Dr. Werner and Winston Shrout share an urgent message and reminder to humanity from Saint Germaine of FAITH, FORGIVENESS and HOPE for our present time. Dr. Werner explains the emotions we feel not only carry a frequency that resonates throughout all the organs in our body, but that we also project those frequencies out into quantum and manifest them. Winston reminds us to be mindful of what we send out because we create more of that reality because we are such powerful beings. Dr. Werner encourages us to have an “Attitude of Gratitude” and Winston reminds us to view events with “Loving Detachment” and not falling into the emotional trap and much more in this Inspiration Message of Love and Hope. You can address questions to Dr. Werner at 435-986-0025 or email him at Again, the links for the Parasite Cleanse, the St. Germaine Prayer and 12×12 Affirmation for 24 Strand DNA is here .… . ….

LORD ASHTAR – There Is NO Separation Between Us – via Susan Leland – 7-21-17 – Unprecedented Events – Teach Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude – Start With Yourselves!

Lord Ashtar

Greetings, Most Beloved Family! And this is indeed a most special day on all levels of being. Do not think that just because you are in a human body that the rest of you, that part of you that is – let’s just say outside and above your body – is not in sync with it. And as a matter of fact, this is where some wondrous openings, changes, shiftings, and so on, are taking place!

“And so it is to greet the Lion. And, of course, the Lion will be here – the main Lion representative that we have, and are blessed to have in our company.* But for now, I will simply say, hang on for the ride, because it’s huge. You just heard – unprecedented events opening, shifting – revelations are occurring even now.** How high can that Schumann resonance go? Use your imaginations! It is to come together in the consciousness, and the raising of it, that it’s all about anyway. So take off whatever limitations you may have on your own individual selves, and join in the fun, because this is the greatest party ever seen on Planet Earth – and ever attended!

“Have you ever wondered why you are here NOW? Well, unless you’ve been asleep until this very moment, you have the answer. It’s to be a participant! And have you ever wondered why you’re here in this Gathering? Well, it’s because you have connection! You might be a commander, or an ambassador, or a member of our healing units, or an educator – or whatever your particular role is – but you are members of the Ashtar Command. Make no mistake on that!

“Ambassadors are most welcomed on our ships. Ambassadors come from all over the Universe – most of them are from this galaxy, but some do come from other places in the Universe to share. Ambassadors are teachers and they are learners. Well, you’ve heard that before from Sananda. He calls them ‘disciples’ but that’s an old Earth term – word, I shall say – whose meaning is to teach and to learn at the same time, or simultaneously. And that is precisely the role of our ambassadors. And we do have some of these wondrous ones in our Gathering in this moment! And there will be more who will listen to the recording of this event.

“Why do I say this at this moment? It’s because these openings, these shiftings, are giving you all an opportunity to look at whatever you might want to bring on to your own personal timelines. And so if you don’t have resonance or feeling that you are actually a member of the Ashtar Command crew – you know, like a Star Trek type of situation or whatever – although we’re not Star Trek, but Star Trek does give some visuals. And we are most appreciative of the fact that the Beloved Gene Roddenberry paid attention! Well, he got a lot of his inspiration before he came into his body. But then he stayed in touch, if you know what we mean.

“Anyway, if you are feeling though that you might want to take a position as an ambassador, I can tell you, you are welcome! And why now? Because you, Beloved Ones, are the record keepers of this transformation of Planet Earth, this upliftment, this going up into Higher Dimensionality. You can enlighten other civilizations with your own experiences. How about that?

“So it is to encourage you to open to that possibility, among others. We’re really very unlimited, you know. And it may be that you want to take an assignment – or let’s just say, a journey with us to someplace else, where you can be in assistance to the civilizations who are watching right now, but really have a lot of questions on how exactly to accomplish this.

“It’s very simple, you know. You can teach the same things I’ve been teaching all this time through this Voice. You can teach Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude – and start with yourselves!!! How many third dimensional civilizations do you suppose there are out there anyway? And we are willing to go beyond this galaxy, of course, but there are many here in the galaxy and they don’t understand Love. You know, I’ve mentioned before that the grays got themselves off the planet without accomplishing their goal, which was to get up into Higher dimensions, because they couldn’t get it about LOVE! They tried, but they just couldn’t do it.

“So, it’s very important that the information – not just the technology, not just the – let’s just say – looking at what is low vibe in a particular world or community, or whatever. We’re talking about raising the vibes here, and really the way to do that is with Love! You all know that. Use Love, use the Light and, of course, whatever other tools – the Violet Ray is a great one and so is the Sword Excalibur, waving the blue wave of Truth, because the first thing anybody has to do – be it one individual or a whole civilization – is recognizewhere they are, and where they want to go! And then aim to do that with a heavy measure of Forgiveness and Gratitude for themselves for being here, and then for opening to be in understanding of the fact that they are not doomed to stay there!

“And so, the Love, the energy of Love is what does the uplifting. So as Beloved Fran was saying, ‘Get some inspiration and get out of the dumpies, if you’re there!’ And I’m saying that to everyone here because perfection IS NOT the goal! The goal is to enjoy the ride; the goal is to recognize when you’re not feeling that High Vibe; the goal is then to do something about it to lift yourselves up!!!

“Now, that’s the perfect way to do it; however, nobody in a human body has to be perfect all the time. You are already perfectly Divine in that Higher aspect of yourselves, but you are here on Planet Earth to experience, to enjoy and to participate in the upliftment. And if that means you have to drop down to a lower vibe sometimes so that you can recognize the difference – well, create that for yourselves and then lift yourselves up!

“That’s the lesson; that’s the perfect solution to wherever you are, if you would like to come up Higher, or if you are not satisfied with where you are – and forget about castigating yourselves and blaming yourselves and getting down in the dumpies, just because you don’t feel like you are as perfect as you ought to be! There isn’t any ‘ought’ or ‘should,’ or any of that stuff. It’s about you living your lives; it’s about you knowingthat just by the fact that you recognize who you are, you have this spark in you, the spark of your own Divinity! And it is to recognize that and say, ‘Hey, I can get up and out of the dumpies, and I’m going to do that, and then I might tell my neighbor, or my child, or somebody else how to do it!’ That’s sharing! That, Beloved Ones, raises the consciousness level that much more!!!

“Now, you’ve got a glorious Path ahead of you, and you know that. All of you who want to ascend can do that. All of you who want to move into the Golden Age, preparatory to your Ascensions, can do that. You’ve got possibilities, that’s true, but your main timeline is to proceed individually and together in this Ashtar On The Road Family, and join with all of the beings of LoveLight everywhere in the Universe – and with all Lightworkers of Planet Earth – and move up! Together? Well, yes! That’s where the consciousness raising comes in, but also as individuals, that is to take responsibility each of you for yourselves. Lift yourselves up and let’s party, because the Golden Age is going to be one big celebration!

“Now, you’ve all had descriptions, and I and the other messengers here have encouraged you to form your visualizations of the Golden Age and go for it! How will you look? How will you feel? Where will you be? What will you be doing in unlimitedness? Because the Golden Age removes all these limitations! You know, we get these reports; you hear them from Tara and Rama** and others, and it is that those limitations, including the ones who have caused them and are trying to perpetuate them – they’re going to be gone!

“So in the meanwhile, it is to send Love and not to allow yourselves to get into the downward spiral of the limitations that others would put upon you. And that is a very good point because it is very easy to feel as though you are trapped. The Golden Age lifts all restrictions – there are no restrictions. There is only you creating whatever it is you want to create!!!

“So practice now. Get ready because it’s a ‘done deal.’ It’s happening! You’re moving into it even now. And that will only increase in intensity, in energy and in empowerment for each of you and for all of us together. And I say ‘all of us’ – I’m included! I’m with you for the ride, you know. We’re all with you! Don’t see us just because – yes, of course, I am on my ship – but don’t see us as being separate from you. Realize there is an energetic connection of Love between us, and there is NO SEPARATION!

“As a matter of fact, I have done this before – I shall do it again because I know we have some people who may not have received their boarding passes yet, so here they are! Just each of you take a boarding pass, yes, it’s very light. And keep it with you and then you can come up to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem at any time that you choose. You are always welcome here. Why? Because you’re Family! So keep that in mind as well. We have so much Love for you -it’s almost more than the Universe can contain, and it keeps growing and growing and growing. So take this Love. Feel it in all of your beings, move it into your own Hearts and expand with it, and know that we are One in this Family of Ashtar On The Road!!!

“And so we thank you for your presence here, for the attention that you are giving to this message – and we assure you that we are with you and that you are empowered to call upon us for any kind of assistance that you might choose to receive. And so it is. Salut!


» Source – Channel: Susan Leland

HEAVEN LETTER – Forgive Those Who Have Not Yet Forgiven You – 6-2-17


God said:

There is a Sanctity to Life. Consider Life as Holy. What could Life, this Myriad of Life, be but Holy?

Holy be My Name, and Holy be yours.

I will tell you frankly that there is no need for unholy. People may become irate and consider Life to be unholy and themselves unholy and to justifiy themselves to think so.

People may say: “Someone said this or that. Someone gave me an unflattering look. Someone disdained me. Someone doesn’t think well of me. Someone can’t treat me that way and get away with it.”

How pride raises its haughty head and does away with bare civility.

This is not the Life I had in mind for you. This is poor thinking and emotion. Such vacant pride is not advantageous. Did you think it was? Pride in goodness has merit. Pride in doing what is right is good. Sometimes you will do well to think about again in terms of what is good for the world and what is not. Shining Light is a very good thing. Keeping malice and heartache reduces you.

Arrogance doesn’t shine Light. Arrogance diminishes Light. Arrogance stomps out Light.

I said: “Let your Light shine before men. You are part of mankind.”

I said: “Forgive those who have not forgiven you.”

Dear Ones when, within you, you are truly happy in Life and happy with yourself, you won’t carry grudges. You won’t ever even think of it. It is always away from Truth to blame anyone for your distress.

It is your choice to be downtrodden or not. You are not helpless nor are you hapless. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. It is not meant for you to be thoughtless any more than it is for you to be heartless.

If your heart has shrunken, extend your heart now. Don’t close your heart as if this were a righteous thing to do. Open your heartstrings. Stretch them like a rubber band. No longer are you to allow your heart to grow sloppy. Your heart is to be open until it makes room for all. It is for you to expand your heart as well as the hearts of others.

How many other hearts have you expanded today? Upon whose lives did you shed joy today? What songs did you sing from the rafters today? How did you treat the low in spirit today? What Light did you shine and upon whom?

No longer dally in Life and wait for a more convenient day. No longer even think of inconvenient. Think of goodness and mercy as something you give back to the Universe as a way of giving thanks. Grace is not for you to spatter here and there. You are to give. Giving means to give generously.

You are not a pauper who has to give sparingly.

Open your eyes to the Beauty within you and multiply it and never stop. Never close your fist. Open your hands, and let Greatness flow from you the way waves lap the water.

