LORI SUITER – Rising to Our New Normal – 12-5-18



On a recent trip the Lord started to speak to me about four things. I know these things pertain to myself but I think they will also encourage many others out there who are going through similar struggles. I write not from a place of achieving these things but it’s more like we are taking a journey together and I’m sharing what I hear along the way. It’s kind of like we are all in an escape room and we all need to share what we discover in order to get out. Here are some things I heard Him saying to me.

Expect surprises – This trip was a complete surprise. All I knew was that we were going somewhere warm and that I needed my passport. I realize that these are the situations where I function at my best because I can’t overthink it. I joked to my husband that if anyone ever wanted me to speak publicly this is how they would need to do it….last minute and in the moment. I started to realize that I can overthink myself out of anything, even the things God may want me to do, and that needs to stop. On impulse, I’m in the moment and thriving! Do we trust Him enough to surprise us? Are we ok with only “need to know” information?

  New Heights in Him – As we were sitting on the taxiway waiting to take off I was suddenly aware of how many American Eagle planes were all around us. I knew it was one of those moments that meant more than face value. I felt the Lord saying “I am rising up My eagles (prophets) in this season.” I also felt a caution from Him about not allowing impatience, frustration, fear, or distraction to tempt you to veer off of the runway He has you on. He said “Make sure you have your destination and radar set on Me and that your headset is on and tuned in to My frequency only and I will direct your steps.” “You must discipline yourself to have eyes and ears for only Me in order for me to take you to the heights I want to take you to.” “I’m giving you sniper like vision but you must be looking from heaven’s perspective in order to see things clearly.” “You must lose sight of the ground (natural) so you can truly learn to fly with Me (supernatural).” “You must become accustomed to heights instead of fearing them. I’m giving you a new normal.”


Through the Peacock’s Eyes | Space in the Psyche for Growth & Expansion – 11-13-18

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i’ve had a couple of dreams this past week that have shown me how far I’ve come with my own inner healing within my psyche, including understanding archetypes and shadow aspects. The dream I will discuss here occurred the night after the planet Jupiter, who represents growth and expansion, entered into his own sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac or Western Astrology system. Jupiter began transiting my 12th house of the psyche, the unconscious realm, and the dreamworld when he was still in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, and this brought extra energy into my inner transformative process. Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, though still in my 12th house, much is coming to the surface bringing my inner healing progress to my conscious awareness through my dreams:

Thanks to:   https://peacockseyes.com/2018/11/13/space-in-the-psyche-for-growth-expansion/

111/9/18: I was going by a white colonial-style two-story house – plain, simple, and clean. There was green grass all around, and it was where the street curved. I saw that there was a “for sale” sign in front and decided to check it out. The home owner showed me around the house, which had a lot of light-colored wood inside. She said that she shared half of the house with her mother and her daughter. I thought it was perfect for me. She also showed me an attic space, which she said was “for growth and expansion.” 

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AWAKENING 5D HEALING – Start Your Journey – 5-15-18

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We are all experiencing a great shakedown of our world,

inner and outer.

Cosmic intervention has triggered

waves of higher frequencies pulsating

through our galaxy.

Gaia has awoken from her matrix induced slumber.

She rises like a phoenix

from the flames of war,

pollution and destruction. Start your journey.

via AWAKENING 5D HEALING: “Start Your Journey” — dreamweaver333

New Dawn Arising – The Ego as a Tool – 6-7-16

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As we are all very well aware, there are many many many (did I say many?) views and theories about this topic of the “ego.” It is quite a huge topic!  I have explored some of these ways of thinking about it… many experiments of just “what to do about it”… and for a great time, seeing it as a “great problem.”

I personally spent a good period of time attempting to get this thing away from me, to kill it, to dissolve it and the like.   At a later point, when I realized that it really wasn’t so effective… I then experimented with altering my view of it.  Remembering that there is “nothing outside of the all.”  The all is everything and everything is the All.  All are one.

And,  “everything is energy.”

So… that led me then to this… that the ego… it is not some separate thing.  It too, is energy.  And nothing joyful comes from pushing against.  So… the next part was, “how to work with this thing we call the ego”… and “how to flow downstream and with the energy current.  How to work with the energy of it, instead of against it.

I began exploring how it served me.  As all is serving us, always.  Everything in our experience is serving us one way or another.  Sometimes it is immediately apparent just how that is… and other times, not so much.

My current view on the ego is this:  it is a container that we experience patterns of energy through. A tool.  It is not some other thing with its own life force operating outside of us, nor against us, nor anything we must fight.  It is simply the pressure or resistance that creates the “container” in which to explore the polarity of energy patterns through. And it serves me as being the temperance in which I explore the patterns of energy, that I have chosen to explore in this incarnation.  Simple as that.

The light shines through a projector, then through the negatives and then the image is seen on the screen.  Negatives are needed and required for an image to be seen.  If there were no negatives, nothing but the light would be seen.  This is a holographic reality… and we use these holographic realities to play and explore.  The light and the negatives play together…to form the images of our reality.

Same with the ego.  It offers the temperances and the metaphoric walls in the energy field that are like a damn that a beaver creates and the water flows around… and those barriers are what create the different patterns in how the water flows.  It all shape shifts!

