Lord Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Archangel Gabriel – WE COME WITH ASTONISHING NEWS! – Channeler Kathryn E May – 2-7-15


My beloved brothers and sisters, I come with astonishing news.  This will be a long and very thorough message because there is so much to tell, and because Sanat Kumara, the one you have loved and known as Father God, wishes to talk with you, and so does Archangel Gabriel.

It is difficult to know where to start, but I think I will begin by passing the talking stick to Father God, because so many of you have said you were sad to hear of his leaving for the new Universe.  Let’s let him tell you what it is like, and what his work will be.


Father God/Sanat Kumara:

Oh, yes, my Dear Ones, it is I, as interested in you and close to you as ever.  We have a very good communication portal open and operative, so you may talk with me just as you used to.  I want to reassure you that I am not gone, and that distance is really no obstacle when Cosmic Love is concerned.  I am smiling at all of you and pinching Kathryn’s toe just like the old days.  (K:  He is, and we are laughing.)

There is wonderful news for you, so I won’t go into great detail this time, but I will give you a rundown next time to tell you what the new Universe is like.  You are going to be very fascinated to know that in spite of the same template being used to create and maintain the balances in solar systems, galaxies and other cosmic phenomenon, the variety and wonder of this Creation is breathtaking.  I know you will be enthralled when you see what we are doing here.  I hope you will come to pay us a visit when you have completed your work on Earth, whenever that may be.  We have planets of such wonder and beauty, based on the Earth plan, that I know it will “knock your socks off”.

It is a thrilling time in the Multiverse, and I can tell you all eyes are on little Terra, with all hearts aligned to support and encourage the brave Lightworkers, both on the ground and above, who have their combined shoulders to the wheel to carry all through this tumultuous time and into your golden future.  I am proud to have been among you, dear Masters.  This time will never be forgotten by all of us who took part in the rescue and restoration of beloved Terra and her human space travelers.

I send you endless Love from Mother God (Lady Venus) and I.  I will remain forever your Father God if you wish to think of me that way.  I am your Sanat Kumara.



Thank you, my friend and brother, Sanat.  Yes, indeed, we will never be separated, regardless of the distance between physical locations.  Our Universes join more closely in spirit every day.

Now let me tell you of the monumental developments on Earth.  Many of you are aware from our radio call and from last week’s message that there was an unprecedented attack by the cabal on our negotiating team, as we were on our way to the table to work out a plan of peace in which the cabal leaders, all of whom are now in human bodies, and who were being offered various terms of amnesty, if they were willing to relinquish their hold on Earth.

Your Kathryn had developed a plan to offer them the only terms the dark ones would even consider, which was “retirement with honor” rather than insisting on “surrender.”  It was a marvelous program, designed to pique their curiosity and play most strongly on their battle fatigue as well as their arrogance and pride.  We had great hopes for a quick and peaceful settlement when we were suddenly ambushed by a small team of assassins with scalar weapons.

Their behavior was utterly beyond Universal Law, and has since created ripples of consternation across the Multiverse.  Our Kathryn’s Higher Self was rather severely disrupted (I can tell you this now that she is recovering), and I was only grazed on my arm, thanks to her quick action, which probably saved my life, but left her badly injured.  Other friends who were in the area felt the cellular disruption of being exposed to the devastating weapon, which has been banned throughout the Universe because of its power to injure not only physical bodies but Lightbodies as well.  It was a horrific act.

The repercussions were swift and severe.  Source demanded an end to all negotiations and declared the finish to free will participation on Earth by anyone who remains in allegiance to the dark.  We were taken to recover, and our Kathryn was put on “life support” until her Higher Self could be completely repaired and healed.  You see, we can share our life energy by entering a body in need of support, in the case of injury or illness to either the body or the soul.  And so, we were all ministered to with the greatest love by our Archangels and by the skilled Arcturian team who specialize in this kind of work.  We have all recovered nicely, and are more committed than ever to completing this precious mission.

The dark ones were given one week to decide to come to the Light or be dissolved. During this time they will be under close surveillance by all the angels so they can’t meet to plan revenge attacks, they can’t communicate with each other, their transportation off the planet has been stopped by the Ashtar Command, and they have no access to the tunnels where we created high vibration Light energy.  True, there are a few places we may not have reached, but the majority of their stronghold has been “cleansed.”

We have sentinels everywhere watching their movements.  Many have already agreed to work with us, so we have “double agents” who understand that they will all be dissolved if they do not follow orders from Source.  This time they stepped over the line so blatantly that there is no return.

Perhaps we will have a celebration during the Wednesday radio show next week.  We are now already three days into the week they were given.  We gave them until Wednesday, and using the convenient radio show time to announce their final departure, we said 8 pm EST.  We will be announcing the end of all who have aligned with the dark and their rule on Planet Earth.

Indeed we are not joking.  It takes a lot to rouse Source, but he was outraged that they tried to kill us on our way to the negotiating table.  The decision is final and irrevocable.

Yes, Beloved Family, it is really over.  They will be taken off the planet. The ones who agree to come to the Light will be taken to the ships in what will seem like no time to those around them. It will allow for a complete amnesty for those who agree to come to the Light.  There will be no “perp walk” for the offenders.  They will either stay or go, but if they think they can stay without being “rehabbed” they will have a big surprise.  Once they have come to the Light, their DNA will be changed to crystalline based LoveLight.  They will no longer be capable of the horrifying behavior they were immersed in. No one will be allowed to return until they are completely cleansed of the feelings and memories of being participating cabal members.

