Serapis Bey via Linda Dillon – Taming the Ego – 9-23-19 – via Sitara @ Golden Age Of Gaia


Serapis Bey on Taming the Ego

Channeled by Linda Dillon, Sept. 2019

Greetings, I AM Serapis Bey. I come as gently as I possibly can because my desire, my yearning, is not to overwhelm you, not to steamroll you but to embrace you, to reassure you of your balance.

Welcome to my temple. Welcome to my temple of ascension. Welcome to my home. Welcome to the blend, the balance of Alpha and Omega. It is never intended to be either/or. It is that balancing in kindness and consideration, and in the breadth of understanding of what it means to be in your mastery.

This question of ego, my beloved friend and all of my friends, is very pertinent and timely because you are progressing upon your path and you are reaching the time of what you may think of or term ‘graduation’. What is this? You have done a great job of bringing within and balancing without all aspects of your being.

And as you well know, some of those aspects that you have welcomed home have been quite petulant, upset with you…and yes, even the children have thrown temper tantrums. And I say to you, “So what? So what?” You acknowledge that you have done a good job and that you continue to proceed.

You do not halt your forward progression because there is a slight blip on the screen. Your realm of existence for eons have had what you would think of as blips on the screen. So, now there is this blip where your ego is fearful of not being in equal authority with who you are.

When I say ‘this ego’ I am talking about the troublesome companion. I am not talking about the refined balance, the mature evolved being that each of you have become. I am talking about that part that thinks they are not going to be invited to the party, and even worse, they are not going to dictate what is served at the party, and they are not going to be the star of the party.

So, what do you do in that case? Do you become the thundering god…and you say, “I won’t even invite you to the party; you are acting like a spoiled brat”…and thereby exclude them so that they can go off and raise hell?

No, my friends. You invite them and you consult with them, you embrace them and reassure that they are welcome, that they are an essential part, an element, of who you are and who you are becoming. And just like you have said to fear, or to an aspect, or to an errant part of your life, you simply say, “Welcome and I look forward to embracing you and working with you.”

Now, let me be a practical teacher… So, when you have a situation where this piece of you that we are calling ego then what you do as it raises…I won’t say its ugly head, I will say its petulant head…when it raises its head for attention, you do not need to react in terms of becoming rather aggressive and boastful. But what you do need to do is take that millisecond moment and say, “Oh, I hear your concern, and I will present that.” And that is what you do, you engage.  And if it is with another individual then you are really having a three-way conversation.

And what you are doing, as the adult, is you are acting as the translator and interpreter, so that you are gleaning the information or the attention or the acknowledgment that is being sought, but at the same time you are not engaging in the behavior, the emotional behavior, that makes you feel like you have back-peddled to being a three-year-old, or a two-year-old, or a ten-year-old, or a schoolyard bully…because that is not who you are.

None is to be excluded. If there is a dictum for all of you in the new world, upon this Nova Earth to look at, it is that none are to be excluded, including parts and parcels and pieces of your sweet self. Now, when you behave in that way, particularly when it is a repeat situation, what you are also doing at the same time, my friend, is you are educating the other person that you are communicating with, or the other group that you are communicating with.

So they say to themselves, “You know the last time they were in here they seemed rather short-circuited, and temperamental, and upset, but now they are approaching me in ways that acknowledge me and what I have to offer them, so I am very glad to share my information, I am very glad to pay attention.”

So, you are creating that give and take, that balance. You are role-modeling, you are mentoring, you are teaching those in transition how a spiritually evolved ascended being actually acts, engages in conversation.

Do not forget your White Flame of Purity that burns brightly within you. Yes, you have many tools, but in terms of transmutation and transformation, this is extraordinarily useful for you.

Now, I am not suggesting that you burn down the ego, for it is part of your delightful self, the personality that you have not only developed but wanted to bring forth in this lifetime. The key here is actually burning enough…and I will help you…to get to that truth of who you want to be.

Do you wish to be a belligerent bully? No. And do you wish to be a hiding mouse? No. You wish to be present, engaged, and engaging. This is the hallmark of a Nova Being. It is to see perhaps the belligerent bully or the frightened little mouse in the other person and to say, “No, you do not need to be aggressive and you do not need to be afraid. What I offer you, what I welcome is true communion, a unity of sharing, not only of shared language but of shared heart, of the unity that builds a planet instead of tears it away.”

This has been a long time coming, my friends, and the Mother is clear, and so am I…it is time! And it does not mean that you need to come to Luxor and visit me, although I would welcome you…but all you need to do is to simply call me and I am with you to assist. Discipline is nothing but balance and clarity.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell

L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Manifesting from Your Heart Versus from Ego – via The New Divine Humanity


L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Manifesting from Your Heart Versus from Ego – via The New Divine Humanity

Ego exists in a time focused reality. Your Heart exists in an eternal state of being. So many are trying to manifest miraculously through their ego. It might temporarily get that person something, yet will lead to a repeat scenario involving suffering and increasing the fear already in the subconscious mind.

How to tell if it is your HEART or your fear based ego desiring things?

It is your ego if what you want is TIME based.

It is your ego if what you want is to fulfill and remove your own insecurities.

t is ego if what you desire is to alleviate your fear, wanting security to resolve your fears.

It is your ego if what you want is to help you feel better about yourself.

It is your ego if what you want is to look. better external to only gain more external things.

YOU KNOW its your heart WHEN ~ you do not gain anything from it other than the present moment enjoyment of it. 

It is your heart when ~ it does not matter or not if you receive what you desire.

It is your heart when the desire matches the feeling you have right now in the moment about it, even without having it.

You know it is your heart when the predominant feeling of joy in just feeling the desire, is enough.

It is your heart when the joy and feeling of the desire passes through you and you have not tried to make anything happen to get it.

The ego (and spiritual ego) wants to gain to look better or feel better to COVER UP what is really going on, the disharmony, fear and sadness.

The Heart just loves NOW and is present and is perfect. There is no healing a heart. The heart is perfect and eternal.

When we step into ETERNITY and ACTUALLY live like this, then we witness the everyday miracles that are always present and always around is.

It is a magical life living through my heart.

Life is the playground of joy, celebrating joy and the magic of being. Seeing miracles everywhere as they ARE the effortless CHILD LIKE way of the DIVINE. Not based on time or a linear world and its rules of manifestation.

Let us bypass the ego, when you desire something, read above. Test out where it is coming from, what frequency it is.

To step out of 3D and ego predominant fear based reality, we must embrace the heart. Eternity NOW and live as the Eternal Cosmic Gods of this Universe. Even now, In love.

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Eckhart Tolle – How To Stop The Voice In The Head

Peter Spicer

Published on Sep 9, 2018

How To Stop The Voice In The Head – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher. He is a German-born resident of Canada best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. In 2008, a New York Times writer called Tolle “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”. In 2011, he was listed by Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world.

Tolle is not identified with any particular religion, but he has been influenced by a wide range of spiritual works.

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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Published on Nov 8, 2017

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JESUS via John Smallman – You all have egos, and to live as humans in form you do need them – 8-8-18

Jesus Historical

Image Source


When humanity awakens, as it inevitably will, there will be an enormous outpouring of LOVE world-wide.  You have, collectively, been working towards this event for a very long time, and you are now ready for it.  The chaos, confusion, and conflict across the world, at this moment in your spiritual evolution, is a result of your collective choice to awaken.  Many agonizing memories of conflict, pain, and suffering are arising so that they may be released.  Retained and dwelt on, they hold you in a state of bitterness, hatred, and resentment.  Whereas released they allow you to open your hearts to the Love that is ever present wanting only to enfold and embrace you, as It will when you let go of your need to blame, judge, or seek vengeance or restitution for past hurts, and instead just accept and deal lovingly with whatever arises.  Love is your nature, and every human without exception desires only to love and to be loved.

Love is open, accepting, embracing, but It cannot enter where bitterness, hatred, or resentment are present because those feelings, those intentions, are choices to be closed to Love.  And Love will never force Itself on anyone because that is completely against Its nature.  To many to be loving seems to invite betrayal because so often, as humans, your trust has been betrayed.  However, betrayal is only effective when Love is sought outside the self.  When you acknowledge and accept that you are Love, and know it, betrayal is no longer an issue because – fully loving and accepting yourselves – you understand that the one betraying you is in intense pain and anguish and is truly only calling out for Love, and thus you are able to respond lovingly.

You all know, deep within yourselves, that you are beings of Love, but over the eons you, as children, have been brought up in situations that have, to a greater or lesser extent, exploited your innocence and abused your trust.  Most frequently those doing this were unaware of the damage they were causing, and believed that they were preparing you as best they could to live and survive in a dangerous and hostile world.

Love is within you all, it is the life force, the energy field that provides the power necessary for your human bodies to operate smoothly and efficiently.  When you lock Love out, by holding onto bitterness, resentment, hatred, or a desire for vengeance, your body becomes distressed and attempts to attract your attention through pain, accident, or illness – initially gently – but if you do not respond then with increasing intensity.  Even then many refuse – yes refuse – to see or respond, and so the body, denied the full use of the life force it needs and to which it is entitled as your willing companion in form, decays and dies.

If you could truly let go of everything within yourselves that is not in complete alignment with Love your bodies would remain strong and healthy, and would be able to live and relish much longer lives.  And, of course, under those conditions you would be living in joy instead of in anxiety, depression, and sickness, or in bitterness and resentment for your seemingly unfair life situations.  When you allow Love to fill your hearts Its energy flows through you freely and abundantly and out into the world, interacting with and effecting everyone with whom you come in contact in any way at all, thus spreading and sharing the joy.

Love is your nature, and when wholeheartedly accepted, instead of being blocked or denied, your lives flow far more smoothly and easily, enabling you to deal most satisfactorily with whatever issues may arise.  You need to trust Love.  To do that you have to love yourselves just as you are, accepting that as a human you are quite obviously less than perfect, that you have lessons to learn, and that is why you incarnated at this moment in humanity’s ongoing spiritual evolution.  In accepting yourselves unconditionally, and in refraining from comparing yourselves to others who, it seems to you, are more fortunate or more blessed, you will find peace, and then you will far more easily understand and learn the lessons with which you are presented.  Lessons that you planned for yourselves before you incarnated.

You all have egos, and to live as humans in form you do need them.  However, they are the aspects of yourselves that react in fear and anger to situations that appear threatening to them.  They are like small children who have not yet learnt to understand that they need to respect and honor one another, and who continue operate from the “me, me, me” mode of being.  As infants that is necessary because they need to be able to quickly attract the attention of those who are taking care of them and who are responsible for their welfare.  Unfortunately it frequently happens that the caregivers are either slow to respond, or just don’t respond at all, and this terrifies the little ones.  Then, as they grow, that state of neediness does not get resolved and released, and by the time they reach adulthood physically that “me, me, me” behavior has become deeply ingrained as a necessary survival skill.  Unfortunately it is very damaging because it prevents them from becoming aware that they are beings of Love, the major lesson for every human to learn.

To awaken involves becoming aware of this sense of inadequacy, which is all that it is, acknowledging its invalidity, and then choosing to let it go.  The ego is an aspect of yourselves that needs to be seen for what it is, namely your hurt and frightened inner child, and then you need to comfort it and show it that it is utterly secure by the love you give yourselves.  When you do this it can know itself to be totally safe, secure, and unconditionally accepted by you.  This is most easily done by loving and accepting yourselves just as you are, and then working gently and lovingly with yourselves to dissolve the fear underlying that intense sense of inadequacy by loving it.  When that happens, as it will if you choose to love and accept yourselves completely, your egos will then become fully integrated into the humanforms that you are, instead of remaining seemingly separated, and, in that state, feeling inadequate, unworthy, not good enough, and therefore fearful and angry.

You all know, deep within yourselves, that you are One with Source.  However, as humans in form, that knowledge is hidden from you in order that the lessons with which you are presented may be learned, thus furthering you on your path of spiritual evolution.  And you all want to evolve spiritually.  It just often seems to you that to evolve spiritually is completely beyond your capabilities as a human.  And as a separated human indeed it would be, but you are not separated!  You never have been and you never will be.  You are securely and eternally connected to Source, and you each have a whole team of guides, mentors, angels, and loved ones watching over you most lovingly and waiting for you to call on them for assistance in that evolution.