It is not something to kill or dissolve.  But instead, something to work with and to mine the gifts of the experience the temperance provides.  Like that of the hammer a blacksmith uses to form and shape the hot metal into the creation he desires to make.  Over time, the blacksmith (please read this symbolically) learns how to use his arsenal of tools in order to create with.  If he were to get frustrated with them and throw them out, then, what would he have to use?  In the beginning of his apprenticeship, it is his journey to learn how to use the tools properly in order to make them work for him.

Now, to apply this to the ego.  What I was doing, and perhaps some reading this will resonate with this as well, is fighting with the ego instead of learning ways of working with it and allowing it to serve me as the tool for expansion that it can be.

What I am saying here, is not to pump up the ego.  haha   Just as the artisan uses the tool, the artisan directs the tool for proper use.  Not the other way around.

What I am speaking of, is using it as a tool, to become more aware of the energy patterns within your energy matrix that you have chosen to explore.  The ego, actually brings to light the polarities within these energy patterns.  It is the “negative” in which the image is then seen. Only through awareness, can we then transform these patterns and raise the vibration of them.  It is all energy.  And as energy beings, we find it fun at a soul level to play with patterns of energy.  Moulding them, altering them, shifting them, transforming them, expanding them… it is an eternal play.

The ego is just a tool.  It is up to us to choose how we use that tool.  Like many tools, they can be put to really good use, or for destructive purposes.  One can utilize a hammer for a great many helpful purposes… or, it can be used to hit another over the head with.  (lol)

For what purpose will you use your ego for?

The choice and potential is available to utilize it as an amazing tool for consciousness transformation and exploration.

Dan Ehrenkrantz – What the Redwoods Teach Us About Our Spiritual Journey – 6-3-16



Dan Ehrenkrantz   –   What the Redwoods Teach Us About Our Spiritual Journey   –   6-3-16 

The Master Shift


The roots of the trees in a redwood forest are interconnected. Rather than each tree having its individual root system, the entire forest is actually one large organism. Each individual tree is part of a great system of trees.

The branches and needles of each tree receive their sustenance through this root system and they, in turn, provide the entire system with nutrients through the magic of photosynthesis. The root system is not particularly deep but it is very wide. It is this vast network that allows the trees to grow so tall and yet maintain their stability.

When we look at a redwood we think we see an individual tree; but we are also seeing one element of a vast organism.


The story of the Buddha is a story of an individual who makes his way from suffering into awakening. His story has inspired countless others to make, or at least attempt, this journey for themselves.

The story of Jesus is the story of an individual who, through his suffering, paves the way for others to find salvation. Many have found personal salvation by following the path of Jesus.

These are optimistic stories. They hold out the promise that although I experience suffering, I can find a way to move through that suffering to discover a different way of being. Awakening to Buddha nature. Salvation.

These stories of single individuals give their hope and promise to other individuals. Their promise is realized in the experience of “I have awakened” or “I am saved.”

These are stories told about the system from the perspective of a tree.


The Exodus story is a story of people experiencing suffering. They are enslaved and they are set free. The story of the passage through the waters of the divided sea is a birth story, a story of the birthing of a people. In their newly found freedom, they are born into spiritual community.

This story of spiritual community holds out the promise that although groups of people experience suffering, they can be liberated from that suffering and experience redemption. The promise of this story is realized in the experience of “we are redeemed” or “we are a sacred community.”

This is a story told about the system from the perspective of the roots.

In reality, the roots (collective consciousness) can’t experience redemption unless the trees (individual consciousness) experience it too; just as the trees (individuals) can’t be fully saved or awakened unless that experience penetrates to the roots (the collective). The roots and the trees are not separate from one another. They are part of a single organism.

If we experience a spiritual call or spiritual transformation, whether we imagine it coming from within us or beyond us, we tend to imagine that this is a call to us as individuals. Without in any way diminishing its existence as a solitary tree, the tree discovers that it is part of a vast system of roots and trees that are, in fact, a single organism. The tree (individual consciousness) experiences Buddha nature or salvation in discovering itself as a much vaster organism than it could have ever imagined (collective consciousness).

But there is another way to imagine this spiritual call or transformation. In truth, there are no trees without the roots and no roots without the trees. Rather than originating in the individual tree, the call can be imagined to arise from the root system itself. The roots (collective consciousness) are aware of being an intertwined organism. Without in any way diminishing their experience as an intertwined whole, the roots fully experience the joy that they are giving rise to magnificent trees. Just as the individual experiences salvation by discovering that it is part of the wholeness of existence, the wholeness of existence experiences redemption through the experience of breaking through the soil and being born into sacred community.

The spiritual call or spiritual journey is collective consciousness beckoning to individual consciousness; and the spiritual call or spiritual journey is individual consciousness reaching out to the collective consciousness.

In reality, there is only consciousness. Its appearance as individual or collective is a paradox that is not meant to be solved.

Everything written above has the potential to obscure as well as clarify. Do not take the words literally. Allow them to point, however imperfectly, to a truth that lies behind the words.

About the Author: Dan Ehrenkrantz helps nonprofit organizations dramatically improve their organizational effectiveness. A former synagogue rabbi and college president, Dan has over 25 years of leadership experience. His online course, Seven Surprises of the Bible’s Creation Story, is available here.


Connecting to the Devas and the Unity Field – My Spiritual Journey – Donna @ stankovuniversallaw.com – by Georgi Stankov – 5-29-15

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Connecting to the Devas and the Unity Field   –   My Spiritual Journey

by Donna, May 29, 2015   –   by Georgi Stankov




I submit this personal journey to you and Carla. After reviewing the information in its entirety I trust your discerning eye and keen instinct to know if it will be useful to the Planetary Ascension Team.