Be done with holding back your Love. Don’t wait for even one more day before you pour out your love. You are here to pour Love out. Spend your Love. Spread your Love. This is how you keep your Love alive and well. Certainly not by sitting on your love. How would you ever profit by stinting your love?

What is My Will for you to do but to invite all hearts and souls to your heart and to your soul? Do you see this now?

Have an impulse to spread My love wherever you go. Where else does your Love come from, after all? You can even send Love to and fro other lands and to other times. Be a well-wisher where you happen to be. Where you are is where you are needed, not somewhere else. Right where you are this moment is where you, the best of you, is to establish yourself. Right here and now.

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Saul through John – Forgive and Love yourselves as your Heavenly Father does – 8-10-16

SaulJohn Smallman

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday August 10th

There is no one on Earth now who is not feeling the energy shifts that are leading up to humanity’s awakening.  As many have told you, your awakening is inevitable, and even those remaining unaware of their true nature, as spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, are aware that enormous change is in the air.  It is impossible not to feel the power of the Tsunami of Love as It sweeps back and forth across the planet empowering the changes that are essential aspects of your awakening process, even if it is not clear to many what it is that they are feeling.

And of course it also shows up all across the world in conflicts that seem insoluble, endless, and utterly insane.  Conflict is insane, and most of humanity now understands that, although they are also unable to see any way to resolve the outstanding issues that are causing conflict all over the globe, without resorting to conflict.  It seems to be a Catch 22 Situation!

Only, of course, it is not, it’s just that people refuse to engage with Love because they are afraid that they will then be betrayed or cheated.  But those of you who have truly engaged with Love know that it works.  And you are spreading the truth of that most effectively and successfully, because, by intending to live lovingly in every moment, you are adding intense power to the individual energy fields that you express through your human form, and no-one with whom you interact, in even the most gentle or seemingly insignificant fashion, is able to remain unaffected by the Love that you are expressing moment to moment.

We in the spiritual realms – your loving guides, mentors, guardian angels, and family members who have discarded their temporary physical forms – are with you in every moment supporting you as you cope with the daily stresses with which human interactions present you.  Please, call on us for assistance whenever you feel overwhelmed.  We are available 24/7 awaiting your call.  We cannot assist you unless you ask us for help, but we are watching over you lovingly in every moment – utterly without judgment – longing for you to call on us.  Truly we mean it, call on us any time, we are always ready, willing, and able to assist you.  Remember, time is illusory, so there is no right or wrong time to call on us, there is only this now moment when you feel the need, so Call!

Our task is to assist you to awaken, just as your task is to assist humanity to awaken.  There is nothing of greater importance for you to do or to engage with.  You are on Earth – Now – purely to assist in humanity’s awakening process.  You may be asking yourselves “how can I assist, I am only a single and utterly insignificant individual, how can I possibly help humanity to awaken?  I’m not even awake myself!”

Well, as we keep reassuring you, you are incarnate in this historic moment for humanity because you were asked to assist in humanity’s awakening, and you wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agreed to do so.  You knew that being human would place you in situations in which you would have minimal memories and understanding of the divine plan in which your assistance is essential.  But you also knew that you would be lovingly guided in every moment as long as you asked for that guidance.  So ASK!  In fact, if you find it helpful, SCREAM for assistance.  We understand your predicament perfectly, and nothing that you can think, say, or do can offend or upset us.  We are here for you, we love you, and nothing you can think, say, or do will alter that.

Cease your worrying and your anxieties about whether or not you are on the right path, because of course you are, there is no other path that you could be following because you designed it with divine guidance before you incarnated upon it.  Stop attempting to make sense of it, that is a major distraction for many of you, instead listen to your intuition, your divine guidance, that gentle nudge that suggests a course of action that is calm, peaceful, and without an egoic agenda – what’s in this for me . . will I get paid . . . will they appreciate my efforts . . . they are so stupid, why don’t they listen to me! – and engage lovingly with whatever arises.  When you do miracles occur!

In fact you are all miracle makers because you incarnated at this moment in humanity’s evolution, in humanity’s awakening process, purely to be of service to humanity, to the divine Creation in which you are all eternally enfolded and embraced.  There is no one who is excluded because Oneness means just that, there is no separation from It.  What may appear to be in opposition is illusion.  Doubtless you are becoming quite disenchanted with that word because the illusion seems very real to those who have chosen to be participants within it, even those of you who are agents of humanity’s awakening.  It is a very convincing environment, as some of you who have been engaged in military conflicts are well aware, as you deal with your vivid and most alarming nightmarish dreams and attempt to cope with and dissolve your resultant Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Whether you are involved in military type conflicts or not, the illusion is capable of presenting you with situations that appear insoluble, situations from which the only escape seems to be by terminating your human existence.  And yet, each and every one of you is here by your own choice, a choice you made with divine guidance in order to assist in this awakening process.  Often it seems that you are alone, abandoned, unseen, unappreciated, and unloved, and that is an experience that is extremely painful even though it is unreal.

It does not seem unreal!  In fact it seems to be the only meaningful reality available to you, and consequently one with which you no longer wish to engage.

When this is your experience, Please seek our help!  It is available if you will let your inner knowing, your intuition guide you, because “so called experts,” human psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors are frequently as confused as you are by the illusion in which you are all enveloped and attempt to use human reason and logic to help you.  It may help a little, if they can listen to you compassionately.  But lasting relief from your pain and suffering can only be found through unconditional Love, so even if it seems to you that you have done some unconscionable deeds, forgive and love yourselves as your heavenly Father does, and know that there is no way that He will ever diminish His infinite Love for you, let alone cease to love you.

Therefore, go within every single day, and open yourselves to the divine flame of Love burning eternally within each one of you.  When you allow, when you surrender to whatever distress is arising and just let it flow through you without judging it or trying to make sense of it, it will ease.  You cannot make sense of it because it is insane.  Your difficulties with PTSD and any other disturbing emotional issues with which you find yourselves dealing can only be solved by Love.  Frequently you condemn yourselves for mistakes or errors that you have made and that you consider unforgivable.  Doing that ensures that you keep reliving them instead of releasing your attachment to them.  Pain and suffering can only happen in the moment in which they occur, but you can keep them alive in the present by constantly remembering the situations in which they happened and judging either yourselves or others as bad, or even evil, for your involvement in them.

Love is Reality.  There is nothing else!  Open your hearts to allow It in and let It sweep away all your fears, your doubts, and your worries, because it is they that are unreal!  Without accepting God’s loving support life appears meaningless for you, and without it it is.  The meaning of Life that so many seek and cannot find is LOVE!  When you refuse It fear and worry flood your minds.  Now is the time to engage fully with your true and eternal nature – Oneness with God in infinite Love – and you have absolutely limitless support from all of us in the spiritual realms because we are in constant awareness of our eternal Oneness with God Who is Love without limit.  And it is this knowledge, this intense awareness that we offer you in every moment.  But it is always your choice whether to accept or reject it. Don’t sulk like small children, forgive yourselves and come fully alive!

With so very much love, Saul.

ALEXA PELLEGRINI – Forgiving Your Family and Finding Empowerment — unity2013

Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: If there’s one thing most of us are taught during our childhood years, it’s that family is important and should be a source of joy and security in our lives. But what if your family didn’t fit the paradigm we see in movies and on television? What if your…

via ALEXA PELLEGRINI: “Forgiving Your Family and Finding Empowerment” — unity2013

PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Lifting the Veil on Forgiveness – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 11-3-15


Tuning into your body, now ~ sense deeply within you, your breath and the Heart of You, your Heartbeat, and the Heart of your Soul. Slow down, even more, feel your Presence. And in this Presence of the Eternal YOU, feel emanating from your Heart, the Light and sacred Flame, that is your Heart Centred Awareness, that emanates as Pure Being. Feel this deeply as you slow down and Breathe and relax.

Let go of any concerns, breathe, slow down and arrive, Be Present Now. Feel the Shift within you.

The Self Love that you give yourself through compassion and acceptance, is the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness that dissolves all Pain.  This dissolving of Pain, is forgiveness, which takes place within ourselves. It is not an external thing, or words spoken. It is a DEEP process of feeling the Pain, which then releases through being loved.

To be free from pain and suffering is To apply consciously, self-love to the Pain, so that it too, receives acceptance, love and compassion which is then felt, loved and dissolved.

Forgiveness then, is self-love that shows compassion for the Pain within YOU, that was only waiting to be Loved. This dissolving of pain within you through Love, is the forgiveness and self-love that frees you and opens your capacity to BE Love in all Moments, as the Eternal Blessed ~ Present Grace filled Heart of Your Soul.

So now, go deep within you, where is there any pain within you, not yet loved?

A memory that comes up, and you feel pain. That pain you have avoided feeling. Go there within, now.

Be present with yourself and the pain. Breathe, love and Embrace that pain, rather than avoiding it. And Love yourself. Shed those tears, feel the pain, love yourself. Do not shy away from any fear that comes up, love yourself through that, consciously.

Embrace yourself. Embrace your pain. Have compassion on your pain.

Through this CONSCIOUS Application of Self Love, Acceptance and Compassion, to the PAIN, the Sadness, the Fear,  within you, is the Dissolving of “anything” that is not Love or Loved within You.

Feel this Now.

I love, honour and accept all the pain within me now, and recognize it was only waiting for me to love it.

I now embrace myself, and Love myself as I give Compassion to my pain, and Love myself more.

I am a gentle loving Being to my Pain.

I Am the Presence of Love now, that my pain has waited to receive.

I am Love, and ALL Pain within me that I feel, now dissolves in my Presence.

And so it is, I am the Love that Dissolves all Pain within me, now.

Breathe deeply, and Be the Presence within you, that Loves and Dissolves all pain.

Carry this with you, always, in all moments, be the Love that dissolves all Pain within you.

I hold you in this, in the Eternal Sacred Love and Presence of All That is, I Am. All Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Forgive Your Past – by Vera Daroga – 8-28-15

An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross
An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross

Forgive Your Past   –   by  Vera Daroga   –   8-28-15

Forgiveness energy is powerful enough to cut you free from all negative bonds and helps restore peace and love in your being and world. The negative bonds crumble away when the energy of forgiveness comes into play. The memories of the past cannot be erased until you forgive every situation and person, which is the cause of your inner restlessness, hurt and pain. These memories are the result of the bonds, which you are not willing to snap. Surrender your past to the Light of Peace and Love. Meditation and prayers help to restore inner peace and balance.

As you begin to increase your light you will find yourself being released from all negative bonds, and likewise all that is not of the Light will be repelled even as the ego-selves of the people are directing negative energy at you. People who serve no spiritual purpose will be eliminated from your life. They will no longer have the power to affect you adversely anymore; they will be removed from your life altogether if they continue to bear malice towards you. Yours, at the same time is to remain anchored in the Light of Love and peace. For this, you need to live every waking moment with conscious awareness of the Light. This prevents you from being caught off-guard by any unprecedented situation that is likely to overwhelm you.