Your egos, in their fear and anxiety, often noisily drown out by their “me, me, me” demands the answer to the call for assistance that you have asked for and which is instantly offered from those in the spiritual realms.  This is why, as you are so often reminded, it is absolutely essential that you go within daily, to that holy inner sanctuary that you each possess, and rest there quietly, loving and accepting yourselves.  And in that self acceptance your egos will feel secure and become integrated.  You absolutely deserve to love yourselves because you are all God’s divine and beloved children created in and from Love, which is All That Exists.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus via John Smallman – Providing a Safe Space For Others is Why You Are On Earth – 9-17-17 – Golden Age Of Gaia



There is only Love. You all know that, you also know that everything else is illusory, and yet many of you engage unlovingly and judgmentally with others almost every day – frequently you are so unaware of your own ingrained beliefs and behaviors that you do not even realize that you are doing this.

Taking time daily to go within, to your sacred altar, and relax in the divine Presence that is always there with you, the field of infinite and unconditional Love that is your true nature, will help you, if you choose, to become increasingly aware of how your egos are constantly attempting to distract you from perceiving yourselves as others see you.

Being aware of how others see you helps you to become aware of how your egos operate, something to which you probably pay very little attention because you mostly think of your egoic selves as “Me.” This is not the case, the egoic “Me” is mostly driven by feelings and emotions, and generally reacts rather than thoughtfully responding, and it is not you.

Many humans appear to live at the center of their own personal universe – the ego’s universe – separated from all others by their own egoic and self-centered personalities.  They are so wrapped up in their own issues of self-defense and how best to ensure their personal safety, that they cannot conceive of any meaningful opinions apart from their own.  And yet they are constantly seeking recognition and approval from others.

The need to be right and make others wrong, except, of course, when the others are in agreement with them, is one of the major causes of conflict worldwide, from individual relationships right up to international relationships.

When you intend and choose to live lovingly, to live and engage from your true nature, you will find that your need to judge weakens and then falls away to be replaced by compassion for the pain and suffering that you see in others.  When you live like that you will hardly ever find yourselves in situations of conflict, and those with whom you interact will appreciate and honor your presence instead of competing with you for acceptance and approval.

Your true nature is Love, as you are constantly being reminded by myriad channeled messages, and yet almost as soon as you have finished reading one of those messages, or very shortly afterwards, and recognizing its truth, you forget, and slip once more into unawareness as you hand control of your lives back to your egos, to the auto-pilot.  You slip back into to reacting to life instead of responding to it with focused intent as your day unfolds.

Often it seems to you when you are out in the world, or in your workplace, and even sometimes in your home environment, that you are under the threat of judgment and disapproval, while many of the others with whom you interact in those same environments are also experiencing those kinds of feelings.

The lack of trust in these environments is quite palpable to all present, and each person is feeding it with the energy of their own sense of inadequacy – fear – which feeds on itself.  However, if you can consciously maintain your intent to be only loving you will find that the stress and tension in those environments diminishes when you are present.

Intending to be only loving and then engaging only lovingly will bring into your awareness the realization that your personal world-space – wherever you may be experiencing it – is indeed mostly quite peaceful,and that is because you are Love incarnate, and Love is always gentle and peaceful.

All who are reading this message, and others of a similar nature, chose to be on Earth as humans at this time to assist in the human awakening process by living and engaging from their true nature – Love – and by so doing bringing the energy of Love into their daily interactions with others.

The others will feel the energy, although they may very well not know what it is they are feeling, and will find themselves relaxing in its presence into a realization that they are in a safe space – your world-space – and will consequently communicate much more freely and easily.

Providing a safe space for others that is unthreatening, and in fact welcoming, is why you are on Earth, because when people feel safe they can open to Love, and, of course, the field of divine Love enfolds you in every moment, patiently awaiting your acceptance of It.

To open fully to It is to awaken, but because of your ingrained beliefs and fears, opening to It takes time.  Many believe that if they operate from Love and behave and interact lovingly that they will be taken advantage of by others who are more “street-wise,” and that they will be deceived or cheated.

If an experience like that actually happens to them it will take considerably longer for them to start interacting lovingly again.  And during that time it is quite normal to fall back, temporarily, into the apparent sense of a need for safety by building defenses and choosing not to trust or engage lovingly.

Of course you all have guides and mentors in the spiritual realms watching over you constantly, waiting expectantly for you to call on them for assistance, and extremely willing to respond immediately to your call.  When in doubt call on them.

When you do you will be able, with their assistance, to sense intuitively when someone is not being totally honest with you, and you will then be able to avoid an unsatisfactory interaction.  There is a vast difference between being loving and being gullible, and your intuition is very good at understanding this and recognizing the difference.

So what I am telling you here today is that you are beings of Light, the beloved children of God, and that your true nature is therefore Love.  You are on Earth to remember this and to operate from that state by being loving at all times, and by doing so – and there are countless numbers of you on Earth at present doing this – greatly enhancing and accelerating humanity’s awakening process.

Humanity is to awaken, it has been deeply asleep for far too long, and you have chosen to be here, demonstrating Love in action, to ensure that the awakening occurs smoothly and swiftly.   For this we cannot honor you enough, but we can offer you our constant loving support which, when you choose to ask for it and accept it, is far more powerful than you can imagine.

Be yourselves, be Love, and know that you are assisting humanity enormously in its awakening process.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


“Jesus via John Smallman: Providing a Safe Space For Others is Why You Are On Earth,” September 15, 2017, at

Eckhart tolle – how to understand the evolution of consciousness



Sameena Khan @ In5D – The Death Of The Ego – 4-10-17

Death of Ego


by Sameena Khan,
Guest writer,

Death of the Ego in Jungian terms, really just means the loss of how we subjectively perceive ourselves to be. A loss of identity of sorts but not a loss of who we are. To explain further, it’s a loss of those constructs we tend to use to define who we are when in fact we are really so much more than what we think. According to transpersonal psychology, the ego is a part of us that makes us unique, gives us our personality, our issues, our likes and dislikes, a way of interpreting our experiences through maybe not the clearest of lenses.

For instance, before my awakening I had moved around a lot in the U.S. for my graduate training and for work. This meant having to introduce myself more times than I’d have liked. If someone asked me then to describe myself I would have said something like “Hi, I’m Sameena, I’m from Canada, I’m a psychologist, an athlete, I like music and sports and cooking and blah blah blah.” I’m already asleep.

Not that these things aren’t important, and they are all true to a degree, but there is so much more to me than these constructs. I found this out while I was sick, while I experienced the excruciating Dark Night (years) of the soul, and many Ego Deaths all at once. I didn’t do it on purpose, not consciously anyway. By being so physically ill for years I realized I was no longer a psychologist as I was too sick to work, I was no longer an athlete because my body barely moved, and I definitely was not a cook because I was too tired to create something in the kitchen. I wasn’t a daughter because I felt more like a burden, and I wasn’t a girlfriend as I left my long-term relationship. I wasn’t a friend because I let most of my old friendships go. OK, I was still a big music connoisseur but who isn’t? Actually I know one lady who doesn’t like music but needless to say we aren’t friends.

Anyway, my point is that when we experience an Ego Death (or many), we can use this opportunity to find out who we truly are. Who are you without the labels, without the shoulds, without the programming and conditioning since childhood?

I found out that I am a sensitive and intuitive being and although sometimes I don’t want to be, it is a part of who I am. I learned that I have so much love inside of me that any moment I feel like I could burst into a million hearts. I learned that I am way smarter than I originally thought, because I now understand that we are all connected. I learned about the Universal Laws and the Higher Perspective. Three graduate degrees and that was never in the curriculum.

I learned that I am very forgiving, and have the capacity to love unconditionally. I learned to face my shadows and accept them as parts of me instead of denying them and hiding behind ego constructs. I learned that my outer world reflects my inner world and that this is constantly changing because I am constantly working on myself and shifting.

I learned that people are mirrors of what needs to be healed, and what has already been healed. I learned that others tend to drain my energy and I’m not going to socialize if I don’t want to. I learned that I am not an athlete, but I love playing sports. I pop into the kitchen and can whip something up, but I’m not a cook.

Ego Death is a beautiful thing. It allows us to explore who we really are instead of fitting into little boxes. We get the opportunity to reconnect with our own soul. We explore our likes and dislikes, our uniqueness, but we don’t attach to labels as our identity.

Death of the Ego gives us a more truthful perspective about ourselves and about others. I now understand the difference when I am operating from Ego versus operating from the Heart, and can sense this in others as well, while understanding that our Ego never really dies while we are alive. We just aren’t what we thought we were, and when we realize this we change our perspective on everything. We free ourselves from chains we’ve placed or allowed others to place on us, and life is much more beautiful when we live from a place of authenticity.

About the author: Sameena Khan is a Clinical Psychologist, Writer, Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, and Alchemist. Her intuitive psycho-spiritual work helps others explore and work through their psychological, emotional, physical, and overall energetic blockages in order to live a healthier and more joyful life. You can visit her at HolisticSoulPsychology.

Sameena is also a Content Manager at Instaread, a genius app that provides key takeaways and summaries of best-selling books. “Learn something new today!”


24 Keys to Transcend the Ego





TheEgo is the central figure of our personal history, based upon the past and looking into the future. It is a dissatisfied, possessive small ego that often makes our life a misery. It is for certain that this small ego–or, more precisely, what we believe is our Self, our Ego–coiled up tightly in the back of our mind, is responsible for a tremendous amount of senseless and unnecessary suffering and destruction in the history of mankind.

On our spiritual Journey arises the question, how we transcending the Ego?

Here are 24 Keys to transcend the Ego


Key 1.The Ego is not bad, it is simply unconscious.

Key 2. The Ego is responsible for the integrity of the personality, for our inner well-being.

Key 3. The Ego only pursues its own dreams and ambitions, and so it very often embitters our life.

Key 3. The components of the Ego are thoughts, emotions, memories (with which the person identifies as “my story”), fixed unconscious roles and collective identifications (nationality, religion, etc.). Most people completely identify with these components of the Ego, and for them no self “outside” of this exists.

Key 4. The identification of the Ego with things (object, the person’s own body, way of thinking) creates the link of the individual to various things. The Ego experiences his/her existence through the possession of various objects.

Key 5. The satisfaction provided by the sense of possession is, short, so the Ego usually carries on the pursuit for new objects. There is a powerful motivation behind this activity of the Ego, a psychological demand to obtain more, the unconscious sense of “not yet enough,” and this feeling surfaces in a want for more.

Key 6. The content of the Ego will then be the thing with which the individual identified him/herself (my house, my car, my child, my intelligence, my opinion, etc.). The contents of the Ego (with which the individual identifies) are shaped by the environment and upbringing of the person, that is, the culture in which the person becomes an adult.

Key 7. The thoughts such as “it’s mine,” “I want it,” “I need it,” “it is not enough,” belong to the structure of the Ego. The content of the Ego changes with time; it is replaced with new contents. No content is, however, able to lastingly satisfy the Ego as long as the structure of the Ego remains in its place.

Key 8. The Ego keeps looking for something different, something that promises a greater satisfaction, making the sense of self of the individual more complete.

Key 9. The Ego wants to possess more and more, wants to become more and more powerful. More knowledge, more faith, more material wealth. The Ego wants to devour more and wants to do it more anxiously. That is how the Ego becomes a tyrant and dominates our life to an increasing extent.

Key 10. The Ego is shaped by the past, determining its structure and contents. The structure of the Ego is an unconscious factor, which forces the individual to reinforce his/her identity by joining an external object.

Key 11. The Ego is but a mental production, a system of beliefs.

Key 12. The Ego strives to protect, sustain and expand itself. The Ego functions in survival mode. The statement that the Ego functions in a survival mode means that it continually struggles to remain “psychologically alive,” so it regards other Egos as rivals or even enemies.

Key 13. One of the most important strategies of the Ego to sustain and reinforce itself is the experience of “I am right.” This is the identification of an idea, position, evaluation. Nothing gives the Ego more power than experiencing that “I am right.”  It is the desire of the Ego to be right, and thus overcome the other, ensuring its own superiority.

Key 14. One of the favorite self-reinforcing strategies of the Ego is complaining. Complaining implies the sense that “I am right.” When another Ego refuses to accept that “I am right,” it is an offense to the complaining Ego, which. in turn, further reinforces its self-awareness.

