Peter Russel – Non-Duality and the Mystery of Consciousness


What is non-duality? What do we mean by consciousness? Does it really exist? What is reality? Is there any thing “out there”? Why don’t we see consciousness in the material world? What do we mean by “I”? Why is any of this important?

From the deep pools of Eastern wisdom, to the fast-paced rapids of the West, Peter Russell has mastered many fields, and synthesized them with consummate artistry. Weaving his unique blend of scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom, Peter brings a sharp, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. The next great frontier of human exploration, he shows, is not outer space, but inner space — the development of the human mind. He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge in England, and has written ten books in this area, including The Global Brain Awakens, Waking Up in Time, and most recently, From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.

Corey Goode Answers Some of the BIGGEST Questions on Cosmic Duality


Published on Sep 21, 2018

Corey Goode will discuss the ramifications of a longstanding agenda to lower the consciousness of humanity.
Take a step out of the “worms eye view” and into the greater cosmic understanding of universal duality and polarity woven through the experience of all life. Take some time to connect with Corey in an more intimate setting and have the opportunity to partake in group dialogue with your fellow CITD family. Corey will explore the topics that arise out of the moment based off questions posed from the audience and take the time to connect personally with anyone wishing to do so.

JANIE CARTER – Ascension – Duality – Importance of Acceptance – 11-28-17


by Janie Carter,   Guest writer,

Below is the double-triangle symbol that I saw and that I will use throughout the article. The red triangle is the movement from single to multi-dimensional PERCEPTION and the blue triangle is the movement from DUALITY to UNITY – both essential in the process of ascension.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

Unity Requires Love

What actually is LOVE? Love is the binding force of the universe – it is the drive towards UNITY. The ongoing pattern of evolution of life explains love. Life as we know it in this reality started as atoms which then became elements, which then became molecules, which then became cells, which then became organs, which then became organisms. This process involves a drive towards organisation, complexity and efficiency – and what provides the biological urge to come together in larger and more complex structures? Love!

The perception of love has also evolved over time. A cell’s experience of the urge to come together with other cells is going to be different than the human experience of love. But however we perceive it and feel it, the energy of love provides a biological imperative to unite, organise and cooperate.

At this point a discussion on the difference between emotions and feelings is relevant. An emotion is an energetic frequency, and how we perceive this emotion becomes our feeling. This is why humans can have such vastly different responses to a situation – because of their perception of the emotional energy. Everyone has their own unique experience of reality based on a blend of their own individual and collective beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

As an example, take a person standing on the edge of a bridge about to bungy jump. There is a specific emotional energy associated with this situation – however, one person may perceive this as fear, another as numbness, and another as excitement. It is the same emotional energy for all three people but it is the individual perceptions or feelings about the meaning of that energy that differ.

So what does this all have to do with love? Love is the uniting emotional energy of All That Is. Love is what drives us relentlessly back to unity, that desire to be ONE with everything. But we all perceive and express this differently – whether it is the force that keeps an atom orbiting within an element, the bond and communication between cells within an organ, or the human desire to find a soulmate – it is always about the journey back to ONENESS and UNITY.

This dance from separation to oneness is contained within the breath of the cosmos. The in breath and out breath of expansion and contraction – from unity to duality and back to unity, always driven eternally by LOVE.

Part of that beautiful dance is the concept and creation of duality.

Duality Emerges from Love

Duality can be defined as SEPARATION.

In the quest for All That Is to know and experience itself in ever-expanding ways, LOVE was broken down into separate archetypes in order to provide for different human experiences. All archetypes then have a spectrum of possible perception from LOVE to DON’T LOVE, and this is what duality is. Duality is what allows for our human experience in this universe.

By creating a duality in every single particle, you create an active universe that is self-balancing and is never at rest.”


Take the emotional archetype of anger – it seems that anger has very little to do with love, but in fact anger IS love. It is caring for something so deeply that we don’t like the way it is and a desire for it to be different. If we didn’t care so much about it we would feel neutral, not angry.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

So anger is an archetype of love, and then we have a spectrum of experience from not being angry at all to being very angry. Either way we care deeply about the object of our awareness and we just have a perception about whether it is OK or not as it is.

In a way we love the object of our anger and want to be closer to it – if only it was how we wanted it to be!

