Jim Self – Planetary Update – February 2014

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Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Soul Alignment Light Activation – 1-24-14


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are moving into a Chinese year of the horse, and this will bring in a new speed and intensity. In order to be in alignment with the New, we have to be New from within. What does that mean? It simply means that we need to be as authentic in our Soul as we can. When we reside in Soul, we are well prepared for Self mastery and attainment. How can we better prepare from within? I would say that the best preparation is to declutter anything that is not authentic with our Soul and anything that is non aligned from without as well. If there are still any inauthentic energies present around us, like situations, time investments or even people (especially those wearing a mask and not being true), we need to let that go. This means that we then bring more focus to our inner Core, where our personal truth resides. No more scattered energy and wasting our precious devotion on something inauthentic! The horse energy also brings integrity, clarity and revelations of the hidden. If we will not clarify things in this preparation time, we will still be asked to do it after, but due to the speed of the energy, it will be more natural and easier to do it now. That is why I was guided to offer a simple Soul alignment Light activation out in Nature, to support our journey in great Divine flow! We are not reprogramming ourselves, like some like to say, for that is just a new set of programming. We are freeing ourselves and entering a space of a clean slate, where from Now on … everything is pure potential and pure opportunity for Divine expansion. This is what Self mastery is about, and we can move into it very deeply and consciously. Remember, all of this is within You already. All You need to do is tune in and remember.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Conversations With – Jim Self and Tom Kenyon

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We have been following and appreciating Tom Kenyon for over a decade and respect his work tremendously. Our interest in Tom sprang from his spiritual connection with the Hathors, residents of Venus and amazing beings who channel their healing tones through Tom’s voice. We are honored that he has found the time to share a conversation with us.

Tom Kenyon is many things: a scientist, documentary filmmaker, author, teacher, and musician. He has devoted his life to the unfolding of human consciousness during this important Shift. Tom has studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian High Alchemy, Taoism and Hinduism and the sciences relative to each. Today he is one of the most respected sound healers in the world.

Tom founded Acoustic Brain Research and has been instrumental in the study of sound, language, and music and their effects on the brain/mind. He has written five books including The Magdalen Manuscript, which he channeled and co-wrote with his partner Judy Sinon.

Link to the full Conversations With … Jim Self and Tom Kenyon episode

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Jim Self – Keeping Pace With The Shift – 1-9-14

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Keeping Pace With The Shift, excerpt from the August 8, 2013 Edition of the Awakening Zone – Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Conversations at the Cutting Edge.

08/08/2013 Episode, Guests: Jim Self, Dr. Bernie Siegel
Uncovering Your Body’s Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing

Free eBook – The Shift — What it is… Why it’s Happening… How it’s Going to Affect You and The Mastering of Alchemy
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Atlanticobr – Ascension Update! – ISON’s Mission With Our Sun – Why Has Our Sun Gone Silent – 1-19-14


Bill Ballard – Energies and The Event – There are Many Potentials for That – 1-17-14

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Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – The Golden Ray of Christ – 2014, New Energetic Year


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my Holiday special Ascension update! I AM focusing around what was important in this current year, and what energy are we moving into next. Remember that all is a potential of Self expression, and we are the ones who need to make it our current reality.

We are now in an intense integration wave, which will last until the end of this year, and end on January 1st. We are fully integrating the Golden Ray of the Christ Self, along with our planet. We will now finally be able to hold this Light on a steady level, and walk in our full Ascension Light. We need to be ready and well prepared, of course. We need to become the “crystal children” ourselves, because this is what this is all about … it’s a level of awareness and a conscious choice of vibration. Because everything is a personal/Soul based choice, none of this happens through wishful thinking, but only through a complete devotion to the process, Self awareness and mastery, and doing the work of embodiment.

Speaking about all of this Christ integration, let me expand on the real value of Gratitude through inner Christ! The Light of the Christ is not fully in embodied until we finally get that it’s not just about us and our personal gains; including what is good for us, how we feed ourselves, etc. … it is about all sentient Life forms in Creation, and our personal Ascension is not just about us. Of course, Ascension is an intimate personal journey, but this is not the same as seeing everything from a limited self focused perspective. Ascension is about respecting and honoring all Life forms that are here and ready to shift into a new level of density and experience alongside us.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Polona – Ascension Update – 12-12 – The Sealing of Ascension


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my latest Ascension update. Boy, I haven’t done one in quite a while. This one incorporates everything from the portal of 12-12, the sealing of our Light body vehicle/Merkabah, and Self empowerment as we move through the Gateway between now and the December Solstice … entering a new energetic year of 2014.

Here is another message about the portal of 12-12! I asked Spirit about what is there to know about this year’s portal of 12-12. This is what I received:

“Beloved Light Beings! This year’s portal of 12-12 brings special Gifts and opportunities for all of those Ascension devotees, who have been focusing only on the New, and merely on the embodiment of Divine Love. This doesn’t mean that they are somehow special or chosen. It simply means that they have done enough preparation work, that their body vehicles can Now hold the amount of Light which is needed for the full integration/seeding of the Light body Merkabah/Star of David/Star tetrahedron, which has been an ongoing process of expansion since this Summer.

Walking through this portal and the Gateway between now and the December Solstice requires the full letting go of the old … leaving it “behind the gates”, so to say. With this, one can walk in Purity and complete devotion/integration of the multi-dimensional Self. The only reason that so many multi-dimensional Soul gifts have resurfaced within many individuals, is because the make-up template of the 12-stranded DNA has been completed, and with this sealing of the Light body Merkabah, this process is now coming into a phase of completion, and the December Solstice will kind of capitalize that and prepare You for the New Year of 2014, which will be more about the sharing of these multi-dimensional gifts. It will be a new journey.

The year of 2013 was the first year of the ascended Gaia, and the number one year for those who stepped into co-creating with it. It is not so for everyone, of course, for it was a Soul based choice and Divine Reunion with the Self … one where the devotee had to be ready and well prepared. So 2013 was sort of like a discovery year within the grand initiation, when many were feeling like they are going through so much of the New while being blindfolded, testing the grounds and looking for that “perfect spot” to plant the seeds of the New. In 2014, these seeds will begin to sprout, and the results of that first growth within the New Earth template/Light grid will begin to show … especially from now on, after the full sealing of the Star tetrahedron/Light body activation within the ascending Souls, who are connecting to their personal and Universal Merkabah.

Much trust and patience is still required, and all perception of time is moving away physically, as the new consciousness of “inner time” is beginning to take form within many. Blessed are those, for they have remembered who they truly are, and they choose to embody it. So be it … and so it is!”

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

via GoldenLight – Intergalactic Homecoming Celebration for All – Update on Ascension, The Event – Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, and Pleiadian and Star Nations – 12-12-13


Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

Good evening, we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council. We wish to give you an update this evening on your ascension process and all that will be coming to you in the coming days. Today is a year since the opening of the 12-12-12 portal and indeed many many things have occurred behind the scenes which are still in fact hidden from your view. We want to give you a metaphor of what is occurring right now in the higher dimensions for you. Picture a beautiful field of flowers and trees all around, with grassy areas of sunlight and shade and the sun shining upon all. There are tables being set for a grand feast, decorations being put up, and many many party planning activities are in process. Flowers are being planted in a most beautiful arrangement, fresh food and drink are being laid out, and there is a grand scene of preparation for a beautiful celebration for our earthen humans that will be commencing shortly. This beautiful celebration will be honoring the christed light within each one of you, as well as the principles of sharing, love, unity, harmony, abundance, peace, a merging with the higher dimensions, assistance from the galactic star nations who will also be attending the celebration, and many and all of the higher dimensional principles from which we operate in the angelic and higher dimensional realms. All of these principles will be celebrated during this joyous occasion. All beings on earth are invited to this feast and reunion of our galactic families with beings from your higher consciousness earthen communities, including you. We are showing the channel a vision of these beautiful celebration festivities which are being planned for you. Please take a moment to pause and tune in.

Those of you who are moving towards the higher dimensions and on a higher consciousness path will partake in this celebration and in these festivities. We are preparing these especially for you. There will be a reuniting with your star families of origin which will feel like somewhat of a homecoming for you as well as for us. This will feel like a family reunion on a galactic scale. Can you see us all embracing and interacting in a joyous celebration of harmony and love? Can you feel the spirit of goodwill and harmonious intergalactic relations which are now occurring? We in the higher dimensions can see this celebration taking place now, as remember we are outside of time. All is occurring simultaneously in the higher dimensions. You, too, will be able to function outside of time as soon as you are feeling more comfortable in your higher dimensional, multidimensional bodies and after you have begun to really integrate your multidimensional selves into one multidimensional being. This is the Pleiadian Council speaking now and we want you to know that we have many ways to assist you in learning how to live a multidimensional life.