The Light is your Saviour and Guardian against all negativity. You must not let go of your inner peace at any time, regardless of all the chaos and confusion that goes on around you. Nothing in the world of matter is powerful enough to shatter your peace when you are anchored into it. It is only when you feed the negative energies with your emotions of fear, anger, hatred, hurt and pain that the situations will gain power to knock you down, and throw you out of sync with the cosmic energies of peace and harmony. It is only you, and not any outside power, that is responsible for all your difficulties and miseries. Let go the desire to control others around you. Accept all without judgment. It is not possible to change people to live by your standards for each one comes with his own agenda in this world. It is your assertive behaviour that is leading to needless frustration and despair in your life.

Nothing in the matter world is worth fretting and crying over. All situations are lessons of Love and Peace. They are for you to learn and master the lessons of Unconditional Love, and your difficulties are here to stay until your lessons are learnt. The sooner you learn the better for you. Remember, the ordeals of life are not permanent or real. They are chapters in your life that you have asked for before you entered the Earth plane for the sake of your own spiritual progress. They are here to test your spiritual muscles. You come armed with the spiritual tools to help you plough your way through the wilderness of life. Unfortunately these are lying somewhere in the deepest recesses of your being, forgotten and neglected, as you joined hands with the dark forces that charmed you with sweet lies, convincing you of the power of anger and violence. And so somewhere along the way you strayed away from the sun-lit Path, and found yourself in a terrible maze of nettles and thorns, fumbling desperately to find your freedom.

Remember, God is waiting on the sidelines, patiently waiting for your call. He has never left you, even when you turned your back to Him. He cannot interfere with your free-will until you call to Him. It is easy; just call out to Him and He will be by your side in a flash. With His Help you will be able to retrieve His gifts that will help you to fight the forces of darkness. He will teach you to be kind, patient and a loving person with all in life. You are created in the likeness of His Image so do not doubt the divine powers that are lying inert within you. Reclaim your power and live life fearlessly with love and compassion in the face of all adversities. It is the only way you can triumph over the evil. Be Light. Be Love.

Ascension – Self Reflection, Judgement, Forgiveness – True MerKaBa – 8-2-15

Hello dear Sisters and Brothers, I wanted to follow up with my article on Twin Flame alignment and elaborate more specifically on self reflection as this is or these are the final trials we will face in our ascension process as we cross the Rainbow Bridge. Many of us are well passed the Veil of Secrecy, yet we are not quite ready for self reflection, or have yet to establish a close interaction and understanding with our higher selves/hearts.
We all have a Knowing Self and a Thinking Self, or in another way, a Temporal Self and a Spiritual Self. The Veil of Secrecy exists between these two aspects of our full spectrum selves as the Bridge of Consciousness, however this is not the Rainbow Bridge which exists as a process of self reflection as we begin to understand the Christ Self or Angelic Self and then look upon our lives with divinity. This is the ascension process. We will all look upon our deeds, misdeeds, moments of charity, grace or mistakes in absolute truth from the perspective of our Highest Light; the God Self. For all the gifts we have gifted to our fellow brethren, we will experience these moments outside of time and equally so, for all the errors in judgement that may have hurt another, we will experience those moments as well from the perspective of the ones we left an impression upon.
Ascension is essentially a reception of ourselves in a totality of the love we are incarnate. We must release all fears, regrets and uncertainties, then forgive and accept ourselves for the time we are incarnate in the space we hold. In fear, greed, hatred, anger and lust, we know ourselves in absolution, struggling to understand those emotions that we shared with one another throughout our incarnate lifetime. And those will be baby steps for some and long strides for others. For those that exist in a state of acceptance and grace, we will have the opportunities to lend a hand for those suffering in emotional crisis as even baby steps can be too arduous at times. Either way, from the fall of man, we will rise again in unity and love once again.
When we “know” what to do, we are receiving information in the form of light or energy from both the Cosmic Star Center and the Causal Star Center in through our Crown Gateway. When we “Think about what to do” we are thinking in a trinity as God Self, Christ Self and within the temporal mind which is, in this trinity, an infinitely powerful mind. The Veil of Secrecy exists between the Crown Gateway and our higher light. The more self reflection we can do in Living Prayer/Meditation, the less difficult our journey across the Rainbow Bridge will be. Let us all sail with wings wide open in grace, dear sisters and brothers.
Let our Ethereal journey be an emotional cleansing of all that we are. Let that Energy in Motion carry us with Divinity. Our (E)Motions are our Two Hearts always working in self reflection. Even if we are not aware of our Higher Selves, that Higher Heart(Thymus) is still only half of the (M)ass we hold in space and time(E=MC2). And set apart by whichever dimensional world we are incarnate within, that time is relative to the (C)Speed of Light we are vibrating at; for example the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions moving at different rates so speed and each world/creation/dimension higher and faster than the previous. Our Spiritual and Temporal Hearts and Minds are in tandem, our incarnate experience or expression of our highest light, now, then and hence forth.
For more information about how we anchor to Mother Gaia through the Earth Star and receive our Divine Blueprint from the Cosmic Star centers, see True Love Sacred Geometry. We receive our Divine Blueprint through the Ascension Star Center as that focuses downward towards the Earth Star Center. And we receive the Divine Mother or GaIa’s empowerment of her surface energies at our Root Center as it focuses to a point at the Cosmic Star Center above the head. In this we, we are relative to “Father Time” and graced with the privilege of holding and sharing Space within our Mother Gaia. We are part of her and we are ascending with(in) her as one.
In so many ways, we are a Holy Trinity. Let our Golden Flame of Divinity carry us wings open, soaring into our future. With Blessings of Love and Adoration, ♥ Jacob


Transmuting from Forgiveness – Elohim Arcturus via Julie Miller – 7-12-15


Transmuting from Forgiveness   –   Elohim Arcturus  via  Julie Miller   –   7-12-15

Channeler: Julie Miller  –  July 11, 2015


Forgiveness is a very powerful action that is generated from the heart and provides incredible healing attributes to your functioning mind and aids to your spiritual growth. There are people that move away from forgiveness due to their ego getting in the way. Forgiveness is not about condoning what has occurred. Forgiveness means that you have enough love inside of you that you refuse to allow the venomous grip of anger and hatred to prevent you from moving forward.

It does no good to any part of you to carry resentments towards any one person, place or thing. So many people still consider the act of forgiveness as an act of weakness, but that concept of thought couldn’t be further from the truth. To forgive someone’s inappropriate behaviour, actions, words or choices concludes that you have enough love inside of you to heal yourself past such events so the pain and discomfort will diminish into nothing and you will grow from the experience as your wisdom expands from the knowledge you gained.

Being able to forgive someone is a strength that is admirable and each of you has the power to forgive. The suffering that you may have endured isn’t meant for you to hang onto permanently. The dear souls who cannot forgive, is because they don’t want to forgive. It is vitally important to be able to step up and forgive what has happened and let the animosity and negative feelings go in favour of love, healing and moving on. It is important to remember as you are healing and moving through a troubling situation…everything is temporary. Changes come when you allow them and you have the ability to transform yourself through the power and transmutation of forgiveness.

When you make the choice to forgive, to let go of any lingering resentment, anger or bitterness, you are not doing this necessarily for the other person, but for your Self. It takes great COURAGE, inner strength and maturity to step up and forgive. When you give yourself the love that you surely need in order to heal past any painful situation, then you are giving yourself a most amazing gift of life that encourages a new you to be reborn from the experience. Forgiveness fosters change and when you change, you are letting go of what is old for what is new. Every day dear ones you are given opportunities to be reborn and through each situation you are encouraged to listen to your heart and not follow the trickster ego.

If you ever question why you need to forgive and let go so you can finally find peace of mind and bring yourself into a happier state, think about moving beyond your hurt-felt ordeal…how good it will feel to move your whole self beyond the dragging feelings of sadness, anger and frustration and to bask in the sunny rays of light and love. Deep down dear ones, you know hanging on to what is no longer serving you is only hurting you more. Forgiveness and letting go is power and the first person to benefit from such power is you.

The moment you let go of old grudges and animosities, you find yourself filling up with peace and all feelings of resentment seem to disintegrate. Tuning in to the moment as you let go, is when you begin to heal. You will know when it is the right time to forgive, and not only to forgive the other person, but to forgive yourself for allowing such a devastation to take place. When you accept accountability for your part and are willing to let go of all that has happened so you can healthily move on, than you and your life will definitely begin to change.

Did you know dear ones, that when you forgive completely, you are then giving yourself permission to live life copiously? It is important to keep in mind that most people do not go around with the intention to hurt someone. Even if they are mad and angry with the world, that doesn’t mean they want to cause harm. Sometimes, people are given situations they do not know how to handle and they react and act out. This does not mean you are to condone what they have done, it just means though you are not allowing their actions or behaviour to alter the course of your life or change your level of happiness.

Everyone has been both the recipient and the giver of meanness, frustration, anger, hostility and upset. As you continue on your amazing journey, try to keep in mind that everyone that crosses your path is doing the best they can from what they know to get on with life. No one person’s way is perfect. Flaws are everywhere. But when you are able to view every situation and the people that come with them as being valuable teachers that offer important life lessons, then you begin learning and mastering more things about yourself that perhaps were weak and needed your attention. There is no need to be bitter in life when you can let bygones be bygones and let go for the sake of your overall health.

You know everything is about choices. You can choose to move on and be happy or choose and be miserable due to an upsetting circumstance. Only you can make the choice to hang tightly to resentments that waste your precious time and energy or to breathe deeply and choose the lighter option and to let go of everything that no longer serves a higher purpose and to enjoy a peace-filled mind and allow happiness to be your priority.

And so it is…

I AM Elohim Arcturus through Julie Miller


PAXTON ROBEY – Forgiveness – 5-1-15

Paxton RobeyPaxton Robey

Pam asks a very pertinent question about forgiveness:

“What does it mean to forgive? Like so many other words that I thought I knew and understood their meaning, I don’t have a clear idea of what this really, specifically, down-to-the-bones means. I’ve spent the last hour or so reading various definitions of and articles about forgiveness and most of them do not agree. Is reconciliation required? Can I forgive someone and still not want to have anything to do with them as long as we’re wearing bodies? I can forgive a rattlesnake for striking, that’s the nature of a rattlesnake, but I still won’t invite it into my house. Can I forgive, truly forgive, and still not get to love – at least not immediately? Can I love and not like?”

Thanks for asking the important question Pam. Actually we each make all the rules for our own life. We must always use our own discernment when asking others what something means. In my opinion (judgment) there are steps we take in coming to the ultimate answer about forgiveness.

If someone can not strike back when attacked, that is a form of forgiveness. Turn the other cheek. If we can release all negative thoughts and emotions about someone who “wronged us” that is a higher form of forgiveness. Forgiveness has NOTHING to do with the other person. It is about our own comfort level. It is about not letting our grievances get so ingrained that our misery creates heart attacks and ulcers.

Only when we get to the point of seeing everything from God’s point of view can we understand what Jesus or Buddha meant by forgiveness.

