ERA OF LIGHT – Sanat Kumara – Don’t Let Fear Control You – 3-12-20

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ERA OF LIGHT – Sanat Kumara – Don’t Let Fear Control You – 3-12-20



SANAT KUMARA – Shielding and Setting Boundaries is more Impportant than Ever – via Genoveva Cole – 1-9-19 – 09/01/2019 / BY SHEKINAH EL DAOUD

Sanat Kumara

Message from the Fathers via Galaxygirl – 4-18-18 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame



Message from the Fathers for April 18, 2018


The Fathers 4/18/18

Greetings dear friends, I am Sanat Kumara, planetary logos, Ancient of Days. And I am joyfully here today friends with my brother in the light, Sananda, here as a formidable team of love and light hearted victory. And we rejoice in this precious Now moment in between the lines, in between the moments, the dimensions, where thebreath of the Mother resides. For Source is all around, Source is everywhere in all things. You too, friends, are part of this grand play, that is now reaching the final moments of the final act. The next sequel play? You are writing it, oh mightyhuman collective. Once you realize your power, you will be an unstoppable force for good. For love is in your DNA. Love is your DNA, if truly your DNA is in all ways linked inextricably to the Universal Mother, the Goddess energy of Source, so do not be surprised by such things. You are in the process of expansion greatly and quickly of your world view and your limited religious understandings were purposeful for their moment. But now their moment is past, passing, for you are outgrowing it.Like the old Sunday suit that no longer feels like your Sunday best, for it is worn, tattered. You are ready for new clothes!For new things and new experiences and understandings of God, of Source and of yourselves and your role in this. Source light is within you children, friends, for Source is in all things, in everything and is the heartbeat of the Mother, the Goddess breath that ever advances closer, gently yet with force, for the Goddess force is unstoppable, as are you, awakened humanity, as are you. This wave of universal love energy, the cosmic pulse of pure love light will be breathtaking, and many of you are experiencing the preludes to this, this bliss and oneness, glimpses of perfection and utter contentment with orgasmic rapture. This is what is coming your way. For the separation game is over now once the wave of bliss and understandinghits. See this blessing for what it is and accept it deep within your heart space,your trillions of cell spaces and become one with the light. I am Sanat Kumara and I will now give Sananda the floor.

Good day friends! The floor Sanat? Perhaps you mean the ceiling? For don’t you all feel, friends, as if you are flying high on these energies of light and of purity that are bombarding, gently yet with force and purpose? I totally agree with my friend and brother here, Sanat,it is time to fully surrender to these energies of Christed light and love essence. Become them. Become one with them and let them flow into you. This will of course bring up within you all of the gritty stuff that you have been pushing down and away for so many lifetimes. Release it. Give it to me and let me help you. It is time to drop this cross of shame and carry it no longer. Drop the cross and run to me friends! Allow me to embrace you in a joyous hug of victory.For when you face your demons of regret and pain and send them to the light in love you are free and the once hidden lock unlocks yet another hidden space within your heart that has been previously closed off from you, from me, from our Christed light. It is time to hold your lanterns up high, friends, and see what else is lurking there that needs love and light and release? Send it to me. Let us escort it to the Grand Central Suntoday, which is functioning more of aGrand Central Station lately with all of this marvelous transmuting work that you are doing friends, and you are rocking it! You’re hitting it out of the park, home runs all the way for every one of you. I’m so proud to have you all on my team. You are the rock stars of the universe. I know, my analogies are all over the place tonight but I’m excited!I’m excited about you, about me, about us, about the Christed light that is permeating and flowing and embracing you and causing some extra tears of relief lately. For this is a tender time, these are tender moments. It’s ok to cry.Let it go. Let it go and let us work this thing out together. We have all had many roles. And now your role is to lead, to heal the others, to provide clarity in a world of seeming chaos and confusion. But yet I assure you all is perfectly organized behind the scenes and we may seem to be flying from the seat of our pants but that is just your perspective, we have one of the best laid out plans in the universe here and now friends, and your success is assured. Transmuters, you are tops. Thank you all for your hard work in this tumultuous time of intensegrowth. You are doing it. It is happening. And friends, this happening is you. Allow the Christed light in. It is your time to shine! I am your Sananda! I am always here for you, friends.

May I say something? I am your FatherGod. Hello, children. I could not help but hear the laughter and excitement of my dear boy Sananda. The light is being anchored deeply into the new crystalline grid / core of Nova Gaia, of your MotherEarth. She shines like the brightest diamond in the universe, and you all areglowing brightly too upon her, children, and you are all breathtaking to see from our vantage point. Ah, the divine feminine. There is nothing like it! We are so in love with her, with you. All is oneand this separation game is reaching its’ long time conclusion.

Now is the time for the reunification ofyour halves children. It is time to meetyour twin energetically, when and if you are ready for it. It is time forreintegration, rebalance, re-remembering. It will become natural to you for it will be like coming home. Andyou are all coming home, children, dear ones, dear hearts, you are coming home, home to unity, to oneness of all without and of all within. Oneness in me, in light, in source light and with your brothersand sisters who have been so patently waiting without (galactic) and within(hollow earth). We are all one big happy family you see and it is time for a wondrous family reunion. Get ready to party. I am your Father God. I love you all so much and am so incredibly proud of you, my children. Well done. Well done!

~ galaxygirl



Sanat Kumara, Sananda and Friends via Galaxygirl – 5-8-18 – by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

by Saint Andrews Twin Flame

Per Staffan April 9, 2018

Galaxygirl channeled texts


Hello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day. Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite well. Yes, we know and can see that you are exhausted, but please know that we think you will think it was worth the effort as you become your higher selves in form, as the physical body morphs into that of crystalline and as you manifest your preferred reality and the nightmare fades / transmutes away.In the higher realms it is true; there is much joy and bliss and excitement and adventure. There is much to explore but truly there is nothing as exciting as being in a body and experiencing it. For the senses are so heightened and frankly there is nothing like it, friends. It is a great honor to be embodied in this auspicious Now moment of planetary ascension of Mother Gaia, the most beautiful of planets and of hearts, who has sacrificed her own happiness for so long so that the others would have a chance to experience what they came here to experience, separation, no small feat. The heavens heard her planetary call and responded. The Galactic Federation is here in full force,and the numbers are staggering. You have so much support, humanity, you have no idea.

You have no idea or concept how much you are loved. It is time to open up to this reality and appreciate it as your own. Accept our support of light and of love and of wisdom for we are here for you, quite literally, and are eager to lead a hand and a heart. For many wanted to be here, it is true, but priorities had to be made so that those who were further along in their own ascension process would have priority placement, and be able to assist the others the most effectively. Please know that this is a difficult lesson, but a true one. And you clamored at the chance to experience this precious brief moment. For no one really truly knows what will happen as you, humanity, are the wild card.



SANAT KUMARA via Mia Lighthouse – Living Heaven On Earth – 2-15-18

Sanat Kumara


Dear Mia, this is Sanat Kumara contacting you, I contact you and as this is the first time you are in contact with me, you don´t know me yet. Let me tell you a bit about myself; A long time ago I was living on earth, a very different earth compared with today, and then I mean not only regarding technical development, but I mean regarding spiritual development. I lived in what you may call Heaven on Earth. ‘Paradise’ did not exist in a restricted area, as some of you may believe, but ‘Heaven’ was all over the earth. Heaven on Earth was a state of consciousness regarding “I am one with everything, total compassion with all”. In that state of consciousness, you cannot hurt another living being, you can only be happy about them, you can only rejoice with them – that state of being is your home, dear children, this is how you wish to live once more, this is how you long to be again!

I was living in that part of the world you, today, call India. Of course, in those times there were no nations, this is a very late idea, and I was living in great joy and great peace. Yes, in my ancient India we were living in Heaven on Earth, we were living in harmony with nature and with one another. Parts of that still exist in India; they are mostly vegetarians, and this is a very essential part for humanity; to realize that the animals are equally valuable as yourselves. It is wrong not to value another being, it is wrong to put yourselves above another being. Even you, dear Mia, eat meat, and this you should immediately stop doing, I know, you have a diagnose saying you should eat meat for the sake of your health and, yes, you must learn to cook your food in the right way, and you must fill up your food with such power and energy that it gives you strength and energy. All of you should do this, and you should learn to prepare your own food; to grow, to harvest, to care for the earth and one another.

Today you are living on a mountain of rubbish you created yourselves, with all those packages of artificial food you transport halfway over the globe, to get it to your dinner table, instead of harvesting your own totally fresh vegetables, and cooking them with love and joy – and while cooking them you will fill them up with light, with love, with joy, which means you will give them all the energy you need – and you will grow them in the same manner; all the way from seed to plant. This goes without saying; a seed that is loved, a seedling that is loved, a plant that is loved – a dinner that will give you joy and gratitude – yes, in all that there is an enormous amount of nourishment you can never find in things coming from factories where everything is produced on an assembly line without emotions – because you must be on time, you must pay the bills – the food filled up with all that stress you created in your lives – no one will feel good from it and it will poison the whole planet!

Many of you Lightworkers are aware of your energies, but you often keep them inside, and many of you, like Mia, believe eating meat and fish is ok. Mia is very strict in that everything should be certified organic and ecological, but not all of you are even that! Now is the time to wake up and to realize the importance of these matters! If you are to create a new world, you should do it in real terms! It is a matter of raising the energy frequencies! If you don’t have a garden, make sure you grow something in your kitchen window, or in the green outside the apartment building! Create a circle of growers – learn about organic cultivation! Start in a small way and always start with the seeds – of course you will have to buy seeds from a farm where they are farming with love, there are several of those, so start there to begin with. “Where should I buy my seeds?” Feel the answer; certified organic is the way – that shows they are not using pesticides or other poisons – “but is there love?” Use Google on the Internet, find some businesses all selling certified organic products and feel in your heart what is right for you. This is more properly expressed, what is right for you, and order some seeds from a plant you wish to have in your daily life – maybe lettuce? That is readily cultivated and you can even grow it indoors – read about what is easy to grow and what you may harvest frequently – or if you choose to team up with a group, create a small allotment in your area and grow together, for instance some rows of carrots, some rows of parsnips, beetroots – or some other things that will be easy to grow and mostly will give a good harvest. And some rows of things that will grow fast, like lettuce, spinach, those things, and then make a scheme regarding chores for everyone with those essential things, like preparing the soil and the cultivating itself, and then schemes regarding irrigating/those things. Then when harvesting, do it together and then create a feast that you will share between yourselves. You could partly harvest in turns and share between you, but make sure that the last harvest will be for a great feast for all of you, as you celebrate doing this together!

But at that time, when you have prepared the soil and are going to plant the seeds, then talk about the importance of holding the seeds in our hands and loving them – share this knowledge with your friends – if it sounds right of course, but ideally it would be wonderful if you all could do this, if you could be strong enough to dare to share that the seeds, too are longing for love, and when they get love from us they will grow and get filled up with nutrition and they will give us all the nutrients we need, so that we will be able to stop eating meat!

Do this at your own pace, and if you cannot share this with your friends in the ‘cultivation circle’, say it to yourself. Be careful to hold the seeds between your hands and send them your love, preferably you should stand barefoot on the ground while doing this, in contact with the earth and in contact with heaven, being a channel from your foot chakra to your crown – yes, even your feet have chakras of course, very important ones, as your contact with Mother Earth is there. Do your grounding frequently, earth yourselves, live the lives you wish to live.

Yes, I was living in Heaven on Earth, but there were many who took that for granted, and God always gave free will to the human beings, and suddenly the level of consciousness was so low that I could no longer exist on earth, and since that time humanity has wandered around and has in all ways tried to find your way back to paradise, and now you are very close, you are already here. In fact, now is the matter about beginning to live it, it is a matter of making conscious choices in your existence. Yes, there are those who say that you can go on driving your car and living in houses with swimming pools, and yes, this is the first step as I see it, the first step in your manifesting – but I would prefer you jumping that step and finding your direct way back to nature, because it is in nature where true happiness is, where true love is! Because, not before Mother Earth will be whole and restored, can true happiness appear.

You are now once more creating your world, and it is essential for you to ponder what kind of world you wish to create! Many of you are stuck in the world surrounding you, even you Mia, you think you should have a house/a flat, and you think of the earth as it is looking now, with all the different existing nations/borders/nationalities – and yes, this will be the case during a transition period, but you can create heaven on earth and in paradise there are no nations, there is only a living present now! To discover the world there, is walking and rejoicing together with the ones you meet on your path, forming ties and relations where you feel particularly great love, a love so great that you will not be able just to give a hug and joyfully continue, a love so great that you feel, “with you I want to share everything!”

Yes, in this heavenly world you might live for many thousands of years, and during these thousands of years, each day in your life can be like a fairy tale of love and joy for development and invention, of awe for Creation and the joy of being part of Creation.

Take your time to be in nature, to be one with nature. Choose a day with the weather you prefer – sit down by a tree, close your eyes, feel the tree, feel the earth beneath you, sense the wind in your face, hear the song of the birds, and just be, just be in that moment – and do it oftentimes – that is a way to experience eternity, to move into the timeless – at the same time as you are creating ties with Mother Earth. Create stronger and stronger ties with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a divine being, the most beautiful planet you can imagine, she is The Paradise. Rediscover her and live together with her.

In love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, Om.

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, 15 februari, 2018

SANAT KUMARA   –   The Process of Creation requires Sustained Focus   –   2-9-18 – via Genoveva Coyle



Allow your hearts to show you the way and then follow that inspiration to step into this phase of creation. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good morning dearest friends and family! I am Sanat Kumara, I am Raj, holder of the planetary Logos, your friend and companion in this new phase of your earthly adventure, and I am always with you.

And yes, we can talk about the Universal Laws and we can talk about more practical issues that you do want to manifest in your realities, for you want to see some tangible results for your years of work and effort. And I can touch on the subject of Universal Laws briefly and say to thee that you are using them always, even if somehow unconsciously, or else you would not be alive and functioning in this or any other reality. But just as you are breathing, or blinking your eyelashes without much of a thought while going about your life and days, in a similar fashion you are using the Universal Laws without having to place your attention on them or invoke any particular one.

And there will be a time to go more deeply into reviewing and refining the Laws – those which you already know and are using only automatically at this time – which have only a tiny percentage of effectiveness, for the results that you are getting by doing so show clearly that you are barely surviving. But you are here to change all this limited type of living experience and to empower yourselves and the entire human collective by showing them the effortless ways of creation.

Before we get a little deeper into this process I am here to assist you in the preparation of this next chapter of your mission.

Now, I am here to talk to you about attention and focus, about having constant awareness of all of who you are, your wholeness and presence, and the details of every part of yourselves. You cannot neglect any part of who you are, you cannot not tend to them and not acknowledge them, because this would be an easy and fast way to become drained of energy, ending up with you being distracted and less productive while engaged in this process of creation, a process that requires sustained focus until the result desired becomes a palpable reality.

You might say to me that you are not yet sure where the magnitude of who you are, where all your multidimensional self resides, but I say to thee that you know more than you believe you do. You just have to pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that pop into your mind, to that intuition that always knows how to take you to the tiniest portion of you that is calling for your attention.

You would not forget about glancing at your face from time to time, or arranging your hair, or to look into that part of you connected to your children, to your lover and spouse. However, it may take some time to check your toenails, or to respond to an email from a distant relative, or to look at your Facebook work account that you might believe is not in need of your immediate attention.

And yet those are parts of you that you intended to create and that you brought into form at one point in time. These more distant parts of thee may have a plan to enrich your lives, or are being placed strategically to speak to and tell others who you are.

Nevertheless even these small and apparently faraway spots of your being are places that need nurturing and acknowledgment.

Sometimes you find these forgotten places to be new avenues of expansion and growth, and sometimes there is only a need to close and terminate a budding idea that you decide not to pursue in this lifetime.

More often than that though you will find out that these distant parts of thee are pivotal junctures, or exits planted early on, so that you can step now into the fullness of the New You in ways that you would have never anticipated possible before.

And so I am here to encourage you to open your hearts and minds, to look far and wide, and then to pay close attention to whatever is calling on you at this time.

Allow your hearts to show you the way and to speak to thee. Listen attentively and then follow that inspiration to step courageously and firmly into this phase of creation, into the freedom of expression, and into the wonder of who you are.

I am here with you, as I always have been, encouraging thee and cheering you along on your way.

Until next time. Farewell.

By Permission

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

SANAT KUMARA via Jahn Kassl – 1-7-18 – by




Resonate with the energies of light that are now reaching the earth, because 2018 is offering the opportunity to dissolve blockades and remove hindering structures that are governing your emotions and dominating your thoughts. Now’s the time when everything that is holding you back and keeping you from self-awareness can be healed at the roots. Stop going in circles. Issues and blockades that keep coming back because they haven’t been resolved yet present a huge obstacle on the spiritual path.


That’s why I encourage you today to dedicate yourself with all your power to your spiritual “problem areas” this year. Don’t put anything off, continue your transformation with determination, and don’t wait until your life issues need to be reflected back to you in a painful way.

This is the time when realizations can be reaped to an unimaginable extent and with an incredible dynamic.

These times don’t wait for you to become conscious, but expect you to take advantage of these most favorable conditions for awakening that now exist on this earth.

I therefore give you three pointers, so that you can start this year with the proper attention and shape the oncoming years with wisdom, power and spiritual presence.


1.) Dedicate yourself with all your energy to the process of expanding your own awareness! Nothing is more important in 2018 than this.
2.) Use devotion, meditation and prayer as your tools.  Because every time you don’t know how to proceed, you will receive help and direct divine guidance.
3.) Be truthful and authentic in everything – that means in every relationship and in everything you do! It is better to make your own mistakes than to take credit for someone else’s achievements. Take back control and sovereignty of your own life, and know this:

Realizations are anchored in self-awareness and not theoretical knowledge or books!

These are the three pointers that matter now.


The outer world becomes more unstable, the earth is in the process of transforming energies from millennia. And human beings find themselves, no matter how they are internally dealing with it, in the midst of this transformational pull – it is happening.

Those who close themselves off from the current energetic conditions on this earth and keep up their blockades are facing the end of their journey on this planet. Because only those who hold and integrate the incoming energies step by step can participate in the golden age.

This means: Only one’s own transformation and conscious path of awareness lead to the capability of a human being to keep up with the continuously increasing frequency.


All dark and destructive forces, all those who brought evil and negativity into this world, are running out of time.

Thus 2018 will certainly provide us with further discoveries and revelations on all levels.  Many people will be shocked and recoil, and many will lose faith in the good.

Many however, the ones who have been longing to return home for lifetimes, will recognize the signs of this time.

They will face the facts with great courage, unafraid and with inner determination, and they will understand the necessity of this process.

The profound purification will shed light on the impure, and clean-up operations will take place both internally and externally, because you can only get rid of that which you are aware of.

Thus confront yourself with the truth, don’t deny it! Transform and heal everything that causes pain in the outer and inner world.

Get to work, be reborn and create the new earth.

I am the Logos of this earth. And today I call upon all human beings to return into oneness.

I am waiting for you in the light. Be guided by your longing, because it will lead you directly to me.

We are one from the beginning of all times and for eternity. Without me there is no you, and without you there is no me.


Realize your origin, touch my hem and wake up from the dream.




Public Announcement by Sanat Kumara – by Love In Action Now – 12-20-17 – You have completed your mission – We have reached Quantum Mass

Sanat Kumara


Public announcement by Sanat Kumara

This is Sanat Kumara I take this opportunity to come forward now to announce that you beloved children of light have completed your mission…. we have reached quantum mass. Victory to the light. The Resurrection has begun, the return of the Christ en masse is actualized this very moment. Each one of you will become to feel yourself as part of the bigger whole. The veils within are lifting as the christ-mas codes for completion of ascension are pouring in by divine decree thru the Resurrection Solstice portal. Even if in this moment you feel lost, in pain, or in fear…. trust this is the beginning of the end. A new star is birthed, the christed star within your heart will now start to shine as ONE and show your path, your mission, though you may still feel doubtfull this very moment, know and feel in your heart it´s a new dawn. As divine union is created within your heart, duality is breaking, a new consciousness is born. You have done well beloved ones, you have come a long way, now you may rest before the great celebration. The return of the bewinged ones is now. All celestial forces and star nation alliances are gathered to usher in this divine annointment of the cosmic christ in all… whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It is an offering, an invitation to choose the light, to choose love and let all else behind. It is given freely, thy that chooses is the chosen one. The 144000 is the christ code of the cosmic christ, the vibration and emanation of elohim, which you came here to anchor. Kodoish kodoish kodoish. It is done, it is done. Victory to the light. ~ Sanat Kumara with Grace Solaris.

I am still overlighted by Sanat Kumara… actually this cannot be put into words…. but I can say that this is the moment we have been waiting for FOR SURE…. it is done and the celebrations can begin.

Note: To those who are not familiar with beloved Sanat Kumara, here an introduction:

Sourced from here.

SANAT KUMARA, Keeper of the Laws – UNIVERSAL LAW OF ELIMINATION – via Linda Dillon – 9-14-17


Image result for SANAT KUMARA

I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Laws, of the Universal Laws of which creation is a subset. But we do not get technical with you. In fact if anything we wish you not to be technical. For this is not a course in physics, it is a course in miracles. You say to me Sanat Kumara how can you talk to me about the Law of Elimination and a course on creation and co-creation? I tell you there are times, dear ones, when the debris is so dense so destructive that it has need to be eliminated. It has need to be gone. It does not serve One. And you say how do I know this? Well, for this planet and at this time, let me suggest unto you that usually the Law of Elimination will be used on creations of man.

God does not create, the Universe does not create, and Love does not create in ways which harm and destroy and live in pain. There are patterns, belief systems, illusions, diseases, toxic environments that do nothing but poison and create devastation and pain. Yes, we know we have talked about the value of pain in learning compassion and Love, and we have also talked to you this day about that being ancient history. Now, do not start out large, we do not want The White House disappearing. Start with yourselves. Think of that which has haunted you. Not the fear that you have need to confront and transmute into your best friend, but that which you truly have worked upon. Diligent honesty is required for this exercise. When you have worked on something not only in this lifetime but many, many lifetimes and it has come to haunt you and to bar your progress and in your true heart analysis is neither serving you, your family, your friends, your circle, your community, or your planet the use this tool of elimination. Do not worry that you will go wrong with your magic wand because you will always say if it is for my highest good and the highest good of all.
Now we depart from practice with this Law, we simply ask you to say for your highest good, and leave it at that. Then what you do is you go to your heart and to your stillpoint and you allow the destruction, the elimination to take place. It will feel like a nuclear implosion, you will feel the shock wave, that is how you will know in physicality and in your being that it is taking place. You are not dropping down and expelling it. It is gone in that moment. No there are no ashes, there is no phoenix rising. It is gone. I will guide your hand in this exercise because never before has it been permitted on Earth.

This Council always says to share information far and wide, to let the Love reign true. But be prudent my friends in who you share this with. We are entrusting this to you because we wish you to go forward and we are helping you, we are helping you not just in doing this for you but saying to you you are of age, you can do it too. You are old enough, you are mature enough, you are strong enough, and you are wise enough to know – not to think and not to feel – but to know when this radical choice is required. It is extremely rare, some of you may never use it in this lifetime, but you will carry the information and the knowledge forward henceforth. You will use it in your healing and the rebirthing of the planet. That is the primary use of it. It is to eliminate from the planet the toxins, the disease, the chemicals, the poison your land, your animals, your air and foul your oceans. Most of this has been caused by either conscious or inadvertent actions of mankind, of humanity, of womankind, and therefore it is right and fitting that you will be the ones to eliminate it as well. So that is my undertaking to you. I give you this gift, and I explain this Law in trust.

I would suggest to you before you practice this elimination procedure that you integrate all aspects. Call everybody home. Anchor firmly within yourself. For it is a powerful tool and it requires integration and all energies to be present. Now if you are saying to me Sanat Kumara take care of this. I will also be at your beck and call. But if you are to undertake this through the bilocation process for example, if you are in Africa attending to the many animals who are dying from drought and you wish to eliminate the drought and you know that that is the core issue, and it is. Either send all of your beings to Africa or call them home. And from that place do your process of elimination. Do not send only part of you. You’re not strong enough.

