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There’s a court case happening right now in Washington, DC.  Follow this blog (click here) and this man, Neil, (here), for up to the minute updates.  This “identity hearing” is being called one of the most important cases, worldwide, of this century. It’s being referred to as a pivotal moment, equal to the day that Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on that bus in 1955 (click here). You’ll want to be informed.

It’s been aptly named (“identity hearing”).  Here’s why you should care:

We all begin the same. We are bits of eternal essence, birthed into physical form.  You may refer to this as “soul”. From this point on, we enter life as we’ve constructed it, into whichever society our mother was a part of.

Now physical, we are declared property, and given a number. That number is what “allows” us to operate commercially within the society we



Caroline Oceana Ryan – A Message to Lightworkers – Excerpt from Abundance For All Chapter 11 – On Money and Dissolving Old Karma – by Forever Unlimited – 8-27-16



Excerpt from Abundance For All

Chapter 11 – On Money and Dissolving Old Karma

[Question] You’ve told us that abundance, especially money, has a lot to do with gratitude, and how we deal with the energy of money—how much we “like” money. This was very helpful.

But if we choose our life circumstances before we incarnate, have we already chosen whether to live an abundant life, or a suffering one?

How much does karma come into play?

And how can a pregnant woman, for example, in an African country, who is close to miscarrying because she has not had enough food, create abundance?

[The Collective] This is an excellent topic.

For it is so that most of you have determined to open up to and intentionally create a greater level of abundance in your life. And being thankful for all the money and abundance that has and is flowing to you is one of the ways in which to create a greater flow.

Determining that you like money—that you enjoy receiving and having it, that it can be used as a positive force in people’s lives—is vital to affirming that though for millennia, money was used as a tool of the old, oppressive system, this is a new day.

And that you are now creating a whole new way for humankind to view money and abundance, thereby lifting money to a whole higher vibration.

Regarding your choices before incarnation, this is of course a matter to discuss with your support team of higher self, guides, and Angels. It is indeed unusual for a Lightworker to come to Earth at this time with making money as their main interest.

Most assuredly, there are those in the banking, legal, and government systems who are there as transforming and transmuting Lights. They have chosen to be there, to root out corruption and reveal the weaknesses of the old system, and to help establish the new, NESARA-era system.


And these persons often “do well” financially, some making six or seven figures a year. Yet they are steadfast in their purpose, and invaluable to the establishing of the new forms of the New Earth.

Yet what most Lightworkers have chosen is a far simpler way of being in the world.

They have sought purity of expression, often releasing or refusing the third dimensional forms of material possession and prestige—that which is not true wealth, but a false sense of wealth, based on outer objects and shallow interests.

For your own Earth self’s sake, most of you chose a life in which you have not usually manifested as much money or other forms of abundance as you would like.

This has put you in the position of having to learn the spiritual principles behind true abundance and manifestation.

You have seen how you may sometimes joyfully proclaim something to be true for you, only to see that object or situation very shortly appear in your life.

In creating the necessity for that learning, you were doing more than setting yourself up to work with energy in ways that would enable a new kind of abundance to begin appearing on the Earth.

As great an accomplishment as that is, you put yourself in a place of apparent “need” or “lack” so as to jolt yourself back to your original role as a co-Creator, a Divine Manifester, a Light and Energy Worker.

It is not that anyone was interested in making you suffer, per se. It is that you and your guides decided before you incarnated that one of the best possible ways for you to wake up to your manifesting and co-Creational abilities, was to put you where you had to re-learn and re-member and re-claim them.

They have never left you, and you know this.

You have seen how you joyfully proclaimed something to be true for you, or more calmly proclaimed it to be true over a space of days or weeks, only to see that object or situation appear in your life very shortly after, as if you had just brought it in on special order.


Indeed, it was a special order! There is no accident there.

You called the thing itself forth from the ethers. It heard you, followed your command, and appeared—even if you were “only joking” when you joyfully made that affirmation and declaration that this thing was now in your life.

In fact, the jocularity—the light-hearted, light-spirited manner of joking about something—can perfectly create the exact form of joy needed to birth something new into the world.

And so the idea of having “a suffering life of lack and limitation” is not always what it appears. There is powerful growth to be had when one learns to remember joy, even in the context of great degradation and apparent lack or loss. Particularly then.

Even in the midst of those obstacles, your beautiful, positive-feeling, affirmative declarations that “I AM Wealth! I AM all the power, freedom, beauty, joy, and abundance in the Universe!” intoned with joy and inner power, can be enough to turn the tide for even the most painful of circumstances.

And as we have noted, the energy patterns of your life blueprint can also be revised on most matters.

Now, regarding karma, we would say that you are no longer on the old karmic wheel.

You are no longer still collecting unresolved issues, no longer subject to the churning repetition of old errors and energetic ruts.

You and nearly all of Earth’s people are entering a new time of release of the old and birth of the new, which has none of the sting and oppression of the old order.

You are indeed at times still working out the density and drama of past lives lived on this beautiful planet, who was sunk to such degrading depths for so long.

She has somehow resisted all attempts at Her destruction, and is now rising to new and beautiful heights that will eventually outreach even the accomplishments and evolvement of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Yet at present, you see some persons suffering, whether in other countries or your own, due to hunger or illness or homelessness. They seem to suffer most from despair.

And you resonate with that despair as you see them reeling from the deaths of home or loved ones. And you wonder, How does one create abundance from that place?

And we would say, just exactly as you create it from where you yourself are at present.
Universal laws do not change according to context.

There is not a different set of requirements or ethics or actions for those in impoverished Asian or African or South American countries than there are for those in wealthier countries . . .

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.