Dear Donna,

I read the three parts of your remarkable spiritual journey and very much enjoyed it. I will start preparing it today for publication but it will take some time to edit it completely. I must admit that I have some difficulties to understand how you have arrived at some of your latest perceptions and conclusions as they differ from mine and that of most of the PAT. But I fully accept that each spiritual pathway is absolutely unique and that there is no such thing as an objective standard. It is very stimulating to read how you have perceived these same major energetic events, such as 12.21.12 and later on from your individual point of view and I think that the PAT will profit from this personal presentation.

With love and light



Short Background

As a child of 5 years old growing up in the 1950’s I was aware that I was here to ascend. I would have dreams of helping people ‘lighten up’. I would have recurring dreams of the end times and being able to read energy.

I really didn’t hear any people talk of ascension until the late 80’s around the time of the Harmonic Convergence.

In the early 1990’s a local shop opened up close to my home that sold crystals and began selling books and offering classes on metaphysical and ascension topics. I signed up for a class on Geomancy. After class I asked the instructor if I could tag along on the next adventure. I was given a time, date and place to show up. I ended up tagging along rain or shine a couple of days a week for over a year.

I don’t know why but I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to discover something and I had to do it on my own. I began going to any place I could find that had a few trees, a stream, waterfall, cave, rock formations, fields, pond, lake, or beach.

I would look for a spot that looked inviting in the differing areas and if I found such a place I would just sit there, quiet my thoughts, be present, and look around for a short amount of time. Often I would be naturally drawn to an object such as an interesting rock, shimmering water, a flower, an unusual tree, or a general feeling of the area. I started noticing that when I placed my attention on the subject, appreciating its beauty or uniqueness the energy shifted. It opened a space of new relationship with not only the subject but my surroundings as well.

A deeper respect for the natural world and Nature began to develop. When approaching a natural area, I began greeting the area respectfully as saying hello to a friend. I was getting a response back. For example, a hawk would fly close by, the wind would swirl around me, I would start to hear deep undertones in the stream, a ray of sunshine would burst through the clouds, or a butterfly would land right next to me.

I was present in the moment and Nature responded enthusiastically. I also had no expectations or preconceived ideas. There were times while sitting in a spot, my thoughts would sometimes wander muddling over personal issues. Amazingly I would feel compelled to look in a certain direction at something that would somehow sooth or offer example to my dilemma.

Finding My Spot

Then one day I discovered the most amazing little place in Nature close to my home. I concentrated my visits there for several months discovering and interacting with all the different spots on the small diamond-shaped island.

I particularly enjoyed the top bedrock point of the diamond-shaped part of the island where the waters parted to the right or the left. Just watching the constantly shifting part was mesmerizing, knowing the choice to the right was very fast paced while the left was meandering. There were long shale striations just south of the top point and after thunderstorms you could feel a beat up through your feet as the water would chop over the shale.

There was an area of lush dense greenery. I got a kick out of singing by the small waterfall; “doo wop” with the deep “glub-glub” under tones. There was a bridge to the island over rapidly rushing water. I learn not to sit there too long, very draining. Another spot had deeply twisted tree roots. It was very sandy at the pointed base. Once I fell asleep there and was awakened by a snake. Note to self: pay more attention to what appears to be a floating stick! But that snake was there for a reason as the light body process was beginning and kundalini energy became active.

One day I noticed a spot that I hadn’t visited. There was a pyramid-shaped boulder in the middle of an oxbow in a stream. I waded out to the boulder, sat down and closed my eyes. I have no idea how long I sat there before opening them. All I could see was light particles, folds and waves in such a chaotic fashion that I was going to be sick to my stomach. I focused my attention on the particles and they took on more order and structure allowing me to become more comfortable. Absolutely everything was composed of these light particles that seemed to be responding to me.

My vision then shifted as I looked at my hands. They were luminous. I had light beams coming out of my fingertips and palms. I lifted my arm and pointed outward at the sky. The light shot out and through the universe impacting everything.

I looked down at my body and saw my abdomen had huge bands of light fibers emanating outward connecting with each tree, rock, and plant. Everything was absolutely connected. I managed to say, “Wow” and watched a wave come from my words. Instantly everything had access to it along with the intent implied but not spoken. I saw that thought roll like a wave out of my head.

Meeting the Deva

My vision shifted again and I noticed auric fields around everything individually. Within the fields I could discern a unique liquid-ish light field closely surrounding each living thing. Along with the light there was intelligence, effervescence that interfaced with genetic instructions and DNA codes.

I heard a voice say, “That is the Life Vitality”. I looked to the sky searching for the owner of the voice and saw the most amazing looking being beaming love and compassion. It looked unlike anything I have ever seen. My brain was struggling with a context for this and just as I heard the word “Deva” and not knowing what that meant, I slipped out of the altered state and back into the reality of sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream.

Much Needed Validation

Regaining composure and so freaking excited about what had just happened, I wanted to talk it over with a trusted friend. After all I was wondering if this was teetering on the side of sane or crazy. Finding her home I relayed the events and insisted she come to the place and meet the being. She had just received a gift (a deck of Medicine Cards and the book that goes with them) from one of our friends and she scooped them up and brought them with her. On the way I was trying to describe the Deva as an angelic/human white Bat-like being that was huge with white wings out stretched above the area, just so she would know what to look for.

