Wes Annac – Extraterrestrials on Earth? – Reported ET Contacts, Part 1/2 – 7-19-16


Wes Annac   –   Extraterrestrials on Earth?   –   Reported ET Contacts, Part 1/2   –   7-19-16

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness



Note: I shouldn’t have spoken so soon about ceasing to post my reports in parts; as you can see I’ve reversed the decision in favor of having something to post every day (or at least most days).

I hope you enjoy these reports regardless of how they’re presented. =)

To an outsider looking in at the UFO movement, it may seem a little strange.

How can there be so much information about UFOs, extraterrestrial races and the collusion between negative ETs and a ‘shadow government’ that runs the world yet stays hidden from the public eye if governments we think have our best interest in mind haven’t officially made contact?

For skeptics, the only rational explanation is that the evidence supporting the existence of UFOs and visitation is bogus and the theories surrounding these contacts are fantasy.

However, a growing number of people around the world disagree and you’d be surprised to see who some of them are.

Some have worked in highly classified projects for the military industrial complex and surfaced as whistleblowers to tell their story, and others have experienced ET contact in ways that, to them, were undeniable.

A Fascinating Subject

As a lover of mystery who’s interested in breaking down consensus reality and revealing the bliss on the other side, the ET subject has always fascinated me. I’m interested in the idea that we’re not alone because to me, it seems obvious.

I’m also interested in learning conspiracy facts, because they confirm what I already know: a negative force operates on this world and has most of society under its control.

What if the powers that be are hiding evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on earth? What if Roswell and other sightings or contacts were genuine and our governments have been lying about them?

Open-Minded Discernment

A little openness toward this topic might help you become aware of something most people prefer not to think about.

I recommend discernment with this topic and others like it, but I also advise being open to the possibility that some of the information here is true.

The extraterrestrial presence is an undeniable reality for countless people, and there has to be a reason so many of them are convinced it’s real.

Most of these people are normal citizens who are either open to the idea of contact or have actually experienced it, which is something society would call them crazy for.

A little openness toward this topic might help you become aware of something most people prefer not to think about, and while the potential ET presence is an uncomfortable subject, it’s crucial to humanity’s evolution.

Everything Would Change

An extraterrestrial presence on earth would change everything about the way the world functions, and nearly every aspect of society would become irrelevant as humanity is forced to face the uncomfortable truth that we’re not alone in the cosmos.

For me, exploring literature on UFOs and ET contact is a great way to be open to another reality, the inhabitants of which actively engage ours.

All of these earthly things in which we place so much importance would be seen for what they really are, and for most people, it’s a lot easier to avoid this possibility than consider it.

The apparent lack of evidence of the ET presence supports the notion that we’re alone in the cosmos and assures we never have to look beyond our frivolous human existence.

We get to remain in our comfort zone, but sooner or later, something will break the fallacy that we’re alone and we’ll have to face the truth.

Something will wake us up to the fact that we’re cosmic beings traveling through space that’ll inevitably make contact with an otherworldly species (if we haven’t already).

For me, exploring literature on UFOs and ET contact is a great way to be open to another reality, the inhabitants of which actively engage ours.

With an open mind and a healthy sense of discernment, let’s take a look at these interesting and mind-boggling accounts of extraterrestrial contact:

Helen and Betty Mitchell Met Humans from Mars

In 1959, Helen and Betty Mitchell published an account of extraterrestrial visitation in their book We Met the Space People (1). According to the book, they were approached by two male humans in a coffee shop in 1957 who claimed to be from Mars (1).

Credit: ufohypotheses.com

They proved they were genuine by telling the sisters ‘intimate’ details about their family (1). After gaining their confidence, the two men instructed them to create a device that would allow for six months of sustained contact (1).

In November 1957, Helen departed a ‘secluded Illinois wood’ in a spacecraft and traveled to a mothership where she called Betty, who stayed behind (1).

The sisters were reportedly asked by the council of benevolent human Martians to speak up against atomic weapons (1), a common theme in contact cases, because by that time a dangerous level of radioactivity had already contaminated the earth as a result of atomic weaponry and the council was concerned (1).

Shirley MacLaine Went out on a Limb

You may be familiar with actress Shirley MacLaine, but you may not be familiar with her work regarding extraterrestrial contact.

Credit: ufohypotheses.com

In her book Out on a Limb, she uses a fictional character named David to introduce an ET contact case from South America (1). The character is based on Charles A. Silva (1), a South American man who claimed he was visited by an enlightened female extraterrestrial from the Pleiades (1).

At the same time his contact occurred, there was another reported case of Pleiadian contact with a farmer named Eduard Meier in Switzerland (1). MacLaine visited and interviewed both contactees for days (1), and she would later study reports of Pleiadian contacts around the world (1).

Jim Sparks Met ‘The Keepers’

Contactee Jim Sparks reportedly has an extensive relationship with extraterrestrial beings known as ‘The Keepers’ (2).

Jim Sparks. Credit: granitepublishing.us

These beings can live for thousands of years without losing their youth because they’ve ‘conquered death’ (2), and they advised him on how humanity can overcome the mess we’ve made on earth and eventually join other galactic races (2).

The Keepers told Sparks that humans have repeatedly reached a critical evolutionary point and destroyed ourselves throughout history, and we have an opportunity to evolve this time around instead (2).

(Continued in part 2 tomorrow)



(1)    Rick Keefe, “Benevolent ET Groups”, UFO Hypothesis, n.d. – http://ufohypotheses.com/ben.htm

(2)    Makia Freeman, “The Top 20 Most Fascinating, Mind-Blowing Alien Contactee / Abductee Cases – Part 1”, The Freedom Articles, October 22, 2015 – http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/top-20-alien-contactee-abductee-part-1/

Featured image credit: themindunleashed.org

Wes Annac – It’s a New Age – 5-13-16

A New Earth. Credit: tauksuzanne.wordpress.com

Courtesy of   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/05/13/new-age-part-1/

Are we at the dawn of a “new age” of social and spiritual transformation? Is there really an “other side”, and is humanity on the verge of reuniting with it through a natural process of spiritual evolution that doesn’t require death to experience?

