Owen K. Waters @ in5d.com – The Shift To The New Reality Is Occurring – 10-16-15

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Owen K. Waters @ In5D.com   –   The Shift To The New Reality Is Occurring   –   10-16-15



Your physical body exists at a specific location in space and time. In order to relocate physically, you have to travel to the new location. Your mind, however, is free to roam to different locations and even to other points in time. In recent decades, Remote Viewing – the mental viewing of remote locations – has been developed into a highly disciplined method of obtaining information from other locations in time and space.

Many people have experienced their own versions of this skill in the form of precognition or deja vu, where scenes that you suddenly recognize in your life are scenes that you had previously viewed while in another state of consciousness.

Deja vu occurs because you, as a soul, pre-planned the major themes of your life before your were born. You chose the time, the place and your parents in order to set a life plan in motion which would explore the desired themes.

Such pre-planning gave rise to the occurrence of related, meaningful events in your life which may have given you the impression that pre-destiny does exist.

To a degree, destiny does exist. The major themes of your life are pre-planned, by you, ahead of time. As you pass through life, certain names, places, people and activities resonate with a certain special-ness in your consciousness. It’s almost as if you knew these events once before, but you can’t quite remember when or where. That is so-called destiny, unfolding into your life along the lines of pre-planned, pre-viewed events.

In the phenomenon called deja vu, this previewing occurred either during your pre-life planning or in a recent, out-of-body, dream-state where, in order to help yourself remain on-purpose, you reviewed the important, upcoming events in your life.

Your soul, or inner self, has the capability, not only to see, but to BE in different locations in space and time. Physical life is a projection of consciousness, which appears to be solid, which appears to be fixed in location, and which appears to run along a linear timeline.

Solidity, space and time are all projections of consciousness in the theater of life. They are nowhere near as fixed as we have been led to believe.

When a particularly vivid example of deja vu occurs, it is not just the recall of a recent dream, it is more likely to be a real-time connection with your inner self – your complete consciousness – when you were planning this lifetime of experience.

Your inner self can look into how a plan of action would work out by connecting with the actual event at the time and space location where the event will occur. It can be a little disorienting to be living your regular life and suddenly have a brief connection with your inner self as it was working through the planning stage of your life many years ago before you were born.

In fact, you can come out of such a contact with your complete, inner self consciousness wondering – just for a split-second – where you are, and what the date is today! Such an experience is an excellent example of the wide-ranging consciousness of your inner self. It has the ability to relocate to and directly experience other locations in space and time.

As you progress in the development of your consciousness you will acquire more and more of the attributes of the expanded consciousness of your complete, inner self. Your daily consciousness is a tight focus, a subset, of your complete consciousness. That daily, waking consciousness is now expanding to incorporate more of the capabilities which you already possess within your complete, inner self.

Now that The Shift to the New Reality is occurring, this type of inner development is accelerating rapidly. As time passes, you will become more and more capable of perceiving other locations in time and space.


About the author:
Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped millions of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. Through his fifty years of experience as a macromystic – one who is concerned with the creation and evolution of the universe – he has become a master of the field of spiritual metaphysics. Answers to some of the most teasing mysteries of both metaphysics and physics have emerged from his awareness, often through inspiration from ascended masters from the higher planes of consciousness. The Shift in global consciousness is opening the doorway to soul development as the next step in spiritual growth. Through his work at the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, www.SpiritualDynamics.net, Owen can teach you how to develop rapport with your soul level of consciousness, continually filling your life with inspiration, joy, and creativity.

Drake’s Take for October 14, 2015 – Starship Earth: The Big Picture


Thomas Williams, host of the Cosmic Voice show host is absolutely right; “We are on the precipice of extraordinary things.” There is a LOT going on these days.

Drake and Thomas shared great info tonight, as always, but since I am about to head for the “Hills”, I will not be sharing the highlights.

I recommend you listen to the 3-hour show if you are interested and able.

They discuss Keshe’s new plasma reactors that will be providing free energy to everyone on the planet, the Wave, the financial system changes, chemtrails, military top brass “replacements” made recently, Cobra’s intel, being ‘ready’ for the “green light”, Hitlary Clinton and the Dem debate, militias, apathy, our future cashless society, disclosure, the dracos, and more.


Here’s the link if you are so inclined to take in this update.


STEVE BECKOW – Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss – The Shift is Now in Progress! – 10-10-15

Wild SCENE, People, Creatures, Mansions -- Pablo A


Steve Beckow


Alexander del Sol experienced Ascension in 2013 and wrote in with this account of his experience.


Alexander del Sol, “Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss — The Shift is NOW in Progress!” On the Cusp of the Wave, March 26, 2013, at https://waverider1.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/profound-inner-peace-ineffable-bliss-the-shift-is-now-in-progress/

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Process that we have been going through is universal for ALL people on Earth at this time.  The Paradigm Shift is planet-wide — if not even greater in scope.

However, each sovereign individual human BE-ing is having a unique experience of this Shift, based on both their specific circumstances in life, and the particular perspective and attitude which they choose to adopt in any and every given moment, and at what point in The Process they find themselves of course.

Self-comparisons and ‘rankings’ and such are simply . . . . . perpetuating the Illusion, to put it nicely.  Please just let it go.  ALL of it.  Now.  Choose Unity Through Variety instead, Humanity as a stunning mosaic of oft-bewildering, but always fascinating, manifestations of be-ing and do-ing here.  Thank you!)

Over the past week or so, I have been experiencing, and maintaining, the deepest and most relaxing Inner Peace of my life.  I have also been experiencing frequent bouts of ineffable, pure states of Bliss, even feeling waves of ecstatic chills running up and down and throughout my body.  And this has had NO ‘external’ cause, is happening at NO particular time of day, has had no connection whatsoever to my immediate circumstances or situation.  None.  It is spontaneous, magnificent, and utterly overwhelming!

The Paradigm Shift, the beginning of the Golden Age of Gaia, the Earth Changes – whatever you’d like to label it as – is INDEED in progress, actually in its latter stages of completion . . . . . for those who choose to experience it, of course.  And I personally have definitely chosen — over and over again — to DO just that, and enthusiastically so!!!  The following excerpt from a new blog article posted the other day (seen here) resonated deeply with me regarding both my own recent feelings, personal contacts with the ‘Ocean of Source’, and the NOW manifesting global paradigm shift:

‘The Feeling of Being, the sheer Presence of I AM, the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, is now a tangible Reality, implanted in the collective consciousness of mankind. . . . . It is the Ocean of the Source Which we all share and which is inherently uniting us as inseparable Oneness and Radiant Love. Such Is the Origin from which each One of Us came, and our remembrance of It is dawning now in the One Body of mankind.’

I truly hope that you all join me in embracing and celebrating the wonderful, fantastic New Earth that we are co-creating together – fully aware of its rapid emergence or not – and share in this indescribable Peace and Bliss that I AM now partaking in most of my waking hours.  BE well, and again please consider striving to adopt the following suggestion as your guiding mantra for and in and through our collective grand and radiant future:

‘. . . . (Let’s) ride like waves upon the Infinite Stillness of our Being-ness, arising and dissolving in That Ocean as a dance of light and energy, our new and ascended body-mind a sacred vessel for the force of creation.’

Alexander RA-Sol, aka Waverider

MICHAEL FORRESTER – 6 Shifts In Consciousness we are Experiencing Right Now – 10-6-15


MICHAEL FORRESTER   –   6 Shifts In Consciousness we are Experiencing Right Now   –   10-6-15


by Michael Forrester,


Absolutely everything is a wave of energy and there are many new energies taking place on Earth. We’ve shifted consciousness, but we’re still using old reflections to create our reality. Abundance in all aspects of life is now much easier to achieve in the new vibration and a confidence in our abilities will soon magnify to great levels in the coming years. There will be some obstacles and challenges ahead, but know that the following shifts in our being are happening right now as all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice.

Vibrating frequencies build a virtual construct that makes you think you are in a physical world, but you are not. You are in a holographic universe which is an illusion so well designed, that only the highest beings of light can see it for what it is. This is your destiny, but now you will continue to play this game called Earth at a level never played before. You are still playing with three dimensional rules in a fifth dimensional world, but you’re quickly learning how to make the transition by shifting energy.

Think about all the areas of wellness, whether they be physical, mental, social, lifestyle, morals, the spiritual aspects of life (e.g. new age, Western religion, Eastern spirituality)…they are all enveloped and affected by energy. How you think, feel and act is all energetic.

Right or wrong, black and white, good and bad don’t really exist, but we still need the duality to continue the game in its current form. You will soon discover that everything is a shade of grey.

The most important thing you can do right now is little the what is whispering to your heart. It won’t shout to get your attention so you must listen very closely to the messages you are receiving.

6 Shifts in Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now


You are immortal in a physical vessel which you decide is mortal. Your physical vessel does not need to die, but you have come to accept that it will, so it does. There is a balance of well-being that is certain for all of us. You all have a shared pain and part of the process of integration is the understanding of why it exists. Illness is not always a sign that there is something wrong. To acclimate to new energy, many of you have chosen to push through these physical barriers first. You have been conditioned that you must all naturally contract diseases and take drugs to fix them. This is not so.You are immortal in a physical vessel which you decide is mortal. Your physical vessel does not need to die, but you have come to accept that it will, so it does. There is a balance of well-being that is certain for all of us. You all have a shared pain and part of the process of integration is the understanding of why it exists. Illness is not always a sign that there is something wrong. To acclimate to new energy, many of you have chosen to push through these physical barriers first. You have been conditioned that you must all naturally contract diseases and take drugs to fix them. This is not so.

You WILL know the eternal nature of your being and you will enjoy putting down your burdens and stop struggling to defend and guard against things you feel have gone wrong and must be made right. This is where most of your pain resides. You will learn to love knowing that you don’t have to fix your planet or anybody else and that everything is just as it should be. You will come to know that your governments are exactly where they should be as are all your diverse beliefs and desires. Things do not have to change for you to be who and what you came here to be. It is then and only then that all the “fixing” required by your egos will actually occur, but you will also know that in reality, nothing ever needed to be fixed. You will let go of any resistance and hold yourself in steady alignment. Will it not be a magnificent moment when humanity can just be without having to be something else? This is where you are headed because you are divine beings of light and you have become masters at this game you call Earth. You no longer need to allow fear and resistance to subject your life to pain. You are moving away from this and transitioning more to love.


Vital energy makes up about 70% of total subtle energy and sustains the physical body, mind, intellect and ego. It is distributed through subtle channels which connect at special points of intensity most popularly known as chakras. This constructs the physical (voluntary and involuntary actions) and the subtle body (conscious/subconscious mind, intellect and ego). It is prevalent throughout the body and supplies energy to the cells, nerves, arteries, lymph etc. Some concepts relating to the subtle body are partially understood by scientists, but the level of understanding has always been rudimentary. That is now changing.Vital energy makes up about 70% of total subtle energy and sustains the physical body, mind, intellect and ego. It is distributed through subtle channels which connect at special points of intensity most popularly known as chakras. This constructs the physical (voluntary and involuntary actions) and the subtle body (conscious/subconscious mind, intellect and ego). It is prevalent throughout the body and supplies energy to the cells, nerves, arteries, lymph etc. Some concepts relating to the subtle body are partially understood by scientists, but the level of understanding has always been rudimentary. That is now changing.

Spiritual or Kundalini energy lies dormant in a person until activated. These concepts cannot be measured with current technology. Those who have practiced meditation and spiritual principles at the qualitative and quantitative level have assisted in the continual grace of principles that leads these Kundalini forces on the right path. However, the shift in global frequencies and fifth dimensional concepts is allowing all of humanity to earn spiritual wealth simultaneously and without the efforts that were once necessary. In the past, people had to work hard to amass spiritual wealth. Now, it will be as if all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice. You have received a magnificent upgrade that is allowing this energy to be activated by simply embracing the being that you are. It is leading to spiritual growth at an accelerated rate.


Imagine creating a unified harmony through 800 trillion cells and vibrating them into health and well being. Humming itself produces overtones which can heal your mind, body and spirit. You will begin loving your voice and humming or singing from day to day to assist in accelerating your spiritual growth. It will come natural to you. You will begin feeling mystic silent overtones vibrating through your cells and body. This will also awaken your deepest desires to be unified with overtones of love and help breakdown stiffness and pain and facilitate your spirit body to flow.Imagine creating a unified harmony through 800 trillion cells and vibrating them into health and well being. Humming itself produces overtones which can heal your mind, body and spirit. You will begin loving your voice and humming or singing from day to day to assist in accelerating your spiritual growth. It will come natural to you. You will begin feeling mystic silent overtones vibrating through your cells and body. This will also awaken your deepest desires to be unified with overtones of love and help breakdown stiffness and pain and facilitate your spirit body to flow.

As you begin to breakdown the veil, you will realize you have a shared pain on this planet and it is not your own. It is connected to everyone and everything. There is beauty in that shared pain and you will learn to see it for what it is through energetic harmony. You will move past specific body pain you thought was your own when it was actually part of the collective. Once embraced, this pain will cease to exist. You will let this pain go because you will understand its origin. Many of you will heal from pain and disease in ways you will think are miracles, but it will be simply the miracle of who you are and nothing more.


What scientific studies have failed to address on the planet is causation. They have tried through many different methods to obtain conclusive results in their scientific research through a countless number of double blind, placebo controlled and random studies which are considered the highest standards for scientific experiment. We can tell you that there has never been one published scientific study based on this standard that has identified causation beyond sub-atomic levels. Yet it is precisely those levels that cause everything to manifest in the physical body as it does.What scientific studies have failed to address on the planet is causation. They have tried through many different methods to obtain conclusive results in their scientific research through a countless number of double blind, placebo controlled and random studies which are considered the highest standards for scientific experiment. We can tell you that there has never been one published scientific study based on this standard that has identified causation beyond sub-atomic levels. Yet it is precisely those levels that cause everything to manifest in the physical body as it does.

Scientific studies can only derive correlations because they do not address energetic causation which is the underlying mechanism behind every single experience and event whether physical or non-physical. 100% of your diseases are based on energetic components within your field. There is NO other cause of disease. Diseases are primarily third dimensional experiences and will cease to exist when you learn to remain at higher dimensions, and you will.

This will be a big one for scientists as many will learn in the coming decade to factor energetic principles as causation before initiating any study. You will all begin to have a better understanding of the effect of energetic resonance and the effects on all physical things. This will revolutionize science and remove many obstacles that have hindered scientific inquiry from progressing on the planet. The physics and the metaphysics will soon combine.


You can only attract what is within your vibrational field. There are no experiences that you can obtain in physical form without attracting them from a vibrational perspective. That includes the most horrific experiences and the most beautiful ones. What you will learn to do is accept relationships and experiences for what they are. People and experiences serve as a reflection to teach you something about yourself. If somebody says something that offends you, it is because your vibrational field contained an element that needed to be addressed. You will see these people differently. You will thank them for being that reflection and the transfer of energy that was necessary for you to recognize your own vibration. You will honor these people for coming into your life and teaching you what would otherwise be quite difficult to learn without their assistance.You can only attract what is within your vibrational field. There are no experiences that you can obtain in physical form without attracting them from a vibrational perspective. That includes the most horrific experiences and the most beautiful ones. What you will learn to do is accept relationships and experiences for what they are. People and experiences serve as a reflection to teach you something about yourself. If somebody says something that offends you, it is because your vibrational field contained an element that needed to be addressed. You will see these people differently. You will thank them for being that reflection and the transfer of energy that was necessary for you to recognize your own vibration. You will honor these people for coming into your life and teaching you what would otherwise be quite difficult to learn without their assistance.

You will come to enjoy the effect that all people have on you, even those you now consider to be obnoxious, rude, insensitive, careless, ignorant, etc. These are qualities you have always judged in yourself and the reflection is only there because you attract it. So start thanking your overbearing boss, nosy neighbor or rude coworker for what they bring to your energy field, because you’ve attracted them into your life for a reason and they’re only doing their job…to be the light you want them to be, and most of the time, it was a mutual effort and request.


Perhaps one of the biggest victories awaiting humanity is the shift from polarity or duality consciousness and the dichotomous right vs. wrong which has resulted in much of the conflict and suffering that exists between men and women, people of various races, the wealthy and poor, the strong and weak. Hierarchies have also been formed creating further degrees of separation, (good, better, best) where particular persons or events were rigorously judged within this context. This will end.Perhaps one of the biggest victories awaiting humanity is the shift from polarity or duality consciousness and the dichotomous right vs. wrong which has resulted in much of the conflict and suffering that exists between men and women, people of various races, the wealthy and poor, the strong and weak. Hierarchies have also been formed creating further degrees of separation, (good, better, best) where particular persons or events were rigorously judged within this context. This will end.

