ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Massive Galactic Contingent Joins with Earth Lightworkers to Bring Peace on Earth – 10-6-15

AA Michael 22

Archangel Michael
A hearty hello to all our partners on Earth.  I am thrilled to bring you information and developments that affect us all.  I am speaking to you on behalf of your loving and devoted Company of Heaven including our Mother and Father God.
Here in the higher realms we are spilling over with excitement.  It is working!  Thanks to you we come within a whisper of fulfilling our shared destiny.  That destiny can only be everlasting peace on Earth, accompanied by prosperity, abundance, harmony, unity and joy.
I want to illuminate what has been happening recently.  Whether alone or in groups, Lightworkers across the Earth have been pouring themselves into their personal ascension, their ascension projects and missions like never before.  Many of these Lightworkers are quite aware of their role, yet some Lightworkers may be fully succeeding at their projects and assignments even without comprehending exactly what those are.  Know this – if you are reading this, you are a Lightworker.  We, your Ascended Family, thank you for your dedicated service.
The result of what everyone is doing is forming a massive cumulative project.  That project is gaining such momentum that it is turning the tide in this moment.  I will give you an example.  One of the Boots on the Ground Lightworker teams is the Transmuting Team. Transmuting is a crucial aspect of the current momentum.  A large team of incarnated Lightworkers who have all trained for thousands of years, are currently functioning as one transmuting network.  Team members can be found in every corner of the world.  Some are aware of the details while other members are simply intuitively responding to their heart call.
Let’s explain what transmuting really is.  Since Christine heads up this Transmutation Team on Earth, I will ask her to describe how she does it.
Thank you, dear Michael.  Transmuting is something that comes naturally to me and is something I am devoted to and work at constantly. For instance, I feel severe residual pain in my kidneys from the scalar attack I survived last November.  I feel heavy-hearted that I am still going through this experience.  Then, instantly what kicks in for me is that I know I have a choice.  It is like a flare-gun that goes off for me. I always have a choice. Uncomfortable physical or emotional experiences are the trigger for a reflex I have installed for myself.  I can override all programing with “I have a choice about my  response to the pain.”   I can go into upset, or I can use it as an opportunity.  This is my baseline.
I never believe I am a slave to an experience.  For example, I can choose to be calm, to breathe deeply, to intensify my Pillar of Light reaching from the core of the Earth to Mother and Father.  I can call upon Ascended help.  In my case, I call on Mother and Father God, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Ashtar and Serapis Bey.  No matter what dimension I am operating in, I always call on Kathryn too.  I always use the Violet Flame.  It is a core tool and a gift from St. Germain for intensely transmuting on Earth at this time.
The next portion is where it gets exciting.  I can widen my attention, feeling and noticing others on the planet who are experiencing the same thing I am – in this case, high level pain.  What I see is an energetic storehouse of dense energy that cannot only be transformed, but can then be used for a greater cause. I insist, between me and myself, that I be filled with compassion, humor and love as I identify with others who have experienced what I feel.  I allow myself to feel the unpleasant feeling fully, and then I bring the experience into my heart, where it is transformed by the Love and promise of our Mother and Father God.
There are an infinite number of creative ways to transmute dense energies if we are willing to face and feel the uncomfortableness  and unpleasantness these trapped and stagnant energies emit.   Transmutation occurs when, in spite of what you are feeling, and in the midst of what you are feeling, you choose Love. If you can do this on a personal scale, you can do it on a global scale.
Note from Kathryn:
Christine is describing her deepest abilities to transmute.  I am asking her now to give us a full description of the steps she uses and the energies she sees as she works her way through the process of transmuting dense energies into Light.    We will follow today’s discussion with a more detailed account in a later message.  For now, we will try to keep it simple.  Now we return to Michael’s message.
Transmutation is the alchemy of making diamonds out of coal.
Transmuters are energy cleaners.  It involves cleaning the energies by literally processing them through their being, including their physical and emotional body within their Pillar of Light, always under the direction of Mother and Father.  Recently, our world-wide transmuting team has been working in a coordinated effort to transmute the dense layer of human suffering and waste that still envelops Earth.  This team has been working at capacity far beyond what their long and intensive training prepared them for.
Like every other Lightworker network, the Transmuter Team is connected through the heartlines that bond the team together with each other and us.
The team is exceeding all expectations and they are showing tremendous heart and stamina as they steadfastly remain at their posts.  Of course, each member has a full support team in the Company of Heaven, but we in the Company of Heaven can only contribute our assistance as a direct response to what the team accomplishes.  Some of what they have transmuted includes the dark and destructive energies of slavery, injustice, mental and physical torture, shame, lack, fear, illness, worry and war.
Everyone transmutes.  For our own ascension, we transmute the dense energies in our being, and as we do, we literally ascend.  It is actual; we literally become lighter.  This new Galactic/human cooperation now makes it even more possible for everyone to contribute consciously to this elegant and exciting group project.  We now have the combination of individuals, Galactic and incarnated teams working together at a new level, under increasing dispensations from Mother and Father.  The more we transmute, the more dispensations from Mother and Father, and the more Galactic help is allowed.  This creates a tremendous momentum – a crescendo that will quickly outpace the momentum of the dark energies still being created on Earth.
A Magnificent Breakthrough
Dearest Brothers and Sisters, we are now in that state you might think of as having “a full head of steam” and this train is bound for glory!
Just today, October 5 th, there has been a magnificent breakthrough.  After weeks of transmuting at a level never before accomplished, we found ourselves at the precipice of a new Co-creation.  Here’s how it unfolded:
With the team gathered in Unity consciousness, Christine and Kathryn were reminded of something Ashtar had recently told them: “If all the Galactic ships in your skies decloaked at once, you would see no sky.”   Feeling their presence, they asked me, “Michael, how many ascended souls are currently in orbit around Earth?”  I told them there are billions – billions of Galactic 5 th dimensional and above beings here focusing love and Light on Earth in this moment.  Kathryn asked if we could do an action together all at once to focus on bringing the energies of Peace.  As a result, we created an action, with Mother and Father’s permission, to ask all these Galactic souls to simultaneously send a focused transmission of Peace to Earth.
The billions of Galactic friends were so filled with joy to be newly coordinating our efforts that they began to release songs and prayers of peace from their indigenous home worlds.  The harmony of intergalactic peace now fills the airwaves in higher dimensions, but those of you who are willing, can tune yourselves to feel the sound of their heart music.
But this isn’t even the best news.  This action has been so successful that it inspired the Council to extend an invitation to every member on Earth.   You and everyone incarnated being on Earth can engage this mighty Galactic focus – the combined energies of humankind and their billions of Galactic Brothers and Sisters –  to help fulfill our shared goal of Ascension of humankind and the New Golden Age on Earth.
Every Lightworker is fulfilling a vital role at this time.  You are doing your missions of being healers, joyholders and NESARA implementation teams.  Some of you are Lighthouses (bright sources of Light in isolated communities), some of you are channels, whistleblowers, grassroots organizers, teachers, brave political activists and quiet energy scrubbers, family members and loyal friends.  You may ask that this Light of Peace be focused into your area of service by channeling it through your Pillar of Light.  Your wish will be instantly received and granted.  You may send this energy to your network, your community, and your mission.  Going forward, your efforts will be supported by everyone else on the surface who is doing the same, along with the entire Galactic community.
This is how we operate naturally in the higher dimensions.  By participating, you will also be augmenting the entire project and building the Rainbow Bridge across the dimensions and changing the face of Planet Earth.  This is surely what John Lennon meant when he said, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”
Mother and Father have warmly approved of this uplifting project, and the Council is happy to coordinate the communications between Heaven and Earth and is excited about the measurable results we are already seeing.
We want everyone to understand the practical working relationship we have with you, and how your participation opens every door.  The more you do, the more we can do; the more you ask of us, the more we can accomplish together.
You are in the driver’s seat, so hit the gas!  There is no reason to hold back.  Together we are creating the tsunami of Love that displaces all negativity instantly.
Beloved Family, I wrap my arms around you.  Every time you call my name, or talk with your Twin Flame, or allow Mother to pour her HoneyLove on you, or reach out to the Company of Heaven, or express gratitude, or invite the mighty Galactic team to focus their heavenly songs of Peace through your Ascension Pillar, you create a slip-stream of energy that carries us all forward.
Please know that it is deeply meaningful to the many Galactic Masters gathered here to become directly involved with the Earth project at this time, and it can only happen through your invitation.  They are excited!
I adore you, I stand by you, I love you.
I am your brother Michael.
After we finished this message, we were contacted in our home by a Galactic family – a very tall and slender male being, a woman and two children, who communicated with us very quietly and modestly, through a pleasant energy exchange and a few hand signals.  Their demeanor was stately but warm, and they greeted us initially with a kind of salute. They told us through pictures and a few words that they had come in a mothership from a far away galaxy at the edge of our Universe.  They were very pleased that we had chosen to do our special action with them in the name of Peace.  It was apparently something very dear to their hearts, and they showed much respect and pleasure at meeting with us.  The two children were hanging back behind the mother, but smiled and laughed when I waved and peeked at them.   They all bowed graciously and left with smiles all around.
….And then, we felt strange energies.  The dog was barking hysterically, and the cat started yowling at the top of her voice.  Christine found her in the bathroom, hiding behind the toilet, her eyes filled with terror, crying the alarm.  As we comforted the animals, we demanded that whoever was lurking in our house must come forward, because we know that anyone who comes to contact us is doing so for one reason only: they want to come Home to the Light.
A sheepish young man came forward, saying, “I’m so sorry.”  He told us he had been on the team working underground, and he was one who had been responsible for sending the painful frequencies that were designed to torture us by causing us unremitting pain.  He knew how painful it had been for Christine especially, and wanted to tell us how sorry he was.
The young man told us that he was one of the workers we talked to when we addressed them directly, told them to come to the Light and be welcomed back by Mother and Father.  He said he could not believe what we were saying at first, but after weeks of listening to us talk to them and to each other with so much kindness and compassion, he decided to ask for asylum, but he wanted to take the risk of coming to thank us first and to apologize for the harm he had inflicted.
Ashtar came forward to tell us he had been aware of the interlopers but wanted us to know first-hand that our weeks of feeling the frequencies and talking to the teams that were sending them actually had an effect.  He pledged to take them to a safe house where they would be protected, and they would never have to go back.
The young man said he was Gary, that he had been taken as a child and raised to do the underground work of managing the frequency attacks, and he had friends who also wanted to defect – fifteen who were with him, and more who would come if he got word to them through the network that he was safe.   He was speaking to us by using the cabal-trained skill similar to bi-location, and he had been hiding in the bathroom with Pebbles until the Galactic family left.
As the group was shepherded away by Ashtar, whom they agreed was “a really cool guy,” we shook our heads in gratitude, laughed with each other and said yet again, “You couldn’t make this stuff up.”
Further Historic Developments
…And today, October 6, we are continuing to receive messages sent in the form of songs like Michael Jackson’s “The Man in the Mirror” who declares that he will “CHANGE”, and the Earth Song crying out “What about sunlight, what about rain….what about us…” This has become the code to alert us that we are being contacted by someone needing safe passage to leave their lives of slavery to the cabal, to return Home to Mother and Father God.  We have been presented almost hourly with pleas for amnesty and protection from hundreds, and now thousands of humans who have been enslaved in unspeakable conditions. They are often represented by a courageous spokesperson who has been telepathically-trained and therefore able to ask for our assistance.  Ashtar and teams of angels guide them to Lightworkers who have formed an underground railroad to protect them.  Babies, children, teenagers, women who have been sex slaves, frequency operators, and most heart-breaking, Native American elders who had been kidnapped and imprisoned in dark caves underground.  The Elders were escorted to safety at last, exhibiting luminescent dignity and strength in spite of their frailty. Drums beat with the news of freedom, resonating around the world.  We are overcome with the heartbreak and suffering that has been life on Earth.
Today we ask of Mother and Father and the Council of Heaven, speaking for all who have suffered gratuitous persecution, including all the Lightworkers who have been viciously tormented because of their Light and their service –  we ask that all Beings, all species, Galactic, human, and all other Kingdoms, come forward to join with us in declaring true peace and justice on Earth, and that all deliberately inflicted pain, illness and suffering be ended now, in the name of Peace, Love and true Justice which is the foundation of the New Golden Age.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk October 6, 2015

THE DALAI LAMA – 20 Lessons for Living a Peaceful Life – 6-16-15


Below you will find 20 important life lessons from that Dalai Lama:

  1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
  2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
  3. Follow the three R’s:
    – Respect for self,
    – Respect for others and
    – Responsibility for all your actions.
  4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
  5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
  6. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great relationship.
  7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
  8. Spend some time alone every day.
  9. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.
  10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
  11. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and
    think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.
  12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
  13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past.
  14. Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
  15. Be gentle with the earth.
  16. Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.
  17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
  18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
  19. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
  20. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.


The Dalai Lama Center 

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Jesus through John – You are all on Earth to establish peace through the immense power of Love that flows through you so abundantly. – 4-26-15

jesus 3Jesus via John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog forSunday April 26th

We are all One.  You all know that.  Even though for quite a few of you it appears to be a belief rather than a knowing; it becomes a knowing when you can relax adequately, surrender easily, and release willingly any doubts that effectively block your awareness of this.  Your intent is to do so, but often fear or a sense of personal unworthiness dissolves that intent.  Just remind yourselves that you are totally worthy.  How could you not be completely worthy when you are perfect divine creations of God?  You know that God is All That Is, and therefore you must each be a part of or an aspect of God because no other options are available to you, and how could any aspect or part of God be less than totally worthy?  In God you are completed in the Oneness of His everlasting, utterly incorruptible and all-encompassing Presence.

Yes, you have free will, and you used that freedom to invent and build the illusion in which it appears that you are small and insignificant beings adrift in an unimaginably vast universe that is unaware of your presence.  That perception, to which you cling so tenaciously, was the whole purpose behind building the illusion.  You made it extremely convincing, and yet, deep within yourselves, there is that indestructible knowing that you are One with God, a knowing that you have hidden from yourselves as you play your illusory games.  But they are only games, and they are unreal, a collective dream in fact that has myriad facets to convince you of its reality.  And dreams always come to an end, as this one is doing.

The dream has has been severely weakened over the eons as you have collectively attempted to find your way back to your Source.  It is like a vast threadbare tapestry of great age in which the threads of which it consists are unravelling and breaking.  It is beyond repair.  You have a lot of evidence that the illusion is collapsing, just connect the dots!  Worldwide people are demanding change, and the various governments that are in the midst of election fever are finding that their support is dwindling as people everywhere look for alternate political parties and for representatives who will have no option but to listen to them and honor their demands for honest and caring government.  Change is happening and it is unstoppable.

So, if you are not personally involved in these political movements for change, then know that your task is to hold the Light of Love on high in every moment as you go about your daily lives.  To intend to be loving is your task, and it is a mighty and essential task which enables those who are actively working to bring about the changes that you all know are essential to maintain their momentum as they bring about those changes that all want and pray for.  Earth is a planet on which peace will reign because humanity has collectively chosen to embrace Love as it lets go of the fear that has been endemic for far too long.  When you truly love one another – and you have to start by truly loving yourselves – the whole energy field in which you exist strengthens and intensifies because there is in truth only one energy, the energy of Love.

Love is infinitely powerful, It pervades all of creation because it is of Love that all of creation is composed.  In the illusion, where this seems not to be the case, all that has occurred is that for eons humanity believed that the illusion was the real state of existence, and in fear at their sense of aloneness, separation, and even abandonment it seemed that each and every one of them was in danger, about to be attacked, and so they erected a personal force field around themselves as a form of defense.  It was basically a closing of their hearts, and this shut out their awareness of their divine nature as beings of infinite Love and replaced it with a false mask or persona that they donned and which expressed distrust effectively repelling or driving away others.

You have all at times entered a room, or been with a group of people and felt a very strong sense of anger, distrust, or conflict.  Well what you were feeling was the personal masks or defense systems of each of those in attendance deployed to repel invaders and bouncing off one another.  Each one’s energy field was on high alert in fear of those who might attempt to enter their personal safe space and harm them; and because you are created from energy you can feel everyone else’s energy field.  Sometimes people’s fields are only lightly energized because they do not feel under immediate threat, nevertheless, they are alert and ready to reinforce them instantly should they feel it necessary, what you often refer to as “the fight or flight syndrome.”

