Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Harmony – 1031015


Archangel Gabriel


Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as harmony.

Harmony is a prime and natural law of the universe. It is an energy that vibrates within and around all of life in a continuous manner, connecting all living things with each other including the Earth and its kingdoms. It connects life with the constant flow of universal energy and the events that take place.

This energy can greatly expand one’s potential to be the change they would like to experience in themselves, within their relationships, and within the collective consciousness of humanity. When an individual focuses on the harmony they desire to experience, they connect to that power until they manifest this state of being and have many harmonious experiences to enrich their life.

When they create harmony within self and with others and align harmoniously to the universe, things in their life start falling into place. Assistance comes to them from many unexpected places to help their vision move into manifestation. They receive the helpful and needed information in perfect timing through wonderful coincidences and synchronicities. They feel the rhythm and harmony of the state of universal joy.

Every thought from one’s mind is a communication with the universal mind. The choice as to how one lives their life determines the state of harmony within one’s being. When an individual becomes aware of how they spend their physical and emotional energy, they consciously choose peace, harmony, trust and empowerment in every situation. They make a loving commitment to work together with others in harmony and peace.

By aligning with the divine, they are in harmony with its loving intention for their highest good and move into the flow of its blessings. They experience more clarity in all that they do and live a balanced life that is in harmony with self, others and the universe. They train their minds and hearts to immediately send love to everyone they interact with or think about. They give to others without attaching conditions or expecting anything in return. This creates a harmonious balance between what they have given to others and what they receive in return.

There is a harmony, unity, and oneness between every one and every thing; all are bound together by the same divine essence. In harmony of being, life becomes a glorious adventure filled with joy and wonder and brings one a sense of inner peace. Personal moments of harmony occur when one is quiet and relaxed.

They are connected to a deep reservoir of stillness and well being where the chattering of their conscious mind ceases and they experience the beauty and grandeur of their environment. This results in a quiet mind which helps them to experience beauty in the current moment instead of thinking thoughts of the past or the future. This practice increases the flow of harmony and peace.

The state of harmony connects them with higher spiritual influences which assist them in making changes that are good for all of life everywhere. These harmonious influences facilitate a more rapid personal growth. Experiencing quietness within allows their mind, heart and body to settle into a state of harmony.

Each individual is constantly trying to find the most encompassing harmony in all that they do. Harmony within is grounded in love and respect for one’s self and others. When one has achieved inner harmony, it opens them to a greater discovery of themselves as a fully integrated being that is a part of the whole of life.

The state of harmony supports a person to act from a place of authenticity and integrity which allows them to be at peace within their own being. Inner peace within gives them feelings of harmony, tranquility, happiness, goodness, self love, and stability on a consistent basis. Inner peace and harmony entails a deep trust in one’s self, and the world around them.

One must believe that they live in a benevolent universe and expect that things will always turn out well. They believe in goodness and have a positive outlook towards everything in their life. They are always true to themselves, to their own unique intelligence and abilities and have a sense of internal security and self confidence which leads them to the experience of inner peace and harmony.

Understanding and maintaining balance within oneself is a gentle movement towards harmony and a sense of deep respect for the natural world. It requires a viewpoint that does not seek to dominate, control or impose ones views on others or upon nature but is tempered by respect and a desire for harmony and compassion for all things.

One seeks to celebrate nature and restore the harmony of their planet, their society and each individual who is a part of it. When one’s connection with the divine becomes the inspiration for all that one does, their body becomes the instrument for the direct experience of love, harmony and beauty in this world.

They attain the fullness of life which they have been longing for as they follow the guidance and deep inspiration of the still small voice within them. In the pure harmonious depths of their own heart, there is a fountain of truth, love and understanding, and a flow of profound guidance which is far greater than anything that their conscious mind can offer.

Their heart readily understands that which their head has been overlooking. In this way, they reunite their mind, heart and body with the divine in a direct experience of love, harmony and beauty. They find enduring peace, satisfaction and joy in their everyday life.

May your inner harmony and happiness guide and inspire you toward experiences of greater love and beauty always.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

© 2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

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SANAT KUMARA via Jenny Schilz – Perspective – Very Important at this time – Higher Self Eager to Merge with your Evolving Body – 10-27-15


SANAT KUMARA  via Jenny Schilz   –   Perspective   –   Very Important at this time   –   10-27-15


I come to you today with a brief message about the progress all of you are making. We realize that many of you are feeling the immense pressures from the light codes and the changes in frequency. Each of you is being pushed to your limits as the standards for your normal existence are changing in each moment. Once your form becomes accustomed to the current frequency, you then begin acclimating to the next level. From our perspective we are seeing tremendous growth and are encouraged by the effects each of you in this transition is having upon others. Each of you in the flow with your highest aspect, to whatever degree you are able to hold, is acting as a light switch in the dark for those just now ready to begin.

Many of you were accustomed to a lull in between the upgrades, but that is no longer the case. As soon as you have fully adjusted to the next level within your body, physically, mentally, and esoterically, you then begin the next stage. This was agreed upon collectively as each of your soul sources are anxious for these changes to take place so that they may merge completely with you. Each phase includes a restructuring of beliefs, the clearing of density, and then the upgrade to your physical form, your chakra system and accompanying blue prints. Some of you move through these changes very quickly with little resistance, while others may become stuck in a particular part of an upgrade. All parts musts must reach a certain frequency in order for the whole to move forward. When you are not in sync you may experience a sense of disconnection, a void, even confusion. Allow yourself the time needed to complete the current transition without going into fear that you have done something wrong. Look instead, to see proactively where you may be resisting. For some of you, it is your thoughts and behaviors. What patterns are you observing that no longer serve you. For others it is the inability to allow the body the time to process the upgrades easily through sleep and contemplation.  Not honoring the body’s needs will slow the process considerably. For others it is a resistance of the will, the inability to accept the soul source’s path.

You are being asked in each moment to examine what your thoughts are regarding each phase. It is indeed your thoughts that are the biggest contributing factor to how quickly you move through this process.  For it is even your thoughts regarding your physical needs that can cause resistance. What do you tell yourself when your body requires more rest than normal? Part of your mission on earth is to master your thoughts, your vibration; your frequency so that you can move through all of life with ease. Once you are aware of the impacts of your internal dialog and the programming that is responsible for those beliefs and thoughts, you will be able to rewrite the program and stop the dialog. The first step is awareness into how you have limited yourself and how this limitation is exhibited in your creation, your hologram.

What are your beliefs regarding this process? Do you broach each moment, each change with joy as you know the desired outcome or do you look upon each change with trepidation and fear? Has this fear, this suffering become part of your new identity as you work to rid yourself of other identities you have created in your lifetime? You must understand that you have agreed and have in fact earned the right to go through this incredible time but how you go through it is completely up to you. The outcome will be the same if you spend your days in joy or if you spend your days overcome by misery. Your thoughts and beliefs are clues to show you what you are holding on to, what you are resisting, and what is not in alignment with your soul. When you are not in sync this will be exhibited in your outer world. When you are moving in the flow with your highest aspect you will see this reflected in the world around you as well. You will be able to see the changes taking place in others, the growth, and you will feel a hope for the future. When you are not in this flow, you will see an outer world that is resistant to change, resistant to seeing the incredible possibilities that your world offers. When you see this, are you able to see this as a reflection of a similar belief in you?

Write down your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences. These serve as a way to categorize your experience so that you may see predominating themes that are permeating your world. From this position you will be able to examine where the programming, beliefs began and rewrite them.  It also gives you the opportunity for guidance to work through you and give you support. When you look back upon your musings you will also be able to see your growth. We assure you that you will be amazed at how your perceptions have changed as you learn to live from your heart center more and more.

With our deepest admiration for your forward progress,


Personal conversation with Sanat:

Me: I was at the store the other day with my husband and this intense pain nailed me behind my left eye. My husband looked at me and says “What’s wrong?” Normally I would say that I had a headache, but for some reason I said “nothing” and then told myself that it was just an upgrade and that it would pass. AND IT DID! Really fast, within 5 minutes it passed. I told a friend who tried it when a pain hit her hip and it worked for her. So if I had said “I have a headache, would it have lasted?”

Sanat: Yes, it would have stayed as you would have claimed it and moved it into the category of programming that speaks of long lasting pain. Speaking the words that it is an upgrade and that it will pass, makes it so. You are also able to then see the benefit of the pain, that it was not present to cause you harm, but to help you to achieve your goal.

Me: There was an intense energy day and I was told that a galactic wave had come in that was designed to break up and end timelines that no longer serve us. This contributed to people feeling that they had “fallen” into the 3rd dimension again and done something wrong.

I then had a reading with someone who was experiencing this and she was told to look at moments like this as not “falling” or going backwards but as a rescue mission. That she was rescuing aspects of her that were still resonating with 3rd dimensional concepts and beliefs.

Sanat: This is a wonderful way to look at this part of the ascension process. It frames it in a positive light in a proactive way that allows one to see the intense work that is taking place in every moment. It is how you look at things that will denote how quickly you move through them. It is important to understand that all that you are experiencing is in your highest good even if you are not able to understand what or why things are happening.

Me: Others have experienced interesting dreams in lucid moments and in sleep of themselves but with vastly different lives and experiences. Are these also the collapsing of timelines that no longer serve?

Sanat: Yes, as you become aware of timelines and dissolve then you are also absorbing the lessons learned from those experiences.

Me: Many feel as if they are cocooning again, going within, not wanting to be near people or noise. Some have expressed that as they experienced this before, to experience it again makes them feel as if they are slipped backwards. 

Sanat: This is what I refer to as the beliefs associated with this progress. Instead of simply honoring the body during this intense change, definitions and beliefs are made that reinforce that this progress is negative and that one is doing something wrong. This very belief creates resistance in the body that slows the speed of your integration. Allow your body to do what it needs to do, without assigning beliefs to it.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.

Jenny Schilz


Published on Jun 2, 2015

3 Hours Non-stop wisdom from Abraham Hicks on Self Confidence and Self Appreciation. 19 Segments:
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3. Feeling fear and telling lies – Abraham Hicks
4. Low self esteem and connection – Abraham Hicks
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6. Defending myself – Abraham Hicks
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8. From nervousness and low self-esteem to worthiness – Abraham Hicks
9. Overcoming Self-Doubt – Abraham Hicks
10. You don’t need to build confidence – Abraham Hicks
11. How to speak up for myself – Abraham Hicks
12. Rampage of Self-Appreciation – Abraham Hicks
13. Curing social insecurity – Abraham Hicks
14. Don’t take criticism personally – Abraham Hicks
15. Is Depression part of his Guidance – Abraham Hicks
16. Public Speaking vs His Fears – Abraham Hicks
17. Self Appreciation – Abraham Hicks
18. How to Let Go of negative Feelings – Abraham Hicks
19. How to Soothe Your Insecurities – Abraham Hicks

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Massive Galactic Contingent Joins with Earth Lightworkers to Bring Peace on Earth – 10-6-15

AA Michael 22

Archangel Michael
A hearty hello to all our partners on Earth.  I am thrilled to bring you information and developments that affect us all.  I am speaking to you on behalf of your loving and devoted Company of Heaven including our Mother and Father God.
Here in the higher realms we are spilling over with excitement.  It is working!  Thanks to you we come within a whisper of fulfilling our shared destiny.  That destiny can only be everlasting peace on Earth, accompanied by prosperity, abundance, harmony, unity and joy.
I want to illuminate what has been happening recently.  Whether alone or in groups, Lightworkers across the Earth have been pouring themselves into their personal ascension, their ascension projects and missions like never before.  Many of these Lightworkers are quite aware of their role, yet some Lightworkers may be fully succeeding at their projects and assignments even without comprehending exactly what those are.  Know this – if you are reading this, you are a Lightworker.  We, your Ascended Family, thank you for your dedicated service.
The result of what everyone is doing is forming a massive cumulative project.  That project is gaining such momentum that it is turning the tide in this moment.  I will give you an example.  One of the Boots on the Ground Lightworker teams is the Transmuting Team. Transmuting is a crucial aspect of the current momentum.  A large team of incarnated Lightworkers who have all trained for thousands of years, are currently functioning as one transmuting network.  Team members can be found in every corner of the world.  Some are aware of the details while other members are simply intuitively responding to their heart call.
Let’s explain what transmuting really is.  Since Christine heads up this Transmutation Team on Earth, I will ask her to describe how she does it.
Thank you, dear Michael.  Transmuting is something that comes naturally to me and is something I am devoted to and work at constantly. For instance, I feel severe residual pain in my kidneys from the scalar attack I survived last November.  I feel heavy-hearted that I am still going through this experience.  Then, instantly what kicks in for me is that I know I have a choice.  It is like a flare-gun that goes off for me. I always have a choice. Uncomfortable physical or emotional experiences are the trigger for a reflex I have installed for myself.  I can override all programing with “I have a choice about my  response to the pain.”   I can go into upset, or I can use it as an opportunity.  This is my baseline.
I never believe I am a slave to an experience.  For example, I can choose to be calm, to breathe deeply, to intensify my Pillar of Light reaching from the core of the Earth to Mother and Father.  I can call upon Ascended help.  In my case, I call on Mother and Father God, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Ashtar and Serapis Bey.  No matter what dimension I am operating in, I always call on Kathryn too.  I always use the Violet Flame.  It is a core tool and a gift from St. Germain for intensely transmuting on Earth at this time.
The next portion is where it gets exciting.  I can widen my attention, feeling and noticing others on the planet who are experiencing the same thing I am – in this case, high level pain.  What I see is an energetic storehouse of dense energy that cannot only be transformed, but can then be used for a greater cause. I insist, between me and myself, that I be filled with compassion, humor and love as I identify with others who have experienced what I feel.  I allow myself to feel the unpleasant feeling fully, and then I bring the experience into my heart, where it is transformed by the Love and promise of our Mother and Father God.
There are an infinite number of creative ways to transmute dense energies if we are willing to face and feel the uncomfortableness  and unpleasantness these trapped and stagnant energies emit.   Transmutation occurs when, in spite of what you are feeling, and in the midst of what you are feeling, you choose Love. If you can do this on a personal scale, you can do it on a global scale.
Note from Kathryn:
Christine is describing her deepest abilities to transmute.  I am asking her now to give us a full description of the steps she uses and the energies she sees as she works her way through the process of transmuting dense energies into Light.    We will follow today’s discussion with a more detailed account in a later message.  For now, we will try to keep it simple.  Now we return to Michael’s message.
Transmutation is the alchemy of making diamonds out of coal.
Transmuters are energy cleaners.  It involves cleaning the energies by literally processing them through their being, including their physical and emotional body within their Pillar of Light, always under the direction of Mother and Father.  Recently, our world-wide transmuting team has been working in a coordinated effort to transmute the dense layer of human suffering and waste that still envelops Earth.  This team has been working at capacity far beyond what their long and intensive training prepared them for.
Like every other Lightworker network, the Transmuter Team is connected through the heartlines that bond the team together with each other and us.
The team is exceeding all expectations and they are showing tremendous heart and stamina as they steadfastly remain at their posts.  Of course, each member has a full support team in the Company of Heaven, but we in the Company of Heaven can only contribute our assistance as a direct response to what the team accomplishes.  Some of what they have transmuted includes the dark and destructive energies of slavery, injustice, mental and physical torture, shame, lack, fear, illness, worry and war.
Everyone transmutes.  For our own ascension, we transmute the dense energies in our being, and as we do, we literally ascend.  It is actual; we literally become lighter.  This new Galactic/human cooperation now makes it even more possible for everyone to contribute consciously to this elegant and exciting group project.  We now have the combination of individuals, Galactic and incarnated teams working together at a new level, under increasing dispensations from Mother and Father.  The more we transmute, the more dispensations from Mother and Father, and the more Galactic help is allowed.  This creates a tremendous momentum – a crescendo that will quickly outpace the momentum of the dark energies still being created on Earth.
A Magnificent Breakthrough
Dearest Brothers and Sisters, we are now in that state you might think of as having “a full head of steam” and this train is bound for glory!
Just today, October 5 th, there has been a magnificent breakthrough.  After weeks of transmuting at a level never before accomplished, we found ourselves at the precipice of a new Co-creation.  Here’s how it unfolded:
With the team gathered in Unity consciousness, Christine and Kathryn were reminded of something Ashtar had recently told them: “If all the Galactic ships in your skies decloaked at once, you would see no sky.”   Feeling their presence, they asked me, “Michael, how many ascended souls are currently in orbit around Earth?”  I told them there are billions – billions of Galactic 5 th dimensional and above beings here focusing love and Light on Earth in this moment.  Kathryn asked if we could do an action together all at once to focus on bringing the energies of Peace.  As a result, we created an action, with Mother and Father’s permission, to ask all these Galactic souls to simultaneously send a focused transmission of Peace to Earth.
The billions of Galactic friends were so filled with joy to be newly coordinating our efforts that they began to release songs and prayers of peace from their indigenous home worlds.  The harmony of intergalactic peace now fills the airwaves in higher dimensions, but those of you who are willing, can tune yourselves to feel the sound of their heart music.
But this isn’t even the best news.  This action has been so successful that it inspired the Council to extend an invitation to every member on Earth.   You and everyone incarnated being on Earth can engage this mighty Galactic focus – the combined energies of humankind and their billions of Galactic Brothers and Sisters –  to help fulfill our shared goal of Ascension of humankind and the New Golden Age on Earth.
Every Lightworker is fulfilling a vital role at this time.  You are doing your missions of being healers, joyholders and NESARA implementation teams.  Some of you are Lighthouses (bright sources of Light in isolated communities), some of you are channels, whistleblowers, grassroots organizers, teachers, brave political activists and quiet energy scrubbers, family members and loyal friends.  You may ask that this Light of Peace be focused into your area of service by channeling it through your Pillar of Light.  Your wish will be instantly received and granted.  You may send this energy to your network, your community, and your mission.  Going forward, your efforts will be supported by everyone else on the surface who is doing the same, along with the entire Galactic community.
This is how we operate naturally in the higher dimensions.  By participating, you will also be augmenting the entire project and building the Rainbow Bridge across the dimensions and changing the face of Planet Earth.  This is surely what John Lennon meant when he said, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”
Mother and Father have warmly approved of this uplifting project, and the Council is happy to coordinate the communications between Heaven and Earth and is excited about the measurable results we are already seeing.
We want everyone to understand the practical working relationship we have with you, and how your participation opens every door.  The more you do, the more we can do; the more you ask of us, the more we can accomplish together.
You are in the driver’s seat, so hit the gas!  There is no reason to hold back.  Together we are creating the tsunami of Love that displaces all negativity instantly.
Beloved Family, I wrap my arms around you.  Every time you call my name, or talk with your Twin Flame, or allow Mother to pour her HoneyLove on you, or reach out to the Company of Heaven, or express gratitude, or invite the mighty Galactic team to focus their heavenly songs of Peace through your Ascension Pillar, you create a slip-stream of energy that carries us all forward.
Please know that it is deeply meaningful to the many Galactic Masters gathered here to become directly involved with the Earth project at this time, and it can only happen through your invitation.  They are excited!
I adore you, I stand by you, I love you.
I am your brother Michael.
After we finished this message, we were contacted in our home by a Galactic family – a very tall and slender male being, a woman and two children, who communicated with us very quietly and modestly, through a pleasant energy exchange and a few hand signals.  Their demeanor was stately but warm, and they greeted us initially with a kind of salute. They told us through pictures and a few words that they had come in a mothership from a far away galaxy at the edge of our Universe.  They were very pleased that we had chosen to do our special action with them in the name of Peace.  It was apparently something very dear to their hearts, and they showed much respect and pleasure at meeting with us.  The two children were hanging back behind the mother, but smiled and laughed when I waved and peeked at them.   They all bowed graciously and left with smiles all around.
….And then, we felt strange energies.  The dog was barking hysterically, and the cat started yowling at the top of her voice.  Christine found her in the bathroom, hiding behind the toilet, her eyes filled with terror, crying the alarm.  As we comforted the animals, we demanded that whoever was lurking in our house must come forward, because we know that anyone who comes to contact us is doing so for one reason only: they want to come Home to the Light.
A sheepish young man came forward, saying, “I’m so sorry.”  He told us he had been on the team working underground, and he was one who had been responsible for sending the painful frequencies that were designed to torture us by causing us unremitting pain.  He knew how painful it had been for Christine especially, and wanted to tell us how sorry he was.
The young man told us that he was one of the workers we talked to when we addressed them directly, told them to come to the Light and be welcomed back by Mother and Father.  He said he could not believe what we were saying at first, but after weeks of listening to us talk to them and to each other with so much kindness and compassion, he decided to ask for asylum, but he wanted to take the risk of coming to thank us first and to apologize for the harm he had inflicted.
Ashtar came forward to tell us he had been aware of the interlopers but wanted us to know first-hand that our weeks of feeling the frequencies and talking to the teams that were sending them actually had an effect.  He pledged to take them to a safe house where they would be protected, and they would never have to go back.
The young man said he was Gary, that he had been taken as a child and raised to do the underground work of managing the frequency attacks, and he had friends who also wanted to defect – fifteen who were with him, and more who would come if he got word to them through the network that he was safe.   He was speaking to us by using the cabal-trained skill similar to bi-location, and he had been hiding in the bathroom with Pebbles until the Galactic family left.
As the group was shepherded away by Ashtar, whom they agreed was “a really cool guy,” we shook our heads in gratitude, laughed with each other and said yet again, “You couldn’t make this stuff up.”
Further Historic Developments
…And today, October 6, we are continuing to receive messages sent in the form of songs like Michael Jackson’s “The Man in the Mirror” who declares that he will “CHANGE”, and the Earth Song crying out “What about sunlight, what about rain….what about us…” This has become the code to alert us that we are being contacted by someone needing safe passage to leave their lives of slavery to the cabal, to return Home to Mother and Father God.  We have been presented almost hourly with pleas for amnesty and protection from hundreds, and now thousands of humans who have been enslaved in unspeakable conditions. They are often represented by a courageous spokesperson who has been telepathically-trained and therefore able to ask for our assistance.  Ashtar and teams of angels guide them to Lightworkers who have formed an underground railroad to protect them.  Babies, children, teenagers, women who have been sex slaves, frequency operators, and most heart-breaking, Native American elders who had been kidnapped and imprisoned in dark caves underground.  The Elders were escorted to safety at last, exhibiting luminescent dignity and strength in spite of their frailty. Drums beat with the news of freedom, resonating around the world.  We are overcome with the heartbreak and suffering that has been life on Earth.
Today we ask of Mother and Father and the Council of Heaven, speaking for all who have suffered gratuitous persecution, including all the Lightworkers who have been viciously tormented because of their Light and their service –  we ask that all Beings, all species, Galactic, human, and all other Kingdoms, come forward to join with us in declaring true peace and justice on Earth, and that all deliberately inflicted pain, illness and suffering be ended now, in the name of Peace, Love and true Justice which is the foundation of the New Golden Age.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May & Christine Burk October 6, 2015

