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Published on Oct 24, 2018

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MOTHER EARTH – The Dimensions of Mother Earth – Channeled by Natalie Glasson – 7-20-18


Published on Jul 20, 2018

Channeled Messages The Dimensions of Mother Earth by Mother Earth Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th July 2018 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Channeled Messages Channeled Messages Channeled Messages Capsules of Wisdom… Upcoming Workshops Upcoming Webinars The Dimensions of Mother Earth by Mother Earth Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa The beauty of my being can be seen all around you, in the smallest plant and in the largest tree. My essence is within every particle of soil and every flower that blooms. You will find me in the essence of animals, insects and all forms of living creatures, as they carry my energy with them. You will discover that my energy is within your being, vibrating in harmony with your essence and light. I am Mother Earth/ Gaia. When you seek and discover the beauty of my being within the Earth and nature that surrounds you, however small or large, you will allow yourself to enter into another dimension of yourself and the Creator’s energy. Life is a collection of dimensions. You choose which dimension you exist within by your perceptions, thoughts, and willingness to open your heart and soul. I, Mother Earth, am not speaking of the dimensions of the inner planes or the Universe of the Creator, I am speaking of the Dimensions of Life on the Earth. There are so many ways to live and experience life and there are many dimensions of the Earth to encounter. There are dimensions of creation which describe the nature kingdoms, elemental kingdoms, and even the elements. Then there are dimensions of existence, each signifies a certain openness of being and acceptance of the truth. When existing upon the Earth it is not so much for you to discover which dimension of the Earth you are experiencing. More so it is to seek a greater connection, involvement, and oneness with my energies, Mother Earth. In doing so you open yourself beyond any false limitations created by humanity, not the Earth herself, and begin to explore the true nature and experience of the Earth. The limitations and suffering, hardship and pain is a creation of humanity and their thought systems of generations, this has developed becoming magnified and empowered. Such thought forms can impact the elements and even the presence of nature. When humanity allows themselves to let go of thoughts patterns that limit, bound and cause chaos, then their purpose of existing upon the Earth will unfold. There are dimensions of openness, expansiveness, and connection with nature, and myself Mother Earth which allows for new spiritual experiences. Within the Earth, you could say there is a treasure waiting to be found. The treasure is a new way of being, experiencing, seeing, feeling, hearing and existing for you upon the Earth. Dimensions of Life on the Earth There are numerous dimensions of life upon the Earth, I wish to share with you three which will begin your journey into the dimensions of my being and existence. The Dimension of Light The dimension of light allows an awakening of your senses, supporting you in seeing, sensing and experiencing light as a part of your being and within your surroundings. You recognise light as a building block and…… Read More at #Channeled Messages, #omna, #sacred school of omna, #natalie Glasson, Next Video = 27th July 2018 Last Video =The Art of Witnessing and Creating by the Unicorn Kingdom Translated titles: Mensajes canalizados las dimensiones de la madre tierra por la madre tierra Gechannelte Nachrichten die Dimensionen der Mutter Erde von Mutter Erde Canalisé messages les dimensions de la terre mère par la mère terre Gechannelde berichten de dimensies van moeder aarde door moeder aarde 母集団の大きさをマザーアース



Christa Khilla Reeves – Multi – dimensional You – Timeline Traveler Extraordinaire – 3-29-18

Christa Khilla Reeves 

Over the course of our lifetime, we have seen the field of Quantum physics grow exponentially pushing us to the very limits of Classical Physics and beyond. The multidimensional aspects of our existence, that this field of study brings to light, are quite eye-opening and mind-boggling. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, it is very likely that we have been multidimensional beings since birth. While it may seem a little far-fetched for some, we may have not only possessed this ability, but also have been utilizing it to change, merge and collapse timelines the entirety of our lives. It feels as though we are currently at the precipice of one of the most exciting times to be alive.  As always, please take what resonates for you, the in-divide-dual, and leave the rest.

By now, I know many are aware and have heard of the term Mandela effect. This phrase was coined by a lady by the name of Fionna Broom back in 2008-2009. The story behind this phenomenon stemmed from a conversation that Fionna had with several friends and colleagues revolving around their conflicting memories of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. It seems that some of them remembered Mandela dying while imprisoned back in the 80’s along with large riots in the streets following his death.  In our current timeline, Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1989 and became the president of South Africa. In this reality he was laid to rest in 2013. This phenomenon does not end with Nelson Mandela, it seems that it was just the beginning of an acknowledgement and conversation about many conflicting memories for many people, myself included.