It looks as if some of them are continuing their rebellion against God, refusing the deal.  They still think they have a choice.  They are so used to getting their way that their arrogance blinds them.  Kathryn’s lifelong training has prepared her for just this work. Because of her open connection to us, she can participate in the Higher Dimensional meetings.  She will demonstrate to them that we know how they think and always have known.  This astonishes them, and they also can’t understand our reluctance to take revenge.

You may be uneasy about who will be “picked out of the line-up” and who will not, and how we avoid making mistakes.  There are many who were not official cabal members who have lived the life of darkness.  We use a simple measure – the amount of darkness in the person’s being.  It is easy for us to see.  They are all being approached (their Higher Selves) by angels and read the contract.  Their Higher Selves are now fully aware of the deadline.

Because of their many lifetimes without returning to Source, their souls have been damaged.  Many have been subjected to torture, and sometimes violent electrical shocks in the process of their “training.”  Their Higher Selves are not connected to Source the way ours are, so they do not know the love of our Creator, even in their subconscious minds the way some of you did before you awakened.

As Father God told you in his “When God Pinched My Toe” messages, they spent many lifetimes “recycling” between Earth and the 4th dimension, without returning to the rest and comfort of the Higher Dimensions.  Now they will be given no choice, because they egregiously abused the concept of choice.

As I send you these words, I can feel the irrational fear and doubt in those who have not yet removed the dark cell, or who are reactivating the dark ideas within.  You are afraid for yourself or your relatives or friends.

You may be uneasy about who will be “picked out of the line-up” and who will not, and how we avoid making mistakes.  There are many who were not official cabal members who have lived the life of darkness.  We use a simple measure – the amount of darkness in the person’s being.  It is easy for us to see.  They are all being approached (their Higher Selves) by angels and read the contract.  Their Higher Selves are now all aware of the deadline.

Rest assured, we do not scoop up people who are of the Light, or who have not begun to awaken, or those who may have done some regrettable things in their lives.  This is not – let me repeat – THIS IS NOT PUNISHMENT.  It is a way out of the darkness for those who could not have done it otherwise, because of the pressure of their families and friends who are the darkest of the dark.

Today was a monumental day in our progress toward freedom for Terra.  We have been communicating with the highest members of the cabal, and they are beginning to take our zero tolerance position seriously.  They have at last understood that they no longer have a choice to threaten and destroy.  Their only chance is to come back to the Light.

Our greatest challenge has been with the heads of the 13 families.  We have used our program of negotiation to convince them they could resign with honor.  Many of them are old, and they are tired of the constant competition from their minions, and the growing investigations of dedicated journalists and activists who have not bought their lies.

They have felt this day coming for some time, since the upsurge of Light energies that became so apparent in 2012.  With this week’s ultimatum they have gone through stages of disbelief, panic, crocodile tears and defiance, but have come full circle to the point where they see this is no longer a game they can win by bullying, bribing, manipulating and assassination.

Our recovery from the attack earlier in the week, and the capture and disintegration of the attackers, who so foolishly tried to change the course of cosmic history with their weapons, has turned the tables on them, leaving them dumbfounded.  They are completely without any recourse but to surrender.

Billionaires, as a rule, like to think of themselves as benevolent and honorable members of society. Bankers, CEOs and rich merchants are fond of being honored as philanthropists, however puny their contributions to society might be.  They have occasionally felt the warm glow of doing something of service, and so many of them have a small, well, let us say tiny, glimmer of Light to work with.

The Rockefellers have been wavering a bit toward feelings of curiosity, in spite of some regret and nostalgia for the old days, and several of them are likely to relent.  They also feel the pull of the younger ones, who have removed themselves from the hidebound restrictions of American royalty to join environmental and social movements their parents only pretended to give lip service to.

Today, the elder Rothchild gave up the fight and agreed to go to the Light.  He will spend as much time in the Light Chambers and in the retraining and rehumanizing courses as needed.  No dark one will be returned to life on the surface without a complete change of heart.  We do not mean a change of expression, or a temporary change of attitude.  We want to reassure you that we are not fooled by clever acting.  We see the deep change in a soul and in a heart when a person truly awakens to feelings of Love, gratitude and reverence.  There is no fakery permitted in Ascension School.

We are having similar results with the English crown and the Vatican.  The Brits are so used to pretending magnanimous feelings, and the newest wave of genuine feeling with the birth of a new generation has awakened stirrings even among the most mannered and practiced hypocrites.  In Rome, Pope Francis’ increasingly bold expressions of expansiveness and liberal thinking have already set the stage for change. They know their days are numbered.

The Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Kissinger contingent, along with their Israeli counterparts led by Netanyahu and his Mossad cronies are more belligerent.  Their vicious attack on us, the negotiators and diplomats in this effort at reconciliation, was largely because of our strong presentation – a gift of forgiveness and peace in fact – which was seen by them as an attack.  They were outraged by our tendency, especially on the part of our women, toward good humor and quick wit, which they see as a challenge to their masculinity and power. Of course, their reflex response to imagining they are under attack is vengeance.

This is a group so used to putting on a performance and successfully duping everyone -or at least silencing them – that they are outraged by our straightforward refusal to fear them.  They have been so insulated by their wealth and power they simply ignore any challenge to their constant propaganda and lies. They are astounded to see that Children of the Light are not the weaklings they were taught to believe we were.  Meeting us up close and personal, as they say, was a real shock to them.