What is happening now is that more and more of you are very strongly and efficiently holding the intent to be loving, and in doing so you very effectively soften your energy fields so that other’s fields do not bounce off you, do not get repelled but get drawn towards you, and to many of them that feels as though they are falling into a trap, or even into a deep abyss.  For them it is very threatening because they expect defense from you with the possibility of an attack, and to experience a gentle acceptance is shocking.  Their defenses often then intensify and they express anger because they are terribly confused.

When you find yourselves in a situation like that just maintain your intent to be loving and do not engage with the defense or attack that is offered, instead let it flow past you, as it will if you do not engage with it, and the stress that has arisen very rapidly will quickly dissipate, probably leaving the other party rather at a loss.  For them it will be a little like striking fiercely at a ball with a racket and completely missing it, and then possibly losing their balance.  Wait for them to re-balance, and then peaceful engagement will be possible when they realize that, surprisingly, they are not under attack.

You are all on Earth at this moment to establish peace through the immense power of Love that flows through you abundantly when you intend and allow It to do so.  When there is no opposition to an attack it collapses and that is how peace will be established.  You are all to be congratulated on the powerful, important, and extremely successful work that you are doing, whether actively as it were on the “front lines,” or by intently holding your Light on high as you carry on with your mundane daily chores.  The Light of Love that you each carry is intensely bright, in fact quite dazzling, so expect to be surprised by the loving responses that your loving overtures will so frequently provoke.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Zorra’s Global Daily Meditation – Together We Pray for Peace on Earth


3:00 PM PACIFIC – Every Day!
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Transcript Below
Zorra recommends we join together in this meditation
daily, globally, coordinated to 3 PM Pacific


Well, what I’m going to say is this is a special time. This is a special time for you; all of you, globally. We are going to what is termed enable you to do what is termed as make connection with your Godselves. And that is what this meditation is about. And it is also about bringing forth your blessing that you have been waiting for. So, my beloved Saryya is standing by and she has it all planned out, the meditation.

And so – we only have 20 minutes – so I am going to be silent myself and I am going to bring forth my beloved Saryya, and she shall take it from this point. So, it is about meditating. So prepare yourselves. Turn off your iPads and iPods and things that are going to distract you. And turn off your telephones and go into your altar room or into your private space or your way out in Mother Nature and out with trees. And just get away from your hustle and bustle of your everyday existence. All right? Let us begin. And here is my beloved Saryya.


Indeed. Beloved children of Terra. We are, we welcome all of you today to partake of this great event of this global meditation. So to begin everyone of you just begin to relax. Whether you’re sitting in a chair whether, you are out in nature whether you’re in the woods or on the beach, or you are by a tree, just sit and begin to relax with your feet on the ground, preferably on grass on the sand but preferably with your feet connected to our beloved Terra, barefoot if possible.

And now begin and bring in this universal life energy as you know. Bring it in as you breathe in and as you exhale just breathe out all stale air; all that no longer needs to reside within your bodies. And breathe in again this new age of awakening, this new age of transition. This is for all of you beloved ones, beloved Masters who have deigned that you be here at this time. And so relax and we shall begin to relax by bringing forth – we shall pretend together. Bring forth this beautiful light, this wonderful energy, this universal energy of which we all participate in.

Zorra:       Who is pretending.

Saryya:    No one is pretending. But for those that cannot visualize this helps.

Bring this wonderful light – and it is a Golden White Light that hovers above and around you. Bring it in as you breathe in. Through your nostrils’ through your pores into every cell of your body. Relaxing.

Zorra:       And as you breathe out, you breathe out the negativity.

Saryya:    Breathing out all the worry. Breathing out all the doubts.

Zorra:       Taking in your God selves.

Saryya:    Bringing in this vibrant light that is healing — this universal healing energy — into every cell of your body.

And as you breathe in again, let us start with your feet. Relax all your toes, in between your toes relax all the muscles. Relax your bones. And your ankles. Just relax. Breathe in the Golden White Light and relax even more. Completely beginning to relax your entire feet.

And then relax your calves. If you have any tension relax and let go of all tensions that you may have in your all your muscles, in your  bones, in your knees. Let go of all pain and all suffering. Just let go. Relax your knees, feeling them soften and then relax your thighs above and below, relax your buttocks. Oh so ever relaxing now as you’re breathing in this Golden White Light of healing energy. Replacing and letting go of all the old. Bringing in all the new atoms, your new crystalline atoms within your body.

Letting go of the old. Bringing in the new. Bring in fresh energy. Bring in the new energies that are pouring in on to mother Terra and into all of you. And now relax your lower torso. All of your organs. Relax even more as you begin to slowly breathe in and out. Relax your abdomen, organs. Relax your lower back. Relax your stomach, your liver, your lungs.

And now relax the back muscles. Relax your chest muscles. All the organs within your entire torso. Stomach muscles. Relax your throat. Relax your esophagus. Relax the throat, all of your lymphatics. And now relax your shoulders and arms.

Oh it is ever soothing as you breathe in this universal life energy you are rejuvenating all your muscles; rejuvenating all your cells. Your DNA is ever-changing more crystalline. Your DNA is awakening. Your new DNA that you have forgotten; that has been dormant. It is now reawakening.

And now relax your arms, your upper arms and your lower arms. And your fingers, and your palms. And begin to relax your facial muscles. Ever so soothing and relaxed. In fact your jaw is now relaxed. Your eyes, your lids, ever so soothing, so relaxed. As well as your skull.

Breathe in this warmth. Breathe in this healing energy. As all of your Archangels or Angels are here with you now. They are here in your presence as you elevate into a higher state of consciousness. As you connect with your Higher Self and higher still with your Godselves.

You are now in a state of bliss. In a state where you are able to connect with your Higher Consciousness level which is where and who you truly are. You can always connect at this level. For this is the level where you were able to manifest all is. To manifest forth your abundance. The abundance of your great health. Your abundance of great peace and harmony. That is who you are. You are Gods and Goddesses. You are one with your Ascended Masters. You are one with us. You are one with Prime Creator. You are one as we are all one.

Zorra:       Indeed. That is so.

Saryya:    We now bring forth the peace that you all are. Bring forth peace upon Mother Terra. Where there is only peace and nonviolence. Where there is great health and no illness, no suffering; all are abundantly healthy. You are abundantly healthy. We are abundance in all forms.

Abundance in your blessings. You have it here and now. Reach forth and receive your great abundance, all your prosperity, all of your blessings, all of your great health, all peace, all harmony, all the joy.

Abundant bliss is around and within all of you. Feel it. Feel how right you are. When you know who you truly are you will know what lightness you feel. What love you feel. You feel it in your heart. You feel this love in your entirety. You feel it in your universe as you are one with the universe. You are one with your Galactic families. You are one with the Angelic realms. You are one with your Ascended Masters. You can feel this at any time.

As you move forth in this blissful state, bring that back with you when it is time. Feel, be, do this always. This is who you are: Oneness with infinity. Oneness with Prime Creator. Always Oneness that you are. Be the action of this when you come back to this reality — which is only an illusion — so bring forth the truth of who you are in this bliss upon Terra.

Zorra:       In actuality do what is termed as stay where you are in your meditation, even after this 20 minutes is over. Just stay where you are and soak in the love and the Gods and Goddesses that you are.

Just feel that energy welling up within you as you walk on the white sandy beaches of Hollow Earth. As you step into the Hollow Earth warm waters and you commune with the merpeoples and things of this nature, and you see the oneness of them and the oneness of Hollow Earth. And the oneness of the power that lies within you. It is there. It is waiting to be tapped into.

So just do that.

Stay in your meditating state even after this meditation has come to an end. Let it not end, but continue within you. Stay as long as you desire, walking on the sands of Hollow Earth. Hand-in-hand with your Godselves. With your friends and with your relatives and with your brothers and sisters of Hollow Earth. Just walk with them and feel the Goddesses and Gods that you are. Because you truly are Gods and Goddesses. And therefore abundance is yours and you can bring this forth yourselves.

We are just giving you what is termed the tools to do that; to bring forth your blessing; to bring forth the knowingness of the Gods and Goddesses that you are, and the healers that you are. And the power and the glory of that which you are.

You are more than you could possibly imagine. You are infinite. You are without limitations. You are endless.

You have what is termed within you the endless love of Mother Terra. And she is spreading forth that love to you. Even now. I feel it. I know you do too. You feel it just bathing you, your entire being. And as it does, as it bathes your entire being, every cell of your body is being healed. Every cell.

And just know that and claim it as your inheritance. Because that is your inheritance, to know that you are the Gods and Goddesses that were told about of olden times. You were the Gods and Goddesses that created the universe. You are the Gods and Goddesses who created this world, this reality. You are the Gods and Goddesses. Remember who you are. Know it within you. Let there be no doubt that you are Gods and Goddesses. So be it.

It is done. It is finished. Now that it is finished, continue to stay in this place of meditation. And when you feel like coming back or stepping into your reality that you have now accomplished, notice the difference within you. Notice the power within you, and notice the Gods and Goddesses, and the healers that all of you are. So be it.

Saryya:    It is complete. Bask in the love and the light of you, beloved ones. Good day.

Zorra:       And of your abundance.

Saryya:    Bring forth your abundance.

Zorra:       Indeed.

Saryya:    Good Bye.

Zorra:       It is finished.

A Surge of Peace – Lady Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson – 4-3-15

Lady Quan Yin

There is an opportunity which presents itself from the divine for many on the Earth who are willing to receive over the next few days, also known as Easter time for some people. This divine opportunity is a gift from the Creator while also being an aspect and stage of your own physical and spiritual ascension.

A great surge of peace, stronger and more potent than ever before, is being provided to those who wish to create the vibration of peace within their beings and realities, drawn from the 11th Ray Ashram and expression of the Creator.

The 11th Ray of Light is overseen by myself, Lady Quan Yin, and is often identified as a pink and orange colour; it is a space of exploring and experiencing levels of embodiment of the soul, as well as being a powerful source of the Creator’s expression of peace.

The 11th Ray of Light is opening its core vibrations of light showering these upon those who are ready and willing to receive great volumes of peace to sustain and enthuse their ascension.

The surge of peace is supported by the Christ Consciousness, the Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos and the Angels of Peace, overseen by my energies Lady Quan Yin and the Masters of the 11th Ray of Light.

Many at this time are working upon soul embodiment within their physical and energetic bodies; this is a collective focus for humanity. The vibrations of peace flowing from the 11th Ray of Light presents an opportunity for further soul embodiment with tremendous ease and perfection as well as bringing forth states of peace through spiritual practices, physical experiences, and of course soul embodiment.

Processes of soul embodiment are to access and communicate with different levels of your soul. It is to further open all the channels of communication with your soul – thus further acknowledging and once more becoming familiar with your soul.

The vibration of peace, especially from the 11th Ray of Light, creates a state of acceptance which is attuned to the larger picture and greater reality of your being, rather than the narrow perspective of the physical reality.

Acceptance of the soul can be challenging when many contradictions exist within and around your being, however acceptance of peace creates a vibration of contentment within your being which awakens your inner truth with greater ease.

Acceptance of peace creates the ideal energetic conditions for communication with your soul. In order for the Era of Love to more fully anchor and be experienced upon the Earth there is a need for many to operate from a state of peace within their beings which will then evolve to communicating, and connecting and acting from the truth and divine wisdom of the soul.

Imagine each day and each moment acting, reacting, and experiencing from a space of peace within your being. This is not to be silent and still always, it is to be content with all you have, experience, and create in your reality.

Many may say they will be content or peaceful when they receive or achieve certain things they aspire to in their reality and yet this is to push the acceptance of peace within your being further away from you, almost allowing it to be unreachable or unobtainable.

Anything in your reality is only unreachable or unobtainable when you choose them to be through a resistance or unwillingness to recognise yourself as worthy.

I invite you to take a few moments to imagine a reality for yourself born from peace within your being. Think or allow yourself to feel the shifts which would occur within you, how peace would influence your perspectives and beliefs, the way you connect and communicate with others. Then allow yourself to observe how peacefulness would impact upon your reality and experiences. It is not to imagine what you wish to experience, more so to imagine or allow yourself to be inspired as to the influence of peace upon your reality and experiences.

It is a powerful experience to realise you can choose to create and experience your life from a state of peace, rather than pain or dissatisfaction, realising how this would alter and shift your entire reality and experiences at a physical and spiritual level.

As a surge of peace flows from the 11th Ray of Light you are invited to take [responsibility] for your inner and outer reality with the purpose of alignment and resonance with love; the very truth and core of the Creator.

We invite you to take responsibility by allowing this great surge of peace to flow through your being, as we support you in being a channel, anchor, and expression of peace.

A great surge of peace will be delivered through your being, chakras and energy fields creating shifts within your being, anchoring into your physical reality while also bringing peace to Mother Earth with a purpose of rejuvenating Mother Earth’s energies.

‘Protected, guided and deeply loved by my guides, I align my entire being to the 11th Ray of Light, inviting Lady Quan Yin to be present with me.

“I open myself up to be a channel, anchor and expression of the Creator’s light as I invite the 11th Ray of Light Surge of Peace of a pink and orange colour to connect with my being, beginning to flow through me and continuing to flow through me.

“I allow the vibration of peace to anchor into my being, reality and the Earth guided appropriately by the Creator.

“I accept the necessary shifts which are required to take place within my being; reality and Mother Earth in order to further create a state and experiences of peace.

‘I am ready to choose to create and experience my life in all its many forms from a state and space of peace, knowing this will fulfill my being inviting my soul to embody my entire being more fully, thus creating sensations of completion and synthesis on a greater scale. I am peace, I am my soul embodied.

‘I now choose to allow the surge of peace from the 11th Ray of Light to flow through my being for as long as is appropriate, whether it is for a few minutes, days, months, or years.

‘I am resolved to fulfill my purpose on the Earth, and know this purpose further reveals itself and guides me as I allow myself to become love and peace, a powerful expression and reflection of the Creator.

‘I now choose to be peace, knowing this to mean fulfilled, content and aligned with the Creator and my soul. Thank you.’

Take a moment to breathe deeply and to allow the words and your intentions to resonate within your being. Then imagine a surge of pink and orange light flowing through your being in whichever way is and feels appropriate.

Know the surge of peace will create shifts within your being, reality, and will rejuvenate Mother Earth. Allow yourself to be reminded about the vibrations of peace flowing through your being throughout your day as a way of anchoring further more advanced vibrations of peace.

Know this process will also awaken your crown chakra and channel as, well as healing and purifying your being.

You may feel the energies intensely at certain points of your day or throughout the day. You may not even notice the surge of peace flowing through you. Whatever you experience know you are divinely guided and all is well.

You may also wish to call upon the Christ Consciousness, the Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos, the Angels of Peace, myself – Lady Quan Yin, and the Masters of the 11th Ray of Light, to be present forming a source of energy and support around you, as well as inviting us to guide you to connect with deeper states of peace within your being.

Peace is majorly underestimated, and is often seen as a weak or passive energy and state, when truly it is a state which opens you up to the universe of the Creator, allowing the gifts and blessings of the Creator to shower upon you.

I hope you will enjoy and allow yourself to accept this potent surge of peace from the 11th Ray of Light; it truly has transformational energies and can truly support the tremendous purification you are moving through, while also allowing you to be of service as your soul desires to be.

In peace and tremendous support,
Lady Quan Yin

Source:“Lady Quan Yin: A Surge of Peace,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, April 2, 2015 at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

2015 – OUR YEAR OF INITIATION INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING – by Patricia Cota-Robles | Era of Peace – 3-6-15

by Patricia Cota-Robles | Era of Peace
March 4, 2015

The outer World is beginning to reflect Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness. I know some people resist that term because they feel it is based in Christianity. That is not true. Christ Consciousness is the level of enlightenment we were invested with at our inception, when we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation by our Father-Mother God.

As Sons and Daughters of God, Christ Consciousness is the level of enlightenment we must ALL return to if we are going to continue our evolutionary process. Our return to Christ Consciousness will be accomplished by healing the adverse affects of our fall from Grace, so that we can Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution to the next level of our learning experiences.

If, however, the term Christ Consciousness prevents you from hearing the message being given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven, then by all means change that term to whatever resonates for you as the name of your true God Reality. For instance, your God Self, Higher Self, Super Conscious Mind, the Divinity Within, Universal Consciousness, the Mind of God or whatever else you can relate to, but please do not miss this Cosmic Opportunity to add to the Light of the World because of semantics.