All of humanity will begin to understand that all experiences and perceptions are neutral in nature and it is only the ego which places an emphasis on good vs. bad, or right vs. wrong. This shift will be part of the grand awakening which is currently well on its way.

You will begin uniting and accepting each other as equals, and this will be passed to your children liberating successive generations from the shackles of duality. Humanity has already begun transcending this pattern.

Life’s experiences which are now viewed in extreme polarity and prejudice will be viewed as the natural order of one’s life. Being present in that observation by loving, allowing and accepting the world will lead to joy, happiness and enlightenment.

The hard part is over. The only thing left to do now is alter your expectations and enjoy the ride. You are a divine being of light and your true nature will soon be all you know. The pace is now accelerating and the coming changes will also be met by shifts in monetary systems, the political landscape and well as modifications in social and economical infrastructures. This will happen sooner than later, but likely before the end of this year. Many of these events will happen simultaneously and when the greater cycles begins, you will know. It will be difficult, but that is the time to be centered and focus on seeing all the good that will come in the age of empowerment. You are a truly empowered human…own your mastery.

About the author:
Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.


The Shift of the Ages

David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis of planetary transformation. Topics include hyperdimensional physics, the Global Grid, harmonics, Atlantis, the true meaning of crop circle formations, the Mayan Calendar, the Great Pyramid, secret societies, hidden planetary, solar and galactic time cycles, the Hall of Records, the archeo-matrix of Carl Munck, geometric dynamic structures in the Stock Market, 12,000-year old submerged pyramids in Japan, the Martian Monuments, quotes from the Seth Material, Ra Material, Edgar Cayce, Walter Russell and the Wilcock Readings, and more. A staggering amount of rarely seen information is beautifully tied together in 21 chapters to arrive at a provocative conclusion: That Earth is already undergoing a dimensional shift.




David Wilcock

The Shift by Wayne Dyer – Full Movie – The Secret Law of Attraction

Steve Beckow – The Shift within a Shift – 9-27-15

sacred union 44Steve Beckow


The shift in consciousness that the peak energies of Sept. 27-28 facilitate will see, I think, many changes occur on the planet. I can certainly see the changes that are happening in me.

I sincerely hope that they’ll facilitate what I regard as the most important change for this planet: the balancing of the female and male energies or the balancing within and without of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

The bedrock, the sine qua non or indispensable part of this shift within a shift is the ending of all forms of gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet.

The vibrational upgrade this X-wave, Event or Ascension energy brings may be what’s needed to begin a pan-human response to this form of suffering.

That responsive movement eventually must and will encircle the globe, to end what I consider the most pernicious of hierarchical patterns: the presumptuous pattern of male superiority.

That pattern must and will end everywhere on the planet – down to the smallest village in South Asia whose panchayat sentences a woman to be judicially raped (do those two words ever belong together?) to the most isolated town that sentences a woman to death by stoning for alleged adultery.


Closer to home, the glass ceiling, the undervaluing of women’s labor, the lack of aid to single mothers, and all other forms of institutional inequality as well as all forms of violence against women – domestic violence, abuse, rape, sexual harrassment, etc. – must and will end as well.

One of the most powerful tools that we have is to give a voice to those who’ve been abused and allow them to tell their story and be heard.  It then takes incredible courage for the victims of abuse to come forward and actually share how it has been for them.

Over the past three years, I’ve heard stories of incredible abuse. I don’t know how people survived with their personalities intact after the horrors visited upon them. And I’ve heard stories of victims meeting their abusers with only love. You know that I met my father’s physical abuse with only hatred, so I cannot claim the stuffing it must take to meet abuse with love. I wish I had it.

I’m committed to seeing the end of gender violence, gender inequality, and gender persecution on this planet by Jan. 1, 2018.  (1)  I say that on my own say-so as a sovereign citizen of planet Earth.

I’m in the planning stages of organizing a charitable foundation which I’ll be calling the Michaelangelo Fund to distribute resources to women’s groups around the world to work on all aspects of ending gender inequality and gender persecution.

No, I’m not asking for funds. I’ve been told that we’ll have plenty. I’d recommend that you send your donations to the Hope Chest instead, for the relief of lightworkers.

But I do ask for your alignment. If you search your own character and find any traces of gender inequality or gender disrespect, please let that go now. Begin to sensitize yourself to how the message of gender inequality and violence is spread.

Begin to notice the “Beauty Trap” that we have women in. Notice how, whenever a woman is described, it’s mandatory to use the word “beautiful.” Start to see how we box women in, what tools we use to do that, and how we excuse ourselves for doing it.Womens Rights 32

See how we allot to women the role of being what one sociologist called the cynosure of gaze, (2) the “thing” of beauty, causing women to dress up, be abnormally concerned with appearance, etc., all to “make it” in society.

Then see how we turn around and reserve for women the menial tasks in life.

What does all this serve? And whom does it serve? Those are questions, I think, that need to be answered, without emotion and with accuracy and detail.

None of us like to be confined by roles. But women have been confined to roles that have excluded them from full (and sometimes any) participation in society and that circumstance now needs to end.

It can only end if we approach it from love. Anything else will leave residue and simply prolong the ordeal – for men and women. Love is the beginning and end of everything – social activism, relationships, building Nova Earth. It’s the origin and destination, the alpha and omega of life in its entirety.

No matter what dimension you find yourself in, it’s love that you can come back to to orient yourself and acclimatize. Love is beyond all dimensions.

We need to come together as lightworkers and as a planet in love and gratitude to pledge our commitment that we ourselves will no longer contribute to gender inequality and persecution and that we hold the space for them to end throughout the world. This needs to become a planet of equality, kindness, and respect again, as it was in the beginning.

Montague Keen – Message to Humanity – 8-9-15

Message from Montague Keen – August 9, 2015

Message from Veronica

Monty persuaded me to go to the BASES CONFERENCE (Miles Johnston) in Wiltshire, last weekend. Monty insisted that I had to connect with HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Miles Johnston for bringing this young man to our attention. Harald is everything we could wish for in a guide, as humanity steps forward into the future. He has covered everything. Harald is a physicist, and he has also studied geology. He knows the problems we will have to face when the chaos begins, and more importantly, HE HAS THE ANSWERS. I see him as our Guardian Angel, guiding us through it. I spent four days with him. We filmed a little chat using his computer. Although the sound is not good, with ear phones you can hear what he has to say. Harald and I will work together. To my amazement, he and I were researching something that is important to both of us. It was an honor and a privilege to meet him. He is a beautiful soul with a brilliant mind. I am so happy to call him my friend.

Message from Montague

We are observing the many changes that are planned for humanity by the Cabal. This is why it was necessary for me to insist that Veronica had to meet with Harald Kautz-Vella, in order to prepare humanity for the future. Veronica and Harald worked together in ancient times; they will do so again. It was good to see my dear wife energized and enjoying the many interesting people at the conference.

The End Times are upon you. You must ensure that you have all that you may need during the transition that is now taking place. Water is essential, and you need food that can be stored. Prepare mentally as well as physically. You will witness all that is corrupt and evil disappear. They will lose all their power and control over you.

You, on the other hand, will step into your power, and will see clearly how you had been conned into giving your power to Lucifer, through religion and politics. Without realizing it, you had become Lucifer’s slaves.

Please put time and effort into the ley line project. As Harald explained to Veronica, FRACKING is being done to DESTROY your LEY LINES. It is as though they are cutting all the VEINS in your BODY: your blood would flow out and you would die. Just like the Earth’s Black Goo, the life force in the ley lines will flow out of the Earth. This must not be allowed to happen. This is so serious. For humanity to survive on Earth, he must protect it.

Listen only to those who speak truth, not your elected dictators who are mere puppets. Waking up has proved a difficult operation for many people, who are still in a hypnotic haze, obediently obeying the “laws” that your oppressors have forced upon you. I do understand that it is difficult for you to face the unpleasant truth about religion and politics. The Cabal has made your existence on Earth extremely difficult. They ensured that you did not have the time or the energy to see what they were doing. You will cope with the changes that are unavoidable. Know that there are many, such as Harald, who have taken the necessary steps to prepare the way for you. All that is in place to cause you hardship and pain will be removed. Be very careful about what you accept as fact, as so much is loaded against you. Many will tell you that everything will just fall into place, but those messages are NOT coming from the light; consequently, many people are being fooled into a false sense of security. Take all necessary steps to ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities.

The banks will fall and this will bring the inevitable chaos. For this, you are looking at weeks, not months. We in Spirit have managed to thwart many of their evil plans, such as World War III, but unfortunately, many others get under the radar. Those who rule your world are NOT OF YOUR WORLD, they just appear to look like you. Know that they are clever, and they plan meticulously. They want all that you have, and they hope to get it by forcing you out. They thrive on causing you as much pain and discomfort as possible, and they rape and murder your children. All this will stop when you wake up to it. Then, human life will be valued and respected once more. The right people are coming together to ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

The Cabal is racing ahead with its plans, as they FEAR that many more of you are waking up. Think about it: they fear you! When enough of you wake up, you can step out of the pyramid, and the Cabal will fall. It is just a house of cards. Take away your support and you will see them disappear without trace, to return from whence they came. The real power is in your hands.

I will not detain you. Listen to Harald’s wise words, as he speaks the truth.

My dear, there was no other way that we could have brought you and Harald together. I know that you understand. You will work together. I am grateful to Colin for taking good care of you in my absence.

Always at your side, your adoring, Monty.

NOTE: The video of the conversation between Veronica and Harald will be added to the homepage in the next few days.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation


Found at:  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=24433

UPCOMING WAVE X – NEW POWERS, ABILITIES, DNA UPGRADES – Kyle Croft via Enchanted Infinity – 7-28-15

blue DNA Art
By Kyle Croft via Enchanted Infinity, 28 July 2015

Source:  http://www.transients.info/2015/07/new-powers-abilities-dna-upgrades.html?spref=fb

Found at:  https://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/new-powers-abilities-dna-upgrades-the-upcoming-wave-x/


I consider myself to be “in the loop.” Its the age of Aquarius now and what was once impossible is now becoming a reality. I have read on several blogs, posts, and new age websites that there will be a mass shift occurring in September 2015. I spent a long time mediating on this myself, and I sense full complete truth about this one as I myself am already feeling the effects.

This shift is going to be a strong one, and it will alter the lives of many people. Ever since December 21st 2012 our planet and solar system has been in a new area of space, we are now in a photon belt and it is full of energy completely new to us. This is gamma light coming from the central sun, it’s important to note that we are already well inside this cosmic gamma blast referred to as WAVE-X and many of you have been feeling this increase that will continue intensity everyday until September 28th, 2015. For people who have been resonating close to that of 5D for the last 2 years, improving your lifestyles, and seeking enlightenment,  you will be feel the effects the strongest. I feel like around 1 third of the population will pierce through the veil in the next 2 months, whilst 2/3 will still feel different, but not gain enough DNA upgrades to experience everything this new energy is bringing in just yet. The entire world is going to be very different soon though. This is not a bad thing at all and I am by no means speaking to any doomsday people here.

It’s like this, you are not leaving 3D! Instead you will continue to exist in 3D, 4D and 5D in the same time-space (now here) and you will be fully aware of your experience in each dimension. Your new awareness will feel like you are merging with other realities and you will develop new abilities. We are currently experiencing a steady bell curve in gamma light frequency increase as we move into the most intense part of the photon belt so see if you can be aware of its effects on the body, mind and emotions over the next two months!

All of this is happening during a strong Venus retrograde as well and a blue moon in Aquarius on July 31st marks the beginning of this transformation. It is proven that gamma light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form. You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you! Be sure to go with the flow during august and September, don’t fight the current. Follow your bliss and let go of what is no longer serving you. If you can do that everything will work out fine. All of this is going to come to full accumulation on September 25-28th. After hearing some channeling, reading, and mediating on my own I am convinced that many of you will definitely start developing and/or getting strong at your own supernatural abilities. Below is a list of some of the powers you may already have or start to get. This is fun to think about.

  • Animal Speaking – telepathic communication with animals.
  • Enhanced Empathy- influencing and receiving emotional energy.
  • Inter-dimensional Perception- seeing into other dimensions of reality.
  • Clairsentience.
  • Levitation – ability to raise one’s self into the air.
  • Dreamwalking – enter another persons dreams with your astral body.
  • Premonitions – having visions of future events.
  • Astral Projection
  • Telepathy – psychic communication.
  • IQ – More brain power.
  • Precognitive Dreaming – dreaming of future events.
  • Eternal Youth – bodies don’t appear to age anymore.
  • Remote-viewing – visualizing events that happen anywhere.
  • Cryokinesis – ability to control ice.
  • Pyrokinesis – ability to control fire.
  • Hydrokinesis – ability to control water.
  • Electrokinesis – ability to control electricity.
  • Chronokinesis – ability to change ones perception of time.
  • Intangibility- ability to pass through solid objects.
  • Force Field – ability to use the aura for defense and protection.
  • Biokinesis – ability to control genes in the body to alter your look.
  • Psychometry – to gain information by touching objects.
  • Telekinesis – ability to move things with your mind.
  • Bi-location – ability to be two places at once.
  • Teleportation – instantly transport anywhere.
  • Flying – achieved through mastery of levitation.
  • Quick Healing- your rate of healing will increase!
  • Mind Reading
  • Plant Speaking – ability to communicate with plants telepathically.

There are many other abilities I have not mentioned but these are just a few. Basically we are evolving as we receive new energy from space. We have been shifting in consciousness for a long time and now everything is finally coming to fruition! Embrace these changes in yourself and the people around you because we are capable of so much more. There may be beings out there who do not wish this to happen because they will loose the control grip they have on societies but their time is over and they will not be successful at stopping wave x.

Sending you all love and light!

Found at:  https://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/new-powers-abilities-dna-upgrades-the-upcoming-wave-x/

Brenda Hoffman – Moving Into a Radical Shift – 7-30-15

Moving Into a Radical Shift

by Brenda Hoffman, Life Tapestry Creations

Found at:  https://newhumanitypress.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/radical-shift/


Dear Ones,

The next few days may be fraught with angst and pondering. Not because such is necessary, but that you are discovering new pieces that do not align with what you expect of yourself.

Some of you will discover you do not have the energy or interest to discuss your shifts in attitude, beliefs and perceptions with others. Which is to be expected during such a dramatic change in your being.

Until now, even though you shifted here and there, you maintained your known 3D being.

Your previous shifts have largely been about discovering others who did not mesh with your being. Even so, you maintained your 3D beings’ integrity. Perhaps you preferred a few different foods, activities or interactions, but overall you remained the you that you have known since entering earth in this lifetime.

Such will not necessarily be the case after the next few days. For you are beginning to splinter off from your known 3D totality.

Such a statement likely makes your stomach turn, your blood run cold or any other phrase that indicates such a change will be for the worse. This advance notice is to allow you to glory in the new you you will create the next few days.

Splintering is little different from what was true for you during puberty. You perhaps evolved from a close or somewhat close relationship with your earth family to a need to interact with others of like age and interests. A growth stage your parents anticipated and you relished.

The difference is your shift of the next few days will happen all at once, instead of in stages for several years. Shifting from childhood to young adulthood with all the potential ramifications within your being from different foods to different friends to different reactions. You, in essence, will be flying through your new you teen years in a matter of hours. Meaning you will most likely appear petty, pouty and petulant to even yourself as you rapidly move through your processes. And then you will not.

Perhaps your concern is that such a flagrant disregard for all you have accepted and expected in 3D will create chaos and a loss of what you have created to date. Such is not true – for all who wish to be or are of the light will be moving through the same process. The difference is that those of you already of the light will now understand what is happening and those merely wishing to be of the light will be terrified that they are somehow wrong or need medication.

This is a short-lived event. For the time is now for you to become new you – requiring you and all wishing to participate to expedite your shifts. Even those of the light in past times such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed had greater preparation periods. For you are condensing that which once took years into days. And that which once took days into minutes.

So it is you will be a different person in days. Not a being so different you must live alone, but instead a mature young adult. Since this will be a condensed shift, the next few days will most likely surprise you as much as anyone.

Do you remember puberty when you were happy one moment and sad the next? Or childlike one moment and adult-like the next? So it will be for you the next few days. Do not place parameters around this shift or try to limit your emotional swings to “fit in” with what you expect of yourself in 3D.

You are evolving at warp speed which will be most dramatically displayed the next few days – most importantly to yourself. You are not losing your mind or your body. You are merely maturing both at a speed you are not accustomed to. Future beings will know such is happening and why. But as has been true since you started this wondrous journey to new you, you are New Earth scout masters.

Your initial reaction will most likely be of fear, even shame. Such will not be true in the future. For all will note the phase much as you now note the ‘terrible twos’ or teen years.

Allow yourself to play with this new you. And allow the same for others. It is a short-lived event that you will one day laugh about.

