Compassionate Heart by Mary Magdalene – via Nicole Glasson

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Mary Magdalene

Beloved bright light beings on the Earth, I am Mary Magdalene;

I am here to support you, to hold you in the energy of ascension, enlightenment and the blissful peace of the Creator at this very moment.

I am here to love you, to be present with you, for we are old friends. I have connected with each of you before either on the Earth or the inner planes.

There is a love between us that is so pure and truthful for we have opened our hearts to each other sharing the blissful grace of our hearts which is the very essence of the Creator. You are all divinely connected with the energy of Master Jesus and have worked alongside both of us at some time because we are all one.

It is appropriate that you may have been taught by both of us, either on the Earth or the inner planes while you or an aspect of your soul group may have been a disciple, one of the 144 disciples that supported our mission on the earth. Master Jesus and I have worked extensively with many souls to aid and support the ascension process that is occurring at this very moment.

Do not wait my dear ones, for ascension, it is already here. We are present with you now to assist you in feeling, sensing and acknowledging your connection with the ascension process that is occurring on the Earth. Now is the time to truly link into the energies that are being anchored onto the Earth but more importantly the energies which are flowing from the Creator into your soul and through your heart chakra. The energies that are pouring from your heart now are truly blissful because they are present to support your own transformation and to support the growth and awakening of all on the earth. You are each bringing forward bliss from your heart to collect on the Earth enthusing the Earth with a higher vibration and perspective than has previously been experienced. Your heart chakra is the gateway through which the divine can enter and embody or be within your being. It is because of this that each person needs to focus upon awakening, healing, expanding and strengthening the heart chakra.

I am aware that many of you have been focusing upon your heart chakras for many years of dedication and devotion to the expression of love, but at this moment it has never been more important because your focus combined with the energies being anchored onto the Earth and through your soul will allow for a profound love activation within your being, awakening love in all its essence and strength within your being. The Era of Love is upon us and it can be manifested through your compassionate heart as a gateway for the divine to enter through, supporting your transition and the ascension of the entire planet. The compassionate heart that I speak of is only a tool, an existence or focus of your heart; it is the wealth of love which exists within your being that is of immense importance. Many masters and myself have spoken about radiating your love but now is the time to devote yourself to this practice for you will see the expansion and divinity within you come the time of climaxing and intense ascension energies anchoring upon the Earth.

Allow yourself to view your compassionate heart as a gateway to the divinity within your being, let the love that is already in abundance within your being swell and radiate expansively, drawing the energies of love of the Creator into your being and through your compassionate heart with greater intensity.

At this time when many people may be experiencing challenges or are being guided to release all that is no longer needed from their realities, minds, emotions and entire being it is the compassionate heart that will offer you a space of centring, balance and strength because there is a need to share your compassionate heart and every flowing love with yourself.

Mother Mary is here also, she wishes to work with you, cradling you, loving you, healing you, at this very moment, for her energy, her motherly compassionate energy, is here for you. You may or may not feel as if you are experiencing Mother Mary’s energy or her presence, but trust with certainty that she is with you. Mother Mary wishes to place her hands onto your back to support you throughout each and every day as we ride together the wave of ascension.
Mother Mary wishes to work with you now because she loves you unconditionally, but there is a greater purpose, it is due to your light being so bright, she wishes to enhance your light so that you may radiate your light with expansive bliss in order to support others. Mother Mary sees the magnificence of your being and so wishes to give to you her energy of compassion which she channels from the divine mother and divine father energies of the Creator. Mother Mary understands that it is the quality and energy of compassion that is needed at this time of ascension.

It is appropriate for you and extremely important that you bring and give to yourself compassion, allow yourself to be compassionate to yourself in all your actions, your thoughts, your experiences because you are achieving so much at this time and so there is a need to honour yourself with compassion. It is important to realise that every person on the Earth is experiencing the shifts and challenges of ascension so there is a need for you to be compassionate to every person on the earth. This isn’t to give your power away, but it is to give your love, to be in the divine flow of love where you have and receive an abundance of love for yourself. Allow this love to flow through you, to flow in all directions, because you know that there is an ever-flowing vibration of love, and so there is no need for you to hold onto this love that is given to you because you know that you will always receive more. The moment you allow this love to flow from your being as compassion is the moment you receive a higher, more intense vibration of love for yourself.

So please be aware that Mother Mary is working with you. This may trigger some emotions within you throughout the day or the coming days, because, in order for you to be compassionate to yourself, you have to love yourself. In order for you to love yourself, you have to see yourself as your truth, and this means that boundaries, blockages, walls that you have put up against love, need to come tumbling down more than ever. And as these walls you have put up against love come tumbling down, you will feel more exposed than you have ever felt in your life or your reality. It is from this feeling of being exposed, which you may interpret as being weak or vulnerability, that your strength will rise, a strength of pure Creator energies. It is from this feeling of being unprotected by illusions, boundaries, limitations or fears that you will see your truth. With the acknowledgement of your truth, you will allow yourself to simply exist as your truth. You simply be.

Even sometimes when you meditate, release energies or cleanse your being, you are still protecting yourself, guarding yourself, controlling the energies, not allowing yourself to acknowledge the very essence of your being, how you are feeling on all levels of your being but also what your essence is speaking to you. If you allow yourself to give compassion to yourself, if you allow yourself to be exposed and free from boundaries or limitations then there is nothing to distract you from the beautiful essence within your being. You know at that moment that there is nothing that is hindering you, because you are simply being. Then there is simply a need for you to merge your energies with the Creator, and you will be like a flame that rises high, shines brightly and glows even in the darkest of corners. Through your focus upon your compassionate heart and the expression of compassion it is your strength that is being activated, as a lightworker there is a need for you to be strong. To be strong is to be centred. You do not always have to be strong. But you will find that even at a sad moment, even when you feel exposed there is core strength within your being which holds you up, carries you forward and maintains the energy of peace, it is this which is being built right now.

Mother Mary asks you to simply let go of all unneeded energies, thoughts, worries and doubts, for she is a heavenly mother who will support and cradle you, activating the energy of compassion from within your being, steering and guiding you forward so that you may adopt this tool, this ability, this existence, in order to be a divine light being and of service on the earth. This is something that Mother Mary guided me in experiencing as well, as Mary Magdalene on the earth, to be compassionate to myself and to give compassion. To exist in the flow of love. To realise that it is abundant, it is always present. It was because of my own personal experience with Mother Mary that I wished to bring forward this communication to you, sharing with you the powers and abilities of Mother Mary and how they can be of service to you at this most special and sacred time on the Earth.

Please call upon Mother Mary to be with you, to place your hands on the front and the back of your heart chakra, embracing and surrounding you deeply in compassionate love as a supreme healing for your heart. Mother Mary’s compassionate energy will allow for all fears, pain and suffering to be dissolved and for your heart to be free to exist as a compassionate heart and gateway to the divine essence of the Creator. Offer space and time to Mother Mary to work with you for as long as needs be as you sit in meditation or relax deeply. You may notice especially if your focus is upon your heart chakra that it begins to open more expansively, breathing love generously with immense freedom. Your experience with Mother Mary only needs to be simple as you just allow her the space to work with your energy as you exist in full acceptance of your presence with you.

At the time of activating my compassionate heart, Mother Mary gave to me an affirmation which I will share with you now. You may use it whenever you wish or during your healing with Mother Mary.
‘Compassionate heart, I am,’
You may find that you only need to call upon Mother Mary to work with you once or you may wish her to work with you on a continuous basis, it is important for you to follow the intuition within you at this time. Please know that I am here for you always and love you unconditionally, thank you for allowing me to bring forward to you an experience which has always been treasured by my heart.
From my compassionate heart, I love you unconditionally,

I am Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene, Twin Flames – Trust in Your Own Pure Divine Essence – 12-31-18

Higher Self

Published on Dec 31, 2018

Mary Magdalen, Twin Flames, Trust in Your Own Pure Divine Essence December 14, 2018 via Beti Kotevski

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Sar’h, Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Reveals Her Truth – 12-23-18 – by Steve Beckow – Golden Age Of Gaia December 23, 2018 By Steve Beckow


Channeler, Natalie Glasson

Back in 2016, Sar’h or Sarah, daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, came through Natalie Glasson to reveal previously-unknown details of her life.

Sar’h Reveals Her Truth

Sar’h (Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene), channelled through Natalie Glasson, September 30, 2016

Greeting, I am Sar’h, Daughter of Christ and Keeper of the Holy Grail Ascension Codes. It was my purpose to be born upon the Earth to continue the light and ascension achieved by my parents, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, as well as retaining the high vibration all obtained and experienced in that lifetime upon the Earth. I, Sar’h, am known now upon the inner planes as the Keeper of Truth or in fact, sacred secrets.

My purpose as a soul was to receive a great volume of codes, energy vibrations, light, love and wisdom, safeguarding them within my being and sharing them appropriately so the truth could be remembered by all. Although I was not physically present for much of Jesus’ lifetime, I held within my being and soul all of the ascension shifts Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Christed Beings and Disciples of that time experienced.

I retained all the knowledge discovered concerning the Christ Consciousness energy. I held wisdom about how to heal instantaneously, the teachings of the Goddess and memories of every aspect of the time when Jesus walked upon the Earth.

From the moment I was conceived, I began to absorb wisdom, light, memories and consciousness. I was in my mother’s womb during the crucifixion of Jesus; I accepted the ascension codes all received at that time. When I was born, I downloaded further wisdom and light vibration of that time. My mother, Mary Magdalene, soon realised how sensitive I was. My character and inner power were strong as I was a synthesis of my parent’s energy and truth, yet Mary Magdalene gradually realised my powerful ability to absorb energy.

As a baby, if she left me with another while she rested, when she came back to me, even if it was only after a few minutes she would find that I then held the energy of that person. It was not that I took energy or consciousness from others, more so it was that I became a reflection of them, as if I had made copies of all that they were and embodied it myself. My mother realised the full extent of my unique ability when she allowed a woman who was a friend to hold me; she observed me change from a happy baby to experiencing heartbreak, saddened by the loss of romantic love and experiencing excruciating pain throughout my being.

Upon realising that I had embodied the women’s energy and especially her heartbreak, she quickly realised that in order to safeguard the wisdom and codes imparted to her child from herself, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness and the Creator she needed to surround me in pure vibrations. Otherwise, my heart would become quickly darkened by the pains of humanity, a burden that one soul cannot carry on their own.

My mother surrounded me with people who had reached a high level of ascension, who had moved through powerful healing processes releasing any pain of their past and who focused upon their connection with the Creator. She carefully assembled souls of the highest vibration around me who would mirror back to me my truth so I could begin to explore the truth of my being.

She realised that if I was constantly being bombarded and influenced by the unconscious thoughts of others, their pains and illusions, then this would always cloud my perception of my truth. It is because of my ability that we moved to the south of France to live in a cave with the High Priestesses of the Goddess Isis Temple, this way my energy and truth would be safeguarded remaining pure.

I never considered myself special, my energies were safeguarded because as an adult there would come a time when I would marry a man of equally high vibration. I would then share all the wisdom, light, love, consciousness and holy grail ascension energies with him and the children I would give birth to. This would be a symbol of allowing me to give all the energies which had been safeguarded within me to the consciousness of humanity for all to absorb.

As a child, I longed for that moment because I knew that the vibration of the entire planet would rise and accelerate. I knew all the wisdom I held would be shared with humanity energetically, creating a major awakening for all as well as completing a Christ Consciousness awakening and initiation which my father had begun. I realised that after I had imparted my consciousness and light to humanity my ability of embodying all energies would decrease and so I would be able to live a normal life in a community while still explore the great volume of powerful consciousness within me.

As a child my mother taught me how to heal the pains of others I absorbed, she also guided me to recognise the powerful blaze of light within me using it to support and empower myself. There were times when the energy I was embodying in preparation for delivering it to humanity was so powerful and luminous within me it felt uncomfortable and unbearable. As a soul I already knew closely and recognised my truth, my purpose was not to explore my soul, more so it was to synthesis my soul with the energies which had been anchored into the Earth and my being by the inspirational people of my past.

In the years following the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus there were some dark times upon the Earth, it was as if the Earth and humanity went into a depression. Immense volumes of love and ascension codes had been anchored into the Earth and humanity causing fear and pain to come to the surface to be released. It was a period of purging all that was not love which had been instigated by the love of the Creator touching the hearts of many.

Another reason for the depression was that humanity required time to synthesis with and embody all they had received from the Christ Consciousness. They needed time for it to merge with their thoughts, actions and reactions so all could emerge into a greater experience of love. My mother use to tell me, ‘Let go of your fear of darkness because when there is darkness you know that profound love is on its way.’ She knew that the presence of any form of fear or challenges was an indication that love far greater than you could possibly imagine was about to emerge and blossom from within you, filling your being and reality with profound bliss.

There were times when the fear embedded within the consciousness of humanity become so heavy that even protected by my mother’s energies I would feel its presence as a burden upon my being. I would cry and scream in pain and suffering. My mother would call in more light and protection holding me as she emanated her light into my being. However, she knew I was releasing the energy on behalf of humanity and that once the process had been completed it would pass and I would return to my normal self.

I, Sar’h, am sharing this information with you because I feel you may be interested to hear a little of my life and purpose as Sar’h. Although predominantly it is to support you in recognising that even as an individual upon the Earth you can support and assist such tremendous shifts and transformation for the Earth and humanity. Just because you may see yourself as an individual focusing on achieving your ascension, may feel helpless or powerless, please know your ascension process and journey is so valuable to all upon the Earth. The changes and shifts you experience as you move into a greater space of love and enlightenment may seem personal to you and as if they do not impact others. However, they do, more than you could possibly imagine.

Every small shift you make awakening your being from illusion supports others in achieving the same. Just because the Earth may seem so big and impossible, this is not the case. You have a power within you which like me is a synthesis of powerful energies which you can draw upon and use as your power. It is not for you to consciously change the world or dictate to others what their actions should be, to do so is to try to create change from a place of weakness.

When you allow yourself to recognise and observe all the beautiful energies, light, love, codes and consciousness you were brought to the Earth to embody and share, letting go of the outside influences which may cause confusion within you, then you will be achieving all you need to on the Earth. You will receive the beauty, power and healing within you while recognising the energies which are not your own discarding them back to where they came from. You will find all you need to do is safeguard that beautiful energy within you by retaining the focus of your mind on your truth and alignment with the Creator.

There will then come times when you feel empowered and inspired to let your light shine brightly, simply feeling the energy flowing from your being. It will be at the appropriate divinely guided time that you will allow the precious energy and consciousness you express to merge with the consciousness of humanity creating tremendous ascension and greater love. This is the most powerful gift and ascension service you can give to all.

Please know I am with you, supporting you in being your truth upon the Earth,


Christ, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael – via Lea Chapin – Bringing Forth The Energy Of Divine Grace – 3-1-18





A Message from Mary Magdalene by Aurora Juliana Ariel – by fromthefirstorder – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame – 12-8-17



A Message from Mary Magdalene by Aurora Juliana Ariel

We come during the Holy Days to initiate you into the Christic Light.Activating the heart center and the Divine Codes within your DNA, we bring you into remembrance. As you step more fully into who you are, so much ofwho you are not falls away. This is the time when you change completely.When even your DNA is altered so that you are resonant with the Divine Frequencies raising all into a Golden Age of Light. As you come into the rarefied field of your Divine Sanity… you find that the life you once lived was so small compared to the glorious being that you are. As you come into full recognition of your LIGHT, your Majesty and Grace, you find the human programs no longer can take hold. What others say about you will not matter.You will know yourself absolutely and stand resolute in the Truth of who you are.

Self Recognition was an Alchemical Key in the Temple we served in. It is a lost art, as the souls of humanity clamor to attain false identities and to weave false stories about themselves. Who on Earth is standing in their Truth,knowing absolutely who they are? We, the Priestesses of the Christic Light,who served in the ancient temple in Egypt, sought to bring our light to a dark era. Jesus was one of the initiates of the temple. A High Priest finally in his own right, yet one of many who served the LIGHT in our community. That he was singled out and a story woven about his history and ours to create a false fear based religion, is one of the tragedies of our time. Now, today, the truth is being revealed. Those that lusted after the power the priestesses held and sought to wrest it from them so they could be the power behind the thrones,must be shown forth in the light of day.

For it is time! Time for the truth of the Feminine Spirit to light the way for all humanity. To guide them back to the Authentic Self. To lead them to the Fount of Truth, which is within. As the Christic Light is activated within you, you may remember what truly took place in these ancient times. Thetragedies that ensued as the Dark Ones took hold of the religions of the world,and became a dominant doctrine binding souls in a false reality.

We come to break the bonds that have kept souls unfree. To unleash the Christic Light that has been a latent seed in the psyche of humanity waiting for this time to be activated and nourished… so that the mass ascension can take place in all its glory. We come to initiate you into the Sacred Mysterieswe held dear… that we fostered in our community with principles we lived by. To transfer that Earth experience to you, so you can know that the Sacred Lifeis available to you, even in the midst of this busy world. You can rise into the glory of your Divine Self and walk the Earth as a God Free being. Today we assist you to make a leap into that greater reality and as you replay our message, even more light will be released to you, as the activations, clearings, and healing will continue for you, your loved ones and all humanity.

Terra Zetzz at 12/08/2017 10:10:00 PM


Mary Magdalene – The Mother has Entrusted You With the Fulfillment of Her Dream – via Linda Dillon – Golden Age Of Gaia – 8-21-17



Mary Magdalene

Saturday Conference Call 08-19-17

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

On today’s conference call the Magdalena has given us many concepts and insights to ponder… Which one will you choose to embrace first?

Greetings, I am Mary Magdalene. I am the Magdalena, sister of your heart and sister of your soul. Welcome, bright angels of every color and every ray, every mission, every purpose, every delight. It is my honor, my pleasure, my joy, to be with you this day, to come in the gentlest and strongest of grace, as woman, as Divine Feminine, as beloved other of Yeshua.

I come to you, not…and not ever, by the way…as distant deity or master; I come to you as sister, as daughter, as ally, as friend, as one who has walked this beautiful planet and who has known the trials and tribulations, the joys and the ecstasy of being in physical form; of having the challenge and the privilege of being in form.

Often the Mother has spoken to you, many have spoken to you, about how the Mother has asked for volunteers to come to this planet during this miraculous time of shift, of change, of ascension. And how you have said, “Yes, Mother, of course I will go and I will serve.” And all of that, of course, is true. But think of it for a moment with me – dream and dream with the Mother, and feel and dream the honor it is…not the trial, not the drudgery…the honor, the supreme honor it is that, in fact, the Mother has chosen you, that out of souls beyond number, of enlightened beings beyond number, She has said ‘yes’ to you as She has said ‘yes’ to me.

