Heavenletter #5274 – Closed Hearts Can Open – 5-4-15


Heavenletter #5274 Closed Hearts Can Open, May 4, 2015

God said:

When days are short and your temper is short, too, what do you blame your temper on? You can find many things, and, yet, you latch onto one or two, often other human beings who seem to thwart your perceived needs. Perhaps the real lack is that you perceive that you need and need desperately from other people who are not capable of filling your perceived needs. There is an expression: You can’t turn a stone into a turnip!

Yes, you can! The lame can walk. The sick can heal. And closed hearts can open.

Everyone wants deep true love and wants to feel this in his or her heart. It is common for My children to see that others block their love. You are the only one who can block your love. It seems otherwise to you, yet you are the blocker of your own love. It is your attachment that blocks the smooth-running of your love. Love without attachment, and you will be in a different ball game.

If you were not attached, you wouldn’t interfere with your own happiness. That may sound too simple. It is very simple. The hard part is for My children not to be attached. Unattached, you wouldn’t make the demands on others and yourself that you currently do. Unattached, people can do or not do as they do without your feeling offended and being on the defensive. If you were not so easily offended, where would difficulty lie? What would there be at stake for you?

Every personality leads his own life. If you take offense, it is you who takes offense. It’s your ego that takes offense.

Dear Ones, what someone says or does or doesn’t say and doesn’t do is not your ego’s responsibility. If you could be unattached and free, your ego wouldn’t mind someone else’s presumption. No one owes you anything. Attached, you and your ego see life differently. You are certain the ones who offend you are obligated to be kind and understanding and to be sensitive to your feelings.

The fact is that no one owes you anything. What another says to you belongs to him and not to you. Oneness does not apply to squabbles.

Consider the seeming other as someone who is running a race and doesn’t win. Are you angry with the runner because he couldn’t run faster? His winning or not winning the race has nothing to do with you. That he didn’t win doesn’t mean you lost. Because he doesn’t understand or can’t understand you means no more than that. Being misunderstood is a big deal to My children. Must it be such a big deal to you? Must you choose to focus on it when you could be focusing on something else? Why not focus on something else that can give you at least a glimmer of happiness?

Really, what has rocked your boat? You may be jumping up and down in upset when you could be looking at the Sun or the way the wind blows the leaves of trees. You could even be more like a choo-choo train that stays on a track of happiness. You could be stepping out with Me. Come alongside Me. Let’s see where I can take you.

I can take you out of your tizzy. I can take you out of the doldrums. You can take yourself out of the doldrums when you chose to. There is some satisfaction or justification you take out of being discontent, as though the world owes you and you are put upon.

You owe yourself a living. You owe yourself more than you are giving yourself. You owe yourself a lot more. Start paying up right now. Make nice to yourself and the world and, yes, the person who doesn’t know how to treat you right. Treat yourself right now. How about getting over your discontent and disconnectedness?

Get over here and smile. That’s better.

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Tamara Rant – Entering the Heart Space – How a Micro Shift Can Make a Macro Difference – 4-28-15

By Tamara Rant, Conscious Life News, April 27, 2015

I have the pleasure of seeing Cell Biologist, Bruce Lipton speak at a lecture next month and in celebration of that, I thought I’d write about two of my favorite inter-mingling topics: Living in the Heart Space and the power of belief. Bruce Lipton is perhaps most well-known for his book entitled, “The Biology of Belief” which astutely tears apart the paradigm that we are victims of our genes and heredity. It is a book that has forever changed my life.

Simply put, when one is living in the Heart Space, you are connected to your mind, body and spirit at all times, and keep the awareness of what each needs at all times at the forefront of your consciousness. You face the world with compassion and love, rather than distance, fear or indifference. You feel grounded, not flighty. You feel secure, loved and confident that you are cared for, not like you must struggle to survive, or compete to get where want to be (at the expense of others). And this simple shift in belief, in mindset can literally make all the difference in the world; it can literally be the defining line between life and death.

We’ve all heard stories of “miraculous” healings before; those incredible tales of people who were destined for an early demise, but instead somehow beat death without any reasonable explanation. How is this possible? Are they just “lucky?” Did their immune systems have some freak mega-boost? Were the misdiagnosed? Perhaps…But science now backs up the fact that it is our thoughts and our beliefs surrounding ourselves and our situations that ultimately define the outcome. Sure, outlying factors will always play a role, but the power of our own minds has been so severely down-played that it is, well…mind-boggling to know what we are truly capable of regarding healing ourselves.

Take for example the story of Vittorio Michelli who had a large tumor on his hip and whose doctors said there was nothing they could do for him. He traveled to Lourdes, France and bathed in the famous “healing springs” there. His simple belief in the healing properties of this place, (some could also say the collective energy of so many other people believing as well) started shrinking his tumor, until 10 months later it was completely gone. Read about Vittorio’s story here along with more information on how our thoughts determine reality.

We’ve also heard stories of otherwise healthy people who went for a simple check-up, only to be given 2 months to live and like clock-work check out 8 weeks later. Sometimes these stories are so bizarre as family members are shocked stating they always took such good care of themselves, or were always so happy, etc. But once we accept something we are told as our own personal truth, the body believes it as well, and our thoughts do have the power to make it a reality, whether we ever really had the death sentence of a disease to begin with at all. This is also how we explain the placebo effect; it all lies with the power of belief.

We must consider the influence on our bodies (mental, spiritual and physical) by what we are told by others as well as what we are communicating through our own thoughts. Emotions have energy; you can literally feel when someone throws an angry tone your way regardless of the actual words they chose to use. This is why we often hear that it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it. And the thoughts we repetitively think are what ultimately shape our beliefs; about ourselves and about the world around us.

This brings us back to the Heart Space and why it’s so important to maintain a daily practice to make conscious choices from this space; especially when it comes to your health. As it only takes a moment to think a thought, it only takes one more to change a thought into something positive and something that better serves your truth and authenticity. So, remember that next time you tell yourself negative stories about your body or self-image; even your intelligence. They are more damaging that you think.

Instead be kind to yourself and always keep in your heart the truth that you are a work in progress doing the best with what you know right now in this moment. When you think from your truth, you give yourself the chance to act from your truth and this will allow you to resonate will love and move forward with power and grace; which will automatically open your heart. This is the key to loving yourself and ultimately loving the world you live in.

“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe.
The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.” ― Swami Prabhavananda, The Upanishads: Breath from the Eternal

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Gregg Braden on Living in the Heart, Beauty, Compassion, Healing, the Master Plan, and more

How to Use Your Heart Wisdom

TamaraRantTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. Connect with Tamara on Facebook by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.


Shanta Gabriel – The Gabriel Messages – Accessing The Wisdom Of The Heart – A Message Of Inspiration And Hope – 7-2-14

shanta-gabriel-teacher-guideAccessing the Wisdom of the Heart

A Message of Inspiration and Hope
Dear Ones,

On the Solstice June 21, 2014, a new awakening occurred as the Stargate of the Heart was opened through the dedication of Lightworkers all over the world. Access to the Wisdom of the Heart was created within the field of consciousness for all who will listen.

The Heavenly realms were opened with the assistance of the Archangels and Beings of Light from the home stars of the committed souls who came together in sacred ceremony to honor the Light on that most auspicious day. Those who participated received the most powerful download of Divine Love ever received to this date. As the codes of the Stargate were activated, a new opening to the starry realms occurred.

For the first time, you were freely offered access to the gifts that seeded your soul before your incarnations into the physical world.

Each person that participated felt the calling in their soul from their home star. The sacred ceremony that accompanied the powerful intentions of millions of beings allowed the precious gifts and the talents latent within your soul to be brought into present time within your heart. The Angelic Dimensions, Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light from the starry realms offered direct connection to the core of Awakened Light.

Your soul gifts were illuminated and activations were provided so you could bring these precious talents and skills home to your heart where you can access them in daily life.
Anchoring Light

Since December 22, 2012, you have been anchoring Light in your physical bodies at an unprecedented rate. Your new awakening energy has impacted the lower 3 chakras especially. The sloughing of the old systems caused what you may have considered to be tremendous pain and upheaval in your lives. The truth is that you have been purified by the force of these tremendous waves of Light frequencies so you could become a vessel to hold the power of Divine Light. This is what you have been asking for. Any associations with past emotional trauma have been lifted. It is only your old habitual patterns that will reclaim this trauma into your present life.

Throughout the remaining months of 2014, you will find yourself having a certain Knowing, your inner resources have been enriched, and your life will begin to feel more purposeful. Invite your Soul gifts to manifest in your life. The doorway is now open. Access to the wisdom of your heart has begun, and this inspires you with ways to use your gifts. You will feel lighter now. Divine Light was blasted into your cellular structure on the Solstice. You are vibrating at a higher frequency. You may even feel a bit airborne for a while until this new frequency is integrated and anchored within your body.

With conscious active awareness you will be able to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your old life, freed and connected to Source energy through the core of your being. Your physical body is now your vehicle for awakening consciousness. Do not mistake the sloughing of old patterns as the old ways coming back to haunt you. They are surfacing to be released. Just let them go without attention. Become more attuned to your heart’s intelligence and be aware that you are blending your most eternally connected Divine Self with your most human self. You can now allow your soul’s gifts to surface and bless the world in new ways.