Every archetype is a separation from love and there are an infinite number of archetypical expressions of love.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

This is the meaning of the blue triangle. The further down the bottom of the triangle we are, the more points of separation and the more archetypes we see. And just like the red triangle of perception in Ascension – The Biology Of Altering Perception, there is no bottom of this triangle – the possible perceptions of human experience are infinite.

The further up the triangle we are, the more we have recognized that what appears to be separate is in fact not separate – until we arrive back to the top of the triangle, back to oneness, back to source where there is no separation and everything is love.

How do we collapse the separated archetypes of duality back to unity?

Trinity Returns us to Love

Trinity is the structure that allows us to move up the triangle archetype by archetype in our ASCENSION towards UNITY.

Instead of being “stuck” in the spectrum of duality, we gain a higher perspective and see archetypes like anger differently. Instead of fluctuating between the perception of being angry/not angry, we realize every point of the anger spectrum is actually the same thing. It is all just a way of experiencing and perceiving love.

Ascension - Duality And The Importance Of Acceptance

We are able to reframe our thinking and instead of focusing on what we DON’T LOVE about something and being angry about it, we instead focus on what we WOULD LOVE instead which we do not feel angry about. In every DON’T LOVE, there is an opposite which is what we desire or WOULD LOVE. By flipping it around we realize anger = love and we therefore transcend the archetype of anger.

Every feeling – whether “good” or “bad” – is simply showing us what we LOVE.

Once we realise this there is no need to judge or resist feelings. This is ACCEPTANCE. We realise that both wanting something and not-wanting something are two sides of the same coin – and the coin is love.

Ascension is Acceptance

To ascend from a world of duality to unity requires full acceptance of WHAT IS. No judgment or labeling as “good” and “bad” – and instead recognising that the spectrum of duality for each archetype is but one energy being expressed and perceived in infinitely different ways. We start to stay in a place of divine neutrality – where there is no judgment, but just a deep acceptance of WHAT IS. Because everything is LOVE.

As we accept the that each archetype is an expression of love, one by one the archetypes of duality collapse and we work our way up the triangle – each collapse moving us towards love, and a step closer to the next great urge of organisation and merging of matter.

What will be the next grand expression of human beings coming together – when we are united, organised and fully cooperating with each other?

How to Live a Life of Acceptance

So ascension requires a deep acceptance of WHAT IS. Here is what we can do to stay in a place of divine neutrality:

  1. The first step is awareness – we need to start to recognise when we are judging or labeling. We can set an intention to become aware of when we do this.
  2. Realise feelings are neither good nor bad, but are a 100% accurate guidance system to show us when we are experiencing duality. When we become aware we are experiencing a negative feeling, we can flip it around and focus on what we DO want instead of what we DON’T want. We can always find something we LOVE in something we think we DON’T love.
  3. Awareness of triggers – these are people and situations that provoke a negative reaction within us . Realise nobody ever does anything to us – it is OUR reaction – and the universe is providing us with a perfect mirror of what is happening in our inner world. So we need to take responsibility for our reactions and realise the trigger is showing us when we are in duality and what needs to be transcended.
  4. Look for the gift in every situation. There is always something to LOVE contained within something we think we DON’T love. Even if it is a better, imagined future.
  5. The source of all suffering is our expectations about how the external world and other people should be. We need to set others free to be themselves, just as we would want them to do for us. We can let them have their experience and instead focus on our own inner experience, and deeply accepting ourselves.





Roger Castillo – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview – 8-26-16

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As we enter our third year with Peter Olson, exceptional Earth scientist – we take this opportunity to personally interact with Peter for ongoing clarification. Peter Olson has utilized his personal direct recall to document a complete history of Creation since… before Creation!  The road is mapped – it takes us deep into all that we have traveled since we emerged from Potential into Actual.

This episode:

This call carries a vibration all its own.  Peter’s opening monologue brought us all into that special frequency that, in itself, established Peace.  We had to hear one statement three or more times before we knew that we heard what we heard.  “Programming for duality was turned off Wednesday, April 27th at Sananda’s request.” – As we adjusted and got more clarity on this historic event… on our last visit to it, Peter’s summation:  “The Duality Program is GONE. What might be called a gigantic implant has been removed!”  —  Folks, when I asked if this was the “first domino”… Peter said, in his opinion, it is the BIGGEST! – Peter also gave explicit directions for the sun-gazing program he is doing, progressively, to reconstruct his DNA. – So much good information! ~ Thank you Peter!

