Ashtar Sheran – Commander of 10 million spaceships

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Ashtar Command, my friends in command, and members of all of our fleets serve in the light of the Radiant. We have given ourselves up for his great mission, which is much broader than just his obligations to earth. The reach of his love and teachings has permeated many universes. The love of the radiant is a core and a center, a focal point of creation through infinity. All universes feel this love for him, who is the light of the world, with you.
Ashtar Sheran

Who is Ashtar Sheran

It is difficult to put Ashtar Sheran’s persona in earthly words.

He is a space brother from the Alpha Centauri solar system. He is the technical and spiritual director of the DIVINE plan to accompany earth mankind into a higher level of evolution. The technical direction is that he is in charge of the space jetship fleet that will evacuate this earthly humanity when the time comes.

Every person who nourishes the DIVINE SPARK in himself and who announces the free will to do so will be temporarily evacuated from this planet when he will no longer be habitable for a certain period of time.

This is no reason to be afraid, because all this happens in the name of DIVINE LOVE Ashtar Sheran and his star brothers and sisters work in perfect LOVE and thus take into account the “free will” of every human being. Every human being becomes through the evacuation into a higher vibrational frequency The preparations for this have already begun because a belt of light has been laid around this planet since the end of May 95

Ashtar Sheran is not a commander in the earthly sense, although he heads the space jet ship fleet. It is a fleet of active charity to accompany the earth siblings on their next evolutionary step. Ashtar is a “commander of LOVE” and not of the sword. He is the “Son of Man” already announced by Jesus Christ.

So the evacuation is also under the direction of the trustee of this planet: Jesus Christ. You can recognize Ashtar by his words and messages of LOVE. Right now in the end times he finds his imitators from the negative side.

“You will recognize them by their deeds!” So, be vigilant! Open your hearts to the DIVINE messages of LOVE brought to you by your benevolent star brothers and sisters.

Aredos, messenger of light

This text was received on October 7th, 1995 by media writing.

The Ashtar Command logo
(Transmitted by Ashtar to Tuella)

It means and does the following:

The deep blue of the universe on a white field embraces the great white divine light, the thick blue circle indicates the intergalactic legion of special volunteers. The second thin circle, which encircles the thick one, denotes all earth stationed light volunteers together.
The large winged ‘A’ is to be seen as a representation of all commands of the Air Fleet Armada of the Brotherhood of Light. The eagle wings on the ‘A’ represent freedom and connection with the cosmos.
The small scout ship (exploration ship) constantly reminds us of the constant alert readiness for an immediate evacuation, if and when this is necessary in the event of great danger (in a twickling of the eye; for a moment!)
We are inspired by the logo to prepare for a direct evacuation. It is a light logo and means I am a light worker!

The evacuation

The three phases of evacuation
(Transmitted by Ashtar to Tuella)

Phase I.

The first phase of the great departure of souls from the planet will happen suddenly when it is determined that the inhabitants are in danger. Just in the second when the pointer of the measuring devices of the large computers crosses a certain point, every satellite and every participating UFO – already in readiness – will get going. If the threat is local rather than global, people can only be lifted up until the threat subsides. You will then be dropped off just as suddenly with no memory of what happened. (In the previous gatherings of the eagles residing on earth, all memories will be granted, for they are spiritually high enough that this can be justified). The decision-making moments that will trigger phase I depend on the person and their actions.

Phase I of the evacuation of the world will take place immediately. There will be no time for any meaningful warning. Spiritual leaders and teachers of the Lightworkers will be secretly kidnapped, but not the representatives of the Special Legion, who will remain until the final stage is completed. The participants in phase I are immediately mobilized at the time of a threat to the planet or its crust. Some will be advised of where to go and when. In this veiled rapture, they are invisibly levitated by a ray to smaller, waiting ships.

From there they are transferred to the large mother ships, which are anchored high above. To emphasize it was repeated again that during phase I all earth volunteers with an order except the members of the special legion, who – highly protected – will hold out until the end of all evacuations on earth, will be taken away.

It is impossible to give numbers of how many people are being transported away in the various phases. The population is subject to constant fluctuations because of deaths, because of the intervention of the human will and because of the opening of the chakras of the new.

As mentioned earlier, there will be no landing sites for Phase I. The scout boats will be in the air and none will land. You will get wherever these special people are.

Phase II

Our space friends have told us that in the second phase of the global evacuation, those who have followed the guides and teachers of the light will be picked up, and the children! This second phase will follow on from the first as soon as possible. The second phase is of the utmost importance as we return to the salvation of children of all ages and races. The child does not have the power to choose their understanding, nor does they have personal responsibility.

In Jycondria’s message through Lyara, children are also mentioned:
The children will of course be picked up before the final phase of the evacuation. Some of you will help young souls of children and serve as instruments of entertainment and love until the children are safely raptured. Many will even accompany the children during the evacuation so that they can get here with the least possible trauma. Of course, most of the children will be taken on board asleep – seemingly dead – because the emotional shock caused by the events would be too laborious. The children will also be consecrated. When the veil has fallen, they will appear as wise, mature adults in young bodies with valuable duties of service and upbringing like the rest of them. When you rejoice in the advancement and beauty of these souls, the livelihood mandate that you had as parents will be completed. Through the unlimited application of love you will always stay in contact with other souls. Telepathy, remote viewing, and teleportation will be among the unlimited abilities that you will now awaken to. Do not worry about the children because they will be cared for with love.