Here is a helpful prayer:

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the blessings and gifts given to my Soul. May I gain awareness so I can access these gifts and expand my perception of new life. Help me to know clearly in my heart what I came on Earth to offer. May I recognize the value of the gifts I have been given. Thank you for the strength and courage to use these gifts wisely. I ask that my I AM Presence and that of all beings on the planet awaken in our hearts right now as this Divine Light illuminates our consciousness.

Thank you for opening the way for the Earth to be honored and cared for in true cooperation and love. For these and all our blessings I AM truly grateful, And so it is.
The Assistance of Nature

Your heart’s awakening during the Solstice affords new access to the wisdom laying dormant inside. Create a daily spiritual practice of opening the channels to receive your heart’s wisdom. Know that within your heart is the Truth of your journey on Earth at this time.

Your heart holds the connection to your Soul’s Destiny. Each person who is awakening in this time is asking for this pure alignment within their beings. Those who may not be so awakened are very conscious of a longing within them that aches to be fulfilled. Many ways are found to fill this longing — none of them are satisfactory until one comes back into the heart, the only place of true fulfillment.

Creating access to the wisdom of the heart becomes an adventure. As always, Nature is providing tools and inspiration to provide direct connection. Your life becomes a process of opening to the Light like the face of a flower turns to the sun. When the hard knots of the heart are allowed to be the buds of new awakening, the pure light of Heaven encourages them to gently open and receive.

All the trees, in a perfect demonstration for humans learning how to be, share their strength and alignment from Heaven to Earth. They show you how this alignment appears within your body by their strong and straight trunks. Those trees whose trunks have a pronounced curve are demonstrating for you how they follow the Light, a wise choice for all.
When you let your roots permeate deep into the Earth, you can take in the nourishment being offered by the Mother who nurtures all. When you allow yourself to receive from the heart of the Mother, you bring new vitality and well-being into the core of your body. This stirs the dormant seeds at the base of your spine and fresh juices begin to flow. You start to feel a new connection to life which sparks your curiosity and opens your eyes to the beauty all around you. Mother Nature is offering a sparkling, magical dance nowadays that is enticing you to come home to your body in a whole new way.

The trees show you what it means to be strong and stay in alignment with Source energy. They demonstrate the power that all can have with vertical access between Heaven and Earth. As branches of a strong oak tree expand, new leaves open to receive pure Light, which is converted into nourishment. Letting yourself be fed by the light of God feeds you in a way that nothing else can.

When you can sit with your back against a tree, your spine is reminded of this vertical access between Heaven and Earth. Your cerebral spinal fluid starts to flow with greater awareness. You feel like you can stand tall and be strong in a new way. Your heart receives this nourishment and a higher frequency of energy sweeps through your blood stream into every cell and fiber of your being.
At Home at Last

This new nourishment sparks your creativity. There is a new settled feeling inside that allows you to feel more at home in your body. There is a bright sense of well-being awakening in the base of your spine, and many are beginning to feel safe to be in a human form for the first time in this life. The coveted element of safety will not be fed by any situation or person in the outer world. Well-being only comes from the nurturing aspects of the Earth when you allow yourself to receive them deeply into the core of your being. These frequencies prepare you to receive your heart’s wisdom.

Nature is a great awakener and can bring you into present time in a heartbeat. Only in this holy instant of the Now will you have access to the wisdom of your heart. Seek out places in Nature to inspire you in this process of coming home to yourself. For indeed a new process of awakening is underway and since 2012 Nature is playing a key role. The elemental beings and the realms of the Earth are offering you an opportunity to know yourself. When you ask for the light of the Divine to flow through you and consciously anchor it to the Earth, you are turning the key to Wholeness. While you are in this space of healing, spend some time basking in the wonder of life, drink in the beauty, and be grateful that there are trees to learn from and flowers to inspire you.

When your heart opens to these gifts, you are blessed with a resourceful passage into the wisdom of the heart where your soul awaits and truth abounds. The vertical access to your divine nature brings you into wholeness in a way that has never been offered before. The Universal Presence of Nature is offering you a new sense of well-being so you can begin to thrive in life. When you attune yourself to Nature, a magical quality is there that sparks your creativity. Your love expands to include new qualities of consciousness. When you bring light through your being and allow yourself to receive nurturing from Nature, there is a blending of your most Divine Eternal Self and your most human.

Divine Love now permeates every cell of your being in a way that you can feel whole for the first time in this life. Be aware of this precious gift and let yourself receive access to your heart’s wisdom. Here, love will permeate your world and new life will awaken. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
Copyright June 27, 2014

Spiritual Guidance via Wes Annac – Creativity is a Beautiful Thing – 6-19-14

Spiritual Guidance: “Creativity is a Beautiful Thing” Conveyed through Wes Annac, June 19, 2014 – http://cultureofawareness.com/2014/06/19/spiritual-guidance-creativity-is-a-beautiful-thing/

Reclaiming your freedom is the first step to enjoying your lives in ways would’ve never thought possible, and if you aren’t in a lively enough space to do the work you’re on the earth to do, such work will be muddied and distorted.

It’s essential that you enjoy ourselves and put yourselves in as positive of a space as you can muster up while you go about your work for humanity’s ascension, and if you’re drained at the time of working, your creations won’t be nearly as pure or potent as many of you strive for them to be.

You have the ability and opportunity to produce work that’s immensely helpful to humanity’s ascension, and like we’ve said plenty of times in the past, it’s important to believe in yourselves and your abilities if you want to do anything significant or helpful.

Always keep in mind that you’re made of the stuff of dreams, and by this we mean you’re composed of the etheric matter you perceive when you’re in a higher state of consciousness. Even though you’re incarnate on the earth in physical bodies, your perception is rooted in various different realms and levels of experience at once.


You’re currently perceiving the third-dimensional earth, and at the same time, you’re subconsciously perceiving various other realms that you’ve rooted aspects of your consciousness in for the purpose of helping those realms, as well as the earth, evolve.

The multidimensional realms so many of you are incarnate in are influencing the ascension of the earth, and this is in part why you’re in these realms.

Many, many fragments of your overall being are stationed in places that are important to the earth’s ascension, and the physical locations you’re each in are also important to your earth’s ascension and, specifically, to the energy you’re being given, which is helping you reach increasingly pure states of consciousness and awareness.

The energy is being turned up and intensified on Gaia, and in every moment, you’re being given increasingly pure banquets of it that are intended to give you a needed ‘boost’.

Your journey entails feeling energetic at times and depleted at others, and when you can’t seem to find the greater energy you seek, feel free to take a break and find the revitalization you seek by meditating, going out to nature, or doing whatever else fills you back up with energy and inspiration.

We don’t recommend taking a break for too long, however, because you each have a lot of important work to do and it’s easy to stop yourselves from doing this work. It’s very easy to let yourselves rest too often and forget about the greater purpose you’re on the earth to fulfill, but you’ll hold yourselves and the planet around you back if you do.

Resting is certainly important, but many of you can discern by this point how much rest you require and when it’ll be more helpful for you to jump back into your creative pursuits instead of continuing to rest. Your new world can’t be built if everyone constantly takes breaks, but some recalibration will be required at times if you want your work to remain pure.

We never recommend a striving seeker burn themselves out in the name of producing pure and potent work, but you can strive for your work to be as pure as possible if you feel led to do so. We know the conscious public wants their work to be helpful, and we note that many seekers tend to take it personally if the creative flows they seek don’t seem to be there.

Like we mentioned in a previous communication, creative blocks only exist to help the seeker who experiences them refine and understand their abilities in a greater way, and they’re nothing to be frustrated about.

They certainly don’t need to lower your self-esteem, but if you let them, you’ll set yourselves and your work for humanity’s ascension back and it could be more difficult to get back to the pure, inspired place so many of you want so badly to be in.

Creativity is a beautiful thing, and bringing through the expressions of the soul-self will fill the seekers who do it with a level of wholeness and invigoration that hasn’t been touched by most people on your planet. If you keep at your creative pursuits while allowing yourselves to rest when the energy doesn’t seem there, you’ll continue refining and expanding your abilities and your resulting work will be purer than it’s ever been.

Liberation Can be Found in Purpose

Believing in yourselves will always be important for those of you who want to help others, and if your own self-esteem is low, you can’t expect to uplift or awaken others with the material you produce.

Understand that you’re divine souls – infinitely capable, growing beings of Source energy who are intended to pursue the creative routes that resonate the most with you. Doing so will fill you with the sense of purpose so many of you feel as if you lack, and liberation can be found in purpose.

Realizing that you each have a destiny – a reason for being on your planet at this crucial juncture in it and it’s people’s evolution, will motivate those of you who’ve been stagnant to start picking up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms and using them to help the conscious public.

Maintaining a higher-dimensional connection will give all of your creative works the added boost they and you require.

The purity that seems so common in the work of so many seekers is a result of their successful efforts to connect and reconnect with the higher realms, and when such a connection seems unattainable, you can remember that unattainability, like anything else that preaches finiteness, is an illusion.

You have the ability to do or obtain anything you desire, and this includes the greater connections you can each make. Your abilities are as limitless as your growing perception, and understanding this is key to transcending the frustration that can arise when one faces a creative block.

The entirety of the Company of Heaven continues to watch you experience the lows and highs of the earth, and we forever encourage each of you to find the balance you seek.

Balance, along with wholeness, will help you feel much better and more assured about yourselves and your existence, and when balance seems difficult to attain, we recommend stepping back from the situation that requires it, breathing a little, and doing whatever you can to find your calm center.

Balance is more important than we could hope to express, through this or any other scribe, and remaining balanced will help you navigate the highs and lows of the earth in a much easier way.