They are under house arrest, in effect, and they are beginning to realize that nothing will change for them between now and Wednesday.  This amazes them, since they cannot snap their fingers, stage-manage a false flag event, start a war, and come away richer and more powerful than ever before. Their formula for controlling the world is obsolete.

We are working our way down the ranks and across the globe.  Since we only need to talk to their Higher Selves, it is a fairly simple thing to track them down and bring them in to our talks.  We convince them of Creator’s power to give life or to take it away, and the rest is up to them.  It is not something they have understood except as a prelude to vengeance.  Many cannot comprehend the idea that they could be welcomed back, accepted or loved.  They have never felt such things in this life, and they have little inner sense of what Creation really means.

It is very sad to see how terribly damaged many of the cabal operatives truly are. We are working very hard to help them understand the simplest concepts and the deepest truth – that we are all created in love and are part of the Great Project of Ascension.  All of us together, without exception, are made from Love, the God particle as it is recently called, and there are none who cannot be freed from darkness.  We are working so hard to bring all of them back to the Light.

We’re doing well, except for a few thoroughly-trained assassins.  It is difficult to break through the complete descent into psychopathology, as you know.  The turbulent feelings many of you are experiencing in the emotional environment are the fear, confusion and horror of those who are realizing this is real, and they are trapped.  We encourage you to keep an objective and loving point of view, and remain in your hearts as we ride out these last days together.

For the first time in many millennia, the dark ones who turn to the Light really cannot be accused of being traitors or turncoats by their peers.  Their only wish is to remain as souls, to continue the experience of Life, whatever that might be for them, here on the other side of the Divide.

We want to ask all who read this to join with us in the great effort to rescue the lost ones, to teach compassion and forgiveness to beings who have never seen or felt such emotions.  Please send your passionately heartfelt appeal to all the dark ones to return, accept the mantle of Light and come with us to complete this magnificent journey together.  Our hearts break with the pain of seeing that some of our brothers and sisters may choose a certain end rather than open their hearts and minds to our Love.

Those who wish to come to the Light will immediately come under the protection of the Community of Angelic Beings who have organized themselves into an enormous Battalion of Light to escort the lost souls Home.  They will be led by our beloved Archangel Gabriel, who is now going to speak with you about his role, and reveal to you his true identity.



This week marks the end of the Lucifer Project.  There will be no more dark oversight on Planet Earth.  Our Lucifer can now move into the Light as his true identity, which is I, Archangel Gabriel. He will no longer be needed to do the “dirty work” of being the double agent and liaison between the Company of Heaven and the dark forces.

Beloved Ones, life is going to be constant delight, relief, joy, happiness.  We are beside ourselves here.  Our only regret comes in the knowledge that we will be losing some of the beloved souls who came here originally to play the role of dark ones, but who lost their way.  The effect of generations of brainwashing and separation created too much damage.  We are very sad about that.  Father is filled with emotion, but there is nothing more to do to try to win them back to the Light other than to give them the free will choice to join with us.

Once the ceremony is complete, welcoming those who decide to take the leap into the Light, there will be endless celebration.  We will honor those lost in the battle as you would honor your fallen soldiers.  They will have a place in our history as much as the Lightworkers will.  This phase of the conflict between dark and Light is a historic turning point for Planet Earth.

We are relieved beyond words, and experiencing a sense of fulfillment – the fulfillment of our Destiny – the triumph of Light in this part of our Milky Way Galaxy.  There is still work to be done, but Mother Terra is now free to proceed with her Ascension without fear of nuclear attack or devastation from the cabal.

I join with you, Beloved Friends, by announcing this small truth about my identity as a Child of God.  Let it no longer be said that there is a Satan, or a Devil or a Lucifer who represents evil.  He is no more.  He was an illusion, a slight of hand, a dramatic role I played in the struggle to bring Light to our beloved Terra.  The curtain has closed on that  historic drama.  We are now free to move on to the full unfolding of our glorious New Golden Age.

As I hang up my costume and the stage lights go dark, I return to take my place beside Source, among my beloved Angels and Masters, no longer incognito, in hiding from the scrutiny of the cabal.

Hear my trumpet now, dear humankind, announcing the coming of Truth and Justice to our beloved Planet Earth. Let it be known today to all, on both sides of the Divide between Light and Dark that Lucifer is dead.  Long live the Light!

I am your Gabriel, in Love.


The proceeding collection of messages was transcribed in its entirety over a 24-hour period ending February 7, 2015, by Kathryn E. May.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD.  Permission is given to copy and share these messages, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.  Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.


Flashpoint, Shift Now Taking Place – Ashtar, Sananda, One Who Serves – 11-4-14


Lord Ashtar

Ashtar channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco  –  Sananda and OWS channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)



Greetings. I am your brother, Ashtar. I have not sat with this group in some time because there have been so many others who have been eager to sit with you in this manner. You are so fond to me and I am happy to be with you again. There is so much excitement in all planes right at this moment and yes, we called forth to Susan last night that she might turn her ear and her eye to us and allow us to fill her with the joyous messages that we bring today.