Andromeda Rex conveyed the following comforting words:
In this (second) phase you will first dedicate yourself to the children. Special great space arcs, who vibrate in the highest love and accommodate those who will look after the children, are specially prepared. You will not lose your children. In our complex range of devices there are detectors who can localize every soul. You can request this information while you are with us. It will also be given to you to calm your hearts.

As a supplement, Captain Avalon has added this piece of information to the whole:
The relocation of medical personnel has been discussed. This is an emergency contingency that is not necessarily part of the world evacuation. In times of great need and when there is a truly phenomenal need in an area, but the situation is not threatening the planet, those members of the Special Legion who have the appropriate professional qualities will be approached for relocating.
If only part of the planet or certain sections are in danger, a lot of people may be transported to other, safer areas. Such conditions would not authorize evacuation, but mercy would allow people to be moved. Experience and skills would assist the Special Volunteers in looking after the people. Our ships are instructed to accommodate specific groups. Those assigned to transport medical personnel would distribute the passengers with the necessary supplies to the regions most in need. The needs in different places will have different characters. The ability to meet these needs must be shared. So the elevation of these medical persons will be apt to move them to places of need. These emergency actions would also fall into phase II. A large regrouping of the masses into safer, cooler, warmer, drier areas, or whatever is needed at the time, would take place. But this would not be a threatening destruction of the planet.

Phase III

Enoch prophesied that the returning Lord would be surrounded by 10,000 saints (Jude 14). From the information we now have, that number could be increased to many millions. Various commanders of the Ashtar Command have declared that at some point the sky will be full of ships that will send their invitation to rescue to all who are fearless and whose vibrations are high enough to endure the levitation beam. Due to the turmoil on the planet at that time, there will be limited landings for this mass evacuation. This final evacuation will be carried out as soon as possible and in accordance with the type of disaster that is prevailing.
This will be a mass float in the sky for all who will trustingly join us in order to be saved. Their travel destination will be determined later. At the moment of the rapture, only two conditions need to be met:
Fearlessness and a vibrational frequency high enough to withstand the ray of levitation around the person. Everyone who can endure the rescue activities and can accept the call in no time is invited to phase III. We cannot linger in your atmosphere long when the turbulence sets in. This final rapture will of course also include the believing earth commanders who bear the heavy responsibility of preparing our coming on their shoulders. Such will be discussed with them at their briefings during the secret council meetings.

Extract from “Project: World Evacuation”
given by Ashtar Command
compiled by Tuella
published by Ventla-Verlag

Your cooperation

from Ashtar Command

We have been asked what kind of cooperation we require from you. The following suggestions may give you an indication of our needs. Others will come to your own mind as you ponder them in your places.

Gather as much information as you can from all possible sources. Refuse to believe the motions of censure against our sincerity and our desire to carry out orders from our Supreme Commander. Pass this information on through all the channels that are open to you, without being intrusive. It is of the utmost importance that the general public be aware of our presence and its purpose. We would like to note that in some shifts it will be better. to present the fact as news and not to bring it into a religious context.

Uses the phone, private correspondence, and occasional conversations with friends or even strangers to convey a healthy interest in the matter. Tactically make the impression that it is outdated to deny our existence or to doubt our kind intentions.

Encourages the formation of space clubs or other small groups. who meet regularly intermittently to discuss the latest news.

Emphasizes that our first, urgent intention is to address the causes of improper use of newly discovered energies that could completely decompose this planet and cause irreparable damage to all life forms on it and in the vicinity. We know the extreme in the decline of power-drunk rulers that can be reached! Under no other circumstances would we have been asked to begin our present task, nor would we have been empowered to step in and prevent the extinction of the people of Shan (earth).

If you have the opportunity, tell your friends that we didn’t come here as adventurers looking for a little thrill, nor as scientists looking for new knowledge! What could we learn in your laboratories with their long outdated equipment or what satisfaction could we find in the jumble of senseless arguments in intellectual or medical lecture halls?

Maybe it’s good. to emphasize again that your innermost thoughts and desires as well as your actions create either a very real barrier or a point of contact. It depends on whether you reject our way of life (based on the true Christ principles) or whether you agree with our concept of constructive and progressive living. We went through a long and tiring development when we were first shown the favor of learning from wise and patient teachers from “outer space” that we are all that life has to offer in another Having to reassess light.

What they did for us ages ago, we now offer you. However, it would be against every tenet in our code of honor to impose our services on you in our ability as teachers. But I can promise you one thing in all honesty: We will happily pass on the knowledge that we have at our disposal if you accept our offer of sincere and practical help and you take the first steps. That is not all we will do, but we will also “loan” you experienced teachers and the finest experts in all branches of the arts and industry. They will let you in on the secrets we have all tried. They are perfect effective in the joyful reconstruction and in the recreation of all things in this world in complete harmony and in accordance with the plan and the infinitely wise indications of the master architect of the universe.

We pledge our hearts, our spirits, to this glorious and exalted goal. all the power and ability we have until our sacred mission is accomplished.

We thank God that He ensures our mutual success. We will see our beloved Master, the Christ of God, the crowned King of Kings.

To him be honor, praise, and glory, now and forever.

Ashtar and comrades
from Venus and neighboring planets in loving collaboration with friends on the planet Shan.

Last updated March 2, 1997

I copied this from this website and had it translated with google translator for you.

Thank You Commander of Love and Jesus Christus the Son of God the giver all lives.

Thank to God for all those Brothers and Sisters and his love.

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