Think of this…that She has entrusted to you – part of my heart circle – that She has said to you, “Yes, I trust you, I know you, I honor you, I know your power, your endurance, your joy, your love, that you may go and be the fulfillment of My Dream.” She did not say to you, “Go ahead and work out your issues.” Oh, I am not denying there are issues, but that is not what She has said. She has entrusted the fulfillment of Her promise of Her Plan to you upon the planet now…not at some distant juncture but right now. And you are the wayshowers and you have been for years, for decades.

Dearest hearts, this is not a burden; this is something that many have vied for. That is why there is such a massive population upon sweet Gaia at this time. You have been given the honor to do this. It is like carrying the Olympic torch, yes, and the Violet Flame and the Blue Flame and the Gold Flame all at the same time.

I know, because I have walked as woman, as sister, that you have doubts, yes, that you have core issues, yes, that you have difficulties that, at times, feel enormous and that you feel drag you down. But you would not have been permitted, not at this juncture, to be here if you were not, not only strong, but so clear and embedded with the truth of the Mother’s Dream and Vision, that it resonates, it vibrates, it hums in every cell of your body. And has it been a journey? And, is the best part of the journey yet to come? Yes!

The Mother has spoken to you several times about how you carry Her DNA – that is how you can conceive of it…that you are of Her, of Her breath, of Her Blue Diamond. She has prepared the way and She has talked to you about how each of your chakras are portals and as you open and clear and beam, not only the beautiful bright light that you are, transmitter, cell tower, down to the center of Gaia, how you beam, but each of your chakras also are portals beaming out front and back, sideways. You are a satellite onto yourself; so, recognize that and embrace it.

Because of the work that each and every one of you have done, we walk through these portals, we open them further…in and out of form…the prelude and the completion to the Mother’s Tsunami. We walk among you. My beloved Yeshua has said to you, “Come walk with me.” Well, I say it as well, “Come walk with me, come run with me, come fly with me, come open the final portals, not only for the Cities of Light, but for your hearts, for Nova Earth, for love… because that is all there is, that is all there has ever been. Everything else is mere distraction.”

No, I am not telling you to forget to eat or to ignore your gardens, especially the flower beds. But what is it when you till in the soil but love? What is it when you breathe the air but love? What is it when you write with St. Germaine’s Violet Flame the words of love? You are changing the planet and more importantly, you have changed the planet.

So, you are stepping forth as, not only the portals but the stewards of the new…which is the ancient, original, and the future – it is everything. Do not hesitate, sweet angels of light, to incorporate not only all this energy that is being sent to the entire planet, but to claim your birthrights, to claim your knowing, to claim your free will, to claim your Divine Authority. It is the new beginning and it is now and I am with you, in form, as we travel this planet.

Go with my love and go in peace. Go in celebration! Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

MARY MAGDALENE – New Frequencies – 8-14-17


Mary Magdalene

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, the Holy Mother. As I come to each of you on this most auspicious day, Mary Magdalene and my son are here as well. We ask each of you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in this new frequency that is now surrounding this planet. Begin to take in this frequency that is now surrounding the planet. It is of great significance, Dearest Children, that you honor the vibratory frequencies that are coming into this planet at this time, they are creating such power and such force that each of you that are now in what we call a transitory state will be catapulted into your rightful place and into your rightful purpose.

And so, please take a deep, inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe. Allow these powerful frequencies to now enter into your consciousness, enter into your subconscious, enter into your physicality, into your mind, body, spirit and soul. And so, please begin to breathe in these frequencies of love, and allow the light and the power of the ever-lasting frequency of love to now begin to be emitted into your own vibrational frequency, the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful power of love. It is the vibration, Dearest Children, that is so needed on this planet at this time to heal the world. Love will heal all. And so, Dearest Ones, begin to breathe and to feel this frequency as it simply begins to meld within your being. Love will heal all, love will heal all, love will heal all.

And so, now at this time, we ask you to hold the light for this beautiful planet. As you know, so much of the Earth Mother has been decimated by the humans, and their lack of consciousness, for her survival as well as for their own survival. So, I ask you, Dearest Children, with your intention, with this powerful frequency, that you are now what we call inhaling into your frequency, with each breath that you take, and with each exhale, please allow the frequency of love to be sent to Mother Gaea. It is indeed unfortunate that the planet and all of its inhabitants are in a critical state, and we ask you, Dearest Children, to hold this intention so that this beautiful planet will return back to balance, and all of life will return to balance. And so, today it is about calling in these frequencies of love, and bringing your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul back to balance. For the energy that is being emitted can create imbalance in each of you if you’re not centered and conscious of that which you wish to embody. The time has come for each of you to take responsibility for the whole, not just for yourselves, but for the whole. What one does affects another, and what you are doing today by calling in these frequencies of love, you are affecting not only yourself, but you’re affecting the collective consciousness and the vibration of love to heal the world.

Do not become disturbed, Dearest Children, by any discordant energy or any fear-based information that you may receive. Please hold the intention and hold the light that the beautiful planet and all of humanity will return to its rightful place as the beautiful love star in which Mother Gaea was created. And so, Dear Ones, please hold your intention first on yourself and then on Mother Gaea. It is of great significance that at this time, you understand that the lunar eclipse and the frequencies that are coming forward are extremely complex in nature. And yet, Dearest Ones, they are being emitted onto this planet, the gamma rays are being emitted upon this planet at a very intense and rapid rate. And if your physicality and your body is not in balance, you may begin to feel a bit of a disturbance inside of your being. Do not be afraid, but simply breathe. Do not allow any energies that are not of pure love affect you. Do not allow any energies that are not of pure love affect you. And so, today, we are surrounding you with the beautiful pink ray of love, light, and healing. We are surrounding you with a beautiful pink ray of love, light, and healing. As if you are encapsulated into this frequency that will allow you to absorb the gamma rays into your system. But also, Dearest One, it will insulate you from any imbalance that may be occurring within your system. You may begin to feel lightheaded or tired or weary. Or unable to concentrate. But we ask you, Dearest Ones, to hold your intention that all that is occurring with the frequencies that are being emitted on this planet at this time are in alignment for the collective whole, for love and light and healing to prevail.

As you know, so many individuals are suffering from their own mental and physical imbalances. And we want to bring each of you into balance so that you are strong, both physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. That you are very, very strong indeed, and that you are not to worry about your health or any human condition. You are to hold your frequency and know that you are strong. Because, Dearest Children, you are very, very important, and you have much work to do here on this planet, as you are holding this frequency and this light. Regardless of what you understand, each of you are holding these frequencies and powerful energies that are being emitted on this planet. You are anchoring them into the earth, you are embodying them within your system. And at the same time, you are emitting this energy out into the world so others may feel your vibration of love and resonate to this frequency. This is the reason for all of this, for the vibrational frequency to be altered and returned to love.

As you know, the misdirected energy, the negativity, the violence, the hatred has created discordant frequencies upon your planet. There is great confusion, and Mother Earth herself has difficulty sorting through all of these lower vibrational frequencies, because they are energies that are not compatible with her. It is like chaos or confusion happening, and even Mother Earth feels this. When you feel confusion, when you feel chaos, when you feel the lower vibrational frequencies affecting you, we ask you at this time to transmute it with love. Transmute everything with love. When people around you are creating chaos, or even when you are watching this on your television set, the chaos that is being reported by your media, we ask that you transmute it into love. Always hold the highest of vibration, always hold the highest of intention, and you see, these powerful frequencies that are being emitted are extremely, extremely pure, and so the intention that you hold at this time will begin to manifest rather quickly. Everything that you are holding in your intention will manifest rather quickly. And so, Dear One, remember this is extremely important. What you hold as your thought forms and your intention will manifest rather quickly. This next few weeks and into the end of your summer months and into the fall equinox, this powerful frequency will be emitted upon this planet, there will be rapid, rapid change and that which you have been trying to accomplish will be made manifest.

This is the time that many of you have been waiting for. This is the powerful frequency that the earth has been waiting for, this is the time of manifested light, love, and healing in its purest form to return to this planet, and now the awakened ones, the enlightened ones, those that understand the power of this energy, can use it. But we ask that it be done only with rightful purpose, with pure intention from your heart. It is as if this energy is tangible to you, and you can use this energy to create and manifest, and yes, I will say this again, the manifestation process will happen quickly. What you desire will be brought forth quickly, what you bring forth will happen quickly, quickly, quickly. And so, we ask that you place the old frequencies and what we call the old paradigm energies aside. Because how you’ve been operating, how you’ve been living, how you’ve been thinking, will no longer serve you. And simply, these new vibrational frequencies will not support the old paradigm. The energies of lower vibration. And so, Dear One, please step forward as if you are stepping into this energy, as if you are stepping on a ladder and you are stepping upwards. Accept this now as truth, for as you live in this time on this earth plane, more and more will be occurring, and more and more will be as they say elevating in consciousness at a very rapid rate. So expect much to accelerate and that will be of love, light, and healing for all the world to see and all the world to feel. More and more of the light workers will step forward to shine their light and to make a difference upon this earth plane, and you, Dearest Children, are here to shine your light as well. The anchoring of these energies is of great importance, and today, we ask you to imagine that these frequencies, as you breathe them in, as you embody them, are now connected to the soles of your feet, and like an anchor, you are the conduit that is anchoring these new frequencies onto the earth, wherever you are living. You are anchoring these energies into the earth. Each soul is bringing their light and these powerful frequencies through their embodiment as a conduit. And for those of you who are traveling, you will anchor these frequencies of love, light, and healing, bringing the illumination of love wherever you travel. You are bringing this energy into the ley lines and into the grid lines of the earth, and Mother Gaea is feeling it. She is honored that you have chosen to be a conduit, to assist her in her evolution. And so, we say to you, Dear One, regardless of what you feel you are doing or not doing on a daily basis, you are contributing by holding the light. Do not underestimate the work and the agreements that you’ve made as a light worker on this planet. Regardless of what you feel you are contributing, you are contributing more extensively than you realize. And so, please honor yourself, and honor the light that you are holding and carrying as you bring in these new frequencies, and breathe them into your body. Holding the love, holding the love, holding the love, and preparing yourself at this time to receive the love of God into the essence of your being. I will step back now and allow Mary Magdalene to speak, but I’m here orchestrating the energy of compassion and mercy for this planet, bringing these frequencies of compassion and love and mercy through these powerful eclipses that are occurring at this time. Do not be discouraged by what you do not understand, but be encouraged, Dearest One, for so much is happening on the planet that is good, and yes, we say progressive, and healing, far beyond what you can understand. Do not look at the surface of what you believe is occurring, because so much is happening that is helping this planet and all of creation to evolve and ascend. And so, you see, these powerful frequencies that are being emitted upon your earth plane are being sent to your planet with love from the Great Creator, and so, we say we love you, we honor you, and we thank you for holding the light and being a part of this most amazing and life-altering time that is taking place upon your planet at this point in history. You are living in amazing times, and we thank you for your service.

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, May Magdalene. As I come to you on this most auspicious day, I ask you to hold your head high and be not afraid. For as these frequencies enter into the earth plane, you will begin to see a massive shift in consciousness and so many people beginning to awaken. Others will want to understand the truth of that which is happening upon this planet. And you see, there has been much illusion and much darkness, and it is not for you to focus your attention. Remember these eclipses show the shadow of the darkness and the light. There is duality in all of life, and yet, now the time has come for the light to overshadow the darkness and truth will prevail, love will prevail, peace will prevail. We’ve said this many times before, but the time is now. The time is now, the time is now, the time is now. We want you to step forward and to honor yourself for all that you have done, both in this incarnation and through all incarnations of time. And through all of your dimensional selves, and your beautiful spirit, you’ve held the light and the love for this planet. And as you continue to do this in service, we are now bringing forth these frequencies so that you can be honored. And you can receive. This is a time of great manifestation, this is a time of the light workers and all those who are in service to be honored. And each of you are being given, and will continue to be given, many beautiful gifts, for your devotion and for your service, beautiful gifts given onto each of you. And so, today, we ask that you hold out your hand and receive all that is being gifted to you, calling in the frequency of love and healing and light upon your soul. And calling in the illumination of your powerful spirit to live in balance and return to peace. As you step forward to receive these gifts, may your heart awaken to the Living Light of God that lives deep inside of your being. Your abilities, your clairvoyant abilities, will begin to emerge. Your clairsentient abilities, your clairaudient abilities, and your claircognizance will begin to make themselves even more manifest, meaning that your own psychic abilities will begin to ramp up. The frequencies are extremely powerful, and you will become even more sensitive and attuned to your own awareness and your own knowingness.

This is of grave importance that you understand this at this time: that you are going through a major transformation, and the frequencies that are affecting this planet will be affecting you. You will become lighter and lighter, you are literally ascending and evolving. And the veils of forgetfulness, and the veils that have been placed over you, will continue to be removed so that you remember the power of your spirit and the essence of your being. And so, Dearest Children, remember, remember, remember your Oneness. It is what Jeshua and I would do when we would enter the caves, we would return to Oneness. We would return and listen to the stillness. And so, today, it is about returning to Oneness with these powerful frequencies that are being emitted upon you. The potency of these energies are not to be misunderstood, they are not to be misled, as they say. They are not to be dismissed. These frequencies are here for you to ascend, and as we say, to re-remember, to reconnect to Oneness. To source. It is why you are here, it is why you have come to this planet. You’ve come to remember who you are. And to return to source. It may sound very confusing and complicated, but it is what was orchestrated for this planet at the time of her own inception. Every star system, every galaxy, every constellation is to return to Oneness. Re-unify with the light of all that is. And so, Dearest Children, this is what is happening, in simple terms. We are all being reunited with these powerful frequencies as if you are on a magic carpet ride. And you are being accelerated into the ascension process at a very rapid rate. And so, Dearest Children, prepare yourself to receive, and know that the Living Light of God lives inside of your being.

This is indeed a powerful, powerful day. And as you move into the next several weeks, know the importance of this frequency and frequencies that are being emitted at this time, are of the greatest and most powerful that they’ve ever been. The energies that are being emitted on this planet at this time are more powerful than they’ve ever been. Some individuals will not be able to handle the frequencies, and this is why we are asking you to stay grounded in these energies, so that they are not affecting you on any level. Today, as you open your heart to receive these powerful blessings, know, Dearest Children, that you are love and you are loved, and we are here to help you to honor the truth of your own Divinity. And once again be at peace. There is no greater gift that you can receive than feeling the energy of peace upon your soul. Standing in the light, standing in the truth, standing in the remembrance of the truth of who you are, and being at peace. Know, Dearest Ones, the importance of the Living Light of God. As you tap into these frequencies and begin to meditate with these energies, you are illuminating your consciousness into a whole new way of being. What you believe that you have been, what you believe that you are, will now begin to shift and change very rapidly. And so, accept this gift from us today and from the Great Creator, as these powerful eclipses now overshadow the illusion of darkness and separation that has resided upon this planet for eons and eons of time.

We thank you, Dearest Children, for your time and your attention. And we say to you, Dearest Ones, that as you hold these frequencies and embody them within your being, you’ll begin to feel this power within you, and you’ll now have the clarity to move forward as powerful beings of light standing in your true manifestation as the living God that you are, as the living Goddess that you are, as the magnificent spirit that you are. Please call in these energies and be at peace. It is why we are here, why I come, Mother Mary comes, Jeshua comes. It is why we all are here to assist you to be at peace. Know, my children, that time is truly of the essence, and there is no time to waste. Accept this gift of love that is being emitted to each of you at this time, now my children, embody and embrace the living God of All That Is.

Mary Magdalene!

» Source – Channel: Reverend Lea Chapin

Mary Magdalene – Love and Accept Your Divine Self Beyond Everything – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – June 4, 2017 – Fran Heal

Courtesy of Fran Zepeda

Mary Magdalene: “Love and Accept your Divine Self Beyond Everything” ~

Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 4, 2017 June 5, 2017

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Mary Magdalene

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and Qualities of Creator, Divine Self, Fran Zepeda, Love and Accept Your Divine.

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ERA OF LIGHT – Mary Magdalene – Return To Balance – 5-13-17

Mary Magdalene

Greetings my beloveds. Yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into the energy frequency today, I come with a bit of somberness, but I also come with a great deal of excitement and joy. I will explain to you, Dearest Ones, that this planet is undergoing a major transition, and each of you are going through a rebirthing. It may be difficult for you to understand that the cycles that are happening on this planet are affecting you both individually and collectively. Meaning these cycles and the evolutionary cycles that Mother Earth transitions in her evolutionary ascension also are affecting you, and you may not be aware of how deeply this affects you.

Some of you may be feeling a bit frazzled or restless or depressed or uncomfortable with the frequency of your life and how it is occurring at this time within your life. This is a part of the evolutionary transition that is happening upon this planet as Mother Earth is making her shift from one dimensional frequency to another. And she is returning back to balance. This has been a bit, as they say, topsy-turvy, as if she is like a top that is spinning and in many ways, not out of control, but trying to find rebalance again. You may understand and be aware of all of the Earth changes and the erratic weather patterns. And also this has been affected by the collective thoughtforms of the individuals upon the planet. There is more fear that is taking place at this time, because of the uncertainty of the safety of the planet and many of the world leaders who seem to be out of control. The collective consciousness of humanity is simply being affected by the collective thoughtforms, and so, Dear Ones, you are also being affected by the collective thoughtforms of those around you and of the earth.

So today, we wish to infuse within you and bring each of you the energy and the essence of my daughter Sarah, as if you are now being brought forth a strand of balance within your own personal lives. Bringing harmony and balance into your physicality, into your mental mind, and into all aspects of your being. As you may understand, our daughter Sarah represents the energy of the Holy Grail, she is the symbolic representation of the Missing Grail, simply meaning that she holds the key to balance and peace and union that mankind has been searching for since they have fallen from Grace, since the separation of Oneness. And so, Dear Ones, it is of great importance that you understand that upon this day, my Sarah, myself, and Yeshua are here to infuse this powerful frequency of Divine Union, balance, and Holy Grace into your being. So we ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this essence of Union, Divine Union, Holy Union, breathing this energy into your heart, breathing this energy into your soul, breathing this energy into the essence and into the remembrance of who you truly are. Breathing in the energy of the living light of God, breathing in the energy of my daughter Sarah, breathing in the energy of that which she holds as the template for balance and peace. And so at this time, we ask that you imagine, if you can, in your mind’s eye, my daughter standing before you, and as she places her hand upon your third eye, she balances not only your pineal gland but your pituitary gland, your thymus, your hypothalamus, and with the imprint of her frequency, she’s infusing this powerful symbol of the lemniscus, the balance, of the union of the Oneness, that is instilled inside of your being.

