SANAT KUMARA – Shielding and Setting Boundaries is more Impportant than Ever – via Genoveva Cole – 1-9-19 – 09/01/2019 / BY SHEKINAH EL DAOUD

Sanat Kumara

Message from the Fathers via Galaxygirl – 4-18-18 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame



Message from the Fathers for April 18, 2018


The Fathers 4/18/18

Greetings dear friends, I am Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, Ancient of Days. And I am joyfully here today friends with my brother in the light, Sananda, here as a formidable team of love and light hearted victory. And we rejoice in this precious Now moment in between the lines, in between the moments, the dimensions, where thebreath of the Mother resides. For Source is all around, Source is everywhere in all things. You too, friends, are part of this grand play, that is now reaching the final moments of the final act. The next sequel play? You are writing it, oh mightyhuman collective. Once you realize your power, you will be an unstoppable force for good. For love is in your DNA. Love is your DNA, if truly your DNA is in all ways linked inextricably to the Universal Mother, the Goddess energy of Source, so do not be surprised by such things. You are in the process of expansion greatly and quickly of your world view and your limited religious understandings were purposeful for their moment. But now their moment is past, passing, for you are outgrowing it.Like the old Sunday suit that no longer feels like your Sunday best, for it is worn, tattered. You are ready for new clothes!For new things and new experiences and understandings of God, of Source and of yourselves and your role in this. Source light is within you children, friends, for Source is in all things, in everything and is the heartbeat of the Mother, the Goddess breath that ever advances closer, gently yet with force, for the Goddess force is unstoppable, as are you, awakened humanity, as are you. This wave of universal love energy, the cosmic pulse of pure love light will be breathtaking, and many of you are experiencing the preludes to this, this bliss and oneness, glimpses of perfection and utter contentment with orgasmic rapture. This is what is coming your way. For the separation game is over now once the wave of bliss and understandinghits. See this blessing for what it is and accept it deep within your heart space,your trillions of cell spaces and become one with the light. I am Sanat Kumara and I will now give Sananda the floor.

Good day friends! The floor Sanat? Perhaps you mean the ceiling? For don’t you all feel, friends, as if you are flying high on these energies of light and of purity that are bombarding, gently yet with force and purpose? I totally agree with my friend and brother here, Sanat,it is time to fully surrender to these energies of Christed light and love essence. Become them. Become one with them and let them flow into you. This will of course bring up within you all of the gritty stuff that you have been pushing down and away for so many lifetimes. Release it. Give it to me and let me help you. It is time to drop this cross of shame and carry it no longer. Drop the cross and run to me friends! Allow me to embrace you in a joyous hug of victory.For when you face your demons of regret and pain and send them to the light in love you are free and the once hidden lock unlocks yet another hidden space within your heart that has been previously closed off from you, from me, from our Christed light. It is time to hold your lanterns up high, friends, and see what else is lurking there that needs love and light and release? Send it to me. Let us escort it to the Grand Central Suntoday, which is functioning more of aGrand Central Station lately with all of this marvelous transmuting work that you are doing friends, and you are rocking it! You’re hitting it out of the park, home runs all the way for every one of you. I’m so proud to have you all on my team. You are the rock stars of the universe. I know, my analogies are all over the place tonight but I’m excited!I’m excited about you, about me, about us, about the Christed light that is permeating and flowing and embracing you and causing some extra tears of relief lately. For this is a tender time, these are tender moments. It’s ok to cry.Let it go. Let it go and let us work this thing out together. We have all had many roles. And now your role is to lead, to heal the others, to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. But yet I assure you all is perfectly organized behind the scenes and we may seem to be flying from the seat of our pants but that is just your perspective, we have one of the best laid out plans in the universe here and now friends, and your success is assured. Transmuters, you are tops. Thank you all for your hard work in this tumultuous time of intensegrowth. You are doing it. It is happening. And friends, this happening is you. Allow the Christed light in. It is your time to shine! I am your Sananda! I am always here for you, friends.

May I say something? I am your FatherGod. Hello, children. I could not help but hear the laughter and excitement of my dear boy Sananda. The light is being anchored deeply into the new crystalline grid / core of Nova Gaia, of your MotherEarth. She shines like the brightest diamond in the universe, and you all areglowing brightly too upon her, children, and you are all breathtaking to see from our vantage point. Ah, the divine feminine. There is nothing like it! We are so in love with her, with you. All is oneand this separation game is reaching its’ long time conclusion.