MEASHENU @ In5D – 3D, 4D, or 5D – What Dimension Are We In? – 4-28-18

Thanks to

by Meashenu,   Guest writer,

Each week we ask a question in the Bridge To New Earth Facebook group and like to share the question and answers we get. We will be sharing the admin’s answers here, but Feel free to join the group to see answers from everyone in the group who participates:

The answers may come from automatic writing, meditation, intuition, higher self, guides, channeled, or from soul group.

Question #3: There is so much mention of the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, and even mentions of embodiment of 6th, 7th, 8th & and so on dimensional energies. Some say we are in the 3rd dimension, some say we are in the 4th, some say we are in the 5th. Why is this? Where do you think we are frequency wise? What can you share about this to help clarify for those that are being confused by this?


In general the different dimensions are simply different frequencies. Which frequency you are on is really determined by what you are doing at the moment. Physically our bodies are in the 3rd dimension. This is the only dimension in which they can exist and also why as we begin our ascension into different dimensions we become light beings instead of physical beings.

It’s rare that you have never encountered or visited the 4th dimension. Even most people who have not yet awakened have done so. The 4th dimension can also be known as the veil. Family members, friends, pets, anyone you know that has passed away has traveled through the veil. When we feel, see, or sense them after their passing we are connecting with them in the 4th dimension.

The 5th dimension and higher is where we are headed and will eventually reside permanently. As we connect with our higher selves, our guides, and ascended masters we are reaching into these dimensions to do so. As we become more experienced with meditations, astral travel, and connecting to the universe as a whole it continues to open up new dimensions for us to access. For example many higher selves reside in the 5th dimension, ascended masters frequent the 6th dimension, you can usually connect with the angels in the 9th dimension, and Lyrans will be 12th dimensional or higher. So if you’ve ever connected to any of these beings there is a good chance you were accessing that dimension.

The bottom line is physically, we are 3 dimensional, spiritually and soul wise we can travel through many different dimensions and are not limited by our physical barriers.



The reason that there are such discrepancies in the realities is because you are all experiencing life differently. Every person has their own lessons to process. This is why some experience a lower frequency because they have yet to process and integrate their inner work or lack thereof.

The level of frequency one experiences is relative. Relative to the observer based on the individual soul plan. As a collective, one can say that we are in between the 3rd and 4th dimension. The 5th dimension is within grasp but only if we choose that reality.

Once you choose to do inner work and release the limitations you have created for yourself, you will experience 5D and above. Anything that makes you laugh and allows you to create what truly resonates within your heart brings you that much closer to unity consciousness. It makes it easier to choose a higher frequency and therein you experience an optimal reality.

Remember, you have the ability to choose what you wish to see and feel.

Just choose.

Love to all.

-Mantis Being Guide


For me the strongest answer I got on this very clearly is IT DOESN’T MATTER. There are many times when I have wanted to name everything and understand everything about what is happening during this ascension process. I’ve very recently found that the need or intense want to know these things has lessened. In my meditations lately I’ve been able to get into that trance/present time being mode very easily. It’s just feeling connected, relaxed, and blissful. When I focus too much on trying to figure out everything, it distracts me away from keeping my focus on more of present time then what may or may not happen tomorrow or in the future. Feel the energies and make sense of them in the NOW. Focus on BEING with all there is, BEING connected to and FEELING source.

One issue that I’ve had and that I believe others have/are having, is that I still think too many are comparing this ascension to other ascensions. Many of us here now are ascended masters that have ascended many times and not just on Gaia but many other places. I know that for me, in a lot of the lifetimes I ascended before this, I would just leave my physical body behind. Since we are bringing our physical bodies with us and they have to be transformed, this is uncharted territory. The other part of this is that Gaia herself is ascending and we are along for the ride, so that also makes this ascension different as well. Lastly, the collective consciousness of the planet is also deciding how this goes as we are collectively creating the experiences of this ascension.

To participate and see the answers from others, join our group here:

Love & Light


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L’AURA PLEIADIAN – From Another World – Sacred Beings, UFO’S – by The New Divine Humanity, – by Blue Dragon Journal – 4-15-18










Thanks to   Blue Dragon Journal

The morphing of consciousness, from one way of being to another, are the levels of awareness, that we deem appropriate in the moment of transfer.

Our thoughts tell a story, our Hearts…urge us on, to envelope the awareness of the pure potential that exists AS Life itself ~ exists.

The continuing of BEING after this Life experience does not continue as from after a death, but through a shift in consciousness. A frequency shift.

They see and hear…all.

The dimensions that exist in the field of THOUGHT ~ are multi layered and always present.