Remember, Dear One, when each of you chose to come to this planet as powerful spirits, you held your remembrance of Oneness, and then over time the veils, the separation, have caused you to feel fear and separation from your truth. And so, today, my beautiful Sarah is gifting you with this remembrance, activating the essence of the Holy Union once again inside of you. Do not discount the power of this, do not discount the power that is held within your own remembrance. It is difficult for each of you to hold your frequency in this state of balance, in this chaotic world, and with all these distractions and stimulus, and stimulation, what is happening not only in your personal lives, but collectively in the world. And so we offer this gift to you to protect you, to assist you, and so that you may have a compass or a guide that is now stronger to help you and to guide you along your way. And so, Dear Sarah places her hand gently on your forehead, opening up your third eye, your all-seeing eye, so that your visions and your clairvoyant ability become more activated and more potent. As Grand spoke last week, it is important to connect to your guides, master teachers and Angels. It is of great importance that you have all the tools that you need so that you can move along this pathway with grace and ease, without difficulty, without strife, without stress. So that you may live in joy and be at peace. It is of grave importance that you hold the faith and hold the commitment to yourself. Know that you are not separated, that you are not alone, you have not been forsaken, and you do have your compass, your connection to the Great Creator. It has never been severed, Dear Ones, it has simply dimmed, muted. Today, my Sarah is activating this energy and offering you this beautiful cup, the Holy Grail. Drink from it, drink from the cup of union.

It is what our book speaks of, returning to union with yourself, finding the connection of peace inside of yourself, and knowing that the contentment of living from your true spirit essence is your birthright and is your Divine Right as you live upon this Earth plane, just as your beautiful Lemurians do, just as the underground people do in the center of the Earth, living in balance and harmony, this is your birthright. And yet, you see the surface population has suffered with the disillusion that this cannot be. And so, we reinforce to you the importance that you are connected, shall remain forever connected to your true Divinity. It is a gift we offer to you today, we ask that you hold it within your heart, breathing it in, and connecting once again. Just as the channels were open last week to connect to your Higher Self, your Master Guides, your Angels, we are now reinforcing this as Dear Sarah connects to you, and return to Oneness. With each passing day, each of you will be gifted with greater peace. I will repeat, with each passing day, each of you will be gifted with peace. It is of grave importance that you hold this within your consciousness. I am peace. I am love. I am whole. I am balanced. I am peace, I am love, I am whole, I am balanced. I am peace, I am love, I am whole, I am balanced.

As you strengthen this inside of yourself, the connections that have been made will continue to strengthen, and the worry and the fear and the disconnect from your own knowingness will begin to dissipate. The fear will begin to dissipate. And you shall trust within yourself. And the inner gnosis, the inner knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. You see, Dearest Ones, your life is guided by your Higher Self, this is your commitment to yourself, to your soul, to your pathway. This is the commitment to peace. This is the commitment you have made so many eons and eons ago. I will return to peace, I will return to balance, I will return to union. As a spirit, when you made the choice to come to the Earth plane and forget your connection, you knew that you would remember. You were not afraid. And so, this is what we are saying today, you’ve already made this commitment to yourself, I will remember union. Today, this is being gifted to you by our beloved Sarah. I remember union. It is important to remain present and joyful in the moment. Live in the moment. Feel the excitement of joy running through your body. Feel the anticipation that you are becoming alive again with the frequency of your spirit. Can you imagine your spirit, the excitement of your spirit running through your body at full capacity, not just living your life, and taking your life for granted, wishing your life away, or simply being afraid to live in the full capacity of your knowingness as the beautiful spirit that you are.

So, we ask you to make this commitment to yourself again, I remember union, I remember my connection, I remember how powerful I am, I remember how connected I am, I remember how loved I am, I remember the joy of living in balance, I remember my own magnificence, I remember my true glory. And just because you may not be recognized for your magnificence, and even if you cannot see your own magnificence or feel it, it does not mean that you are not magnificent, because that is truth. You are all magnificent, powerful, spiritual beings of light who have chosen to come to this Earth plane, to sacrifice your oneness and return to love, giving so much of yourself, and sharing your light to illuminate the world. One person at a time, you have given and given and given and given, and truly, Dearest Children, it is your time to receive, and this is why we come today, it is why Sarah comes today. You are gifted with remembrance of your beauty, of your commitment, of your undying love for this planet and her planet and all of creation.

The Earthly entrapments are many. But we ask you today to rise above them and see if you can feel your spirit rising above your Earthly concerns, your Earthly entrapments, and you are living as a free agent, a free spirit, a powerful soul. If, in this moment, you can tap into your brilliance and your magnificence, for a moment, allow it to ignite the excitement and the joy within you. I remember union. Can you feel the excitement of returning to balance, and what that would feel like, what it would look like, how you would be free? Free from the entrapments of your own mental concerns and worries, knowing that you are provided for, you are taken care of, your life is in divine order. What you choose in conscious choice every moment, we are asking you to choose peace, to choose union. I choose peace, I choose balance, I choose wholeness, I choose oneness. And with each breath that you take, it will infuse this powerful energy into your being. You see, Dearest Ones, this is a conscious choice, to reunite. And, Dearest Children, so many may not understand this, how powerful it is to be free. This is the freedom that you were born with, and Dear Ones, do not entrap yourselves into believing that you are not magnificent and that you have no control over your lives, because you have more control than your realize. Conscious decisions. You may say I consciously choose peace, I consciously choose joy, I consciously choose love, I consciously choose to remember the power of my beautiful spirit. And so today, as Sarah activates your third eye, you will begin to see visions and know your pathway, very clearly, each of you will follow this pathway, consciously, subconsciously, you will be guided. I repeat, consciously or subconsciously you will be guided, you will follow your pathway, and you shall be free.

Each day, as you settle into the remembrance that you are more powerful than you can imagine yourself to be, you will be able to create and co-create and manifest and live your life with ease, effortless, Divine Union, Holy Grace, Divine Union, Holy Grace. It was difficult during my lifetime, as I’ve described in my book, to find the balance and the peace and the union in myself, for our lifetimes were difficult, preparing Yeshua for his crucifixion and resurrection, and with his travels. But I did, with the assistance of my daughter, begin to find that Holy Union inside of myself and find peace. And this is what we offer to you, we know how important it is for each soul to return to balance. Because we struggled, we know your struggles. We feel your pain, for we had the same pain. We know your yearning, for we had our own.

And so today, Dearest Ones, I come to help you, for we love you deeply. Your success, your peace of mind, is our peace of mind. Your ability to manifest, your ability to create and to bring peace in your life affects all of us. What you do affects another. I know you’ve heard this many times before, but it is of deep truth. And so, we are calling on all the light workers to return to peace, so peace shall prevail upon this planet. This is a tall order, but it will be done, one soul at a time, one spirit awakening to their inner light. Let your light shine so others may see, and be the bright light that awakens another. Take the hand of your brother and sister and assist them along their pathway. Show them the way, be not afraid. I will step back momentarily, for Sarah wishes to speak at this time.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Sarah. I come on this most auspicious day to tell you how important it is that this planet and all of humanity return to balance. My mother and father sacrificed in each of their lives to help each of you. Their undying love for humanity continues on. I come as one of their representatives to show you and to bring you the understanding of how deep commitment and self-sacrifice has made a difference on this Earth plane. I come as a representative for my mother and my father, and today, as I anchor my frequency of Divine Union into the Earth, I ask that you stand with me. I am directly aligned with your North Pole, and am aligning balance into your North Pole. The one named Kryon is directly aligned at the South Pole, and there is a powerful alignment with the Earth plane at this time, stabilizing her energy and returning balance to Mother Gaea. The Plieadians and the Arcturians are also here assisting, stabilizing your energy. This is not to frighten you, but without our assistance there could be a major polar shift and your planet would simply tumble over and chaos would ensue.

And so today, Dearest Children, we are holding the balance here at the North and South Poles for the Earth to remain in balance, and we are calling each of you to step up and assist, and remain centered, and calm, and balanced, and in peace. For the next 30-45 days, there is much that is going to be recalibrated. Not only in your personal lives, but collectively upon this Earth plane. And we need you to be what we call our foot soldiers, to hold the balance, for that is where peace is needed. Your strength is needed at this most difficult time upon the Earth plane. Mother Gaea’s ascension from the lower frequencies of the third dimension are being transmuted, and as my Mother said initially, you may have felt the discordant energies affecting you. But today, we are holding the space so that you may remain balanced and at peace, just as Kryon and Mother Gaea, and the Arcturians and Plieadians are holding the balance as she recenters herself. She is recentering and returning to a beautiful equilibrium. The center of gravity has been altered, and as Mother Earth cries out for her children to help her, we’ve heard the call, and we ask you to assist. It may be difficult to comprehend, the Earth Mother’s cries for help, but they are very real, just as your cries for help are very real. And we hear them and we come to help you.

And we’ve come to help her. I do not wish to create any discomfort, I’m just here helping you to understand the importance of my role of bringing balance to this planet and to you, individually and collectively. Kryon has been very busy bringing this frequency and returning the electromagnetic field so that gravity can be restabilized. Do not take your lives for granted, but be in honor and in gratitude for everything that you are being offered on this Earth. From the food, the air, the water, the Earth that you walk upon, it is all magnificent, just as you are. I will take my leave and allow my Mother to finish speaking, but I wish for you to know that we love you deeply, we are always looking after you and watching after you, and it is our undying commitment to help the planet to return to balance and peace. She is struggling, as we see that you are as well, but there is no need, for all is in order, all is as it should be. Look only for the good in life, and the good in life will find you. Seek only peace, and only peace will find you. And return to the remembrance of how magnificent you are, and the magnificence shall find you. Go now, my Dear Ones, I thank you for your time, and I thank you for your attention.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come to finish up our message of the day, how important it is to center your hearts in the remembrance of the totality of all that you are. Today, I ask you to hold your frequency at the highest level that you are able to hold it. Bridge the two worlds, of heaven and Earth into your life. Know that you are heaven, you are Earth. And live in this connection, the magnificence and the brilliance of life here on Earth, your life is to be filled with all the fruits of the spirit, letting your light shine and the joy to unfold. Now, as my daughter has come forth and activated your third eye, and imprinted within you and re-centered you as well, returning you to balance, you will be vibrationally aligned with Mother Earth as she is now also returning to balance. And you are partners and stewards of Mother Earth, and you are co-creators with her, in this journey of bringing peace and balance and love once again to our beloved Terra. Know, my children, the power of that which has been brought forth today, it is of great significance that you return to love, loving self, honoring self, and feeling the magnificence of your being. I am magnificent. And so, Dearest Ones, we are so honored to share these gifts with you today, for hold them dear to your heart, be still, be still, be still, and know, my children, that you are deeply, deeply loved. My Yeshua, my Sarah, and all my children, we honor you, we bless you, and we thank you for your willingness to serve and to be served, and until we speak again, feel the peace, feel the union, feel the balance, feel the love, and let your light shine so others may see. And now, Dearest Children, go in peace.

» Source – Channel: Rev. Lea Chapin

Direct Voice Channeling of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene by Fran Zepeda ~ 1.7.17


Hello Everyone….Below is the direct recording of a voice channeling that came through me tonight. I could feel it wanting to come through so I was guided to get my little digital recorder and channel this beautiful message I was receiving from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

I had just put a load of laundry in, as you may hear in the background, but I was so absorbed by the message coming through me, compelled to get it on the recorder, that I didn’t even remember or realize that the background noise was there until I listened to the recording afterwards … I was so taken over by the message coming through that the background noise was blocked out by the potent moments of receiving the message in the Now … All I could hear and feel was the energy and message vibrating in my body and pounding in my ears and I had completely forgotten in that moment that I had even started the laundry!

That is laughingly how my memory has been lately, and how quickly I can be transported into another space and “time” lately, as I’m sure you may relate to!….So please excuse all that and enjoy the message and the energy coming through.

Below the recording, I have transcribed the message into writing for you, in case you would like to read it also, and I have transcribed it as closely as I could, according to the energy and delivery of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s message, as it and they came through.

I recommend you listen to the message first, though, as its energy is powerful and is encoded with lightcodes, love, energy, healing and light information, and the transcript likewise carries forth that energy as well.

As you know, I usually type up the message as it is being transmitted to me, and then sometimes record it afterwards while the Ascended Master is still present, but this time it was different….

…So I give it to you to listen to and to feel and absorb the beautiful energy and words and lightcodes. It filled me with love, healing, and joy while channeling it, and again while listening to it after it was recorded. May it do the same for you.


With My Love and Blessings,

Fran Zepeda




Mary Magdalene ~ The End of The Third Dimension ~ October 15, 2016 — dreamweaver333


Originally posted on roseramblesdotorg: Received by Mercedes Kirkel In a Group Channeling Occasion Question: In this time of turmoil and negative energy, fighting, killing, and what have you in the world, many times people feel anger or hate even, as a response to what’s going on. When you are affected directly or indirectly, that brings all…

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Posted by Crystalai

Crystalai Blog   -Mary Magdelene   –   Completing Our Ascension Plan   –   9-25-16

* shifted into Harmonic Universe two on September 7, 2016. I had already opened the 8th Portal, which was the Huge Central Portal, before the Shift. I have already completed two more portals with my Mary Magdalene Team since then. These twelve Ascension Portals are the KEY TO OUR ASCENSION.

Even though we have shifted into Harmonic Universe Two, the Fourth Density, the area of Consciousness that will allow us to have more of a multi dimensional view of reality than we have had when our mind was stayed on the Five Sense reality of the third dimension.

The reason many have decided to call this the Fourth Density is because there will be many on Earth who will continue to believe that the only Reality is the one they can see, touch, hear and feel and the one that they have scientific evidence of.

Moving into the higher spectrums of the fourth dimension within this NEW OCTAVE of reality can be anything that you want it to be. You can just continue on in your old third dimensional illusions of reality. You can choose to go back and forth between seeing the larger spectrum of light and reality and then returning to the old illusions. Or, you can move completely into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound of the Consciousness of the Angels, where I choose to live all of the time.

The term Ascension explains that Consciousness does not end with the term called Death. Consciousness is a realm of creation that never ends.

Science does not understand the reality from which the human body is formed. Science only understands the reality that it can see from the confines of the three dimensional mind.
Consciousness, creation and intelligence pre-date the manufacture of the body. The body is manufactured through the process of Consciousness being placed into a form. A form is a morphogenetic field or wave of consciousness that is formed into a body or any observable form.

Ascension requires the beginning or realizing that we are Consciousness and what this Consciousness is. The waves of Consciousness that create the Morphogenetic fields of reality actually originate from the Cosmic Sun of creation. The light and sound waves of frequency signatures stream and weave themselves into the Universe and then adapt themselves into various forms depending upon which dimensional template of this form that they appear on.

The body is simply a form of this Consciousness placed into this human body. These same waves of Consciousness that originaly form the light and the Sound of the Sun to be born through the Love which continuously spins in the clock wise motion to create the music of the spheres sending a new symphony of creation through every breath of Mary Magdalene are weaving the entire Cosmic Consciousness of our Original Creation into the Ascension Portals through this POWERFUL SOURCE of Light and Sound that actually Cut through any form of substance that stands before it. This Powerful Source of Light and Sound is the Consciousness of God being connected into the Ascension Portals through a Continuous Eternal At Onement with the Full Cosmic Mother or Cosmic Sun of light and Sound, who is the creator of all forms of Consciousness through this Light and Sound phenomena called the POSITRON in scientific terms.
We have never had a Positron on Earth before except as a scientific experiment creating this phenomena in a science lab. The Positron is a Spectrum of Light that is being emitted by the Sun because it CAN. This is the first time this new Physics that is being created around and through our Earth can be created because it is the first time that the Sun has become Still enough that our Cosmic Scientists can create all of this Universal, Galactic and Cosmic activity to be streaming through the Consciousness of our Sun.

Our Sun has become ONE with all of the other Suns of our Cosmos. The Positron is the reality created by Physics that makes all light and all realms of the light spectrum purely ETHERIC so that they can all penetrate each other and BECOME like one new Light Bulb of Consciousness.

Now, we will begin with a new science of multi dimensionality and begin the process of learning to observe our dimensional realities through a new lense of higher and higher spectrums of light.
We have been living in the hologram of a belief system created by Science itself that limits reality to that which could be seen in the hertzian light spectrum. This spectrum of reality limits the human body to one small spectrum of light and the reality that it presents through the five senses in the body.

We are ascending into the understanding of the Second Harmonic Universe which we shifted into on September 7, 2016.
We are ascending into a new spectrum of light that should at least contain the infra red spectrum of reality just as a result of the shift in physics that is allowing the Positrons to be projected on to Earth from the Sun.

We can ascend into our full spectrum of light and sound which is the Cosmic Sun simply by moving into higher and higher realms of light. We can move our brains into these realms of light. We can move into the part of the brain that connects the observer of reality into the ultra violet blue spectrum of Consciousness.
We have always been able to do these things. However, there are only a few on Earth who took the time out to learn how to do these things. It will become a little more difficult to avoid the possibility of seeing into the realm of the infra red, x ray light and ultra violet blue because we are shifting into an angle of reality that places us inside of the SUN. Well, at least inside of the Consciousness of the Sun.

The concept of Ascension is not just a Spiritual Concept that is only talked about on Sundays during the church service. It is an actual reality in Physics. It is a multi dimensional view of what has been observed as third dimensional.

In order for this Shift in Consciousness to take place this enormous spectrum of reality needed to be returned to Earth. This Consciousness of the Mind of God containing the full light spectrum of all of the particles and anti particles of light needed to be re collected from the Cosmic Realm of Perfect Form. The original Consciousness, the original Consciousness of the Angels, which is the Consciousness of Mother Father God needed to be returned to Earth as Light and Sound itself.
I am Mary Magdalene. I came to Earth from that Cosmic Realm of Perfect Form. I came to Earth to Breath that Glorious Consciousness of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound back into our Mother Gaia.

We are all the creation of this Light and Sound phenomena of Consciousness that spins to Earth through these Ascension Portals to re unite the Full spectrum of light and sound of all of the Music of the Spheres singing together in the most harmonious symphonies that we can create together.