Steve Beckow – The True Usefulness of Money is Revealed in the Giving – 7-10-16

Money-22Steve Beckow

I don’t write this as an “expert” on finance, which I’m not, but as an intelligent user of money and a spiritual seeker.

We’re about to enter a new era and the green flag is the Revaluation, sometimes lumped together with the Global Currency Reset.

At this moment, all the old rules no longer apply. Profits, margins, hedge funds, derivatives, fractional-reserve banking – none of those apply any longer or any of the avenues they’re part of or lead to.

It’s an entirely new ball game and we’re at this moment making up the guidelines.

Not like anything we say should be construed as interfering with the free will of the individual. Free will is assured and sanctioned by universal law, as long as the action contemplated does not look likely to harm another.

Perhaps that’s our starting point: we honor the free will of all people and their equality before God.

That having been said, it’s been my experience that the exchange of money through gifting is one of the most rewarding acts in the world. To be enabled and empowered to make a difference in another person’s life and to do so has to be among the most satisfying moments to go through in life

The ultimate possibility of money is to be the medium of exchange of love. Love in the gifting and love in the receiving. What could be more complete, inspiring, and ennobling?

Especially if the gift is given without any 3D, ego games afterwards. It’s just complete. Everyone leaves with a good taste in their mouths.

The true usefulness of money is revealed in the giving. It’s revealed in the love that is shared.

I realize that at a certain level, one loses touch with the gifting. People who participated in the Reval and will serve as stewards with the disposable part of their income probably will only be involved at a policy level. Otherwise they’d be too busy.

So we don’t have that direct touch with the gifting of individuals. Someone else has that great privilege.

But it makes no difference in the end. I recall Matthew Ward saying that the love that is generated becomes part of the light that envelops Gaia; none of it is lost.

The ultimate possibility of money is to create and transmit love. The true usefulness of love is revealed in the giving.

Georgi Stankov – A Powerful Alchemical Reaction Cleansing the “Money Fear” Chakra – 6-9-16


Georgi Stankov   –   A Powerful Alchemical Reaction Cleansing the “Money Fear” Chakra   –   6-9-16

This morning on May 9th Eastern Pacific Time a massive alchemical reaction has commenced in order to cleanse the 1st root chakra of survival and the associated 2nd chakra of sexuality which Dominique recently so well described as the “Money Fear” chakra in an email to me. The reason is that humanity is now sensing the coming financial collapse of the Orion matrix and is being prepared for it at the quantum level, which also includes the subconscious soul level of all humans. The new codes of light currently cleanse all the fear patterns based on money scarcity and impoverishment which function as energetic blockages and resistances for the free flow of source energies as the Elohim told us. I was expecting this to come and was somewhat surprised by the week-long lull before the storm in early June after we had left behind us the most dramatic energetic episode in the ascension history of mankind and Gaia in the second half of the May.

Before the financial collapse can be triggered, the human personalities, now incarnated mostly with highly evolved transliminal souls, must cleanse all their lower chakras that harbour the basic human fears. The latter determine the social behaviour of the people and the way how their economies and personal connections are organized. Before the source can give green light for the beginning of the financial crash, which may very well happen in the days before the Brexit vote on June 23th as I wrote in  the latest article, all these fears and resistances which are low-vibrating energetic patterns have to be fully removed from the fields of the incarnated human beings.

This is a necessary prerequisite for the favorable outcome of this crash which will not end up with the ruling cabal establishing a new global cashless currency after the current inflated fiat currencies have collapsed but with the introduction of the new Astral currency. This is how the planetary ascension is now being prepared energetically at the chakras level for the masses after all resistances and low-frequency patterns were removed at the quantum level on May 30th. As all levels and systems in All-That-Is are superimposed and intertwined any change in this holographic model of forms must begin first at the invisible subatomic, quantum level and then “trickle upwards” or “downwards” (as these directional distinctions are obsolete in the bigger picture)  to the more complex forms of space-time such as human beings with all their chakras and finally to the economy and society.

It is important to observe that this cleansing wave of the “Money Fear” chakra was preceded by another profound cleansing of the emotional bodies of the incarnated personalities during the previous two-three days. Essentially we eliminated in another alchemical tour de force all emotional and mental rejections of the divine nature of human beings and in particular of us as Ascended masters and Logos Gods in our families and environment and at the societal level. These rejection patterns build the thick energetic layers around the human body and fields and sever the incarnated personality from the soul source. It is the primary and only cause for the downfall of humanity to such low-frequency, dense and toxic reality as the current Orion matrix which we now completely eliminate and transform into the light.

It is not very easy to explain these processes that are so subtle and invisible and affect most of the people in a subconscious manner. But I am sure that many of you have felt these underlying streams of consciousness and powerful waves that now profoundly transform human nature away from its past Orion conditioning into its new divine multi-reality.

After all this Orion conditioning has become the only expression this human species knows and accepts because most people do not believe that there are infinite worlds and realities beyond this limited way of existence and hence reject vehemently this foundational idea. Especially we, the PAT, have been exposed to this radical rejection in the family and in the society and have suffered most. This rejection has suffocated your soul fragments and has, because we are great empaths, affected even the highest levels of our soul essence which we now must finally cleanse as to enable our ultimate transfiguration. In this way we are the pacemakers for humanity to discover their divine and sublime nature.

This all is happening since May 30th and none of these profound transformative processes has been reported in the New Age scene. But I am sure that you have been confronted with these energies since the end of May and may have asked yourselves what is happening with us and humanity. As these energies were very oppressive and consuming and have left us emotionally totally depleted, you may have begun to question the validity of our achievements last month. But then you must remember the maxim of ascension – the more successful we were in transforming this reality in the past, the more intensive the light work gets in the future because our cleansing and transforming capacity has also increased.