We greeted nature, crossed the bridge and headed to the stream. She saw a grouping of trees on a rocky precipice on the edge of the stream and wanted to explore there. She tucked her medicine cards and book into a crevice and we started toning together.

We were there for about a half an hour and it was getting late so we were getting ready to leave. I climbed down first, turned and heard her exclaiming that her new book jumped in the water and she was going after it because it was floating toward the waterfall. Then I saw her socks and shoes fly in the air and heard her jump in.

Every common sense instinct I had told me to run along the bank downstream and try to get to the book. Then clearly and calmly I saw and heard the Deva. The Deva instructed me to go upstream. This did not make sense to me. I hesitated. The Deva calmly repeated, “Go upstream”.

I trusted and went upstream to a little mossy area right on the stream bank. From that spot I could see my friend wading waist deep in water reaching for her book as it appeared to get pushed just out of her reach. Then the book stopped and started to twirl on the surface of the water. It glided along the surface upstream against the current right to where I am standing. I effortlessly reach down and pull it out of the water.

The look on our faces was priceless. She got out of the water and I retrieved her socks and shoes. I handed her the book. She noticed that not all of the pages were wet. The book opened on the page that separated the wet and dry pages. The animal on that page of the Medicine Card book was The Bat.

First Lesson: The Breathing Process of Earth and the Evolutionary Cycle


My first encounter with this Deva was during the summer. The wings were outstretched across the area. Just before the autumn equinox I was asked by the Deva to be at the spot at the exact change over time. I arrived early. While getting to the spot I noticed a deep stillness around me. On spot I sat, tuned in and waited.  I was very surprised to see the Deva change stance. Those life-vitality/information light particles began pouring toward Earth from the cosmos. The Deva was performing sweeping and gathering motions collecting and circulating the light vitality. Not a word was said. I just observed. On a side note, throughout the fall season these movements were constantly occurring.


Being asked again to be in my spot on the winter solstice was a bit challenging but I arrived about ten minutes early. I sat, tuned in and observed. Again a deep, deep stillness was all around. Again the Deva’s stance changed. The deva embraced the particular energies and plunged her wings along with the particles deep into the Earth and held the posture. This posture continued throughout the winter season.


I was excited to get to my spot just before the spring equinox. Again arriving a few minutes early the deep stillness was present. With the Deva’s wings still deep within the earth holding the vital essence they suddenly bust outward and to the surface releasing the energies to intermingle and circulate vitalizing and exchanging information. I also saw the vitality information codes streaming way beyond Earth and into the cosmic ethers. This continued throughout the spring season.


Summer solstice arrived while I was instructed to be on my spot. As in the usual manner, just prior to there was a deep stillness. The deva’s wings outstretched holding light vitality/information particles as they flourished and exchanged information with the cosmos.

At that point finally the Deva spoke to me about what I had witnessed over this year-long observation. The explanation was how the Earth breathes with relationship to the evolutionary process.

The Visual

Picture the Earth as observing it from a distance. Spring in the northern hemisphere would be releasing what was held, incubated, and infused (winter) within the Earth into the atmosphere and cosmos. It would be held, incubated and infused (summer) within the cosmos. Then the cosmos releases the life vitality/information to the Earth in the autumn.

All the while the spring season in the northern hemisphere is releasing, the autumn season in the southern hemisphere is receiving. While the winter season in the northern hemisphere is holding in, the summer season in the southern hemisphere has emptied out to the cosmos.


About 10 years after the Deva had shown me this incredible cycle I had moved to another area. I had been searching for concurring information for some time. I found a book by Rudolf Steiner in a local library. I was so excited to read his description of this process although the Deva realm’s participation was not mentioned.

The seasons and years passed. My connection with that realm became instant and I no longer was required to be in my spot. I met many different over lighting Devas in locations as I traveled. The Devas would always teach that humans were meant to be the ones who co-created with nature. They likened themselves to the middle men holding that space and providing that service until we could take on the role.

December 2012

In early December 2012 the Devas stances and behaviors changed radically. They became extremely animated and were all performing their own unique maneuvers demonstrating ‘cover, duck and roll’. As December 21, 2012 approached I observed there was celebration among them that at the last moments the energies would support the shift. The Devas stances changed to ‘duck, roll, and jump up triumphant’.

I really had no idea what that actually meant other than I had never seen this kind of change in their stances. It must be something extremely significant and they were excited about it. On the winter solstice they ducked and rolled right out of this reality along with their buffering life-support role. I felt such a huge loss of their presence.

January 2013

Constantly searching for that particular Deva realm and coming up with nothing was very unsettling for me. I hadn’t actually realized how much a part of me had enmeshed.  Knowing the support they provided, I could not understand how we as humanity and a collective could actually accommodate this monumental change. Humanity must be ready to co-create? We must be ready, the Devas were so excited about this transition and I know how they were devoted and the eons of loving service they provided.

I closed my eyes and asked to be connected to any supporting planetary energy. I saw a white plasma type of field. This put my mind somewhat at ease as well as desire to connect and investigate.

In Retrospect

A very new journey was beginning and it didn’t take long to realize this was going to be new territory with the loss of the previous ‘buffer’ to our life support system. We started experiencing increasing CMEs, upgrades – then the body adjustments and cleansing to the core. We have been integrating dimension and time anomalies, along with profound feelings of connection, awakenings, and total transparency. The intensity continues and our bodies continue to adjust. The pain has been stifling at times and the accomplishment is magnificent as we seat into our roles as co-creators.