Key 15. The Ego intends to elevate the forms (including its own form) to eternity, which is impossible. This intention of the Ego will be the source of all sufferings, because its world of forms and shapes shall collapse like a sandcastle after a while, until death snatches away the last of the forms: its body from it.

Key 16. Our entire culture and civilization rest upon the selfish and possessive Ego and, as the Ego created the institutions of society, these institutions are also the expressions of the Ego.

Key 17. In most people identifies with that socially conditioned Ego. At a number of people this identification is so powerful that they are unaware that their life is governed by a socially conditioned Mind.

Key 18. The Ego must fall, as it is against the evolutionary development of the Consciousness.

Key 19. If an individual is able to notice and observe the functions of the Ego, he or she will be able to transcend it.

Key 20. We must reach beyond our Ego-dominated mind programs, because if we fail to do that, we will eventually destroy ourselves and a large part of the world.

Key 21. One of the ways of transcending the Ego is not reacting wholeheartedly to the ever-changing caleidoscope of thoughts and emotions, but concentrating on the alert Consciousness in the background instead.

Key 22. The Ego calls itself real and the only existing ”Self,” though it is nothing more than a conceptual product, the continually changing content of the space of Consciousness

Key 23. In the space of Consciousness, in the state of pure consciousness the person recognizes and clearly experiences that Ego is a fraud.

Key 24. The Truth is that we are the embodiment of Life, we are born into this world as a result of a miracle, and later we are lost amidst the multitude of teachings and dogmas.


Polona Aurea Dawn – Working as a United Collective vs. Separate Ego – 1-24-17

Preparing The Way for Peaceful Transition – 10-28-16 — roseramblesdotorg

Posted by newsununity, 10/28/2016 The ego has many voices but not one of them is founded in True Love and Compassion. That is not to say that the ego is out to ‘get you’ or deliberately misguide you. The ego tries its best to keep you safe and protected within the walls of human consciousness […]

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On the 22nd of your September, you are all going to enter a photonic belt of light, for as your solar system has indeed stepped foot onto the new accord, the planet on which all of you re are finding yourselves shall take the next step in its evolutionary process, bringing with it, the peace and harmony of the ages past and the ages that are yet to come. A photonic belt of purple recognition principles shall roll out a new set of accords for your planet. The portals of the past shall reintegrate with the portals of the NOW moment of time.

Your ego shall be transformed into a new state of being. Your ego is not going to disappear, it shall simply take a backseat to your thought processes, and you shall begin to see the world through a different set of eyes.

You shall begin to feel the changes in those around you, you shall notice that their frequency has indeed changed. For as their ego dominance is equalized and comforted with the new energies of the coming times, they shall relinquish the power of their egos, and allow their higher selves to take hold of that which they are.

And so, your vehicles shall then be operated from the view stand point of your higher selves rather than ego. From this vantage point, you shall all be able to view the lives that you have created, evaluate the direction in which you are moving, and adjust your frequency thereby aligning you with a new path of your choosing.

You shall be able to review your lives without attachment to the material, without attachment to that which you are. For you shall temporality forget that which you believe you are, and be allowed to view your lives as if you were viewing it from the heavenly abodes of your higher selves. As if you were experiencing what is called in your known world as the “near death experience” without being in any pain nor suffering. For the meditative state into which you all shall enter, a hibernation state if you will, shall allow your physical human mind to operate with a different set of accords, thereby literally lifting your soul out of your body for recognition and rectification purposes of your being.


For you shall be greeted by your guides, and they shall assist you in viewing your life and making various adjustments to the past that you have experienced. And when this moment shall occur you shall be allowed and assisted in etherically returning to the points of the pain and releasing the old patterns of thinking. This shall and will occur spontaneously, randomly as you become aware of your guides, as you become aware of the space around you, as you truly allow this connection to occur.

And when such connection occurs and you travel back in time to the aspects of yourself whom you have indeed created for your selves, these aspects shall then be allowed to be let go of. And as such, after saying your goodbyes, your egos shall then be put into a state of hibernation, whereby they shall only be activated upon the approval of your higher selves. For the new age that you are have all moved into shall not allow the ego too be in the driving seat and shall monitor your thoughts and actions carefully adjusting your energy flow as you go about your day.

You shall begin noticing various mood swings, in your psyche, whereby you will be prompted to replace “the thoughts of the past with the thoughts to the NOW. You shall find yourselves being a bit confused with the feelings and information you shall receive.

Nevertheless it is all a process of integrating the new foundation of newly formed principles. For all that we are discussing with you has indeed been ordained by your higher selves, and as such your vessels are simply being aligned with that which has already occurred. For your higher selves have indeed requested these changes and hence you are experiencing and shall experience them as we speak.

Know that this is a natural sate of progression from the fully material and solid world into a more liquid and fluent world of your being. For you shall begin noticing physical changes within your bodies, as your structure becomes more liquid and etheric, as you move further still through the corridor of ascension.

For the ascension shall continue to be in effect and shall finally bring you to the point of not return. The point from which you shall not be able to return to the solidity of the world you once knew. Hence many of you shall experience the loss and emptiness as you say your goodbyes to the three dimensional experience, once and for all.

All of this shall be welcomed by your vehicles in stages, as it is simply not possible at this moment in time to completely transform your vehicles into a new state of being overnight.

And so as you shall continue to operate on both frequencies, constantly being moved from one end of the spectrum to another. Let it be known that you shall all bare witness to the internal and external changes, and let it be known that you have been prepared very well to withstand the necessary conditions and changes that shall occur within and without.

For all is going according to the divine blueprint that has indeed been preordained and set forth by all those who are reading these messages. And so, we ask that you pay careful attention to the urges of your vehicles, pay careful attention to the psyche of your being. Pay careful attention to the guidance that you are receiving. For your lives shall never be the same. For your path shall not be the same, for your duties to act as beacons of light shall increase ever so much. For you shall indeed be drawn to a new set of realities, thinking patterns, and ways of being.

Know that we are standing by you ready to assist you in all that you are. Know that we love an you unconditionally. Know that we are walking with you hand in hand, and foot in foot. Know that you can call upon us whenever you wish. Know that it is so. For it is.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

349fmooPersonal Note: Every 10,700 years or so, our solar system passes through at 2100 year-wide belt of highly charged ion particles know as the photon belt. This belt is the “Holy Spirit” of GOD force of the universe stepped down from the Center of Creation.

Soul’s passage through this belt happens twice during an approximate 26,000 year cycle – the time that it takes to go around its greater sun (Alcyon in the Pleaides). This huge vertical and doughnut-shaped belt presently appears from earth to slice through the astrological ages of Leo & Aquarius. Since we are moving inot the Age of Aquarius, we are also moving into the photon belt.

What I am being told is that our solar system has already entered this belt, and on 22nd of September our planet, our actual planet is going to start moving into this belt. Which is going to affect us greatly. As Christ Consciousness is really going to start playing out in this field, in our world, as has been predicted many eons ago. And once again as we’re being told through the channelings, through the channeling that you have just read and many other channelings worldwide, what is happening is this energy will transform the planet and all life on it, into higher dimension of vibratory states.

So, we’re given a great opportunity to cleanse our palate if you will, to let go of everything that no longer serves us, so that when we do enter into this photon belt, where we are going to stay for many years, for at least 2,000 years, so that we can finally enjoy this moment in time. Of course everything is not going to change overnight, as we are being told constantly over and over again, it’s going to take time.

And right now we are living in the most exciting times, as we’re literally being changed from the solid state of our three dimensional existence into a more liquid state and crystalline state of being. Once again this is a great time to let go of everything and to truly connect with your divine self. I hope that you will take this opportunity. I hope that you will enjoy this transition.

As turbulent as it may be, it’s very important to remember that we are all being supported grately. You’re being supported by your guides, usually every person on earth has at least one guide attached to them, who is always there with you, and many times you will have other guide that are coming in to support you in specific moments throughout your life, not to mention your spirit guides, the ascended master, arch angels, our galactic family that are constantly watching over us, and most importantly your higher self. So listen to your intuition. Clean everything out and welcome this new energy. Stay grounded. Stay in the Now. I love you!

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

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pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

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New Dawn Arising – The Ego as a Tool – 6-7-16

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As we are all very well aware, there are many many many (did I say many?) views and theories about this topic of the “ego.” It is quite a huge topic!  I have explored some of these ways of thinking about it… many experiments of just “what to do about it”… and for a great time, seeing it as a “great problem.”

I personally spent a good period of time attempting to get this thing away from me, to kill it, to dissolve it and the like.   At a later point, when I realized that it really wasn’t so effective… I then experimented with altering my view of it.  Remembering that there is “nothing outside of the all.”  The all is everything and everything is the All.  All are one.

And,  “everything is energy.”

So… that led me then to this… that the ego… it is not some separate thing.  It too, is energy.  And nothing joyful comes from pushing against.  So… the next part was, “how to work with this thing we call the ego”… and “how to flow downstream and with the energy current.  How to work with the energy of it, instead of against it.

I began exploring how it served me.  As all is serving us, always.  Everything in our experience is serving us one way or another.  Sometimes it is immediately apparent just how that is… and other times, not so much.

My current view on the ego is this:  it is a container that we experience patterns of energy through. A tool.  It is not some other thing with its own life force operating outside of us, nor against us, nor anything we must fight.  It is simply the pressure or resistance that creates the “container” in which to explore the polarity of energy patterns through. And it serves me as being the temperance in which I explore the patterns of energy, that I have chosen to explore in this incarnation.  Simple as that.

The light shines through a projector, then through the negatives and then the image is seen on the screen.  Negatives are needed and required for an image to be seen.  If there were no negatives, nothing but the light would be seen.  This is a holographic reality… and we use these holographic realities to play and explore.  The light and the negatives play together…to form the images of our reality.

Same with the ego.  It offers the temperances and the metaphoric walls in the energy field that are like a damn that a beaver creates and the water flows around… and those barriers are what create the different patterns in how the water flows.  It all shape shifts!

It is not something to kill or dissolve.  But instead, something to work with and to mine the gifts of the experience the temperance provides.  Like that of the hammer a blacksmith uses to form and shape the hot metal into the creation he desires to make.  Over time, the blacksmith (please read this symbolically) learns how to use his arsenal of tools in order to create with.  If he were to get frustrated with them and throw them out, then, what would he have to use?  In the beginning of his apprenticeship, it is his journey to learn how to use the tools properly in order to make them work for him.

Now, to apply this to the ego.  What I was doing, and perhaps some reading this will resonate with this as well, is fighting with the ego instead of learning ways of working with it and allowing it to serve me as the tool for expansion that it can be.

What I am saying here, is not to pump up the ego.  haha   Just as the artisan uses the tool, the artisan directs the tool for proper use.  Not the other way around.

What I am speaking of, is using it as a tool, to become more aware of the energy patterns within your energy matrix that you have chosen to explore.  The ego, actually brings to light the polarities within these energy patterns.  It is the “negative” in which the image is then seen. Only through awareness, can we then transform these patterns and raise the vibration of them.  It is all energy.  And as energy beings, we find it fun at a soul level to play with patterns of energy.  Moulding them, altering them, shifting them, transforming them, expanding them… it is an eternal play.

The ego is just a tool.  It is up to us to choose how we use that tool.  Like many tools, they can be put to really good use, or for destructive purposes.  One can utilize a hammer for a great many helpful purposes… or, it can be used to hit another over the head with.  (lol)

For what purpose will you use your ego for?

The choice and potential is available to utilize it as an amazing tool for consciousness transformation and exploration.

Heaven Letters – The Kingdom You Were Born To – 7-23-16


God said:

Ego enters in when there is a deep-seated lack of self-worth. Lack of self-worth is the plague of the world.

Ego picks up details and tries to magnify itself in the world. It is fine for you to have joy where you have joy. It is one thing to have joy from a new car. It is another thing to have your ego blown up by the purchase of a new car, and now regard self-important as King because you drive a new car. A new car has nothing to do with your inborn self-worth. Enjoy the ride, yet do not mix it up with your God-given sense of self-worth.

Have no car in the world, or have ten valuable cars, your self-worth is not touched a whit.

The self-worth of My children is great, yet how many really know this. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world or the handsomest man, the richest, the most famous, the wisest, the most efficient and so on, yet all these matters have nothing to do with the Kingdom you were born to.

