Space and Time Travel – by Owen Waters – via Spirit Library – 9-1-19

Owen Waters

Bill Owen

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Your physical body exists at a specific location in space and time. In order to relocate physically, you have to travel to the new location. Your mind, however, is free to roam to different locations and even to other points in time. In recent decades, Remote Viewing – the mental viewing of remote locations – has been developed into a highly disciplined method of obtaining information from other locations in time and space.

Many people have experienced their own versions of this skill in the form of precognition or deja vu, where scenes that you suddenly recognize in your life are scenes that you had previously viewed while in another state of consciousness.

Deja vu occurs because you, as a soul, pre-planned the major themes of your life before your were born. You chose the time, the place and your parents in order to set a life plan in motion which would explore the desired themes.

Such pre-planning gave rise to the occurrence of related, meaningful events in your life which may have given you the impression that pre-destiny does exist.

To a degree, destiny does exist. The major themes of your life are pre-planned, by you, ahead of time. As you pass through life, certain names, places, people and activities resonate with a certain special-ness in your consciousness. It’s almost as if you knew these events once before, but you can’t quite remember when or where. That is so-called destiny, unfolding into your life along the lines of pre-planned, pre-viewed events.

In the phenomenon called deja vu, this previewing occurred either during your pre-life planning or in a recent, out-of-body, dream-state where, in order to help yourself remain on-purpose, you reviewed the important, upcoming events in your life.

Your soul, or inner self, has the capability, not only to see, but to BE in different locations in space and time. Physical life is a projection of consciousness, which appears to be solid, which appears to be fixed in location, and which appears to run along a linear timeline.

Solidity, space and time are all projections of consciousness in the theater of life. They are nowhere near as fixed as we have been led to believe.

When a particularly vivid example of deja vu occurs, it is not just the recall of a recent dream, it is more likely to be a real-time connection with your inner self – your complete consciousness – when you were planning this lifetime of experience.

Your inner self can look into how a plan of action would work out by connecting with the actual event at the time and space location where the event will occur. It can be a little disorienting to be living your regular life and suddenly have a brief connection with your inner self as it was working through the planning stage of your life many years ago before you were born.

In fact, you can come out of such a contact with your complete, inner self consciousness wondering – just for a split-second – where you are, and what the date is today! Such an experience is an excellent example of the wide-ranging consciousness of your inner self. It has the ability to relocate to and directly experience other locations in space and time.

As you progress in the development of your consciousness you will acquire more and more of the attributes of the expanded consciousness of your complete, inner self. Your daily consciousness is a tight focus, a subset, of your complete consciousness. That daily, waking consciousness is now expanding to incorporate more of the capabilities which you already possess within your complete, inner self.

Now that The Shift to the New Reality is occurring, this type of inner development is accelerating rapidly. As time passes, you will become more and more capable of perceiving other locations in time and space.

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ALBA WEINMAN – QHHT Session – Visitors from the Future – Talking about New Earth – 10-3-17

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Alba Weinman


Time Travel, Ancient Wisdom – Third Agarthan Update – 8-27-17 –  Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age Of Gaia

Let me start by sharing that my whole body is feeling quite full. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, and the sensation started around eclipse time.

It feels as though my skin is permeable and there’s so much energy inside this body that it extends out beyond my skin.

Outgrowing my skin? I kind of like the idea, even if I don’t fully understand what’s going on. I do know, as we all really do…this eclipse was every bit as significant as we may have thought, and then some.

Fast forward to this morning, when Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen entered the quieted room wearing a peach velour gown and matching floor length cape.

She was followed by Teodor, garbed in another long tunic of a Florentine gold on gold silk print. The placket and stand-up collar were embellished once again with gold embroidery.

We learned today that such decoration on their clothing also has symbolic purpose involving sacred geometry and mathematics and mandalas.

Tamarinda started the day by describing how we can have more energy available to us. She used a metaphor as follows: The Divine Being is the nucleus, attachments are the electrons.

We are like attachments to this Earth, and she’s suggesting that we be like uranium in that the fewer electrons it has, the more powerful it is.

So basically, our attachments keep us from reaching our full potential.

This next was a little mind-blowing…the Human organism has 24 pairs of genes. We use 22 of them because numbers 23 and 24 were collapsed into number 22.

Those two collapsed pairs of genes are our Divinity, and we are fallen Gods.

The Ambassador spoke of a bible that exists in Holland. There is only one copy, and in it is an explanation of why the Gods have fallen.

In it, apparently is an explanation of the P-40 gene as the defense of the body.

P-24, however, is a created gene that destroys the P-40 defender, and guess what is it’s identity?


There’s so much information that’s been passed unseen and shared out loud at this Symposium. As I look over my notes for what to share, I’ll read something and remember with an, “Ooh!” what a fabulous thing it was to hear.

Many things spoken are already in my field as truth. Some things I feel might suffer in translation, so it seems wise to allow some leeway and steer away from any absolutes in deciding if any of the stated ideas are actually counter to what I may see as truth now.

Tamarinda mentioned that King Arthur was a poor man in his previous incarnation. He was a man of meager resource who gave what he did have to those who had greater need than his own.

I’m not sure if it was stated that he made an agreement to be that way in exchange for having his own country next time around, but that was the jist. It was by stated request that he manifested his Kingship in his next life experience.

Now onto the juicy bits about time travel.

The first guest speaker today was Dr. David Anderson.

Here, I’ll admit that I’m neither a scientist nor a math-loving creature. Merinda took copious notes during Dr. Anderson’s presentation, and she’s agreed to write something up with more detail than I’ll be offering here.

“Space Time Physics” was the name of his presentation. The first thing that straightened my spine a little was the phrase “exotic materials that don’t exist yet.” Dr. Anderson was postulating about the feasibility of using time-travel technology.

It’s the spin of the Earth that creates abundant, clean, free energy.

Would it surprise you to know that time travel is possible? That scientists are just now debating about disclosure of that fact as well as the ethical questions around the unknown consequences possible should the technology be used for anything other than the betterment of Humanity?

It’s delightful that the discussion is currently not around how to use it to make money or gather power to manipulate others. And this lovely scientist admitted that he felt that Archangels and Extra-terrestrials are capable of manipulating space/time.

I found it greatly encouraging also when an allopathic doctor in the audience asked a question about healing. While he spoke, he revealed his beautiful soul in how he feels when someone comes to him for help.

Perhaps it’s naive of me to think so, but a simple solution would be to only use time-space technology to go into the future to access information beneficial to the collective. We can focus our energy on a peaceful and ethical disclosure and use for this technology.

Any travel to past events in order to heal and shift would be done via the consciousness of the Human only, which as alchemists we absolutely can do.

Dr. Anderson did say that those people involved in time travel experiments have suffered. Awareness without a slow process to observe it causes damage on an emotional level.

Apparently we know enough now to prepare the subject so there is little difficulty, but this speaker mentioned a number of times that he’s under a binding, non-disclosure agreement.

Dr Anderson closed his presentation by saying that the era of technology to help people has begun.

Teodor Maassen was the second guest speaker today, as well as continuing his role as an interpreter for Tamarinda. He shared with us a small part of his initiation as a Tibetan Monk.

