Message Of Peace To The World – Ambassador to White Dragon Society – Ron van Dyke Vlog – 7-9-14


This conversation starts out with plans to fund worthwhile humanitarian projects worldwide; then the Ambassador for the Dragon Family gives a message of peace to the world. He calls on people within the different religions to start following their prophets and coming from a place of love. Bear in mind that he has studied Judaism, Christianity and Islam intensively. His message is one we need to hear and follow if we are to create the peaceful planet we long for and clean up the mess we have created. As always, he makes it clear that the Dragon Family is waging a peaceful war on ignorance and financial tyranny. It that latter realm, they are behind the new banking system being created by the BRICS nations.

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    Pilots of light, peace makers and friends as travelers of the great wild divine we strive to live evermore abundantly from a place of love, compassionate and vibrantly growing love.

    Some baseline goals include living the vision of our hearts while sharing the brightness of peace with others and always remaining open to the deeper connection of knowing that home is where the heart is growing.

    Of infinite beauty in all the realms of the realm is the hearts joyful opening awake from sleepfulness to experience the musical opulence and rainbow light of a paradise home ablaze with new found love, desire and capacity for helping others as ourselves be cleansed in the harmony of all that is.

    Ours is a universe fantastically alive and interactive, a love lit magical sandbox of sorts where wings of the divine surround our future history both inside and out in the sacred vibrations of love, peace and joy.

    When we smile deeply from our hearts the world smiles with us, however please be mindful and aware that thinking without heart can cause falling energy and blur our energetic health and intuition.

    To wear our hearts like a crown and see all life growing as many and one love serves as wings to our deeper wisdom and creative genius to answer the future as a force of nature from the heart.

    When we come from our hearts we are the light the stars see…

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