Wes Annac – Freedom from Duality

The Teachers Speak (KEEP)


Wes Annac   –   Freedom from Duality   –   The Teachers Speak

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

This is a part of The Teachers Speak, a series of articles on the Culture of Awareness.


According to various spiritual teachers, the material world begins with duality. Higher stages of spiritual growth reveal to us that everything is one; we’re all on this journey together and to focus only on our differences is to impede societal and spiritual evolution.

At a certain point, we realize we all share this experience we call life and we can create amazing things if we create them together.

When we become aware of our unbreakable connection with all living things, tension fades and discomfort toward others is replaced with empathy, understanding and the willingness to work together to improve the world.

It’s a natural result of the evolution of the soul, and it brings with it peace of mind and good will toward everyone.

Sri Ramakrishna tells us that when we attain ‘perfect knowledge’, we see one consciousness everywhere we look.

“As long as a man associates himself with upadhis (the physical body and related associations) so long he sees the manifold…; but on attaining Perfect Knowledge, he sees only one Consciousness everywhere.

“The same Perfect Knowledge, again, makes him realize that the one Consciousness has become the universe and its living beings and the twenty-four cosmic principles.” (1)

According to Paul Ferrini, judgment and separation form the foundation of the world of illusion.

“Time and space exists only at the level of two, of comparison, judgment, separation. My body, your body. My idea, your idea. My house, your house. This is where the body begins. Without male, there would be no female. Without parent, there would be no child. Without black, there would be no white.

“All things exist in relationship to their opposites and are indeed defined by them.

“The mind that engages in comparison, engages in separation. Knowledge, in this sense, is based on separation. That is why it is impossible to ‘know’ God. As soon as you ‘know’ God, you lose the experience of unity.” (2)

Unity with God can only be felt, not known, and trying to know the Source will separate you from it because you’ll forget in that moment that you’re already one with it.

There’s nothing to know, and in fact, there’s a lot we need to unlearn. To this end, meditation might be the best form of ‘study’. It doesn’t require the pursuit of knowledge or facts; it requires us to feel what’s been here all along.

It requires us to slow down the overactive mind so we can tap back into our connection with the Source, and our effort is rewarded with blissful vibes and valuable insight.

Bodhidharma tells us that the ‘shore’ of duality only exists when forget our true nature and delude ourselves.

“When you’re deluded, this shore exists. When you wake up, it doesn’t exist. Mortals stay on this shore. Those who discover the greatest of all vehicles stay on neither this shore nor the other shore. They’re able to leave both shores. Those who see the other shore as different from this shore don’t understand zen.” (3)

‘Kabir’ tells us that the perception of a ‘second’ or separate aspect of reality leads us astray because there is only one eternal being.

“Behold but One in all things; it is the second that leads you astray.” (4)

According to John Ruusbroec, we strengthen the barrier between us and our creator when we try to intellectually examine life.

“At the very moment when we try to examine and observe what it is that we are experiencing, we slip back into the activity of reasoning, at which we become aware of distinction between ourselves and God.” (5)

The Upanishads tell us that our false sense of separation from the Source creates fear.

“So long as there is the least idea of separation from him, there is fear.” (6)

To be one with God is to be free of fear, because we know we can do anything with the Most High by our side.

The hesitation with which we previously approached life will be replaced with love for our existence and determination to help others, and any fear we have toward others will vanish when we see God in everyone.

With this perspective, we can replace fear with openheartedness and judgment with compassion.

Dattatreya tells us that duality brings grief.

“Those who see duality are always submerged in an ocean of grief.” (7)

According to Lao-Tzu, non-duality eradicates fear and limitation.

“Once grasp the great Form without form, And you roam where you will With no evil to fear, Calm, peaceful, at ease.” (8)

The moment we try to define ‘goodness’ is the moment we invite in ‘wickedness’, Lao Tzu tells us, because they’re both a part of duality.

“Since the world points up beauty as such, There is ugliness too. If goodness is taken as goodness, Wickedness enters as well.” (9)

Da Free John encourages us to free ourselves from fear by embodying God.

