STEVE BECKOW – What is Mastery? – 6-15-16



STEVE BECKOW   –   What is Mastery?   –   6-15-16


As far back as 2013, Archangel Michael summoned lightworker leaders to their chosen missions:

“It is imperative that there be Masters of Light/Warriors of Spirit ready to step into leadership roles – those who are willing to boldly lead the way into the new realms of existence that have been prepared for ascending humanity.” (1)

Elsewhere we looked closely at his discussion of this need for leadership. Perhaps here we can look more at his concept of mastery. The two discussions are intertwined so it won’t be completely possible to separate them.

I asked him on An Hour with an Angel in 2015 what mastery was and he replied:

“You will be surprised at the simplicity of my answer. Mastery is the acceptance, surrender, and embodiment in form of you – as [your] design, as love.” (2)

Acceptance of and surrender to our natural design? How surprising is that? What? No achievement? No accomplishment?

I asked him if surrender and acceptance happened by a process of emergence or breakthrough and he replied:

“It is through the process of surrender. It is [through] the process of elimination. It is [through] the process of illumination into emergence. And that is where you are, most of you, right now. That is why we are saying, if you are not there, do the elimination and [emerge]. We are here to help.

“And through emergence, you have become what you have thought of as the ascended being, the mastery of your being, of who you are in that mastery, in that emergence into the truth – because there is only one truth. There’s not this truth or that truth. There’s not this love or that love.” (3)

So mastery is surrendering to who we are, who we were designed to be – and that is love. Sahaja samadhi, the gateway to moksha (libeartion) and true Fifth Dimensionality, simply means our natural state (sahaja = natural). And our natural state is love.

Mastery therefore means emerging from all that we were never designed to be – polarized, separative, suspicious, manipulative, all the ways we practiced in Third Dimensionality, not so very long ago – into all that we were designed to be – our natural state of love for everything that is.

He tells us what happens when we love consistently.

“When you emerge and stay in that frequency, in that energy, then what happens is the whole tableau, the whole realm of understanding of what you think of as enlightenment or vision or wisdom opens up so that you are not seeking elsewhere.” (5)

Therefore we don’t need to worry that serving as lightworkers will have us miss out on enlightenment. We don’t need to seek anything else elsewhere, he tells us. Our lightwork preparation for mastery/leadership by surrendering into love will bring us all things.

And our work doesn’t mean the loss of our individuality and gifts either, he says:

“That does not mean that the honoring of unique qualities, of the contributions that every single being has given to this become of no meaning. In fact they gain greater meaning because you truly begin to see in your mastery the fullness and the mastery of all.”  (6)

So many of our leaders have been revealed as egomaniacs. It’s hard to find a few who aren’t. He says that that won’t be the way of the future. In the future, all of us will serve as gentle leaders and good shepherds in areas that appeal to us.

“Mastery, leadership is not about becoming an egomaniac. It is about becoming the shepherd. It is about becoming the gentle leader who serves his people – her people – and shows them the way. And if it is the way to the table, if it is the way to the boat, if it is the way to their heart, then this is your way. This is the choice of your divinity and your mastery.” (7)

Finally, individual mastery leads to collective mastery. Mastery spreads in the right environment and now is certainly the right environment. He tells us:

“When we speak of mastery, again we speak of the individual coming to the place of their mastery. But as you go forward as a collective, you then become an expression, a collective, a circle, a massive circle of mastery, each in your own particular chosen realms.” (8)

Thus, mastery entails surrender into our original design, the truth of who we are. That truth is love. It doesn’t change from person to person. It’s true for all of us.

Mastery and leadership are not about egomania; they aren’t about “me.” They’re about becoming the gentle leader and the good shepherd to others – at the front of the line and the rear, there for others.  It’s about love and service, melded together.

Our ego complains and tells us to turn from this path of letting go. But our native courage tells us to persevere and reach the destination of surrender into our native state of love.

Walking in your Mastery – Channeling the Masters through Jenny Schlitz – 6-16-16

Walking in your Mastery   –   Channeling the Masters through Jenny Schlitz   –   6-16-16


So much is happening energetically and we can feel all over the place with our emotions. We are clearing timelines, past lives and patterns that need to go. The way we do this is by acknowledging what comes up, recognizing it for what it is and then choosing different. So many are tired of rehashing the same stuff over and over again. Good! That is a great place to be because it is from this stand point that you can change it. Now is the time to walk in YOUR mastery.