Lotus Moon Blog – Personal Bill of Rights – 9-14-15

Personal Bill of Rights


by Mother Wintermoon


1. I have the right to make choices that enhance and enrich my life.
2. I have the right to discover and personify my most authentic self.
3. I have the right to express my sadness and pain without feeling selfish or guilty.
4. I have the right to establish my own relationship standards.
5. I have the right to set my own rules of appropriateness.
6. I have the right to say “NO” when “yes” feels wrong for me or I’m not ready.
7. I have the right to always be spoken to with dignity and respect.
8. I have the right to make my own decisions and heed my inner-voice.
9. I have the right to end conversations I find offensive to myself or others.
10. I have the right to be responsible for my own behaviors.
11. I have the right to refuse to accept blame for the behavior of others.
12. I have the right to make mistakes and learn from them.
13. I have the right to expect emotional safety in all of my relationships.
14. I have the right to express what I’m feeling without minimization.
15. I have the right to honor all my human emotions; positive and “negative.”
16. I have the right to have a say in all things that affect me and my life.
17. I have the right to follow my own judgement for any reason valid to me.
18. I have the right to change my mind about decisions and choices I’ve made.
19. I have the right to expect my home to be my safe sanctuary.
20. I have the right to personal time and space.
21. I have the right to be serious.
22. I have the right to be playful and silly.
23. I have the right to compromise when it feels healthy and reciprocal.
24. I have the right NOT to compromise when it doesn’t feel right or healthy.
25. I have the right to grow and outgrow.
26. I have the right to be respectfully heard.
27. I have the right to let go of unhealthy situations and relationships.
28. I have the right to self-care.
29. I have the right to grieve losses in my own way, on my own timeline.
30. I have the right to refuse to trust someone I don’t believe to be trustworthy.
31. I have the right to expect reciprocity in all my relationships.
32. I have the right to set and firmly maintain my own boundaries.
33. I have the right to forgive if and when I decide it’s the right decision for ME.
34. I have the right NOT to forgive when it doesn’t resonate with my best interests, instincts, or personal beliefs.

©2015 Mother Wintermoon

DEUX NEXUS – The Spiritual Balancing Act in the Higher Densities – 7-16-15


By David Nova | Deus Nexus


There are three spiritual principles that beings in the higher dimensions (or densities) follow that prevent them from saving us from ourselves, advocating full disclosure, or abandoning us to the darkness.

When dealing with humanity, work in the higher densities requires a very careful balancing act, and these three spiritual principles are like the pillars of a three-legged stood. If one pillar is compromised, the entire stool will fall over, putting humanity at risk.


The Three Pillars or Spiritual Principles Are:

1. Free Will

2. Compassion

3. Truth (Disclosure)

These principles are self-evident and shouldn’t require any explanation.

Here is another diagram that also illustrates this principle, where Zeal is the pursuit of Compassion, Wisdom is the allowance of Free Will, and Knowledge is the attainment of Truth.


They Will Not Save Us From Ourselves

If advanced spiritual, extraterrestrial, or extra-dimensional beings were to favor the principle of Compassion, disregarding the principles of Free Will and Truth, they would almost certainly interfere in human history and attempt to save us from ourselves and from the darkness that we have allowed to surround and control us.

There are several sources that claim advanced beings have made this mistake in the past, and that their past interference has created more problems for us than it has solved. There is good reason why many people consider a Prime Directive of non-interference (via Star Trek) to be in effect concerning humanity, but this is not entirely accurate. Compassionate beings will interfere, they may contact us and assist us if we request their help, but only if they can balance the principles of Free Will and Truth in the process.

To reach down and save us from ourselves, they would violate our divine Free Will to choose, create, and be responsible for our own reality. And they would violate the Truth that we are powerful sovereign creator gods in our own right. They would reduce us to handicapped children who require constant care-taking and parental guidance.  We would no longer be Free, nor would we rely upon our own Inner Truth or have any motivation to discover the Truth about true ourselves.

When enough of us choose to receive compassion, we will be assisted, as it is happening even now.

They Will Not Advocate Full Disclosure

If advanced spiritual, extraterrestrial, or extra-dimensional beings were to favor the principle of Truth, disregarding the principles of Compassion and Free Will, they would almost certainly come down, land their spaceships on the White House lawn, and reveal everything about our hidden history and our place in the Universe. This would be extremely damaging to those who are unprepared or unwilling to know the full truth yet. Considering our predicament, for a majority of people it would be a form of mental and psychological rape.

Truth and Disclosure are non-linear. Truth can be revealed in an instant. But Compassion slows this  process down through the perception of passing time, allowing the shock to be absorbed gradually and thus healed slowly. Free Will allows us to choose what amount of Truth we receive, as well as the timing of that knowledge. Thus we are ultimately in control of this process of truth-based trauma and healing.

When enough of us choose to know the Truth, it will be revealed to us, as it is happening even now.

They Will Not Abandon Us To Darkness

If advanced spiritual, extraterrestrial, or extra-dimensional beings were to favor the principle of Free Will, disregarding the principles of Compassion and Truth, they would almost certainly leave us to our own fate and simply allow us to sink into darkness and self-destruction. They will not do this.

They are constantly balancing our Free Will with the Truth that we are divine beings, aspects of the Creator, that we are intimately connected to each other and the Universe around us, that our separation from them is an illusion.

They are constantly balancing our Free Will with Compassion, protecting us from our own self-destruction. There have been numerous accounts from government whistleblowers that extraterrestrials have been closely monitoring our nuclear weapons programs and have interfered to neutralize them when necessary.  And they will continue to quietly interfere in the background, protecting us from catastrophic danger, while still balancing our Free Will, much the way a parent might prevent a child from touching a hot stove, yet still allow the child to roam the house freely.


It’s quite a difficult job they undertake – balancing Truth, Compassion, and Free Will. It requires a great deal of wisdom to know just how far one leg, or pillar, can be stretched, while keeping the stool perfectly balanced.  They may not always succeed. They may become cautious. They may even learn from their missteps. Such wisdom requires advanced spiritual beings to sustain their own inner balance, between  the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their expression.

There is no “Right Way” or “Wrong Way.” For the Light, there is only “Balance.”  If humanity wishes to advance intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, we must do the same. We must learn to adopt and sustain our own balancing act.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Reverence – 9-25-15

Angel of Light - gabriel - marlene

Archangel Gabriel

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as reverence.

This quality manifests as a deep appreciation for the splendour and beauty of the world around one. It is also an inner longing to connect to something greater than oneself.

It is a quality of the heart that leads one to look for the good in all things.

The feeling of reverence gives voice to one’s desire for a connection to the divine, to find fulfillment beyond oneself in the mystery of life and the sacredness of all things.

Embodying this quality brings one closer to other people and to the world around them. It is the experience of transcending oneself and opening to something greater. It is feeling a sense of wonder that the beauty and glory that they experience in the world was brought forth from the Creator for their sheer enjoyment of it.

These feelings are sacred moments which encompass a disposition of the heart that acknowledges the beauty, goodness and wonder of every creation. It fills their heart with praise and gratitude to the Creator for the beauty, the wonder, and the mystery of creation. They celebrate the Creator as the source and foundation of all things, seen, unseen and felt.

Reverence is experienced as awe and amazement at the vastness of silence when one gazes up at the night sky which is filled with the sparkle of worlds without end. It is a deep appreciation of the expansiveness of the gift that is freely bestowed, bringing a sense of oneness within each soul. It is a natural response to the marvels of divine creation.

Reverence is the movement within one’s heart that comes through hearing a piece of music or a song, through a work of art or writing, through the birth of a child, or through contemplating and simply feeling the exquisite beauty in the composition of all things great and small.

Reverence felt within one’s heart is a force which draws their focus inward and fortifies and invigorates their soul. They acknowledge this life force within them by holding reverence and respect for self and others in all ways. They hold reverence and respect for the Earth and all of her creations by using the gifts of Earth’s intelligence, creativity and loving compassion in replenishing ways that restore, sustain, and regenerate all life.

Reverence is the sacred cup that holds the nourishment of wonder, wholeness and a celebration of life. Living a reverent life is fuelled by a compassionate heart and generous spirit. It is a life that embraces the qualities of joy, peace, hope and beauty.

When one values their life in a heartfelt way, they find a way to generously value others in order to enhance the well being and ecology of Earth, all of nature and humanity. They treat everyone and everything with respect, courtesy, gratitude and reverence.

As a steward of the Earth they have reverence for their partnership with nature. They feel loving compassion for the Earth as the source and foundation of their human life experience, as their home, their security, their peace, their past, present and future. They appreciate and value nature’s vast diversity of resources and its inherent beauty and do everything in their power to protect all life. They see the world through a lens of what is meaningful and what is beautiful and revere the spirit of beauty that is all around them at all times.

They are kind to nature and endeavor to enhance and sustain forests, oceans, fresh water systems and fragile ecosystems for future generations. They see their planet as a sacred sanctuary in the universe, one that is filled with diversity and abundance for all life upon it. When they are in the midst of nature, they feel it as sacred, to be revered and preserved in all its intricate and fragile beauty.

They connect to the universe with love, humility, reverence, celebration and a search for deeper understanding of their place in it. They have a sense of enchantment with the world, and feel that life on Earth is special and is the natural and divinely intended state of humanity.

When people recognize the sacred in all things and focus their attention on seeing the divine in everything, their spirit lives from a place of reverence for all that exists. Reverence embraces many of the positive spiritual qualities and values about life that people aspire to in their heart of hearts. It awakens them to the divine presence in all things and brings purpose and meaning to their life.

By developing their inner life, they grow in wisdom and love and have a deep reverence for the divine. They find themselves moved to express gratitude and experience moments of spontaneous worship in communion with the divine. They are more aware and involved with the world around them and naturally affect others around them and the world itself in more life affirming and enhancing ways.

May you revere the divine in yourselves and others and trust that in all things love is the answer and always prevails.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

© 2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited.

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“Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Reverence,” Channelled by Marlene Swetlishoff, September 24, 2015, at

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Joy Passion Desire Blog – What Compassion Really Is – 9-16-15

Image Source


Utter compassion is a complete and not freaking out awareness of where someone is. That is utter compassion. Just think about it. If there is the slightest discomfort as you look at where someone is, you’ve got nothing to give them.

So utter compassion must be the okay-ness of where you are, the all-rightness of where you are, because after all, it’s temporary, and it’s the beginning of where you’re going.


Can you feel it? It’s huge. It’s the missing piece.

It’s the piece that medicine is looking for.

It’s the piece that everyone who’s wanting to feel good is looking for.

It’s what’s missing in relationships that aren’t working.

It’s the piece.

The okay-ness with what is. Because it’s so temporary. And because IT, this blessed ‘what is’, produced this. And without this blessed ‘what is’, this expanded being-ness, which is the promise of eternity, could not exist.”

Abraham Hicks, 9/3/11

Wes Annac – One People, One Responsibility – 9-11-15


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

The planetary controllers have gotten us to divide ourselves by convincing us we should fight over our differences. They want to make sure we don’t come together or take back our planet, and they’ve programmed the masses to show so much pride for their appearance, their beliefs or their way of life that they hate people who think or live differently.

The elite have us convinced that we need to fight for our values, our history and our lifestyle, because some other group wants to come and take it away. You can interpret this any way you want, and examples are everywhere.

Hardcore Christians are worried that liberal America is trying to take away their religious freedom, which, in some cases, includes the ‘right’ to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t fit in with their narrow view of reality. Diehard Americans are convinced that immigrants, legal or illegal, will take away their country by stealing all of their jobs.


No matter how you look at it, people are falling for the old ‘divine and conquer’ tactic and we see where it’s getting us. We’re playing right into the elite’s hands, and they want to keep us bickering and make sure we never look past all those external differences to discover what we have in common.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, you probably know that beyond the flesh, we’re pure energy – the energy of consciousness – and we all come from the same divine Source.

This alone should be enough to bring us together or at least shed light on our refusal to unite over things that don’t matter, and even if you aren’t spiritual, you can’t deny that we’re all human and there are things we all have in common. We all feel, and we all know what it’s like to be happy, sad, angry, scared, and confused, among other things. We all share these emotions, but with the way the world behaves, you’d think we don’t feel at all.

Not only are our ‘enemies’ thinking, feeling, living people – they’re also spiritual beings in human form just like us. We’re all connected, and we all have commonalities that’d bring us together if we could grasp them. No matter what the controllers want us to think, we have no reason to keep fighting and hating each other.

Where do we expect this hatred to take us? Do we think it’ll improve our society or our outlook on life? All it’ll do is make the world worse for our children and grandchildren, and we certainly don’t want to teach them this kind of behavior. Unfortunately, many of them have already learned it and will carry it into adulthood.

The world will continue to be in a state of disrepair until we recognize our oneness as human and spiritual beings who are all trying to get by. Only when we can break the controller’s predictable programming can we move the world in a positive direction, and until then, we’ll just bicker and kill each other over nonsense. There’s a solution to the problems we think we should fight over, but it’s one that most people would rather avoid. The solution is to come together.


If we want to change the world, then unity will have to be the first step. This won’t automatically change things by itself, but it’ll give us the motivation and incentive to work together to find unique solutions to problems we think are unsolvable.