You are maturing and shifting more rapidly everyday. Those pieces that once took decades for you will be achieved within months for future generations. And those pieces that you achieved in months or days will be completed in minutes by future generations.

You are the first and therefore, less rapid group. Future groups will easily explore what you courageous souls completed with fear and wonderment. You are indeed New Earth scout masters fully as brave as any historical figure you can conjure up in your mind. For you are exploring your inner world and sharing the information you gather as did those who you speak of with awe from ancients who traveled the globe in wooden boats to those who created loving communities despite the hardships such required.

You are a brave lot. Know that you are completing as much for future generations as any explorer, wise person or god you now speak of in hushed tones. And you are allowing/encouraging others to know of your wisdom via the Internet, healing sessions, seminars, personal interactions and so many other means of communication that you created for this very purpose.

You are your own guru – and the scout master of the generations and beings who wish to follow. Pat yourself on your back, your leg and any other place that conveys to you how wonderful you are. So be it. Amen.

Copyright © 2009-2015, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author: Brenda Hoffman & source website link:  http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

This article originally posted HERE.

FIRST CONTACT SHOW – Maarten Horst with David Boyle – Galactic News Channeling – Wave X, Physical -Psychic Effects – Message To Humanity – Be Alert to what You Think – Instant Manifestation Can Occur – Go with the Wave! Resistance Is Futile – Rigid Patterns coming to Surface for Clearing – Be Loyal to Yourself; Make no Concessions – Stay Calm in Times of Chaos – Liberate Yourself from Fear – The Stronger Connection to Source, no Harm can come to You – Use this time to Liberate Your Self from all Fears and dark Emotions – Come Back to Unity, Oneness With All – Trust Your Inner Knowing – Your Deepest Wishes are now in Acceleration – Chaotic Birds, Fishes – Coastal Erosion – Computers will not Communicate Properly – Lots of Outages – Water Scarcity – You will be called upon to Be Leaders – Wave X Energy Transmission will be Enormous – Be In Total Tranquility – Earth is moving to Center of our Milky Way Galaxy – 7 -5-15

Jim Self – The Shift – Free E-book Download – 7-10-15

jim-selfFound at:  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/07/10/jim-self-the-shift-free-e-book-download/

We’ve been hearing about “The Shift” for so long, it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here!  But what precisely is shifting?  What are we moving from?  What are we moving toward?  And—more importantly – what difference is it really going to make to your world… your life… your family… your loved ones… and you?

Have you been noticing that. . .
– Time seems to be speeding up?
– Your memories aren’t as reliable as they used to be?
– Stuff you thought you had dealt with is suddenly resurfacing?
– And nothing seems to be working the way it used to?

Have you been hearing people talk about moving from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension but haven’t a clue how that’s going to come about, or what specific changes it’s going to bring, or even what the Fifth Dimension is?  If so, there are two important things to note:

First – You are not alone!

Second – It’s no accident that you’re reading this book at this moment. It was written for you.

The purpose of this book is twofold: first, to present you with a container for much of the information that you already know, but may not be consciously aware that you know. And second, to introduce you to a set of tools, skills and opportunities that will enable you to build a platform that will allow you to step from Third- Dimensional unconsciousness into a higher dimensional awareness, fully conscious, and completely realigned with who you are and who you have always been, but don’t remember at this moment…

Click here to download or read a free copy of The Shift E-book: The Shift E-book

“The Shift” by Jim Self, not dated, at https://masteringalchemy.com/content/theshiftebook

Original link: The Shift

Michelle Walling @ in5d.com – Dr. Simon Atkins – 2015 Frequency Shift UPDATE – 7-3-15

Image Source


by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer, In5D.com

September of 2015 promises to bring extreme change to the planet. Many things have been predicted including a financial economic collapse, earthquakes, and civil chaos. In a dualistic Universe, there is an energetic opposite and equal reaction that will also occur in order to bring great positive change for those who are attuned to receiving it.

According to Dr. Simon Atkins, planet Earth has been receiving bursts of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that have brought about an awakening for some of humanity. Simon has spent the majority of his life studying cosmic energies and how they affect the planet as well as the human psyche, and has made predictions with algorithms based on his experience.

The recent article on In5d titled “Here It Comes! The Frequency Shift Into September 2015- Dr. Simon Atkins’ Predictions” has a summary of Simon’s predictions based on the energetic flux of energy the planet has been receiving. Review this article and its links to radio shows with Simon to check out the predictions he has made that will affect all of humanity. The biggest news to come out of this article is that Simon is predicting a huge wave of transformational energy to flow through the planet that will spark the changes that awakened people have been waiting for. These energetic changes will be so dramatic that everyone will get the chance to see that we have been enslaved. We will also begin to clearly see how we will able to free ourselves through energetic frequency increases and DNA activation.

I had the extreme pleasure to interview Simon on the Cosmic Awakening show on July 2, 2015. Here is the three hour interview packed with scientific, esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical information on what is forecasted to occur and why, how he knows these things, and how you can prepare for such an event:


Simon makes it clear that the controllers of the planet know that this “WAVE X” is coming and do not want this to successfully be integrated into the planet. In his opinion, CERN is being used to try to keep this event form occurring, however they will not be successful. This wave of energy is multidimensional and the strange groans and creaks heard around the planet are indications of dimensions being opened that are not in harmony and alignment with the connected dimensions. There should be an increase of these sounds around the world and there will probably be a huge barrage of people posting these anomalous sounds on YouTube. If you have not heard of this, check out this very interesting eyewitness occurrences in this article:

What Is Causing The Strange Trumpet Sounds In The Sky All Over The World?

In my interview, I asked Simon how we can best prepare for this energetic shift and here is a short summary:

  • FinanciallyThe stock market has crashed every 7 years since 1966, and subsequently the economy has been decimated! 2015 is a 7 year itch. It is advised that you remove any assets from the stock market and perhaps even any financial institution that is electronic based. Physical gold and silver, land, lots of bottled water, food, and a way to cook it would be good investments.
  • Emotionally– Stay heart based- do not take things personally and you will be able to stay in a neutral position while emotions explode around you.
  • Physically– The number one thing you can do for your body is to get plenty of sleep! If at all possible, spend at least 15-20 minutes in the sun per day. Negative ions from ocean waves or from a room ionizer will also help tremendously.
  • Spiritually– It is important to clear your energy and stay grounded. Those who do not work on this may hallucinate and feel like they are losing their mind.
  • Mentally– Now more than ever, we should be cognizant and in control of our own thoughts as they create your reality.

While all of the changes that are predicted to occur in September may not happen all at once, it is expected that there will be a point in time that the shift in frequency is felt and assimilated by those who choose to take it in. Then the changes in our external reality will start to occur at lighting speed. This is just the beginning of a long term transformation for humanity to become free from sickness, hunger, and fear of survival through domination and control. How fast the planet is freed depends on us, and how fast you transform personally depends upon your own spiritual path and how you use this energy.

It has always been one of my greatest desires that all of humanity has the opportunity to make informed choices based on the truth, and my goal is to continue to move forward with full disclosure of humanity’s truth, Earth’s truth, and how we are all connected in the cosmos to the one Source Creator of this experience. Stay tuned to In5d and the Cosmic Awakening Show for follow up information and sharing of experiences.


Click here for more articles by Michelle Walling!

About the author:
Michalle Walling

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website MichelleWalling.com. The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Howtoexitthematrix.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

MAGENTA PIXIE – The Mission of the Starseeds

Magenta Pixie


We speak now of your mission. The mission of the Starseeds who from your perspective have been patient beyond patience, realising their sovereignty within Zero Point awareness.
Your mission, whilst individual, is also a collective one and you each share the same mission on Earth.

Channelled and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Images c/o Stock.Xchng, graphics c/o stockfootageforfree and motionbackgroundsforfree, music c/o Kevin Macleod.

Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness – ~ Ascension Guidance Message ~ How to easily cope with the current shifts ~ Tips and Tricks – 5-1-15

Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness

Greetings, Fellow Masters!

First of all, I apologize for not writing my weekly messages these past few weeks and not answering all the messages. Re-locating in London was such a huge step for me and still is, I have acommodated and adapted quite fast, but there’s still a lot more to absorb and I have a lot of work to do here on more levels as well.

The last few weeks have all been about big shifts and it will continue to be so at an accelerated pace. I’ve observed literally everyone around me and everything around me changing on some level. What a joy change can be when you are in a state of complete surrender, of embracement, of constantly letting go. Yes, there will probably be a few moments of grief or sadness or mixed emotions in the process, we are cleansing the old. It is absolutely normal, I didn’t say change is always easy, it can be very chaotic in the moment, but you can either resist it and have a really hard time with it, or surrender, lay back and observe things flowing easier. That’s when the magic and miracles happen! ” So how do I do this? “, I can almost hear that while tapping into the collective energies right now.

I am guided to give the tips and tricks from my personal experience. As always, take what you feel serves you well and leave the rest. What works for one could not work for another. It is very important to internalize. process and integrate all this, as it is a big part of self-mastery.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be Present in the moment of Now – I know you’ve probably heard this a godzillion times by now, but I cannot stress enough how important it is. Everything happens in the Now and only in the Now we can know true surrender. Our mind tends to wander in the past or in the future and most times we do that unconsciously. The Key is to be self-observant. Become the Observer for that is the Higher Self and when you notice your mind wandering, take a deep breath and ground yourself/your energy in your body and into the Earth.
  • Let go of everything that no longer serves you – This may include unhealthy attachments to people/habits/things, lower vibrational thoughts and emotions, any kind of programming etc. It implies being aware of the things you have to let go of, because when you’re aware, you’re halfway there. That awareness will transform that which no longer serves you.
  • Be open and accept changes in your life – However that change manifests itself to you, actually more like how You manifest that change. If you’ve manifested it, then it is for a reason. Explore the opportunities of the change and make Heart-felt choices at all times. The Heart can’t ever be wrong.
  • Trust and have faith – Trust yourself and have faith that eventhough things may not happen exactly how you wanted them to happen, I guarantee everything is exactly how your Heart and Soul wanted. Sooner or later it will be clear why things happened the way they did. The unbalanced mind is afraid of change, so it tries to instill doubt, don’t give in to the tricks of your mind. As I have mentioned before being self-observant is very important, it’s the same in this case. Observe your thoughts and your thought-patterns, don’t engage in the mind chatter, simply observe and let the thoughts go. Invoking the Violet Flame is most recommended whether it’s lower thoughts or emotions or anything that needs transformation/transmutation.
  • Be aware – Of the energy you are putting in the Universe, of your own energy, of the frequency and vibration you align yourself with. Your state of being is big part of your reality creation. Be aware of the areas in which you might hold some resistance. You are extremely powerful, more so as we are all being upgraded right now. We can manifest very quickly. Use your energy wisely.
  • Have no expectations – If I start writing about how expectations are really unnecessary I will end up writing a few volumes. Basically, they are the overactive mind’s most useless product and they serve at nothing other than creating illusionary dissappointments. Having expectations implies projecting your focus into the future and the future is nonexistent. Yes, there are a plethora of possibilities and timelines, you can tap into information about those as well, but what’s the point ? If you could know your future, would you want to ? Wouldn’t that ruin the constant surprise life is ?
  • You have your Higher Self and a Team of Spirit Guides supporting and assisting you in every moment – ” Ask and you shall receive. ” It is really that simple. Call upon their assistance, they will always be there, helping you in alignment with your Highest Good. However, you have freewill and they respect that, that’s why you have to ask for their assistance firstly. It’s like a multi-dimensional room service. Ring the bell and they will be there. My team is one of the things I am most grateful for. Don’t forget to express your gratitude towards them, if you feel so. Trust your guidance, trust your intuition, doubt will only block it from flowing through you properly.
  • Get comfortable with constant, rapid changes and adapt to them as best as you can – The Path of Ascension is all about constant rapid shifts whether it’s external or internal. There is really no point in resisting change, because it happens inevitably so. What I am saying is that it’s obviously a lot better to lay back and enjoy the ride, rather than fear it.
  • Change is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either – It is unfortunately deeply ingrained in the collective unconscious that change should be hard, that you have to suffer through it and that change is painful. This is a big part of why some people hold big resistance towards change, they fear it, they fear the unknown aspect of the change. Know that change doesn’t have to be hard or painful or dramatic. It is exactly what you make of it. As I have said before, there could be a lot of purging in the process, it’s all normal, especially these days when we are being pushed to release that which no longer serves us anymore. Change doesn’t have to be painful, but if it is feel it all and let it go, what’s most important is to not let yourself linger in that place for too long. Raise your vibrations back to your natural state of being, which is abundant in happiness and joy and all the other goodies.

When you master yourself, in a neutral state of being, you can choose the kind of energy you want to asign to each experience, situation etc. In every moment you have that choice. What is the frequency and vibration you want to align yourself with ? You are all Masters already. Remember. You have all you need within and an unlimited potential within yourselves to make the best of each moment. You are worth it, you are worth everything. It is your birthright.

Changes are obviously an important facet on the Path of Ascension, so after this transmission is internalized and processed, I will most likely write more about self-mastery during these huge shifts we’re all currently experiencing. Till next time, I hope you have a blissful day, lovely peeps!

Much Love, Wisdom and Power,

Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness


The Bridge to Freedom Website: http://thebridgetofreedom.org 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBridge2Freedom

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebridgetofreedom/


Solara An-Ra – Grounding during THE SHIFT – 5-14-15


Solara An-Ra

The Star Councils through Solara An-Ra

We are the Star Councils of Light. We are a group of Light beings, most of whom have been in the physical world that you inhabit at some time or other, but who are now in Light-body form, and who have chosen to assist the earth planet and her people at this time where you go through THE SHIFT. The shift is a term which is being used for the transmutational process which occurs in 3D on your planet. Transmutation means that matter moves from one state of being into another state in energetic terms, so that something which has been physical, for instance, is changed into a higher dimensional frequency which is more like light. In alchemy terms it would be like a solid being manifested out of a liquid, or a liquid changing into a solid. You understand that there is a substance, but that the nature of that substance is transmuted or changed.

And the shift on your planet is about the transmutation of the 3D world into a higher, finer frequency – a 5th dimensional frequency in which things appear and are experienced to be less solid, despite the fact that you are still on the Earth plane and in the same reality. This is needed because it is part of your evolution – it is part of the reason you have come to this planet at this time, in order to go through the shift. And once the shift is fully in place, then you will be able to operate from the level of consciousness in which we exist; from this level of being in which your thoughts are manifested instantly – in which you can choose whether to be physical or in Light-body at will, just as we can.

These ‘siddhis’ as they have been called by the yogis, are already accessible to you – you are already able, at will, to change from physical into Light-body form. You are already able to communicate telepathically. You are already able to heal through sound-light-crystal frequency. You Earth beings have these abilities within you, within your 12-strand etheric coding – within the etheric coding in your Light-bodies, which is down-loading now. And you are simply in the process of remembering how to access these things – how to remember your true abilities and gifts – remembering how to exist on this higher level while still embedded into your 3-D reality.

We speak of the Earth shifts which occur at this time, through the moving of the tectonic plates deep within the ocean beds. These shifts are affecting all of you, and according to your stage of energetic integrity and evolution, some are moved into distress on a physical, emotional or mental level more than others. We will give you some guidelines for coping with these shifts.

You have understood, you awakened ones, for some time, that these shifts within the Earth body are necessary for the cleaning process of your planet. The more you are able to move into energetic integrity en-masse, the less of these Earth shifts there will be. But at this moment there is no alternative but for your planet to shift. And with the shifting there is destruction and disruption within your Earth life, and there is no other way to get around this but to teach yourselves and those who you can assist around you how to ground effectively – how to recharge – how to maintain an energetic connection which is in integrity with your core crystal – with the centre of your planet. For if we consider the directions of above and below, within your ability to connect vertically, for the moment it is more important for you to connect with the core crystal than with the higher spheres. It is more important, in other words, for you to stay grounded on every level – emotional, mental & physical – for without this grounding you will become disjointed, fragmented and confused. Without this grounding, your physical body struggles to integrate the energetic changes around you. And so we will go through a practise with you now.

Sit in your meditation pose, whether it is on the floor or in a chair. We ask you to focus on your central core which spins through your chakras. Visualise the 7 internal chakras, beautiful spinning vortexes of colour – red at the root, orange in the belly, yellow at the solar plexus, green at the heart; sky-blue at the throat, indigo blue in the third eye, and violet and white at the crown. Visualise this rainbow spinning within you – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. And through these internal energy wheels you perceive a white or silver light. This is an energy which flows constantly within you – there is an upward and downward motion within this central core. As you perceive this central core from Svadhisthana in your belly, you send a grounding cord down. This cord is silver, it connects from your belly down through your root chakra, though the Earth Star Portal at the bottom of your aura and down, down through the Earth layers, through the crystal beds, down through the beauty of the inner worlds of Earth – and into this great being – the source of all your life in 3-D, the core crystal of your planet.