Currently there are many converging timelines that point to another energetic pinnacle this month.  It is therefore not at all remarkable that I discussed them with our PAT member Boyd yesterday and today:

“Dear George,

Something big had happen yesterday.  During night 7th-8th of June I nearly ascended respectively were taken out of the body. I felt all of my body vibrating and slowly rising up. I thought, “This is it” then, like turning off the light switch this experience stopped.

When you reported on 30th of May” something dramatic is happening” at the same time I felt strong pain in the back–right side of my head. It was like high air pressure feeling. It is important to say that I never experienced this kind of pain in my entire life. Therefore I knew that some big energetic event is in the making.

Yesterday, thru all the day, I felt exactly the same kind of pain in my head. I am sure you were also knocked out, because those waves always hit you first. Hope you can share more insight on yesterday event.

With love and light,



Dear Boyd,

what happened in the last two days was a massive cleansing of basic human fear patterns, in particular the rejection of the divine nature of all humans and the existence of their souls. It was a powerful alchemical reaction in which I was personally involved and this led to another ID shift as you have experienced it in form of personal ascension test run. This alchemical reaction was for me entirely in the emotional body and although the intensity of the waves and the vibrations were very high it did not hit me in the head as is the case with the usual cc-waves from the Source. You have had such a cc-wave which shows that we work in shifts and change the spectrum of our light work duties from time to time.

I myself feel very depleted emotionally from this latest cleansing episode and empty from within. Today I am beginning to emerge from my trough level but I have no impetus to do anything and there is nothing we can do now as the world has switched to neutral gear and is in a kind of suspended motion.

I have no idea how long this will last before we begin to see significant collapses. Brad thinks that the Comex gold market may default as they have no physical gold anymore, I am closely watching the EU big banks which are all bankrupt and can declare that fact anytime. The presidential race has ended up in a showdown between Killary and Trump. She can be indicted though anytime if the polls show that she loses against Trump and the cabal will then present a new democratic candidate, probably Biden as to save the status quo. Trump has announced that he will make some major revelations on the Clintons next week when the battle between the two is officially opened. As they were friends in the past, he must know quite a few internal secrets of the Clintons and they tremble now with what he will come up as he is unpredictable. His latest speech yesterday must have only increased the angst of the ruling cabal:

NATO is poking the Russian bear on its border in the Baltics and Poland and if the red line is crossed who knows what will happen. Putin already warned in a dramatic manner the Romanians and the Poles that they are in the cross-hairs with the newly installed US missiles on their territory. German tanks roll for the first time in Poland since WW2 for NATO war games there. With the coming Brexit, the EU is falling apart and the refugee invasion from the Middle East has begun anew this summer and Europe is sinking in chaos again. France is gripped by a national strike and the UEFA championship there is already in jeopardy. As are the Olympic games in Brazil this summer. The war in Syria has commenced with full force after the futile negotiations in Geneva were discarded. Greece is in default more than ever and the established political parties in the EU are losing for ever their majority to alternative blocks. But they will continue with the sanctions against Russia under the dictate of the AAA empire until their economies fully crash. The hostilities between China and USA in the South China sea have reached a peak and nobody knows who will shoot or blink first. 

There is a sense of finality in all actions and also a sense of futility of any 3D efforts. The space-time is empty currently and I attribute this to the complete opening of this holographic model to the light codes from the source at the quantum level where the exchange of the energetic tissue of this holographic reality is now happening with full force. As we have no empirical evidence how long this will take till we see tangible results, we can only watch carefully and speculate based on what we see on the world stage.

Given the intensity of the energies in my and Carla’s fields, I do not see how we can stay much longer here but even this conclusion may appear to be premature.

Do you notice any new developments in Australia that support this analysis?

With love and light




Georgi Stankov – Why it Is so Important to Develop and Introduce the New Astral Currency – 3-15-16

Cryto Currencies

Georgi Stankov   –   Why it Is so Important to Develop and Introduce the New Astral Currency   –   3-15-16


In the last two months I have intensively discussed that the current worthless fiat currencies are doomed to crash and disappear in the End Time and that the dark cabal have already plan B and C for a new reset of the failed Orion monetary system which is essentially a dollar-based, toilet paper money.

That is why my HS and the higher realms urged me to develop the new “Astral” currency that will revolutionize life on earth and will eliminate with one fell swoop all injustice, exploitation and poverty which the current deficient Orion monetary system is designed to create in a deliberate manner as to install the NWO in the End Time. This is a leitmotif in our discussions in the last several years. We have tackled this issue both from theoretical and practical point of view, but always from the higher vantage point of view of the ascension process that is now in its final stage.

In that our discussion is unique as it amalgamates a clear-cut axiomatic analysis of the failures of all economic theories that were put forward in the 20th century to derail the world economy to the current level of utter insanity where negative interest rates are not only wiping out the savings of the people, but are also destroying the very foundations of capitalism. The latter used to be the prevailing economic order of engineered scarcity among humans introduced by the archons from the Orion/Reptilian empire many centuries and even millennia ago, actually since the fall of Atlantis.

Humanity has now entered the final era of insanity before the crash comes and the ID shift can take place, and if you read the critical contributions on this reality on the Internet these days, the most common word you will find is the “insanity of the ruling cabal” and the people that still follow their ideas. I personally read more than ten such articles yesterday and today but will spare you here the links as I know how fed up you are being confronted with the present-day peak in aberration of common sense thinking among all humans.