I am in the service of Lord Sananda and the Galactic mission that has been taking place. And yes, we seeded the conversation today so that you might explore many different aspects of what the messages would bring in this part of the afternoon. And it was important for me to share with Susan the difference in perspective that we hope to seed the planet with today. And yes, that is indeed a word that we used this morning for these are not only messages that would be delivered in this wonderful home and environment but we have seen this audience build exponentially through the sources that have picked the messages up and taken them worldwide. But in addition, it is a part of that mass consciousness and the shifting of the consciousness that has been brought upon this planet; not only from this group but from so many groups that have been bringing similar messages.

When you see the same language that is spread, for instance take the word “frequency” that was used some months ago and it was “picked” up, was it not, and used across the planet. This is no small thing this group you call, “Prepare for Change” that has been meeting now for more than a year. This has been a Divine Agreement for all of you to come, to participate, to share and to be ones who are “seeding” the mass consciousness to prepare for the shift.

The word that we would introduce now is, differing “objectives”. Not good or bad. Not light or dark. You are all one. We are all one. Yes, even in our experiences we have had battles mighty. And this upon the planet has been a battle mighty. But again, it has been the “objective” for some to rule over the many, for a few to rule over the many. That was their objective. And our objective was to bolster you with power, with the push of passion, of believe-ability and yes, the word “magik” has come into your vocabulary more and more for this that has happened is magical.

No longer will you see those that have been in opposition to the good of the many in favor of the good of the few standing in your way. No longer will you come to see them as the “bad” ones, the evil ones. You are all one! It is merely a difference of opinion of how things should be run. And when you can get to that belief system and continue to feed the new language into the existing belief system and into the world’s consciousness, you will see that their power has been stripped and will continue to be filled instead of the vacancy and void with love, caring and concern for all.

The bell HAS rung! That clarion bell that has been spoken of so many times of waiting for it to ring, it HAS been run! What does that mean? It means that the flashpoint shift is NOW taking place. The flashpoint, the tipping point that you have been waiting for when things make that shift and continue in a major way to change the world is here. This is why we called upon Susan so furtively last night. For she needed to hear and to bring this to you so that you might know that the time for you to shift your waiting to NOW to experience the new is at this moment!

We are so excited about the new opportunities. We are well aware of those in the world who continue to write of the wars between “good and bad” and that the war is waging on. But please take the time now to change that message to the world and say that it HAS turned. The tipping point has happened and the bell HAS rung. And freedom for all beings and all people is here!

We bring you this message with the greatest of love. And it has been our pleasure to speak with you at times in a humorous mode but today was the day to speak with you with strength, with confidence and to imbue you with that same understanding and the same joy as we are feeling. For as we move forward in the Ascension process with the freeing of the planet from the dichotomy and the battles of good and evil, of dark and light, and now go forward and continue in every moment of every hour of every day to see that everyone is opening their hearts and their  minds to unity, to moving forward and accepting the new. And yes, it was part of the plan today to have Ginny bring the meditation through. It is why Susan and James looked at one another and said, “Thought you were doing it!”  It was our plan to have a new meditation today, a new understanding and a new experience for those who had not yet experienced Virginia’s messages and meditations as she presented them on the Fourth of July weekend. It was our intention to introduce a new and unexpected experience into the day. It had been planned.

All of you, each of you, are here because you are magnificent Masters. And your new step, your new understanding is within your grasp. For it is just listening, listening to those who are with you as they speak directly. Learn for yourselves how you can embrace the messages to know that you are not out of your mind when you hear voices. To forget the old programming and KNOW that you are in the new world! Your new world experience is direct contact with the Ascended Masters, with those from Hollow Earth, with those of the Galactic Brothers and Sisters, such as myself and also with the Archangels, with your personal guides. The new world is that you see them all. You hear them all.

Believing is seeing, indeed. Know that as you move forth today that you move forth into a new world. And that each of you has the responsibility to say, ‘I AM, I CAN.”  And to be ready to accept all of the new you that you are learning about. You will have messages in dreams. You will have messages spoken to you. You will have feelings in your heart. You will have new understandings.

This is the time for your true purpose and destiny to be revealed to you. And as you accept it and say, “I AM”, you will move forward into it with grace, with strength and with mastery. This is why you have joined this group. This is why you have taken upon you the “mission”. To take this into the world and to do all the magnificent work that you have already accomplished.

We thank you. We bless you. We bow to you. For you are Masters just as we. And we look forward to walking hand in hand, arm in arm with you into this new, exciting existence.

I leave you today with the greatest joy upon our hearts, the greatest love and peace and the excitement of being able to see you eye to eye, face to face and walk with you arm in arm.

Belovedly. Your brother, Ashtar.





This is Sananda, following my brother in the same tone and the same message of seriousness, of strength but of love and compassion and always, oneness. But know this day, the time is NOW. Those of you in this group and many who would read these words have been preparing for these times. You have been preparing, waiting, and knowing all along that all of your efforts would come to fruition. Yes, many of you have been dismayed but you struggled on. You kept on going, never faltering.

We, those of us who work with you and mentor to you are here now to share with you, to show you the way. But you, yourselves, have prepared the way, here on this planet. Without you there could be no “us”. Without you, there would be no peace. There would be no conquering of those of the forces of darkness.

It has been said many times that you are the ones you have been waiting for. Many have been waiting for those outside of themselves to come and save. But, alas, you know that is not the way, for it is you, yourselves that have paved the way. You are the “way, the truth and the life”.

It is time now to move along in your mission. To prepare, to continue the preparation for all that you have come here to do. We have been watching over you, giving you hints, giving you tools. Such as meditations, your activations, all of these things that have been happening to this group and to many who would read these words. It is you, each one, who must take upon yourselves this mission that you have come here to complete.