This is the reason that many of you have been listening to my recordings that are made of my breath. My breath carries my consciousness within it. My consciousness of Mary Magdalene is always connected with this Glorious Consciousness of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound. That is the reason why many of you who are waking up can hear a very huge difference between the music that I create and the other music that is being used on Earth for healing purposes at this time.

The music that is called Solfege and is being created as individual hertzian frequencies that people are giving names to are only creation of the same hertzian range of reality that everything else on Planet Earth has been locked in to in order to prevent us from re connecting to our full spectrum of light and sound frequencies.
Some people have attached healing modalities to these specific hertzian forms of reality.

I personally do not agree with any of these conjectures because I know that it is the entire sound spectrum of light and sound within the Cosmic realm itself that must be breathed into the body in order to create ascension into a higher form of consciousness which replicates itself into lower densities of reality.

There were scientists who did see this reality including Bohm and Tesla. They both realized that the use of light and sound would need to be lifted beyond the hertzian into the infinite spectrum of light and sound in order to achieve a broader range of energy flow.

People do get healed by listening to some of these recordings that people are calling hertzian frequencies. But, the reason they get healed is because they BELIEVE that the frequency contains this power of healing. And when they believe that is true, they actually create a connection to the true Cosmic Morphogenetic Reality Field of Consciousness that holds that one tiny speck of light within it.

It is the accidental connection to this full Cosmic Consciousness that creates the healing. It has nothing to do with the actual tone that has been recording. So, most of that healing phenomena that has become a million dollar industry within itself is just the result of more brain washing by the same scientists and doctors that brain washed the people of this planet to believe the medical science that healed them last time around.
Now, back to reality.

Ascension means raising Consciousness into the Understanding that all is created from Consciousness and that Consciousness is a Morphogenetic field of light and sound that flows through the universe in the form of spheres that are created by music so they are called the music of the spheres. And that is the only music that heals. It heals because it fills the body with the original light and sound of the Breath of our Father Mother God.

This is the reality that I came to Earth to return. I am Mary Magdalene. I have always carried that full spectrum of light and sound within me. This is the reason that I am here on Earth now opening the Ascension Portals.

The clock wise spinning that I am using together with my Angelic team is streaming the Songs of Mary Magdalene that are always heard through out the Universe because I am the Queen of one of the 12 universes. This is the reason that I needed to be on Earth at this time. It is the Frequency Signatures of the entire Consciousness of Mary Magdalene who was born Of the Breath of Light. That was my name when God created me . My Mother Father God always had a special purpose for me. I have always been the one who carries the Breath of Light through the Portals during these Ascension Procedures.


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Mary Magdalene will speak on Vanda Guzman’s Radio Show on September 27, 3p.m. est, 12 noon pdt.
I am Mary Magdalene. I am on Earth now in the Flesh. I am working with Yeshuwa ben Joseph, Elaika and several other Angels to open the 12 Ascension Portals which will return the Consciousness of the Original ones to Earth.
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PAULINE BATTELL – Mary Magdalene – Solar Absorption for the Light Body – Mercedes Kirkel at Into The Heart – 8-22-16

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buddha gold silver


By Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I’ve been studying solar rejuvenation and trying to absorb more sunlight to become more of a body of light. I know the best time to do this is when the sun comes up and when the sun sets. But I’m not always in a place where I can see the sun. Do you feel that I’m still absorbing it even though I am not seeing it? Do I have to see it to really absorb the blessings from the sun?

Mary Magdalene: No. Ultimately it is your light body that is absorbing it. It is not your physical eyes at all. It is your light body, your energy body, your etheric body. This absorption can be done through intention. It can be done without being in the physical presence of the sun, because it is not a physical system that you are working with.

The physical is a support, and especially in the beginning, this can be very helpful. But it is not necessary.

You can also draw this light from other stars. Do not be limited by only your sun.






Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin – Hollow Earth News – 5-16-16

Mary Magdalene

via Lea Chapin, May 16th

Sananda May 17, 2016

Courtesy of


Good morning, Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your frequency I see that you are holding your light upon this most powerful day. I wish to speak about your light codes that are coming into this planet, and the power of this energy that is affecting your human body and your own psyche. I know that we’ve spoken very heavily about these energies, but it is very important to understand that these light codes have those what we call [unclear] forms in the light frequencies, and this pattern is quite unique for there is a mathematical equation that is being brought forward into your own DNA. What is happening is that it is the energy of what we call original creation, of how everything was designed and created within the universe. And these powerful light codes are now being infused within your pineal, your pituitary, and within your own DNA.

And so Dearest Children I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to bring in this essence, for these powerful frequencies are of the beautiful golden and the white light natures, they are of great significance and of great power, for it is of the union that is being brought forward through the energies of the Christ light, merged with the energy of the beautiful energy of Shekhina, as this beautiful energy of Divine Feminine is beautifully merged with the energy within the Christ Consciousness energy. It has been brought forward into the Holy of the Holies, it is there that this energy of the light frequency is of great significance and great power. And so know at this time that the light that you hold, the peace that you hold, the energy that you hold, the essence that you hold is of greatness and of grandness. So I ask you Dearest Children to take a deep inhaling breath, and to breathe in the essence of peace, breathe in the essence and presence of light, yes Dearest Ones, it is known as the elixir of life, the original creation of all that is. And we ask you to breathe and release, and allow these beautiful, powerful light codes of the elixir of life to merge within your essence.

The Holy of the Holies are here, and they stand before you, and they reach into your heart, and they open up your heart chakra if you so allow, and they allow you to merge into the essence of your being. Opening your vessel into the purest frequency, the purest of love, with your energy and your frequency in this essence of Divine Love, and allow the beautiful energy of the Holy of the Holies now to infuse you. For you see the light codes are merging through your being, and as we have told you before, they are creating both great love and joy within the hearts of many, and yet turbulence and chaos in others. These frequencies are indeed of the pure energy of God’s white light, and as they enter into your physicality, allow yourself to feel them with the greatest of ease. Allow this energy to come into your physicality, allow your body to respond. Allow your heart to open to the energy of peace, and allow the frequency of the energies to merge within your essence. And so as the beautiful Holy of the Holies stand before you, they surround you with this beautiful light energy, which if you accept, may you receive the essence and the embrace of their love. Today as you emerge into this frequency and allow yourself to shift once again from your third dimensional bodies into your crystalline light bodies, these new light codes are vibrating within you, like a beautiful rainbow of colors, as your body is vibrating and shifting and awakening, and anointing you with love, bathing you with the beautiful golden light of God’s love within your heart, within your soul, within your very essence you are being bathed with this beautiful beautiful Golden White Light of God. There is peace within your heart, and tranquility is felt upon your soul, so you understand and remember the energy and the essence of who you truly are.

Remember Dearest Ones that you are Gods and Goddesses, and vibrant vibrant light. Remember Dearest Ones that you are vibrant, and you are light. These light codes are infused within you, it is the energy of original creation, these light frequencies are being infused within your physicality, and they are the gifts of life. We call them the gifts of life because just as your bodies, all of your lifetimes have been in service to humanity, to Mother Earth, and to the Great Creator, you have gifted your physical body. And so Dearest Children, at this time, stand in the purity of the love that you are, may you feel the essence and presence of these powerful light codes that are being infused within your system. Allow this energy to merge within your physicality, within your merkabic field, within your ethereal energy bodies. And allow this powerful frequency of the rainbow colors to now merge through your eyes, so you will be able to see clearly and feel the essence of love, so that you will see clearly and feel the essence of love.

I know Dearest Ones it has been difficult for many of you, for you have not felt loved. You have felt cheated from life in many ways. And yet you have given your body in service, and these powerful light codes are bringing forth the power of love into your system, so that you can feel this energy and be revitalized, rejuvenated, and remember who you are, and the beautiful essence of all that you are. So I ask you to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe. Begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, begin to breathe in the essence and presence of love, and breathe in these powerful light codes. These light codes will be magnified for the next 30, 40, and 45 days. Yes, they are flooding the planet at this time, they will be quite magnified within the next 30, to 40, to 45 days. There will be intensity of energy, and as you pray and receive the light codes within your body, your bodies can heal, your bodies can be rejuvenated, your bodies can be restored with the frequency of love.

May the heart of your heart be at peace, may the heart of your heart be love, may the heart of your heart be light. As you enter into this beautiful frequency at this time, we take you into the beautiful sea of creation, not the cave of creation but the sea of creation, it is the energy of vastness, of all that is, the energy of oneness. It is as if you are going into the universe, into the galaxy, and there dearest children, there is peace, there is love, and there is hope. And so Dearest Ones, I ask you to open your heart, to this beautiful beautiful energy of the sea of vastness. You are returning home, you see, it is a beautiful seafoam green, mixed with the golden beautiful white light. As if you are the vastness of the sea, but you are floating, and you are effortless. And your spirit is awakening, and returning back to oneness. This is what these beautiful light codes are doing, they are flooding each individual so that they may return to their oneness, and there as you imagine yourself as this beautiful seafoam green, the vastness of this energy, as if you are in space traveling through time, as it were. Not your physical body, but your spirit and soul are now being bathed in oneness. And there, Dearest Children, you are feeling this freedom out of your body, out of your soul, out of your mind. Into this beautiful frequency of love, and so as you allow your heart to open, and you feel this peace, and may you feel the tranquility, and may you feel the light of God surrounding you.

And there you are in this beautiful frequency, as the energy holds you in this powerful powerful space of unconditional love. Can you feel this energy of unconditional love, and the vastness of the beautiful seafoam green energy? It is the seed of creation. It is where you were created, so allow all of your own essence and all of your essent self to feel this. Remember every soul journey, and every lifetime is being bathed with a sea of love. All of your incarnations, every aspect of your spirit and soul journey has been bathed in unconditional love. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you receive it? Children you have sacrificed yourselves for your mission to serve this planet. And so we gift to you this beautiful beautiful beautiful energy, bathing you in unconditional love. Accept this as our gift unto you, for it is of great importance that you honor yourself and be honored for your service and for your devotion of all of your incarnations of time. For you see Dearest Children you do not know or understand all that you have done in service, in your history of mankind. And this incarnation may seem fruitless but it is not. You are here to hold the light, and regardless of what you are doing, or what you believe you are not doing, you are all holding the beautiful light for this planet to ascend, for humanity to ascend, for all the world to see and to know. Do not allow the darkness of the world to overcome you or overtake you. Do not allow anything or anyone to hold you back from your greatness and your grandness, just as Grand spoke last week of your magnificence, we are infusing these light codes within you today so that you can easily and effortlessly hold your frequency of grandness and magnificence, into your being. For those who are not for your highest good will fall away, people, places, things that are not for your highest good will fall away. And so know at this time that the light that you hold, the essence that you hold, the peace that you hold, the grace that you hold is indeed revered.

We know Dearest Ones that it is difficult to be on the earth plane. Jeshua and I understood this, and yes, the Holy Mother, and Joseph, and all of us understood the difficulty, but we came together to be at peace and to bring love, and to bring the joy, and as we have said we left our imprint to be reawakened at the appointed hour, for the energy of Divine Mother, Divine Shekhina, to be awakened, the energy of Divine Goddess. And now we hold this beautiful essence in this powerful frequency today, and as you allow the energy to merge into your pineal gland, it will awaken your remembrance. And you feel the presence of God within your being. You will remember your oneness within your being, that you are no longer separated, that the world that you live in is an illusion, and holds the energy of duality. But you are never separated from your Creator God, you are never separated from the individual light codes of your original creation. And so today as you feel this energy of the vastness of the light codes flooding you, surrounding you, now accelerate yourself into the next leg of your journey, and when you make the decision to turn back into spirit, into the energy of the vastness of oneness, into your final ascension home when it is time, you will be pleased with how you have served. Today we are serving you, giving on to you, our gift of light. As I have said, these light codes are upon the planet for the next 30 to 40 to 45 days, flooding your planet with new frequencies and energies for humanity and all sentient beings. Where there has been darkness there will now be light and truth will now come forward. And each of you will be able to have the clarity of purpose that you have been seeking, clarity of purpose that you have been seeking.

And may you seek the light inside of yourself, and Dearest Children the beautiful energy of St. Germaine is with us, the violet flame of transmutation is now inside of each of you, transmuting your own darkness and opening your third eye so that you may bring the new light codes within your physicality into your third eye, opening and awakening your third eye even grander for clarity of purpose. And the pulsation and the energy that is being downloaded into your chakras, but particularly into your third eye, will allow you to hold the visions of your pathway, as one of the Holy of the Holies are here holding the frequency for each of you. You are very special and you are very important, and you are holding the frequencies inside of you. And so as you allow yourself to receive this gift of light, know that the heart of your heart is peace. And the heart of your heart is love, and the heart of your heart is joy. And the remembrance of who you truly are now comes flooding back to you.

And yes Dearest Children, as the third eye opens, you will be able to see visions of your future, and understand your past and your present. You see it is a journey, and everything falls into place as it should. If you allow yourself to be in harmony and synchrony with your own oneness, and yet Dearest Children most of you second guess yourself, struggling as if you’re in a bubble of light, trying to get out of this bubble. You are resisting your connection to oneness. And you wonder why you struggle, we ask you to relax and to breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. Relax and breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. Relax and breathe, and allow the energy to unfold. May the light of God surround you the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

So we ask you to visualize yourself as a beautiful spirit no longer struggling with these light codes that are coming in at this time, which have tremendous tremendous power, and they hold the original creation. There has been separation, and this is why the energy of what you may call your Adam and Eve, for it is this separation of unity consciousness, and the division of the Divine Union, which became separated, the story is not the truth, but it is a parable, the parable of the division of the union of Father/Mother God in its separation from truth and oneness.

So today we reconcile this within you, reconcile the division and the separation of Father/Mother God inside of you, you have returned back to Divine Union, and you are returning to your oneness, no longer struggling with the separation of your beautiful spirit and yes, the twin flames come together in Divine Union, and they too are unified in spirit. Unified in spirit, all flames are being unified in spirit, within physical form and in ethereal form, are being unified. This is the power of the light codes that are being brought forth at this time. There is no longer division or separation, there is only truth, love, light, and healing. And so as you feel this essence within your soul, that you have come now to reunification with yourself, the powerful energy of this beautiful energy, these beautiful light codes returning to oneness. I remember union, I remember the divinity inside of myself, I am love, I am peace, I am joy, I am light. And may the love of God surround you, and the power of God protect, and the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

And the Holy of the Holies have healed this energy around you, and it is of great importance and great significance that you honor the light that is being gifted to you today, and to all your essent self. It is a commitment that we and all of life have agreed to. Yes, all sentient beings on this earth plane have agreed to serve, and now, the beautiful energy can begin to serve you. Allow these beautiful light codes to serve you, to heal, to restore the love within your psyche or your soul. We are never far from you, so all you have to do is ask us, to call on these beautiful frequencies, for they are there for you, flooding around you every moment for the next 30-45 days. And you will begin to feel them, and begin to feel the energy, and will be rejuvenated, no longer walking through what we call the quicksand or the sludge of the energy on this planet. It is why we have taken you into the sea of Creation, into the vastness, returning you back into this creative energy of Oneness, where all is possible, and all that is. There is no resistance, there is only love. There is no fear, there is only light, there is no separation, there is only unity. And so today as you feel this embracing around you, and truly truly surrounding you with unconditional love, you are all loved more than you can understand. We want you to feel it, and to acknowledge it, and bring it into your heart chakra, and feel at peace. I am love, and I am loved, I am love, and I am loved.

May the love of God truly surround, and may the power of god truly protect you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is and all is well. What may appear to be separation within your life is an illusion. Step into the vastness of these beautiful light codes, into the sea of creation, and you will never feel alone, you will never feel separated. And so accept our gift unto you on this beautiful beautiful day. May the love touch you hearts, and may the Holy of the Holies anoint you, with the blessings of all that is, and all that shall be. We are here to serve you. But today as you allow yourself to open to this richness, this beautiful vastness, all that is, you are returning home to yourself, can you feel it? Can you sense it? And may it be bestowed upon your soul, and so we will leave this with you upon this beautiful beautiful day, allowing your heart to open to this richness of love. We will take our leave now, and allow you to feel the essence and presence of this energy, and may you return back into consciousness, for this is no longer to be a planet of fear, it is to be a planet of love, and you Dearest Children as you are bathed in the love, will serve the light of God, in your truest essence. Now go my children and be at peace, and know that you are God.

Channelled by : Lea Chapin

Message From Mary Magdalene – Channeler Lea Chapin – 11-24-15



Message From Mary Magdalene   –   Channeler Lea Chapin   –   11-24-15


Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into each of your energy fields I feel a great deal of excitement and also trepidation, for today it is about liberation, it is about moving forward into spiritual liberation. At our last gathering Christ spoke about the beautiful energy of peace that is running through the ley lines and the grid lines of this planet, and the unification of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies upon this planet.

As we have unified and united our frequencies upon this earth plane, there is a great deal of excitement and also anticipation of what this energy will bring forward. Many of you are holding within your hearts fear of earth changes and what might come as this energy brings forth its powerful energy of freedom. I ask you to place your feet firmly on the ground, and imagine yourself deeply connected to the energy of Mother Earth. As you place your feet into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, grounding your energy, grounding your essence, grounding your physicality, that you may hold the space of love for the beautiful beings of light, for all to be liberated, all to be set free.

So I ask you to take a deep breath, begin to breathe in the essence and the presence of peace, and to breathe in the essence and presence of joy, and to breathe in the essence and presence of light, that holds the beautiful essence, the light frequency of freedom within your being. And so as you begin to breathe in this powerful essence, I ask that you hold the space of love for yourself and then for another, hold the space of love first for yourself and then for another. Today as Jeshua and I come, we come to liberate you from your physical limitation and your physical reality. As Jeshua received his liberation, as he moved forward into his ascended light body, after the crucifixion and resurrection, we want to bring this frequency unto you on this day, so that you, too, are liberated from your physical bodies. Allowing you to transcend between dimensions, and allow yourself to hold the beautiful frequency of light for this planet.

And now that the unification of Mother/Father energy is on this planet, each of you are standing in the frequency of what we call the rainbow energy. You are in this beautiful, powerful frequency of translucent light, and we ask you to hold this frequency within your being. And so please take a deep deep deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, and breathe in this rainbow frequency of what we call spiritual liberation. In these changing times it is necessary for you, Dearest Children, to rise above the mundane? As you begin to live in the higher frequencies of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies you shall remain in your physical body, but your physical body will become lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter, just like your Lemurian brothers and sisters, you will hold higher frequencies of knowledge and wisdom, beauty and grace.