Once you understand that each person creates their own hologram, their own personal reality then you can start to master shifting your perceptions and outcomes. Think of each emotion as a frequency on a radio dial. If you don’t like what you are experiencing then change the channel. We do this by focusing on what we do want in our life.  I found myself the other day really feeling insecure in my marriage, insecure with my physical body, insecure with loving and being loved. It felt awful and I went into victimhood wanting to blame my husband for the feelings. Thankfully I didn’t but instead really looked at it and realized it was old patterns coming up to be released. It was also pretty eye opening because I remember the early years of our marriage being rife with misunderstandings because I was not ok with me. I saw how I would create drama just in an attempt to soothe my fears and insecurities. Thankfully I grew past this need as I worked on loving myself more and we are celebrating 22 years of marriage in July. So as I sat with those emotions of feeling unworthy I decided that I didn’t want to be in that reality (frequency). I told myself very clearly that I no longer needed to feel that way and that I was moving to the reality where I love myself and feel loved and whole… and it worked. I felt myself shift. Just a little increment at first, so I affirmed which reality I wanted again and then felt myself shift more. The density of the previous frequency lifted as did the feeling of being inadequate.

This is a skill we are remembering on this journey and it goes against all the programming and conditioning we have been exposed to our entire life. We have the power to change our frequency at any time and it literally changes the reality we find ourselves in. You are already doing this in so many ways. When we are down we call a friend, chat on social media, watch cat videos, read, watch TV, go outside, meditate, exercise or take a bath etc. We do whatever it takes to shift the energy. Much of our stuff has resurfaced to help us practice this skill and it does take practice and patience. Each time we shift we are remembering who we are as we master our own energy.

Part of mastering your own process is seeing that all is in your highest good and letting go of the “I should or shouldn’t”. It is realizing that all is there to help you if you choose to see it that way. I had a client recently tell me about a shift in her perception that occurred while watching a TV show. She said “I know I shouldn’t watch TV, but…” She was watching a good guy vs bad guy show when it hit her that the good guys were not all good and the bad guys were not all bad. This helped her to release judgement and see clearly into duality.  How wonderful! Since January I watched all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. Why? Because it helped me to cry. I realized that my mind would turn to watching the show whenever I felt bottled up inside but unable to release. The show would always make me cry which then turned into this incredible soul releasing sob. It was exactly what I needed. Yet if I had told myself “you shouldn’t watch television” I would have missed the incredible healing opportunity. When you catch yourself saying “I should or shouldn’t” really look and see who created that rule.

This energy that is coming in is very intense and destabilizing. It shakes us to our core and exposes all that is not in alignment, so that we can fix it and change the frequency (vibration) that we find ourselves in. It is also destabilizing us physically. Old health issues are coming up again so that we can look at them, see the lessons it taught us and to see any lingering fears that accompanied a health crisis.  Quite a few of us chose to begin the awakening process through profound issues with our health and it literally changed everything. Look at what is coming up now and the thoughts and fears you have associated with it. Then again choose how you look at it and this perception change will literally shift your frequency.

I was working with a client the other day who was getting messages that she needed to eat meat and this would be a diet change for her. The guides confirmed that with these energies she needs the grounding effect of meat as she was literally floating out of her body. I too have had to change my diet in the recent month to incorporate meat. My higher self said that that I needed to eat animals products as these help to ground our bodies in ways that other grounding foods such as potatoes could not. I finally listened after my third fall. I was operating from above the body instead of being fully grounded. This is not safe and causes lower limb pain to increase as the body struggles to ground.  When I fell down the steps my highest aspect questioned why I choose to ignore the body’s needs and it was then that I realized that I was repeating the thoughts “to have a high vibration I must not eat meat”. While this can be true and being vegetarian definitely helped clear and open me, in these moments I need meat until I no longer do. Honoring what the body needs to thrive regardless of belief systems is walking in your mastery.

Now is the time to suspend judgement. Judgement of self and others, of what is good vs. bad or right vs. wrong. None of these exist anyway. All Just IS. When we feel ourselves going into judgment look and see where the thoughts and beliefs came from. Each person is here to experience exactly what their soul needs for growth. Who are we to judge what that appears as? Suspend all the judgement of how you “think” this process should be going, how you are personally progressing and the comparison to others. No one is on the same journey as you. We each have different needs and goals. Holding yourself to standards will only hinder your progress. Walking in your mastery means that you do exactly what is right for you regardless of the thoughts and opinions of others (even your own thinking mind). It is honoring the soul and seeing that all is rigged to help you in some way.