It is time now to prepare to complete that mission. You have reached the end, my brothers and sisters, my friends. All that came here with me to this planet long ago have been gathered once again to bring about these changes here upon the planet. You are the ones together with all of those who have traveled here to work behind the scenes. You are all working behind the scenes to bring about the many changes that must be. So that the Earth and all that reside upon and within the Earth can move on in their Ascension, move on to higher vibrations.

It is time. It is time to go about your Father’s mission, each one. All will be revealed in time or as the frequency calls for it. But, I, Sananda, tell you now just as my brother, Ashtar, this IS that moment that you have been longing for, that you have been waiting and preparing for.

True, there will be evidences yet of a three-dimensional understanding, those things which continue to happen to lower the expectations, to bring about the lower vibrations of fear and hate and anger. But those of you who respond to the higher vibrations will see all those around you in your own inner circles, will see all of you raising into the higher vibrations. As Ashtar has said, we are excited. We are excited for you to know that once again you will be reunited with all of your brothers and sisters from all realms of the cosmos, from all levels of consciousness. And a grand reunion is at hand!

Be patient, my friends. Just a little longer. For you will begin now to manifest what you call “magik” but what we call reality, we call vibration. All is happening now as it must happen. And you, each one, are in that consciousness to bring about these changes upon not only you but on the entire planet and all of those upon the planet.

We await the higher energies within you to come forth, the higher knowings to be revealed. And when they are, just as Ashtar has spoken, we will be here with you, hand in hand and arm in arm to continue into the new understanding, the new age of enlightenment.

I am Sananda. Go in peace and love. To all of those that you mentor to, to all of those you find yourself in relationship of some type, to all of those you come in contact with in your every day movements. And share these words. Not in words such as this but in vibration. In knowings, deeper knowings. For every time you have a thought, that thought moves out and travels upon the various grids that have been spoken about into the collective consciousness where Universal Mind resides. All pick up on those thoughts and the more focused the thoughts are, the more they are picked up with other thoughts of like. They all come together and this is what brings about true change into this illusion that has been created. But know that this illusion is receding very fast. And you are on the verge now of moving beyond it entirely.

Peace and love be with each of you. I am Sananda, your brother, your friend, your companion in all that you have been through and all that you will continue to move into.

One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves”  here to follow-up on all of that wonderfulness there. Difficult to follow those two would you not say this? But we will do our best here. We are always up to the challenge in all ways and always. We are here to answer your questions but first to give a message of our own here.

That is to know that all that is going on, all that is happening, as has been said, is for a reason and you are each one upon your mission that you came here to do and you are very fast moving into that. You are going to begin to have very many experiences. You have been discussing your experiences in your discussion earlier of course we have been eavesdropping as we always do and you have had many expressions of multidimensional understanding and knowing and these things that are taking you out of the three dimensional illusion that you have been in for some time and you are beginning to experience outside of that.

Beyond workings of the unseen world, you might say, but the unseen world is very soon to become the “seen” world, the knowing, and the everyday expression. Just as you have had the everyday three dimensional illusion that has been going on, you are going to have the everyday expression of the fifth dimensional understanding and vibration. When that happens it will be a glorious day every day! Can you imagine waking up and moving out and saying what a wonderful and glorious day it is and really have it be so? You see? We know you say this sometimes but then you fall back again and say it is just the “same old, same old”.

Now Sananda has said, Ashtar has said, many are saying, it is not going to be that way very much longer. You will experience the love, the higher expressions, the oneness and we are there with you right through this and will continue to be with you so while you are celebrating we are going to be celebrating and we are going to be so joyous about this. As you can see, we cannot contain ourselves right now! We are so happy for you. Please understand this is not December 21, 2012. But also understand that what you were expecting at that time was going to happen, it was real, most of you in this room and reading these words, were going to have that expression. It was real. It was planned. But as you know at the last moment it was decided by the collective consciousness that it was not to be at this time. You were not going to leave any one behind, as your Marine saying says, let nobody be left behind. And those of you who are here now have not left your brethren behind, yes, there are some who will decide to be left behind and that is there choice.

Those of you, it is time now. It is time to move on and have your new expression. The more you can ignore all of those things that are happening in the media, all of those things that are happening in the mass media it is time to move beyond it all, do not pay any attention to it. Look at and see it for what it is and as you do so and as you move on, many others around you will move on, not even knowing they are doing so. It is just one leads to another and to another and to another and pretty soon you have that geometric progression. Soon all the lights are coming on in all of the beings around the planet, you see?

This is what is happening now and you are going to experience it more and more. Allow for this expression. Allow for this magik to come out. It is not magic with a “c”, it is magik with a “k” in terms of older more spiritual understanding of what magik is. It is simply an intention, an intention of creating that which you intend to create and knowing that it has already been created when you intended for it to be created. You see? You will get that when you read it later.

That is our message here. Now would you have any questions for “One Who Serves”? Yes, we are on a roll here!

Question: I had a dream this week that someone was giving birth and then I was giving birth.

It is the multidimensionality we have been talking about. Yes, you had the precognitive dream about your daughter and her having twins but it is also the birth of a new you, the birth of a new understanding upon the planet here and when we say you we mean the collective you out there. It is the birth of a new understanding, a new knowing, a new creation and that is what this was signifying here.

