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Mary Magdalene: “Love and Accept your Divine Self Beyond Everything” ~

Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 4, 2017 June 5, 2017

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ERA OF LIGHT – Mary Magdalene – Return To Balance – 5-13-17

Mary Magdalene

Greetings my beloveds. Yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into the energy frequency today, I come with a bit of somberness, but I also come with a great deal of excitement and joy. I will explain to you, Dearest Ones, that this planet is undergoing a major transition, and each of you are going through a rebirthing. It may be difficult for you to understand that the cycles that are happening on this planet are affecting you both individually and collectively. Meaning these cycles and the evolutionary cycles that Mother Earth transitions in her evolutionary ascension also are affecting you, and you may not be aware of how deeply this affects you.

Some of you may be feeling a bit frazzled or restless or depressed or uncomfortable with the frequency of your life and how it is occurring at this time within your life. This is a part of the evolutionary transition that is happening upon this planet as Mother Earth is making her shift from one dimensional frequency to another. And she is returning back to balance. This has been a bit, as they say, topsy-turvy, as if she is like a top that is spinning and in many ways, not out of control, but trying to find rebalance again. You may understand and be aware of all of the Earth changes and the erratic weather patterns. And also this has been affected by the collective thoughtforms of the individuals upon the planet. There is more fear that is taking place at this time, because of the uncertainty of the safety of the planet and many of the world leaders who seem to be out of control. The collective consciousness of humanity is simply being affected by the collective thoughtforms, and so, Dear Ones, you are also being affected by the collective thoughtforms of those around you and of the earth.

So today, we wish to infuse within you and bring each of you the energy and the essence of my daughter Sarah, as if you are now being brought forth a strand of balance within your own personal lives. Bringing harmony and balance into your physicality, into your mental mind, and into all aspects of your being. As you may understand, our daughter Sarah represents the energy of the Holy Grail, she is the symbolic representation of the Missing Grail, simply meaning that she holds the key to balance and peace and union that mankind has been searching for since they have fallen from Grace, since the separation of Oneness. And so, Dear Ones, it is of great importance that you understand that upon this day, my Sarah, myself, and Yeshua are here to infuse this powerful frequency of Divine Union, balance, and Holy Grace into your being. So we ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence of Union, Divine Union, Holy Union, breathing this energy into your heart, breathing this energy into your soul, breathing this energy into the essence and into the remembrance of who you truly are. Breathing in the energy of the living light of God, breathing in the energy of my daughter Sarah, breathing in the energy of that which she holds as the template for balance and peace. And so at this time, we ask that you imagine, if you can, in your mind’s eye, my daughter standing before you, and as she places her hand upon your third eye, she balances not only your pineal gland but your pituitary gland, your thymus, your hypothalamus, and with the imprint of her frequency, she’s infusing this powerful symbol of the lemniscus, the balance, of the union of the Oneness, that is instilled inside of your being.

Remember, Dear One, when each of you chose to come to this planet as powerful spirits, you held your remembrance of Oneness, and then over time the veils, the separation, have caused you to feel fear and separation from your truth. And so, today, my beautiful Sarah is gifting you with this remembrance, activating the essence of the Holy Union once again inside of you. Do not discount the power of this, do not discount the power that is held within your own remembrance. It is difficult for each of you to hold your frequency in this state of balance, in this chaotic world, and with all these distractions and stimulus, and stimulation, what is happening not only in your personal lives, but collectively in the world. And so we offer this gift to you to protect you, to assist you, and so that you may have a compass or a guide that is now stronger to help you and to guide you along your way. And so, Dear Sarah places her hand gently on your forehead, opening up your third eye, your all-seeing eye, so that your visions and your clairvoyant ability become more activated and more potent. As Grand spoke last week, it is important to connect to your guides, master teachers and Angels. It is of great importance that you have all the tools that you need so that you can move along this pathway with grace and ease, without difficulty, without strife, without stress. So that you may live in joy and be at peace. It is of grave importance that you hold the faith and hold the commitment to yourself. Know that you are not separated, that you are not alone, you have not been forsaken, and you do have your compass, your connection to the Great Creator. It has never been severed, Dear Ones, it has simply dimmed, muted. Today, my Sarah is activating this energy and offering you this beautiful cup, the Holy Grail. Drink from it, drink from the cup of union.