Now is the time for the reunification ofyour halves children. It is time to meetyour twin energetically, when and if you are ready for it. It is time forreintegration, rebalance, re-remembering. It will become natural to you for it will be like coming home. Andyou are all coming home, children, dear ones, dear hearts, you are coming home, home to unity, to oneness of all without and of all within. Oneness in me, in light, in source light and with your brothersand sisters who have been so patently waiting without (galactic) and within(hollow earth). We are all one big happy family you see and it is time for a wondrous family reunion. Get ready to party. I am your Father God. I love you all so much and am so incredibly proud of you, my children. Well done. Well done!

~ galaxygirl



Sanat Kumara, Sananda and Friends via Galaxygirl – 5-8-18 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Per Staffan April 9, 2018

Galaxygirl channeled texts


Hello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day. Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite well. Yes, we know and can see that you are exhausted, but please know that we think you will think it was worth the effort as you become your higher selves in form, as the physical body morphs into that of crystalline and as you manifest your preferred reality and the nightmare fades / transmutes away.In the higher realms it is true; there is much joy and bliss and excitement and adventure. There is much to explore but truly there is nothing as exciting as being in a body and experiencing it. For the senses are so heightened and frankly there is nothing like it, friends. It is a great honor to be embodied in this auspicious Now moment of planetary ascension of Mother Gaia, the most beautiful of planets and of hearts, who has sacrificed her own happiness for so long so that the others would have a chance to experience what they came here to experience, separation, no small feat. The heavens heard her planetary call and responded. The Galactic Federation is here in full force,and the numbers are staggering. You have so much support, humanity, you have no idea.

You have no idea or concept how much you are loved. It is time to open up to this reality and appreciate it as your own. Accept our support of light and of love and of wisdom for we are here for you, quite literally, and are eager to lead a hand and a heart. For many wanted to be here, it is true, but priorities had to be made so that those who were further along in their own ascension process would have priority placement, and be able to assist the others the most effectively. Please know that this is a difficult lesson, but a true one. And you clamored at the chance to experience this precious brief moment. For no one really truly knows what will happen as you, humanity, are the wild card.



SANAT KUMARA via Mia Lighthouse – Living Heaven On Earth – 2-15-18

Sanat Kumara


Dear Mia, this is Sanat Kumara contacting you, I contact you and as this is the first time you are in contact with me, you don´t know me yet. Let me tell you a bit about myself; A long time ago I was living on earth, a very different earth compared with today, and then I mean not only regarding technical development, but I mean regarding spiritual development. I lived in what you may call Heaven on Earth. ‘Paradise’ did not exist in a restricted area, as some of you may believe, but ‘Heaven’ was all over the earth. Heaven on Earth was a state of consciousness regarding “I am one with everything, total compassion with all”. In that state of consciousness, you cannot hurt another living being, you can only be happy about them, you can only rejoice with them – that state of being is your home, dear children, this is how you wish to live once more, this is how you long to be again!

I was living in that part of the world you, today, call India. Of course, in those times there were no nations, this is a very late idea, and I was living in great joy and great peace. Yes, in my ancient India we were living in Heaven on Earth, we were living in harmony with nature and with one another. Parts of that still exist in India; they are mostly vegetarians, and this is a very essential part for humanity; to realize that the animals are equally valuable as yourselves. It is wrong not to value another being, it is wrong to put yourselves above another being. Even you, dear Mia, eat meat, and this you should immediately stop doing, I know, you have a diagnose saying you should eat meat for the sake of your health and, yes, you must learn to cook your food in the right way, and you must fill up your food with such power and energy that it gives you strength and energy. All of you should do this, and you should learn to prepare your own food; to grow, to harvest, to care for the earth and one another.