Life on Earth is an audio-visual training program. It is an illusion. It is not reality. If this were reality then most certainly there would be no loving God. God would not let tragedy happen in reality.
When you attend a movie and see injustice done, do you refuse to forgive the actor and hold a grudge against him or her for the rest of your life? Of course not. The fact that it was a stage play makes that unnecessary. Same with life.

You have been murdered in past lives by people who are good friends in this life. You no longer hold a grudge because past lives are no longer “real” to us, they are vague images in our mind at best. Actually from a cosmic perspective which you have between lives, you see the reason you were murdered and you understand the lesson you learned by going through that experience and you are thankful for it.  And you thank the person who murdered you for making the experience possible. They did you a service. It cleared your karma.

Nothing in this life is what it appears to be! Nothing in this life is what it appears to be!

Allow me to take this further. There is no world out there. There is no “out there”. Everything that exists in your “reality” exists in your mind only. The entire universe exists only in your mind. All thoughts in your mind are under your control. If you change your thoughts to love you have taken your power back. Your experience will contain nothing but love. This is what all Master Teachers learned. To them there are no limits in their minds. All things are possible.

The goal can be seen as coming to the understanding that the Universe does not allow harm to occur so there is no need to forgive anyone or anything. In truth only love exists. We can all understand how hard these concepts are to truly grasp. Take note of how many times you try to convince someone that your painful situation is “real”. If you make it real you get to keep it.

It used to take lifetimes of holding the intent to see only love before it really sinks in. But it is now possible to gain the ultimate understanding of God’s universe as being completely harmless and loving in this lifetime. The veil is thin. Your guides and angels have easy access to your thoughts now. Let them help shift your understanding.

This is a tough school. I have heard some channelers say that this is the toughest school in the universe and we chose it because we wanted the most expedient path to enlightenment. Well we chose wisely. We will graduate. We will allow enough understanding into our belief systems that the game ends. We will graduate from Earth School. In the meantime love what appears to be evil. Jesus said love those who despitefully use you. He didn’t say it would be easy. Continue to be harmless. Always prefer peace to retaliation or revenge. Always ask guidance for understanding (your guide’s insights are better than anything you could get from FaceBook :-)

Never feel guilty for being unable to come to peace with someone or some situation. It is all just lessons. Everyone eventually learns all the lessons. God won’t let us go too far astray or get too miserable. Your INTENT is all that matters when moving along your path. Behavior is irrelevant. Have the intent to love everyone; don’t worry about whether or not you succeed. You will get home safe and sound.


Without pain and struggle we would not seek God. We all want to end pain and struggle forever. It is possible in this very lifetime but it requires seeing everything from God’s point of view. Never believe that what is in your face is real.  It is a training video.  The lessons will continue to show up until you give up the idea that they are real.  They are no more real than last night’s dream.

You can see why they say “the way is narrow and few are chosen”. We have to allow our entire belief system to be rewritten by our guides. Believe no harm is possible. Believe you have never made a mistake – God doesn’t allow mistakes. Believe love overcomes the worst tragedies. Believe that the moment you leave this body you will see the perfection in the entire plan of salvation.

If we focus on what is in our face we will be miserable. Read the words of the Masters. Talk to your guides all day long. Find inspiration in nature or music or art or babies or something, but find it and immerse yourself in it.  It will rub off.

You will discover bliss. It is your destiny!!

“Forgiveness”, by Paxton Robey, not dated, at

Kevin LeVar – A Heart That Forgives

Feature Productions

Kevin LeVar & One Sound
CD: Let’s Come Together

Produced in Nashville and Southern Ontario, Canada by Feature Productions. This is the official music video for “A Heart That Forgives” as part of Kevin LeVar’s Forgiveness Campaign

Sanat Kumara and Sananda/Jesus – The Dark Ones Leave – BEWARE Who You Blame for Earth’s Troubles – 2-10-15

SanatKumara2Sanat Kumara:

I am contacting you from my position as participant observer in the affairs of Planet Earth. I am at an Inner Earth meeting of the Intergalactic Council of One.

It is a large gathering of representatives from all the cosmos who are intimately involved in the preparations for the final removal of the cabal from Planet Earth. This solemn ceremony will occur on Wednesday evening at 8 EST, at which time all remaining dark cabal forces will be removed from the planet to be rehabilitated or dissolved, as they choose.

Sananda is speaking. He is appealing for a carefully coordinated effort from all parts of the Universe Nebadon (yours) to orchestrate the follow-up actions once the removal of the cabal is complete. We do not want a repeat of what happened following the removal of the Reptilians, when so many dark minions stepped up to take their places, in spades.

We have set a limit on the overall Light/Dark quotient which will be permitted within each individual before they are automatically removed from life on Planet Earth. However, should many more humans turn away from the Light to take the place of the departing dark ones, it would create havoc, and set us back many years, even if they did not become as murderous and vicious as the departing souls.

Should they rise to new levels of darkness, as their predecessors did, they will be immediately removed. This edict from Source will remain in place forever.

It is a crucial time in the development of the New Golden Age. It is intended to bring prosperity to all, relief from oppression, and the comfort of knowing all are safe to live their lives in peace. We cannot allow a proliferation of petty criminals and playground bullies to counteract the marvelous events we have in store for all of you.

There are many exciting events in store for you in the coming months. Your Intergalactic Federation is on the move. They are coordinating a careful approach to Earth.

There are many considerations in carrying out a massive operation like this, including (to put it in Earthly terms) the cosmic equivalent of weather, turbulent energy patterns, gravity, and approved air traffic control routes. Separate meetings under the guidance of Commander Ashtar will be moving forward during these coming days.

At the same time, the focus of your Ascended Masters turns to the conditions on the ground, and what we can expect to occur in the aftermath of the removal of the leaders of most of the world’s banks, corporations, media organizations and political entities.

The most obvious for the U.S. will be the cessation of all activities of the secret government, providing those of you on the ground can maintain a high level of Light energy.

I will explain how important your role is now and why. Removing the leaders, the darkest of the dark leaders, will still leave the shadow structure of the organizations they put in place.

This will be felt in a similar way to what you have experienced with the removal of the dark sleeper cell. The cell is gone, but the memory of its vibration is still present within your brain and body. This too must be eliminated through careful focus and determination.

We are now at a similar point in the evolution of the planet. Removal of the “dark cell” of leaders will leave in place the dark thought forms you are used to and many of their minions.

These beings, like all of you, have been spared for the time being because they carry within them a promising proportion of Light in spite of their past involvement with darkness.

God is merciful, as we have told you, and will make every effort to help those who wish to help themselves. This is not a free ride, we assure you, or preferential treatment for those who have lived destructive lives.

Many of these border-of-darkness beings are your neighbors, lovers, relatives and friends. Many of you reading this message may have gone through periods in your lives where you were attracted to schemes that promised wealth and power, or addictive substances that promised relief from pain. As Jesus taught, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Of course, we do not speak in terms of sin, but humankind uses this language to describe destructive behavior.

We prefer to see human behavior on a spectrum from dark to Light. At this time, there are still a large number of humans who fall into the range of 60% to 70% darkness.

They are the polluters, the oblivious racists, the animal abusers, the arrogant executives, the punitive parents, the cruel teachers and the extremely religious of all stripes. Many of this enormous group have aligned themselves with darkness because they felt powerless, or because they could not have sustained themselves and their families economically otherwise.

Do we condemn someone who flips poisoned burgers for a living? Of course not. We remove the burger-meisters. (I could not resist that small pun.) Then we must find ways for those left adrift to fill their days with productive work, and teach compassion and forgiveness for those who have been compromised by having lived in an impossibly difficult world system.

Everyone has been enslaved in one way or another, you see. No one has been spared the bite of having to “fit in” to an environment that encouraged soul-destroying behavior, while ingesting mind-control substances daily.

This is why so many Masters are here at this time – because a young soul could not have maintained a connection to her heart under such crushing psychological and physical abuses. You are realizing, as you have struggled to clear darkness from your own beings, just how difficult this process is.

Know that I do not tell you these things to alarm or discourage you. No, rather, we wish to encourage and inspire you to join with us now, find your place in the Army of Light, and help us to make the world over anew! All are needed!

When you align yourself with our intentions to calm and shift the vibrations on Planet Earth, we will accomplish the miracle of seeing the atmosphere clearing, the Light dawning all across the planet.

You have already accomplished the heroic lifting of energies that has made this current transition possible. All of you must be aware of the tremendous change in the alignment of energies since December of 2012.

It may not be what you expected, but it is clearly a separation between Light and Dark, a massive schism that now makes it clear what is Light and what is not.

What was once a blurred thin line between good and evil, as you call it, is now blatantly obvious to more people every day. For instance, a popular newscaster is disgraced for having said that his helicopter was attacked in Iraq, when it was not true.

A few months ago, this story would have been buried as a footnote, shrugged off as a “slip of tongue” or an understandable exaggeration from one who may have been anxious at the time.

No! The public now sees a contrived piece of propaganda when it is dangled before them. A journalist is not an entertainment figure. He is expected to hold to a standard of truth-telling that transcends mere sensationalism, or worse yet, acting as a puppet for his cabal handlers.

This same standard of truth-telling is now being held up for your political leaders, sports figures, and all others in the public eye, including us, your overlighting Masters of the Higher Dimensions.

You have demanded more information, and more of the whole story, rather than the bits and pieces we have given in the past to introduce you slowly to the mind-expanding truths of life in the cosmos.

I have assured you in the past that we truly did not lie to you when we thought the prosperity programs would be released. Our plans were that this should happen, and our view of what was happening on the ground led us to conclude that it would transpire as planned.

I will give you another bit of truth that may surprise you. We, your Ascended Masters, are much like you, in that we are not omniscient – all-knowing – and we are not all-powerful.

We are Gods, yes, in our abilities to create and expand, but we do not have absolute control over what happens on Earth, or within our Universe. Even Prime Creator cannot make a unilateral decision to create or destroy on a large scale.

Just as I have revealed to you that I, Sanat Kumara, was filling the job description of “Father God,” the Creator of your Milky Way Galaxy, Prime Creator was one of our Archangel pairs – twin flames who generally work together to fill these important positions.

In Higher Dimensions, we all work with each other, and sometimes move up or down the hierarchy to fill the positions that are needed at the time. At this moment of Now, the Multiverse is expanding at a rapid rate because Source has created new Universes, which he does because it is what he does – Create.

As the great cosmos expands, the complexity expands logarithmically, you might say. We are now in a time of great expansion, and the responsibilities have expanded simultaneously.

Where a “laissez-faire” management style was previously appropriate, given the Universal Law of nonintervention, it is now more crucial than ever that we remain in constant communication with each other and with Source.

Only Source has the say about what will be done in the final analysis, but he depends upon us, his/her “boots on the ground” to carry out all programs and to keep everyone involved informed of all complications or problems, within their local area and beyond.

Now, I represent the Company of Heaven when I offer you the following apology, offered from the depths of our hearts to yours.