The introduction of the new Astral currency is pivotal in many respects. First, it is the only new currency project that fully complies with all the spiritual principles of All-That-Is that can be derived from the new theory of the Universal Law. In this sense it is impeccable in theoretical and practical point of view. It is the only currency model for the interim time before humanity realizes that it does not need money to progress and become a transgalactic, multidimensional civilisation that is designed in such a manner as to prohibit any kind of misuse that will inevitably end up as the current financial Ponzi scheme. I have discussed the advantages of the new currency in my publication as well as in the subsequent Energy Report of the PAT and assume that the PAT is privy to these arguments.

However, I have also received some comments from readers who had not read carefully my Astral currency project and have not fully grasped the revolutionary character of this creation compared to some new crypto-currencies that are now introduced in the market in anticipation of the imminent crash of the conventional fiat currencies, beginning with the dollar as world currency. All these crypto-currencies repeat the basic deficiencies of the current fiat currencies, even though they pretend to offer better solutions.

In the first place, the concept of “blockchain” is put forward, which is as old as the beginning of digital computers and even earlier as a mathematical concept. This you would never hear from the protagonists of such new crypto-currencies who want to pretend in front of you how clever and advanced their crypto-currencies are.

Secondly, everyone with a modicum of economic understanding should know that it does not matter what electronic-digital concept one selects for the practical use of a new currency, but who has the monopoly on the emission of such currency. Unless the whole emission process is founded in the principle of basic democracy and sovereignty of the individual, all these crypto-currencies only serve the ruling cabal in their clandestine effort to substitute one form of digital financial exploitation with another even more sinister one.

This should be clearly stated these days – and understood by the entire PAT – as the ruling cabal is way ahead of the rest of humanity and has already ripe plans for the immediate implementation of such crypto-currencies on a global scale. They will use them as a vehicle to introduce the infamous “Mark of the Beast’ and to financially enslave the people into the NWO. That is why they allowed the introduction of the bitcoin currency on a small scale as to test how it would be accepted by the public and outlawed it the moment it began to become successful before the right time had arrived for the cabal to introduce their own “Mark of the Beast” currencies. Only our clarity of mind as ascended masters can prevent this heinous trend that may as well become reality in the next few days.

In order to illustrate how urgent the implementation of such rogue crypto-currencies by the ruling cabal and their banksters is on a global scale, you can read below the latest article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the British Telegraph. He is one of the few competent and critical experts on finance writing in the MSM whose articles are worth reading. He presents a new digital crypto-currency developed by scientists in cahoots with the Bank of England that has the potential to devastate the current financial order according to the author.

This will not happen as the current Orion monetary system is in its terminal spasm and can crash any moment. In fact this is known to all central banks and in particular to the Bank of England, which is de facto bankrupt since 2008 and has been taken over by the government through the British tax payers as its former governor from 2003 to 2013 Mervyn King has confirmed subsequently in numerous sincere interviews in the MSM that cost him his job:

“King has been scathing about the banking sector since it crashed, its “breathtaking” £1tn bailout (50% of GB GDP), and its continuation of bonus awards in 2009, calling for a serious review of banking’s structure and regulation.[41] In an interview with The Daily Telegraph on 5 March 2011, King said that Banks had “put profits before people”, that failure to reform the sector could result in another financial crisis, and that traditional manufacturing industries have a more “moral” way of operating.[42] In an interview with The Times in March 2012, he said that the banks are still in denial about the “very real and wholly understandable” anger that is felt at their behaviour,[43] Bankers have not been happy with his excoriating views and insistence on avoiding moral hazard, but King insists that “market discipline can’t apply to everyone except banks”, pinpointing the banks’ sense of grievance on their finding it “very, very difficult to face up to the failure of their banking model”.[43] With King’s term as governor ending in 2013, top UK banks have warned that unless a less “hostile” figure is found as a successor, they may feel it necessary to move abroad.”

In his article, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard clearly warns that this new crypto-currency will produce the opposite effect to that propagated by current alternative currencies which pretend to liberate the people from the financial and fiscal shackles of the national state:

“The proto-currency known as RSCoin has vastly greater scope than Bitcoin, used for peer-to-peer transactions by libertarians across the world, and beyond the control of any political authority.

The purpose would be turned upside down. RSCoin would be a tool of state control, allowing the central bank to keep a tight grip on the money supply and respond to crises. It would erode the exorbitant privilege of commercial banks of creating money out of thin air under a fractional reserve financial system.  (This is a patent for the establishment of the NWO. Note, George)

“Whoever reacts too slowly to these developments is going to take it on the chin. They will lose their businesses,” said Dr George Danezis, who is working on the design at University College London.”

That is why we must be ready with our new Astral currency, which means have a clarity in mind regarding its spiritual goals and principles, as to prevent the introduction of such “Mark of the Beast” currencies by the dark cabal when the current fiat currencies crash and cease to exist. This may happen any moment and surely much quicker than many of you believe, while still projecting your current experience linearly into the distant future. This is another fallacy of human thinking that will be eradicated very soon by the impending financial crash and subsequent ID shift that is in the making in our energetic fields independently of what is happening on the ground.


Central Banks Beat Bitcoin at Own Game with Rival Supercurrency

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, March 13, 2016

The Telegragh

Computer scientists have devised a digital crypto-currency in league with the Bank of England that could pose a devastating threat to large tranches of the financial industry, and profoundly change the management of monetary policy.

The proto-currency known as RSCoin has vastly greater scope than Bitcoin, used for peer-to-peer transactions by libertarians across the world, and beyond the control of any political authority.

The purpose would be turned upside down. RSCoin would be a tool of state control, allowing the central bank to keep a tight grip on the money supply and respond to crises. It would erode the exorbitant privilege of commercial banks of creating money out of thin air under a fractional reserve financial system.

“Whoever reacts too slowly to these developments is going to take it on the chin. They will lose their businesses,” said Dr George Danezis, who is working on the design at University College London.