These dimensions connect through the frequency of LIGHT as the communication that is an eternal feed back loop, that never ends.

UFO’s are always present as well as Beings that have existed on another planet. These levels of awareness are experienced through an overlay of consciousness as levels and dimensions, that exist primarily to decipher experience of thought.

Everything is a frequency of thought, transmitting as its awareness, what it IS.

The mind of the Heart exists AS the awareness of ALL That is.

This awareness knows itself in the frequency of Love. It is the unifying thought linking all the dimensions.

Sacred Beings..are those that truly recognize themselves and Live as the awareness of this awareness.

Stages of existence catapult us ONWARD in our expansion of thought. Contemplating the use of limitation as a belief, is helpful in this endeavour of expansion.

BEING AWARE of your own Being.

Knowing the essence of your own Breath.

Knowing the Presence of what you feel.

UNDERSTANDING yourself then, is the key that activates the Light of thought, that is eternally BEING its own feedback loop, through your Heart. This then, is the heart of change, unification  and expansion.


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SIMON PETRUS via Ann Dahlberg – The Bright Dimension which RecentlyHas Arrived to Earth – 3-16-18

SIMON PETRUS via Ann Dahlberg


I am Simon Petrus who has come to speak with you today. The sun shines strongly over your Earth and many adamantine particles are now falling over the Earth. It impacts everything living on Earth today. At that time 2000 years ago Earth had not raised its light as much has she has done now. Yes, of course there is light. Mother Earth has always had a large light within herself. It has now expanded out to the outer regions on Earth and this is where you now find yourselves dear children. This is the reason there is such chaos in the world today. The light pushes out the dark and the dark does not quite know where to go. It does not quite understand what is happening and in some cases the darkness is transformed to light. Many of you people who are on Earth today transform your own darkness to light and it has the effect that it gets ever lighter on Earth. The dark that you transform others can more easily transform as this has already happened and exists in the collective consciousness.

This is why we are so grateful for all who dare to see its own darkness for you become the light that shines in the dark and shows the way for those that have just started to walk. Those that just have woken up and are trying to find their way through the veil, which still holds them within a certain obscurity. Many lights are needed to get a whole humanity to march towards the light. However, there are also many brave brothers and sisters that have light their lights and are letting their sparks fall on newly awakened siblings.

We are all one and we help each other on our path towards the light – The bright dimension that recently has arrived to Earth. Yes, dear brothers and sisters, it has already arrived and it has come to stay. The dark is now fleeing to its dark dens, but they are all the time illuminated so there are soon no places for the dark to hide. This can cause some panic now at the tale end, but the light is not afraid of the dark. It just continues to shine, as it knows its goal. The goal for Gaia is to ascend up into the higher regions of light and there are now large forces that help her with this. Gaia’s free choice and your free choice is holy, as you know. It is your free will dear humanity if you want to come along or not. That choice is also holy. All who wants to come along with Gaia will do so and you will get the help you need. The help is all around you, in your heart and in all that you encounter. Be observant dear children on Earth and try to see and follow the signs that are given to you. They tell you which path it is that you should follow. Follow it and you walk more easily into the light that right now shines on your feet. Cleanse all that has been and try to live in your now. It is the now that counts and has the most importance in your life. It is what you do and think now that is the most important for your progress. Yesterday is forgiven and forgotten. It is your now that form your future. It is your thoughts and actions now that yields your tomorrow. So, be wise dear sisters and brothers. Be careful with your thoughts and actions today – let them be true and loving. Try to have a humble attitude towards your life and your co-creators.

We are with you and help you, so call on us – your guides and your guardian angels and we will with great joy heed your call. There are many who with great eagerness want to help you now.

I am grateful that I could come through and leave this message.

Much love

Simon Petrus

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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Most Powerful Shifts Taking Place ~ The 5th Dimension Now – 2-28-18

By L’Aura Pleiadian

ALL Night long…could not move as event after event unfolded.

My room shifted and changed to the Dimension I was experiencing..

Shifts began as I found my phone time

changing time again and then

I was catapulted into Being in the center of the Universe

as it was being birthed into existence.

via Most Powerful Shifts Taking Place ~ The 5th Dimension Now ~ Feb. 28, 218 — roseramblesdotorg

GABRIEL DURAN @ iN5d – r Returning To Our Higher Dimensional Realms – 2-17-18



by Gabriel F. Duran,   Guest writer,

The freedom “gained” or in essence recalled when we “allow” ourselves to delve into experience in the 3rd dimensional realm, is a true freedom many mistakenly dismiss. Entering this realm teaches us the attributes of cause and effect. Thus, providing the “ultimate” playing ground for discovery of self. Through all manner of expressions of light and dark. For in this realm, all that we experience is totally redeemable.