We regret that during the period after the removal of the Reptilians in August of 2013, we turned our attention to the development of the New Universe and the opportunities it would create for all of us, because we truly expected that humankind would fill with Light the void left by the Reptilian overlords.

Instead, the cabal – whose humanity has been compromised by eons of cooperation with the dark forces – took over with a vengeance.

It was not that we were completely ignorant of their power and determination, but we were blindsided by the speed with which they took control. At the same time, of course, the Light quotient was increasing because of the courageous Lighworkers’ efforts.

This is when the great gulf between Light and darkness expanded so suddenly. In cosmic terms, the shift was a moment, but a huge moment in terms of the effect it has had on you, our dear children.

These recent months of struggle and conflict were not intended to get so out of hand so suddenly. It was complicated for us by the fact that the sudden shift that created a huge warp in the electromagnetic field around Earth also obscured our ability to see what was happening. Things went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

You may remember that it was during this time that we asked Kathryn to begin sending you a message every day, in hopes of awakening more Lightworkers and keeping the hard-working ones energized.

Unfortunately, it did not help, since some of our information turned out to be inaccurate, given the prevailing timeline, which kept changing from day to day. We can tell you now – we were heart-broken to see how ineffectual our efforts were, and how discouraged and angry many of you were.

We too were in a dilemma. Source wants us to learn, to grow into the skilled managing directors who will be needed at every level in the present and new Universes to come.

He will not step in to rescue us – whether incarnated or in lightbodies – unless our actions cause a threat to others in the Universe. The suffering caused by the recent complications was heart-breaking and regrettable, but it was a part of the original understanding of how difficult this incarnation would be.

We must pull ourselves out of our own messes, with his profound Love and guidance. This is the True Way. It is how we grow, and in the long run, we are always glad for the opportunity to stretch ourselves.

This failure on our part was a tremendous wake-up call to us as well. Fortunately, in spite of the dense energies, we were able to maintain contact with some of our Lightworkers and channels on the ground, and so the long climb back to order and calm has proceeded, under different leadership and with renewed focus.

We acknowledge that, like you, we were stretched thin, trying to keep up with the shifting phenomena we could barely detect through the thick fog of swirling, chaotic energies around your planet.

We turned from our planning and projecting and instead began to rely on our human counterparts to lead us through the quagmire.

We acknowledge with great humility and gratitude that our twin flames and soul incarnation aspects have been the ones whose knowledge and great determination have turned the course of events here on Earth.

The energy of Source, our Central Sun as we sometimes call him, has ignited the imagination and creative genius in those who knew what steps would have to be taken to turn this Titanic around, as you have so aptly quipped.

Your clear demands for fairness and truth, and your willingness to take responsibility for helping to “clean up” the problem on the ground has made all the difference.

As you have gained in power and Light, especially after the removal of the dark cell in your brains, your connection with us has solidified, and we can now work as a well-oiled machine, with you, our beloved Earthbound souls in the lead.

You are brilliant managers and executives, and your deep understanding of the moment-to-moment feelings of your fellow humans surpasses ours. We humbly reach across the great divide that has separated us to clasp your outreached hands, and we share with you the power of Light from our Great One.

We honor you with all our hearts, Beloved Human Ones. Together, we are magnificent, and together we will finish this job.

This is the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine. You have noticed how many of the most powerful Lightworkers are women.

Even in positions of power in politics and finance and in spiritual leadership, women have stepped forward in spite of the odds against them. Look to your women, Beloved Humankind, for they are the first to absorb and put to use the great crystalline power that will lead you into the Light.

My dear brother Sananda is here. They have just adjourned the Council meeting for today. Let us let him share his news with you.


Thank you, Sanat, you are truly everywhere helping all of us. We are grateful, Dear Brother.

Beloved Ones, we are resolved to put our energies into moving forward immediately following the removal of the last members of the Earth cabal.

We will be “on it” as you say, to avoid any rushing in to fill the void on the part of the lower level minions who are now teetering on the Great Divide between Light and dark.

Now, this week, this day, is the crucial time when you must all be ready to open your minds to grasp the truth of the history of Planet Earth and open your hearts to be filled with forgiveness, mercy and compassion. There must be no revenge, no witch-hunts, no punitive or bitter recriminations.

The consequences for everyone’s behavior while on Earth is well investigated and understood when a soul returns to higher dimensions to meet with their Creator and their Guides. This is a process the cabal members have avoided for centuries, and it will no longer be permitted. Their free reign has been completely curtailed, and will never – I say NEVER – be restored.

You must work hard to understand, Beloved Ones. Forgiveness does not mean permissiveness or weakness.

These are cabal ideas. The consequences of all actions, destructive or Light-filled, are taken into account when a soul review is undertaken.

In the case of cabal members whose Higher Selves have been damaged, this will require additional healing, but this does not mean they will not be held accountable for their dark deeds. I remind you here – before their review is done, they must witness first-hand the atrocities and cruelty they inflicted on others.

They will experience those atrocities themselves, from the point of view of those they abused, in real time.

You see, after each lifetime we gain more knowledge and most importantly, more empathy. This will be the process of rehabilitation those damaged souls will have to undergo if they are to return in their bodies.

When they go to higher dimensions there is no time limit to how much work they must do or how long it should take, because there is no time.

They will return when they are done, not before, and as you learned from the movie, “Interstellar,” it may have been only a heart-beat in Earth time.

Now it is to be your work, Dear Ones, to ease the transition for others, to hold the bar high, to teach a new kind of forgiveness based in knowledge and wisdom. It is vital to our Great Plan that Earth not sink into a phase of indignant rage, vengeance and cruelty in the name of Justice. This would destroy everything we have worked for.

Begin with capital punishment. No one must be killed for a crime committed in the past. It only creates more darkness.

You must learn to make a convincing case for the importance of keeping a high standard of ethics, which includes allowing for a person to “work off” the penance for their crimes if it would be for the greater good of humankind. Community service is a time-honored way to provide for both atonement and reparations to society.

Truth and Reconciliation must be kept in Divine balance in the months to come. Do not allow yourselves to be swept up in rabble-rousing or propagandizing for any side. This was the way of the cabal, and it must not be reestablished as the order of the day after they are gone.

Now is not the time for lynch-mobs or character assassination. The worst danger is that the wrong people would be persecuted as a result of the passionate and ill-formed opinions of “experts” about who was right and who was wrong in the intricate web of the past.

You were told this week that Lucifer was portrayed by Archangel Gabriel. This does not mean that Gabriel “fell” or turned dark. He portrayed Lucifer, the Dark One, in order to infiltrate the dark forces.

The idea of “fallen angel” was his cover story to allow him entrance to the inner workings of Archon (4th dimensional) darkness.

They saw him as their leader, Satan, even though he was simultaneously carrying out undercover operations for the Great One.

Given the current misunderstandings, Gabriel would be sent to the guillotine or the death chair for crimes against humanity, when in fact he was your greatest “asset.” The same could be said for Barack Obama.

BEWARE WHO YOU BLAME for the past travesties. Look instead to understand more deeply, and then more deeply yet. The Truth will reveal itself in waves, as you search your intuition, consult with your HIgher Self, and converse with us at length on every issue.

Use our invitation to speak with you on the radio show at every Wednesday evening. We will answer your questions and offer support gladly. Click “follow” near Kathryn’s picture on the BlogTalk internet page to be informed of upcoming shows.

Please, we beg you to pass this information on now. We must reach larger numbers of people, and we must teach the removal of the dark sleeper cell to help all move into the new era with grace, in a state of inner peace.

Be resourceful and daring. Reach out to others who are still asleep. Connect with each other, and stay balanced as you step into your leadership positions in preparation for the challenges to come.

In the name of the Company of Heaven, I am your Sananda/Jesus. I love you without end, and I will be with you to the end of this road.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, February 9, 2015, New York

Come to our radio show this Wednesday! The Dark Ones Are Leaving for Good!

David J. Abbott M.D. – Forgiveness Is A Package Deal – 1-20-15

Written by Dr. David Abbott

Sin and resentment are two sides of the same coin. On one side of the coin, sin consists of things you have done that violate the laws of the moral universe. On the other side, resentment consists of your negative feelings toward those who have wronged you.

Sin and resentment are like a giant octopus with one thousand arms securely wrapped around your heart and mind. These unwanted visitors from another world are not polite guests. They send their tentacles into every part of your life. Nothing is safe from their grasp. They invade your relationships with your family and friends. They choke your emotions and distort your thinking. These malignant invaders come to dominate and destroy you.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot dislodge them from your mind. They have too many arms in too many places and will not let go. Your situation would be hopeless except for two things. The thousand-armed octopus of sin and resentment cannot stand up to the power of God’s forgiveness and love.

Sin and resentment make you sick if you don’t do anything about them. You don’t have the power to send these predators on their way without God’s help. This is a job for the two most powerful forces in the universe, God’s forgiveness and love.


God’s Law of Forgiveness makes it possible to drive these malevolent monsters out. What is this law?

The Law of Forgiveness states: The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart. This powerful law is like God’s Law of Love. What goes around comes around. The forgiveness you send to others comes multiplied back to you.

When God created you, He knew that you needed to forgive other people as much as you need to receive forgiveness from him. The reason is simple. When you have a heart full of resentment and are unwilling to forgive, you become sick inside.

It’s impossible to be free from the inner cancer of sin and resentment unless you are willing to forgive. Until you forgive others, the inner sickness will dominate you, and, if left untreated, will eventually destroy you. You need to forgive other people so you can become whole.


For you to feel the full impact of the forgiveness that comes from God, you must forgive other people first. The big lump of resentment you hold toward others blocks the forgiveness coming from God.

It’s not that God is unwilling to forgive. God’s forgiveness is always there in principle, but it’s not there in practice until you forgive others. In the world of forgiveness, what goes around comes around. If you want to have God’s forgiveness roll through your life, you must send your forgiveness to everyone else. God will unleash the power of his forgiveness the instant you forgive everyone who has done you wrong. The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart.

If you can’t forgive other people, you will block the forgiveness that comes from God, and you will never escape from the octopus of sin and resentment controlling your life.


If your heart is hard, and you carry heavy burdens, there is only one way to lift the load. Every ounce of forgiveness you dispense to others lifts a ton off the burden you must bear. Others don’t need your forgiveness nearly as much as you need it yourself.

As the years pass, you accumulate a mountain of trash and toxic waste in your mind. Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. If you let them accumulate for a lifetime, your burden becomes unbearable.

When you forgive your enemies, your burdens instantly disappear. Forgiveness is better than magic, because it’s not a trick. It’s the real thing. It does everything it’s advertised to do. It sends the octopus of sin and resentment packing and frees your heart and mind. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last.” The forgiveness you send to others makes you free at last.

When you look at people who have carried burdens of resentment and blame for fifty years, you see the price they pay for ignoring this law. They grow into bitter hardhearted people. They aren’t rugged individualists with a smile on their face. They are worn out and broken down from carrying unnecessary burdens.