The idea of a new age fascinates me because we live in such an insane world that needs to change in so many obvious ways and the masses support the system that keeps it in place. We support it financially because we don’t have any other choice; we’re locked in this system of perpetual debt and financial slavery.

The problem is that so many people willingly support the system despite what it’s doing to us all because they don’t know what’s really going on.

A Spiritual Perspective

With the world in shambles, many of us are looking at the chaos from a spiritual perspective in an effort to figure out how it can be changed to reflect the love and compassion that are slowly growing in the hearts of the masses.

Some information you can find about spirituality runs the risk of being flawed since nobody knows what the other side is like, but it’s necessary to seek the information if you want to decrypt the secrets of the universe.

I recommend a healthy level of discernment with anything. By taking what you can from each piece of information, you can put aside what seems false and embrace what seems genuine.

Decide For Yourself

For this report, we’ll hear from various sources (some channeled) about the impending new age in human consciousness.

In presenting this material, I’m not trying to argue that a new age is real or the channeled material discussing it is genuine. Instead, I prefer for readers to decide for themselves. It will undoubtedly be genuine for some, while others might be skeptical for understandable reasons.

Discernment goes a long way when it comes to spiritual writings or channeled material, and it’s possible to be discerning without completely rejecting something. Similarly, it’s possible to be open without believing every single thing you read.

I write about things like this because they interest me, and I try to approach them objectively in the interest of encouraging debate on topics I find fascinating. Take them or leave them, but be open to the overwhelmingly positive message most of them have to offer.

With that said, let’s explore what’s been written about the new age with an open yet discerning mind.

Upheaval Is Common

Sir Ronald Fraisher writes in The Awakening Letters that we’re approaching the end of an age and the beginning of something new. Upheaval is common in times like this.

“Earth is ending – or nearing the end – of a cosmic day which in this case synchronizes with the end of an Age and the entrance into the Aquarian Age. Such times are always times of great distress and unawareness.” (1)

He also encourages us to conserve our energy in preparation for what will be “unleashed”.

“There are so many new forces about to be unleashed that we all long to warn you. Conserve your mental and physical energy. It will be needed.” (2)

Angels Helping Earth

John Heslop describes the role played by angels in the creation and evolution of life, hinting at their role in facilitating planetary evolution.

“Angelic beings assist at the birth and development of these new worlds. They build up the conditions necessary for the ultimate production of life, though this process may take millions of years. At first the lowest forms only are produced. Gradually they rise in capacity till the world is ready for the highest intelligences.

“It was so in your world and the angels are still working, as they have been since its inception. Recently they have begun a further and higher work. As a race you will rise, till in very truth it will become for you a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” (3)

According to this passage, angels are involved in the evolution of life they also play a role in creating.

They’re assisting the birth of a new world that will herald the next stage of our existence, and many in the spiritual community believe you can connect with them. Some have claimed to see angels during out-of-body experiences, and one person in particular described what he saw as a “guardian angel” dressed in a white robe.

(Continued in part 2 tomorrow)


Part 2



Credit: feedblitz.com

(Continued from part 1)

“Many Big Changes”

Silver Birch describes the “crisis” we’re in the midst of and explains that a higher power is at work.

“You are now in the midst of the crisis. As always happens before there is a birth, there is much pain. The birth of the new order means much pain. Even when the new order comes, there will be growing pains.

“But there has been planted in your world a seed that will grow and the efforts of those in high places to destroy the seed will fail. It was said, a long time ago, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’ That is going to happen.

“There will be many big changes. There will be break-ups and there will be many upheavals. There will be what you think is darkness and difficulty. You will say, ‘Things are worse.’ But, all the time, there is behind it all a power which is making for the progress of the world.” (1)

The World We Can Create

He also outlines the kind of world we can create.

There are many of us who have been allowed by those who are higher and above us to see your world as it will be one day. That conception we try to transmit to those who are receptive, to inspire them to go on with their work.

The pictures I have seen make your present world more ugly than it is. I see what it could be like – and what it must be like. It is only a question of time.

One day, there will arise a new race that will recognize that all politics, religion, science and knowledge are part of one thing. Then pain, sorrow, fear, mourning and unhappiness will be banished and your world will be a place of smiles and happy laughter. …

You have tried to build a world where, when one man has something, instead of using it to help the others, he tries to keep it for himself, with the result that in time he makes a system that must collapse because its foundations are wrong.

When you have people who develop their gifts, which all come from the Great Spirit, and use them for the benefit of all the others, then there will be built a system founded on that which is eternal. (2)

I like to think we’re creating a society where everyone can use their gifts to improve the world in some way. Everyone has some kind of talent, and my ideal world is one where we all support each other and work together while honoring individuality.

I believe such a world is possible, but it won’t be a reality until we make it happen.

Doesn’t Matter What We Call It

Silver Birch tells us it doesn’t matter what we call the new age.

“I do not care by what name you call the dawn of the new world, but it is the world of the Great Spirit coming into fulfillment, accompanied by His power, and the service of all faithful hearts who seek but to bring new joy, new life, new happiness into the world of matter, so that there shall cease coming into our world the wrecks of yours. “ (3)

People are slowly becoming aware, opening up to their creative side and trying to create a better world because they’re responding to the intensified cosmic energy bringing about this evolution.

According to Silver Birch, our work will continue until the new world is a reality and humanity is changed forever.

