LORD SANANDA via Jenny Schilz – Accelerated Timeline Anchored – Allow all to unfold in its own timing with Deep Trust and Patience – 9-28-16

 Courtesy of   https://iamsananda.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/sananda-incredible-opportunity-ahead-by-jenny-schiltz-we-are-asking-that-each-of-you-suspend-the-beliefs-on-how-you-think-this-transition-will-be-as-each-of-you-are-creating-your-own-realities-so-t/ By Jenny Schiltz, 09/19/2016 * It is important that you understand what an amazing time period you … More

  MAY 19 2016   JESUS/SANANDA Scroll down to April 19th * As the moment of humanity’s awakening approaches, many are … More