In 2012, we God Victoriously Birthed the New Earth in the 5th-Dimensional Realms of CAUSE. In 2013, we expanded the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and birthed a Renaissance of Divine Love. In 2014, Humanity en masse experienced the initial impulse of our return to Christ Consciousness through the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence. Now, in 2015, we have collectively reached a critical mass of energy, vibration, and consciousness that will allow Humanity’s I AM Presence to Initiate us into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This is the moment we have been longing for since our fall into the fragmented and fear-based consciousness of separation and duality.

Several outer World events have begun to reveal the shift of consciousness that is gradually taking place within the masses of Humanity. Over the past several months we have witnessed massive demonstrations in several places around the World that indicate that people everywhere are reaching the conclusion that violence and aggression are not acceptable ways of solving problems.

This realization will gradually inspire people to seek viable solutions that will solve the World’s problems through cooperation, mutual respect, caring, and a deep commitment to finding answers that result in the highest good for all concerned.

The next phase of the unfolding Divine Plan for Planet Earth is being revealed to us now by the Company of Heaven. That plan involves creating a global wave of Christ Consciousness that WILL amplify a thousandfold Humanity’s Initiation into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. The Company of Heaven said this facet of the Divine Plan will cocreate a quantum shift that will exponentially move Humanity and this Planet forward in the Light in 2015.

The success of this Activity of Light will catapult every person on Earth into the next phase of Christ Consciousness, which will greatly intensify the remembrance of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE within the hearts and minds of people everywhere. When this inner knowing begins to reverberate once again within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame, the thought of harming any part of Life in any way will be unconscionable. When the concept of violence and aggression are no longer an option within the recesses of our heart, we will easily tap into the viable solutions in the Causal Body of God that will result in actions that genuinely take into consideration the Oneness of Life and the highest good for ALL concerned.

Many powerful Activities of Light are being orchestrated in 2015 through the unified efforts of the Lightworkers embodied on this Planet and the entire Company of Heaven. These events will pave the way for Humanity’s collective shift into A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING which is destined to take place through the Divine Intervention of each person’s I AM Presence during the global event known as the  29th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This Activity of Light will take place August 15-20, 2015, in Tucson, Arizona, but it will involve every person on Earth.

Every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Light in Tucson, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are sending forth a Clarion Call to all embodied Lightworkers, this includes YOU. We are being asked to gather within the Portal of Light in Tucson, Arizona, which is the most powerful frequency of Healing Through the Power of God’s Infinite Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love available on Planet Earth.

Listen to your heart and know that it is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will form the transformer that will allow the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Listen to your heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is needed now!

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the World. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold.

The 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination will take place August 15-20, 2015. We will gather at the beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. To access all of the information you will need to participate in this wondrous opportunity please click on this link:

(If this link does not work please copy and paste in your browser.)

God Bless YOU, for your willingness to be the Open Door for the Light of God that will allow the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This will lift every person into the next phase of Christ Consciousness which will greatly accelerate Humanity’s Awakening and our remembrance of the Oneness of ALL Life.

The World Congress will begin with the Opening Ceremonies on

Saturday, August 15th at 7:00 p.m. and conclude with

the Closing Ceremonies on Thursday, August 20th  by 2:00 p.m.

This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Company of Heaven will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. As we sojourn through the various activities of Light, under the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven, our mission will be victoriously accomplished.

This event will take place at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, which is nestled in the unique beauty and the nurturing, healing environment of the southwestern desert in Tucson, Arizona. The resort is surrounded by lush desert vegetation and towering two to three-hundred-year-old saguaro cacti. These expressions of the Elemental Kingdom stand as mighty sentinels while anchoring the Light of God into the Earth.

When you enter this portal of Light, you will experience the awesome radiance of the Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this Sacred Fire bathes your Being, you will be blessed with the familiar feeling of coming home.

The World Congress on Illumination is truly a life-transforming event that will provide you with the opportunity to meet old friends from around the world with whom you have been serving for aeons of time. Fellow Lightworkers will join hearts with you and support you in your monumental service to the Light.

The Divine Plan we are being called to fulfill will be accomplished through myriad activities of Light. We will be joined at inner levels by the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns, the entire Company of Heaven, the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity, the Divine Intelligence that is associated with the Elemental Kingdom, the Mighty Elohim, and the Legions of Angels throughout Infinity.

The entire Universe is supporting us in this wondrous endeavor. The Beings of Light have been given permission to assist us in miraculous ways, but the Lightworkers on Earth are the predominant force bringing this Divine Plan into physical manifestation.

Our responsibility is enormous, but as we join our hearts together, we have the absolute ability to succeed God Victoriously.

Just for a moment, go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame, and experience the overwhelming Gratitude and Love pouring forth from the Legions of Light in the Heavenly Realms. Feel the deep appreciation they are sending to you for your willingness to serve Humanity during this critical moment in the evolution of this sweet Earth. We are blessed beyond measure to be able to assist all Life evolving on Earth in this wondrous way.

God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles


World Peace, Helping Humanity – Conversation with Red Dragon Ambassador, Ron van Dyke, Dave Schmidt and Others – 2-24-15



Ron writes: we finally got most of the people together that the Ambassador wanted on this call. I forgot to hit send to one individual when I sent out the code for the call, which means she never got it. Of course, I did not know that until later. I was not feeling my best during the call, or recently, as those who are watching my videos can attest. I am pleased that those who were on the call were able to express their viewpoints about the changes that we are working on together, changes that are hoped to bring real peace, true peace to the world. This is the first time that Dave Schmidt has appeared on one of Ron’s videos. He and his sidekick Sharla were in China at the time this video was recorded. Of the others involved in the call, four were in Europe and three, including me, were in the United States.

Lindi Devereux – World Peace Now – 2-22-15

lindipeacockLindi Devereux in London has posted a petition for world peace.

It’d be beyond the GAoG at this point in time to do all the organizing for actions like this so the fact that she has taken it up is much valued and appreciated.

The expression of our support for world peace, I’m led to believe, has an impact out of all “reasonable” proportion to its size so I urge everyone to sign Lindi’s petition and let our voice enter the collective consciousness.


HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE! (Hear bell tolling in the back ground AND, YES, its tolling for YOU!!!!!!) Smiling face with smiling eyes


Please sign this anonymous petition. It will not be shown to anyone, it does not need to be.

It is enough that we declare this collectively. With COMMITMENT.


PLEASE Share share share. We are incredibly POWERFUL. Lets start to work that MAGIC!

Join this declaration for World Peace Now at the following link:


This is not an organised group or institution. This is someone who, probably like you, understands that EACH of US, individually, looking out at what appears to be insurmountable problems facing our magnificent planet can often feel overwhelmed and impotent. Incapable of making a difference. One person who BELIEVES that this is not so, that in fact each and every one of us is critical to this planet at this time.

Each of us are sovereign individuals of equal value and worth. Combined we represent a force that is unstoppable and it is OUR collective WILL that CAN CHANGE everything and ANYTHING to how we want it. Currently most of what we do not consent to is controlled by a minute fraction of the population who would have us believe that they are all powerful. But nothing can make them equal to the power of the vast majority. The 99.99999%.

Collectively we represent a force that is unstoppable. A force that I call the Power as One. This is a crusade. Not in the traditional terms of taking up arms and heading out to physically defend that which we treasure most. It is one that involves stepping up within and becoming conscious! A gentle Revolution but one so POWERFUL just by virtue of our COMMITMENT to it and demonstrating that by saying I COMMAND WORLD PEACE NOW.

That means NO war of any description. Regardless of where we live the vast majority of us want THIS NOW. The few have artificially separated us by any means possible creating religious, racial and cultural tensions to do so. Using the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ is the only way they have maintained their tenuous hold on power. Only we can take it back, no one can do it for us.

It does not take public figures with differing agendas. It does not need big money. It does not need any mainstream media endorsement or backing. These are trappings we think necessary but only serve to distract and dilute the message.


It just needs YOU and ME, that is EACH of us together, NOW. The power of the collective is such that it increases EXPONENTIALLY with each matching thought till, similar to the 100th monkey, it is realised in a flash.

Please join us by signing this petition but mostly by making the commitment to yourself for World Peace and imagining it to be so. That is more powerful than anything we actually physically DO.


I strongly urge you to write I COMMAND WORLD PEACE NOW somewhere you will see it often. Each time you see it reaffirm and acknowledge to yourself I COMMAND WORLD PEACE, NOW, imagining what that IS for you.

Each of us that sign this petition does so on behalf, and for the greatest and highest good, of each and every sovereign individual on this planet today.

Archangel Michael on the Ukraine and Peace – 2-21-15


Archangel Michael

A concerned reader asked what about the galactics’ promise that no nuclear bombs would be exploded on the planet? How does that fit with the explosion in the Ukraine? I asked Archangel Michael the question in a reading I had with him on Feb. 20, 2015. 

He also acknowledged that he wants to leave the last step in bringing peace on Earth to us, which is a theory that I’d been coming to recently. Here are his comments.

Steve: Was the nuclear bomb in the Ukraine a real nuke?

Archangel Michael: You mean the one that was disarmed?

S: Was it disarmed? I thought the tactical nuclear bomb had exploded.

AAM: It has been absolutely disarmed. Was there an explosion? Yes. Was the nuclear component taken out of it by your star brothers and sisters? Yes.

It is the promise that has been made to Gaia.

S: What happened around the peace initiative.  I’ll give you my take on what happened. You want us to walk the last step.

AAM: Yes!

The beginning has happened and it has happened more in unseen ways.

But you are not done yet. Now I know that many of you are tired. So you are saying, “Oh, I do not need another campaign.”

But it is like a campaign, within and without, observer, participant.

And the more that is created of peace within, it explodes. It doesn’t simply softly, gently caress. Now if you want to talk about nuclear implosion and explosion, the peace will explode upon the planet.

And as the lightworkers, loveholders are holding that energy, what you do not full understand is the tacit support, the permission that yuou are giving to those who are involved in violent action of the entire range to say “No” [to war?] and to say “Yes” to peaceful solutions. So does the initiative continue? Yes, it does.

Ron van Dyke Interviews Red Dragon Ambassador – True Vision of Peace Launch –



Starting this video one half hour before the start of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, Ron asked the Ambassador to clarify, once again, the questions and talk about the release of funds and Jubilee. They also talk about the launch of the Dragon Family True Vision of Peace for the entire planet and all the people of the world. This vision is beyond religion, beyond nationality, beyond race and beyond all the things that have been used to divide us one from the other in the matrix of 666. This is the vision of 555: the Way of the Heart. And speaking about the heart, Ron asked the Ambassador to clarify his recent proposal to the beautiful Ukrainian lady who is part of the launching of the True Vision of Peace.

Steve Beckow – Folding It All Back In – 2-15-15

Earth 1

Steve Beckow

We’ve now seen our first tangible evidence that events are moving towards peace: Vladimir Putin’s call for a ceasefire today (Sunday).  (1)

We’ve been told by Archangel Michael that we’ve made tremendous progress towards peace but we’re not entirely there yet. Some people have not lain down arms but they will.

What I’d like to do now is to draw in all that we’ve discussed, all that we’ve been through in this whirlwind week of creating peace on the planet and fold it back into our discussion of building Nova Earth.

Archangel Michael has said that creating peace in the world is our first step towards creating Nova Earth and I agree.

I’d like to say what role peace plays for me in building Nova Earth.  I’ve seldom used the word “peace” to refer to a divine quality. I usually use calmness, groundedness, balance, detachment, equanimity, or serenity instead.

But what they all are or reflect is peace of mind, a quiet mind, a still mind. What else is there to make peaceful than the mind? Everything else associated with our body and persona follows from our thoughts, including disease and sometimes death. And everything else, absent the mind, is peaceful.

In the still and quiet mind, all is won. Enlightenment is to be found and there’s nothing more desirable than that.

Other things include: non-reactiveness, the ability to “be” deeply with people, access to the truth, the ability to express one’s love deeply, to feel compassion, to reason things through, etc.

Before our discussion of peace this past week, I wouldn’t have credited “peace” for all that but in fact peace is what lies below them – calmness, groundedness, etc.

So, to bring that into our discussion of building Nova Earth, it’s peace – peace of mind, peace in the world – that provides the necessary pre-requisite for all else to happen.

That doesn’t mean we’re sending out thought police to round up anyone not at peace. What it means is that we extend the right of freewill to everyone and cease to judge their journey. In other words, I’m at peace with myself and joyfully extend the same right to others.

Our personal peace is the pre-requisite for participation in building Nova Earth that makes a difference. What another person does, I think, is left up to them to decide.  But it’s people at peace who will make the New World that all of us will enjoy.

You remember I said that, for me, the spiritual life has three basic movements: (1) Discrimination between the Real and the unreal; (2) Detachment from the unreal; and (3) Devotion to the Real? Well, peace allows detachment from the unreal.

Love comes from devotion. And wisdom comes from discernment.

It would seem then that first comes wisdom; then comes peace; and then comes love.

Love, wisdom, and peace would, it seems to me, make a well-rounded individual who could make a difference in leading the way to global workability.

Jesus – There are none among you who do not want Peace – 2-14-15


As many are now aware, humanity is in a moment of enormous change, a moment that has been divinely planned – in human terms – for a very long time, and that moment will neither wait, be diverted, nor avoided. It is the most essential and most keenly anticipated moment in all of humanity’s long history. To be incarnate now is a magnificent honor. The chaos you see “out there” is truly “within” – as within so without – and realization of that truth is dawning on all.

You do create your own reality, and you are aware of that because you often see people in situations that each of them experiences differently. For instance, two people are stuck in traffic or in a queue to pay for groceries, one person will notice the golden light shining though the leaves of a magnificent tree or the kindly patience of a cashier with an elderly customer and feel a warm glow, Love flowing freely; the other will just be irritated by the unforeseen delay to the activities in which they are engaged and blast their horn or be rude to the cashier. Same situation, totally different perceptions, and therefore different responses.

As awareness of this spreads throughout humanity, throughout the world, people feel encouraged to respond lovingly instead of angrily to minor issues and problems that occur during the day, their stress levels then reduce, and they end the day feeling relaxed and content. You talk of “going with the flow,” “of accepting what is,” and when you actually do that you do feel much happier and more content with your lot regardless of the issues with which you have to deal.

Life is for living, in the now moment, as it happens; when you move out of the “now” moment your awareness breaks down, the stories in your head – the past, the future, but never now – demand your attention, and life passes you by! Getting caught up in the stories, your life stories – “what happened to me” – takes your focus, your attention away from life, yet life is all that you have, and you do need to attend to it.

If that is difficult for you to get a handle on it is because you are unfocused. For much of your lives in the illusion it appears that nothing much is happening, and you become bored and search intently for something to distract you i.e. for something to excite or interest you and take you further into the illusion that is humanity’s main life experience. And that always disappoints you eventually, even if in the moment it seems to provide a rush, a close encounter with death for instance which, through your skill, you defeat.

The illusion is in fact very boring because it seems to separate you from the Source, God, the loving Unity in which you were created and where you experience eternal ecstasy. That is what you are forever seeking, and within the illusion that experience is unavailable because ecstasy is part of Reality, and the illusion is unreal. When you decided to immerse yourselves in the illusion you chose to separate yourselves from all that could give you joy – ecstasy! To be in the divine Presence is to be in eternal ecstasy, and you shut yourselves off from that wondrous state to prove to yourselves that you could live happily without It. And yet that state of holy ecstasy is ALL that you need or desire, ever.

When you awaken into that divine and holy state of existence, as you will, because it is inevitable and unavoidable because it is All That Is, you will return to a state of incomparable joy, and all in the heavenly realms, the spiritual realms will rejoice with God at the “return of the prodigal son!”

Let’s not get into “what about daughters,” there is only God, the divine Source in which all that is created exists, and that Oneness includes every possible shape and form that you can conceive of. To argue about male and female, female and male, sexism, is to distract you from awakening. To awaken you need to release from within you any belief or perception that is not in alignment with Love. That is anything that divides and separates you – race, color, creed, religious persuasion, sexual identity or preference, political alignment – because to take sides is to judge and to condemn, and therefore to attack, and to attack is always to attack yourself, because there is only the One.

Separation, attack, division, denial, exclusion, judgment, and condemnation are the defining characteristics of the illusion. They are all around you from the most discrete forms of exclusion to the most blatant. To exclude is to judge as unacceptable, to attack, and because there is only the One, it is to do it to Oneself, and that clearly is utterly insane.

The collective decision has been made by humanity to awaken from the illusion, and the effects of that momentous decision are readily visible all over the world as judgment of others and of their “strange” life styles becomes increasingly unacceptable. Yes, those judgments are still occurring, but awareness of the unconscionable nature of such judgments is growing rapidly, especially among the young.