It is what our book speaks of, returning to union with yourself, finding the connection of peace inside of yourself, and knowing that the contentment of living from your true spirit essence is your birthright and is your Divine Right as you live upon this Earth plane, just as your beautiful Lemurians do, just as the underground people do in the center of the Earth, living in balance and harmony, this is your birthright. And yet, you see the surface population has suffered with the disillusion that this cannot be. And so, we reinforce to you the importance that you are connected, shall remain forever connected to your true Divinity. It is a gift we offer to you today, we ask that you hold it within your heart, breathing it in, and connecting once again. Just as the channels were open last week to connect to your Higher Self, your Master Guides, your Angels, we are now reinforcing this as Dear Sarah connects to you, and return to Oneness. With each passing day, each of you will be gifted with greater peace. I will repeat, with each passing day, each of you will be gifted with peace. It is of grave importance that you hold this within your consciousness. I am peace. I am love. I am whole. I am balanced. I am peace, I am love, I am whole, I am balanced. I am peace, I am love, I am whole, I am balanced.

As you strengthen this inside of yourself, the connections that have been made will continue to strengthen, and the worry and the fear and the disconnect from your own knowingness will begin to dissipate. The fear will begin to dissipate. And you shall trust within yourself. And the inner gnosis, the inner knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. You see, Dearest Ones, your life is guided by your Higher Self, this is your commitment to yourself, to your soul, to your pathway. This is the commitment to peace. This is the commitment you have made so many eons and eons ago. I will return to peace, I will return to balance, I will return to union. As a spirit, when you made the choice to come to the Earth plane and forget your connection, you knew that you would remember. You were not afraid. And so, this is what we are saying today, you’ve already made this commitment to yourself, I will remember union. Today, this is being gifted to you by our beloved Sarah. I remember union. It is important to remain present and joyful in the moment. Live in the moment. Feel the excitement of joy running through your body. Feel the anticipation that you are becoming alive again with the frequency of your spirit. Can you imagine your spirit, the excitement of your spirit running through your body at full capacity, not just living your life, and taking your life for granted, wishing your life away, or simply being afraid to live in the full capacity of your knowingness as the beautiful spirit that you are.

So, we ask you to make this commitment to yourself again, I remember union, I remember my connection, I remember how powerful I am, I remember how connected I am, I remember how loved I am, I remember the joy of living in balance, I remember my own magnificence, I remember my true glory. And just because you may not be recognized for your magnificence, and even if you cannot see your own magnificence or feel it, it does not mean that you are not magnificent, because that is truth. You are all magnificent, powerful, spiritual beings of light who have chosen to come to this Earth plane, to sacrifice your oneness and return to love, giving so much of yourself, and sharing your light to illuminate the world. One person at a time, you have given and given and given and given, and truly, Dearest Children, it is your time to receive, and this is why we come today, it is why Sarah comes today. You are gifted with remembrance of your beauty, of your commitment, of your undying love for this planet and her planet and all of creation.

The Earthly entrapments are many. But we ask you today to rise above them and see if you can feel your spirit rising above your Earthly concerns, your Earthly entrapments, and you are living as a free agent, a free spirit, a powerful soul. If, in this moment, you can tap into your brilliance and your magnificence, for a moment, allow it to ignite the excitement and the joy within you. I remember union. Can you feel the excitement of returning to balance, and what that would feel like, what it would look like, how you would be free? Free from the entrapments of your own mental concerns and worries, knowing that you are provided for, you are taken care of, your life is in divine order. What you choose in conscious choice every moment, we are asking you to choose peace, to choose union. I choose peace, I choose balance, I choose wholeness, I choose oneness. And with each breath that you take, it will infuse this powerful energy into your being. You see, Dearest Ones, this is a conscious choice, to reunite. And, Dearest Children, so many may not understand this, how powerful it is to be free. This is the freedom that you were born with, and Dear Ones, do not entrap yourselves into believing that you are not magnificent and that you have no control over your lives, because you have more control than your realize. Conscious decisions. You may say I consciously choose peace, I consciously choose joy, I consciously choose love, I consciously choose to remember the power of my beautiful spirit. And so today, as Sarah activates your third eye, you will begin to see visions and know your pathway, very clearly, each of you will follow this pathway, consciously, subconsciously, you will be guided. I repeat, consciously or subconsciously you will be guided, you will follow your pathway, and you shall be free.

Each day, as you settle into the remembrance that you are more powerful than you can imagine yourself to be, you will be able to create and co-create and manifest and live your life with ease, effortless, Divine Union, Holy Grace, Divine Union, Holy Grace. It was difficult during my lifetime, as I’ve described in my book, to find the balance and the peace and the union in myself, for our lifetimes were difficult, preparing Yeshua for his crucifixion and resurrection, and with his travels. But I did, with the assistance of my daughter, begin to find that Holy Union inside of myself and find peace. And this is what we offer to you, we know how important it is for each soul to return to balance. Because we struggled, we know your struggles. We feel your pain, for we had the same pain. We know your yearning, for we had our own.