The following is a description of the timing of the New Earth framework as I individually experienced it.


Out of habit and looking for some kind of balance of harmony of the old system, I tuned into the spring equinox. Instead I saw myself floating on a golden lotus with a golden etheric light body. I was told “We (humanity) are the ones” who are to co-create the new earth. I saw a stabilization arch implemented to correct a warble from May 19-31st (the time when the first seven 4D earths were created; note, George). I saw how humanities’ enlightened grids can join together to lift dimensional grids.

The summer solstice message was “steady Resolve”.

The fall equinox a new energy system has come online. “The mission is a ‘go’”.

November some are ready to graduate and start working with the creational fields (November 28th, 2013 Carla and I ascended to become Logos Gods within the Unity Field; note, George). A super elastic bubble filtering material is being put into place around our individual fields to act like a biofeedback/ boomerang. The Field will protect its integrity while we learn to co-create.

December 12th A HUGE Field upgrade today releasing the gates. Our individual net fields are able to now dissolve into the greater field once our frequency matches.

(On Dec 12th the Council of Twelve of the Agarthans visited us in Germany to announce the postponement of our ascension and the change in the ascension scenario. The next day the Elohim told us: “You and your dual soul currently prepare the Ascension path through stabilization and constructive reinforcement of the ascension gateways/ portals… As you are already Ascended Masters, you both carry the necessary coding within your fields to lay the groundwork for the arrival of those light warriors of the first and last hour. Without the preparatory work, the others cannot follow. Indeed, the path is complete, and it is only the reinforcement that now takes place. It is as though you are building a train track for the train to follow – the rails are down and now the ties are applied for strengthening and ensuring the successful passage of the train. You two are the only incarnates who carry these energetic encodements, and the skill to engage them. Note, George)

December 21st the testing goes live today.

(On December 17, we created Gaia 5 through the unification of surface earth with Agartha, Shamballa and all past civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. The Elohim told us:

“It is the time of the great arrival of the Christ Consciousness… A complete severing of the lifeline/ umbilical cord has taken place, which fed all discompassionate motives still lingering here, now… As full energetic disconnection has occurred and your dual soul (George) has set barriers in place to prevent any new connections/ re-connections, you are now asked to release the new energies of the Christ consciousness that have been present also during the period of deconstruction. 

Now, dear ones, flood the supra-planet with the love of the Christ consciousness, the sparkling gold and diamond-like light particles through your body vessels. It is a most powerful creation.  Send it all about your supra-planet and into the time-space element surrounding its path for All time.

Spread it with loving intention to every expression of life beginning with the Devic Kingdom, the elemental kingdom, Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, to all humanity as well as all expressions of life within Mother Earth, namely Telos, Shamballa and all civilizations and natural life within, as these are also part and parcel of this “Supra-Planet”. The angels and archangels are with you for this celebration, this sacred ceremony of the dissemination of the Christ consciousness, through the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies, to All that the Supra-Planet represents as a wholly complete unified fifth dimensional living Being within All-That-Is! Spread it with joy! and love! and acceptance for All life!

This Unified Life, called “Supra Gaia” (upon and within) is a whole new creation within All-That-Is and is called “Gaia-Five“. It is ripe for the sowing, in this moment.


January 1st there is a deep sense of missing something promised. Tuning into The Field I saw an opalescence shield with a blue tinge come down to hold us back. Wait, it is not time. I felt so disappointed.

Plan B

February ‘We have gone quantum’ is the message I continue to get. I was warned health related issues are triggering for many now as result of trouble with integration of the new multidimensional field.

(Gaia 5 was created by us in December 2013 but its actual birthing took place on February 12, 2014 as the Elohim confirmed to us after my arrival in Vancouver, Canada:

“We are the Elohim and we greet you in great joy and enthusiasm for the record-breaking changes your Souls held fast to (created) within this great and final change of time for mankind… This moment, Now, represents the final expression, the final culmination of all triggers, of all experiences, of all representations that now build and release Gaia 5 into perfection through this ascension window. This massive portal creates a fully aligned corridor within the time-space matrix, connecting Gaia 5 with an infinitesimal multi-dimensional matrix, that is now over-riding all previous energetic organizations within this reality. The old world is gone forever, replaced by this new Earth, Gaia 5, where new thought forms based on truth, love, presence and clarity of purpose shall flourish and forever reign over the ancient ways, that are no more. This moment reflects a new way of life from this day onward! Great alignments replace old allegiance! New perspective shines all around! Embrace this new Earth, Gaia 5, and the new way of life, for it is here to stay!” 

March and April began the integration process of the physical body into multi-dimensionality. It was hard on the physical body.

May energy amplification propelled many to initiate a ‘back to the future review’ process in order to clear deep emotional and physical body issues (To compare Donna’s experiences check also the seamless chronicle of our energetic experiences on this website, which I will not mention in the following as notes. George).

June we continue to become clearer deepening our commitment as co-creators. At the solstice I asked to tune into the over lighting deva of my area and I tuned into me. That got a humble, really?-Chuckle.

July I was granted permission to touch The Field. It is multidimensional. I started getting an excruciating left temple headache with extreme restless. I pulled out.

August I began experiencing anomalies in time. A few examples:

August 5th at 3:45 pm while sitting at my desk I had a flash of massive upheaval. A dust cloud was in motion on an earth like place. It was like a domino effect and in motion across the planet headed right for me I didn’t know what to do but I wasn’t afraid. Precisely I lifted above it jumping to another timeline just before the total annihilation.