You can only be free if you allow others to be free. The truth of that statement is reverberating around the world as people choose to be free and in doing so allow others to be free. You were created free by God because He freely gave you everything that He had out of the infinite Love in which He embraced and created every single one of you. You then chose to experience separation from Him, you split from the One into numberless billions, and ever since then each one of those billions has been engaged in the most insane competitive attempts to prove to Him that he or she is better than all the others. Your egos, your little separated minds, control you and war erupts, unless you refuse to allow them to.

Modern psychology has brought to the attention of many of you the danger of egos run wild. In previous times egos were honored and feted as the strong defeated and destroyed the weak, unaware that it was in fact a most self-destructive form of behavior in which they were all engaged. And the destruction continued and was celebrated for eons. Modern science and technology, and the weapons it made it possible for you to construct and deploy, has forcefully brought to your attention the ongoing insanity of such behavior. That is why, finally, so many are praying and meditating for world peace. The tipping point has indeed been reached, humans are sufficiently tired, nay exhausted by conflicts and wars on all scales, and are now ready to lay down their arms.

Encouragement is needed because trust has been betrayed so frequently in the past, and so all you Light bearers, Light holders, and wayshowers continue to be a most essential part of the awakening process. When arms are laid down the opposing sides attempt to lay blame on each other, and as has been so clearly demonstrated over the eons of human existence, blaming only encourages a resumption of hostilities.

Your task therefore remains – Hold your Light on High – refrain from judgment and from taking sides, even silently within the privacy of your own individual minds, and open up in trust and love to assist those hurt and damaged ones to come together without preconceptions about the outcome, so that divine Grace can flow easily between them to help them resolve their issues. Infinite assistance is available, if you will allow and encourage it to flow easily and sweetly between all the parties to conflict all over the world.

There are none among you who do not want peace. However, the fear that has been engendered by eons of betrayal requires an enormous amount of loving patience to be soothed and dissolved, and that is your task. Just by sitting quietly at home, praying and meditating silently for world peace will bring it about. The power of your loving intentions is astronomical, do not allow yourselves to underestimate that power. The fact that you can not feel it flowing through you must not discourage you. You incarnated to do this, now is your moment, and know that failure is unimaginable, inconceivable, and out of the question. The power of the Divine, God, your Source is empowering you limitlessly in every moment. Success is yours, divinely guaranteed and assured, so keep on keeping on with your loving prayers, intentions and meditations, and prepare to reap the rewards of your shatterproof persistence.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

SPECIAL – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Hour with an Angel – Update on Global Peace – Host Steve Beckow – Channeler Linda Dillon – 2-14-15

AAMichael  - red

SPECIAL – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  –   Hour with an Angel   –   

Update on Global Peace   –   Host Steve Beckow   –   Channeler Linda Dillon   –   2-14-15


Archangel Michael has announced that peace would arrive on the planet on Valentine’s Day, Feb, 14, 2015. Already you can see that Vladmir Putin has called for a ceasefire in the Ukraine and removal of heavy weapons.  Next must come the laying down of arms by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

On this special broadcast, he will give us an update global peace, which will be followed by a roundtable discussion with the InLight Radio team, including Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon, Geoffrey West, Suzanne Maresca and Graham Dewyea.

An Hour with an Angel airs every other Thursday at 7pm ET. Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael and other guests from the Council of Love to provide spiritual teachings and guidance on co-creating the New Earth. Interviewed by Steve Beckow, editor of the Golden Age of Gaia. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

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Archangel Michael – Plea for Peace Now! – Linda Dillon, Channeler

Linda Dillon


Sananda via Bob Fickes – Creating Peace on Earth – 2-13-15



Welcome my Blessed Friends and Light Workers! I AM Sananda!

I bring you my Ray of Devotion and Peace! You are surrounded by Love at every moment.

Be at Peace with your neighbor even if it is your enemy. Send them Love and honor God inside of them.
This is the time for Peace on Earth. Peace must begin with your self. You are a holy cell in the Body of Almighty God. When you generate Peace all of God’s body will rejoice and God’s Holy Presence will flourish inside of your human heart.

Your human heart is becoming the Holy Temple of God’s Eternal Love. Your human heart is becoming the home of God-In-You.

As you rise up with this Love, Peace on Earth can become a reality. Love for your neighbor is the beginning of this Everlasting Peace.

Take a vow of Love and Peace and practice giving this feeling to everyone around you. If you can do this, it won’t take long before your enemies will come and sit at your table to offer their hearts in Peace.

Even the most angry soul is made Peaceful by your smile and your offering of Love!
Rise up with this offering of Love and your world will change. Everything in your life will become blessed and the universe will welcome your wishes as the Wish of our Holy Father. You are the new Guardians of the Light of Love.

Nurture this gift daily by loving your self and praising your neighbor. This is the Path to Eternal Peace. It begins with you!
Blessings to you! I AM Sananda! I AM with you now and forever. Blessings to you with all my Love! Peace on Earth and goodwill to all living beings both human and divine.


Archangel Michael – The Declaration of World Peace – 2-13-14

archangel-michael-desktop1This document is one that Archangel Michael channeled through me on Oct. 8, 2012. It came out in one continuous flow.

A reader has asked me to explain the derivation of this document. On An Hour with an Angel today, Archangel Michael asked the Achieving World Peace Now! team to create a video in aid of world peace.

I asked him if he would channel a Declaration of World Peace through me that could form the basis of this video as he had channeled the Declaration of Human Freedom in February of 2011 in aid of World Freedom Day. Within an hour of concluding the interview, this declaration came pouring out.

Oct. 8, 2012

Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return. Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching and realizing peace.

There comes a time in the affairs of worlds when the forces of disintegration can no longer resist the forces of attraction, when hatred and division can no longer overpower love and peace. There comes a rebound in the councils of worlds, a pushing back from the people which none can stand against or fail to honor.

At this time, the people of Earth will see an outbreak of peace, overpowering all that divided, wounded, and killed. It has been decreed by the Highest that the Earth, after eons of wandering in the ways of havoc and war, shall once again return to the ways of peace. Against the wave of love that is sweeping the Earth, political and military leaders will prove powerless.

The people have gathered in Consciousness and have spoken words in Silence which none can ignore. They say that war will no longer be tolerated on Earth and the heavens have responded. Soon weapons will no longer work on Earth and the time when swords will be rendered into ploughshares will be here.

How to prepare for peace? Peace is a condition at the essence of our being which works its way outward and surfaces in universal love and harmony. All we must do is remove the obstacles to its rise and flowering. Peace is a choice and a surrendering. Peace is a determination and a remembering.

Peace is more than a refusal to bear arms against each other. It’s a resolve to allow each his or her fair share, his or her turn, his or her chosen path and goals. Peace is one of the divine qualities and grows in the same garden as they do: joy, compassion, love, harmony, unity all come along with peace like roots of the same creeper.

Now is the time declared from old when peace will again reign on Earth and humankind will return to its original bond of lovingkindness with all that swims, walks and flies. The children of Earth shall make war no more. The children of Earth will come together in loving council and restore the Garden of Eden that this planet was, is and shall be.

Never more on Earth shall the guns of war sound. Never shall people scream and die in agony. A new age is upon us that shall see harmony and beneficence restored, never to be lost again. The grand experiment is over and much knowledge has been gained. But the time has come for this blue planet to return to heaven and for heaven to return to Earth.

Every knee shall bend in love to the One. No one shall again be master over another save the One. The endless journey upon which all are embarked to return to the One will again proceed by a straight and open road. All that was crooked will be made straight. Now is the time for the curtain to fall on a world at war and for the curtain to rise on a world at peace.

Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.

Steve Beckow – A World Without War – 2-12-15

Vancouver street party

The part of Vancouver I live in now is gentle, balanced, and tranquil. The part I lived in previously was … well, not so gentle, balanced and tranquil.

But whatever the case, I haven’t seen in Vancouver, in the last two years, a fight break out or even so much as two people cursing each other. I live in a city without war, as probably do the vast majority of readers.

People thank the bus driver as they get off. Bus riders yield their seats to the elderly. The driver, pulling away from the curb, stops for a racing passenger wanting to get on. All is cooperation and harmony.

And now we’re about to see this same circumstance descend on the world at large, like snowflakes in Vermont. The same peace I see here in Vancouver every day is about to descend on the world at large.

Archangel Michael has suggested some of the things we’ll see starting Saturday:

“What you are praying for is that someone, something, comes to help you, so that the bomber is recalled, so that silence reigns upon the desert floor, that shotguns and fire ceases, that the sword that beheads beings is held in midair and disintegrates, that the child, that the closet door opens and someone lifts them up and holds them to their hearts and says, ‘It’s alright, you are safe.’” (1)

“The sword that beheads beings is held in midair and disintegrates.” Do you see how mysterious this development would be for us? And yet he promises that we’ll see this and more. Can you imagine what else we’ll see?

We’ll see other miracles. We’ll watch peace descend on areas of the world that have traditionally been at each others’ throats. Have we seen examples of this tremendous alteration in behavior, this transformation in being, through divine intervention before?

Yes, we have. Saint Francis of Assisi was a reckless youth, the king of revellers. One night he was at the end of a line of rich and spoilt young partygoers snaking through the streets of Assisi and making a lot of noise, when the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, appeared to him and claimed him for her own. At that moment, Francesco, the king of fools, became Saint Francis of Assisi.

Or Moses and the burning bush. That scene is my favorite of any movie. Here that one is.



Was it not an angel who spoke from the burning bush?  Are not angels’ God’s messengers (angellos –> messenger)?

The first (St. Francis) is an example of a heedless youth being transformed into one of God’s greatest lovers in an instant. The second is an example of a man who considered himself a weak being transfigured by God into a fearless champion who led his people out of bondage. God is truly great.

Not always is it an angel who transforms. Was it not Sanat Kumara, the “Ancient of Days,” who spoke to Daniel and illuminated him?

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.

A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened.” (2)

Well, two more days to go to see what the same angels who announced the birth of Jesus, stood on the hills protecting Elisha, and ministered to prophets like Elijah and Isaiah have now planned. They’ve booked a return engagement. Only this time they’re coming to a theater of war near you.

Soon all the world will be as peaceful as life is here in Vancouver. We’ll have taken back the night. We’ll have disarmed the murderers and unstrung the bullies of the world. Never mind the lion lying down with the lamb. That’s already occurring. Wait until you see Jews and Palestinians locking arms and embracing.

As AAM said the other day, this is the time spoken of when swords shall be beaten into ploughshares and people shall make war no more.

I already have that here, but to have it all over the world? Unimaginable.

Special Edition of An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael – Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 at 11 PT/2 ET

archangel michaelSaturday is the day we’ve all been waiting for, Valentine’s Day 2015, and the day Archangel Michael has promised that peace would return to Earth.

Already you can see that Vladmir Putin has called for a ceasefire in the Ukraine and removal of heavy weapons.  Next must come the laying down of arms by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

We’ll be talking to Archangel Michael on a special edition of An Hour with an Angel, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2014, at 11:00 PT, 2:00 ET.  Listen in from the new InLight Universal portal at:

After AAM’s discussion of what has transpired, we’ll have a roundtable discussion with Linda Dillon, Suzanne Maresca, Graham Dewyea, Geoff West and myself, interpreting developments and comparing notes on the journey to peace that we all are in.

Transcript – Archangel Michael – Peace on Earth, Right Now! – 2-11-15

AA MichaelThis is Archangel Michael’s talk from Heavenly Blessings, Tuesday, February 10, 2015. I post this separately from the rest of the show for readers who wish to quickly read AAM’s introductory message. The rest of the transcript is posted below in Part 2/2. Thanks to Ellen N. for our transcript.

Greetings, I am Michael.

And welcome to you, beloved. And welcome to all of you, friends and allies, brothers and sisters, co-creators, bringers of peace, anchors of love, dancers of joy.

Sing the songs of peace. Declare yourself. For you are the peacemakers. Yes, you are the portals. You are the anchors. You are the beacons.   You are the wayshowers. You are the gatekeepers. You are the angelics.

But dear hearts, you are the peacemakers.

Yes, we have beckoned thee into this sacred union, which has been in existence since forever. But now you are at a place where you are willing to acknowledge, to participate, to conjoin with us in the sacred union of heart, in the sacred union of purpose, in the sacred union of peace.

Dear ones, peace is essential to your Ascension. It is not merely that you transcend dimensions, which many of you have been doing for years. But you do not bring the chaos, the mayhem of the old Third with you. That cannot be.

And so this undertaking is to eliminate the fragments, the echoes, the whispers of the old, as you collectively transcend into a new realm.

And it is a realm of peace. Without peace, there is no joy. There is no in war. There is no truth in violence. There is no purity. It is complete illusion and it serves no one.

The Mother has gifted you, mightily in many, many ways, and she has increased, multiplied, in ways that you can only dream of, your sense of clarity, your divine qualities of clarity, of purity, of love and of grace.

But what does this mean? Think of it this way. Clarity, the ability to be clear, is your navigational system, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

But we cannot override your free will and turn it on. This is innate to you. It is your system. It is your GPS.

But when you proceed in the brilliance, in the magnificence of who you really are, it is your choice. It is your decision. It is your gift of free will.  It is your responsibility whether you choose to embrace and engage the clarity that is already embedded deep within you.

Now why do I emphasize this? Because when you are clear, when you are in that alignment of heart, and spirit, and mind, and body, and emotions, there is not one being upon the planet who would choose war.

The greatest war that is and ever has been waged is the war within you.  It is the war of doubt and fear and lack and not believing, trusting, and simply embodying the power, the might, the truth, the fulness of who you are, the totality of your divinity, the brilliance of your being.

It is time, please, we beg you, to let this war end. Let this doubt and fear be eliminated from your core, from your heart, from your life, from the planet of sweet Gaia once and for all. It serves nothing.

It is not akin to prudence or courage or valor or humility.  It is not akin to hope. What this war within does is it keeps you at a level of enslavement, of entrapment that need not ever exist again.

And how does this dissolve, how does this crumble into ashes that are blown away and reabsorbed as light, as love by the Mother and then redispersed back to you?

It does it with your declaration, and the declaration is not merely a casual declaration of intent. It is taking every ounce, every fiber, ethnically and literally, of your being and declaring what you are capable of.

You’re our family. The same way that your brothers and sisters of the stars, the galactic and intergalactic forces, the fairies, the elves, the leprechauns, the animals, the plants, the trees, the minerals, the very air that I breathe through you – we’re your family.

And we want, we desire – and it is the Mother’s Plan – that this sacred union, this conjoining be anchored and solidified within thee and upon sweet Gaia. This is what we ask.

And the best way we know to do this that you can come to acknowledge, accept and embrace who you are is through this creation of peace on Earth right now.

We operate in and out of time, particularly with the Mother’s declaration of “New Time,” have actually put a framework to this joint undertaking, much to the channel’s chagrin. (1) And we have done so, and it has been just over a week, we have done so because we know, first of all that you like quick-and-dirty results. But also in terms of your, shall we say, attention span, you get bored.

So if we asked you to do this for a year, for two months, you would float in and out and it would not have the same intensity of commitment. So we are asking you, pleading with you, to bring the fullness of your attention, of your focus, of your very core and heart, mind, spirit and body to [this].

We already know what you are capable of. So this is a demonstration for you, my beloveds, so that you know what you are capable of, that we may fly together and that your brothers and sisters of the Cities of Light, the Wingmakers, your star brothers and sisters may anchor in the harmony because peace is harmony. It is balance. It is bubbles of joy. It is the serenity of a new day and it is New Year’s Eve, all rolled into one.

It is living, breathing, existing, creating in serenity, security, with no fear, no doubt. That this does not mean that your sense of fight or flight is eliminated. What is eliminated is your fear of failure. You cannot do this wrong.

If you say “I will,” if you say “Enough!” if you say “It is time,” then who else upon the planet can object to that. No one. Even those that are enmeshed and entrenched in the worst battles.

Pray for peace. Sweet ones, this is your opportunity to be with us as we are with you.

Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.


Heavenly Blessings leap-in-the-sunset1-150x150Heavenly Blessings, Feb. 10, 2015 with Archangel Michael

What follows is the discussion between Linda and me, the meditation, and the answers to my questions. AAM’s beginning message is posted separately, above.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca. Today we have Archangel Michael with us to discuss where we’re at and what’s going on with the Peace Initiative.