The New Age is Dawning

Spirit teacher “Elder Brother” describes what he calls the New Age of Aquarius.

The New Age of Aquarius [is] now dawning on the world. …

Yet, even as indeed we may be the Elder Brethren of your human race, and able to view the present trauma of your planet with detachment, still our duty and our joy is to release to your worlds some ray of that Divine Purpose by which all creation moves to its ascendancy.

Such a moment in the plan for your cosmos is now immanent.

These powerful vibrations of truth will make ingress into man’s mind and heart as the Living Water of the Aquarian Age is poured out upon all mankind, in the centuries when, following these tribulations of retribution for past cruelties, remorse for lost opportunities, and the dismal errors of the substitution of temporal power and affluence for Spiritual Grace, have been purged from all nations. (4)

He asks potential spiritual seekers to “accept the Living Water of Truth”.

“Oh, Closed Minds, open to the revelation of the Divine Law! Fulfil the teachings of the Great Ones; accept the Living Water of Truth into your minds in preparation for the New Age of the revelation of the Spirit!” (5)

I like the phrase “Living Water of Truth” because it presents spiritual truth as something that flows. In my opinion, this alludes to the connection between spirituality and creativity. Truth and creativity flow naturally in a higher consciousness, and there’s no difficulty feeling or expressing the higher vibrations.

(Continued in part 3 tomorrow)

Wes Annac – Creativity and the Evolution of the Soul – 4-19-16

Credit: meaningfullife.com

The following was written for the 194th issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletterwhich I offer for $11.11 a month.


To begin for this week – I’ve been writing a lot about creativity’s role in the evolution of the soul, because it’s a topic that’s close to my heart.

I’ve always enjoyed being creative; there’s an inherent sense of play involved that reconnects you with the inner child and reminds you of a time when life was all about play.

Can you remember a time in your childhood when things were simple and you could have fun all day long without worrying about anything at all? Overtime, this part of us seems to whither as society slowly chips away at it with no regard for what we’re losing.

We lose the sense of play that made life fun and exciting, and we swap joy for the stressful and tedious demands of adult life.

Most people forget all about play since their minds are concerned solely with work and survival, but thanks to creativity, some are reconnecting with the spirit of play and touching upon a higher consciousness in the process.

Creativity can be anything that has to do with bringing something into form from nothing (often with the help of instruments such as the pen or guitar), and we recognize it in various forms today. Writing, music, painting; poetry; street art; there are countless forms of art that, when pursued wholeheartedly, gradually reconnect you with the spirit.

As I‘ve written before, creativity requires self-reliance. To create anything, you have to bring it into form in a way that requires you to rely more on the Formless, which lives within you, and less on the material world for what we define as success.

Writing, music, painting and poetry make this clear. Artists in each field start out with a vision in their minds and hearts that they work hard to bring into form, and they wouldn’t be able to create anything if they relied on the external world. They use external instruments, but the creative force that powers them comes solely from within.

If, as in the case of writing, the vision, inspiration or creative energies don’t seem to be there, they simply create out of inspiration-less thin air until they find the muse; or maybe it finds them when they make an effort. I haven’t really figured it out, but when I have no inspiration or nothing to write about, I write anyway.

If I can’t do it well at the time due to a lack of inspiration (or lack of a topic), at least I still show up and apply myself.

The reason is that I’ve learned something incredibly important for anyone who wants to seriously pursue a creative outlet like writing or music, either as a career or something that feeds the soul on a daily basis: it has to become a way of life.

There’s no way around centering your life on it, because this is the only way to get anything worthwhile out of it. This thing you love so much, as well as the spark of joy and creativity you hope for it to inspire, should be the most important thing in your life alongside family and other important things.

It should be in the top three things you’re willing to devote your time and energy to, because a halfhearted effort will produce disappointing results. If you throw all of yourself into it, however, the results will be far beyond what you thought possible.

These forms of art aren’t just here to entertain us, and the truly devoted and open-minded have realized that they bring our awareness to inner states of being and the intuitive ‘voice’ that attempts to guide us through the evolutionary process.

You can take the traditional path into a higher consciousness with meditation or other things that bring your awareness to this connection in a more direct way, or, you can connect with it while sharing the creative/spiritual wealth with others via creative work.

Personally, I prefer creative work as a form of meditation but I still recommend meditation or whatever helps you reach this flowing inner space.

In my eyes, creativity nourishes the mind, heart and soul by establishing a connection with God and introducing us to deeper states of being where we see life for what it truly is and shatter the illusion of spiritual incarceration.

We’re already free despite what the ‘elite’ banksters want us to think, and creativity provides a path out of the mental jail cell we’ve created and leads us to the vibrant inner landscape where we can communicate clearly with Source.

The best part is that we’ll be inspired to help others, and if you’re passionate about some form of art, my advice is to see how passionate you really are by challenging yourself to do it a lot more. If you’re passionate enough, you’ll grow at a rapid pace and you’ll be glad you took the plunge. If you’re not, you’ll quickly give up.

I intend to challenge myself to utilize this creative connection more often, because now more than ever, the world needs the higher vibrations we can provide with works that inspire us.

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness, April 18, 2016 – http://tinyurl.com/h4o94zh

Wes Annac – Creativity Feeds the Soul

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I think creativity and the transformation of consciousness have more in common than most people think. My fellow creative minds probably know what I mean, and we feel like something’s missing if we aren’t hard at work.

It’s as if creativity feeds the soul.

Writers don’t feel complete if they don’t write every day. Musicians feel a hole in their heart if they don’t play every day.

Creativity and spiritual awakening seem intertwined, and while some people’s spiritual practices have nothing to do with creativity, others use it to expand their consciousness and share the good vibes.