There is a universal need to be forgiven for the wrong things you have done. But until you forgive others, you will not find forgiveness for yourself. It’s that simple. God made the moral universe work in that fashion in order to force you to forgive other people. If He had not done it that way, you would try to get forgiveness from God without passing it on to others. You would be left with a heart full of resentment, and forgiveness would have done only half its job. God didn’t want forgiveness to go only half way. He said it must go all the way or not at all.

Many people engage in a spiritual delusion trying to get forgiveness from God while they harbor resentment toward others. This never works, because God’s forgiveness cannot do its cleansing work until you forgive the people who have done wrong to you. God will never let you do an end run around the resentment that you harbor in your heart and mind.


There isn’t enough room in your heart for both resentment and God’s forgiveness. It’s one or the other, and you decide which it will be. Forgiveness is a package deal. If you don’t forgive others, then your resentment will block the healing power of God’s love and forgiveness.

Jesus said it this way, “If you forgive others the wrong they have done, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive others, then the wrongs you have done will not be forgiven by your Father.” Jesus did not pull his punches or sugarcoat his message when he was talking about God’s forgiveness. Jesus understood the inner workings of the moral universe and how God’s love and forgiveness work inside your heart and mind. He knew that the resentful heart would block God’s forgiveness and love from doing its miraculous work. That’s why he told us we had to forgive other people if we wanted to experience the forgiveness that comes from him.


If you want to have the power of forgiveness roll through your life, you can’t just talk about forgiving other people. You must do it.

There is no better way to start your day than with forgiveness. The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to forgive everyone. You simply take a minute to look inside and see if there is a seed of resentment taking root or actively growing in your heart. If you discover resentment, then forgive.

If you wipe out resentment the first thing in the morning, you will have the power of God’s forgiveness and love rolling through your life all day long. From the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at night, God will be doing a miracle in your heart and mind. It will be one of the smartest things you ever do.

It’s impossible to have fellowship with God when your heart is full of resentment, and sin controls your life. If you want to have a strong relationship with God, let forgiveness reign supreme. Unleash the power of God’s forgiveness by forgiving everyone. The Law of forgiveness can set you free. The forgiving heart is the forgiven heart.

Affirmation: In the world of forgiveness, what goes around comes around. The forgiveness I send to others comes multiplied back to me. If my heart is hard, and I carry heavy burdens, there is only one way to lift the load. Every ounce of forgiveness I dispense to others lifts a ton off the burden I must bear. Others don’t need my forgiveness nearly as much as I need it myself. Forgiveness washes the pollution of resentment and ill-will from my mind. It’s better than magic because it’s not a trick. It’s the real thing. Forgiveness does everything it’s advertised to do, and it’s free. I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and years in therapy to get a fresh start. A forgiving heart is a forgiven heart. All I need to do is forgive.

Web Source:

Sananda – It’s Time to Forgive Yourselves – Channeler Jenny Schiltz – 1-12-15





I want to take a moment today and talk to you about forgiveness. As many of you are aware, you have received an energetic upgrade since the New Year. This upgrade can be very powerful if you allow it to assist you in releasing all that no longer serves you.

Many of you are entering the place of neutrality, where you see the beauty in all things, even those things that are deemed negative. You are beginning to grasp the truth behind the words “All is in your highest good.”. Many of you have known of the concept, struggled to fully understand it but now you are actually able to feel the truth int he words. This is not an easy thing and you should feel very proud of your accomplishment, especially when surrounded by others that are still entrenched in duality. To keep your neutrality and not fall into judgement is not easy. As you practice this new way to be, you may lapse into judgement, even horror at the current events of the world. We understand and ask that you bring yourself back to center as quickly as possible. You will find that anything less will feel very uncomfortable in the body. Eventually you will feel that to leave neutrality is so unnatural that you will recognized the slightest slip, the slightest thought that moves you from center. Do not be concerned that others are not in this space, they will arrive when it is their time.

You have done incredible work to arrive at this place that has been called the zero point. You have forgiven those that hurt you and even are able to see the purpose behind events in your life. You are able to glimpse the grand design behind tragedies while feeling compassion and understanding for those living through and affected by such events. It is beautiful to be able to view things from a grander perspective but respond on a very human level with caring and compassion. This is how you will change the world. This is how you can heal those around you, by simply caring and having compassion for all involved while not getting entrenched in right versus wrong, good versus evil.

We are very proud of the work you have done and how much you have achieved. Every day more light is held by your world, every day more connections are made to the higher grids and to the earth herself. As the grids are being created in higher dimension, the ones in the 5th & 6th dimensions are becoming fortified, widened and strengthened to allow the masses to move forward. We are aware of the work all of you have done to hold the light within, to be a beacon, and a pillar of peace in chaos. So many of you are able to forgive others very easily. However, many of you are not extending this grace to yourselves. You can not fully embrace neutrality until you are able to completely forgive yourselves for perceived wrongs. You need to acknowledge that every wrong turn, everything you did to another, has led you to this place, this time. We have asked that you reconnect with your inner child and many of you are doing that. Now we ask that you fully forgive yourself for all things that have caused you guilt & shame. Guilt, regret and shame weigh heavy on the heart and will keep you from rising to your potential. We ask that you forgive yourself, release yourself, and love yourself as you have done for others. It is time to extend neutrality to yourself.

So many of you are very hard on yourselves and don’t acknowledge all the good things you have done and the work you have completed. . We ask that you forgive yourselves and see yourself as we see you, as beautiful, shining souls.

Love yourself as I love you,



Andy Bojarski – How Would You Respond to GOD’S Presence? – Moving Toward Ascension – 1-5-15

Wisdom With Wes – More on Forgiving the Corrupt Elite – 12-28-14

Snapshot_20140731_2(Note: I’ve written about forgiving the elite in previous columns, but I felt like it needed to be said again.)

I write a lot about the ‘cabal’; the ‘elite’; the ‘planetary controllers’; whatever you want to call them, and I always try to remind people that even though they’re corrupt and it’s time for their ‘reign’ to end, they’re still us in a different form.

It’s easy (and almost preferable) to rebel against them for the awful things they continue to do, but in doing so, we fail to recognize the inherent oneness of every conscious being, which includes them.

We erect a border between our greater understanding and that part of us that just wants to rebel, and we keep ourselves from spiritually evolving or cultivating the inner peace that’ll bring the world together with ease.

We hurt ourselves (and, subsequently, the rest of the world) when we try to fight the elite, and little do we know that our rebellion plays right into their hands. We give them exactly what they want, because we maintain a divided condition within that feeds the negativity that enables them to get away with their crimes.

Sending love to the elite is a great way to ‘fight’ them, however ‘new agey’ it sounds, and in time, more seekers will realize that the best way to create peace and unity is to stop fighting. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how hard it can be – even for the conscious community.

Will you express love and forgiveness today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

Susan Suehr – Overcoming the Fear of Being Judged for Your Mistakes –

Sad Woman


Susan Suehr


“Live your life for you not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected, or disliked stop you from being yourself.” ~Sonya Parker

For years I struggled with a nagging feeling of guilt. This was not for actual things I did, but just a feeling that anytime something went wrong in my life, it was somehow my fault.

I came from a religious family of eleven kids. My dear mom, bless her heart, occasionally punished us all because she just didn’t have the time in her busy day to find the perpetrator.

My older brother, the perpetrator of most of our punishments, found this all to be quite humorous. The rest of us did not.

Was it our desperate appeals to him to be better behaved, or our mom’s reaction whenever she learned of his latest subterfuge that he found humorous? Such are the trials of growing up in a big family.

It didn’t help that the nuns in school reinforced the necessity of admitting guilt and the importance of being in need of exoneration. If something bad happened to you, like skinning your knee, well it was just God punishing you for something you hadn’t been caught at.

One would normally think that guilt stemmed from believing you might have hurt someone. It took me some time to figure out the reasons for my feelings I hadn’t hurt anyone, but I felt guilty.

How Do We Untangle This Web of Guilty Feelings?

I wanted to know why I was hanging on to these guilty feelings. Self-awareness is about setting aside things that others have said about you and paying attention instead to what you know about yourself to be true.

I figured my guilt was very much attached to what I believed others might think of me.

I was using guilt as a defense mechanism. I would blame myself first, hoping to find and correct my mistakes before anyone else found out. I hoped that extra alertness might allow me to avoid criticism and judgments from others.

My true nemesis was the fear of being criticized. Keeping a ledger of past mistakes was my way of being vigilant to crush any mistakes before anyone found out.

My ledger of mistakes: the things that I did or said because it was easy and convenient, what I did not do or say when I could have, blaming others in my thoughts or not showing kindness when I could have. I even kept track of my embarrassing moments so I would never do them again.

I worried that if my mistakes were exposed, I would be judged, rejected, or disliked for them. And so I punished myself for them before anyone else could.

This fear of being exposed led me to walk through life feeling guilty for who I was and for all the mistakes I’d made. These fears were controlling my life.

I believed and feared that these mistakes were who I was, and if they were exposed, I would be exposed.

So How Did We Conquer Those Fears?

Fears are challenges that put us out of our comfort zone, and they are opportunities for real growth.

I found my growth happening when I mustered up the courage to experiment. What would happen if I lived my day the way I wanted? What if I stopped worrying about others judging me?

I started just doing my best.

I sought out new skills when I wanted my work to be better, just to make it pleasing to me. I stopped trying to impress others and hide my faults. I let them see me so I could understand and get to know them better and learn from their experiences.

Most of the time, I wasn’t judged or disapproved by others. Guess who was the biggest judge? Me!

By facing my fears, I reduced them significantly and could live with them. Knowing that others didn’t criticize me was not enough. I still had to resolve the negative self-judgments I still thought about myself if I was going to really accept myself and be free of the guilt.

So How Does One Get to Self-Acceptance?

Accepting ourselves is about recognizing that we’ve done things that we are not proud of, and this is part of being human. There is a process for dealing with regrets: sorrow with compassion, remorse, then leading to forgiveness.

That same process works for resolving those nagging guilty feelings for doing or not doing things that don’t have apparent negative impact on others. I’m talking about those times when I had negative thoughts or opinions about others, yet didn’t express them, or when I didn’t take a higher road when I could have.

Our guilt becomes this reservoir of mistakes we made in life. Mistakes are part of being human. Sometimes we are just not prepared for situations.

Having compassion for my humanity, I forgave myself for my mistakes. This opened me up to genuine acceptance for the human that I am, and that we all are.

I got to know my real self. The real me was that person who took the risk of being judged by others.

I was not my mistakes. I started getting to like me.

Then something unexpected….

I can still remember this moment. I had this feeling of love for me—faults and all. I am talking about the kind of love that you feel for someone you love deeply. I had never before felt this way about myself.

You can do this too.

Time to Be Done With Feeling Guilty

If guilty feelings are nagging at you, there is a way out. Be self-aware by knowing what is true about you. Get out of your comfort zone and face those fears of exposure.

You can change and make it better. Forgive and accept yourself inside, for who you really are. Be free of guilt and be yourself. One day you’ll find yourself loving you.