Elimination is far different that transmutation. The Law of Transmutation has need to be applied to many institutions and environments upon Earth. A good example is education.
The core of education was Love. The core is still good. It is desirable and helpful, so what you are doing is you are transmuting you are bringing back and eliminating all the debris, not by the poof but by the cleansing. Bringing it back to the core which was founded on Love and joy and then rebuilding. It is Lao Tzu’s grain of sand that is the luminous pearl. That is the way you may think of it.

Hatred did not start from a place of Love. Therefore it need not be preserved or even transmuted, now in some cases you will find where someone will say oh I hate that, I hate them, I hate Israeli’s, I hate Pakistani’s, I hate black, I hate white, I hate yellow. You will bring them back because truly what they are saying is they hate themselves. You do not wish them to be eliminated. What they are saying is I am so lonely and feel that nobody can or does love me in any race, any society, any country, any planet. Then you will bring them back to that place of longing that started it all. That is why wisdom and knowing is essential in the practice of the Law. You must truly sit and listen, and be.

When you are deciding which method to use, it is part of the formulation of your intent. Now having said that children we are not going to permit you to go awry so you can take that fear and poof it right now. I will give you another way to make this judgment and it is the golden scales I have given you before to use as balance. When you place something on the scale, and it is all on one side and there is nothing that you can discern or fathom to balance it out on the other then go forward and let it go, eliminate it, and start again.

When you are using the Law of Elimination in conjunction with an individual or a group you will know to use it because the individual soul is crying out for help. It is in persistent, impenetrable problems, where the cry for mercy has been heard throughout the entire universe. You are interfering in the nicest way possible, with compassion and Love. Are you changing the course of that individual’s life? Yes. Are you allowing them to move forward into the wholeness of their being? Yes. Do you truly think this is that different than the miracle flower essences that have been gifted? It is not.

Understand, you are not to act as judge. You are to act from your heart, from a place of knowing, of compassion and wisdom. If the full knowing is not present then you do not proceed, you leave it to other realms. Let us be clear, not everyone who is in difficulty, in misery, in disease, in pain is asking for relief. Many have chosen this pathway to teach compassion. You do not rob another of their journey. But if there is something that you can do to help you sweet child of all people always do so. Do not think that you do this alone child. Do not think that you do it external to Creator Force, that is why you always only come from knowing, and from a place of Love, and a place of highest good. And, as we have said, many of you will never use this in your entire life. And some of you will.

When I tell you I am the Keeper of the Laws, I am the policeman. I am the one that travels around and explains the Law, and then makes sure it is adhered to correctly that is why I tell you you cannot go awry. But I do so in the name of one of the Creative Source of the Universe. That is why it is used so rarely. When you use the Law of Elimination, you come from a place of knowledge, and of Love. That is why you do so with Creator and with highest good. As soon as the void is eliminated as soon as that obstacle is gone there is a rush of God energy within that place.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 2005


Sanat Kumara via Jahn J Kassl – Finding Truth – 7-11-17


the secret garden 

Published on Jul 1, 2017


Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us – An Hour With an Angel – Golden Age of Gaia – 1-26-17

[Thanks to Jo Anne for the transcript] Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us An Hour With An Angel January 26, 2017 Link to show audio. Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio Steve Beckow: Good evening Linda Linda Dillon: Good evening Steve, another exciting day as we […]

via Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel, January 26, 2017 – Golden Age of Gaia — Blue Dragon Journal

SANAT KUMARA through GENOVEVA from the COUNCIL OF LOVE – Choose Love and Action – via Linda Dillon – 8-14-16



SANAT KUMARA through GENOVEVA from the COUNCIL OF LOVE   –   Choose Love and Action   –   via Linda Dillon   –   8-14-16


Greetings dear ones! I AM Sanat Kumara, and you all know me by now as the One in charge of the Universal Laws, Planetary Logos, but today I come here as your friend and brother, to stay with thee and bring you my golden love and support and to remind you of the Laws and the instantaneously response of calling on Them, regardless of the issues and the situations.

You do not need to know how it works in detail, you would have to recognize the need of invoking of certain Law and then just call on Me, if you wish to clarify, and then proceed with asking Them to do the work and shortly you will see quite amazing results. 

We do not wish to see you wasting your precious energy spending too much time in the lower vibrational realms, trying to understand and figure out all that is being happening and why you are being challenged in a certain way and in an almost continuous fashion. Whenever you feel less than joyful and peaceful, you should immediately realize that you are starting to work on and with some old energies that are raising up to be recognized and transmuted. Do not wait too long to call on the Laws of Transmutation and even the Elimination’s one and remove them quickly. Call on all of these Laws not only for yourselves, but for your families and friends that are facing difficulties and for the situations that are affecting remote communities and of course the whole collective. Yes, you have this power and know that I am always with you and there is no way you will be misuse the Laws or harm anyone in the process. You hear me talking more of the Laws of Transmutation and Elimination, for this is a very intense time of clearing for all, but at the same time you all are excited to move further on your path, to be of Service and in your mission and you are hesitating in your new trailblazing actions. Calling on the law of Purpose will help you become or see you being already aligned with that which is part of your Divine plan and an integral part of the Mother’s plan. It will help you to correct your course of action if need it, it will help you discern and show you when you are not coming from a place of Love and Truth. You may think of calling on the Law of Change, to remove you from the place that is not serving you and others any longer.

As you see, getting to know and use the Laws, their interconnectedness and the profound effect on the way you direct and conduct your lives is extremely important to achieving your freedom and walking into your Mastery, at last.

We love to be with you, to guide and sit with you, to help you see things from a different and higher perspective, to co-create with you and bring miracles, but it is your desire to remember and create only goodness, greatness and Love, your new Paradise on Earth, Home away from Home.

When you master the Laws, then you are already Home.

I shall return soon!




Look for your tangible projects, formulate them, and step forth in the declaration of what you choose to create upon the planet. The time of action is upon you!

Heavenly Blessings ~ 2 August, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:50 to 11:42]

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Suzi: Welcome.

Sanat Kumara: And welcome to you. Yes, by all means call me Raj for we are old friends. And I say that not only to you, dearest Suzanne, but to all of you and to all upon Gaia, for I welcome every being, every flower, every plant, every mountain, every ocean this day.

It is funny because you tend to think and progress into the unity of heart consciousness, but when you proceed in this way, do not exclude all the kingdoms for all upon Gaia are One. There are no beings – what you think of inanimate or living – that are not part of this unified whole, this pattern, this grid, this tapestry of what you think of as Gaia.

You are not separate from the unified whole, and that is part – a small part but an important part – of what I come to speak of this day. Let your concerns go, and in this moment feel and hear and know and be the truth of who you are.

Beloved friends, you have come from far and wide, from the angelic and archangelic realms, from star systems far away; you have come as ancient earthkeepers, as hybrids, as elementals, as Venusians. But you are all human, you are all Gaian, and you are already at the table of the Intergalactic Council.

It is time that you all step forward, yes, in your individual splendour and the unfoldment of your plan within our Mother’s Plan, but as Nova Beings creating Nova Earth, bringing forth the splendour, the magnificence, the truth, the peace, the wonder, the awe, the balance. There is only one reason you are on this planet at this time, and it is to not just witness but to be a part of the rebirth of love.

My task, my role as Planetary Oversight, is to assist in the anchoring and the re-anchoring of the Creator Race and the essence of love, not only the recognition of divinity but the practical actuality of divinity within you and in all of your doings, societies, structures, institutions, families, communities, it matters not. There is no delineation.

Now at this time, very dramatic mirrors are being held up to you. And in the Tsunami of One, you are seeing and receiving inputs, adjustments, attunements, raising in frequency, vibratory rates, so that you may physically hold more love, more energy.

Now you say, “How do these two connect? You say, “vibration and frequency and love.” Everything is love. That is of the Divine Nature. Now there are many human creations that are simply distractions and deviations from that, and that has been the speciality of your old 3rd dimension. But there is no room for that any longer. I do not know how many times we have to say this!

Now I know in some ways, my friends, I am preaching to the choir, but understand what I have said this day. I am speaking to all upon Gaia. And it is time for this distraction, deception, lies, untruth, deviations, of such a magnitude that they hide the truth – it is time for this to come to an end.

Now we are doing our part, and you are being uplifted as never before. And many of you, most of you as a matter of fact at this time, are flying in and out of the portal knowingly and unknowingly. But what does it look like to create Nova Earth? Could it be smooth, non- confrontative? No, not because we do not desire it, but because human choice at this moment of what you construe of as “time” is of a nature that there is a lack of consistency in the choice for love.

And this is a word that I am almost hesitant to use. Can you imagine, as a servant which we all are of the Mother, that I hesitate to use the word “love” because upon your planet at this time, it is being bandied about without understanding that this is a sacred word. In some traditions of ancient times, and even recent times, there are words that were so sacred that they were not spoken, only held within the heart and within the pattern.

“Love” is the most sacred word. If you are to think of a term of reference point, to speak truly of the awe of One, it would be love. If you wished to nickname the Mother, it would be love. If you wished to understand the essence of the Father, it would be love. And yet this word has become misunderstood in many ways.

Now we do not halt the use of this word because the design is that it is seeping into your consciousness – and I mean the collective consciousness – that although it is misunderstood, somehow, somewhere, love is important.

And so, for example, in your political shenanigans in the United States of America, you are seeing the use of placards and people declaring love. And yet their behaviour is not of love. It is not of love of the Mother and the Father and the One or the Son. And it is not of love of humanity and unified consciousness, anchored in the heart consciousness and transformative love. It is none of these things.

And you say, “Yes Raj, we know that. How can you help us?” Well, first of all, rest assured we are helping you and the legions are at work like never before, so it is not only my company but the company of all. Understand what I am saying to you: the “company of all” – all delegations, all masters, all angelic realms, all star systems. It is not just a cheerleading team that is sitting on the sidelines!

We are working with all of you, and as we do with those that truly do not want change, it is appearing chaotic. Now let me go further. There are those that want change, and who are reverting back to what you can think of as an ancient understanding of Source, of God, of God the Father with a controlling, aggressive, thundering, punishing being. And that is a human construct. It does not have its basis in truth. It most certainly does not have its basis in love.

So what you are witnessing – yes, in the United States but also in many countries where there are despotic leaders, male and female, of every religious tint – are those who wish to be in control and who are more than eager to assume this role, to be the controlling patriarch. But what is even more chaotic is the number of Gaians eager, not simply willing but eager to embrace that type of system. So that is reversion back.

It is change but it is not, shall we say, progressive or forward thrust, new being, Nova Earth change. It is change that is based on fear and saying, “Let me run away and let Daddy take care of it.” And that is a total abrogation of self-responsibility. It is not being the observer; it is not inserting participation where you have need to. It is an abrogation of why you are on the planet. I cannot be clearer than that!

Then there are those in the middle road who believe that nothing has really changed. Gaia has ascended. She is interdimensional in her nature, hard-anchored in the 7th, present in all dimensionality. You are seeing the shifts and yet there is this group that says, “Oh, nothing has changed and we can maintain the status quo.” And even if there wasn’t the new wave, which I will speak of next, that is not possible because you have these revisionaries on the other side so that is not going to do it.

So these people are pretending that they are deaf, dumb and blind. I do not say that in the way of insult, my beloveds. I say that if you choose the middle way – and that has been preferred by many sages – then be true to the middle way, the middle path, the middle journey. It is a preferred journey of balance for many. But again, be true to the love.

Remember you are only here for one reason – to be the re-patterners, the re-weavers, the re-anchors of the Mother’s Plan. Your plan and the reason you are here is that you chose, because it was essential to your fulfilment to do this. So if you are going to sit in the middle, be true to truth.

And then there are the wayshowers, those who see the chaos and are participating in what we would call “creative chaos”. The change could have been, could still be very smooth, but because of the human choices it is not unfolding in that way. Now, did we anticipate that? Yes. We were surprised at your spiritually mature choice of collective ascension, but it was a choice.

But now there are many that are saying, “I yearn, I desire, I know who I am; I may not know every detail of how to get there,” and none of you do by the way. It is a walk of trust; it is a walk of heart; it is an unfoldment. We cannot tell you or even write the fullness of the script because that would be denying your free will, and dear hearts, you have surprised us time and time again. Even when we know we’re going to be surprised, we’re surprised!

Those who are wayshowers, who are the agents and angels of change – and it doesn’t matter whether you are hybrid, starseed, earthkeeper – you are angels of change. And the reason you are here is to be the constructors, the catalysts, the re-weavers. You are on track!

Now, do not deviate. Stay in the love. Expose what you know to be simple attachment to the old 3rd, to the paradigms, the false grids of aggression and control, lack and limitation – the list is endless. And we don’t even want to repeat it anymore because it is non-existent. There are places in the universe still to awaken, and the ascension of this planet and this race is part of laying the pattern for those that follow.

But if you desire to be part of that old, then pass on and you can reincarnate on one of those planets still in progress. There is no requirement to stay. Is there a desire on our part that you will stay and fulfil? Yes. But is it a requirement? It has never been a requirement.

The unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is not dependent upon 7 billion or 1 billion lining up. We don’t want… it has never been the Plan that people line up and obey, salute. It has always been the Plan that the flowering of love in the heart would be such that it puts you beyond any other choice, because when you are experiencing this – what has been termed “transformative love”, what we call “real love” – there is no other choice.

So are you in the midst of chaos? Yes. And do you need serenity? And do you need reassurance? Yes, you do. And as your Logos, I am here not only to reassure but to say, “Those of you who feel you are forging the new pathway, that you are truly the wayshowers, whether it is in society, in relationship, in politics, in education, in your own life, you are doing what has need to be done.”

Does it feel at moments enormously challenging and difficult? Yes. And by the way, is the relief on the way? Yes there is, because you need some tangible projects, and this political upheaval is one of these tangible projects. And the product, the outcome, is rebirth, new understanding, broader understanding, fuller participation.

This word “democracy” is bandied about as well. It is almost bandied about as much as “love”. But democracy is simply community; it is an expression of love in community; it is an expression of trust. As you enter the love, there is no desire to control another; there is no need for lies. Integrity and truth are simply omnipresent because there is that willingness – and I mean Divine willingness – to share, to create, to co-create, to be in sacred unions of every type. There is harmony.

Do you really think in other realms that we hold elections? In the harmony and balance, the ebb and flow, the love takes care of everything. Now does that mean we are not organised? Of course we are. People assume different roles, just as I, in service to the Mother, have assumed this role as Logos. But it is a role.

If the Mother had asked me – and in many ways She has asked me – to be the janitor and the clean-up crew, I would do that. And I am! And, my beloved friends, so are you. You look to me for guidance, but also what I say is, “Come stand with me because each of you carry this role.”

Now, dearest Suzanne, I have gone on and on. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Well, I love that you’ve gone on and on actually because this is very good information and I have lots of comments on things you’ve said. Gosh, where do I start? The feeling I have now is that all that really requires my attention is what’s before me in the moment. That is the most efficient way for me to not engage in the chaos that’s going on.

I thought it was very interesting that most of us are interdimensional whether we know it or not. So could you give people a little bit of guidance on when we might notice that we are? For my own self, I feel like when I’m out driving, if I’m feeling especially in love with the trees and the things around me, and I’m just loving myself and everything around me, I guess that’s pretty much the higher dimensional beingness, right?

Sanat Kumara: That is correct. The more… you see, you are thinking of this also as sequential, and in some ways it is because that is the linear nature of how humanity has been trained to think. But it is also simultaneous. So you are correct, dearest one, in so far as you say, “When I am in love, I am interdimensional.”

Think of it as love being your ticket or your pass to being, understanding and experiencing that you are interdimensional. So when you are stratified, when you are so restricted, you restrict yourself. Feel it – your muscles constrict; you feel as if you are a shell sitting on a shelf. And, of course, in that you are not fluidly travelling between dimensions.

But when you look at a tree – and I am talking without psychedelic substances – and you feel the energy of the tree, you feel the sap running like the blood flows through your body, when you can hear the heartbeat of Gaia, when you can perhaps sense… All of you are not at a point when you are seeing or hearing completely clearly, but you have your intuitive knowing, you have your sense of connection. This is your interdimensional self.

Suzi: You made a statement saying that we need some relief, and then you said we need tangible relief and that politics is a project that takes our mind of and gives relief. But I don’t get it because the Democratic Party has become about as undemocratic as possible. The words they use sound just lovely, but the actions are both very covert and openly belie the words. I know everyone has a role but could you maybe give a little bit more? So in order to get relief, we have to go through hardship, right? That’s the deal?

Sanat Kumara: No, that is not the deal, but that is at the moment much of the human choices that are being made. Now let us look at this. You say that the Democratic Party in the United States of America… And St. Germaine has just walked through the door for he is very interested in this subject as well! But let me continue.

So previously this level of manipulation has gone undetected. Not that this level of manipulation and dishonesty has not been present; and let me be very clear, it has been present in most of your American electoral processes. You have seen these shenanigans time and time and time again, but at this moment in the unfoldment, all of this is coming to the surface. Before, it was not… it was a vague awareness that something was not quite right, but it was not out on the table…

Suzi: Documented…

Sanat Kumara: No, not simply talked about; documented and seen and truly very apparent. So what you are going through – and think of the three groups that I have discussed – is that what you are seeing is that there is this forward thrust in the wayshowers, regardless of whether they consider themselves lightworkers or wayshowers; it does not matter because all are being equally penetrated. But to many, this exposure is creating this shock value and this recognition that perhaps things are not as filled with integrity as one would hope, and let me say, as one would demand.

And so, it is a project – I use this as the term – “a project” whereby humans are being given the opportunity to truly step forward and declare themselves as the wayshowers, as the anchors of the new. So does it look like tremendous upheaval? Yes. Does it feel like tremendous upheaval? Yes.

Now revolution – that word, that term, that action has always been attractive to the young. And you are seeing that because they are believers that they are here to change the world. But revolution has also been a term, a process, an undertaking that has been attractive to those who feel and are, or feel downtrodden, oppressed, repressed, taken advantage of. The United States of America was founded on revolution. You have a very bloody history!

Now it is not the intention that the founding and the anchoring of Nova Earth be bloody and violent. But what you are seeing in this upheaval is that what has been bloody and violent – and we use the term “violent” to mean lack of integrity and abuse of power – is being exposed, and that is a good thing because if it is not exposed, then everybody continues as is.

Suzi: That’s true. And you’re absolutely right that people are standing up and making videos and organising others; and it’s all in love and integrity and with the highest good of all concerned. People are coming out of the woodwork that are like that, so it’s very encouraging and beautiful. And I just wondered too… are the dreadful things happening now all kind of moot because of the changes coming for the planet?

Sanat Kumara: Pretty much. Now when I say that, I need to set some parameters, do I not! You are at a point of breakthrough and it may well feel like breakdown, and in some ways it is breakdown of the old that has not served the Mother. I am going to keep bringing you back to this point. Lies, untruth, dishonesty, aggression, control, rape, pillage, murder in no way serves the Mother.

So, what is happening… you are our anchors, you are the change element upon the planet. When you are saying, “This is not acceptable,” – and it does not matter whether it is shooting in the streets or war overseas or the bombing of buildings or a political election – what you are all saying is that is not acceptable, this is not in alignment with who I am. So fundamentally all of you are cringing and saying, “This can’t go on.”

Now, your question really is, “Do we have to go through civil war, mayhem, more blood in the streets in order to make the change?” And the answer is no. Exposure of lack of integrity, of control, aggression and so on… exposure is often so embarrassing that those who are perpetrators of such will run away.

It is the nature of what you term “bully”. When bullies are exposed, they turn and run. They are not filled with valor; they are not the bravest of the brave. They are usurpers and so the usurpers are being exposed. So, do you have to take your guns to the street? I beg you, never!

So when you say, “Hardship – is hardship necessary?” No, because what you are also doing – and this is where you are claiming your status as creators – is you are holding the vision of something entirely different. You are holding the vision and the fulfilment of the dream. And you are all doing it in your various ways. Some of you are what I would say multidimensional in so far as you are political, social, structural; some of you are economic. It does not matter what dimension or sphere you are operating in.

What I suggest: hold the love. Feel yourself swimming, flying, floating, walking to where the answers lie and bring them back into what you think of as your dimensional reality. Bring them back. It does not require difficulty.

Suzi: Alright. Well, you mentioned something about when the bully is exposed, but here’s the thing that I see – the bully is already exposed, but it seems that there’s a collective cognitive dissonance about it, that half the population – or maybe less than half, I don’t know – but a lot of them just want to cling to the idea that the bully is really okay.

Sanat Kumara: Yes, and that is what you have said “cognitive dissonance” but it is also denial. Now think of it in practical terms. Think of the parent who is informed by the school principal that their child is being a bully. And the first time, they say “Oh no, my Clarence or Clarisse could not possibly be a bully. You must have misunderstood.”

And they ask Clarisse or Clarence whether they did this or that, and they say, “Oh no, mama, I did not do that.” And then it is repeated and exposed and repeated and exposed, until finally the family recognises that there is something terribly wrong and that it needs to be course-corrected. That is what you are in the middle of: the exposure.

Now is this the first exposure? No. Are there dramatic exposures occurring at this moment? Yes, not just political but societal, governmental – and we separate governmental and political – institutional. So there are changes that are occurring. And yes, think of the good news, my beloved friend: there is about 30% – and, in fact, if you take those who have simply been passive in this, there is more than 50% that are saying, “This is not acceptable.”

Now have they arrived as yet at a plan of action, what the three of you have thought of as the right use of will, to come to a place where they have a plan to implement the change, and changes that are doable and tangible and practical and acceptable to the collective? No, you haven’t. But many of you are very proactively working on such. And that is how this is being completed – not begun, but completed.

So you are at the point where the situation of the ‘emperor wearing no clothes’ is very clear to many, but you haven’t completed, you haven’t stepped forward as yet saying, “And this is how we’re going to fix it.” You are in process. So take heart, take great heart!

And you are being given very tangible, doable projects. Are they massive? Yes. We are no longer talking about being friendly in the supermarket. Now, is that essential? Yes! [Laughter] But you are escalating, you are expanding to broader platforms, and that is necessary and desirable and supported mightily from our side.

Suzi: Okay, that’s beautiful. You mentioned something that caught my attention, “Earth is anchored in the 7th.” Are we skipping the 5th? Nobody seems to be talking about the 5th dimension anymore!

Sanat Kumara: Do not forget… think of if the Earth is a giant sphere. So think of where the heart is, as anchored in the 7th in the alignment with love and with the alignment with Christ Consciousness. Now she also brushes the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th. The 5th is where you are noticing and managing the change.

Dearest heart, I would say most of you believe that you are operating in the 3rdbecause you have this tangibility, this physical vessel. But, in fact, look at your vessels and how they are changing and how they are being transformed, all the repair work visible and invisible that has been done on it, and the amount of change that you are being asked to manage.

So you are in the 5th. It is just the positive part of this and the nature of the human race as they truly are, is you are forward not only thinkers and feelers but doers. So you are always looking ahead. So you are in the 5th, you are looking to the 11thalready and wondering why you are not there! It is the children sitting in the car saying, “Are we there yet?” Well, you are almost there, but there is a little further to go! [Laughter]

Suzi: It’s interesting that you mention the physical vessel because my daughter and I have been catapulted into completely committing ourselves to making our vessels be the strongest and most able to carry and hold light as possible. That’s like the primary motivation here and it’s really nice. It’s kind of a hard road because there’s not a lot of food we can eat at this particular point, but that’s okay. We’re just really committed to it. Is that really accurate?

Sanat Kumara: That is very accurate. But let me say, yes, there is the obsession when one is young and delightfully beautiful, regardless of being occupied with the physical body. But what you are doing, and what many of you are doing, is experiencing, “How do I hold this energy? I do not want it to leak out. I am more than willing to share, but I don’t want to be out of sorts in holding this energy and so I am reconstructing.”

Now whether you know it or not – and again, it doesn’t matter – each of you, not only frequency/vibration, physically are being reconstituted, some of you more vigorously than others; and that is also in alignment with your own mission and purpose, why you are here. So yes, it is part of the shift; it is part of ascension. When you are flying back and forth through the portal, what you think of not only as toxins or impurities but your ability to hold this energy, to sustain this energy – your body needs to be strong.