And yet, throughout our many lives that we live, we’ve opportunity to experience and view the consequences of our actions. Both from the within, and the without. We delve into experiences that are not had in other dimensional realms. For here, we play everything out, through free will. In the perceptions of light and dark.

And by seeing and being around the extremes of dark and light, we gain a very clear perspective on our own likes, dislikes and beliefs. We’ve no choice but to witness, partake and ponder over all manner of expressions. Some, very much not to our liking.

Although, we must appreciate the fact that in this realm we can and did indeed choose to have these extremes in expression, to help teach us. Realize that it is the perception of “other than” that we experience, as we perceive the reality is that of being one that allows/is an experience as “separation.” We experience ourselves as “outside of or separate from God.”

And we do/did purposefully “narrow” our ability to perceive, so that we would indeed have the “full” experience of “separation.” Which is truly an impossibility. We are One with All. And it is truly impossible to be separate from the All That Is, Source, God; or any other name that resonates.

From the “higher” dimensional realms such as the 4th and higher, we return to the knowledge of who we are. And we realize the impossibility of truly being separate from the One. We return to our inherent Divine knowing, of All that We are.

And yet, from these “higher” realms, they/we speak of the freedom we have while experiencing the 3rd dimensional realm. For when we/they are in the “higher” dimensional realms, we/they operate more in resonance with our truth. So, we naturally choose not to “directly” experience these rather extreme states of “darkness,” if you will. And this may be construed as “narrowing” our experience, by “bounding” our freedoms to that of only Light.

Thus, they/we view our experiences in 3D as being of “greater freedom,” if you will, by “allowing” the experience/consequence or (cause and affect) of “more” darkness. That we ourselves Create, as well as experience being “inflicted” upon us. For in the “higher” dimensional realms, the victim/victimizer “state of being” is not expressed. Whereas, in 3D, these “freedoms” of expression are explored, greatly. Would you not agree?

Thus, our perceptions/insights that stem from that “higher” level of reality do realize the “freedoms” of expression we have while here in the “lower” dimensional realms. We “allow” much more perceptions of “darkness” or “other than.” We truly delve into the extremes of expression.

In our chosen sojourn, here on Earth, we chose to have an experience of 50/50 for our 3D experience. Fifty percent darkness and fifty percent light. And since the “light” is so strong, we had to “diminish” this Divine Light to 30%. For there to be an equal 50/50. And we have seen times when this has increased more towards the light. As well as we have seen times when this light gets greatly diminished. All in freedom of expression.

However, this sojourn has come to its conclusion, on Gaia. And individuals, at their own pace, are “waking up” to their inherent truth. And recognizing these experiences and expressions they have experienced and/or witnessed/witnessing, to not be their truth.

This awakening begins an automatic process that occurs to us, both consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. Our bodies and brains begin to change. And we begin a natural process of “activation” that increases our Divine Light. That increases our spiritual awareness. That increases our returning memories of this Oneness. And we bring about activations of more of our DNA and crystalline/light bodies. We start to realize that we are not “separate” individuals, and in fact, truly we are multidimensional expressions of Spirit Sparks of Divinity, individuated.

Unbeknownst to most of us, we begin slowly recognizing that we “attend” schools and other dimensional/astral realms at night. Our consciousness slowly becomes more involved in recognition of these experiences we all have, at night. And our process in these realms begins changing as well. For we become more, formally, enrolled in “higher” classes. And our stellar families along with our extra/intra-dimensional friends/family begin working with us. Recalling our memories as to the whole of our experiences/expressions we chose to embody. They assist in “awakening” us from the “dream/illusion” of our chosen sojourn.

They begin at this level so as not to “shock” us out of the experience. As we have been ensconced in this reality, greatly. For the transition, in and of itself, is a major process. Of much significance. We/they all say that when we “look back” at where we were and where we have “arrived” we will be amazed.

Through consciousness and right-heart, we easily transmute and transcend our experiences and beliefs that are disharmonious. When we are “truly” done with the experiences we’ve come to experience, we naturally begin this process of ascension.

And this ascension process is a removing of the veils, if you will, and a returning to recalling that we have created this experience/expression and we are ready to integrate, transmute and transcend all that we have been experiencing. All through balance, as we integrate and expand our awareness.

For this brings us to the recognition that we are a spiritual being, having a physical experience. And we recognize that as an inherent quality of our spirituality, we are multidimensional Beings. So, our “communing” with these aspects of ourselves begins in earnest, if it has not already begun; though at times, we “tend” to doubt.