Today you are living on a mountain of rubbish you created yourselves, with all those packages of artificial food you transport halfway over the globe, to get it to your dinner table, instead of harvesting your own totally fresh vegetables, and cooking them with love and joy – and while cooking them you will fill them up with light, with love, with joy, which means you will give them all the energy you need – and you will grow them in the same manner; all the way from seed to plant. This goes without saying; a seed that is loved, a seedling that is loved, a plant that is loved – a dinner that will give you joy and gratitude – yes, in all that there is an enormous amount of nourishment you can never find in things coming from factories where everything is produced on an assembly line without emotions – because you must be on time, you must pay the bills – the food filled up with all that stress you created in your lives – no one will feel good from it and it will poison the whole planet!

Many of you Lightworkers are aware of your energies, but you often keep them inside, and many of you, like Mia, believe eating meat and fish is ok. Mia is very strict in that everything should be certified organic and ecological, but not all of you are even that! Now is the time to wake up and to realize the importance of these matters! If you are to create a new world, you should do it in real terms! It is a matter of raising the energy frequencies! If you don’t have a garden, make sure you grow something in your kitchen window, or in the green outside the apartment building! Create a circle of growers – learn about organic cultivation! Start in a small way and always start with the seeds – of course you will have to buy seeds from a farm where they are farming with love, there are several of those, so start there to begin with. “Where should I buy my seeds?” Feel the answer; certified organic is the way – that shows they are not using pesticides or other poisons – “but is there love?” Use Google on the Internet, find some businesses all selling certified organic products and feel in your heart what is right for you. This is more properly expressed, what is right for you, and order some seeds from a plant you wish to have in your daily life – maybe lettuce? That is readily cultivated and you can even grow it indoors – read about what is easy to grow and what you may harvest frequently – or if you choose to team up with a group, create a small allotment in your area and grow together, for instance some rows of carrots, some rows of parsnips, beetroots – or some other things that will be easy to grow and mostly will give a good harvest. And some rows of things that will grow fast, like lettuce, spinach, those things, and then make a scheme regarding chores for everyone with those essential things, like preparing the soil and the cultivating itself, and then schemes regarding irrigating/those things. Then when harvesting, do it together and then create a feast that you will share between yourselves. You could partly harvest in turns and share between you, but make sure that the last harvest will be for a great feast for all of you, as you celebrate doing this together!

But at that time, when you have prepared the soil and are going to plant the seeds, then talk about the importance of holding the seeds in our hands and loving them – share this knowledge with your friends – if it sounds right of course, but ideally it would be wonderful if you all could do this, if you could be strong enough to dare to share that the seeds, too are longing for love, and when they get love from us they will grow and get filled up with nutrition and they will give us all the nutrients we need, so that we will be able to stop eating meat!

Do this at your own pace, and if you cannot share this with your friends in the ‘cultivation circle’, say it to yourself. Be careful to hold the seeds between your hands and send them your love, preferably you should stand barefoot on the ground while doing this, in contact with the earth and in contact with heaven, being a channel from your foot chakra to your crown – yes, even your feet have chakras of course, very important ones, as your contact with Mother Earth is there. Do your grounding frequently, earth yourselves, live the lives you wish to live.

Yes, I was living in Heaven on Earth, but there were many who took that for granted, and God always gave free will to the human beings, and suddenly the level of consciousness was so low that I could no longer exist on earth, and since that time humanity has wandered around and has in all ways tried to find your way back to paradise, and now you are very close, you are already here. In fact, now is the matter about beginning to live it, it is a matter of making conscious choices in your existence. Yes, there are those who say that you can go on driving your car and living in houses with swimming pools, and yes, this is the first step as I see it, the first step in your manifesting – but I would prefer you jumping that step and finding your direct way back to nature, because it is in nature where true happiness is, where true love is! Because, not before Mother Earth will be whole and restored, can true happiness appear.

You are now once more creating your world, and it is essential for you to ponder what kind of world you wish to create! Many of you are stuck in the world surrounding you, even you Mia, you think you should have a house/a flat, and you think of the earth as it is looking now, with all the different existing nations/borders/nationalities – and yes, this will be the case during a transition period, but you can create heaven on earth and in paradise there are no nations, there is only a living present now! To discover the world there, is walking and rejoicing together with the ones you meet on your path, forming ties and relations where you feel particularly great love, a love so great that you will not be able just to give a hug and joyfully continue, a love so great that you feel, “with you I want to share everything!”

Yes, in this heavenly world you might live for many thousands of years, and during these thousands of years, each day in your life can be like a fairy tale of love and joy for development and invention, of awe for Creation and the joy of being part of Creation.