So often, when you see representations, channelled pictures or portraits of any of us, you tend to see us as very large. Now we can be the grain of sand on the beach, it matters not. But the reason you tend to perceive us as large is because of the energy field we are holding. So that is where you are going.

Suzi: I think we’re probably close to the end. Have you got anything in closing? This has been really wonderful and informative, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Sanat Kumara: You are so welcome. Yes, I do have something to say, and I am not suggesting that you simply look at these various situations and laugh. But, my beloved ones, can you see the nature of what is taking place? And that is why I have used the analogy of the ‘emperor with no clothes’.

When you picture the exposure, see it for what it is – that it is not tragedy, it is not Greek tragedy, it is not melodrama; it is nothing except showing what is not of light, what is not of love. And once that is identified, the decision process is already underway.

Now, many of you may say, “But I don’t want radical change.” It does not matter. As Yeshua has said to you, this is a time of radical change. You cannot stop the infinite flow of the universe. What you can do is choose to be part of it, to be part of who you are, to be the love, to claim your divinity, to be merciful to those who do not yet know.

And in that mercy is compassion and wisdom, and the wisdom to know how to help. Not through violence, but change is evitable. You are in the midst of it and this, my beloveds, is good news. Look for your tangible projects, formulate them, and step forth in the declaration of what you choose to create upon the planet. The time of action is upon you!

Go in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

SANAT KUMARA via Meline Lafont – 6-28-16


SANAT KUMARA  via Meline Lafont   –   6-28-16


Blessings beautiful Stam,

We are a magnificent momentum of the Hart Gateway to / in more profound ways to strengthen it. This Solstice-flow and energy influx of June were sown with Galactic Codes from the Galactic Centre and this shows a huge awakening in the consciousness of humanity. Of course, for this to see the results take time, since many changes initiates on the inner surface inside someone his heart and mind. So, all in all, this period of awakening integration will span a few weeks to several months before you will begin to see more tangible results.

Nevertheless, all these codes were sown and this means that there is no return. The seeds were sown, and now they will need some time to grow. The best way to get these seeds inside to feed every soul is to the faith / trust and keep the strength high, to keep believing in the good of all and best of all, to understand the nature of language and how someone inside proceeding when he / she comes to new concepts. Every way possible, just understand that it does not have to be the same as your words … Nevertheless, it is a way for a new term as a result.

Balance is the key to keeping the order of the Light and Power of Love in the momentum of all hearts in this area. It will start with you and by you, only the beacon and being on the tube. These last few months have been tough with integration to provide new wisdom, new keys and recoding of our mortal encodings. All this is now being in the foundation of our core being animated in several parts of our Heid and His abiding within the realms of mind – creation – emotion – awareness and physicality.

Now with the June Solstice and the seeds from the Galactic Center, you are sown wisely Diamonds ray and Galactic levels at the planetary level, you further into a deeper awakening and activation of bringing you immortality. The Galactic Center sows and nourishes you with His Heid profound new integrations and teachings that are sown from a black hole as the center of everything.

This brings (reset) many to a specific “reset” and conviction to go through such profound changes that you each self-contained part of your life and perception of reality, your work, your relationships and want to change your teaching / insights . These seeds put this gift of resurrection in a way capable of letting yourself be reborn into / from other levels.

Lord Sanat Kumara: “Truth and Unity”

“Coming from the state of everything and nothing at the same time, able you to reset the necessary encodings and integrate to rebuild your planetary consciousness and even start from scratch with a different language.

You see the world through different eyes now and what needs to be done will be achieved in the most essential ways to help humanity to reach that point of resurrection. We are talking about God consciousness now, and not just about the Christed Light, for the Christed Light was a long time ago resurrected, one point accomplishing the return of Christ. Now the God consciousness is animated and integrated through the Galactic Sun (center) and the Galactic codes.

This God-consciousness brings back a sense of Oneness and Unity is all about. So you will be led to see things and events take place on your Earth, which emphasize unit and return unit. You will thrive through Unity and Unity will be all that you will see as a result of many things.
What between the seeds for Unity and blossoming of Unity, is only one way to come to the understanding of this nature. We should not take it seriously, we just need to know that it’s just a way to get you there. The road between is a momentum of change, a force that brings about all of you and helps to use it.

Now that the third wave of consciousness began to awaken and sow their seeds, you will all feel an increase in energy within your bodies, since this will all of you begin to lift to a greater sense of self. Unity consciousness will now be able to come forward more, as you go through your phases of resurrection. Some will dwell deeper into a space of deep awakening of the Divine Blueprint than others, since most other stages of their Divine Human Experience.

The embodiment of this great wisdom and knowledge is what is important in order to hold and to use properly.

Everyone will be here on his own human way to deal with it, be sure what you do and choose, this is the best way for you ALL. From now on you will have to add the action to the word (walk your talk), because you will soon begin to notice that only the talk you will not keep this momentum here in the heart. It is about the foundation of this to BE, so join the action to the word and everything that you say you are.

Any other way will be heavy and difficult to operate in, because you most natural senses and manner of his / Existence will be the order of the day. There will be no other way than to be your authentic self, you see? This is part of the great self-mastery, and you have worked very hard for. Now that you are beginning this world of wonders to step in, should you true to your self and everything to be from what you do in the soil of your heart, and say.

You will now yourself and all that you are manifesting faster than energy. There will be less time for misleading things to you out of the illusion (to be separated) to get away. Thus you will know yourself in a comprehensive manner and highly profound, and that’s a God Given choice and order.

You will learn how to handle rapid changes and manifestations, as well as your clairvoyance and clarity ‘skills. The truth will no longer be hidden from you, but presents itself very directly right for your face or through your ideas and you will not be able to look away. It will not go away until you have seen it and know what it is that you should know. This means coming face to ALL of yourself and your fears. As we say to you: You will know yourself to a large extent and in a comprehensive way!
This is the Divine: nothing to hide but clear and open ~ transparent. Others will start to see more of who you are and what you are vibrating with consistent, as well as their senses to improve along with their own areas of intent / purpose. Again, you will know yourself greatly if everything is clear and the truth will not be hidden any longer.

Embrace this truth as it comes to you. It is not your enemy is your ally. Keep this in mind when it is that the things in the world come out as the truth. Do not take yourself down by anger and hatred, but embrace the face of the truth as it can produce the joy and freedom. Knowing and wake up from your sleep is freedom!

You will now have to put their money where their mouth is, as you are working to regain grand masters. Be true to your heart and yourself, so shall it be in the world as a direct result and reflection. Moment after moment we stay inside your heart. “

Lord Sanat Kumara

Méline: As an aside … this message of unity may bring you confused when you think about leaving the UK Europe. My understanding and feeling about this event that this is the beginning of a new way of Unity, since the picture of Unity which holds Europe has been an inaccurate picture. (political unity and no heart unit) Now, as Europe begins to crumble, real unit can finally begin to emerge as a unit from the heart and not from the leadership of the mind. So in my humble opinion, this is something good, something tangible change has begun to another reality and based on Heart Unit.
Love and Light
Méline ♥

Translation: Cobie de Haan –

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SANAT KUMARA – You are Changing the World You Live In – by Steve Beckow – 6-16-16

Sanat Kumara

Steve Beckow

Steve Beckow

I’d like to revisit a conversation with Sanat Kumara, planetary logos or chief shepherd for Earth, on An Hour with an Angel, in which “Raj,” as he likes to be called, outlined exactly what we do when we assist the Company of Heaven, often in our night travels.

He also described how the lightwork we do in the daytime adds to the formation and constitution of Nova Earth.

Every core issue we complete, every expansion into love adds to the new domain, he said.

Sanat Kumara: You are already co-constructing with us what you are calling the new domain.  So it is not an arduous task. In fact it is a joyful task.  And it is already underway.

Steve Beckow: Can you just expand, Raj, on what you mean when you say that we’re both co-creating this new domain?  Is it happening in our sleep?  Is it happening because another part of us that is above or below the ordinary consciousness has worked on this?  How am I helping you construct a new domain apart from writing a blog and doing these shows?

SK: Do not discount this – please.  And this is back to where we have begun with the denial and the downplaying of what you have done and what you are doing.

It is happening on the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious, the astral, the angelic realms both in and out of your body.  Yes, much of it is night work but much of it is conscious work as well.

When you talk, and I’m not simply speaking of you but I’m talking about the willingness to bring what has been thought of previously as exceptionally-esoteric material to common everyday discussion, to talk about the need for peace, for the elimination of abuse, which is simply peace, for the creation of equality, for the creation of sacred partnerships which are anchored in freedom and love, not control or finances.  So you are doing a great deal of the work.

You have been laying that foundation not only pre-construction but you have been doing the work and I’m talking to all of you now.  The limitation of core issues, the expansion into love – all of this is changing the world that you live in.

When you travel at night with Michael and you go to the places of violence, whether it is in Syria or Los Angeles, it matters not.  And you are diligently anchoring within the hearts of those who create violence the desire for peace.  When you comfort those who are the victims of violence and you reassure them of their worth and that they are loved and seen and known.  What you think of as night work – when those people wake up the next day, they are changed.

They are anchored in a different vibratory rate.  Not simply because Michael has been in attendance but because many of you have been in attendance as your higher, universal, angelic, starseed self.  And you have spared nothing in bringing these people along.  And by sitting at home and sending love and hope and peace all over the planet you are creating the new domain.

You say:  “Yes, but, Lord, look there is still war. There is still mayhem.”  You are in and you are visiting and you are participating in the creative chaos and that is another reality.

So you are shifting but because you are in your body, consciously you are thinking:  “Oh no, I am not travelling inter-dimensionally.”  When you have a vision, a day, an experience, a moment of such exceptional grace – when you have a moment or a day when you know you are in your mastery – when you fully behold the beauty of a sunset and you are the sunset – you are participating in the creation of that new domain where that becomes what you think of as everyday reality.

“Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015,” An Hour with an Angel, through Linda Dillon, at Used with permission.

Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on AHWAA – Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key – 4-28-16

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key

An Hour with an Angel, April 26, 2016

Link to the show

Linda Dillon,

Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio


[Thanks again to Jeri for this transcription.]



Steve: Our guest is Sanat Kumara today. Welcome Linda.

Linda: Welcome to you, Steve. What a great day we are having with our special guest.

SB: Let me introduce him while you make your preparations. Listeners may know, or may not know, that Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos. He, in fact, will be the Solar Logos at some point in time. But of course, there is no time on the other side.

He is known to all the world’s religions. He has incarnated and affected all the world’s religions. I can name some roles that he has played. For instance, the Zoroastrian’s knew him as Ahuramazda, the Wise Lord. The Hindus would know him as Skanda and Subramanya. Buddhists would know him as Dipamkara, “the Lamp-Lighting Buddha,” who received Gautama Buddha’s request to be a Buddha. The Aztecs or Mexicans or Mayans, I actually don’t know which, would know him as Quetzalcoatl.

I have to say, this is an amazing feat for me because my memory is not working very well these days. It’s been taken away. So, the fact that I can recall this is astonishing me. But, he has played a role in all the world’s religions, and he is the keeper of the Universal Laws. And we’re going to be talking with him today about practical uses of the Universal Laws. With that then, welcome Sanat Kumara, welcome Raj.

Sanat Kumara: I am Sanat Kumara. And, yes, I am your dearest friend and ally, Raj. And welcome to you my beloved friends, beloved Gaians, beloved family of this sweet planet. Welcome all. And I, like many, declare in this day that you call time, this night of infinity, that this vibration and frequency travels to all the hearts of Gaians, that all may continue to receive the multiple blessings that are being sent to each and every one of you, continuously. It is a wave of love. It is a wave of practicality. It is a wave of trust, and hope, and grace that each of you receive. I bring you this night my golden radiance. I bring you the pink of Venus.

Upon this glorious planet, you as human beings, and you as Gaians, are at the point where you have the opportunity to shift, to extend, to expand, to ascend, to descend into the love, to be the anchor, the beacon, the epitome of love upon this planet.

Yes, I am often addressed in many ways and as keeper of Universal Law – this is one of my pivotal roles. As Universal and Planetary Logos, it is the teaching, the application, the imparting, the anchoring, the integration of Universal Law into your very core and into the practicality of your life. I have had the privilege, the joy, and the honor of speaking to you, all of you, about Universal Love, individually and as a collective, for several years now. It has been my joy to share with you the essence, the substance, the elements of how Universal Law works, of how your planet and your system works.

Beloveds, I have not shared this truth, this understanding, this wisdom, as an esoteric exercise – for such exercises are merely, in many ways, simply of ego. And there may be many things that I come to the forefront to share, but it is not of ego.

I come so that these laws may be applied, utilized in the very life that you are creating in the co-creation of Nova Beings, Nova Earth, Terra Gaia: in the new way of community with each other, with your star family, with all beings above and below, within and without. But, the reason I have asked to step forward this night is that so much of what I share with you, what I eagerly share with you, is not being integrated or implemented in the fullness of what is possible.

There are some of you who have chosen and selected certain laws that attract you – and that is a good thing – and you are utilizing these principles. But, in many ways, we – and when I say we, I mean the entire Council of Love, I mean the entire company of heaven and your brothers and sisters from far and wide – are somewhat surprised that this wisdom and knowledge, the depth of understanding, has not been more deeply embraced.

Now, let me be very clear. I do not say this in the way of criticism and most certainly not of judgment. What I say to you is: obviously and apparently, I have not done an adequate job, have I, in sharing this information and the importance, the practicality, of this information with thee?

There are some who have suggested that I have moved on to a new role. That, my sweet friends, is not of truth. Yes, there will come a day, in your realm and in ours, when I will proceed to yet another assignment. But, it will still be with Universal Law and the Law of One, which is love.

But, until such time as all of Gaia, all upon her, have come to this next step of interdimensional, multidimensional reality, practical application of the law – the anchoring, and the practice, the expression and the experience of love – I am going nowhere! Does that in any way dismay me? No.

You live, in this bracket of the Mother’s time, in the most exciting place in the multiverse! It is beyond imagination, human or otherwise. Well, never beyond the Mother. But what is occurring is so magnificent, so splendid, of such impact throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, that this is the place to be! Angels and earthkeepers, archangels, starseeds, portals and gatekeepers, wayshowers, pathfinders: you have chosen the right time and place to anchor your mastery, to accept the truth, the might, and the creative power of who you are.

We have spoken to you about how you are the Creator Race. What does this mean in practical terms? How does one work with the Creation Formula that I have spoken of and taught you? Well, you also do it through the utilization of Universal Law. These are not laws that, at this time, are reflective of human law. Human law departed from the purity of the law and became entrenched in so much of the old third paradigm, but that was never of truth.

Now, Nova Earth and Nova Being works in accordance, lives in accordance, celebrates in accordance with the Mother’s Law, with the Laws of One.

Long ago we have gone, not through the same process, but a similar process upon Venus, which so many tend to think of as the planet of love. I would refer to it as the planet of grace. As Gaia and Earth go forward, you become that sister planet in the beauty of who you are; it is a return to original form.

But, the return to that original form is not by our declaring. The Mother’s desire is already in place, so that is completed. But it is done in sacred partnership – not with some, not with a select few, but with each and every one of you.

Your planet, your collective, too long in the old pattern of duality/polarity, lived in the haves and have-nots; the powerful and the disenfranchised. That is not of love. So, it cannot be that there are a select few, that there is an “in” crowd and those left behind. That is not the collective desire that you have designed and declared. And it most certainly is not our desire.

Now are there some, through that exercise called free will, choice, decision, who do not choose to transmute, transform, accept, acknowledge, embrace love or the laws? Yes. And they are not merely the recalcitrant or the distracted; there are some who are simply indifferent and choose not to engage. That is acceptable. And, in the infinite history of evolution, they are never excluded; so nothing is lost.

What you think of as the smaller group – regardless of how you term yourselves, what category you place yourself within – are the wayshowers. Because what you are doing in that re-patterning is not only anchoring, but forging the way. You are breaking down the barriers and you are opening the doors so that all are free, and know themselves to be free.

Now you say to me, “Raj, what on Earth, or anywhere else, does this have to do with Universal Law?” Beloveds, allies, my family: when you are working, applying, invoking, utilizing the laws, it makes your life easier because you are in that alignment with the Mother, Father, One in its most simplistic terms, and its most complex. That is what Universal Law is.

You have been given so many gifts, and particularly the gift of karmic dispensation, so that you are free to go forward. And forward is simply a term to mean movement; movement that is in alignment and reflective of the Mother’s movement. This is a time – what Jesus Sananda has declared “an extraordinary time of change” – of unparalleled opportunity to go forward, to shift, ascend, expand, be in the heart consciousness which opens the doorway of interdimensionality, and awareness of that. Would you accept? Of course you would.

So, in my role as your Planetary Logos, I return to talk to you – to be your wayshower, to be your teacher, your healer, your mentor, your coach – because this is my desire. This is my role; this is the fulfillment of my promise. Now, it is not only that my heart belongs to the Mother, Father, One that I choose to do this; it is because my heart belongs to each and every one of you. That is the nature of my being. And that is the nature of your being. There is room enough in each of you to love everybody.

Now, my dearest friend, Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, thank you very much, Raj. At the end of the broadcast, I have a question for you from a reader in Brazil. The opposition in Brazil is attempting…well, has voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff. But, before we go there, let me ask you a very simple question about Universal Law. You once said to us that our lives won’t work if we don’t align with Universal Law. Can we take a very everyday example: that of a married couple, in which two people use every stratagem, every manipulation, to get their partner to do something he or she does not want to do? That seems to be a violation, and an ongoing violation, of the law of free will. What are the consequences for the two people who routinely violate that law in this manner?

SK: Well, the most dire consequence is you will never be happy. You will never move into the expanded heart consciousness. You will never know the bliss and the ecstasy. You will never be the fulfillment of who you are, your sacred design, your mission and purpose, if you persist in such behavior.

Let us back up a little bit, and I am pleased to be practical; that is the nature and perhaps what I missed on the first round. Why would you wish for someone to align with your will when it is not their will? What is it within your being that makes you think, feel, believe, that you are more aligned, more correct, and have the position to assume superiority over another’s life? How, in any construct, could this ever be considered love?

How – in overriding what you think of as right or wrong, correct or incorrect of what you think someone else is thinking, doing, behaving, feeling – how can that ever be translated as love? Well, it obviously cannot. It is an egoic move, and it is a move that is rooted in insecurity and lack of trust, forgiveness and self-worth.

Now, parents often are put in this very difficult situation with children who are entrusted to them, and you see what you discern; and that is different than judgment. So, I want to make a difference between partners, and parents and children. You see your child putting themselves in harm’s way and, of course from love, you will wish to redirect or snatch them out of a position where they are going to be injured. But, even in those situations, one must come from the purity of knowing, rather than wanting, of discernment rather than judgment. And this is a very important topic to be discussed, and we will be.

But when you are in a difficult situation – let us return to your question, beloved – with your partner, and you are trying because you genuinely, from the heart space of love, see that they are on a path that is not of their design or wholeness. You do not interfere with their free will. But you might wish, I would suggest that in the relationship, that you begin to invoke the Universal Law of sacred purpose, the Universal Law of change, the Universal Law of unity, of transmutation – so that that person and your relationship begins to shift. That it is in alignment with their highest good.

Now, there are times when an individual in partnership, comes into alignment with their highest good – because that is really the purpose of Universal Law, is it not: the highest good, the highest design, the purest love in alignment with the Mother, Father, One. And there are times when invoking that law will mean one of two things: either there will be harmony and balance restored to the relationship, or you will part ways. But you have need to accept and surrender.

If the separation is the result, then that is in accordance within divine plan and your divine plan within that plan. But you cannot – not at risk of your soul and your soul purpose – you cannot interfere or try to override another’s free will. It is highway robbery.

Is this clear to thee?

SB: Well, 99% of it was clear. 1% was not. You said, and this has puzzled me for a long time – you said that we’d never be happy if we violated Universal Law. Saint Francis, as a young man, violated every Universal Law one could think of. I’m going to exaggerate for the sake of clarity. He reveled, he cajoled, he wasted every moment in the most debauched way he possibly could. And yet, he experienced the bliss of realization. How could this be? And he’s not the only one, by the way; there are others, too, who have led similar lives, and in a moment their lives have been transformed.

SK: And, in that moment, they aligned with their sacred self and the Self, the One. So, it is not if you have lived, as you have put it, a debauched or erroneous life that you can never reach this place of knowing. But, it is from that place of knowing and connection that you proceed to really create.

Now, you create every single day. So, it is also erroneous when I hear, time and time again, human beings, Gaians, saying, “I don’t know how to create.” If you are breathing, you are creating. If you are trying to override your partner, you are creating. If you are beating your children, you are creating. If you are drugging and drinking, you are creating.

But are you creating what you desire? Are you expanding love? Are you in alignment with the Law? Is what you’re creating going to last or will it be destructive and lead to your downfall? You may be happy in the moment of being in debauchery, but will it give you eternal grace? No.

So I am not suggesting to you, and that is why I have mentioned the children who go also on these scenic detours: there are times when the forays into experimentation (that is what I will call them) serve a purpose, much the same way as illness, or dis-ease can serve a purpose. But it is to know – not think or feel, but to know – what is the experience of that, the expression of that. But that is not the end game, and that most certainly is not the end game for this planet.

Now, let me say something very frightening. Can it be?

Not really. That game of debauchery, which we could say has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, is not the truth. And, perhaps I err when I say you will never be happy, but you most certainly will never be in joy or bliss. There is a point at which one departs from that belief system or that engagement in a vibratory rate that is not uplifting and aligned with truth, with the Law, with the love. And it is only then that the sublime joy enters.

Does this clarify for you?

SB: Yes, it does. I know St. Francis has a wonderful sense of humor. And I’m going to say I think he made up for his earlier life in his life of asceticism as Mahatma Gandhi. How…?

SK: But, I can make a joke as well. And say was this one not extremist from one end to the other?

SB: Oh, yes indeed. And, I’m sure he had other lives that illustrate that as well.

SK: Yes, he has. (Laughter)

SB: What a task we have ahead of us. Because, you know, the people of Earth, I believe, are yearning for freedom. They’re yearning to be free of all chains and encumbrances and constraints and injunctions and all that. I mean they’ve led lives, some people have called…as slaves. Some people have called this a prison planet.

So, they are going to burst out of their chains. And then we’re going to turn around to them and say, “Well, now you need to learn about Universal Law.” And I think many people will say, “Well, sorry, I’m on vacation,” or “Sorry, I just got here and I don’t want to go back,” into what they might conceive of as a jail. Can you speak to that, please?

SK: Yes, and I will speak of it in several ways. First of all, Universal Law – I have had it called many things; jail is not one of them.


But if you wish to think of Universal Law in this way, then Universal Law is the pick, the chisel, the key. It is not something to constrain you, but rather to free you, to open that cell and show you.

So, let us use this example. If you are in jail, literally or otherwise, and you begin to use Universal Law – and you invoke the law of free will, the law of intent, the law of instantaneous transmission, the law of dispensation – what you do is you begin to call in an energy whereby the cell door opens; where you think of even human – but certainly divine justice comes and unlocks the cell.

Now, let me back up a little bit, because I am committed to truly making you understand. I hope I will; I know I will. Human beings – as you say, far too many are yearning for freedom, that believe that they are restricted, constrained, chained; there is a whole list of ways in which to describe it.

But, let us start with the truth. And, the truth is: you are free. You have always been free. You came free – even those who have been enslaved, even those that are currently enslaved, in prisoner camps, etc., in jail. You, your essential self, is free.

Now, partner that with the, not the belief, but the fact – immutable – that you are creator; that you have brought the fullness of your soul design into this tiny little body (because it is small). And in that you have everything you need. So, it is like a puzzle. You are in the jail: the file, the key, the hammer, the pliers, they’re all stuck in your mattress and you don’t know they’re there. But, if you lie on that mattress to meditate and say to me, “Raj, could you help me out here?” you would immediately feel all the lumps sticking in your back and your backside, because the tools are there.

You are not imprisoned. You only believe, and it is false. And this falsehood has been so deeply ingrained and believed that you don’t even try and leave the compound. But it is not real.