“My advice is that companies should play very close attention to what is happening, because this will not go away,” he said.  Layers of middlemen in payments systems face a creeping threat across the nexus of commerce, stockbroking, currency trading or derivatives. Many risk extinction over time.

“Deep in the markets there are dark pools buying and selling shares, and entities that facilitate that foreign exchange. There are Visa, Master, and PayPal. These are the sorts of guys that we are going to disrupt,” he said.

University College drafted the plan after being encouraged by the Bank of England last year to come up with a radical design for a secure digital currency. The Bank itself has an elite four-man unit grappling with the implications of crypto-currencies and blockchain technology.

Central banks at first saw Bitcoin as a rogue currency and a threat to monetary order, but they are starting to glimpse ways of turning the new technology to their advantage.

The findings of the University College team were delivered to the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) in San Diego, revealing for the first time what may be in store. Dr Danezis said a national pilot project could be up and running within eighteen months if a decision were made to launch such a scheme.

UK Government scientists are exploring the revolutionary implications of blockchainCREDIT: UK GOVERNMENT

The RSCoin is deemed more likely to gain to mass acceptance than Bitcoin since the ledger would remain exclusively in the hands of the central bank, with the ‘trust’ factor of state authority. It would have the incumbency benefits of an established currency behind it.

“It seems very unlikely that, to any significant extent, we’ll ever be paying for things in Bitcoins, rather than pounds, dollars, or euros,” said Ben Broadbent, the Bank of England’s Deputy Governor. There were an estimated $5bn of Bitcoin transactions in the US last year, a remarkable phenomenon but a trivial sum in the greater scheme of things.

Mr Broadbent said the attraction is the settlement mechanism used by Bitcoin, the so-called ‘distributed ledger’. “The function goes right to the heart of what central banks do,” he said in a speech earlier this month.

Bitcoin is inherently limited, a niche for aficionados and the ideological heir’s of the 19th Century ‘free banking’ movement. Its code restricts it to a limit of 21 million Bitcoins, and it can handle only seven transactions per second.  “It is a Peter Pan system, and it doesn’t really grow up,” said Dr Danezis.

Critics say it is also vulnerable to “double spending attacks”, a form of manipulation where the same money is paid to two different people. One of them is tricked and receives nothing. The victim has no legal recourse.

University College’s RSCoin is safer, faster, and far less volatile. It can scale up indefinitely.  Its beauty is that it cuts out the middleman, and reduces costs to a wafer thin level.

Bank of England says Bitcoin is too volatile to gain trust CREDIT: BANK OF ENGLAND

Mr Broadbent said such a currency could greatly widen the balance sheet of a central bank, hinting that the system could be designed in such a way that ordinary people could by-pass the commercial banks and hold balances directly with the Bank of England – a staggering concept. “It’s likely you’d see money moving out of existing deposits,” he said.

Mr Broadbent said the system could in principle be used to cover government services, tax collection, and benefit payments. It is more likely to start with the settlement of bonds and equities, and for exchanges and clearing houses.

The settlement systems used by central banks – CHAPS, TARGET2, and Fedwire – are expensive and rely on stagnant technology. The UK-based CHAPS system handled £68 trillion of transactions last year.

RSCoin may be irresistible for central banks. Dr Danezis said it allows them to turn the money tap on and off with calibrated precision, and lets them track the sort of counterparty liabilities that nearly blew up the financial system during the Lehman crisis. “There would be instant visibility. They could react very quickly in an emergency, ” he said.

Ultimately it could achieve some of the objectives of ‘narrowing banking’ proposed by Adam Smith, or the Chicago Plan put forward by US economists in the 1930s – but never enacted – to transfer control of money creation from private banks to the state. Arguably, this would make the financial system safer and less prone to boom-bust cycles.

Dr Danezis said there are three big centres of research and innovation into the fast-moving area of ‘Fintech’ and crypto-currencies. The City is at the cutting edge. “The game is between London, New York, and Silicon Valley in California,” he said.

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Money Soar Fest from Expect Wonderful

Inelia Benz – Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money – 1-10-15

inelia_benz_2013Graham Fewyea: This is text from an audio that Inelia put together.

Inelia Benz

It has come to my attention time and time again that lightworkers or people who are on their soul journey seem to be poor. They seem to have a lot of problems attracting money into their lives.

Obviously it’s not everybody who is like this but it has been quite a strong pattern among healers, psychics, and even ascension workers. I’m not going to go into why this is, because basically, that’s not important.

However, I do want to point out that you will have to work through your own personal blocks that are creating this particular problem in your life and the exercise that we are going to do later is going to allow you to identify what your particular problem is and fix it, heal it. After you learn this exercise you really need to do it once or twice a day, preferably after you’ve done your meditation

The most important thing about money that you need to understand is that it’s an energy being, it’s alive.

Think of it like an Elemental, a very powerful, very important Elemental.

I would go on to say that it’s probably the most important Elemental in your life today. That’s because of the nature of the world we’re living in. Especially if you’re living in a Western country, where you need to have money to survive.

Money allows you to do the most basic things, such as drinking fresh water, having somewhere to live, having clothes on your body, being able to express yourself creatively. Eating every day. The most basic things in life come through with your exchange of money, therefore it is extremely important.

Another aspect of money I would like you to understand is that money is not evil. Some people will use money in a negative way, but money itself has nothing negative about it. Once you identify and you contact the energy of money, you’ll see it for yourself. There is absolutely nothing negative about money. It’s all-inclusive, it’s creative, it’s nurturing. It’s warm, it’s beautiful. And I want you to be able to experience this.

For this exercise you’re going to need some money to hold. Notes are better than coins but if you don’t have any at the moment, the coin will do. But next time, try to have a note, and the bigger the note the better.