Self-worth is not revealed by status in the world.

Your self-worth is not proven in outside terms.

I have declared your self-worth. Your presence here on Earth establishes your self-worth. If you need additives from the outside world to bolster your sense of self-worth, ego has persuaded you, inveigled you, deceived you, masterminded you, pulled a switcheroo.

Let me make it clear that it is fine to desire whatever you desire in life and to gain it. Yet whatever you gain in the material world does not attest to your self-worth. Is this clear?

Because you are a millionaire does not make you more worthy than a man in rags. By all means, be a millionaire. It is worthy to be a millionaire. It is worthy to be great in accomplishment and to share your joy. This gives incentive to others. Do not for one moment think I am denying anyone’s accomplishment in the world. Well-done, I say.

Only you are of greater merit than all the world can attest. You are worth far more than anything the world has to offer.

I am asking that you not sell yourself short.

Sleeping in a mansion or sleeping on the beach, your self-worth is not an issue.

Unfortunately, in the world, your true sense of self-worth may indeed have been subjugated. I maintain: A diamond in the rough is still a diamond.

The world cannot set the value for you. It has no right to. Nor must the world dare to deny you. Certainly, the world’s judgment does not truly transform anyone to the hoi polloi nor does it detract from anyone except in terms of ego.

Ego is believed in by those who have glossed over their true worth by virtue of what has been passed on to them and they have digested from the world. Followers of ego have taken the world’s evaluation over Mine.

If someone has not known his own sense of self-worth, he cannot know another’s. It is possible to say that the sin of your fathers is not having noted his own sense of worth. Not having realized his own sense of worth, how could he pass it on you?

I ask you to follow My Words for your benefit. Of Myself, I do not require followers. Of course, your benefit is My desire. It is also My Will. My Will is for you to know your worth. There is no limits to what you are worth, beloveds.

The world you grew up in may well have given you a bum steer. You do not have to buy it. You must not buy it. A low estimation of you is from the past. I am giving you the straight goods right now.

Forget self-esteem. Forget grandeur. Be done with ego and all its flattery. Find your sense of self-worth. Begin to believe in your self-worth, and you will have wonders to perform. Hang out with your true sense of self-worth and raise the world.

Ego cannot light a candle next to self-worth. Ego is all smoke and no substance. Our Connected True Sense of Self-Worth is King.

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Lisa Renee – Splitting Behaviors – by Dreamweaver – 5-15-16


Lisa Renee – Splitting Behaviors   –   by Dreamweaver   –   5-15-16

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Splitting is a very common Ego Defense Mechanism. Splitting (also called black and white thinking or all-or-nothing thinking) is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together the dichotomy of both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole. Usually one small piece of the overall picture is focused upon, while ignoring other details that the person is

not willing to look at. It can be defined as the division or polarization of beliefs, actions, objects, or persons into good and bad by focusing selectively on the judgments or perceptions of positive or negative attributes. Splitting is a coping mechanis

m which diffuses the internal anxiety that arises from our inability to grasp the subtleties and complexities of a given situation or state of affairs. The situation is broken down into smaller parts in order to simplify and schematize the situation, thereby making it easier to think about and rationalize. Splitting also reinforces our sense of self as good and virtuous by effectively demonizing all those who do not share in our same opinions and values. Through the course of growing up from childhood into adulthood, we develop coping skills and will come to label people, places or objects in the environment that are acceptable or not acceptable in our belief systems. Ego defenses are similar to mental racketeering programs that are commonly used as coping mechanisms for reducing day to day anxiety, fears, and obsessions that are related to thought addiction or the need to control the environment. When we are addicted to our thoughts, we have lost balance with our feelings and sensory abilities that allow us to be fully present in the moment and be in a receptive mode to better discern the environment and their energies.



SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Goodbye Draco – We Welcome You Humans! – 4-26-16


Sophia Love

SOPHIA LOVE   –   As we Shift  –   Goodbye Draco   –   We Welcome You Humans!   –      4-26-16


(Note – while searching for a photo for this posting, I used the term “Draco” and was immediately facing a screen of this Harry Potter character – Draco Malfoy.  Anyone besides me ever not notice his name and his role in the series???  Wow.  I just got it.)

This is a call for Unity.  It was 3 years ago tomorrow, (click here), the final Love Quest ended.  It did so because there was nothing else to say.  We knew Agape.  Agape now had to walk on its own human legs.

From several places, some of them second hand, and some direct, I’ve heard that “the Draco have been removed”. (This post will include a first-hand update at its end.)

What is seen now are remnants of ego.  Ego and Agape do not dwell in the same place.  Ego is about what is seen.  Agape is about what is felt.  Agape is truth.  The merging of these is the new human.

Just as we’ve done everything else, we’ll have to figure this one out ourselves.  There are no instruction manuals.

We are becoming more of whatever we actually are.  This has been said before.  What hasn’t been said is that we actually are human, and that truth brings with it deep emotion, passionate drive, fierce loyalty and a tendency to pick sides.  With the Draco gone and along with them, the strongest of the energy harvesting – we find ourselves now dealing mostly with our own egoic tendencies.

We may feel we love everyone and at the same time work hard to be “right” or to make someone else “not as right as we are”.  With Unity, Everybody’s Right.  And here’s the Ego Rub – There is no need to point out just how right you may be.  None of that matters.

This is a tough one to give up. Yet Unity demands this of us.

What is seen now is a sort of shouting, whether child or adult, live or online.  It looks like “this is what I said/did on this day and I said it first and therefore everyone else is not as “right” as I AM. – or – has a deeper, hidden agenda to their saying/doing.  This is a waste of energy. With eyes of Agape, we can see what is really being said.

There is no need for self-doubt.  You are right.  Accept your beliefs; it’s not necessary to discredit/challenge the beliefs of anyone else.  You are not under attack.  There is much to do now.
As the removal of those who held the planet trickles down there will be, and soon, a direct impact on our daily life.  Think about how you can best contribute and be ready to do so.  Let go of any perceived need to tell everyone about it.  “Walk your talk”.  It’s all about the doing now.

Before sharing this next post regarding some “behind the scenes doing”, here is a suggestion.  It concerns disclosure.  Several camps and movements are set up that would have more of an impact if they joined together.  At the very least, mentioned each other to those following them.

here are well known whistle blowers who would only help to accelerate things by doing so.  It doesn’t matter who does this or on what date – what matters is that it gets done and gets done as soon as possible.  Our strength is in our combined energy and what is seen now is a splitting of that energy into many “camps” and many “rights”.  Let’s work as One.  Uniquely and brilliantly we can achieve our end – prosperity, vitality, peace.  This is the world we came to create.

This conversation took place yesterday, 4.25.16

“So, is there someone available now?”

We are here Sophia.

I feel you, yes.  What is it you’ve come to share?

Our purpose is one of enlightenment – enlightenment regarding certain removals and exits, comings (as it were) and goings on your planet.  There is so much activity and we’d very much like to keep you up to date with it.  Many are involved.  Many are being called, as the field is cleared for man to take the helm.  This is a unified effort in more ways than can be explained to you now.

Okay, would you tell me first who you are and then who the organization is that is orchestrating this removal of the controllers?  I know only that there is an “overseer?” and that many warriors are called to participate.

I can introduce myself, yes, and then tell you the group from which I hale.  It is a group of non-terrestrial entities who feel they have a stake in the goings on here, on your current home planet, on earth.

That stake we feel comes from our genetic connection – there are many many versions of the earth human.  One of them bore our seed.

What do you look like?  Where are you from?

I look like you mostly. My (nothing was said…)

Would you send a picture?
Your skin is mocha colored.  Your eyes are dark and large.  You are very tall.  Your hair, dark.  I am seeing a female, long black, straight hair.

Yes, you assess my form with some accuracy.

I see water, rivers, tall trees.  Is this your home world?

It is my most frequent spot and where I am now, yes.

Is there a name I would recognize for you or your world?

Not for me, not for my home planet either.  I appear gaseous.  I am not nearby the earth, not even in the earth’s star system.

What then brings you to this conversation?

You do –
It is our desire to meet and engage with the earth human as he/she emerges from darkness.

You said you wanted to update me?

Yes.  The introduction of your race to the many has been so long awaited.  You are no longer under the confines of absolute control.

What/who is now running things is a group of humans – they are finding out now that their masters are absent.

This changes the field on which you play.  The rejoicing is felt in advance even of your knowing or feeling the absence.  It is happening because we see, have been watching, the human’s true nature emerge and as that happens the reins of control are cast off.

Okay.  Here is where the questions emerge – who cast off the reins of control?  What race or organization actually orchestrated the departure/removal/exit of the Draco?

It is one that works for the sovereignty of worlds – for equality – for fairness.  It is one that is the force, a force, of what you might call equalizers.

Individuals mostly, who are called to do this work from an internal sense of fairness, of absolute allowing of every being to be as they are.  These are warriors, protectors of truth.  A powerful group that “works” for not one but for all.  They do not always agree.  They are not in public.  They are and have been always part of creation.

Who called them?

Aware of the movements and adjustments and cycles – they activate themselves.  There are times when the current focus (here is meant the current embodiment, as in human) is chosen and the warrior chooses to rest.  Some answer the call, not all.

Who then is left to “run” the groups who now give the orders on the planet?  I am not clear on all the names.  There are several of which I am aware.

What humankind does now is determine his fate without bonds.  As those elite groups serving the Draco dismantle without masters, earth humans must be ready to move and create the structure of life that is most desired.

First there must occur a visible crumbling.  Then the new will rebuild.  The earth is…

Are we still protected?

Yes.  It has been law that now allows no race to take over again here.  The necessity of control no longer suits the purpose of creation itself.

Now earth humans have a chance to define their involvement in commerce, trade and all facets of galactic participation.



WHAT IS IN YOUR FUTURE IS AN END AND WITH THAT A DISRUPTION BUT A SHORT LIVED ONE, as systems are already designed to run smoothly.  You will see then a massive change towards the meaning of PROSPERITY AND FREEDOM.   The % differentiation will be present for a while but not long – you will all have a choice as to how to handle those criminals, who’ve eagerly run a criminal system and abused men, women and children.  A massive education is necessary and this is why the majority of light-workers are here.

Now your work begins and your entry into (nothing…)

Into what?

I am sorry.  This next part is not to be told – not yet.  We welcome you Humans!  That is all.

Okay then, thank you.

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With so much love,

Eckhart Tolle – Losing the Ego – The Awakening

Frank M. Wanderer – The Ego – Friend or Obstacle? – 9-1-15

By Frank M. Wanderer, The Mind Unleashed, August 30, 2015

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In your present, individual state of consciousness we identify with the thoughts and emotions that appear in our mind, so we believe that we are a separate, illusionary person, an Ego. The truth is that we are the embodiment of Life, we are born into this world as a result of a miracle, and later we are lost amidst the multitude of teachings and dogmas.

After identifying with our beliefs and convinctions we forget who we really are, who the person born in us into the world in order to experience existence and get acquainted with all the teachings. A sign of awakening is when we realize that the state when we identify with our Ego is of very low order, very poor, and there are more significant mysteries behind our existence. Only the consciousness of the present moment is able to terminate the illusory self-interpretation and elevate the person’s consciousness to a higher, more spiritual level.

What is an Ego?

Ego is the central figure of our personal history, based upon the past and looking into the future. The components of the Ego are thoughts, emotions, memories (with which the person identifies as “my story”), fixed unconscious roles and collective identifications (nationality, religion, etc.). Most people completely identify with these components of the Ego, and for them no self “outside” of this exists.

The Ego is shaped by the past, determining its structure and contents. The structure of the Ego is an unconscious factor, which forces the individual to reinforce his/her identity by joining an external object. The content of the Ego will then be the thing with which the individual identified him/herself (my house, my car, my child, my intelligence, my opinion, etc.). The contents of the Ego (with which the individual identifies) are shaped by the environment and upbringing of the person, that is, the culture in which the person becomes an adult.

The identification of the Ego with things (object, the person’s own body, way of thinking) creates the link of the individual to various things. The Ego (and thus the spiritually unconscious person) experiences his/her existence through the possession of various objects. The satisfaction provided by the sense of possession is, however, short, so the individual usually carries on the pursuit for new objects. There is a powerful motivation behind this activity of the individual, a psychological demand to obtain more, the unconscious sense of “not yet enough,” and this feeling surfaces in a want for more. This want is a more powerful driving force for the Ego than the desire to possess. The uneasy feelings, recklessness, boredom, stress and dissatisfaction are all largely the products of the dissatisfied longing for more.