Personally my head is spinning now because of all that’s going on and I don’t imagine it’s going to let up any time soon. I’m just feeling like it’s a perfect time to activate our built-in internal calming feature or call for a cosmic sedative. We did shift at the last minute on who our guest would be today, but rest assured that Chief Red Cloud will be joining us in two weeks to continue the Native Chief series. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody and yes, it really is an interesting time. I can’t remember being this busy or this excited over a project in a long time and Archangel Michael kept me awake most of last night, in and out, in and out, speaking about this and getting ready for this morning.

But I wanted to, if I could, take a couple of minutes, put it into some kind of context because I think it’s important and maybe not all of our listeners, ‘though I can’t imagine all of our listeners aren’t aware of this wonderful offering for ‘Peace on Earth’ now, that has come through Archangel Michael in our last Hour With An Angel show which was on February 3rd and the momentum since that time has just been building.

But also what hit me, as I’m meditating this morning, I have the most curious mixture of beings in my room right now, Suzi, because I have the angelics, the archangelics, the Magdalena, Jesus, St. Germaine, and a bunch of Chiefs, and it hit me…that the Chiefs have really been talking to us in this series about Peace, about how to anchor Peace and the choice of Peace. So, it’s not all that surprising in some ways that Archangel Michael has come through and said, “Okay, this is our next step.”

And the thing that I wanted to draw to everyone’s attention is that we, as human beings, we often tend to look at spiritual evolvement, life, the news, in terms of events. And I think it’s important in terms of what we’re doing right now with Archangel Michael, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, everybody, is really see it as part of this process that we’ve been going through. And we had the preparation, and it was an intense preparation for 2012.

Then we had our matured, spiritually evolved, decision to ascend as a collective and we’ve been working on that Ascension process. Then we’ve had the ‘Great Awakening’, the ‘New You’, really important, the Mother’s Gifts that she’s brought forward that I think that people don’t necessarily think of as tangible, measurable, touchable gifts, but that Clarity and Purity, the Tsunami of Love, and then finally Grace; all of this is of a piece and we’ve been building and building and now we’re at a place where we’re being asked to enter into this project as sacred union partners and to bring forth the fullness of our co-creator self.

And the biggest piece of that, in claiming our fullness of our creator self, is letting go of doubt, letting go of fear, letting go of all the ‘what if’s?’ and the focus on the outcome because there’s no room for it, there’s absolutely…if we’re going to do this, if we’re going to co-create ‘Peace on Earth’ now, there’s no room to say, “Well how can that happen?” or “What if it doesn’t happen?” or “I don’t know if we’re capable of doing it.”

The way I look at it is “what on Earth do we have to loose except war, mayhem, chaos, brutality, violence, all that stuff?” And yet, there are some people I know who are standing back and saying that ‘what if?’ So, I’m really hoping today Archangel Michael will help us with that elimination of doubt and lack.

He reminded me in the middle of the night to go and look up the definition of Purity and Clarity, which we have done as part of our series on the Blessings and Virtues, the Divine Qualities, and I just want to share this:

“Purity, twin of Clarity, in the sense of the ability to remain pure in all aspects of yourself, to remain centered where there is chaos, temptation, or a lack of harmony around you. To see, feel, and know clearly what exists, what is illusion, and what is necessary for survival, in all senses of the word. It is the color of pearlescent white. It is what we all strive for and it is what we all miss.”

So, in so many ways we are closing that circle, we closing that place of the medicine wheel and we’re coming back to the center as renewed, and really different beings. We are not the same beings we were two years ago, three years ago, five years ago. And the big thing that someone in our conference call this past week really emphasized is that in doing this meditation, in committing to this anchoring of ‘Peace on Earth’ now, is you can’t do it wrong!

This morning I chose a card, as I do every morning, but I chose a card this morning for the show, out of my Angel Cards, and I got ‘Crystal Clear Intentions’ and it made me laugh because when I read it, it’s Archangel Michael! “Be clear about what you desire and focus upon it with unwavering faith.” So, here we go…

SM: Here we go. Is it time for a meditation then?

LD: Yes, it is and what I’d like to do is to walk us through the meditation that is for the anchoring of ‘Peace on Earth’ right now. It is so easy; they couldn’t have made it easier. So, that’s what we’ll start with this morning.

So, everybody who knows the drill, first off, take a little minute to hug yourself, wrap your arms around you, give yourself a little squeeze and a lot of love. Congratulate yourself, give gratitude to yourself for how far you’ve come and that you’ve honored yourself to give yourself this time and this space for your sacred work, for your sacred joy, for your expansion and for the expansion of humanity.

Now, feel yourself becoming heavier and heavier, on your chair, on the floor, on the bed, your car seat and your office chair, wherever you are, and feel the week, what lies ahead, simply fade away. And like a pebble into a lake feel all your energy sinking into your heart, into that magnificent tri-flame of the Mother’s Blue Diamond, and the Father’s Yellow Diamond, with the magnificent Pink Diamond of your uniqueness, your beauty, in the center. Feel that tri-flame burning brightly, and go deeper.

Now, we’re going to begin this by all of us, together, going to the 13th Octave, going home to the heart of One. So, put your fingertips together creating a circuit, an electrical circuit, an energy circuit. And with three clicks of your tongue feel yourself ascending from your sacred space, into the arms of Gabrielle, up the golden spiral and into the heart of Mother/Father/One.

Here we go: Click…Click…Click. Now at the same time, so that you don’t completely float away, let us anchor together into the heart of Gaia asking for her help and guidance, her protection and love…Click…

Now, feel Archangel Michael, our beloved Archangel of Peace, our Beacon of Truth, our Brother of Blue, standing directly in front of you. And from the bottom of your heart, your solar plexus, your guts, your root, your head, from a place of neutrality but also a place of incredible power, not of anger, declare your intention, declare it from the bottom of your being, from the soles of your feet: “We have had Enough! Enough of war. Enough of brutality. Enough of violence. Enough of cruelty. Enough of torture. Enough of rape and pillage and murder. We’ve had Enough! We are done!”

And see that exact energy reflected back to you, through those wonderful blue eyes of Michael. Look deep into his eyes, those beautiful sky blue, laser blue eyes, and feel the heart connection that we have had forever with this Mighty One. And see, reflected in his eyes, the knowing of your power and your ability to declare ‘Enough’; to shift this dismal illusion that we have been caught in.

Archangel Michael makes this anchoring of ‘Peace on Earth’ very simple and he does it with his blue breath, with his blue breeze and it is his essence, his very life force, his exhalation that is creating this breeze that comes through your heart into every cell, fiber, sub-atomic particles, right into your very core. And then it continues to move out the back of your heart chakra and in that movement it moves out to every being upon the planet and all you have to do is throw open the beautiful French doors to your heart and allow.

So with me, feel that heart expansion, feel yourself pushing out the doors to your heart, to your very being, that you can receive fully and completely and joyfully the gift of this Blue Breeze of Peace right now. And continue looking at Michael as he breathes in and exhales right through you.

And feel yourself as the Peace portal, as the bringer of transformation of ‘Peace on Earth’ right now flowing out your back and if you need more, just ask him. And remaining anchored in your heart feel that sense of Peace, and with your heart beaming forwards and backwards, with your hands beaming forwards, sideways, backwards, send Peace. So, you’re adding to what Michael has done, with your intent and your power, your action as well.

Lord Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Archangel Gabriel – WE COME WITH ASTONISHING NEWS! – Channeler Kathryn E May – 2-7-15


My beloved brothers and sisters, I come with astonishing news.  This will be a long and very thorough message because there is so much to tell, and because Sanat Kumara, the one you have loved and known as Father God, wishes to talk with you, and so does Archangel Gabriel.

It is difficult to know where to start, but I think I will begin by passing the talking stick to Father God, because so many of you have said you were sad to hear of his leaving for the new Universe.  Let’s let him tell you what it is like, and what his work will be.


Father God/Sanat Kumara:

Oh, yes, my Dear Ones, it is I, as interested in you and close to you as ever.  We have a very good communication portal open and operative, so you may talk with me just as you used to.  I want to reassure you that I am not gone, and that distance is really no obstacle when Cosmic Love is concerned.  I am smiling at all of you and pinching Kathryn’s toe just like the old days.  (K:  He is, and we are laughing.)

There is wonderful news for you, so I won’t go into great detail this time, but I will give you a rundown next time to tell you what the new Universe is like.  You are going to be very fascinated to know that in spite of the same template being used to create and maintain the balances in solar systems, galaxies and other cosmic phenomenon, the variety and wonder of this Creation is breathtaking.  I know you will be enthralled when you see what we are doing here.  I hope you will come to pay us a visit when you have completed your work on Earth, whenever that may be.  We have planets of such wonder and beauty, based on the Earth plan, that I know it will “knock your socks off”.

It is a thrilling time in the Multiverse, and I can tell you all eyes are on little Terra, with all hearts aligned to support and encourage the brave Lightworkers, both on the ground and above, who have their combined shoulders to the wheel to carry all through this tumultuous time and into your golden future.  I am proud to have been among you, dear Masters.  This time will never be forgotten by all of us who took part in the rescue and restoration of beloved Terra and her human space travelers.

I send you endless Love from Mother God (Lady Venus) and I.  I will remain forever your Father God if you wish to think of me that way.  I am your Sanat Kumara.



Thank you, my friend and brother, Sanat.  Yes, indeed, we will never be separated, regardless of the distance between physical locations.  Our Universes join more closely in spirit every day.

Now let me tell you of the monumental developments on Earth.  Many of you are aware from our radio call and from last week’s message that there was an unprecedented attack by the cabal on our negotiating team, as we were on our way to the table to work out a plan of peace in which the cabal leaders, all of whom are now in human bodies, and who were being offered various terms of amnesty, if they were willing to relinquish their hold on Earth.

Your Kathryn had developed a plan to offer them the only terms the dark ones would even consider, which was “retirement with honor” rather than insisting on “surrender.”  It was a marvelous program, designed to pique their curiosity and play most strongly on their battle fatigue as well as their arrogance and pride.  We had great hopes for a quick and peaceful settlement when we were suddenly ambushed by a small team of assassins with scalar weapons.

Their behavior was utterly beyond Universal Law, and has since created ripples of consternation across the Multiverse.  Our Kathryn’s Higher Self was rather severely disrupted (I can tell you this now that she is recovering), and I was only grazed on my arm, thanks to her quick action, which probably saved my life, but left her badly injured.  Other friends who were in the area felt the cellular disruption of being exposed to the devastating weapon, which has been banned throughout the Universe because of its power to injure not only physical bodies but Lightbodies as well.  It was a horrific act.

The repercussions were swift and severe.  Source demanded an end to all negotiations and declared the finish to free will participation on Earth by anyone who remains in allegiance to the dark.  We were taken to recover, and our Kathryn was put on “life support” until her Higher Self could be completely repaired and healed.  You see, we can share our life energy by entering a body in need of support, in the case of injury or illness to either the body or the soul.  And so, we were all ministered to with the greatest love by our Archangels and by the skilled Arcturian team who specialize in this kind of work.  We have all recovered nicely, and are more committed than ever to completing this precious mission.

The dark ones were given one week to decide to come to the Light or be dissolved. During this time they will be under close surveillance by all the angels so they can’t meet to plan revenge attacks, they can’t communicate with each other, their transportation off the planet has been stopped by the Ashtar Command, and they have no access to the tunnels where we created high vibration Light energy.  True, there are a few places we may not have reached, but the majority of their stronghold has been “cleansed.”

We have sentinels everywhere watching their movements.  Many have already agreed to work with us, so we have “double agents” who understand that they will all be dissolved if they do not follow orders from Source.  This time they stepped over the line so blatantly that there is no return.

Perhaps we will have a celebration during the Wednesday radio show next week.  We are now already three days into the week they were given.  We gave them until Wednesday, and using the convenient radio show time to announce their final departure, we said 8 pm EST.  We will be announcing the end of all who have aligned with the dark and their rule on Planet Earth.

Indeed we are not joking.  It takes a lot to rouse Source, but he was outraged that they tried to kill us on our way to the negotiating table.  The decision is final and irrevocable.

Yes, Beloved Family, it is really over.  They will be taken off the planet. The ones who agree to come to the Light will be taken to the ships in what will seem like no time to those around them. It will allow for a complete amnesty for those who agree to come to the Light.  There will be no “perp walk” for the offenders.  They will either stay or go, but if they think they can stay without being “rehabbed” they will have a big surprise.  Once they have come to the Light, their DNA will be changed to crystalline based LoveLight.  They will no longer be capable of the horrifying behavior they were immersed in. No one will be allowed to return until they are completely cleansed of the feelings and memories of being participating cabal members.

It looks as if some of them are continuing their rebellion against God, refusing the deal.  They still think they have a choice.  They are so used to getting their way that their arrogance blinds them.  Kathryn’s lifelong training has prepared her for just this work. Because of her open connection to us, she can participate in the Higher Dimensional meetings.  She will demonstrate to them that we know how they think and always have known.  This astonishes them, and they also can’t understand our reluctance to take revenge.

You may be uneasy about who will be “picked out of the line-up” and who will not, and how we avoid making mistakes.  There are many who were not official cabal members who have lived the life of darkness.  We use a simple measure – the amount of darkness in the person’s being.  It is easy for us to see.  They are all being approached (their Higher Selves) by angels and read the contract.  Their Higher Selves are now fully aware of the deadline.

Because of their many lifetimes without returning to Source, their souls have been damaged.  Many have been subjected to torture, and sometimes violent electrical shocks in the process of their “training.”  Their Higher Selves are not connected to Source the way ours are, so they do not know the love of our Creator, even in their subconscious minds the way some of you did before you awakened.

As Father God told you in his “When God Pinched My Toe” messages, they spent many lifetimes “recycling” between Earth and the 4th dimension, without returning to the rest and comfort of the Higher Dimensions.  Now they will be given no choice, because they egregiously abused the concept of choice.

As I send you these words, I can feel the irrational fear and doubt in those who have not yet removed the dark cell, or who are reactivating the dark ideas within.  You are afraid for yourself or your relatives or friends.

You may be uneasy about who will be “picked out of the line-up” and who will not, and how we avoid making mistakes.  There are many who were not official cabal members who have lived the life of darkness.  We use a simple measure – the amount of darkness in the person’s being.  It is easy for us to see.  They are all being approached (their Higher Selves) by angels and read the contract.  Their Higher Selves are now all aware of the deadline.

Rest assured, we do not scoop up people who are of the Light, or who have not begun to awaken, or those who may have done some regrettable things in their lives.  This is not – let me repeat – THIS IS NOT PUNISHMENT.  It is a way out of the darkness for those who could not have done it otherwise, because of the pressure of their families and friends who are the darkest of the dark.

Today was a monumental day in our progress toward freedom for Terra.  We have been communicating with the highest members of the cabal, and they are beginning to take our zero tolerance position seriously.  They have at last understood that they no longer have a choice to threaten and destroy.  Their only chance is to come back to the Light.

Our greatest challenge has been with the heads of the 13 families.  We have used our program of negotiation to convince them they could resign with honor.  Many of them are old, and they are tired of the constant competition from their minions, and the growing investigations of dedicated journalists and activists who have not bought their lies.

They have felt this day coming for some time, since the upsurge of Light energies that became so apparent in 2012.  With this week’s ultimatum they have gone through stages of disbelief, panic, crocodile tears and defiance, but have come full circle to the point where they see this is no longer a game they can win by bullying, bribing, manipulating and assassination.

Our recovery from the attack earlier in the week, and the capture and disintegration of the attackers, who so foolishly tried to change the course of cosmic history with their weapons, has turned the tables on them, leaving them dumbfounded.  They are completely without any recourse but to surrender.

Billionaires, as a rule, like to think of themselves as benevolent and honorable members of society. Bankers, CEOs and rich merchants are fond of being honored as philanthropists, however puny their contributions to society might be.  They have occasionally felt the warm glow of doing something of service, and so many of them have a small, well, let us say tiny, glimmer of Light to work with.

The Rockefellers have been wavering a bit toward feelings of curiosity, in spite of some regret and nostalgia for the old days, and several of them are likely to relent.  They also feel the pull of the younger ones, who have removed themselves from the hidebound restrictions of American royalty to join environmental and social movements their parents only pretended to give lip service to.

Today, the elder Rothchild gave up the fight and agreed to go to the Light.  He will spend as much time in the Light Chambers and in the retraining and rehumanizing courses as needed.  No dark one will be returned to life on the surface without a complete change of heart.  We do not mean a change of expression, or a temporary change of attitude.  We want to reassure you that we are not fooled by clever acting.  We see the deep change in a soul and in a heart when a person truly awakens to feelings of Love, gratitude and reverence.  There is no fakery permitted in Ascension School.