And so today, Dearest Ones, I come to help you, for we love you deeply. Your success, your peace of mind, is our peace of mind. Your ability to manifest, your ability to create and to bring peace in your life affects all of us. What you do affects another. I know you’ve heard this many times before, but it is of deep truth. And so, we are calling on all the light workers to return to peace, so peace shall prevail upon this planet. This is a tall order, but it will be done, one soul at a time, one spirit awakening to their inner light. Let your light shine so others may see, and be the bright light that awakens another. Take the hand of your brother and sister and assist them along their pathway. Show them the way, be not afraid. I will step back momentarily, for Sarah wishes to speak at this time.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Sarah. I come on this most auspicious day to tell you how important it is that this planet and all of humanity return to balance. My mother and father sacrificed in each of their lives to help each of you. Their undying love for humanity continues on. I come as one of their representatives to show you and to bring you the understanding of how deep commitment and self-sacrifice has made a difference on this Earth plane. I come as a representative for my mother and my father, and today, as I anchor my frequency of Divine Union into the Earth, I ask that you stand with me. I am directly aligned with your North Pole, and am aligning balance into your North Pole. The one named Kryon is directly aligned at the South Pole, and there is a powerful alignment with the Earth plane at this time, stabilizing her energy and returning balance to Mother Gaea. The Plieadians and the Arcturians are also here assisting, stabilizing your energy. This is not to frighten you, but without our assistance there could be a major polar shift and your planet would simply tumble over and chaos would ensue.

And so today, Dearest Children, we are holding the balance here at the North and South Poles for the Earth to remain in balance, and we are calling each of you to step up and assist, and remain centered, and calm, and balanced, and in peace. For the next 30-45 days, there is much that is going to be recalibrated. Not only in your personal lives, but collectively upon this Earth plane. And we need you to be what we call our foot soldiers, to hold the balance, for that is where peace is needed. Your strength is needed at this most difficult time upon the Earth plane. Mother Gaea’s ascension from the lower frequencies of the third dimension are being transmuted, and as my Mother said initially, you may have felt the discordant energies affecting you. But today, we are holding the space so that you may remain balanced and at peace, just as Kryon and Mother Gaea, and the Arcturians and Plieadians are holding the balance as she recenters herself. She is recentering and returning to a beautiful equilibrium. The center of gravity has been altered, and as Mother Earth cries out for her children to help her, we’ve heard the call, and we ask you to assist. It may be difficult to comprehend, the Earth Mother’s cries for help, but they are very real, just as your cries for help are very real. And we hear them and we come to help you.

And we’ve come to help her. I do not wish to create any discomfort, I’m just here helping you to understand the importance of my role of bringing balance to this planet and to you, individually and collectively. Kryon has been very busy bringing this frequency and returning the electromagnetic field so that gravity can be restabilized. Do not take your lives for granted, but be in honor and in gratitude for everything that you are being offered on this Earth. From the food, the air, the water, the Earth that you walk upon, it is all magnificent, just as you are. I will take my leave and allow my Mother to finish speaking, but I wish for you to know that we love you deeply, we are always looking after you and watching after you, and it is our undying commitment to help the planet to return to balance and peace. She is struggling, as we see that you are as well, but there is no need, for all is in order, all is as it should be. Look only for the good in life, and the good in life will find you. Seek only peace, and only peace will find you. And return to the remembrance of how magnificent you are, and the magnificence shall find you. Go now, my Dear Ones, I thank you for your time, and I thank you for your attention.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come to finish up our message of the day, how important it is to center your hearts in the remembrance of the totality of all that you are. Today, I ask you to hold your frequency at the highest level that you are able to hold it. Bridge the two worlds, of heaven and Earth into your life. Know that you are heaven, you are Earth. And live in this connection, the magnificence and the brilliance of life here on Earth, your life is to be filled with all the fruits of the spirit, letting your light shine and the joy to unfold. Now, as my daughter has come forth and activated your third eye, and imprinted within you and re-centered you as well, returning you to balance, you will be vibrationally aligned with Mother Earth as she is now also returning to balance. And you are partners and stewards of Mother Earth, and you are co-creators with her, in this journey of bringing peace and balance and love once again to our beloved Terra. Know, my children, the power of that which has been brought forth today, it is of great significance that you return to love, loving self, honoring self, and feeling the magnificence of your being. I am magnificent. And so, Dearest Ones, we are so honored to share these gifts with you today, for hold them dear to your heart, be still, be still, be still, and know, my children, that you are deeply, deeply loved. My Yeshua, my Sarah, and all my children, we honor you, we bless you, and we thank you for your willingness to serve and to be served, and until we speak again, feel the peace, feel the union, feel the balance, feel the love, and let your light shine so others may see. And now, Dearest Children, go in peace.