“Abide as That which does not, when scrutinized, show any duality in the form of these various objects or the least trace of cause and effect, That in which, when the mind is absorbed in It, there is no fear of duality at all.” (10)

We can enter into this transcendental state with meditation, and the best way to feel it is to embody it. The best part is that we already embody it, and all we need to do is invite it to appear. In a way, we don’t have to do anything at all.

So enjoy life and accept the vibes you feel in any given moment as a part of you and a part of this infinite creation. Instead of judging others, remember that you have a lot in common and wish them the same love and joy you’d wish for yourself and your loved ones.

Be at peace with the world and with God, and know that you aren’t foolish for embracing peace and non-duality. You’re evolving and slowly awakening to the oneness of every living thing, and right now, nothing could be more crucial.

Almine – The Gift of Duality


Almine illustrates the ways of observing that are the gift of duality, and how to apply this to the challenges in our life.

David Nova – Transcending The Duality Paradigm – – 5-22-14


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David Nova |

Our mental states of duality serve to divide us, from our true selves and from each other.

Transcending these paradigms is the purpose of our ascension.

Duality exists in nearly every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual existence. We have day and night, light and dark, sun and moon, proton and electron, matter and energy – all examples of natural duality.

We are born male and female, with two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils. Even our brains are divided into hemispheres, left and right, one side generally considered analytical and the other creative.

Transcending The Duality Paradigm | In5D.comFor the most part, we are programmed to prejudge all things in creation as either good or bad, better or worse, desired or undesired, depending upon our individual or cultural perspective.

Though such obvious examples of duality appear self-apparent, we often overlook how systems of duality subtly control and manipulate us. Humanity has created many systems of duality for itself, artificial divisions created in the mind – conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, West and East, capitalism and communism, religious and secular, winners and losers, normal and deviant. We categorize ourselves with labels to identify and separate ourselves – the preoccupation of the ego. We often feel better about ourselves by thinking less of others.

Such belief systems might lead us to experience states of emotional duality, such as love and hate, happiness and sorrow, contentment and resentment, hope and fear. We value and encourage the positive states of duality while rejecting and suppressing the negative ones. However, this practice creates an imbalance, causing us to reject the emotional parts within ourselves that we dislike. Then these feelings externalize, creating a circuit. perpetuating this duality.


We live within a dualistic Universe, and some sources claim that this third density version of Earth is the most polarized expression of that duality. Our hidden so-called rulers did not create this duality. They simply manipulate the system that is already present, playing on our hopes, our beliefs, our fears, and prejudices, fostering these artificial divisions – all for the purpose of steering us along a desired road, to solidify external systems of power and control.

Instead of appreciating the attributes we share in common, as human beings, as energetic beings of spirit having a human experience, we often focus on the things that make us different – the color of our skin, how much money we have, our political views, our sexuality, our religion. We segregate ourselves. We apply labels. We make judgments. We assign stereotypes. We discriminate. These divisions only serve to imprison us in opposing camps, us vs. them, much like the feuding families in Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet,” the Montagues and the Capulets.

Systems of duality create tension, friction, hostility, aggression, conflict, and perpetual war. An everlasting peace will never emerge from our current internal paradigm. Peace is incompatible with our illusions of duality. Yet we can peacefully coexist within a dualistic Universe by healing and transcending the divisions within ourselves.


The story of humanity falling into duality goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. As the tale Transcending The Duality Paradigm | In5D.comgoes, Adam and Eve were tempted to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and thus they learned the truth about Good and Evil. Until that fateful event, they existed in a state of innocence, as animals or small children exist without ego, unconscious of themselves.

Personally, I believe the Eden story is merely allegorical, that it conveys a larger spiritual and/or psychological truth. In metaphysical terms, this transition of consciousness would be described as second density ascending into third density. Some have speculated that there may have been some extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional assistance involved with this transition.

In my metaphysical series, “Season of the Serpent,” I explore the nature of duality using fiction to illustrate a grander expression of the Eden story. In these novels, the wars of Earth have been manipulated by multi-dimensional extraterrestrials on the Astral Plane. In turn, these beings are themselves manipulated by two primal forces of consciousness masquerading as divinity, as divine representatives of good and evil, the Lord of Order and the Lord of Chaos.