Question:I have been having a lot of headaches in my Crown Chakra area. Is that an Ascension symptom?

Sometimes, various symptoms are just symptoms but also understand that many things are happening to many, all are having many different types of symptoms from all of the energies coming in, because of the Earth, herself, going through birth pains in a sense, and the Earth preparing.

It has been said that the Earth has already ascended and that is correct but the Earth is also preparing for those of you to ascend with her and is preparing the way, you might say. So in order to do that, she is having her different expressions, symptoms of Ascension you might say but also you yourselves are having these as your bodies are changing; your physical bodies, your mental bodes, your emotional bodies, your spiritual bodies they are all changing and shifting in consciousness and as they shift it brings about something different from what you experienced before, something out of the ordinary, you might say.

We must say here that those things that are familiar to you in your life are going away. This has been said before but it is very prominent now. Many of the familiars in your life are going to be changing. There are aspects that are going away, this job or this house or this place I reside in or the stores that I go to, all of these things are going to be altered and you are going to look for other avenues of expression.

Let’s say you go to the same shopping store all the time and all of a sudden you are going to say, “No, I am going to this other store, over here,” and it is just a little bit of a shift, it is a shift in consciousness and it is not just you who are reading these words but it is many who are going to have this. There are many who are going to shift from the cities out into the country. More and more are going to want to experience nature, be around water, being in the wind rustling through the trees, going into different areas. The call is going out to you. It is shouting that it is time now to move on in whatever experience is calling to you and whatever that might be; it is time to listen to that as well.

Does this answer your question?

Question: Am I going to move to a place where Mother Nature will be around me?

As you know, we do not answer those kinds of questions. Good try. But trying is not doing. We cannot answer that in the affirmative but we can tell you to listen to your inner guidance and it will tell you. It will give you the understanding. Look in your heart. Not in your mind. Not in the old familiar ways but in your heart and listen to that wee small whisper that will come to you and you will have your answer. Also, in terms of synchronicities and it will say to you it is time to do this or to do that. This is not just for you but for all. Much, much more will come in areas of synchronicity. Watch for it and the more you watch for it the more it will come and the more it comes the more you will watch for it and the more it will continue to come, on and on, you see? This is the believing is seeing. The more you believe something, the more you will see it. And then as you see it and it happens than it happens more and more and more.

As you see things through your peripheral vision and you look over there and see that there is nothing there, but you realize there was something there, as soon as you have that thought you realize it was there and it wasn’t your imagination or some crazy thought you had then it will happen more and more and soon you will look and begin to see in a multidimensional fashion and time will stand still. And this is what has been happening. You stop time. Do you understand this, even just for a moment!

Do not have to have a handle on mechanics. You only have to have a deeper knowing within yourself. The answers are already there for all. They are already within you. And the mechanics of why this is happening is not necessary to know. That is the old way of scientific thinking. You must have a reason for this or have an understanding of how this happened or whatever. This is the old way. Yes, that was important in your three dimensional illusion to create it you see? But in your new understanding that you are moving toward, this will no longer be the case.

You will have, at some point, where all of these things that we are speaking of and you are working toward, the magik and all of this, will be instantaneous. Yes, you will have devices and things to use in your computers and your replicators to have the creation process happen. In terms of your scientific knowledge and knowing and this entire but all of that will also dissipate and you will move beyond it. What will be the need of a replicator when you can simply put your hand out and have it appear immediately in your hand?

You see? So it is a progression. Now, you have to have the money and go to a store and buy the item you want and bring it home and put in on the stove to cook it and all this type of things and then you will move to using the replicators. It is already in your three dimensional understanding in terms of the 3D printing. It is the beginning of this. The replicator will take it beyond that and then you will have your replicator, dial for the “cup of Earl Black tea” you see? And it shows up piping hot tea! The replicator will be ancient history and you will have whatever you need. You see? This is the shift. This is the shift of consciousness that is coming. It is showing up in your movies, have you not noticed this, your “X-Men” and magic of all different kinds in your movies?  Pay attention. This is shouting to you. This is the new way.

Question: I had a dream about a UFO, very large, and a jet was chasing it. What I awoke to was a jet diving. After that I heard a humming noise. Last night the humming noise was back. What is it?

We are going to tell you, that you are experiencing the shift in your sleep state and in your awakening state and you are standing on the edge you might say. One minute you fall over one way and the other minute you fall the other way because you are, in a sense, a balanced point. Something that shifts in your consciousness or occurs outside of yourself causes you to fall in one way or another. Do you understand this analogy? No. I do not.

We will try again. You, not only you, but all of you are on this edge. Teetering falling one way or another in terms of higher consciousness, higher vibrations, fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond and also moving and teetering back to your old familiar ways, to your comfort zone, all of these things. You see? And you are on that edge and have been there for some time but now you are teetering now toward the higher vibration side because of the moment you’re using your creative side. You are now more and more experiencing the unseen, the metaphysical world. You have had it for a very long time but you are allowing it now. You are going to find that if you allow it, it will happen more and more.

Now to your exact dream that you are having, on one hand it was meant for you to have in a dream and it was coming to you in your higher state, showing you the higher vibrations within the wakening state. And yes, you are hearing that humming sound and yes, if you had gone outside you would have experienced something. We are not going to say exactly what, for that is the surprise that is coming. You see?  Do you understand this?

Question: Should I go outside next time?

Yes! Yes.