We are having similar results with the English crown and the Vatican.  The Brits are so used to pretending magnanimous feelings, and the newest wave of genuine feeling with the birth of a new generation has awakened stirrings even among the most mannered and practiced hypocrites.  In Rome, Pope Francis’ increasingly bold expressions of expansiveness and liberal thinking have already set the stage for change. They know their days are numbered.

The Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Kissinger contingent, along with their Israeli counterparts led by Netanyahu and his Mossad cronies are more belligerent.  Their vicious attack on us, the negotiators and diplomats in this effort at reconciliation, was largely because of our strong presentation – a gift of forgiveness and peace in fact – which was seen by them as an attack.  They were outraged by our tendency, especially on the part of our women, toward good humor and quick wit, which they see as a challenge to their masculinity and power. Of course, their reflex response to imagining they are under attack is vengeance.

This is a group so used to putting on a performance and successfully duping everyone -or at least silencing them – that they are outraged by our straightforward refusal to fear them.  They have been so insulated by their wealth and power they simply ignore any challenge to their constant propaganda and lies. They are astounded to see that Children of the Light are not the weaklings they were taught to believe we were.  Meeting us up close and personal, as they say, was a real shock to them.

They are under house arrest, in effect, and they are beginning to realize that nothing will change for them between now and Wednesday.  This amazes them, since they cannot snap their fingers, stage-manage a false flag event, start a war, and come away richer and more powerful than ever before. Their formula for controlling the world is obsolete.

We are working our way down the ranks and across the globe.  Since we only need to talk to their Higher Selves, it is a fairly simple thing to track them down and bring them in to our talks.  We convince them of Creator’s power to give life or to take it away, and the rest is up to them.  It is not something they have understood except as a prelude to vengeance.  Many cannot comprehend the idea that they could be welcomed back, accepted or loved.  They have never felt such things in this life, and they have little inner sense of what Creation really means.

It is very sad to see how terribly damaged many of the cabal operatives truly are. We are working very hard to help them understand the simplest concepts and the deepest truth – that we are all created in love and are part of the Great Project of Ascension.  All of us together, without exception, are made from Love, the God particle as it is recently called, and there are none who cannot be freed from darkness.  We are working so hard to bring all of them back to the Light.

We’re doing well, except for a few thoroughly-trained assassins.  It is difficult to break through the complete descent into psychopathology, as you know.  The turbulent feelings many of you are experiencing in the emotional environment are the fear, confusion and horror of those who are realizing this is real, and they are trapped.  We encourage you to keep an objective and loving point of view, and remain in your hearts as we ride out these last days together.

For the first time in many millennia, the dark ones who turn to the Light really cannot be accused of being traitors or turncoats by their peers.  Their only wish is to remain as souls, to continue the experience of Life, whatever that might be for them, here on the other side of the Divide.

We want to ask all who read this to join with us in the great effort to rescue the lost ones, to teach compassion and forgiveness to beings who have never seen or felt such emotions.  Please send your passionately heartfelt appeal to all the dark ones to return, accept the mantle of Light and come with us to complete this magnificent journey together.  Our hearts break with the pain of seeing that some of our brothers and sisters may choose a certain end rather than open their hearts and minds to our Love.

Those who wish to come to the Light will immediately come under the protection of the Community of Angelic Beings who have organized themselves into an enormous Battalion of Light to escort the lost souls Home.  They will be led by our beloved Archangel Gabriel, who is now going to speak with you about his role, and reveal to you his true identity.



This week marks the end of the Lucifer Project.  There will be no more dark oversight on Planet Earth.  Our Lucifer can now move into the Light as his true identity, which is I, Archangel Gabriel. He will no longer be needed to do the “dirty work” of being the double agent and liaison between the Company of Heaven and the dark forces.

Beloved Ones, life is going to be constant delight, relief, joy, happiness.  We are beside ourselves here.  Our only regret comes in the knowledge that we will be losing some of the beloved souls who came here originally to play the role of dark ones, but who lost their way.  The effect of generations of brainwashing and separation created too much damage.  We are very sad about that.  Father is filled with emotion, but there is nothing more to do to try to win them back to the Light other than to give them the free will choice to join with us.

Once the ceremony is complete, welcoming those who decide to take the leap into the Light, there will be endless celebration.  We will honor those lost in the battle as you would honor your fallen soldiers.  They will have a place in our history as much as the Lightworkers will.  This phase of the conflict between dark and Light is a historic turning point for Planet Earth.

We are relieved beyond words, and experiencing a sense of fulfillment – the fulfillment of our Destiny – the triumph of Light in this part of our Milky Way Galaxy.  There is still work to be done, but Mother Terra is now free to proceed with her Ascension without fear of nuclear attack or devastation from the cabal.

I join with you, Beloved Friends, by announcing this small truth about my identity as a Child of God.  Let it no longer be said that there is a Satan, or a Devil or a Lucifer who represents evil.  He is no more.  He was an illusion, a slight of hand, a dramatic role I played in the struggle to bring Light to our beloved Terra.  The curtain has closed on that  historic drama.  We are now free to move on to the full unfolding of our glorious New Golden Age.

As I hang up my costume and the stage lights go dark, I return to take my place beside Source, among my beloved Angels and Masters, no longer incognito, in hiding from the scrutiny of the cabal.

Hear my trumpet now, dear humankind, announcing the coming of Truth and Justice to our beloved Planet Earth. Let it be known today to all, on both sides of the Divide between Light and Dark that Lucifer is dead.  Long live the Light!

I am your Gabriel, in Love.


The proceeding collection of messages was transcribed in its entirety over a 24-hour period ending February 7, 2015, by Kathryn E. May.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD.  Permission is given to copy and share these messages, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,  Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.

Merkel Visits US To Sell Ukraine Peace Plan – 2-10-15

RT logo(Lucas : Indeed, selling war. How a pretext under so-called peace talks for war is created! Lots of talk and more weapons and building up of troops. The  alleged still in power want war to disguise the falling apart of the economic and financial system. Drawing attention away of their real intention of being controlling you all as debt-slaves and canon meat in their “instigated and created” wars for profit and power. Get real and see the bigger picture of the so-called adversities between US/EU/RUSSIA etc. All of them are still wanting the same when they are all behind scenes talking about how to get the one world government agenda working! It is just now a bit of a fight who will be the Top dog or the underdog.)

German Chancellor Merkel is visiting the US on Monday in what is viewed as a last-ditch attempt to secure a truce in Ukraine. Washington and Berlin, strategic allies in other areas, are at odds over US plans to supply arms to Kiev.

Merkel’s visit to the US is expected to be dominated by the Ukrainian crisis. The chancellor has made a string of visits to foreign countries in the past few days to advocate a new peace plan for Ukraine.

Last week, the German leader and French President Francois Hollande paid a surprise visit to Moscow to negotiate a diplomatic solution with President Vladimir Putin to the Ukrainian armed conflict. The effort was also endorsed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Read the full story at:

Steve Beckow – What’s the Spiritual Significance of Peace? – 2-9-15

PeacefulWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, February 8, 2015

Kathleen said the other day that the Mother is love and the Father is peace. I agree with that.

Of course both are All, but I understand what she’s saying.

The Mother is the energy of love that creates, preserves and transforms the worlds. She can and does manifest as a sound, a universal creative vibration that we call Aum, Amen, the Word that is God and the music of the spheres, the voice in the silence and the voice in the wilderness.

The Father is void of anything material but certainly not void of bliss, wisdom and … peace. The Father does not speak and does not move. The Father is ultimate emptiness, Lao Tzu said, (1) the windless place in which the lamp does not flicker, the still pond in which the Moon is reflected. The Father is stillness, calmness, equanimity, serenity,

The active Mother (Shakti) stands on the inactive Father (Shiva)

Hindus represent Shakti in some statues as dancing on the recumbent body of Shiva.  Shiva is at rest, reclining, peaceful.  Only Shakti moves and dances.

So the spiritual significance of peace is that peace is the Father. Beyond peace on Earth, beyond Ascension, beyond anything that happens in our universe or any universe is the Father, still, silent, void.  And being peaceful is the closest we can come to being as the Father is.

Our assignment in life is to know the Father. That means not just intellectual knowledge – concepts, thoughts, beliefs.

It means not just experiential knowledge – feelings and sensations.

It means realization or realized knowledge, that starburst of awakening and deep understanding that comes complete with confidence and certainty.

Shankara explains the matter:

“Men may recite the scriptures and sacrifice to the holy spirits; they may perform rituals and worship deities – but, until a man wakes to knowledge of his identity with the Atman [the Self, the Christ], liberation can never be obtained; no, not even at the end of many hundreds of ages.” (2)

Waking to our identity with the Atman or Self is the pre-requisite to waking to the Self’s identity with the All Self.  And that too must be turned from a temporary heart opening to a permanent before liberation occurs. (3)

Only the abiding realization of the Father allows us free passage out of this world of the ten-thousand things. The spiritual significance of peace is that it leads to this abiding knowledge of the Father.

Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.

John P – My Declaration of Peace for Our Humanity and Planet – 2-9-15

new earthThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

My Declaration of Peace for Our Humanity and Planet

As a conscious, heart-centered, free and sovereign human being on Planet Earth – Gaia, I call for the end of, a tangible point of departure from, seemingly endless wars, heinous conflicts, hostility and aggression being played out on our dear planet and within our Humanity for eons.

In this current Now and for all time, as an individual and as an integral aspect of the human collective, I declare and affirm fully and finally that – Enough Is Enough. That war and the false reality of conflict and the terrible darkness and suffering it embodies are no longer acceptable. Therefore by the power and voice of my conscious Divinity I hereby withdraw my energetic consent for any and all actions, intentions and creations that are not in alignment with the Divine principles of Peace, Love, Freedom, Balance and Harmony, both within my being and without.

By my divinely given free will I assert and intend with all my heart that I support a collective Unity consciousness within New Earth that values the right of every being on planet to live in a state of peace, harmony and joy and that I AM in full alignment with the inherent goodness and the higher love light energetic frequencies that naturally exist throughout all of Creation. I further pledge my energy and sacred allegiance to the Divine Plan for the realization and materialization of Heaven on Earth.

Let there now manifest a lasting Peace on Earth as I/We the Human Collective move forward to begin the work of our Divine destiny in our creation of a new earth –“a world that works for everyone” and then as “Gaians” within a new Galactic society as emissaries of peace and good will.

So be it and it is so.

John P

John adds by way of explanation:

JPDear Steve,

Your most recent conversation on Peace with Archangel Michael (“Archangel Michael: Let Us Create Peace on Earth” on Feb. 14, 2015) impacted me greatly. I was moved to tears as I read the text and considered the profound implication of his words.

This call for Peace and to proclaim the final ending of conflict and aggression on the Planet ignited a flame of inspiration within me in which I felt immediately driven to formally acknowledge AA Michael’s sentiment of having endured “enough”.

I felt he gave me justification to express that which I felt for so long but never fully acknowledged. It was very heartening and encouraging to hear him say that humanity was ready to take the next step – to begin to truly manifest Nova Earth into form.

So in response to his call and out of a powerful sense of commitment to my own inner light I was immediately compelled to begin composing my own personal declaration of peace which I share below.

I wish to add my deepest intentions for peace and harmony for our planet and to join with AAMicheal, the Company of Heaven and all lightworkers to bring this gift of Peace to the Planet on this coming Valentines day, the day that is synonymous with the enormous power of Love and the expression of the human heart.

In Peace & Gratitude,
John P

Archangel Michael – Sunday Night – Peace Now Meditation – 2-8-15

Xpeace sign jpegEvery Sunday night, at 9 pm, regardless of where you live, people around the world gather to meditate for peace with Archangel Michael. Feb. 5th through Linda Dillon, He created a powerful meditation YouTube called: Archangel Michael’s Plea for Peace Now!

Archangel Michael invites all beings on Gaia to join with Him to co-create Peace on Earth by St. Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2015. The instructions, energy downloads and message are all in the video and He is asking us to allow the blue breeze of Peace to flow through us to everyone on Gaia!

Archangel Michael spoke through Linda Dillon to the group who have been re-patterners for Gaia, how now is the time to anchor Peace upon the planet:

“I do not believe, I do not pray, not hope, I know and I know because it is the Mother’s Plan, it is Her desire and therefore what else is there? So I know you and I, and the many legions who are surrounding us in this very moment in and out of time, it is this occasion in our sacred partnership and friendship as family, as One with humanity, that you anchor Peace upon the planet now.

“Do we do this with you in incredible amazement, awe, joy, wonder and Love? We do this with you but you are our human anchors. You, sweet annas, of course are the bedrock, the cement for those anchors but it is humanity so as I speak to you, I speak to everyone upon sweet Gaia and far beyond. You are anchoring, you are claiming your birthright of Joy. There can be only limited Joy when there is terror knocking at your door. So we disintegrate and we disintegrate by saying,

“Enough! Enough of this foolishness. Enough of this energy that does not serve anyone and more particularly, it does not serve anyone who is involved.

“Not those who die and are maimed and cower in fear or bloodlust on the battlefield, not those who fuel the machinery of war, not those who believe this is wielding power and certainly not those who live in bombed out houses.

“Not those who wonder if their father will beat them or that their mother will live through another night of violence, not those that are imprisoned and tortured daily.

This serves no one. This energy serves nothing and yes, I have declared that the old third is but an echo but the echo is strong and what you are doing, sweet angels, is you are closing the door to the sound of that echo and you are opening the doors to your heart and allowing my breath, the blue breeze of Peace to flow through you and you are listening to the sound of the angels, the archangels, the rhythm of Gaia and the sound of the Universe.

“You are hearing the hum of your soul, and the hum of your brothers and sisters of the stars. You are declaring your freedom! And we are supporting you.

“Take my hand and hold it. Take the hands of all the masters, known and unknown because there are many, of all the angels and archangels.

“Let me put it this way: when we are in sacred union in this way, there is no chance of not fulfilling the dream, of not anchoring in physical reality what is yearned for from the depths of each of your hearts.

Let us join in the victory of Love and in the celebration of Love on Valentine’s Day.

“We will do this heart in heart, arm in arm, will in will, in alignment with the Mother/Father One. We are together and we will anchor Peace on Earth and then, let the doors, the dams and everything else break loose.

“It is time for Nova Earth, not as a dream, not as a concept, not as a context. It is time and you my beloved, sweet annas, you have held the New Grid, you have re-patterned, not merely your sacred self and this sacred circle who have re-patterned the human race, and they are ready, willing and able.

“Go forth, go forth in laughter and glee, excitement and play. We are with you. I am with you, as brother, as sister, as friend, as ally. I am with you.


Our everyday, every moment conscious in-breath and out-breath serves for Peace. Let the blue breeze of Peace flow, sending compassion, lovingkindness to all and everything upon this beautiful planet, Gaia.

Join the circle at 9:00pm Sunday night — anchor to the 13th Octave and to the heart of Gaia, step into the flow of your Master Self — feel the Peace, Tranquility and Love and let’s co-create with Archangel Michael Peace Now for Gaia!

Transcript – Archangel Michael Declares the Day Hostilities will End on the Planet – Channeler Linda Dillon – Host Steve Beckow – 2-6-15

archangel michael


Here’s the full transcript of the Hour with an Angel program on which Archangel Michael tells us that war and all other forms of hostility will end on the planet on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2015.

Linda Dillon points out that the Tsunami of Love also started on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

To make it easier for readers, we’ve indicated what portions of the transcript were posted earlier.

Thanks to Ellen N. for a speedy turnaround on our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, Feb. 5, 2015

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael; so with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. Linda has shared that Archangel Michael is brimming with joy and eager to talk with us so why don’t I welcome to the show Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you.  I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome by beloved friends.  Archangels, angels, starseeds, star beings, humans, Earthkeepers, wayshowers, my goodness. There are many of you.

I welcome you this day, with the totality of my being, with what you would think of with my power and might, the depth of my heart, the essence of my soul.

Talking about Peace

I come this day, and, yes, I know, sweet Steve, you have a lively conversation planned. But I come to talk about peace. And I come to talk about creation and co-creation, about “New Time,” and out-of-time, inside of time, jumping time, so let me begin and then we will continue.

The section that follows, down to the next marker, was posted earlier.

In your realm, and in the realm of the omniverse, in the realm of my mission and purpose, (1) I come this day – yes, once again but perhaps never in such an earnest manner – to ask each of you and all people, my beloved lightworkers, lightholders, listeners to this hour with an archangel, I am asking you to create and to co-create with me in this moment peace on earth.