We have many technologies which will guide you along on your higher dimensional path….beautiful healing technologies given to us by Source Creator and used in a loving manner for the highest good of all. Wonderful free energy technologies which will propel your world “into the stratosphere” so to speak and reduce your dependence on oil, which is the lifeblood of Mother Earth Gaia. Removing this oil from her body is akin to removing the blood from your body. It drains her and is so unnecessary! Of course those who have been in charge in your world and we say have been because their time of power is coming to a close, they have encouraged your dependence on oil as it profits the multinational corporate machinery. Our free energy technology, just this one technology out of many that we will be bringing to you, will change your world forever. Imagine a world wherein the energy to propel or operate everything, where all energy, is free. Imagine a world without sickness or hospitals or pharmaceutical companies in which the health of the human body is always in pristine condition, in which bodies and minds are ageless and in which you can take any form at will. This is just one aspect of our higher dimensional societies. A society where death is not a sad grievous occasion, but where there is actually no death and one can change body or form at will and simply dematerialize upon no longer wishing to partake in the illusion. The free energy and healing technologies we will will bring and offer to you as gifts from our intergalactic societies (we the Pleiadians and other star nations) to yours will change everything for you. Our technologies will assist in transforming your world into a free society of beautiful and loving higher vibrational energies. The channel was thinking the other day, “It should not cost money to live on Earth.” She is right. Earth life should be free for all, not a monopolistic society wherein the elite live lives of luxury and the 99% live high stress lives spending all their time focusing on survival. This will all change with the introduction of our much-needed technologies and principles. And we speak now for all the star nations with which you will reunite, not just the Pleiadian societies. All intergalactic societies with which you will be reuniting have much to offer your civilization, much to assist you in advancing forward.

The Agarthan beings living in Inner Earth, many of whom are from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, will also be at this grand celebratory Event. They too wish to be a part of these festivities as they also have much to bring to the table to offer your outer earth beings to assist in this transition to a higher dimensional society. They have been waiting for the time to be ripe just as we have. All will come together during this time to exchange love, hope, goodwill, remembrances, information, sharing, and abundance for all. What a beautiful time this will be!

Imagine that during this great festive celebration which we described earlier we unveil these technologies. Imagine what an incredible celebration this will be. A new freedom will begin to overtake your joyous hearts and minds and a most joyous feeling will emanate from you all.

Imagine a world in which money is not controlled by a few private mechanisms designed to be self-serving by those who created the system; imagine instead a world where universal abundance and prosperity is the lay of the land so to speak. All contribute to the good of all and all have everything they need for a joyous and loving life. Each person spends a percentage of his or her time doing what they love which contributes to the whole. Each person has all the “money” they need because all members of the society are contributing towards the building of this society. All members are in a concerted effort to be at One for the Good of All. Food is abundant and free for all, shelter is not only plentiful but also beautiful and free for all, transportation is also free and many are adept at teletransportation or are learning to become adept at it, and communications are done telepathically and holographically. Picture a person sending a holographic “movie” to another as a way of communication, much like your videos are shared today on your computers; these holographic pictograms and “video”grams are freely sent as a form of communication. This is the way we “instant message” in the higher dimensions. Sickness and death are a “thing of the past”; struggling for survival is no longer the focus of daily earthen life, and life becomes a most joyous endeavor unlike anything you have ever known since coming into this present life on earth. Many begin to remember their star origins; their memories are awakened as the veil between dimensions continues to fall away, and this awakening and remembrance is a part of the joy of living this new life on earth.

We function in the higher dimensions with abundance and joy created for All by the All……self-serving behavior never comes into the picture because we all live from the viewpoint of the heart and function in love as a beautiful expression of Source Creator. All live by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. This is a principle followed with higher awareness by all and one of the elements of the foundation of this new way of life being embraced by all higher consciousness beings on earth. If one wishes to create a new reality; a new hologram; a new civilization; one does not fight the old; one embraces and creates the new. This is one of the many higher dimensional principles we of the star nations embrace.

These are the concepts, principles, technologies, methodologies, and practices that we of the intergalactic star nations wish to share with your earthen societies if you are open to them. We think the time has come to begin to introduce these principles to you and we also think you are ready as an earthen society for many of these changes. The time is ripe just as a fruit is ripe for plucking.

We return now to our celebration, our feast and our festivities. These will continue for many days and begin to spread all around your globe until it becomes part of a much larger, all-encompassing Global Event wherein many other great changes are occurring on your planet. We say “are occurring” because, as mentioned over and over again by us, we are outside of time and can see and enter into this grand celebration which is happening in the Great Now. We are your star nation families and we wish to express our joy and love on these most joyous and loving occasions that will be occurring on your planet sometime in the near future in your timelines. These will happen when you are ready. Begin to prepare your minds and hearts for living in a higher dimensional world. Open up to your own personal inner vision and origins and begin to connect with your galactic self and your multidimensional being. Always connect in with your higher self first (“I connect with my higher self, please connect with me”), then connect in with your multidimensional and galactic self…….this then in conjunction with your earthen being is your new Multidimensional, Galactic Self. You are a star being just as we are and your true history will also be revealed during these great celebrations which will be occurring as our societies reunite. Grand celebrations are planned and if you wish to attend we would ask that you envision all of which we speak so that you may dissolve your current holographic reality and blend it into this new holographic reality which awaits your arrival. Your minds are powerful beyond measure. You are coming into a time wherein you will begin to know your power as a higher dimensional being and begin to use it wisely and with love for the highest good of All.

The grand celebration and connection of our galactic societies awaits your arrival, and you are invited just as all earthen people are invited and we ask only that you bring your highest vision of yourself to this celebration and let go of all that no longer serves you. Cleanse your bodies, cleanse your minds, cleanse your lives and move forward into this new higher dimensional reality which awaits you all. We will be awaiting your arrival with open arms and open hearts, with lots of love from your families of origin who welcome you home to your True Self and to your intergalactic family reunion and celebration that we have prepared for you with our highest intentions and most caring and loving thoughts for All.

Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Ascension Mandala by CreativeMandalas.com

Questions for Jim Self – What is the Connection Between Health Symptoms and the Higher Dimensions?

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Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

11:11 Talk Radio, hosted by Simran Singh
8/15/2013 episode: Jim Self – What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

11:11 Talk Radio

Simran Singh’s website

Conversations with the Universe, by Simran Singh

Gaia Portal – Focusing of incoming Cosmics occurs at This Time


Focusing of incoming Cosmics occurs at this time.

Intention of Gaia Portal Keepers brings correction of dis-harmonies and upgrading of planetary structures on all levels.

Stiffening of old paradigm constructs leads to embrittling and subsequent shattering and elimination.

Forward and upward movements only are supported at this time.

Georgi Stankov – First 5D-Hologram Laid Upon Earth – 11-20-13

Foreword  by Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2013

(English translation of the message)

The following report of Jahn from November 20, 2013 is sensational by all measure. On that day a major ascension test run took place and a whole 5D hologram was laid upon this earth in preparation for our imminent ascension. It came synchronistically with our measurements of the huge fluctuations of the earth’s magnetic field, which is now rapidly losing its power and is about to reverse any moment. I am now measuring fluctuations of up to 50° displacements of the needle to the east, depending on the position of the compass. Actually it is no longer possible to make any reasonable measurements of the earth’s magnetic North pole any more. This is due to the fact that we now experience the superposition of the new 5D holograms that now encompass this reality in an invisible manner for most people, but visible for some of us, such as Jahn.

He and his family have namely directly experienced the establishment of a new 5D hologram over Vienna’s skies. I must admit that I have missed this cosmic miracle, although I very carefully observe nature as I live in the country. It’s a pity, but I noticed the next day, November 21st, that the sky had changed significantly, although it is rather cloudy in Bavaria at present.

The quintessence of this report and the subsequent confirmation and message from Asana Mahatari on the successful establishment of the first 5D hologram in our reality is that ascension will happen in the easiest possible way, almost unnoticed at first. The people will be doing their daily chores and all of a sudden they will find themselves in another environment, as this was recently reported by the Syrian crystalline child Joon from Germany.

This is how many people who have qualified for ascension will find themselves on a lower 5D level /hologram all of a sudden and then will notice how the whole energetic atmosphere has changed for the better. Whether their consciousness will immediately expand, remains to be seen. But I am sure that as soon as these people realize that they have left the old Orion matrix of the current 3D reality, they will experience all of a sudden a huge expansion of their awareness and this will reveal to them all the miracles of the New Earth.

