17-06-2013: Conversation With Peter Van Runt & Ron Van Dyke – Current Energy Shift

NOTE:  Please advance video to 2: 00  –  To Avoid Glitches.

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Recorded on Father’s Day with some technical challenges, Peter and Ron discuss the current energy shift beginning by talking about Gandhi and how he was ahead of his time in trying to present political solutions that would have united India. This is the time when the energy is right for geo-political solutions to take root in our world. The One People are bringing forth many solutions that will change the game, not by escaping but by embodying our humanity as awakened spiritual beings using the heart and the mind as tools of creation.

Peter Van Runt – The Inner And The Outer – Freewill Choice

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Doing the Inner work alone will not be sufficient to bring about a New Paradigm Age and do we really have Freewill Choice?
Ron Van Dyke’s Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LANBUu..