F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real – The High Council of Orion October – 03-2013

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High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 3rd Oct 2013
3rd October 2013.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
F.E.A.R — False Evidence Appearing Real

Be the Calm In the Heart of Uncertainty In a World in Transition – The Golden Heart Dialogues



October 4, 2013

The Golden Hear Dialogues

All the while we fidget and fuss there is within us a stoic calm. In this calm there is no drama, no words to convey the silence either. In this calm there is peace. There is no sound, no fury, only the hint of silence. Where there is silence there is bliss. A bliss not known by those who are busy compacting unnecessary banter into their thought archive. Adding those non-essential facts that don’t have relevance creates a distorted haze. When in fact peace is our natural state.

Our source for serenity is found within. No sound, no movement only the quiet River of Light placidly flowing as a reminder of our internal rhythm of grace found in the heart of peace. It is here in the unspoiled place of pristine tranquility we find comfort and certainty. Soothed and untouched by the outer world we are suspended and cradled in the soothing River of Light.

Joy and peace radiate from the space within our heart. Deep peace is what we find here. Everywhere we go we can spread peace and drench every place with this river of peace. While we do this we naturally foster a joy in our heart that glistens, as it dances upon the still waters of the River of Light.

The Source of Understanding

In the solitude we find ourselves listening to the depth of our ancient self, the one who knows all. Here in the quiet space within we find our truth and hear the silent whispers.

Listening when it may seem impossible, we find our true calling. We become attuned to the emptiness of the shallow self, so we can go deeper.

The source of our understanding and truth lie in the silence.  We are innately attuned to the Cosmic Heart lying asleep within where we find our heart’s purest desires and intent.

It is through our intent we accept our shortcomings and transmute every false idea we create about ourselves. Even when we think we are okay we find another layer to be lifted and returned to where it originated.

It is sound advice to omit the thoughts that rattle loose inside our mind. Release those thoughts brought forward, undo the tether, and let them drift away.

At this time we are living in a world of unparalleled chaos and turbulence, and although this might be the situation there is hope and promise on the horizon. We are living through the most unfathomable shift in consciousness that humanity has known.

At this time many are suffering and many are thriving as well. There are those who have heeded the call of their sovereign self, the one who knows how to stay above it all. Those who are tethered to the earth’s outdated matrix are finding their daily lives excruciating.

As this transition progresses it will be shown that all is well and occurring as it should be. Trusting what is at hand, many will see the true meaning of this remarkable juncture, and find comfort regardless of what is happening in and around them.

Through the chaos it is helpful to regulate and find congruency and continuity by being focused and centered. Developing a disciplined routine will be supportive during this time of potent change.

Choosing nature as a calm environment, you may retreat inside to spend time in prayer, meditation, or silence. Human beings instinctively gravitate towards the natural solutions for their inner and outer comfort. It is valuable to be assisted and entrusted to a facilitator but also know you already have the inner resiliency and personal power needed.

In the sanctuary of enlightenment you rub shoulders and touch the hearts of those like you who are awakening more and more. In this space of love there is no room for fear, or angst, as it holds a nuance of what our new world rising represents. A world where judging is not found, nor contempt or merciless behavior is supported. As this world dies and the new one is born, love is the sound.

Stay still in the sanctuary of enlightenment where you can be who and what you are.

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, 133 pages. Author Christina Fisher Copyright 2013  Available as an electronic book,    –  Please contact christina@goldenheartdialogues.com

The Golden Hear Dialogues

Robert Shapiro – Life Here and Beyond – Ascension Thoughts by Grandfather

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You are living in transformational times. All around and about you things are changing – sometimes for the better, sometimes not so. There will be times when you will feel pulled this way or that way. There will be other times when you won’t know what to do. Advice is given, as always, in this video to support you on your passage from here to there in the most benevolent way. It is likely there will be a follow-up to this either in the Sedona Journal of Emergence ( http://sedonajournal.com/ ) or the Light Technology Publishing website ( http://www.lighttechnology.com/ ) or both perhaps in October or by November.

Swami Tavishiananda – Activation of the Origins of Love Frequencies – 528 Hz

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Sharing a short activation and meditation to activate a sacred code of AH, Absolute Harmonic Realms for the origins of love frequencies 528 Hz.


(c) Swami Tavishiananda
Ella Rönkkönen
Certified codeologist of AH
AHU Energy Interaction

Codes of AH created and copyrighted by
Ivonne Delaflor

Suzanne Lie – Back On Ascending Earth, Part 4 – Researching Our Dream – September 28, 2013

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Penney Peirce – Frequency – How to Raise Personal Vibration and Why it is Essential

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Are you aware of your personal vibration as it changes, moment to moment?

How well do you manage your increasing sensitivity?

Can you raise your physical, emotional, and mental frequency at will?

What’s the higher purpose for the collapse of our traditional institutions?

Do you sense you’re shifting into a whole new reality—The Intuition Age?

Penney Peirce, pioneer in the field of intuition development and author of the groundbreaking classic, The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness, now leads us into new, more advanced territory with her latest release: FREQUENCY: The Power of Personal Vibration. Now Peirce moves beyond intuition, helping us achieve an even deeper connection with our body’s natural ultrasensitivity and giving us the means for recognizing and interpreting the guidance we receive via the subtle vibrations all around us.

In Frequency, Peirce explores the dynamics of energy, personal resonance, and our accelerating evolution into a totally new reality she calls The Intuition Age. You will learn to free yourself from negative or low vibrations (like suffering, depression, and victim consciousness), to feel your own unique “personal vibration,” and attune it, just as you would a radio station, to the naturally high frequency of your best, innermost self — your soul. By learning to live skillfully in an energy world, you will literally change yourself into a new kind of human being — and experience what is is to become “transparent” or enlightened.


Sandra Walter – Solar Cosmic Light – Christed Heart Center

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