» Source – Channel: Rev. Lea Chapin

Direct Voice Channeling of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene by Fran Zepeda ~ 1.7.17


Hello Everyone….Below is the direct recording of a voice channeling that came through me tonight. I could feel it wanting to come through so I was guided to get my little digital recorder and channel this beautiful message I was receiving from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

I had just put a load of laundry in, as you may hear in the background, but I was so absorbed by the message coming through me, compelled to get it on the recorder, that I didn’t even remember or realize that the background noise was there until I listened to the recording afterwards … I was so taken over by the message coming through that the background noise was blocked out by the potent moments of receiving the message in the Now … All I could hear and feel was the energy and message vibrating in my body and pounding in my ears and I had completely forgotten in that moment that I had even started the laundry!

That is laughingly how my memory has been lately, and how quickly I can be transported into another space and “time” lately, as I’m sure you may relate to!….So please excuse all that and enjoy the message and the energy coming through.

Below the recording, I have transcribed the message into writing for you, in case you would like to read it also, and I have transcribed it as closely as I could, according to the energy and delivery of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s message, as it and they came through.

I recommend you listen to the message first, though, as its energy is powerful and is encoded with lightcodes, love, energy, healing and light information, and the transcript likewise carries forth that energy as well.

As you know, I usually type up the message as it is being transmitted to me, and then sometimes record it afterwards while the Ascended Master is still present, but this time it was different….

…So I give it to you to listen to and to feel and absorb the beautiful energy and words and lightcodes. It filled me with love, healing, and joy while channeling it, and again while listening to it after it was recorded. May it do the same for you.


With My Love and Blessings,

Fran Zepeda




Mary Magdalene ~ The End of The Third Dimension ~ October 15, 2016 — dreamweaver333


Originally posted on roseramblesdotorg: Received by Mercedes Kirkel In a Group Channeling Occasion Question: In this time of turmoil and negative energy, fighting, killing, and what have you in the world, many times people feel anger or hate even, as a response to what’s going on. When you are affected directly or indirectly, that brings all…

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Crystalai Blog   -Mary Magdelene   –   Completing Our Ascension Plan   –   9-25-16

* shifted into Harmonic Universe two on September 7, 2016. I had already opened the 8th Portal, which was the Huge Central Portal, before the Shift. I have already completed two more portals with my Mary Magdalene Team since then. These twelve Ascension Portals are the KEY TO OUR ASCENSION.

Even though we have shifted into Harmonic Universe Two, the Fourth Density, the area of Consciousness that will allow us to have more of a multi dimensional view of reality than we have had when our mind was stayed on the Five Sense reality of the third dimension.

The reason many have decided to call this the Fourth Density is because there will be many on Earth who will continue to believe that the only Reality is the one they can see, touch, hear and feel and the one that they have scientific evidence of.

Moving into the higher spectrums of the fourth dimension within this NEW OCTAVE of reality can be anything that you want it to be. You can just continue on in your old third dimensional illusions of reality. You can choose to go back and forth between seeing the larger spectrum of light and reality and then returning to the old illusions. Or, you can move completely into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound of the Consciousness of the Angels, where I choose to live all of the time.

The term Ascension explains that Consciousness does not end with the term called Death. Consciousness is a realm of creation that never ends.

Science does not understand the reality from which the human body is formed. Science only understands the reality that it can see from the confines of the three dimensional mind.
Consciousness, creation and intelligence pre-date the manufacture of the body. The body is manufactured through the process of Consciousness being placed into a form. A form is a morphogenetic field or wave of consciousness that is formed into a body or any observable form.

Ascension requires the beginning or realizing that we are Consciousness and what this Consciousness is. The waves of Consciousness that create the Morphogenetic fields of reality actually originate from the Cosmic Sun of creation. The light and sound waves of frequency signatures stream and weave themselves into the Universe and then adapt themselves into various forms depending upon which dimensional template of this form that they appear on.

The body is simply a form of this Consciousness placed into this human body. These same waves of Consciousness that originaly form the light and the Sound of the Sun to be born through the Love which continuously spins in the clock wise motion to create the music of the spheres sending a new symphony of creation through every breath of Mary Magdalene are weaving the entire Cosmic Consciousness of our Original Creation into the Ascension Portals through this POWERFUL SOURCE of Light and Sound that actually Cut through any form of substance that stands before it. This Powerful Source of Light and Sound is the Consciousness of God being connected into the Ascension Portals through a Continuous Eternal At Onement with the Full Cosmic Mother or Cosmic Sun of light and Sound, who is the creator of all forms of Consciousness through this Light and Sound phenomena called the POSITRON in scientific terms.
We have never had a Positron on Earth before except as a scientific experiment creating this phenomena in a science lab. The Positron is a Spectrum of Light that is being emitted by the Sun because it CAN. This is the first time this new Physics that is being created around and through our Earth can be created because it is the first time that the Sun has become Still enough that our Cosmic Scientists can create all of this Universal, Galactic and Cosmic activity to be streaming through the Consciousness of our Sun.