From an external point of view, these people will simply disappear, will be raptured to new landscapes, while those who will stay on the 4D timelines and have chosen to experience the MPR and the many natural catastrophes accompanying this Mega-Event as to finally awaken, will not even notice the disappearance of the few ascended people as they will be in a state of cataleptic shock and their only thought will be how to survive. If they will survive, they will forget about the ascended ones and will believe that they have died in the deluge and the other natural catastrophes. Besides, their memory will be manipulated, so that they will forget this short period of ascension and will resort to their old way of life for a while, after their timelines will be sealed from the newly created 5D holograms. For those, who will ascend at a later date, e.g. in 2014 or later on, there will be a continuous reality, which will relatively quickly improve after the MPR when all the necessary social, political and economic changes that will transform the current Orion society to a more loving, spiritually oriented mankind will take place

This is one possible way how many people will ascend as Asana Mahatari confirms in his latest message below. These people will ascend in their physical bodies and will acquire step by step their crystalline bodies in the new, favourabe for such transfiguration 5D environment. That is to say, there will be an interim period of adjustments and adaptation to the new crystalline 5D holograms.

However, what I get from my HS is that we, the PAT, will have a different form of ascension. The detonation of the PAT Supernova is still on the table, as it must render the fuel for the final MPR and the ID split  This is also the energy which Gaia needs to firmly ascend in the higher dimensions (5D to 12D) as an energetic system. We shall deliver this energy by delegating our three lower chakras to Gaia’s core and thus trigger the final MPR as this process has been extensively discussed on this website.

That is why I believe that the PAT will undergo a full and immediate transfiguration into light bodies and we shall leave all 4D and 5D holograms upon our ascension. There will be a merging of our spirit with the Source and this will be perceived by us as the greatest cosmic orgasm of all times. Only after that shall we be able to descend /to project our energies as distinct sentient beings, as avatars in the higher 5D levels of Celestria, where all excarnated soul fragments dwell and will begin from there with our creationary work as Earth Keepers of the new 4D and lower 5D timelines of humanity. Some of us will create new 3D and 4D worlds for new souls, where they will commence with their incarnation cycle. This new mission is described in another Jahn’s message, which I will also publish today.

Thus, the cities of light, about which we discussed recently, will simply emerge out of nowhere and many ascended human beings will find themselves all of a sudden amidst them. This will be a simple one step out of this matrix and into the new paradise of heaven and the easiest experience in their whole life. Surely, the most ecstatic surprise a human being can experience under these circumstance, when the old Orion matrix still heavily weighs upon one’s shoulders. I myself begin to get a flavour of this beautiful and hilarious transition.

At the same time the 4D holograms beneath these new 5D holograms will break away when the MPR will hit them hard. The ascending humans will not notice anything as they have chosen a different reality. These few enlightened ones have sacrificed themselves to bear the light in the old matrix, so that the others, the still slumbering, consuming masses could enjoy their life in relative material prosperity and alleged freedom. The high light quotient, which the PAT and the light warriors of the first and the last hour were able to hold under huge sacrifice, prevented the cabal from establishing the NWO and fully enslaving the masses on these upper 4D timelines, as they did on all lower twelve 4D earths after the MPR.

Now this disequilibrium will be reversed, this social and cosmic injustice will be abolished for ever and those who lived at the expense of the few light bears and wayshowers, such as the PAT, will have to experience their Armageddon as to awaken. Those who have taken upon themselves the sufferings of the whole humanity will be spared from these last catastrophes and will swiftly transition to the newly created 5D holograms, of which there will be very many, depending on the level of LBP progression of the individual. This is a completely new playfield when everything will profoundly change. In particular, linear time will be abolished and all life will occur in the simultaneity of All-That-Is. It is impossible to relay this new life feeling in human language, which, itself, is sequential and subjugated to the illusory linear time,

Cosmic Light Bell Laid / Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 20, 2013

first published in English on November 22, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov / Jahn’s report of November 20th:

It’s late in the afternoon. I step out of the door only to find out how dark it is already. When I am ready with my purchases in the supermarket 15 minutes later, it seems to be as bright as day outside. The whole sky is bathed in yellow / white / orange colours – unreal, but true. When I arrive at home, my beloved son NOAH tells me immediately that he has seen an orange sky “very bright” and my wife confirms this by saying: “As if headlights had been turned on,” I do not know how many people experienced this so, for us anyway it was something very special and appropriate for this time (End of Report)

I am ASANA MAHATARI and herewith I acknowledge the fact that a “test run” of a 5D hologram has taken place, which was lowered like a “light bell” over your field of experience. This was visible to all who should see it. But the fact is that the conscious perception and correct assignment of this manifestation of the sky is impossible to most people and remained hidden and was only regarded as a caprice of heaven.

It’s that easy how your ascension will occur, this is the message!

Suddenly, you will find yourselves in a new environment, and that, while you go about your usual activities. This is one ascension alternative, which is going to happen and know this: There are many ascension scenarios that can all occurs at the same time and in parallel and will occur in this way in their vast majority.

Have faith and rejoice, it’s all taken care of. In infinite love and pleasure  I am announcing this good news to you now, because the time for it has come, and I bless every man –



Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Through Intent of the Highest Order – Accelerated Metamorphosis Begins in Earnest – Ascension Update



Hilarion: Through Intent of the Highest Order, Accelerated Metamorphosis Begins in Earnest, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, November 10, 2013 at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2013.htm

Beloved Ones,

You are coming into a time of much accelerated change that will keep the world in a state of alternating and sometimes, confusing realities.

It is for these times that we have been preparing each of you to always remain calm and in a state of physical, mental and emotional equilibrium, into moving forward in the mastery of your own coping mechanisms and the abilities and skills that have been honed throughout your spiritual path to becoming a dweller in the higher dimensions.

This you are doing magnificently and victoriously and the results are now beginning to be felt, experienced and manifested in your individual lives. The importance of a disciplined mind cannot be underestimated as you accept and adapt to the many unexpected events that will keep humanity and their planet riding the waves of transformation.

You are moving quickly into the roles that you are each destined to play as the planet aligns with the center of the universe and moves into its new position. Your intent to experience the world you walk on as peaceful, loving and harmonious will bring these qualities into your field of possibilities.

Your days of floundering in the energies of the void, the unknown, are now coming to an end and as the solar flares and winds erupt with their codes and sacred geometry, your process of remembrance will no longer be denied. You are each coming into your own power, the power of love tempered with the qualities of mercy and compassion. You have all that you need to anchor in the new templates.

As humanity rushes headlong into new fields of potential, the world leads the charge to meld with its own magnificent destiny in synchronistic and miraculous movement. That which was once hidden is now being revealed and a great many puzzle pieces fall into place. There will be no time to rest on your laurels, however, as the times demand the activation of your unique abilities and greater self discipline will be necessary to wend your way through this passage into the light.

The portals of awakening are lit from within you and you come into the understanding of the marvelous capacity your own physical body holds for healing and regeneration. Through intent of the highest order, accelerated metamorphosis begins in earnest.

Stay balanced in all circumstances and breathe deeply many times each day by filling your lungs to capacity and sending it deeper into your root chakra, holding the breath and then breathing out all that is stagnant energy, to energize your light body which overlights and interpenetrates your bone structure. Send love to all the cells and atoms of your physical vessel, your temple of the most high. Harmonize, harmonize, harmonize! Remember that wherever you walk, you are blessing, blessing, blessing, whether your waking consciousness is aware of this or not.

There is an element of excitement and anticipation in the air around you and the activation of knowledge long hidden within your DNA now lights up your spinal column. The switches are turned on and you can actually visualize these internal switches along your spine and chakra centers, seeing your hand turn on the light switch all the way to the crown. Find suitable mantras to repeat often to help stay focused in your intent to raise the vibration of your thoughts, words, deeds and ultimately, your body. Let the joy of each moment bless you constantly as you move about your day.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com

Polona – Ascension Update – Higher States of Being – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

I have ascended into a Higher state of Being and living my life, so the only way that I can serve All That Is, is to remain in these higher vibrations. Service to Grace of the Divine does not mean to lower our vibration in order to feel closer to others or them feeling closer to us. It is allowing ourselves to embody the vibratory state that we Exist within, and to show the Way to others … to those who also wish to ascend. Ascension is not a given, and I AM a pure example of that. It is a conscious choice and a constant task of raising our vibration and walking through our Spirit initiations. The old world is no longer my reality, and I AM sorry if that makes some people disappointed. But the only true disappointment is when we disappoint ourselves, and I AM not willing to go down that road, for it’s simply not my personal choice.