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About Susan Suehr

Susan Suehr is a blogger and has a web site and a blog about Changing Beliefs. She also is the creator of Miracle Grid Products, clearing tools to live a free passionate life How to Change Beliefs & Be Inspired, which she sells on Amazon.

Elohim Master Arcturus via Julie Miller – Liberation Through Forgiveness – 10-25-14

Mario Gattoaladino


Channeled by: Julie Miller






Michelle Walling, CHLC – Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know – 5-20-14


by Michelle Walling, CHLC

As a person climbs the ladder of spiritual progression in this lifetime, there are particular terms that describe various stages of development. In order to maximize the opportunity of this lifetime, there are at least thirty important spiritual terms you should become familiar with. All of these terms are part of the reason we incarnated and mastering the meaning of each of these is likened to initiation. When you master the initiations you prove that you are ready to move to the next experience.

The following are the top 30 spiritual terms you should know:

  1. AwakeningAwakening is the realization that you are more than just a human and you are here to accomplish more than just being a slave to the system. Awareness arises when your codes are activated with photonic light in order for you to begin to realize who you are and what you came into this lifetime to accomplish. Awakening symptoms are described here.
  2. Vibration– All matter is energy. Atoms are electrons oscillating back and forth at a certain frequency. The measure of speed of this frequency is known as vibrational density. We are awakening to the need to raise our vibration from a third dimensional frequency to a fifth dimensional frequency.Vibration- All matter is energy. Atoms are electrons oscillating back and forth at a certain frequency. The measure of speed of this frequency is known as vibrational density . We are awakening to the need to raise our vibration from a third dimensional frequency to a fifth dimensional frequency.
  3. Soul– the ethereal substance or spirit particular to a unique living being. The soul is immortal and its energy can be seen around the physical body as the aura. The soul is an aspect of energy consciousness from a larger essence of a monad and has a personality that continues to exist after “death” of the physical body. The purpose of your soul is evolution through the guidelines of Universal Law.
  4. Higher Self– The higher self is the ethereal high vibrational mental aspect of your soul that serves as liaison between your soul and your monad. Discovering how to communicate with your higher self as a guide is essential in the spiritual awakening process. Going within is the method of finding your higher self. The truth and answers to any question can be answered by your higher self and is a vital part of discernment.Higher Self- The higher self is the ethereal high vibrational mental aspect of your soul that serves as liaison between your soul and your monad. Discovering how to communicate with your higher self as a guide is essential in the spiritual awakening process. Going within is the method of finding your higher self. The truth and answers to any question can be answered by your higher self and is a vital part of discernment.
  5. Monad– The monad is the “oversoul” which created the aspect of consciousness of your soul. A monad consists of a male and a female aspect, and when incarnating into a lower vibrational density these two split up and continue to split further into lifetimes. Imagine a wooden wheel of a bicycle where the hub is the male or female part of the monad and the spokes are the aspects of soul consciousness, or lifetimes. All lifetimes of the monad occur in the “now”, outside of space and time, and the experiences of all parallel lifetimes can be accessed by each soul once the connection is recognized and strengthened.
  6. Creator/Source– Creator is a term used to describe “all that is” within our experience. The Creator of everything is an energy source that created angels and dimensions and then sent forth aspects of itself (Creator is both male and female) into the lower vibrational dimensions in order to have experience and to know itself. These monad aspects then sent forth parts of themselves as souls as so on. Creation is infinite and cannot be fully understood in third dimensional thinking. Regaining the knowledge that you have an aspect of Creator within the human body is the most important awakening realization.Dimension/ Multidimensional- The Creator created dimensions in order to experience various vibrational levels because it is so big that it cannot experience it any other way. A dimension is a specific frequency of vibration. All dimensions are connected and overlap each other and all dimensions are interdependent upon each other, which describes the term multidimensional. There are many levels within each dimension.<br /><br />
  7. Dimension/ Multidimensional– The Creator created dimensions in order to experience various vibrational levels because it is so big that it cannot experience it any other way. A dimension is a specific frequency of vibration. All dimensions are connected and overlap each other and all dimensions are interdependent upon each other, which describes the term multidimensional. There are many levels within each dimension.
  8. Soul Group/Soul Mates– When Creator created monads it created them out the rays of its white light. When this light is differentiated it becomes the colors of the rainbow. Monads were split into groups of colors known as rays. For example a blue ray monad will have a purpose or characteristics different than a green ray monad. Blue ray monads have more in common and vibrate at the same rate as other blue ray monads, thus they are naturally attracted to each other. Furthermore, monads split into souls and vibrational groups are formed within each soul.  These souls incarnate together in order to help each other spiritually advance. Soul mates from a particular soul group recognize each other when they meet in this lifetime. A soul mate may incarnate as your mother or father in one lifetime and then they may switch it up to be the daughter or son in another lifetime. They could be husbands and wives or they are an influential person in your life that helps to balance a past life energy or lesson. Soul mates from a soul group love each other so much that they may have volunteered to be a difficult aspect of your lifetime, which is a blessing in disguise as these lessons catapult you higher on your spiritual path.
  9. Dark Night of the Soul– The Dark Night of the Soul is used to describe a process of cleansing and clearing that involves facing your shadow self. Your shadow self is the aspect of your soul that carries the darker or lower vibrational experiences. In this phase it seems like everything is going wrong and that you are being abandoned by your guides and angels. It is what prompts questioning everything and leads to solving your issues. Once you emerge from this dark night of the soul you look back upon it as a blessing, feeling lighter and clearer than ever before.Dark Night of the Soul- The Dark Night of the Soul is used to describe a process of cleansing and clearing that involves facing your shadow self. Your shadow self is the aspect of your soul that carries the darker or lower vibrational experiences. In this phase it seems like everything is going wrong and that you are being abandoned by your guides and angels. It is what prompts questioning everything and leads to solving your issues. Once you emerge from this dark night of the soul you look back upon it as a blessing, feeling lighter and clearer than ever before.
  10. Spirit Guides – In addition to mapping out our Blueprints before coming here, we make sacred contracts with entities on the “other side” to watch over us, protect us, help and advise us, through this earthly journey we have chosen to undertake. These are our spirit guides.

The most intimate of these advisors helps us to conceive and review our blueprint with us and is at our side every step of the way from incarnation to “death”. Besides this dedicated guide, we have other guides that can come and go depending on their specialty advisory field.  Every one of us has a guide that is someone we were very close to and trusted with our soul. All spirit guides have spent at least one lifetime on Earth.  Because of this, they are able to empathize with the mistakes, problems, fears and temptations, all the frailties we encounter in the human world.



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The spirit guide’s job is to urge, encourage, nudge, support, advise and guide us on our life path. Spirit guides send you messages, often through your subconscious mind.  What you have always accepted as instincts or your conscience or unusually vivid dreams are your spirit guides sending you messages. Spirit guides and all other transcended spirits are either male or female. Spirit guides can also be higher vibrational aspects of yourself, or parallel lives. Spirit guides are always ready and waiting for you to contact them but cannot interfere otherwise because of the Law of Free Will



Guardian Angel- Creator first created the angels to mirror love back to itself. This was how it would get to know itself as ultimate love. These angels have a great desire to serve Creator in any way because of the great love they have for Creator. Sometimes these angels take on specific assignments in service. Guiding humanity is one way angels can be of service. These angels act as guides but are of the highest vibration of love. Some angels actually do incarnate but most do not. To go forth into a lower dimension, and angel must send forth an aspect of its consciousness, just like a monad does. Angel consciousness aspects are always around us holding the space for the creation of love within our hearts. Angels can create miracles, which is just a way of changing the reality that one experiences into a favorable outcome. Just like spirit guides, your guardian angel is awaiting your recognition and request for service.

  1. Guardian Angel– Creator first created the angels to mirror love back to itself. This was how it would get to know itself as ultimate love. These angels have a great desire to serve Creator in any way because of the great love they have for Creator. Sometimes these angels take on specific assignments in service. Guiding humanity is one way angels can be of service. These angels act as guides but are of the highest vibration of love. Some angels actually do incarnate but most do not. To go forth into a lower dimension, and angel must send forth an aspect of its consciousness, just like a monad does. Angel consciousness aspects are always around us holding the space for the creation of love within our hearts. Angels can create miracles, which is just a way of changing the reality that one experiences into a favorable outcome. Just like spirit guides, your guardian angel is awaiting your recognition and request for service.
  2. Twin Flame– A monad is an aspect of consciousness of Source that has a female (yin) polarity and a male (yang) polarity. Upon descending into the third dimension, these aspects get separated although they stay connected on the higher monad level. We are always yearning for our polarity aspect to fulfill a need to be complete; however the experience of separation from our twin flame and our Creator catapults us in our spiritual growth and understanding of who we are. Twin Flames rarely incarnate into the same lifetime because of the need for diverse experience, however recently more twin flames have incarnated together in order to assist each other in ascension.Free Will- We exist in a free willed Universe. This Universal Law allows us the power and responsibility to choose how we define and perceive our reality. Free Will is responsible for the allowance of darkness on the planet and thus throughout the Universe, as Creator gave all souls the ability to create whatever they choose. The greatest irony of free will choice to be other than light/love is the threat of destroying the experience of living in a free will existence. Universes that are not free willed operate through goals and agreements through a group high mind consciousness which gives them direction toward experience.
  3. Free Will– We exist in a free willed Universe. This Universal Law allows us the power and responsibility to choose how we define and perceive our reality. Free Will is responsible for the allowance of darkness on the planet and thus throughout the Universe, as Creator gave all souls the ability to create whatever they choose. The greatest irony of free will choice to be other than light/love is the threat of destroying the experience of living in a free will existence. Universes that are not free willed operate through goals and agreements through a group high mind consciousness which gives them direction toward experience.
  4. Universal Law– A set of guidelines agreed upon in a particular universe that guides a soul along the highest path of evolvement. It is what defines evolution and existence, and should be the laws of Earth as we move toward higher consciousness. An example of 20 Universal Laws can be found here.Ascension- Ascension is the term used to describe moving from a lower vibrational consciousness to a higher consciousness. It involves acknowledging standing in your full power of who you are as you co-create the illusion of separation while existing in a high vibrational state of love. It is accomplished by consciously connecting with the tools and experiences of your akashic record held within your DNA with the help of your higher self. This is done by merging and balancing the high vibrational essence of who you are into physical manifestation. More simply stated, ascension is recognizing who you are and connecting to that aspect of yourself by raising your consciousness through vibration. For some people, the main purpose of this lifetime is to ascend. A free comprehensive e-book on ascension can be found here.
  5. AscensionAscension is the term used to describe moving from a lower vibrational consciousness to a higher consciousness. It involves acknowledging standing in your full power of who you are as you co-create the illusion of separation while existing in a high vibrational state of love. It is accomplished by consciously connecting with the tools and experiences of your akashic record held within your DNA with the help of your higher self. This is done by merging and balancing the high vibrational essence of who you are into physical manifestation. More simply stated, ascension is recognizing who you are and connecting to that aspect of yourself by raising your consciousness through vibration. For some people, the main purpose of this lifetime is to ascend. A free comprehensive e-book on ascension can be found here.
  6. Incarnation– The act of a soul sending forth an aspect of its consciousness into a physical body. The soul comes into the fetus in the womb of the mother before the baby comes through the birth canal. When a soul incarnates in this manner, it takes a risk of not remembering that it is tied to its Creator. The purpose of reincarnation is to provide an opportunity for soul evolution, however by incarnating a person can get stuck on the wheel of karma.
  7. Soul Contract– Before we incarnated, we planned out certain events which would lead us to be able to accomplish things we agreed upon in our soul contract. Some of these things include who are parents or guardians are, what type of socioeconomic situation we will be born into and what energy signature we will have by being born into a particular zodiac sign. There are many people in this lifetime that we made soul contracts with, from our parents to our spouse to our first grade teachers.

