World Peace, Helping Humanity – Conversation with Red Dragon Ambassador, Ron van Dyke, Dave Schmidt and Others – 2-24-15



Ron writes: we finally got most of the people together that the Ambassador wanted on this call. I forgot to hit send to one individual when I sent out the code for the call, which means she never got it. Of course, I did not know that until later. I was not feeling my best during the call, or recently, as those who are watching my videos can attest. I am pleased that those who were on the call were able to express their viewpoints about the changes that we are working on together, changes that are hoped to bring real peace, true peace to the world. This is the first time that Dave Schmidt has appeared on one of Ron’s videos. He and his sidekick Sharla were in China at the time this video was recorded. Of the others involved in the call, four were in Europe and three, including me, were in the United States.

Ron van Dyke Interviews Red Dragon Ambassador – True Vision of Peace Launch –



Starting this video one half hour before the start of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, Ron asked the Ambassador to clarify, once again, the questions and talk about the release of funds and Jubilee. They also talk about the launch of the Dragon Family True Vision of Peace for the entire planet and all the people of the world. This vision is beyond religion, beyond nationality, beyond race and beyond all the things that have been used to divide us one from the other in the matrix of 666. This is the vision of 555: the Way of the Heart. And speaking about the heart, Ron asked the Ambassador to clarify his recent proposal to the beautiful Ukrainian lady who is part of the launching of the True Vision of Peace.

Ron van Dyke – When the Darkness begins to Glow – “I will keep shining the Light” – 1-29-15



The images coming to me as I meditated this morning seemed strange. At first there was just darkness; slowly, however, as I peered into the darkness, it began to glow. As I pondered this, I realized that peering into the darkness was equivalent to shining the light of my consciousness, which is slowly awakening along with many others around the globe. The intensity of that light is generating heat – hence, the glowing phenomena. Things that had been long hidden in the shadows were being transformed, or in some cases, consumed. It may be too early to determine exactly how this transformation will play out; however, I sense that it’s good – very, very good. The awakening is well on its way. I can’t give dates, nor would I want to at this point. All of us have suffered far too much from the disappointment caused by unfulfilled promises and hopeful expectations that seemed to fall short of fulfillment. One thing I will do, however, I will keep shining the light.


Commentator Ron van Dyke – The Ambassador wants to Help Empower the People – 12-12-14



In this video, the Ambassador tries to clear up some of the confusion about collateral accounts, the Family, distribution of funds and other matters that many people have a hard time understanding. He challenges people to listen to what is being said and not be so quick to jump to conclusions or put a spin on his message. It is not the family’s intent to merely throw money at problems. History has shown us (Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania’s former dictator, for example) that this doesn’t work. He challenges us to stop worshiping money and the secular state, to go within and examine the way we conduct our lives. Superficial changes will not work! We need to stop listening to people who continue to spread lies – promises that never come true. This is the old game of 666. We need a change of heart and a new way of thinking, embracing the honesty required to bring us to freedom – real freedom.

Ron van Dyke, Red Dragon Ambassador – Discuss Imminent Armed Conflict – 12-1-14


Ron begins this conversation with the Ambassador by citing an article in the European Union Times: US Fires Nuclear Missiles As Saudi Secret Deal Backfires. They go on from there to discuss world events, including the drop in oil prices, as the Ambassador, once again, points out the need for unity. It is not a New World Order plot. In fact, he calls for the surrender of the Western Cabal, a necessity if we are to ever achieve peace.…

Ron van Dyke – White Dragon Ambassador’s View Of World Events – 9-29-14


The Ambassador promised in both parts of the Red Dragon’s spiritual training videos that he wanted to give an overview of what’s happening in the world. He covers many subjects in this video; and even makes reference to one of my heroes: David Icke. He encouraged us to listen to David’s latest video; and he sent me the link following our recording. The title is: Future Shock – Change through Mental & Emotional Trauma, Of course I was most interested in what he had to say about the banks and the foreclosure issues many Americans and others around the world are facing as the banks try to steal people’s homes. To me, this is much more valuable information than the reports on the Bible study groups, although I am not saying that spiritual preparation is unimportant.

Ron van Dyke, Aristo – Important Hierarchy of Principles


Aristo begins by talking about numbers, leading into Christ Consciousness. Principles are important. He points out that Ron’s principles have been evident from the beginning; and the only possible test that would be legitimate would be to see if the principles would stand when tempted to move away from them. The important thing is to be true to self based on principles. Its all about ends and means; and the greatest evil is when people sacrifice the means because of a desired end. What is your hierarchy of principles.