We wish you to perceive that this connection is energetic. It is magnetic. There is a sense of being drawn downwards into this source of all gravity. And you feel this in your body; a feeling of heaviness – magnetic pull and heaviness. More important than anything else within this technique of grounding is a feeling of relaxation and open heart. Your heart is open, you feel in love with your planet, and you trust that you are connected with her. You trust that is what allows you to receive heling and stay in physical health and integrity. You send this cord down with love, connecting into the Great Mother, just as a child connects to her mother through the breast, so you connect into the Great Mother through this cord.

Perceive that you are nurtured; that you are nourished. Spend time dear ones, each day, sending this cord down and opening your heart to the planet, staying in a sense of trust that you are safe, and that the energetic shifts and changes that occur on your planet happen as they need to happen, and that you are safe.

Say out loud ‘I am safe in my body and on this planet’. Allow yourselves to move into this sense of safety – for many of the feelings that arise within your emotions that make you feel unsafe; that make you feel insecure in your body and on your planet and cause anxiety about your health – many of these thought do not belong to you. They come from other times and arise in your consciousness triggered by the Earth changes. Stay with your own reality. Stay with this feeling of love for nature and Earth, and your own experience of safety; your own experience of trusting the Earth; trusting your body; feeling your body as one with the earth body. Sending your grounding cord down, perceiving the silver magnetic flow which moves from your belly down to the core crystal and back up into your body.

Say out loud ‘I am one with Gaia’. Experience this now, dear ones, your one-ness with the planet. Spend time in nature; spend time lying or sitting or walking barefoot on the Earth, allowing yourself to feel her strength and beauty, reminding yourself that you are safe in your body and on this planet, sending your love into the planet, assisting her with her re-birth process.

We trust that we have assisted you at this time, we are with you dear ones, we send great love and blessings your way. We understand that these Earth changes are difficult for you, but they will pass. These shifts will come and go. They are part of your transition, of the shift, of your transmutation into a higher frequency – and this is extremely positive. This is a wonderful process! But just as giving birth to a baby seems traumatic as you move through the process, but is a great joy and blessing, a wonder, when completed – so is this part of your journey sometimes experienced as traumatic. You simply need to stay in your heart, keep your bodies healthy and ground yourselves every day, perhaps several times a day, in order to stay in integrity. You have no choice but to make your lives more simple – for the many complications in your life – that modern life necessitates – these many complications on every level that you allow in your lifestyles, do not serve you, and will not be tolerated in the greater scheme of things.

You are all moving back into lives and a way more or simple, more like your ancestors – and you begin this now with a simple practise of grounding every day; staying connected with Earth whether you live in nature or in the city, it is always possible, desirable, essential. And so it is. Namaste.Solara An-Ra : Recent Channellings – Grounding during THE SHIFT.

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WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE EVENT? – Lord Sananda, Lady Nada, One Who Serves, Ashira – – 5-13-15

Jesus - Violet

Sananda and One Who Serves (#1 and 2) channeled by James McConnell

Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our Advance/retreat in Flagstaff, AZ on May 3, 2015)



This is Sananda and my beloved Lady Nada at my side and it is always wonderful to be with you our brothers and sisters. It is also wonderful to be with you at this time and moment in this weekend that you are finding yourselves. In this time together, in this camaraderie together that you have shown for you all get along. Now can you imagine a world where all are getting along as you are? Can you imagine an entire planet with no boundaries, no separation of any kind where no one is wanting for water, for food, for shelter, for love…certainly for love?  Where everything is at anyone’s disposal in any given moment; where you can simply think a desire and it appears before you? Now is this going to be immediately after the Event? No there will be a need for, what you would call training, mentoring, so that you can get your wings you might say. Yes even some of you will have wings when the time comes.

Much is being prepared, prepared for the changes that are coming, prepared for you to be part of those changes. Places are being set, tables are being set, places are being set at those tables. And at those tables that we have spoken of, when the time is right, you will be invited to sit at those tables. There will be a need for many councils across the planet, a need for liaison between ships, between civilizations. If you wish you will be able to, as the Star Trek saying goes “boldly go”. That will be your choice. There will be those who will wish to find themselves on ships, there will be those who journey into inner earth or hollow earth, there will be those who will completely leave the galaxy and go to their home systems. All of this is in readiness but first before all of this comes, there is work.

We understand for many that is what you call a “four letter word”. We know the James is thinking that at this very moment, but understand that work does not have to be difficult – you do not have to toil at your work. It can be joyful. In the work in a new society, the work that comes after the Event and the events, all of this, will be work that will resonate with you. It will be the jobs that you want to do and there will be enough for everyone to go around. And if you think that the ones that you call the seniors now, senior citizens, you will be too old to work,, yourselves can be in brand-new body. Whatever age you wish to be, whatever body you wish to be in whether human or otherwise, that will be your choice. There will be a time when you will have the opportunity and the choice to move out away from this situation, you might say, find yourselves on ships and take some very needed R&R. You will have earned it. And after your R&R, after your relaxation, after your vacation…and this my friends will be vacation that you have never known before. If any of you have ever been on a cruise ship or on an island and this is something you love, think what it would be like to be on one of our ships. And everything that is available to you here is available to you there and much more will be available to you.

As I said the tables await, they are being prepared. You yourselves in this group and many more when the choice is given them, you will choose to sit at the table, to be a part of our councils, to assist in all the changes that are to develop here on this planet, to be a part of making this planet pristine once again. To be a part of ending once and for all poverty, thirst, hunger. For no one will go without and we do mean no one. This is the brave New World you are creating and you, my friends, are creating this world with every thought that you have. It gives a new meaning to your thoughts does it not? Every thought is creating the world you are going to be in. So that is why it has been said, many times, “gain control of your thoughts” now work on that, for they will gain more and more and more in importance. And where you have that delay now between your thought and manifestation, that delay will get less and less until there is no delay. It will be an instantaneous creative process. You are the creators, we are all creators and we are all created at the same time.

I am Sananda. Thank you for listening. Dear Lady Nada is standing by now.

Lada Nada

Good evening all (good evening). It is such a joyous pleasure to be with you tonight along with Sananda. It is a joyous pleasure to be here with you to speak of things that you will find comforting and exciting and hopeful. For one of the things that I have been asked to share is to discuss the arrival of those divine partners that belong to each of you. Those of you who feel now that you have come into contact already and may have your perfect partner, we applaud for you. There are so many upon the planet who know that they had been awakening and awaiting for their complement person. For it may be male or it may be female, it may be of this planet or it may be not of this planet. And those of you who have had your hearts in discipline, not looking to build relationships that you do not believe will last for long terms, now this is the time in creation that those beloved mates are now coming to you. And knowing that you will live for very long times after the processes that take place here, you will also come to know that even though one believes that they have soulmates and they have found that person that they have been waiting for perhaps for lifetimes that may last 500 years, 800 years, and then you may choose to find another. But those who have been waiting for you have been working for this too on the other sides of all of these veils and dimensions.

Sometimes those of you who have been waiting for your soul partner are meeting now in dreams and feel them and see them. They may be with you during waking hours even, whispering in your ears, feeling you as you fall asleep. And the complement relationship is so different than that which you experience so often on this planet for it is not out of fear or regret or concern that you join with a partner that you choose and you have waited for, but you have joyous celebrations because this is indeed your complement. The one who is your perfect match and who comes into the new dimension with new opportunities to swell their lives, their loves, to have children if they so desire for having children is a new process. And those who are having children now in this moment in time, in this new process, will see these children all rise, all rise and know one another instantly. Yes these souls are moving in and out and through your existence. Do not think that one who comes as a mentor is also your beloved, for your beloved will be with you when all of the little things that you have been working out are finally released with this Event experience. And you come flowing in to your partners arms and you share with them once again; they will be familiar and you will know them in your core. It will be part of the blessings of this amazing experience that is about to happen.

So I speak of love, I speak of love with children I speak of love with parents, I speak of love with friends and families and communities such as this here. This love that is shared with one another all weekend long and yes the energy has been different from the previous two Advances. However has it not felt overwhelmingly wonderful? (Yes, yes). We have had an opportunity, those of us who have served you and have presented to you and have been with you this weekend, to have a little bit more fun with you too. To be a little more of ourselves that are not so disciplined and restricted when giving messages and bringing in messages of love, gratitude, grace and happiness. You have learned over the weekend of the need to balance out and to join your Light bodies, your Merkaba bodies with the physical body to take the next step, in the next jump, of evolution. You have heard of others that have shared with you other things that are necessary for you to have your eye on, to keep your eye on. And still we have brought you messages of joy and exclamations that are taking place. This is a glorious time and I, Lady Nada, bring to you the glorious message of love, of love that has flowed and moved through and all about you for many months now. And that love now kicks you up to an entirely new start, a new evolution. And you will find yourselves laughing morning through afternoon through evening and through your dreams. You will find yourselves wondering how in the world could you have been so lucky to have gone through all of these things. Yes, you will forget the pains, you will forget the anxieties, you will forget the challenges and you will be in the midst of the most wonderful evolution and you shall be glad.

That is my message this evening. Love and blessings to all of you. This is Lady Nada.

One Who Serves

Greetings we are back, back to be with you again and back to answer questions if you wish, of either ourselves One Who Serves or Ashira.

Question: I have a question of Lady Nada. I’m curious about what you said about, I understood it to be, a new type of delivering of babies.

(Lady Nada): I will be happy to come back into the moment to answer questions or anything you might have. There is a difference in what will be happening with children born after the shift into the next dimensions. For those who meet up with their soulmate, their spiritual partner they have been waiting upon, their spiritual complement, they are no longer going to be limited to having children in your youth. Youth will last a lot longer and think too that the parents are open, aware, sentient, psychic, divine being. And the divine creation of the child comes upon the discussion from both of these that are part of the relationship. However, also the generation’s Galactic locations, the locations within hollow earth, the locations that other planets provide to raise children different ways. And it is raised more with the spirit of love from a village. Many people watch, engage, share, teach the children. And yes we will tell you too that the idea of labor is a 3-D idea that is disappearing. And when you move into the next dimensions you will find the children, we will say that they are “Light lifted” from the womb as the completion takes place and then will be celebrated with the family and with all of those who come. And you will see that there is not as much need for babies because people will live longer. There is a lot of things going on and a lot of things pulling you into different directions. But should a couple decide that is part of their spiritual destiny than all of those around them will support the decision and be part of the decision. And that soul that comes into the mother’s body will also have clear, conscious conversations with the parents before the birth. So this is a snippet of what you have to look forward to and, you, do you feel this is an opportunity for you?

Laughter…well I was thinking of will I have the nerve to try when I’m 95 years old? I’ll have to think about it.

(Lady Nada): Well you will no longer be 95, ma’am. You can be whatever age you choose to be in the miracle of birth is a miracle that is part of creation. If it’s something you choose to do it will be our pleasure to join with you and watch. Thank you. Blessings.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here now?

Question: Namaste. I wanted to understand these dimensions you speak of, places like inner earth, are these because they are in different vibrations? Are they considered part of heavenly planet or the heavenly dimensions?

(One Who Serves): Whenever there is movement to the higher vibrations there is always the unity, there is always the sense of oneness. So if one finds themselves in a 5th dimensional experience and even high level 4th dimensional experience, they have a sense of a connection to one and the other and there is no separation. The separation that you have here is due to the, what has been called, experiment in the offering of complete free will and the misuse, in some respects, of that free will. Now it is an experiment, it has been an experiment and it has been an experiment that has done very well in any respect. But there has been those aspects that have taken it astray a bit and led to changes that were not exactly expected over the many hundreds and thousands of years here. But that is all coming to an end so when you find yourself in inner or hollow earth, Telos or if you find yourselves on ships of various types or you find yourselves on other planets and other systems it will be as if you are where you are meant to be at that very moment.

And there will be no semblance of wishing you could be somewhere else because if you wished to be somewhere else you will be somewhere else, you see? No one will feel in- prisoned in any way, no one will feel trapped, you see? This is what you would call the coming of Utopia, the Utopian society. And we know this can be because it has already been done, all over the place, all over the galaxy. Not in every place but in many planets, in many systems, and certainly in hollow earth as well, it is being done there. They live in complete harmony, love, peace certainly, unity; it is extraordinary and you are moving toward that. Does this answer your question?

Question: Yes, thank you very much. If I may, I have one more question. In the last part of our meditation as we travel in the last seven layers, were we traveling to what is known as the 7th heavens?

(One Who Serves): We wondered who would think about this when they were going through and certainly that was the case. When the Master Yeshua talked about heaven and his Father in heaven, where did you think he was speaking of? Where you have just gone. So my dear friends here, you have been to heaven. (Wow, wow, so we’re bringing heaven to earth, aren’t we?) Yes you most certainly are, yes, and earth to heaven.

Question: Dear One Who Serves, I understand that the first heaven is inhabited by Sananda, the second heaven by the John the Baptist and the third one by Moses and the sixth one by Abraham in the seven is the heaven of the ascetics? Did we really visit these places?

(One Who Serves): Did you really visit these places? Yes very briefly and we said that you could go back anytime you wish and at some point your physical body or the bodies that you will be able to move into freely will become a part of your expression. But we would ask you not to get too entrenched in the type of thinking that creates the separation you have just spoken of here, in terms of Sananda being in the first heaven and Buddha etc. for they can be anywhere they wish. They are not kept or trapped in any way on one level or another, you see? This is a product of your various religious experiences and those who intend to compartmentalize and put into a hierarchical fashion this kingdom of heaven, you might say. And this is not something that you want to do and it is not something that will continue into the new Golden Age. For you will find that just as Sananda is where he is, so can you be. Okay? (Okay thank you). Anything you wish to add to this Ashira?

(Ashira):  No I agree with you 100%. It is such a pleasure to hear Moses with his growth that he is experienced this weekend.

(One Who Serves): Oh my yes! And that goes for all here – we have seen much growth and we will not name other names because we do not want to leave anyone out but please understand that all are growing here, all are experiencing much. And just the idea that you are here this weekend, you have no idea what has occurred here yet. You have no idea but you will, you will I can promise you that. And when you awaken one of these mornings coming, you will feel much different then you have been. But it will not be a physical difference; you will not necessarily feel anything different in your physical body but you will feel it on an emotional level and certainly at a spiritual level. And it will bring you closer and closer to what you would consider a blissful state; and a blissful state is a higher vibrational frequency. So be ready! You’re going to wake up and it’s going to be bliss all over you and through you. Whether it lasts or not is up to you, okay? Any further questions here? Moses you seem to have one more did you not want to say?

Question: One more if I may. This place that we received the light mental body from, it’s an on earth place? What do you call this place? Because it is different than the other layers we travel through.

(One Who Serves): Yes. It is the light mental plane for your understanding at this time, this will have to do. You can give it another name if you wish – you can call it Nirvana, you can call it heaven, you can call it whatever you wish but know that this is not for everyone. That is what we wish for you to understand from this weekend. You have experienced something now that everyone does not get, does not experience. Now we do not want to have you think in terms of you are privileged at an ego level because that creates separation. But we want you to know that this is a preparation and you have moved into a specific point where it could be prepared in this way because the light mental body is going to assist you in the times to come. And the more that you will use it the more it will assist you, and the more it will astound you as to what it is capable of and to help you become capable of, you see? Look at it as an overshadowing – not taking over. It will never take over but it will overshadow you and give you strength, give you support whenever there is a need to give you security. It can be used as an energy force field, you might say at times if you wish, where nothing can penetrate the emotional level. It can be used even more than this but we will leave that alone for now for you to experience and go through before we can give you more of what is capable here; you may discover that on your own. Okay does this answer your question? (Yes I am grateful thank you very much). Very good and we are grateful for you, very much so. Any further questions here?

Question: Should we go outside at the closing of this meeting?

(One Who Serves): What is your saying about this “should”? (Uh oh) There certainly are no “shoulds” but was it already recommended to you? (Yes it was) Would there be any reason you would not want to go outside? Is it too cold? Is it too hot? Or is it just right? (Laughter. It’s just perfect.) And if it is cold put a jacket on, sweater, but we would suggest to follow through for Ashira did not give that understanding to hear herself talk at least I do not think so, did you?