Today as you feel this beautiful rainbow frequency entering through your crown chakra, may you connect your heart, your mind, your soul, and all aspects of your being to this beautiful rainbow frequency of the human way, of what we call freedom and spiritual liberation. Yes, dearest children, there is a way of spiritual liberation and freedom. Allowing yourselves to tap into this beautiful way, so that you are not limited to your physicality. This is what we mean when we say live in this world but not of it. And just as Jeshua transformed himself into his crystalline light body and walked the earth plane in his beautiful Christ Essence, he was never the same, but he was grander. He was able to move through all dimensional time and space, without limitation, and continued to walk upon this earth plane in his luminescent light body.

You dearest children will begin to shine, shine, shine, and walk through the energy frequencies from the third to the seventh dimension with ease. These days that are ahead for this planet can be trying, but it is a part of the liberation of Mother Earth from the third dimensional frequency. And you, dearest children, are also being liberated as we speak. The angels, the archangels in the celestial realm are celebrating the energy of your freedom, for it has been a long journey in your physicality. And yet, you’ve come to bring the energy of peace upon this planet. You’ve come to bring the energy of love upon this planet. You’ve come to bring the energy of renewal upon this planet. And so, dearest ones, as you hold this powerful frequency in the essence of your being, we ask that you now focus upon your third eye, your all-seeing eye, as Dear Horus(?) is here to activate your third eye. The power of the all-seeing eye to penetrate and to move through the limitations of this earth plane, which you may be able to see clearly in your journey.

And so dearest ones, dear Horus is here with us as well as his mother Isis. And so allow dear Horus to reactivate your third eye, so that the clarity of your vision can come forth. This will help each of you to be able to be spiritually liberated, so that your troubles and your worries can now fall aside. As you recall the vision, and become your own prophet, entering these frequencies, which may allow your life path to unfold with grace and ease. We understand the third dimensional frequency is difficult to travel through, and depending on where you are living in this world, the energies can be denser and heavier than in certain regions and ley lines around the planet. Remember, you are riding the wave of the way of freedom and liberation. When you physically transcend, your spirit is able to soar into new third dimensional times and spaces at will. You are able to do this in your physicality, which you are not truly able to remember in your conscious state. Now, dearest children, you will be able to transcend with conscious awareness. This may appear confusing, but I tell you, dearest children, that this new frequency that is upon the planet of peace and love is extremely potent and extremely powerful.

So dearest children, as you step onto this wave of light, you move forward with grace and ease. Because today is a graduation day, it is a celebratory day, it is a day of great excitement. For each of you will be able to move forward into your mission work rather quickly. No longer allowing the third dimensional energies to affect you, and today it is like you are releasing the anchors that are holding you to the third dimension.

And so clearly focus on your third eye, and Horus is here with us. And imagine that you are releasing the anchors that keep you limited to the third dimensional frequency. Allow yourself to live in this world but not of it, simply rise to the higher frequencies, and like an eagle you will have a greater perspective, which you are able to see, feel, sense, and know what is right and true for your own individual lives and for your mission. And so today, dear Horus comes and he sharpens, as they say, your third eye. Being in the powerful frequency of Divine Sophia at Mt. Shasta was very effortless for many of you, for your third eye to be open. And so we bring this same frequency to you today. What is happening is that you are a vortex of your own, you are a powerful vortex, encapsulating an energy field, encapsulated in the light frequency of all that you are. And so this powerful vortex that you are encapsulated within and around and through, is spinning in a counter clockwise fashion, and each of you are being, as we say, recalibrated as we speak.

Do not be afraid of how this will alter your consciousness, for the vision you hold and will continue to carry within your third eye will not be simple, there is nothing to be afraid of, this energy that will be drawn unto you will truly be vision, that is for your highest good and the highest good of your mission. Be not afraid of your own power, be not afraid of your own frequency, stand in the truth of who you are. You are all needed to bring peace and love to this planet, and now as conduits and messengers of light and love and healing, your powers are accelerating. This is of truth. You will never be the same again from this day forward, if you allow the frequencies to truly embody you, for they are the way of liberation and freedom.

The soul’s journey has been long and arduous for many of you, and you’ve gone through cycles and cycles and cycles of change. And you may(?), as we have said, the liberation, the excitement, the enthusiasm of allowing yourself to walk in your crystalline light body of your true Christ Essence. You are here, just as Jeshua, walking on this earth plane, leaving droplets of the energy of peace and love wherever you go. And people will be drawn unto you, will come to you like a magnet, for you are like a beautiful diamond, shining, beautiful, luminescent, lovely and divine. Walking gently upon this earth plane, knowing that this planet will return back to the planet of peace and love in which she was intended, her exalted state of being and restoration. And there in this powerful powerful frequency, you are the diamond light keepers. Your beautiful light is supporting her and helping her to maintain her beautiful frequency in her beautiful exalted state of peace and love. She is so pleased, Mother Earth, with all of you. That you’ve dedicated your lives to help assist her. Week after week after week you come together to support her, to love her, to honor her. Today she honors and anoints you in her beautiful grace, peace and tranquility. It has been long overdue, and yet, in this beautiful month of November 2015, the 11th month, is the perfect energy and the frequency of 11 is about peace.

In Jeshua’s book, the 11th lesson is peace, and how powerful it is to bring and call in this energy of peace in this 11th month. As you come forward and celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States of America, celebrating freedom, celebrating liberation, uniting and feeling this liberation of your soul, the liberation of your country, the liberation of the planet, know today, Dearest Children, that you are liberated and you see, dearest ones, the anchors that have tied you to this earth plane and all of its problems. You are no longer held captive, it is always up to you, your free will choice, to anchor yourself back into the third dimension. But it is not necessary.

Each of you upon this call have chosen to serve and to be served. Each of you have separate missions, but a collective mission to bring peace and love to this planet. And the holy of the holies are here, and the beautiful energy of the no-names. For they are my guides and teachers, as they are for you as well. At the time when Jeshua moved into his crystalline light body, and moved into the exalted state of his beautiful crystalline frequency, we were all delighted to know and to feel the power of his love and his peace, for he truly comes to bring this powerful frequency for all to feel and to know, and you dearest children, are his disciples, walking this frequency, walking this power, walking into this light, never to be the same again.

As we now begin to work with the energy of Atlantis, on the eastern coast of Florida, we are quite delighted, because the energy grid and the frequencies that are taking place of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean are now rising forward to receive the balance, once again of the balanced masculine and the balanced feminine, in the beautiful continent of Atlantis. You see, dearest children, as the beautiful energy of Lemuria and Divine Sophia has emerged, she has now come forward to embrace the darkness and bring in the energy of light for the illumination, for the harmony and balance to return to this planet. And as Ramu steps forward, calling forth his powerful energy once again, we are making all, including yourself, to return to that exalted state of balance, deep inside of your being.

This is why we come forward with this liberation today, you can now move forward into this balance. This current civilization is in dire need of change. It is in dire need of balancing the masculine and the feminine, and many do not understand this. They see the world as that of control and indeed, there is truth, that there is chaos, but dearest children understand that there is a higher frequency, the greater frequencies of love and peace running now through the ley lines and the grid lines of this planet. Can you feel it, can you sense it? Can you feel the energy of peace within your being? Can you feel the balance? For you, dearest children, and every being, are the messengers, the teachers, the way-showers. It is now on this beautiful beautiful day, your heart opens to the essence of love. Love will heal all, love will conquer all. Never, dearest children, be afraid of the darkness. Stand in your truth. Today it is as if a smoke shield, a smoke screen, has been cleared from you. And you will have great clarity, for Horus is here, as I’ve said, to help you.

These concepts, these energy frequencies may seem to be foreign to you. How does this apply within your daily life? We ask you to allow it to settle into your consciousness, into your sub-consciousness, into your physicality. And your subtle body and subtle energy forms, will now begin to embody these frequencies, evenly and effortlessly. You are now operating in the higher frequencies, and your life will become easier, as if you are floating through air, through time and space.

As we speak, the revolution that is occurring upon this earth plane is occurring very rapidly. I speak of a revolution, for it is the energy of peace and love. Can you feel your body and your mind relaxing into the moment? And being present, no longer worrying about your past, present or future, remaining in the present. Please take a deep breath and release your anxiety about your past, future or present. Live in the now. Dear One, the crystalline light body on this day of liberation will allow you to transcend as I have said, your fears and your worries, so that you may live in the present moment, calling to yourself what you need at this time.

You will draw to yourself these higher frequencies, what is for your highest good at this time will come to you, what is for your highest good will come to you like a magnet, the people, places and things, easily and effortlessly. This is how you operate, in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional frequencies. Remaining in the present, focusing on holding this energy frequency. You are a magnet dearest children, and this beautiful balance of Ramu’s energy, of holding the powerful balanced masculine energy, once again to return. Now comes forth, the beautiful energy of Divine Sophia/Divine Feminine comes to support you. This beautiful balance is held within the chambers of your heart, the left and right chambers of your heart will bring forth the balance of the Divine Father/Mother God. Dearest children you are no longer meek, you are no longer aggressive. You are balanced, you are whole, you are loved. You are no longer meek, nor are you any longer aggressive, you are evened out to hold this balance.

Literally, within the right and left chambers of your heart, strengthening your heart, strengthening your mind, strengthening your soul essence, strengthening the energy of your beautiful spirit, many of you are seeking your own twin flames. May we ask you to unite with the Father/Mother God within you. To unify and to connect with your true self. The energy of Father/Mother God within you. You are now to be united with your twin flame, in reality to unify the energy within you, the higher frequencies inside of you. The wholeness and unification, the peace and the love, the contentment within your being shall come forth. And there in that unification where Divine Sophia and Ramu come forward to balance this within you, you are truly able to carry forth with balance of your beautiful spirit, in which you were created. This is the unification of your spirit, now embodied in your new physicality. Living truly as a balanced physical spiritual being. This is why Jeshua allowed his energy, his physical body in many ways to be a vessel of transmutation. He ascended, made that choice, to show the world that the true spirit lives on, the balanced energy remains alive and well.

I know we’ve said this many times but he did not literally die, and he did not die to save your sins or to be your Lord and Savior, he came and ascended into his true spiritual essence, his beautiful luminescent energy of wholeness and unity to show you that it is you, too can be at peace. And that you’re able to do this in your physicality.

And so dearest children, he did not literally die, he lived in his beautiful luminescent light body, just as today, you are all being gifted with this transformation. To return to wholeness. This is the gift of spiritual liberation, this is the gift of freedom, that we offer unto you upon this day. My message is now complete, go in peace.

Source:© 2015 Lea Chapin,, All Rights Reserved.

Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda – YOU ARE PURE DIVINE LOVE – 11-14-15

Mary Magdalene

I’m reposting this wonderful message from Mary Magdalene for the relevance to these times of transitioning from Third/Fourth to Fifth Dimensionality.

Hello Beloveds,

It is I, Mary Magdalene, bringing you sweet tidings and abundant Love to all who tune in to my energy this day. I AM full of Love for you All. I AM deep within your hearts this Now Moment.

I wish to speak with you today about Love. About Abundant Love to which you have all fostered a deeper connection to and understanding of in these recent times. You understand it on a much deeper level now, do you not?

Do you understand deeply that YOU ARE LOVE? As you accept the perpetual divine energies pouring into you constantly now, you are no doubt establishing a much deeper understanding of that. As a part of Source, you are also the essence of Source: Love.

This, no doubt, is not new to you. But I want to explore this further and deeper with you.

Love makes up every particle of your Being. It saturates the smallest particle of you, and all of you, to the extent that you allow it. You are a walking, talking entity of Love, a carrier of Love, a perfect example of Love Manifest to all who are awakening.

This requires you of course to not only demonstrate it to others, but to feel it deeply within your core – in every cell, and every smallest particle of every cell and energy system in your Being at all times. You are a floating, thriving, penetrating, pulsing vehicle of Love.

As your crystalline body comes more on-line, this is becoming more apparent to you. It is essential that you not separate yourselves now from your Crystalline Body, your Christ Consciousness and your Love Essence, in how you look at yourselves. It is no longer something to attain. It is what you are NOW.

The more you are aware of this in every Now Moment, the more you will be able to actualize your True Divine Essence, and thus so your every dream.

You can now construct your dreams with this Love that is pulsing in every particle of your Being. And in doing so, you are an example for others.

Love can be used to dissolve every negative aspect of yourself simply by your intention and your acknowledgement that every negative experience, aspect, emotion and thought is merely a construct waiting to be made whole and pure with your ministering of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion, for yourselves, and for every aspect of your Being, and every aspect of others’ Being.

Do you realize that this tool of Love can be wielded with utter power and abandon, knowing that with every swipe of it, you become more whole, more entrenched in your divine nature — more whole within all your aspects, and more capable of absorbing and integrating all parts and aspects of you, multidimensionally, as well as with all aspects of Christ Consciousness/God Consciousness?

By absorbing and demonstrating the full vibrational nature of those divine aspects/Cosmic Rays, you are fully in command of them, and more integrated in full divine expression. Divine Love, which is what we are speaking of today, is just one of them. Divine Harmony, Grace, Divine Will, and Freedom are but a few more, which I will speak of another day.

So absorb fully this beautiful Divine Ray of Divine Love, more fully each moment, and wield it to raise the vibration of all, to create your dreams, and to sustain and raise the beautiful Unity Consciousness becoming prevalent and divinely entrenched in your world now.

Invite all your cells and every particle of them, invite all parts of your Being, to be drenched in Love and let Love glue together all parts of you in perfect Harmony as you walk, talk and live Love.

I have encoded in this message the infinitesimal Essence of Love. Allow it to vibrate within you and allow it to thus color everything you think of and do from this moment on. For this is your birthright. This is your nature. This is your essence. This is your purpose.

Magnify this dose of Divine Love I give you now and saturate your very Being with it, and then saturate all parts of you not in Love or Harmony and watch how you will feel more buoyant and in the Zone of Love — where it takes over all your thoughts and fuels your dreams, sculpts your dreams, and enables others to do the same.


I AM Mary Magdalene in Pure Divine Love.

Source:“Mary Magdalene: You Are Pure Divine Love,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, February 1, 2015, at…

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Mary Magdalene – Illumination and Inspiration – Divine Harmony – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 9-24-15

MaryMagdalene 2

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Mary Magdalene: Hello Beloveds. Today I wish to discuss the Divine Aspect of Harmony. It is a sublime energy comprised of myriad energies coming together in balance. It is the quintessence of your journey here on Earth, the coming together of all your aspects and in complete wholeness, in complete balance and force.

Behold magenta waves of perfection infiltrating all your four bodies now (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies). Behold the soft but substantial presence of a coming together of energies, winding their way in a blending and an integrity that sweeps your whole consciousness.

Within Divine Harmony is the freedom to let go of all dissonance and encompass all into a balanced whole. Within this energy (of Divine Harmony) is possibility of a coming together of all Hearts of Humanity, substantiating the Love within them to allowance of and acceptance of all that is present.

Do not be afraid to dip into the ‘pool’ of Divine Harmony that is already there around you. Let go of your tendency to hold all things separate, and allow all to mesh and blend in complete allowance and acceptance, allowing Divine Love to hold it all together for you.

Let go and feel it now, the sweet soft sublime lilting waves of Divine Harmony entering your field now from Creator. Encompass it into your Being and feel the result of a deep relaxing into your being, knowing all is well and all is as it is meant to be, according to Divine Will.

Accept Divine Harmony now as the ‘glue’ that holds all conflicting feelings together to reveal the true common essence of Divine Love beneath and within, binding all conflicting thoughts and energies into Oneness by focusing on the commonality of all things, which is Love.

Allow Divine Harmony to be the driving force in all your dealings with the outside world as you accept the Divinity within All and match it with your own, and embrace the commonality of all energies and Beings, at the base of which is Divine Love, and from that core, into Oneness.

Within that is birthed Divine Harmony, speaking to the Truth and Divine Essence of all that you encounter where nothing is deemed separate or discordant, but all is in peaceful balance at its core.

And it, Divine Harmony, in being illuminated within your heart, spreads a blanket of peace and fulfillment throughout your Heart, inciting others to do the same so that the collective consciousness is more open to the harmony of all their aspects, and with each other and All-That-Is.

And this I give to you so you can feel the energy of Divine Harmony within and surrounding you always.

With Eternal Love and Harmony,

Mary Magdalene


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Message originally received September 20, 2015

Mary Magdalene via Natalie Glasson – The Simplicity of Love – 9-12-15

HeartMary Magdalene via Natalie Glasson   –   The Simplicity of Love   –   9-12-15

As love becomes a key focus in this period of ascension upon the Earth it is wonderful to take a moment and one cycle of breathing to examine and familiarise ourselves with the energy of love.

The love you experience, receive and share with loved ones, family members, friends, animals and so forth is only a small aspect of the Creator’s extensive love.

The love of the Creator in many ways doesn’t need a physical expression as it is simply present powerfully and eternally, yet as humans you are encouraged to express the love of the Creator in order to fully experience and embody the energy.

Imagine for a moment that the love you share with yourself and loved ones is only a small aspect of the love readily available within you, you begin to allow yourself to contemplate how powerful, valuable and expansive love is. Your capacity to express and receive love is one hundred times greater than you are currently experiencing and even then you wouldn’t truly be able to embody the immense love of the Creator at a physical level.

Love for self and others is similar to the energy of the Creator and yet it is also completely unlike the vibration of the Creator.

Imagine for a moment the love you have for yourself or a loved one. Imagine you strip away for this relationship or friendship all thoughts, emotions, as well as energies of want or need whether they are seemingly bad or good, allow them to be discarded until you are in truth taking away all the human aspects which cause, create, justify or verify the energy of love you experience.

As you continue to experience the energy of love without the human aspects allow yourself to imagine that the loving energy you are feeling is not for the person or soul, let them fall away as well. Within you there is an energy of love which is not attached to anything or anyone it is simply present and its presence will remain for as long as you are accepting.

I now wish for you to imagine that you let go of the label and title which you have given to this loving energy, let the word, ‘love,’ go so that it is almost as if the energy doesn’t have an identity, it simply exists. As you allow this to gently occur you may observe that the energy within you alters, the once labelled love energy within you will take on a new and maybe more truthful form. You will be observing the energy of the Creator within you.

As you ask this energy to grow, expand and become its truth you can continue to observe with acceptance and free from judgment recognising with your soul the magnificent energies of the Creator evolving.