Our Sun has become ONE with all of the other Suns of our Cosmos. The Positron is the reality created by Physics that makes all light and all realms of the light spectrum purely ETHERIC so that they can all penetrate each other and BECOME like one new Light Bulb of Consciousness.

Now, we will begin with a new science of multi dimensionality and begin the process of learning to observe our dimensional realities through a new lense of higher and higher spectrums of light.
We have been living in the hologram of a belief system created by Science itself that limits reality to that which could be seen in the hertzian light spectrum. This spectrum of reality limits the human body to one small spectrum of light and the reality that it presents through the five senses in the body.

We are ascending into the understanding of the Second Harmonic Universe which we shifted into on September 7, 2016.
We are ascending into a new spectrum of light that should at least contain the infra red spectrum of reality just as a result of the shift in physics that is allowing the Positrons to be projected on to Earth from the Sun.

We can ascend into our full spectrum of light and sound which is the Cosmic Sun simply by moving into higher and higher realms of light. We can move our brains into these realms of light. We can move into the part of the brain that connects the observer of reality into the ultra violet blue spectrum of Consciousness.
We have always been able to do these things. However, there are only a few on Earth who took the time out to learn how to do these things. It will become a little more difficult to avoid the possibility of seeing into the realm of the infra red, x ray light and ultra violet blue because we are shifting into an angle of reality that places us inside of the SUN. Well, at least inside of the Consciousness of the Sun.

The concept of Ascension is not just a Spiritual Concept that is only talked about on Sundays during the church service. It is an actual reality in Physics. It is a multi dimensional view of what has been observed as third dimensional.

In order for this Shift in Consciousness to take place this enormous spectrum of reality needed to be returned to Earth. This Consciousness of the Mind of God containing the full light spectrum of all of the particles and anti particles of light needed to be re collected from the Cosmic Realm of Perfect Form. The original Consciousness, the original Consciousness of the Angels, which is the Consciousness of Mother Father God needed to be returned to Earth as Light and Sound itself.
I am Mary Magdalene. I came to Earth from that Cosmic Realm of Perfect Form. I came to Earth to Breath that Glorious Consciousness of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound back into our Mother Gaia.

We are all the creation of this Light and Sound phenomena of Consciousness that spins to Earth through these Ascension Portals to re unite the Full spectrum of light and sound of all of the Music of the Spheres singing together in the most harmonious symphonies that we can create together.

This is the reason that many of you have been listening to my recordings that are made of my breath. My breath carries my consciousness within it. My consciousness of Mary Magdalene is always connected with this Glorious Consciousness of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound. That is the reason why many of you who are waking up can hear a very huge difference between the music that I create and the other music that is being used on Earth for healing purposes at this time.

The music that is called Solfege and is being created as individual hertzian frequencies that people are giving names to are only creation of the same hertzian range of reality that everything else on Planet Earth has been locked in to in order to prevent us from re connecting to our full spectrum of light and sound frequencies.
Some people have attached healing modalities to these specific hertzian forms of reality.

I personally do not agree with any of these conjectures because I know that it is the entire sound spectrum of light and sound within the Cosmic realm itself that must be breathed into the body in order to create ascension into a higher form of consciousness which replicates itself into lower densities of reality.

There were scientists who did see this reality including Bohm and Tesla. They both realized that the use of light and sound would need to be lifted beyond the hertzian into the infinite spectrum of light and sound in order to achieve a broader range of energy flow.

People do get healed by listening to some of these recordings that people are calling hertzian frequencies. But, the reason they get healed is because they BELIEVE that the frequency contains this power of healing. And when they believe that is true, they actually create a connection to the true Cosmic Morphogenetic Reality Field of Consciousness that holds that one tiny speck of light within it.

It is the accidental connection to this full Cosmic Consciousness that creates the healing. It has nothing to do with the actual tone that has been recording. So, most of that healing phenomena that has become a million dollar industry within itself is just the result of more brain washing by the same scientists and doctors that brain washed the people of this planet to believe the medical science that healed them last time around.
Now, back to reality.

Ascension means raising Consciousness into the Understanding that all is created from Consciousness and that Consciousness is a Morphogenetic field of light and sound that flows through the universe in the form of spheres that are created by music so they are called the music of the spheres. And that is the only music that heals. It heals because it fills the body with the original light and sound of the Breath of our Father Mother God.

This is the reality that I came to Earth to return. I am Mary Magdalene. I have always carried that full spectrum of light and sound within me. This is the reason that I am here on Earth now opening the Ascension Portals.

The clock wise spinning that I am using together with my Angelic team is streaming the Songs of Mary Magdalene that are always heard through out the Universe because I am the Queen of one of the 12 universes. This is the reason that I needed to be on Earth at this time. It is the Frequency Signatures of the entire Consciousness of Mary Magdalene who was born Of the Breath of Light. That was my name when God created me . My Mother Father God always had a special purpose for me. I have always been the one who carries the Breath of Light through the Portals during these Ascension Procedures.