Together they created and maintained the physical Universe —a perpetually unfolding, multi-dimensional manifestation of living consciousness. All life was inexplicably held together by the tension of their cosmic tug-of-war. Matter and anti-matter, proton and electron, illumination and darkness—for every force in the Universe there was an equal and opposite reaction, a system of duality held in balance. The manifest Universe would not exist, sentient life could not exist without their polarity principle. Yet life caught in polarity was in perpetual conflict, colliding and repelling, constantly at war with itself.
Season of the Serpent: Book One
“If you had no fear, you would have no evil,” the other replied. “If you had no ego, nothing would be perceived as being good or bad. All would be perceived as being necessary to learn. You would realize that there is no death, therefore nothing is ever lost.

“This is the mystery you relearn again and again, trying to understand your true nature. How can you experience healing if there is no sickness? How can you experience compassion if there is no cruelty? How can you experience reunion if there is no separation? You create this duality in order to define yourself. Unfortunately, the evil you perceive has become necessary to awaken you. Will you awaken from fear or surrender to it? This is the question the Universe asks and the answer you seek.”
Season of the Serpent: Book Two

These learned concepts of good and evil create the sub-concepts of sin, separation, judgment, and guilt. One man’s “good” is another man’s “evil.” One nation’s just war is another nation’s genocide. Generally, good and evil are cultural constructs. Slavery is a cultural construct, and many generations considered slavery a necessary and justified institution despite the objections of their slaves.

In our fallen state, this third density Earth exists in a trap of perpetual duality. However, it is merely Transcending The Duality Paradigm | In5D.coma limitation of our consciousness, a handicap that we cling to because we cannot see beyond our own limitations, our narrow minded perspective. We cannot perceive the unity of all consciousness, or the constant energetic flow that passes between us. We are connected by our very thoughts, yet we believe our thoughts are our own, privately locked away inside our heads. We are alone. We are lonely. We feel separate and incomplete. Our ego is constantly telling us that we are better or worse than everyone else.

Yet we have the power to climb out of this illusion, out of our minds, out of our preconceptions and misconceptions, out of the limitations of duality. Duality is our grade school teacher. Duality allows us the opportunity of appreciating light because we are in darkness. Duality encourages our consciousness to expand. It forces our spiritual growth. This world, this playground would not exist without the forces of duality in play, and we would be formless and changeless without this experience.


In his article, The Meaning of ‘Beyond Duality,’ Dr. Noel Huntley describes duality as “two states, two poles, both of which arise from a division of unity.”

Eastern philosophy, in particular Buddhism, recognizes the dual nature of material reality and that enlightenment is a non-dual state. The yin/yang of Eastern philosophy is an expression of the duality. We might see what is meant by the Buddhist’s statement the middle way, or moderation in all things… the oscillation in the duality is balanced—not biased on one side or the other.

However, to the degree that one is operating at this midpoint, one ascends the gradient 3D to 4D, eventually rising above the dualities into higher frequencies and integration. At this enlightened level one perceives both sides of any interaction or communicating system.
– Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Eventually, we all must graduate from the classroom of duality. We do this by accepting what is. We do this by internally releasing our swords, by turning the warring left and right hands of duality into partners with a handshake. We do this by appreciating the difficult lessons we came here to learn. We do this by recognizing that all of us are one – there are no illusory opposing sides in higher consciousness. We are one being of universal creation with the power to recreate our own world.

We do this by realizing that achieving world peace means achieving oneness – common purpose and collective goals.

There are no shortcuts. There is no technology, no financial reset, no external solutions that will make us release our separateness. Only by giving up our separateness will we begin to share our technology freely, allow free energy, allow financial freedom and shared abundance. The cart cannot be put in front of the horse. The horse must pull the cart. The transformation must begin within, only then will it bloom externally.

NOTE: A wonderful example of releasing our separateness is the Fix The World Project’s campaign to open source the QEG (quantum energy generator.)