You say to me, “But Raj, it is real. I don’t have enough money to go and explore. My job is to save all the animals; I do not have the money to buy the land in which to keep the animals.”

And so, I would say to you, “My beloved friends, are you invoking the laws of within and without, above and below?” There is no shortage of what you think of as resources, cold hard cash. We don’t use that currency (but you may think of it that way) in our realm. There is only abundance.

When you start to invoke this law of what is above is within me: “It is in my bones, it is coming to me, I am attracting it. I’m invoking the law of attraction and repulsion. So, I am pulling it into my being, into my sphere, into my life.”

Then, you think outside of you. Well, there are many, many resources, abundance upon your planet. You say, “Yes, but I don’t have any.” But, are you pulling it? Are you declaring – not stealing – but accessing and pulling it to you? That you have, not to the detriment of another, because don’t forget, there is only abundance. This planet was created with infinite abundance; that is what is being restored.

But, when you come from a place of belief in scarcity, then that is exactly what you get. If you are believing and practicing the law of flow and abundance, that is what you get. You see this every single day. Whether it is finding a dime on the street or a stranger giving you a dollar, it matters not.

But, when you sit and you feel the shackles on your ankles and on your wrists and you say, “I am trapped. I do not have any power,” then you have created – powerful creation – a self-fulfilling prophecy. But when you refuse, when you exercise your power of “No,” not just “Yes,” and you say, “No, that is not in alignment either with my free will and choice, and it certainly is not in alignment with the Mother’s Will.”

If you are born, if you have come to this incarnation to live in poverty (I am being practical here), then within your heart – not within your ego or your psyche, but within your heart – you don’t have the desire to go and create millions. There is a knowing within you that you have come to this lifetime to allow others to express generosity and sharing. So, you don’t have the same drive.

Now, if you are in dire poverty and you think, “This is not what I agreed to,” then you do have that desire; you aren’t listening to what your heart is telling you, not about us, but about you. We keep saying to you – and I am not going anywhere; I am in sacred partnership with you, collectively and individually, and what that means is I am here to help.

It’s very simple, but it begins with you knowing you are already free. You always have been. So let that illusion, that old illusion of control – because it is an exercise in control that you feel imprisoned – let it go.

You have that saying that the emperor is wearing no clothes. Well, not only is he not wearing any clothes, dear heart, he has not substance! That God control that has been worshipped – that erroneous power figure – it does not exist. Let it go.

SB: Raj, I have another question, and then I’m going to try to allow between five and ten minutes to discuss Brazil. The last question I have on the subject is: I can hear some folks saying, “Oh, this is so complicated. I need a Ph.D. to understand the Universal Laws, figure out all these laws. I don’t have the time or the wits for it.” What would you say to them?

SK: What I would say to you, even though we have given you a body of thirteen very simple laws, think of it in very practical terms. You do not need a Ph.D. or anything else. What you need is your heart because that is where love lives. That is where truth lives.

Think of it in terms of your digits. So you go through this very simple process when you are trying to create: “Is this in alignment with who I am, my sacred purpose? Is this what I really want? Is this for my highest good?” The answer is yes, you proceed, and you invoke the law of sacred purpose. If the law is not fitting, if the answer is no, then you simply set it aside. It is not memorizing ancient texts. It is not learning new rituals. It is very, very practical.

“I feel that I need a new pair of shoes. Oh, wait a minute, the angels go barefoot. Am I intended to go barefoot? No, because there is too much dirt and pollution upon the beloved face of Gaia. And, besides which, my feet hurt.” So you think of this and you say, “Okay, then can I have the shoes from the enormous warehouse of shoes on this planet? Can I pull from what’s out there, the without, to me to the within?” Outside your field, inside your field – without is outside of you, within is inside your field. “Can I pull, very practically, a pair of shoes to me? Can someone help me with this – either the money, the fit or the wherewithal?”

“I want my loving partner. And I know that my love, my twin, in most cases is above; can you please help me in the below? I am sitting here dying on the vine. I want someone to talk to, to love, to share, to grow, to be with. Can you send somebody?” Then, when they show up, don’t pretend that you never asked or that you have nothing to learn from this person, or that you’re suspicious because it came out of thin air.

When you simply work with the Laws, you have sayings that have been in your various languages all your life; these are simply reflections of balance, of attraction, repulsion, change. Right now your planet is going through such change. If you ignored all the Laws and said “I am working with the law of change; just help me to change into who I am, to change what doesn’t work and to bring in what does.” That’s all the law of change is: It’s realizing that everything, every breath in, every breath out, is change. It is simple as the seasons, as the sun coming up and going down, as the moon coming up and the moon going down.

Why do you think this is complex? It is the pattern of the Mother and it is already within you. So it is not hard. So, how about, sweet Gaians, if you just work with the law of change?

SB: Well, thank you for that, Raj. I am going to turn to Brazil. One of our readers from Brazil has asked, “What is our fate? What is our future?” Dilma Rousseff is being impeached, probably; it looks like by corrupt opponents who are trying to mitigate their own process of exposure. What can you tell Brazilians about what’s happening in their country, and what the outcome looks like it’ll be?

SK: What you are seeing in Brazil you are also seeing and witnessing and participating in Iraq, Iran, Syria, in the United States of America. So there are two pieces here. But let us talk first about the broader desire on the part of the people, the populace, the Gaians, to change. Now, many who are engaged in this desire to free themselves from the shackles of oppression do not understand the political intrigue and gamesmanship that is going on at the higher levels; so let us first talk about that.

The fact that so many upon the planet are desiring this shift is promising. It is not that they are (and I’m talking about the collective now), that they are seeking power. They are seeking equality, community, and unity. And that is a positive thing.

Now, you may say (or think or feel) that you think that some of these large groups, depending on which side of the coin they are operating on, are being manipulated with half-truths or untruths. And that is true, by the way. But that does not negate this human spirit drive that people are finally, collectively realizing there are some serious mistakes and errors that are not of love on both sides, on all sides, that have more to do with the maintenance or the gaining of control and power than they have to do with sharing and freedom and love. So the wellspring, the wave of change that you are seeing in a variety of expressions, is a very positive move.

Now, how you would work with the law of change is to make sure and invoke that this change is for the highest good of the collective, and that it is in alignment with the Mother’s Plan. That is the practical, two-second exercise.

Now, in Brazil, might I suggest to you – why don’t I just tell you – that neither side is completely clean; that there have been errors and missteps on both sides. And there has been desire for power and the maintenance of power on both sides. In Brazil, by those who are in power, there was a genuine desire to create positive social change, to move in the direction of Nova Earth and Nova Being. But there have been many vested interests – ah, yes, money – money and power. They go hand in hand in many places; not always, not in Nova Earth, but in the old. And they have been displaced and they are feeling it, and therefore there is a great deal of rumor-mongering on the part of what you call the opposition in order to discredit the current ruler.

And it is very likely that she will be impeached because there have been some missteps. But all of this, for the truth to come out – if all the people of Gaia or Brazil were beginning to invoke the law of change for the highest and best, you would see a very different outcome. The truth would emerge; there would be what you think of as a reparation, repentance, reconstitution.

And that would be a good thing because the vision of true governance – not government, governance – would be restored. What is happening is that many of the populace that is desirous of change, instead of truly working for the changes that would be so positive, are buying into one side or the other – into the drama of one is right, one is wrong, one will win, one will be defeated – rather than looking at what is the best solution, what would truly serve the people and the spirit of freedom that moves in Brazil more than many, many places. So that addiction to drama, which does not exist here.

So if they were to say, “Make it below as it is above,” the truth will reign. Call in Michael so that truth will emerge and peace will be re-anchored. That is a very practical use of Universal Law.

But there is a period of great upheaval right now in Brazil and, unless there is a shift away from the drama and into the truth, there will be a great deal of destruction and chaos. And that is very sad because it sets the planet and the collective back.

SB: I hear you on a great deal of chaos. But I think that listeners in Brazil, for instance, who hear that will want to know, for instance, will it slide into civil war?

SK: No. It is highly unlikely that it will slide into civil war. It will be civil unrest and turmoil for a period of months. And then it will settle down.

SB: Okay, that’s very good. Well, thank you for that word for the people of Brazil who are very anxious about what’s happening. And it sounds like they have an anxiety-producing period ahead of them, unfortunately.

SK: But do not fall into the fear. Fall into the trust. And call us; that’s what partners are for.

SB: Right. And it is a little uncomfortable to be sitting here in the trust when all about us are, you know, the flames are rising all about us, etc. It feels a little as if we’re off in a world of our own, so to speak. And maybe we are.

SK: Another way, when the flames are rising all around you, what else can you do?

SB: I suppose. Maybe we can discuss that in a future program, too, Raj.

SK: I would like that.

SB: Very good. Well, thank you ever so much for coming to us today and giving us another insight into this most important topic of the Universal Law.

SK: Oh, it is my pleasure, and I am not about to give up. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ “Sanat Kumara on AHWAA: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, April 28, 2016,

Sanat Kumara – An Hour With An Angel – Sanat Kumara on An Hour With an Angel: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key –

Sanat Kumara

Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara joins us today to discuss the importance in our lives of a sound knowledge of the universal laws. “Raj” said that so much of what he’s taught about universal laws is…



Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara joins us today to discuss the importance in our lives of a sound knowledge of the universal laws.

“Raj” said that so much of what he’s taught about universal laws is not being used, much to the surprise of the Company of Heaven. He said he would not be leaving his post as Planetary Logos to take up his duties as Solar Logos until humanity learned to use the universal laws.

So many of us routinely ignore such laws as the Law of Freewill every day of our lives. We strategize, cajole, manipulate and use every other means to have people do what we want, without knowing that we’re violating the other person’s freewill.

What is the cost? Raj tells us that the cost is that we won’t experience bliss.

When I asked him to comment on the fact that many people who yearn to be free on this so-called “prison planet” will look upon learning the universal laws as another drag on their newly-won freedom, he pointed out that the universal laws are not the jail cell but the key that opens the jail cell.

Raj equated the Law of One with love. Raj also turned to the subject of events in Brazil and said that no side had completely clean hands. While there would not be a period of civil war in that country, there would be a period of civil unrest that could last for months before things settle down again.  He said this was no different than what was happening in other countries around the world.

I personally feel the need to learn the universal laws so I welcome Raj taking us deeper and deeper into the subject.

An Hour With An Angel Airs no later than 7pm ET on alternate Thursdays. Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael and other guests from the Council of Love to provide spiritual teachings and guidance on co-creating the New Earth. Interviewed by Steve Beckow, chief editor of the Golden Age of Gaia. Produced by Paul Backes.

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SANAT KUMARA – What is Hindering your Ascension? – via Natalie Glasson – 3-18-16

Natalie Glasson


SANAT KUMARA   –   What is Hindering your Ascension?   –   via  Natalie Glasson   –   3-18-16

Watch Video Version


In a world of limitations your purpose is to move, see, sense, think and exists beyond the influence of limitations. Many people do not realise this when existing upon the Earth instead they accept and absorb all challenges or limitations as their own, a part of their reality which cannot be escaped. Limitations can also be described as illusions; both  are the same. Illusions which are false beliefs, understandings and awareness cause limitations within your being and reality. When you accept illusions whether created by you or programmed into your being by others, you are trapping yourself into what seems like an inescapable space. Everything that you wish to experience seems to exist outside of your inescapable space and yet every time you move towards your desires and dreams you injure and harm yourself by the barriers of the space. It is not until you become aware of the lim itations and illusions you accept which create the walls of your confinement that you can allow them to fall away.

The illusions that you consciously and unconsciously affirm as true in your daily reality create the scope and range of your ascension upon the Earth. If you allow yourself to be free from programming of illusions, limitations and lack, then you allow your ascension journey, process and experience to become expansive and beyond your imagination. In truth, you allow yourself to experience ascension almost instantaneously experiencing the vast enlightenment that is your truth within your being.

With this understanding, it can be realised that your ascension is not being hindered by your inabilities, lack of spiritual sensitivity or need to devour wisdom. All of this is simply a result of your belief in the limitations and illusions of your own reality which ensnare you daily to experience an unfulfilling life where your ascension moves slowly. You may believe that there are many things, people and experiences which are holding you back in your reality however there is only one belief system which has evolved to consume your being and exist within your conscious and unconscious mind. This belief is of limitations and illusions, however at its core is your lack of belief in the expansive and fulfilling nature of the Creator.

Limitations and illusion do support you in existing upon the Earth; they  aid you in being grounded in your reality, believing in the seriousness of your life and encouraging you to feel, experience and become involved. However, the Earth and her humanity are reaching higher vibrations of light within their structures and so there is no longer need to use limitations and illusions as an anchor. Many people are recognising the value of living upon the Earth and how it can create powerful accelerated ascension. Imagine if you were no longer grounded into your Earthly reality, you had the choice in every moment to exist on the Earth or the inner planes. It is most probable that you would wish to return to the inner planes due to the hardship and entrapment you have been experiencing upon the Earth. Illusion and limitations have grounded souls into the Earthly reality for many civili sations however humanity is now able to take responsibility for their own spiritual evolution upon the Earth. If limitations and illusions were removed, you would be able to see the splendour of the Earth with the presence of the expansive and fulfilling Creator in everything. This in itself would encourage you to remain on the Earth to continue to evolve in unison with the Creator. I wish to share with you the message that no longer do limitations and illusions have to be your anchor into the Earth, your pure intentions and love will instead.

Many Masters and Angels have been encouraging you to love yourself and love beautiful Mother Earth; this is because your love will become your new anchor into the Earthly reality; your pure love for Mother Earth. Thus allowing you the freedom to create a reality from truth. When you and humanity love Mother Earth, then illusions and limitations born from yourself and others will no longer effect and influence your being or be relevant. It is truly your compassionate and unconditional love for yourself, others and the Earth which will dissolve the walls of illusions and limitations which seem inescapable.

Our purpose in creating an Era of Love upon the Earth is to allow yourself to be set free to exist as your truth.

There are numerous ideas and forms of conditioning, programming and brainwashing which you and others actively partake in daily. Imagine if many people developed an ability to recognise only the truth, seeing through deceit, truth would become the natural part of the Earthly reality. You do have this ability now; you  always have and you always will, however, it is the limitations and illusions which you accept and absorb which tell and demonstrate otherwise. There are many levels of conditioning personal and from other people, however, there is certain conditioning which I wish to address for souls focusing upon spiritual awakening.

Belief systems I wish to erase and transform are:

False: The only way to grow spiritually is through challenges or your soul likes challenges as this create more growth. Truth: You can grow spiritual through love embodiment, love expression and loving experiences, this fulfils and nurtures your soul.

False: Spiritual souls must deny fulfilment, wealth and abundance as their purpose is to be of service, therefore denying or disregarding their own needs is preferable. Truth: Fulfilment, wealth and abundance are your divine right to receive. Being of service is valuable if it fulfils and nurtures your soul, however, being of service doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself. Fulfilment is eternally available to you.

False: There is a need to be of service or to do something in order to experience the support and love of the Creator. Truth: All you have to do is Be Present with yourself and the Creator to receive the love and support of the Creator. To Be Present means to recognise that the Creator’s support and love are eternally available to you and all you need to do is accept and receive in abundance.

It is time to realise the limitations and illusions which create your entrapment and restrictions of experiencing fulfilment and expansion upon the Earth. What do you believe in which is not true? What have others told you that does not apply to you and yet you have accepted it? What negative situations do you believe consciously or unconsciously will happen to you in this lifetime? (Ageing, illness, poverty, loneliness) What fears do you engage with daily which stop you from experiencing happiness and fulfilment?  In truth, what illusions do you believe in and what limitations do you accept as real and your truth?

It is time to contemplate, discover and explore within your being and mind realising the belief systems born from your conscious and unconscious belief in your lack of connection to the expansion and fulfilment of the Creator. This belief exists within all beings and is being released with the power of love at this time. To quicken the process, you can consciously let go of your habits concerning yourself and your perspective while imagining within your being a vast source of light and consciousness which is born from the Creator. This inner source emanates the fulfilment and expansion of the Creator affirming it in every part of your being. Achieving this daily recognising your inner glow will not only allow you to feel tremendously happy and uplifted it will allow a deep-seated healing to take place within your being which will transform your perspective of yourself to a Creator ent hused loving perspective. You will set yourself free realising that anything and everything is possible in your reality at a physical and spiritual level.

It is only your lack of belief in the fulfilment and expansion of the Creator which is hindering your spiritual evolution, ascension and fulfilment as well as your earthly reality. When you are loving to yourself, others and the Earth you activate and allow the expansion and fulfilment of the Creator to rush through your being and reality creating miraculous transformations aligning you with your truth.

I am known as a Lord of Expansion, please call upon me to support your own expansion: ‘Sanat Kumara, I call upon your energy, love and presence to energise, enhance and awaken my own vibration, consciousness and frequency of expansion. Let me be surrounded by your energies of expansion, guiding me into the core of Creator expansion within my being. Here I can recognise my own healing and awakening vibrations of expansion synthesising them with my entire being and reality. I am and experience expansion. Thank you.’

I Am Sanat Kumara


SANAT KUMARA – Get Ready for the Next Wave of Consciousness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia – 1-5-16

sanat-kumaraHollow Earth Network featured Sanat Kumara, channeled by “James,” Jan. 4, 2015.

Sanat, or “Raj” as he likes to be called, is Planetary Logos and is known to all the world’s religions as Skandha, Subramanya, the Ancient of Days, Dipamkara Buddha, Quetzlcoatl, etc.

Sanat predicted a second powerful wave of energy coming our way in the next short while. He could not predict the exact time. It will apparently hit different people at different times and in different ways.

Like Archangel Michael, he said that “the Event” was really a collection of events and this, like the Blood Moon Equinox wave, is one of these events.

His words agree with what Jesus said recently in Linda Dillon’s Saturday Conference call. (1)

This is an excerpt only from a longer talk. The full program can be listened to here. Ann de Hart had trouble with Blogtalk Radio and so the show starts around the 10:00-minute mark.–live-with-sanat-kumara-and-lady-nada

There is a momentous [event] coming, a moment of light, a moment of energy. You heard of this before as a wave of energy back in September of the past year. But in this new year of 2016, you’re about to have another wave of energy, a wave of light, a wave of consciousness come over you.

And it will appear to you and feel to you in many different ways. Some will experience it as a heightened awareness, a change in frequency within themselves, and will find themselves in a  higher space of understanding and consciousness.

This is what happened with this one we speak through – James – when he was given this experience so that he would know of that which I speak of now as coming.

For it is an experience of heightened awareness that many of you will be experiencing in these days and weeks to come. We cannot say exactly what day and what hour but I can tell you that it is nearly here and you are all going to experience this in many individual, different ways.

This is a mass initiation that is occurring, which is why I am here presiding over this. And when you have this experience I will be there. You will have a visualization of me or an understanding, a feeling, sense of presence that I am there with you.

If I were suddenly to see Sanat Kumara, I’d consider that an instance of sixth-chakra enlightenment – the vision of a form of God or of God-with-form.  But I can’t verify that right now, lacking access to Sanat at this time.

Yes, I will be with all of you even if it is within the same moment.

This is a very momentous occasion that is coming and is fast upon you now. As Sananda has said many times, this cannot be stopped.

The various forces that are at work here trying to hold this off know that they cannot hold it off any longer. They continue to attempt to try it in their many, in some ways, rather inefficient ways they have come up with. That may have worked in the past but no longer.

For you are all in a higher vibration now, higher frequency. And the old ways of manipulation, of programming can no longer affect you directly.

It still is affecting many across the planet. Many are still under this programming. But this consciousness wave that I speak of, this movement of consciousness, this initiation is going to change all across the planet.

This is not “the Event” that has been spoken of, but it is a precursor to the Event. And the Event itself is many smaller events within the larger one. So you all have this now to look forward to. But as you are looking forward do not forget to be in the present, in the now, because it is in the present moment that you will create the future.


(1) See “Agents of Extarordinary Change” at In that interview Jesus said: ““Nothing can stop you now. It is not a matter of more activations, … more tsunami. Is the collective still being penetrated? Yes? But you, beloved ones, are the agents of extraordinary change.” I don’t think Jesus meant that the process and results of rising energy would somehow cease, but that we don’t need more tsunamis to begin our lightworker jobs (i.e., take action) in the building of Nova Earth.

SANAT KUMARA via Jenny Schilz – Perspective – Very Important at this time – Higher Self Eager to Merge with your Evolving Body – 10-27-15


SANAT KUMARA  via Jenny Schilz   –   Perspective   –   Very Important at this time   –   10-27-15


I come to you today with a brief message about the progress all of you are making. We realize that many of you are feeling the immense pressures from the light codes and the changes in frequency. Each of you is being pushed to your limits as the standards for your normal existence are changing in each moment. Once your form becomes accustomed to the current frequency, you then begin acclimating to the next level. From our perspective we are seeing tremendous growth and are encouraged by the effects each of you in this transition is having upon others. Each of you in the flow with your highest aspect, to whatever degree you are able to hold, is acting as a light switch in the dark for those just now ready to begin.

Many of you were accustomed to a lull in between the upgrades, but that is no longer the case. As soon as you have fully adjusted to the next level within your body, physically, mentally, and esoterically, you then begin the next stage. This was agreed upon collectively as each of your soul sources are anxious for these changes to take place so that they may merge completely with you. Each phase includes a restructuring of beliefs, the clearing of density, and then the upgrade to your physical form, your chakra system and accompanying blue prints. Some of you move through these changes very quickly with little resistance, while others may become stuck in a particular part of an upgrade. All parts musts must reach a certain frequency in order for the whole to move forward. When you are not in sync you may experience a sense of disconnection, a void, even confusion. Allow yourself the time needed to complete the current transition without going into fear that you have done something wrong. Look instead, to see proactively where you may be resisting. For some of you, it is your thoughts and behaviors. What patterns are you observing that no longer serve you. For others it is the inability to allow the body the time to process the upgrades easily through sleep and contemplation.  Not honoring the body’s needs will slow the process considerably. For others it is a resistance of the will, the inability to accept the soul source’s path.

You are being asked in each moment to examine what your thoughts are regarding each phase. It is indeed your thoughts that are the biggest contributing factor to how quickly you move through this process.  For it is even your thoughts regarding your physical needs that can cause resistance. What do you tell yourself when your body requires more rest than normal? Part of your mission on earth is to master your thoughts, your vibration; your frequency so that you can move through all of life with ease. Once you are aware of the impacts of your internal dialog and the programming that is responsible for those beliefs and thoughts, you will be able to rewrite the program and stop the dialog. The first step is awareness into how you have limited yourself and how this limitation is exhibited in your creation, your hologram.

What are your beliefs regarding this process? Do you broach each moment, each change with joy as you know the desired outcome or do you look upon each change with trepidation and fear? Has this fear, this suffering become part of your new identity as you work to rid yourself of other identities you have created in your lifetime? You must understand that you have agreed and have in fact earned the right to go through this incredible time but how you go through it is completely up to you. The outcome will be the same if you spend your days in joy or if you spend your days overcome by misery. Your thoughts and beliefs are clues to show you what you are holding on to, what you are resisting, and what is not in alignment with your soul. When you are not in sync this will be exhibited in your outer world. When you are moving in the flow with your highest aspect you will see this reflected in the world around you as well. You will be able to see the changes taking place in others, the growth, and you will feel a hope for the future. When you are not in this flow, you will see an outer world that is resistant to change, resistant to seeing the incredible possibilities that your world offers. When you see this, are you able to see this as a reflection of a similar belief in you?

Write down your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences. These serve as a way to categorize your experience so that you may see predominating themes that are permeating your world. From this position you will be able to examine where the programming, beliefs began and rewrite them.  It also gives you the opportunity for guidance to work through you and give you support. When you look back upon your musings you will also be able to see your growth. We assure you that you will be amazed at how your perceptions have changed as you learn to live from your heart center more and more.

With our deepest admiration for your forward progress,


Personal conversation with Sanat:

Me: I was at the store the other day with my husband and this intense pain nailed me behind my left eye. My husband looked at me and says “What’s wrong?” Normally I would say that I had a headache, but for some reason I said “nothing” and then told myself that it was just an upgrade and that it would pass. AND IT DID! Really fast, within 5 minutes it passed. I told a friend who tried it when a pain hit her hip and it worked for her. So if I had said “I have a headache, would it have lasted?”