The thoughts such as “it’s mine,” “I want it,” “I need it,” “it is not enough,” belong to the structure of the Ego. The content of the Ego changes with time; it is replaced with new contents. No content is, however, able to lastingly satisfy the Ego as long as the structure of the Ego remains in its place. The individual keeps looking for something different, something that promises a greater satisfaction, making the sense of self of the individual more complete.

This structure determines the various functions of the Ego. In Eckhart Tolle’s opinion the most important of the functions are the following:

  •  The Ego strives to protect, sustain and expand itself,
  • The Ego functions in survival mode.

One of the most important strategies of the Ego to sustain and reinforce itself is the experience of “I am right.” This is the identification of an idea, position, evaluation. Nothing gives the Ego more power than experiencing that “I am right.”

One of the favorite self-reinforcing strategies of the Ego is complaining. Complaining implies the sense that “I am right.” When another Ego refuses to accept that “I am right,” it is an offense to the complaining Ego, which. in turn, further reinforces its self-awareness.

The statement that the Ego functions in a survival mode means that it continually struggles to remain “psychologically alive,” so it regards other Egos as rivals or even enemies. It is the desire of the Ego to be right, and thus overcome the other, ensuring its own superiority.

The Ego is a Small Part of the Personality

If we wish to understand how the Ego works, we must not disregard the fact that Ego is only a small part of our personality. Ego is a part of the personality, and its content comes from our sensory perceptions and memories (our life history and knowledge and experience gathered throughout our life). Ego is the thinking, feeling and sensing part. The part of our Ego we show the external world is termed by Carl G. Jung as Persona, the acting personality. That part of the Ego is foregrounded when we are in the company of other people. That is, in fact, the collection of our masks.

A large part of the personality is constituted by the unconscious Ego, termed by Freud as the instinctive Ego. That is where out most basic instincts (eating, sexuality etc.) are found, and also the part of the personality described by Carl Gustav Jung as the Shadow. The ”Shadow” is shaped and developed by society, almost simultaneously with our role playing personality. Children, when they wish to meet their parents’–and through them, society’s–expectations, begin to develop these masks. These masks are like what environment shapes them to be. Rejecting certain stimuli offered by the environment triggers the disapproval of our teachers, so the intention to reject stimuli is suppressed. That is how our ”shadow-personality” develops. It does exists within our personality, but our education relegates it into our subconscious.

Freud believes that the third important component of our personality is the Superego. It comprises the social values that the culture in which we grow up finds important. In the course of a long and complicated process these values are incorporated into our personality and manifests as the ideal self (the person we would like to be). These values become integral, inner parts of the personality, and surface as opinion and convinction.

The findings of psychological research suggest that more than 90% of the functions of the personality are unconscious. Large parts of the Instinct-Ego, the Persona and the Superego are unconscious. The functions of the Ego are also largely unconscious.

The Ego is responsible for the integrity of the personality, for our inner well-being. This is no small task for the Ego, as it is constantly bombarded by unconscious expectations from the Instinct Ego and the Shadow, attempting to influence its behaviour. It generates anguish in the Ego (that is, in ourselves), manifested as discomfort (we do not feel all right). The Ego wishes to escape from the anguish, so it uses also subconscious mechanisms. Such a mechanism is, for instance, projection. The Ego projects the unacceptable desires and features coming from the Shadow and Instinct Ego onto others (e. g. I am not aggressive, you are aggressive). These subconscious, protective and anguish eliminating projections are the foundations of several of the mind games to be discussed later.

Beyond the Ego

The Ego is not bad, it is simply unconscious. Ego is the deepest dream of the Consciousness. If an individual is able to notice and observe the functions of the Ego, he or she will be able to transcend it. In that case, the individual who has been looking for a more complete perception of the self will recognize that it has always been there, but the functions of the Ego—identification with objects and thoughts—has pushed it into the background. One of the ways of transcending the Ego is not reacting wholeheartedly to the ever-changing caleidoscope of thoughts and emotions, but concentrating on the alert consciousness in the background instead.

In most people, the term “consciousness” identifies with that socially conditioned Ego. At a number of people this identification is so powerful that they are unaware that their life is governed by a socially conditioned mind.

Those who are able to go beyond that identification with the mind recognize this state of being socially conditioned, and are also able to leave the social conditioning behind. Such a person will not identify with the mind but, increasingly, with the Consciousness (the Witnessing Presence). The Presence shall, therefore, control the mind to an increasing extent and will be manifested through the tranquilized mind.

~From the book: Frank M. Wanderer: The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games?

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Rhiame @ – How Do I Know If It’s My Soul or My Ego Talking? – 8-11-15

Ego Soul

In the personocratic consciousness, we talk about making the transfer of power from ego to soul in order to create the shift of consciousness that we hope for. But how do I know if it is my soul or my ego talking? Since it is a recurrent question, I thought it was time to write about it, and share with you some simple tools to help develop your discernment.

Differentiating ego from soul is often tricky. First, because very few people had direct contact with their soul, therefore we don’t know much about how it feels. Secondly, a great deal of confusion is intentionally perpetuated by religion, spirituality and science to make sure people do not connect with their soul. Indeed, if they do, they would free themselves from domination, and that would mark the end of the world of illusion in which we presently live.

On the other hand, there is one character that we know intimately – he is the one who has been leading our lives for millennia. I call him Mr. Ego. He* is the one who would be much easier to identify. When we know it is ego talking then, by deduction, we know this is not our soul.

Presently, our mental, vital and physical bodies are under the governance of our ego 99.99% of the time. So, let’s get to know him. Personocratia came up with simple recipes to help us sharpen our discernment, a necessary skill until we can establish a direct connection with our soul. Here are the three main characteristics that undoubtedly define ego.

Ego Speaks


The expression “listen to your soul” is often misleading. Indeed, the soul does not speak; it’s ego that speaks, and as a matter of fact, very loudly. In my search to follow my soul’s will, I often call on her for guidance, and usually, obviously, I expect an answer from her*.

Unfortunately, most of the time – if not all the time – the first answer that comes is not from my soul, but from my ego. I’ll use a little story to illustrate what happens in the background of our consciousness.

Let’s imagine that Mr. Ego and Ms. Soul live under the same roof (body), and there’s only one phone line in the house to contact either of the two. So, every time I call to reach Ms. Soul, it’s Mr. Ego who picks up the phone. He’s a control freak, a self-absorbed, noisy character that wants to be in charge of everything. He makes sure that Ms. Soul never answers the phone, and plays tricks so I won’t recognize him. He even changes his voice and his attitude to make me believe it is my soul talking. But when I learn the right tools to recognize him, I get taken in by his tricks less and less.

The Soul does not speak: she is a voiceless character that imposes her will smoothly by setting up life situations. She is more of a doer than a talker. When she manifests her will, she usually makes me do things that may not make any sense at first glance – from an egotistic standpoint. Often it sounds illogical and scary, but it is so strong that I feel compelled to do it. An inner state of ‘knowing’ or ‘feeling right’ is created. I’d like to quote Mother who said, “If you ask yourself whether it’s the soul talking, then you know it’s not.” This may clarify, if in doubt!



Ego always wants something or doesn’t want something. He is the one who makes me say: “I want more money”, “I don’t want to be sick”, “I don’t want to live alone, I want to find a companion”, “I need to be recognized”, and on and on.  By wanting or needing things, the ego is always attached to a RESULT that is tangible.

On the other hand, the soul does not want anything; she has no expectations and she is not attached to any outcome. The soul is only interested in the experience, the process. All she is interested in is the emancipation of my being, and in the evolution of my consciousness towards who I really am. Any life situation I may encounter is regarded as beneficial for that purpose; indeed, for the soul, there are no positive or negative life experiences – there are all working for the idessic/supramental realization.


Ego wants  FAST. So each time I feel rushed to do something or to make a decision, I know it’s my ego’s impulse. Indeed, ego lives in a mortal reality where he believes that his time is limited. He is the one who wants me to do as many things as possible in a short period of time. He is the one who is afraid of missing an opportunity, and who does not want to waste time in things that do not fulfill his immediate needs and whims.

Whereas the soul lives in the infinite present moment and is immortal. So each time I feel rushed to do or decide something, I must stop right away and give myself time to think it over. Concretely, I must shut down my ego’s big mouth which obstructs my clarity and prevents me from perceiving my soul’s inclination.  Only when my ego is silenced and put on the back seat of the car can my soul take the wheel, in other words, take the governance of my life, and lead me in the direction that will further her fusion with my body.

Not giving way to the ego and surrendering to the soul is essential for the realization of the idessic/supramental being. Here is a quote from Mother who explains the process:

Those who wish to help the Light of Truth to prevail over the forces of darkness and falsehood, can do so by carefully observing the initiating impulses of their movements and actions, and discerning between those that come from the Truth and those that come from the falsehood, in order to obey the first and to refuse or reject the others.

This power of discernment is one of the first effects of the Advent of the Truth’s Light in the earth’s atmosphere…
(Mother’s Agenda, 1965)

Now that you have a simple tool, you can start practicing your discernment in order to transfer the power of governance from ego (falsehood) to soul (truth-reality). The less I let my ego lead my life, the more my soul takes over. And the more we practice, the faster we’ll get out of this appalling fear-based animal humanity that creates hell on earth!

*For the sake of the story, I purposefully represented Ego as the masculine principle and the Soul as the feminine principle.


About the author: Rhiame has been a full time practitioner and teacher in groundbreaking alternative medicines and consciousness for the past 18 years in Europe and North America. Her thirst to stop fearing disease and her body, and to become totally independent regarding her health, led her to the Personocratic Consciousness. This path made her discover the world of lies humanity is currently living in and how to jump-out-to-the-fishbowl-of-illusion in order to become who we really are as human beings.  She offers private consulting and workshops to help people who want to heal themselves and evolve with a different consciousness.  You can follow her on her blog

Nira Lall – Stop Demonizing the Ego – 3-5-15

Stop Demonizing the Ego!By Nira Lall, Guest Writer for Wake Up World, March 5, 2015

Something has been on my mind for a while and it’s time to let it out.

Most places I look in the mind-body-spirit communities there is a straight up vilification of the Ego. Our Ego is portrayed as this elusive evil part of us that makes us do bad things. We’re told to “kill the ego” and think happier more beautiful thoughts.

I completely agree that it can be very counter-productive to ruminate in negative emotions and thoughts. I also believe that true, authentic well-being involves accepting the whole of oneself with deep reverence and compassion. How can we completely disown the Ego – which IS a part of us – and then expect to feel whole, complete, and joyful?!

This doesn’t even compute.

The Ego’s purpose is to ensure that we survive. When this part of us feels threatened, the Ego will resort to behaviours and patterns that we have learned throughout our lives to help us cope. This often involves the uprising of emotions and thoughts that induce fear, competition, and so on.

We can fall into a mindset where we have to cut others down (or ourselves) to deal with the situation at hand. This “coping” helps us go on and make sense of things (even if the perception is distorted). Yes, this can be destructive. Yes, there are better ways of coping. YES, the Ego is a habitual part of us that needs compassion and understanding.

Instead of shouting “no!” and “bad!” at the Ego, there is an opportunity to talk to this part of us. We must integrate the Ego into healthier patterns, not shun it into the basement. Shunning the Ego is unhealthy and can lead to serious emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical problems. The “darker” aspects of ourselves cannot be sustainably bypassed. We cannot “go around” our problematic thoughts and behaviours.

There is a lot of confusing information out there about denying the Ego side of us in exchange for love and light. This is a lovely sentiment, which is often misused and misinterpreted. Contrary to popular belief, it is not “more spiritual” to ignore the Ego. Instead, we can view the eruption of our Egos as an invitation to let this part of us know that it is being heard. With deep love and reverence, we must let the Ego know that we want to work with it, not destroy it (the ultimate fear of the Ego, which only makes it louder). We can let our Ego self know that we understand that it is only trying to protect us in the way that it has learned. We can even thank the Ego for doing its best to look out for us.