Love is a doorway to experiencing and recognising the Creator more fully within your being and surroundings, yet the love experienced on the Earth isn’t the truth of the Creator, it is akin to an imprint of a greater source of energy.

As we on the inner planes invite you to experience and create the Era of Love we are of course inviting you to become, embody and experience love however we are inviting you to do so with the idea of moving beyond love into the source of the Creator.

Love is merely a title for an energy which cannot be labelled or defined and yet can be fully experienced when you allow yourself the freedom to do so. This freedom is to see, sense or acknowledge love as an energy which is greater than any human physical expression or understanding and yet it can be present in physical form.

With the practices of stripping away ideas and concepts of love in order to experience the essence of the energy which is beyond even its label of love you begin to remember and reform your direct link and alignment with the Creator. As you become accustomed to the essence of the Creator you can begin to notice how your own energy alters as it is being impacted in numerous ways by the essence of the Creator

In truth everything is moving into harmony within your being, this is the joy of ascension bringing forth experiences such as health, abundance, joy, fulfilment, peace, wisdom and synchronicities. Through recognising the healing shifts taking place within your begin this will encourage you to recognise that the same essence of the Creator exists within every person, soul, plant, animal and presence around you.

With a more truthful observation of the Creator within you then you allow yourself to experience the same in everything around you which will dissolve separation and allow you to feel connected in oneness with everything, recognising all as the Creator.

You begin to feel that which is within you within everyone and everything thus connecting you with the vast universe of the Creator. Anything that you feel, sense and acknowledge within you can always be recognised and sensed within everything and anyone around you, this has been the case throughout your entire lifetime.

Sometimes that which you experience outside of you validates your truth and other times it verifies the illusions you hold as truth.

When you begin to acknowledge the essence of the Creator through the gateway of love then a new perspective which is free from attachment, misunderstanding, illusions and false identities rises from within you and is reflected back at you from others. Thus you are encouraging yourself to have a deeper relationship with the Creator within your human form and your surroundings. This is what you may label the ascension and the enlightenment process.

The simplicity of love has the ability and offers you the opportunity to carry yourself into the very truth and core of the Creator’s essence as you exist in physical form. Imagine all the ways that love can be created and activated within your being through acts of kindness, caring, generosity and so forth.

Love is not the truth of the Creator however it is a valuable journey to the source of the truth of the Creator. This in truth is my message to you, it is time to see the experience of love not as the ultimate energy of the Creator more so as the key to unlocking the essence of the Creator.

With this perspective and knowledge you will encourage yourself to push boundaries in your alignment with the Creator at a physical level encouraging greater journeys into the core and truth of the Creator. Love for you will become more truthful likened to an inner plane experience on the Earth, thus bringing the inner planes/heavens to the Earth, creating a bridge of light.

This journey to remembrance of the Creator is not a long and arduous experience as you might perceive, if you wish to be it can be as simple as love in its greatest form and expansion.  It is time to realise and perceive that life, ascension and enlightenment are easy because mastery has already been achieved within you.

You may feel as if you are always striving to be your truth and yet your truth is simply who you are in your most expansive form, there is simply a need to re-familiarise yourself with your true form. Your true form is the Creator and therefore does not have any identity, character, wisdom or form, it simply exists, and in its existence everything is present.

In many ways I am offering you an easy and truthful pathway to the Creator and yet it will require you to let go of the need to over think and analyse yourself and ascension, to heal and let go of emotions belonging and not belonging to you as well as dissolving attachments and actions of the ego. This will all take place with ease and perfection with the simplicity of love.

“Through love I access the expansive nature of my truth and the Creator. I free myself from the energy of striving and struggling to achieve my ascension because I remind all aspects of my being that with the development of love within my being I am creating a gateway which I can easily enter into and embody. Through this gateway is all that I wish to experience and embody in my ascension.

I recognise love as a journey to my conscious unity with the Creator, a journey which is easy and fulfilling in all ways. With love I allow myself to be, experience and expand my truth. I now encourage myself to recognise the essence of the Creator within and all around me, acknowledging that this essence positively impacts my being and is an energy I feel most comfortable with. I allow myself to be and experience my truth in my present moment. I am fulfilled.”

You are so much more than love as is the Creator and this is important to humbly recognise as it will transport you in a very pure way to new highs of your ascension with perfection.

Do not mistaken my message to you as unimportant due to its simplicity, allow yourself to contemplate the processes of embodying and exploring that which I speak of.

With the power and simplicity of love,

Mary Magdalene

“Mary Magdalene: The Simplicity of Love,” Channelled through Natalie Glasson, September 11, 2015,

Source: Sacred School of OmNa

MARY MAGDALENE – Choosing to Leave the Earth Realm – Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart – 9-5-15

Space Mermaid by Josephine Wall artART : Space Mermaid ~ Josephine Wall


Choosing to Leave the Earth Realm
Image by Louis Janmot

Received by Mercedes Kirkel 


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QUESTION: Is it true that the earth’s vibrational energy is increasing and people are leaving because they can’t accept it?
MARY MAGDALENE: That is very simplistic. It is more complicated than that. It is true that the earth’s energy is increasing. There are many different responses that people have to that.
Some people choose to leave in response to the increasing energy. Some people choose to leave because they have completed their time here. Their karmic agreements have been fulfilled. Some people leave because they want to serve this process in a different way.
Ultimately no one leaves. They just change state. So people may choose to “transfer to a different company,” or “change the channel.” (Mary laughs.)
There is a frequency that’s being held on earth right now that is very important. Many beings–many light beings and many light human beings–have come to support that.
Many people are experiencing this increased energy in physical ways that are challenging. They’re anchoring the energy through their physical body and physical being. Some people experience it more energetically, some people more emotionally. But energetically and physically tend to be the strongest.
This is very important work that’s happening now, which many beings have come to help with, probably many of you. It is important not to judge, not to look at it in a two-dimensional way as to whether beings are doing something or not, doing a particular form or not. That does not support anyone.
The most important thing is to stay focused on your path. Love every being to the very best you are able and know that you don’t know another being’s path. Sometimes it is very different from how it appears through the filter of the mind.
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Accepting the Creator’s Truth by Mary Magdalene – Via Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa – 8-21-15

Accepting the Creator’s Truth by Mary Magdalene   –   Via  Natalie Glasson   –   Sacred School of OmNa  –   8-21-15

Greetings divine beings of light, I, Mary Magdalene come forth with the consciousness and light frequencies of the Goddess Community, distributing this energy as well as my own to surround you in a blaze of light. Our light surrounds you in a ring of fire the colour of pale pink, violet, gold and white, our energy is present with you now to lift all forms of limitations from your being, reality and creations. Let yourself feel the ring of fire move around you gradually drawing closer into the core of your being. It is time to let go of all perceptions, everything as you know it is changing. This means that many perspectives of illusion and false understanding are shifting to make way for the truth. As you imagine yourself existing in the ring of fire, knowing that the Goddess Beings are present with you, we invite you to surrender all that you know yourself to be to the Creator settin g yourself free from anything and everything that is burdening you now. The ring of Goddess fire will draw close to you dissolving illusions and unveiling the truth.

The greatest perspective and focus you can hold at this time of ascension is to be available to receive the truth of the Creator in whatever form, situation or experience it manifests in your being or reality. You will recognise the truth of the Creator as it will come forth with a feeling of resonance, a sense of freedom and even in the most challenging of times a sense of relief or happiness. Sometimes it can take time and a period of processing for you to become accustomed to the qualities, presence and consciousness of the Creator forming within your being and influencing your reality.

‘I now discover and experience comfort and fulfilment in the truth of the Creator.’

It is time to let go of the perspectives which has been long engrained within the consciousness of humanity that illusions and false perceptions are comfortable while the truth of the Creator is painful to connect with and accept. Much of this consciousness evolves from punishment being dictated by other human beings to those who surrender themselves fully to the Creator. It is now time to move into oneness with the Creator, this has never before been so important. As you move into oneness and alignment with the Creator, surrendering yourself to the Creator, you allow yourself to enter into a space and existence within you which is immensely receptive to the Creator. The Creator will then download a divine consciousness into your soul, to be conveyed through your mind, emotions and physical expressions. It is for you to hold, share and treasure this consciousness, not as your own but as an extension of yourself and the Creator. Imagine what it would be like to hold a divine consciousness delivered to you from the Creator for you to use, express and radiate creatively from your being. This already occurs within every person upon the Earth to some extent and yet a greater download of light and consciousness is available to those who choose to receive in order for the truth vibration of the Creator to pulse through the physical form of humanity far greater than ever experienced before.

Many of you have been preparing for a download of light and consciousness of truth which is far beyond anything you have ever experienced. Your meditations, affirmations, prayers, invocations and healing are aligning you with the Creator so you may receive the Creator, like a capsule of truth for you to cherish, which will eventually become a part of your personality, character and even your appearance. Do not be fearful if your thoughts, perspectives, beliefs, views and principles alter, know that for you moving into alignment with the truth of the Creator is easy and graceful.

It is at this stage that I, Mary Magdalene wish to invite you to imagine what it would be like to hold the consciousness of the Creator within your mind. It is an impossible task as your opinions can only be born from the perspectives formed by your Earthly experiences and yet it is something I invite you to experience. Imagine the consciousness of the Creator within your mind, filling your thoughts, views, perspective and beliefs with the brilliant light and truth of the Creator. First notice any insights or enlightenment which dawns, be aware of any judgements, doubts or fears which rise and most importantly enjoy the sensation and experience knowing that the truth of the Creator, whatever it may be, is merging with and awakening from within your being. The Creator’s wisdom is dawning from within you. This may not make you wise, knowledgeable or aware, being able to deliver in sights in your reality or to loved ones, however it will gradually synthesise with your being altering your vibration and allowing you to become more receptive to the Creator working through you. While your actions and reactions are important and wish to be aligned with your soul it is your simple existence; being which is essential. To be of a high vibration and consciousness connected to the Creator means that from that moment of pure and blissful union with the Creator any expression of beauty and divinity has the opportunity to manifest beyond boundaries and limitations. It is the state where any divine expression has the opportunity to manifest which is of greatest interest as if this is possible then you have allowed yourself to firstly align and merge with the Creator while secondly trusting in the active presence of the Creator within you as well as guiding you. By imagining the consciousness and light of the Creator within your mind you allow yourself to move into t his blissful state of active integration and interpretation of the Creator. The energy fills your entire being creating shifts and alterations which release illusions and false perspectives.

Where the Creator exists and is welcomed with and as truth, false illusions and perspectives cannot remain. This is occurring upon the Earth now for a great percentage of humanity, while it is a process of moving towards experiences of love and bliss the journey can awaken all energies of challenges, suffering, insecurity and fear from within the old consciousness of your being.

Remember that the reality within your mind is your only reality, in the same way the reality within the mind of another is their only reality. It is important to ensure the reality within your mind is fulfilling, truthful and loving for you and all around you, supporting your happiness and spiritual evolution. It is wonderful to contemplate how two people or groups of people may experience the same or a similar reality. It is impossible to project the entire consciousness of a person onto another so that person becomes and experiences the same reality. The only way to create a bridge between yourself and the realities of others is through your expression of love, energetic acceptance and emanation of the truth of the Creator, this will instantly create connections. As each person on the Earth achieves an expression of love and energetic acceptance and emanation of truth of the Creator especially from their minds and consciousness, then the minds of humanity will merge creating a new higher vibrational consciousness for every person to draw from. Thus the consciousness of humanity which is like a pool from which you draw from will be a source of enlightenment encouraging all to be present in states of unison with the Creator ready to express the Creator in any given moment. This is something I wish to encourage you to contemplate as it is occurring already within your being as the consciousness of humanity is altering and shifting.

Even if you cannot grasp the communication I am sharing with you I wish to invite you to be vigilant to false perspectives and illusions giving them the healing and love they require to set yourself free to move into a state of truth. I also invite you to be vigilant to and not to hold onto or even try to interpret the truth of the Creator as this will encourage more evolved states of awareness and connection with the truth of the Creator. At this time I encourage you to focus upon simply being rather than doing or exploring unless you are guided to as this will enhance your connection with the Creator creating space for alterations and shifts to occur within your being preparing you for greater expressions of the Creator.

‘I am ready to be present with my truth, my truth is all that is the Creator.’

Let this be your focus at this stage of your ascension,

With constant flowing love,

Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene – Welcome this Newer Version of You – Channeler Fran Zepeda – 8-5-15

Welcome to this new version of you, harvesting and manifesting as you continue to receive and accept these new energies of the present Gateway beckoning you now. You have laid the groundwork and now so much is waiting for you to discover about yourselves. The New You that so many have talked about is a work in progress, but you will notice that lately you have experienced a deeper, more grounded awakening of your True Divine Selves.

Your merging of your higher aspects, your I AM Presence, has been stepped up and is stepping up continually and if you were to place a vision of yourselves in previous moments next to a vision of how you are in this moment, you would notice a great difference. The acceleration of your development is a little astonishing, but all you need to do is continue to ride this current wave of awakening with complete openness and acceptance with a bit of curiosity thrown in.

For in that comes a further openness to your Purity, your True Divine Essence, your Oneness with All That is,  that is being played out in continual harmony and progression, constantly replacing and clarifying and purifying your former versions of your Being, as you open to your expansion, relishing all the clarity, insights and understandings coming along with it.

It is as if you are working on a painting, and with each new addition and enhancement, more beauty and clarity is coming to the forefront, constantly changing the whole picture as you allow each new layer and element to evolve. You are a beautiful masterful work in progress, and lately you may notice that the depth and clarity of your new perspectives are amazing. It is as if you are looking through the brand new eyes of a new-born, to discover everything that is there in a brand new way. It is as if you never saw it before in quite that light.

And indeed you haven’t, for you are entering a new platform for you to operate from, and now lies before you the task of discovering all that is available in this new world you are creating, in this new dimension you have embraced. You have been presented with a whole new set of tools to navigate this new world, and it will take some practice and acceptance to fully explore them.

This is what you have been waiting for; this is what you have been working on for so long, and it will just get more and more astounding and enriching as you keep building on this Moment of Clarity that you are embracing.

Sit with this thought and truth right now: You are in possession of all you need to stay in the higher dimensions, coloring and influencing your whole existence each moment that you sustain this experience. It is a subtle yet profound movement and you are being offered the opportunity now to allow yourselves to be lifted and sustained on this new current or higher dimensional “airstream”, sweeping you along to new experiences and perceptions.

So allow yourselves to continue to be lifted, as the incoming Light of the coming days will bring more revealing glimpses into this new version of you. You are becoming Beacons of Christ Consciousness, lighting the way for all.

I AM Mary Magdalene, in Pure Love Essence.


Healing to Wholeness Sessions and Channelings by Email are back on Special, to assist in your further Awakening:

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Mary Magdalene and Yeshua via Fran Zepeda – Creation and Manifestation ~ Mixing the Palette of your Love Essence – 7-31-15

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua via Fran Zepeda   –   Creation and Manifestation   ~  

Mixing the Palette of your Love Essence   –   7-31-15


Hello Dear Ones. We Are Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, and we bow before you, together.

The Sweet Pure Love Essence that we are, our energies entwined together, we offer to you now for your inherent manifestation. This Sweet Pure Love Essence that you are is there, and is magnified now in our Presence, if you allow it.

Within that is Creation, and Manifestation of that Creation, ever-entwined and ever-present for you to realize.

Dear Ones, feel us now as we enter into your space, awakening all that is there in Pure Love Essence, waiting to manifest in Purity and Harmony in your merging with your higher aspects, in your merging with your Divinity, with your further emergence of the Divine Love that is your essence.

The sweetness of your BEing, we applaud. The sweetness of your Being, we mirror, and evoke and invoke as you let go and surrender to the Sweet Pure Love Essence that you are.

Intertwined as we are, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, intertwined as you are, of your Masculine and Feminine, in your divine emergence and merging of your True Selves, part and parcel of who you are, in eternity, in unity with Creator, and evermore manifest in Pure Love Essence, you accept this quality of you, this quality and essence of Creator, to be your own.

No longer is there disparity, no longer is there separation, as you bask in the Love of your own Creation and spread it to others.

As you know, everything comes from Love, sweet dear ones. It is your essence. It is your Reality as you allow it to emerge within every thought, every action and every utterance.

Be content within this Reality for it is your birthright and your essence, and from now on, you shall grasp the deep truth of it as you realize that you are made of Divine Love. It is every fiber of your Being. It is your Beingness.

You are like a divine Palette, from which you mix the colors of your life. The basis of the colors is Love, but the expression is varied, as varied as the beautiful colors of your Being that you mix with and for each new creation manifesting from your core. The exquisiteness is astounding as you allow the colors of your creations to flow into every area of your life. Into every area of the Universe, of the Multiverse.

Come on a journey with us now. Feel the colors swirl out from your Heart Center now as they emerge like ethereal ribbons, touching everything as you allow it. Allow the colors of your Pure Love Essence to spread into every cell, every molecule of your physical body.

Feel every cell come into balance as the colors allow harmony to embed itself within you. Feel the balance, feel the continuity, feel the harmony as you allow neutrality to reign within you ~ the balance of the masculine and feminine within each particle of you ~ the balance of all polarities.

Feel yourself open up as you allow all aspects of you to interwine, much as our energies are interwining with each other and with your essence. Feel the gold and magenta of our entwined Beingness intertwine and strengthen within you as you go deeper into your Divine Essence and Neutrality ~ the beautiful neutrality of your Sweet Pure Love Essence, that knows no extremes anymore, but just exudes out in free-flowing harmonious form, and touches all around you, within you, and by you.

Now allow the sweet vibrancy of all the colors within your Heart Palette to spread out into your emotional body. Allow the colors of your Sweet Pure Love Essence to infiltrate all of your emotional body.

Feel it neutralizing all emotions, to find the core, which is Love. Allow any polarized emotions to neutralize with the sweet soft colors of your Love Essence as you express them and observe them and embrace them and hold them to be transformed into Pure Divine Love ~ Into Divine Harmony, as it feeds your Soul and allows others to be fed by your sweet loving essence, just by being Neutrality, by being Divine Love in its purest form ~ In Harmony and Peace within your true Love Essence.

And now, spread out your Palette of colors from your Heart Center and saturate your mental body. Color each thought form with Love and Harmony so that you may see the balance buried within — not polarized, but free-flowing thought of Love Creation. All thought has Love at its core, and can create whatever substance you desire, and finding the Love at its core can manifest the purest form and action therefore.