Just imagine what changing the world will be like if none of us are interested in coming together. We might end up in worse shape than we already are, and that’s saying something. The time will eventually come when we’re forced to work together to make a change, and we’ll make things a lot easier by coming together now and at least trying to address our differences so we can move forward.

As long as we divide ourselves, the elite will rule over us. They’ll keep us distracted with the latest celebrity feud, the latest orchestrated conflict between nations or anything else that propagates division, and they’ll control the world behind the scenes the whole time. They’ll keep fooling us and getting away with it, because we’ll be too busy fighting each other to see the real enemy that’s actually hurting the world.

It’ll be difficult for people to learn that there really is a force that’s dedicated to destroying our society and our planet, and it’ll be especially difficult to learn that it has our governments in its back pocket. People will have to come to terms with a lot of unsettling things when they do wake up, one of which is that this elitist force has been pulling the strings and dividing humanity for at least two centuries.


As hard as it’ll be for them to take in, learning it all could lead them to realize that this parasitic force thrives on anger and hatred. The more we hate our fellow humans, the more we feed the elite and their malicious agenda for humanity. This realization can be a driving force in our willingness to see beyond our differences and work together, and it might take a lot of paradigm-shattering disclosures before people can finally wake up and make a change.

When we do, we’ll understand that the fate of the world is in our hands. It always has been, but we unknowingly gave it over to the elite when we trusted them with our food, water and basically every other resource we need. They take those resources and sell them back to us even though they’ve been freely available this whole time, and we’ll quickly realize that we have to rely on ourselves and each other – not only to survive, but to create a life worth living.

We decide our fate, and we have to decide to come together if we want to survive and thrive. We have to learn to love and respect one another, no matter how hard it’ll be, and we can no longer stall our reunion. We’re all family, and it’s time we recognize this so we can join together, dethrone the elite and live in a paradise of our own creation. It’s our responsibility to create this paradise, and since nobody will do it for us, now’s the best time to start.

Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda – Divine Purity and Divine Grace – Illumination and Inspiration – 9-9-15

piccredit-archives-firstcontactgroundcrewteam-comMother Mary on Divine Purity

Fran Zepeda Messages of Love and Healing

Pure White celestial ribbons of Divine Purity surround you now. In my loving embrace you feel it. This is available to you now. Breathe in Divine Purity.

It is present within you now as you breathe in the Love of Creator. Breathe in Divine Purity with each inhale and breathe out Divine Purity with each exhale, for all to benefit from.

It is the Radiance of your Soul. It is circumspect of all that you are. Expand your essence now with deep breaths of Purity from Creator and encompass it throughout your essence, all your bodies, and your Soul.

Picture yourselves in my arms of Love, nestled like a new-born baby, illuminated in Purity, in Radiance, as you are truly, in Reality, in Perfect Union with Creator, as you were when you were born into Creation. Behold the shimmering white pure light emanating from your Soul and claim it as your natural Radiance.

Divine Purity contains no doubt. Divine Purity entails the sweet essence of innocence and curiosity and acceptance of all that you are in perfect reflection of the Creator. It knows no bounds. Born from it is the truth of your essence. Born from it is freedom to be the perfection of Creator, in all aspects of your Being.

It is the sweet soft bright pristine feeling of shimmering clarity and radiance, lighting up your Soul to its natural luminosity, knowing that all is transformable to Purity with just a breath of Love from Creator.

So breathe in Divine Purity as your natural birthright. It colors all that you see and think now with the soft luminescence of your true radiant essence. It is awash throughout all your bodies – physical, mental, emotional and light bodies. You claim it now, as your heart transforms with its sweet presence, opening to your true Pure Divine Source Essence.

I AM forever your guide in sweet Purity, Grace and Love.

Mother Mary


Mother Mary on Divine Grace

Behold the Divine Aspect of Pure Divine Grace, encompassing you now with each breath of Creator you inhale. Breathe in the shimmering Ruby Red light of Divine Grace. Feel it permeate all your bodies and anchor it in your Heart. Let it permeate your Soul with Renewal and Rejuvenation.

Divine Grace is the Light of God, purifying all in the sweep of its embrace, in the acceptance of Creator’s Love.

Divine Grace encompasses the feelings of freedom and forgiveness and mercy, of peaceful acceptance and peaceful exaltedness, of exalted awareness of your Divine Essence and Creator’s Love, and the feeling of perpetual Divine Flow and Ease in all you do and are.

It is the feeling of velvety warmth washing all impurities away in your devotion to all that is Pure Divinity.

You have the ability to give and receive it for all to benefit from. All former acts are erased in pure knowing of your Oneness with Creator. It replaces all judgment and negativity with the sweet knowing of truth….that all are born from Creator’s perfection and remain there no matter what ensues.

For you are worthy of God’s Love in all you are and do, even in exercising imperfection and experiment and exploration in darkness. For the other side of that is the Grace of God, the Mercy of God to return to Perfection and Oneness, your natural birthright.

For you are all-knowing in your quest for Union with Creator, with All-That-Is. Nothing is left out, nothing is forgotten. You encompass all and all encompasses you, in the sweet Grace of forgiveness and mercy.

So feel the sweet flow of Divine Grace throughout your bodies and essence now and claim it as your own, as I illuminate it for you to feel it in every cell, molecule and particle of your being, so present within and without you that you float on the delicate wave of its very nature and essence, permeating all that you are and offer.

My love for you is endless and eternal, and may you accept the Grace of God with every breath you take.

I AM forever and always with you in Love and Grace and Purity. Forever and ever. Amen.

Mother Mary.

“Mother Mary: Divine Purity and Divine Grace ,” channeled by Fran Zepeda, September 8, 2015, at

Source Link: Fran Zepeda Messages of Love and Healing

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

Elize @ Accelerated Ascension – Highest Truth and Guidance, Part 2 – Transcending Denial/Ego – 9-5-15

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Forgive Your Past – by Vera Daroga – 8-28-15

An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross
An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross

Forgive Your Past   –   by  Vera Daroga   –   8-28-15

Forgiveness energy is powerful enough to cut you free from all negative bonds and helps restore peace and love in your being and world. The negative bonds crumble away when the energy of forgiveness comes into play. The memories of the past cannot be erased until you forgive every situation and person, which is the cause of your inner restlessness, hurt and pain. These memories are the result of the bonds, which you are not willing to snap. Surrender your past to the Light of Peace and Love. Meditation and prayers help to restore inner peace and balance.

As you begin to increase your light you will find yourself being released from all negative bonds, and likewise all that is not of the Light will be repelled even as the ego-selves of the people are directing negative energy at you. People who serve no spiritual purpose will be eliminated from your life. They will no longer have the power to affect you adversely anymore; they will be removed from your life altogether if they continue to bear malice towards you. Yours, at the same time is to remain anchored in the Light of Love and peace. For this, you need to live every waking moment with conscious awareness of the Light. This prevents you from being caught off-guard by any unprecedented situation that is likely to overwhelm you.

The Light is your Saviour and Guardian against all negativity. You must not let go of your inner peace at any time, regardless of all the chaos and confusion that goes on around you. Nothing in the world of matter is powerful enough to shatter your peace when you are anchored into it. It is only when you feed the negative energies with your emotions of fear, anger, hatred, hurt and pain that the situations will gain power to knock you down, and throw you out of sync with the cosmic energies of peace and harmony. It is only you, and not any outside power, that is responsible for all your difficulties and miseries. Let go the desire to control others around you. Accept all without judgment. It is not possible to change people to live by your standards for each one comes with his own agenda in this world. It is your assertive behaviour that is leading to needless frustration and despair in your life.

Nothing in the matter world is worth fretting and crying over. All situations are lessons of Love and Peace. They are for you to learn and master the lessons of Unconditional Love, and your difficulties are here to stay until your lessons are learnt. The sooner you learn the better for you. Remember, the ordeals of life are not permanent or real. They are chapters in your life that you have asked for before you entered the Earth plane for the sake of your own spiritual progress. They are here to test your spiritual muscles. You come armed with the spiritual tools to help you plough your way through the wilderness of life. Unfortunately these are lying somewhere in the deepest recesses of your being, forgotten and neglected, as you joined hands with the dark forces that charmed you with sweet lies, convincing you of the power of anger and violence. And so somewhere along the way you strayed away from the sun-lit Path, and found yourself in a terrible maze of nettles and thorns, fumbling desperately to find your freedom.

Remember, God is waiting on the sidelines, patiently waiting for your call. He has never left you, even when you turned your back to Him. He cannot interfere with your free-will until you call to Him. It is easy; just call out to Him and He will be by your side in a flash. With His Help you will be able to retrieve His gifts that will help you to fight the forces of darkness. He will teach you to be kind, patient and a loving person with all in life. You are created in the likeness of His Image so do not doubt the divine powers that are lying inert within you. Reclaim your power and live life fearlessly with love and compassion in the face of all adversities. It is the only way you can triumph over the evil. Be Light. Be Love.

Lord Sananda The Truth Is Coming My Friends – It Is Coming! – 8-17-15

“The Truth Is Coming My Friends – It Is Coming!”  (Part 1)



Greetings Everyone,

What can I say following our group today but OMG! The energies were off the chart and the love and tears of joy were flowing following a guided meditation led by Sananda to both experience the “Wave” and direct it across the Planet. Several group members both here in the room and participating from afar via conference call were deeply moved by the experience. It is moments like these, that make all the sacrifices we have all made over countless lifetimes well worth it. So hang in there everyone as we are nearing the end, or is it the beginning?

This coming weekend is our “Advance” so we will not be having our normal Sunday group in Glendale. All reservations have been confirmed so there are no further openings to attend. We are going to do our best to record and transcribe as much of the Ascended Master messages as we can over the weekend.

The energies are building and more and more people are feeling these changes in the air and their bodies, both physical and Spiritual. Many sources have been hinting or even flat out saying that Sept/October of this year is when the changes will really begin. Yes, we have all heard that before, but this time somehow, it seems different. We can feel it and know it within. If the frequency is right, it will all happen. As Sananda just said, “it is destined”.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Believe and you will see! The finish line is close.

Love and light,

Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 16, 2015


This is Sananda. Yes, I have been with you through this journey. Yes, I have always been with you through all your journeys that you have had. There has never been a time in the history of this planet or in the history of your evolution where I or others such as I were not with you. You have never been alone nor will you ever be alone. You are my brothers, my sisters, my friends. And sometimes you have been relations with me, family relations. Yes. Those of you in this room, you know of what I speak, for I speak only the truth. As you know, the truth shall set you free. The truth is coming, my friends. It is coming. It is here, now, all around you. Only for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear though,  yet.

You hear many things. You hear much information that is coming out in different ways. You listen here and you listen there. Some things do not resonate with you, but some do. I can tell you now that there is nothing to fear. Even though there is information that is being released that are calling for survivalist’s mentality, that are calling for evacuations in the near future, that are calling for reasons to prepare to defend yourself; I can tell you that as long as you are in the higher vibrations, as long as you are raising in your consciousness in your being, these things cannot happen.

Will there be those who experience these? Yes. That is what they are intending. That is what their expectation is. They are only bringing up the expectations that they are planning to have. You who listen to my words, you who resonate to my words will not have these things to be concerned with.
Is it going to be a cakewalk? No, it will not be. Are there going to be times of consternation? Yes. But when have there not been, in your various lifetimes, that you have not already been through? I can tell you that those times of consternation are coming near to an end. And as the Wave moves over, just as it did in your meditation, this is what it will be like. It is your intention, the intention of the mass consciousness of this planet, of this solar system and of this galaxy. Yes. You are all Ascending. The entire galaxy is Ascending.
If you look upon those scientific proofs of the planets of this solar system, you would know of which I speak. There are changes in atmospheres on the various planets. There are many changes in energies on the planets that can be measured and have been measured. It is not just this world that is changing. It is the entire solar system and yes, even the entire galaxy.
This is a momentous time that has been spoken of throughout the ages. It has been predicted throughout the ages. And I say to you now, that nothing can stop this. Nothing can withstand this. Even though they will continue to try and are continuing. They will be unsuccessful and they know it. But in their arrogance, they continue on, thinking, hoping that they can put off these changes just a little while longer. In some cases, yes they have. But in the end, and the end is near, they will lose this battle. They will lose their war. It is destined and cannot be changed.
I am Sananda. I am going to be with you very much more closely in the time ahead at this Advance that you are going to have. Those of us who are working with you and are mentoring to you are going to be with you, very closely, to the point where you will feel us standing on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. We will be that close. And as Ashira said some time ago, there are surprises coming. Be ready for this. We will make you ready for the Wave.

All of my peace and love to you. Know that all of those who mentor to me and work with you will be there. We are with you at all times.

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Dealing with Aggressors – Aug, 2015

LISA  RENEE   –   Time Shift Blog   –    Dealing with Aggressors   –   Aug, 2015


We are experiencing a ramping up of chaotic intensity of the many complex energies that are in the environment, and that tends to increase our exposure to aggressive, intimidating or controller personalities. These forces exist as both people and as impersonal negative energies that may come into our personal sphere or make their way to be in any kind of group environment. The impersonal negative energetic forces coagulate into heavy suppression dark clouds of collective thought forms or thought smog. Many sensitive and empathic people can sense thought smog and feel them as qualities that are extremely oppressive and filled with negative energy.  In extremely dense areas filled with loads of negativity, these spaces can attract low level forces, such as demonics, reptilian entities or Fallen Angelics. These entities feed on the collective thought smog, and are attracted to severely negative people that are completely unaware of the spiritual attachment they have manipulating them into even more accelerated levels of negative thoughts and destructive behaviors. Being around people that are covered with entities and negativity can be extensively draining, as they tend to be emotional vampires.

When we are faced with these kinds of forces that are aggressive and antagonistic, and when we are informed with an clear and calm approach with intelligent communication, we can shift aggression and condescension into better cooperation.  At the very least, we can establish clear energetic boundaries and give examples of what is acceptable behavior and speak with compassionate communication, being respectful and clear, if the person is willing to cooperate with that approach. Sometimes, the narcissism present in an aggressive person will not allow the discussion to be furthered in any meaningful way. Narcissists are not open to resolving conflicts through communication, they just want things to go their way at your expense. If so, then we have to decide if it’s worth our energy exertion to continue the conversation or set consequences such as placing a strong boundary or eviction, not allowing further access to us.

One of the most common characteristics about the dark forces of aggression and intimidation, whether it’s a person or dark forces using that person, is that they will deliberately try to find emotional triggers to push buttons which is an attempt to catch you off guard and take you out of center. This manipulation technique is called the “fly fishing with bait hook”, the person or entity tries to emotionally upset you by flinging out a barb or insult, hitting low blows, pushing buttons to see what you will react to. This is in order to test if you will take the bait and emotionally react to the insult. If they are successful, they create an advantage over you in which they will use to continue to exploit personal weakness or vulnerability. This operates both in psychological warfare, as well as an energetic concept, and is why that is important to understand when dealing with dark forces. When you are weakened by emotional strife and confusion, they will strike even harder because you gave them an opening. This tactic happens in individual scenarios and is also used to destabilize communities or organizations through divide and conquer technique. This is the predator mind preying on weakness and vulnerability that may be present, so that they can create Victims and Victimizers in-between people or in the group environment.

An absolutely important rule of thumb in these situations designed to intimidate, whether it is a person or Fallen Entity aggression,  is to always stay calm and keep your cool. The less you react to a person/entity using manipulation or aggression techniques to weaken and control you, the more you can stay in center and choose to respond instead of react. Reactions come from the subconscious mind, and are generally not the most intelligent way to respond, unless you need to react quickly to remove yourself out of danger. The best response is to maintain composure and reaffirm to hold neutral association to the person/entity or circumstance, in order to allow some space to be created for an improved response. By keeping some distance from the situation, you are keeping options open for response, and with maintaining self-control, you will have more leverage and personal power to manage or direct the situation in much more effective ways. When dealing with excessive negative energy and forms of aggression, it is not wise to return aggression to aggression, or to push back. This will exacerbate the energetic problem increasing the chaos and weakening your position. Staying composed and calm neutralizes the negativity and shifts or transforms the issue into quicker resolution.

When a person or entity is aggressive and intimidating, for a moment think about their motivations and why they are choosing to act this way. Disengage from the event as a participant and see yourself as the Observer, and observe their actions and behaviors from a bird’s eye view. This will make it very clear the person is acting out fears from hidden trauma and pain, and that this suppressed pain is the result of their own unresolved issues. Sometimes this reflection is helpful to see what this circumstance can teach you in self-mastery when dealing with these levels of aggressive forces. Many people that act out in destructive ways are in mind control programs and they have little impulse control over themselves. These destructive behaviors give a lot of detailed information as to the kind of person they are ( unethical, controlled, fear based, weak) and the kind of trauma they have. When a person is controlled by external forces they cannot discern, they are a very weak person that can be manipulated at the drop of a hat. People that are very weak mentally, emotionally or spiritually will resolve to brute force of intimidation and controlling others in order to get what they want or play out the destructive program the entity is using them for. When we can see the other party as a reflection of the greater spiritual issues operating on planet, and that we are gaining mastery to deflect and neutralize negativity, this reduces any personalization we may have to the situation. We should not take these circumstances of aggression and intimidation personal, yet stay awake and aware to the hidden motivations. Then we can focus on the greater picture present in the circumstance, see what is hidden in the shadow and bring resolution through restoring energetic balance to the situation.

We live in a society with many people and entities who do not respect fundamental human rights, and this is the crux of the Negative Alien Agenda and Power Elite control over the earth. It is important to understand that conflict so that the larger perspective is understood as to why we deal with so many narcissists and psychopaths on planet earth. The Archontic Deception Strategy was set up to create psychopaths, and now the planet is the byproduct of the NAA shaped belief systems and many abuses that have been committed as the crimes against human rights. These rights are Universal Laws that have been trampled so these negative forces can take advantage and control over the people of earth.