He spoke of mandalas as mystical devices and how they’re created, The Flower of Life, the Secret of the Sigil and the power of ancient Germanic runes.

I’ve squeezed all of that into one sentence but believe me when I say that there was a great deal of information packed into a few hours.

He confirmed something that occurred to me a couple weeks ago. If we were to send any negative energy to another person at this point, it never would even escape our own field because it bounces back to us the moment it hits the inside wall.

Actually, that’s slightly different than my vision. I saw it as bouncing off of the intended receiver of said negative energy, but it makes more sense that it never is able to break out of our own field.

Anyway, this is day two of a three day symposium. Right now, what I look forward to most is getting into bed.

Oh and this cool thing happened that I’ll share. When we checked into the hotel, we discovered that the TV didn’t work.

The nice fellow who came up to fix it was unable to, and rather than move our stuff, we chose to live without a TV. No biggie, really.

Well tonight after a long day, we kind of wanted to do a little vegetating in front of a movie. We tried to turn it on again and got the same message…”cable not available.”

Oh well, whatever. So just because…I asked out loud for Einstein to give us a hand with the TV. Merinda heard me, fiddled around with a few things and turned the thing on again and no kidding, it worked.

Life is different from here on out. According to Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen, from the moment of this past eclipse and moving forward, we are in a different reality than the one we’ve known for so long.

Tomorrow is another long day of saturating ourselves with information of a high frequency.

I reckon it’s practice.

JORDAN SATHER – Explaining Free Energy, Time Travel, Antigravity With The Reciprocal Systems Theory – 6-18-17


Destroying The Illusion

Published on Jun 18, 2017

Attempting to piece together the science and theories of Dewey B Larson to explain real world phenomena that flawed, conventional science has no explanation for.

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“Nothing But Motion” –
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Stillness in the Storm: “Science of Life, The Universe and Everything? | Dewey B Larson’ Reciprocal Systems Theory – Walking the Path of Truth in a World of Deception” –

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Dennis Klinger @ In5D – The Reality Of Time Travel – 4-6-17

Time Travel


by Dennis Klinger,
Guest writer,

The dream of time travel is something we can all relate to.  I can’t imagine the person who claims that they have never thought about it, or they have never had a day dream about travelling to another time and place, or back to a particular moment in your past to replace a zig with a zag.

It’s only natural for us to do this.  Time is very special and influential to our consciousness.  It occupies much of what we think about.  Reviewing the past in our thoughts and projecting a future of our wants and desires is the default setting for our brain.  Of course, there are many other immediate concerns in life, and indeed, we are concerned about them.  But when we permit our minds to be free of current required problem solving for the moment, we drift either into the past or to the future for our default state of mind.

If only we could control this time travel physically and it were not only in our imagination but actually the reality in this realm.  What a dream life this would make, to have an eternity of bliss and fulfillment of all the good things we can ever imagine.  Can we find a way to have this life here on Earth? Probably not, even so, one would have to put aside the notion of right or wrong, cause and effect, or any negative outcome from having such a supernatural power, and try to determine what it would actually take to control this part of our reality hidden from our very sight and presence by remaining in the conscious mind.

When we think about the moments of time that have been recorded up to the present, one must wonder where they are.  If nothing is destroyed or created in our universe, then where is the past?  Where is the future we are about to embark on? If we can remove ourselves and evaluate, we can see that the past is destroyed and the future must indeed be created.  This would fly in the face of the laws of physics governing the material world, namely the first law of thermodynamics which states energy cannot be created or destroyed. But without issue it does just that, for it is all by design.

Creation (our future) is not part of our physical world until we express it so it doesn’t exist here yet, but it does exist in the container outside of our world as potential. There are constant violations to the laws of physics inside this physical realm by the metaphysical realm containing it.  Creation is contained by the world that is containing our physical world.  Creation is the world outside of our world waiting to become the physical world by adding our perspective.

When we seek to understand if it is possible to control time in our physical world, we should immediately see the problem with it.  Time is not contained by our physical world, but rather, it contains our physical world.  That’s why it’s the fourth dimension; because it contains the third.   Our perspective inside the fourth dimension controls the three dimensional material that makes up our bodies. Our bodies can assert some control over the three dimensional material around it.  We can cut it, fuse it, grow it, consume it, dig it, melt it, freeze it, sublimate it, and subjugate it.  The three dimension material is ours and under our control to some degree.

But the fourth dimension is not under our control.  It is not the solid we can perceive and measure like the three dimensional material.  This means our perspective is fifth dimensional because we can see a perspective of time only in our consciousness with memory and anticipation, or we can measure its effects on material but we cannot enter or exit time physically from this perspective.  We can only record time, and anticipate it.  We cannot physically travel it because we are inside of a plane contained by it.  We are trapped here, we are aware of time but contained by it.  The only way to travel time is to leave time, and enter the dimension containing it before returning to a different moment in time.

This is why the sixth dimension has control of time and can enter it where and whenever it chooses.  The sixth dimension perspective of time (the fourth dimension) is the same as our fifth dimension perspective of the third dimension.  It can cut through time just like we cut into a round cake anywhere we want.  This is because the sixth dimension creates depth around time just as we create depth outside of three dimensional objects inside our universe with our perspective.  The sixth dimension actually sees time as a solid like we do three dimensional objects.  A sixth dimensional perspective can enter and leave a place in time as easy as we can walk through a forest on the path we choose.

So how does our fifth dimension perspective go to the sixth dimension?  Well, there’s the rub.  You don’t go there; you understand that you are already there in part, but just not in whole.  You are not wholly there because you have not finished here.  The sixth dimension is for when things are finished or better put; where they end up.  It is the collection of planes containing time as they are recorded and transmitted out of this realm and into the next. Our consciousness is a beacon of information transmitting our experience into the sixth dimension containment.

Another way to see it would be to think of it as a lightning storm.  Think of the atmosphere above the storm as the fifth dimension and the area of the storm as the fourth dimension.  Think of the ground as the three dimensional material.  When the lightning flashes inside the storm, this is your energy, your life, your recording of that plane of time.  That recording travels simultaneously through the upper fifth dimension and etches it into the sixth dimension container where it is stored.  This is why we do not go anywhere when we die, because we are already there.  We are inside the container of life making a live recording, and there is no out, but only a continuation of our perspective recording with further three dimensional hosting. There may or may not be some type of end to this, although to me, there are implications that some form of graduation from this realm may take place with the conscious.

You, your thoughts, your experience from that plane of time, is the electricity being transferred through the lightning bolt.  It is being transferred to the sixth dimension and held there because nothing can be destroyed from our physical realm.  The sixth dimension contains everything that ever happened in this realm as required by its role in the universe due to the position it occupies inside the model. It also contains the potential for all that will happen in this realm.  So even though the laws of physics seem violated in our world, when considering the metaphysical world surrounding us contained by the universe, the laws are obeyed.

I use the lightning as an analogy to human consciousness in the fourth dimension, because in nature they are both forms of electromagnetism.  Humans are conductors and very much like the lightning because we live in a world of polarity created by a singularity being destroyed with one plane opening at a time.  The plane divides the third dimension allowing for life to have perspective and the creation of time. The only way to define a plane is with polarity creating a border. And since the singularity does not expand because there is nothing to expand into, the seam has constant resistance force producing polarity.