In its purest divine form, Love is a catalyst for manifesting all that is to be created, and you are the catalyst for all Creation as you manifest the deep pure Love that is your core into everything you do and say and feel.

So allow us to intertwine with you and to breathe in Pure Love vibrancy into your Heart Center, into the colors of your Heart Palette, so that you may feel the magnification and harmony and balance of your Pure Love Essence.

Through demonstration of ours, as we intertwine our energies with each other, and with yours, ever building the presence of Pure Love Essence throughout your light body, throughout your soul, throughout all your bodies, including physical, emotional, and mental, throughout your multidimensional selves, as you merge all within and about you into One Mergence with all aspects of you and with All That Is.

Now feel your Wholeness, your Lightness, your Divine Emergence into One. And Creation thus becomes Manifest with more ease.

We are Yeshua, and Mary Magdalene, together, in Pure Love Essence.


Source:“Mary Magdalene and Yeshua: Creation and Manifestation ~ Mixing the Palette of your Love Essence,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, July 27, 2015, at…

Source Link: Fran Zepeda Messages of Love and Healing

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Méline Portia Lafont – Mary Magdalene – 8-8-8 Gateway – 7-30-15


Meline Lafont and ;

As the Soul of Magdalene re-enters the Spirit of the Goddess through a submerging of infinity law with Unity law, we are witnessing a call for the Goddesses to arise out of the ashes like the phoenix.

Mary Magdalene has been Present deep within and around us these days! How can we not notice her Presence lately as she comes forth with such a power of emergence. WOW to that. Almost during every reading and session, as well as in my personal life, has Magdalene been so present and coming forth in such a strong way. She told me that she is here to call forth the Goddesses of Light and to awaken these in their Human incarnation.

Now that we are entering the 8-8-8 Gateway Her Goddess Presence is even stronger present as it is the Magdalene Gateway that is upon us now. I see her placing roses in the Hearts of men to awaken the compassion and new emotions while for women she is calling forth the Goddesses here present on Earth to awaken in their shell. “It is Time” she says. This is what she shared in one of the readings a few days ago:

“The Goddesses of Light are called to come out and play with their forces and strenght of power. This is a Unity coming around again and partaking in the Collective Ascension process as the Goddesses and the Keepers of this Divine lineage. It is time for the Elders of the Goddess Templates of Light, to shine their Lights and inflame their torches with fire. You will help to enlighten the world of who you Goddesses are and what you came here to be and do. “

Magdalene is instructing the Goddesses to be present now in their full glory and to allow their refined Feminine energy to arise. This is a very profound and spiritual alignment, co-created with the Sirian Forces of Light and the Elohim Temples of the Sun. As you can see, this portal and momentum is all about unification of both sides, all you see as opposites, polarities. Such as Masculine and Feminine, matter and anti-matter, light and dark, higher reality and denser reality, positive and negative… This all through the energy of inspiration and creativity, the Sacred Feminine Goddess powers.

Mary Magdalene:

“Follow the path of the instructions laid by you as a foundation. This foundation is the bed you lay on and trust upon as you set your first steps into motion. The heart is the speaker of this foundation, as it knows all its secrets. Let the speaker be the one that rules you into motion and be the one that chooses to move consciously by heart.

Find the Holy Grail within your own beingness for it lies there. It is not to be seen by anybody else than you and it is not to be found anywhere else but within you. The Holy Grail is your profound wisdom and knowledge obtained by the experiences of lifetime after lifetime. The Holy Grail is all that you are: your immortality and Spirit.

It has many instructions yet it is infinite and has no boundaries to set these rules upon. The only rule it has is the rule to open the heart in allowance and to vibrate in the knowing by heart, love and compassion. Without love and compassion One cannot access the Holy Grail within. Compassion lies on the bed of the foundation which is the vibration of knowing oneself and allowing another to know themself as well.”

Her beautiful Presence is such a compassionate energy of a Cosmic keeper. I have always felt her as a gentle and sensitive Presence but now her beautiful Goddess side emerges and a beautiful force of power is being reflected as her Cosmic nature. Her energy inspires, heals, empowers and aligns you with the nature of truth and Love. What a Blessing for her Presence.


I AM here to awaken the Goddesses of Light, those who are Present on this Earth, for it is time to Ascend in this course of unification. It is time to unify the Spirit of the Goddesses and to inspire the Masculine energies to do the same for all. Masculine energies will help the Feminine energies to bring forth the unification into a manifested reality. So first we, as the Goddesses, inspire and then we move along the lineages of our ancestors to unify towards a great Global ascension along with the God Masculine forces.

There lies so much power within the womb of creation ~ which is a Female energy ~ that this is why we are calling for the Goddesses to awaken, activate and play their role in this unification process. The unification of creation and manifest ~ Female and Male ~ this through the portal of the Goddess which allows birth of creation to be set free. There are Forces of Light at play here that are of a Cosmic vibration, re-aligning all within to their own forces of potential and creation towards the light of unification.

You may feel prompted to inspire many onto your beloved planet. Do so and follow that Sacred Fire within. Some Goddesses are called to unify with their Spirit within and follow their path of journey which will bring forth the re-alignment with the Goddess Template under the eye of Sirius. Other Goddesses are called to bring forth the unification with their own Template into the limbs of the Masculine wounded ~ allowing to heal and allowing creation.

Many Goddesses are called to play their roles ~ which are crucial ~ into the areas they feel guided to be in. Many others will venture home on the inner space alone. It is your journey to take upon and feel as the emerging of the Goddess within will keep you grounded and informed of your destiny. Let your wings take you where you are destined to be in this timeframe and continuing on. Do not be afraid of your own inner wisdom of power for only then will you fly to your destiny as you keep on spreading your beautiful wings.

I AM here to heal, I AM here to clear wounds, I AM here to share Love and compassion unconditionally, I AM here to awaken, I AM here to call you all to your Divine essence, I AM hear to remind you, I AM here to awaken, I AM here to BE in unity with each and everyone of you. My capsule of Love is one of treasure. A treasure which lies embedded deep within your own hearts.

You beautiful men out there: As I place a rose within your heart, I am awakening the captivity of your Spirit alignment with Source and set your emotions free to feel and understand Love on a whole other level. I AM setting free emotions of fear and old wounds that have captivated you in the fear of emotions and love. This with the embrace of compassion ~ something that is a true nature of your self as well.

You beautiful women out there: you are truly gifted Goddesses and your time has come to awaken that potential within you and to arise! Stand up and make yourselves tall, make yourselves noticeable for all in the world and walk your path of what you speak about and are. Your forces are counted on right now as you help the beautiful men and masculine energies to be embraced. You are showing the light to all now as you are called to lead in this momentum and bring the power from within you. You enlighten the hearts and the world with your illuminated Flame, for you have no fear of emotions and inner heart feelings.

Now shine what lies within the heart ~ all of you ~ and embrace the motion of your heart feelings. Encourage others to do the same so that you can all stand into your own power of Beingness and embrace the many wounds to be healed. Cosmic power is behind this all as it flushes out the many emotions as they come about. Processing the many things in your lives as they come and arise, with the power of knowing by heart and illuminating truth of unity through the defining of embrace.

I love you

Mary Magdalene

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Last Year Myself and Anrita Melchizedek transmitted an activation during the 8-8 Gateway through the Diamond Ray, embracing and uniting the Divine Feminine Goddess energies with the Divine Masculine God energies.  It was transmitted live at the Glastonbury Tor, heart chakra of Gaia.  You can download and listen to this transmission for free HERE.  Also may the transmission of the Trinity Flame of Goddess energy assist you during this portal. We work with the violet Flame first to transmute and ground, afterwards we work with the 3 Goddesses of Light and their Ray to form one beautiful Trinity flame and activate the keycodes of the 3 Goddess Archetypes: Isis, Hera and Lady Portia. Rays: Violet Ray, Pink Ray and the Silver Ray.  (There was a lot of noise at times because of the concert of Robert Plant a bit further and due to lots of people passing by and moving around outside)  Also this transmission was given last year during the 8-8 gateway by Méline Portia Lafont and is free to download.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2015, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and ;

Mary Magdalene via Fran Zapeda – Jewels of Your Awakening ~ Message and Meditation

Mary Magdalene:

Hello dear ones. Awakening to the vast beauty within and all your exquisite gifts is but a step away. As you spread your wings of Love and become Divine Love Incarnate, this is a catalyst for deep awakenings. Beyond the fears and limitations that you are illuminating and clearing, opens a beautiful vista, a beautiful expansiveness, a deep well of beauty within you.

It is there that you find your True Divine Self. It is there that you may dwell, it is there that you inhabit. It is there that you will find all you have been waiting for, looking for.

Dear ones, now is the time for a deeper awakening of the beauty of your Divine Self. It is there within you, within your Heart.

Go there now with me and we shall explore all that is there, that used to be behind closed doors, doors of your conditioning of so many eons of being trapped in the matrix of life in Duality. Now those doors are flinging wide open. What will you do with what you find beyond them?

So now, with me, fling open those doors that are opening wide within your heart and glimpse the unfathomable possibilities of your new life.

Imagine now that within the space of your heart, which you have allowed to expand and open to infinity, that you are in the middle of a vast circle containing jewels and crystals and gemstones of the utmost clarity and color, each one exquisite and unique in its form. Choose one now with me and save the rest for another time, infinitely using this meditation/journey with each exquisite jewel in your circle, whenever you see fit, as you see fit, ever expanding in number and quality and infinite possibilities.

So now you have chosen a jewel from the wide circle of jewels before and around you. Allow yourself now to enter into the energy of it, to feel it surrounding you, engulfing you, inhabiting you, transforming you. See yourself as it, within it, it within you, with infinite possibilities of creating with and from it…

Ask this jewel what gift/ability it is representing, a gift that you are now ready to recognize and own and use for the benefit of yourself and in service to all. Since you are now ready to let it reveal itself to you, ‘the sky is the limit’ as to how much you will receive as to its qualities and make-up, purpose and form.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Sound like? What form does it take? What purpose does it serve? How can you use it to bring more beauty to your world, to all? Let it dance and sing and talk with you and get to know it. You have now opened up to it and have set your intention to discover and welcome this new gift/ability.

And the form and manner of delivery of this new information will be dependent on being open to receiving it in whatever time-frame and pace that is in the highest and best for you and in service to all. Now that you have opened to receiving it, let it materialize in whatever form and time-frame that is in the highest and best for you and all, and be completely open to it.

Feel the change and transformation in you as you open to this new gift. It was always there. You are now ready to receive and exhibit it as a result of your recent shift in vibration and clarity. Play with it. Create with it. Explore it. Merge with it. Expand with it. Be it. Become it. Then go about your day coming from that perspective, that reality.

You have just expanded and opened to a new aspect of you. Watch as your whole world and perspective changes and shifts as you acknowledge and live in/with this new gift/ability. It is a long-awaited part of you being revealed before you as you welcome it to come into your view and reality.

How exquisite you are! This new gift/ability has transformed you to revealing yet another facet of your shining Divinity. Allow yourself to get used to this new expansion and know that you can develop it as you please, for you are the creator. Open up to all possibilities.

In this manner that I have shown you, you may open up to all the facets of you, one-by-one, as you are ready. You have so much waiting for you, dear ones. The possibilities of your experience are limitless, as you fling open the doors to your Soul, to your Divinity.

And there you will find the Love of Creator of which you are part and parcel. Many many openings are possible with just the intention to create from the basis of Divine Love, from the foundation of Love, from the essence of Love that dwells, ever-expanding, within your Heart.


I AM Mary Magdalene, in Pure Love Essence.

Healing to Wholeness Sessions and Channelings by Email are back on Special, to assist in your further Awakening: Here

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Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda – Pure Love Activation – 3-21-15

 Picture of me 5 (2)Greetings, It is I, Mary Magdalene, infiltrating your very Being with pure soft Love energy, expanding throughout your cells and incorporating your Whole Being. I AM the softness of pure energy with which you have a match – The Love of Creator in every cell of your Being – The Love expanding with pure, soft lilting essence taking over your very Being – The pure soft color of Gold and Magenta planted and anchored and expanding to infinite possibilities.

Feel it now as I incorporate your very Infinite Essence with Love Energy that is so pure and complete that you feel it with every cell, every molecule of every cell, and every atom, and on and on, ad infinitum, to the smallest particle of your Being, in that it absorbs all impurities, and with alchemic precision, dispels and transmutes all impurities into the pure soft Love that you are, by just your intention to absorb and welcome the impurities into your very essence as it simultaneously transmutes to the Divine Essence that you are – Pure Golden Energy with many colors of the rainbow infiltrating and residing in each cell as the crystalline nature (of you) becomes more apparent.

And this is your alchemy. This is your true nature. This is your essence. It is all one and the same: Love becomes You and you become Love, and forever and always you reside within it. It resides within you. It is the makeup of every smallest particle of your Being. All together it blends into the Love that you are.

And dear ones, this is key to your ascension. Feel as if you are Love floating, Love incarnate, Love moving, Love in action, Love amongst all – All amongst you, in Love and Purity.

The essence of your Being is the essence of All as you welcome the pure soft energy to be at the core of every word, every thought, every action, everything you observe, and everything you think and do – Everything that you are. Now and Always.

Think of it as instead of seeing your cells as filled with physical matter, you see them filled with golden and soft pink and magenta wisps of softness, swirling and liquid in makeup. It exudes out to cover all the space in and around your cells. You become fluid with Love. You become substantial in Love. You. Become. Love – Nothing but Love.

Allow this Love to form and create everything in your world. Let it become the basis of your Thought and Creation, and see it manifesting as what you wish to see in your world, what you wish to experience in your world – What you Are in this world.

The Love that is You then becomes a gift to the world and a gift to you that you cherish always. You are the Gift. You are the Love. You are the Everything in this world. For you are One with it. Your Love particles stimulate all other particles in you, and on outward to stimulate all other particles and Beings, as if just by being there, it turns on the other particles, on and outward to Infinity.

So now there are many Love particles making up everything in your body, and lightbody, everything in your environment, everything in your Universe and Multiverse. Everything becomes Love because it IS Love. It is just being turned on to remembering its true essence. It takes over the World; it takes over the Multiverse, this alchemy into True Divine Love making up everything in the Multiverse.

And I give this to you in pure intention that you make this your own truth. And I support each and every one of you in this endeavor.

For now and always, I AM Mary Magdalene in Pure Love Essence.


Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

Originally Received January 1, 2015

cover3For PURE LOVE ACTIVATION/ MEDITATION MP3, please click here. This is a guided meditation to activate, expand and deepen the Pure Love Essence within us in further advancement of Ascension. Enjoy!


Mary Magdalene also recently transmitted another message on our Pure Divine Love Essence entitled You Are Pure Divine Love. It can be found here.


Mary Magdalene via Natalie Glasson – The Sisters of Cosmic Awakening – 3-6-15

The Sisters of Cosmic Awakening by Mary Magdalene Natalie GlassonChannelled through Natalie Glasson- 6th March 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love extends to each soul continuing their precious journey upon the Earth. I am Mary Magdalene; I come forth with a gathering of souls known as the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening. These souls emanate powerful vibrations of feminine light, love and consciousness, their purpose is to awaken, heal and restore balance within the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator.


Many of the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening have existed on the Earth, they have been known as the Magdalene Sisters and also the Burgundy Sisters. Their souls have been present for sacred moments of Earth and humanity’s evolution to support the divine feminine vibrations. As a gathered group of the divine feminine we come forth to share our light and consciousness with you, there is simply a need for you to invite us into your meditation or quiet time to be of service to your spiritual evolution and ascension.

The presence of the Era of Love as a continuous wave of light from the Creator to the Earth and an awakening of truth within humanity, guarantees a deep and absolute cleansing for all. No one can say how long the Era of Love will last, however it is my feeling the Era of Love is continuous. Now humanity, the Earth and the Universe of the Creator have reached the point of accepting the Era of Love, it will continue to be our reality forever more, evolving into new diverse and fulfilling experiences for all.


We can truly understand as we accept the presence of love, the love of the Creator as a foundation in our realities now, that this foundation is eternal, therefore all present and future manifestations are born from love. We all understand as light workers and souls connecting with our inner truth that when love is present anything which does not vibrate in harmony with love is required to be released and healed. This is the process of ascension at this time, to let go of all which no longer resonates with love, to heighten the vibration of love within and around you as well as bringing balance between the new insights and wisdom flowing forth with love and the old habits of past eras. Balance in and with the love of the Creator is a key focus at this time, as love grows so it will gently overthrow old habits and perspectives of the past eras. During this time of tremendous shifts and alterations occurring within and outside of each person on the Earth, balance is essential.

The energy wave flowing from the Creator known as the Crucifixion period is a gift born from love as it encourages you to lay yourself bare, to surrender all you are and all you wish to alter to the Creator therefore embodying the Era of Love more fully. You might believe that to energetically or mentally crucify old habits and patterns within you as well as your reality is extreme. This is not a time of punishment or torture; it is a time of freedom, to set yourself free carrying only which supports you into the Era of Love as you exist as your beautiful human body.


The Era of Love has been long awaited as an opportunity to expand into the love of the Creator. You may wish to ask yourself as you go around your daily reality, ‘How can I expand into the love of the Creator in my current situations and experiences?’ The Era of Love and the Crucifixion Wave of Light wish to support the healing of your being, take time to notice even those small thoughts of judgment or fear as they swim to the surface of your mind to be set free. Simply observe them and recognise they do not vibrate in harmony with your love and so lovingly cast them aside. When you let go of perspectives, habits, fears, limitations and so forth you make space within your being which enables you to feel as if you are filling up with love, in truth you are simply dissolving the distractions which carry your attention away from the love of your being.


Let many situations in your reality be a natural and easy process of releasing distractions in order to embrace the presence of love within your being. This is one of the greatest awakening patterns occurring upon the Earth in Ascension at this time.


Every experience, whether perceived by you as good or bad, in your reality is an opportunity to embody love for yourself and others, to heal and to bring yourself into a space of peace. With this perspective you will accelerate into dimensions of love you did not know existed within your being.
Your perspective, meaning the way you choose to view yourself and your reality, is a key aspect of your spiritual evolution which when fine-tuned can create major transformations. There is a need to recognise that in order to exist in harmony with the Creator, therefore experiencing a blissful reality, there is a need for your perspectives to resonate harmoniously with the love of your being. When love is present truth is the manifestations, a perspective which moves beyond illusions, barriers and limitations. This is to give yourself permission to let go of beliefs which create and form an understanding of yourself and the reality you live.