Overall, keeping in mind that balance will help you is one of the keys to remaining in your center in the face of the usual pains and stresses, and you’re encouraged to constantly keep in mind that even though duality is your world’s nature, you don’t have to be a part to fit.

You don’t have to lend your energy to the duality that’s so common on your earth, and instead, you can transcend it and become the examples of divinely inspired change for the rest of your planet to notice and benefit from.

The rest of your world will eventually open up to the existence of spirit and the importance of balance, and when they do, they’ll mirror and emanate those of you who are becoming the example. We aren’t saying the rest of society will conform to what the conscious public does, but your example will inspire them to become examples and start living the divinely inspired lives they’ll want to live.

Living for spirit will fill you with an unprecedented sense of love and wholeness, and the greater connections you seek can be found when you’re in as open and receptive of a state as possible. Keep yourselves open to the influence of spirit, dearest awakening seekers, because it’ll provide every bit of joyful elation and wholeness you seek.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to continue ‘living the dream’ and filling yourselves with spiritual inspiration and energy as much and as often as possible. The more you do while you’re on the earth, the easier it’ll be for others to awaken and start the greatest of their work, and you’re each an important asset to the earthly and universal ascensions.

We’ve mentioned before that your earth’s ascension is the first step to the ascension of the universe, and the work you do now will be and already is inspiring other souls on other planets (and on your planet, of course) to start their work and, eventually, ascend themselves.

Ascension will be universal this time around, and when you’re finished on the earth, you’ll move on to help various other planets and civilizations find the higher state of consciousness they seek. Eventually, we’ll all be back in Source’s realms, and when we are, we can look back on our lower-dimensional experience with love and appreciation for the highs and the lows.

We’ll find that it was all a part of the game of growing and learning, and eventually, we’ll do it all over again. This is why we mention so often that your (and our) journey’s never complete, and in a sense, we’ll always be learning and growing to new heights – even when we start the entire journey over again.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.

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Pearls of Purity by Sunita Bapooji – Union between Heart and Mind

Peace Tree Society·89 videos

In this episode Master Sunita explores “Manasu” usually thought of as Mind, but in truth it is the Union between Heart and Mind. Thinking and Feeling together becomes Manasu.

She clarifies that we all know of Physical heart on left side of body, but Ancient wisdom says that we have one more heart, the Spiritual heart on the right side. Yogic wisdom also mentions that there is an energy center called “Anahatha” energy
center which is right in the middle between physical and spiritual hearts. These three together makes what we call “Heart”.

Mind is everywhere, because each cell has Mind. So wherever cell is there, Mind is there. But master says that mind needs to be purified through friendship, compassion, kindness, goodness, and understanding everyone no matter what.

And ultimately the union of Mind and Heart leads to Healing of the Self and humanity.
She also explores in this episode various divine renditions of Saint Thyagaraja on “Manasu” and also ancient scriptures that have mentioned about Manasu and its various implications on day to day life.

“Mananaath traayathe ithi mantraha”.
Power of chanting Mantras is revealed only when there is union of Heart and mind.
It does not matter intellectually how many ever scriptures we read/learn, unless this union exists.

“Manah prasamanopayah yoga itya bhidhiyat”
For peace in Manasu, we need Yoga or Union.

Lisa Atkinson – Spiritual Development – Power Up Your Sacred Psychic Heart Space Center

Lisa Atkinson·63 videos

http://www.Lisa-Atkinson.com Are you now aligned with your heart and soul? How do you transmute negativity? How do you know you’re on soul purpose?

One of the most helpful things I know for whole, enriching restoring healing as well as psychic or intuitive empowerment is to get back to the heart center.

Don’t doubt it. If you’re reading this, you have one.

Energy follows thoughts. Energy follows focus. Because of this law of physics, we can make powerful shifts in our own ability and healing by deliberately deciding where to put our attention.

Centering in the heart is something most of us forget to do because we are working and thinking in a left-brain logical reasoning mind culture.

It’s essential to do this regularly because it’s a powerful spiritual self healing exercise. It is also a great tool to transmute emotions that no longer serve us. It’s a powerful way to get out of victim consciousness. If you want to move from victim to victor, watch this and do the exercise here to get heart centered. Love your lungs. Love your breath. Love the flow and you will know.

This video will support your own sacred heart center and the divine understanding that restores us through that amazing center of love.

Blessings and JOY ~ Lisa http://www.SpiritLisa.com

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If you have questions, ask me. I read all of the replies and will respond.

And if you want to learn more and get free training, find out how to develop your psychic ability at http://www.PsychicU.com

Archangel Michael – Detecting Change – 5-14-14

rainbowabundance·2,287 videos

Lee Harris – May 2014 Energy Forecast – Extraordinary Heart within your Higher Mind – 4-30-14

LeeHarrisEnergy·68 videos

Lee’s May 2014 Energy Forecast

Full transcription found at http://leeharrisenergy.com/blog

More from Lee please visit http://leeharrisenergy.com

For more information about The Portal


Transcription from Jean Haines Blog



Monthly energy forecasts and articles from channeler and energy worker Lee Harris.

May 2014 Energy Forecast – The Extraordinary Heart within your Higher mind

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

Hello and welcome to the May 2014 Energy Forecast.

We are, as usual, outside on the hill. And one of the reasons I wanted to record these forecasts in nature is so that not only do we have the peace energy that gets exuded to support the forecast, but also so that those of you who don’t have opportunities to go into open nature very often get to experience some of that energy while you are watching the video.

I don’t need to say that things are intense because you hear me say that every month. And it is true that at the moment there are incredibly intense energies at work on Earth.

But there is a split experience within that. One side of the split is that the human way of processing those energies is showing up as very intense, chaotic and sometimes problematic, because people are being pushed to purge and release and feel and go into the depths of themselves like never before.

So whether it’s irritation that you’re feeling because somebody is doing something that’s annoying you, or whether it’s just you in your own energy experience feeling irritable feelings or difficult feelings. Feelings of deep anger or grief or sorrow in intense ways. This is the human experience of how these times universally are catalyzing us to purge and burn through it all.

The other side of the split experience though, is there is now an incredible height of being available to us.

So for example, when out in nature like this (Lee gestures to the open space around him), the beauty of it for our human systems is there is no human energy around here. You are out in an open space, or perhaps you’re in a park where there are just a small amount of people, but in more open spaces we can begin to expand in response to the expansive energy of nature.

So if I had six people standing here next to me, saying certain things and thinking certain things, it would feel very different to me than if they were removed from the space.

And as a sensitive person, you tend to notice human density. You tend to notice the lower areas in a person as well as the higher areas.

So if these people were processing things and feeling heavy, my attention would go there. But if you remove those people and you’re out here in the middle of nowhere, you just feel space and your own expansion.

Now, if you’re stressed out in life, if you’re running a lot of energy right now, what you’ll find when you go to that park or when you first go out into nature is you might first feel a little crazy when you get out there. Your feelings are going to come up; your thoughts are going to come up. Because suddenly all of the space around you allows you to see the tightness and the holding inside you that you are releasing. And a ‘pre-expansion purge’ begins.

But as you start to develop a practice with this, as you regularly go into nature, you will start to notice that your body will understand that it gets these regular moments of spaciousness so that it can release whatever it needs to. Thus when you return to your office or your busy house or your busy life, you will have less stress running through you because your body will understand this regular pattern comes for you where you get to release.

So that’s the experience of nature.

And some of you watching/reading might be in a tricky situation where you live in a very busy city with little open space. But you can experience the same thing by just going to your room and meditating or creating a sacred space for yourself. And remember, a sacred space can be anything. It can be you meditating on peace and sitting there quietly, it can be you dancing around your room to some heavy metal music, if that’s what moves your energy and makes you feel good. It is different for each of us in any given moment.

But these moments of solitude and these moments of coming back to who you are inside this body are vital for wellbeing. Taking a moment to ask ‘how am I feeling?’ And ‘where am I inside this body?’

Because with everything going on in the world right now, you will be infused constantly with everyone else’s ideas, feelings, energies and reactions to what is going on. And as I’ve explained many times in the videos, these energies affect us.

You can’t have somebody near you, feeling something, and not (at least to a very small percentage) feel or interact with that energy and then walk away taking some of that in.

But if we have these regular moments of space and solitude in our lives as a daily practice, we are able to release these energies.

And then, when you are cleared, you get to experience the height of what we are experiencing right now.

We are now experiencing on Earth an extraordinary energy of ‘higher mind’. Higher mind is a mind that has as much heart energy within it, as it does brain, thoughts and thinking.

Now of course, we also have the third eye located here (Lee points to his third eye) which is our sensory and intuitive thinking.

This is the part of you that knows in advance that somebody’s about to phone you. You’ll have a thought about your mum, and suddenly she’s there on the phone. You sensed her connecting with you in advance, and this is why.

The third eye is the part of you that might see visionary opportunities for yourself, or get images about what you could create. And then you the human being may go through some areas of doubt, or disbelief around whether that vision is possible so that you can move toward it.

But the higher mind is a unification of all of these chakras, so the heart is very involved. This is because the higher mind brings you into universal intelligence and universal intelligence is very, very heart based.

So this month in May, higher mind is an opportunity, but it also means that the ‘energy of mind’ will show up a lot. Many people are going to be arguing opinions, differences – yes, this has been going on for a while – but you’ll see it quite potently this month.

