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Published on Jan 26, 2018

Since John Titor’s first message claiming he was a time traveller, posted online in late 2000, Titor has become something of an online legend. Some consider Titor to be nothing more than the construct of a practical joker, who was able to deceive a naive, young online culture with a sophisticated persona. Yet, many believe his story is genuine, and that he is indeed a time traveller from 2036…
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Oliver Williams, webmaster of discusses the fascinating time travel case of John Tiror from the year 2036. Williams pieced together Titor’s story from postings on Internet forums going back to November 2000 through March 2001. Using the names “Timetravel_0″ and later “John Titor,” the author of the posts claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036. He provided details about his time machine, why he was here, as well as what the future was like. Williams said some people believe the things Titor described about the future are now coming to pass.

Titor predicted that the United States would start wavering in its support of Israel, giving their enemies in the region the confidence to attack. Titor also seemed to be in agreement with current scientific theory about how time travel actually works, Williams noted. One forecast that did not pan out, however, had to do with the 2004 Olympics, which Titor said would be postponed until 2040. Williams defended Titor by pointing out that because of the nature of time travel his timeline/universe was likely different than our own.

George played part of his pre-taped interview from 2/17/06 with Larry Haber, attorney for the family of John Titor, and Kay Titor, the alleged time traveler’s mother. Williams said some people think the John Titor time traveler story was invented by the Haber family for some as yet to be determined purpose. Williams remains open to all possibilities. “If it wasn’t a time traveler,” he said, “then it was a series of people that knew alot about what was going to happen.”

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– 7 shows –
08-06-2004, 01-07-2005, *09-27-2007 John Titor – Oliver Williams on Shadows in the Dark, 03-20-2008, 06-12-2009, 08-04-2010, 04-04-2011

Below is the download link that will provide you all six John Titor episodes of Coast to Coast AM which aired between 2004 — 2011, plus the Titor episode of another radio show called, “Shadows In The Dark” featuring Oliver Williams.