Then, we can offer the Ego an option – a beautiful, wonderful option. The option involves letting the Ego know that it can work together with the whole of you to find more productive, safe, and encouraging ways of coping and being in the world. We can offer this part of ourselves love and gentleness – as we would to a small child. What would you do if an innocent child was berating herself, feeling afraid and alone? Many of us would want to rescue that child and offer her protection, love and care. This is often what many of us adults need and want too, isn’t it?

So many of us simply want to be witnessed, heard, and loved. How can we receive love from the world around us if we are caught up in cutting ourselves down? Vilifying and damning the Ego is a massive act of personal betrayal and rejection.

Let’s all step into greater wholeness by offering love, compassion, support, and trust to ourselves first. Then, and only then, will there be room for deeper transformation from within.

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About the author:
Nira LallNira Lall is an integrative Life Coach specializing in turning life’s ups and downs into soul lessons. Drawing from her skills in emotional release, neuro-lingusitic programming, hypnosis, meditation, and body wisdom integration, she covers topics ranging from relationships, career and money, health, and most importantly self-trust.

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Nanice Ellis – Release the Ego – Transform the World – 1-20-15

naniceImgNanice Ellis


There is enough for everyone. Our magnificent earth provides an abundance of food, energy, natural medicine, and building supplies that could easily meet the needs of everyone on this planet. Mother Earth does not charge money for any of these things, but our artificial economic system creates lack, scarcity and a slave civilization.

We are killing our world and ourselves with poison food, toxic water, and polluted air, not to mention depression, anxiety, poverty and a host of other socio-economic issues – all caused or related to the global economic system.

It appears very easy to blame corrupt world leaders, governments, corporations and a host of other problematic sources — but the system continues because we agree to it. Perhaps, our agreement is complacent, but nonetheless, our lack of non-agreement perpetuates the dysfunction.

So the question is, “What is it about each of us that makes us comply and go along – enabling the corrupt and moral-less?”

This article is about healing the inner wound that keeps us individually and collectively hooked into that system, because until that healing occurs the system will not change.

From an awakened state we would never adhere to living conditions that hurt ourselves, our planet or others because it is out of integrity with who we really are. The Real Self cannot be manipulated or hypnotized in any way, but the ego-self can be – easily and effectively.

The ego-self can be controlled in such a way that we are trapped in a prison of our own doing – all the while blaming it on someone or something else, but shifting blame and responsibility only furthers our disempowerment, allowing us to continue down the spiral.

So, how does the ego-self perpetuate the destructive economic system?

The negative aspects of the ego operate through beliefs in separation, competition, scarcity, unworthiness, fear of loss, victimhood and powerlessness, which are all related to survival.

Anyone or anything that activates these survival based beliefs can easily manipulate us – provoking lower vibration beliefs causes fear-based reactions that keep us imprisoned in negative patterns. For example, if you have an active belief that there is not enough to go around, you become very competitive to get your piece of the pie. If you did not believe in scarcity or competition, you would not make the same choices in your life or teach your children to make those choices.

In order to keep the system running you must also believe that your survival is solely dependent upon the system, including your home, food, health, and general well-being. In order to maintain this negative belief, you must completely forget that the source of your good is infinite and abundant – and does not cost any money.

Corporations, world leaders and governments are the Middle Man. They take what is given from the Source of All Good and they cleverly monetize it and control it – so that we look toward them as our false-gods, and we give all our power away.

If you look to the Middle Man for the source of your good and for your survival, you allow the Middle Man to control you and manipulate you. The Middle Man does this by feeding the negative beliefs of our ego-selves, via means of media, education, propaganda and a host of other artificial sources.

For example, the news reinforces separation, competition, scarcity powerlessness and victimhood. Forget about the actual stories and simply notice the beliefs that are being fed – over and over again. In fact, almost everywhere you look you get the same message.

You cannot control an awake society so the Middle Man must do whatever it takes to keep us asleep by activating our already ingrained disempowering beliefs. A fear-based society is an easy society to control.

The wicked well runs deep – because once a belief is accepted by the ego, we seek proof of that belief – and the universe unconditionally brings to us whatever it is that we believe, thereby strengthening disempowering beliefs. But, the opposite is also true.

Here is where our power to transform the world lies.

If we stop allowing these false beliefs to be fed to us by the Middle Man and we consciously choose to release these beliefs, according to universal law, the fabric of reality will change.

In other words, our beliefs create reality so in order to heal our world we must release beliefs that create a negative fear-based reality and claim beliefs that support a reality based on love, kindness and abundance.

Some might say, how can I release negative beliefs when they are true? But what makes them true is your belief in them, and by shifting your beliefs, reality shifts. Your beliefs must change before reality changes.

We free ourselves by releasing disempowering beliefs, and embracing beliefs that are aligned with our highest good. Our ability to create a different reality through our beliefs is infinitely more powerful than any artificial power that operates in the world.

The Middle Man can only manipulate us through the means of fear-based beliefs.

If we do not believe that we are powerless, and we are not afraid to be powerless, the ego-self loses its hold and the Middle Man has nothing to manipulate.

If you do not believe that you can be a victim, you will not give your power and freedom to a government to protect you.
If you do not believe that you are unworthy, you will not need a social system that asks you to prove your worth.
If you do not believe that you have to fit in so that you can survive, you would speak up, stand out, and be true to yourself.
If you do not believe in competition, you will support others in their success.
If you do not believe in separation, we would all come together and heal the cancer in our global body.

The Middle Man needs us to believe that we are powerless, unworthy, needy, potential victims in order to keep us compliant, but every single one of those beliefs is a lie.

The ego is an illusion – therefore any and all ego-based beliefs are illusions by default.

This is your invitation to see how your personal beliefs support the very system that keeps you enslaved.
If you want to know how you can change the world – the answer is to Free Your Ego; to free your ego of the false beliefs that keep you imprisoned.

What can one person do?

Each of us is a piece in the grand puzzle of reality. It is not your job to heal the whole puzzle, but it is your responsibility to heal your own piece of the puzzle. You heal the planet by healing yourself of false beliefs, such as victimhood, powerless, loss and unworthiness. You heal false beliefs by turning your attention away from them and turning your attention to a higher truth.

All healing is a release of false belief.

For most of us, this process of healing is not done overnight. It requires time, intention and commitment, but it has never been so easy to heal or release dis-empowering beliefs, because so many of us are now doing it.

When you release these beliefs, the Middle Man has no rein to control you or hook you into participating in the old dysfunctional paradigm. As you claim your worth and your power to consciously create, you naturally make different choices that move toward love and connection, and as a result, reality begins to change in ways that support the thriving of the whole.

This is what it means to be the change you wish to see in the world and why one person can make a difference. It is time to consciously align your beliefs with the purity and goodness of your heart.

“Release the Ego – Transform the World,” by Nanice Ellis, January 20, 2015 at


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Wes Annac – Transcending the Ego, Finding the God-Self – 12-14-14


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The ego’s an innate aspect of our consciousness that can be used for benevolence or malevolence. Most people who hear the word ‘ego’ associate it with someone who’s full of themselves; who brags about their accomplishments or acts like they’re better than the people around them.

The ego’s usually associated with people who are so confident in themselves that they tend to be overbearing, but there’s much more to it and its mechanisms than simple self-centeredness. As strange as it might sound, the ego’s actually necessary for us to survive and function in the lower realms, and it can only fill us with selfishness if we let it.

I think the mind can be used for good when the ego’s overbearing influence is transcended, and here, I’d like to examine what some of our spiritual teachers have said about it.

I’ve probably done a report on the ego before, but I wanted to talk about it again because I’m fascinated with the idea of transcending it and using the mind for positive purposes.

As you can probably imagine, our teachers encourage us to transcend the ego and its constant wants and desires, and I agree that we’ll have to transcend it if we want to feel, anchor or express spirit with any degree of purity.

One we transcend its influence, we can work with it to produce helpful works that benefit others. We can express unhindered spirituality from right here on earth (as opposed to striving to evolve into a higher realm to feel it), but only when the ego’s transcended will we express it properly.

Sadhu Arunachala describes his experience of ego death, which came in the form of an intense fear he started to feel after meditating for months.

“After I had been meditating in the presence of Bhagavan [Sri Ramana Maharshi] for some months, I reached a certain stage when I would be overcome by fear. … [Bhagavan] explained that it was the ego that experienced the fear as it felt that it was gradually losing its grip.

“It was, in fact, dying, and naturally resented it. He asked me, ‘To whom is the fear? It is all due to the habit of identifying the body with the Self. Repeated experience of separation from this idea will make one familiar with this state and fear will then automatically cease.’” (1)

Paul Ferrini tells us that the ego puts all of its effort into sustaining what’s already known.

“Your ego is terrified of the unknown. No matter how terrible the known past is, the ego prefers it to the unknown present.

“All of its energy goes into trying to make the present into the past. It thinks that this creates safety, but in truth it creates continued terror, a constant aggravation of the wound until the pain is so intense that it must be dealt with. You see, everything, even your ego, conspires toward your awakening!

“So living the past over and over again creates the ultimate terror. Outwardly, life seems safe and predictable. Inwardly, the dynamite has been lit.” (2)

The more we ty to live in the past by sustaining an experience we remember or understand, the more we trap ourselves in the ego’s confines.

Some of you who are on the path of spiritual evolution might notice that you’re sometimes tempted by the desire to fall back into old habitual patterns and ways of living/being that no longer serve you, and this could very well be because the ego’s striving to maintain its grip.

The ego will start to feel like its dying as we continuously fade into our sacred center. It’ll fight, fight and fight some more to postpone its inevitable transcendence, and it’s our duty to stay as centered and materialistically unfocused as we can in an effort to constantly embrace spirit.

If we can embrace spirit, the ego will have less and less control over our ability to think and discern. Let’s feed spirit as much as we can and go out of our way to deny the wants and demands of the ego, which fights to save its own life and influence over our consciousness and the decisions we make.

Adyashanti affirms what Paul told us about the ego’s need to sustain itself.

“The psychological self seeks to continue, to survive. Simultaneously there is a compelling, driving urge to break free of this self.

“However, to break free brings the end of time. When it happens, past and future will be over for you. Questions and answers will cease, and there will be nothing. Out of that nothing, something fresh will flower. You will have to become that flower.” (3)

Paramahansa Ramakrishna advises that to see ourselves as finite humans, and not as Source, is to limit ourselves and feed spiritual ignorance.

“‘I’ and ‘mine’ — these constitute ignorance. ‘My house,’ ‘my wealth’, ‘my learning’, ‘my possessions’ — the attitude which prompts one to say such things comes of ignorance. (4)

We’re much more than the meat suits we embody here on earth, and we can’t take our material possession with us into the higher realms. We can’t even take our physical bodies with us on our journey back to Source.

All we can take with us is our consciousness as it’ll exist when we’re ready to leave this sphere, so we’ll want to make sure we cultivate a wholesome life for ourselves in the realms beyond by living as much in love and centeredness as we can on earth.

It’s easy to fill our heads and hearts with material possessions and concerns, but we’ll make life much harder for ourselves when we’re back in the higher (or lower) realms if we do.

Where we go when the physical body perishes depends entirely on the choices we make in life, and if we make choices that are in alignment with our spiritual paths, I’m sure we’ll experience pure bliss when we’re back in the higher realms.

We’ll experience exactly what we create for ourselves, and if we create love and joy here on earth, that’s exactly what we’ll experience.

As Ramakrishna also tells us, the ‘I’ we’re familiar with isn’t intended to be our physical selves, but Source him/herself.

“By discriminating you will realize that what you call ‘I’ is really nothing but Atman. Reason it out. Are you the body or the flesh or something else?

“At the end you will know that you are none of these. You are free from attributes. Then you will realize that you have never been the doer of any action, that you have been free from virtue and faults alike, that you are beyond righteousness and unrighteousness.” (5)

As long as we empower the ego, he tells us, we’ll continue to live in the illusion of polarity.

“[Virtue and vice] both exist and do not exist.

“If God keeps the ego in a man, then He keeps in him the sense of differentiation and also the sense of virtue and sin. But in a rare few He completely effaces the ego, and these go beyond virtue and sin, good and bad. As long as a man has not realized God, he retains the sense of differentiation and the knowledge of good and bad.” (6)

The idea that only a select few people can find enlightenment seems a bit outdated, and I can only say this because of the opinions of the readers who commented on one of my recent articles about the concept of enlightenment only being attainable to the few seekers who are diligent enough to completely transcend the ego.