So in order to time travel, you would have to do it consciously, because it is not physically possible.  If you think this can be solved mathematically, then you do not understand the properties of time. This does not mean time travel cannot be felt physically; it’s just that the feeling would be with a different three dimensional host already in that moment of time.

Time travel is possible for our consciousness but not the physical body.  This should hardly be seen as a deflation of potential for our current existence.  For when we travel consciously and take a different three dimensional host, we lose nothing in the way of experience.  We should welcome the prospect of time travel being consciously survivable, for we know these physical bodies come and go already so it should come as no surprise that they are subject to this constraint.

It would be difficult for me personally to accept that day dreaming about time travel is a poor source of growth and exercise for the mind, but in the end, we are always doing what we are here to do.  The sixth dimension does not require that we achieve but that we learn.  Achieve is of no consequence to the sixth dimension just as long as you learn.

About the author: Dennis Klinger considers himself a Metaphysics Theorist and Philosopher.  He has a Mechanical Engineering and music background along with self taught Electromagnetic study. He likes to share his ideas on his website and has written “Creating Time” (Nothingness Expanding and Worlds Dividing) and a fictional book titled “American Bride”.  In the book “Creating Time” many unconventional paths are taken to explain the physical world we see and break it down into acceptable axioms that paint an intriguing reality for contemplation.

Exclusive Interview With Time Traveler John Titor


Non Human Entities

Published on Nov 4, 2016

In late 2000, a man surfaced on the Internet claiming to have traveled through time. The man, who came to be known as John Titor, alleged to have traveled from 2036 by using a time machine installed in a 1987 Chevrolet pickup truck. According to Mr. Titor, it was the first time machine of its kind, produced and built by multinational conglomerate General Electric for the “Army” in 2034. On earlier Army missions, according to Titor, he traveled seeking an IBM 5100 microcomputer to “stop the mass destruction of the Earth’s biosphere.”

John Titor II is a Lieutenant Colonel and Training Officer with the Temporal Reconnaissance Operations Team, 177th Time Travel Division. John Titor started posting on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, under the name TimeTravel_0, he stated he was from the future and predicted the end of the world. d the John Titor story, have since become legendary.

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ANDREW BARTZIS – Time Travel Wars – Galactic Awakening – 12-25-15

Thanks to:  Ascending Starseed

John Titor – Time Traveler or Akashic Browser? – Corinna Underwood – 5-6-08


by Corinna Underwood


The story of John Titor is fascinating. No one is certain whether this mysterious character was a time traveler, was accessing the Akashic records, or participated in a very clever hoax.

First Appearance of the Time Traveler

The time traveler first showed up at an online group for time travel enthusiasts in November 2000, at first calling himself Timetravel_0, then later John Titor. For the next four months he would captivate and communicate with people via bulletin boards and chatrooms. He became such a controversial character that even three years after his disappearance he is still talked about today, and so are his grim predictions about our future, which, some believe, are beginning to come true.

2036 Corvette

Titor supposedly arrived in Florida in a 2036 model Corvette outfitted with a 500 pound military-grade time travel device that he photographed and posted online, complete with manual. He claimed his time machine – a “C204 time displacement” machine – was created by General Electric. He also claimed that the unit was powered by “two, top-spin, dual positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid.” Titor posted detailed diagrams for the time machine’s specifications as well as photographs and details of its functions online.


Titor’s Life

Titor explained that at the time of his postings he was staying with his parents and his two-year old other self in Florida. He said that this was possible due to the existence of what he called multiple worldlines. According to this theory there exists an infinity of universes in which alternative realities become actualized to create new ‘worldlines’. Some worldlines are very similar, in these details may vary slightly depending how close they are but some worldlines are farther apart and will diverge dramatically. Apparently Titor’s time machine operates by navigating these alternate realities, though time travelers try to stay as close to possible to their original worldlines, which increases their chance of success.

Diverging Worldlines

Titor claimed that our worldline diverges from his own by only a small percentage. While Titor said he believed that we would experience many of the same things he has experienced in his own time, he did say that we have the power to alter our reality if we want to badly enough. But he seemed to have little faith in our ability to do this. He also explained that there is an infinite number of universes where all different choices are played out, it therefore wouldn’t harm anything if we did take steps to modify our future, and that is also why he felt he was causing no harm by revealing himself here. He even mentioned some small divergences he’d noticed, such as books not written and sports events won by other teams. He explained that this is a normal divergence of a few percent, and that some divergence is inevitable. Titor revealed that most of the time travel missions from his era aim between 1960 and 1980. He himself was now returning to his time after completing his own specific mission.

Titor’s Future

In 2036 John Titor is a military man. He had been sent back to 1975 in order to collect an IMB5100 computer. Titor’s mission appears to have been successful. Apparently he journeyed to Rochester, Minnesota in 1975 to visit his grandfather (who was instrumental in the design and programming of the 5100). Titor explains that the 5100 had some sort of inbuilt ability to translate computer languages that was unknown or unpublished before 2036. The computer was needed in his time to translate or fix other broken computer systems. This explanation seems quite valid when you consider that in our time NASA scours the internet looking for obsolete computer parts for their own uses. Titor dropped by in the year 2000 while he was waiting for his connection back to his own time. While he was there he also had a personal mission- to warn the US of impending civil conflicts and eventual global nuclear war.

The Future of Time Travel

In Titor’s world, time travel is used to get information or objects that would be helpful in getting his post-WWIII world back to a stable condition. Titor was forthcoming with details of his own life. He was born in 1998. In 2036 he lives in central Florida with his family and is currently stationed at an Army base in Tampa. He inhabits a world recovering from years of war and ecological destruction where our present society is viewed as “as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep.” He had an early introduction to war when he joined a shotgun infantry unit at the age of thirteen, serving as a rebel for four years. During this time he worked with his father hauling cargo on ships traveling the eastern seaboard. Later at 31 he went to college and was recruited to time travel shortly after that.

The Recovering World

Titor painted a vivid picture of his future where society is radically different from the one we know today. He told of how after the war, the United States split into five separate regions based on the amenities and military objectives they each had. The capitol of the U.S. was moved to Omaha, Nebraska. Despite the war, Russia eventually became the largest trading partner with the U.S. Titor’s America of 2036 had 5 presidents that are voted in and out on different term periods. The vice president is the president of the senate and which is voted separately. After the war, Titor says, early new communities gathered around the remaining universities (in his time called forts) because of their libraries. Titor himself went to school at Fort UF, which in 2036 is called the University of Florida. According to Titor, in 2036, most communities range in size from 1000 to 4000 people and each is run by a community leadership council. The council has the authority to decide if members from one community can move to another, based on whether they have the practical skills required by that particular community.

Back to the Future

In his present time, he spends time living with his parents in a community made up of “tree houses” on a large river in Florida. Periodically their river floods, giving them access to the Gulf of Mexico and so most of his neighbors make a living off the sea or in moving cargo by boat. In his spare time, Titor says he enjoys swimming, playing cards, reading, playing games on the net and talking with people who live in other
countries. Within his community, he joins in local celebrations, bonfires and dances. His favorite hobby is sorting through old magazines and videos of life before the war.