We begin, consciously recognizing that we have “families” from our stellar roots. And we have “family” from the “inner” realms. We begin the process of establishing more of our “truths” and we start to change our focus to that of service to others. As we recognize that we must also honor ourselves with as much kind and loving service as we give others. And our relationships with all of these other familes, returns. And this we “crave” more and more. For we have “missed” each other.

Then, eventually in Divine timing, we become the “Golden Ones” as we merge into our multidimensional aspect of ourselves that is “already” ascended. As we turn within, we become more and more assured that we truly are the embodiment of our desires. And our focus turns “inward” as we recognize that we must “re-establish” this relationship that is more of who we are.

As we become our “truth” we embody this aspect of ourselves and we release and ”let go” of all that has not been our truth in this 3rd dimensional realm/memory/experience. As we recognize that we have been having the wonderous and beautiful expressions of experiencing freedom at ALL of these various levels of Creation, and this has been most illuminating.

We recognize that we truly are free, even in the 3rd dimensional realm. For as we return to our higher dimensional realms, we “restrict” these freedoms. Purposefully, as we have learned/remembered the consequences of our actions. Thus, mastering the cause and effect, realm. We no longer desire to bring about disharmonious expressions/experiences. As we’ve experienced their Creations, greatly. As we’ve sojourned within the freedom of 3D. We have truly discovered our likes and dislikes. And we begin choosing only experiences that are of our “true” liking. Bringing about the harmony, peace and power of love Divine.

Our integration of the experience is the acceptance that ALL is necessary. We go from an experience/belief in “this or that” to one of “this and that.” For we recognize that we need/allow the whole, of both light and dark. We become “inclusive” not “exclusive.” For Source is All That Is. As above, so below. And as below, so above.

We Created and Needed a reality that allowed us to be reflections, of the whole. And through ALL of the various reflections, we recognize/learn of ourselves. For the whole of the process is to “know thyself.”

And our empathy/compassion truly expands for our brothers and sisters that are still within the “illusions” of 3D. This aspect/attribute of compassion within ourselves is truly expressed more “freely” from our realm, than from the “higher” frequencies. As we truly do realize and understood their current situation/understanding, from a more visceral level. Whereas, the “higher realms” are beyond these “direct” emotional expressions. Thus, they realize and commend us for our service of bringing forth a “freer” expression of compassion, than is possible from their realms.

For “key” to this whole experience, is the absolute “allowance” for free will to be expressed. Even if this free will keeps these ones from recognizing their own Divinity. Though their own, Higher Self, as well as those of us that have “awakened” are ever attempting to bring forth “hints” of their inherent, grander expressions, they already have/are. If only “allowed” and accepted. All in Divine timing.

For now, remember…

We came from expressions of “great freedom” to enter what “appears” to be a “limited” experience. And we discovered that “great freedom” abounds here as well. Even in the sojourns of 3D reality, freedom abounds. And we experience “greater” polarities, while believing the “illusion” that we are “separate” from the Creator/Creation.

Only to discover the freedom we have, even in the “illusion.” For everywhere is Divinity. Infinitely within and without. Through all dimensional planes/realms. From Source throughout the entirety of Creation. All, from our eternal, here and now. With our Being already in ALL of these realms. All accessed from the within.

For ours is an expression and experience that is eternal. Infinitely expanding. Even through a “perception/illusion” of “separation/forgetfulness”. Ever a part of the never-ending fractals of Creation, both within and without. From above to below, from below to above; freedom always abounds.

Choose the freedom that is “truly” free, and expansive. Not an expression of freedom that “allows” us to freely express the shackles of limitation. Choice of freedom matters. Even, as freedom always abounds.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &






You are living in this moment of speed,

the transition place to bring something into manifestation

…so be careful with your thoughts, your wishes,

and your communication. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I am Gabrielle,

bringer of joy, bringer of communication.

via ARCHANGEL GABRIELLE: YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH DIMENSION YOU WILL BE IN – Channeled by Lee Degani — Pauline Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker


Critical Mass


by Nikki Colombo, Editor ContactOnlineMagazine
Guest writer,


Strange anomalies are occurring all around people and they are freaking out from lack of understanding questioning their sanity and lowering their vibration into fear signatures and vibes.
We are coming close to a time marker when all us Lightworkers and Starseeds will be inundated and swamped with calls for help and guidance. This is why I wrote my eBook SUPERCONSCIOUS , not only does it reveal our past, present and future but it has tools and techniques for healing past life traumas and how to protect your field.

