Steve Beckow – Folding It All Back In – 2-15-15

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Steve Beckow

We’ve now seen our first tangible evidence that events are moving towards peace: Vladimir Putin’s call for a ceasefire today (Sunday).  (1)

We’ve been told by Archangel Michael that we’ve made tremendous progress towards peace but we’re not entirely there yet. Some people have not lain down arms but they will.

What I’d like to do now is to draw in all that we’ve discussed, all that we’ve been through in this whirlwind week of creating peace on the planet and fold it back into our discussion of building Nova Earth.

Archangel Michael has said that creating peace in the world is our first step towards creating Nova Earth and I agree.

I’d like to say what role peace plays for me in building Nova Earth.  I’ve seldom used the word “peace” to refer to a divine quality. I usually use calmness, groundedness, balance, detachment, equanimity, or serenity instead.

But what they all are or reflect is peace of mind, a quiet mind, a still mind. What else is there to make peaceful than the mind? Everything else associated with our body and persona follows from our thoughts, including disease and sometimes death. And everything else, absent the mind, is peaceful.

In the still and quiet mind, all is won. Enlightenment is to be found and there’s nothing more desirable than that.

Other things include: non-reactiveness, the ability to “be” deeply with people, access to the truth, the ability to express one’s love deeply, to feel compassion, to reason things through, etc.

Before our discussion of peace this past week, I wouldn’t have credited “peace” for all that but in fact peace is what lies below them – calmness, groundedness, etc.

So, to bring that into our discussion of building Nova Earth, it’s peace – peace of mind, peace in the world – that provides the necessary pre-requisite for all else to happen.

That doesn’t mean we’re sending out thought police to round up anyone not at peace. What it means is that we extend the right of freewill to everyone and cease to judge their journey. In other words, I’m at peace with myself and joyfully extend the same right to others.

Our personal peace is the pre-requisite for participation in building Nova Earth that makes a difference. What another person does, I think, is left up to them to decide.  But it’s people at peace who will make the New World that all of us will enjoy.

You remember I said that, for me, the spiritual life has three basic movements: (1) Discrimination between the Real and the unreal; (2) Detachment from the unreal; and (3) Devotion to the Real? Well, peace allows detachment from the unreal.

Love comes from devotion. And wisdom comes from discernment.

It would seem then that first comes wisdom; then comes peace; and then comes love.

Love, wisdom, and peace would, it seems to me, make a well-rounded individual who could make a difference in leading the way to global workability.

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