The Pineal Gland – A Stargate To Time Travel – – 3-21-15

The Pineal Gland : A Stargate To Time Travel  in5d

The Pineal Gland is a hyper dimensional stargate built into our human physiology which enables us to Time Travel. This technology was reverse engineered by the ancient Atlantean society. The stargate functions by the use of ordinary water, H2O. When shielded off from all of the electromagnetic references to our existing 3rd dimensional space/time… the water can shift and have a connection made to an inverted reality of time/space (3 dimensions of time and one dimension of space). When time/space has been entered there is access to one dimension of space and ability of movement through time…

In this realm fast forwarding or rewinding through time can be accomplished very easily much like in space/time we have easy movement ability through space.

This is accomplished through tiny molecules within the pineal gland water called microclusters. These micro clusters are depicted in plutonic solid geometry shapes. The microclusters form a resonant gateway which allows transition into time/space.

When “fired up” by means of “Kundalini activation” the pineal gland stargate technology is accessed. “Kundalini activation” is the balancing of all of the chakra energy centers within the human body that will ultimately allow for pineal gland technology activation. This activation is felt as a ringing, buzzing or pressure inside of the head. During this process a series of complex electromagnetic intersecting rings of energy spin around the water within the pineal gland which causes the pineal gland to “gate over” into time/space where your access to linear time can be directed to some degree by your conscious focus.

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Valerie E Girard – Time Travel, Self, True Nature of Time – 1-5-15

Valerie Gerard Valerie E Gerard

As I watched the sun sink slowly away for it’s last moments in 2014, it occurred to me that our marking of time based events, like the new year, is both observational and arbitrary in terms of its relation to the passing of cosmological events. While celestial bodies spiral through space, there is no beginning and end of any cycle of movement.

What makes time-based events such as New Year’s Day of interest to us? Agreement. Sentiment. Memory. Time unconsciously defines us. It is a construct that allows us to record our relationship to consciousness in 3D. Time is resonance.

We appear to need time to measure the expression of consciousness as it expands. It would be difficult to accept each moment without the reference of time and previous experience. Time, as a construct does not go two ways, it only appears to move forward…or does it?

If we consider time as resonance, while it appears to unfold in one direction, our ability to move both forward and backwards remains possible. How?

Lets say that as a child, you experienced a traumatic event. Further more, this event went unnoticed by attending adults and when you ran for help, you were ignored or the trauma you felt was ridiculed or downplayed. In this moment, you stop the expansion of consciousness through time and the feeling and experience of trauma becomes imbedded in your experience of who you are. In fact, you encode that it is not safe to ask for help, express your emotions or properly process one of life’s traumas. You then carry this residual feeling and your assessment of safety through your life.

Through proper awareness, you indeed are able to travel back to that moment – in fact you remember it as if it happened moments ago. Yet, now you have awareness that parents do not always attend to their children, as they should. Instead, you are able to attend to the child-self that is hurt, traumatized, emoting and unable to heal by his or herself. You are able to be THERE observing the child and giving the child a listening ear, a comforting hug and a feeling of protection along with some wisdom and understanding.

As this unfolds, the trauma unwinds deep within your nervous system….perhaps tears come to your eyes, perhaps you feel a strangling hold on some part of your consciousness unwinding. No matter – you have traveled back in time to heal that part of you that was injured without subsequent nurturing. With the proper steps, that trauma resolves and that long held resonance, associated with that trauma, flattens and dissipates. You feel freer. Your possible future shifts as your continuum shifts in a new direction of evolution.

By the same respect, you often travel forward in time. You place yourself into situations and feel what might happen. Sometimes you experience your awareness moving into a possible future without consciously projecting yourself there. You experience the future moment as if it is happening now (which it is, because all time is NOW feeling the emotional impact of your choice. You make a decision to move in a particular direction based on this experience. Synchronistic events unfold and you realize that by traveling into the perception of the future that you created a pleasing outcome or averted a problem. Thus you traveled “forward” on the continuum of time.

Let’s say thaI am feeling/perceiving an emotion or energetic response to a current situation. Perhaps I am feeling anxiety. I allow myself to register this feeling consciously, wondering if it is something in my past being restimulated by a current event, something currently emerging from my subconscious or something that I may be worrying about in the future. I may be even feeling apprehension about an unknown event that has not happened. When I tune into this feeling, I can time travel from this perceived moment into the perceived past or tune into the possible future to allow my consciousness to register a “hit” regarding its origins. That feeling of anxiety is actually vibrating throughout my continuum of consciousness that includes:

  • The past while not embodied in a tangible reality
  • The past experienced in other lives, planetary or in parallel universes
  • The past of this life
  • This moment,
  • The  possible future
  • The future of others that I am tuned into (like the collective unconscious)
  • An ancestral lineage of vibration either physical or spiritual.

The past while not embodied may include registered frequency memories that anchor a specific feeling. Many beings have had cosmic and galactic experience in their soul history that does not include time of earth.

Vibrations may originate as “past memories” in planetary or parallel lives that resonate with current life experiences. Parallel world memories may seem like past lives but be different in its reality expression compared to earth reality.

The current past is more easily accessed. Unresolved vibrations are either suppressed due to their painful nature or relived through memories that are re-stimulated by current events. (Those who have suffered childhood abuse may find themselves in a abusive relationship.)

This moment may generate emotions from the situation at hand or because we are tuned into the collective unconscious. (9/11 events generated fear and anxiety across the US)

Future premonitions are merely time traveling forward on the continuum, consciously or unconsciously. A possible future event is registered and responded to, often preventing calamity.

We may know ahead of time of a catastrophe that will affect others. I can often feel ahead of time when an earthquake will happen in another region of the world.

Inherited feelings may register in our continuum, especially if we are in a position to assist in resolving the vibration to a higher frequency.

Our ego self is the sum total of all unresolved resonances. These resonances drive us to recreate events or life circumstances which are similar because they are familiar, however unpleasant. Think of the child who has a father who is abusive. How often will this child find himself or herself in a relationship with someone who mirrors this experience?

On the other hand, we could surmise that the ego is injured and is drawn towards a similar resonance in an effort to relieve, with consciousness, the event, so that it may be resolved or healed. The unconscious/soul participates in the drive to evolve, thus creating attraction to those life experiences that will allow evolution and healing. However, without the proper tools, these resonances may be repeatedly recreated and relived until a lesson is learned, a wrong forgiven or a vibration upgraded to love.

Think of a tree. The top of the tree is the future with the branches representing various possible future experiences. The middle of the tree is now and the bottom of the tree is the past. If you travel through the grain of the tree lengthwise, you will see a connection top to bottom. Slice horizontally through the tree and you will see a cross section of all those grains. This represents all the frequencies that make you who you are both as an ego and a personality.

In other words, while being present in the vibration of this moment, you may extend your attention both into the past and forward into the future. The vibration remains the same now, then and in the future. This is because the past and future are only happening now. It is merely perception that allows us to create a past and future.