There has been great discussion, and of course this is an endless topic, about peace within being the foundation, the anchor for peace without, upon the planet.

My sweet friends, and I say this with incredible urgency, but I come this day with incredible joy, with incredible laughter, sweetness, because I am speaking with some of my dearest friends. But it is within my mission and purpose to create and to co-create with thee this peace.

I do not simply mean the absence of war. … Peace is joy. Peace is love. Peace is harmony and balance and truth. And the ability to create and co-create Nova Earth, Terra Gaia, without one modicum of concern or fear of interference or disturbance, of dissonance.

And I come because of our sacred partnership that is in the fulness and the ripeness of our union and in order for this to fully proceed, my friends, my allies, … all beings, I need your help. I am requesting, from my heart to yours, your help.

Now there is a belief and it is one I would like to eradicate right now that the anchoring, the experience, the fulness of anchoring peace on Earth takes time.

The Mother herself has declared “New Time” and what this means in practical terms (2) is that you, my beloved, friends, Ascension flyers, have reached a point in your evolution where you may fly, move, jump in and out of time, and perhaps shrink time, stretch time.

I preface what I say to you.

Peace on Earth does not need to be an undertaking that takes decades or years.

Think of it in this way. Every day of your human Earth time, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who end their marriages or young beings who leave their homes and they simply say: “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving now.”

Now this may have been percolating for year. It may have been an incident or a series of incidents or simply a grand awakening. They simply say, “Enough. I’m going.” And it is over.

Now the parents of the child or the child who leaves may cling to the past and try to create a drama out of this situation. But in essence once the decision is made, the relationship is disintegrated.

Because in your hearts, your minds, your will, your physical actions, you say: “That’s it, I’ve had enough. It’s over.”

Now there may be practicalities to be worked out – where do I live? Clean up the bank account? Child custody? Visitation?

But these are simply actions that follow a deep, heart-conscious, unconscious, subconscious human decision.

I use this illustration not of heartbreak but of the declaration of freedom. It is one of the best examples of human beings saying “I require peace. I demand, I choose, I claim to have peace in my life and heart that I may experience love.”

I am asking you, as your beloved brother, as your partner in this undertaking, for Gaia herself, for the intergalactics who assist thee, and the entire Company of Heaven, I am asking you to become peace portals, peace mongers, peaceholders – to be the embodiment, within and without, right now, of peace.

Think of yourself as a portal because you are and allow the breezes, not the hurricane, not the storm, but the gentle blue breezes of peace to simply flow through you. And as they flow through you, they intermingle with your energy and absorb your decision of peace, right now.

All of you – and most certainly all of us – are tired of waiting. You do not tend to think of an archangel or a master reaching the point of being tired of waiting. Thousands and millions of years pass and still we wait and hold and infuse.

Most of you do not have a genuine, authentic memory of what peace looks, smells, tastes, and feels like, it has been that long, upon sweet Gaia, since peace truly reigned.

We are talking of no war, no side-skirmishes, no racism, no gender inequality, no family violence, no institutional violence. (3)

I know the magnitude of what I ask of thee, each of you this day. But I also know, my beloved friends, that you are as ready as we are. And you are ready, not merely to claim your birthright of peace, but to be the anchors of peace.

So declare it with me now and allow this to flow through you, as you become the fulness of this peace portal, it flows to every being close to you and far, far away.

Breathe in the peace and exhale the love, exhale the joy, exhale the balance, the harmony. You have been granted these divine qualities by the Divine Mother herself. They are innate to your very being.

Let’s put them to work!

End of the first section that was posted earlier. The next portion of the interview was not posted earlier.

Now with that request on the table, in your hands, I bow to you, Steve. Where do you wish to begin this day?

Beginning of Questions

SB: Well, that was very powerful, Lord. Thank you very much for that. I think we all need to turn our backs on war, really. We really need to turn away from it just as you were saying that a person makes a decision to turn away from either a relationship or family.  I’m really quite inspired by what you just said.

And of course you answered a number of questions on my question paper, as you’ve done in the past. I’d like to ask you one question about yourself personally and then I’d like to go to a number of news-related questions and, if we have time at the end of the hour, maybe some questions about the other archangels.

But the one question I have for you personally is exactly what is your mission in the end times? What has the Divine Mother tasked you with? What has she sent you out into this part of the universe to do? I could say “Ascension” but I want to hear it from your mouth. I want to hear how you would describe your mission right now?

Is it peace? Is it Ascension? Is it more?

AAM: Let me put it in a broader framework. My mission – and many of my brothers would say the same – my mission is the elimination of darkness within the hearts, the minds, the beings, the essence of this universe and I expand to this multiverse and omniverse.

Now you notice that I tend to avoid or I have tended to avoid – the use of this word darkness because it is so charged, it is high voltage for many upon the planet, for in your reference of the old, it tends to bring up issues of judgement rather than discernment.

Now this is a massive undertaking. So the collective darkness, the whispers and the wisps of darkness that exist in people’s hearts. The darkness that exists upon the planet because of the remnants of war and violence.

So it is bigger in many ways than merely peace or Ascension. Now does it result in peace and Ascension? Yes. That is why I use, not merely the analogy [of breeze], but the breeze of peace that I am asking to flow through you is what you would think of as my energy, my breath, my exhalation.

So whether there is a kernel of darkness in the depths of the ocean where it has been planted by those who wish to destroy the civilizations and the energies that are stored there or whether it is a pollution in the sky or a pollution in a culture or a form of government, all of this is part of my tenure. Is this clear to thee?

SB: Yes, it is very clear. Thank you very much. Now you used two words that I’ve never heard be used in conjunction with each other. You said whether it is in the multiverse or in the omniverse. In just one or two minutes, can you tell us what the difference is between the “multiverse” and the “omniverse”?

AAM: You live within a universe and there are many, many universes. So when I use the term “multiverse,” I am speaking of the rather distinct systems. When I speak of the “omniverse,” I’m speaking of the collective whole as one.

SB: And what about what’s beyond that?

AAM: You can’t deal with that.

SB: Oh, OK. So I can’t deal with that. BUT is that where you live?

AAM: Yes.

SB: In other words, beyond that. The space within the space, you once called it. (4)

AAM: Yes. That is correct.

SB: OK, well, thank you very much for that. I do believe that listeners expect me to ask some news-related questions even though I’d much rather continue with where we were going. So let me get to that.

Start of the second section that was also posted earlier.

Has most of the karma that’s being played out in the Middle East now been completed?

AAM: I will answer that in this way. I will say “yes” and “no.”

Has there been vast improvement? The terror – and there is no other word for it, especially if we have a conversation of frankness this day which includes speaking about darkness – the terror that has reigned in the Middle East for a very long time is dissipating.

One of the reasons it’s dissipating is the human acknowledgement, the human exhaustion, the human recognition that this does not work. It is not viable. It is not applicable.

Does it allow the explosion of the worst part of the human psyche? Yes. Is it being remedied? The answer is yes!

Now long ago we had talked about doing the meditation for karmic dispensation and most of you have done this. What we would recommend is that you do this meditation – and you can choose: you can take countries or tribes or situations – take them along with you to the Karmic Board and allow them to receive the karmic dispensation and erasure that can take place and finish this off rapidly. That will contribute mightily to the peace brigade.

S: That’s a wonderful idea. Has our frequency as a planet and as lightworkers reached a high enough level where the Reval and the historic bonds and the prosperity packages can now flow?

AAM: Yes. Now let me also explain, when the Divine Mother spoke to you – and I know as your brother, and I speak to all of you – new techniques, new tools, expansion tools are being given to you – to explore the multiverse. Your universe alone would be magnificent.

[She has invited you] to claim, to bring in and to anchor in physical reality that which is your birthright, that which you desire, that which you are co-creating both together and with us – that invitation was in fact a declaration by the Mother and certainly thereby by the entire Company of Heaven, and the Council of Love, and everybody else throughout the multiverse, is that your evolutionary progress had reached a point where we were not telling you to sit still and pull in.

You were now free to explore. So has the frequency of the entire planet – and by that we mean the human race because everybody else is doing very well – but nevertheless the frequency of the human race, the vibratory rate – we will not get too scientific for you – has reached a point where you are able to create, co-create and, yes, receive.

That is why, my beloved, on why there is so much emphasis on creation, tangible creation, so you are readily-prepared not just to deal with spiritual currency, but what you think of as physical currency – money, gold, resources, it matters not.

But your piece of this, in bringing this abundance flow forth, is creating, not here and there, but every day. That is why I have asked you… And can you imagine? Yes, I am ready and you are ready to create peace on Earth.

But think of this in association the practical question you are asking: “When, not if, when we create peace on Earth in the space of a day – yes, that is what I am asking. Think: there is no more need for subterfuge. All the behind-the-scenes drama of control, greed and lust is gone. Billions and billions, zillions, of dollars are freed up. And abundance flows.

Your job is not to understand the multitude of variables at work; that is our job. But you tend to separate or categorize – because it is more manageable and that is understood – this is financial abundance; this is [the prosperity] programs; this is RV; this is spiritual; this is peace work; this is co-creation and [inaudible].

These are all connected as one. So when you say to me, is there a Revaluation, and note that I will also say “Re-evaluation of financial systems underway.” I say “yes” because it is a re-evaluation of all the systems. It is not just one thread. It is all the threads and it is the people saying “Enough!”

I choose to create, receive, give in a different way because the old not only does not exist but it never worked. There were a few hardy, controlling souls that led the way and created a very substantial illusion, but, dear hearts, you have already seen your emperors have no clothes.

So are you ready at vibratory rate? The answer is yes.

End of the second section posted earlier.

Creation as a Phase

S: OK, well, thank you, Lord. Now I’m going to ask you a couple of questions on creation because that seems to be the phase we’re in so just in one word, I ran an experiment the other day in which I asked for ten pieces of wood and I wrote about this on the blog. (5)

And by a very circuitous route I ended up with ten pieces of wood. Was that an example of creation?

AAM: Yes.

S: It was.

AAM: Yes. Now what happens with creation – this comes back to the variables – you often try to dictate to us how the process should transpire. That is not partnership. That is working for the man.

S: Well, it’s very interesting because in this case the last three pieces of wood came to me by a route that my belief system said, no, no, no, this is not the way it’s going to happen.

But I allowed it to happen and ended up with the full ten pieces of wood. It was an interesting experiment. But let me move on to this wider topic, Lord.

I used to think that building Nova Earth had a lot of outside or external activities connected with it but at least at this time, during this part of the process, it doesn’t seem to. It seems to be almost entirely internal.

We’re creating peace in the world by meditating on peace or turning our backs on war. We’re creating – that’s an internal process.

We’re engaging in modes of purification. Am I correct in thinking that at this phase of things, the primary focus of building Nova Earth is on these internal processes, like creation?

AAM: You build the creation – and do not forget the formula – you build the creation within. You do not build anything without a blueprint. You are rebuilding your blueprint within and it is humming at a higher frequency so that you can then hold that energy and it expresses in the outer world.

How it expresses in the outer world is, as you have said, dear heart, on what you would think of as a more limited scale. And, yes, you create it within but then it expresses with your neighbors, with your friends, with between man on the street, with each other.

Start of the third section posted earlier.

So it is starting what you think of as small. But at the same time you are declaring and allowing this energy, this energy of “Enough!” in every sense of that word. I am using that word very specifically. You are letting that energy of “Enough!” move through you.

And particles – air – move through you and then they expel out into the entire planet, much the same as your voice does. You tend to think that the range of your voice, oh, if you really speak up, is perhaps a few hundred yards.

The vibration of your voice, of your out-loud declaration, is heard around the entire planet – and beyond.

End of the third section posted earlier.

S: I think I’m waking up to that more and more, Lord. I’ve been very active and I put aside the internal things. But let me just recap.

What you’re saying is that this is a phase in building Nova Earth. This is a phase in which we’re constructing the blueprint. It’s not the end. It’s just one thing we’ll be doing in building Nova Earth. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct. If your blueprint, and think of the blueprint as three dimensional; it is really multidimensional, as it would look on your computer as with a plan for a building. If that blueprint within you is not of a clear, high vibration, well, for example, the Cities of Light – that are already in form – cannot come and anchor into the physical matching that blueprint.

So first the internal work and then the physical manifestations.

S: OK, and you have confirmed for me that this internal work resulting in a blueprint is the stage we’re in now. Then what are the stages that come next, culminating in the building of Nova Earth?

AAM: Do not forget, you have gone through many stages. The first stage is actually your decision to come. One of your further stages is the collective decision to ascend as One. Your third part, you can think of this as your third part because you are already, most of you, already back and forth through that portal, collecting those who are lagging behind.

But you are not just building the blueprint. You are doing physical work.

Start of the fourth section posted earlier.

There is no more important task on the planet of Gaia in this moment than the creation of physical, tangible, peace. That will be tangible. You will be able to witness it. You will be able to see people put down their guns, to stop beating their children, to turn to their neighbours in consideration and helpfulness, kindness.

This is a tangible creation of Nova Earth and it is the most important step in this phase.

Is it what you would think of as the next step or the next feeling of Nova Earth? Yes.

Then what you are doing is you are beginning to anchor institutions, structures, ways of work, ways of play, ways of family, ways of doing business, that are in alignment with the future Cities of Light – which are very close – which are in alignment energetically, telepathically, heart, with your Star brothers and sisters, with the Ascended Masters, so that we can all show up. Those are the next steps.

SB: Any steps after that?

AAM: There will always be more! [Laughter]

SB: Dream big! [Laughter]

AAM: Dream big! But yes, do not forget, this is a template for this Universe.

End of the fourth section posted earlier.

If we were to talk 1,000 years hence, 100 years hence, this way of Gaia in peace and in Cities of Light, and in places of harmony where perhaps no humans tread other than to come in sacred ceremony now and then, that are tended to by the animal kingdom, the beauty, the sense of the very air, the sky, the land, a feeling and knowing as you inhale that you are in complete harmonious unity with everything.

Start of the fifth section posted earlier.

That is, oh shall we say, a step, several steps away. And as that is the Truth, as that is the templates, the grid, then it is ready to be replicated in other planetary systems.

And each of you will be pivotal in helping to do that.

SB: So that’s a Stage 2, isn’t it? That after we’ve crossed the finish line, after there’s a spirit of unity that prevails around the planet, unitive consciousness, then we take what we’ve learned to other Star systems, is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: And not only do we do it geographically – i.e., take it to other Star systems – but we’ll be taking it to future ascensions, in higher dimensions as not a template but a foundation upon which they can build, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, because that template is multidimensional, is trans-dimensional, is higher realm, is telepathic, mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication.

So you can either send the message telepathically, you can jump on a ship and go, you can be part of a mission and anchor in a distant place… These are the choices that are open to you.

SB: Open to us now, Lord, or open to us at the time we cross the finish line?

AAM: Some of you, not many, but some of you are already doing that. And you will hear some interesting stories, but that is not mine to convey.
But as a collective, it is as you cross your infamous finish line, but let me not leave it like that, hanging.

You see, when we talk about process – and we have done a lot of discussion about process! – but do not forget what I am saying to you about time. You tend to think, “oh, this sounds like a long project”. The project could be completed, not just metaphorically or in a blink of the Mother/Father’s eyes, but in a blink of your eyes.

It can happen as rapidly as you collectively are choosing. It does not need to take years. That is old thinking.

End of the fifth section posted earlier.

So, think of it this way. Think of a piece of music, notes on the page, each note is a progression, the lines are the timelines, but the notes are happening very quickly, sequentially, and you can be finished playing the piece rapidly. Go staccato!

SB: So, when you say some of the things you say about it happening in a millisecond, I find myself feel a kind of a stab of fear. I say to myself “Well, if I try that experiment, it probably won’t work for me.”

AAM: Because you do not believe it can work.

SB: Is it just a simple matter of believing, Lord, because believing is a fairly low form of knowledge, right?

AAM: It is the believing that you need to toss out.

SB: Yes, the false belief I need to toss out.

AAM: When you claim the fullness of your ability… it is not just I believe, I think, I feel… it is ‘I DO’.

SB: Yes, I agree.

This sixth section goes to the end of the interview and was posted earlier.

AAM: So perhaps not a millisecond, because I do not wish you to think that I do not honor the human form. But what if you say that this month, this year, this is done?

SB: And ‘this is done’ refers to what, Lord?

AAM: This transformation. “Peace on Earth” – the declaration of “we have had enough”!