Put the note between your two palms, resting gently in front of you. It’s going to look a little bit like you are praying, but your hands resting forward so that they are nice and comfortable.

It’s really important, while you are doing this exercise, that you do not ask for stuff. I have noticed that there is a tendency for somebody when they’re immediately contacting money or when they feel that they are starting to contact money, to start asking for stuff.  You know, ‘Oh, I want a new car, I want a new job, I want money for food, I want whatever’ – you know, it’s like, don’t do that.

Think of it like you are going to meet and make a new friend, and if you are going to make a new friend, you’re not going to start by asking them for stuff.

What we are going to do, is first get acquainted with the energy of money. And then we are going to allow it to express itself in our energy field. That’s all we are going to do right now.

So hold the money between your palms and clear your mind.

Next, we are going to feel the note. Just feel for it. Feel it between your palms. Allow it to be there.

Soon it’s going to start feeling warm. There is some lovely warmth coming out of it. That’s the first signature that you are going to identify about money. It’s warm.

I want you to say ‘hi’ and tell it that you allow it for it to express itself to you.

And then just listen.

Quieten your mind and listen.

See if any images, any thoughts come to your mind and allow that to happen.

The first time that I did this, I actually got an image of my mother pulling a note away from me, away from my mouth, rushing me to the bathroom and washing my mouth out, telling me how dirty money was and that I should never put money in my mouth and that I should always wash my hands after I touch money.

Obviously it shocked me, and it caused a huge block because I couldn’t allow money into my life, you know, I couldn’t allow money to touch me; it was dirty.

I was actually quite surprised when I saw that image, I mean I had completely forgotten about it. So I thanked it, and I released it.

And if you are getting any sort of negative feedback from this exercise, that’s all you have to do – just thank the image, the feelings, blocks, and release them. They’re coming up now so that you can release them.

It took me a few weeks to work through several blocks, and eventually I was able to just sit there and allow money to express itself to me.

And the next stage is to allow it into your energy field. Your energy field is your life, it’s you. It’s your body, it’s your thoughts, your emotions, your reality.

So once you have a good, positive feedback from money, and you are allowing it to express itself to you completely and utterly, I want you to ask it to come into your life. To come into your energy field.

And I can tell you it is going to be extremely happy to do so, because money likes nothing better than to be plentiful in your life. That’s the only way it can express itself – to be plentiful, to be in every aspect of your life.

So how this translates on a practical level, is basically, you let the note between your hands become warm.

You allow it to become warm, you allow it to become hot even. And you allow that warmth to grow, and to encompass you. To come into your life, and the flow of it, the love of it.

The signature, you will find, is extremely similar to that of Mother Earth because they are one and the same. Welcome it, embrace it.

You can pause the audio here so that you can fully allow the experience to complete itself.

After you are done, say thank you to the Elemental of money for having expressed itself fully to you. Open your eyes if they were closed, and put your money away. Remember, you must do this exercise at least once a day. And don’t forget to go back to and report in your results – I’d love to hear from you.

“Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money,” by Inelia Benz, not dated, at

Original article: Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money

Office Of Poofness Report – 11-6-14









November 5, 2014
Copyright ZAP 2014


Commentator Ron van Dyke – Dragon Family Now Owns – IMF, Federal Reserve, – 10-18-14


“This is one we’ve been waiting for! Yes, the Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal Reserve that has waged war on humanity for over 100 years. They are responsible for operating the largest and most oppressive criminal operation, an extortion racket and human slave trade, in the history of the world. They totally failed in their mandate to serve humanity; and their mandate has not been renewed. Instead, steps are being taken to transform society, restoring people’s natural rights along with principles of limited government (Republics) outlined in the founding documents of the united States in America. Again, he admonishes us to look in the mirror and to stop aggression, greed and the illusion of self importance.”  –  Ron van Dyke

Exogen Update – Friday Intel – 10-17-14

CBI under investigation by Iraqi Parliment for delays.

IMF, UN Security Council have brainwashed four nations for delays.

Right now Iraq has bills due from the war on ISIS, Salaries and debt of the nation.

Abadi wants no more excuses.

USA is holding it back.

Bankers in a panic being caught with hands in the cookie jar and with the thought of losing control.

Democrats and republicans are colluding but the sociopaths are fuming mad!


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Financial Intel Report – What Is Really Going On With The RV – 10-17-14

A new Historical Bond Tax Treaty went into effect at 12:01 AM EST Friday in the USA.

This was the last piece of the international law and compliance puzzle

because it restored the dignity of the Chinese people,

as well as settled their past due international gold commitments.

– The treaty was altered to include Euros and Pound Sterlings along with the new USA TRN/ USN.

– The Admiral received his release authorization sometime before sunrise Friday in the USA.

There is a methodical process now in place to disburse reevaluated funds,

known only to the Admiral and the Elders.

Expect them to be very methodical and calculated in their funding payouts,

as not to place unnecessary stress on the new algorithms

designed to regulate/monitor the global money supply.

– The X-Stream software platform (Nasdaq) has been tested and is operational

to prevent high frequency trading from egregiously taking advantage and/or crashing the new system.

– The global gold signatory physically was in Zurich and London for vault SKR sign offs.

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Gold Standard vs Fiat Currency – Global Currency Reset Coming



Ron van Dyke – Money Is Created From Value – Not The Other Way Around – 7-28-14


Trying to help people understand how our economy really works, how money is created, has been one of my most difficult challenges. Let me explain again what value is. Value is in resources, creativity and labor. Most people understand the first one: resources. Oil, as I mentioned a few days ago, gold, silver, precious stones and other metals, food, water, air, and even sunlight. These are commodities well known in our world; but what gives these resources their value? Creativity and labor, or work! Nothing has any intrinsic value whatsoever without the human elements stemming from our creativity and ability to find uses and make products from the resources we have at our disposal. We are the value; and money has been created from our promises to create and work. Of course, it’s fraud the way it’s been done. I hope this video helps clear up some of the confusion.