With this in mind, we can now perceive that we can time travel and actually change the past to influence the future. Numerous times, I have traveled into the past to the child I was, nurtured that child I was by giving my “child-self” what I did not receive. Old redundant feelings dissipated. More importantly, resolving the past aberrant frequency directly changed the direction that my “future” took.

The world we perceive is an illusion – we truly exist in non-ordinary states on an evolutionary path that is dictated as much by these unseen aspects of ourselves as the decisions we make day to day. We are evolving our consciousness to resolve duality and to merge into conscious oneness. Learn to time travel through the continuum and you will gain mastery to your evolution, renewing your essence to its prime potential. Then will be able to join those in the Immortality Club.

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Bob Fickes – Time Travel
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Channeled by Bob Fickes

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Have you ever thought about traveling in Time? It is possible if we have developed our consciousness to a higher state of perception. There are many ways to travel in Time. Most of us think about Time Travel using technology to take our body back in time or far into the future. The process to do that involves dematerializing our body and rematerializing it in another point in time. But the toll on the body produces a tremendous stress as the body dematerializes and reassembles again in another point in Time.

Fortunately we are not only this physical body. We also have bodies that are non-physical such as the astral body and the etheric body. If we travel using our subtle body there is not so much stress placed upon our physical body. I will talk about this type of experience in my post for tomorrow. But today I want to propose another form of traveling in time.

Once our Consciousness becomes one with Ku, a whole new world of possibilities arises. Ku is beyond Time and Space. Our Consciousness is literally standing outside the field of Time and Space. When we observe the physical world from our consciousness in Ku, we can pick any point in Time and Space and go there instantly. Of course, we need to know how to do it. There is a technique available for any ability that our mind can imagine. We just need the proper training.

Imagine that life is a movie. When we are sitting in Ku, we realize that we are observing reality on the screen of our mind much like the user of the computer observes the screen on the computer. We are sitting on the outside of the movie and see reality in front of us and separate from us as the observer. This is an advanced state that definitely shows up in our consciousness after a few years of meditation, particularly when we have the opportunity to do a longer course with deep meditation for a week, a month or longer.

Sitting in meditation with the experience of Ku very clear and deep, we can pick a point in time and project our consciousness to any location we desire. We must set our intention first and then relax into Ku. Ku is like a Cosmic Computer that takes our intention and materializes it. We don’t have to use our mind and concentrate on doing it. Meditation will manifest our intention automatically. There is nothing to do once our mind has created a firm intention full of energy to make it happen. The intention goes into the computer and produces the result automatically.

I have done this many times, as I desired to explore past lives. I just relax and let go. No expectation but having a firm belief that I can do it. As I let go and disappear into deep meditation, my consciousness draws up an experience from my past life that I can observe. At first the experience is very brief, appearing in a flash and then disappearing again. In that flash I can see details. As we progress with our ability to flow with the energy, the energy continues for a longer time and builds up to produce a longer perception of another moment in time.

In the near future I will be offering techniques that very naturally develop the abilities we need to see into other realms of reality including time travel and visiting the variety of realms of divine beings. First we must master our ability of using the mantra and the Yantra, but later we use other formulas to trigger the ability to materialize our desires to explore. It’s all easy when the time comes and we are ready.

Stargazer Nation Blog – Time Travel, Stargate Portals – Are Real and Exist on Earth Today – 5-7-14


Image Source


The U.S. government has had Tesla-based quantum access time travel technology for over 40 years. Time travel technology has been weaponised with its principal impacts to date being for the sequestration in time loops of secret military installations, such as U.S. secret bases on Mars, political control of the human population, political surveillance, and attempted imposition of a catastrophic timeline on humanity by withholding or manipulating information about future events.
I Confirmation of U.S.’ use of Tesla-based time travel technology
Two independent whistleblowers from the U.S. national security state have come forward with congruent, sophisticated, and extensive insider accounts of their experiences with Tesla-based time travel technology developed by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Mars colony eyewitness Michael Relfe is a whistleblower and a former member of the U.S. armed forces who, in 1976, was recruited as a permanent member of the secret Mars colony. In 1976 (Earth time), he teleported to the Mars colony and spent 20 years as a permanent member of its staff. In 1996 (Mars time), Mr Relfe was time-travelled via teleportation and age-regressed 20 years, landing back at a U.S. military base in 1976 (Earth time). He then served six years in the U.S. military on Earth before being honourably discharged in 1982.
In a two-volume book, The Mars Records, authored by his wife, Stephanie Relfe, B.Sc., Mr Relfe describes the two types of individuals at the secret Mars colony:
“To clarify: Remember there are two kinds of people that I remember.

“1. People visiting Mars temporarily (politicians, etc.) – They travel to and from Mars by jump gate. They visit for a few weeks and return. They are not time travelled back. They are VIP’s. They are OFF LIMITS!!
“2. Permanent staff – They spend 20 years’ duty cycle. At the end of their duty cycle, they are age reversed and time shot back to their space-time origin point. They are sent back with memories blocked. They are sent back to complete their destiny on Earth.”
Four independent whistleblower witnesses, including Michael Relfe, have confirmed the existence of one or more U.S. secret bases on Mars, as forward strategic military bases for occupation or defence of the solar system. These whistleblower witnesses include, besides Michael Relfe, former U.S. Army Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean, former participant in DARPA’s Project Pegasus Andrew D. Basiago and former U.S. Department of Defense scientist Arthur Neumann.

Andrew D. Basiago is a former participant in DARPA Project Pegasus (1968-72) that developed Tesla-based quantum teleportation and time travel in the time space hologram, initiating the U.S. program of time-space Chrononauts.
According to Mr Basiago, the U.S. government already had a fully operational teleportation capability in 1967-68, and by 1969-70, was actively training a cadre of gifted and talented American schoolchildren, including himself, to become America’s first generation of “chrononauts” or time-space explorers.
This training, he said, culminated in 1981, when, as a 19-year-old, he teleported to Mars, first by himself after being prepared for the trip by CIA officer Courtney M. Hunt, and then a second time in the company of Hunt. Both trips, Mr Basiago said, were made via a “jump room” located at a CIA facility in El Segundo, CA. The apparent purpose of the trips to Mars was to familiarise him with Mars because the CIA knew of his destiny pertaining to publicly establishing the fact that Mars is an inhabited planet and deemed it important that he visit Mars and experience its conditions first-hand.
Mr Basiago’s involvement in advanced U.S. time-space research as a child, as well as Courtney M. Hunt’s identity as a career CIA officer, have been confirmed by Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, an ethicist who works closely with U.S. military and intelligence agencies, and by U.S. Army Captain Ernest Garcia, whose storied career in U.S. intelligence included both serving as a guard on the Dead Sea Scroll expeditions of Israeli archaeologist Yigal Yadin and as the Army security attaché to Project Pegasus.