As a writer with an interest in music, I can attest that these two creative outlets feed the soul in a way that few other things can. While they take time away from meditation, exploring nature and other soul-nourishing activities, they’re nourishing enough by themselves to make up the difference.

I’m not saying we’ll discover the secrets of God or the universe by playing music or writing articles, but since these outlets require us to look within and bring what we find into the physical world, you could say they bridge the gap between our inner and outer reality.

Few things will require you to look as deep into your own mind, heart and soul as writing or music, and while one can get caught up in the ego game if they seek fame and riches above all else, those who create for the purpose of expanding their consciousness will likely be able keep the ego under control.

Creativity teaches us how to bring the mind under the direction of the heart and use it instead of being used by it.

If God, the universe, etc. sees that we’re using music, writing or another creative outlet to uplift people, the life lessons we’d learn elsewhere will be shifted to these outlets so we can continue to be challenged and learn what we need about ourselves, our ego or anything else.

Credit: quoteswave.com

The manner in which we learn from life depends on how we choose to live, and if we decide to be creative for a living, we’ll learn the same types of lessons we would’ve learned if we chose something else.

In every case, the challenges and lessons are tailor-made to fit what we’re doing.

No writer, musician, poet or painter is free from challenges, and life is a constant learning experience for the creative individual. Especially when they experience writer’s block, they’re always pushed to be innovative and try things from a new angle.

It not only helps them deal with adversity, but keeps their work fresh and encourages new, more unique creations.

Sometimes, my biggest challenge to be inspired enough to keep writing every day. However, it helps me to know that if my commitment starts to wane, I’ll grow distant from my creative side and feel noticeably worse.

It isn’t a physical or emotional feeling; it’s a feeling in the mind and heart that something isn’t right.

It’s a feeling that something is missing, and the moment I resume being creative, I see that it’s what I needed. The more dedicated I am, the better I seem to feel. Nothing feels better than living with purpose and knowing that we’re helping to raise consciousness, and this feeling is available for all who make an effort.

Credit: pinterest.com

I’ll conclude this by giving my opinion that creativity comes mainly from the heart, and if we don’t love what we do, we won’t get much out of it. Our readers, viewers or listeners won’t either, because underneath the surface, we’re all looking for love and we can feel whether or not a piece of art contains it.

To have love is to be aligned with the Divine Mother – the greatest creative force in existence that essentially is love. When we’re aligned with the Mother, there’s nothing we can’t do or create.

For all you fellow writers, musicians, artists, painters, poets, actors and awakeners of mankind, keep up the great work. You’re serving humanity’s evolution in ways you might not understand yet, and if we can keep moving, we can finally start to turn this planet around.

Our generation will create rather than destroy and heal rather than cause physical and spiritual sickness.

We’ll do it with the power of creativity, and we’ll invite everyone to come on board because we all need to contribute. How we contribute is up to us, and when you find your passion, I’d recommend pursuing it because the world needs you.

Wes Annac – Conscious Living – 12-15-15

Credit: pinterest.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

This was written for the 177th issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month.


Income from the newsletter ensures I can get by and continue to offer free content, and every subscription is appreciated. The option to subscribe is given at the bottom of this post.

To begin for this week – What does it mean to live consciously? We hear a lot about it in the spiritual community, and like other things, it can make you wonder what conscious living really is and how it can be done.

In my eyes, to live consciously is to be cognizant of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions in every moment.

When we become aware of how we’re thinking and acting and if those thoughts/actions are in alignment with our path, we can make choices that reflect the level of awareness we want. It’s simple, but the mind can complicate things until we’re no longer aware of what’s right and wrong.

Some people live in an environment that gives them a distorted view of right and wrong from day one, and while they tend to be lost later in life, they have the potential to become aware and make a change if they can realize their environment was distorted from day one.

Love helps us become aware of our thoughts and actions so we can make the necessary changes, but it isn’t required for self-awareness or conscious living.

Our evolution will inevitably make us aware of love, but not everyone needs it at first. I didn’t know anything about love when I first started this spiritual journey, and it took me a while to realize that it’s more than a romantic notion and it holds high spiritual significance.

Along with self-awareness, conscious living usually entails some form of social or spiritual awareness. I started my journey by learning about ascension and the third eye, whereas others start theirs by learning about government and corporate corruption.

In any case, some form of awareness is discovered and embraced, and this usually happens before we become self-aware and try to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

One thing that really helped me was my newfound awareness of higher dimensions of consciousness that we can connect with from here on earth.

I always had a sense that there’s more to life than what we see around us, and by the time I discovered these alternative spiritual themes, I was fed up with the world’s limitation and ready to see what else is out there (and within).

This awakening helped me become aware of the corruption in the world and the necessity to do something about it, and self-awareness presented itself later. I’m still trying to become self-aware, and I make as many mistakes as anyone who tries their best while confronting limitation and routine self-defeat.

Most spiritual seekers are still in the midst of their personal development, and we’d be enlightened if we already had it mastered. We chose to take on the world’s darkness knowing full well we’d end up with staggering personal limits to work through, and as difficult as it can be, it’s a part of the journey and our work isn’t in vain.

A lot of conscious living advocates talk about healthy eating, and it too can be difficult. It isn’t easy for those who are conditioned early in life to eat certain foods; especially if their environment still contains the foods they were raised on.

For me, it helps to remember that the food I want to eat is not only nutritious, but enlightening.

Natural foods assist our physical and spiritual development. They give us the energy we need, and they gradually raise our vibration in the process. Food doesn’t provide a sole path to enlightenment as far as I know, but it helps us get there by keeping us where we need to be, nutritionally and spiritually.