Listen to all of my you tubes, audio books, read my e mails and come to the radio show on Tuesday.

Mary Magdalene will speak on Vanda Guzman’s Radio Show on September 27, 3p.m. est, 12 noon pdt.
I am Mary Magdalene. I am on Earth now in the Flesh. I am working with Yeshuwa ben Joseph, Elaika and several other Angels to open the 12 Ascension Portals which will return the Consciousness of the Original ones to Earth.
If you would like to read more about what I will speak about, please go to:
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PAULINE BATTELL – Mary Magdalene – Solar Absorption for the Light Body – Mercedes Kirkel at Into The Heart – 8-22-16

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buddha gold silver


By Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I’ve been studying solar rejuvenation and trying to absorb more sunlight to become more of a body of light. I know the best time to do this is when the sun comes up and when the sun sets. But I’m not always in a place where I can see the sun. Do you feel that I’m still absorbing it even though I am not seeing it? Do I have to see it to really absorb the blessings from the sun?

Mary Magdalene: No. Ultimately it is your light body that is absorbing it. It is not your physical eyes at all. It is your light body, your energy body, your etheric body. This absorption can be done through intention. It can be done without being in the physical presence of the sun, because it is not a physical system that you are working with.

The physical is a support, and especially in the beginning, this can be very helpful. But it is not necessary.

You can also draw this light from other stars. Do not be limited by only your sun.






Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin – Hollow Earth News – 5-16-16

Mary Magdalene

via Lea Chapin, May 16th

Sananda May 17, 2016

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Good morning, Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your frequency I see that you are holding your light upon this most powerful day. I wish to speak about your light codes that are coming into this planet, and the power of this energy that is affecting your human body and your own psyche. I know that we’ve spoken very heavily about these energies, but it is very important to understand that these light codes have those what we call [unclear] forms in the light frequencies, and this pattern is quite unique for there is a mathematical equation that is being brought forward into your own DNA. What is happening is that it is the energy of what we call original creation, of how everything was designed and created within the universe. And these powerful light codes are now being infused within your pineal, your pituitary, and within your own DNA.

And so Dearest Children I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to bring in this essence, for these powerful frequencies are of the beautiful golden and the white light natures, they are of great significance and of great power, for it is of the union that is being brought forward through the energies of the Christ light, merged with the energy of the beautiful energy of Shekhina, as this beautiful energy of Divine Feminine is beautifully merged with the energy within the Christ Consciousness energy. It has been brought forward into the Holy of the Holies, it is there that this energy of the light frequency is of great significance and great power. And so know at this time that the light that you hold, the peace that you hold, the energy that you hold, the essence that you hold is of greatness and of grandness. So I ask you Dearest Children to take a deep inhaling breath, and to breathe in the essence of peace, breathe in the essence and presence of light, yes Dearest Ones, it is known as the elixir of life, the original creation of all that is. And we ask you to breathe and release, and allow these beautiful, powerful light codes of the elixir of life to merge within your essence.

The Holy of the Holies are here, and they stand before you, and they reach into your heart, and they open up your heart chakra if you so allow, and they allow you to merge into the essence of your being. Opening your vessel into the purest frequency, the purest of love, with your energy and your frequency in this essence of Divine Love, and allow the beautiful energy of the Holy of the Holies now to infuse you. For you see the light codes are merging through your being, and as we have told you before, they are creating both great love and joy within the hearts of many, and yet turbulence and chaos in others. These frequencies are indeed of the pure energy of God’s white light, and as they enter into your physicality, allow yourself to feel them with the greatest of ease. Allow this energy to come into your physicality, allow your body to respond. Allow your heart to open to the energy of peace, and allow the frequency of the energies to merge within your essence. And so as the beautiful Holy of the Holies stand before you, they surround you with this beautiful light energy, which if you accept, may you receive the essence and the embrace of their love. Today as you emerge into this frequency and allow yourself to shift once again from your third dimensional bodies into your crystalline light bodies, these new light codes are vibrating within you, like a beautiful rainbow of colors, as your body is vibrating and shifting and awakening, and anointing you with love, bathing you with the beautiful golden light of God’s love within your heart, within your soul, within your very essence you are being bathed with this beautiful beautiful Golden White Light of God. There is peace within your heart, and tranquility is felt upon your soul, so you understand and remember the energy and the essence of who you truly are.

Remember Dearest Ones that you are Gods and Goddesses, and vibrant vibrant light. Remember Dearest Ones that you are vibrant, and you are light. These light codes are infused within you, it is the energy of original creation, these light frequencies are being infused within your physicality, and they are the gifts of life. We call them the gifts of life because just as your bodies, all of your lifetimes have been in service to humanity, to Mother Earth, and to the Great Creator, you have gifted your physical body. And so Dearest Children, at this time, stand in the purity of the love that you are, may you feel the essence and presence of these powerful light codes that are being infused within your system. Allow this energy to merge within your physicality, within your merkabic field, within your ethereal energy bodies. And allow this powerful frequency of the rainbow colors to now merge through your eyes, so you will be able to see clearly and feel the essence of love, so that you will see clearly and feel the essence of love.