Take your time to be in nature, to be one with nature. Choose a day with the weather you prefer – sit down by a tree, close your eyes, feel the tree, feel the earth beneath you, sense the wind in your face, hear the song of the birds, and just be, just be in that moment – and do it oftentimes – that is a way to experience eternity, to move into the timeless – at the same time as you are creating ties with Mother Earth. Create stronger and stronger ties with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a divine being, the most beautiful planet you can imagine, she is The Paradise. Rediscover her and live together with her.

In love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om.

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, 15 februari, 2018

SANAT KUMARA   –   The Process of Creation requires Sustained Focus   –   2-9-18 – via Genoveva Coyle



Allow your hearts to show you the way and then follow that inspiration to step into this phase of creation. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good morning dearest friends and family! I am Sanat Kumara, I am Raj, holder of the planetary Logos, your friend and companion in this new phase of your earthly adventure, and I am always with you.

And yes, we can talk about the Universal Laws and we can talk about more practical issues that you do want to manifest in your realities, for you want to see some tangible results for your years of work and effort. And I can touch on the subject of Universal Laws briefly and say to thee that you are using them always, even if somehow unconsciously, or else you would not be alive and functioning in this or any other reality. But just as you are breathing, or blinking your eyelashes without much of a thought while going about your life and days, in a similar fashion you are using the Universal Laws without having to place your attention on them or invoke any particular one.

And there will be a time to go more deeply into reviewing and refining the Laws – those which you already know and are using only automatically at this time – which have only a tiny percentage of effectiveness, for the results that you are getting by doing so show clearly that you are barely surviving. But you are here to change all this limited type of living experience and to empower yourselves and the entire human collective by showing them the effortless ways of creation.

Before we get a little deeper into this process I am here to assist you in the preparation of this next chapter of your mission.

Now, I am here to talk to you about attention and focus, about having constant awareness of all of who you are, your wholeness and presence, and the details of every part of yourselves. You cannot neglect any part of who you are, you cannot not tend to them and not acknowledge them, because this would be an easy and fast way to become drained of energy, ending up with you being distracted and less productive while engaged in this process of creation, a process that requires sustained focus until the result desired becomes a palpable reality.

You might say to me that you are not yet sure where the magnitude of who you are, where all your multidimensional self resides, but I say to thee that you know more than you believe you do. You just have to pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that pop into your mind, to that intuition that always knows how to take you to the tiniest portion of you that is calling for your attention.

You would not forget about glancing at your face from time to time, or arranging your hair, or to look into that part of you connected to your children, to your lover and spouse. However, it may take some time to check your toenails, or to respond to an email from a distant relative, or to look at your Facebook work account that you might believe is not in need of your immediate attention.

And yet those are parts of you that you intended to create and that you brought into form at one point in time. These more distant parts of thee may have a plan to enrich your lives, or are being placed strategically to speak to and tell others who you are.

Nevertheless even these small and apparently faraway spots of your being are places that need nurturing and acknowledgment.

Sometimes you find these forgotten places to be new avenues of expansion and growth, and sometimes there is only a need to close and terminate a budding idea that you decide not to pursue in this lifetime.

More often than that though you will find out that these distant parts of thee are pivotal junctures, or exits planted early on, so that you can step now into the fullness of the New You in ways that you would have never anticipated possible before.

And so I am here to encourage you to open your hearts and minds, to look far and wide, and then to pay close attention to whatever is calling on you at this time.

Allow your hearts to show you the way and to speak to thee. Listen attentively and then follow that inspiration to step courageously and firmly into this phase of creation, into the freedom of expression, and into the wonder of who you are.

I am here with you, as I always have been, encouraging thee and cheering you along on your way.

Until next time. Farewell.

By Permission

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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SANAT KUMARA via Jahn Kassl – 1-7-18 – by




Resonate with the energies of light that are now reaching the earth, because 2018 is offering the opportunity to dissolve blockades and remove hindering structures that are governing your emotions and dominating your thoughts. Now’s the time when everything that is holding you back and keeping you from self-awareness can be healed at the roots. Stop going in circles. Issues and blockades that keep coming back because they haven’t been resolved yet present a huge obstacle on the spiritual path.