I choose to embody only Grace of the Divine, purity and innocence of my childlike Soul and the wisdom of my Higher Self!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here are the updates about my personal services shared on my Blog: http://ascension-pioneers.blogspot.co…

George Kavassilas – Ascension Update – Deep Personal Journey – Interviewer Sienna Lee

Sandra Walter – Pure Light For Pure Conduits – 10-2-13



Notice the change in the Magnetosphere’s reaction to the recent X and M flares. These waves of light are different – they cannot be measured by traditional electro-magnetic standards. The KP index doesn’t show the usual impact of a typical CME or flare activity – for days and days now. It looks like the chart is broken after watching the impact of past flares. So what is this?

Incoming waves of photonic purity

The current wave of light frequencies, which will become much more intense beginning this week, are highly refined particles of light. These purer photonic light waves are the answer to our questions Why do I feel like something wonderful is about to occur? and What is the purpose of my need for solitude, isolation, silence?

The merge passage is upon us. Personally, I have noticed a big jump in (5D and above) lightbeing activity. This is a perception change; quite simply I AM seeing more, hearing more, feeling more of the frequencies because the new light supports it. All of these beautiful beings are more present because I AM taking the time to merge more deeply with my higher aspects. The companion piece to this new light was the preparation for it: the clearing, the detoxing, the silence, the willingness to be open to it. All of that work is paying off. The experience of consistent Unity with these higher realms is absolute Grace. I AM watching aspects of myself coagulate in preparation for something new.

The November Merge

November keeps presenting as a vital window for an intense stage of the merge. My Higher Self seems to be involved in the technicalities of the merge (a fascination of mine – as above, so below). I AM blessed to be relieved of mind-level processing right now; all of my direction is about stillness, silence, writing down what presents. It feels like something that will be helpful later, like trail markers left behind for others on the same path. True Wayshowing is very straight-forward: demonstrate how this is done, share the experience along the way.

How to walk through this passage

I still feel that this passage – now through December – will be glorious for those on the Ascension path including Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and those in Service to the Light. Why single out a group of the awakened? Because the folks who have opened their lifestream to be out, open and leading the collective through this Shift have set up a magnetic which draws the new experience right into their expression. By sharing the journey, doing the work, and embracing the change, we turned ourselves into conduits of the new light. Willingness to walk into the unexplored passage gives you the KEY to those unopened doors. Some walk through, some watch others walk through before moving forward. No judgment, that’s just the roles we agreed to play.

For some, becoming Guardians of the New Light demands surrender on a Galactic or Universal level. In this passage, the lower expression (in-carnate) must give up any attachments to what was, is or will be. All of us will have a unique role, unique experience during the merge. Let us remember that we have not done this before in the body. No matter what you have heard (we are Masters already, we’ve done this before, it is inevitable, it’s already happened), the merge is to be experienced as a unique expression of Source.  So be it. There will be collective experiences and side-effects (symptoms), however we must honor what our Higher Levels want to create.

Enjoy your unique experience. Know that everyone feels a little lonely right now. Know it may feel freaky. Going sane feels a lot like going crazy; give your higher levels the opportunity to take over. We’re not leveling up with our ego, emotions or mind-level in tact. You need to give your Higher levels a chance to create the miraculous. Honor it with whatever makes you feel connected to your Higher Self, and be flexible as the merge unfolds. Be in nature to receive the pure vibration, and sleep (lay down, be still) so the integration/adjustments can occur. Meditate.

Higher levels of light translate to higher levels of creator skills, so be aware and conscious of your choices right now. Amplification will pick up during this window, and I do not feel this is the time to create anything complex other than the merge itself. Isn’t that enough? Convince your mind/ego/emotions to be satisfied with just this experience. They may rebel out of fear; engage your spiritual maturity and let the nonsense go.

Creating in alignment with the true you may have to wait until significant shifts occur in early November. Give it some space to show you what you are truly becoming. Surrender the doing and busy-ness if you can; I promise it will be profound if you focus on your Ascension process.

Experiments in Isolation

My guidance is asking for several days of fasting and isolation. I understand why, and know this is the best way I can support what is happening collectively in the higher realms. When I look at it, it feels like the last great purge of a collective dynamic – both painful and profound. Gatekeepers were released from collective density, now it feels like the body vehicle will undergo some major energetic changes in order to support a full embodiment of spirit (higher levels). I will write when guided to share – I see an update prior to the November 3 Eclipse as the waves come in this week.

Obviously something wonderful is about to unfold. Let us hold each other in our hearts as these waves of light honor our magnetic intent to become the NEW.
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Ascension Update – Council of Angels, Archangel Michael, Source Creator via Goldenlight (10-4-13) – Upgrading to a Multidimensional Operating System – Receiving Higher Frequency Information from Angelic Realms – Golden Age upon New Earth – Golden Light Channel

The lesson is to value yourself. Money is an energy exchange but as you know it does not exist in the higher dimensions, just as time does not exist here. You said today “time is money”… that is a third dimensional paradigm that time is money; notice they go hand and hand. As you begin to transcend the third dimensional mindset, for you are already “in” the 5th dimension, you just have to upgrade your operating system to “view” or “be” or engage with it. You body and brain are used to being in the third dimension but your mind or consciousness is now in the 5th dimension. So your brain – which is a physical organ inside your body – we know you know this but sometimes your brain thinks it’s more than that – and your body are in the process if upgrading now. You are moving into and transitioning into the ability to use higher dimensional abilities of telepathy, bilocation, teleportation, and all the higher abilities we have spoken of in the past.

All is coming to fruition including your talents as an artist and higher dimensional telepathic receiver, Goldenlight… notice your telepathy is increasing you can hear conversations now that people have had about you; you can hear them because you can tune into the airwaves to pick up their thoughts and words. You can hear people down the street who are having a quiet conversation outside their house. So going back to your brain/body upgrades this operating system upgrade is occurring now for hue-mans (“god-mans”) and your body and brain are busy catching up to the higher dimensional frequencies that you are living in now. They are trying to attune with these frequencies. Remember way back when you first started bringing in our messages, we said ascension is simply a harmonizing with the frequencies – well this is still true. Many of the lightworker community are ahead of most of the earth population in attuning their mind and consciousness to the higher dimensional frequencies you are living in; it is your old physical carbon-based based brains and bodies that are going through a massive upgrade now.

See, your operating systems are your mind body and spirit and your carbon-based brains and bodies are all that hold you back now from being fully 100% in the higher dimensions. Your brain refuses to believe that such a thing is possible even though you’ve seen many visions of it including your future/parallel life in the 5th dimension, the cities of light, life in the higher dimensions, unlimited prosperity, health, and abundance, ageless bodies etc… your brains have been holding on for dear life to tether you to the third dimension because its whole “life” that is all it has known. Begin to open up a dialog with your brain, begin to train your brain to open up to the possibility  of living in the higher dimensions, of embodying and embracing your multidimensional being.

This experiment in transitioning to the higher dimensions while within the hue-man body is a new one that has never been accomplished before. You are all the pioneers of this ascension experiment. The more you can assimilate the higher frequencies into your brains and bodies, the more you will be in tune with these frequencies and begin to live your life from a multidimensional perspective. We know you had asked for some personal information but all your questions apply to everyone and what is occurring for you is occurring for everyone. You see you ARE all one you are a part of Me and this is Source Creator now… You are Me and I am You.

This grand experiment in ascension while within your bodies is a very new and interesting experience for both you and me, for how would I get to experience myself if it were not for you? Before you there was just me, before the earth and all the planets and star systems and galaxies and universes there was just me and only me. I needed to create I needed to split apart and individuate so I could know myself and see myself and see all the wonders of creation. You are all ME! You are all creator beings just like me. As your bodies go through these upgrades you will cone into your creationary powers more and more .. You will go from manifestation taking what seems like forever (old 3d paradigm) to instant manifestation. The star beings which now surround your earth are watching and waiting for your brain/body operating systems to complete their upgrades to a point where you are almost all the way there in living from a multidimensional perspective.

You are maturing as a race… my wonderful earth hue-man race and it is a wonder and great pleasure to see you, My creations, My reflections of Me, coming into being and activating all your higher dimensional abilities. Now some do not wish to participate in this great experiment… some are still asleep and that is as it is neither good or bad it just is. Those of you who are fully aware and fully coming into your higher dimensional awareness are the Ones who will be a part of the first contact with the higher dimensional races and who will be the leaders of your new earth of harmony prosperity oneness joyful living service to All and more…all the higher dimensional concepts that emanate from me.