Question: Was the jet following the UFO?

It was made up in your mind but it was not a totally made up manifestation. We know that it is difficult to understand and we are trying to put it into words for you to understand it but please know that eventually you will move beyond the need to understand words or the need for words and move into the telepathic realm and understanding vibration. If we could speak to you in vibration you would totally understand what we are saying here. You are being altered by the humming vibration. It is associated with the base you spoke of. There is not only the Air Force base you spoke of there are UFO bases. There are many UFO bases here. You will be surprised when the time comes. There will be many landings right here! They will not have to travel very far!

Question: We are going to do phenomenal things for Spirit and I would like you to address the mission each of us in the group will be doing.

To answer that, yes, this is where we have been going with this for some time now, in moving in this direction, that each one of you is upon your mission, that each one is moving in the direction that you came here to do. What is the word here? Floundering around, everything was rosy and now it is time to go to work! Not the work such as a job or anything of this nature but a mission.

A mission is wonderful. A mission is what you came here to do and all of you are on that process of going about your missions in various, different ways. And this is what this group has been preparing for, individually for sure but also as a group. And as a group you have so much more power than you do as individuals but as individuals coming together and focused in certain energy and certain intention you will perform magik. Do you understand this?

Question: I believe that every step on our journey takes place before the next and the next. It is the spiritual journey and it never ends. I have trouble listening to future statements because we are waiting. I want to know that the NOW is perfect for me and perfect for others.

You are correct. Understand that as you continue to work in these various ways and are upon your mission, and yes all is one, all time, past, present and future are all one but you see that is still a difficult concept for many who would be reading these words to understand here. So we speak in terms of future and of those things coming because  you are still finding yourselves in that realm, that realm of past, present and future and in this time sense. Know that your time sense is changing. This is why the year is speeding by. One minute it was the beginning of the 2014 and now it is almost the end. Your Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner here and all of this is happening in the now as you are saying. It is certainly in our now but is it really in your now? If you can answer affirmative, yes, to that, then wonderful, you are there and you are where we are expecting you will get to. But please understand again, that we speak to the masses here, not only to those who read the words but remember it goes out even beyond that to the collective consciousness. Those who are not familiar with these types of things begin to get an understanding and their level in their particular understanding in this moment. You see?

Question: In the landings we are preparing for, are we going to see the Galactics we believe we are helping during our dream states or are there other beings that will be landing?

Oh my goodness, we are talking about all of the above. There are so many levels of expression that you are moving into that it would blast your central nervous system if we told you all at once. This is why it is a delicate and gradual process here.

At one point it was not going to be as we have said here earlier, in your Dec. 21, 2012, it was going to be, for those of you who were ready, you would wake up one morning and everything was going to have changed for you. It was going to be the Rapture, in many respects, the “being left behind’ as in your movies and these things. But that is not the case at this point. Because of the collective consciousness saying, “we will wait”. “We will not leave anyone behind”.

So, you are all moving ahead in the direction you need at this particular moment. Just continue to allow for that process to happen. All of the ships will be coming in various stages. Initially there will be only those that are in a sense acceptable to you in terms of their likeness to the human condition here. Later times, it will be when everything has been introduced it will be those who are not so like the human condition. But they are there, waiting, in their various appointments you might say; when the signal is given they will be here in various stages, when the signal is given by Prime Creator. As was said long ago, no one knows the exact time, the hour, except for the Creator who sent you here.

Question: It is my understanding that they are here and many have experienced these beings. So I understand that when our consciousness is ready, they will be known because they are already here.

That is correct but it is a matter of frequency, not time. They will reveal themselves now. But understand please that the book you are speaking of (“Prepare For The Landings”) was given for the masses for those attracted to that type of understanding. In terms of prepare for change, it is consciousness, you are operating at many different levels at this point. In some ways you are operating in the three dimensional ways and other ways  you have understood and realized who you are at the higher levels and realize that you are multidimensional  beings already in the NOW  at every particular moment. You see?

Ask the Cynthia about the time when she and James and two others were at the crater and the ship was overhead and they could hear it. She heard a humming sound.

Comment: I thought they did not make any noise.

They do when they wish for you to acknowledge them for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. You see? You will not see it if you don’t believe it.

Question: Is it possible for us to be teleported into the ships?

Certainly, “Scotty, beam me up!” There are going to be many ways of doing this when the frequency is right, when everything is right for this, there will be many ways to move onto ships, to move into Inner Earth, and all of these things.

Question: If a dream is very lucid, very real, are we teleporting?

You are experiencing that which is the multidimensional aspect. You are dreaming and still you are awake and in your multidimensional vibrations. Lucid dreaming is another state of being.

Question: Is it another reality then?

Yes. There is a time you leave your 3D body behind. Understand that when you fully move into your higher vibrations the idea of sleep and dreaming will be no longer.

Question: Would you say that the more lucid we are in dreams the more aware we are in those other dimensions?

Yes. Certainly.  We are going to release channel here. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

An Easter Message from Lord Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin – (ET Intervention, Truth About Jesus Resurrection) – 4-19-14




An Easter Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 19, 2014

 Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. We Celebrate this Easter together with Earth set into a new timeline. Those things which were not possible before have become possible. What you will see in the weeks to come are the final steps necessary as we implement the Golden Age on the Satya Yuga timeline. As we are on the new timeline there are no impediments to implementing change.