As long as you do not harm others, you can strengthen comprehension of these laws and apply them in these circumstances, for entity eviction or neutralizing the dark forces that are present in people that are aggressive towards you. Many times an aggressive person that is acting hostile towards you for no apparent reason,  is actually acting upon the control and manipulation of outside forces. When we understand our rights as a human being, we become more clear in how to represent and strengthen our personal boundaries. This is also called learning how to command your space. Aggression, intimidation, bullying and controlling behavior is designed to make you give up your human rights and weaken your boundaries to let others have control over you. When dealing with aggressive and intimidating people/entities, it is important to be aware of your fundamental rights as a human being. Then you will know when your rights are being violated. Human rights are moral principles that describe certain standards of human behavior, and are regularly protected as legal rights in municipal and international law. The NAA and Fallen entities intimidate and swindle people out of their fundamental human rights and in many cases, the person never even knows they have been violated. These fundamental human rights are reflected through the democracies on earth which were designed and made in the reflection of these higher laws. Democracies are methodically being shifted into patriarchal oligarchies of control as per the NAA, as some of the main concepts of democratic societies represent many Universal Laws that these entities are interested in destroying completely on earth.

Human rights extend to the following which are the same in Gods Natural Laws:

  • You have the right to take care and protect yourself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
  • You have the right to set your own priorities and choose the manner you express to live on earth, as long as it does not intentionally harm others.
  • You have the right to express feelings, opinions and desires.
  • You have the right to be treated respectfully.
  • You have the right to create your own happy, healthy life based in spiritual purpose.
  • You have the right to be GSF and be given the power to be in charge of directing your energies and life.
  • You have the right to choose intent, consent and authority with the kind of forces you choose.

Clearly, we are aware that there are many people and entities on the earth that want to deprive us of our human rights so that they can take control over our minds, bodies and consciousness. Each person has the power within to declare that it is you alone, not the human aggressor or NAA, who is in charge of your life and the direction of your consciousness. By affirming and focusing on our human rights, you help to empower yourself to be stronger to deflect these kinds of manipulating negative forces when they surface. Stay calm and learn how to command your space while taking in the basic rights of your human being. This defends the strength of personal energetic boundaries that you have placed to respect your basic human rights and love yourself, even when facing negativity from aggressors that bully to push through your personal space and attempt to take control over your body and consciousness.  Affirming your basic human rights while commanding your space,  will bring the higher protection of the Universal Laws to act upon your life.


The New Earth Times – Removing Implants – Another Step Toward Your Ultimate Freedom! – By Father God – 7-30-15

Thursday, July 30, 2015  Edition #11
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Removing Implants:  Another Step Towards Your Ultimate Freedom!, By Father God
Step-by-Step Implant Removal, By Arcturian Teamleader
Community Corner:  Update GaiaPortal, By EirePort
Harmonizations Come Forth As Chaotic Envelopes Are Transcended
From the Editor’s Desk,  By Archangel Michael
Live Radio Show “Channel Panel” Resumes First Week of August!

Removing Implants:  Another Step Toward Your Ultimate Freedom!
By Father God


There is so much to tell.  There are contributors lined up around the Cosmic block waiting to have their turn at an article in THE NEW EARTH TIMES, and of course, along with our team here, we are using our beloved channels around the world frequently now.  I will make the most of my turn and bring you some new information to help you with your Ascension, as Michael did yesterday.  We are very pleased that so many of you are on fire with the helpful instructions he gave and are building bright, powerful and sustained Pillars of Light all across the globe.  We can see them alight as you do.  I hope you will send it along to many of your friends and family to help them raise their frequencies as well.

The Removal of All Implants
Now I am going to tell you about a new program that has been developed by our talented Arcturian healing teams.  Our beloved TeamLeader will have a special series for you beginning today in the Health Section, but I want to introduce the special service they have designed to help humankind in a very particular way.  As you know, the Arcturians have trained for thousands of years to help humanity at this very time, as you prepare for your Ascension.  They are experts in every facet of healing the human body – psychological, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.  It is their fondest wish that they be able to help every one of you to be healthier, stronger and happier, and that you heal from the arduous lifetime you are experiencing now.

Just this week, they have perfected a new technique to remove the remaining implants that many of you have carried all your lives.  These procedures were considered very difficult and possibly dangerous because they were made up of diabolical combinations of laboratory-grown parasite-like life forms.  Most of the implants were designed and engineered by the Annunaki, and given to your secret underground cabal scientists for implantation at birth or early infancy through immunization programs.

You are aware of the way human cells are capable of fulfilling a particular DNA expression.  For instance, heart stem cells will build a heart perfectly, while other cells are destined to create your eyes, your bones, and so on.  These cells that were designed for implantation were programmed to grow into various forms of invasive claw-shaped objects that were capable of producing tentacles that could travel through the brain, the nervous system, and the body, pressing on nerves, irritating tissues, causing headaches, backaches and other chronic maladies.

These implants would show up on scans if your equipment were more sensitive, but because they are a combination of etheric and physical elements, they are detectable mostly by the irritation and interference they cause.  Our brilliant White Brotherhood and Arcturian healing teams have successfully developed procedures that they have used in recent days with both Christine and Kathryn, who were shown their own implants and immediately asked to have them removed.  The results were completely successful for both of them.  TeamLeader will give you more complete details.  I will say that all the Company of Heaven was holding their breath as the delicate surgery proceeded for each of them.

Christine’s procedure was done first and very quickly, as we held her in our arms and Kathryn helped her to raise her frequency higher and higher in her Pillar of Light.  As she did this, the team was able to remove the implant as Christine withdrew the energy from her body’s natural tendencies to accept or bind to the complex system of tentacles, as a body will do when it has to adapt to any foreign object that remains for long periods.  Since the implants operate at a 3-dimensional frequency, those of you who have already raised yourselves to a high vibration are excellent candidates for this kind of removal.  After the surgery she felt considerable pain in her kidneys and her brain, but this was mostly due to the earlier injuries she was still recovering from.

Kathryn’s procedure was a bit different.  The team assessed her condition carefully over a period of many days and concluded that the older model of implant she carried would have to be removed bit by bit because it had atrophied somewhat as a result of her body’s long rejection of it.  This made it more brittle, with sharp prongs embedded in her brain that had begun to affect her short-term memory slightly.  In this case, they worked steadily over a period of two days to gingerly remove the shards that had also wrapped around her heart.

I have given you some details about these two surgeries to give you an idea of the range of implants many of you may still carry, and to encourage you to call upon your Arcturian teams to do the procedures.  They have the expertise and range of experience to do this safely, with no lingering damage to your brains and bodies. This will not only relieve you of the unpleasant health effects of these monstrous devices, but it will also allow you to take the steps you need to accomplish for your Ascension.

You see, many of these implants, because they were designed to lodge first in the brain, have caused psychological and mental effects as well as physical pain and discomfort.  Once the scientists developed the techniques to create these cellular invaders, they experimented with many variations.  They stopped at nothing to devise programs that would mimic human tissue while implementing their plan to control and enslave humanity.  It was an abominable program, a continuation of dark researches conducted during the Atlantean period.

I am here to tell you today that Mother and I have decreed that these laboratories be closed, and that all humanity will now be able to remove these dreadful implants once and for all.  In the meantime, we encourage you to avoid all forms of vaccinations if possible.  Our health programs will no longer permit the detrimental effects you have experienced in the past, but it is best that you stop “feeding the beast” by supporting the pharmaceutical corporations that make obscene profits from these injections that were intended to be debilitating and sometimes deadly.

Why Was All This Allowed?
Now, of course, you are asking yourselves why Mother and I would permit such a horrific program to exist and proliferate on Earth.  I will explain a bit more about our contract with you so that you can understand our role and yours in this long and arduous Project which is now concluding.

Millions of years ago, when humanity was literally a twinkle in Mother’s eyes and mine, we met with our then-active Company of Heaven, which has grown considerably as our Masterful children move through their levels of Ascension.  It was decided that in order to create conditions of greater complexity and challenge, Mother and I would create lower-dimensional heavy energies in specific places within the Multiverse.  This would allow our most ambitious children, who wished to advance more quickly, to experience previously unknown events and challenges.

We developed a dichotomy in which good and its opposite would express themselves in rudimentary forms.  Dark and Light became what you might call the petri dish in which all varieties of Light and not-Light would grow.  We then allowed a number of our children to take our rudimentary creations and develop variations and more complex expressions of darkness.  Their intention was to build a school of tests and trials to push the limits of their own experience.  Numerous ideas were brought forward about the best way to create these “schools of Ascension.”

Many planets and star systems became involved over the eons, and this resulted eventually in bloody wars and conflicts across Universes. The dark systems evolved over millions of years to the dreadful state of affairs you are experiencing now.  Earth, among other planets, became an increasingly difficult place to incarnate for humans, and only those souls who requested the experience and who showed readiness for the challenge were permitted to incarnate here.

It became clear to all those who had remained in the Light that the extent to which the experiment could go awry was beyond anything they had anticipated.  Our sensitive and compassionate Light Beings in our Company of Heaven became increasingly concerned about the chaos that had been created and the increasingly dangerous weapons that threatened the entire Multiverse with their destructive power.  These nuclear-type (anti-matter) weapons could annihilate planets and even destroy souls.

Of course we were very concerned, but we remained bound by our promise that we would allow the Project to continue as we had originally agreed.  This agreement did, however, contain more than just the simple permission to allow our children to express their free will under unlimited conditions.

The Project Ends in Glory
Our original agreement did not give our children free reign to continue this experiment indefinitely.  We have also decreed the end of the anti-matter weapons.  At the inception of the plan, Mother and I decreed that there would be an end point to this entire experiment, that all would be returned to Light and the essence of Love of which all was originally created.  That time has come.  You are now experiencing the unraveling of the dark programs, the dissolution of the cabal, and new treaties across the Multiverse in which the dark ones are resigning their power and coming to the Light.  This is a cosmic event, long prophesied and awaited.  You, Beloved Earth humans, are the central focus of the end of the struggle between Light and dark, Good and Evil.

Many of you have prayed for peace.  Many others have demanded an end to the misery and slavery you have experienced on this long-suffering planet.  The events you are experiencing and the Light you feel flowing across your planet, Dear Ones, are truly the end of a billion-year cosmic trajectory that is unfolding day by day, and you are in the center of this glorious finale.

Come to us, Dear Children, sit beside us, rest in our arms.  All darkness is falling away around you.  Now let us help you dissolve all remaining shadows of suffering and darkness you still carry within you.  Let us heal you with our Love, as we all Co-create and move together into the Paradise you have yearned for.

We are your Mother and Father God
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, July 30, 2015

Step-by-Step Implant Removal
By Arcturian TeamLeader

Greetings Bright Masters of Light.  We Arcturians feel devotion and inspiration to be serving alongside you.   Thank you for your courage and dedication.

We are here today with your Galactic Federation / White Brotherhood healing teams to assist in an important healing project with you and for you.  Yes, we will require your contribution for the success of this healing endeavor; your focused participation will provide you with a crucial milestone in your own healing for Ascension, as well as place you on our team, as a member aiding the rest of the surface population, your brothers and sisters of humankind.

 Implant Removal Authorized on Wide Scale by Father and Mother God
This project is sanctioned and guided by Father and Mother God who have declared to us: “The time has come!  Begin implant removal on a growing scale for surface Earth humanity.  Start with the Lightworkers – they will help us carry this out.”  Father and Mother will be present and participating at all implant removals.  Whenever you are following our implant removal instructions, you will be performing the steps for healing that Mother and Father have imbued with all of the energy needed to bring you gently to healing.  You will be held in their infinite safety and love.

Please do not pass along this information or attempt the procedures we offer without first reading the message from Father God, included in this 11th Edition of THE NEW EARTH TIMES. This information from Father God not only gives you detailed understanding of implants, but his words are filled with His and Mother’s Light, and they will serve to begin to activate your preparedness in a way only Father and Mother can do.

Like you, we Arcturians, alongside the White Brotherhood, are wholly devoted to the Earth Project, and as such, we are with you at the edge of the bright new horizon, at the edge of the disintegrating Veil, at the edge of an all new effort in Co-creation.  In the past days, we have come to discover new ways to safely remove your implants.  We are simply brimming with creativity, Unity and grand invention.  As we mentioned in our greeting, we receive our inspiration from you, brave souls.  If you could see what happens every time you reach for the Light in any way at all… you would let nothing – not a thought, feeling, belief or condition – stand in the way of your full and glorious healing.

You Are In Charge of Your Implant Removal
Before we give you the protocol for implant removal, we give you some all-important guidance.  Although it may certainly be disconcerting to learn of the implant(s) that have been used to weaken your immune system and assault your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, there is nothing to be alarmed or fearful about at this time.  We come to you directly at the bidding and with the blessing of Mother and Father; we come with information and lasting solutions.

If you attempt to release your implant(s) with fear, dread, intense worry, anxiety or trepidation, we will not be performing the procedure at that time.  Instead, we will begin working with you to increase your ability to remain centered in your heart and in your Pillar of Light.  Every bit of this process is designed to assist you with your Ascension.  There is no need whatsoever to panic or fret… you have been unwittingly carrying these implants since birth, you are now actively involved in releasing yourself from their grip, for good.  Work with us toward assured success.  Be at peace and feel joyful anticipation as you embrace the steps of the protocol.  We will be with you every moment – we promise.

Please use this opportunity to connect with us, your healing team, Mother and Father God, your Higher Self and Twin Flame.  Do not reach outward to Earth healers, our channels (including Kathryn and Christine) or others on the ground to verify that your implants are removed.  In the name of Mother and Father God, we assure you, if you follow the instructions to the best of your ability, with earnest intentions and as relaxed as possible, your implants will have been removed.

Your own healing team surrounds you now as you take in the following healing protocol.  We are with you brave hearts.  Together as One, we triumph.  We are your Arcturian Healing TeamLeader in devout service to you and to the Ascension of Earth.

Step-by-Step Implant Removal Guide
By Arcturian TeamLeader

1.  Request Implant Removal.  Please, if you feel clear and inspired, ask for your own healing and implant removal.  In your own words or using the following heartfelt request, ask:

“Mother and Father God, I ask for the removal of all implants – which have hindered or hurt me in any destructive, dark or negative way – from my 3rd and 4th dimensional bodies.  I understand that, according to your dispensation, this healing is granted upon my request both for my personal healing and Ascension and for the Highest Good of All.  I no longer allow these implants to remain within me.  I ask that my Arcturian and Galactic Federation healing team facilitate the gentle and expedient removal of all detrimental implants from me.  I am willing to work with their guidance.  I understand that you, Mother and Father God, will be present during my implant removals.  I commit to following the healing steps you have provided.  With gratitude and love, I accept the healing of all implant removal.”

2. 3 Day Preparation.  Please perform the following every day for three (3) consecutive days as part of the implant removal healing sanctioned by Father God:
Center in Your Pillar of Light.
In his recent message, Archangel Michael gave the following instruction on how to center in your Pillar of Light / Ascension Pillar.   Pillar Talk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Sit back, breathe deeply, and allow me to walk with you into the new and brilliant Light that is flowing across Earth.  Breathe into the center of your brain, where you light up the brilliant blue diamond that is the center of your expanding intelligence.  Feel the peace of mind at knowing you are evolving into a crystalline being of increasing wisdom and insight.  Then move downward through your central channel to light up the diamond in your heart, the sparkling fountain of Love that fills your entire being with warmth, comfort and companionship.  Now let that Love and Light flow downward into your solar plexus, where you fan the fire of your will – the spark of God that  inspires your drive toward goodness, strength, courage, loyalty and justice.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Next, while you enjoy the sparkling energy of your high frequency diamonds, reach upward to grasp the loving hands of Mother and Father God, and downward to anchor yourself into the center of our beloved Terra (Earth).  You are now centered in your Pillar of Light, the glorious protective channel that surrounds you completely, extending in all directions at arm’s length and beyond.  Greet your Higher Self, who is always there just above you, and your Twin Flame who is waiting for your call.  Link your consciousness with theirs and with Mother and Father, and any other high Light beings you wish to connect with.  Call on your angels to protect and watch over you while you remain inside your enveloping Light Pillar.  There you are safe, aligned with the highest good.  Remember this feeling, and repeat this many times a day until you become used to always creating and remaining inside your Pillar.”

  • 15 Minute Mediation.  Each day, meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes.  During your mediation, focus on perceiving the difference between you and your implants.  Tell your body that these foreign obstructions which have been present since early childhood are not part of  your natural body but have been imposed upon you and do not belong. Reassure your body that you will be just fine – in fact you will flourish – without the influence of this invading presence.  Tell your body that it will be restored, under the loving attendance of Mother and Father God, to its original design and integrity.
  • Conscious Bathing.  For each of the three days, take either a bath or a shower, where you invite deep cleansing and healing into your life and body.  See any old beliefs and behaviors that would bind you to maintaining the implant.  Let them wash away forever in the clean water.   At your request, Mother God will come and help you to release all attachments to what has limited you.  Let go in her arms as she soothes and heals you.
  • Drink Plenty of Water and Eat a Vegetarian Diet.  Please drink between 3 and 4 liters of distilled or clean water each day.  Do your best to remain on a vegetarian diet, as this will assist your energies to remain at a high frequency.

3.  Day of Implant Removal.  On the fourth day, please request, at a time of your choosing, that your healing team come and remove any and all implants from you.  Rest either in your bed or in a warm bath, and allow one hour for the procedures to ensue, as needed.  Remain clam, relaxed and expectant. We assure you, we will be there with your team and Mother and Father God to assist you in releasing all of your implants.

4.  Celebrate.  Congratulations!  You have successfully removed the implants.  A new phase of healing begins for you.  Please understand that you may feel a bit sore or strange, and this is normal.  Allow yourself plenty of care, rest and time to adjust.  We will be close to guide you in the coming days.  We will continue to guide you both directly and through our beloved channels in coming editions of THE NEW EARTH TIMES.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Transcribed by Christine Burk, New York, July 30, 2015

Community Corner

Update GaiaPortal:
Harmonizations Come Forth As Chaotic Envelopes Are Transcended

By EirePort

Harmonizations come forth as chaotic envelopes are transcended.

Flairs of brilliance succeed flares of emergence.