Many of you are starseeds from higher dimensional star systems who came here to this planet at this time to to assist with this transition of the human body into resonating with the higher frequencies so that you could create a higher frequency world on this planet earth.. As this channel has spoken of before, this process will coincide with a coming together of the Inner and the Outer Earth at a time that your brains and bodies have upgraded to be fully functioning in the higher dimensions. Your higher dimensional abilities – things like telepathy instant manifestation bilocation levitation etc.– these abilities will be awakened in your brains and bodies.

Your higher dimensional awareness already knows that you are capable of these things it is just a matter of training your car old carbon-based brain and body to accept these things as being part of its new operating system. It’s like the channel, when she upgraded the operating system on her computer recently she had a difficult time… her brain had a difficult time first accepting the new operating system, but after a short period of time it became very easy to use and like second nature. This will be happening now for your brains and bodies …they will begin to accept the new operating system that you are existing in. You can help this process along with your intentional awareness, telling your brain and body that it’s okay to adjust. It may sound silly but really it will help speed along the process for all of you.

So, Goldenlight, going back to your question about financial prosperity, what will be happening is that as you continue with your own process you will begin to manifest more quickly anything that you think about so that if you want a couple of big jobs, you can have it … you can manifest easily, (this is still a challenege for me, note from Goldenlight) … it is all your choice and what you focus on and place your attention and awareness on, so choose what you think say and do carefully because everything will be manifesting more quickly now for all of you.As far as the rumored re-evaluation of currencies global reset and prosperity programs, this is a collective manifestation. Collective manifestations are a little more challenging than individual manifestations because everyone has to be on the same page so to speak. The way for you to bring about the re-evaluation of currencies and the deliverance of prosperity to your world is to begin to manifest it through both your individual and collective thoughts words and actions, and to be ever aware of service to all and oneness as opposed to service to self and separation.

If a large group of you begin to do this you will begin to manifest this on a collective, society-wide level. Always your choice as you are all free well-beings… if you wish to bring this into being then simply creat it through your thoughts words and actions. And so it is and so it is done. Higher dimensional manifestations happen very rapidly and quickly and you are all going into this now see you must all be very careful of what you think say and do.  Do not focus on the “Cabal”, do not focus on the mass media news, do not focus on the Federal Reserve, do not focus on the current powers in charge. If you focus on those things it will assist in their continuing to exist.  If you wish to create an alternate reality or a different holographic reality you must simply think it feel it see it and create it through your loving thoughts words and actions. Creating a new earth through loving thoughts words and actions… your new earth in paradise is such a beautiful thing.

You have many angels archangels ascended mMasters star system beings higher dimensional beings from other star systems who care so much about your development and ascension and as you may have heard before from this channel the earth is the first in what is a line of  “Dominos:… when the earth clicks into its higher dimensional resonation, it will trigger a domino effect so that each piece of the domino puzzle falls into place; namely, other star systems are also going through an upgrade at this time. The earth is the trigger or catalyst for this entire upgrade throughout the many worlds and universes. Yes all of creation is now going through an upgrade and the earth is the star player in the game.

So know that each one of you is a very important piece in this puzzle, and although some of you may not realize it, all that you think say and do is extremely important in the creation of your new earth society. So choose your thoughts words and actions carefully and focus only on that which you wish to create. If you wish for the reevaluation of currencies, think it feel it and see it. If you wish for abundance and prosperity for all, think it feel it and see it and it will come into being. All is created from thought and intention and as you raise your frequencies into the higher dimensions, you will create more quickly with thought and intention. The more strongly you feel something, the more it will affect the manifestation of it; so that if you feel something very deeply in your heart and all your being, you then create a strong energy vibration of manifestation.

Part of the key to manifestation is using your heart with your mind to create. Your heart plus consciousness and intention equals creation. Your heart is connected to your soul. Your brain does play a part in this as well, but it is more of a follower then the leader …it follows your consciousness.  So it is upon you to allow your brain to follow your consciousness now, to sort of bring your brain along for the ride so to speak. The idea is to get your brain and body on-board into propelling your entire being into these higher dimensions which are actually all around you now and have been for quite some. Your ascension as Earth human beings and hue-mans is about making this transition while you are still in your original physical bodies, but your bodies will be transforming from Carbon to crystalline-based. Most of you already know this, you have heard this before, we are simply reiterating it.

It is about harmonizing your multidimensional being and your higher self as well as your brain and body with the higher dimensional frequencies which surround your entire being and your holographic realities. Your holographic realities are in the process of rapidly changing now. This change is being accomplished through the power of collective thoughts feelings words and actions. As more and more of you begin to accelerate your consciousness into the higher dimensional qualities, you then begin  the dismantling of the old hologram and the creating of the new one. This is the process that is occurring now for each one of you individually as well as collectively. The ones who are still asleep, and there are many, could possibly hold you all back from creating this new holograph… although this is a situation that is an ongoing changing morphing hologram being created and re-created moment by moment.All is in the now, there is no past or future and as you raise your consciousness you begin to see this and to live outside of time. Time is a third dimensional earth creation, it is not real, so that as you breathe yourself into the higher dimensions you begin to raise yourself out of time that is why time seems to be accelerating.

It is important at this time to enliven and enlighten your minds; this will assist in this process of acceleration. The higher dimensions are a very light-filled world now there will be a new human being created that is a combination of your Lightbody and your former carbon-based body this is the new crystalline human and it is part of My Creation Plan. And you all signed up for it before you came into this life time. More and more of you will begin to remember this plan…if you’re wondering what your soul missions and soul contracts are on this earth in this lifetime… well many of you have that as your number one soul contract item. You signed up to participate in the experiment of transitioning from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based human. You will be living in an incredible world of your own creation, in fact you are already living there now as time is an illusion. Your homes will be crystalline homes, you will create instantly, you will communicate with telepathy, you will be able to levitate… this is how the pyramids of Egypt were built by the way is the beings from other star systems who lived on the earth at that time had the ability to levitate objects. The pyramids were transmitters of higher dimensional energy and powered many many cities. Their energy collapsed during the fall of man.

Atlantis and Lemuria were also higher dimensional civilizations, and many of you lived there, as the channel has brought forth in her other communications. The Agartha beings living in the earth are from Lemuria… they built the inner cities when they knew that the Lemurian civilization was going to be devastated. Their civilization has thrived inside the earth for over 20,000 years. These higher dimensional beings wish to reunite with you when your brains and bodies and consciousness have reached a point in acceleration where you’re 80 to 90% transmuted into crystalline light beings … in other words, when you have raised your vibrational frequencies high enough to match theirs. This is also the point at which you will meet your star families or reunite with your star families again it is the same with these higher dimensional beings of the universe and from other star systems such as Sirius the Pleiades Andromeda Arcturus and other star systems… it is the same, wherein the Hue- beings and Hue-mans must raise their vibrational frequencies to a high enough level that they can resonate on the same frequency as these higher dimensional beings. It is too much of a risk for them to lower their vibration to yours… this is why you could never see them before. All this is rapidly changing and all will coalesce for you.

The most important thing right now is to raise your frequency… train your body, including your brain, to live in the higher dimensions… help your body and brain to accept the higher frequencies… tell them it’s okay… remind yourself that you agreed to this plan before you came here.

I, your Source Creator and we of the Angelic realm and we all of the higher dimensional star systems and we all of the Inner Earth and Agarthan Network wish to tell you that we monitor your progress often… that we love you most dearly… and that we await your homecoming into these beautiful higher dimensional love-filled and light-filled realms.

Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

original message: www.thegoldenlightchannel.com/ascension-update-from-the-council-of-angels-archangel-michael-and-creator-source-the-upgrade-of-your-operating-systems

Below are some excellent videos created by Suzanne Lie, http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com,http://creatingnewearth.com/http://www.multidimensions.com/

Ascension update: Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Source Creator via Goldenlight: Upgrading to a Multidimensional Operating System 10-4-13 | Goldenlight ~ The Golden Light Channel: Higher Frequency Information from the Angelic Realms for the Golden Age upon the New Earth.

Gaia Portal – Energetics of Gaia Near Completion for hu-manity to Hue-manity Transformation – Ascension Update – Omicron 2.0 established



5th Level sensitivities are now complete among Hue-Beings.

Connections with Higher Source and Higher Róles have been fully acknowledged and accepted.

Upgraded hu-manity is close to fulfillment of requisites for “hu-manity to Hue-manity” transformation.

“Higher-Self” sovereignty has been recognized by the majority of hu-manity. Awaiting increase in acceptance levels.