The energy we get from natural foods can boost meditation as much as exercise or anything else, and they generally help us feel better. Eat something natural some time and see if you feel better and more connected with a higher consciousness, because it might be just what you need.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of conscious living is the willingness to sow love into the world. Giving love to the world not only raises our self-awareness and brings us closer to a higher consciousness; it allows us to raise the collective vibration by impacting others.

Everyone needs love; especially the most wicked and twisted people out there. The world is suffering from a lack of love, and we can bridge the gap by giving it unconditionally to those who’ve been starved of it and don’t know a life free of hatred.

Living with love is true conscious living, regardless of what you eat, how much you meditate or how aware you are of your actions, and love mitigates the pain that tries to drain our light. We just have to search deep within to find what’s been missing this whole time, and then, we can share it with others and encourage them to light up the world too.

WES ANNAC – How Can We Interpret Dreams? – 12-9-15

Credit: challengefuture.org

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness


Often in the morning just before waking up, I’ll have vivid dreams that seem to utilize an array of settings and address seemingly random topics.

I travel into a city in some of them, and in others, I talk with people I don’t recognize in waking life. One common theme unites all of them: I wake up wanting to feel closer with a higher consciousness.

The days I write more about spirituality are usually the days I had a vivid dream the night before, and its intensity makes me want to remember where I came from and reconnect with that essential part of myself.

It boosts my quest to decode the secrets of the universe, and it’s mainly because I think dreams bridge the earthly and the spiritual.

Like others, I think we dream when we travel into our subconscious, within which is revealed lower and higher states of being that, as in the case of lucid dreaming, we can explore if we become conscious of them during the experience.

I also believe Carl Jung’s theory on dreams, which we’ll explore later. He theorized that everyone and everything in our dreams is a teacher and a representation of ourselves in some way, and if we’re conscious of this during the dream (which isn’t always easy), we can get the most out of the lessons at hand.

While I have a theory of what dreams are and where they take place, the more vivid my dreams are, the more I want to know about other states of consciousness.

Credit: janetamid.com

Because of this, I’d like to share some information about dreams in relation to spirituality and symbolism in hopes that it makes the picture clearer for all of us.

In the end, nobody can claim to know the truth despite the theories that are out there, and this gives us more incentive to keep theorizing and testing our theories until we discover at least a small bit of truth.

David Jenkins tells us that dream analysis leads to deeper questions about life.

“Whatever your belief system, my experience is that, when you examine your dreams for any length of time, you raise deeper questions.

“Although I emphasize the fun of doing dreams my way, and the inevitable personal value to you of having a happier dream life, dreams almost always gravitate to these more meaningful questions: Who am I?, What am I doing here?, What ought I to be doing with my life?, What are my responsibilities to other people? What are my higher values beyond my simple self interest? … these are questions that are practically inevitable when you study your dream life.” (1)

Dreams, he tells us, are here to help.

Jeremy Taylor, the wonderful dream analyst, says – and I wholeheartedly agree – ‘All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness’. There is a kind of uplifting of the spirit when you ponder the questions that your dream life raises.

“Your spirituality may take the form of a practicing religion or a deeply held conviction about humanity. It may be some kind of ‘alternative’ practice or you may even find that spirituality exists in your being without you ever having cultivated it.

“It is hard, if not impossible, to be a human being and not have a force within you that speaks warmly about your relationships with your fellow humans and your environment. That force will become clear in your dreamwork.” (2)

He also shares his unique approach to being attacked in a dream.

“When someone finds themselves under physical attack in a dream, I almost always concentrate on how best they can protect themselves. I might even ask if they can counter attack their aggressor. That seems to be the exact opposite of a spiritual approach.

“But what happens in the course of a few dreams is that the physical attacks go away and people find themselves confronted by moral questions.

“In a way, the attack remains but has been changed from life-confronting to belief-confronting. ‘Why are you truly here’ then occurs as a question of meaning rather than an act of survival and your dreams will help you find answers.” (3)

Sigmund Freud. Credit: garlicescapes.com

Nilofar Ahmed at Dawn.com explains the difference between Freud and Jung’s interpretation of dreams and the subconscious.

“Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theory of dreams in his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, was based on the premise that repressed aggressive and sexual instincts find an outlet into the conscious mind through symbols, and hence find fulfilment.

“He also established a link between dreams and insanity. His theory popularised dream interpretation. Carl G. Jung, broke away from Freud and the Psychoanalytic Society, started a more humanistic approach to psychology, saw dreams as part of a natural process of healing and explored the meaning of dreams through mythology, symbols etc., that connect to our imagination and soul.” (4)

Dreams are significant in the Muslim faith, and it’s believed that the soul leaves the body at the time of sleep.

“However, when one looks at the Quran and hadith, one finds that dreams are a serious part of Muslim belief. During sleep the soul is supposed to leave the body temporarily and roam around in different spheres. Its experiences are seen and felt by the body in the shape of dreams, which sometimes convey information from the unknown. The more elevated the soul, the higher its sphere of spiritual experience.” (5)

Nilofar shares some examples of dreams being mentioned in the Quran.

“Prophet Yusuf saw a dream as a child: 11 stars and the sun and the moon prostrating before him (12:4). The meaning of the dream was made evident after decades when his stepbrothers and parents joined him in Egypt.

“The king of Egypt also related his dream in which seven lean cows devoured seven fat cows (12:43-44). The king was impressed by Prophet Yusuf’s gift of dream interpretation and made him the minister in charge of the treasury. His planning, based on his interpretation of the king’s dream and his own wisdom, saved Egypt from famine.” (6)

It’s also a common Muslim belief that the physical world is the dream, and real life comes when we leave the body at death.