Strains of solidness are experienced and exposed.

Venerations of True Counsel are realized.

Moderations relax.

Heaven enters.

By GAIAPORTAL 30 July 2015

Quote of the Day

It’s up to you, Beloved One.

It’s entirely up to you.

And this just might be all you ever have to know.

Say YES,
The Universe

(From TUT “Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!”

From the Editor’s Desk…

       ~ ~ ~ ANNOUNCEMENT! ~ ~ ~
Live Radio Show “Channel Panel”
Resumes 1st Week Of August

Friends  and Family across Earth, We in The    Council of     Light    have     asked Kathryn   and  Christine  to begin   anew their  weekly   live   radio    shows.   The shows  will   sport a new  and improved format  which  will  continue to feature  Mother and  Father  God  and  the   Company  of  Heaven.    We  love  you and  greatly  await moving ever closer in communication and celebration.     Together  we  begin  the  next phase of our shared Project to raise Earth and all upon her into the New Golden Age!

JOIN US!  Wednesday August 5, 2014
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New Galactic Newsletter Launches on Surface Earth
By Archangel Michael, July 19, 2015

 A warm welcome to THE NEW EARTH TIMES, a brand new venture in co-creation.  We have asked our beloved channels to bring you the news, as we see it, so this will be a different kind of publication. We are the Company of Heaven:  Mother Father God, Ascended Masters and Archangels, who love you and only ever offer what is for the greatest Good of ALL.  We will be bringing you updates, news and Galactic-interest stories related to the Ascension of Earth, along with 5th dimensional lifestyle features.

The  purpose  of  this  publication  is  not  only  to  keep  you  informed  of  what’s happening in various facets of the Ascension Earth Project,  but  also  to  galvanize  our  Unity.   We share an important Mission:  restoring the Light on Earth,  so that  she  and  all  upon  her  may ascend in freedom and glory.    We  share  with  you  an  unbreakable  bond  of  family,   service  and love.

Besides our regularly Featured Columnists (Mother and Father God, Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel and Arcturian Team Leader), our publication will feature many fascinating and compelling guests including:  Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Angels and Archangels, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, Agarthans from Inner Earth, Terra (Earth), Galactic Emissaries from this and other systems, representatives of many other Kingdoms and more.  Often, we will include features from other channels and Lightworkers in order to enhance the harmony and union of our shared service and goals.  I have many surprises up my sleeve to inform, astonish and delight you.

Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes – just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!

I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share.

Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age.

I am your brother,
Archangel Michael
Namaste All.

Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015
Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory

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Harmony in Oneness – Amaterasu, the Shinto Deity of the Sun through Julie Miller – 7-26-15

Amaterasu, Shinto Deity of the Sun

Harmony in Oneness  –   Amaterasu, the Shinto Deity of the Sun through Julie Miller   –   7-26-15


The interpretation of oneness is multi-sided. To some people of your earthly home, oneness means seeing the usefulness in all things, with every little thing and side of things being an important part in the greater scheme of things. Oneness can be described as being non-differentiation. There is good, there is bad; there is positive as well as negative; pleasure and pain, etc. When you have the consciousness of Oneness, you are able to easily perceive the unity of all life—understanding that all sides of any duality are vital for the development and progression of life.

If you took some time to reflect back on your own life, you will be able to recognize many of the biggest negatives that you experienced were often the catalyst that prompted you to act, what inspired and empowered you to make changes that directed your progress and success. Without those negative experiences, you would never have learned what was needed to produce change during that time, you would not have learned what your boundaries were or hard tolerant and persevering you are. When you see and understand the dynamic value of the negative and see that within it there is something wonderfully positive, or any other polar opposite is your beginning of your recognition of oneness, where your perception changes, and you are able to clarify all parts as necessary for the emerging of your new you…not a you that just has a bad side or a good side, a you that is complete and whole, a you that is one with the world; one with the life that is thriving all around them and one with their whole self.

Unfortunately, there are still many people that operate from a divided consciousness and the world they look at is misconstrued. When there is misunderstanding, many times there is unnecessary suffering. Many times, happiness is only accepted when one certain outcome is received, but disgusted if a different outcome is reached. Great panic is felt when sudden situations arise that hold life-changing potential, changes that ruffle your current way of living and being simply because there is a lack of oneness in your perception of self and of the world that you are intricately a part of. So much effort is being used in choosing what is wanted instead of accepting what is available in the here and now. Majority of the people look out at the world from a divided self, experiencing the polar divisions that life can bring instead of seeing life from an undifferentiated expression of oneness.

It is good to know beautiful, dear ones that the more conscious you become, the more you are able to embrace and acknowledge that being whole, united and one is important to the development and growth of not only your life, but of all life. It is necessary to remember that the changes you bring, also bring changes to others, your life is not the only one being effected. When you are able to see all sides of a situation, instead of just one, the spectrum of life changes, you feel compelled to engage yourself in happier activities that encourage more fulfillment and satisfaction. Embracing oneness for all life, including your own is a worthwhile endeavor. You were born with a divided consciousness. The more aware you became, the more you recognized how separate you were from others, and you identified yourself by your differences from others. When one lives in the primeval consciousness of the physical body, it is from that place that the world is perceived.

When you begin to mingle with others, you begin to awaken to feelings, sensations, and emotions. You come to realize that maybe you are not so separate as you once thought, but it takes time to embrace total oneness and to let go of the duality of wanting this or that. It is ignorance that prevents unifying knowledge to be known and embraced. The more you progress and move forward, more possibilities and opportunities you are greeted with. The more your mind evolves, the more you are able to see between the extremities of life and embrace them fully. When you are able to embrace all experiences with equal fervour you reduce suffering and delight yourself by becoming more insightful. When your perception changes and you are able to accept through higher levels of consciousness that there is unity in all elements then you begin knowing at a profound level the beauty of the perception of oneness.

Is it possible to bring higher consciousness into your daily life? The more you move away from egocentric ways, you loosen the ties of what was causing the division. When you are able to clearly see the truth of things in their multifaceted range of possibilities, then you are less prone to favour one truth over another…you will be able to make sense of what is and have deeper insight into the true conditions of life at any moment. When you suffer less, your energy is increased into higher realms of positivity that will produce deeper, longer lasting feelings of joy and happiness for being alive.

The more you are able to embrace the multifold of any particular side of a situation, the less suffering you will endure. As you move more into oneness for all life, including oneness for your own life what you are also endorsing is harmony. Harmony has many definitions and sometimes its definition depends on where you are in life. But when you are coming from a place of oneness, harmony describes a great balance in all interests, deepened awareness for all people that are associated with every situation and event that is uplifting and empowered by a greater truth that is beneficial to all. It is well understood beautiful, dear ones that harmony is also described as having a mutual kin with peace, balance, goodwill towards all life, positive dialogue, and common fulfillment. When there is harmony, discord is eliminated. When there is love, any inner rancour turns into outer enjoyableness. When you have harmony, you are demonstrating through your actions, thoughts, words, feelings and choices that you respect other people’s sensitivities. It is important to be reminded that the many problems that happen in life, are problems that stem from harmony.

When you are able to bring the greatness of harmony into all aspects of your total self, then problems can be diffused. When you embrace each aspect of you, be it between your physical, emotional, or mental sides, you can see how harmony dynamically effects your behaviour, habitual ways, and lessens your opinions, deepens your values, adds more levels of organization, increases energy and much more. It is the definitive harmonies of nature that are incredibly spiritual and it is these harmonies that bring forth oneness.

It is important beautiful, dear souls to comprehend that to be in harmony does not mean you are compromising anything. What it means is that you are using a higher mode of understanding in order to discover an accurate way to reconcile with the polarities of life that you encounter. Keep in mind that any opposite that you discover is also a portion of an aspect of oneness that is pursuing right expression through the varied production of their resistance.

Each of you are encouraged to continue to strive to find the broadest and the most involving harmony in all that you do and to embrace your oneness that is interwoven with all life and the universe as you embrace and accept oneness is an integral and vital part to the harmony you seek to bring into all things.

Beautiful, dear souls…

I AM Amaterasu, the Shinto Deity of the Sun through Julie Miller


Heavenletter #5351 – Let Other People Be. Can You? – 7-19-15


Heavenletter #5351   –   Let Other People Be. Can You?, July 19, 2015

God said:

Returning to the topic of changing people, I would like to add that you adore someone and you get married. So far, so good, and then you see fault in the one you married, and you try to reform your partner in areas that are not yours to take over and remake to suit you. Your desire to make your partner into someone else may hurt your loved one’s heart to the core. No matter how well-intentioned you may be, you may be denying your beloved’s very Being. Who are you to presume to change your loved one’s preferences in life? You may try to take away someone’s very nature. Now We are dealing with the nitty-gritty of life.

When someone is one way, he or she is not another. Each person comes to this world with certain proclivities that belong to the person and not to you. Really, people will change, yet it is not for you to force or speed up change on anyone. In life, you learn what is your jurisdiction, and what is not.

When women go to a spa for a complete make-over, they have chosen to go to the spa. Each person comes into Life on Earth with predilections. Some are quick. Some are slow. Some like solitude. Some are gregarious.

Your friends and loved ones own their lives to live and decide for themselves. Another’s life is not yours to direct. Marriage is not a take-over. You do not want to force-feed another. Nor do you yourself want to be force-fed.

Someone’s basic nature has to be left alone. We are returning to the adage: What is for the goose may not be for the gander. All are made in My image, yet everyone, in terms of the world, is not made the same. This may be news for you, or it may not. Even so, you may jump in, and you and the other pay too high a price for realizing the fact that part of his or her nature is unacceptable to you.

It is guaranteed that your partner is not a perfect person. It is also guaranteed that you are not. It is guaranteed that no one’s standards are the same. If you and your partner grew up next door to each other all your lives, it is, nevertheless, as if you came from different planets. Differences arise.

You ask yourself: “How on Earth will I be able to let go of disrespecting differences and come to accept them?”

Dearly perplexed, the answer is: As best you can.

Easy to say you will leave your partner alone, and not so easy to live up to.

Some people put their socks in the laundry turned inside out while others are determined to turn their socks right side out. This could be a life-long battle. There are some matters that aren’t worth taking a stand on. Some matters cost too much.

Be careful that you do not step on another’s toes. Be careful that you allow freedom to others. Given that kind of freedom, someone may want to please you, yet not everyone is able to keep that up no matter how much they wish they could. By the same token, you may tire of someone’s trying to please you. As much as you can, let other people be.

Which is better or worse? To be a messy person or a nag? If you had to make a choice, which would you choose?

How much giving and love are you able to give others? Life tests you every day of your life. You test your own self as well. It is particulars that often make life difficult for you. The little things. You don’t want your life to become combative. When you put effort into changing another, you are almost certain to pay an endless price and exhort an endless price from the other as well. You do not have the authority to demand changes from another.

Take care with your children as well. Allow them their choices. Guide, support, love, yet not take over their lives as if their lives are yours to do with whatever you want.

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Transmuting from Forgiveness – Elohim Arcturus via Julie Miller – 7-12-15


Transmuting from Forgiveness   –   Elohim Arcturus  via  Julie Miller   –   7-12-15

Channeler: Julie Miller  –  July 11, 2015


Forgiveness is a very powerful action that is generated from the heart and provides incredible healing attributes to your functioning mind and aids to your spiritual growth. There are people that move away from forgiveness due to their ego getting in the way. Forgiveness is not about condoning what has occurred. Forgiveness means that you have enough love inside of you that you refuse to allow the venomous grip of anger and hatred to prevent you from moving forward.

It does no good to any part of you to carry resentments towards any one person, place or thing. So many people still consider the act of forgiveness as an act of weakness, but that concept of thought couldn’t be further from the truth. To forgive someone’s inappropriate behaviour, actions, words or choices concludes that you have enough love inside of you to heal yourself past such events so the pain and discomfort will diminish into nothing and you will grow from the experience as your wisdom expands from the knowledge you gained.

Being able to forgive someone is a strength that is admirable and each of you has the power to forgive. The suffering that you may have endured isn’t meant for you to hang onto permanently. The dear souls who cannot forgive, is because they don’t want to forgive. It is vitally important to be able to step up and forgive what has happened and let the animosity and negative feelings go in favour of love, healing and moving on. It is important to remember as you are healing and moving through a troubling situation…everything is temporary. Changes come when you allow them and you have the ability to transform yourself through the power and transmutation of forgiveness.

When you make the choice to forgive, to let go of any lingering resentment, anger or bitterness, you are not doing this necessarily for the other person, but for your Self. It takes great COURAGE, inner strength and maturity to step up and forgive. When you give yourself the love that you surely need in order to heal past any painful situation, then you are giving yourself a most amazing gift of life that encourages a new you to be reborn from the experience. Forgiveness fosters change and when you change, you are letting go of what is old for what is new. Every day dear ones you are given opportunities to be reborn and through each situation you are encouraged to listen to your heart and not follow the trickster ego.

If you ever question why you need to forgive and let go so you can finally find peace of mind and bring yourself into a happier state, think about moving beyond your hurt-felt ordeal…how good it will feel to move your whole self beyond the dragging feelings of sadness, anger and frustration and to bask in the sunny rays of light and love. Deep down dear ones, you know hanging on to what is no longer serving you is only hurting you more. Forgiveness and letting go is power and the first person to benefit from such power is you.

The moment you let go of old grudges and animosities, you find yourself filling up with peace and all feelings of resentment seem to disintegrate. Tuning in to the moment as you let go, is when you begin to heal. You will know when it is the right time to forgive, and not only to forgive the other person, but to forgive yourself for allowing such a devastation to take place. When you accept accountability for your part and are willing to let go of all that has happened so you can healthily move on, than you and your life will definitely begin to change.

Did you know dear ones, that when you forgive completely, you are then giving yourself permission to live life copiously? It is important to keep in mind that most people do not go around with the intention to hurt someone. Even if they are mad and angry with the world, that doesn’t mean they want to cause harm. Sometimes, people are given situations they do not know how to handle and they react and act out. This does not mean you are to condone what they have done, it just means though you are not allowing their actions or behaviour to alter the course of your life or change your level of happiness.

Everyone has been both the recipient and the giver of meanness, frustration, anger, hostility and upset. As you continue on your amazing journey, try to keep in mind that everyone that crosses your path is doing the best they can from what they know to get on with life. No one person’s way is perfect. Flaws are everywhere. But when you are able to view every situation and the people that come with them as being valuable teachers that offer important life lessons, then you begin learning and mastering more things about yourself that perhaps were weak and needed your attention. There is no need to be bitter in life when you can let bygones be bygones and let go for the sake of your overall health.

You know everything is about choices. You can choose to move on and be happy or choose and be miserable due to an upsetting circumstance. Only you can make the choice to hang tightly to resentments that waste your precious time and energy or to breathe deeply and choose the lighter option and to let go of everything that no longer serves a higher purpose and to enjoy a peace-filled mind and allow happiness to be your priority.

And so it is…

I AM Elohim Arcturus through Julie Miller


Deepak Chopra – GLOBAL MEDITATION FOR COMPASSION – A Compassionate World Starts With You – EVENT: Sat July 11 2015


Deepak Chopra

How do we change the world? By taking a stand for compassion, one person at a time. Join Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Ismael Cala, and more than 500,000 people from nearly every country in the world, as we come together online on Saturday, July 11th, with one common intention – to turn around the rising tide of disconnection in the world and, through renewed empathy and love, reconnect to what truly matters.

Saint Germain via Meline Portia – CLARITY – 7-10-15

A message of clarity by Saint Germain

I AM welcoming you all today and my blessings to all of you beautiful Master Beings. I come here once more to speak to you through the heart of unification as this binds us all, being sparks of the One. What I wish to speak about with you all is the meaning of clarity and the need for clarity. As I was speaking to this beloved earlier today, clarity has become an intrinsic need or part of your lives. For who does not seek for clarity, isn’t it so?

You have made this to be for real in your lives and thus created it so. Clarity can only exist and be if there is a recognition and acknowledgment of confusion and being blinded, for it is the opposite of its polarity experience. It is therefore not necessarily so that you need to experience both as a separate thing, rather bring those polarities together and experience them as one. That is the all knowing and seeing things as they truly are without having the complexity of needing to seek what you think is lost.

Nothing is lost in the first place for all is you and within you, as you know. Thus understand that when one is seeking for clarity it actually means that one has forgotten the understanding of “One” and “All” simultaneously. Clarity is a part of you, it is the true meaning of understanding who you are as a whole and that you can BE everything at once. It is the nature of true perception as to where you can perceive things as they are in truth: oneness. As soon as confusion comes in, it means that you are occupying yourself with duality structures of separation as to where you feel inclined to pull to one side or the other.

It is a thinking pattern of: “it is this way or that way”, and not all at once. That seems impossible for the human mind, thus you cannot accept this by heart. That is what clarity is showing you in this dimension: that you are taking clarity as a choice of how things are or can be.. and most of the time you probably want it to be just one sided or it would be too complex to understand. There is not just one side of explanation to offer clarity rather there are many, one might say that all things are clarity because they are as they are. As I would say: it is as it is.

Now that I AM taking you further into that matter, the only reason behind this message of today is to help you realize that not all things have to be clear to you as you tend to forget sometimes that everything is about the experience of things. To engage with your experiences and allow this to unfold is clarity for you see things as they are with an open heart.

There are many things entering your planes of duality at this time and it surely feels to you all as if your plate is continuing to fill more and more and that you have no space left to even take on more. My dear Master Beings, the only reason why you even can experience the feeling of your plate being so filled is because you hold on to certain things that are crossing your path. You take on more and more to hold and thus things will become complicated for you at a certain point as you cannot see things clearly anymore through it all. The complexity dominates.

You are filling your minds with more things to come and are already occupying yourselves with what might be coming soon as well. To live in the every now moment will make it impossible for you to even hold on to things as you flow along the stream of the moment and experience it as it is. It is like a receiving and passing on as you experience the moment with acceptance and joy.