(Ashira): No I did not. I thought that they were sleeping at the time and wanted to make sure that they remembered. (Laughter)

(One Who Serves): We have chuckled here many times this weekend and here as you have discussed things that have been said and now you are coming to the understanding that time has become shorter is it not? We hear you say “three weeks”, “May 11th”, “it is this summer” or “it is 2016” or whatever these things are happening here. And we chuckle so much because the three-dimensional consciousness is always wanting to know when. But will give you a secret here, okay? Can we give you a secret here? (Yes, yes)  We do not know when either!! (Laughterwell that’s not what we wanted to hear). We know that but we wish for you to understand that it is not in our control, certainly. It is not completely in your control although much more so, I would say. But there is a level of expression way beyond all of us which would be the God source, the creator source, which is the one that is saying “not yet, not yet” and we are all saying “well how about now, how about now?” And He/She is saying ” no, not yet…soon”. And then when the time comes and only Prime Creator knows that moment and will say “NOW”. And it will be as if the electrical signal goes down all of the levels, all the way down one to another, and everyone gets to move around and bustling in doing their various jobs even faster than you were doing to make this happen. But we can assure you that the preparations have been made and it is only needing to have, what you might consider, a green light given and then everything goes into motion. So does this help? (Yes, thank you, thank you) Very good. But now we have said to expect things have we not?  (Yes, yes)  And we continue to say that – be ready. Any other further questions here? Anything you wish to add to this Ashira?

(Ashira): It is one of those great evenings in that you have come with open hearts and expectations of wonderful learning and wonderful camaraderie, wonderful food. We know that all of these things have been more than met and even the surprise three-hour television event yesterday in the planning and planting of that from the one Diana. Each week we share with you that this is a great choreography. A lot of work goes into everything that we do around this group and for this group and with this group. And yet when we come to events like this, when we have said that this has been years in the planning and years in your preparation, years even in making sure that this perfect property was available for you, all of this is coming together. And this for this group of people who we’ll say average 12 to 15, some of whom have gone and some who have come back, but those who are to be and to continue forward are here. And those that have not been able to make it this time will rejoin. But the time is here in the joyous moments and the joyous experiences in all of those things that came forth to teach you, share with you, help you, those are all here to prepare you to be your most amazing self as the world unfolds. I thank you – I know that there are times that those who are in this group call upon me to be with you and help you. As well as does One Who Serves who comes as called and often comes when not called to help those in this group. We love you, we bless you, we give you our peace. Namaste. (Namaste)

(One Who Serves): Yes and if there are no further questions here were going to release to “guess who?” He is wanting to make his appearance and he is “not going to go quietly into the night” he is saying. (Laughter) So, here he is! What is your saying here “here’s Johnny!” (Laughter)

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Oh my, it is so good to be here with you again in this time. We so enjoy these moments, these chances for us, not so much this time, it is just me! And to be allowed to be with you and to share and I am wanting you to understand that we are so looking forward to being with you. I know it has been said here again and again and again but the times are coming when this type of experiencing, what is called channeling here, is going away. It is not going to be a continuing process because there it is no longer going to be needed. But does that mean that we are going to leave you? No, no! Does that mean you’re not going to hear our funny little voices? No! You are going to continue to hear us, we can promise you this. But we’re going to be with you in a more personal level and that we are very much looking forward to. To see your smiling faces when we knock on the door, ring your doorbell when you are there at one of your Sunday group meetings and the James goes to the door and there is a stranger there. He does not know who it is and we come in and we say “we are new to the group” and we come in and sit down and when we are asked to share, oh my goodness what we are going to be able to share! (Laughter) Look who it is, we are here! (Laughter)  Oh we just love you so much. We love each and every one of you, you have no idea how much. And each and every one of you, we have been with you again and again Ashira and us and Sananda and all of us. All of the gang, you might say, we have been with you countless times, many lifetimes, many experiences. And you are going to be so amazed when you find out who we are. We are so looking forward to that! (So are we!) That we can finally say who we are and not be considered “The One Who Serves” anymore but we can be considered who we are individually. Now please understand and do not take that wrong; we love what we do, we love it so much. Ashira loves what she does but we know that she is certainly looking forward to being with you all as well. And sitting across the table, breaking bread, having a little wine – don’t forget the wine – you did not expect that, did you? (No) But did not Yeshua drink wine? Yes! He didn’t eat much meat that’s for sure but he drank a lot of wine, that is relatively speaking of course. (Laughter)

Question: I am a little concerned because I am on the Internet (Skype) and not present (at the Sunday meetings) and I do not want to miss your presence.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Oh dear dear sister, no concerns there. For has not it been said that we can be in many places, many different places, all at the same time? Is there anything saying that we cannot be there in the room with all of these wonderful people, not through your television screen and your computer screen but be there in your room as well? (Yes, thank you). Yes. You really do not yet have any idea of what is coming – you do not quite, in all of the things that you have heard and that have been said, do not yet see the possibilities, the great possibilities. And we would add, the probabilities here – so please everyone be of good cheer, be of wonderment, experience your every moment, marvel in your wonderful thoughts that you have and your creative abilities. Because your creative abilities are going to create your new world. Your imagination, your visualization skills – why do you think we are working so diligently to increase your visualization, you see? Your meditations, do they not always include some type of visualization? (Yes, they sure do)  Every time you do this you are focusing on the learning to focus more and more and more. And anyone who comes into the group who has already learned to focus is learning to focus even more. And the more and more you can focus, the more you will create the exact manifestation which you wish to have, again, without the delay. So, careful what you think and wish for because it will be there instantaneously but you will not have this capability completely until you are fully prepared. For we do not want you create anything what you would call monsters or anything of this nature – understand though there is a failsafe here, there is a failsafe that when you have these higher vibrations and you are creating with thoughts, there is that failsafe that will not allow any creation of any negative essence, you see? Are you still with us Ashira? Is there anything you wish to add to any of this? I am going to sign off here.

(Ashira): No I have nothing to add – this is so great to have you with this group as well and to lead us on with fortitude and with character.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Yes. This is my calling card, the laughter part. I am like the standup comic, standup comedian. (Laughter)  Although I must say that when Robin Williams passed over to the other side he gave me a run for my money! (Laughter- God Bless you and thank you so much for your service)  And thank you so much for your service. Shanti. Peace Be With You. Be The One.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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Zen Gardner – The Beginning Is Here – 5-13-15

Zen gardner

Zen Gardner


Found at: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/05/13/zen-gardner-the-beginning-is-here/

“Is everything a conspiracy?  No, just the important stuff.” – Jeff Wells

Waking up to the realities presented before us and even more importantly what they imply is a very profound and personal experience. Once we become aware we are living in a world that’s been deliberately fabricated in ways we never would have imagined and that even our own true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back.

It may appear to be a lonely path at first, but we are by no means alone in this awakening. It is happening in all walks of life. Whether a banker or corporate employee wakes up to the scam being perpetrated on humanity and pulls out of the matrix, or a normal taxpaying worker realizes they’re contributing to a military industrial machine hell bent on control and world domination, we’re all the same.

And those are just surface issues compared to the deliberate suppression of man’s innate spiritual nature, whether we call it social liberty or the simple freedom to create and manifest as we truly are. Not the least of which control mechanisms we are faced with is religion which works hand in hand with this suppression of humanity. All part of this repressive, controlling matrix.

Triggers for Awakening

There are many such triggers that wake people up. Once someone realizes, for example, how the world was scammed on 9/11 and that the powers that be are willing to continue to perpetrate such atrocities to promote their agenda, the digging begins. When we realize we seem to be at the complete mercy of parasitic central bankers more than willing to not only implode the world’s economy, but finance both sides of any conflict for personal gain and control, and that our governments are complicit in this scheme, we start to grasp the enormity of what befalls us.


That we have rapidly evolved into an advanced militarized surveillance police state is driving many to ask some hard questions – and the answers can be startling and difficult to swallow, especially when you realize they’re attempting to cut off all avenues of recourse.

Another major issue is that it’s more evident by the day that our very health is under attack, again by complicit government and multinational corporations pushing GMOs, adulterated food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, atmospheric aerosols, genetic alterations and the like, all of which are clearly extremely hazardous to humanity. Yet they push harder by the day, mandating program after destructive program. Meanwhile, natural and organic farming and foods, as well as supplements, are under intense attack by these very same perpetrators.

The truth about these issues and many, many more including awareness of the massive planet harming programs such as fracking, electrosmog, genetic modification, technologically driven transhumanism and the ongoing geoengineering assault on humanity are driving a major perceptual paradigm shift amongst all walks of life as we delve more deeply into who is doing all this and why.

What exactly is their agenda? Volumes of evidence points to not just control, but literal depopulation motives. Is this shadow force literally that Machiavellian?

There Is No “They” – Or Is There?

This is often the final breakthrough point for many people. As the true picture starts to crystallize, the horrific realization that the “powers that be” are fundamentally a clandestine cabal with puppet-like front men comes into focus. These are powerful minions, more interested in weakening and subjugating humanity via health degradation, dumbed down education, mindless “bread and circus” government controlled media, depraved violence and sex oriented entertainment, and a draconian militarized police crackdown. The ugly truth then comes to the fore.

It can be staggering. If you take just 9/11 and other false flag events and realize they were staged to bring about this Orwellian police state where the citizens are now terrorist suspects, it can be very difficult to swallow.

A quick perusal of history soon follows, where people realize these same false flag/false enemy tactics were used to justify almost every war, leading to such totalitarian states as Stalinist Russia, Communist China and Nazi Germany, each of which descended into horrific pogroms, decimating their own populations of anyone potentially daring to question the new regime. With that perspective, the trees we’re amongst on the edge of the forest become strikingly transparent. America and its allies are indeed exactly the same, only much much worse, being pawned off to a numbed down generation who actually believe this is all a fight for liberty and freedom when in fact it is the exact opposite.

It’s not all black and white. There are of course good people working for bad people, powers and programs, wittingly and unwittingly. Many are trying to change and improve our existing structure. Many good people are performing wonderful services within this overarching societal program thinking it can be changed constructively. What we’re addressing are the deceitful and destructive powers and mechanisms at play that are attempting to bring humanity into a weakened subservient role to some sort of worldwide fascist control state, eliminating personal and national sovereignty to support and obey a very few powerful self-appointed elites.

And it’s coming on fast.

This becomes evident as one pursues almost any avenue we’re discussing here. To realize this massive program is being orchestrated by some form of “they” soon becomes obvious. The reality of the conspiracy that JFK so eloquently pointed out before he was surgically removed from office via assassination hits squarely home. Here’s an excerpt from this landmark speech.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. – John F. Kennedy

We Have to Find Out for Ourselves

An essential element to a true awakening is investigating and learning for ourselves. One of the main control mechanisms has been teaching humanity to only trust what they’ve been told by these same agendized so-called authorities. How many times have you heard, “If 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, surely it would have been on CNN. If something was really wrong surely someone would have said something.”

Well, a lot of people have and continue to speak out. And what’s the response? Anything contrary to the official narrative is “outlandish conspiracy theory”, and results in the subsequent demonization and marginalization of any  form of questioning or healthy criticism.

Waking up from that media and education entrancement is another shocker. Could they do such a thing? Could we really be facing such a totalitarian crackdown and mind and information control? Do they really have such sway on humanity?

When I was young there were over 60 media companies vying for audiences. Real investigative reporting, although it’s always been tampered with or suppressed, was still available. Today 6 mega corporations own all of the media. The very same corporations that own much of the corporate military industrial infrastructure. Conspiracy is not a stretch – of course these power brokers would twist information to suit their intentions. The word conspiracy has been stigmatized for a reason – don’t ask questions or there will be consequences.

All of this will take some serious researching, most likely in places people have never dared to look before. And this is good. Don’t let anyone tell you what the truth is, find out for yourself and be convinced in your own mind and heart. That’s a new phenomenon for most, as odd as that may seem, but stepping outside the propaganda mainstream is a must. And it is oh so refreshing.

The Shock Does Wear Off – But the Indignation Doesn’t

There are so many interconnected “rabbit holes” of similarly repressed, twisted or hidden areas of information that it can be staggering. Once we realize we’ve been lied to about any one of these serious issues, we begin to question everything. And that is extremely healthy. You may not find support for your new found perspective from those around you, but there are millions who are sharing your experience. Thanks to the internet you can find others undergoing the same transformation quite readily and derive a lot of affirmation, encouragement and support.

Battling through the naysaying of close friends and loved ones seems to act like a chrysalis, much like the cocoon a metamorphosing butterfly has to struggle to escape. And as we know, that is exactly what drives the blood into the wings of the birthing creation that will soon bear the beautiful new awakened soul to glorious new heights and vistas.

One thing that won’t wear off is your absolute disdain for what is being perpetrated on our fellow humans. As the expression goes, “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.” If you knew your home was under attack and malevolent forces were coming for you and your children, you would do anything in your power to protect your family. That soon becomes an innate awareness regarding the current toxic social and physical world we’re experiencing and the need for a conscious response.

We are Responding – They Know It and Don’t Like It

Globalist adviser to 5 American presidents including Barack Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski has clearly laid out the plan for global hegemony at any cost. His book, The Grand Chessboard even alludes to the need for a new Pearl Harbor, later echoed by the oft quoted PNAC report issued before 9/11 literally forecasting the event.

In one of his many addresses to the globalist advisory board called the Council on Foreign Relations, he made some very revealing statements. They are very aware of and afraid of the global awakening, and have surreal plans on how to control it.

Not lauding this awakening, but decrying it, Brzezinski chillingly said: [Emphasis mine]

For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive… The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination… The worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the phenomenon of global political awakening… That awakening is socially massive and politically radicalizing… The nearly universal access to radio, television and increasingly the Internet is creating a community of shared perceptions and envy that can be galvanized and channeled by demagogic political or religious passions. These energies transcend sovereign borders and pose a challenge both to existing states as well as to the existing global hierarchy, on top of which America still perches…

The youth of the Third World are particularly restless and resentful. The demographic revolution they embody is thus a political time-bomb, as well… Their potential revolutionary spearhead is likely to emerge from among the scores of millions of students concentrated in the often intellectually dubious “tertiary level” educational institutions of developing countries. Depending on the definition of the tertiary educational level, there are currently worldwide between 80 and 130 million “college” students. Typically originating from the socially insecure lower middle class and inflamed by a sense of social outrage, these millions of students are revolutionaries-in-waiting, already semi-mobilized in large congregations, connected by the Internet and pre-positioned for a replay on a larger scale of what transpired years earlier in Mexico City or in Tiananmen Square. Their physical energy and emotional frustration is just waiting to be triggered by a cause, or a faith, or a hatred…

[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Conscious Awakening

This dark yet ultimately empowering information goes hand in hand with anyone experiencing this paradigm shift. If things here are so massively manipulated, what lies beyond all of this? What are we being kept from? Why do we sense we are so much more?

These are very important questions to pursue. There must be meaning in all of this. “Certainly all of humanity is not as wicked as these psychopathic control freaks.” Yes, that’s true. Unfortunately, the aggressor usually rules the day in this hierarchy of control our world has adopted for millennia. History bears this out.

The beauty of gaining a greater new found spiritual perspective is that it puts these influences in their place. We discover new ways to perceive our true indomitable nature which gives tremendous peace and confidence in spite of what we’re currently faced with. This sense of profound conscious awareness and spirituality only grows as our pursuit for truth, in love, gains momentum.

Awake, But Never Alone

A sense of isolation following the initial awakening is natural. It’s foreign to everything we’ve been taught, with implications that can be mind-boggling as well as heart breaking. However, we are very much connected and sharing a profound common experience. Knowing we are not alone is very important to keep in mind.

Building community also becomes a priority, where we can contribute to the healing of the planet at every level possible. Whether it’s activist or spiritual associations these are very important. It may only be on-line at first, that’s fine. Find kindred spirits and empowering and informative websites and blogs and even attend meet up events in your area on some of these subjects of concern.

This awakening of empowered consciousness is upon us, and is transpiring at an accelerating pace, and something to be very encouraged about. Once you get past the shock of what you’ve “found out”, it becomes easier, but it will drastically alter your life. For the better.

Enjoy it, be empowered, and take action accordingly.

The beginning is here.

Much love, Zen

“The Beginning is Here”, by Zen Gardner, May 12, 2015 at http://www.zengardner.com/beginning/

Original post: The Beginning is Here

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SANANDA / JESUS – THE NEW SCRIPTURES, Chapter 25 – The Temple of Light – Day of Reckoning – 5-9-15


Chapter 25 of The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus. 

Channeler:  Kathryyn E May


The Temple of Light, and the Day of Reckoning

In the months that have passed since we first wrote the first 24 chapters of the New Scriptures, a new day has dawned on Planet Earth.  I will not enumerate all the monumental events that have transpired, but I can assure you, you will be amazed when you learn the true history of this period, and what the “boots on the ground” have been able to accomplish.

You are beginning to grasp the importance of our cooperative arrangement between the Company of Heaven, Mother and Father/Source, our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and all of you, in your human Earth bodies.  The ongoing lessons we have presented to you in the form of channeled messages and radio shows were carefully designed to gradually bring through the energy coding, the healing techniques, and the guidance to facilitate your enlightenment.  I will now continue those revelations by describing to you some of what has transpired in the Temple of Light, which is anchored on the ground in and around Kathryn’s New York home, and in the higher dimensions with us, at Mother and Father’s side.

