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Hello everyone.  I wanted to share with you what happened to me last night.  It was really amazing.  I actually time travelled in my conscious state.  So here is what happened.

I was asleep in my bedroom (we will call this bedroom #1 – you will see later why this is important) at night and all of a sudden I am awoken by a loud knock (4 knocks to be exact), like someone is knocking on the door.  But there was nobody at the door as our door is downstairs and far away from the bedroom.

This knock was very loud and in my ear and woke me right up.  I smiled and said “Who is it?”  HAHA.  As I am now full awake, pondering and tuning into this knock, my 9-year-old son, about 15 minutes later, starts to come into my bedroom from his bedroom as he could not sleep.  So he is lying next to me and he becomes really restless.

I could not sleep so I left and went to another bedroom (we will call this bedroom #2) to get some sleep.  I remember this all happening very clearly.  Then I fell asleep in bedroom #2.  Then, again I get awakened from a dead sleep.  But this time, it was not a knock, but a doorbell, a very loud and clear doorbell in my ear.  Again, it woke me right up.

This is not the doorbell that is in our home.  So again, I say “Who is it?” smiling the whole time.  HAHA.  Then I opened my eyes.  Here is the amazing part:  When I opened my eyes, I was back in bedroom #1, by myself, NOT in bedroom #2.  Remember that I moved from bedroom #1 to bedroom #2 earlier when my son was restless.  I never moved back to bedroom #1 from bedroom #2 in my conscious state.  But when I opened my eyes after the door bell, I was back in bedroom #1.

I realized that I had time travelled or teleported or both.  Here is the clincher.  As I am lying there pondering all of this and what just happened to me, my son starts walking into my bedroom again.  LIKE HE DID THE FIRST TIME!  Talk about that movie Groundhog Day!!  Then, again, my son starts getting restless, like the first time and again I leave to go to bedroom #2 from bedroom #1.  At this point I am just smiling and laughing knowing that I just went back in time and relived the original experience that I experienced earlier that night.

I am now lying in bedroom #2 thinking, OK if I go to sleep again, will there be a bullhorn and will I again wake up in bedroom #1 again?  So I stayed awake and tuned into Sai Baba, Saint Germain and Sananda.  I felt this massive energy presence around me and saw so many colors or energy and white light.

Then the energies came into me and were implanted into my soul and being.  More integrations and downloads.  This has happened to me many times where the energies get dumped into me like pixie dust falling hard into me.  I thanked my team and went to bed and woke up in bedroom #2 (thank goodness).

I feel strongly that our gifts are coming online, and we will teleport soon and bi locate soon.  It is happening to me already.  I tapped into a past timeline and re-lived this timeline in my conscious state.  It was amazing.  We will be able to do this with all past and parallel lifetimes as there is no time in the higher dimensions.

I am so excited about the changes that are coming online to all of us based on the incoming energies.  Please just stay in love and in your heart center and enjoy these times.  Remove all layers of yourself that are three-dimensional that do not serve your highest and best good.  You want to get into a state where you have no more drama in your life.

Whenever there is drama in any area of your life, it is because your learning is incomplete. The moment your learning is complete, the drama will automatically cease.  Stay happy and stay in love as love is the highest vibration that there is.  Sending all of you my love and all my blessings…

Love – Andy

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