And your choice when confronted with these issues, is to decide what resonates and what doesn’t, based on what feels GOOD rather than heavy or difficult.

So in May, ask yourself;

What and who do I want to engage with?
How do I want to play in life?
How do I want my life to go in terms of my human relationships and dynamics?

Because you’re allowed to choose.

But you see the way we’re trained as human beings and the way we’ve been programmed, we don’t think we are allowed to choose.

We tend to believe we can’t say X to a person in case it upsets them, or we can’t say Y to a person in case it offends them. Or, I couldn’t go and do Z by myself because I might feel lonely.

This is our programming revealed to us.

So observe yourself making choices, and look at all your “mights”.

Look at the questions you have around your behaviour that you can examine, rather than use your beliefs about behaviour as stop signs.

If a person is going to get upset because you need to say something to them, is their upset truly your responsibility, or is it something they already arrived at you with? Something they are carrying from before they met you?

Now, I’m not saying go and whack everybody in the face aggressively with your opinion. (Laughter)

But what I am trying to highlight here is that, at this point in time there are huge crossroads going on in personal relationships. And they don’t have to be dramatic changes that mean that you break friends with someone, or you leave a relationship.

But this tends to be how we’ve been trained to act. We tend to have an idea that external action will make us feel good inside. When actually, this is the age of heart-led communication – which will lead to outer changes in less explosive ways.

So we’re all being invited now to speak more from our higher mind with our full hearts.

So, yes, maybe you are going to upset your friend slightly because you are going to say X,Y or Z to them. But remember, the only reason you probably know you’re going to upset them is your third eye senses about this person tell you so. And your knowledge of how their patterns run tell you that they don’t like being told that they did something that upset you.

But that’s their issue. That’s something they’re carrying. They need to learn to let go of that. Because all of us can learn to be ok with feedback from each other about how we’re doing.

So ask yourself where you are making yourself a slave to the emotions you fear you will catalyze in others. Emotions in them that aren’t your responsibility to help them stay trapped in.

I know for many of you listening, you will have learnt over the years to shut your mouth very tight so that you no longer offend anybody or make anybody blow up. And I understand too that would have been something you did for self-preservation, both for you and them.

Because in the past, maybe there was a volatility that you experienced in yourself when you were delivering it; or more importantly, people were less emotionally available than they are now. So they would push back hard against you if you said something that they didn’t like.

But this really is the age of communication – higher mind and heart based communication. And so many of you are feeling a little bored and a little frustrated with what’s going on around you. The way to change that is to change the dialogue that comes out of your mouth.

And you can play with this and experiment. If you don’t normally say things a certain way, try it and see how it goes. You could be dead tomorrow, which is something I’m always reminding us. (Smiling) So why not on your ‘pretend’ last day on Earth, change the map a little bit?

This is important because there is a victim mentality that can play out in the psyche right now around ideas such as ‘all of this stuff is being done to me’ and ‘there are all of these things outside me I should be scared of’.

You can change direction, and you can change what you experience in your life.

So, May is a great opportunity to regularly take that space, clear your energy field.

And then from that space, your higher mind and your heart intelligence is going to invite you to do things a little differently. And that is good for everybody, because we as human beings get stuck in patterns.

So those of you that are afraid to be the leader or the catalyst of others, because of past experience, recognize you’re older, wiser and more heart centered and compassionate now than you were then. Plus, the other people on the receiving end are more capable than ever of hearing it and this is a very different time than several years ago.


So for those of you that are bored and frustrated, look at where you’re not speaking your truth. Look at where you’re not using your words to redirect things.

So, that’s all for this month; I hope you have a great month everybody.

I have just in the last few weeks release a couple of recordings that we’ve been having some great feedback for and I’m very proud of them. They are designed to give you an opportunity to have space or rebirth yourself.

The first one is ‘7 Days of Peace’  – seven 10-minute meditations that you can use each day to help you invoke peace in your life.

And the second is ‘Adventures in Sound’ which is the sound healing work that I’ve been developing recently. So that’s ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Rise to Life’ – sound pieces designed to give you a rebirth and help you rise to life.

Both of those recordings are available in my store at leeharrisenergy.com or currently the ‘Adventures in Sound’ recording is free to members of The Portal.

So if you’d like to listen to trailers, you can listen to ‘7 Days of Peace’ here and ‘Adventures in Sound’ here. (In the video, Lee points to a location you can click on your screen to access the trailers. For this transcribed version please click on the links in the text above.)

And I will see you again in June.

Big love everybody.
Take care.

Steve Silva – The Hidden Truth of Mind Science, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe

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The Hidden Truth of Mind Science, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe (Full Documentary) .

2013 2014
This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown here are about important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education.
The Topics of these video documentaries cover just about everything including ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, plants, animals, wildlife, environmental issues, global warming, natural disasters, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, modern physics, World wars, battles, military and combat technology, current events, education, biographies, television, archaeology, Illuminati, Area 51, crime, mafia, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, news and current events, corruption, martial arts, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, monsters, mobsters, time travel

Wes Annec – Out of the Mind and Into the Heart – 4-10-14


Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm


I’ve written plenty of articles about the heart space and the immense benefits of opening up to it, and when I realized that a wealth of interesting channeled material has already addressed this subject, I knew that a report was inevitable.

Like I’ve said before, I’m very fascinated with the coordinated nature of these messages, because they’re channeled independently and from different sources. Our guides are directly encouraging and assisting us via various different scribes, and one of the things we’ve been taught is that living in the heart space is very important.

As opposed to the confining mind, the open heart space will help us lovingly transmute our worries and concerns as we reclaim happiness and freedom. We won’t have to seek happiness or anything else when we live fully in the heart, because it’ll endlessly flow to us.

We have to practice living in the heart before we can feel its greatest effects, because an intensely strong and flowing experience of universal, unconditional love could easily overwhelm us.


In our first quote, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us about the importance of operating from the heart space.

“A vital component of Self-mastery is learning to function through the intellect of the Sacred Heart. As you strengthen the connection between your Sacred Mind and your Sacred Heart, you will begin to access the wisdom of the Soul, your Higher Self and the multidimensional facets of your Self.” (1)

It’s important to live in the higher mind if we want to connect with the heart space, because the lower mind traps us in negativity and depletion. When we unite the higher mind with the heart space, we unlock our greater perceptual and creative gifts and flow with inspired works that inform and uplift others.

A lot of seekers are already living in the heart and accessing the soul-level guidance that flows through it, and this guidance enables them to gain fresh perspectives on the things that play out in their lives.

Archangel Michael then tells us that our guides and higher selves communicate with us through the heart space.

“Your Soul, your Higher Self, your guides, guardians and angelic helpers communicate with you through your Soul Self and your Sacred Heart. The whispers of Spirit in the unawakened become a mighty voice of loving wisdom and comfort as you awaken to the strength and majesty of your own divinity.” (2)

The more we grow, the more the influence of spirit grows within us as we act on the inspiration its guidance provides. What starts as a whisper becomes a mighty roar of encouragement to keep developing our abilities, and as we continue to expand, we enable ourselves to receive spirit’s guidance in purer doses.

It feels great to know that we walk with constant guides, whose energy and guidance we can receive when we open our hearts.

Mary Magdalene, speaking through Ute Posegga-Rudel, tells us that our journey back to the heart space is inevitable.

“Dear Ones, if you haven’t done it yet, it is now inevitable that you journey back into your heart to remain there as the essence and center of your being. It is only the fullness of Divine Emotion that has the power to embrace the world and change it from the core, to inspire the confused to return to Oneness.

“This Heart-Power cannot be ‘created’, it must be allowed to emerge from the Depth of your Divine Being that always has been there. It is your participation in this Divine Force that requires the surrender of your separate self.” (3)

We can’t change the world if we’re rooted in a negative or dull mindset, and it’s best to engage our problems from the love and fullness of the open heart. We have to be able to greet the challenges we face with readiness and willingness to handle them, and when we do, we’ll be able to find sensible solutions to them.

If we were collectively rooted in the heart space, none of our current problems would exist. Our problems have been caused primarily by greed and neglect, and these qualities run against the light-filled agenda of the heart-centered individual and would be reversed by an awake and aware humanity.

If everyone was centered in the heart, neglect would be replaced with compassion and destruction would give way to active restoration.

Mary Magdalene then tells us that the heart space isn’t limited to the structures that exist in the mind.

“It does not know techniques, because it is greater than all of them, it does not even know ‘structure’, it is beyond and prior to the human hologram. It just Is. It embraces all beings and things because it Is the Oneness of All. (4)

The heart space adds it’s beautiful, subjective creation to the objective template the mind provides it, which it’s far greater than. When we’re ready to move on from the mental holograms we’ve created, we’ll discover the expanded, indefinable existence the heart space provides, which both transcends and supersedes the lower creation around us.

We’re then told that we’ll have to live in the heart to really understand what it’s like.

“Dear Ones, this cannot be merely a thought. It must be experienced, it must be lived. It must become Reality, your very own Reality, your firm anchor to be of service in the times to come.

“What is merely brain-based cannot hold against the storm. But what is heart-based is standing firmly and is also grounded in your Mother Earth, One with Her. Gaia’s spiritually expanded state of consciousness and your unity with Her is protecting and enveloping those who understand the Oneness with their planet as the source of their life.” (5)

The seekers who are beginning to understand their oneness with every facet of consciousness around them are orienting their lives to love and service, and the limited mental structures that keep our reality in place can’t last much longer.