August 13th while driving I saw a piece of wood fly at my windshield. I ducked then realized it was only a vision. On my way home a truck in front of me flung a piece of wood at my car and I was able to swerve to miss the object.

September 3rd I was allowed full etheric body access into the field.

September 19th I was shown a different reality bubble structure off in the distance. I could see many spotlights. I was far enough away to see the lights as particles brightest closer to the source and more dispersed the farther in distance. The beams formed (I heard a specific word) ‘gradients’ from bright to dim. The gradient beams were moving. When beams intersected a holograph occurred.  I just observed the spotlights watching the multi holographic interactions. I tried to get closer but it was apparent I was not to be part of it. I was being shown a separation was about to occur.

September 21st 1 am I was awakened to observe the same reality bubble. The spot lights were now colored dull purple gradients fading to black and dimming out. It was alarming to me. This triggered a remembrance of all the many changes and choices that have gone through. I felt positive that I was where I was supposed to be during this split transition.

September 22nd I received confirmation to participate as co-creator in the change overs.

October 8th I woke this morning with a vision of a huge painting of rose-colored roses. The emptiness and emptying cleansing persist. There is a feeling of separating from everyone.

October 12th I feel so far away from everything like I have moved to a different level. There is a detached feeling as well. The field looks hazy and gauze like. It is misting codes that resemble snowflakes.

November 3rd and 4th odd days, I felt unable to focus on time. It seemed to disappear, stand still, and leap suddenly. When I closed my eyes and I was running from crumbling immense cloud of destruction. It felt like I was practicing techniques to jump to timelines. Every time throughout the day I paused and closed my eyes it happened. By evening I was ethereally practicing levitation and bilocation.

November 11th I’m experiencing a massive angelic descent into my body.

December 12th I saw a diamond grid encircling the planet with shimmering multi-facets. It was good to see return of the color silver.

December 23rd It has begun. The new luminous silver diamond grid has begun reflecting multidimensional mirroring calling for complete transparency.


Starting right off there was an honoring for our service by our star system brethren. There was a divine compensation of healing and protection and a heart activation stepping up our creational abilities.

Feb intense emotional review and assessment

March promptings to revisit aspects of nature that were significant to me.

April was a month of continuous clearing.

May slammed hard with body adjustments. There is a relentless overwhelming desire to clean house.

I was alerted on May 19th of vibrations coming up from the physical earth. It does not feel comfortable to predict what it may mean. We will experience it in our own unique way.

The actual physical Earth is the ground for our physical body. Earth’s spirit body Gaia is our partner on the spiritual ascent. With a new awareness of the new development seeking balance, I feel compelled to connect deeply to the natural world offering deep appreciation and love.


One Who Has Served via Elizabeth Ayres Escher – BlueDragonJournal.com – 7-18-14

Discovering Your Starry Origins

A Child Of Two Worlds





Posted on Jul 18, 2014  – by cosmicgaia

by Elizabeth Ayres Escher  /  July 18, 2014


Recently I was informed that I was / am a walk-in, entering into a human body during infancy. Believe me, this was an eye-opener to be sure, but there was a still greater shock still awaiting me, but I’ll leave you in suspense for the time being…

When I entered into this lifetime of service upon this planet, I came in determined to balance my karma, the karma of my walk-out and what I could of others, to enable those whom I came to serve to finally come into their own. As a consequence of this soul decision, it has often been a difficult life. It has only been in last couple of years that I can say with any degree of certainty that I have finally reached a place of self-knowledge and balance in my life.

Due to the spiritual amnesia that I agreed to upon entering that childish body, I temporarily “forgot” who I was and had to walk through this world believing that I was a human being. It has been a challenging, difficult journey this time, but one well spent. Yet, always there were threads of understanding that echoed in my heart and led me in several different directions.

Some light-workers have forged brilliant straight paths with their work, becoming world travelers, presenting material on stage and being well-known. I was a wanderer, never quite settling on one way of doing things, but always attempting to listen to an inner feeling that seemed to guide me. I discovered that I “knew” things that didn’t make sense to my family and friends. Not only did I “know” things, but I acted upon that knowledge. Little did I realize but I was teaching myself how to listen to my own intuition.

Puzzled for a long time why I didn’t settle down into one teaching, I found myself sampling many rather like a butterfly, flying from one flower to another and then moving on, yet again. It has only been recently that I have come to understand that these teachings have not been for me. Mostly they served to remind me of what I had “forgotten” in the course of becoming veiled. And, seriously, some of the teachings currently available within the new age movement are limited in scope, coming from an earth-bound perspective. You begin to realize this once you contact other star-born and aware beings… folks from Home.

With the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, all the ancient predictions from seers and prophets about the wholesale destruction of the planet came to naught. Humanity had passed a major collective milestone whether or not they were aware of it in the outer. While there was still a lot of work to do, those who sought ascension during this cycle were now free to pursue it with all their hearts. Along with millions of other volunteer light-workers, we had finally succeeded in permanently anchoring the Light of the Christ upon this planet. Now humanity was free to pursue their evolutionary goal of eventually becoming a galactic civilization.