Remote sensing in the time-space continuum
Mr Basiago has revealed that between 1969 and 1972, as a child participant in Project Pegasus, he both viewed past and future events through a device known as a “chronovisor” and teleported back and forth across the country in vortal tunnels opened in time-space via Tesla-based teleporters located at the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company facility in Wood Ridge, NJ and the Sandia National Laboratory in Sandia, NM.
A chronovisor is a device that uses a screen or holographic template to locate and display scenes from the past or future in the time-space hologram. The chronovisor was originally developed by two Vatican scientists in conjunction with Enrico Fermi and later refined by DARPA scientists.
DARPA had, he explains, five reasons for involving American schoolchildren in such new, dangerous, and experimental activities:
1. First, the Department of Defense wanted to test the mental and ffects of teleportation on children.
2. Second, Project Pegasus needed to use children because the holograms created by the chronovisors would collapse when adults stood within them.
3. Third, the children were tabula rasa (of the mind that has not yet gained impressions of experience) and would tend to see things during the time probes that adults would tend to miss.
4. Fourth, the children were trainees who upon growing up would serve in a covert time-space program under DARPA that would operate in tandem with the overt space program under NASA.
5. Lastly, the program sponsors found that after moving between time lines, adult time travellers were often becoming insane, and it was hoped that by working with gifted and talented children from childhood, the U.S. government might create an adult cadre of “chrononauts” capable of dealing with the psychological effects of time travel.
In contrast to the chronovisor probes, in which a form of virtual time travel was achieved, the teleporters developed by Project Pegasus allowed for physical teleportation to distant locations, sometimes with an adjustment forward or backward in time of days, weeks, months, or years. According to Mr Basiago, by 1972, the U.S. government was using “quantum displacement” of this kind to both send people forward several years in time to store sensitive military secrets in the future and backward several years in time to provide the government with intelligence about future events.

II The weaponisation of time travel
DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-73) under which the U.S. government program of quantum access Tesla-based teleportation and time travel was developed was historically under the control of then-U.S. President Richard M. Nixon’s cabinet member Donald H. Rumsfeld. According to Mr Basiago’s whistleblower testimony, Donald H. Rumsfeld, the sitting U.S. Secretary of Defence on September 11, 2001, was the defence attaché to Project Pegasus during the early 1970’s, when Mr Rumsfeld was officially serving as a counsellor to President Nixon and member of his Board of Wage and Price Stabilisation.
Mr Rumsfeld approached his Project Pegasus responsibilities with the intent to weaponise teleportation and time travel to the U.S. government’s advantage. He has been quoted as stating in Project Pegasus meetings at the time that the chief mission of teleportation was to deliver troops to the appropriate place in the battlefield.
Sequestration of secret U.S. military bases
It is clear from Michael Relfe’s two books on his 20 years at the secret U.S. base on Mars that U.S. time travel was principally used to the hide the presence of U.S. secret military installations on Mars from the public so that the installations remained accessible only to time scientists of the U.S. DoD.
Mr Relfe was recruited into the U.S. armed forces and time travel/teleported to Mars in 1976. Only individuals with access to secret time science records or technology of the U.S. Department of Defense could prove the existence of the U.S. secret Mars base from Michael Relfe’s conventional U.S. service records.
Time travel and political control of the human population
Time travel pre-identification and secret training of U.S. Presidents
On a November 11, 2009 Coast to Coast AM radio program, Mr Basiago publicly stated that DARPA’S Project Pegasus program involving time travel was identifying future persons of interest, including those who would serve as U.S. president, and then informing such persons of their destinies. Mr Basiago stated that in the early 1970s, in the company of his late father, Raymond F. Basiago, an engineer for The Ralph M. Parsons Company who worked on classified aerospace projects was present at a lunch in Albuquerque, New Mexico at which (then) future U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were guests shortly after they were informed that both would one day serve as President.
He also stated that in the early 1970s, the DARPA program, Project Pegasus, had identified future Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton utilising time travel technology. Mr Basiago met (then) future President Barack Obama in Los Angeles, CA in 1982 Mr while attending UCLA. Mr Obama, then a student at Columbia University, was visiting former classmates at Occidental College in Los Angeles. A statement was made by the ally of Mr Obama in the anti-apartheid movement which revealed that Mr Obama, then age 20, already knew that he would one day be the President.
Project Pegasus time travel was also used for political surveillance of future societal change agents.
Mr Basiago revealed that the reason Project Pegasus was able to identify Mr Carter, who was the then Governor of George, in 1971, as a future U.S. President, is that the program was in possession of a copy of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre—a book that this reporter would not write until 1999 and would not be published as a library book until 2005, but which bears a quote on its front pages of a statement made by President Jimmy Carter.
According to him, Mr Webre’s book Exopolitics was, among other written works, physically retrieved from the future by Project Pegasus and brought back in time to 1971 or a prior time. At that time, 1971, Mr Webre was General Counsel of the New York City Environmental Protection Administration and had been placed under time travel surveillance by the U.S. government.

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Billy Meier visits Jmmanuel – Randolph Winters

Bj Witelus·125 videos

The story is incredible, unbelievable, as people from UFO community would say… “the truth is stranger than fiction”… and let me tell you that, it is. Well, do your own research, don’t let anybody to trick you. You are in control of your mind so use it! eXP 🙂

(w tłumaczeniu na język polski)

Dr. Bruce Goldberg – Ascension, Time Travel, Reincarnation – Host George Noory – C2CAM

Hauntings And Ghosts·70 videos

Dr. Bruce Goldberg lays it all out.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg holds advanced degrees in dentistry and Counseling Psychology and conducts a thriving international hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles that specializes in reincarnation, time travel and consiousness raising. In 1987 he was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame. Dr. Goldberg has written 18 books and over two dozen scientific articles on his work. He has appeared on several national television programs and has conducted over 35,000 past life regressions and future life progressions on over 14,000 patients since 1974. His first book, Past Lives, Future Lives, was the very first book ever written on taking patients into future lives. His second book, The Search For Grace, was made into a CBS movie. His newer books which include, Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed, Ascension and Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis, teach how to time travel, meet time travelers, leave our body and grow spiritually.

Crystalline Floating Cities – Time Traveler – Year 2749 – by Art Bell – Coast2Coast AM

TheKeplertelescope·50 videos

Bruce Goldberg – Parallel Universes – Time Travel – 12-14-13

Expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed visiting parallel universes, teleportation, and time travel. Research at Stanford University regarding inflation theory supports the idea of parallel universes, he reported. Such alternative worlds are physically the same as ours, but contain different event streams, he suggested. For instance, in one parallel realm he learned of, Robert Kennedy wasn’t assassinated and went on to win the presidential election in 1968.

Time travel, which he said won’t be discovered until around 3050, takes people to parallel worlds rather than their own, Goldberg explained. ET craft, he detailed, have the ability to travel to parallel universes as well as bend the space/time continuum. Some alien abduction cases actually involve time travel, he added.

Goldberg shared a method in which people can develop a kind of time travel into their own future: During a meditative state, think of an upcoming situation, then visualize five doors in front of you, each with a different outcome. Review how each outcome will unfold, and then choose the door that best meets your goal.

He also presented teleportation case histories, noting that the sensations a person experiences when they are teleported are more physical than in an OBE.