Even though inner work is still an absolute requirement, I think the portal has widened since Ramakrishna’s days and more seekers can now find enlightenment.

I suppose this perspective is partially influenced by modern day ascension beliefs; by the idea that all of humanity’s experiencing a gradual yet direct physical/spiritual evolution. The feeling I (and plenty of others) get is that enlightenment’s now widely available as long as we can do the inner work that’s always been (and always will be) necessary.

The ego, Ramakrishna tells us, “is like a stick that seems to divide the water in two. It makes you feel that you are one and I am another.” (7)

Spiritual ignorance, he advises, “lasts as long as one has ego. There can be no liberation as long as the ego remains. ‘O God, Thou art the Doer and not I’ — that is knowledge.” (8)

He expands on one of his quotes above.

“’My house,’ ‘my wealth’, ‘my learning’, ‘my possessions’ — the attitude which prompts one to say such things comes of ignorance. On the contrary, the attitude born of Knowledge is: ‘O God, Thou art the Master, and all these things belong to Thee. House, family, children, attendants, friends are Thine.” (9)

Becoming a conduit for Source’s energy and inspiration is worth our time and effort. When we can recognize that our finite physical selves are only capable of achieving things that resonate with our surface perception, we can open up, break the barrier and do things we never expected to do.

Source works through us to the extent that we’re willing and able to open up, and our creativity will flow (along with our general spirituality) when we allow Source to express his/her omnipotent love and intelligence through us. We’ll no longer stress or worry about how other seekers see our work, because we’ll know we didn’t create it by ourselves – we received divine assistance.

According to Krishnamurti, “It is the mind with its demands and fears, its attachments and denials, its determinations and urges, that destroys love.” (10)

He tells us how religious and political ‘propaganda’ have shaped the way we think.

“The experience of pleasure and pain is direct, individual; but the understanding of the experience is after the pattern of others, of the religious and social authorities. We are the result of the thoughts and influences of others; we are conditioned by religious as well as political propaganda.” (11)

Hazrat Inayat Khan affirms that seeing ourselves through an ego-driven lens causes a lot of unnecessary misery.

“A person who likes to say twenty times in the day, ‘I’, does not like to say, ‘I am not, Thou art’. But he does not know that this claim of ‘I’ is the root of all his trouble. It is this claim that makes him feel hurt by every little insult, by every little disturbance.

“The amount of pain that this illusion gives him is so great that it is just as well he got rid of it. But that is the last thing he would do. He would give up his last penny, but not the thought of ‘I’. … That is the whole difficulty and the only hindrance on the spiritual path.” (12)

According to Sri Krishna, ‘cutting free from desire’ will liberate us and show us the way to the heart.

“Self-controlled, Cut free from desire, Curbing the heart And knowing the Atman, Man finds Nirvana That is in Brahman, Here and hereafter.” (13)

The Buddha tells us that “The world does not know that we must all come to an end here; but those who know it, their quarrels cease at once.” (14)

Everything in existence has a purpose, the Buddha shares, and living in love is the best thing we can do with this existence.

“All things that exist are not without cause. However, neither Ishvara, nor the absolute, nor the self, nor causeless chance, is the maker, but our deeds produce results both good and evil.

“The whole world is under the law of causation, and the causes that act are not un-mental, for the gold of which the cup is made is gold throughout. … Let us surrender self and all selfishness, and as all things are fixed by causation, let us practise good so that good may result from our actions.” (15)

When we can live purely and unflinchingly in the heart, the karma we manifest will uplift us and those around us who’d benefit from our love and positivity. The afterlife we create for ourselves will be much more blissful, because we’ll have made a real and solid effort to make it pleasant for ourselves with our continuously loving actions on earth.

Sometimes, I want to shout from a mountaintop that love is the most important and powerful force in existence, second only to Source him/herself.

Love will help us see our way through the confusing earthly maze we have to try our best to navigate, and with love in our hearts and the willingness in our minds to consistently transcend the ego, we’ll align our thoughts, feelings and actions with a higher power.

Abba Alonious tells us that the destruction of his ego was necessary so he could rebuild himself from the ground up.

“If I had not destroyed myself completely, I should not have been able to rebuild and shape myself again.” (16)

The ‘water of God’s grace’, Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us, “cannot collect on the high mound of egotism. It runs down.” (17)

He also tells us that we won’t truly connect with Source until we renounce the self-serving ways of the ego.

“Unless one renounces the ego, one does not receive the grace of God.” (18)

‘Narendra’, who later became Swami Vivekananda, rejoiced at the transcendence of his ego and his experience of heaven on earth.

“Thou One without a Second, all Peace, the King of Kings! At Thy beloved feet I shall renounce my life And so at last shall gain life’s goal; I shall enjoy the bliss of heaven while yet on earth!” (19)

Sri Aurobindo encourages us to drive the ego out of all of its clever disguises and hiding places so we can finally and justly transcend it.

“The centre of all resistance is egoism and this we must pursue into every covert and disguise and drag it out and slay it; for its disguises are endless and it will cling to every shred of possible self-concealment. … There is no I nor thou, but only one divine Self equal in all embodiments, equal in the individual and the group, and to realize that, to express that, to serve that, to fulfill that is all that matters.” (20)

In a Q&A, Ramana Maharishi tells us that renunciation doesn’t just entail giving up the ego – it entails giving up the false self who’s influenced by it.

“Q: What is renunciation?

“M: Giving up the ego.

“Q: Is it not giving up possessions?

“M: The possessor too.” (21)

In order to ‘give up everything’ materialistic, he advises, we’ll have to understand that the ego feeds all of it.

“If the ego is, everything else also is. If the ego is not, nothing else is. Indeed, the ego is all. Therefore the enquiry as to what this ego is is the only way of giving up everything.” (22)

Krishnamurti tells us that we’ll eventually care so much about others that we’ll have little desire to stimulate the ego.

“You must distinguish between the selfish and the unselfish. For selfishness has many forms, and when you think you have finally killed it in one of them, it arises in another as strongly as ever. But by degrees you will become so full of thought for the helping of others that there will be no room, no time, for any thought about yourself.” (23)

After so much diligent work, we’ll care less about our wants and desires and more about helping others find what they need to physically and spiritually thrive. We’ll stop wanting to stimulate the ego as we steadily learn to care more for the plight of others, and our selflessness will affect everyone who’s been lost in the confines of the ego.

We’ll serve others with and open and loving heart, and they could in turn awaken to their potential and start helping others find a spiritual perception or simply get a leg up in this difficult world.

The people out there who are feeding the hungry, giving drinks to the thirsty and giving clothes and shelter to the homeless probably don’t think much about themselves. Even though enlightenment isn’t their goal, they’re still doing selfless things that spirit will most likely reward them for when they’re back in the higher realms.

A lot of them probably don’t think about spirituality or the possibility of an afterlife – they simply see atrocities that need mended and seek to mend them. This is true selflessness, and in time, everyone will grasp it and finally start helping others.

In our final quote, Adyashanti encourages us to transcend our fixation on failure and success. Only when we cease to care about ‘our story’, which is meant to be blank so we can perceive Source with a greater degree of purity and clarity, can we embrace love.

“The biggest challenge for most spiritual seekers is to surrender their self importance, and see the emptiness of their own personal story.

“It is your personal story that you need to awaken from in order to be free. To give up being either ignorant or enlightened is the mark of liberation and allows you to treat others as your Self. What I am describing is the birth of true Love.” (24)

It’s easy to stay fixed on our accomplishments and our failures, but as we’ve heard endlessly, only when we can empty ourselves of any thoughts that aren’t aimed at Source or service (I.e., when we can transcend egotistical thoughts) can we do anything pure or significant with our time on earth.

Once our sense of self is transcended, we’re basically infinite. We can explore our Christ consciousness with meditation, creativity and various other spiritual tools, and along the way, we can openly and lovingly serve others with the understanding that our service makes not only their lives, but ours more enjoyable

We obviously won’t serve others for the karmic rewards that are involved.

We’ll do it because we’ll have moved past our desire to help ourselves, which we’ll have replaced with the desire to help others. The whole world would benefit if even two seekers could transcend their sense of self and start serving this planet, and we definitely need more humanitarians and spiritual teachers.

We only need more spiritual teachers in the sense that we need more people who are willing to selflessly help show the way back into the higher realms, and it goes without saying by now that we’re our best spiritual teachers and inspiration or clarity can only come from within.

In the face of the ego’s constant schemes, I think the best thing we can do is live humble lives and serve others with an open heart, free of any ego-driven concerns about how the world sees us. We aren’t here to please the egos of others – we’re here to help the world find a higher state of consciousness that’ll liberate us all the stress and drama we’ve come to see as ‘normal’.

When we can do our work with no mental concerns or attachments, we’ll unlock our true potential; the true secret of life. This planet would change in an instant if everyone opened up to this, and the world will eventually awaken as long as we can continue to live in love and set an example.

Wes Annac – Balance is Found When we Transcend the Ego

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

In order to feel any degree of lasting spirituality or wholeness, I think we’ll have to be willing to give up the mortal, ego-driven self and allow Source to express itself through us.

This isn’t because Source is somehow ‘holier’ or more lighted than our physical personalities – it’s because the ego, if we let it, will take complete control of our thoughts and emotions. The result could be that we sputter into depression and myriad other symptoms of an overactive ego that, speaking from experience, don’t feel very great.

I’ve probably written a hundred times that we need to transcend the ego and allow Source to take the perceptual wheel and steer if we want to find true wholeness, but I’ve had trouble with it.

I’m realizing that it’s easy to say something, but actually doing it can be a lot harder. Completely transcending the ego sounds doable, but we might have trouble if we don’t stay diligent.

Lately, I’ve woken up in the morning and struggled to balance my thoughts and emotions.

Only after the hours of unbroken depression I experienced yesterday have I finally realized what my issue (and maybe the issue of those of you out there who’ve also struggled with depressive thoughts or feelings) really is: I care too much about the ego self and I haven’t put as much of my energy into Source or spirituality in general.

I know some seekers don’t think we should look to a higher spiritual source beyond ourselves for inspiration, clarity or general positivity, but I think there’s value in focusing on spiritual concerns over egotistical, however dualistic it sounds. I’m learning that the more we feed the ego and its rigid mindsets, judgments and expectations, the unhappier we’ll be.

Deep inside, most of us are hurting in one way or another.

We’ve all accumulated pain, which, in some cases, we just don’t feel like we can surface or release, and our pain can come to the surface when we vest ourselves too much in the ego. It won’t heal – it’ll express itself through us so strongly that it overtakes us.

I don’t know about the rest of you who struggle, but I’m realizing that I need to get the finite ego out of the way and become an unbroken conduit for the expression of my latent Christ consciousness. Just like we’ve all felt hurt before, we can all tap into our inner Christ consciousness, which can alleviate our identity-based stresses, worries and concerns.

Like reggae artist Matisyahu has said, “You got to give yourself up and then you become whole.

“You’re a slave to yourself and you don’t even know. You want to live the fast life but your brain moves slow. If you’re trying to stay high, then you’re bound to stay low, you want God but you can’t deflate your ego. If you’re already there, then there’s nowhere to go. If your cup’s already full, then it’s bound to overflow”.

It took hours and hours of depression for me to finally call on Source to give me some kind of sign that I wasn’t losing myself. Shortly after I made this call, my depressive haze gradually turned into a meditation, and it was in this meditation that I received what I feel was important intuitive guidance about steering clear of the ego.

I intuited that if I continue to fret over matters that involve my mortal self, I’ll be unhappy forever.

I’ve experienced plenty of things in life that could cause me to embrace depression, and it’s because of this that I’ve been advised to let my identity-based perception go and let myself become an unhindered conduit for Source and its energies and expressions.

Let your finite physical concerns go, I was advised. Let your ego die, even though it’ll fight very hard against it, and rebirth yourself into meditation; creativity; sharing your love with everyone around you, free of conditions. Let the ego’s influence fade, and you’ll find the bliss you seek.

I asked Source for a sign, and instead, I was given a direct intuitive message.

It seems that the message will always be to let our ego-driven grip on our reality not only fade, but completely die. Ego death might sound like kind of a dark thing, and to our egos, it’s the absolute worst thing that could happen.