It has been a long-running source of humor among our Lightworker family that the work they do day and night, for months on end, and for which they feel great commitment and fulfillment, is completely invisible to the greater collective on the planet.  Of course all have felt the benefits of the event in which the Reptilians were all brought to the Light, and they are beginning to experience the enormous lifting of conflicting energies that resulted when the Fallen Archangel Sisters returned after millions of years, and the entire Archon Alliance declared Peace and came to the Temple of Light to be restored and returned to Mother and Father’s embrace.  We now joke with Kathryn when we tell her we are about to announce a spectacular event that no one has seen but is nevertheless absolutely true and Earth-changing.

It is with this in mind that I will explain to you why all this unseen work behind the scenes has been a necessary part of what will appear to be a sudden and monumental Shift when it all unfolds in your 3-dimensional reality.  Because of the heavy Veil behind which most of you have lived your lives, it was barely recognized that there was anything beyond what you could see, hear and touch.  Your scientists mostly disregard any evidence that does not fit with this limited view, and your religions have made it gospel that you are alone here, toiling to please an authoritarian God.  We have had to help you raise your sights little by little, to allow you to absorb the idea that there are worlds beyond your limited vision, and Universes teeming with life just out of view in higher dimensions.

Keeping humankind ignorant of the grandeur of Creation and the existence of benevolent Brothers and Sisters all around you in your skies was a paramount goal of the Masters who controlled the Matrix, which in turn controlled all the resources, the riches and therefor all the beings on the planet.

These simple correlations will make it obvious to all:  The existence of spacecraft that can travel from other galaxies implies: a) the existence of civilizations of much higher development than your own, b) free energy systems that would put oil and gas production out of existence in a moment,  c) friendly Star nations who are waiting patiently to be of service to humanity and d) the revelation that nearly everything you were taught was untrue – a deliberate manipulation to keep you “in the dark.”

We have healing techniques that will make your reliance on pharmaceuticals completely obsolete, and systems of governance that maintain peace along with respecting the sacred individuality and free will of all.  There are methods of food production that eliminate all pesticides, and all control over the food supply.  Profit, privatization of communal services, and private ownership of sacred Earth resources are completely nonexistent in higher dimensional societies, of which there are many in your own Solar System.

Yes, Dear Humankind, there were 144 planets in your Solar System when it was created billions of years ago.  Most of them remain out of your sight in the 5th dimension and higher.  There are now 143 planets, since Maldek, the twin of Planet Earth, was destroyed during the time of Atlantis.  It has been in hospital, you might say, undergoing intricate healing and restoration since it was literally blown apart by the same type of weapon you have again seen in use on your planet on 9/11, and when our beloved Christine, Archangel Uriel, Kathryn and six others of the Company of Heaven were severely injured in three separate attacks.  The use of these weapons is strictly forbidden in the Multiverse, and these recent events have created new considerations about the meaning of free will and how it should be interpreted by Mother and Father.

I mention these things to you to give you a preliminary view of the level of activities going on all around you, just beyond your 3-dimensional awareness.  As you raise your consciousness, you too will begin to open your Vision to wondrous and sacred Truths that have slumbered quietly in your unconscious minds, awaiting this gentle reminder.  Do not permit your fear of the unknown to prevent you from feeling the stirrings within you to reconnect with your Soul family of Light, and to join in exploring the wonders of the unseen Universes.

Just as many around you are practicing meditation, Visual Centering and other forms of mind-expansion, I recommend that you open your sights by allowing direct communication with your own Higher Self and your Twin Soul, or Twin Ray as it is sometimes called, to see for yourself these things I am describing to you here.

It is no longer the province of specially talented Lightworkers to hear the words of their Guides and Helpers who communicate with them through dimensional portals.  It has been an ability that earlier humans enjoyed.  You are now beginning to restore those talents; you can learn to talk with me telepathically, to converse and joke with your Higher Self and your Twin, and to enjoy the benefits of having friends in high places.

The Temple of Light Brings New Life

Come with me now, and I will walk with you through some of the historic moments in the Temple of Light that occurred during the first few months of 2015.

The Temple of Light was established when Kathryn and her team created the pillar of Light to have a healing temple for the Higher Selves of the cabal.  Christine joined her, and together with us, they established the Temple of Light where Masters and Angels began the round-the-clock healing for all the souls who were willing (or who had been convinced they had no other choice) to come to the Light.

The first rounds of souls who entered the Temple were the Higher Selves of the cabal who came to the Light as a result of the knowledge that their days of control on Planet Earth were over.  They had been given the ultimatum by Mother/Father Source that they could come to the Light or be dissolved forever.  They came, and were taken for their reviews and restoration.  The first five million of the darkest, most damaged souls were restored to the Light, and then the difficult work began to convince their incarnations to do the same.  Since then, more than 200 million Higher Selves have come through the Temple. It has been a difficult transition, but some are beginning to make headway in breaking through to their soul/bodies on the ground.

It is now time for their Incarnates to learn of their limited choices.  We have not left it up to chance to see if they will listen to the small voice within them or not (since they are still operating under the free will contracts you all came with).  There are many ways of managing, and we are always working with the greatest probabilities, with backup plans always at the ready.

Enormous change has occurred because of the work in the Temple of Light.  Here are some of the activities that have transpired as the Temple of Light team has been working non-stop through the last three months to bring healing and restoration where darkness once prevailed.  The following entities, beings and thought forms were brought to the Temple for healing:

– Many of the distorted codes that sustained the dark Matrix have been healed, such as the Tree   of Life which had been distorted to accommodate dark teachings and structures, the codes for the Flower of Life, the codes for Duality, and the Master Dark Cell.

– The thought forms which produce the darkest Feeling states such as depression and murderous rage – these were discernible to the team because the thought forms had created intense, distorted and disturbingly shrill sound frequencies.  Note: Collective humanity continues to produce thought forms that cause intensely dark emotions, however the original, potent versions of these thought forms were taken to the Light.

– A “conveyor belt” in each quadrant of Earth was created as part of the “We have your back” program to carry away dark thought forms as they are being created to prevent them from entering the River of Life.

– Satan and then Lilith, the most complex thought forms representing evil and imbalance that have been created by human thought and emotion. They had consciousness, complexity, everything but the spark of Life from Mother and Father.

– The Eighteen Fallen Sisters, (Higher Selves) who agreed to come to the Temple when they learned they had no option but to be dissolved, or be spared and granted new soul status.

– The entire Archon Alliance, including Hanron, the Supreme Commander of the Archon Fleet, who came with the entire fleet and their families, and their Prime Creator, who declared peace on the steps as he entered the Temple.

– The Animal Kingdoms – wild and domesticated, including birds and insects, came for healing.

– The Flora of Planet Earth, who have suffered from pollution and decimation of the soils, and the Vegetable Kingdoms, who offer themselves as food for all the humans, animals and insects.

– A Council was then formed with representatives of both animal and vegetable kingdoms to begin the negotiations to provide food substances for the animals who will be shifting to plant-based diets rather than eating each other.

– The Elementals, Dark and Light Fairies, Gnomes, elves, trolls, all the legendary creatures who have been damaged and frightened by the aggressive and thoughtless acts of humankind.

– The Mineral Kingdoms that have been damaged and depleted by mining, fracking and drilling.

– The conscious and energy-giving Crystals, which have been largely unacknowledged for their sacred powers where they lie in the ground.

– The Cetacean Nation and all oceanic life, victims of life-threatening sonar technologies.

– The Mer people, sensitive, aware, advanced beings who have learned to fear humans.

– Molecules and elements, viruses and bacterium, unacknowledged basic elements of life.

– The beginning of the repair and restoration of the Atlantis crystal, which lay broken into 3three massive pieces – east, west and south, creating the distorted energy field in what is now called the Bermuda triangle.

Now I will tell you more of the back-story that was taking place just before and during these historic moments in the Temple of Light.  The impetus for much of the movement involving the Higher Selves who came for healing, or to face their reviews with Mother and Father, came from the Temple of Light on the ground.
Kathryn had taken her argument to the Council that attacks on Lightworkers must be stopped, after she learned that the earlier injuries to Christine had been accomplished by the same micro-wave type weapon that injured her, Kathryn, and many others, in her attempt to protect me.  We have just recently allowed them both to see the true damage of that heinous act of betrayal.  The energy of the weapon was so intense that everyone in the area was injured, some more seriously than others.

There were seven of us altogether who were seriously injured in the same moment, as we approached the 4th dimensional meeting place to negotiate with the dark councils, in an effort to achieve peace in the Multiverse.  The injured beings of Light were St. Germain, Kathryn and me, Jophiel, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey and Archangel Michael.  Still others were disoriented, also needing time and careful medical attention to be restored to full integrity.

It may seem unusual to you to think that a Lightbody could be injured, but of course we are physical beings, made of molecules in complex arrangement, just as you are.  The essence of a being is physical as much as it is spiritual, even at the higher vibrations of Light.

It has been more than three months since the attack on all of us, and we are still working to complete the healing of our Lightbodies.  In the case of Christine, who was hit by the weapon during her Lightwork in the desert, it was her body that was seriously damaged by the laser-type beam you sometimes call a scalar weapon.  We are learning more as we go along about the most effective techniques for restoring a soul to wholeness after suffering a great tear in the matter of our being.

In the worst injuries, a Lightbody can be so badly shattered that the molecules are dispersed into the atmosphere.  We are fortunate that we were all immediately cared for.  The healing teams that arrived almost instantly wrapped us in cocoons of Light to keep the disrupted fragments of our Beings isolated for later repair and restoration.

I can tell you now, with my heart still wrenched nearly from my being, that the scene of the attack was like the most awful massacre you have ever witnessed in newsreels or film.  My beloved Kathryn was torn to shreds, and my dearest family were all around me, in states of pain and anguish, for themselves and the others they saw so terribly injured.  We wanted to help each other, but could barely make sense of what we saw and felt.  The brothers who have been my closest companions and trusted friends were near death all around me.  It was unthinkable, unbelievable, inconceivable.

Each one of us cried out, even before we felt our own wounds, and were caught mid-air by teams of angels and healers, with Mother and Father at our sides.  You see, we always know we have the ultimate protection – our Creators, who are the source of miracles, who have the power to set all things right.  They are doing so now, as they will always do.

We rest peacefully in the knowledge that we had offered, as a group, to serve any purpose in the Light, to do anything, anything necessary, to stop the destruction and ongoing suffering on Earth and in the Multiverse.  All this suffering is a result of the dark and perverse acts of those who have been so damaged by their participation in evil that they cannot see any other path.  We pledged to do whatever it would take to put an end to the suffering.  We did not know how difficult that would be until the ultimate act of betrayal brought so many of us to the brink of  soul death.

Of course we have received the best healing techniques and the constant attention of the Arcturians, the Great White Brotherhood medical teams, and the endless love of Mother and Father.  Those who were badly injured were put on “life support” – given the essence of Life we need to continue our existence – by their own Twin Souls and by Mother and Father.  The healing continues for all of us.  As you can imagine, it was a difficult time for us, but one we moved through with Faith and great Love and appreciation for one another.  If anything, such a life-threatening incident brought us even closer in our absolute Love and respect for each other, and in our gratitude to Mother and Father, whose unending Love ultimately heals all.

There was a period where we had to spell one another as we took turns in the healing chambers, working day and night with our medical teams, as Kathryn and Christine have been doing on the ground.  We are now overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude that we can at last tell you the details of what happened.  Now we can assure you we are all either fully or nearly restored to our original strength, and are “back in the saddle again” more resolute than ever.  We are determined to carry through our vow to help raise Planet Earth into Ascension, to implement the Prosperity Programs as they were planned, and to share the triumph of Light here on Earth and in our entire Universe.

Those who were instrumental in carrying out the forbidden attack are aware of the inevitable consequences of taking such an action.  It is blatantly against the Universal Law of One to attempt to destroy a living soul – a deliberate act against Creation and against Mother and Father – the most serious of all transgressions.  It was an act of betrayal, cowardice and desperation, but it did not succeed in achieving anything but increasing our resolve.  The Light on Earth and throughout the Multiverse is on the rise.  Our will is unbroken; our determination increases with every act of healing and every courageous gesture on the part of our heroic brothers and sisters here in higher dimensions and on the ground.
You see, Love is a miracle.  Mother and Father are our miracle.  When we remain in the circle of their Love, we will thrive, no matter what.  No matter what.

I, Sananda, can tell you now that in some ways, we will never be the same.  We who have lived through every possible permutation of free will and its consequences have come to an understanding that will live indelibly in our hearts.  We who have seen our loved ones lying injured, in the worst kind of war any being can imagine, will never again make the argument that we need to experience the limits of darkness in order to appreciate the Light.  We will never again choose to experience the farthest extent of what a soul can bear in order to test ourselves in the presence of darkness, nor will we ever risk our beloved ones to the temptations that lie inherently within the Matrix we are capable of creating with our own free will.

These are lessons that Earth’s children, and the entire Multiverse that watches, will never forget.  There is no one to blame, no post-game analysis that will find one villain, or one idea, or one moment that was the cause of all the suffering humankind has endured – even welcomed – in their openness to experience every possible opportunity to test our will, our stamina and our capacity to Love in the face of any challenge.

The End of Organized Darkness:  An Ultimatum From Mother and Father

Mother and Father have asked us to use this message to make an announcement to the entire Multiverse.  Those in higher dimensions have already heard this pronouncement, but the lower dimensional souls who are still involved in organized criminal activities are not yet aware, of course, of the edicts of Heaven:

All who took part in the attempted murder of souls, in the incidents we have described here, and others of equal or even more serious magnitude yet unnamed, are hereby notified that there will no longer be any tolerance (in the name of free will) for acts against Soul Life in this Universe or any other.  Those who have taken part in these heinous acts of violence, either in body or in Spirit, are to come immediately to the Temple of Light for healing, or choose the only other option available – complete dissolution.  This dissolution was the intention of their own actions toward others and is therefore nothing more than the reflected karmic response to their own intentional acts of violence.

Many who have spent eons in the thrall of the dark Matrix have come to believe there is no real Mother or Father Source, and that there are no real consequences for their reckless distaste for the Life of others.  Nevertheless, each one was once the Creation of Mother and Father’s Love, and as such, they carry the threefold flame of Life, although for many it is only a forgotten, smoldering spark.  These Created beings are ultimately accountable for their actions, whether they are consciously aware of the implications of their nefarious plans or not.

Jealousy, rage, covetousness, greed and lust for power have fueled their violent actions.  They feel entitled to their dark feelings and the unbridled aggression that results.  Of course, they have lived thousands of lifetimes within the torturous, cruel and punishing prison that is life in the pit of evil.  We understand that, and yet there have been moments for each where they consciously chose to join forces with those who oppose Universal Law, who knew they were opposing Mother and Father and All That Is.

All those who are now called to the Temple of Light are aware of their own part in these crimes, and have also been given special dispensations during this lifetime, to awaken and to change their path of destruction.  They have been given the succor and aid of Light Beings who sacrificed everything to bring Light and Love into their lives.  They have clung to their arrogance and entitlement, at the cost of others, and at the cost of their own souls.

There remain on the surface of Planet Earth the incarnated representatives of four of the five Archangel Brothers, who fell when they descended into the darkest environments on the planet eons ago to rescue their Twin Flames, the Fallen Sisters.  Their Higher Self Twins, the original Higher Selves of the Fallen Sisters, have gone to the Temple of Light to have a new start as beginning souls rather than be completely dissolved.  This is the example of Mother and Father’s mercy, for rather than having to spend millions of lifetimes experiencing and understanding the impact of their karmic choices, they are granted new life.

It is a privilege to be allowed the opportunity to understand our Karmic impact through seeing and feeling what it is we have chosen and lived out as our choices.  We take with us unparalleled soul growth as we absorb our own lessons, surrounded by the loving support of our ascended family.  This is the loss they feel when they are “demoted” to beginner souls.  They no longer have the opportunity to gain the maximum ascent from the experiences they have come through, while the rest of us catapult into higher levels of Mastery.

When the dark Sisters were offered to come to the Temple of Light, they bargained for being able to maintain their positions as Archangels and to claim the connection to their Twin Flames.  However, they had devolved while their soul counterparts had evolved, making this a gap that could not be crossed.  Because of the karmic weight of millions of years spent by choice in darkness, they had only two choices – to spend millions upon millions of years experiencing how their choices impacted every being they preyed upon, or begin again. They are also not kept with their original soul families, nor will they be reunited with their soul mates or twins.

Several of their male counterparts, 4th dimensional Higher Selves and their incarnates, the most powerful of the dark forces on Earth, remain as the last bastion of the delusion that is the Matrix – that co-created illusion which supported the simplistic and delusional idea that Evil Is Power.