Sanat: Yes, it would have stayed as you would have claimed it and moved it into the category of programming that speaks of long lasting pain. Speaking the words that it is an upgrade and that it will pass, makes it so. You are also able to then see the benefit of the pain, that it was not present to cause you harm, but to help you to achieve your goal.

Me: There was an intense energy day and I was told that a galactic wave had come in that was designed to break up and end timelines that no longer serve us. This contributed to people feeling that they had “fallen” into the 3rd dimension again and done something wrong.

I then had a reading with someone who was experiencing this and she was told to look at moments like this as not “falling” or going backwards but as a rescue mission. That she was rescuing aspects of her that were still resonating with 3rd dimensional concepts and beliefs.

Sanat: This is a wonderful way to look at this part of the ascension process. It frames it in a positive light in a proactive way that allows one to see the intense work that is taking place in every moment. It is how you look at things that will denote how quickly you move through them. It is important to understand that all that you are experiencing is in your highest good even if you are not able to understand what or why things are happening.

Me: Others have experienced interesting dreams in lucid moments and in sleep of themselves but with vastly different lives and experiences. Are these also the collapsing of timelines that no longer serve?

Sanat: Yes, as you become aware of timelines and dissolve then you are also absorbing the lessons learned from those experiences.

Me: Many feel as if they are cocooning again, going within, not wanting to be near people or noise. Some have expressed that as they experienced this before, to experience it again makes them feel as if they are slipped backwards. 

Sanat: This is what I refer to as the beliefs associated with this progress. Instead of simply honoring the body during this intense change, definitions and beliefs are made that reinforce that this progress is negative and that one is doing something wrong. This very belief creates resistance in the body that slows the speed of your integration. Allow your body to do what it needs to do, without assigning beliefs to it.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.

Jenny Schilz

IMMORTALITY – by Sanat Kumara – 10-18-15



“IMMORTALITY” by Sanat Kumara – 1974 – 65 Mins

Once you have heard this Audio no less than six times you will begin to get the Message.

Welcome to the Global Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters.


Sanat Kumara – Sunat Kumara we are told is the oldest known living individual Ascended Being in our Universe who can not pass ”The Ring which Passeth Not” – one day as he sat in Meditation at the edge of the Ring he felt the presence of a Great Being from beyond.


Proving no matter the Facts we still have Faith in the unknowable.


The Fact we do know is there are consequences to each thought – Every Act has a Reaction – every Deed a Consequence!


On transition from the world of Form to the world of Spirit or the Formless upon Death of the Body we survive individually in Personality and Character.  After time personality fades is forgotten and we reincarnate for another Lesson.


The Monad or Soul retains the consequences and personality of each.


When a human Dies it will live, survive and return again.


Reincarnation a proven FACT.


THE Mission of the Real Ascended Masters is to introduce what will become the “World Religion” now known as “Higher Spiritualism”.


Anthropomorphic Gods (Man Made) and the ‘Great Mother Witch of Superstition” will eventually be lost to Antiquity.


This Lesson was given through the one known as Master Kumara or Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart who remains the Aquarian Ages’ most scientifically proven Trance physical phenomena Adept, on March 24th 1974.


In October of 1980, KMR on behalf of the Real Ascended Masters gave Sri Sunkara written permission to introduce the Teachings to the world at large via the coming Internet – various entities such as ‘Aquarian Foundation of Seattle’ and others have claimed Copyright Ownership of the Master’s consciousness.


“Higher Spiritualism” simply retains the RIGHT to release the Lessons unto the world as is the desire of the Masters to do so.


Enjoy and Absorb the Truth – enter into the Sacred Vibration of the Séance.


Sri Sunkara




Transcript: Sanat Kumara – Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now – Steve Beckow, Interviewer – Linda Dillon, Channeler – 9-20-15

Sanat Kumara*
Transcript: Sanat Kumara  –   Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now   –   Steve Beckow, Interviewer   –   Linda Dillon, Channeler   –   9-20-15
Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow – Host, InLight Radio


Steve: Linda, we were talking about the old third and you presented the notion that our means of evolving past this point is not going to be the same as our means of evolving until this time and in the afterlife where we let go of one body after another.  I wonder if you could continue that discussion.

Linda:  Several years ago, probably more years than I want to admit, Albert Einstein came forth and said that his work on earth had been incomplete and that one of the things that he wanted to do was to help us as human beings in preparation for ascension really understand the various dimensions.  So, one of the things that I was thinking where we could start today is for me to read a very brief discussion from good old Albert about describing what the third-dimension means.

“The third dimension is defined by the quality of the perception or experience of physicality meaning the universe is perceived through the experience of length, width, depth.  But the growth quality is the ability to embrace all dimensions, realities, emotion and spirit.  It also has the unique quality of freedom of choice.

“All of the numerically higher dimensions have the opportunity to exhibit in the third –  which means we carry our body to the higher dimensions and can live in the realm of physicality.”  And he continues,  “The growth opportunity and quality of the third is the ability to choose to expand beyond the mere perception of physicality and incorporate all aspects of self.

“This is what the Universal Mother talks about when she is discussing incorporating all aspects of the self.  The third dimension is not limited by the time-space continuum.  It merely appears to be.  That is the challenge and the opportunity in the third, to reach beyond physical appearances.”

Linda: I think that so often as light workers and love holders we’re somehow thinking that our existence within the physical realm is going to alter and I think that part of that is because we are referencing back to the old third dimension where the cleaned up third dimension is simply this experience – the joy of having a physical body.  And of course that’s what has made this ascension process so different than other planetary systems or even galaxies that have ascended, because it always meant releasing the body – even releasing the planetary form.

But, in our new realm, because all the rules have changed, we’re adding on, we’re adding on so that when we go to the fourth into our physical body we’re adding on the ability to work with alchemy or magic to have relationships with what we have previously thought of as the unseen realms like the elementals or the fairies, et cetera.

And, it grows and it grows but it doesn’t mean that we’re not flowing like that infinity sign that we keep talking about: that we flow in between the dimensions and we bring it back to the third and we flow out and we bring it back because we’re carrying all of the twelve dimensions and having experiences with all twelve dimensions.

So what we’re talking about in terms of this ascension process is an anchoring in the higher realms whether it’s the fifth of change, the sixth of creative chaos, the seventh of Christ Consciousness and Love.  We’re changing who we are.  We’re expanding who we are, but we’re still having the experience of being in physical form.  Does that make sense to you Steve?

SB: Well, it does but just for the listeners to really appreciate what you’re saying here, let me repeat what I said earlier at this point – that the old paradigm – well it’s not an old paradigm, it’s a way of being, a way of living – was that we would die and leave the third-dimensional body behind and we’d then be in the astral body.  We would in a sense die within the astral body and go into the mental plane and so on.  We would divest ourselves of bodies as we evolved on that side of life.  So now it is all different.

LD: It’s completely different.

SB: It’s completely different and that’s just one illustration in our conversation earlier, Linda, of how our very ways of seeing things are going to be challenged.  We are going to have to let go and not hold on to things.

LD: And it’s funny because all of us, as you and Suzi and I were talking about before the show, have these expectations and excitement about what ascension looks like but we also know at the same time that as we progress around the circle – rather than the ladder – it’s going to be so much more than what we can possibility imagine.

But the rules have changed. Rather than losing your body, it’s expanding, expanding, expanding, expanding – because the Mother has given us this incredible gift as modeled by Gaia, who is an Archangel taking on a physical form as a planet and she’s saying:  “I’m giving you this gift of physicality to know what joy and love and beauty look and feel like in the physical reality.”  So it wouldn’t make sense within her expanded plan for us to lose that joy of being in form.  So, it’s not about escaping. It’s about expanding.

SB: Right and I’m tempted to ask you questions but they would be questions that I am asking Sanat.  Too bad, we should continue this discussion at some point.  It’s very valuable.

LD: I’d be thrilled to Steve but right now (laughter) I’ll just go away – very happily.

SB:      Thank you Linda.

SK: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SB: Greetings, Raj.

SK: And welcome.  Welcome to all of you, you beautiful physical beings, you angels and star beings in form, you Pleiaidans, Venusians, Andromedans, Earth keepers – hybrids all.  Welcome, welcome, my beloved friends, for I am with you not only as keeper of the Universal Laws, as Planetary Logos – I am with you as brother, as sister, as friend, as ally, as father.  You are advancing.  As Michael has suggested to you, you have moved into pre-construction and I would suggest even further along than that.

Let us begin this conversation in a very controversial manner…something that puzzles us upon this side.  The portal to ascension has been open for some time and we have said – whether it is the Divine Mother herself, Michael or Metatron, Gabrielle or Yeshua – we have been saying to you, you are flying in and out and through the ascension portal.

And yet so many of you resist the acceptance or the admission that in fact you have shifted, that you have flown, crawled, walked through and that you have begun to implement, to integrate, to anchor the qualities of these numerically higher dimensions into your very being, into your life, into your personality as you think of it, which is different than ego.  So stop denying the progress that you are making for it is to be celebrated collectively.

Years ago now you have made the collective decision to ascend as one.  That does not mean, my beloved friends, that when you have scurried forth, flown through the portal, anchored the energy and brought it back to share with the collective, that there is any need to be timid or even in denial about this.  It is a quality of joy that you are bringing back to the collective to help them, to assist them, to share with them what lies ahead, that in the true meaning of the word is leadership.

Because it is leadership,. It is being wayshowers from a place of unitive consciousness.  It is not you leaving.  It is as if you have gone on the exploratory expedition and you are reporting back to your circle, to your crew, to the people, what you have found…and sharing the bounty of what you have been blessed with.

So do not hesitate, my sweet friends, to say:  “I have moved forward. I have tasted the difference. I have experienced the difference. I feel expanded.”

There is great discussion continually about the quotient of humanity that is through the portal – the quotient of your light body, the quotient of your frequency, how the vibratory rate has changed.

You are the physical embodiment of this project – the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream that we are all diligently, overtime, full alert, working on.  You are the litmus. You are the measurement of how this is going.  So please, my friends, share the shift.  You are very clear about sharing the yearnings of your hearts and it is beautiful.  The yearning to share abundance, to fully participate in community, to anchor on an  Earth that is beautiful and new, to anchor the Cities of Light and new forms of friendship and collegiality, of family, of sacred partnerships and union.

But many of you are already doing this.  In fact this is what this platform – and I mean all of the platforms – are about.  So do not naysay or underestimate, undertalk, undervalue what has already been accomplished, not merely by our side for that is insignificant.  What counts in the true measurement of this ascension process, my beloveds – is you.  So step forth in celebration and share.

Now, I know you have many questions for me this day.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Thank you Raj.  You saw me acting like the conductor back here I’ll bet, right?

SK: Yes, I did.

SB: Okay, good. I’m glad to know that worked.  Yes, I do have many questions and many listeners are probably hoping for a very clear answer to them.  The first thing is, we do not like dealing in dates.  But, other channels and other sources have talked about a date so we have acknowledged that that conversation is going on and said that ok, we’ll be happy to join in, but we won’t complain if nothing happens on that date.

September 28th is being said to be the date of the first wave of ascension even though that probably happened a long time ago.  Is there going to be something like a discrete snap or ignition on September 28th, Raj?

SK: Now are you attempting, dear friend, to get me in trouble with this channel?

SB: No, no, no.

SK: I am teasing you. I am teasing you.

SB: I’m trying to avoid the massive disappointment that happened last time, as you know.  I’m trying not to have to go through that experience again collectively if we can avoid it.  That’s what’s happening.

SK: And it is an excellent question.  So let us begin by suggesting to you that, no, this is not the first wave of ascension.  Many of you have been flying in and out of this portal.  And even if it were the first wave of ascension, those who go through that portal do not disappear.

The ascension process is the ability to access in joy, manifest, and experience the numerically higher-dimensional realities beyond what you have thought of as linear existence.  The energies that have been penetrating your planet , sweet Gaia, particularly in September but with a very big build-up in August, and many of you will point to events, astrological events, the Tsunami of Love – it matters not.

As we have said, the Masters, your star family, the Mother herself conjoined with the Father, the Archangelics, the Seraphim, and the Elohim – all of us have been sending a level of energy to each and every one of you that has been unsurpassed.  And this has been growing.

Now you as human beings love dates.  You do not love disappointment when dates come and go.  So from our perspective there are times when dates are given.  The most recent in fact had been Michael’s Peace Initiative.

It is a message to humanity that on or around that time that your frequencies are of an elevated nature that you may fully engage in the fifth, sixth, seventh dimension.  So you may think of it because people love to mark occasion.  September 28th is as good a date as any.  But let us also say September 17th is as good a date as ever.  November 8th is as good a day as ever.  It is a time frame, which you are moving within and the energies are there.  They have been given to all of you.

Now this reference to  “a third will ascend,  well, might I even suggest that a third of you, at least a third of you have already been flowing in and out of the ascension portal.  So it is to those that are awake, aware and ready, they can say,  “alright, I have my party dress on or my dress slacks on and I’m prepared to go forward.  My bag is packed.”  But let me be clear.  You aren’t going anywhere.  You are upon Gaia for the ascension process.  You are ascending within your form.

Now, what we guide to pay attention to, my sweet ascenders, is the expansion of your awareness, of your heart, of the knowing of love – the knowing and understanding, the growth of wisdom, of how things truly work and proceed.  So it is an opening within that also expresses in the without, in the collective and in your very life.

So is it a moment in time when there is a snap?  We would suggest not.  The ignition has already been turned, but the value – because we do not wish to naysay in any way shape or form these wonderful channels that have brought this information forward in their guidance – is to give human beings that indicator that they so long for.  Is this clear to you because I wish to be extraordinarily clear on this matter?

SB: It is extraordinarily clear Raj.  We’re going to have to come up with new words on how clear we are being because there is so much about this that is new.  A little later in the program I’m going to be asking you to talk about this totally new domain that we are going to be entering into.  But, for now there are some listeners who think that they won’t be able to come back to the third after they ascend.  They won’t be able to complete their missions.  Is that correct?  Is that true or not?

SK: It is incorrect.  Now I would pose a question to you, those of you who have been thinking, and I am emphasizing the mental body in this question.  Where do you think you are going?

The experience of this beloved planet and the original plan of this realm is to explore twelve dimensions – twelve. Think of it as different realities.  But within this, the plan of the Mother is for you to be in physicality.  If you exit the third-dimension, which is the place where you anchor your physicality, the physicality of Gaia, the physicality of the mineral kingdom, of the animal kingdom, of all kingdoms is all anchored in the third. You see how you were thinking of it – and I am pleased to talk about this and interrupt me if you feel the necessity.  You are thinking of it as either/or.  And what we are telling you, what we are sharing is the magnificence of the plan.  It is not either/or – it is everything.

You are entitled, it is your birthright, it is your plan within the Mother’s plan to be able to experience it all.

Now is it a continual expansion, what the channel and I and many on this side have said in terms of creation – add on, add on, add on, add on?  Yes.  But you do not leave. It was the free choice decision of your collective, which I am in admiration of, that you would do this together.  So if a third of your population leaves and is not available in form to assist with the remaining two-thirds, then that promise that the collective has made is broken.  I do not see that occurring.

SB: Let me tell you the difficulty that I’m having with the notion of add on, add on, add on.  We have to choose metaphors to talk about these processes.  It wouldn’t be possible otherwise.  And this by the way illustrates that we are going to have to drop our old ideas.  I know that’s the case but I’m having trouble here.  The Self, there is nothing that can be added on to the Self.  It’s always been about revealing the Self or the Self emerging.  When you say add on, add on I have great difficulty.  What’s being added on?

SK: There is nothing that is added on.  What you are doing is emergence but it is the concept that people have.  Not that they are leaving something behind but that they are expanding to incorporate.  What it truly is, is a return to the truth of how you were created in the first place.

SB: Now if we could go to this expansion idea, it’s going to be necessary in regards to domains and dimensions.  When ascension comes we will be entering into a totally new domain.  It has not been in existence before.  I guess it is being created as we speak.  We’ll be multi-dimensional.  We will be able to visit other dimensions.  I don’t know for a short time or a long time.  Can you talk to us about how one goes about creating a new domain?  It’s too marvellous for me to grasp, so to speak.  What’s involved in it, where are we going?  Tell us about what lies ahead please.

SK: Now we have just suggested to you that in fact we are using the analogy of “add on” to overcome this concept that you are losing something and that your true self is emerging or being revealed or expanding.  Think of it that you have only been using a portion of yourself.  The new domain, as you are thinking of it, is in process.  But it is also to a great extent already in existence.  You haven’t seen it.  You haven’t necessarily had full experience of it.

So let us suggest there are those amongst you who on a regular basis have conversations with animals or stones or minerals or trees or rivers or oceans or mountains.  There are those of you that have the ability to use what we would call healing alchemy where with energy you transmute or transubstantiate disease or imbalance into health and wellness.  There are those of you who create or understand and connect deeply with the beauty and the wonder of the human form, of nature, of Gaia.

And you often think when you look, for example, at an artist’s work – how did they capture that?  They see things differently.  So the glimpses of what you are calling a new domain have been there forever.

Now what happened in the downfall of humanity into the illusions of the old third was that much of this capacity to experience, to observe, to be aware of other realities, dimensions  disappeared, because you were under a realm of control.  So you were convinced over thousands and thousands and thousands of years that this did not exist.  But in your wisdom and in the expansion within thee that has already taken place you are co-creating with us the new domain and bringing back, can we say rehabbing, what has already been in existence.

So you have entered into, already, into a sacred partnership with the Mother, with us, to reveal and to allow much of what is already present to be seen, experienced and re-emerged.

Now what has happened in this, and we have begun by saying this today – much of your yearning for freedom, for peace, for clarity, for love, for sacred partnership – to use your words beloved friend: ‘for a world that works for everyone.’  It is not just the yearning and desire.  You are already co-constructing with us what you are calling the new domain.  So it is not as arduous a task…in fact it is a joyful task.  And it is already underway.

SB: Can you just expand Raj on what you mean that we’re both creating or co-creating this new domain?  Is it happening in our sleep?  Is it happening because another part of us that is above or below the ordinary consciousness has worked on this?  How am I helping you construct a new domain apart from writing a blog and doing these shows?

SK: Do not discount this – please.  And this is back to where we have begun with the denial and the downplaying of what you have done and what you are doing.  It is happening on the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious, the astral, the angelic realms both in and out of your body.  Yes, much of it is night work but much of it is conscious work as well.

When you talk, and I’m not simply speaking of you but I’m talking about the willingness to bring what has been thought of previously as exceptionally esoteric material to common every day discussion, to talk about the need for peace, for the elimination of abuse which is simply peace, for the creation of equality, for the creation of sacred partnerships which are anchored in freedom and love – not control or finances.  So you are doing a great deal of the work.  You have been laying that foundation not only pre-construction but you have been doing the work and I’m talking to all of you now.  The limitation of core issues, the expansion into love – all of this is changing the world that you live in.

When you travel at night with Michael and you go to the places of violence whether it is in Syria or Los Angeles – it matters not.  And you are diligently anchoring within the hearts of those who create violence – the desire to peace.  When you comfort those who are the victims of violence and you reassure them of their worth and that they are loved and seen and known.  What you think of as night work – when those people wake up the next day they are changed.

They are anchored in a different vibratory rate.  Not simply because Michael has been in attendance but because many of you have been in attendance as your higher, universal, angelic, star seed self.  And you have spared nothing in bringing these people along.  And by sitting at home and sending love and hope and peace all over the planet you are creating the new domain.

You say:  “Yes, but Lord – look this is still war, there is still mayhem.”  You are in and you are visiting and you are participating in the creative chaos and that is another reality.  So you are shifting but because you are in your body consciously you are thinking:  “Oh no I am not travelling inter-dimensionally.”  When you have a vision, a day, an experience, a moment of such exceptional grace -when you have a moment or a day when you know you are in your mastery – when you fully behold the beauty of a sunset and you are the sunset – you are participating in the creation of that new domain where that becomes what you think of as everyday reality.

SB: Do you have the ability to know how I am feeling right now?

SK: Yes.

SB: So, how would you describe this rather than me giving it in words?  How would you describe how I’m feeling right now?

SK: You are feeling excited, hopeful, confused, dismayed all together at once.

SB: Well that is true, yes.  But I’m also feeling ecstatic.

SK: You are feeling blissful.

SB: Blissful, ok.

SK: Because what I am also doing and I hope demonstrating into your heart and into the heart of everyone who is listening and far beyond, because you know that we use these opportunities to speak to everyone on the planet.

We are saying to you this is your new tomorrow,  right now!  And you can feel this sense of bliss, of excitement, of love, of extreme potential even when you might be a little confused and frustrated about the how.

SB: Right.  Is this, the way I’m feeling right now – is this just a gift that comes with this program?  My emotional floor is definitely raised.  I definitely don’t go down into any states that I could consider at all unpleasant any more.  Well, dismayed, yes.  Where does this fit with the ascension process – the way I’m feeling right now?

SK: What I have just done is lifted you up to the dimension of the seventh reality.

SB: So, I’m experiencing this seventh dimension at this moment you’re saying?

SK: That is correct. It is the Christ Consciousness and ….

SB: The domain of Love, yes.

SK: How does it feel my friend?

SB: Oh God, where’s my cape?  I think I need to fly.  It feels absolutely wonderful.  We’re trying to get a road map here.  We’re trying to get some kind of bearings and markers because obviously we don’t understand what’s going on and it’s beyond our ability to understand.  We just have to go through it.

SK: No, it is not beyond your ability.  Let me intervene if I might.

It is not beyond your ability to understand.  Now what you were thinking – again mental body – is that you do not have all the t’s crossed, the I’s dotted, the why’s and wherefores, but your heart, your feeling – not in a simply emotional reaction, but your knowing of your heart – is your road map.  How you know you are claiming your inter-dimensional self is by this feeling of excitement and bliss, of unlimited potential that you can fly, that you can change, that it is all open to you.  And you can’t wait because this is one of the reasons you love dates.  You can’t wait.

SB: That’s right.

SK: So take a date.  Take today.  Take tomorrow and allow the love to simply lift you up and you never look back.

SB: Okay right now, this experience that I’m feeling bliss and excitement and, yes, I was feeling excited … is going to fade, correct?  And then it will build again at some other point and then it is going to change.  We are not at the place where it will be ours permanently yet, are we?

SK: Yes, you are.  What happens is the mental construct.  It is habit forming. Let us start there.  Because you have lived in a domain – your term – that has been governed by the mental/emotional experience/constructs and then you tend to think:  “this is so big, this is so wonderful.”  And, you immediately go to:  “I wish I could hold on to it.”  Instead of: “I’m holding on to it.  I’m not going to revert back.”  And this is what those who are thinking that they can never return are really thinking about.  They want to be in the bliss and they don’t know how they can maintain this sense of upliftment and come back and assist with the collective that is still in the quagmire of chaos and mayhem.  But you can.  It is a heart and soul decision.

And every time, if you feel the fade effect coming in, come back to me.  I would joyously – as Planetary Logos, this is my job, this is my joy, this is my mission – for all of you to be in this state.  And then I can move on.  Although I will want to stay for a while and enjoy it.  So keep claiming it.  Don’t think:  “Oh my gosh, it was so nice. I wish it could come back.”  Keep claiming it and call on me if you feel the fade, if you feel that the mayhem is dragging you down, then call and come back to this very place.  I am anchoring this knowing in your heart, in your cells, in your DNA.  It is activated right now.

SB: Well, it certainly is a wonderful experience.

Two matters – one is when you say:  “don’t give it up. Call it back,” are you talking about an exertion of will?  That’s my first question.  My second question is, I wonder if you can say a little bit more about the heart.  Because I think that most people, when you say the heart, all they do is consult – as you said – consult their feelings.  And, having experienced an open heart, the heart is much more than just one’s feelings.  So could you talk about the will and the heart please?