With the extent to which the lower vibrations are being transmuted, I think it’s important for us to seek and remain in a constant heart-centered space. The lower vibrations can’t and won’t last, and any seeker who’s still unsure about the heart space might want to consider jumping ship and experiencing its bliss before the lower-dimensional ground under their feet dissolves.

Lady Nada through Fran Zepeda tells us that when we move beyond the ego, it still functions by helping us recognize what doesn’t resonate with the heart space.

“Your ego still has a function. It can assess what no longer works in your life and agree to integrate with you, so that your Higher Self is the guiding force always. The degree and percentage of that happening now is increasing for many of you and so you often ‘look to the stars’ and feel comfortable ‘in the void’, so to speak.” (1)

Instead of completely diminishing, the ego (and the mind in general) acts as a helper in distinguishing what we can’t carry into a higher vibration. We’re able to move beyond the things we can easily distinguish as lower-vibrational, and the ego, which once held us back immensely, actually helps us.

It helps us by discerning what will and won’t work for us, and we only need to open up to our heart-centered guidance to benefit from it.

Lady Nada also tells us that living in the heart will get easier as time goes on.

“That ‘void’ contains a plethora of possibilities, however.

“It is enabling you to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and allows you to embark with a clean slate into the unknown wonders of your new life. Confusing as it may seem sometimes, allowing only your heart to guide you, without grabbing on to old markers of yesteryear, will soon completely take over your life.” (2)

It makes perfect sense that living in the heart is easier with practice. Separating from the lower mind will enable us to easily tell what won’t work for us any longer, and we’ll be able to abandon those things and greet a love-filled experience that becomes easier to attain with effort.

Eventually, the pain and stress of the lower dimensions will be but a fading memory, because we’ll have permanently tapped into the heart.

In a Q&A, the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon gives us a nifty exercise to release the junk that’s accumulated in our minds.

“Caller 250: Hello, thank you for helping us understand change. I have a question [about] the heart, the seat of the soul. I want to live from my heart but I’m not sure how to do it. How do I get in touch with my heart.

“Divine Mother: Place your hands upon your heart. And feel as if the energy is draining out of your head into your heart.

“All of a sudden it is almost a feeling, if you are not used to it, that you are feeling faint or lighthearted. All of the energy out of your head, all the random thoughts, all the dizziness is just draining down like an elevator going to the basement into your heart. Into the depths of your heart. Farewell.” (3)

Practicing this exercise can apparently help us funnel our unwanted and unneeded thoughts and stresses into our hearts, and I noticed an interesting feeling when I did it myself. It was almost as if a weight was pouring down from my head.

There are probably a lot of ways we can move beyond the mind, and finding what works for us will make the process much easier and more enjoyable. I’m sure we’ll continue to be offered exercises from higher-dimensional souls who have a better vantage point on our journey into the heart, and these exercises will be intended to assist us with this important part of our process.

The Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson offer us a different mind-clearing exercise and encourage us to seek the natural stream of creative energy we receive in the heart.

“When you realise that the mind is drawing you into a state of suffering, imbalance or a lower vibration then there is a need to simply drop all attachments of the mind, in other words, let go of all that you are thinking of and allow your mind to rest in peace. Simply say, ‘I now let go of all that my mind and thought process is currently attached to.’

“Then breathe deeply and exhale imagining each thought like an object in your mind that is now flowing away in all directions emptying your mind. It is then important to;

“Realise the natural flow of Creator expression from your heart chakra and entire being.” (4)

This quote helped me realize that completely clearing the mind of all thoughts and attachments is exactly what I try to do when living and writing from the heart space. I’ve said before that everything I write is produced from the heart space, and I’m learning that letting the mind filter the impressions coming through distorts them and makes the process harder.

Whether I’m writing or meditating, it helps to completely clear the mind in the manner encouraged in this message and feel the undistorted flow that results. The Universal Mother’s recommendation certainly resonates with me, but this one resonates even more.

In our final quote, the Celestial White Beings tell us about the empowerment achieving a heart-centered flow provides.

“With this realisation you empower yourself instantly as if realising that your heart and soul can provide to you the most appropriate guidance. Already you are drawing your focus away from your mind, into your heart and may ask any question to bring clarity but allow your question to come from a space of peace free from attachment.” (5)

I can attest to the reality of this.

When I channel, I tend to seek advice about a certain subject, which is intended to be as undistorted as possible. Whether we write, channel, or seek guidance in a different way, moving beyond mind-centered limitation by completely clearing the mind of all thought and attachment will help us receive the fullest guidance the heart space provides.

The heart space isn’t something that can be mentally felt, and to receive its benefits, we have to be willing to completely move beyond the mind and into the flowing spiritual perception it offers.

My appreciation for all of the helpful and coordinated channeled material we’re being given continues to grow, and I have a feeling that channeling’s a much bigger thing than most people realize. We’re being advised to empower ourselves by living in the heart space, and we’ll help the rest of the planet evolve when we move away from the ego.

It’s interesting to think that our actions effect the entire planet, and it makes our permanent retreat into the heart space much more important and worthwhile. The heart space provides the wholeness many disparaged people have been looking for, and I’m confident that awareness of it will continue to grow – thanks in part to our channeled sources.

Wes Annac – Rich in love and exuberance. What more could we ask for?




Alex Putney – Great Mother – Human Resonance

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By Alex Putney for http://www.Human-Resonance.org

Experience the ancient psychoacoustic architecture and sacred artwork of Africa, with golden mandalas of the Akan, exquisite bronzes of the Ife, wood carvings of the Chokwe, piezoelectric stone temples of Lalibela and those of Mumbahuru, the Great Mother.

Visit http://www.Human-Resonance.org and http://www.ResonanceOfLife.org

TEDxSantaCruz – Howard Martin – Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart – 2011

TEDx Talks·39,960 videos

Howard Martin is one of the original leaders who helped Doc Childre found HeartMath. In 1999 he co-authored The HeartMath Solution published by HarperSanFrancisco and he has been with HeartMath’s world-wide training and consulting team since its inception in 1991. In 2000 he authored The HeartMath Method, an audio learning program published by Nightingale Conant. He is also the producer of two award-winning musical recordings including Doc Childre’s Heart Zones which spent 50 consecutive weeks on Billboard Magazine’s music charts.

Matt Kahn, Ascension Guide – The Love Revolution – Love Your Own Heart – TrueDivineNature.com

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who, along with meditation guide and yoga teacher and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence to remove all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

Whether you directly receive this healing transmission of presence in one-on-one sessions, at their meditation gatherings, or at an upcoming retreat, Matt and Julie joyfully serve the evolution of your soul’s wisdom with grace, love, and compassion.

These offerings act as an invitation to directly experience the joy of easing the mind and opening the doorway of your heart – where you shall discover an endless depth of effortless freedom, and realize in yourself a love that has no end.


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HeartMath – Intuitive Intelligence

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The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence. A path to Personal, Social and
Global Coherence.

Archangel Michael – Ascension may take place only in Your Heart – Channeler Marc Gamma – 3-28-14

AA Michael 12



Posted on 29 March, 2014 by ContraMary

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Greetings to you – this is Archangel Michael speaking – and here I return to you with another new message. And I shall take up again all threads whichwere left off last time.


Of course it is still the same subject : it is all about ascencion.And as I mentioned before and so did St.Germain as well: all ascension starts in your heart – in your inner self!And I will continue at that mark – taking your hand and leading you all through this subject again as it is the most important subject of all – in order to make you aware finally where it is – “The Very Key” ! Which key ? “The Very Key “to your very personal ascension!


You will sense by the tone of my voice and its energy that this is regarded an urgent matter – and this I stress in the utmost way – urgently – it is necessary that you finally comprehend this vital fact ! It is with special emphasis that I remind you again here that it is entirely upon your very own responsibility to effect your ascension!
Nobody else – no Archangel, no Ascended Master, no extraterrestrial race – whosoever – will be held accountible for your ascension. It is solely you and nobody else which have to effect this ascension.
It will take place in your Inner Self in the core of your heart representing solely your soul. Since there is it where the key – your very personal and own key has been placed.
Many of you have queried what it is about this very key – “What is the matter with such a key, I do not understand what it is meant by it ? Michael is telling us some funny story using funny words!”

No, not at least these are neither funny stories nor funny wording too!”

All my messages were lectures and hints meant for you so that you may comprehend finally that it is your soul solely being the key for ascension. “Heart” expressed here as a term is being used only as a sort of deputy in place of your soul – being the true residence of it.


To give you some little sort of help in such context just imagine yourself – having arrived at some portal. Shall we name this portal “Portal of Ascension” – your very personal Portal of Ascension?
Close your eyes and visualize how you are standing on the threshold of some door! There is no keyhole to be seen into which you may put some sort of key, no doorknob to be turned or pushed! How such a door might be opened at all? How do I manage to open up this very door when being on its threshold.


Yes, it is so simple since your soul is the very key to it. Once your soul is prepared and mature enough to open up this door – i.e. your consciousness has grown so much – this door will open up by itself. It is like the charm and magic password of ” Open up Sesame” in some old Arabic Story.
“This door or portal will start resonating with your heart – meaning – will your soul, your heart level itself up to the frequency of the door’s innate vibes at this moment the door will open up by itself!
Do you understand me now – did you finally grasp about what we talked so many times before?