Goldenlight – Jumping outside of time – Among dimensions

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“Good afternoon we are the Council of Angels and the Pleiadian Council and wish to speak to you today of this experience the channel had of “skipping time”. She did indeed skip time and was able to “double back” in time to “be” in a time track parallel to one she had previously “been” in, simply with the use of intention combined with the power of the heart and mind. Her desire to “have another Sunday” was so strong (intention + heart + mind= creation), that she simply “doubled back” in time to “re-experience” a time sequence in her calendar reality which she had “already experienced”.. In “reality” she was outside of time but her mind had created a pre-programmed hologram to seem like she was again in the same calendar day as the previous day, so that her brain could “comprehend” what was happening. The skipping time phenomenon which some of you will begin to experience is part of the ascension process. Like all aspects of your ground-breaking earth Ascension, this skip in time is a gradual process which will be occurring slowly and in pieces so that your mind and brain does not start going into overload. Imagine if you went from your current-day reality into “no time”, or the fifth dimension, and you had no calendar date or clock; if this happened too quickly, your brains as they are now would not be able to comprehend what is happening.

So this is part of the process that we spoke of last time where you must begin to train your brain and your body, which are physical organs and physical vehicles, to follow along with your consciousness. In other words, you’re training your brain to be outside of time! You will be training your brain to ascend, basically. Beginning to step outside of the boundaries of time in the calendar is part of the Ascension process that you will be going through. This, as we have discussed before, is something very new for earth humans… this has never happened on earth before, so this is a very new experience in the history of the consciousness of mankind. This is groundbreaking Creator territory! In other words, you have all agreed to participate in this experiment and experience, and part of this experience will be the joyful skipping and jumping outside of time. The first time this happens to you – and it will be a little different for each of you according to what you can handle – you will be literally joyfully skipping and jumping because it brings a great sense of relief and joy. This is what the channel experienced on the day when she realized that she had jumped time! She was filled with a joy and a glee which she could almost not contain!

You will begin to experience this as well. And, as with all aspects of this experience, it is your awareness that will assist you in your transcendence of time… in your transcendence of the illusory material world which is simply a hologram. The “day” that the channel experienced which was a doubling back in parallel time was a hologram that was created by her being so that her mind would not go into overload. The “reality” is – and the term reality is subjective – she had jumped into a pocket of the fifth dimension. Oh what joy she experienced on that “day”! You too will feel this joy and glee as you begin to skip and jump outside of time. This is the signature of being in the higher dimensions, and you are all graduating towards this now. The channel has been moving slowly towards this over the years actually by getting rid of watches and clocks, preparing her brain to be in “no time”. She also began a regiment of daily living in the now and living in the day many years ago, so that each day for her is the now. There are no calendars on her walls or clocks on her walls or watches on her wrist anymore. The only reason she looks at her digital clock or calendar is in completing any of her work responsibilities that she may have, or appointments that she may have.

As your higher dimensional abilities begin to increase exponentially now, you will begin bouncing in and out of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. And many are talking of these higher dimensional abilities now, such as Andrew Bojarski speaking today of teleportation becoming a reality*, and this is true as many of your higher dimensional abilities begin to awaken now. This will be causing you much exuberance glee joy and exhilaration … ! Of course with the higher dimensional abilities comes responsibility… notice that the word response-ability is an offshoot of the word ability… That is because with these new abilities, one of the responses to these new abilities will be to use them wisely… To use them with conscious awareness and to follow the spiritual law of non-harming of any other being, of respecting another being’s space and solitude and quiet if they so wish… of the spiritual law of the Golden Rule, which is to do unto others as you would have done into yourself… So in being consciously aware and respectful of other people’s space, and that includes their energetic space, you will be using these higher abilities wisely and with love.

The channel Goldenlight is now tuning into many higher dimensional sources at this one moment in time… She has all of the higher dimensional energies of many around her that she’s tuned into at this moment, and she is having a hard time deciding which one to bring in… let us explain. She is connected to her Council of Angels, including Archangel Michael Gabrielle Raphael and Chamuel… She is connected to the inner earth realm of Agartha, represented by Adama of Telos – they are of the higher dimensional awareness who live in the 5th dimensional consciousness… She is connected to her Pleiadian family which is her family on the Pleiadian council and with whom she spent many many many many lifetimes after the creation of her soul…She lived there with them in the higher dimensions starting in the fifth and going up through the seventh and higher …. See there are many in the higher dimensions now who are “around” your world.

As you all begin to raise your frequencies and vibrations into the higher dimensions, you too will begin to sense or pick up on communications from many of these higher dimensional beings, including the angels, the archangels, the beings in the Inner Earth, and the star beings surrounding your earth… There are many many star beings surrounding your world now. We of the Pleiades have the strongest ties with Goldenlight, as she did spend many many eons with us in our faraway home and has not had many earth lives. We are with her now to assist her in this Ascension process just as we are with you to assist you in your ascension process; that is, those of you who have ties with the Pleiadian realm. Not all of you do; some of you have ties with Sirius or Andromeda or Arcturus. So as you raise your vibrations and frequencies – and this is inevitable for many of you as this was your plan before you came here – you will begin to be able to have telepathic communication with us just as the channel is now having with us. For this transmission is simply her tuning into our telepathic message which we are sending to her for transcription. She does have a loving soul contract (pre-birth agreement chosen by her) to be a communicator with the higher dimensions so that this is somewhat “hardwired” into her being… as she does this in service and love, and with a sense of joy and great fulfillment. It is a pleasure for her and one that she signed up for before she came here… that is why it is with ease that she can bring these messages in.

So going back to skipping time and jumping time and higher dimensional abilities… Now this “jumping time” is something that you will begin to do, especially as your awareness of it increases. This is true of all the higher dimensional abilities including telepathy, teleportation, bi-location, and levitation… Of which you are all capable by the way, it is simply your brains that have the catching up to do and the realizing that you have always had these abilities. So begin to train your brain – which remember is a physical organ – so that it can now follow your consciousness, rather than the other way around. Begin to train your brain that it is indeed not only possible but okay to transcend time… it is okay to transcend the calendar… it is okay to teleport… it is okay to levitate… change your brain that these things are possible and “okay”… Your brain will quickly follow suit and begin to accept these messages from your higher consciousness to be true. It will then assist your body in complying with these new “truths”, and that will begin a process wherein your whole being will become “on-board” with these new abilities which are being awakened within you and from within you.

Exciting to say the least! This is a new era for the human earth being… this is the beginning of the awakening of the superhuman, the new human which is a higher dimensional human, and you are all a part of this exciting transformation! What a joy to be a part of …what a beautiful and exciting experience this must be for you All. We of the angelic realm, the Inner Earth Agarthan Realm and the Pleiadian and other star system realms, fully support you in this endeavor. We are here for you only when asked… we all participate in the law of non-interference which simply states that we cannot interfere in your personal and spiritual growth unless we are asked, although there is a small clause to that law which is if you were going to be doing anything as a species to somehow destroy your species or the planet then we could interfere to help prevent this; such as in the disarming of nuclear weapons. But other than this clause, we are practicing noninterference until the day that your vibrations and frequencies are high enough to intersect with ours. When this occurs… when you have raised your vibrations and frequencies and you reach the activation of 80% of your higher-dimensional abilities such as telepathy… This is the point at which we will meet because you will be of a frequency that resonates with ours.