Within New-Age material these two different dualities, vertical and horizontal, are not at all clearly defined. The term duality is used indiscriminately. However, vertical and horizontal are not independent. One may picture a ‘vertical’ oscillation from 4D to 3D but, simultaneously, as the swing descends into 3D, it divides and oscillates ‘horizontally’. It is one whole, though. This configuration, two poles on the same level then a third one ‘above’ the other two (diagrammatically forming a triangle) but located in inner and higher space is a basic element for all structuring. The two 3D poles require the third one ‘above’ for their existence and integration.
– Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

The triangle is a sacred form because it illustrates this principle of integration – the integration of dualities, rising to a new higher vibration of consciousness. The ascension process requires the integration of our various internal dualities.

The triangle is a sacred form because it illustrates this principle of integration – the integration of dualities, rising to a new higher vibration of consciousness. The ascension process requires the integration of our various internal dualities.

Positive + Negative = Neutrality
Male + Female = Divine Union
Order + Chaos = Synchronicity

The darkness uses an inversion, or a perversion, of this process, a synthesis to create a lower vibration of fear.

Problem + Reaction = Solution = A New Order out of Chaos


Without this awakening, this inner graduation, systems of duality will continue to control and manipulate our lives. We are stuck in grade school/high school with the playground bullies making our lives miserable.

Let us consider the duality, evil/receivers of evil. … From the higher perspective both sides are perceived simultaneously—each side, perpetrator/victim requires the other for balance. This may be hard to believe but again it is physics and not so different from phase-conjugation of energy and time, etc. in quantum mechanics. External balance will be sought, but internal balance and unity of the two poles, present in both parties, must be achieved to remove the evil (and also the victim role).

Remember, the two poles, if they come together, disappear and are replaced by higher-dimensional unity. … This doesn’t necessarily mean evil and receivers come together to form unity…
When the internal condition is balanced, the external negative behaviour disappears—is no longer part of the person’s reality.

– Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

This is a difficult concept for many people to grasp. The emotional duality that results from trauma and victimization often makes a detached, objective perspective nearly impossible. This is why trauma and victimization are such powerful tools for the darkness. They fracture our holistic thinking. They reinforce the duality systems that manipulate and enslave us. Our media reinforces this paradigm daily.

Thus our instinct is to require punishment for the villain and justice for the victim. However, this mentality is just another form of self-perpetuating duality. The Universe gives us this desired duality in the form of Karma.

Transcending The Duality Paradigm | In5D.comKarma has us replaying the roles of victim and villain again and again. Each one of us, in a past life, may have played the villain, perhaps requiring us to return in another life to play the victim, to balance the psychic energy within this Matrix system.

Imagine that you are playing a rather violent video game. You are stuck at a certain level, unable to progress. You are killed every time you make a wrong move, yet you return to the same point in the game. You are forced to complete the level, not because you are being punished by some insane game master, but because you the human player not your Avatar, has chosen to master this task and complete the game.

Likewise does your soul choose to return again and again to master the duality game.

The goal of Ascension is to learn our soul lessons, transcend these illusory dualities, and balance our Karmic debt, removing the need for duality, allowing us to step out of the game. We accomplish this through acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude. In the higher densities, there is no longer any need to continue playing villains and victims.


Our systems of duality have been constructed to manipulate our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Darkness uses duality to keep us divided, at war with ourselves and with others. We are better controlled that way. But when we shine with light and truth, we work to dissolve our illusory divisions, we dissolve the duality, and we become one people united in purpose and vision.

All this is as easy or as difficult as changing the way we think, changing our thoughts, our beliefs about the world we live in. It’s a process, learning to see ourselves as all the same, as connected, as part of something much larger than ourselves, opening up to the knowledge that the Universe is a living breathing being of consciousness – which is us. When we heal the duality within ourselves, we heal the duality in the Universe around us as well. The internal change eventually becomes externalized.

About the Author
David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.” He is is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, and the blogger Deus Nexus. For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website.


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Lord Maitreya – Breaking the Spell of Duality – Becoming ALL that I AM – 2AkashaAsun

Ron van Dyke – Foundational Knowledge – Duality – Dualism

paradoxman316·1,131 videos

Spiritual awakening involves knowing the truth about reality. People that have gone far enough down the rabbit hole realize how words have been distorted in human culture. There are many examples, especially in law. Legal and lawful is one example. However, the biggest distortion of all revolves around ideas of good and evil, unity and duality. These are based on the delusion caused by a lie. That lie is dualism: denotes co-eternal binary opposition. That is property called polarization, or where opposites are falsely perceived to duel rather than dance together. Duality is the natural dance of opposites in unity. Dualism is the unnatural duel or war of complementary pairs of opposites.