I know Dearest Ones it has been difficult for many of you, for you have not felt loved. You have felt cheated from life in many ways. And yet you have given your body in service, and these powerful light codes are bringing forth the power of love into your system, so that you can feel this energy and be revitalized, rejuvenated, and remember who you are, and the beautiful essence of all that you are. So I ask you to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe. Begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, begin to breathe in the essence and presence of love, and breathe in these powerful light codes. These light codes will be magnified for the next 30, 40, and 45 days. Yes, they are flooding the planet at this time, they will be quite magnified within the next 30, to 40, to 45 days. There will be intensity of energy, and as you pray and receive the light codes within your body, your bodies can heal, your bodies can be rejuvenated, your bodies can be restored with the frequency of love.

May the heart of your heart be at peace, may the heart of your heart be love, may the heart of your heart be light. As you enter into this beautiful frequency at this time, we take you into the beautiful sea of creation, not the cave of creation but the sea of creation, it is the energy of vastness, of all that is, the energy of oneness. It is as if you are going into the universe, into the galaxy, and there dearest children, there is peace, there is love, and there is hope. And so Dearest Ones, I ask you to open your heart, to this beautiful beautiful energy of the sea of vastness. You are returning home, you see, it is a beautiful seafoam green, mixed with the golden beautiful white light. As if you are the vastness of the sea, but you are floating, and you are effortless. And your spirit is awakening, and returning back to oneness. This is what these beautiful light codes are doing, they are flooding each individual so that they may return to their oneness, and there as you imagine yourself as this beautiful seafoam green, the vastness of this energy, as if you are in space traveling through time, as it were. Not your physical body, but your spirit and soul are now being bathed in oneness. And there, Dearest Children, you are feeling this freedom out of your body, out of your soul, out of your mind. Into this beautiful frequency of love, and so as you allow your heart to open, and you feel this peace, and may you feel the tranquility, and may you feel the light of God surrounding you.

And there you are in this beautiful frequency, as the energy holds you in this powerful powerful space of unconditional love. Can you feel this energy of unconditional love, and the vastness of the beautiful seafoam green energy? It is the seed of creation. It is where you were created, so allow all of your own essence and all of your essent self to feel this. Remember every soul journey, and every lifetime is being bathed with a sea of love. All of your incarnations, every aspect of your spirit and soul journey has been bathed in unconditional love. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you receive it? Children you have sacrificed yourselves for your mission to serve this planet. And so we gift to you this beautiful beautiful beautiful energy, bathing you in unconditional love. Accept this as our gift unto you, for it is of great importance that you honor yourself and be honored for your service and for your devotion of all of your incarnations of time. For you see Dearest Children you do not know or understand all that you have done in service, in your history of mankind. And this incarnation may seem fruitless but it is not. You are here to hold the light, and regardless of what you are doing, or what you believe you are not doing, you are all holding the beautiful light for this planet to ascend, for humanity to ascend, for all the world to see and to know. Do not allow the darkness of the world to overcome you or overtake you. Do not allow anything or anyone to hold you back from your greatness and your grandness, just as Grand spoke last week of your magnificence, we are infusing these light codes within you today so that you can easily and effortlessly hold your frequency of grandness and magnificence, into your being. For those who are not for your highest good will fall away, people, places, things that are not for your highest good will fall away. And so know at this time that the light that you hold, the essence that you hold, the peace that you hold, the grace that you hold is indeed revered.

We know Dearest Ones that it is difficult to be on the earth plane. Jeshua and I understood this, and yes, the Holy Mother, and Joseph, and all of us understood the difficulty, but we came together to be at peace and to bring love, and to bring the joy, and as we have said we left our imprint to be reawakened at the appointed hour, for the energy of Divine Mother, Divine Shekhina, to be awakened, the energy of Divine Goddess. And now we hold this beautiful essence in this powerful frequency today, and as you allow the energy to merge into your pineal gland, it will awaken your remembrance. And you feel the presence of God within your being. You will remember your oneness within your being, that you are no longer separated, that the world that you live in is an illusion, and holds the energy of duality. But you are never separated from your Creator God, you are never separated from the individual light codes of your original creation. And so today as you feel this energy of the vastness of the light codes flooding you, surrounding you, now accelerate yourself into the next leg of your journey, and when you make the decision to turn back into spirit, into the energy of the vastness of oneness, into your final ascension home when it is time, you will be pleased with how you have served. Today we are serving you, giving on to you, our gift of light. As I have said, these light codes are upon the planet for the next 30 to 40 to 45 days, flooding your planet with new frequencies and energies for humanity and all sentient beings. Where there has been darkness there will now be light and truth will now come forward. And each of you will be able to have the clarity of purpose that you have been seeking, clarity of purpose that you have been seeking.