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  1. Life Purpose– A person’s life purpose is the main goal or goals that they chose to accomplish before incarnating. A life purpose can be a career such as the goal of being a famous musician bringing the beauty of music to the planet. It can also be a balancing act such as reincarnating with another soul mate and serving a role in order to wipe the slate clean of karma between the two souls. There can be many tasks involved in a life purpose leading up to a bigger task if all of the other tasks are performed. For example there may be several tasks of awakening and healing involved and if all of them are successfully completed, the end result might be ascension. If a person does not complete a life purpose they usually reincarnate to try again. Understanding one’s life purpose is easier than most people make it out to be, for it is usually what they enjoy doing the most in life. A general guideline to a theme of a life purpose can be found in a person’s life path number, which you can find here.

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  1. Karma- Newton’s law states that for every action there has to be an equal or opposite reaction. When we incarnate into a physical body and live a life under the veil of forgetfulness, we can incur karma if we do not treat others with the same care and love that we should treat ourselves. Thus we end up incarnating over and over in this school of life to eventually learn the golden rule. This has been termed the wheel of karma and because we are coming to the end of a cycle of reincarnation, transmuting karma in this lifetime is usually one of the main life purposes of many people. Fortunately we have a tool called the Universal Law of Wisdom to help us complete this task by allowing us access to all of the accumulated wisdom we gathered in all of our lifetimes. One of the most important tools of this law is forgiveness, which stops the pattern from repeating and thus neutralizes karma. The laws of karma can be found here.Karma- Newton’s law states that for every action there has to be an equal or opposite reaction. When we incarnate into a physical body and live a life under the veil of forgetfulness, we can incur karma if we do not treat others with the same care and love that we should treat ourselves. Thus we end up incarnating over and over in this school of life to eventually learn the golden rule. This has been termed the wheel of karma and because we are coming to the end of a cycle of reincarnation, transmuting karma in this lifetime is usually one of the main life purposes of many people. Fortunately we have a tool called the Universal Law of Wisdom to help us complete this task by allowing us access to all of the accumulated wisdom we gathered in all of our lifetimes. One of the most important tools of this law is forgiveness, which stops the pattern from repeating and thus neutralizes karma. The laws of karma can be found here.
  2. Chakra– The word chakra is Sanskrit for ‘vortex’ or ‘wheel’.  The chakras are energy centers within our physical bodies.  There are seven major chakras between the crown or top of the head to the base of the spine. 

There are many also many minor chakras that regulate energy within the body. Each of the seven chakras correspond to a major endocrine gland in the body and each of them controls specific physical areas and functions.

Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know |

  1. DNA Upgrade– Our DNA is the genetic code that makes up our multidimensional existence. Besides the non physical higher dimensional pattern, DNA contains the instructions needed for a physical living organism to grow and function. DNA is found in the nucleus of every cell in our body except in red blood cells, and is fully repeated in every cell. The dormant strands of the higher vibrational DNA in our cells have been termed “junk DNA” by scientists. One of the goals most of us made in for this incarnation was to receive the DNA upgrade that is available to us as we astrologically move into the Golden Age and out of third dimensional density. This DNA upgrade will open the door to experiencing multidimensional life while existing in a physical body, which is unique to physical beings in our Universe.
  2. Meditation– One of the most powerful spiritual tools. Meditation is a ritual that creates a state in which the body is consciously relaxed, and the mind is able to become calm and focused. Preparation for meditation includes grounding, breathing deeply, and asking for spiritual guidance and protection.



A goal of meditation is to quiet the left brained thinking (monkey mind) in order to allow for right brained information from higher vibrational aspects of yourself to bring clarity in life. Another goal of meditation can be to have conversations through telepathy with other spirits or guides. Meditation can also be used to clear negative energies and to bring more light into the body.

  1. Aura– The aura is the energetic field that is part of a living being. Your inner aura is a reflection of your spiritual health aura and your outer aura is your luminous energy field. Both of these auras emanate from your skin outwards.  Your inner aura will expand anywhere from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from your body while your outer aura will extend several feet from your body. Depending on what emotional state you are currently experiencing, your aura will transform itself into a color that matches the emotion.

Aura- The aura is the energetic field that is part of a living being. Your inner aura is a reflection of your spiritual health aura and your outer aura is your luminous energy field. Both of these auras emanate from your skin outwards. Your inner aura will expand anywhere from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from your body while your outer aura will extend several feet from your body. Depending on what emotional state you are currently experiencing, your aura will transform itself into a color that matches the emotion. With practice, one can see another person’s aura colors in order to identify unbalanced energy within the body. A weak auric field can make a person feel drained, and it is a good spiritual practice to keep your aura protected and strong.


With practice, one can see another person’s aura colors in order to identify unbalanced energy within the body. A weak auric field can make a person feel drained, and it is a good spiritual practice to keep your aura protected and strong.



  1. Spiritual Protection/Clearing– Our spirit guides and angels can provide spiritual protection from interference in our Spiritual Protection/Clearing- Our spirit guides and angels can provide spiritual protection from interference in our energetic field as we progress on our path to a higher vibrational way of existence. Part of the learning process of this lifetime involves being subjected to low vibration in order to learn how to identify, transmute, and clear lower energies that may exist in our auric field. These energies may have been a part of a past life that we carried forth into the next lifetime and cannot be carried forth into the fifth dimension, or they may be hitchhiking entities that can sneak into the auric field through fissures. The clearing of these energies is necessary in order to move into the vibration of love of the fifth dimension. Once they are cleared, asking for protection from other lower vibrational energies and entities helps to continue to raise one’s vibration. A guided clearing meditation is one way to clear and protect. Water is an excellent cleansing agent when infused with love and intention, and sea salt baths with baking soda can also assist with cleansing. Crystals are also an excellent way to clear and protect, as they can absorb and transmute energies.energetic field as we progress on our path to a higher vibrational way of existence. Part of the learning process of this lifetime involves being subjected to low vibration in order to learn how to identify, transmute, and clear lower energies that may exist in our auric field. These energies may have been a part of a past life that we carried forth into the next lifetime and cannot be carried forth into the fifth dimension, or they may be hitchhiking entities that can sneak into the auric field through fissures. The clearing of these energies is necessary in order to move into the vibration of love of the fifth dimension. Once they are cleared, asking for protection from other lower vibrational energies and entities helps to continue to raise one’s vibration. A guided clearing meditation is one way to clear and protect. Water is an excellent cleansing agent when infused with love and intention, and sea salt baths with baking soda can also assist with cleansing. Crystals are also an excellent way to clear and protect, as they can absorb and transmute energies.
  2. Merkaba– “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, and “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba, or “chariot of ascension”, means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, the merkaba field is a permanent and highly ordered Merkabic structure of inter-connected electro-magnetic counter-rotating energy spirals (wheels withint wheels)that exist as an integral part of all creation. The activation of the merkaba field within our bodies will allow us access to the higher dimensions through consciousness. The activated merkaba field looks like a multi-colored spinning orb.
  3. New Earth– This is the term used to describe the fifth dimensional Earth that will be accessed through the shift toward ascension. The requisite for experiencing a New Earth will be the vibration match according to the Law of Vibrational Attainment, as the New Earth will be vibrating at a fifth dimensional frequency.



  1. ForgivenessForgiveness is an act of kindness that we may extend to ourselves or another in the process of healing. Forgiveness is also an important part of transmuting karma between other souls. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian code of forgiveness used to correct the things that went wrong in a person’s life. Forgiveness can be achieved either face to face, by silent thought and intention, or by writing a letter and burning it as a way of ritual. Forgiving yourself is a high vibrational way of loving yourself and is important in moving up the ladder of spiritual ascension.Love/ Loving Yourself- Love is the highest vibration attainment. Love is all there is, literally, as it is the vibration of our Creator. Loving yourself is an important part of healing stuck energies as we move toward fifth dimensional existence. As defined by the Law of Attraction, when you love yourself you open yourself up for being able to receive love. By receiving love, we are able to exist in a love vibration in alignment with the New Earth.
  2. Love/ Loving Yourself– Love is the highest vibration attainment. Love is all there is, literally, as it is the vibration of our Creator. Loving yourself is an important part of healing stuck energies as we move toward fifth dimensional existence. As defined by the Law of Attraction, when you love yourself you open yourself up for being able to receive love. By receiving love, we are able to exist in a love vibration in alignment with the New Earth.
  3. Gratitude– On the spiritual path, gratitude goes hand in hand with attracting abundance. Everyone should give thanks for the abundance and lessons of opportunity one receives in life. The power and vibration of gratitude can be defined in the way it can affect water in Dr. Masuru Emoto’s article “The Miracle of Water”. . Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational acts of love that a person can exhibit. Giving thanks can be achieved by intention and prayer and is best verbalized.
  4. NDE/Life Review– A Near Death Experience (NDE) can occur when a person’s spirit leaves the body and crosses over to the other side and then returns to the body to live another day. NDE stories are useful in realizing that our souls do not die upon the death of the physical body and that we are spirits having a physical human experience. This helps a person transmute the fear of dying which is an important aspect of spiritual progression. People who report about NDE’s often talk about having a life review which is a movie of everything that has happened in their life. This brings about the realization that everything we do is important is our life and is recorded in our akashic records. We are the judge during a life review and part of spiritual wisdom includes realizing that we can atone for our actions now thanks to NDE experiences that have explained life reviews.



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The awakening process is the soul’s realization that raising one’s vibration is necessary with the help of their higher self in the ascension process. This will allow life on a New Earth that is built upon Universal Law. We are all connected to a Creator Source that created our soul and our monad or multidimensional conglomerate of our past lives. We incarnated with our soul mates, and with the help of our spirit guides and guardian angels we will complete our soul contracts and fulfill our life purpose. The dark night of the soul brings up opportunity to transmute karma and clear our chakras. This will allow our DNA upgrade and cause our merkaba to spin. Through NDE’s we learn the importance of forgiveness, loving ourselves, and having gratitude in this lifetime. We can heal our aura through meditation, which will protect us as we climb the spiritual ladder and move toward reuniting with our twin flame to enjoy a higher level of existence of love and free will.

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About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Radio Host on The Cosmic Awakening Show.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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