“Contrary to the common concept that one goes to sleep at the time of death, Prophet Muhammad said that human beings are asleep in this world and at the time of death they will wake up (Ibn Al-Arabi). The life of this world might well be a dream. The life to come might be the reality that is hidden from us and will become apparent on awakening in the hereafter.” (7)

I can relate to this belief, because I’ve always felt that this reality is a dream and when we leave it, we awaken to the true reality; the place we came from and the place we’ll inevitably return to, which we have no memories of while we’re on earth.

This is why so many spiritual seekers are interested in dreams, which are believed to momentarily bridge the gap between us and spirit. They also help by sharing encoded lessons and symbolism we can interpret in waking life, and this leads back to Jung’s theory that the subconscious exists to help us grow and progress.

Carl Jung. Credit: jungnc.org

DreamInterpretation-Dictionary.com also notes the difference between Freud and Jung’s theories on dreams.

“A one time colleague of Freud, the pair shared the opinion that an unseen unconscious existed. However, they parted company due to a difference in belief about the purpose of the subconscious.

“Basically, Freud, in Jung’s opinion, was too steadfast in his theory that the subconscious was essentially a negative force where all ‘immoral’ impulses were repressed. Jung believed more in the notion that the subconscious was a gift designed to impart wisdom; that dreams were a direct means with which to communicate with the unconscious and specific to the dreamer. (8)

I get most of my theories on dreams from what I’ve learned from Jung, and this passage mentions his theory that everything we dream is a representation of ourselves.

“Jung postulated that every image visualised by the dreamer was a reflection of something within that person. As such, Jung, as opposed to Freud, believed that any individual had the capacity to decode their dreams as much as a trained professional.

“Jung considered the individual, with guidance, had the best understanding of the meaning of their dream because the symbolism presented was unique to them. (9)

Central to Jung’s interpretation of dreams was the concept of a ‘collective unconscious’.

“One of the main theories in Jung dream interpretation was that of the ‘collective unconscious.’ Jung believed this to be a collection of symbols that were shared by every human being but retained at the unconscious level.

“The symbols of the collective unconscious are provided to humans via the process of dreaming across generations and cultures.” (10)

Jung also theorized that myths originate in the collective unconscious, and thus, are significant to dreaming.

“Jung believed the value of myths was highly significant within the dream state in that these tales arose from the collective unconscious.” (11)

As he said himself, despite his theories he can’t claim to know what dreams are or where they originate. Dream Interpretation-Dictionary shares a quote from him.

“I have no theory about dreams, I do not know how dreams arise. And I am not at all sure that my way of handling dreams even deserves the name of a ‘method.’  I share all your prejudices against dream-interpretation as the quintessence of uncertainty and arbitrariness.

“On the other hand, I know that if we meditate on a dream sufficiently long and thoroughly, if we carry it around with us and turn it over and over, something almost always comes of it. This something is not of course a scientific result to be boasted about or rationalized; but it is an important practical hint which shows the patient what the unconscious is aiming at.

“Indeed, it ought not to matter to me whether the result of my musings on the dream is scientifically verifiable or tenable, otherwise I am pursuing an ulterior-and therefore autoerotic-aim. I must content myself wholly with the fact that the result means something to the patient and sets his life in motion again.” (12)

Nobody can claim to know where dreams come from, and some of the allure of dreams comes from their mystery. I’d love to know what they are and what effect they’re intended to have on people, because I’ve learned a lot from my dreams that I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t analyze them.

Credit: staticnoise.deviantart.com

Exploring these subjects is the only way to learn anything significant, and paying attention to what our dreams show us, who we encounter when we dream, etc. can give us access to important lessons that help us later on.

I’ll always think dreams connect us with the other side, but we have to be relatively tuned in before we can get the most out of them.

It helps to keep the mind open and be creative often, because creativity is a great way to express what we feel within, thereby strengthening our inner connection. There are plenty of other things we can do to strengthen it, and I recommend paying attention to our dreams and learning what we can.

If Jung and others are right, then dreams are much more than random mentally-generated images or representations of subconscious darkness; they’re the attempts of the other side to reconnect with us and remind us of what we’ve forgotten.

Wes Annac – Synchronicity – A Message from Your Inner Universe – 11-11-15

Credit: davidwolfe.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness



Since today is November 11th (11/11), let’s discuss synchronicity.

I started to notice synchronicities with numbers everywhere shortly after I learned about them, and I think one of their purposes is to confirm that what we’re thinking or doing the moment we receive them is in alignment with our path. If we have a thought regarding our work, our spiritual evolution or anything else important, a set of matching numbers (111, 222, etc.) can appear seemingly out of nowhere to confirm that we’re on the right track.

Of course, synchronicities with numbers aren’t the only kind we can pick up on. Has a strange coincidence ever happened to you out of nowhere that left you wondering if it was driven by an underlying, perhaps universal intelligence?

That universal intelligence is constantly trying to reach us and share love, support and guidance, and the only reason more people haven’t realized it exists is because they haven’t been open to it. You can call it whatever you want – God, the universe, departed loved ones, spiritual guides; it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it’s real, it wants to help us and we can actually communicate with it. All we need to do is request this higher power be with us and be open to any signs or synchronicities we receive, and we could pleasantly surprised to receive sign after sign of its presence.

One of the most commonly discussed aspects of the synchronicity phenomenon is when a month’s number and a certain day line up on the calendar, which is happening today. Some people in the spiritual community will tell you that these alignments temporarily heighten the evolutionary energy we’re receiving from the cosmos, and if we try, we can tap into the heightened energy and ride the wave into a blissful meditation.

We can take in a greater amount of this energy that’s believed to be flowing through our planet in abundance in support of our spiritual evolution, and this will not only give us a good meditation, but give our creative and spiritual work a boost. Some people report deep, introspective meditations on these dates, but there are other significant times when the cosmic energy is believed to intensify. You’ve probably heard about intensified energy during full moons, for example.

There’s a full moon tonight, so according to the logic, the energy will be intense.