Now, there are many time-lines and opportunities that dwell within you and are wanting to emerge into your realities which can enhance the confusion and the need for clarity. You will learn to Master your own consciousness in the sense of allowance without the fight for resistance and control. You will learn to stop seeking for answers to know, understand and have clarity as you will be offered the experience of what it is to already know, see and be clarity within. Things are as they are, there is no need to make things complicated nor to confuse yourself with wanting to know the answers to give you a false sense of contentment.

That is what you will learn in this time, that clarity is about allowing things to be as they are. To move yourselves through the many opportunities as these arise and to just experience what you hold by heart and want to BE. When such confusions arise and there seems to be too much to handle for you at the time, take a step back out of the hustle and the bustle of events, take a breather and go within for a moment. Take a closer look at all the things that are ruling your reality and your experiences and see where these creations are originating from.

Where did it all start? What made you think this way or another? Which thought or emotion has moved you towards certain conclusions or perceptions? Go back to its origin and see it there as it is, where you have built further upon to create this all into your experience. It applies mostly to the most subtle and smallest things you easily overlook. Much is always related to fear and the wanting to have things under control. Here is where confusion originates from for you cannot control anything, you just can Be.

Well let us now look at the bright side of this circumstance and see that this gift offered to you is simply a reminder of where you put your attention, what you feed and how you see yourself. You are all taking in more of yourselves from other planes and Dimensions as well, thus many different vibrations are deciding to play along and enter your human experience. Some of these aspects may behave like children: uncontrollable and wild! These feel like they are entering a playground they never were able to enter before and thus are excited!

You might wait a little bit before unleashing these aspects of yourselves until you have this overall feeling that you are ready to handle all these parts of you on the Human level as well. To be ‘up there’ in the Higher realms and experience those realms is one thing but the challenge is to bring these ‘down here’ on the Earthly level while being in a human incarnation. To channel these in through the process of grounding, equilibrium and the self realization is thus key as we keep on stressing that fact for a long time now.

Get to know yourselves on all levels as you desire and just release what is standing in your way or what is making things complicated for you. Not by ignoring or running from it but by embracing it as a part of your creation. To acknowledge is to see things as they are, Master Beings. Thus start to acknowledge ~ see ~ you as the Master Beings that you are and explore this. Clarity is you and that is what you are about to understand more deeply in the upcoming months.


Blessings and eternal love

Master Saint Germain

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Suzanne Lie – The Truth Shall Set You Free – Arcturian Message – 7-4-15

Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie   –   The Arcturians

Many of our higher consciousness ones are experiencing an extreme range of “agony and ecstasy” because you are traveling through Gaia’s, as well as your own, fourth dimensional aura. The last three ninths of any project is the most challenging.

The end of any project is the most challenging because you have been working on it so long that you are getting “sick and tired” of doing it. When you fall into that state of consciousness, you have an opportunity to edit your behavior at a causal level.

With any written project, the formatting of the project, which is very important, as the final task in your process of fine-tuning. However, by that NOW, you have been seeing the same “mistake” so many times that you do not see it as a mistake.

Instead, you see it as what you want it to be because you do NOT want to have to look at that project again. We are, of course, talking about the project of personal and planetary ascension. We are telling you that NOW you are going into virgin territory that you have never visited.

You may have visited lives in which you personally ascended, but Gaia has not yet ascended. Therefore, the process of Gaia’s ascension is unique to all of you. Some of our volunteers have had the experience of planetary ascension, such as on the Pleiades’ or on Venus.

If you are among those ONES, please go into meditation to remember your experience in that incarnation. This remembrance will greatly assist you in controling your own confusions and frustrations. Then, once you are calm and centered, you can better assist others to be calm and centered.

It is for this reason that we are inviting you all to take one more conscious journey through the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. While in the fourth dimensional perspective of your current incarnation, you can also perceive all the other incarnations that you have experienced on the body of Gaia.

As you move into higher and higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension, you will gain more objectivity. The more detached you are from the rules of your 3D life the more you can perceive your own behavior. The reason for this detachment is that, the higher your state of consciousness, the less you judge that which you perceive.

The third dimension is so filled with fear that many of you fall into judgment as a way of distancing yourself from those who are of the “power over others” persuasion. However, judgment lowers your own state of consciousness, which lowers your ability to release that behavior from your self.

As most of you have discovered, the higher your state of consciousness, the more you can perceive areas of your own behavior that you wish to amend. It is important to remember that if you judge yourself for your behavior, your consciousness will drop into a frequency in which you cannot unconditionally love, forgive and accept your self.

In other words, you cannot do for another what you cannot do for your self. If there is any part of your self that you judge, you will also judge that behavior in others. A fifth dimensional state of consciousness is based on unconditional love.


  • When you fall out of unconditional love, you will fall out of your fifth dimensional state of consciousness.
  • When you fall out of fifth dimensional consciousness, you lose your higher perspective of reality.
  • When you lose your higher perspective of reality, you begin to feel trapped in the third-dimensional illusions of limitation and fear.

It is difficult to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness because your physical reality is riddled with fears and illusions. In fact, these illusions and fears are the most difficult component of your daily life.

How do you maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness so that you can look through the illusions to perceive the TRUTH? Yes, you are correct. You can only look through the illusions when your fourth dimensional aura is clear enough that you can look through your own aura.

Of course, your fifth dimensional self, who is the YOU that resonates to a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, can look into your fourth dimensional aura to easily perceive the wounding within your own aura.

Then, your fifth-dimensional SELF, the you that always resonates to 5D consciousness, can easily send unconditional love to your third-dimensional self, the you that resonates to 3D consciousness.

The challenge is, can your 3D self recognize this higher 5D being as a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF? The third dimension has taught you to be “humble,” but too often third dimensional humility is actually a third dimensional way to judge your self.

You have learned about judgment from all the persons who have judged you or others. It is for this reason that releasing judgment from your consciousness is such an important part of your personal and planetary ascension.

Of course, since you cannot give away what you do not have, you can only release your judgment of others when you have released your judgment of your self. However, the physical world has trained you to believe that self-judgment is a form of humility.

This is an incorrect belief. Self-judgment comes from inner fear, whereas humility comes from inner love. The fear that creates self-judgment expands to create fear of judgment from others in your outer life. On the other hand, the humility that comes from inner, unconditional love creates the ability to unconditionally love, forgive and accept all life.

We know that loving, forgiving and accepting all that is occurring during the chaos that is preceding Gaia’s great change is a lot to ask of you. However, if you remember that Gaia is a “cause and effect” planet, you will understand why we are saying this to you.

To ascend from Gaia’s third dimensional expression, all the Ascended Masters had to master their fearful reactions of judgment and replace those reactions with unconditional love so that they could “Forgive them, for the know NOT what they do.”

Whereas judgment stops forward movement, unconditional forgiveness encourages forward movement. Think in terms of your self. How do you feel when someone judges you? Do you want to listen to and accept what they have told you?

It is the same if you judge yourself. Do you listen to and accept your own self-judgment? If so, how dies that effect you?

As you move beyond the lower astral plane of the fourth-dimensional Portal/Corridor that YOU are creating, you are remembering that energy out is energy back. Therefore, you are recalling that what you put out into your world, you are simultaneously pulling into your self.

As you complete the healing and transmutation of your Adrenal Glands,

we remind you that these are your reactionary glands. As you increasingly gain mastery over your reactions to third dimensional stimuli, you will progressively live in the NOW of your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Within this higher state of consciousness, you can easily choose to NOT react. When your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension, you perceive reality as energy packages which carries a potential reality. Furthermore, from your higher consciousness you can easily perceive the frequency within that energy package.

If the energy package is filled with fear, you will UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE it and blaze it with the VIOLET FIRE. In the NOW of this action you transform that energy package before it has “time” to become implanted into the body of Gaia to become a reality.

From your fifth dimensional perspective you can also read the emotional content of these energy packages. Therefore, when you transmute the emotional content from fear to unconditional love, you will than ground that transmuted energy package into Gaia. Do you see how you are giving a great service to your ever-ascending reality?

NOW that you have visited the Lower Astral Mystery School,

you have been able to unconditionally love and transmute your own lost ones. Hence you will be increasingly able to unconditionally love and transmute the thought forms and energy packages that will become ever more perceivable to your expanding perceptions.

Remember to love and efficiently ground all energy packages filled with love, as they will be of great assistance to Gaia. In order for you to best assist Gaia with Her process of ascension, you have cleared, and will continue to clear, your own lower astral fears, reactions and judgments.

We know that your assignment is no small task for your human expression. However, what is impossible for your third dimensional self is easy and natural for your Multidimensional SELF. When your physical self is fully connected to your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will be fully connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

Then, you are NO LONGER alone because you are ALWAYS surrounded by the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF who is constantly within the NOW. From this NOW, you are sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into your physical self and your third dimensional reality.

Because you have freed your most wounded expressions of self, and because they are continually being educated about that TRUTH in the Astral Mystery School, you are starting to feel like a different person.

The heavy weight of third dimensional responsibility, floating fear and depression are lifting from your consciousness. Because your wounded self is being continually healed within the Temple, you can better relax into your expanded versions of SELF.

We remind you to listen with your High Heart and see through your Third Eye to best receive your messages from the higher dimensions. These messages were always there, but the static in your lower astral field distorted them beyond your recognition.

We know that many of you have done this inner work many times. However, as your consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies, you must send your grounding cord deeper and deeper into the areas of your physical self that you once judged, feared or ignored.

You can only go as high up into your SELF as you are willing to go down into your unconscious. Also, you can only go as high UP into Gaia’s atmosphere as you are willing to go DOWN into Gaia’s Core.

If you do not go into Gaia’s Core to be fully grounded, there can be distortions in your aura, which will distort your higher messages from SELF. One of your greatest challenges will be to recognize a distortion, expand your frequency, and then perceive that multidimensional message again from a higher state of consciousness.

The Time of Waiting

The time of waiting was almost over. I knew that. I could feel it in my Soul. What else lay hidden within me that was stopping a fully conscious experience of my Multidimensional SELF? I turned around inside my mind and opened up my heart.

I calmed my physical body and allowed my consciousness to rise above the cares of my mundane life: above survival, above achievement, above success, and into the knowing…
Old familiar memories tickled my awakening mind and stroked my heart like the touch of an Angel. Friends and comrades that I had known, long before my first embodiment rushed forward to greet me.

My Divine Complement slipped neatly into my form. I was united again. She-he-I were complete. My memories raised another octave as I embraced more and more portions of my SELF. “I am Home,” I heard a voice whisper.

But wait; there are no voices in this realm of telepathy, empathy and all-knowing. The thought made my heart thump, and I felt my body sitting heavily in my chair and my hands tightening into a fist.
I felt my feet pushing against the carpet beneath me as if to push it away. My eyes flew open to see the physical room, as I heard the traffic sounds outside my window.

“No!” I cried. “I don’t want to be here. I want to be there.”

Just as the doorway to my heart began to close and the tears began to form in the corners of my eyes, a glimmer of light entered the room. Like the wisp of a butterfly’s wing the glimmer fluttered into my heart and stopped the door from closing.

The glimmer floated up to my mind like a feather caught in an updraft. The tears of fear became tears of joy. My clutching hands relaxed and opened—palms up. My feet eased against the carpet, and I felt the comfort of its grounding support.

I calmed myself to remember the world that I believed I had just left. I felt that world, that reality, inside my heart and inside my mind.

I brought it all the way to the tips of my now relaxed hands, down into my toes, through the carpet and into the earth beneath it. The wings of the butterfly changed into the wings of an eagle and wrapped around my body like a cloud of light.

“Home is a state of consciousness,” my friends from within reminded me. “You have journeyed down into the womb of Mother Earth to create a new life, not just for you, not just for the planet, but also for the Light.

“Awaken now and find all of us who have also taken earthen forms. We are also arousing our memories and hearing the call. Like Sleeping Beauty, awakened by the kiss of love,
we are all bringing forth our promise. Now we can know, now we can trust our SELF.”

Within that moment, I surrendered to the promise I had volunteered to keep. Finally, I could remember what I had promised to do long, long before I was born.

Now I just had to BE it.


Dear members of our away team in the United States of America. On this day, July 4, 1776, you adopted The Declaration of Independence because you refused to participate in the lies and illusions of others.

Therefore, our dear emissaries in the United States, as well as our emissaries from ALL over Gaia’s EARTH, to perceive this historical energy package of FREEDOM that becomes activated every year on this date and reinforce it by saying,

“We will NOT participate in a fear-based reality. We are no longer willing to be lied to and frightened. We are multidimensional beings who have entered into a third-dimensional body to assist Gaia.

“We repeat that we will NOT tolerate lies and distortions of reality any longer. Therefore, we say to you all – Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into OUR ascending planet.

“We send you, the unknown faces of darkness and fear, Unconditional Love. Now that we stand in our Individual Light, we can stand in the Unity of our Collective Light and speak to you as ONE being to say,

“We love you unconditionally and blaze you with the Violet Fire. As we do so we declare from our High Heart that we will NOT participate in a reality of illusion and fear!

“We took Earth vessels within this NOW to rescue Gaia from the clutches of greed and deceit. We say, blessings to you, those who are afraid of the truth, afraid of Ascension, and afraid to lose your power over others. We say to you, we love you unconditionally, and we bless you with the Violet Fire.

“We have been frightened by your fear, but now we transmute that fear into Love, and we react only with Unconditional Love. We ask all of humanity to join us in this endeavor of sending Love into the thought forms that are filled with fear.

“We send you ALL Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.”

– How to Get out of the Blame Game – 6-30-15

lynne_imageLynn Grabhorn

Most of us think of blame as the melodramatic pointing of a long, crooked finger towards one who has done scandalous wrong. Yet we’re actually into blame just about every waking moment of our days. From weather, to rude drivers, to toothpaste caps, we blame from sunup ’til sundown and never think a thing about it.

Oh sure, more times than not we’re probably justified in our accusations, but so what! There’s not an ounce of well-being that can squeak through the low, thick vibration of blame, whether it’s justified or not. In fact, the electromagnetic energy of blame is so potently charged as it flows from us to others, it can cause those who are usually fairly dependable to mess up all over the place. And for sure, sending blame-energy to someone who’s been nasty, stupid, abusive or drunk only amplifies the condition you’d like to see changed.

Switching From Blame to Appreciation

Some friends who had their luggage put on a wrong flight were fuming and stewing for hours at their hotel over the inefficiency of the airline. Their important luggage, which had been seen but had now vanished, was so completely lost, no one even knew where to start looking. Finally, my friends realized what they were doing, and switched to appreciating the usually competent employees they’d been berating. Within minutes — minutes! — they received the call that the luggage was found and would be delivered within the hour.

Prior to their change of attitude, the buckets of angry, blameful energy they were sending out was causing the airline workers to turn a minor incident into a snarled up mess.

A lender to whom I had submitted a loan called to tell me they couldn’t find an important original paper I knew I had sent. As I was crabbing over the incompetence of their staff, the phone calls kept getting worse. More stuff missing, more facts not properly documented, more problems, problems, problems. The more I knee jerked into fuming blame, the more this thing was falling apart right before my eyes.

Then I realized what I was doing, switched to appreciation for the normally efficient personnel, and in less than fifteen minutes they called to apologize. Everything was there; the loan had been approved.

A participant in one of my seminars couldn’t stop blaming her husband for what she perceived to be the cause of their twins’ stuttering. After the seminar she reluctantly agreed to undertake a program of brief hubby-appreciation periods daily. She called about six months later to tell me how difficult that had been at first, but as she got into the swing of it, she learned to catch herself at the onset of a blame bout and get her valve open enough to flow some appreciation to the girls, as well as to her husband.

As of the last phone call, both of the girls had nearly returned to normal speech. I don’t know what happened to poor hubby.

The point is, the energy of blame always makes a bad situation worse. Always!

Adding Energy to Anything Makes It Bigger

Let’s say there’s a bunch of things in a partnership we don’t like, some big, some just trivial little things we might even think we’re ignoring. But “little” does not exist, and “little” is usually our biggest problem. If something is big enough for us to label, even if that label is “little,” there’s no way we can say we’re ignoring it or accepting it. We’re focusing on the bloody thing, so obviously, we’re flowing energy to it and making it bigger.

The bottom line is that if we’re bothered by something, whether our being bothered is justified or not, we’re attracting negatively; that’s the way of it! It may be only a mild annoyance over clothes hung backwards. Or it may be as terrible as the fear of abuse. But regardless of the emotional intensity, that negative attention to “what is” will always cause even greater problems, because that’s the script we’re writing.

Is It You or Is It Them? Does It Really Take Two to Tango?

True, we can’t paint on another’s canvas if they don’t want it painted on. If someone doesn’t want to change, writing a new script or appreciating probably won’t accomplish much except get our own valve open. In fact, once we’re flowing that kind of energy, the strong possibility exists that the other guy may buck like a spurred yearling and not want any part of whatever it is we’re offering, which could well mean we might be looking at a pulling apart.

That’s magnetics. If you’re with someone who strongly desires not to change, and you do, universal physics will probably split you up and keep you that way. Yes, that may sound fearful, but ask yourself why you’d want to stay with someone who creates their life through negative energy flow?

So never mind your partner’s valve. In fact, never mind your partner! Take your focus off of what’s going on around you and insist to yourself that you get your own valve open any way you can, no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT!

The only way you’ll ever have a relationship the way you’d like it to be is to script it that way and stay with that script until it comes about, either with this partner or another with whom you’re in greater vibrational harmony (which means, if you haven’t already guessed, being a whole lot happier).

We Get to Choose Which Plant We Water & Feed

If you’re a silent sufferer, as I was, good luck. Whatever it is you’re suffering over is growing like an overfed weed. Same thing if you’re a controller, nagger, worrier, or people-pleaser. You have to take your focus OFF whatever it is that’s closing your valve and put it ON to what you want in life. In other words, take your focus off your Don’t Wants, put it on your Wants and keep it there.

If you’ve got a drunk on your hands, open your valve and write your new script.

If you’ve got an unemployed partner on your hands, open your valve and write your new script.

If the two of you are fighting over money, open your valve and write your new script.

Start talking with your partner about what you want and why, not what you don’t want and why.