Ron van Dyke – Dragon Family Asks People For Prayers and Shofar Soundings For Peace – 8-23-14


Two agendas are being played out simultaneously on our planet; and this is true at all levels of human culture, including the highest levels. At the higher levels, much attention is paid to astrological alignments – stars and plants. On August 27, Mars will be at its closest proximity to Earth. On behalf of the Dragon Family, the Ambassador invites all who are so inclined to pray for peace so that the agenda that would most benefit humanity can receive more energy than the agenda that would create more war and domination of humanity. Once again, he reminds us that the battle is within each of us: calling us to make wise and proper choices. He also talks about the responsibility of “keepers” of collateral accounts to make decisions that would benefit humanity, rather than corporate interests. Perhaps most interesting of all, he advises against getting caught up in the Ponzi schemes created by the cabal to entice people with the belief that currency revaluations will suddenly make them wealthy. He warned that many who have fallen into this trap of suffered great losses

Shofar Heard Around the World – Red Dragon Ambassador and Ron van Dyke – 555 Shofar Spiritual Initiation

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Red Dragon Ambassador and Ron van Dyke  –  Initiation into 555

Ron van Dyke – Ambassador Blows Shofar For Global Awakening – White Dragon Society8-9-14


In this conversation, the Ambassador of the Dragon Family begins and ends by blowing the shofar announcing the global awakening to end ignorance and financial tyranny. He explains how Ron’s dream alerted The Family to alter their plans allowing them to escape the earthquake in the mountains of southern China on Sunday, August 3. He makes it abundantly clear that the Dragon Family supports new technologies that will benefit humanity as well as visionaries who demonstrate integrity in proposed humanitarian projects. Unfortunately, neither the Cabal nor those motivated by greed or power are able to demonstrate such integrity, having a long history of betraying the Human Race. The Family’s mandate is for all global currencies to be asset backed. It is hoped that the US controllers will honor their word in regard to the new Treasury Notes. He also calls on Neil Keenan and others to tell the truth in what they present to the public.

Ron van Dyke – The Sun Rises In The East – China – 8-5-14


No kidding! That’s the way it has been as long as any of us can remember. As I see and feel what’s happening on our planet, I think the sun, the Light, is rising for humanity…in the East. I am looking forward to learning from the ancient ones, the Masters of the Far East, and sharing their wisdom with you, with all who are ready to listen. They do not seem as set in their ways as those in the West. They are much more patient, more tolerant and more willing to allow for real change than their Western counterparts. I can hardly wait to share what I hope is coming – not promises, but real alternative solutions that will help enlighten humanity to prepare for a new birth of real freedom for the whole world.

Ron van Dyke – Imagine living In A Pre-Paid World

Ron Van Dyke – Are You AskingThe Right Questions? – An Introspection Perspective – 7-29-14


Author Thomas Merton in the preface to his 1966 book: ‘Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander’ said, “I do not have clear answers to current questions. I have questions, and, as a matter of fact, I think a man is better known by his questions than his answers. To make known one’s questions is, no doubt, to come out in the open oneself. I am not in the market for the ready-made and wholesale answers so easily volunteered by the public and I question nothing so much as the viability of public and popular answers, including some of those which claim to be most progressive.” Many people today are seeking answers to perplexing questions; yet I wonder how many are asking the right questions, the ones that really matter and will lead us to truth?


Ron van Dyke – Money Is Created From Value – Not The Other Way Around – 7-28-14


Trying to help people understand how our economy really works, how money is created, has been one of my most difficult challenges. Let me explain again what value is. Value is in resources, creativity and labor. Most people understand the first one: resources. Oil, as I mentioned a few days ago, gold, silver, precious stones and other metals, food, water, air, and even sunlight. These are commodities well known in our world; but what gives these resources their value? Creativity and labor, or work! Nothing has any intrinsic value whatsoever without the human elements stemming from our creativity and ability to find uses and make products from the resources we have at our disposal. We are the value; and money has been created from our promises to create and work. Of course, it’s fraud the way it’s been done. I hope this video helps clear up some of the confusion.

Message Of Peace To The World – Ambassador to White Dragon Society – Ron van Dyke Vlog – 7-9-14


This conversation starts out with plans to fund worthwhile humanitarian projects worldwide; then the Ambassador for the Dragon Family gives a message of peace to the world. He calls on people within the different religions to start following their prophets and coming from a place of love. Bear in mind that he has studied Judaism, Christianity and Islam intensively. His message is one we need to hear and follow if we are to create the peaceful planet we long for and clean up the mess we have created. As always, he makes it clear that the Dragon Family is waging a peaceful war on ignorance and financial tyranny. It that latter realm, they are behind the new banking system being created by the BRICS nations.