When Gregg Prescott puts out a call for help , this is a BIG sign, not enough is being shared and this has dire consequences. Keep in mind when you pass on your knowledge you are creating a momentum and this in turn keeps the wheels spinning so we can continue our mission here, otherwise it will be you passing through this shift WITHOUT YOUR BELOVEDS! Its up to you as an awakened soul to pass on information. The TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Have courage and share as much as you can with your beloveds regardless of their ill perceived religious dogma. I suggest you don’t hammer it down! , this only creates resistance having the opposite effect. Share it and leave “space” for your friends and family to come forward when prompted in their own time. You’ve completed your mission as “ground crew” here, so leave it until they come to you sparking their interest asking for more.

As this Grand Shift draws near more and more anomalies will take place, people will show signs of impulsiveness and may even have a psychotic break. As a Lightworker and Starseed it will be impossible to answer every call for help when Critical Mass has arrived, so its up to ALL of us to prepare as many of our beloved fellow human’s as much as we can now while there is still time. This is imperative to the future of humanity.


As the Shift comes to a climax, according to your genetic code some of us will see the walls in our homes “shimmer” and a portal will open up giving us the opportunity to walk right through, this is the time of remembering and you’ll know what to do at that moment. As you can see in this fascinating video below you can see a portal open up just like in the movie Stargate! This is what “the”y are fighting over in places of the leylines like Egypt and Iran the former Babylon! Us humans are encoded with our Mother Earths Stargates and this is the why we have envy form the malevolent ET’S. The Angelic Human genome is a coveted prize! We have the keycodes laying dormant and opening right now, and they don’t!

So… watch this guy freak out in the video below as he opens up a portal and watch the second video where the car outside his house goes missing from the Split Timelines know as Bifrucation Of Time ; ref previous article I wrote July 23rd 2017 as he declares “I’m not F….cking insane” over and over!

It might be funny for us to watch but have consideration for people who are not awakened, they are frightened!!! This is WHAT WE NEED TO EASE RIGHT NOW!. So SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for our tireless dedicated efforts and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!




I love you all.

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About The AuthorNikki Colombo is Australian professional singer born in Melbourne raised on The Gold Coast previously living in the Fiji Islands and experienced a full blown spontaneous Kundalini Rising event in 2007 that catapulted a “Starseed Awakening” opening her third eye to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light known as the Guardian Alliance.

Nikki was guided by The Spiritual Hierarchy to comprehend the Science of Ascension Mechanics and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields and electromagnetic grids. This understanding of Spirit Technologies was experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her transition into a Spiritual Guide during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle leading to Enlightenment.
Her spiritual mission is to support humanity through its evolution on Ascension with education and awareness and by consulting the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, and human consciousness. She is a Starseed, ET Experiencer, Psychic, Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Healer, NDE- Near Death Experiencer, a Walk In, Researcher of Ancient Egyptian History, Writer, Astrologist, Numerologist, Contactee, Chakra Clearer, MiLAB, TI (Targeted Individual) & Alien “Love Bite” Survivor and Tarot Reader.


In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, & Webmaster,

The Gateway to Sedona video is very intriguing. I’ve ran several experiments trying the same frequencies to no avail.  I even bought the same iHome bluetooth speaker.  Many of the comments on the video suggest CGI, which is entirely possible. Ideally, the video creator, as requested by his viewers, would do a FB Live to prove that it’s not CGI.

It’s also possible that the location of his house makes the gateway possible. Perhaps he’s on an ideal grid location?

Even though my gut tells me this is CGI, the video shows what it would truly look like for a gateway to open in front of you!





The Council of Overseers – All Dimensions INTERFACE NOW – Here on Planet Earth – 7-10-17

By L’Aura Pleiadian

The Dimensions are very interesting to view

when viewed from a place of separation from them.

They all exist now and you might

imagine them as overlays or

spheres of consciousness “worlds”

as realities that interface and penetrate

the very fabric of the here and now. …

via The Council of Overseers ~ All Dimensions INTERFACE NOW, Here on Planet Earth ~ July 10, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness – 3D, 4D, and 5D – 7-9-17 – roseramblesdotorg

Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness: 3D, 4D, and 5D ~

July 9, 2017 Posted on July 9, 2017 by cindyloucbp

There is no doubt that other dimensions or realms exist in this Universe.

You may have seen them yourself through your dreams or through astral travel.

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Dimensions of Consciousness – Planet Earth and Immortality – 6-18-17

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The Earth plane is a holographic meeting place of consciousness.

What appears as a solid physical body, is not.