Credit: english.despertando.me

December 21, 2012 was and still is popular in the new age community, because it was considered to be the mother of all important evolutionary dates. Many people believed that this date would herald a massive ascension, and those who weren’t ready for this ascension would reincarnate on another planet that hosted third-dimensional conditions in which they could still be comfortable (opinions about that did differ from person to person). A lot of people were holding their breath for this ascension day, and many were disappointed when it didn’t pan out.

Personally, I felt it would offer a little something but wouldn’t overwhelm anyone, and the intense meditation I enjoyed on that day was satisfying enough. I also felt that rather than being an actual ascension day, which I don’t think is yet possible for a number of reasons, it was a starting point of sorts for the real spiritual work to begin.

It was the start of the next phase in human evolution, and in the years following, those who consider ourselves ‘awake’ will be responsible for initiating a massive spiritual revolution that could, in time, lead to the collective evolution so many people were hoping for in December 2012.

Skeptics understandably take the fact that nothing amazing happened as evidence that ascension isn’t real, but since the date came and went, many people have adjusted their perspective on the evolution of the soul.

Some have realized that it’s a gradual and personal process and the whole world can’t just be whisked away from what they know. Rather than waiting for any special timeframe, they’ve made personal spiritual evolution (and collective spiritual revolution) their main priorities. They’re no longer waiting for something to happen, and instead, they’re figuring out how they can glimpse enlightenment while trying to wake up the world by raising awareness and sharing good vibes via an outlet they enjoy.

Unfortunately, the idea that something amazing will happen at a predetermined date is still alive and well in some parts of the spiritual community, and for all I know, someone could’ve claimed that ascension would happen today. Something similar happened when people felt that September 28th of this year would be significant. It could’ve simply been another misinterpreted period of intensified energy, and it comes down to what each individual felt (or didn’t feel) when it happened.

Credit: dreamstime.com

Like I’ve said before, it’s a better use of our time to focus on what we can do in the here and now with the tools we have available than to wait for something, because we need to be actively involved. While I do believe there are higher forces helping us from beyond this state of consciousness, I don’t think they can act unless we do. This is our planet, after all, and they’re waiting for us to step up and make a dedicated inner and outer change.

That doesn’t mean we can’t get the most out of days like today, and especially after my awesome meditation on 12/21/12, I’m convinced these days do intensify the energy and help us raise our vibration; even if it’s only temporary. If we glimpse enlightenment on one of these days, we can come back down to earth with what we felt and learned, ready to offer even more to this (r)evolution.

So, what do other people in the spiritual community have to say about synchronicities? Quite a lot has been said about them, and I’ve collected some material on the subject for us to explore. We might as well learn as much as we can about this fascinating phenomenon, because the spiritual community grows by the day and it’ll be interesting and relevant for years to come.

Our first snippets come from Nancy Seifer at “When The Soul Awakens”, and she discusses the general synchronies and coincidences people experience, which can be attributed to the guiding universal consciousness trying to get our attention.

“It happens to people all the time these days.  Something prompts you to look at a digital clock at exactly the same time of day or night—1:11, 3:33, 4:44.  You think of someone and soon thereafter that person contacts you.  Or you’ve just read an article, you get into your car, and while driving along you notice that the numbers and letters on the license plate in front of you reflect the subject of the article you’ve just finished reading.  Or, you see spelled out on the truck in the lane next to yours the actual words or names that appeared in the article.

“The odds against such occurrences are so great that when we notice them, they tend to stop us dead in our tracks. Like scenes of exquisite beauty, they take our breath away. Playing back the sequence of events in our minds, we realize that had we left home one minute later, or had the red light lasted 30 seconds longer, we would have missed the license plate or the sign on the truck.

“The more we think about it, the more we realize that such perfectly choreographed events cannot happen randomly. And if we think about it long enough, we come up against the limits of the rational mind.” (1)

Carl Jung. Credit: dreampositive.info

She also explains how synchronicity fascinated Carl Jung, who coined the term.

“Interestingly, it was the power of synchronicity to overwhelm the rational mind that held significance for Carl Jung (1875-1961), the Swiss psychiatrist who coined the term and brought the phenomenon to light.  Jung recognized that synchronicity, which he defined as meaningful coincidence, had the effect of breaking through the ‘rationalistic shell’ of the modern scientific mind.

“It is a form of coincidence powerful enough to shatter the notion that material science has discovered all there is to know about the universe. To the person having an experience of synchronicity, the realization dawns that a mysterious force is at play in the world—a kind of ‘cosmic clock’ whose gears operate on a more subtle plane.” (2)

Jung felt that synchronicity gives this universal force a platform to express the invisible and un-expressible.

“Modern science—based on the physical laws of cause and effect—measures and validates the relationship between cause and effect in the dimensions of time and space.  What fascinated Jung about synchronicity was its acausal nature.  He defined it as an ‘acausal relationship of events,’ as there is no apparent explanation for the occurrence of two simultaneous events, one subjective and one objective.

“Further adding to the mystery, Jung noted that the occurrence has special meaning for the person who experiences it.  This implies that unknown forces in our universe have the capacity to make visible, in the world of concrete form, the contents of the invisible realm of consciousness.” (3)

Nancy also shares an incredible story of a synchronicity Jung experienced with one of his patients, which allowed the patient to break through the limits of the rational mind.

“A classic illustration of synchronicity presented by Jung involved one of his patients, a woman with a highly developed rational mind— a fact that made her psychoanalytic treatment difficult.  One day she was telling Jung about a dream she had had in which she received a golden scarab, a beetle with significance in Egyptian mythology.