Energetics of Gaia near completion for “hu-manity to Hue-manity” transformation.

Omicron 2.0  established. Attenuation 3.3. Resource Level 4.6.

Archangel Michael – The Physical Body and the New Energies – Ascension Update – Channeller Celia Fenn

LoveGraceLight Blog  /  14 October 2013

“As the deep shifts occur, your Physical Body will begin the process of adapting to the New Reality and the Higher Consciousness Grids. There are two processes involved here. The first is a very deep cleansing and throwing off of anything that is heavy, low frequency, toxic and limiting to you and others. You may notice your body seeking changes, in diet, exercise, sleep patterns and ways of expression. This process of ‘clarification’ is necessary for the next step, where the body begins to ‘breathe light’ in the Cells.

“‘The process of “breathing light’ is a Cellular Process and it occurs spontaneously in the Cells when the Body is at a High enough Frequency and ready to make the switch. At this point, the Body will derive about 50 percent of its nutrients from Light in an intracellular synthesis process, and about 50 percent from Physical Nutrition.

“We would say, however, that this shift only occurs when the Body is clear, grounded and aligned with the Light Body. It is a Spontaneous Evolution and occurs when you are ready. At that point you become a ‘Shining One’ as you begin to radiate Light and Energy from your Cells. This is the First level of the Shift from the old Carbon based Physical Form to the New Crystalline Light based form.

“Beloved Ones, we ask you not to try to force this process, but to listen to your body and what it needs. If you are not ready for the Shift you may still need more traditional methods of nutrition until your body is ready. Even after the shift, you will need to monitor your nutrition and energy levels to ensure that your body is maintaining its new pattern of energetics and radiance.

“Once you have made the shift you will find it very difficult to be in close proximity with people and environments that are toxic and polluted. Your new energetic structure is designed for the New Earth and desires clean air, light and nutritious food, and a light filled and harmonious environment.

“This shift of the Physical/Energetic functioning will also be felt on the Emotional and Mental levels. Your Emotional and Mental energies my be unstable for a while, and fluctuate quite widely as your System integrates accelerated light energies travelling through the nervous system and firing the hormonal system and the brain cells. You may find yourself responding very swiftly with strong emotions in some situations. Just know that it will take a while to adjust to the accelerations in your system.

“Beloved Family, over time we have shown you how to ground yourselves into the Earth Star Chakra and the Earth Center, and how to align with the Cosmic Heart. This is an essential daily practice as you work to integrate the light breathing and the acceleration of light impulses in the nervous system.

“When this process is complete, you will feel yourself aligning in to a new sense of yourself and your power as a Master of Light. You will have more confidence in your ability to manifest abundance through working with the Divine Light and shaping it into Co-creations with the Divine Source.”

LoveGraceLight Blog

Polona – Ascension Update – Growing in Discernment – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

With this influx of New energy, we are stepping deeper and deeper into our true Self power and knowingness. I AM noticing so many changes and awakenings within myself. All the marks of seership that I have on a Soul level, are now starting to be fully embodied. I AM noticing how my inner knowing has increased, and how I AM able to penetrate and see right through the veils, where nothing can remain hidden. It is only through the Christed Heart Essence, that All can be seen and understood through neutrality. This is where discernment comes into play. All that remains in the shadow, Now clearly comes to Light of Truth. Much going on here on the planet is still false, manipulative, and not really pure. Much is meant to use/abuse the power of the Infinite for personal gain instead of selfless service to All. But the more that we step into our power as Ascension Pioneers and Way showers, the more this is all revealed and dissolved into the Light of Truth.

With our increased and greater power, always comes greater responsibility. This can be many things, from speaking about it, writing about it, or simply no longer denying the shadow, all the lies and the false, and with naturally observing it within the Light of Truth … allowing it to naturally transform and come into Truth. The ascended path is that of higher discernment and awareness of Source. How Source sees, we also see. What Source knows and experiences, we also experience, as we become Source embodied. With this higher awareness and embodiment, we have a responsibility then, to not just know as Source, but to also Be and act as Source. We need to rise up to who we truly are and live through our Monadic Presence. That is why we came here, and we have a devotion to Be of a higher service to the Truth of Grace … which is that Purity Be restored on this plane of Existence once more.

I know what I AM devoted to on my Soul path and purpose. What about You?

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Don’t just believe anything that You see or read … just because it sounds fancy, it doesn’t necessarily make it true. Read/feel the energy behind everything that comes into your Presence … always through awareness!

High Council of Orion – Dissolving Duality – September-21-2013

High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 21st Sep 2013
21st September 2013.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

Yeshua – Ascension Update – September-23-2013

Matt Muckleroy·1,008 videos

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ The Sky is the Limit ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ September 23, 2013

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Sept 18 – 24 – Purification Process – Pleiades




Dearly beloved children of the light. As we have said to you many times prior, there are major energetic changes indeed moving closer and closer to your GAIA, the event is inevitable, yet most do not comprehend with the human mind what this event that we are all referring to is, and so, let us briefly explain to you its importance and what is about to sweep through your planet.

Let us reassure you that the destruction that many of you are seeing in their third eyes,  is the destruction of the old system of thinking and the old system of belief, for there indeed is a new thought process that is originating inside your hearts, a new heart code that is exploding from within, and bringing you into the alignment with THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Truth that all of you are magnificent beings, capable of creating worlds close in magnitude to the one that you are presently finding yourself on. You are indeed awaking to your heart code, you area wakening to the real truth, which is, that you are in control of your realities, and you need not anyone tell you the what, how, when and why.

Technically what is about to occur on your planet is the PURIFICATION PROCESS. Many portals on your planet will open up and  the energy from these portals will rise to the central point in the middle of the earth through its axis, the wobble will be changed a few degrees, many events of various natures will occur. Massive cleansing process is going to take place.

All earth ancient portals systems shall activate significantly and release the knowledge that has  been laying dormant for eons. Your scientists are going to discover proof of what we are talking about here to you. More and more newspapers will report the new findings of scientific experiments to support all the “theories” that we lay forth before you.

But let us return to the dates at hand. September 18th – the 24th of your earthly time, what is about to occur on your planet is the gates yet again are going to open, but this time the energy that you will experience will not be coming from any celestial body but your own GAIA.  What you are about to experience is major pruning, sweeping of your earth, energetically, physically and mentally.

Please understand that the changes that are about to take hold of your planet are the changes that have been set into motion many years ago, and so with the quadruple affect you are moving closer and closer the unification of the minds, to the unification of the system.

What we mean by this is NOT the idea that all of you will begin to think exactly the same, on the contrary you are about to awaken to your true magnificent selves, awaken to your hearts, and to remember the true reason that you are all now here, to awaken to your creativity, to awaken to your individuality, and yet ONENESS.. to understand that all of you are here as pieces of a puzzle in order to unite these pieces to build one whole. One whole – full of a multitude of colors, vibrations, musical tones of such variance,  that once put together, will flow like a river in the same direction, in the direction of love, light, understanding, compassion, and abundance.

That is not to say that you must give anything up, except  one thing the idea that you are all separate, for you are not. For you are all one and the same, but you come with different vibrational frequencies. And so, by giving up your hatred for one another, by forgiving each other, by forgiving yourselves, you are moving closer to finally playing together in unison a beautiful melody of freedom from lack, freedom from war, and freedom from dis-ease. For once you are in tune with your own selves, once you are in tune with your own creative forces, once you are following your hearts code, and living out your life as you are meant to be , as you have decided to do, it is then that the puzzle can finally be put together and the melody can finally be unleashed form earth  and travel fast into the universal frequency of love, and it is then that your earth, and human beings, can finally join into the interplanetary confederation of light.

And so, we will repeat this again and again, hear our call, hear our tune.. you are to forgive, each other, you are let go of misconceptions towards YOUR SELVES, and those around you.. you are to stop trying to change everyone around you and you are to look deep within yourself and begin with you.

Do know that those of you are who are here to activate the grids, who are here to activate the portals, will be called to duty, be prepared, we ask that those of you and you know who you are, to be prepared by drinking enough fluids and by staying attuned to the notes to the sounds entering your hearing channels, i.e. your ears, you will hear a variety of sounds , sensations, you will hear different tones, you will feel heaviness in your ears, you will feel quick changes in the atmospheric pressure around you, it will feel as if something is being pressed up against your energy fields, you will feel energy drops, sudden tiredness, sudden alertness, sudden noises that normally do not hear. All these are calls for you to pay attention for you to attune to yourself.