It is only experienced this way in 3D consciousness

connected to the consciousness of the form

experiencing itself on the Earth Plane.

The Higher Self, exists in a…

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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, STEVE BECKOW – Finishing in the Seventh – 3-24-17

Archangel Michael, Steve Beckow

Sometimes I have the opportunity in my personal reading through Linda to ask questions I haven’t had a chance to on
Hour with an Angel.

In this excerpt, I follow up on AAM’s mention of “final portals” and “collective bumps” related to Ascension.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript.


Steve Beckow: You used the phrases, “final portal” and “collective bump” in An Hour with an Angel. Ascension is both gradual and sudden, I think.

Certainly we have seen a lot of what looks like gradual, but probably from your perspective is probably sudden. The various energies that are being sent to the planet, are these descriptions of something that’s more sudden?

Archangel Michael: No, think of it in this way, that you have been … even a hallway has a doorway. There is a starting point and finishing point. So you have been in the Ascension hallway, flying back and forth through that doorway, for some time.

You have been doing this since, oh, even before 2012. But you have increasingly gone further and further down the doorway and the hallway. And as you do of course, the energies get stronger and stronger and stronger.

Your sense of what you have called the floor keeps rising and rising and rising. Your awareness, your sense of joy and bliss, of love and wonder, keeps increasing.

Now you keep going back but most of humanity is actually in the hallway right now. There are still some, and you have witnessed them, outside that initial doorway but they are hanging around and they are waiting. They are off the fence, so to speak.

When you get to the end of that hallway, then what occurs is there is that sudden bump. It’s as if you break through. So that is how it occurs.

Steve: So, “break-through” not to the vestibule, sort of the subplane of the Fifth Dimension but to a higher sub plane right? Where our residence in the Fifth Dimension becomes permanent?

AAM: … and far beyond the Fifth Dimension, my friend.

Steve: So until that time, we’re in the Third and Fourth, so to speak, and then…

AAM: Well, actually in the Fifth and Sixth as well.

Think of the doorway as leaving the old Third. Now you’ve left the old Third and in this hallway is the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth and the beginnings of the Seventh. When you go through that final portal you are firmly anchored in the Seventh which means that you have access at will, at delight, to any of the dimensions.

Steve: Access to the Seventh means you have access at will to any of the other dimensions…

AAM: You always have you just don’t know it.

Steve: At that point in the Seventh, we have the degree and quality of love that allows us to see that we can access the others, is that correct?

AAM: Yes. (1)

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 2016 Left us in a Dimensional Hollow – 1-23-17

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ 2016 left us in a ‘dimensional hollow’


As we move forward into 2017 every inch of us seems confused, are we coming or going, shifting or staying?  2016 left us in a dimensional hollow.  We have sought deeply within and without to perceive the truth of it all. Are we here or there? Did we shift? Is this what it feels like? Did we do good? The human perception is cloudy with a chance of rain. A great grey befalls the kingdom as black and white blur into a deep abyss.

Seen or unseen, everything is felt. This powerful year escorts humanity – into doorways of thinking beyond the present perception of time.   Your essence has never been limited or linear, your spirit belongs to all worlds, to all universes.  The light is your brethren, the asteroids your distant cousins.  Everything of this existence was cooked in the same cosmic crock-pot.  You came from the same cosmic primordial soup with the same celestial ingredients.  Because many did not fulfill the contract of complete in 2016 the Universe is asking all of life, to finish what is undone, unseen in deed and thought. The light ofCompleteness allows all captured life forms to be set free.  Like a breath of fresh air after a long winter’s nap, life is breathed back into life.

Within each uncompleted situation lives a powerful pulsating life force. That life force has taken the shape of all that needs to be finished whether animate or inanimate. Whether thought or deed. Your passions for life are stuck and need lubricating, your celestial pizzazz has dulled. Life quickens at your command, buckle up and hold on for dear life.

Most People have a lot more energy than they are showing in their cosmic profiles.  Their Life force is tied up in dreams and excuses. how much life force do you hold captive in non-action? Decree aloud, the wrapping up of all that is unfinished in your life. Give your dreams permission to birth in 2017. Visualize the life force within filling you with a powerful prominent light that stretches thru eternity.

ARCTURIANS via SUZANNE LIE – Releasing Your Third/Fourth Dimensional Operating System – 11-18-16

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Greetings to our brave and ever-awakening volunteers to Earth,

We, the Arcturians would like to speak with you today from one of our Motherships. We wish to remind you again that your state of consciousness is the “operating system” that directs your brain to determine what frequency of reality that you “consciously” perceive.