This free-will choice, to believe in the imaginary “religion” that is anti-Life, has been the downfall of many of the original Archangels and Masters who entered into the experiment that was Planet Earth under the influence of the actions of darkness, which we refer to as evil for lack of a better description.  They believed they could withstand the temptation of falling into the Illusion once they took on the bodies of humans, but one after another they succumbed to the siren call of glamour, power, pride and ego aggrandizement.

In this moment, Mother and Father Source have declared an end to all organized evil, all profligate disregard for human life and the teeming life of all the inhabitants of Earth and the Universes beyond.  All accounts will be settled, all crimes against souls (including the souls of all living beings, whether animal, vegetable or mineral) are hereby being recorded in finality. 

Those who have participated in the deliberate dissolution or torment of souls in any dimension are hereby called to account.  You may come today to the Temple of Light to meet with Mother and Father and the Company of Heaven, or you may choose to be dissolved into the sea of Creation.
Should anyone, still operating under the delusion that their actions are unknown or overlooked by those in higher dimensions, decide to take part in – or even take part in consciously planning – any act of violence against the soul of a Child of God, their Higher Selves will immediately be dissolved.  

Since no incarnation can survive without the Life force of Source, as it is channeled through the Higher Self, this will mean the decline and death of the Incarnated Self.  There will be individual dispensations for those Incarnations who have managed to live a life in the Light in spite of their destructive Higher Selves.  In these cases, the Incarnates will be given new Life and new life-support through Mother or Father and will be welcomed into the circle of Life, in the Loving embrace of our Creators.

You see, the pilgrimage to the Temple can be initiated by either the Higher Self or the Incarnate, who have the free will to operate independently if it is for the Greater Good of the soul.  All will be welcomed and given fair consideration by Mother and Father, who, in consultation with the Company of Heaven, will consider every individual in the context of their history and personal choices.

We understand that leaders in the dark realms are following the words of these messages, and are fully aware of the closing net that will bring the end of their power on Earth.  We know that this message will travel far and wide, and that all who are beckoned here are aware of the reason for their call to account.  It is time for a final reckoning, as was foretold throughout the eons.

We welcome all to take part in this final chapter in the Fall and now, the Ascension of Planet Earth.  It has been your free will to run amok on the planet that was Paradise in her early beginnings.  Terra, as we call our beloved Earth Soul, is ready to ascend once more, back into higher dimensions.  Those of you who have worked hard to find your way into the Light are ready to move with her.  If you are awakening only now, join us if you will.  It is time.

I am your brother, Sananda, in service to Mother and Father, our beloved Creators.

By Kathryn E. May, May 8, 2015, New York

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Lauren @ Rumor Mill News – We are moving into a Momentum-Building Phase – Time to reBuild – Accessing your blueprint – 5-4-15

ascension sun

Lauren @ Rumor Mill News

We have officially returned from our first eclipse voyage of the year, and with our soul’s way more intact than when we embarked upon this substantial soul-retrieving odyssey in late March…all innocent and wide eyed.

Regardless of where you find yourself at this moment, I am pretty certain that you are exiting in a very different state than you entered…even if you are not fully aware of it yet. Realistically speaking, we are moving into a whole. new. human. experience. and so we all need a minute to get our bearings and reorient to new life…this birthing was a b-i-g-g-y.

It’s no secret that time has all but evaporated (along with the 4th dimension) and even tho, technically speaking, this was a truncated portal…2 as opposed to 3 eclipses in a row…these r-evolutionary crusades can feel like the lonnngest days of our lives. At this advanced stage of the ascension game eclipses are like being in a vacuum, mostly because we have become so sensitive to energy and how to parlay its influence into our personal expansion that we need very little in the external world to reflect our individual process…in fact, the outside world can serve to detract from it.

And while it can be challenging & frustrating to be so Self consumed, these periods always prove to be so valuable because they force enable us to go deeper than we are able to with our conscious mind focused on business as usual. The success of any eclipse passage is always contingent on our ability and readiness to deepen…to open to more of our authentic nature and those people/places/things that align with our full truth. Needless to say, these can be very rearranging times…both in our DNA and in our physical lives.

The outcome is such that the deeper we go (the more truth we have the courage to recover) the higher we are able to fly when we get to the other side. And, according to the star folk…fly we must. As of the recent new moon in Aries, a brand new accelerated cycle begins and we will now be supported to utilize the momentum before us to not only take flight, but to learn to balance our wings in the blowing winds of change.

The divine King finally rejoins his sovereign Queen to rebuild a true partnership in co-creation.


The Children of Light – Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and Starseeds – in5d.com – 5-3-15

The Children of Light - Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, And Starseeds  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/

by Kendra M Gilbert – DailySpiral.com

Found at: http://in5d.com/the-children-of-light-indigos-crystals-rainbows-and-starseeds/

All children who have entered into the world can be either Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds etc.  There is no birth status amongst children, just their level of awareness of who they are, their mission and purpose.

Every single child is capable, especially if given the proper support and nurturing, to become the amazing and brilliant new creators, healers, helpers and caretakers of tomorrow.   Unfortunately, it is often the unawakened parents along with the current system of control that is responsible for hijacking their true potentials.  Not all parents realize this of course, and it may upset or sound insulting to those who do not understand or want to take responsibility for their part in the dysfunction.  But at some point, accountability must be acknowledged and certain changes must be embraced.   Most all parents want the same for their children – good health, happiness and success.  However, if we do not allow them to figure out what each of those things means to them, they could go an entire lifetime living an illusion that belongs to someone else, never really knowing who they are.

When we can identify the unique qualities, talents, attributes and interests of our children, this is a truly magical moment.  We should immediately encourage and support those things which inspire and motivate the Creator within.  When we show disregard, or try to force preconceived ideals or “prepackaged programs” in place of free will, we are literally denying their right to grow and find their true purpose in this world.

Could this perhaps be the cause of identity crisis in the first place?  We are told what to think, how to think, what to do, how to do it, what to believe, what to fear, what to want…and then wonder how we have become so lost, enslaved and subservient.  How much creative potential is lost every generation due to this destructive Human injustice?

Parents have this misinformed opinion that their children “belong” to them, while this might be true to some degree, ultimately our Children belong to no one but themselves.  It is our job not to dictate, control or program – but to support, guide, nurture and love.  If we consider reincarnation, we must realize that our children have been here possibly hundreds of times over the course of history.  To assume that the “cup is empty” when they get here is quite egotistical and does not honor or celebrate life, but only limits creation and denies infinite possibility.

All children are Children of Light and we must acknowledge and appreciate the individuality, uniqueness and wisdom each of these beautiful beings has to share with the world.

-Kendra Gilbert

The Indigo Evolution

“The Indigo Evolution” is a documentary that attempts to answer the question – Are these ‘Indigos’ only the fanciful notions of a few individuals embracing new-age, metaphysical beliefs, or is there real evidence that they truly do exist? Most importantly, why are they here and how can we help them achieve their goal of creating a world based upon the laws of compassion and peace? Interviews with some of the most profound children on the planet today combined with discussions with authorities in the fields of medicine, psychology, education, philosophy, and religion will provide information for the viewer to draw their own conclusions to these questions.

‘The Indigo Evolution’ is a documentary about the shifting human, evolving beyond the five sensory perceptions into a multi-sensory being of light ! The term Indigo refers to the Indigo color Aura seen around certain individuals who exhibit certain enhanced abilities well beyond their age and learning. Commonly labeled as suffering from some kind of deficit (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia …) these children clearly have more of something most of us fail to recognize. Their non conformance to authority and the social conditioning sometimes earns them the label of being problem children.

Indigo Evolution, a feature-length documentary by James Twyman, was released Jan. 28, 2006 in more than 350 churches and wellness and spiritual centers around the world. The attendance far exceeded expectations, demonstrating how interest in understanding the “Indigo phenomenon” has grown. Indigo Evolution illuminates the lives of children who are referred to as “Indigos.” The movie describes them as creative, eccentric and independent. Impatient with the status quo, these children possess a high degree of integrity and intuition. Many are both intelligent and gifted, often in the areas of art and technology, and some are said to bring healing gifts.

According to Indigo Evolution, Indigos often sound very wise for their age; however, they are very sensitive physically, emotionally and spiritually, and not always comfortable in their own bodies. They easily experience sensory overload to lights, smells, sounds, touching and toxins, and need help in becoming grounded. Many Indigos have attention and social problems in school and may frequently correct the teacher. While their behaviors vary, their philosophy of life is consistent; they have a high level of social consciousness and desire to make the world a better place. They are here to bring the Dawn of the Golden Age!

Hopi Elders reveal ancient prophecies:
After the premiere test screening of “The Indigo Evolution”, the Hopi nation contacted James Twyman, and told him that they were willing to reveal their ancient and guarded secrets about the children of the planet in this movie. The new section containing interviews with Hopi elders about their ancient prophesies and how they relate to the Indigos was added to the documentary. Their message was astounding, and has now become the central theme for the entire film. The Hopi elders shared that it is not too late to reverse the tide of earth cleansing, but only if we come together, and the children have a critical role to play.

About the Filmmakers:
James Twyman (Producer / Director) is a singer/songwriter and the author of Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World and Messages from Thomas: Raising Psychic Children.  James wrote and was the Executive Producer for the movie INDIGO which premiered in January 2005.

Stephen Simon (Executive Producer) has produced such films as Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come and is the author of The Force Is with You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives.

Kent Romney – (Co-Producer / Co-Director) This is Kent’s first feature documentary as a Director and Producer. In recent years, traveling to distant lands and cultures of our world, he worked on production teams that created film and television projects shown on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC Primetime and other broadcast networks. As a filmmaker, he creates video and film projects reflecting his interests in adventure travel, social topics, cultural issues and spiritual growth.

Doreen Virtue – (Associate Producer) holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues. She is recognized as an expert in the area of Indigo Children and her books on the subject include The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children


ZEN GARDNER – Allowing The Vibrational Change – in5d.com – 4-30-15

Allowing The Vibrational Change


by Zen Gardner


Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the vibrational change we’re undergoing. The shift is on, and people are responding by either welcoming or resisting it at all kinds of levels. It’s quite a fascinating phenomenon to behold, as well as a bit disturbing as people who don’t get it lash out at whatever influence they perceive is the culprit for their disorientation.

Fascinating stuff, but intrinsically important to what’s happening here at the surface level.

Most importantly is the personal level of this transformation that’s happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Fighting the structural degradation of old paradigms is always a messy affair, with seeming little to support our old viewpoints, except desperate grabbing on to old thought patterns and resultant behaviors which have shaped our lives. Such is the death of the old.

The overwhelmingly empowering aspect of what humanity is experiencing is the complete liberation from decrepit control systems into a world longing for exploration and enjoyment that brings with it realms of transformation we never dreamed of.

The Rhythm of Change

Whether humanity likes it, believes it, or is ready or not, the change is happening. It’s as unstoppable as the music of the spheres, as identified by the great philosopher and geomantic mathematician Pythagoras. This wondrous discovery of the decipherable fundamental rhythmic patterns of creation at every level has profound implications that permeate every level of our existence.

Vibrational frequency affects everything. This has been demonstrated using not just sound on water, sand and metal filings where fabulous geometric patterns are formed which change as the frequency is altered, but it also happens with the application of thought, emotions and intention as demonstrated by the late great Masaru Emoto.

The earth resonates with what is called the Schumann resonance frequency, first calculated at 7.83 hertz. And now it is literally changing, and moving into a higher frequency. And that’s just one measuring stick. What else is changing around us and within us? What marvelous new patterns are our basic structures morphing into as this vibrational change continues to unfold?

Nothing to the skeptic, but something wonderful to the experiencer.

Step Out of the Theater

While the world’s attention is transfixed on matrix movie reruns in the theater of life, the entire theater is moving and changing, as is the the world around it. When people finally get up out of their seats and go outside, boy are they in for a shock. It isn’t the same place they entered from, and even then it will continue to change. People looking at the televised reruns and the entranced audience for evidence of this change will never see it. Besides, much of the nature of vibrational change is intuitive, but the evidence is there. Like the changing of the seasons it takes time and is a gradual process but spring always follows winter even when it appears winter just won’t quit.

It reminds me how some people can’t even see the chemtrails. Or think there’s no rhyme or reason to the obvious coordination of world events and the bogus money system. In their minds it’s always been that way and there is no possible alternative. It’s the same with the royalty scam or the rich riding on the backs of the poor. Only this is way more profound than these surface manifestations of the old control system. But until you’ve experienced this vibrational awakening it won’t be in your reality.

Or so you think.

This is the big one, the very vibrational nature of the entire world we live in, from our DNA to the music of the planets in our solar system, the transformation is under way. What it will entail geologically, geopolitically and personally remains to be fully seen, but transform we will, like it or not.

Letting Go

This might seem esoteric to some but it’s as real as the nose on our faces. The shift is on, vibrationally and therefore emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Hence the confused reaction on so many planes. The big drawback to lower level thinking is that we interpret changes by old worn-out channels of thought and understanding.

Fundamentally speaking, never the two worlds shall meet.

They can’t. They’re completely different paradigms. And even the next paradigm will meet dissolution as we continue on the journey. We learn by changing, which begins with a willingness to explore and thus change evolves. It couldn’t be simpler in many ways, but letting go into new realms has been conditioned against, violently. The constructs of society, especially in this highly engineered age of technofascism, are relentless in their pursuit of containment and control. We are forced to judge “normalcy” by carefully manipulated “standards” that, once conformed to, begin to reinforce themselves. On a mass scale this then becomes a form of voluntary enslavement.

Don’t fall for it. In fact, you won’t be able to much longer anyway. The entire ball of wax is undergoing an unstoppable transformation whether it likes it or not. Empowering and thrilling for some, completely disorienting and even terrifying for others.

Why not just go with it? Let go and enjoy the ride! It’s the solution everyone’s been waiting for, but it requires our willing participation to allow its creative magic to work more efficiently and effectively.

Translating Vibrational Change

Whether this knowledge and experience embolden you to speak out against the control system as well as help co-create these wonderful changes or not is everyone’s free choice. I share what I’m perceiving and try to nudge and inspire as many as I can, as a growing number of others are doing. We can stare at the maniacal matrix and its wicked workings all day, but positive solutions abound and are there for the harvesting. Activating vibrationally to this paradigm shift makes it manifest and accelerates its effect on everyone and everything.

If you’ve ever seen those musical demonstrations where one string or vibration sets off others around it to vibrate at the same frequency you know what I mean. Only here we’re talking about a much deeper, even quantum level of, vibrational transference. It manifests in changed lives, resonating thoughts, awakening mental and spiritual awareness. If plants and animals respond to music, how much more the human spirit to the music of the spheres and fundamental cosmic vibrational change?!

All we have to do is throw the switch!

I’ll leave you with this inspiring and enlightening video about our amazing fractal holographic universe and the role sound and frequency play which highlights this vibrational change we’re undergoing that’s well worth the watch.

Much love, Zen



Zen Gardner – The Tipping Point at the Crossroads of Time – 3-30-15

by Zen Gardner

It appears we’re hitting that infamous tipping point in many arenas of late. So much is getting revealed and reaching the collective consciousness as the truth manifests. Remember, to finally tip a scale it just needs that last grain of sand to completely reverse perceived reality in the mass mind.

Just look at not just the grains, but the flood tide of truth being released into the public mental, spiritual, economic and political domains, never mind the profound vibrational morphic field shifts with so many souls awakening in a whole range of areas. It’s astounding.

There’s still a lot to be done but the landscape is changing fast.


Michelle Walling – Awakening 101 – What You Need To Know – in5d.com – 3-31-15

What You Need To Know: Awakening 101  in5d in 5d

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer, In5D.com

One day you began to realize that there is something really wrong with the way we are living on the planet. “Land of the free, home of the brave” seemed to be out of reach in America. Now that you are spiritually awakened and aware that your whole world is upside down and backwards, where do you go from here?

I recently completed a radio show with Fernando Vossa on this topic, called “Awakening 101”. The best I can do to help those who are waking up is to share my experience and the experience of others on In5D’s Cosmic Awakening Show as well as in articles on In5d. Everyone will have their own unique experience; however we also have similar things that happen that the majority of people on the planet do not have an understanding of. Doctors, school teachers, and the like are programmed to feed the agenda, and is seems to be a lonely world once you begin to see the truth of what is happening around you.

That is where Facebook as well as other sites like Google Plus and You Tube can be helpful. You can search just about anything these days to find information about some of the questions you may be having. It is important to use discernment by taking what feels right to you at any given moment and learning to trust your body signals with practice.