If, however, your heart respectively your soul still vibrates at some lower frequency … by which is meant that your consciousness still vibrates at some lower level of frequency – this door will remain locked and closed henceforth.And will stay in such condition – closed and locked – until you will be prepared – i.e. your soul may be prepared to produce some adequate resonance with this very door which in such case will become the door of ascension widening itself to some huge portal – “Your Very Own and Personal Portal of Ascension”.

(Personal note of tranlator here affixed : This is described in Kafka’s story of the doorkeeper – excerpt from “Before the Law” … Click Link Short Story by Franz Kafka: “The Doorkeeper” to be read together with the Message – click on link http://wp.me/p2wHrN-2Jt)

And you will be able to pass through “Your Very Own and Personal Portal of Ascension”! Do you finally and really understand now what we mentioned and explained to you so many times until now?

Now, if you now “got the Hang of it” here – you will know what to do with it or ?

I am quite aware of that there are still some people at some loss to understand what I mean.
You wonder I – AAMichael – am talking in riddles – and you do not know what is the meaning of my talks here? “What is my soul meant to do in order to open up this door? How do I get my soul, my heart into some real resonance to effect this door to open up?”
Now, this again I want to tell you too although we have talked repeatedly about it before with you. Not only through this my channel here – no, through many of them dispersed all over the entire Earth having received alike messages from the light.We approached you with this topic of your ascension from all angles – attempted to submit to you in various ways what it is all about to prepare oneself in heart and soul so that you may obtain the right level of resonance with your “Very Personal Portal of Ascencion” since this will be the key to your very personal ascension.

And repeatedly as well, we explained to you what it is all about. And you having read all messages one after the other – yes, you did consume all such messages, thought about it and processed your thoughts in some ways too – many of those messages – integrated them too – still many of such messages – in their actual essence – were simply not understood at all.


“Now, how do we succeed to raise our heart into this kind of resonance?” Here also I should like to explain this to you.

“All that you do – do it out of love – live love – be good to yourself – be good to your fellow humans, to animals – to nature!”


Do conduct your life with all your consciousness, consciously enjoy everything that is fun for you – all interactions with other people should be done consciously – and with all that surrounds you too.

Many people live life like a “fast speed train” – rushing through all the world – meeting other people – working themselves through their given issues and all this they do all the way unconsciously. They will return to their homes in the evening – exhausted, burnt out and beaten by their days’ energies. And if I question you what did you do today, whom did you meet, what did you have for lunch and last not least “did you experience something nice and uplifting today? Yes, what does come into your mind now as some adequate response to it ?


If you could tell me now quite consciously what you had for lunch, what you really have done and whom you met today and what kind of loving talks you have had … yes, in such case you have lived this day very consciously! Yes, that was a day, truly lived by you in the very sense of it – consciously! And I repeat again here: ” you did live it up to its true essence!” With all that is you – Your Very “I Am” had truly taken part in your life !
You did embrace your day all the way – accepted it as such since you have gone through it very consciously – YOU DID GO THROUGH THIS DAY WITH ALL YOUR HEART – thus living it up to its essential essence


Those rushing through their lives – they do not live consciously. They speed on from some mark to another one on their way and thereby missing while on their speedy route from one mile-stone to the next one that there is beauty on the wayside to marvel at or finding out about people wanting to be met and to be greeted. Do you know what I mean?
To do and deal with all life matters in some sort of conscious sense will have such effects that your soul will be transformed by it in consciousness . Your vibrations will rise i.e. you will ascend around the frequency-axis of some spiral – effecting also that very vibration of body and soul to some alteration too. Yes indeed, then it is done – you will reach a certain level or mark – some point of resonance in your heart, in your soul —which then turns out to be unlocking this Portal to open up finally for you. This is when your soulmay effect the opening for you to pass through – this is the very point of passing over the threshold and through your Portal of Ascension and not one single moment earlier.
I repeat it once again here: Ascension starts in your heart – commences in your soul and together WITH your soul.
We shall not cover any more this topic again and never discuss it any longer. All the people which really succeed to take these very facts to their heart – understanding this message and being able to turn it over in their ways – they will be able to achieve ascsension.
Others may be able to do so in alike ways in future. And it is quite alright too. Please, keep in your mind and heart: “It is alright – anything is alright!” There are those achieving it right away – yet there are still others needing some more time. Blessed are all your ways – including all those people too which are not able to achieve ascension in their present incarnation. They are being loved and guided equally by us without any differentiation. However, their destiny has been planned in some other way.


On reflecting my entire message once again – I do hope – you will be able to sort out how much again I have emphasized here the most essential topics! I do not want to appear impatient in any way – as basically we are patient when submitting all our mesages to you. However it is my fervent hope that now you get aware that it is getting increasingly more and more urgent that you make up your mind to make your decisive steps now!
As time is running out on you as you still live in and under pressure of time . You will have time up to a certain point or markstone and then it will run out on you… meaning this very Portal finally will be closed for good and you will have had it done – no more chance for you !
Still keep in mind: it would be some most silly doing to panick now and moreover to be afraid would turn out equally bad. As this would draw you and your soul down to some lower level of your vibes’ frequencies meaning all your foregone labour to effect raising your vibes, level up their frequencies, would be destroyed – stalled so that you might have to make another fresh start from scratch.
No, not by any means – fear is not a good ally in such issue at all!
ALWAYS STAY IN YOUR HEART, stay in your inner core of yourself – in the eye of the storm – when all the chaos will rise up around you and you will be safe in every way.


Concluding this message of today. I am Archangel Michael, one of the many Archangels and all those Ascended Masters having accompanied you in all previous years. We submitted to you manifold pieces of information and sage knowledge – all embedded in many messages – always attempting to demonstrate to you what is meant by achieving some entirely personal way of ascension.


Time to talk and discuss will run out soon! This now is vital for you to comprehend at last! Take to your hearts that now is the time of action! Also you must become aware consciously that your destiny has been laid into your own hands! If you have perceived here everything – and integrate it deep in your hearts too – here are my congrats to you in which case you render me a very happy Archangel – including all of us as well and everyone else having submitted to you our messages many a year!


I DO LOVE YOU DEARLY from all my heart – I am Archangel Michael.
Translated by Contramary=Evamaria (English Version)

Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Illuminations Now http://wp.me/p2wHrN-2Jv





Mysteries of the Heart – HeartMath Foundation

HeartMathInstitute·27 videos

The Institute of HeartMath (http://www.heartmath.org) shares fascinating understandings of the human heart as explored in more than 20 years of its research. The ‘Did you know’ facts are lesser-known gems of information to enlighten curiosity on how your own thoughts and emotions are affecting yourself and others.

HeartMath Research Director Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., says, “It’s important to take a pause and really consider what our emotions are contributing to our environment and to other people. Our research and its applications can help people create a positive emotion-based environment that has real effects on physiology.”

McCraty said that the true nature of human emotion is one of care and love. He said HeartMath and other research shows that by focusing on these core heart-felt emotions, it can enhance one’s connection with others, and that this connection extends far beyond the individual.

Learn more at http://on.fb.me/explore-IHM where you can also download a free ebook.

HILARION – via Marlene Swetlishoff – 2-24-14

February 23-March 2, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The winds of change are upon you. While life goes on as before, the changes that occur within you are vast. These changes are taking place within each soul who lives upon the planet. Each soul has agreed to experience these changes. The first noticeable change will be a greater ability to feel emotion and express it. Most people on the planet have suppressed their emotions in order to harden their hearts so that they could function in the ever increasing density and these filters are now falling away because there is much greater light than ever before. As each person is enabled to truly feel and speak from their hearts, all that needs to be expressed will begin to come forth from within their being. At some point in this process, the feelings expressed will be the feelings of love, followed by the feelings of joy and other positive emotions which will move people in directions hitherto unknown on your world.

The people of the Earth are gathering together in greater numbers than before so that they can give voice to those areas in their respective worlds that can be improved upon. Individuals are willing to sacrifice their lives for the changes they are demanding. It is a tumultuous time in the affairs of all old paradigm systems which no longer serve the needs of the people. As people continue to awaken, the illusions are dispelled and those who have kept the populace under subjugation are being revealed. There is no place for these ones to hide as the revelations of their backroom agendas comes to light, for each must now come face to face with their own choices and deeds, and make peace with their soul. While this will produce some chaos, ultimately it is for the highest good of all.

Upon the planet there are many who are ready to step up and begin to implement sweeping changes in all facets of governance and all its many diverse functions. That which was implemented to harvest the energy of the people in a dishonest manner will be replaced with a system that is more equitable for all upon the Earth. The monetary system will eventually cease to exist in its present form. There is greater sovereignty ahead for each person and each one will realize their inherent responsibility to contribute their input in a worthy and honorable way so that their contributions are in alignment with the greatest good of all upon the planet and not just for a select and nebulous few. The harvesting of humanity in a secret manner will cease forever and humanity as a whole will take up the torch of alignment in greater extent to the Creator of all so that they will be in harmony with the universal laws of conduct.

Some very surprising changes begin to come to light. These changes create a chain reaction effect into all areas of the world and will facilitate the beginnings of a better way of living for all humanity. Those at the forefront of this movement will be in position to accomplish great good. The people begin to experience greater prosperity and abundance in their everyday lives and this will have a far reaching impact upon how humanity can live in peace, harmony and prosperity. When every member of the human family has all that is needed for their well being, safety and protection, they can move forward into areas that were not available to them before, the areas of the spirit and the exploration of their own soul, their gifts, skills and talents that lie like hidden gems within them. These will come forth to bless those around them in a loving way.