I know, I’m sounding very cavalier about this, like there was nothing to this business of ignoring the actions of some jackass who you’re sure is responsible for making your life miserable. Blame is our game, and pointing the finger back on ourselves has always seemed so pointless.

Am I Playing the Blame Game?

In the middle of writing this chapter I took a break to go do some grocery shopping and maybe go to the steam bath to clear my head. I wanted to leave the subject behind for a while to make sure I was touching all bases. Leave it behind? Oh sure!

As I was driving to the store, I started a rather nasty inner dialogue with the folks who were renting the little house on my property. They had been unable to pay the rent for a couple of months, and my focus on that nonpayment was becoming all-consuming, to say the least. And anyhow, the car was a great place to fume, so I was going on and on with all these phony undertones of compassion and understanding. Frankly, I was boiling, yet totally oblivious to what I was creating with my vibrations. And here I am writing about it, for Pete’s sake!

Fortunately, it was my cantankerous mood in the supermarket that woke me up. Just as I reached for the dog food, it dawned on me how snarly I felt. I asked myself: “What’s bothering me?” and in an instant realized it was my focus on the lackful conditions of my tenants.

At first I was annoyed at myself, then even more annoyed that I didn’t feel like getting out of my mood. I finished my shopping and headed straight for the steam room, easing myself bit my bit into a better mood as I drove, so that by the time I hit the steam, I was ready to write a new script.

Writing a New Script and Changing the Whole Picture

First, a little appreciation: “Nice kids, pleasant to have around.” Not exactly rah rah, but better than where I had been. I could feel my resistance simmering down … a little.

“Thank goodness they were there to take care of the dogs while I was away. No other tenants have ever done that. And no other tenants have ever offered to help with the annual house painting touch-up like they did.” That felt better.

“And they really do love their place, and have it fixed so cute.” By now, my valve was open enough for me to start the new script, so I headed for the empty pool where I could quietly talk out loud without being stared at.

“You both just got new jobs? Wow! That’s fantastic! I’m truly happy for you. I know you’ve been wanting to buy some new furniture, so now you’ll be able to do that.”

On and on I went, painting the picture I wanted, backing off when I’d go too far and it didn’t feel comfortable, pushing ahead when it felt good.

It wasn’t ten minutes after I got home that the kids came over beaming from ear to ear. Not a new permanent job yet, but they had found an ongoing means to pay me, starting immediately! Fast action, to say the least!

Though they had been abundantly aware of their inability to pay me, their primary focus was on their love of the place and all the ways they intended to fix it up, not on their lack of money, so we had a vibrational match — theirs and mine. If they had been focused fearfully, all the appreciation in the world wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

* Subtitles by InnerSelf

“How To Get Out of the Blame Game” by Lynn Grabhorn, not dated, at

Original source: How To Get Out of the Blame Game

Mother’s Mini-Message # 17 – Proof is Not the Measure of Truth – Channeler Kathryn E May



Mother’s Mini-Message # 17   –   Proof is Not the Measure of Truth
Channeler Kathryn E May

Dearest Ones, I have a puzzle for you today.  I am going to ask you to discover why many of you tend to want “proof” of all kinds of things, like whether God exists, or whether there really is an afterlife, or whether there is really life on other planets, and whether the Masters and Angels you read about here are real.

There are still many among you who would raise an eyebrow at the idea of to speaking with angels and so-called Masters.  I assure you, you have your own private line to speak with us at all times.  When you are able to embrace this, you will have the proof of it.  You must cultivate your willingness to be open to things for which there may be no 3-dimensional “proof.”  This does not mean there is no proof.

Proof is not the measure of Truth.

You see, the idea that anything real should be measurable through the five human senses was a clever way to restrict science and creativity to their most elementary stages, to prevent the expansion of scientific exploration into unknown realms of inner and outer space.  It is difficult to control a human population whose curiosity is allowed to roam unfettered into the great questions of the Universe.  Without threat of mockery or persecution these great questions would easily find their answers in the hearts of humankind.

It was taught that one must first eliminate all feeling and intuition from the exploration in order for it to be “legitimate” science.  Of course, this leaves you handicapped, because the most powerful evidence for something being real is the feel of it.  Take the idea of whether I exist or not.  To us in higher dimensions, this question makes as much sense as asking whether you exist or not, whether a mother and father actually gave birth to you and your kind, or whether there really is such a thing as love.

Anyone who has felt love for another in the depth of their being does not need a laboratory to tell them it truly exists, and anyone who does not feel love is to be looked upon with compassion – but not be assigned the job to answer the question of whether love exists.

And so, your need for tangible proof of the things we have described evolving just beyond your 3-dimensional eyesight comes out of the ravages of the reductionistic program you were trained to trust.  It is an approach only someone trapped in the limits of the 3rd dimension would espouse.  Rather, I ask you to expand your vision to include the next level of intelligence of which you are easily capable: the ability to feel our presence, and thus know without a doubt that we exist and that we love you unconditionally.  You too will soon be talking easily with us and our Company of Heaven.

Begin with the simple and clear exercise we have taught you on our radio program.  For additional inspiration, go to You will expand your adventure in speaking directly with us in this way.

Opening Your Private Line to Higher Dimensions

Breathe into the center of your brain, light up the diamond in the center of your brain, the center of your heart, and the center of your solar plexus, your will.  Feel your Pillar of Light which surrounds and protects you, about arms’ length out from your body.  Open the top of your pillar to extend all the way to us, and allow us to pour our honeylove down on you, nourishing and awakening you.

At the same time, extend your Light pillar down into the heart of Terra, and feel her responding to you in kind.  Now breathe the sensation of love and the warm Light that beams down on you.  There in your Pillar of Light, which is also your Ascension pillar, you are acknowledged, and you will feel you belong with us, because you do.

Now, suspend all judgmental critiques and negative thinking.  That is the soil from which the demand for “proof” springs.  Genuine investigation requires an open and unprejudiced mind.  So, drop your 3rd dimensional shackles and try your wings instead.
First we will give you a brief attunement where I will help you to tune your receivers to a higher dimensional channel.

Call upon your Higher Self and your Twin Flame.  Ask them to make themselves evident to you in some way – by sending you a color, a feeling, a ripple of energy, a word or an image.  Now, take no more than 20 seconds or so to allow the sign to come into your mind.  Eliminate the temptation to tell yourself you do not see or hear anything.  Your mind is never completely blank. I am assuring you now that they will send you a communication. Your Twin Flame may prefer to send you a sensation like a ripple of energy down your spine, a feeling of warmth or a tiny electrical jolt.  Accept whatever you sense, and jot it down.  Do this again and again, until you are used to noting something, no matter what it is, whether you think it is “right” or not.

This is more fun if you can join with others, and easiest of all if you have a friend who is admittedly a bit intuitive and can confirm some of what you sense.  Do it as a game, a true exploration conducted with openness and enjoyment.  There is no right or wrong.  I can tell you, though, that your Higher Self and your Twin Flame will be thrilled to be called upon to make real contact with you at last.

Do not be discouraged if you think you have not communicated with anyone.  I can assure you you have – you just need to learn to listen better, be patient, and accept that communication with your higher dimensional self is a simple and natural ability that humankind enjoyed for millennia before the dark ages of Earth began.  Your ancestors and friends who have overseen your life and your growth will be delighted to speak with you directly once again.

Remember, Beloved Children, you are all equipped with exquisite abilities to detect the reality beyond what you can see or touch.  It is just a matter of opening your inner channels, reveling in the protection of your Pillar of Light, and being willing to make new friends in High Places.   It will offer you a new sense of belonging, comfort and joy to know you have a friend always at your side, with your best interests at heart.  After all, as we are fond of saying “over here,” all communication is for Union.  You have nothing to lose, and a new loving family to gain.

Let us prove it to you.

I am your loving Mother.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 25, 2015

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STEVE BECKOW – The Essence of Generosity – 6-21-15

GenerositySteve Beckow

As seen from the natural state, what’s the essence of generosity?

The essence is caring for another.

The essence is a moment of self-forgetfulness, in which a seeing of the other has a chance to arise.

The essence is the rise of a desire to assist, to extend a helping hand, to clear a space for another to enjoy, heal, and come alive again in.

What’s the reward for generosity? That’s where our spiritual currency comes in. Bliss is the reward for generosity. Bliss, love, joy – those are really coin of the realm. The higher realm. What we experience in return for our generosity is bliss.

I had the example of generous people presented to me when I was young. Like the couple who, in the late 1960s, when Mother separated from Dad, which in those days was a matter of shame, would come visit and leave Mom a $50 bill under her pillow. In those days that was a small fortune. We looked at it with open mouths of amazement.

Or the entire group that she organized who worked as volunteer usherettes at the new Queen Elizabeth Theatre when it was built. They generously gave their time to help theater patrons in a day before voluntarism was widespread.

Or Uncle Tip or Uncle Herman, whose very natures exuded generosity.  A ready smile, a helping hand, a tendency to put themselves last.

Or my brother and sister-in-law who in 1970 bought me three expensive bags of groceries from the corner grocery store on a Sunday night, rescuing me the minute they heard that my fridge was empty. They could have waited till Monday morning and paid half the cost. But no, they couldn’t wait to make the statement that they would not watch me starve.

These people made an indelible impression on me, one I was drawn to emulate.  And soon I’ll be able to.

Which would you have: Endless wealth or endless bliss? If you answered wealth, you clearly haven’t experienced bliss. And you will.

The only value of endless wealth would be to purchase endless bliss by giving most of that wealth away. Not all of it. Of course not. But enough that we feel it.

No bliss comes from getting as much as possible and giving away as little as possible. That may (or may not) work for animals but it won’t work for us.

“Generosity” begs our conviction that we’ll survive in life without needing to hoard everything that comes our way. It presupposes that we have enough faith in God, Providence and the universal laws that we can entertain and act on the notion of giving at all – and giving without an expectation of return. No loans. Just gifts.

Generosity is made easy by unitive consciousness and transformative love. The farther one is from those two, the more difficult generosity becomes and the more the excercise of the generosity muscle is needed.

Generosity, when it becomes contagious, sees one person pass something along to someone else, who passes something along to someone else, and so on, until it comes back again to the original gifter, not necessarily in that order. Those who wish to jump the line can pay it forward. And, yes, random acts of kindness are (almost) always in order. (1)

On the Gender Equality Project, we’ll have to gift with caution. Put $50,000 into the hands of an Afghan woman and you may have signed her death warrant.  Try to force western medicine on an African village and you may turn husband against wife. Discernment will need to temper generosity.

Generosity at essence is offering an open heart to others.  It’s like saying “I love you” with currency and the appropriate return is a simple “Thank you.” Exchange complete.

Let us be a channel of thy abundance, Holy Father; a steward of thy bounty, Divine Mother.

MARQUITA HERALD – Why We Sometimes Struggle to Feel Gratitude – 6-17-15

Image Source

By Marquita Herald, Emotionally Resilient Living, June 16, 2015

Found at:

While most of us are aware that gratitude is a “good thing” to feel, at times it can be challenging to muster the emotions let alone focus on precisely what we’re grateful for. This is especially so if we happen to be going through a rough patch, indulging ourselves in a little quality time on the oh-pity-poor-me pot, or focused more on all the things we want in life rather than what we already have.

Of course the benefits of gratitude are well documented and include the possibility of more energy, increased optimism and happiness, improved sleep, stronger immune system, and decreased chance of depression.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, and confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. ~Melody Beattie

You have to admit, there aren’t many things that require so little investment and have such a nice return. So, even though this is far from revolutionary thinking, why do we still sometimes struggle to find things to be grateful for?

#1 Reason We Struggle With Gratitude

Let’s start by acknowledging that positive life circumstances are seldom equally distributed; while some of us appear to have relatively easy lives, others suffer greatly. Sometimes adverse circumstances come about as a result of poor choices, and other times we find ourselves facing obstacles or unexpected change that we have no control over. Regardless of the nature, the reason we struggle to find anything to feel grateful for during these times is that we’re basing gratitude on external circumstances.

If your sense of gratitude is based on how things happen to be going in your life at the moment you’ll likely be incredibly grateful when things are going well. But as soon as your circumstances change, those warm and fuzzy feelings will soon be replaced by disappointment and frustration.

In order to turn an “attitude of gratitude” into a sustainable habit, your foundation for feelings of gratitude must be independent of your circumstances and the way to accomplish this is by shifting your mindset to focus on being grateful just to be.

Take Your Gratitude to a Deeper Level

True gratitude, like love, is as much an action as it is an emotion. You may have many things in your life to be grateful for at the moment, but to shift away from focusing on external circumstances try taking your expression of gratitude to a deeper level to develop a sense of appreciation for the art of being fully alive.

The Wealth of Your Senses

Touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Our senses are what connect us to the world. Consider the wealth of all you can see, hear, and feel everyday of your life. Learn to appreciate the subtle changes in a loved one’s facial expressions, a beautiful piece of art or the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of rain, the wind, or waves lapping on the shore. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of petting your dog or cat, the rich smell of fresh cut grass, or the touch of a lover or a friend. Focus not only on your enjoyment of a good book, but the blessing of your ability to see the print and read.

Familiar Things and Faces You Rely On

Have you ever noticed that the more familiar you become with the people, beautiful places, and comfortable situations in your life, the easier they are to take for granted? It’s your favorite cashier that you look for whenever you head to the checkout line, your favorite restaurant where everyone recognizes you and makes you feel special, or the one and only mechanic that you will trust your precious car with. We grow comfortable with circumstances and assume things will never change. But things do change, and people will leave. So why not take some time to think about all of the things, people and situations that you count on to make your life a little easier, a little more pleasant, and where possible voice your appreciation for the difference they make in your life.

Your Ability to Learn

Our ability to learn is something that is sorely taken for granted. There is a whole world of fascinating information and opportunities for growth out there, and a lot of it is free and available right at our fingertips as long as we have an internet connection or a library card.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. ~Henry Ford

The Beauty and Power of Nature

There is so very much beauty all around us to see, touch, and hear. Nature is so miraculous because it is always changing. No matterPlumeria_Flowers how many times you look at something, it is always different. When it is sunny and bright outside, we feel cheerful inside. When it is cloudy and rainy, we often feel gloomy but even in the clouds there is beauty if you are only willing to open your eyes to it.

I live on a beautiful Island in the middle of the Pacific and still have to remind myself from time to time to “see” my surroundings. Just this morning I returned from a walk with my dog and finally noticed the plumeria trees that line the drive coming up the hill to my home are in full bloom!

Learning to become more aware of nature can truly have a profoundly positive effect on our lives in the way we look at things and in the way we feel about ourselves.

Every Experience That Led You to Become Who You Are Today

Life is a collection of moments and all of your moments up to now have made you the person you are today. The seemingly useless happenings that added up to something special, and the elaborate future plans that never came to be. Every lesson, every regret, every decision, and every obstacle mattered because all of this has strengthened you. Challenge yourself to celebrate your successes and redefine regrets, mistakes and failures as valuable life lessons, and allow the knowledge to help you look for the opportunities for growth in all of your future experiences.

The Privilege of Being One of a Kind

YOU are one of a kind … there is no one quite like you in the whole world. Stop worrying about fitting in or comparing yourself to others and learn to embrace your individuality. Every one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are, and aren’t, that you will truly find the happiness and fulfillment that you seek. Be grateful for the amazing person that you are!

Taking the time to be thankful allows us to look at the bigger picture in life and enjoy each day to the fullest. It’s hard to be focused on all the negative aspects of your life while feeling grateful. The same applies to being grateful for people. It’s hard to think about the shortcoming of others when you’re focused on how grateful you are just to have them in your life.

Your Turn: What would you add to the list? Are there things or people that you sometimes forget to be grateful for?

Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.

ThanksThanks so much for taking the time to read my article and especially for sharing your brilliant opinions and stories in the comments below! Everything about Emotionally Resilient Living is focused on the core mission of cultivating inner strength and learning to find the opportunities for growth in all of your experiences so you can truly take charge of your life!

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Here’s to living and loving your resilient life!

THE DALAI LAMA – 20 Lessons for Living a Peaceful Life – 6-16-15


Below you will find 20 important life lessons from that Dalai Lama:

  1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
  2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
  3. Follow the three R’s:
    – Respect for self,
    – Respect for others and
    – Responsibility for all your actions.
  4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
  5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
  6. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great relationship.
  7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
  8. Spend some time alone every day.
  9. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.
  10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
  11. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and
    think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.
  12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
  13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past.
  14. Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
  15. Be gentle with the earth.
  16. Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.
  17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
  18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
  19. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
  20. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.


The Dalai Lama Center 

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Stand Up For What Is Good –

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Within the human being is a seed of hope a divine blueprint that has promised never to leave. A seed that stays planted no matter how bad the weather and storms of life may be. So many people have worked so hard only to see their dreams laid to rest in a barren thirsty soil. They have followed their divine blueprint into a desert that grows little and a land that does not support.  They have extended themselves financially, emotionally and physically plowing a land that is unfriendly and desires not to support what their heart yearns for.

As their dreams begin to wither in the high noon sun of earthly chaos and manipulation the light of hope seems to fade, the heart begins to close the door on hope. We become robot like as we struggle not to feel the sadness in our heart. We  don’t want to give up on what lives in our heart but we do not see the seasons changing in our favor.

All hands of the planet reach out to take what little you have stretching you into more fears and tears.  The price of all goes sky high as you continue to make ends meet the rope gets tighter and tighter around your dreams seeming to squeeze the very life out of them. We begin to feel like silly putty bouncing off the walls and only absorbing the pictures that others give to us.  We try hard to escape this harsh reality but life swims toward us with an open mouth hungry to take any and all.  Any illusion of control is held tightly in the body as pain as we announce to the world what we are not going to do louder than what we will be forced to do via life and circumstance.

Our bodies kick and scream and our soul pirouettes spinning out of control as the seasons of time demand our undivided attention. All personal considerations go on hold as these vast energies enter our field of inquiry. Fight or flight gallops thru our biological system as adrenaline glands pump hard like horses in the Kentucky derby.  Like neighbor kids in a snowball fight, no harm intended but it still hurts. We feel helpless and hopeless as our dreams seem to whither on the vine. Our ability to nurture has turned into the need to survive. We begin to panic looking for the escape hatch, anything has to be better that all of this planetary upheaval.