Bashar on Money, Information and Exchange

InnasHarmony·42 videos

Continuum of the conversation on charging money for the service that you provide, equal energy exchange, people who always complain and expect everything for free, etc
Valuing yourself and the help that you provide is not a sin as well as money is not a root of all that is evil, it’s all your personal belief system and perception, change those and everything would shift. Information is the most valuable resource capable of changing lives and destinies.

Kryon – Money – Swissindo – Humanity Awakening To Spirit, Love and Abundance – 7/19/13




By on July 20, 2013

That is why you are here on this planet at this given moment, you are here to anchor this TRUST, ONENESS and LOVE for one another. For should one of you fail at your endeavor another would step into his place and assist him in bringing his idea to fruition without taking a second guess, or thought, but simply trusting that his brother or sister is on the right path and they too shall join them and assist them no matter what. THIS sadly has not yet occurred and will take TIME.


A friend of mine John Tran,  has asked me to channel the answer to a very interesting question. His question was “How is Swissindo connected to our blessings to come”. He asked that I post it here for everyone and share this knowledge with all of you.

I have decided to ask Kryon, and here is the answer: Let me answer the question for you in a way that you will understand.

There is no connection between Swissendo and the blessings to come. That is the short answer that you are looking for, is it not, for if it’s not the short answer I shall give you a long answer absolutely!

The long answer is that we do not wish for you to rely on such factors and we do not wish for you think that this may appear in your life, for that is not the case. When there are talks being held on your Internet of world monetary changes taking place across the globe, what we are referring to always is that there are absolutely going to be changes to your banking systems, as we have spoken to you prior, as well the governmental changes taking place around your world. That is the law of the world that is the law of the universe, for there are constant changes within your worlds and these changes will absolutely have to do with your monetary system as well.

Nevertheless, please do not think for a moment, that there will be something or someone that will distribute the wealth around the globe equality for all to have. For that is not going to happen, at least not in the present moment of your being. That is not the case, what we are going to be doing and what all of you are seeing is not a short lived happy moment, where you are granted with a certain sum of money, for yes indeed that can and will happen, on a smaller scale, but what all of you are desiring is a significant change.
Please understand, that were it to work in the way that is being advised to all of you by the movement that you are inquiring about, then ALL OF YOU, ALL CHILDREN OF PLANET EARTH, would need to TRUST each other completely unconditionally and fully, knowing and understanding that you are ONE. And that, that takes time. That is why you are here on this planet at this given moment, you are here to anchor this TRUST, ONENESS and LOVE for one another. For should one of you fail at your endeavor another would step into his place and assist him in bringing his idea to fruition without taking a second guess, or thought, but simply trusting that his brother or sister is on the right path and they too shall join them and assist them no matter what. THIS sadly has not yet occurred and will take TIME.

And so, I say this onto you again, that it is NOT going to be happening at the present moment in your earthly time, for that is simply not possible to manifest YET into your reality. BUT.. should all of you change your line of thinking.. should all of you understand that you are all working towards a common goal.. a goal to propel humanity towards unity and oneness .. ah it is THEN that your mission would have been fully complete and we would not then be having this conversation right now. But as you can very well see that is not the case.

And so, were you to have a small amount of money that is not going to sustain you for very long, will it. No absolutely not. The bartering system that you hare are all familiar with will not work either. No, the money changes that we are referring to again and again, is not a moment in time when the wealth is equality distributed on your planet, that is not the case.

The money exchange that we are advising you of, are simply those, that will allow everyone on your planet to have access to such energies and be able to have abundance on all levels, at any given moment in time, and by abundance, we mean the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it, yes indeed, it is so. The abundance that you are seeking will indeed be available and is already available for all to take upon your planet.

The problem with human mentality is that earthlings have been taught to rely upon some higher power to bring the abundance to them, as if it is that which is strictly available to a small group. THAT is NOT the CASE. I repeat that is NOT the case. Abundance, whether it be time, money, health, love, IS freely available for ALL to partake in, the key is KNOWING how to dip your “spoon” into the pile and withdraw the elements that you require and then mold them into whatever bliss that you wish to have within your sphere of existence.

And THAT is what we are here to teach you. For we wish not to give you the fish, we wish to give you a pole so that you can withdraw the fish from the sea at any given moment in time without relying on neither us nor anyone else to do so.
Another issue that humanity is facing is the understanding of money energy in your world. For eons you have been taught that there is a LACK of funds, be it energy, food, housing, health, etc., and all has led to money being an evil. The energy that has accumulated concerning the currency carries with it the perceived “evil’. Please understand that Money in itself is not the issue of your world, nor lack, nor abundance thereof, the issues are the energy that you are associating with such energies of negative vibrations.

And once the human mind understands that the abundance is plenty and realizes that all is ONE and ONE is ALL, and further still there is no need to compete for resources for they are plenty, and there is no need to cheat one another for all is equal, and there is no need for mistrust for the trust is within each and every one of you for you are all ONE and the same, until such time that each one of you understands that there is absolutely no need to block your heart energies from one another, nor lie, nor cheat, nor use any and all such tactics to “up” one another, for ALL of you are ONE, until such time, there will still be the issues that you are faced with as humanity as a whole, however to a much smaller degree, for you are listening and you are understanding and you are awakening each other from the dream that you have come to free humanity from.