See related article: The Three Levels of Learning Discernment

In “Awakening 101”, we covered the following topics:

  • Awareness– What it means to have conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions, and how to be responsible for them.
  • Gratitude– How being thankful brings positive energy back to you.
  • Healing– This involves transmuting stuck energy in the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies which manifests into the physical.
  • Community– How the future of living will bring like minded people together in self-sustaining communities with free energy smart homes.
  • Vibration– How everything is an illusion, and is really energy vibrating at a certain frequency.
  • Love– How love is the highest vibration we can take in from our higher selves and share with ourselves and others.
  • Declaration of Sovereignty– The TRUE declaration of independence starts with knowing who you really are- spirit having a physical experience.
  • Thoughts– How all thoughts are energy and manifest into reality, and will be manifesting more rapidly as we move in to a higher vibrational state.
  • Synchronicity– The bridge between the multidimensional level and here and now which manifest into déjà vu and coincidence. Number synchronicities like 11:11 and versions of it are common.
  • Fear– The opposite of love, how to transmute it, and why it is imperative to do so.
  • Patterns and cycles– How to recognize patterns as a gift because they show you what is left to work on.
  • Grounding– The importance of staying grounded and centered with the planet.
  • Meditation– How to lose the restrictions of meditating and finding what works for you. Fernando does a meditation at the end of the show.
  • Ascension Symptoms- Our bodies are literally changing and morphing, and this can cause common symptoms that many awakened people are experiencing. Learning these symptoms could save a trip to the doctor only to hear nothing is wrong with you.
  • Intention– Using your imagination is more powerful than most people realize.
  • Co-Creation– We are all powerful creators working in a symbiotic relationship with each other, the planet, galaxy, and Universe.
  • Friends and Family– How to approach your friends and family about your awakening.
  • New Age Trap– How those who wish to keep us asleep have twisted the truth.
  • Discernment– Learning to go within and how to pay attention to your body’s signals.

(and much, much more!)

About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for http://www.in5d.com. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website MichelleWalling.com. The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Howtoexitthematrix.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

Momentous Change Taking Place – Sananda, Lady Nada, Ascended Masters, One Who Serves, Ashira – Ancient Awakenings – 3-31-15

Buddhas robed in yellow by Raphael Bick on FlickrIMAGE : Buddhas robed in yellow ~ by Raphael Bick on Flickr


“You Are All A Part Of This Momentous Change Taking Place” –
Sananda, Lady Nada, (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell
Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 29,2015)


“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves” and we are only preparing the way for the next ones to come. Be back here shortly.


This is “Sananda”. And yes, it is true that there are times when I would be with you and then there are other times that I am unable to be with you. Because as you may understand or may be aware, there are many things happening, what you would call behind the scenes. There are many councils that are meeting even at this moment now that are preparing, planning for all the many changes that are happening, not only to this planet but to the solar system, to the galaxy. And these planning meetings are being held at what you would call, all hours of the day and the night.

There are so many things that need to be addressed and are being addressed. You, yourselves, are a part of these meetings in the evenings, in the times when you find yourselves in your sleep state. Yes, in your dreams. And it is from your point of view, unfortunately, that you are not able to remember these times. But I tell you now, that there are those times to come when you will remember; where you will be aware at these meetings and at these councils. You will have the memories and you will know how you are participating and what you bring to the table you might say.

We have spoken about the Twelve of the Twelve. We have spoken about the twelve tables and the twelve at each of those tables. And this is certainly still in the works here. It has not been forgotten. It is in the planning stages. You, yourselves, are planning for these types of gatherings and council meetings and all of this. We know that you have wondered to yourselves, “How can I be a part of this when I am not part of the government or not part of the secret societies. I am not in the know.”

And that is exactly who we want to be a part of this. Ones who are not in the leadership position now but have that leadership ability. Have that desire. Even more important than leadership ability is the desire to assist and to be of service. And those in this group and many who read these words are the ones we are speaking to now.

I, myself, as Sananda, am conducting many of these council meetings and you are sitting at my side at these meetings. So, know, please all of you, my friends, my brothers and my sisters, that you are indeed a great part of all of the happenings, all of these gatherings, all of this momentous change that IS taking place now.

In this following week, when you come together again, I, as Yeshua, will be with you to assist in understanding the meaning of this particular moment of time that you find yourselves in.
I am Sananda. My peace and love be with you always.


“Lady Nada”
And I am “Lady Nada”, the one who stands by his side.
I come this week with the message that I bring to you is that it is time for you to become aware of that name of your Higher Self. That aspect of your Higher Self that is accompanying us on many journeys, many meetings, many activities outside of the realm in which you have your 3D experience. For it is time for you to know yourselves, more deeply, more widely and more thoroughly.

This name will come to you when you are brushing your teeth! Perhaps it will come to when you are driving down the road! It is not something that you need to have great angst about. This is something that will come to you from your inside self when you are awake or from your inside self when you are asleep. We promise you, loved ones, that knowing this name of that Higher Being, that Higher Self of your own will help you come into greater alignment with those things that my beloved speaks of as well as those things that you are being called to as this change continues forth in your world.

You will continue to find more and more every day that you do not come into understanding of situations in your world through polarity because that is not the way of the New World. As your consciousness continues to shift and to mold and to change with the energies that are flooding upon your planet, it becomes easier and easier for you to understand, to call forth and to be that Unity that was spoken of this day.

You are called to be that Unity Consciousness. You are not to be mired in what seems to be going on in the world because it is not the truth. Do not be delayed or distracted by stories that you read. You will find yourselves more and more spending time in meditation, prayer and quiet contemplation. You will feel more and more that it is time to share with friends and family in laughter and loving activities.

You will find that it is no longer attractive to you to see the separation. It is no longer attractive to you to see the polarity or to call it forth. What now fits comfortably within the heart of your being is unity. What feels comfortable are those things that you can touch, feel, and be a part of unity.
That is why we have been called to this group and you have been called to us. That is why we have walked with you previously upon the planet in other lives. This is why we call you forth now into the new dimension and the new state of mind on the planet. We call you forth into unity and we know that as you come into contact and understanding with that that is your name of your Highest Being you will have more understanding about those things which don’t make sense now.

We laugh a little and we giggle a little with your conversations earlier. The one who had the pictures printed and in a nice neat pile, you have done this for yourself! It is not that there are others around you doing this for you.

This is a gift for yourself. To help you to see that you are active and conscious on so many levels and in so many times and ways. And yes, it may seem lf like a dream but it was an aspect of yourself that was preparing these papers for you to muse over and to understand now that is what you are doing for yourself.

All of you are active in different ways throughout the night. Some of that crosses over into dreams. Some of that crosses over into musings that happen during the day when you think back on a dream or an activity that takes you back to that moment in time. There are SO many things that you are doing at this moment in time.

And one of those keys that will help you turn the dial is to understand that you are multiple beings from multiple places having multiple lives all of the time. And even though we speak of this each week it is confusing because you only see that which you see and which you allow yourself to see in this body in which you exist on this plane now.

We have told you so many times in the past weeks that the veil is gone. And that energy that is coming into your body is changing your abilities to see into other dimensions, into inter-galaxies, inter-worlds. And that those who attempt to share their experiences with this group of those things which they are seeing, they share these experiences to encourage you to have that same faith and follow that same path. Let something that is within your mind stimulate you in a way that you have not felt before and follow it! Follow where the story leads you! Follow where the tale takes you!

All of you are awakening beings! We are so excited to have you by our sides day and night, and one after another. So we leave you with this message today. Sananda and I love you, cherish you and have walked with you before. And we walk with you now.
We bless you. We love you. Great peace to you.

“One Who Serves”
Yes. Would there be any questions here now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: I have a question about the sphere, the Blue Avians that are coming into our atmosphere that David Wilcock has been speaking about? Can you tell us about them?

(OWS): As you have found in your reading and experiencing of this one who speaks of this, there are many differences and understandings that are coming forth on this.

You will read one area you will come to an understanding of this in one way. You read another or another speaks from another source, you have a different understanding. So, to say exactly what this is would be very difficult because you are not there yet. But know that these ones that Wilcock is speaking of, is very much as he is saying in many respects.

There are those beings coming into the planet to experience at many different levels now that have not been here before. There are those that have been here before but have been gone for a long time. This is what is being experienced now and they are here to help in many different aspects to help in many different ways. So, to say this one particular group of beings to do this and this one is here to do that, is not going to assist you at this point. Know that they are all here synergistically to bring about the great many changes that are about to befall you.

Question: In previous readings you have recommended that I work with candles and light. I have been working with this is that good enough for me or should I do something else now?

(Ashira): I will take this. You have been practicing new talents and new experiences. We would encourage you to expand now. Working with light, with candles has been a good start but there are new opportunities for you as you walk down the path that is opening in front of you. You will have memories opening to you to work with crystals and also with sound.
Sounds that you have not yet experienced. You will have sounds of the crystal bowls, Tibetan (brass) bowls, sounds of tuning forks. With these sounds that help to bring a more harmonious resonance with people and their bodies, yourself first, with those in your family who would allow you to share this experience.

The knowledge that you are “learning” comes from within you. Not from reading books, not from listening to lectures. Do not seek it from elsewhere. But allow it to flow and grow like a flower bud that is opening to you. As that bud opens more and more and you have more sensations you are moving beyond that which you just “see” but also open to those things which can be heard, which can be smelled as well as your extra-sensory perceptions that are opening to you.

As you have passed through this time of physical changes that you called sickness, we shared not to do that because it is all part of that many, many, many upon the planet are experiencing. And as you moved through these you have moved to a higher level or higher frequency and so it is time, as you are so moved, to allow new thoughts to come into your mind and new toys to play with, to experiment with so that you are ready with these harmonizing elements to be called into assistance for humanity.
Does that make sense, loved one? Yes.

Question: I don’t understand how my energy printed the pictures out and how I can use that energy again?

(Ashira): I am happy to answer that. Actually it was “Lady Nada” who shared that.​ ​So what she was explaining is that it was an aspect of you. Basically, you can think of it as climbing out of bed and placing your hands on the printer and have it produce for you what it needed to produce to create in you and understanding that you are a being beyond this 3D world that has rules of regulations, and polarities and rights and wrongs and does or does not work.

Move outside of that understanding. Move beyond that understanding. Know that the part of you that understands wholeness and the Unity Consciousness of the next dimension.

Make things move through this 3D way and know that everything responds in the Unity Consciousness. This is to help you understand the way and power of manifestation. To help you understand that the next step you take will not even need a printer; you will make whatever you want in your hands and your own way.
Does that make sense to you, Dear One?

Comment: It is pretty awesome!

Question: I am wondering if I can use this power to expand the “Forever” book?

What we would say to you is to place your full understanding and trust and belief in the production of this. And we would share with you that as things move forward, much of that which has been produced in the old way and in the old times is no longer to have the same effect.

Allow your imagination to create in your mind and for the future this particular book and activities in new ways. Ways to enjoy the book in holodecks for people. Ways to see this as a visionary tool for people. See as this begins to flow in a whole new way for you as your understanding continues to expand.
Thank you

(Ashira) It is our desire, all of us who are here in this room, all of those who are with “One Who Serves” and all of those who are here to continue to move you beyond your thought processes, beyond your understanding of this 3D world into this new life, this new world that is being created. You are creating it.

All of those who read these words, all of those who hear these words, you are creating the New World. You are creating the New World from your dreams, from your imaginations. From all of those things that are beyond that which you see today. That is why so many in this room are science fiction aficionados. All of you enjoy the science fiction because it is helping you to create this New World.

Every day you read stories about vehicles that are new for transportations, transporters and all of these things that are new. Why? Just like the whistleblowers who tell you about things that have been hidden, you see these new inventions to enable you to create those in the consciousness so that they may all manifest in the New World.

(OWS): We wish to add something here. What is being experienced here is also what we have been saying for some time now is that you would be having the glimpses. This is another example of the glimpses of the various changes that are going on both within you and outside of yourself. To be able to look at the sky and see the formations in the clouds that are being presented by the Guardians, as was spoken of earlier. That one can look there and see this. And see beyond what the 3D illusion is presenting there.

This is very important that you allow for this process to continue. This is what these groups and all of these groups around the planet are working toward. So that when the time comes and things open more fully to the masses that you will be the ones there that will be ones they will be reaching out to help understand what is happening here. You are the Way Showers. You are the ones who come before and are preparing the way. Such as “John the Baptist” prepared the way for the “Yeshua” to come at that time. You are all “John the Baptists” here, you see?

Question: When “Lady Nada” started to speak about the name for the Higher Self, all of a sudden “Galagher” came into my mind. Can you explain why a name like “Galagher” would come into my mind?

(OWS): To be able to assist you in this way is to step in for yourself here. And as you know, we tend to not want to do that; to spoil the surprise for you. The fact that you are reaching within yourself and receive a name such as thus, there is certainly meaning here. And you must allow for this process to continue. The more that you experience this name, work with it, feel it and see whether or not it resonates for you will give you your answer, you see?

It is not for us to say whether or not this name is for you. It must come from deep within you. So we are not going to say whether it is or it is not.

Question: The subject of disclosure is very prominent it seems right now. I can look at the group and I can see all of us and our past, present and future extra-terrestrial beings are assisting us in our own personal disclosure. Could we pursue this and is it beneficial for each of us?

(OWS): Whenever you have a question such as this, when you are searching within, it is the answer itself that is important. It is something you are reaching out for in your own personal disclosure. There are many types of disclosures that are in the process now both internal and external within the illusion itself. And moving outside of the illusion into, in many respects, what is the reality. And you, each one, are moving to this very disclosure yourself of the true awareness within that is bringing out all of the changes that are about to unfold here.

But as has been said many times, the journey is within, that is what is so important here. Not so much the destination. Yes, you will reach destinations but as you reach those destinations you will find that there will be more and more and more after that. There is never one final destination to reach.

And you are correct in many aspects that you are created by these many beings and such but we would add to this that you are the Creator too, not so much the Created. That is the new way of looking at things. That you are gods and goddesses. You are the ones who created yourselves. It is a higher aspect of you. As “Lady Nada” said, it is time to come to know the Higher Self of you. And when you are given the name, it becomes even more real to you. This is why it is very important for this to happen and allow this process to continue.
Does this answer your question?

Question: It presents a bigger dilemma. Is pursuing the line of thought that we must pursue our Higher Selves versus the ancestry? Is one more important than the other?

(OWS) It is not so much that one is more important than another. It is more on your own viewpoint and your own truth. But we would say from a “higher” point of view that yes, you want to pursue your own Higher Self and that connection to your Higher Self. And then, once you have done that, all your other selves, your progenitors, would take care of themselves. (It is like a stepping stone?) Yes.

Question: I asked a question last week to see if I was connecting with my Higher Self or if it was another being or an alien. Just as my mind was about to give up I received a quick flash of a Mantis. At first it was shocking and there is a little bit of fear there. How can we connect without fear?


We can say here and “Ashira” ​can​ add to this. To have any connection with an extra-terrestrial being is not important here because there are many that you are connected to. In terms of this one sense, in terms of a Mantis Being, there could be another time when you have a sense of a Syrian connection or a Pleidian connection. So it is not so much that it is one and only one you see? You all come from many different civilizations and many different backgrounds. And they have all come together in many aspects to create what you are now. You see?

Do not become bogged down by any particular one being and certainly not if it brings a sense of fear in you! The only reason there is a sense of fear here is because you have an unknown about this. You see a being that is not a human type of being and it becomes somewhat scary to you. But look at those in the media, the movies, your “Star Wars”. In particular in the cantina there. They were purposely put in this particular movie to allow for this process to happen within you so that you could be accustomed to these various different types of beings.

Now please understand that when disclosure first happens and First Contact, you will first see only those who will be known to you and comfortable to you that will be present here. It will not be those who are more of the non-human type of civilizations. They are there! They will be coming to you and the time will happen when you will be on a ship and there will be one who shows up and you will look at him or her and not even flinch. You see?

This is what is coming. This is what is here. Don’t be concerned.
Any more questions? Than we want to say that we are very pleased with your continuing movements in various directions here that we have been working on with you and yes, we have been working on these things with you! This is not that you come for Happy Hour every Sunday (laughter).

We are here to assist you in preparing for those times that you will be called into service. We are being of service to you now and you will be of service to many others that are coming. To those coming to this group and to those you will be assisting in many different ways in your families and your friendships and your acquaintances and all of these things that you continue to develop. And as you are looked at as the crazy one now, people will turn to you and look at you as the wise one.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

And I would just close with this as well. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you again today. The working that we do with you, the times that you are not in the group, the times that you are, the times that you are far away and listening to us or reading our words, know that there are many, many, many from all dimensions, from all places, from all parts of the Galaxy as well as all parts of this planet; there are so many of us here to assist with this beautiful Ascension. We assist with the movement into the next dimensions and assist you in knowing that you are a student who is walking upon the path but you are also an important part of the entire plan for you shine your light so brightly and without fear.
We bless. We thank you and we will be with you again. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


Buddhas robed in yellow by Raphael Bick on Flickr


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