All of these events have been predicted for many years but we did not hear and we did not want to see that particular future. We now sit in space and time asking to be rescued by anything or anyone. In this place of vulnerability the scent of danger is sensed, as we become victims of a changing world. How can little ole us fight the oil companies the government the choices of people that do not seem to know what they are doing? How can we correct the balance of a world and economy on tilt?

Well dear ones it is time to get off our humbled haunches and stand up for all we believe to be good and light and truth and honor. We have been schooled for this time and energy our entire life. We are not little in light or purpose we are destined to make a difference person by person thought by thought without fear of consequence.

We have the light to shift the molecules that seem to own us taking away our freedom of choice. Yes we are adrift on a sea of manipulation by all that seems grander than we do. Yes we are padding to our hopes and dreams in a beautiful pea green boat, on a sea that changes its currents every day. We are not someone’s puppets to be played with and restrung at a moments notice. We are the rescuers of a world that has come undone. It is up to us to hold  the vision of peace, praying for the greatest good of all concerned.

We can shift our world thought by thought starting with our own little personal universe. We are not blind victims in a con game, we have come into this with eyes wide open, and no matter how hard we try to close them we can still see clearly.  No one on this earth has the right to shrivel our dreams pushing us from the cliffs as we strive to climb to new heights.

We have a great promise that lives in our soul over-shadowing all disbelief. We can not and will not let others decide our destiny. Are we so small and meek that we are afraid of everything. How can we let such things make us give up on our dreams of doing and becoming? We are greater than what befalls us. Our life force has better things to do than swat at what is small and pesky.  We have people to love, an earth to heal, and life to live to the fullest.

Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted

With Love and dedication to the Light by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ed. Note: On a personal note, this post really hit home. By finding the courage to survive my greatest loss, I’m discovering  Divine Grace and an inner peace greater than ever imagined.

The harder they push, the taller WE – who are POWERFUL, MANIFESTING CO-CREATORS – stand in our Eternal Essence Embodied, absent ALL limitation as we move forth to Co-Create a New Paradigm based in peace, prosperity, compassion, healing ourselves and the planet in Eternal love. 

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SANANDA / JESUS – Revised: The New Scriptures, Chapter 3 – God Does Not Punish – Punishment Is Cruel, Unacceptable and Ineffective – 6-8-15

 Jesus Loves You

Revised: The New Scriptures by Sananda/Jesus,  Chapter 3:  God Does Not Punish 
Punishment Is Cruel, Unacceptable and Ineffective

It has long been believed that God punishes those who do not believe in him, or that those who do not accept the concept of One God will be condemned to a terrible afterlife.  Along with that belief system is often included the belief that those who do not accept me, Jesus, as their Savior will suffer a similar fate – burning in Hell or being cast out of the glory of Heaven.
I wish to state emphatically and without conditions that none of these beliefs is true.  Let me respond to each part of these familiar and pervasive notions.

God does not punish, and neither do I.  We see punishment as cruel, unacceptable and ineffective.
There is no place, Hell.  You create your own life and the conditions of your afterlife by your own actions and efforts during your lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere.

Creator is the beginning and the Source of All.  There is One Creator.  The One we refer to as The Father of Creation is indeed our Mother/Father of Creation.   They are One, yet they understand when you refer to them, Father/Mother/Source, as “they” or “them.”  

They do not require or prefer that anyone worship them.  They are Source, the Creator of all Creators, the God’s God, as you might say.  They created me, and they created the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters and Archangels – who co-create with Mother and Father and who oversee the progress of Earth and every known Universe.   Mother/Father God have been known by many names: Yahweh, Jehova, Ra, Allah, Shiva, Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet, Isis, to name a few.  Notice that most of these names are male.  This will change, to reflect the truth of their equality.  Father says, “Without Mother, there is no Father.”

I do not think of myself as your Savior, and I do not wish to be worshipped.  I am the one who is here with my Twin Soul, Kathryn.  She is well-known in the higher dimensions.  Kathryn and I are charged by Mother and Father God to guide and to oversee the Ascension of all humankind of Planet Earth.  We work closely with the Ascended Company of Heaven as well as with the Galactic Federation of Light, headed by our brother, Commander Ashtar. It is our great desire to be of service, and to offer Love, comfort, healing and support to all, regardless of what religious practices they have aligned with in the past.  I see all as my Brothers and Sisters.


The Soul Purpose of the Earth Project

Mother/Father God and I, along with The Company of Heaven and all humankind, designed this Earth Project to allow the greatest possible opportunity for growth as souls – those souls who come to experience the challenging learning environment which is life on Planet Earth.
God is Love.  I am Love.  Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Harmony and Joy are Love.  When you feel and act on these feelings, you are One with Us, and We are One with You. There is another common misconception I would like to address here.  It is that what we expect of you as human beings is obedience to our Word.  Your definition of obedience carries with it the idea of subservience to another.  This is not what we wish for or desire.  Human beings on the 3rd dimensional Earth plane have free will.
Human beings are intelligent and capable of independent thought and action during their incarnation on the Earth plane in its 3rd dimensional state.  This dimensional condition has offered a special challenge.  Without knowledge of what is past or future, or what exists outside your Earthy existence, you are required to find your way to the highest level of functioning of which you are capable.  In the process, you also discover the innate connection in your hearts to your Creators, to me and to the other Masters and Angels who are your family of Light.

We celebrate your independent growth and exploration.  We do not wish to suppress or to limit your discoveries or your learning opportunities.  With this as the backdrop for your growth, we understand that all explorers will experience mistakes, mishaps, accidents and even deliberate deviations from what would serve the Greater Good.

We see that you use your mistakes to learn and to evolve to higher consciousness.  This learning process on Earth has been a many-lifetime process, and we have willingly waited, watched and listened with patience as you have worked your way through trial-and-error experiences until finding your own inner guidance, your connection to God.

We do not interfere in your lives, even when things go badly, or when you indulge in what you might call criminal behavior or destructive actions.  We are bound by our contract with you to allow you to work through your lessons throughout your lifetime until you find your answers by experiencing the consequences of those actions.  We understand that this may occur either within a single lifetime, or during your afterlife review, when you see your own actions through the feelings and the eyes of those you affected.

There is no punishment for transgressions during any life.  Even murder may be understood as self-defense and therefore forgiven.  Those who have lost a connection to their hearts and to Divine Will, who have become Dark Hats by choice and by preference are welcomed back into the fold if they should desire to be in the Light.  If not, they may eventually request to be un-Created, their molecules dispersed into the All That Is, but that would only be by their own choice, not ours.  Also, in every case, we extend maximum support, encouragement, healing and incentive to aid every soul to return home to the Light after any harrowing or extended experience in lower or dark dimensions. 

Because we understand and see that your lives here in human bodies are but a moment in the experience of your life as a soul, this existence is no more important or precious than any moment in your soul development.  We value human life as a part of the Great Plan of Soul Ascension, not as an end in itself, because there is no end.

We see you as souls in Ascension, housed temporarily in the bodies you have accepted to carry you through this lifetime. The gender, environmental conditions and challenges you were to experience here were planned by you, your Higher Self, during your sojourn with us in higher dimensions.  In spite of our deep compassion for your difficulties, if we were to intervene to prevent the pain or challenges you experience here, we would be breaking the first Universal Law which is upheld by Creator.  The first Universal Law is that of non-intervention by one who has power or influence over others.  It has sometimes been referred to in science fiction stories as the Prime Directive.

We know from our perspective and from own experiences that once this lifetime is over, pain and suffering are gone, serving only as the memory and impetus for greater depth of understanding, empathy and compassion for others.  From this higher dimensional perspective, shared by all souls between incarnations, the greater the challenge – which may even include pain, starvation, suffering and violent death – the more powerful the learning experience.

We understand that this higher dimensional perspective is opposed to what you feel and think during your lifetime here, and we are sympathetic about the conflict you experience when you see others suffering.  We encourage your efforts to alleviate suffering on the planet, but we have also cautioned you that individual contracts must not be interfered with.

Currently, because the soul of Mother Earth has ascended to the 5th dimension, and because you are expected to move with her as a group, all soul contracts that called for great challenges and difficulties are hereby suspended, provided your Higher Self is in agreement with this action.  Any agreements that remain in effect would have been previously planned with the unique conditions of the approaching Ascension in mind.  This does not mean the end of your learning process here.  It is the responsibility of each soul to assess and to understand what this new freedom implies.

We admire and respect the progress a soul is able to make in the direction of feeling, seeing, thinking and knowing the Love of God during a life in 3rd dimensional reality.  Rather than obedience, which would be imposed from without, we understand that to find our way to balance, clarity and Love by following our inner compass is a triumph of growth. The inner-directed ability to reach a high level of consciousness while still on the lower vibrational Earth plane is Universally seen as a triumph of soul development.

Because of the myriad of difficulties a soul may experience in one lifetime on Earth, this Project is seen throughout the Cosmos as a highly-respected endeavor – something like the Olympics of soul growth – and a much-desired opportunity.  The privilege of being able to spend a lifetime on Earth has long been seen as a highly-prized test of one’s mettle, resilience, stamina and Faith.  Mother and Father ask only that you respect your opportunity to experience life here as the gift it is, and that you use it accordingly.

We ask that you consider these words carefully.  Ponder them well, for in this message we give you the answer to your question: What is the meaning of Life?  When you understand fully the meaning behind this Project that was of your own making, you will also know that there is no reason for complaint, no oppression of your Self by Us. 

There is no reason for self-inflicted guilt for what you regret, what you have done so far, because at any moment, you can turn to the Light, join with Us in Love, and you will at that moment achieve Salvation, of your own accord.  Salvation, from our perspective, means relief from delusion, darkness, anguish and pain. The result of such salvation is Ascension to a higher level of consciousness.  This is the goal of all souls in the Cosmos. Join Us in Love, Peace, Compassion and Harmony, and you will know the Joy of One.
I am your Sananda, in loving service to our Creator and to all humankind.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, 2015

 © Kathryn  E. May, PsyD.  Permission  is given to copy and share  these message,   providing    they are  presented in their entirety  without additions or   deletions,  and    credit is  given to the channel  and to the  website,


Channeler Kathryn E May

GREGG PRESCOTT – The Universal Law of Harmony – 6-5-15

Gregg Prescott

The first, foremost and most important of all of the 20 Universal Laws is the Law of Harmony. This is also similar to one of the 7 Cosmic Laws of Hermes Trismegistos, called The Principle of Harmony and Balance, which states, ‘Harmony is the flow of life. Everything strives for harmony, for balance. The stronger determines the weaker and makes it equal to itself.’

Energy and Vibration
Everything around you is energy, including your thoughts and feelings. For example, empaths can intuitively feel and perceive other people’s emotions and feelings without the other person saying a word. These energies create vibrations that are either harmonious or disharmonious with the Universe and can not only affect you, but the people you come in contact with.

Perhaps this explains why the mainstream media and most governments try to keep us living in a perpetual state of fear? When we live in fear, we can be easily controlled.

Negative Emotions
Negative emotions, such as fear, jealousy and envy, will keep you living in a state of disharmony and create blockages which in turn, will bring repetitive cycles of negative emotions and experiences until you can finally release whatever disharmonious emotion or experience that is attached to you.

For example, when we get angry at someone, it usually isn’t something we personally dislike within that person, but more likely, it is something that we fear within ourselves. This provides us an OPPORTUNITY to overcome this fear or negative emotion through self-reflection while helping us on our spiritual progressions.

Aligning Yourself
The Universe always works in perfect balance. By aligning yourself with positive energy, you will in turn receive positive energy. When you align yourself with negative energy, you create a disharmonious ripple effect.

This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma, for harmony is the supreme potential of balance.

The purpose of Karma is to attain harmony.

If you throw a rock into a pond you disturb the harmony of the pond, you are the cause, the effect is the splash and the ripples that flows out and back until harmony is restored.

Similarly, your disharmonious actions flow out into the Universe and back upon you, lifetime after life time, until eventually your own harmony is restored.

What we give to others, we create for ourselves
When you give unconditional love to others, you open the space to receive unconditional love for yourself. When you give anything away freely that which you are seeking, you are also allowing that which you are seeking to enter. What we give to others, we create for ourselves. The energies are in perfect harmony with one another. Unfortunately, this works with both positive and negative energies as the Universe will seek a matching balance for these energies.

How to create Harmony with the Universe
One thing you can do is to silently send love to everyone you come in contact with.

If someone walks by you on the street, smile and say, “Good morning” but in your mind, also say, “I love you.”

When you are driving, you can do the same thing to the drivers in the oncoming traffic.

Or you might try stargazing and send out the intent of love to the galaxy and universe.

How can I tell if I am in Harmony with the Universe?
Once you begin to release all fear, the Universe will align itself with your new energies. You can tell that you are in perfect alignment when you are receiving that which you are positively giving to others. This does not necessarily mean wealth or materialistic possessions but it is more on a level of positive energy exchange, although it could possible include money or physical possessions. The main aspect is the intent behind it. When you give, always give without conditions attached or expecting anything in return. When you do this, the universe will reward your kind acts to others to create a symbiotic balance between what you have done for others and what you are about to receive!

The Universal Law of Harmony is arguably the most important of the 20 Universal Laws. To view the remain 19 Universal Laws, click HERE.

Source:“The Universal Law Of Harmony” by Gregg Prescott, May 5, 2015 at

Original link: The Universal Law Of Harmony

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL via Marlene Swetlishoff – The Quality of Diplomacy – 6-4-15

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as diplomacy.

This quality enables one to engage in spiritual practice in the midst of life, one that can bridge the external world with one’s inner world.

The practice of spiritual diplomacy is one that harmonizes by bringing agreement and understanding through the reduction of the fear level within others, in order to bring about a more harmonious world. It is a high level of spiritual discipline that one practices by being a living example in order to bring others in the direction of a world of harmony and peace.

By being mindful and aware of what is happening in each moment, one becomes aware of the greatness and wholeness of all life. By cultivating the understanding of the spiritual beliefs of other cultures that has made them who they are today, one gains new spiritual insights. They integrate the spiritual aspects of life by practicing these precepts in their everyday life.

By the practice of open-hearted and open-minded awareness, one is available to life as it exists around them, in the conditions in which one finds them; but at the same time they are aware of the improvements within self that are needed.

These individuals thereby change themselves and the world around them through the understanding that there is a chance to change a way of being in each moment of the current now moment.

Diplomacy depends on one’s ability and sensitivity to the higher truths of existence and having the ability to balance one’s inner spiritual life with the outer world.

The quality of one’s spiritual search for these truths and the ability to integrate spirituality into all other parts of one’s life is an important attribute to embody.

There is a realization within self that the inhabitants of the Earth are not as separate as they once thought and that the web of life encompasses all. It is the knowledge that what happens in one part of the world affects the entire world and it is everyone’s personal responsibility to love, respect and help each other as the Creator intended.

Human diplomacy in its spiritual context opens up promising possibilities of alternative ways of relating to others. Through the practice of the honouring and elevating one’s connection to the divine and that of others to a spiritual realm, there is a desire to transform relations with one another other in a diplomatic, meaningful, and truthful way.

By inner reflection and the knowing of one’s self, one then becomes aware of the needs of the other. Taking control of situations in a way that leaves both parties feeling comfortable with the outcome is an important part of showing diplomacy.

Practicing spiritual diplomacy requires one to make space in one’s heart so that the other person or people can fit in, in order to realize the common Divine origin of each. By extending hospitality, help and sustenance to others, one acknowledges that the Divine exists within all and diligently works towards the common good.

Diplomacy is the process of understanding Divine will and being useful in serving others rather than to benefit self. It is an invitation to higher spiritual powers to become involved in order to change the understanding and perspective of both parties so that the greater good of all can be realized.

Practicing diplomacy aims to reach a compromise, which results in a win-win situation. The recognition of the spiritual dimensions of human interactions with respect to their history empowers everyone involved.

By examining the spiritual histories of the people and land, it can help to better integrate an understanding of the ecological and social justice of right relationship within the world community.

Taking control of situations in a way that leaves both parties feeling comfortable with the outcome is an important part of showing diplomacy.

By coming to a better, diplomatic understanding of the diversity of attitudes, values, and practices of one’s neighbour and community, it can be a means to move beyond limitations within the context of right relations with the greater community and one’s own environment.

All of humanity is dependent on nature, for it is the environment that maintains and sustains them. This environment extends beyond physical and national borders and affects the greater whole.

The sustainability of one’s environment requires a shift in consciousness from the management of resources to the management of individual self in the understanding that all of humanity is part of the environment around them.

It is an inter-dependent relationship and is not separate. What affects one affects all, simply because there is only one Earth that all of its inhabitants have to share in order for all to survive and prosper.

By removing the resources from the Earth, it depletes the balance of nature. There needs to be a greater diplomatic effort in understanding which expands beyond one’s community and one’s nation in its need to survive without regard for its impact on others.

Developing effective diplomacy skills requires practice, good judgement, and the quality of empathy in one’s ability to see the world from another person’s perspective. Being polite and courteous,  and respecting other people’s viewpoints and cultural differences is important in all relationships.

Diplomacy in right human relations on a global scale must take into account the concept that the world is ecologically interdependent, and there needs to be cooperation amongst all peoples and nations towards the sustainability of their world.

The Earth must be remembered, honoured, and celebrated through the awareness and consciousness of its inhabitants. There must be a higher value placed on its impact on the lives of the people that it is affecting.

In diplomacy, there should be no room for political consideration, which always overrides the greater awareness that all of humanity shares one another’s fate, and should be instead promoting the well-being of each other.

May your use of the quality of love called diplomacy in an appropriate manner lead to improved relationships with other people so that you might build and develop mutual respect that leads to mutually successful outcomes which take into consideration the higher good for all.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

“Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Diplomacy,” channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, June 5, 2015, at

Source Link: The Rainbow Scribe: Archangel Gabriel 2015

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

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