So watch TV or don’t. Eat meat or don’t. Exercise or don’t. Meditate or don’t. Do whatever your soul is telling you in these moments without thinking twice.  Honor yourself and walk in your mastery.

Don’t forget that we are works in progress as we let go of our limitations, beliefs, and fears. Be easy on yourself and others as we remember who we are. Much love & blessings to you all and thank you to all who share this work.




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April 30, 2015: We asked Jesus to join us this week to explain the differences between Ascension and enlightenment. He began by acknowledging that we’re tired and discussed the fact that it isn’t just the Company of Heaven that determines the timeline of Ascension, but also the intention and actions of the humans – the collective, pillars, wayshowers and gatekeepers – in this process.

He suggested that Ascension has never been about us becoming a different person.  Ascension is about us realizing who we areally are and have always been. We are the love. We are the embodiment hosting the Mother/Father One. (1) We are the Divine Perfection which we’ve always been.

Alexandra Meadors – Psychic Protection Tools, Ascended Masters, Implant Removal, Mastery, 144,000 Activation – Interviewer Ari Kopel

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A Message About Bad Days – Ask Teal Episode

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Enlightenment is only the beginning, because after enlightenment you still have to engage with physical life, and physical life was designed to be a means for creating expansion. Physical life is a learning hologram. No one who is alive is exempt from expansion and so, no one is exempt from contrast. And as long as there is contrast, there is the recognition of what is unwanted as well as the recognition of what is wanted present within you.

Most of us have a clear idea of the goal that we are headed towards. We want to be enlightened. We want to be absent of ego. Most of all, we want to be free of suffering. We have a picture in our heads of what we think that enlightenment looks like; our perfect image of the spiritually enlightened person. But what most people don’t know is that this image we are holding on to, is a lie that we keep telling ourselves.

Enlightenment is not like that. Enlightenment is no kind of retirement from life itself. It is no kind of retirement from the ups and downs. We create the illusion of enlightened retirement from the ups and downs when we feel resistant to the ups and downs. We invent the idea that enlightenment means perfect bliss twenty-four hours a day only when we are suffering and we want an end to that suffering. Enlightenment is only the beginning, because after enlightenment you still have to engage with physical life and physical life was designed to be a means for creating expansion.

Physical life is a learning hologram. No one who is alive is exempt from expansion and so, no one is exempt from contrast. And as long as there is contrast, there is the recognition of what is unwanted as well as the recognition of what is wanted present within you. If we were to reach a state where we were magically transformed into a permanent state of bliss, it would mean ended-ness. There could be no further expansion from that place and that would not serve the universe at large. What serves the universe at large is eternal expansion. So even once you have attained enlightenment, you still have to integrate what it has taught you. You still have to integrate the spiritual awareness you have achieved into your day-to-day life. Even though the samsara waves never stop coming, the more enlightened you become, the more your thoughts change. Your perspective changes to match the vibration of source perspective. And so the meaning of your experiences changes. The way you think about and deal with the ups and downs is what changes and so those ups and downs are not experienced the same way that they once were.

There is no shame in struggling. Having problems is not a character flaw. You have not failed if you have a bad day. Buddha had bad days. Jesus had bad days. Muhammad had bad days. You will not meet a single physically manifested being (whether they are an ascended master or not) that is exempt from contrast and so you will not meet a single physically manifested being who is in alignment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

To expect this from anyone is cruelty. To feel embarrassment or shame if you are out of alignment is cruelty. To expect yourself to be in alignment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is cruelty. And it’s time that we stop perpetuating cruelty in ourselves as well as within this spiritual community that we ourselves are responsible for creating.

Spiritual practice is just that… It is a practice. It is still a practice for those who are spiritual masters. Alignment is something that we have to maintain. It is not a prize that we reach and then we are granted alignment forever no matter what we think or do.

Alignment and enlightenment is not something that is done to us once we prove ourselves worthy. It is something we constantly maintain. We choose to come into alignment or not in each moment. And denial is no kind of alignment.

So the question is: Are you bypassing yourself?