SK: I would be delighted and think of it in this way.  What you are doing is the alignment, your true alignment, your true self, your divine self in form – aligned with divine heart, mind, will.  It is not that we wish to eliminate anything and that is the nature of this discussion, but when you think about feelings, too often, my beloveds, you are referring to your emotional field which tends to be chemical, biological, environmental and reactive.

When I talk to you and refer – and I speak of all of us now – when I refer to your heart, I am referring to the seat of your soul.  I am referring to your capacity for full consciousness, for what we have termed love, which has many, many faces, which is the anchoring and the living acceptance and surrender of your divinity and your will which is your ability to co-create.  So your will brings into form this Nova Earth that we are bringing forth, restoring, rehabbing and creating together.

You cannot simply remain in your heart, which is your powerful tool to heal, to expand, to create. But when you step out – think of it in this way – you step out holding the bliss and then you say: “Well, what does bliss look like in form?”  And, by an act of will you bring into form that which you desire that is harmonious because it comes from divinity and love.  It does not come from the false grids and illusions of the old.  It comes from the purity and the clarity of the Mother/Father One that you carry within you.  For you are divine!

The biggest piece of this ascension is not just the momentary glimpse of your divinity, but the complete acceptance of your divinity and the celebration of that divinity by being able to manifest and create in a whole array of ways what is truly sublime.

So if it is not of love, if it is not of joy, if it is not of peace, then you would not choose to have it present upon your beloved planet.  It is simply that there is no room for it because it is not in alignment with who you are and who the other seven billion are.

So it is the harmony.  It is the harmony of your brilliant mind, your brilliant heart and your brilliant will.  We do not want to negate any part of you, including your form.  Now is your form being tweaked, reconstructed, regridded?  Are you choosing to re-emerge into your perfected idea of your form?  Yes.  It is a co-creation and that is one of the signals to you that you are truly in ascension. It is that your body becomes glorious.  It does not mean that there will not be blips along the way…that you are healing those for the collective.  That is how you are co-creating with us this new domain where pain and disease and imbalance cease to exist.

SB: Well I’m certainly waiting with bated breadth for a glorious body, Lord, I’ll tell you that. Is it correct to say that the more we work with the heart, the more we consult the heart, the more we listen to the heart, the stronger the contact with the heart grows?

SK: Yes.  How you would think of this – see I have said it.  You live in your heart. You consult the other realms,. You consult your brain. You consult your feelings, your emotions. You consult your will but you anchor and live in the expanded consciousness of your heart, of your soul, of the truth of who you really are.

Because you are a collective in transition, you are learning this. You are remembering this. You are – some of you – doing it for the first time in this life.  And we say to consult, for example, your mental/emotional because if you allow that to lead, too often what you are doing is referencing back to the false grids and illusions that have not been of truth.  The evolved spiritual being, you my beloved friend – all of you in your mastery – are in your heart in that seat of your soul.

SB: Sanat, you called the new domain a circle rather than a hierarchy, rather than a ladder. In the afterlife, in the olden times as Linda said, we could visit the mental plane, the buddhic plane, the causal plane if we had certain protection, etc.  And then, after a brief time, the protection would wear off and we’d have to come back.  In this new circle you seem to be suggesting that we will be able to visit freely.  Does that mean stay a long time?  Are there any limitations?

SK: Stay as long as you like. What you are going to find, and I will not write your script, is that there is so much to see, to do that you will want to travel between dimensions, among dimensions.  Think of it in this way – that you see something that is of such enormous beauty and you want to share it with the entire planet, so it is like buying something at the store and you rush home to show the family what you’ve got because you want everyone to enjoy it.  So it is not separated. It is fluid and you are travelling, moving without going anywhere and sometimes going different places. It is beyond what you have thought of as how you live.

But many of you even in momentary experience know exactly what I am talking of.  The protection is already in force.  The mighty ones, the Archangelics have surrounded you and Gaia.  The only level of protection truly that is focused in this period of time is around human emotion and action constructs…mental ideation.  But that is shifting rapidly as well.

There is the expression that has been talked about in Linda’s Joy work, that is: Joy is viral.  Think of it even a decade ago, how limited usage was of internet, social media even cell phones.  It was a select group but then everybody wanted it.  Everybody loves it. Everybody participates.  And so it is with this emergence and expansion.  As you carry it, your neighbor wants it.  Your neighbor’s neighbor wants it, until before you know it the entire collective has shifted.  And there is no such thing as having to pay for cellular phones.

SB: I’m hearing the music come up but just before we go Raj could you just assure pet lovers that their pets will ascend?

SK: The animal kingdom, beloveds, is ahead of you.  Of course they will ascend.  They are waiting for you. You leave no one behind.

SB: Thank you very much for that, Raj.  That was a wonderful discussion with you today.

SK: Go with my Love.  Go in peace, my friends.  Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2015 Council of Love, Inc

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Sanat Kumara on Ascension on An Hour with an Angel – by Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon – 9-17-15

Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara on Ascension on An Hour with an Angel  –   by Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon   –   9-17-15

Sanat Kumara was our guest on An Hour with an Angel Sept. 17 and discussed recent rumors that Sept. 28 is the date of the first wave of Ascension.

He pointed out that people have been ascending through the Ascension portal for some time now and so it isn’t accurate to speak of a first wave at this time.

He said that we humans want dates. We want to mark occasion and so the Company of Heaven is content to allow us to create dates. But there is not a special Acension wave planned for Sept. 28. We are capable, in these higher energies, of ascending now, or tomorrow, or the next day.

As for a third of the planet ascending, perhaps a third have already ascended. No, they do not disappear from the Earth.

The level of energy being sent to us is unprecedented. It is coming from all levels of beings – archangels, seraphim, elohim, etc.

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET

There is no call-in number

He described the new additive nature of evolution for us from her eon in, as compared with the dissolutive nature of life in the old Third. He described the “new domain” that we’re creating and how we’re cocreating it with the Company of Heaven.

* * *

This week we’ll speak with the planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, about suggestions that the first wave of Ascension will occur on Sept. 28.

I already spoke with Archangel Michael Sept. 16 in a personal reading and he said that the Ascension process is not somehow restricted to the 28th, but that it’s taking place “now.” We’ll be “going” to (we won’t actually be travelling) an entirely new domain, one that was not here before.

This new domain is consistent with the fact that we’ll be the first Ascension ever and anywhere to “go” with our physical bodies.

And we’ll be multidimensional: that is, we’ll be able to visit multiple dimensions, not be restricted simply to the Fifth. This too is a new feature of life in this newly-formed domain. Pilgrims travelling through the afterlife planes (what they call dimensions on the other side) are not able to freely travel the other dimensions.

Sanat Kumara via JennySchiltz – Integration, Introspection and Clearing – 9-6-15


Sanat Kumara  via  Jenny Schiltz   –   Integration, Introspection and Clearing   –      9-6-15


You have all just commenced a period of intense integration, introspection, and clearing. We understand that this has been a most trying time and applaud how well you have done. All that is taking place is preparing you for the evolutionary jump you will make at the end of this month.

We ask that you take a step back and look at what has been occurring. What themes are arising? What areas were brought to the forefront that you felt you had healed before? These are very important for you to make note of and then consciously move beyond. If you feel that you are stuck in a behavioral or thought pattern, it is you who must consciously choose to do different. With each step in unfamiliar territory you unravel the programming that has held you trapped for so long.  This is not an easy task as you must be fully present and aware. You must see each interaction as an opportunity to either stay the course or to choose different. As you start to choose different, you will then see your interactions, your relations with others and yourself begins to change. You will find more joy in the smaller things as a confirmation that you are indeed creating exactly the reality you want.

Many feel frustrated as they feel they are going in circles, working on the same issues again and again. Understand that it takes much to unravel programming that was instilled in you from the moment you were born. You will heal and unravel each layer as soon as you are ready to heal and acknowledge it. With this you will see your understanding deepen and your love of the process grow as well. Understand that what is ready to be exposed and worked through now is but one layer of the deeper programming. Do not become discouraged and feel that your work is for nothing, as with each layer you release you make room to embody your highest aspect.

Some of you have been taking part in a deep integration period. A merging if you will of selves, aspects of yourself, even themes such as the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. Some will even find that they are merging aspects of self that are not part of your experience on earth, these are to show you your incredible potential and multidimensional abilities. Many of you feel that you are in a deep well looking up at the light, your entire scope of reference is only the opening above and what has come into your view to be seen. It is now that we ask you to stretch yourselves, release your limitations and realize that their is an entire world around the hole of the well. It is you who must believe in order to access it.  Every time you release your fears, your limitations, your beliefs that no longer serve, and your fear of loving yourself completely, the view to the top becomes closer and closer.  It is you who hold the key to releasing yourself from the darkness surrounding you.  It is you who has the power to transform all around you by simply being in a state of love for all around you, but especially for yourself. Self love and empowerment has never been more important than it is at this time.

It is for this reason many of you have felt a resurgence of self defeating behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. These hold no place in the light and must be moved through. You must understand that what you think of you create in your outer reality. This is why when you feel beautiful and happy you look in the mirror and it reflects this. You are able to see the light shine through regardless of the circumstances. Some of you may be feeling the urge to reconnect with past relationships or situations that have caused you pain. These are surfacing so that you can see the lesson it was meant to teach you  and for you to choose what is in your highest good. Understand that you are at a cross roads, you can continue to do what you have always done or you can thank the experience, the lessons it taught you and consciously choose different. Choose to leave the fear, the doubt, the self condemnation and lack behind. For those that feel stuck, become the observer and take note of how you react, feel and think in your daily life. If it is something that you want to change, you must then consciously choose to react, feel and think differently. Each step you take in another direction is supported fully by the universe, as your belief in yourself grows, so too do the opportunities before you.

We are very encouraged by the progress being made, more of you have breached the barrier to the 5th dimension and will continue onward as you begin to merge with your highest aspect. Others are working on clearing all that no longer serves and others are just beginning to awaken. As each of you grows and changes within, so too will the outer world that surrounds you. Keep progressing and know that you are deeply loved.


Personal conversation with Sanat:

Me: I feel that have moved through an integration phase, I felt the shift this morning in fact. Yet my body is still deeply cleansing itself. I feel as if all is changing and I am having a hard time with food. 

Sanat: You are clearing toxins within your form which allows greater light body activation. This is different than the cleansing of density that takes place when one changes their belief system and how they respond within. While both hold density, how they are released is different.

Me: I was feeling sorry for myself as I was once again in the bathroom after only eating stuffed grape leaves and I was complaining to my guides who then said that there is a great push taking place. That I would be disappointed in myself if I let things such as stomach and food issues to slow down the push I am being given with these massive energy waves. They were right, I would be disappointed, it is not my personality to go slow and I am sucking it up and doing my best to be grateful for the help.

Sanat: Understand that all are being impacted by these ever increasing waves. How, is completely up to you. Imagine the waves on the beach. Those that are resistant to change, hold fear or are burdened by self loathing will be standing in the water and will feel knocked about and unsteady. Others will approach these wonderful waves with excitement and gratitude will move through the waves as if on a surf board.

Me: Those on the surfboard, will they still feel the energy waves?

Sanat: Yes, this is an unprecedented amount of energy hitting earth. All will feel them. Those doing the greatest clearing whether physically or mentally will receive the greatest push. How far you are pushed depends on your ability to release what has been cleared verses reclaiming it and making it a part of your continued reality.

Me: I am working through my own body issues and loving myself completely, it is the hardest the thing I have ever done. I feel at times like I am going in circles and I expressed this to my husband who was quick to tell me the changes he sees, my increase in confidence, in my ability to love others more without compromising myself. I had a really bad habit of being a doormat and not taking care of myself. When he pointed that out, I was able to see the changes and just how much work I have done. 

Sanat: The most important and often the hardest lesson to move through and integrate within all your layers is that of self love.  You are the creator of your hologram, when we create through a lens of self love rather than fear, lack, and despair, all around you change. It is your most important task and often the hardest to see the progress. Writing your thoughts and documenting the changes will help you to see this as well.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed and receive healing 



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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Sanat Kumara – Nurturing Is Available – Wait and Listen ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love – Steve Beckow Interviewer – 8-13-15

ancient of days 2 sanat kumara

Nurturing Is Available – Wait and Listen, July 7, 2015

Found at:

An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host, Inlight Universal

Steve Beckow – Interviewer


Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. We’re doing something a little different today, so Linda and Steve I’ll ask you to explain the plan.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. What’s going to follow rises out of the conversation that we had just before going on the air. I have asked permission to really talk to Sanat Kumara, and tell him: “Look. We’ve been waiting an awful long time. Many of us are broke, are sick, are lonely, and, please, for God’s sake, take care of your ground crew. Do something nurturing for us because we’re really um – we’ve been waiting an awful long time for some nurturing of some sort.”

And that led to a discussion between Linda, Graham, and I – interestingly, from different positions. It was as if Graham was part of the personnel department, Linda characterized herself as the merchandise, and I was the complaints department because I receive all the complaints about why aren’t all these things happening.

So, what I’d like to do is just to invite Linda, first, to perhaps give us her view. Because you occupy both that side and this side, Linda, which is unique. You don’t necessarily agree with me that I should be telling the Company of Heaven, “Start moving, let’s get this show on the road,” in some respects.

LD: [laughing] Oh, Steve, you’re putting me on the spot!

SB: [laughing] Life is all about being on the spot!

LD: [laughing] Now, first of all, I’m going to revert back to what I was saying in our conversation, that I don’t necessarily agree that I am in a particularly unique position. That I think there are lots of light workers out there, you two fellas included, that do have insight and access, whether it’s in a channeling form, or in a meditation form, or simply in intuition, that you are accessing the Company of Heaven.

However, I also started our conversation by saying, when I got your email, why don’t I talk about ascension today, of thinking to myself that I seldom, these days, think about ascension per se. So, I don’t spend time in meditation prayer or in my work really thinking about, “Am I making the quantum leap or is humanity making the quantum leap of ascension today or tomorrow?

You know I have a thing about dates, because my experience has been that dates are fluid and changeable, and often misdirecting and disappointing. So, when I tend to think about ascension, myself, like many of you who are light workers and love holders, we’ve been flying and walking and strolling back and forth through that what we think of as the ascension portal for years now.

And, maybe for me, I feel that that energy of ascension in some ways has already happened, because my focus isn’t on ascension. It isn’t on that process of the jump so much as my daily process, I guess, is on being here, of being on Gaia, of being in my body – which was something I really had to learn – and to be present. And my focus is what can I do in my role as channel of the Council of Love, as teacher and channel and healer and woman – what can I do that makes this world a better place?

So, I tend to be focusing more and more on things like classes. I was saying to Steve and Graham that the last class I did on core issues was probably the most intense, gut wrenching, digging deep, and breaking through in terms of personal growth – the biggest work that I’ve ever done. And that, even though the intensity was gut wrenching at times, it was also so sweet, so elevating, so community-building, that it made me happy.

It made me joyous to think that this group was coming together and really doing the work.  And, I’m taking to heart, what the Divine Mother is saying is that when we are embodying the love, when we are being the love, that that is Nova Earth, that we are embodying Nova Earth, that we are creating Nova Earth.

So, my focus has shifted, not completely away, but certainly has shifted enough to the here and  now. What am I doing?  And rather than saying – and I mean think of it, you’re talking to the star girl here – “Where is my family? Where are the ships? Where is disclosure? Where’s this, where’s that? And, I’m just, I’m focusing on my daily tasks. So, that’s kind of where I’m at in terms of ascension. What about you guys?

SB: Well, thanks, Linda. And, before I turn to Graham I just wanted to make one comment for the listeners, and that’s to listen to our voices today. Linda talked about her attention moving from ascension to everyday unfoldment. And we have been unfolding, the three of us, and we are available on a radio show and you can hear in our voices that we unfolded.

I am at this moment in a space that I characterize as transformative love and conscious awareness. Before the show I could hear Graham’s beautiful lustrous voice. He’s in some space as well. Perhaps he’ll talk about that. But, remember us, say, a year ago, and listen to how we sound now, because we are in completely different spaces.

Just before going to Graham, Linda, do you agree with that statement?

LD: I absolutely agree with that statement. I don’t think that we are in those doldrums now. Are people still having challenges? And I hate that word. [laughing] Are they still having issues, and things coming up, and are people sick, are they broke, are they lonely? Yes. But I think it’s shifted.

If you look at the collective of our community, which I think of as the light community, we are shifting. And, as we are shifting, we are shifting the collective. It’s system’s theory, whether you look for sociology or psychology or physics. You can’t change us and not have the whole collective, all seven and a half billion people, shift.

SB: No, I totally agree. Would you agree with what’s been said so far, Graham, or perhaps not?

GD: Well, I really appreciate the conversation and I want to thank you and Linda for suggesting it today. As nice as it is and as important as it is to hear from the Company of Heaven, I think as we were discussing before this conversation, it’s so important to share from the human perspective and the human journey.

And I would share that my expansion has just skyrocketed and just keeps unfolding more and more. And, for me, I feel a deep resonance with being the change and stepping into self-mastery more, and more, and more. And stepping into heart-centered living. And, I know that in that high vibrational state, the quality of my life changes considerably.

And, so, while circumstances might not have changed from an outward perspective – someone can still say, “Well, Graham, you still have bills to pay, and you still have some issues that you’ve been working with.” Yeah, that could be the case. But my experience of it is different. Yeah, I fall back into moments of worry and fear and challenge. Yet, you mentioned a year ago, Steve, I would say back then I would get into this place of really questioning the pace and the trust of it. And, I still have those moments. But I’m in a different place right now.

And, so, I find that there’s a theme more of peace, and calm, and faith, and trust. And, so, it’s really been a focus and intention of mine to really zero in on being the change and embodying that which I wish to see out in the world. Because as you were saying, Linda, it’s huge.

What we do on an individual level has huge impacts on the collective. I think it’s really helpful to talk about what the New World looks like. And we’ve been doing that with InLight Radio, and InLight Universal so that people can help anchor that into their consciousness, to dream it, to co-create it, and so we can work collectively and together to unfold heaven on Earth.

And, I think it’s important because it’s also a bit of a carrot. Right? We have something to shoot for. It’s challenging because we want it now. Our souls, you know everything about us, wants that world where all thrive, where peace, and love, and harmony, unitive consciousness is the theme. We want that now.

And, I admit that on this journey I, too, have gotten lost, and when is this going to happen? Whether it’s abundance or disclosure or changes on the planet, I want to sink my teeth into that. The logical, rational mind needs something. But, so much has happened, and I think what we are getting into today is the personal, transformative qualities that we are experiencing have been huge.

And, the other piece is that we are all at different stages of awakening. Right? We’re all at different stages of this ascension process, different stages of experiencing the shift. And, so, that’s a little challenging. It’s hard to speak to everybody’s experiences. But, I think, what the takeaway is, is that we can share that it really comes down to our own personal journey. And, we have such power, and we have such an opportunity to approach life moment to moment, day by day, as masters, as co-creators, empowered, stepping into faith, stepping into trust, and to help anchor that world which we want so much – but do it first and foremost in our own lives.

SB: That’s great, Graham. I wonder if I could illustrate, being the change, and what happens with us entering the collective consciousness, etc., and rippling out. By looking at loneliness from two perspectives: The normal ordinary, everyday perspective in which I feel lonely and it hurts, and I don’t like it, and I make life miserable for everybody around me. And then the second perspective, which is the space that I’m in now, and that you and Linda are probably, undoubtedly, in, and that’s transformative love, where the love that I feel sweeps aside the loneliness. I am definitely not lonely in this space of conscious awareness, as opposed to unconscious awareness. Unconscious awareness is the body, mind, senses – you now the physical side of things. Conscious awareness is a spiritual awareness. It’s an umbrageous awareness, and in it this transformative love exists.

So I could say, “Oh, I’m lonely,” and I could, kick and complain and the rest of that, but I get to see that if I somehow can break through into this transformed space by – and on the blog I’ll talk about how to do that – that that solves the problem.

So, the solution is in my hands. And I wouldn’t have known it was some time ago. But now I see clearly that it is. And this is ascension unfolding. This is our gradual rising up. This is a step along the way. So, I’m also not only seeing how we are the change, and how we build Nova Earth by building our own internal structures of self-acceptance and self-pride and self-love, things like that.

You know me and my memory, Graham; you know that I forgot what the main point I was going to say is, right? [laughing]

GD: Well, talking about this, Steve, I think it’s really important. I really appreciate what you’re saying, and you’re underscoring our own process. This is hard. Like, this is really challenging. I mean, I’m forty-six here soon, and so I’ve had, on this walk and this life, all those years of my own habits and ways of looking at the world, and default settings, and triggers.

And, we’re being called to really be diligent, and being masters, and being diligent, and being present, and mindful, and being acutely aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our actions. Knowing that we are powerful and what we think about, we bring about. What we feel – that’s even more powerful. And, so, I just want to say that this is hard, and it’s worth it.

Linda, you spoke about this earlier – the joy, the beauty. Steve you spoke about this, the love. It’s all worth it because I think we’ve all shared how when we’re embodying those higher dimensional qualities, when we’re stepping into our brilliance, when we’re stepping into love – WOW! I mean, WOW! This is just gorgeous!

And, it’s interesting how things that have been problems for us, they tend to melt away or not even jump on our radar screen. Wouldn’t you say? I mean, Steve, when you’re talking about loneliness, that, it sounds like – and what I know about your personal journey, what you’ve shared – there’s something there that’s deeply seated and deeply anchored. It might be from many, many lives past and might be collective stuff that you’re clearing. But when you feel the feelings, and when you give yourself the time, and the compassion, and gentleness, and the diligence to work through that place and get back to that state of love, that heart-centered way of being, that’s gorgeous!

LD:  Graham, you say it’s hard, and I’m not disagreeing with you, because I think all of us in various ways have felt that we have put our nose to the proverbial grindstone. But, on the other hand, when you’re in that flow it is the easiest, simplest way of being. Period.

And, it’s not hard. When you’re in that transformative love – and I think this is part of the challenge, the difficulty that so many of us face – is that we’re at that point where we are flowing sometimes in and out, in and out. But when we’re in that flow, it’s like everything comes together, and even when there’s those practical, what people call human, physical challenges, they don’t seem to feel – and we have to think that most of these issues are mental, emotional constructs – we don’t seem to feel as if they’re completely, not only just overwhelming, but devastating. And, when you keep coming back to the love, that feeling of overwhelm somehow, magically – and that’s a fourth dimensional quality; magic and alchemy – it goes away.

So, if we can keep reminding ourselves, it’s either, or, if we keep choosing like, “Oh, no, this doesn’t feel good, I’m going back to the love, I’m going back to the flow”, then it really, really helps.

GD: I really appreciate what you are saying, and I agree. And, I think it’s about that higher vibrational way of being. Right? Because when we’re in that place, when we’re in that state of peace, and calm, and love, and oneness, unity consciousness – it’s kind of what I was saying earlier. Those things that feel so hard don’t feel as acute. And, I think the real work and the diligence comes in when, the body aches feel really painful, or the partner or the child is yelling at you, or they’re looking at your bank account and it’s a negative $100, and you need to put food on the table for kids and family. Or the bills just keep coming, or the roof is falling in. Or, or, or. Right?

So the question is, and this is the real opportunity and the real challenge, or, beauty, beautiful opportunity, depending on how you look at it. How can you be in that place and stay in that high vibrational state? And, of course, that varies for everyone.

But, we have a choice. We are empowered. We’re in a position to really decide how we choose to experience the quality of our moments in our life. And, I would suggest that that’s where the real work comes in: the presence, the mindfulness, being diligent, and staying out of that place of fear, staying out of that downward spin cycle where we can go into a downward spiral of just completely feeling overwhelmed, and completely going into panic mode.

And, I would agree. When we can be in that flow, and we can be in that higher vibrational state, and we can be gentle, and compassionate with ourselves – because of all the work we are doing for ourselves as individuals, or for the collective at the same time – and forge ahead, be stalwart, be persistent as way showers, because we all are. This is the opportunity. And, it’s worth it.

SB: I’d like to add that what one of the things that both of you have been talking about is a process that moves one from being not in flow to being in flow. Right? And, the difficulty comes in, in making the leap.