That’s why I encourage you today to dedicate yourself with all your power to your spiritual “problem areas” this year. Don’t put anything off, continue your transformation with determination, and don’t wait until your life issues need to be reflected back to you in a painful way.

This is the time when realizations can be reaped to an unimaginable extent and with an incredible dynamic.

These times don’t wait for you to become conscious, but expect you to take advantage of these most favorable conditions for awakening that now exist on this earth.

I therefore give you three pointers, so that you can start this year with the proper attention and shape the oncoming years with wisdom, power and spiritual presence.


1.) Dedicate yourself with all your energy to the process of expanding your own awareness! Nothing is more important in 2018 than this.
2.) Use devotion, meditation and prayer as your tools.  Because every time you don’t know how to proceed, you will receive help and direct divine guidance.
3.) Be truthful and authentic in everything – that means in every relationship and in everything you do! It is better to make your own mistakes than to take credit for someone else’s achievements. Take back control and sovereignty of your own life, and know this:

Realizations are anchored in self-awareness and not theoretical knowledge or books!

These are the three pointers that matter now.


The outer world becomes more unstable, the earth is in the process of transforming energies from millennia. And human beings find themselves, no matter how they are internally dealing with it, in the midst of this transformational pull – it is happening.

Those who close themselves off from the current energetic conditions on this earth and keep up their blockades are facing the end of their journey on this planet. Because only those who hold and integrate the incoming energies step by step can participate in the golden age.

This means: Only one’s own transformation and conscious path of awareness lead to the capability of a human being to keep up with the continuously increasing frequency.


All dark and destructive forces, all those who brought evil and negativity into this world, are running out of time.

Thus 2018 will certainly provide us with further discoveries and revelations on all levels.  Many people will be shocked and recoil, and many will lose faith in the good.

Many however, the ones who have been longing to return home for lifetimes, will recognize the signs of this time.

They will face the facts with great courage, unafraid and with inner determination, and they will understand the necessity of this process.

The profound purification will shed light on the impure, and clean-up operations will take place both internally and externally, because you can only get rid of that which you are aware of.

Thus confront yourself with the truth, don’t deny it! Transform and heal everything that causes pain in the outer and inner world.

Get to work, be reborn and create the new earth.

I am the Logos of this earth. And today I call upon all human beings to return into oneness.

I am waiting for you in the light. Be guided by your longing, because it will lead you directly to me.

We are one from the beginning of all times and for eternity. Without me there is no you, and without you there is no me.


Realize your origin, touch my hem and wake up from the dream.




Public Announcement by Sanat Kumara – by Love In Action Now – 12-20-17 – You have completed your mission – We have reached Quantum Mass

Sanat Kumara


Public announcement by Sanat Kumara

This is Sanat Kumara I take this opportunity to come forward now to announce that you beloved children of light have completed your mission…. we have reached quantum mass. Victory to the light. The Resurrection has begun, the return of the Christ en masse is actualized this very moment. Each one of you will become to feel yourself as part of the bigger whole. The veils within are lifting as the christ-mas codes for completion of ascension are pouring in by divine decree thru the Resurrection Solstice portal. Even if in this moment you feel lost, in pain, or in fear…. trust this is the beginning of the end. A new star is birthed, the christed star within your heart will now start to shine as ONE and show your path, your mission, though you may still feel doubtfull this very moment, know and feel in your heart it´s a new dawn. As divine union is created within your heart, duality is breaking, a new consciousness is born. You have done well beloved ones, you have come a long way, now you may rest before the great celebration. The return of the bewinged ones is now. All celestial forces and star nation alliances are gathered to usher in this divine annointment of the cosmic christ in all… whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It is an offering, an invitation to choose the light, to choose love and let all else behind. It is given freely, thy that chooses is the chosen one. The 144000 is the christ code of the cosmic christ, the vibration and emanation of elohim, which you came here to anchor. Kodoish kodoish kodoish. It is done, it is done. Victory to the light. ~ Sanat Kumara with Grace Solaris.

I am still overlighted by Sanat Kumara… actually this cannot be put into words…. but I can say that this is the moment we have been waiting for FOR SURE…. it is done and the celebrations can begin.

Note: To those who are not familiar with beloved Sanat Kumara, here an introduction:

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