Archangel Michael on the Ukraine and Peace – 2-21-15


Archangel Michael

A concerned reader asked what about the galactics’ promise that no nuclear bombs would be exploded on the planet? How does that fit with the explosion in the Ukraine? I asked Archangel Michael the question in a reading I had with him on Feb. 20, 2015. 

He also acknowledged that he wants to leave the last step in bringing peace on Earth to us, which is a theory that I’d been coming to recently. Here are his comments.

Steve: Was the nuclear bomb in the Ukraine a real nuke?

Archangel Michael: You mean the one that was disarmed?

S: Was it disarmed? I thought the tactical nuclear bomb had exploded.

AAM: It has been absolutely disarmed. Was there an explosion? Yes. Was the nuclear component taken out of it by your star brothers and sisters? Yes.

It is the promise that has been made to Gaia.

S: What happened around the peace initiative.  I’ll give you my take on what happened. You want us to walk the last step.

AAM: Yes!

The beginning has happened and it has happened more in unseen ways.

But you are not done yet. Now I know that many of you are tired. So you are saying, “Oh, I do not need another campaign.”

But it is like a campaign, within and without, observer, participant.

And the more that is created of peace within, it explodes. It doesn’t simply softly, gently caress. Now if you want to talk about nuclear implosion and explosion, the peace will explode upon the planet.

And as the lightworkers, loveholders are holding that energy, what you do not full understand is the tacit support, the permission that yuou are giving to those who are involved in violent action of the entire range to say “No” [to war?] and to say “Yes” to peaceful solutions. So does the initiative continue? Yes, it does.

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