And may you seek the light inside of yourself, and Dearest Children the beautiful energy of St. Germaine is with us, the violet flame of transmutation is now inside of each of you, transmuting your own darkness and opening your third eye so that you may bring the new light codes within your physicality into your third eye, opening and awakening your third eye even grander for clarity of purpose. And the pulsation and the energy that is being downloaded into your chakras, but particularly into your third eye, will allow you to hold the visions of your pathway, as one of the Holy of the Holies are here holding the frequency for each of you. You are very special and you are very important, and you are holding the frequencies inside of you. And so as you allow yourself to receive this gift of light, know that the heart of your heart is peace. And the heart of your heart is love, and the heart of your heart is joy. And the remembrance of who you truly are now comes flooding back to you.

And yes Dearest Children, as the third eye opens, you will be able to see visions of your future, and understand your past and your present. You see it is a journey, and everything falls into place as it should. If you allow yourself to be in harmony and synchrony with your own oneness, and yet Dearest Children most of you second guess yourself, struggling as if you’re in a bubble of light, trying to get out of this bubble. You are resisting your connection to oneness. And you wonder why you struggle, we ask you to relax and to breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. Relax and breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. Relax and breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. May the light of God surround you the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

So we ask you to visualize yourself as a beautiful spirit no longer struggling with these light codes that are coming in at this time, which have tremendous tremendous power, and they hold the original creation. There has been separation, and this is why the energy of what you may call your Adam and Eve, for it is this separation of unity consciousness, and the division of the Divine Union, which became separated, the story is not the truth, but it is a parable, the parable of the division of the union of Father/Mother God in its separation from truth and oneness.

So today we reconcile this within you, reconcile the division and the separation of Father/Mother God inside of you, you have returned back to Divine Union, and you are returning to your oneness, no longer struggling with the separation of your beautiful spirit and yes, the twin flames come together in Divine Union, and they too are unified in spirit. Unified in spirit, all flames are being unified in spirit, within physical form and in ethereal form, are being unified. This is the power of the light codes that are being brought forth at this time. There is no longer division or separation, there is only truth, love, light, and healing. And so as you feel this essence within your soul, that you have come now to reunification with yourself, the powerful energy of this beautiful energy, these beautiful light codes returning to oneness. I remember union, I remember the divinity inside of myself, I am love, I am peace, I am joy, I am light. And may the love of God surround you, and the power of God protect, and the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

And the Holy of the Holies have healed this energy around you, and it is of great importance and great significance that you honor the light that is being gifted to you today, and to all your essent self. It is a commitment that we and all of life have agreed to. Yes, all sentient beings on this earth plane have agreed to serve, and now, the beautiful energy can begin to serve you. Allow these beautiful light codes to serve you, to heal, to restore the love within your psyche or your soul. We are never far from you, so all you have to do is ask us, to call on these beautiful frequencies, for they are there for you, flooding around you every moment for the next 30-45 days. And you will begin to feel them, and begin to feel the energy, and will be rejuvenated, no longer walking through what we call the quicksand or the sludge of the energy on this planet. It is why we have taken you into the sea of Creation, into the vastness, returning you back into this creative energy of Oneness, where all is possible, and all that is. There is no resistance, there is only love. There is no fear, there is only light, there is no separation, there is only unity. And so today as you feel this embracing around you, and truly truly surrounding you with unconditional love, you are all loved more than you can understand. We want you to feel it, and to acknowledge it, and bring it into your heart chakra, and feel at peace. I am love, and I am loved, I am love, and I am loved.

May the love of God truly surround, and may the power of god truly protect you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is and all is well. What may appear to be separation within your life is an illusion. Step into the vastness of these beautiful light codes, into the sea of creation, and you will never feel alone, you will never feel separated. And so accept our gift unto you on this beautiful beautiful day. May the love touch you hearts, and may the Holy of the Holies anoint you, with the blessings of all that is, and all that shall be. We are here to serve you. But today as you allow yourself to open to this richness, this beautiful vastness, all that is, you are returning home to yourself, can you feel it? Can you sense it? And may it be bestowed upon your soul, and so we will leave this with you upon this beautiful beautiful day, allowing your heart to open to this richness of love. We will take our leave now, and allow you to feel the essence and presence of this energy, and may you return back into consciousness, for this is no longer to be a planet of fear, it is to be a planet of love, and you Dearest Children as you are bathed in the love, will serve the light of God, in your truest essence. Now go my children and be at peace, and know that you are God.

Channelled by : Lea Chapin