Matthew Ward – 13 May 2013

Reblogged from:  Galactic Channelings


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We know it is difficult for you to feel elated about Earth being in fourth density when violence still has a firm place in your world, and you wonder where the promised Golden Age is.

Earth crossed the threshold of her Golden Age when she entered the safe harbor of fourth density almost six months ago, but many of her residents who accompanied her have not reached that density in spiritual and conscious awareness. So it is understandable if you feel discouraged by what appears to be little progress toward a peaceful world.

Yes, we have mentioned these feelings before and now just as then, never is it with criticism. In all truth, we could feel the same if we saw only what you do, but we have the immense advantage of being able to view Earth from this exceptional vantage point.

We see the stunning differences in your world today compared with conditions at the beginning of Earth’s ascension only seventy-some years ago. We see ancient energy portals reopening and the incoming light being anchored all over the planet. We see the myriad sparkling lights of souls awakening as Earth keeps moving into ever-higher vibrations, and we see all of her Golden Age glories fait accompli.

You would feel not only encouraged, but jubilant if you could see all of this too, and how we wish you could! But you can’t, so please let our knowledge of what has transpired and what is happening in this moment dispel any discouragement you may have so its low vibrations don’t dim your light. Your steadfastness in the light is as vital now as it always has been for you personally and for your society—you are the way-showers for the newly awakened soul-searchers.

Doesn’t the prevalence of violence show that darkness still has Earth in its grasp? Briefly stated, that is what some readers have written to my mother, and their concern is shared by other lightworkers. We assure you, the darkness that shrouded the planet for millennia was left behind when Earth exited third density.

To explain why violence is ongoing even though the planet is securely in fourth density, we go back a bit in your timeframe. Along Earth’s ascension pathway, she passed through many energy levels and some time ago reached a level that started magnifying all characteristics and behavior. As the opposite ends of duality intensified, acts that reflect the best of humankind increased and it was the same with acts that reflect the worst.

Duality is at its zenith and everyone is reacting to the “magnified voice within”—persons with tendencies toward violence are following their heightened urges to act violently.

It is sad for you and for us that any violent incidents still are part of life on Earth. They are tragic indeed for all who experience the loss of beloved persons or sustain severe injuries. We devoutly wish the grieving families could know that their members were greeted by “departed” family and dear friends upon entry into Nirvana, where life is filled with activity, diversity and joyful awareness that each is part of the Oneness of All.

Governments cannot much longer ignore the demands for significant reforms in those areas and all other harmful situations. Beneficial changes arise from the actions of the peoples, and grassroots movements throughout your world are rapidly swelling in numbers and effectiveness. You will see that all existing or proposed laws, policies, restrictions, products and systems that adversely impact life on Earth will be stricken incrementally.

Persons who are connecting the dots of positive developments reported in independent publications, Internet sites and television documentaries and interviews are feeling heartened. A recent dot with international application was in the United States. A group met with media representatives and a few former members of the Congress to speak about their personal observations and knowledge that offer clear evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life [Citizen Hearing on (UFO) Disclosure at the National Press Club, Washington, DC, starting April 29].

A dozen years ago the group was at the same venue for the same purpose. That short meeting was completely ignored by the media—not to mention, the US government—and although the recent five days of formal hearings didn’t generate headlines around the globe, it was mentioned in some press and coverage was posted on numerous Internet sites.

In His infinitely greater wisdom, God will know when to give the GO signal to the highest universal council, and then some of the thousands of crews surrounding the planet will join you. They will add their technologies to those developed by your scientists many years ago but usurped by the Illuminati, and when you no longer need their assistance, those family members will return to their homelands.

This is an appropriate place to address another concern shared by a number of lightworkers. No, the fact that there have been no mass landings does NOT mean that the benevolent ones in our universal family have abandoned you and a civilization that means to enslave you now is in place! The only crews in your skies are light warriors, and they are serving you in profoundly necessary ways.

Technologies on the ships are reducing pollution in the atmosphere, causing weapons of war to malfunction, preventing massive terrorist attempts, directing light into your waters to help sustain marine life, and blasting or vaporizing any small elements in space that could harm Earth. Vast, powerful civilizations still are beaming light from afar to the planet, and ETs right there with you who are in positions of influence are pressing forward in reform efforts.