Since about 1987, I have dealt with many of the vast list of possible ascension symptoms, starting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Curious, I just realized that I started having these “problems” when the Harmonic Convergence took place. I was living in the hinterlands of Montana at the time and had little contact with the outer world. And I was learning about the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spiritual Hierarchy during this time, knowledge that would serve me well later when I encountered some of these unseen folk in new and different ways.

From those days, I traveled many inner paths, consciously clearing, encountering and passing through the early stages of awakening when the “lies” that have been propagated upon humanity suddenly come to the forefront of your awareness. I passed through anger, frustration, loss, betrayal… a long gamut of human emotions. As I stepped out of the unseen bounds of “normalcy” I began to be identified by my earth family as being “odd” and found myself cut off. I learned to cope with rejection and then finally to accept it as a badge of honor. I was just responding to a call from within and felt compelled to heed it rather than the concerns of family or friends. As a result, since the death of my parents, I have lived alone and have come to enjoy the quietude that a solitary life can grant one.

Since about 1980, I have known that I carry “great light”. I was told that by several people. Of course, at the time I didn’t know what they were talking about – now I do. Since 1994, I have been aware that I “anchored” the light. I didn’t understand that concept either; now I do. I have been given keys to future understanding all along the path that has led me to move through my fears so that I might share a little of my journey with others.

This past spring I experienced a lengthy illness which prevented me from working for a couple of weeks. It was about this time when I “met” online some friends and relatives from Home. Revelations have been coming fast and furious ever since. It was through this new connection that I first learned that I was, in fact, a walk-in. While I had met other walk-ins and read about them, I never thought that I was one, also. To find out that I was a walk-in, was a bit startling, but it was what I was told next that really startled me: Not only was I a walk-in, but I was scheduled to “walk-out” this year.

While at first this was a bit of a shock to me, the more I thought about it, I knew it was true. My approaching departure explained a lot about my inability to plan for the future or to involve myself with the plans of others. It was not that I didn’t care about people, I just didn’t “see” myself working on all the projects that need to be undertaken to bring the New Earth into being.

So there it is, my great revelation: I am scheduled to “walk-out” this year, to be replaced by another Pleiadian, who will carry on with the mission that I have started here… by writing these pages and expanding our service on this planet. As my cousin, Rananda, wrote in a comment, these words are a prelude to Disclosure. That is a mighty big statement to make, but I can see what he is getting at… Folks like us, who appear very ordinary, who work, eat, wash the dishes, fill-up the car… we are doing extraordinary things outside the scope of understanding of most humans.

By being willing to be and appear as human beings, as well as sharing our adventures on planet Earth, we will have lessened the emotional impact that WILL occur when Disclosure truly happens and the first mass landings take place. Believe me, dear ones, it will be somewhat of a shock to look UP to an 8-foot man in a silvery jumpsuit looking down at you with a gentle smile, emanating a soft golden aura. Most humans really are not ready for disclosure, so have some patience. Those of you who are aware that they are star-seeds and light-workers, it’s up to you to open up and share about YOUR experiences here. With each personal revelation, the awareness that we are ONE will grow.

Back to the subject of walk-ins / walk-outs, my Sirian friend, Trillia, wrote in a comment to the first portion of this story, “I wish to add that each walk-in knows the soul that is walking-out very well as (they are) usually close friends or family from higher realms. The walk-in agreement or soul contract is lovingly designed by both parties involved and must also be approved by our Karmic Board.”

My designated walk-in is a Pleiadian sister of mine, so I know her well and our soul energies match up pretty closely, as well. The process of braiding has now been going on for a couple of months, as my walk-in comes and goes, adjusting to the feel of being in a rather (for her) cramped space. She stands 7’8” in her bare feet, while my human vehicle is only 5’8”. And she must learn to adjust to our culture, my job and daily life, our language… just a huge assortment of things that we usually take for granted.

Of course, as a walk-in, my Pleiadian sister would have received prior training, but still, when finally arriving “in” so to speak, it’s a new and strange sensation to one who has been used to a more refined, loving environment such as the Pleiadian Isles and life upon the ships of the GFL. And on my side, I’ve had to become accustomed to the concept of “leaving”.

It is taken me some time to come to grips with this realization. I have done a lot of inner checking and know it to be true. One of my recently recognized Kumaran cousins has just undergone the walk-out process himself. With this living demonstration, I feel compelled to believe that I will be soon undergoing a similar process. I am fortunate to have Him as an example, and as well as another mentor in the person of another bright Light, Trillia Gia, a dear friend and emissary from Sirius A. I am grateful to have these friends to advise and teach me of the new world I am soon to enter. It’s almost like we planned it this way… and we did!

One doesn’t just decide one day to leave the planet and return to the ships. I’m close to ascension now; I can feel it and since I am now fully accepting the change in status, the process is beginning to accelerate for me. I am in the process of letting go of everything… It is this detachment that is required in order to be cut loose from what ties me to the Earth and allow me to re-ascend gracefully to my new assignment on board the great mother ship, The White Winds.

As a soul aspect, I will be and have been in the process of re-blending with my Higher Self. I have written about the importance of bringing these essences within the physical vehicle, which is what those who are intending to live in the New Earth will need to do. Instead, I will be reuniting with Higher Self and blending into Her essence within 5D / 6D off-planet, with my knowledge and experience augmenting Her own.

Rananda has written about His own early experiences in re-blending and opening up to His 5D senses once again. At the end of this article, I will include a link to the website where you can read His story yourself.

In the future, I can teach others what I have learned here, but it will be up to another generation to take up the mantle on Earth that I am soon to leave behind.