I talked about there being two spaces, of unconscious awareness and conscious awareness. The difficulty is making the leap from the one space to the next. I mean, I would think that about 95% of all spiritual teaching is on how to make that leap, right? And, then the next leap and the next leap and the next leap. And the remaining five percent is how to acclimatize yourself after making the leap.

So I just point out that all of us are looking at some part of that puzzle; how to be in flow, to stay in flow, come back to flow, etc. etc.  And flow, by the way, I suggest, is the paradigm of the fifth dimension. I think everything’s in flow there. So, I just wanted to add that.

LD: Absolutely. And, the other thing I think that we need to talk about, or I think might be helpful for our listeners to talk about, is that sometimes when we’re in that, quote-end quote, hard place, you know real practical, you’re sick as a dog, or you’re at that minus place in your bank account, and it’s really hard. Because we have been trained and programmed in the old third, that what happens on a very subtle level is we take those situations and we translate them into some kind of equation about either the reality of the Company of Heaven, the reality of whether God loves us – however you term our God, Source – and, therefore, we’re not worthy.

And, so, I think it really behooves us, and that’s the whole purpose of this radio show, and InLight Universal, and the Golden Age of Gaia, and the Council of Love – that we remind each other so that when we go to that dark place, when we get out of the flow, that we have each other to say, “Hey. Come with me. Take my hand. It’s really not all that bad.” And, yes, it absolutely sucks, you can’t make your rent. But it doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t define where you are in what I would call your love process.

Now, when you’re really in that conscious love process, which is what the Council and all the masters have been talking to us about, is that we get in the flow of creation and co-creation. But that doesn’t negate, because we’re in the middle of it, the need for this mutuality, this unitive consciousness, but also the really practical support that we give each other, whether it’s verbal or financial or moral or spiritual, it doesn’t matter. But that support that we give each other, and that we’re building Nova Earth on, is really, really important.

GD: I like that, Linda. And, I’m also thinking that it’s so easy for us as humans to focus on what’s not happening, right, and what’s not here, what hasn’t eventuated. I know that part of what we are doing today with Sanat Kumara is to kind of get a snapshot as to what is happening. And, I’d just like to share that from a personal perspective, and we’ve all shared, the three of us have shared, how we’ve changed personally. That’s been huge, right? I mean the way – I hang my hat on progress when I can reflect on my own expansion and my own commitment to self-mastery, and, I say that not from an ego place at all, I say that from a celebratory place of my own evolution, and my own heart-expansion.

So that’s been wonderful and great and huge. So, I know good things are happening. The other thing is I am seeing more and more people, and bumping in to more and more people all the time in my little rural state of Vermont, who are awakening, who are really waking up. And that’s really encouraging across the board, and I’m also seeing some big things on the planetary level, too.

Look what just happened with Greece, right? They said, “No. We’re not going to continue on this theme of debt, enslavement. We’re going our own way.” And I recognize that’s a process. That’s just one thing that we need something to hang our hat on in terms of what’s happening on an external sense. I think what the pope is doing in bringing the world together and the global community together, and raising the light on the planet is outstanding. I mean we could go on and on and on.

But, from a personal standpoint, I know that this is happening. Planetary ascension – where we’re all there and the planet is fully anchored in that place where we all hope and envision it to be – that might not happen for years. But, we have to recognize that it is a process and people are waking up at different times. And, it’s really up to the human collective in terms of when this all plays out.

LD: Yes. And we tend to turn in our moments of frustrations, and our moments of glee and celebration, to the Company of Heaven, or we say, “Well, thanks for doing that, or what have you done for me lately?” But, on the flip side, and probably in a very different way, the Company of Heaven is also saying, “Come on humans!”

The Mother and all the masters have told us that we are their sacred partners, that we are their ground crew. And, I know, Steve, from the complaints department, that people say, “Well, then why aren’t you supporting the ground crew?” But I also want to sort of issue a little challenge – like, are we all doing as much as we possibly could?

SB: I have an illustration of that, Linda. I’ve been wrestling with notions of my origin. We’re all star seeds and we’re mostly angelic. And, then saying to myself, well, if that’s my background, why am I not living up to it? Like, what would such a person behave like? And, even if I can’t manage certain circumstances in other areas, I can at least manage the circumstance of how I behave. And, does it match the stories that are being told to us by the celestials, galactics, and masters? Does it match what they’re saying? Am I living up to what they’re saying? It’s actually getting to be a very exciting journey.

LD: And a challenging one.

SB: Yeah. Very challenging.

LD: But, like Graham says, it’s so worthwhile because I do have this sense – and, I don’t have the full picture, and I don’t think any of us has the full picture – but, when I go where you’re just describing in terms of who I am and what I know I’m really capable of, gosh, I don’t even think I’m 25% there! (Laughter) And, it’s not a sense of, “Oh, you’re not living up to your potential, Linda.” It’s not that kind of icky, judgmental kind of feeling that we might have had a couple of years ago. It’s like, “Oh my gosh! I can do so much!”

SB: Yeah. So much more.

LD: So much more. And, I’m not even sure what that ‘more’ is. And, they just keep showing and adding on. Because I say, “Okay, bring it on. Bring it on!” Gosh they do. They do.

GD: My primary mission right now is to really place a priority on my own experience and my own quality of each moment and how I am stepping into those moments. So, what are my thought patterns? What are the feelings? How am I treating other people? How am I treating myself? How am I walking in the world? How am I being the change? And I feel like that’s where I can have the most impact, and certainly on my own life obviously has a huge impact, but that also is huge in terms of the ripple effect across the planet, and I’m less interested right now in focusing on the bigger stuff. It’s all big – this I feel is the biggest. But maybe on those outward activities –

SB: Tangible signs –

GD: Yeah. I mean, more outward, tangible signs, like when is the full presence of our galactic family going to be here? Or, when is everyone – the planet and all beings on it – thriving? And, you, know, when are we going to have that full…when are we going to step into that full glorious heaven-on-Earth stage? And, I think we all have to recognize it’s a process. See, that’s where I feel most empowered, when I’m focusing on my own journey. And, that’s where I feel most satisfaction and see the most change.

LD: And Graham, what you’re describing is miles away from the old third dimension.  And, so, I mean, what you’re describing is a little bit of the third – the third in terms of the new third being physical – all the way up to the seventh, which is being in the dimension of love and still maintaining our form.

I think that, in terms of ascension, is one of our biggest challenges. Because, let’s face it this hasn’t been done before. So, we’re trying to maintain these physical bodies – that don’t always behave the way we want them to – and into that body, into our field, have such expansive energies that haven’t been ground into a physical form, literally, in eons. So, there’s such an adjustment to be made.

I think it would have been far easier – we’ve talked in other situations and other shows about the halion engineers, or the healers of Trelana, about planets and everything upon it that ascended into sheer energy. But we’re doing a reverse engineering.

So, here we are on this beautiful planet of Gaia, and we’re trying to bring in the love rather than going and joining with the love. We are trying to anchor it into our bodies. And, for many of us star seeds, angelics, inter-galactics, humans, earth keepers, portal – it’s like, not only are we not used to being human, we’re sure as heck not used to trying to do this process that’s brand new.

Over my vacation, which was fabulous, by the way, they erased my entire memory, so if I say things that are out of turn, you’ll know why.

SB: [laughing]

LD: But, one of the things that I was thinking of is the capacity of anchoring that love into form and the fact that it’s never been done. So, I’m talking to the Mother, and I’m saying, well, we had 2012 and, if you go back, we had all these openings: 11:11, 12:12, etc.

But, she starts talking about, “Well, this planet has been in enfoldment and in unfoldment and enfoldment for thousands and thousands of years. And, every now and then we would send you a teacher and remind you that the entire plan was about love, about this expanded awareness. And, if we look to the Buddha, and Lao Tzu, and Jesus, and we’ve had these teachers sort of laying the groundwork.” And we’re right on that – riding the cusp – because it’s not that it’s in some distant future. It’s that we’re in it right now and it’s brand new.

So, when we feel kind of discombobulated, or confused, or – am I here or am I there, where am I, what am I doing, what am I creating – we have to give ourselves some latitude, along with that support, that mutual support. Because this has, like, never been done before!

SB: Well, Linda, if I may intervene – the fact that it’s never been done before is precisely, I think, what part of the original motivation with me was. I’m wondering if they have taken certain factors into consideration. I need some reassurance from the Company of Heaven that they’re not going to stretch us like taffy until the whole thing just breaks. And, it doesn’t take much to reassure me. I just need to know somebody’s driving the car.

It is the first time. It’s the first time from so many levels – I mean you’ve discussed two or three of them. But everything about this ascension is new. And, there’s millions of ships here watching us and pouring over our reactions to this and that. “Oh, my gosh! Isn’t that interesting? Some of them have emotions, some of them don’t.”  It’s a big event out there and we’re the main stars.

What shall we do? What shall we do? Shall we go to Sanat Kumara or shall we perhaps go to Sanat Kumara another week? It depends on your energy, Linda, really.

LD: No, I think that this is a perfect moment to begin a conversation with Sanat Kumara about, from their perspective – which is different than ours – where are we? And how are we doing? And, not to be the psychic hotline, but, just to have some indication about how we are progressing. And, what do we as human beings, and as this community of light workers, what is it that we can be doing? Are we missing something? Or, are they missing something?

SB: Okay, alright, very good, Linda.

GD: Linda, before you transition, this has been such a rich, and, I think, timely and important discussion. I’m also sensitive to the fact that when you channel, it takes a lot of energy. We’re about a half hour into the discussion – how much time do you feel like you’d like to give to SK?

LD: I think about a half-an-hour would be perfect. And, thanks for your input and your honesty, and… I just think that we’re really a good team.

GD: Yes. Really. Me, too.

SB: Me three.

GD: I appreciate the discussion and thank you both for bringing it to the table. It’s important isn’t it? It’s important to share. It’s important to reflect. We’re on this journey, everyone together. And Steve, you spoke about loneliness. This can sometimes feel isolating, and it’s so important, I think, for us, I suspect for everyone, to just check in once in a while. How’s it going? And, oh, you feel that, too. Oh, yeah. Ok. Got it. I don’t feel like such the oddball.

SB: [laughing] You can’t go through this process without camaraderie, can you, Graham? It’s really vital – comradeship, friendship. Oh, boy. I agree.

Well listen, while Linda is making her transition, let me just say a few words about who we are speaking to – Sanat Kumara.

For those who are listening, perhaps for the first time, Sanat Kumara is planetary logos. At some point, in what we regard as the future, he’ll be solar logos. And, he is the keeper of the universal laws. He’s appeared on Earth, I don’t know, one could say, many times, perhaps for a person of his background, many times, in the Hindu religion. Some of the Mexicans knew him as Quetzalcoatl. Excuse me if I get that wrong. Persians knew him as Hermazda.

Hebrews knew him as the Ancient of Days. So, he is very well known to Earth’s populations, but perhaps less known in his manner as Sanat Kumara. So, with that, I’d like to welcome Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara: And, welcome to you my beloved friends, Gaians – Gaians all. Yes, with varied background of all races, of all species, of all ilk and realm. I welcome you all. And I welcome you as planetary logos. And I welcome you as brothers and sisters of the heart.

I welcome you as those beings that have declared, committed, and anchored as strong enough, determined enough, joyful enough, loving enough, confident enough, worthy enough, true enough to be the anchors of this ascension that, yes, has been planned for eons.

Many of you say when – and you must be hearing the echo of our questions – but, it is also a question of how. It is a process, as you three and all of you who listen to me this night, have come to understand.

Let me be practical. If this was, for example, a stage show, a Broadway production – which in many ways you can think of it as being – if we allowed the show to go on with people not knowing their roles, not knowing their lines, not knowing the dance routines, not knowing the songs of Hosanna, then the entire production would be a dismal failure. That is never – yes, never – going to happen!

If there is assurance in anything, my beloved ones, it is that you are in the process of ascension. The channel – as we have had a side conversation earlier this day and a few minutes ago – has asked me to speak about this notion of ascension in terms of where you are right now in the process of change. Because, what is change? The biggest change that you are undergoing, of course, is within your realm, your field of consciousness. The shift to heart consciousness, to what Steve calls transformative love.

But let us suggest from our viewpoint where you, and therefore we… Understand this: We are not the silent observers. Think of us as participating directors, producers, actors, stagehands.

For quite a while now, yes, beginning with the Mother’s tsunami – but we are not here to talk about that. But think of the flood gates as wide open. So, think of the inter-dimensional gateways – what you have perceived and termed, and we have termed the ascension portal – as being wide open.

Now, I’m not giving a time frame. But, let us say this is a temporary measure: Human beings – the true creation of the human experience – were, and are, and will be inter-dimensional beings. As the gate has opened, many of you have gone with this flow. And you are floating in the fifth, in the fourth, in the sixth, in the eighth, in the seventh.

Some of you have said, “Yes, I am going and I will simply go with the current.” Others of you have donned your lifejackets and are holding on for dear life. But you are going. Others are back at the dam wall holding on for dear life, believing that they can cling to the old third. Which is not true. Period. But, they are still clinging.

So, there is a mix of experience, and a mix of experience in and out of that flow. There are some of you that are in the flow and come to the, say, the seventh dimension of Christ-consciousness, of the love. You have the inspiration, the insight, the wherewithal. Then you jump out. And you come back to the dam and say, “Oh, I like that ride. I’m going to do that again and again and again.” And some of you are simply continuing on, realizing that in that flow is Everything.

That is where you are in terms of your adapting. Because the adaptation is significant. This is something that your star brothers and sisters have spoken to you about repeatedly, and that I speak to you about repeatedly. It is getting attuned, not only to attunements that we send thee, but your self attuning to your new self – yes, Linda, your new you. And this is an attunement that needs to be undertaken. Yes, with consciousness, but, also with joy, with gentleness, and with love. The first sacred union, the first sacred partnership, is with your beloved self.

Now, you say to me, “Raj, it’s all very well and good to say or to reassure me that we are in the flow of ascension. But, what occurs when I feel drawn away because I am ill, because I am not healthy, because I am lonely, because I am not happy, because I cannot pay my rent, because my daughter is ill, because I can’t pay my son’s tuition – what about that?”

Listen. Please. And, I speak right now, I quote and I bring forth what the Mother says. And it is hard. And I understand this. Yes, I have been upon your planet many times. You might say in preferred positions. Nevertheless, I know your experience of being human in form.

You are our co-creators. If you can conceive of it, then it is possible. It is the belief system that it is not possible that sometimes, not always, is the hindrance.

Think of it as our coming together. It is not us just flooding you with health and riches and support in what you think of as a physical way. In fact, our greatest support comes in the spiritual and emotional ways, with a strong influx of mental inspiration. Because, the inspiration is the translator element to bring it into physicality. But, you, collectively, do not fully comprehend. This is not said in a way of fault or blame. That is an old construct. You do not fully comprehend – you are gaining, but you are not fully there – how powerful your ability to create is.

Now there are many – more than you can even imagine – many things that are underway. You say, “That’s all very well, SK, but that doesn’t serve my here-and-now dilemma. It is not sufficient for you to say you are doing magnificently. What I need is some practical help.”

Do you think from the place of love that those pleas are not heard? And not, in a whole variety of ways, answered? Let me stop there. Because, Steve, I know you have questions.

SB: Well. Yes you have – you know I think I want to make a comment more than anything, Raj, I know there’s going to be an ascension 200 years from now. I’m sure there will be ascensions all over the universe, even probably sooner than 200 years, and everybody’s watching how we’re doing. I’d like to say, from the point of view of the ground crew, the light workers from the ground, that in the next ascension we need more nurturing.

This has been, not only a rocky ride in the sense that we’ve had to go through our own karma and all the ridicule that we had to sustain and everything else. But, there needs to be more signs that the Company of Heaven is actually watching over us and seeing to our needs in the next ascension.

This one’s been an experience of privation and loneliness – even though we said, “Okay, time to be in sacred partnership,” I don’t know a lot of people that ended up in sacred partnership. There’s just so many circumstances that we’ve felt on our own and abandoned, so to speak. And, maybe that’s my core issue, I don’t know. So that’s the comment I wanted to make:  just more nurturing next time. More attention being paid to the welfare of the light workers on the ground. Would you respond to that? Do you care to respond to that, Raj?

SK: Of course I care to respond to it. Yes, you require far more nurturing than you have been conscious of. Because it is a question, is it not, of consciousness?

SB: Yes.

SK: Let me also say to you, to all of you, we hear and accept this feedback and the necessity for more [nurturing]– that there is a statement of not enough.

SB: [laughing] Right.

SK: But let us also say, we are sometimes dumbfounded at how we will make our presence known day after day, week after week, year after year, through many channels, through many vehicles, through many circumstances, and that our presence, our nurturing is not embraced. There are times – and, yes, you have asked us to speak from our perspective as well – there are many, many times when we experience – because to use your word ‘feel’ would be inadequate – where we experience not even the turning away, which would at least be some level of engagement, but that you don’t open to the fullness of what we are offering.

Now, I know, as your logos, that this is part and parcel of your level of consciousness. But, so often you yearn for love, and then we offer the love, in practical and impractical ways. And, think of it in this way – it is being in a partnership with a lover and they say, “I love you, I love you, I love you. Why do you not embrace me, kiss me, hug me, take care of me, nurture me?” And, then they turn their back on their lover and walk away not waiting for the kisses, the hugs, the response. And then they say, “You’re not taking care of me. I’m leaving.” We are shaking our heads, not in the biggest ways, not in the ways of disclosure or reorganization of your entire planet and your structures, but in very up-close and personal ways.

And this occurs with the archangels, with your guides, with the masters, with the Mother, with the Father. And you say, “Well you didn’t respond.” And we are there. So it is a two-way street, my friend.

SB: [laughing] Frustrating. Well I think we definitely need more communication between the Company of Heaven on the ground and the Company of Heaven behind the veil. Because, at some point, we need to get into more detail than we are about what’s happening.

I don’t know that we have all that much time left on this program. But what’s happening with ascension? It’s all a mystery what goes on from your side unless you choose to discuss it. And, I think we need to push the limits of that discussion back quite a bit and start.

SK: We are eager to have that discussion. And we are prepared to have that discussion in minute detail.

You are at a place in your evolutionary ascension, expansion process where you are prepared to have, in greater detail, an understanding, a participation, and an expansion in what this partnership looks like. So, that is why we have been very happy, glad, joyous, to see this conversation begin with: “Wait a minute. What are we as humans, intergalactic, star beings, seraphim – what are we feeling and experiencing?” Because, dearest heart, we keep saying, you are the ground crew.

Now, have we been, perhaps, too hands off? I hear your comment. And we respond. And there are responses of every shade of white, of blue, of green, of pink – you get the idea.

SB: Yes. I do. I would like to point out to listeners again that particular evolutionary step that I’ve taken is that I’ve taken the step of consciousness awareness and transformative love and that’s what allows me to talk to Raj this way. And, of course, I know full well that the response that I will get from him will be generous and benevolent.

Well, I invite a larger discussion, Raj. Perhaps we can talk about it through Linda or however you suggest. But to push further out into the exploration of all that’s happening right now from this perspective that we’re evolved enough now to understand and to handle it. I’d certainly welcome that.

SK: And so would we. So would I. Now, humanity is further along in terms of this collective, anchored, human, physical ascension than you think.

SB: Oh. Ok.

SK: You tend to think, “Oh, seven and a half billion people have need to be fully awake and in the transformative love.” What I am suggesting to you is that most – yes, we are talking percentages here – but most of humanity is in a place where they are willing, eager, anxious, yearning to accept love and to be the expression of love. And, that is the most significant shift that has occurred in thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.

SB: I think that you’re implying that this is a j-curve here, right? That it’s not going to be one person today, another person tomorrow, another person tomorrow. But instead, it’s going to go up, I think the phrase is geometrically – is that not what you are saying?

SK: That is correct. And, so you are on a rapid ascent projection and you have laid the foundation. There are many – literally billions – of ways that humans are discussing or thinking or considering what ascension, love, joy means. We don’t distinguish. We do not need to distinguish in the wording. It is the energy of the heart willingness to take the next step.

You have passed the point – which we have spoken of before – of collectively now, that you are tired.

Now, I know many of you say, “But Raj, I am tired, I am exhausted.” But, collectively, you have passed that point where you’re saying, “I am so tired, I am lying on the floor bleeding,” to the point where you are saying, “Wait a minute. I am love. This is who I am. And I want love, I want to be love.” You are seeing this, even in the most dire situations.

If you are to have the opportunity, and many of you will, to question those that you think and who are behaving in an unloving way, and you say to them, “But do you desire love, do you yearn for love, do you think that love is possible?” They will say yes. And, that, dear hearts, is a major shift.

SB: Is it possible to talk about the stages that lie beyond? Is it possible to put names to them because of our human minds and how we like that kind of thing?

SK: They would not necessarily make any sense to you.

SB: Ok.

SK: But, yes, we can talk about it. There is very little that I won’t cooperate with.

SB: [laughing] Alright.

SK: So, know this – you are not alone. And, when you stay in your heart rather than looking at the old debris – which is but dust and cobwebs – when you stay forward focused, you are in your ascension. You are ascended. And, as you do this you are bringing the entire collective with you.

SB: Wow. That’s a pretty bold statement. Go ahead, please.

SK: I have been known for making bold statements.

SB: Always. This transformative love that I’m feeling – which allows me to do things I never could have done before – even would have thought I could do before, this is like a bridge that wasn’t there a minute ago and is there the minute I enter the transformed space.

We need to wrap up, so this would be our last comment here – but, first of all, what dimension is this transformed love associated with, Raj?

SK: It is associated with and part of the seventh dimension. You have many references in every culture to what you have termed the rainbow bridge. And many of you have thought it and this is the bridge.

SB: This is the bridge. So this is something we walk across on.

SK: That is correct. You are not necessarily taking the quantum leap. Now, will some? Yes, because they love the drama and we are happy to accommodate – although it is not our preferred choice. Most of you are walking, strolling, some crawling, across this bridge.

SB: Right. And before we take our first step, the bridge is not there. Then, when we take our first step and enter into this transformed space, the bridge is there.

SK: It is there.

SB: Yes. Ok. In deference to Linda, I think we probably should wrap up. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing, Raj?

SK: I come back to the nurturing. Because, the nurturing is also part of the creating. We are not simply useless partners. In fact, I cannot think of any being that calls me useless. So, when you wish to be creative, when you wish to be nurtured, do not turn before you hear my answer. Let us in. Please.

SB: Well very good. And, what a wonderful program, Raj. Thank you very much. I’m sure we’ll all pore over what you’ve said.

SK: And, thank you my beloved light workers. Thank you.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc. Better texts are the books by Helen Waddell and others containing the sayings and stories of the Desert Fathers.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

An Hour with an Angel – Ground Crew Plea to Sanat Kumara – Lightworkers Need More Nu0turing – Progress of the Ascension Process – 7-9-15

Sanat Kumara 2

An Hour with an Angel – Ground Crew Plea to Sanat Kumara – Lightworkers Need More Nurturing

July 9, 2015.  Join Steve, Linda and Graham for a roundtable discussion, followed by a discussion with Sanat Kumara about the progress of the Ascension process.

PEACE OF MIND by VYWUMUS – Sanat Kumara, Higher Self – 7-4-15

 Peace of Mind by Vywumus

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 12th June 2015 – Sacred School of OmNa

Natalie Glasson

Natalie Glasson

Peace of mind is an aspect of ascension which many strive to achieve wishing to bring stillness and quietness to their thought forms with a presence of peace emanating from their mental bodies. Peace of mind is a state of being which indicates a greater connection and resonance with the Creator due to the mind’s inability, when in this state, to be distracted or confused. To many existing upon the Earth experiencing peace and stillness within their minds is a luxury which seems unobtainable and imaginary, yet such a state within your mental body is already present within your being and simply requires your focus and acceptance.

Everything that you desire, whether of the physical or spiritual plane, is already obtained by you and is present within your being. The fact that you desire something, whatever it may be, is because it is already present, in truth you do not desire or wish to experience that which is not already present within you. While all that is the Creator is within your being, your soul emanates specific aspects of the Creator guiding your purpose and ensuring your experiences, this means that often without realising your desires are aligned to the energies already within you and have a specific purpose of further supporting you in recognising that which is within your being. With this in mind a desire for peace, especially within your mental body, mind and thought processes symbolises that peace is already a powerful quality present and active within your being waiting to be expressed and expl ored.