For you are being called into action, action which will take place from the 18th to the 24th of September. Action to activate the grids of the portals of GAIA.

Please understand that this is a STEP, this is merely a commencement of the event, a preparatory step, and you will be called to duty many times over, throughout the duration of your present incarnation. For not only are you here to activate the grids, but also to lead assist humanity as they move from one dimension to another, as they move closer and closer to the understanding of their MULTIDIMENSIONALITY.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Saint Germain – Live Channeler Méline Lafont – Disclosure – Ascension Update – August 1, 2013




Thank you Saint Germain.  We have about maybe 10 more minutes, so maybe this is the last question and I’d like to get your thoughts on this.  Changing topics a little bit.  The question I’d like to know and some other readers would like to know is how do you envision disclosure happening globally and who will introduce this to the mass media?  Is it going to be Lady Portia, Obama, and other leaders?

And also, where exactly are we with ascension right now at this NOW moment globally and what still needs to happen for this global ascension to occur and to move forward

Saint Germain

Ascension is happening now.  It’s happening for a long time but we are now at the highest level of requirements as you can name it at the ascension process.  The most critical and important one, the important phase, the beautiful phase.  What will come now is indeed disclosure because this is needed to be brought to humanity for it will open the gates and the floods will come.  

At this point, we are still awaiting some changes.  I know.  Disclosure has been awaiting for a long time now and people are getting tired of it and they want to have disclosure straight away.   I do agree on that my dear friends, because I want it too. But humanity needs to bring Disclosure at this time.

Again, do not search for outside sources to do it for you. 

We assist you with this; we bring this with you and for you.  And at this time, we are working closely with governments and discuss facts with them, make some agreements with them as into which is the best way to cope with all of this and bring out all of this.  Because yes, we still need to do this with and through your governments.  If we just simply fly in and ask you to come aboard, a lot of people will be shocked. 

They want to hear this from governments because they trust the governments, the old system.  So we need to address those kinds of people in those ways as well and the way that we need to infiltrate through the governments – our energies – and bring disclosure together with them. 

Now I hear people say, Oh Saint Germain, isn’t it about time the government make changes and do this, because they are blocking and they are not working along with us? 

Yes, I agree, there are some governments that do not work with us and do not wish to cooperate with us.  But there are a lot of countries that do.  Now, as Obama, he is part of that too.  I know that people think he is not of the light, but he is.  I can assure you.  He is just not in the easiest position.  He has been threatened by all of the cabal and the worst enemies that you can have. 

And even though most of them are removed, there are still influences from the astral realms.  You need to take that into account as well.  He wants to bring all of the new world into light but he needs to play along as well for his own safety.  And I know many of you will not resonate with that but this is my truth that I bring to you as I work closely with him.  You may disagree with me and that is fine as well. 

I respect all of you, each and every one of you.  Disclosure will come in the most subtile ways.  The galactics are preparing themselves for a long time now.  They are ready to cope with whatever comes in, whatever they need to cope with.  They are ready and they can handle it.  The ground crew is ready as well.  Many of you are ground crew.  Yes you are. 

Many of you are the ones who bring forth and back the energies and keep the information updated to our galactic family as to how far we have achieved and how far we are ready to do the disclosure. 

Disclosure will not be brought by one person.  It will be brought by many.  It will be cooperation.  Disclosure is not only galactic beings that present themselves and say OK, we exist too, we are not alone, we are you, and you are us.  

Disclosure is the bringing of truth, the Vatican and all of the history, the governments, the rich families, the dark cabal and all that has been played in their hands and been lied to humanity.  This is disclosure as well.  And so disclosure is taking place at this time because a lot of truth is coming up to the surface now. 

And this is a big part of the disclosure process.  People need to know what truth is.  How many years and lives they have been lied to.  And if they see that and understand that, there will be a shock at first. 

But after that, they will be ready to accept that you are not alone, that there are billions of civilizations out there and that they are friendly.  Most of them are.  And the ones that will come forward will be the friendly ones, of light, because your earth has now a beautiful light grid.  She has achieved such a high energetic frequency of light that dark ETs cannot access it anymore. 

The only way that they can access your earth is by allowing them, by fearing them and taking them for real or inviting them.  So please, do not do that for they will enter your consciousness.  Think of loving beings and they will be there with you.  They will protect you.  There are so many beings of ships around the earth that you cannot see at this time because they are light ships. 

And as you ascend along this process, you will start to visualize all of them and you will start to see them for the third eye will be opened.  And when the third eye is opened and the heart is opened, you can perceive whatever you are and every light being around you, because you will share the same love, the same consciousness and the same frequency of light. 

You will see that they are part of your soul group and soul family, they are part of you. Because as the matter of fact you are them and they are you.  There is no separation.  We are all One.  Even with the dark aspects of yourself. We are all One.  So trust that disclosure is coming and you are doing this right now, maybe not in the extent that you wish it to be, for you wish us to see land and introduce ourselves to you. 

Well, it’s our wish as well to communicate directly with you.  But, just let’s await first for these changes that are taking place now because they are making the way free to Disclosure and full Disclosure.  We have a lot of people on Earth that are still not awakened and we do not wish to fear them so please be patient, continue with your work, your trust and keep talking about the galactics and the higher selves and the ascended masters and all that is part of you. 

Keep accepting us for we are you and you are us and do not deny our existence to anyone.  People will open up more now.  They will show interest now because they feel it and they sense it that there is more in life to this.  A lot of the issues will arise as well to be cleaned and released.  Let it all play out because this is necessary.  All is forming out to ascension and disclosure as they are part of each other.  And they go hand in hand. 

To see the full 1 hour channeling and length (video) http://awakeningtohigherlove.com/2013/08/05/saint-germainlive-channeling-august-1-2013-by-meline-lafont-video-and-transcript/

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Ascension Update – A New Dawn


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my latest update and story! Ever since I decided to physically move and relocate closer to my sacred Mountain space, I have been on a journey up, down and all around … so to say. There have been so many trials and tribulations, challenges and sacred initiations, and yet … I have finally arrived. It is not my final destination yet, as none of it ever is anyway. But this week, I have finally signed the contracts on both ends … so selling and buying. It is a “chain reaction” kind of move, so it is even more challenging due to this, and it brought lots of growth, opening to infinite patience and deeper understanding of how everything is intertwined … and it continues to as the month unfolds.

The journey is not over yet though, as there are many steps ahead of me before I make the actual physical transition to my fairytale small town under the Mountains (our Beloved Julian Alps), and therefore a lot of my energy/devotion will go into this now. That is why I AM being asked by my inner guidance, to leave the stage of Ascension Pioneers for a month or so, until this move is finalized and all the pieces of the actual puzzle come together as One. In the meantime, I will be focusing on the world of physicality and errands that can be seen as very dense, but are still needed for our transition … as we are Divine, but also physical Beings. This way, I AM making things real and bringing change into form … into the matter itself.

My dream of moving to this place has always been there, but it has began one fine day in 2011, when I was sitting on this beautiful white sand by the Mountain river stream, and looking at the landscape in the near distance, while saying to myself: “This is where I wish to live next. This is where I feel that I belong.” And as You know, dreams do come true, and although I have forgotten about this for a while, and was not always in knowing where to go next, I was finally reminded that this is where I AM to be holding the space next. So as I prepare my new sacred space, I will be holding You all in my Heart, and walking our journey as a part of a greater collective and global sacred space.

So many of us are now asked to co-create a new sacred space for ourselves, so we can be models and wayshowers for others only by our own example … to live as authentically as we can. And living in the Mountains is as authentic as I can get. There are also many people who are asking me to create a retreat there, and saying how they wish to visit me in my sacred Mountain space, but this will come a bit later, when I AM all settled down and ready to rock!

Anyway, we all have all the alignments and Cosmic support at this time, so the month of August should be fun for everyone. We started off with a Diamond alignment (the Star of David) back at the end of July, and this is carrying us forward into a New dawn for Ascension Pioneers. We will know what to do next when the right timing comes, and it has always been so anyway. There is also a strong element of surprise that I keep being reminded of by my internal guidance of the Higher Presence, so let us all welcome in this eternal space of deep mystery and excitement within our Soul and all the Soul reunions taking place around the world right now.

I AM coming home to my sacred Mountains … and I AM returning Home to my Self! As within, so without … and this month we have all the support to bring this into actual embodiment. The Sirius gateway, so the Lion’s gate is assisting us with this as well, with another portal we are entering through … with its peak on August 8th. So we are surrounded by so much Cosmic Light, and it’s only up to us how we will use it in our personal life … and how this will benefit the greater collective and the highest good of All … since we are moving into Unity consciousness … and one man’s journey is where another one’s begins.