Although most of “me” will leave, for a time there will still remain a small portion of soul material (2%) that will enable me to communicate through my walk-in. In fact, you may not even notice that Eliza is gone, until my walk-in feels more comfortable with making changes and expanding her service on the planet. After about a year or so, all of “me” will have re-blended with Higher Self. Yet, even then, I hope to continue working with and communicating through my walk-in, sharing my story of life on the Ships and on other worlds. In this way, I will be contributing in my small way to the process of Disclosure.

In the last 100 years or so, the original light-bearers from Venus and the Pleiades (as well as other primary worlds such as Sirius A, Andromeda and Arcturus) have been greatly assisted by the efforts of many more recent “volunteer” light beings from near and far. Many of these beings make up the Second Wave of Light Workers, who will continue on with the work started long ago by Sanat Kumara and others. It is these souls and others who continue to incarnate (or walk-in) who will lead those who within humanity are ready for ascension. It is these ones who will contribute greatly to the creation of the culture of the New Earth during this next great cycle.

Humanity is young and for a long, long time, my people have watched over you. Now, you have ones who will become the Watchers, who will guide and protect, teach and show you how to move into the new world that you are creating together. The time of my people being here is nearly at an end. Some of us will remain for a time, but I’ve been given my traveling orders.

Do not grieve for my passing from this world, for I leave it in good hands… yours. Treat her well, and treat yourselves well. You deserve a world that is a gracious place filled with beauty, abundance, joy and love. It has not been that for me, so I am tired, but will soon recover in the healing rooms of The White Winds. And when I have opened up to my 5D senses, I will be fully integrated with my Higher Self, Lady Tazjima. So I will continue to serve as part of the overall awareness of Lady Tazjima, doing whatever it is that she does. I have it on good authority that She is one busy Lady who, along with Her friends and relatives from Venus, the Pleiades and other Star Nations, have been contributing to “Project Earth”, aiding the evolution of planet and of all life upon it.

In your dreams and astral travels, you may see me amongst the teachers at the University of Spirit aboard the great Pleiadian mother ships in the skies above your heads. Visit us at night, dear ones; I will be there soon, serving among family and friends from across the Galaxy and Universe.

Other members of the First Wave, who have been on Earth for a long time in terms of your linear years, will also be departing in the coming weeks and months and years. Part of the reason for writing these pages, is to begin to prepare the minds and hearts of these brothers and sisters who will not be staying with the New Earth, but who are slated to return to their Home planets or to go onto other assignments yet unknown. Those who especially resonate to these words, will begin to know for themselves that another mission is about to reveal itself to them.

We do not leave you entirely bereft, dear ones, as several of my Christed Sisters and Brothers will remain, holding offices within your Spiritual Hierarchy until such time as Christed earth-born sons and daughters can replace them. And beyond time and space as you know it, we are truly one in the Creator who made us all.

I must say that I never expected to leave so soon. I can’t say that I am sorry, for it has been a difficult and lonely tour of duty. I’m eager to go Home. At the same time, I will miss some of the friends that I have made during my tour of service here. I have been fortunate, indeed, to serve on such a beautiful planet. I will return to New Earth when 5D is anchored upon the surface and the great Crystal Cities are revealed as I have many relatives and friends currently serving in the Etheric Retreats already existent around this planet.

Like the High Elves of Middle Earth, my time here is nearly done. It will soon be time for me to return to the Land of Light, which for me is the planet Venus, and the Pleiadian Isle of Medina, as well as the great mother ship of my uncle, The White Winds. There is a white ship for me and it will carry me away for a time, but my Higher Self will be ever present within your heart of hearts.

My love and devotion go with you always, those who have become my sisters and brothers through the long ages of my sojourn among you.


I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara

Here is a recent blog posting by one of my Kumara cousins, Rananda Kumara, that explains more of the re-blending process. One of his former earthly aspects is well known as Master Kuthumi, who recently took over the Office of the Planetary Christ from his mentor, Lord Maitreya: http://towardchakra8.com/2014/07/09/going-home-for-the-first-wavers/

Copyright 2012 – 2014 © by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://bluedragonjournal.com/


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Gaia Portal – Portals of Understanding Have Multiplied and Expanded…

12MAY   –   Reblogged From:  Gaia Portal


Portals of understanding have multiplied and expanded across Gaia.

Clouded visions clear as Gaia upgrades to refined vibratory structures. These visions, of Higher Nature, occur at individual, group, and planetary levels, and inspire all involved to release restrictions from individual, group, and planetary growth paths.

Recognition of universal Unity and Law of Oneness by humanity-general becomes commonplace.

Former “standards” of being are dropped, as such are now viewed as not-helpful to the Unity.

The New Earth Is Here & Now


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

New Life is sprouting up within and all around us. Our destiny is to be of the New Earth. We are not destined to stay on the old Earth. This is the reality that we are feeding every day. Not just in our thoughts and words, but mostly through our conscious actions towards the New. This is the Divine feminine creating and the Divine masculine making it real!

New Earth is not about constant doing, having a major business and being so busy that we burn out. New Earth is about endless expansion, freedom, simplicity and joy. This is where we can choose to be Now, in this moment. We cannot wait for others to join us, for we need to pave the way to it as pioneers, and they shall join us if and when they are ready themselves. This is honoring the freedom of each Soul path, but taking the road to our own. This is our internal happiness and our destiny!

Within Divine Love, Polona