Ron van Dyke, Aristo – What Crop Circles, Symbols, Numbers Are Saying Now – 7-4-14


As always, Aristo provides in-depth perspectives that most of us, myself included, never notice or think about. This week he delves into the recent crop circle that the Ambassador and I talked about a couple days ago, revealing what the symbols and numbers may be saying to us. He actually begins with the Biblical symbolism: what he sees as an equation, faith leads to hope which leads to love (agape or grace). These are cosmic elements in transformation of consciousness. This is what is happening to us now. We are transforming, seeing things from new perspectives that will change us and the world.

Ron van Dyke – Mr Ambassador, What Signs Do You See? – 7-2-14

Ron Van Dyke – The Goal Is To End Financial Tyranny – 6-30-14

Ron van Dyke, Aristo Papageorge – The Middle Way

Ron van Dyke – 9th Wave – Challenge of the Challenge of Unity Consciousness

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Do you ever wonder how the human race is ever going to come together in unity? I do. To the mind, it seems impossible; yet, I feel strongly that that is what is happening in this 9th wave. I guess we’ll see the hows as they occur, although it’s already occurring within those willing to see from the unity perspective right now.

Ron van Dyke – Hearing The Cries Of The People – 2-19-14

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I just noticed it’s 11:11 AM as I begin this blurb. 🙂 I keep hearing people tell me and others to stay positive. It would be good advice if it meant that the most positive thing anyone can do is to tell the truth, your truth in the moment. However, that’s not what is usually meant by such advice. What is normally implied is to stay away from negative thoughts and feelings – suppress them if you must, but don’t speak them. That gives them power of manifestation. To me, and maybe I’ve got it all wrong, that is the blueprint for how to live an inauthentic life. Is that what everyone else wants? It’s not what I want. Healing my own shadow involves listening and giving voice to the cries of humanity that the establishment tries to suppress, the cries for truth and justice, the cries for equal and fair treatment under universal law. As I’ve said before, I will not be free until all are free. I’m on a mission to spread the message that we are all brothers and sisters, interconnected in a single web of Life. I choose to hear the cries of the people.

Ron van Dyke – Foundational Knowledge – Duality – Dualism

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Spiritual awakening involves knowing the truth about reality. People that have gone far enough down the rabbit hole realize how words have been distorted in human culture. There are many examples, especially in law. Legal and lawful is one example. However, the biggest distortion of all revolves around ideas of good and evil, unity and duality. These are based on the delusion caused by a lie. That lie is dualism: denotes co-eternal binary opposition. That is property called polarization, or where opposites are falsely perceived to duel rather than dance together. Duality is the natural dance of opposites in unity. Dualism is the unnatural duel or war of complementary pairs of opposites.

17-06-2013: Conversation With Peter Van Runt & Ron Van Dyke – Current Energy Shift

NOTE:  Please advance video to 2: 00  –  To Avoid Glitches.

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Recorded on Father’s Day with some technical challenges, Peter and Ron discuss the current energy shift beginning by talking about Gandhi and how he was ahead of his time in trying to present political solutions that would have united India. This is the time when the energy is right for geo-political solutions to take root in our world. The One People are bringing forth many solutions that will change the game, not by escaping but by embodying our humanity as awakened spiritual beings using the heart and the mind as tools of creation.

Ron Van Dyke – Faith, Hope & Love – Greatest Is Love

Uploaded on 24 May 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Last night we gathered here at the Mary Horgan Center to watch the DVD, Solar Revolution. The well-known German biophysicist, Dieter Broers, sees increased solar activity not as an impending apocalypse but as the dawn of a new era. Drawing on research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost our brain capacity and expand our minds in ways we never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatural – telepathy, extrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients — may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing. He also acknowledged that it was the heart that carries the greatest potential to influence the field in which we live, for it is Love, and only love that can transform the mess we are in. Today, I want to talk with you a bit about what may lie in our immediate future: a powerful mass awakening that will be the game changer we’ve long awaited.

Ron Van Dyke – 04-04-2013 – Love Is Revolutionary

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My mentor in the 1980s was Dr. Bruce L. Morgan. In his time, he was a revolutionary man. He was a radical fundamentalist preacher who saw Carl Jung as the major prophet of the 20th Century, much to the chagrin of the Bible thumpers. He gave a series of lectures in The Tabernacle Church of Melbourne around 1982, the year before I moved to Florida. It was called: Environments That Encourage Growth. The central theme of the messages was that LOVE is the key ingredient to healthy spiritual growth. I still believe that is true; and I have seen it in The Workshops that I’ve attended regularly. However, in our human culture, love is seen as weakness and often discouraged. To me, this is the single most important factor that must change if we are to experience peace on earth. That is why the OPPT is so revolutionary with it’s emphasis on loving as unconditionally as possible. Being and doing from a loving heart is our way home … I believe our only way home.

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