We stress the importance of remaining centered and aligned with one’s higher aspects. The desire to become unified with their divine essence burns brightly within those who have been making the effort to align with the light of the Creator within them. These ones will become successful in their intentions to manifest their Holy Christ Self in and through them. These ones are the vanguard of the new human race, fully realized divine humans, working with unity consciousness. Within all upon the planet, the second coming of the Christ consciousness is dawning.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. 



Thank you for including the above website links when posting this message.


February 16-23, 2014

Beloved Ones,

As the lunar energies bring in added clarity and the greater ability to give love and be love in all its many wondrous facets, remember that you are the ones who have ability to receive and transmit the light that falls down upon the Earth. Even in the midst of challenges, you can transmute the situation by using the energy and vibration of love, for love is the greatest and most powerful force in existence. Each time that you do this, another avenue for the light is established on the Earth. Kindness given in any instance is always met with an equivalent benevolent response. To those who are attuned to the higher frequencies, this immutable law of love is easily identified, observable and in constant operation.

It is becoming easier to continue the process of refinement within one’s own character. As each person looks within themselves to those areas that need transmutation in the way they are expressed and recognizes the patterns that now need to be changed in order for their higher aspects to be more fully integrated and aligns themselves to this purpose, the way forward opens and greater revelations of their blind spots are revealed. This helps in the process of elimination of all that has hindered one’s progress to become a fully realized divine human walking here on Earth. All ways of being that have been assimilated throughout one’s lifetime and held in the subconscious mind can now be exposed to the light of truth, recognized as an area that needs change and consciously make the adjustments necessary.

As each person takes full responsibility for their lives as they have been lived here on Earth and recognizes their inherent power to change what is no longer working for them, life becomes more simplified. A person knows themselves more fully and honors those unique qualities, their own likes and dislikes rather than those whom society has instilled within them and they can move unfettered into being who they really are as soul. They can honor their own truths and live according to their own precepts and this liberates each one to express those higher qualities that have always been a part of them without being held back because they fear someone in their acquaintance may not approve. Life then is lived in greater ease and grace and the element of joy and harmony within manifests with more frequency.

Being true to one’s self opens the doorway to greater and greater possibilities that may have lain hidden before. Each person has a treasure box that lies within them waiting for these moments to be discovered and brought out into conscious awareness, acknowledgment and expansion. Each day becomes an adventure as the hidden and wonderful aspects of one’s being come to the surface to be fully looked at and assimilated. As each person honors these aspects of their own being, they become free to express these qualities in all their interactions with others and this in turn has a liberating effect upon those around them. By observation those around them give themselves permission to be all that they can be and start implementing their own choices and changes so that they too, can be true to themselves.

As each person loves themselves more fully and with daily consciousness, gives themselves what they truly need, a greater degree of harmony and happiness, ease and grace flows through them into all areas of their lives. Life becomes more joyous in all of its aspects and each person blossoms into the greater possibilities of themselves. As the wounds from the past are healed and each person has regained wholeness within, the Earth is also liberated to move further into her own wholeness. When the human collective expresses love in action on a daily basis, there is no limit to the heights of achievement that can take place within society’s structures.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. 



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Questions for Jim Self – What Do You Mean By The Heart – 2-14-14

MasteringAlchemy·126 videos

Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

Link to the full Conversations With … Jim Self and Howard Martin episode

Howard Martin’s websites

Jim & Roxane’s Book – What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? Why Now is the Time to Release Who You Are Not and Remember Who You Are
– Also through Amazon
– Barnes and Nobles

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Entering The Heart – 2-14-14




The vibration of the heart comes around the snowy peaks we are asked once again to look at our heart and see its true value.  There are so many flavors of love, for love is a many splendored thing.  Once love has touched you, you are forever changed.  Love is movement and seeks to fly on the wind like a seed of hope seeking fertile land.

Love is constantly evolving shifting changing, never staying the same for more than a fortnight, but leaving an eternal impression that will influence a lifetime. The saying ‘that love beckons and begets love’ is true. For only when there is love in your heart can you reach out and embrace other flavors of love. Some flavors of love are only there once never to be tasted again.

The heart is a sacred symbol for the vibration of love. In religious texts the heart had mystical significance. The heart is genuinely believed to have divine attributes. Many philosophers and scientists, including Aristotle considered the heart the seat of thought, reason and emotion often rejecting the instructs of the brain.

Valentine’s Day stems from the Roman festival “Lupercalia”, it was a very sensuous affair. Young women would place their names in a box and young men would draw the name out. The man did not ask for a date, plan a dinner etc, just drew a name, and off to love. This Valentines day make sure you ‘have a heart and give a heart’ with every breath you take. Your HEART and the healing of Earth are one in the same, opposite ends of the same word and rainbow.


Ask Teal – How To Live From The Heart – Live Within Intuition

TheSpiritualCatalyst·138 videos

Language Subtitles/Captions Available – use the CC option at the bottom of the video screen.

Ask Teal Website – http://www.askteal.com
In this episode, Teal explains that living from the heart means to emanate your true essence. It means to become the embodiment of love, equanimity and freedom.

The heart is the first organ to appear when we come into physical form. It is the first organ which develops in a human fetus. It is often called “the seat of the soul” because the human heart is the first interface between our non physical soul and our physical body. Its electromagnetic field is unparalleled.

If we are able to get in touch with our hearts, we will be able to get in touch with our higher selves (the eternal, benevolent essence that we truly are) which is the true goal of spirituality.

Spiritual life is not about knowing much, it is about loving much. It is about getting in touch with our truest self. It is about opening out heart so wide, that “enemy” is not a concept which exists in our reality. And more than that, it is about opening the heart and living from the heart to such a degree that eventually there is also no such concept in our life as “other”.

Méline Lafont – Global Meditation – Focus on Heart Space – Gaia at Glastonbury

Méline Lafont·20 videos

Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned in my post here: http://lafontmeline.wordpress.com/201… , I am organizing a Global meditation to focus on the Heart space of Gaia in Glastonbury, the land of Avalon, the Tor.

Join our Focus and meditation for the Heart Space of Gaia in Glastonbury Tor each Sunday for 4 weeks long at January 19, January 26, February 2 and February 9 2014 at 9 PM CET Time (or GMT +1 Brussels), 8 PM GMT time, 12 PM PST time and 3 PM EST time.

Where? in your own heart space ♥ Feel free to be at the Glastonbury Tor at that time as well, when you live nearby 🙂

Facebook event, please join in at:https://www.facebook.com/events/57485…

This video that I have created, will assist you in the vizualization through this guided meditation. First I give an introduction and explain how the idea was given to me, this for about 5 minutes. After that, the meditation will begin. I invite all of you to join in this focus and vibration of Love at the given times and dates. Do not worry if you cannot make yourself free at that time, you are welcome to join in later on any time and space that suits you best to perform this meditation on that day. The more we unite at the same time, the more our intention and focus will be amplified.

This meditation also consists of Light Language given by me and Saint Germain, that assist us all in this formation of a grid and unification. I hope to feel you all at these times and dates, we connect in the inner heart ♥ I will update afterwoods, every time what is been given to me during it and after the meditation and let you all know. Please feel free to share yours as well as comment on my page or by e-mail.

Truly appreciate you all and thank you so much for assisting and being there. Feel free to spread around as far and as much as you can. We are grateful ♥

the music is by Thaddeus and can be purchased at http://www.orindaben.com/catalog/music_singles/

Méline Lafont

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Following The Heart – 1-24-14

Following The Heart
Dear One, the wisdom of the ages is within you.  Your physical body is a biomechanism of information flow.  Your subconscious mind regulates your information flow for your survival.  Your conscious mind regulates your information flow for your choice.  Your heart regulates information flow for your Soul Progression.  You are wise indeed.  You have imbued within you the connection of information that is Spirit in form, which is Life.  This connection is the same language that the stars, the planets, the animals, the flora, Time, magnetics and Light speak.  Your rocks speak to those with ears to hear.  Your Earth speaks.  Your clouds are an array of information that coagulate based on the information flow of Life on Earth.  They move in concert with the wind.  They densify and disperse based on the magnetic push and pull of information flow.  It seems esoteric because it doesn’t have definitive science behind it.  But doesn’t your heart tell you there is consciousness within it All?  If a water crystal can form in response to a sound or thought vibration, does it not follow that the water in clouds respond as such?  It is your heart that speaks to them.  Your heart speaks the language of Life connected.
Your heart is an engine of intent.  It is an instrument of connection (Love) with the grand pulse of Life.  It is the apparatus through which the subtle information of the soul speaks to you and then the brain interprets.  This beautiful connection is Spirit, Life, consciousness – Love flowing to you, through you and from you. Life responds.  Your elixir of Love emanating from you is your unique signature.  All Life is imbued with Love.  As you observe the melee around you, it is information received within you.  It mixes with you and your vibration then contains its formless structure.  What do you do with that meal of information you have just ingested?  What is your intent?  Dear Lightworker, whatever you observe is Spirit in another form, and it responds to your electromagnetic Mastery of Love.  Love is a varied spectrum of information and form.
Your heart, beautiful One, has the wisdom of Life, the unconditional Love of Source, the strength of grace pulsing through it.  As you observe Life and mix your wisdom, Love and strength with it, the clouds begin to form.  Whatever they release; the quenching rains, the cleansing storms, the blanketing snow or the joy of white fluffy shapes driving through the sky – it is the perfect culmination of response and there is a depth of progress within it.  That is the natural flow of Life.  Movement, progress, change.  As you allow your Love to mix with the information of Life, your progress becomes the harmony of Life moving.  Your Loving information changes the tide of the electromagnetic in-form-ation.  Following Your Heart is as easy as loving Life and as difficult as finding the whisper of Love in the cacophony around you.  It is worth the stillness to find Love’s moving flow.  Your wisdom abounds within.
As we sit to Blast Following The Heart, we are emanating the pulse of Love into Life at all times.  We are allowing our Divine nature to nurture Life into greater joy, creativity and growth.  We are remembering the winds of change we’ve witnessed as we understand the harmony of Life.  We are the change, reigning Love’s grace into the song of our heart, following the clues of Love’s birth.  Blast on!