And so, once again please understand that even if, and when, there will be such monetary assistance available to all on planet earth, it will not mean that you are going to be satisfied with such proceedings, for the human life and the human experience and the earthly experience is such that you, and by you we mean collectively all human beings, will always require more and more and more.. until such time that you stop and understand that you no longer need more, and that is the point of the abundance.

For you are going to be presented with various case scenarios, and you are going to see much changes, but the people in your world do not wish to be granted a certain sum of money, for they wish to be granted is the ability to do what they want to do when they want to do it, or simply the ability to do that which they have come into this world to do, which pleases their hearts and their souls.

And so, we say onto you that no there is absolutely no link between swissindo and the blessings to come, for the blessing are within you and are already anchored on planet earth. There should not be a reason for you to ever wait for the perfect moment to come.

For Everything occurs in the NOW. For all we are doing is giving you a push in the “right” direction for YOUR soul. Each one of you has come into this existence for a specific reason. You the light workers are here to open up the gates and walk through them with confidence and flying colors. You are here to show the rest of humanity “how it’s done”, and lead them by example. We wish not for you to sit and wait for there is much to do, and YOU are THE power that is necessary to accomplish all that YOU dream of.

The blessings to come are reflected in your everyday life, the blessings to come are the creations of your own mind, and you are the one who can manifest whatever you wish into your reality, we are simply here to assist you, along the path.

Yes indeed it is true that we are working with your world governments in order to bring the necessary changes, but as we have explained previously, we are not taking away from “the rich and giving to the poor” for that simply will not work.. it has never worked in you earthly history, and why should it work now?

Trust us when we say to you, that we have experimented with various possibilities and Until such time that every single one of you learns that there is no reason for you to be above anyone else that each and every one of you are to be respected and valued, that each and everyone of you are to be honored for that which they bring forth into this society, until hat moment in time, there always will be someone that wishes to have more.

But that is not the problem that you are faced with at the moment, for what we are trying to achieve is the equilibrium and a chance, to give others the same freedom of choice as currently exists in certain countries around your world. That is not to say that there is total freedom, for total freedom comes from within your mind and your ability to see what is real and what is not.

And so, what we are already doing is meeting with a large number of people who are holding the rein of power in your world, and we are “making them an offer that they can’t refuse”. That is not to say that we are taking anything away from them. On the contrary we are simply swaying them in the direction of love and light through the means that they will understand – and that is MONEY.

We are showing them new enterprises, new ways of reaching their financial goals by swaying them in the direction of creating opportunities for humanity to have NEW energies, new infrastructure, new social freedoms. For should the new energies become abundant in your world, it will lead the way for more opportunities to those in the “3rd world countries”.

How? By allowing those whose primary understanding of life is to accumulate “cash” the ability to understand that they are “not” going to lose “control”, by loosening their grip, we will then allow them to open up new passage ways to open the gates for others to walk through and to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

For example, how do you think your Internet has come into existence? Yes, we have worked long and hard in order to implement this infrastructure into your society for as you know it was only available to your governments before, we have explained to them the benefits that they will receive should they open up the information gateway to the people, which has then opened up the gates for all of you to be able to be here right now. For all of us to communicate with each other. For many of you to be able to have access to information and NEW understanding of life, from which thousands of lives have changed for the better. For with information comes understanding and thus FREEDOM, POWER, TRUTH.

But, with good always comes the bad, and there always is a thin line that one must walk in order not to abuse that which you have been presented with, and so, once new technologies, medicines, etc, are set in motion, it is then the human responsibility to take what is given to them and either turn it into “negativity” or “positivity”.

Finally there will be equality across the globe where everyone will be able to have “bread” to eat and “water” to drink, where everyone will be able to have the abundance that they are looking for, but not through power and violence are we trying to achieve this, but through the simple understanding of the human mentality that those in power are stuck in.

For even if we overthrow your world government which trust us we are capable of doing, and even if we put those in the power that are here to change the world for the better.. it will matter not, for in a few years of your earthly time, things will go back to the way they were, no dear ones, it all begins and ends with you, it all begins with you changing you ways of looking at life, and that is what we are trying to achieve by awakening the true nature of your very being.

As you have watched your news unfold with stories of demonstrations happening around the globe, your world governments resigning and changing. All of this is changing because of YOUR energies, and to assure that your new world leaders are those that you wish them to be, ALL OF YOU must change your perception of what is “good” and what is “bad”, and what your world should or should not be. For YOU are the ones that are giving the power to those in the governmental seats, and it is YOUR own energies and projections that are forming the new government. What you must understand is that YOU are all projecting that what you wish to see, and should you wish to see another dictator come to power, that is what you will perceive, should you wish to see a saint in his place, that is what you will perceive.

And so, we are working on various routes and challenges, all of us together, YOU John and the whole ground crew and us here. We are working on various aspects of change for we are working from below and form above, we are working on those that are still stuck in the matrix.

For you must understand that EARTH is a FREE WILL zone, and we cannot possibly tell you what to do, we can SHOW you a better way of going about things. And that is precisely what we are doing with your world governments, we are showing them a BETTER way, persuading them kindly to follow the path willingly, for if we begin to use the force, that will only lead us back to where we have began.

Dearly beloved ones, it is taking time, but things have indeed increased exponentially, for should you look into your history, should you think back 10, 20 years you will have noticed how rapidly everything is changing, perhaps not fully to your liking, for we know your soul very well dearly beloved John, and we speak with you of these changes nightly, but on the conscious level you must understand and remember the mission FULLY.

And once all of you tap into the understanding of the WHY of you being here and HOW of getting your spoon into the sweet nectar of abundance, it is then that YOUR lives will completely change and with that change will come the new world you are all dreaming of!

Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and  for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

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