Easter in Jesus time was different than what has been adulterated in the Bible. I, Sananda, would like to share a true accounting. As Jesus appeared on the cross lifeless, His family took Him down. They took Him into the tomb and placed the stone. The tombstone covered up what was happening inside. A team of supernatural healers were there and worked on Him for days. He did not die on the cross. His wife and his Disciples were not told this would occur. They went about their mourning naturally not expecting His return. He floated in and out of consciousness as these supernatural healers performed light surgeries, applied medicines and fed him the healing remedies. Three days later He was whole and walked out of the tomb alive as before. He then had all of his Disciples beamed on to the New Jerusalem to reunite them with their Twin Flames, introduce them to their mentors, including Moses and Abraham and explain their true Missions to them. After a short visit on the Ship they were deposited back to Earth for a 40 day training period to prepare them for spreading the word of Christ Consciousness to Earth. They knew their work would be dangerous. They were living out life on Earth without Jesus as best they could. They had planted a seed for this lifetime now when Earth has Ascended.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were able to leave Jerusalem together then where they traveled with their guard to become known as the White Knights. They moved between Scotland, Ireland and France. They had five children together who lived on carrying the bloodline to present day Earth. This Easter Celebration brings us full circle to a time when Mary and Jesus with the other High Beings who have lived on Earth before will join us. They will return to Earth as we remember them. They will carry their Missions to healing Earth. Those who insisted on war will no longer be on Earth. The Royal Lines of Queens and Kings of old, the promises which were made so long ago your human mind cannot remember will be fully renewed and empowered to help all of Humanity.

This Easter the Grand Cross marches across our sky and a few days later a partial Solar Eclipse which follows only a few days ago a Full Lunar Eclipse. This Easter as you reflect on the blooming of your own Christ Consciousness see the Open Doorway before you. An Open Doorway to Eternal Garden of Bliss is made manifest on New Earth. When you enter you breathe in the rarefied energies of wholeness. All petty conflicts crumble like dust at your feet. The concerns of survival cannot exist here. The details fall away. The metal suit of protection covering your heart is thrown aside. Each moment spent in New Earth is one of pure ecstasy. Suffering and hardness are forgotten. It is your TRUE Resurrection into Christ Consciousness.

This will be a place of renewal and rest. This will be a place of new beginnings. The Supreme Ultimate will be here with us forging the Master Plan for New Earth. You will lay down all of your burden you have carried so long. The only thing you carry now is your song. The only thing you carry is that which is unique to your Soul, your gift that you have brought forward to fulfill Earth’s Destiny as a Planet of Diversity within Unity. You carry forth your song to harmonize with all here.

There is some clean up to do now that Earth has been placed within its new timeline. The old cannot sustain this high vibration on New Earth and will be removed. The old ways of operating must be dissolved to make room for the new. Accountability will be paid one final time as karma is finally ended on Earth. All is playing out in the Divine Plan to perfection. We are all expecting to see big changes around Easter. Big changes are happening whether you can see them or not. The Divine Plan has been hidden from the masses to protect the surprises necessary to bring in the changes. The dark have held sway for thousands and thousands of years and the magic bringing the changes needed to go unseen in order to have success.

Move forward now. Never stop making changes for your Highest Good. You may be leaving your job, moving your home, ending a relationship or changing how you spend your time. Change is inevitable. Greet change like an old friend. Be bold. Make Big Moves. Join with those of like mind to Be The Change. In your new found freedom, be creative. Solve problems with creativity. Master new ways to create. Make new things. Start something new. You will be successful.

I invite you to join Me in submergence. Merge with Me in Oneness. It is possible. Become One with me. I have loved you beyond your wildest imaginings since the beginning of beingness. You may have within you My Power, My Wisdom and My Love for All That Is. In your meditative state imagine that I am gently flowing water and you are salt. Dive into me. Submerge. Surrender so that you may experience all of the Blessings given to us by the Ultimate Supreme. Dissolve all that makes up you and join it with Me. We become One. We are salt water together and that which sustains all life here on Earth. Anytime you feel your head bubbling to the surface due to fatigue or doubt, just dive under the water again. Remain merged with Me as One in all our actions together. I lend you all that I Am and All that I Have to make it through the next moments. The more time you spend in the Garden of Eternity the more you become your New Being on New Earth with a fully actualized Christ Consciousness.

Drink in the fragrance of Spring in the north and languish in the changing colors of Fall in the South. Bask in the Sunlight as you watch the seasons changing before you. Walk through the open door of change that is before you. Dry your tears and allow those parts of you which still doubt to melt away. Breathe in Joy. Breathe in Bliss. Activate Love and invoke it in every thing you do. Continue to image on your Inner Eye a brighter day on Earth. Imagine your beloved holding you and your hearts are beating as One. See with the eyes of your spiritual heart the changes that go unseen on the outer.

It is true. Be In Peace. All that you have longed for has arrived. Prepare yourself for the next tasks at hand. No one ever said it would be easy. As the changes unfold in this world so will unfold your strength of right action. Each day is another step toward a well planned series of sequential days lining up for the Event : Arrests, Announcements, the Enactment of NESARA Law, Full Galactic Disclosure and World Peace. All of these things will come together all at once. Join with your families and friends in feasting and celebrate now. Those who go to Church bring your light and your love to all believers there. Experiencing New Earth will happen in the blink of an eye. Nothing more needs to be done. I have this well in hand. Happy Easter. Namaste! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 19, 2014. © All Rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.org An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara
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