Heart Math Institute – Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence – Guided By Emotions, Not Controlled By Them

HeartMathInstitute·27 videos

The Spiritual Heart — is in a way a little like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through an unseen energy that the heart emits that humans are profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of the heart literally links us to each other. Every person’s heart contributes to a ‘collective field environment.’ This short video explains the importance of this connection and how we each add to this collective energy field. The energetic field of the heart even connects us with the earth itself.

The Institute of HeartMath (http://www.heartmath.org) is helping provide a more comprehensive picture of this connection between all living things through a special science-based project called the Global Coherence Initiative (http:///www.glcoherence.org.) They hope to help explain the mysteries of this connection between people and the earth…and even the sun.

Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) have already conducted extensive research on the power of heart, the heart/brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition.

Whether personal relationships, social connections, or even the global community – we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. Increasing individual awareness of what we bring to this field environment could be the key to creating a sustainable future, a future that we can be proud to have helped create. Learn more about this research, http://www.heartmath.org/heart-intell…, scroll to bottom of the page.

The Arcturians via Méline Lafont – Living in the Heart Center

gattoaladino·6,083 videos

Teal Scott – Connecting With and Healing Your Heart

TheSpiritualCatalyst·135 videos

Ask Teal Website – http://www.askteal.com

The heart is the first organ to form when the body is developing in utero. When an embryo is made up of only a very few cells, each cell can get the nutrients it needs directly from its surroundings. But as the cells divide and multiply to form a growing body, it soon becomes impossible for nutrients to reach all the cells efficiently without help. The cells also produce waste that they need to get rid of. So the heart and the blood and circulatory system that branches off from the heart, form the first organ system to develop in the human body. The heart is the connection between all future systems, which comprise the body. This is why it is so often seen as the center of your being. You can use the heart as a doorway between physical and non-physical reality. It is the main doorway between your soul and your physical body.
In this episode, TEAL shares a process that serves to connect us with our hearts and reminds us that we are in a relationship with our hearts. Our heart is your best friend and it is our life partner. If we want to thrive, we have to treat the relationship with our heart like we would treat the relationship with our significant other.

Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission http://www.sacreddream.com

Wes Annac – Heart-Centered Expression – 12-20-13



Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, December 18, 2013

In everything you do, remember that love is with you and that you can access and feel it, even when it seems as if your burning flame has all but gone out. Remember that the pain and stress of this experience, however strong they seem, don’t have to make you forget about love or your infinite ability to feel it.

Accessing the love of the sacred heart space can breed unending inspiration to work away for the betterment of the planet, and knowing that you’re contributing to the planetary evolution in a big way will help you feel better about being here.

I can say from experience that it’s easy to let pain convince you that limitation and lower-dimensionality are reality, when in fact, they’re illusion.

I speak from personal experience with much of what I say, because like all of you, I’m in the middle of a potent process of personal transformation, the results of which will see me (and all of us) far more aware and enlightened than ever before.

Remembering and feeling love in the intensified ways we can now feel it is rewarding to say the least. When doing so, you can discover your ability to be a force of balance that others can benefit from, and when coupled with the discovery of the role we’ll each play in awakening the world, that love and balance will see you soar beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m starting to realize that self-discipline is an important aspect of the cultivation of love and balance. There are things we can do in the way of exercise and treating our temples a certain way, but the most important discipline is keeping balanced and centered in the face of stress, frustration or difficulty.

It’s perhaps the most difficult discipline to cultivate, but being able to will reward us immensely. I think that there’s a lot of truth to the belief that remembering and cultivating love helps us adhere to every important self-discipline in an easier way, but discipline can also help us re-access love in all of its awesomeness.

I notice that a relatively short exercise helps me get into a clear frame of mind, and staying active keeps the energy flowing and helps your vibration quicken. As I write this, I’m refreshing my mind and body with constant thought and expression.

I think that staying active breeds a continual flow of love in all of us, and it’s for this reason that I’ll recommend doing just that. If you’re drawn to writing; painting; dancing; channeling; music or anything else, you’re encouraged to throw yourself into it and create away for your personal betterment and that of the people.

Immersing yourself in what you want to do in this new time will breed a strong and clear flow of love that’ll be in constant expression through you, and as more people are beginning to learn, hard work is a good thing if the work is satisfying and fulfilling.

If you love what you’re doing, why not constantly pursue it?

If you feel committed to a certain role or calling, why not dive in head first with enthusiasm? In this time, trepidation is being replaced with excitement and willingness to embrace our creative side and express ourselves continually, and personally, I see no reason to lay down the pen or guitar except to eat, sleep and spend time with family.

Beyond the necessity to let ourselves rest now and then, why should we be stagnant any longer when so many great things remain to be done? Brilliant minds and hearts are ready to be activated and utilized in the greatest sense, so what are we waiting for?

A lot of people are more than ready to see changes to our society, but what about the immense fulfillment we’ll gain when achieving personal transformation? Perhaps our society will follow suit.

So much remains to be done in the way of personal and social change, and a brimming and opened heart space, which can be achieved with a degree of discipline and/or remaining active in self-expression, will see us enthusiastically make these changes.

Imagine working harder than you ever have before and coming away from it with the greatest sense of satisfaction and joy. Imagine working away in a fulfilled and driven manner and not wanting to stop progressing and evolving, well, ever.

Can you imagine such a time, when everyone is driven to be a part of real and lasting change? Can you imagine an infinite collective drive to welcome a new paradigm in joy and motivation? This is the future we’re entering, and it starts with us accessing the love of the heart and working away with the inspiration of the openhearted conscious seeker.

Wes Annac – Driven to help uplift as many fellow starlights as possible.


God via Heart Song Meditation – I Have Always Loved You – 12-18-13


Aquarius Paradigm

God: I Have Always Loved You, December 17, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

It’s easy to get afraid when you hear people talking about “ego death.” While that’s not the best way to phrase it, there is some value in understanding that concept. It is good for you to let go of self-centeredness; and yet, even those words don’t really capture the meaning here very well.

The thing is you want to be happy and the greatest joy you will ever know comes from Me. To have a close relationship with Me is to live in a state of continual joy. To see the world as I see it is to see all around you with eyes of love. To open your heart to My Spirit is to open your heart to Infinite Love and Light.

So, you could say that coming to Me is the most selfish thing of all; because there is nothing that can compare to the joy you will find in being One with Me, or rather in recognizing Our Oneness.

And yet, coming to Me is leaving a lot of attachment behind. It is letting go of old ways of looking at things. It is recognizing that your earthly desires do not lead you to the fulfillment that you really want. It is recognizing that earthly things and worldly pleasures are fleeting and kind of ephemeral and you don’t want your happiness to be based on that which is ephemeral. You want your happiness to be based on that which is Eternal. You want your happiness to come from that which is always true.

My Love for you is a constant. My Love for you never wavers.

And, in truth, your love for Me never wavers either. Deep down you love Me as much as I love you. Deep down you recognize Our Oneness. Deep down you recognize that what you ache for is not really something that you can get from the world. You recognize that what you ache for is greater awareness of Me. You recognize that what you ache for is the love that you have forgotten.

And now, We go forward together. You come to Me. You ask Me in. You invite Me into your heart and as you turn to Me you begin to see that I have always been there. I have always dwelled in your heart. I have always been with you. I have always been a part of you. And, most importantly, I have always loved you.

You see My Love, you feel it, you begin to recognize it and your love, which was dormant, begins to re-awaken. Your love for Me awakens. Your love for life re-awakens. Your love for yourself re-awakens.

You see now that you no longer need to be ashamed of being “selfish.” Everyone wants to be happy. Love yourself enough that you allow yourself the happiness of a close relationship with Me. As your relationship with Me gets stronger love will overflow within you. You will find that you are less selfish because you are fulfilled. I AM your fulfillment. I AM your hearts’ delight. And once your heart is satisfied you find that your greatest satisfaction comes in giving, in loving, in caring and in sharing.

One way of looking at things is to say that selflessness becomes selfishness and so you serve others to bring joy to them and to you. Service is natural to you because love is natural to you. Service without love is a burden. Service demanded and compelled has bound you; but as your heart opens up you will serve gladly, because you truly want to. You will serve others and the world, not out of guilt or shame, but because of the joy that you feel.

Coming to Me is the same as opening your heart. Coming to Me is the same as choosing love and abandoning mindless self-indulgence. Coming to Me is learning to look on the world with eyes of love, kindness and compassion.

Coming to Me is finding yourself. The so-called death of the ego reveals you. Letting the old, selfish personality dissolve reveals My Divine Child.

Discuss this channeled message on the new Heart Song Meditation forums: http://heartsongmeditation.freeforums.org/channeled-on-12-17-t100.html

Your thoughts and feelings matter! Please share.

Aquarius Paradigm

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