With the knowledge that peace is a powerful source of the Creator present within your being there is a need to acknowledge your beliefs concerning peace. For example, if you, as many do, have a desire for a peaceful mind, then you also have a belief that your mind is not a peaceful space and that peace of mind is out of your reach or unobtainable for you, otherwise you would simply recognise that you are already peace.

When a person on the Earth demonstrates a talent which is seemingly natural and perfect needing very little development, this is a manifestation of the person’s ability to recognise and accept an aspect of themselves unconditionally, resonating fully with this aspect of their soul. They already believe and experience the talent as obtainable and limitlessly available to them. When a person has a desire to execute a talent and yet it seems they do not possess the natural skills to do so, this symbolises that the skills and abilities are already within their soul, however the person is not willing to believe in and accept this aspect of themselves. To do so would allow a deeper resonance with their soul and a fuller expression of their purpose upon the Earth.

In order to access peace of mind there is first a requirement to recognise everything that distracts you from seeing, sensing and acknowledging your inner powerful and strong peace vibrations. Maybe you do not believe yourself to be deserving of peace, or an aspect of yourself enjoys distractions and dramas played out in your mind. I encourage you to recognise the beliefs you hold about your mind and thoughts connected to your wish to be more peaceful. If peace of mind is your divine birth right and the natural aspect of your being, then everything else is a false illusion which you are choosing to hold onto. As I stated earlier peace of mind can seem like a luxury, however there is simply a need for you to be aligned to peace, the feeling of being deserving and that it is your natural existence, otherwise you will always reject peace even when it is a powerful presence within your be ing.

Peace of mind is often mistaken to mean that you exist without thoughts and are able to navigate through your physical reality without thinking. Sometimes people interpret peace of mind to be only thinking positively and banishing all negative thoughts from your consciousness, awareness and creations. It is my understanding that peace of mind is a mind which experiences contentment, thus because of the experience of contentment a greater resonance with the Creator is experienced and more fully accepted. You may wish to ask yourself and contemplate what would you need to do or achieve to experience contentment in your mind and thoughts?

Contentment in your mind means that you do not swing from extreme negative thoughts to extreme positive thoughts. It means your mind is a powerful strong aspect of yourself which both fuels and protects the rest of your being. When you have a fearful thought it is most likely that your entire body and emotions react in a fearful and disempowering way. Your mind is always linked and connected to all aspects of your being; however your mind can be a source of protection which limits its influence on your body and emotions. This requires some discipline within your mind which begins with processes such as positive thinking, noticing and letting go of negative or disempowering thoughts, visualising that which you wish to experience and practicing the art of meditation. All of these practices begin to encourage the mind to be powerful and a source of protection, limiting the influence of t he undisciplined habits of the mind upon the body and emotions. The mind begins to enter into a state where it is servicing the body and emotions in ways which empower and awaken a deeper resonance with the Creator.

One way to accept peace of mind is to alter your perspective of your mind and thoughts, which will also simultaneously alter your perspective of yourself. How do you perceive your mind? What identity have you given to your mind and therefore yourself? Does your mind hold the identity of fear, chaos, stupidity, being mistaken, untrustworthy, weak, gullible or something else? Maybe there are several identities within your mind, these are also ways you identify and describe yourself. Often you believe the beliefs and reasoning of your thoughts to be true even when they are born from illusion. In order to free yourself from illusions and identities of illusions there is a need to recognise your mind with the truth of your heart and soul.

With recognition of the perspective your thoughts hold about your mind then you can allow yourself to realise that the true expression and identity of your mind is peace and contentment. The only way to obtain this is to realise peace is already within you.

By recognising the vibration of peace within your heart from your soul you allow yourself to resonate with your soul’s peace which is to familiarise yourself with and to embody peace.

With recognition you can then project your soul’s vibration of peace into your mind. Your mind is already a space and state of peace, your focus upon projecting peace into your mind encourages you to recognise your mind as the vibration of peace.

With practice and focus a beautiful manifestation will occur, you will awaken similar to a well or source within your mind a space of peace. This may feel like a manifestation or opening within your mind influencing your thoughts while creating experiences of contentment. Truthfully this source of peace has always been present you are simply allowing yourself to receive and accept its presence.  Your mind will feel content because your mind is no longer impacting unnecessarily upon your body and emotions, manipulating you to its passing thoughts. You will feel more content because the thoughts created whether perceived as negative or positive simply pass through, with a disciplined habit of only accepting thoughts of empowerment, thus manifesting and distributing these as fuel throughout your being. Your entire being will feel content and peaceful encouraging you to feel as if yo u have peace of mind.

It is time to view yourself and your mind as peaceful, accepting and acknowledging yourself as peaceful. When you accept yourself in this way you attune your frequency to the vibrations of the Creator already present within your being thus allowing you to be inspired by divine consciousness, wisdom and inspiration resulting in enlightenment which is often recognised by many as having peace of mind.

Peace of mind is yours to obtain whenever you wish to accept it as an aspect within your being which is eternally present.

With peace and contentment,


Higher Aspect of Sanat Kumara

SANAT KUMARA ~ The Solstice – Celebrate the Return to Love – 6-23-15


By Meredith Murphy, 06/17/2015

Greetings Beloved Souls
I am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you in this communication, to share with you about this time in your world. About the upcoming Sosltice alignment. About your lives – what is emerging, what is possible, what is important and what might be the most significant aspect available to you, in your experience now. The experience of the return of love.
Love is returning to Earth in wave upon wave of higher frequencies energies being grounded here. Of course all things are made of divine light energy which is love, but the higher frequencies of love the quality of love that you experience as the emotional experience of love, that is what we speak of when we say, love is returning. Love is returning to Earth as you increasingly are embodying the higher frequency aspects of your being.
This is no small thing. It is making life very sweet that all this is happening.
You are living in an amazing configuration. A sphere of experience in which the arrangements are changing. The correspondence is changing. The ways of translating vibration are changing. The relationship to consciousness is changing. All of this is changing in your experience, in this way, and as it does, love is becoming more available to you and in this experience of knowing more love, you are feeling more alive. More hope is available on the Earth, for the sense of potential within human life is opening up.
This is an extension, a mirroring of the way in which the energetic field of the planet Earth has also opened up. The whole way in which Earth is present in the galaxy energetically, has been transformed and is continuing to change. It is becoming a more uplifted sphere of experience.
Why is this?
For one thing, for some time now there has been a momentum in your worl about positive thought. About the value and benefit of positive thinking. This idea, although it has it’s flaws, is fundamentally positive! It is fundamentally beneficial to think positively about life and because you are learning this as a species, you are more aware of the tone of your thoughts. The mood you are in and the way your thoughts might relate to this and how all of this is also affecting your body. The mind-body connection is clearly recognized. This is transfomring what it means to be human and what is possible for humanity.
It is important for you to realize that you are living in a time of great change and that your very life is the fulcrum — the pivot point on which this change is being created and experienced. You are the humans with links to the past building bridges into the future. You are setting forth new examples of what it means to be human. There are still on your Earth those who think money and material things are at odds with the spiritual life. There are still those on your Earth who have not awoken to their inner connection and are completely captivated by the sensory experiences. Then there are those of you who are blending and bridging into something very new and expanded. Those of you who are working more unconditionally with the qualities of experience here and letting yourself learn how to be more free.
You are revising your family history, your genetic and soul family lineage as you in embodied form become more free. We have said many of this things to you before and you may be familiar with all of them and yet because you are living in a time of immense transformation and transition, we continue to remind you of these amazing changes you are creating and the context of your experience so as to help you stay focused on the clarity of the experience. We want you to see clearly how much you are revising and how much you are changing. We want you to claim this and to use it to become even more loving and unconditional in relating to yourselves, which you know is such a huge key to the empowerment you are opening up. Self-love is making it all possible.
We greet you too, today, knowing the energies on your planet have been very high pitched lately and the Solstice is this week. It is a time of wonderful possibilities and for you, to use these energies by coming together to feel your connection with the land, with the sky, with the sun, with one another and with all that you are. To live out your blendedness with one another. To open up to the magical experience of conscious multidimensionality, together and to celebrate the shifts and turns of your lives. The Sosltice might symbolize for you too, how much light you are letting in. How sometimes it truly ebbs away and other times it’s at such a pitch you cannot imagine holding any more energy. Yet all of it is part of your movement through space. A movement which you are using quite intentionally to temper your energetic capacity and grow your embodiment.
It is amazing and inspiring to behold and we relish each opportunity we have to share with you and celebrate your success.
As we come into this commincation we have one further thing we wish to share at this time and this is perhaps the most important gift we could give you: dear ones, have fun. Let yourselves have fun. Play more. Do what you want, more often. Let yourselves be free. Let yourselves choose to be free and see how it changes your life. See how much more is possible then you grew up believing. Let yourselves make the choices you want whenever you feel ready. Do not consider yourself late to the game, for it is that kind of game you’re in — one which is ripening and changing and you meant for it to be so. That you would continually open up new ways of being and some of that will be reclaiming things you put down long ago, for now you are more whole and can take them up again, with innocence and freshness and without any concerns about anything you might have called aging, or older-ness or whatever.
The ideas that there is a time for things is true and then again, it’s not true at all. It’s poetic to say, “it’s the perfect time.” It’s a wonderful way of being in accord with life. Of being fully present. It is also wonderful to be surprised by the timing of things. To have things return that you thought were gone. To like something you thought you hated. To feel open to something you thought was over. To notice you’re interested in something you never thought “at your age” you would consider. All of this is fresh and alive and for those reasons alone, worth celebrating and enjoying.
Let yourselves have more fun. And all that might mean to you. Fun is important and it is more of a key to living fully than you typically acknowledge and operate from. So why not do that at this Solstice? Declare your intention to be more sunny. More happy. More whole and to get there by having more fun. It’s a valid pathway you know? To all that you are and to all that is. Fun. The effortless way of connection. How is that for an idea?
We love you very much and we celebrate with you, your ongoing return to the fullness of your being, while here — in this most beautiful and abundant world, of so much beauty and such great and continually expanding potential.
I am Sanat Kumara

SANAT KUMARA – Mass Wave of Energy Coming In The Next Few Days – More will be Propelled into 5th Dimension – Awakening Of Humanity – Jenny Schiltz @ Channeling The Masters – 6-10-15

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Mass wave of energy coming – Sanat Kumara – 6-10-15



Sanat Kumara  via Jenny Schilz

Wave after wave of energy is entering your planet in these moments. What you need to understand is these waves are a gift. They contain codes that are changing your DNA and opening you to new and infinite possibilities. As you open, old programming is naturally released. Most of your population is unaware that these changes are taking place and may not realize it for many years until they look back and see the vast changes that have been made. For those that are aware of the process, we look to you to help the others along. You do not do this by pushing your views on another but rather by allowing them the space to go through this process. You do this by simply remaining in your heart and by understanding that all is happening perfectly.

While it is important to help one another, you must be careful not to prescribe to them a way of fixing their journey, as their journey is not broken. When you are tempted to judge someone for their habits, behaviors and even illnesses we ask that you ask yourself if you are in complete knowledge of their soul plan and goals. If you are not, then we ask you not to impose your soul plan upon another. We understand that it is hard to fathom why some would choose their paths, their illnesses, their behaviors and experiences. What must be understood is that all of you, those aware or not, are all here to perfect your souls, to experience as many dynamics that life in density, in form can offer you. Some of you have experienced this task before here on earth and on other planets. It is you who decided to enter earth in this life with added challenges. Just as when you exercise with weights if you keep the weight the same your muscle growth and definition will stop, so you add more weight to continue. This could be why some of you have chosen difficult lives full of strife and disharmony. Is it not easy to hold your vibration, to know your true self when you are alone? Yet it’s not until you add others and the happenings of daily life that you are truly tested.

Each of you have chosen your obstacles to overcome, they are all different and vast. For this reason one cannot  compare their journey, their path to another’s. Many of you, are true to your loving nature and want to help your fellow traveler. This is noteworthy and to be admired, however we urge you not to judge or label those who seem to be stuck or whom seem unwilling to make change in their own lives. It is they who need your compassion and love the most. We are not suggesting that you sacrifice yourself for another. Instead we ask that you show compassion and restraint, by understanding that you can not do anything more than share your experience, your point of view with another. While some will listen and accept your guidance, for others the exact same message will not help them as each of you are experiencing your own life, designed by the highest aspect of self to achieve your particular soul goals.

You may ask yourself why this is so important at this stage. It is because a mass wave of energy is coming to your planet within the next few days that will propel more into the 5th Dimension and even more to begin the awakening process. This will be felt immediately by some and not for weeks by others. This wave will be uncomfortable and life changing for many. Some will choose to act on the inner urging getting louder and louder, some will retreat further into fear and ego, some will simply let go and see the beauty in the process. None of these are wrong and again are designed and orchestrated by your soul source. Many will be searching for help, guidance and support. It will be your choice if you lead them into fear and judgement or love and acceptance of all they are; knowing that all is in perfect order and all will experience exactly what they have desired to.

We are anxiously waiting and watching the process taking place on your planet. There is the beginnings of momentum now that will eventually consume every man, woman, child, plant, and animal in it’s loving energy. You are returning home.


Personal Conversation with Sanat Kumara

Me: Where is home?

Sanat: It is within you, it is the part of you that is whole and complete. As you merge with yourself you will understand that it matters little where you roam.

Me: What does it mean to be awakened? Is it to be knowledgeable of this process and the different dimensions of this world, seen and unseen?

Sanat: No, it is simply to be heart centered in all that you do, think, and say. This comes in levels. What first people are able to only maintain for moments, they will be able to hold in every moment until it is second nature and unnatural to not be in this place.

Me:  Does that mean we won’t ever get angry?

Sanat: Of course not, to have emotions is part of being human and the experience you asked to receive. What it does mean  is that you will not deliberately harm another and that you are able to see the good in all, even if it is just at their soul level. You will be able to understand that all are playing roles designed to give them the experience and growth they needed.

Me: A friend called and said a 12 year old who has visions told her that he saw their seaside town hit by a tsunami. When I consulted my higher self, I was told that the wave the child is seeing is an energy wave that would inundate everything much like a tsunami would.  It brought up a memory of a dream I had in 2012 where a tsunami hit New York and I was working on pulling people out of the water. For the longest time I feared that an actual tsunami was going to destroy the east coast. Hollywood didn’t help.

Sanat: What you saw was the energy wave that helped to awaken the first wave. You were helping people just as you help them to manage the energies now. What the child is seeing is the incoming large wave of energy that is pushing those awakened and activating others to return to self. It is often a literal interpretation of messages that brings great fear. These and all messages received need to be tested against the heart and corrected or discarded if they cause fear.

Me: Natural disasters do happen though. 

Sanat: Yes, they do and each one is agreed upon by all souls involved. While compassion is essential so is not feeling that things were done to people.

Me: Ok, I see that. There is a greater design than I can see, a plan and a purpose. 

Sanat: Yes, and yours was designed by you.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****


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SANAT KUMARA – THE NEXT PHASE – By Jenny Schiltz – 4-23-15

Sanat Kumara

Many of you have may have noticed the large changes taking place within your person and those who are close to you. Some may even feel that the recent changes, thoughts, and actions are you in fact back sliding, reverting to the way you once were. Do not fret, that is not the case at all. You are being shown areas of your life that either need to change or have changed through this process.

There is no better indicator of how far you have come than to revisit where you were. If you find yourself feeling and reacting as you once did before you have done intense work on self, then congratulations, it is showing you exactly how far you have come and that you in fact contain in you the power to never feel or react that way again. By showing you the different states of energy, of behavior, of consciousness, you are then able to make a conscious choice to shift that energy and resume on your path. Awakening happens in stages and over a long duration, during this process the place from which you started from gets forgotten. We need you to consciously remember this place so that you can see just how much you have in fact changed. This knowledge is important. The next fazes of this process must be made fully aware and without lingering doubt.

Many of you will begin to remember dreams, moments during meditations and lucid dreams where you will feel or see a presence with you. This is your team making contact. Your team consists of your higher self, guides, angels, and many other beings that are here to help you on your journey. This news makes many feel excited as it should, your team is also glad that you have reached the point in your development where the lack of density allows them through.  The goal is to bring you closer to your soul source, to establish an undeniable link between the two of you. If at anytime you become lost in fear or doubt, the attempts at contact will stop until you are more ready. At no point does your team want to harm you or cause you to shut down. This is why it is very important for you to see how far you have come, that this process is indeed real, and that you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Each of you is individual and your experiences will be as such. For some they will dream of their team remembering clearly what was said and felt. Others will remember bits and pieces but will be unable to recall what was said. Some will remember lessons, as each of you is being taught to remember precisely who you are through lessons and glimpses into a life beyond the confines of your world. Some of you will not remember anything, but will innately know that you just had an encounter. For those without fear, you may feel the presence of your team immediately upon awakening, some maybe able to see their guides through their third eye. Some will simply feel that they have a clear guidance system within that is helping them directly.  For those of you beginning to experience these occurrences, again, we say congratulations, you have removed much density from your form. We urge you to keep going and continue removing fear and doubt as well. It is through your gentle knowing that all is well and in the highest order that you will then be able to experience more.

Understand that as each of you create your reality what you focus on is what you will indeed experience. The laws of the universe will have it no other way. Each of you has asked to be on earth during this amazing transition, to remove the density from your body and to remember who you are. If you focus on the belief that malevolent forces are intervening in your growth and with society as a whole, you will slow your progress as you will place blame on others instead of being responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Coming from a place of knowing that all is happening in your highest good for the highest benefit will assist you greatly. If you are full of fear, suspicion, and doubt these will effectively stop your team from accessing you. We want you to look now at how far you have come, the changes you have made, how your capacity to love has increased ten-fold and realize that there is in fact nothing that can stop you but you.

Your planet has been experiencing waves of light coming in ever increasing frequency, you have even felt the effects of the solar flares and meteor showers. The meteor showers are gifts as they help to seed humanity with higher vibrations throughout every level of creation. These codes assist you in making strong, bold moves within and then it will be mirrored in your outer world. You are all learning who you are without the the hindrance of beliefs, thoughts, and parts of your life that no longer serve you. Watch all these aspects leave with gratitude. Do not look back upon what was and use it as a method to degrade yourself or to feel foolish. Does a toddler look upon their crawling self and think that they were gullible, used, and a fool? No, they don’t look back at all but rejoice in the new found freedom. This is what we want from you. Rejoice in your new space, your new freedom and know that soon you will be running.

We are looking upon this new phase with much joy and pride as you have come a long way.


Personal Note:

Conversation with Sanat;

Me: Will everyone be contacted in some shape or form?

Sanat: Yes, once they have lost enough density so that they can vibrate at a frequency that is compatible.

Me: Is fear the biggest reason people are not letting go of density?

Sanat: That and feeling the need to control.

Me: I did a reading recently for someone whose guide says that she is full of fear, she says that she is just cautious. Is it possible that people can be holding on to more fear than they realize?

Sanat: Yes, fear is in every aspect of your culture. Look at your news and social media, it shows you repeatedly the worst aspects of humanity and does not tell you that for every horrible act there were a 100 acts of love and kindness taking place in your world.  Look at the shows that are considered entertainment, many people’s favorites focus on crime and medical dramas. It shows people that at any moment something terrible can happen to you and your family. It is so prevalent in your culture, that it has become the norm. It has made people afraid of their fellow man, but they often can not tell you why. Their only reference for the bad behavior is through what they are told happened to others.

Me: But bad things do exist and horrific things do happen

Sanat: Yes, but all of these were chosen at a soul level for a particular learning purpose. None of it is random.

Me: Many people hear that and feel that it is cold, callus, as if it lacks sympathy for those that have gone through a tragic event.

Sanat: On the contrary, it is then in your contract that these events are to teach you sympathy, compassion, assistance, and love.

I hope that these questions helped clarify things for you as they did me and that the message resonates deep within.

Love to you all, Jenny.…

Sanat Kumara via JennySchiltz – Utilizing the Eclipse Energies – 3-24-15

Sanat Kumara  via  JennySchiltz

You are in a most auspicious time. You are embroiled in the eclipse energies that are affecting every living thing including the earth.

How much is dependent on you, your intentions, your drive and desire to no longer be who you were before. This is not about becoming a new person or leaving your current place on earth.

This is about embracing and welcoming who you truly are. In order to do that you must be willing to undo and move through all that no longer serves.

There have been many important times in the recent years that have given humanity a much needed boost in the ascension process.

These have been astrological events coupled with perfectly timed codes that activate areas within your mind and body. None have been as important as the one you are in right now.

However, please understand that none of this will help you to the degree it can if you are resistant, holding onto beliefs and patterns or are simply losing old beliefs and incorporating new ones you acquired while awakening.

Now is the time to let all that go, let go of anything that cause you to feel tension or strife within your body. When a body is full of tension, anger, or anxiety it is not able to process the codes streaming to the earth properly.

This is why so many are exhausted as the body is forced to shut down and sleep allowing the codes to make changes within without the interference of ego and the thinking mind.

The more you release yourself from the thoughts and behaviors that cause the body to feel tension the more seamlessly you will be able to handle downloads without your body having to rest.

Many are ill and uncomfortable in these moments. Some of this is a function of detoxification an in some it is a way to force you to slow down, even stop, so that your body can assimilate all that it can, In the fastest period of time.

Honoring the body when it needs rest will help you tremendously. Some of you are experiencing reoccurring infections, pain or illness to specific areas of the body. These are clues to what you may be resisting.

The sinus cavity and teeth hold limiting beliefs and old programming. Is there a part of you that is resisting your unlimited potential? Your lungs and throat often hold deep emotions and trauma. Is there something or someone, even yourself that you need to forgive? Is there grief that you are holding?

Your back, shoulders and knees are also common areas that some experience pain. We ask you, do you feel that you are not supported? Do you feel as if you the weight of the world bearing down on your form?

Are you taking responsibility for things you cannot control? Are you unable to surrender fully to this process? We give you this information so that you can look at how you are handling the energies so that you can see areas where you are still holding on.

As we explained in the last transmission everyone will be or has been disconnected from the old grid and reconnected to the new. We expect this to be completed by April 6th.

For those that have already been connected to the new grid, they may find that their thoughts and behaviors that need changing, need reprogramming are becoming very apparent.

They will feel almost foreign or out of place. This is a wonderful opportunity to choose to see things differently, to do differently. This is a perfect time to leave victimization behind and understand that all is in your highest good.

There is nothing in your world that has not been agreed upon by the highest aspect of self for your learning and growth.

Once you understand that all is beautifully orchestrated even when it seems to be chaos, the more you will experience peace. Once you surrender to this knowledge you will then become the master creator you are meant to be.

We ask that everyone be mindful of their thoughts, behaviors, and routines. Look at what is helping you and what is not.

Often it is not a person or circumstance that is hindering you but your beliefs and expectations surrounding it. This is a powerful time to create new in your life, to push your limits and potential. For those that are experiencing endings, it is a new beginning to be faced fearlessly, joyfully.

Until next time,


Personal note:

As with most transmissions I am filled with questions, I share them with you in case you have similar questions.

I have had incredible teeth pain that will come and go and will move locations. Is this me holding onto limiting beliefs?

Yes, that is a component. These need to be released by getting to the root cause of the belief.

Where did it start? Go back in your mind and see how it has evolved into something you are not able to see past.

Also, the cranium and sinus cavities are being expanded. Teeth are shifting to accommodate this and intermittent discomfort can be experienced.

I recently was faced with a situation that in the past would have sent me into fear. Fear of lack (money issues) and fear of the potential outcomes.

I could feel the fear bubble up but then it was like a part of me saw it clearly and was able to stop it in its tracks.

I told myself that if it happened or would happen that it is absolutely in the highest good and if it cost us money that we would be ok and the money would come. Is this what you mean by choosing different?

Yes. How did you feel once you made that realization?

I calmed significantly and was able to think clearly without fear and anxiety. Since that moment the fearful thoughts will pop up now and then, but before I get upset or anxious, I am able to stop them from taking hold.

Good, this is how you step into the new.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****


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