Within Divine Love, Polona

Polona – Ascension Update – The Higher Chakras – Ascension Pioneers

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is something about the higher chakric system that we are moving into, because we are already transcending the traditional 7-chakric system, and moving into a 13-chakric system. This is the state of a sovereign integral, an integrated Divine Human Being that we are becoming in this physical Ascension process. Please know that this system already exists, it is nothing new. We are now just remembering and activating it through the process of Divine remembrance and physical Ascension. And remember, it’s not about numbers at all. It is also not about the names, but energy importance of them … so Divine attributes and meanings associated with them. Each of them are interconnected, as we truly are One with everything. When all are in perfect flow, symmetry and harmony, eternal life force can effortlessly flow through us.

More in my article shared here: http://ascension-pioneers.org

Sheldan Nidle Update – June 18th, 2013 – For The Spiritual Hierarchy & Galactic Federation of Light




7 Kayab, 11 Cauac, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return with much to discuss. As you can see, your world is still subject to the last fading antics of the old reality. Each passing moment brings the dark cabal closer to its inevitable demise. We watch with compassion as it comes to recognize and grapple with the outcome of its choices: the total collapse of all it has known. Those of our associates involved with this aspect are wrapping up the operation which will render these dark ones powerless and a mere shell of what they once were. The new governance which will succeed the old order is to explain the master plan for change and the approximate schedule, and some of it is likely to astound even those of you who are most informed. These broadcasts will lead swiftly to a full disclosure of our benevolent existence and our reasons for being here. Once done, we can then work with the Ascended Masters and present to you a chronological outline of your origins and history, and an introduction to the wonders of full consciousness. Our primary mission is to return you to a state of union with your Self, and this will be completed once we have landed and you have been introduced to your Inner Earth family.
   It is important for you to comprehend what is involved in your transformation to a fully conscious Being; it is, in truth, a very complex and delicate operation. You possess several billion sets of RNA/DNA switches which need to be reversed. You also have nearly a million miles of unique physical structures that require special alterations. All this is to be accomplished by a means that Heaven has devised and which will also be controlled by your divine Will. This entire process is to be carried out via a set of sacred formulas, given to us by our medical teams and our heavenly advisors, and using techniques which are being allowed only because of the special mandate connected with your destiny: to become a fully conscious Being of Light. Heaven watches all this very closely and assures us that you are to shift according to the divine schedule which translates into a specific timeframe. You stand now on the brink of this time as your divine moment is at hand. As you look around you, it behooves you to perceive the immense significance of this most unique and precious moment.
   Each day we interact with your dark cabal and wonder at its dogged and seemingly oblivious stance at the prospect of any future change. In truth it is simply doing what the Divine so desires. On the one hand it deeply believes in itself and its invincibility, and on the other, it watches in panic as its many plans are thwarted by the changing conditions thrown up by the collision between its desires and your incoming divine reality. It now recognizes this dichotomy to be untenable as it sees just how close is the collapse of its world, and a sense of doom has overcome the leadership groups as they stare into the face of the unknown. They are starting to see that the invincibility and power they took so for granted are illusions and all the plans they had made ultimately pipe-dreams. Hence their disarray mounts, and their ability to direct the affairs of the world falters and wanes. As their grip weakens, the incoming Light picks up the slack, and now a great shift toward the Light is upon us! Your reality has arrived at what is called ‘its divine shift point.’
   During the next stage of operations, unprecedented announcements are to be broadcast, accompanied by a grand disbursement of wealth, new governance, and disclosure. Your new governance is to be fully transparent and a true instrument of the Divine. Miracles and wonders will be the order of the day! Take a moment to realize the deep import of what lies in front of you. It is all too easy to underestimate the impact of these events on your emotions, your lives, your neighborhoods, and humanity at large. The seemingly impossible will be rolled out before you, evoking a befitting gratitude and humility from deep within. But feel also the triumph, as all you have envisioned so patiently and for so long at last comes true! This is no time to go into ho-hum mode; it is what all your work and dedication have been focused on. And now your strength and compassion are needed still, as the dark ones go through their trials of accountability and then take their places among you. As you return to full consciousness, all pain and anger will vanish as will the past!
   Hosanna to the Light! We are your Ascended Masters! We come at a time of joy and a great shift in your reality. Millennia have been leading up to this moment! You are bearing witness to something very special which most have thought impossible: the termination of an entrenched reality which forced you to think, act, and believe things which the dark deemed practical to its purposes. Every day the Sacred was profaned and the Good allowed little scope. This oppression of your natural state of Being is ending and you are watching the dark’s fall from grace all around you. We wait in manifest rapture and prepare to reveal to you the truth so long denied you. The disbursement of funds and the shift in governance are only the first signs of what is coming! Your world is charging headlong toward new paradigms and your growing consciousness can no longer countenance the dysfunctional impudence of the dark cabal.
   Heaven has mandated the changes that have brought your world to this state of transition, and you are waking up collectively to the global dilemma wrought by the dark’s avarice and total disregard for nature. You are also recognizing the immutability of the short time remaining in which to redress these immense improprieties. To do this you require advanced technical assistance and know-how, and so we have procured special dispensations which allow your space family to quickly amend what so urgently faces you. This joint operation will strengthen your Will to Good and quickly repair Gaia’s surface world. This activity will also prepare you for our sacred teachings and allow each of you to reach out personally to Gaia, which will assist you to become aligned with her and to respect and admire her multitudes of interlocking ecosystems.
   We suggest that the time remaining would be useful for reflection: it is important to see what is happening and prepare yourselves for a sacred journey of Truth and Love. You are to interact with those who, long ago, were allowed only indirect access to you as you fell into limited consciousness. Over the ensuing millennia these family members were permitted only a small amount of direct interaction with you. This is now to change, and you will be able to see them over the broadcast media and occasionally in person. You will learn about Love, and that abundance in all things is the nature of the universe. You will learn how to flourish in a world free from want and strife and harsh one-sided rules. You will see how transformed your surface realm becomes! Then, deep within your sacred Mother, you can return to full consciousness and learn about your destiny.

Today we continued our messages. We rejoice in all that is happening. This beautiful, changing planet is beginning to express the exuberance and joy of a Being who is moving her inner and her surface realms back into unity. You too are set to receive a wonderful series of gifts from Heaven! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


17-06-2013: Conversation With Peter Van Runt & Ron Van Dyke – Current Energy Shift

NOTE:  Please advance video to 2: 00  –  To Avoid Glitches.

Ron Van Dyke·921 videos

Recorded on Father’s Day with some technical challenges, Peter and Ron discuss the current energy shift beginning by talking about Gandhi and how he was ahead of his time in trying to present political solutions that would have united India. This is the time when the energy is right for geo-political solutions to take root in our world. The One People are bringing forth many solutions that will change the game, not by escaping but by embodying our humanity as awakened spiritual beings using the heart and the mind as tools of creation.

Messages From: Saul & Archangel Michael – June-06-2013 – Galactic Federation of Light

Matt Muckleroy·801 videos

Saul via John Smallman: The Remaining Skeins Of The Illusion Are Turning To Dust
Thanks to Wes Annac: http://aquariusparadigm.com/2013/06/0…

Any earnest effort on your part must now meet with success. — channeled by Ron Head

Polona – Ascension Update – Purification – Infinite Expansion – Lift Off


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my another Ascension update in Nature. It is a very spontaneous one, so be prepared for that free flow! Please remember that Nature is neutral as all Creation is, and that it serves as our utmost mirror. I rejoice every single time that I get to be myself in Nature, all alone … in my sacred Silence … communing with Spirit … the Beloved I AM! Know that the greatest Masters always live a life of pure simplicity, and they see what many others do not … in the tiniest of things and in the deepest of feelings being felt … in the eternal silence of the sacred breath! All pulsates … all is alive with pure awareness!

We are purifying so much lately! Remember that Ascension is simplicity. When we are ascending and raising in our vibration, we simply loose interest in all things complicated and we are interested only in organic and beautiful things, like spending time in Nature and deeply communing with Spirit. We are no longer interested in drama, crowded and noisy places, being in large groups, drinking, partying and smoking, eating low vibrational foods, sharing energy with negative people and waste our time in situations that don’t match our unique authenticity. We are only interested in our Ascension journey … from head to toe and from within to without! Life suddenly becomes so simple, but so deep and magical … like mine is … every single day!

My only desire is to share it all with all of You and help the collective to raise in awareness by remembering who we truly are as Divine Love.

Within Divine Love, Polona

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