A golden scarab. Credit: ninjagaiden.wikia.com

“Just at that moment, Jung reported, he heard a noise ‘like a gentle tapping’ on his window.  When he opened the window, a scarab-like beetle flew in.  Jung caught the beetle and presented it to his patient saying, ‘Here’s your scarab.’ The stunning impact of this synchronicity overwhelmed the defenses of her rational mind and led to a breakthrough in her treatment.” (4)

I recommend reading the rest of this piece from Nancy, which you can find here, but we’ll go ahead and move on.

Grace at AskGrace.com explains that our spiritual guides use synchronicities to communicate with us through our intuition. Keep in mind that as I wrote before, different people define the guiding universal consciousness in different ways and some people define it as a spiritual guide or a set of guides. It’s all the same to me, and if we do have spiritual guides, they’re likely one with the universal consciousness so they essentially are this consciousness.

“There are many ‘synchronicity theories’ and ideas about what synchronicity is and how it works. Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, coined the term synchronicity, defining it as a ‘meaningful coincidence’ that has a low probability of being a random or chance event. From a spiritual perspective, synchronicity is one of the tools that our intuitive guidance system uses to communicate with us and get our attention.

“Within the Divine Matrix of All That Is, we have many facets and dimensions of support. Part of this support system comes from our spirit guides, who guide us through every moment of our lives. Our spirit guides vibrate at a much higher frequency than we do, and have a much higher perspective than we do on our own lives, on the world and on the Universe as a whole. From that higher perspective, our guides help us navigate our life path, much the way that a navigator in a plane directs the pilot on the best route to the chosen destination.” (5)

Spirit guides. Credit: tanahoy.com

It can hard for our guides to communicate with us since we live in a dense vibratory realm, but they still send messages in any way they can. Synchronicity is one of their preferred ways.

“Our guides are always communicating with us, but because the third dimension is very slow and dense in its vibration, most humans are too dense to perceive or understand their guidance. Guides attempt to communicate with us through our dreams, gut feelings, signs, symbols, déjà vu, and through synchronicity.

“Not only do our guides use synchronicity to get our attention, but they also literally move heaven and earth to co-ordinate those synchronicities so that we take notice of a particular path or message. Once you become aware of tapping into synchronicity, you can align with your guides and let synchronicity be an intuitive decision making tool.” (6)

So we’ve established that this universal force, however you choose to define it, uses synchronicities to send us important and potentially life-changing messages. But what about 11/11, the synchronicity/alignment we’re celebrating today? What’s the significance of numeric synchronicities involving the number eleven?

According to Crystalinks, the number 11 is a symbol of awakening and DNA activation.

Reality is a consciousness program (hologram, simulation, illusion, dream) created by digital codes. Numbers, numeric codes, define our existence and experiences. Human DNA, our genetic memory, triggers (remembers) by digital codes at specific times and frequencies as we experience. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of twin spiraling human DNA.” (7)

Credit: libertyfirst.tumblr.com

The brain, which is the most advanced computer we’ll ever have, processes and creates reality through a sequence of zeroes and ones.

“The brain is an electrochemical machine (computer) that processes through binary code zeroes and ones that create patterns of experiences and realities.”

“The illusion of physical reality is created by the patterns of the Fibonacci Sequence – the Golden Spiral of Consciousness consisting of zeros and ones that align with the brain.” (8)

The number 11 apparently triggers the brain to ‘wake up’, which can lead to a number of significant synchronicities that ultimately lead one to a higher consciousness and/or the discovery of their life purpose.

“The 11 pattern continues to haunt/taunt people as if a catalyst. When people see the 11 it triggers part of their DNA linked to remember we exist in a Holographic Universe. This leads to an ongoing series of synchronicities to find truth.

“11 can show up in its various forms when someone is overcome by emotions, feels lost, or becomes indecisive. Here 11 is used by the brain as a conditioned grounding mechanism to balance the circuits to focus and function. People who experience in ‘zone 11’ have the most interesting stories to tell.” (9)

Credit: notwhileiameating.com

The author of the referenced article believes the hashtag is a subliminal message that has to do with the number 11.

“The # (number sign, hashtag) is almost 11 vertically and horizontally balance by numbers #subliminalmessages.

“11 may appear anywhere from daily experiences, to nature and the Fibonacci Code, on other levels of experience such as dreams, and more. It’s all just code in a biogenetic experiment. If you haven’t figured it out, you will.” (10)

I have to agree with the author’s last point. If you’re even the slightest bit interested in synchronicities, you probably will embark on a journey to understand how they’re relevant for you and how they can help you spiritually evolve. These numbers guide my life every day, and synchronicities seem to rejuvenate me when I feel depleted or I don’t want to keep going.

It’s 10:22 on the clock as I write this!

Synchronicities involving the number four are the most common for me, and I believe they’re messages that your guides, the universal force, etc. is with you and you can call on it for strength and support. I always feel energized with a sense of purpose when I see these repeated numbers, and every synchronicity is powerful and reminds me that I (and the rest of you) am here for a reason.

Credit: facebook.com/akashic.records.akemi

Synchronicity is a powerful phenomenon that’s popular in the spiritual community, and I hope you get the most out of the 11/11 and full moon energy today as you start to notice the synchronicities all around. We probably don’t notice the majority of signs we receive throughout the day, and a little openness to them can go a long way.

So keep your eyes open to the little coincidences you experience, and you might learn that coincidence is an illusion and life does indeed operate intelligently and with purpose. I think this purpose is enlightenment, ascension, spiritual evolution, or whatever you want to call it, and we can align with it by aligning with our own higher consciousness and embracing some kind of work that helps us raise awareness and encourage the world to change.

We can do it, and we have this universal force by our side to guide us when we struggle. It communicates with us in some pretty interesting ways, and the more open we are to its continuous messages, the more we’ll learn about ourselves and the intelligent, coherent manner in which our reality operates.