I’m reminded of the story of a spiritual seeker who meditated under a famous teacher. After meditating for quite a few months, he suddenly found that he was gripped with intense fear when he’d get into his zone.

He told his teacher about it, and his teacher’s perspective was that he was reaching the threshold of complete and total ego death and his identity-based self was responding with as much fear as it could express.

His mortal self was afraid of the ego death that’d eventually result from his diligent meditations, and it made this fear known in its exact, raw form. I feel like I’m going through something similar, only instead of intense and unbearable fear, I’m feeling a range of emotions that all lead back to the ego self feeling hurt, fractured or damaged in some way.

We all face unique inner battles, and my biggest woes come from feeling like nobody cares about me; nobody appreciates the things I do or the love I strive to give. Only now do I see that striving for attention or recognition is the polar opposite of unconditional love, but I’ve struggled with feeling like the people in my life only care on a surface level.

My ego’s constantly concerned that it isn’t receiving the love, attention or nurturance it feels like it offers others, and this can cause depressive thoughts and feelings that are essentially like a mental/emotional tar pit.

These thoughts and feelings will trap us in their confines and make us feel like we just can’t escape if we let them, but the good news is that we can. It isn’t easy, and some people might have to struggle for months and even years before they can make any progress or find the light at the end of the tunnel, but it isn’t it isn’t impossible.

I’m starting to see that letting my ego’s influence fade from my consciousness and allowing Source to continuously express its meditative energies and expressions through me is the best thing I can do if I want to save myself from myself.

I write this in hopes that it helps those of you out there who may be struggling with similar issues, and the best advice I can offer right now is the same advice I’ve offered all along, which I’m just starting to truly understand: transcend the low emotions of the ego and open up to Source – not on a surface level, but on the deepest level imaginable.

Let’s allow ourselves to become unhindered conduits for the expression of our inner Christ consciousness, and let’s keep in mind that we will be challenged along the way. I’ve certainly been challenged recently, and I’ll admit that again, every morning has been a struggle to find any sort love, positivity or balance, but I think I’m starting to take my first steps.

We’ll reach the next, purer phase of our growth and evolution when we can transcend the ego to a certain degree, and it always helps to remember that life’s a constant journey. We won’t perfect our paths overnight, but we can stop worrying so much about ourselves, how others perceive us, or if we’re receiving the love or praise we feel like we should be.

I can only say this because I’ve been to my own self-created hell and back. I’ve struggled with thinking that nobody really cares; that people take advantage of a kind and loving heart; that the love people express is only artificial.

I’ve struggled with feeling like I was being taken advantage of, and looking back, I see that every one of these concerns are rooted in a perception of myself as a mortal being instead of a spiritual being; a conduit for a greater spiritual energy and perception.

I don’t want to be Wes Annac the frazzled mortal anymore. I want to be a constant conduit for the expression of the innate spirituality we can all tap into.

I want to let my mortal concerns cease as I consistently embrace meditation, creativity, music, and unconditional love for the people I my life, instead of taking from them or convincing myself they should live up to my expectations simply because I strive to offer them love that’s supposed to be unconditional.

True bliss is found when we can finally stop thinking about ourselves and embrace spirit, free of any worries and concerns about how it’ll affect the ego.

If we embrace spirituality, meditation, etc. but find that we still descend into unhappiness or depression, then we haven’t fully transcended the ego. We might still have some inner searching to do, and only when we’re willing to give up any worries or concerns about our mortal selves can we find happiness or centeredness.

Love is the way; the worries, concerns and demands of the ego aren’t. I’m sure some seeker somewhere will find flaws with this viewpoint (spiritual seekers seem to be great at pointing out philosophical flaws), but I write it from the experience my struggles have given me. It might be difficult, but I strive to live as much in alignment as I can.

If we could all do this, we might put an end to our struggles with depression, lowness, and every other feeling that convinces us we’re less than the divine, spiritual beings we truly are.

Let’s allow spirit to fill our perception instead of the same old mind-driven concerns that have held us back from exploring our consciousness, enjoying our lives, and giving love to a world that desperately needs it. We aren’t here to take from the world; we’re here to offer it and everyone on it the unconditional love of Source.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf; to create a new day where everyone can feel comfortable exploring spirit and the higher vibration descending onto our minds and hearts. We have to embrace this vibration to feel it, but once we have a pure grasp on it, all we need to do is give up the rigid judgments and expectations of our finite selves.

It’s easier said than done, but it’s very attainable.

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Is the Ego a Friend or an Enemy? – Galactic Free Press – 8-10-14

This discussion seems to come up over and over again, and has people heavily polarized. The ego, is it some evil to be fought against, some sinister force that steals our happiness? Or is it like some unruly child that needs to be tamed, controlled and eventually befriended? Is the ego an enemy or an ally?

I see this question creating much conflict between people, and within them as well. It’s a simple question, so why no simple, clear answer? That’s easy, it’s the question itself is flawed. Only being able to see the ego as a friend or an enemy is a great example of a false dichotomy, which is the illusion of only having two options.

Duality is based upon false dichotomy, good or evil, right or wrong, light or dark. It presents this image of a universe of opposites that oppose each other, and you’re supposed to choose one or the other. It’s such an incredibly limited, two-dimensional way of looking at things and it’s precisely why people have such a hard time transcending the ego.

If you view the ego as a friend, something to shape and control, you’re giving your energy away to a false sense of self. If you view the ego as an enemy, something to fight against and defeat, you’re still giving away your energy to a false sense of self. Either way you’re giving it power, even when fighting it. Somewhere within the mind of the person who fights with the ego is the belief that the ego has control over them, that’s why it has to be fought against, correct? And so long as you believe this, it will be true. This belief that the ego has control over you sits in the unconscious, while the ego is struggled with on the surface. You have to look deeper, ask why does the ego have control, and who’s giving the ego control?

You cannot transcend a dualistic thought through dualistic thinking. The ego is, by its very nature, dualistic thought. Seeing it as either a friend or an enemy, which is a dualistic type of thinking, is just going to strengthen the ego. Such limited thinking blinds you to the truth: The ego is, for most people, both a friend and an enemy. When you succeed at something, you feel proud, a “positive emotion” from the ego playing the role of a friend. When you fail, you feel shame, a “negative emotion” from the ego playing the role of an enemy.

I don’t recommend trying to make the ego into a friend, an enemy, or viewing it as both, simply see it for what it is. Suppose consciousness is a car being driven around, it’s going to start to pick up dirt on the outside, is it not? Now suppose the car is never cleaned, the windows start becoming difficult to see out of. The car picks up so much dirt the original color is forgotten, and the dirt itself becomes the new color of the car. This is the relation between consciousness and the ego, and it doesn’t mean the dirt is an enemy. In fact, the whole idea of having an enemy is part of the dirt that was built up.

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Arcturus Ant – The Ego And the Higher Self


Surrender yourself to the stream of infinite intelligence.
This is not new age philosophy. This is quantum physics and scientific truths that all energy is extended from the singularity of experience.
many times we get identified with the third dimensional, mental counterpart of our existence, often creating drama, static and separation in our lives.
But to remove that static, seperation and limitation, we must focus our consciousness from the perspective of the singularity, the still, ocean of electromagnetic potential that holds all of infinity.

Don’t resist the stream. Flow. Love is the key to higher guidance.

Arcturus Ant – The Ego And The Higher Self – 7-25-14



Jesus via John Smallman – Beware of Unsought Advice or Guidance – Generally the result of another’s Ego Demanding Your Attention – 5-5-14

john-blog-pics-0135As you wait patiently for the great event keep on reminding yourselves that its arrival is inevitable and imminent and that any doubts or anxieties you may have are unfounded because the Will of God is always perfectly achieved. Within the illusion it is hard for you to remain patient, but you are doing very well, even though your ability to perceive the big picture while enmeshed within it is severely compromised. You are having to rely on faith to see you through these tense times, and that is one of many reasons why you are so highly honored. If you feel in need of further encouragement and support in holding and displaying the Light, your Light, then talk with friends who are also following a spiritual path and exchange information with them, and tell them about uplifting spiritual sites you have found because sharing and exchanging information strengthens your individual energy fields so that even more Love flows through you to further assist in bringing all to awakening.

What you are doing can only be done by you, and so here in the spiritual realms we are constantly sending and offering you very powerful support so that your intent to awaken is not only maintained but becomes ever stronger. There are increasing indications on your mainstream media that major changes are in progress even as they continue to stress the doom and gloom scenarios with which they strive to hold your attention. And your alternate media are doing a wonderful job of keeping you informed on uplifting and inspiring developments all over the world. So, while remaining aware of the suffering that many are undergoing and intending that each receive the aspects of Love that they need – compassion, healing, relief, upliftment, etc. – focus attentively on the good that is actually happening and bringing in the essential changes that are leading you steadily forwards towards your awakening.

You have made enormous progress since December 21st 2012, so do not be down-hearted because you are unable to see the changes for which you have been hoping and praying. Your faith in God’s Love and in His Will for you is being severely tested by the distractions with which the illusion is constantly presenting you. Just know that on other levels what you have achieved since then is very apparent, and that when you too can see what you have achieved you will feel utterly vindicated in your continuing faith in God’s divine plan.

There has never been a more fruitful time to be on Earth than the present one because this is the time to which all has been leading. The disasters of the last few centuries – plagues, famines, scarcity, and wars, not to mention weather and earth changes – have shown that conflict resolves nothing. Awareness that cooperation and genuine communication, not polemics and attempts to prove others wrong, are the only sane way forward is growing, as various grass roots organizations make determined efforts to share and disseminate information for the benefit of all mankind and not just for their own members. A sense of openness is developing, and it is inspiring and encouraging even those who are the most pessimistic about your planet’s future.

Indeed a very bright future lies ahead and has been most carefully planned. Details are available from the One mind, which is what you access when in your quiet moments you go within and avail of your spiritual guides, mentors, angels, and your own intuition. When you successfully ignore the almost constant roof brain chatter that so many of you find overwhelming your attempts to be at peace in that inner space, creative ideas do flow. And as increasing numbers of you engage with that inner space, with which all are blessed, your energy signatures change as the Love flowing through you strengthens and intensifies, assuaging your fears and confirming the validity of your faith that the divine plan for humanity will be achieved.

Every loving thought, word, or action with which you engage has effects far beyond your immediate vicinity, which is why it is so important that you intend to be loving in every moment. This entails bringing to mind your spiritual purpose – your reason for being on Earth at this time – every morning when you wake up, restating it regularly throughout the day, and then reaffirming it before you settle down to sleep at night. And what, you may ask – and many do – is my spiritual purpose? The fact that you are aware that you are on a spiritual path is a good start to uncovering your purpose. You do each have a purpose, and no two are the same.

Many of you wonder about this because you have daily lives and commitments as humans that demand a very considerable amount of your attention and your focus, and which are not specifically spiritual in nature, in fact frequently they are not, as you experience them, in any way spiritual at all. But everything that occurs does have a spiritual aspect, it just is not always apparent, and may in fact seem to be in conflict with all that you conceive of as spiritual.

Only you can identify your purpose, others may be able to offer you guidance or advice, but beware of unsought advice or guidance because it is generally the result of another’s ego demanding your attention. By meditating regularly each day you strengthen your ability to access that inner place where you can make contact with your true self, your spiritual center, into and through which flows the Light and the Love that powers your individual energy fields. As you become accustomed to resting in that space you will find that guidance – an intuitive sense, an inner knowing – becomes more readily available, and as you become used to availing yourselves of it your faith in it will grow, and your trust in yourselves will strengthen.

You are divine spiritual beings, have no doubt about that, and the fact that you do frequently doubt it is all part of the illusion, which is an ego construct attempting to confuse and distract you from your true purpose. When you refuse to doubt, despite all the doubts that can seem overwhelming, and focus on the truth of God’s Love for you, then you are on your path and achieving your purpose – holding on high the Light of God’s Love for all of His creation – and showing all with whom you interact the way Home. You cannot force them to follow it, but by pointing to it and shining your Light you are showing them the way Home. The Light is now so bright that It cannot be any longer ignored, and this is due to you. Keep up the good work, and rest at peace in the knowledge that you are indeed doing God’s Will in every moment. And then when it seems that you have failed or made an error forgive yourselves!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Patricia Cote-Robles – Releasing the Human Ego

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Releasing the Human Ego
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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