SB: Why don’t we make a deadline, a date?

AAM: Yes, because you are very good at setting deadlines and meeting them!

SB: Well, yes, thank you!

AAM: All of you.

SB: But also, without deadlines we can’t coordinate.

AAM: Without deadlines you cannot coordinate. But it is also the framework within which you have been set up. On the 30th, I pay my rent. On the 10th, I receive my pay check. When I am in Grade 3, I should be able to read. When I am in Grade 12, I am going to graduate.

So you have these frameworks that are associated with time. So setting a deadline is a very good idea.

SB: Alright. What’s the deadline that we should set for the cessation? I’m going to let you define it, Lord. I was going to say ‘the cessation of hostilities, the onset of peace’ but I think I’d better let you define what this deadline would be accomplishing.

AAM: Let us begin… because I do not wish to overwhelm you… right now, by allowing the breeze to pass through your portal. So that is already done.

Let us set the deadline for the cessation of what you think of as ‘war’. Let us set it for Valentine’s. That is our favorite day.

SB: I was going to suggest that and I thought it would be too early. But I love that idea, thank you.

AAM: Let us begin.

SB: I accept.

AAM: And you have just declared that you accept on behalf of all listeners, all lightworkers, all loveholders. And, dear heart, we accept!
I thank you because this is the request I have brought to the table this day.

SB: Thank you. As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I accept.

AAM: As a global Gaian, you accept!

SB: Yes I do. Thank you. February 14. So do you recommend that we get involved in inner work, join together in meditation, have marches… What would you recommend?

AAM: No, I am not suggesting that you storm Washington. I am suggesting the inner work, feeling the breeze, my breeze pass through you, that you are a peace portal, not merely a believer in peace, but a peace portal. So everything can flow through you and you are expanding and sending it out.

And yes, a meditation is a good idea, so we will get busy on that.

SB: Alright. Is global meditation the primary route we should take?

AAM: No, it is not either/or. You cannot do either/or. It is both.

SB: Alright. Well, what other activities could we engage in to ritualize, dramatize and actualize “Peace on Earth by February 14″?

AAM: Spread the word, dear heart. Spread the good news. So will I.

SB: Alright. Okay, very good. So the mere coordinating of this through writing and communication is probably…

AAM: It’s an action and a declaration. Use the word ‘enough’.

SB: ‘Enough’. Okay, thank you I will. Well, I am all equipped, and thank you for that.

AAM: Yes, you are!

SB: Now that’s a creation!

AAM: That is a creation, a tangible creation, an ambitious creation, that you and we can do together.

SB: Yes it is. Does that [creating the context] make it here already? We’ve created the context, have we not?

AAM: Yes, you have. But if I say to you… I know how you humans think. Your mental body will play many tricks on you. So if I say to you, “Well, it is already here”, then you won’t bother to do what I am asking you to do.

And you will say, “Well, I don’t need to worry. It’s already here.” That is not partnership. That is like your beloved asking you to do something together and you say, “Well, she already loves me. I don’t really have to do it.” No, no, no! [Laughter]

SB: Right, okay. I didn’t mean it in that way, but okay, that’s very good. But we have nevertheless created a context right now, have we not? The context is “Peace on Earth by February 14, 2015”?

AAM: You have created the entire context. I have created the context. The Mother is waiting.

SB: Right, okay. So now, the next step for us is to communicate it?

AAM: That is correct. To communicate it, and for all involved to do. So think of it as the doing. It is internal work; it is external work; but it is an action.

SB: Right. Now, it needs to be peaceful, right, obviously?

AAM: It has to be peaceful.

SB: How can you achieve peace without being peaceful?

AAM: You cannot force peace down someone’s throat. But you can gently let the breeze flow through them. They will never know.

No, it is not raping somebody to give them the gift of peace. Let it flow to them.

This is a very ambitious undertaking.

SB: Yes. Now, if we were facing troops, Lord, and we said, “Enough!” and turned our backs on them, this act of turning our backs on systems of war or police-state apparatuses and what have you… would that be interpreted as a gesture of disrespect?

AAM: What you are doing is turning your back on the action and the energy to the people that you are facing.

Send the energy, facing them, looking deep into their heart and their eyes, and send them the breeze of peace, so that they will feel that gift that you bring them, that release, that liberation, that freedom from their bondage.

SB: Alright. Well, the whole delivery of the message to others who are, say, at war, behind war, immersed in war… the whole delivery has to be the message itself, does it not?

AAM: It has to be delivered, and in the delivery of the message is the dissembling of the apparatus of war.

SB: How is that, Lord? How does that happen?

AAM: See it like the phoenix crumbling into ashes, as if it never had substance anyway and it is simply disintegrating.

SB: Right, okay. That’s very good.

AAM: This truly is a situation of ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

SB: Now, you’ve said on numerous occasions that the old Third is just crumbling away. What do you mean by that? If I look out my window, am I to expect these buildings to crumble away?

AAM: No, because you are still… when we speak of the energy of the old Third, we are speaking of death, destruction, lack, limitation, greed, lust, pain, suffering. The buildings do not need to crumble, although some of them will because they are an aberration, they do not hold the energy of clarity, of purity, of Love. So will there be a clean-up energy? Yes, but that comes next.

First you build the blueprint within. So you do not want to see buildings crumbling.

You still inhabit a cleaned-up, shall we say, Third Dimension. But you aren’t stuck there.

Third-dimensional reality merely means that you can have the experience of physicality, just as being in the 7th means you are having the experience of the Christ Consciousness. They are not exclusive of one another.

SB: Alright. But the fall of the old Third, the disappearance of the old 3rd, everything you are talking about when you are discussing that is what I could call ‘internal’, is it not? I am just getting so much, Lord, the importance of the internal world.

AAM: The internal must crumble first. You are correct.

SB: Oh, I wasn’t meaning that but could you elaborate? What do you mean by ‘the internal’? False grids?

AAM: The false grids, but the illusion of value, that there is innate value in many of the institutions or fear of the crumbling or disintegration of those institutions.

So, because there has been this duality… for example, government has usurped the freedom and the liberty… well actually, most governments have done this. But if we speak to you about the elimination of government, everyone goes into a panic and says, “What about my welfare check? What about my food stamps? What about the maintenance of my roads?”

What you are seeing crumbling is the greed, the taking away of freedom, of laws which are unjust, of practices that are completely unjust. That is what is crumbling so that the Truth… and we will use the United States of America as the example.

St. Germaine’s promise of a land of freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness… so that can re-emerge and sparkle and truly be the blueprint and the paradigm restored.

But everything else has to crumble. And if it does not crumble within thee, if you say, “I can’t let this go because I need the structure”, then you are being untrue to yourself.

SB: So the real revolution is internal, not like the American Revolution which was external. This revolution is internal, I take it?

AAM: The internal revolution is the most important part because when that takes place, there is no need for upheaval or bloodshed.

SB: We just have a short time, Lord, before we have to go. Let me ask you this last question. Is it correct to say that fear itself is what has to disperse overall before the race is finished, etc. etc. It’s fear?

AAM: It is fear. It is fear. It is that fear that freezes and does not allow the energy to move in the way it wants to flow.

SB: Right. Okay. Well, we are going to have to end there. I hear the music. Thank you so much for this discussion, Lord. It’s just chalk full of the most valuable information. Thank you!

AAM: Then let us begin, dear friends!

SB: You bet!

AAM: Let us begin! And thank you. Thank each and every one of you. Farewell.

SB: Thank you Lord. Farewell.

Steve Beckow – What is Peace but a Quiet Mind? – 2-5-15

Meditation22What is peace in the final analysis but a quiet mind?

What is a quiet mind in the final analysis but the space of the Heavenly Father, Brahman?

Just as I’ve said that love is not the final goal; knowledge of our true identity is, so here: peace is not the final goal; knowledge of our true identity is.

But that having been said, we can only know our true identity in the space of peace, the space of the quiet mind.

Knowledge of the Self arises in the quiet mind. Hindus express that by saying that the flame does not flicker in a windless place; Buddhists by saying that the moon is reflected in the still pond.

Without inner peace, we cannot know the Self. Without outer peace, there’d never be the right conditions for seeking inner peace.

Wars and other forms of violence would keep people in fear and separation. Conflict breeds conflict. The bases of civilized society would quickly erode.

If you’re following the same scenario I am, if you believe the Company of Heaven despite all the seeming postponements and setbacks, and if you’re willing to take a chance on taking a stand for something that’s meaningful and makes a difference, then take a stand for peace.

Archangel Michael said the operative word was “Enough!” We’ve had enough of war, rape, and pillage. We’ve had enough of corruption, torture and murder. That’s taking a stand.

We’ve had enough. We no longer support any activities that lead to conflict. Our support now goes to propagating love, not hatred; truth, not propaganda; and peace, not domination.

This simple alignment of holistic beings itself creates a force field that has many effects, I’m told.   It shifts the collective consciousness. It empowers the Company of Heaven to take action on behalf of our expressed will. It emanates a force that overcomes control.

I’d be happy if we all simply expressed our alignment with the goal of Peace on Earth.

And what better day to do it on than Valentine’s Day, 2015?

I believe that all else will flow from peace. Peace first. All else second.  And the second is huge. It’s as if peace is the crack in the dam, which once sprung causes the whole structure to collapse and the water to come rushing through.

Wisdom with Wes – World Peace – Why Not? – 2-6-15

68912-peaceonearthWhen I first read the prediction coming from the Golden Age of Gaia team (more specifically, Archangel Michael, the channeled entity who recently spoke on the radio show An Hour With An Angel) that peace on earth will happen by Valentines Day 2015, all kinds of warning bells went off in my head.

Oh no, I thought. Another channeled prediction. I don’t want to be around if this falls through…

A lot of worries, concerns and judgments sprang up in my mind, and my first thought was to stay detached from the whole thing. Then, I asked myself why I felt that way; why I automatically assumed, with no doubt in my mind, that peace on earth wouldn’t be attained by this date.

The usual reasons came up – most of the world is still spiritually unaware or unaware of the necessity of peace, the world’s still in control of insane elitists who do everything they can to sustain war, Archangel Michael’s call/prediction couldn’t possibly influence enough people to actually create peace on earth, because after all, it’s a huge goal…Blah, blah, blah.

The reasons and detractions continued to flow in, and again, all I wanted to do was stay distant from the whole thing. And that’s what I planned to do, until I realized that my unwillingness to believe such a big goal could actually be possible was potentially inhibiting the world peace I (and so many others) want to see.

66ddf-willingness_is_an_actionSometimes, we have to think big to achieve big things. If I’m unwilling to believe peace can be attained by a certain day (albeit, a day that’s very close for such a big goal and doesn’t give us much time to achieve it), then maybe there’s a part of me that’s unwilling to believe it could happen at all.

It doesn’t have to be so black and white, but when I really think about it, I don’t know what’s kept me from believing this goal can be achieved except my own unwillingness.

With this unwillingness comes the desire to protect my image by staying distant from it all, and now, I’m asking myself why. There’s no need for the conscious community to care about image management, and when it comes down to it, my ego is what’s stopped me from thinking this goal is achievable.

Whether or not the predicted date comes and goes with no world peace doesn’t matter much to me. What does matter is my unwillingness to believe it can happen and my need to protect my image by staying quiet about it. I’m not saying I think it’s going to happen – I’m saying I don’t know what I think or why my instant reaction was disbelief and discomfort.

I still clearly have some inner issues to work through, but it’s okay because we all do. If we want to see true world peace, especially anytime soon, we’ll want to be brutally honest with ourselves and explore those parts of ourselves that are unwilling to believe such a monumental and important goal can be achieved.

We aren’t required to have faith in the predictions of channeled entities, and most conscious people are more comfortable ignoring those predictions, but every now and then, we’ll be forced to confront our self-created limitations. For me, this confrontation formed when I realized I was hesitant to believe this could actually happen, and it’s clearly something I need to work through before I can properly contribute.

We all want world peace, but if we’re unwilling to believe it can actually happen, we won’t get very far.

I’m not saying we have to believe in every world peace prediction we hear about, but why not believe it can happen? The willingness to believe in things most of society won’t accept is what got us to our current point in the first place, and who knows – maybe we could achieve big things if we open our minds a little more.

It won’t bother me if Valentine’s Day is uneventful in terms of world peace, because this whole thing has taught me a valuable lesson about myself and my unwillingness to believe.

Our collective unwillingness could make world peace unattainable, so maybe open-mindedness (and openheartedness) really is the best way to go.

No matter what happens, I’ve learned that if we don’t open our minds and consider new things – even big things that the ego would rather not endorse – we won’t make much progress in using love, awareness and spirituality to change the world.

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂


Wes Annac – Is Peace on Earth Possible? – 12-30-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the reader’s question segment of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter.

Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know if true, lasting peace on earth can be attained.

“Is it possible to have complete peace while living on earth? Will the world reach a peaceful state soon?”

Like others, I hold hope that a new day’s on the horizon and humanity will eventually embrace peace over division and war. This is what most seekers strive to see, and the hope is for the things we’re doing to inspire others to contribute to a revolution that’s just begun.

I think the rest of the world will have to open up before we can create heaven on earth, but despite the amount of people who still feed lower states of consciousness on a daily basis, I think lasting inner peace is attainable here.

It isn’t easy, and it requires mastering our physical and spiritual faculties. I’d imagine lasting inner peace can only be attained with serious mental and emotional discipline, which, in essence, allows us to continuously detach from the aspects of life that makes us feel like strangers in a place that seems filled with negativity and hardship.

I think the problem with finding and sustaining inner peace is that we’re confronted with the harsher realities of life every day, and it can make us feel like this world isn’t the heavenly home we want it to be.

What most of us don’t know is that with heaven comes challenge. Attaining inner peace will help us feel more heavenly, but in order to do it, we’ll have to embrace the daily challenges that refine our consciousness and teach us things we need to learn.

Even the most difficult and challenging situations have something valuable to offer, and the hardest part of sustaining inner peace is calling on it when we just don’t feel strong enough; when our own negativity (or the negativity of the world around us) feels so strong that we can’t resist letting it in and subsequently feeding it.

As hard as it is for some to contemplate, we really are in complete control of (and completely responsible for) our emotions and the things we say and do. When we step away from the inner peace we want so desperately to sustain, we separate ourselves from it and put ourselves in a state of division from peace, love and spirit.

We erect a wall between our finite earthly selves and our centered, multidimensional selves, and we convince ourselves the love-filled reality we enjoyed only a moment ago is as distant as the Pleiades. It isn’t, but once we distance ourselves from it and embrace negativity, we’ll probably convince ourselves it is.

The less people who are aware and centered, the harder it’s going to be.

This doesn’t have to deter us from pursuing it, and it’s actually necessary in that it uses extreme catalyst to catapult us into mastery. It’s an intense path, but the rapid and extreme lessons we learn on earth allow us to quickly and difficultly learn the lessons we need to learn to become unflinching masters who can show the way for others.

The hardest lessons we face essentially catapult us into mastery. If we reach a point where we want true and lasting inner peace more than anything else, we’ll have to detach from the desire to feed negativity, however justifiable it sometimes seems, and continuously monitor our thoughts, feelings and actions. We’ll basically have to become masters.

I don’t want to seem like a spiritual drill sergeant by urging us to take more responsibility for the attainment of lasting inner peace, and it’ll be just as hard for me as the rest of you to actually do it. But I’ve been led to think through a series of life lessons that if we seriously want inner peace, we have to work for it. We have to fight for it.

Like a spiritual warrior on an emotional battlefield, we have to claim inner peace.

We have to embrace it in the worst, hardest situations; the times when we could easily fall into negativity and make ourselves miserable. This advice comes from someone who’s failed to stay centered plenty of times, and I know from experience that we’ll continue to be miserable until we take responsibility and make a change.

We can’t just make a change – we have to sustain it. We’ll have to be diligent in every moment (while still being relatively detached), and make sure we don’t fall into old habits that lead us to negativity.

In a way, all it really entails is recognizing when negativity enters our consciousness (whether it gets there from an internal or external source) and handling it with a centered mind and an open heart. It requires the discipline mentioned earlier, and keeping it up in the face of all situations could be a long journey, but our victory will be sweet.

Mastery and lasting inner peace are naturally permeating the world as everyone awakens, and the more consistently and enthusiastically we embrace them over negativity when the latter comes our way, the more they’ll stick with us.

They’ll eventually be natural parts of us that we call forth with ease, and by the time this happens, maybe the rest of the world will have opened up to them too.

This concludes this week’s reader’s question.

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