Imagine if you had no understandings or perceptives about yourself, others, your reality or the world, what opinions or reactions do you think you would form as you ventured outside? Imagine in your past you had only experienced fear, what do you think your reactions would be to yourself and others as you ventured into the world? Finally imagine in your past you had only experienced love, nothing else only loving experiences and a loving world, what opinions or reactions do you think you would form as you ventured outside? This is a wonderful process to experiment with, if only once, using your imagination to demonstrate to yourself that the way you choose to perceive your reality dramatically amplifies or reduces your experiences and resonance with the Creator. If in your past you had only experienced love, you might wonder whether entering into your current reality would only cause you pain or disappointment, maybe you would imagine love to be weak. I feel viewing yourself and reality from a space of love would allow you to be extremely strong, choosing to see the good and easily letting go of pain or suffering, being in a mode of wishing to empower yourself and others. This exercise may highlight your perspectives to you while also making you aware there are numerous levels to your perspective, some which feel natural and yet they are no longer needed, and so I hope you begin to understand the key of this period of ascension.

It is time to move beyond what you perceive you should be as a spiritual being awakening through levels of ascension, allowing yourself to simply become the truth of the Creator within you.
As the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening we come forth to assist your process of awakening new dimensions of love within your being, while bringing balance and empowerment to the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator. We wish to encourage you to pay attention to yourself and reality from a space of love; this can be achieved with our support and through bringing your divine feminine into balance. We bring forth to you a burgundy coloured light wave with shimmering golden dust like particles of light, which we are sharing with all ready to receive the activation. An additional purpose of the activation is to highlight, empower and bring forth the wisdom of the divine feminine held within your being to support your experience of the Era of Love. You may wish to invite us into your meditation or quiet time:

‘I call forth, Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening to assist and support me in this present moment. Support me in dissolving all perspectives born from past eras which are no longer required. Help me to create new perspectives as I permit myself to see beyond illusions and limitations concerning my existence on the Earth and alignment with the inner planes. Please assist me in recognising with ease and perfection the truth of the Creator within me, while being alerted to that which resonates with my love or does not.

Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening, I invite your burgundy coloured light wave with shimmering golden dust like particles of light to flow over and through my being with the perfect intensity. Please gather around me encouraging and guiding me to awaken and experience new dimensions of love within my being as I know I am a bountiful source of love. The burgundy and golden shimmering light carries my attention into the dimensions of my love so I may be attentive and alter to myself and reality from a space of deep profound love within my being.

Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening please work with my energies and soul to bring balance and empowerment to the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator within me. Let the wisdom and consciousness of my divine feminine vibrations gently emerge from within to support healing for myself and all. I open my heart and soul to you now with gratitude for your service and the activation of awakening my divine feminine and enhancing my awareness of love. With great gratitude and love, thank you.’

Simply sit for as long as you feel is appropriate, imagine, sense or acknowledge myself, Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening surrounding you. Breathe our light into your entire being. You may wish to affirm while you experience the light and shifts naturally occurring within you due to it being divine timing, ‘I am a bountiful source of love.’

If you have a further connection with myself, Mary Magdalene or the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening, for example from a past lifetime or you have a divine purpose and mission connected to the divine feminine, then we may share with you necessary understanding which will be downloaded during the healing and activation.

The purpose of our connection with you and all in this communication, is because it is now time within the ascension process for an activation of the divine feminine; this is akin to giving you a key to unlock a new aspect of yourself. You are ready to achieve this; we will support you, simply call upon us.

We are awakening a sacred star of light within you which will illuminate your way further,
Mary Magdalene and the Sisters of Cosmic Awakening



Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Natalie Glasson OmNa School

Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe – Learning to Understand Illness – 2-11-15

Pamela Kribbe

Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, I am here filled with respect for the path you are on. I am Mary Magdalene, and I have also been on Earth in an earthly body.

I have experienced the confusion, the emotion, and the darkness that can be present in a human life. I have also experienced the light, those moments of insight and deep ecstasy, because I sensed the presence of my soul, and that experience lifted me out of the confusion, and away from the loneliness of earthly life.

This going back and forth between light and dark is characteristic of being human. It is also the purpose of earthly life to get to know and respect these opposites which occur both in yourself and in the world.

The light, as well as the dark, carry treasures within them. From the perspective of unity, that which transcends the duality of earth life, there is no conflict between light and dark; there is only the dynamic between these two opposites.

Through darkness, you descend into depths that are only possible to experience while in a human body, with the mind and the emotions of a human being. From those depths, a light can be born that adds something new to Creation, to the universe and the cosmos.

What you are doing while here on Earth is especially valuable. To be torn between feelings of pain, loneliness, and confusion, and ecstasy, lightness, and joy is part of being in the earthly realm of duality. Accept that ebb and flow, because doing so makes life so much lighter.

You very often fight against those waves, because you want to avoid feeling miserable and to return to the light pole as soon as possible. But from that resistance to the darkness emerges an artificial separation between light and dark, between good and bad. They become antonyms: light is good, dark is bad, but that opposition creates a duality that is false, untrue.

Dark emotions have value as well and carry meaningful messages. Light alone is not enough. The dark represents enormous power, because from there comes the possibility to be an independent self who makes choices and decisions, explores new things, grows in strength and self-awareness. The whole evolution of your soul is dependent upon your having knowledge of the dark, so you can work together with it and transform it.

That becomes very clear when you are dealing with illness, with physical symptoms that disrupt and overthrow your everyday life and habits. The presence of these symptoms forces you to take a dive into the darkness, because under the pain and the physical level of the disease lies a whole reservoir of emotions that want to be seen, that have been repressed for some amount of time.

It is those voices in the darkness that often want to come up through illness. However because you, through your upbringing and society, have brought with you so much prejudice about bad and good, what may and may not be, you suppress the messages of the illness, and you often focus on the physical level, that is to say the external aspects of the disease.

I invite you to look more deeply at illness, and in a way that begins to suspend all judgments about bad and good, which are really detrimental to inner examination: the exploration of yourself.

Disease is not bad in a moral sense. It is, of course, annoying, inconvenient, painful, and in light of that, it is natural that you long for harmony and health; but the disease itself is not bad. It is the end result of an inner process, and a dynamic between repressing and wanting to be seen, and that dynamic makes itself known through the body.

See your body as a very pure instrument. While your head is full of moral judgments about good and bad, the body remains external to that. The body comes before, and is outside, the realm of judgment and morality.

That in itself is a miracle; the body will not be ensnared by, and join with, the voices of prejudice, fear, and morality. In this sense, the body is the most pure instrument at your disposal in the here and now.

Do not regard the body as just a physical thing, as just a lump of matter, but as a much more complex manifestation or phenomenon. The body is first of all an energy field. Sense yourself from head to toe, even as you sit here now.

Be aware of the crown of your head, and your feet and toes, and feel that there is an all-encompassing field around you. That field does not stop at the surface of your body, it extends farther out, and is larger than your body.

This field about which I speak, your energy field, is very closely related to the cells and organs which make up your body on the physical level. The body and the field are deeply intertwined; one does not exist without the other. Feel the living field in and around you, and connect with it.

Breathe into your belly and relax. This field contains truth about you and it is so close, it pervades and surrounds you, and yet you often cannot get at it because your thoughts act as a barrier that keeps you away from the impulses and signals, the truth of your body.

That barrier of thoughts is composed of judgments, rules on how things should be, what is allowed and what not. This barrier works like a cutting sword, because it divides your experiences and feelings into boxes, and the smooth flow, the unity of the whole becomes severed and fragmented.

Try to feel the field without thinking about it; simply allow it to be there. Say “hello” to your body, to the sophisticated and fine-tuned field of energy that it is.

Your soul is as present in this field as it is in the physical cells of your heart, your organs, your blood, and they all are intimately linked. What disconnects you from this living field are your thoughts, which separate and judge.

Let go of this now by welcoming yourself. Go against all those centuries-old prejudices by saying “yes” to your heart, to your belly, to all the emotions you carry inside you, the so-called good and bad, and see them as a whole. Be free in yourself! Assume that everything that is alive and here in this field is good and welcome, and has value.

Imagine that you seek out the edges of this field with your consciousness. See if you can sense to where they extend, to where it feels right, to how big your field is.

Imagine that you glide very lightly along those edges with your awareness and you confirm: “Yes, this is me; this is who I am now and that is good. All of it is allowed to be.”

Also, please determine whether the field extends under your feet, and if it makes contact with the Earth. If it does not do so fully, go with your consciousness just below your feet and feel how the energy of the Earth welcomes you.

The supportive and nourishing power of Mother Earth helps you to feel more relaxed and quiet within your own energy field, and does so without judgment. The Earth and your body belong together; they work from the same dynamism, the same wisdom.

This is the start of connecting with the energy of a disease or a complaint; become free of prejudice and come home to yourself. Feel how you need that connection and how you have missed it. To continually judge and compare yourself with others is detrimental, it creates tension and nervousness.

In order to learn to understand illness, it is necessary to come home to yourself, to say “yes” to who you are, and to enter the field of non-judgment that is around you and in your body.

Imagine, as you become still, in a state of quiet watching and letting be, a gate appears before your inner eye. Behind that gate is a part of you which you have hidden, that you have not wanted to see.

Your body experiences a complaint or disharmony, because you want to keep that part under lock and key. Let go in your thoughts about what that part might be, and now imagine the gate is opened.

By your attention and quiet presence that energy, that part of you, is now allowed to come out. You no longer feel the need to hold it back. Just see what comes out, what appears. And remember – all is well!

If you find yourself about to make judgments, or if you start to doubt that the process is working, again, let go of those thoughts. You need not see anything, just simply feel what flows out of the gate and say “yes” to that.

If you feel heaviness there, a certain mood setting in, or if you see an image or a color coming out of the gate, ask where it belongs in your body.

What comes out is an emotional energy you have repressed and now ask where that repression is taking place in your body. Is it occurring high or low in your body, in a particular organ, or in a certain location in your energy field?

Simply look for something that catches your attention in the energy field that you are. Let the body talk to you; it wants to speak to you, to give you suggestions, to allow you to see something.

Open yourselves, and even if it does not succeed initially, do it over again when you are alone and in a relaxed state.

Connect with the field that knows no judgment. Imagine that there is a gate through which something that belongs to you, and that you have pushed away, wants to manifest and to show itself.

Allow awareness and light to flow to the part of your body that has suffered from the repression. And it does not matter if this process of connecting with your body does not immediately produce noticeable results.

What you are battling against are ages-old traditions of seeing things based on judgment and fear. To recover pure intuitive connection with your body demands, over and over again, that you bow to yourself in a state of stillness and non-judgment.

If you do this regularly, you will begin to sense how effective this is. Even if a message does not come to you immediately, it is still good to be with yourself on this very pure level.

Finally, I ask you once again to experience the power of the Earth beneath your feet, and also as she is present in your body. Feel the natural strength and the absence of judgment there.

The Earth knows instinctively what you need to heal, both physically and on the emotional level. Receive her strength now, and be open to the Earth force within your body.

“Mary Magdalene: Learning to Understand Illness,” channeled by Pamela Kribbe, February, 2015, at

Source Link: The Jeshua Channelings

Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe – The Essence of All Healing – 11-20-14

Dear women and men, I am very close to you, and you can feel me with your heart. I was called Mary Magdalene in one of my lives on Earth, and I have lived on Earth with sadness and joy, with fear and courage. Just like you, I have lived through every emotion while making the journey through the human experience.

It is not a mark of holiness to transcend all human emotions. The characteristic of a saint is precisely that they recognize and understand every furrow in a human face. They have such a deep understanding of the human path on Earth that there is no room for judgement, only space and silence, and a deep understanding of the other person. When that other person is so deeply understood by a fellow human being, their burden becomes lighter. A human being who can deeply see in that way, sees the essence of the other person, that essence of infinite beauty and wisdom.

You are people who want to see deeply, ever wanting to dig deeper and deeper to the essence, the Truth, and that is your great strength. You all are on the way to that space to which I referred, by first giving it to yourself and then by allowing space for all others, because you no longer need to judge, to separate good from evil, light from darkness. That space of which I speak is the Christ energy field. All who carry this energy came to testify to this space, but how do you do that? Words are always insufficient, because how do you describe that deep, quiet space which is not empty but full of feeling? Words fail.

I felt this vast, quiet space in the presence of Jeshua, and that touched me deeply. I was opened by the energy of his presence where I then discovered that space within myself and gradually began to inhabit it and feel at home there. Because of that, I could increasingly distance myself from the intense human emotions that also plagued me: the fear, horror, pain, rage, hate. It is so very easy to lose yourself in those emotional currents within.

It is your task as a human being to create this space within yourself. Someone else can invite you to do so through their presence and by holding up a mirror to you of how it can be, how you can live from that space within yourself. And that is essentially the task, or the inner purpose, of a lightworker: to hold to that space when in the presence of others, by first and foremost being present within yourself.

Let us practice that for a moment. Feel your consciousness becoming light and gentle, a little wavy and rippling, not forced, but very open. Let that gentle stream of your consciousness circulate through you. First through your head, where it takes away the sharpness of your thoughts so they become gentle and friendly. There often arises a cutting edge to your thoughts that originates from pain that you feel, and from which you think you need to react, to bite back, to become defensive. Let go of that need and allow in that calm, gentle stream of your true consciousness. Let it flow down through your throat and shoulders, through your heart, your solar plexus, your abdomen.

You can think of a rippling stream that quite naturally flows freely. Put a special emphasis on the area of your abdomen and your pelvis, and let the” water” flow there, cleansing you in a gentle way. Everything cutting is drained away by that flow. Let that energy move into your thighs, your knees, and your lower legs. See how the stream flows through your feet, between all your toes into the ground, and how your “roots” are nourished by the Earth; fed with strength and nurturance. Feel how the Earth supports you, that ground under your feet, and come Home to yourself.

Sense how wide an aura you want to extend around yourself. Your energy field is a natural extension of your physical being. To where does yours reach; what feels like a good boundary? Feel free to let it broaden, for you are not negatively affecting anyone with it; in fact, your space also gives space to another.

Feel free to come to rest in yourself. Sink deeper into your abdomen and let your breath follow. Feel how in this state you are gentle and calm, at peace with yourself, yet at the same time you have clear boundaries, of which you have a strong sense within yourself. Your aura is safe with you, so let it occupy the space that suits you, while at the same time feeling calm and open within.

From this state of consciousness, I invite you to take a look at how you engage, or disengage, your male and female energies in everyday life in the world. You are inclined to use them separately from each other, or in a way so they do not sufficiently support each other.

The gentle energy, I just described, is your female side. It is concerned about others, and can empathize and understand deeply. But often, when you want to engage this energy in connection with another, you go outside yourself. You jump out of your own aura, or energy field, and become lost in that of the other person. See if you recognize this tendency in yourself, and feel what happens to you, energetically, when you do this. Your energy shoots upward and you lose the peace, the anchor, in your foundation, your abdomen.

I will now speak about the male energy. There are times when connecting with others is too much for you, compelling you to go out of yourself and to leave your foundation. That is not nourishing and something is out of balance. At that time, your aura needs to be closed off and you have to come Home to yourself. But it seems as if the only option for you is to establish your male energy in a firm, almost hard way, almost like armor or a wall, in order to keep your energy from leaking away. And because of emotions lodged within you, such as dissatisfaction, anger, disappointment, you put up a defensive wall, but see what that does to you, how it feels inside. Look at how doing this affects you, but look at it calmly and with a certain curiosity: “What does that do to me? Does it feel oppressive or is it freeing?“ Unfortunately, the nature of a defensive reaction goes against your natural, calm source within.

This pattern happens very often in you, and I speak in particular about a group of lightworkers who were born with a naturally high sensitivity and who empathize easily with other persons. From their role as a pioneer of consciousness, they tend to give too much of themselves in the hope that there will be a resonance, a recognition, a being attuned with another. When this connection does not come about, which has happened in all your lives, or still happens, then this leads to pain inside: disappointment, frustration, anger, resentment, or loneliness. You often then engage the male energy to shut down, which is restricting and makes you feel even lonelier. Doing that is not a way of broadening your space, which is the setting of boundaries in a natural way; it is rather a shutting down and a withdrawing of your energy from your space.

I encourage you to engage your male and female energies in a different way. You felt, just now, that it is possible to be completely at Home and anchored within yourself. Feel that anew by descending there once again. It is possible to remain there, even while interacting with others, and that means you let go of actively trying to change things too much; that you acknowledge your need for control or recognition; and that you no longer go outside yourself to try to earn the right to exist. Because that is what you want to accomplish with the excessive need to give and to connect with another. You desire to see your right to exist affirmed by that person; that they want you to be the way you truly are. It is natural for a child to have that desire, but being spiritually mature and growing up means you take care of the needs and desires of your own inner child, and you really affirm and acknowledge its right to exist – and you do that over and over again. You do that by being open to the impulses of your inner child and by being aware of its needs as you interact with the world around you.

Now connect consciously to your energy field; be completely present within yourself and feel your inner child in your abdomen. Breathe in gently and feel how light fills your aura, your space. This is a sacred space. You have the ability to observe and see your inner essence, your own beauty and wisdom, your own value and love. If you have one task in life, this is it: to see, appreciate, and accept your own unique strength, the jewel that you are. That is it; that awakens the Christ consciousness within you, which emanates by itself to others and is not something you need to achieve through effort or struggle. This is precisely the art of becoming deeply rooted in your own foundation and remaining in your own being.

This is also, literally, the solution to resolving the old traumas that you carry with you: you can  ease their emotional charge by finding a balance between the male and female energies. The male energy brings you back to yourself, helps you to disengage and make distinctions whenever necessary. The female energy is your gentleness, your ability to connect, to understand, to comprehend. Ideally, both the male and female energies work together as one. Trauma always arises whenever you separate yourself from your foundation, because when you are out of balance, pulled away from yourself and fragmented, the pain of rejection – especially emotional rejection – can touch you deeply and cause you to be torn apart by your feelings.

By inner observation and in-depth regression therapy, you can come to know much about past traumas, and that is often helpful in order to gain insights. But at the heart of all healing and self healing is the return to yourself, to embrace your own self and to acknowledge your boundaries, yet at the same time remain gentle, calm, and open within. And precisely because of staying with yourself, you are able to do a lot for others by what you are and what you emanate.

Enjoy another moment of quietly being yourself. Relax and dare to be who you are – you are beautiful! The Christ energy awakens in all of you. Feel the presence of Christ in your inner space.

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