Let us mention another area where ongoing arguments are pointless. “Global warming” due to humankind’s willful neglect, ignorance and denial absolutely is real, to be sure, but the melting of polar ice, record-breaking temperature extremes and other weather anomalies are Earth’s steps toward returning to a moderate climate globally, the way it was when the entire planet was “the garden of Eden.”

Skiers and other cold-weather sports enthusiasts need not fret that snow-capped mountains will disappear—most assuredly, they won’t! Earth’s majestic mountain ranges and awesome gorges formed by dynamic upheavals and mighty waters didn’t exist when the planet first came into being, but these spectacular aspects of her natural beauty that delight you delight her, too.

Mother, I think readers will enjoy the part of the transmission from the dear soul in Nirvana that pertains to climate. Please insert that, and also her later short conversation with you.

[The following is an excerpt of Grace’s information in Earth’s Golden Age – Life Beyond 2012. Her part of that book is a few brief selections of her several lengthy transmissions that became the “Grace” chapter in Illuminations for a New Era. The information below is from her first transmission, in 1999.]

My service at this point is studying the mechanics of taking apart weather anomalies and softening their effects in our atmosphere. And I do mean “our”—like yours and ours. We aren’t all that far from you, you know, and furthermore, we have such close bonds with you all that we aren’t separated in very many ways. By our lighter density and the respective weather, yes, we are, but still it’s your AND our atmosphere I’m working on.

I know that sounds almost too weird to believe, but that’s the easiest way for me to tell you. That isn’t at all how I’d describe it here, but you don’t have our words so how could you begin to know what I mean if I use our vocabulary? There aren’t any synonyms or similar expressions there for this process. It’s something that can’t help immediately, but in the long run, what I’m doing will make a good difference.

It’s not that I can harness the winds of Earth or act as if I’m a global umbrella in those major storms. I’m studying how to contain the energy so that it can be dispersed rather than congregate and then explode. I should have said dispersed in a routine and slow and easy way instead of just sitting for a while and then acting as if it’s got the whole world by the tail and then, watch out—here’s another hurricane or tornado!

It’s going to take a while for this to have any effect, you know? There’s a lot more still to come by whatever designation it’s given—cleansing, purification, increasing the light, lightening Earth’s burdens of negativity, ascension process—but it all adds up to the very same thing—a lot of geological activity with pretty heavy damage is still in store.

There’s no way out of this, you know. Energy is energy, and you can’t say, “Shoo, baby, go dissipate.” Actually, that’s what I’m working on, how to get to that status of being able to handle things so that if rain is needed, it comes, just enough of it. When it’s done, it goes away until it’s needed again. The rhythm, the pattern is set, you see.

[The following is part of Grace’s and my short conversation in October 2011.]

These crews in your skies are getting antsy. They’ve been ready for years to land and get going on the things they can do to help you, that their technologies can. You’ve got some developments of your own that have been kept under wraps and a few of you know this and what they’re capable of, but just wait until you see ET tech in action!

Also, your weather and “natural” disasters—just a few words about that. You know that for ages much of that has been created by technology combinations controlled by the Illuminati—well, that’s going to end in a big hurry. Actually, it’s already slowed down a lot, and none of those claims about fantastic—as in fantasy-make believe, not fantastic-fabulous—catastrophic upheavals roving around the Internet will ever happen. Just keep your eye on a glorious world, Earth’s Golden Age, and don’t be afraid of BIG changes—they’re all to the GOOD!

Grace, how are you doing with your “weather of the future”?

Wonderfully! We’re all set for the time when Earth has dumped all the negativity and we can act on her choice for a moderate climate everywhere. It won’t take as long as you might think to turn deserts into vegetable gardens!

Thank you, Mother. Now, dear Earth family, you know that people in Nirvana are doing more than beaming love to you—they’re serving in ways that probably you never imagined anyone living in a spirit world could manage.

Many countries are honoring mothers on this day, and all of your countries have special days to honor individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in one way or another. What rejoicing there will be when every day you honor self and all other souls in this universe as God’s family of divine beings.

______________________________________LOVE and PEACE

Suzanne Ward

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