We are excited for this to occur and know that it will not be “long” now, as many of you continue to raise your frequency of vibration to match ours. Of course for us – being outside of time – we can tune into this happening in the Now moment, as all happens simultaneously in the Now in the higher dimensions, as we are outside of time.  We are here to assist you as needed on both an individual and collective basis… And as you go quietly within during your meditations, connect in first with your higher self, your multidimensional self and your own personal spiritual guides. You may begin to awaken now to your ties and connections with other star systems such as the Pleiades Sirius Arcturus Orion Andromeda and many others. Connect in with us of the archangelic realm if you wish… I Archangel Michael am ever near should you need my assistance with your ascension to the higher dimensions and stand ever ready to protect you in a golden energy shield so that no harm will come to you in your travels. I Archangel Gabriel and I archangel Chamuel and I archangel Raphael also surround you in a beautiful aura of golden energy and love and We all love you most dearly. We send you our love and light in this now moment, and also send a nurturing loving energy to each of you, bathing and surrounding your being in the beautiful love of Source Creator Light. Many blessings to you all as you begin to gleefully and joyfully skip about and outside of Time and begin to transcend the illusion of your former 3rd and 4th dimensional realities as part of the Divine Creator’s Loving light-filled Plan.”

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and full message without alteration when re-posting this message.

Nora Herold – 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective – Time Travel

JimYOyaboonmii·303 videos


Vossa and Webre – Preparing for Teleportation and Time Travel – A Dialogue

Alfred Lambremont Webre·136 videos

Vossa & Webre: Preparing for Teleportation and Time travel — A Dialogue
VANCOUVER, BC — In an ExopoliticsTV dialogue from Baja California, Mexico with Alfred Lambremont Webre, new energy inventor and activist Fernando Vossa advocates a novel and challenging perspective for preparing the world for the advent of teleportation as a global transportation technology in the not too distant future through disclosure campaigns like those championed by former U.S. chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago.

It is known through whistleblowers like Andrew D. Basiago and Michael Relfe that teleportation was developed forty years ago by the DARPA as a weaponized technology. Vossa and Webre in dialogue explore the concept that humanity must bring teleportation to the public domain in a technological and cultural context of Love, not war. Humanity can prepare itself for teleportation in the not too distant future by becoming aware of and internalizing its own innate ability to teleport and time travel and by acknowledging the ancient traditions and cultures that focused on teleportation and time travel. An internally informed humanity can serve as a critical mass for the release into the public domain of teleportation and regulated time travel technologies that are not weaponized, but are adapted and transformed for healing the supporting the human body and liberating the human community while used.

In this public dialogue, Vossa and Webre explore the how teleportation and time travel — now coming out of the realm of science fiction — can be holistically introduced, implemented, and adapted to our society in a positive way.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg – Parallel Universes, Teleportation, Time Travel

DiscloseTruthTV·750 videos

Expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed visiting parallel universes, teleportation, and time travel. Research at Stanford University regarding inflation theory supports the idea of parallel universes, he reported. Such alternative worlds are physically the same as ours, but contain different event streams, he suggested. For instance, in one parallel realm he learned of, Robert Kennedy wasn’t assassinated and went on to win the presidential election in 1968.

Time travel, which he said won’t be discovered until around 3050, takes people to parallel worlds rather than their own, Goldberg explained. ET craft, he detailed, have the ability to travel to parallel universes as well as bend the space/time continuum. Some alien abduction cases actually involve time travel, he added.

Goldberg shared a method in which people can develop a kind of time travel into their own future: During a meditative state, think of an upcoming situation, then visualize five doors in front of you, each with a different outcome. Review how each outcome will unfold, and then choose the door that best meets your goal.

He also presented teleportation case histories, noting that the sensations a person experiences when they are teleported are more physical than in an OBE.

Our New 5D Abilities Are Coming – Andy Bojarski – My Conscious Time Travel Experience Last Night – WOW

Time Travel


Awakening To Higher Love

Hello everyone.  I wanted to share with you what happened to me last night.  It was really amazing.  I actually time travelled in my conscious state.  So here is what happened.

I was asleep in my bedroom (we will call this bedroom #1 – you will see later why this is important) at night and all of a sudden I am awoken by a loud knock (4 knocks to be exact), like someone is knocking on the door.  But there was nobody at the door as our door is downstairs and far away from the bedroom.

This knock was very loud and in my ear and woke me right up.  I smiled and said “Who is it?”  HAHA.  As I am now full awake, pondering and tuning into this knock, my 9-year-old son, about 15 minutes later, starts to come into my bedroom from his bedroom as he could not sleep.  So he is lying next to me and he becomes really restless.

I could not sleep so I left and went to another bedroom (we will call this bedroom #2) to get some sleep.  I remember this all happening very clearly.  Then I fell asleep in bedroom #2.  Then, again I get awakened from a dead sleep.  But this time, it was not a knock, but a doorbell, a very loud and clear doorbell in my ear.  Again, it woke me right up.

This is not the doorbell that is in our home.  So again, I say “Who is it?” smiling the whole time.  HAHA.  Then I opened my eyes.  Here is the amazing part:  When I opened my eyes, I was back in bedroom #1, by myself, NOT in bedroom #2.  Remember that I moved from bedroom #1 to bedroom #2 earlier when my son was restless.  I never moved back to bedroom #1 from bedroom #2 in my conscious state.  But when I opened my eyes after the door bell, I was back in bedroom #1.

I realized that I had time travelled or teleported or both.  Here is the clincher.  As I am lying there pondering all of this and what just happened to me, my son starts walking into my bedroom again.  LIKE HE DID THE FIRST TIME!  Talk about that movie Groundhog Day!!  Then, again, my son starts getting restless, like the first time and again I leave to go to bedroom #2 from bedroom #1.  At this point I am just smiling and laughing knowing that I just went back in time and relived the original experience that I experienced earlier that night.

I am now lying in bedroom #2 thinking, OK if I go to sleep again, will there be a bullhorn and will I again wake up in bedroom #1 again?  So I stayed awake and tuned into Sai Baba, Saint Germain and Sananda.  I felt this massive energy presence around me and saw so many colors or energy and white light.

Then the energies came into me and were implanted into my soul and being.  More integrations and downloads.  This has happened to me many times where the energies get dumped into me like pixie dust falling hard into me.  I thanked my team and went to bed and woke up in bedroom #2 (thank goodness).

I feel strongly that our gifts are coming online, and we will teleport soon and bi locate soon.  It is happening to me already.  I tapped into a past timeline and re-lived this timeline in my conscious state.  It was amazing.  We will be able to do this with all past and parallel lifetimes as there is no time in the higher dimensions.

I am so excited about the changes that are coming online to all of us based on the incoming energies.  Please just stay in love and in your heart center and enjoy these times.  Remove all layers of yourself that are three-dimensional that do not serve your highest and best good.  You want to get into a state where you have no more drama in your life.

Whenever there is drama in any area of your life, it is because your learning is incomplete. The moment your learning is complete, the drama will automatically cease.  Stay happy and stay in love as love is the highest vibration that there is.  Sending all of you my love and all my blessings…

Love – Andy

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Black holes are believed to form from stars or other massive objects if and when they collapse from their own gravity to form an object whose density is infinite — in other words, a singularity.
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