Since what you perceive is often what you believe, your state of consciousness, which determines the operating system you are using, also determines which reality you perceive as REAL. Once, your fourth dimensional consciousness/operating system was only thought of as your dreams and daydreams.

But, within your NOW, more and more of you are combining your “third dimensional, physical reality, Operating System” with the Operating System of your fourth-dimensional, dream/meditative consciousness.

You are in the process of merging your third dimensional operating systems that you have been holding onto for many physical incarnations, with your fourth dimensional operating system, which you once thought of as sleep or creativity.

The third dimensional operating system bound you to your third dimensional state of the Beta-Wave consciousness/operating system. This Third Dimensional Operating System limited your “perception of reality” to the physical plane.

Fortunately, an ever-increasing number of you are merging your Fourth Dimensional Operating System, which represents your conscious perceptions of the fourth dimensional astral world, to “over lay” your perceptions of your third dimensional physical world.

Hence, your perceptions of reality are being directed to include both your 3D beta wave consciousness Operating System, as well as your 4D alpha wave consciousness Operating System. This blending of your 3D and 4D Operating Systems is allowing you to expand your consciousness into  your 5D gamma wave Operating System.

We take a moment of your NOW to explain what we mean by an “operating system.” Most of you are familiar with how your computer has an operating system, but you may not be aware of how much your computer operates in a similar fashion to your brain.

For example, you mental system is similar to your computer’s “word” system that allows you to collect your thoughts and emotions in the same manner that your brain allows you to speak, read, or say your thoughts and emotions.

As you are able to merge your thought and emotions into a unified perception of reality, your consciousness will expand and you will be able to “download” a new Operating System to meet the needs of your ever-expanding consciousness. Hence, as your consciousness expands, so does your Operating System.

Your once “lower state/frequency of consciousness” disallowed you to move forward into the NOW of your innate, Lightbody Gamma-Wave, fifth dimensional consciousness. However, as many of you are now merging your 3D beta-wave consciousness with your 4D alpha-wave consciousness, you are activating the Operating System of your 5D Gamma-Wave Operating System.

The download and integration of your 5D Operating System greatly changes your perception of reality. Before the download of your Fifth Dimensional Operating Systems, you could be “awake” to your physical world and function via your 3D Operating System OR you could be “asleep” to your physical world and function via your 4D Operating System.

Those of you who have expanded your consciousness to be able to simultaneously perceive boththe third and the fourth dimensions are now merging your third/fourth dimensional brain with your 5D and beyond, Multidimensional Mind. Thus, the Third and Fourth Dimensional Operating Systems are integrating into, and merging with, the expanded Operating System of your fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

Those of you who are activating your Fifth Dimensional Operating System are able to simultaneously perceive the 3D physical world, the 4D astral world and the 5D reality that pulls you beyond you former limitations of time and space. Your fifth dimensional consciousness guides you back to your innate, multidimensional perception of the NOW.
Once you have activated your 5D Operating System will be among the leaders of New Earth. However, this transition will not be easy. The leaders are the ones who will be called on to open the portals of light. However, to open these portals you must find them, and many them have been camouflaged with illusion.

Therefore, we remind the leaders that, “The Truth will set you free.” One truth is that, it is the NOW to separate the chaff from the wheat. Another truth is that it is the NOW in which the first leader will be called upon. In fact, our definition of a leader is: the one who goes first.Fortunately, there are many brave ones who have already “gone first.”

Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a group following you. When we say leaders, we mean, “the ones who go first.” It is the NOW for the leaders to open the light portals and say to “the ones who go first, “Dear Leaders, It is the NOW.”

The fifth dimensional NOW doesn’t begin with going forward into the higher dimensions. The fifth dimensional NOW begins with letting go of what you cannot bring forward to your higher dimensional realities.

Hence, the first way to “go forward,” is to look at your life and decide, “What are the first things that I can release to facilitate my expansion into the higher dimensions?” You will find that you cannot “take it all with you” because the path gets narrower and steeper with every step.

If you have chosen to be a leader for ascension, that is if you have chosen to be one of the first ones, then you are walking that Path NOW. Actually, you are “Being” the path, because “the Path” is forefront in your consciousness.

Because you are a leader, you can do so much more.
Because you are a leader, you recognize that there are many people, places, situations, things, animals, and nature beings that are in need of help.
Because you are a leader, you want to help them all.

However, Dear Leaders, do not spread yourselves too thin, or get too tired, before you complete your inner orders. Yes, Dear Leaders, your orders come not from outside of your self, or even from above you. You orders come from within your self, for that is how you receive them. It is from within your SELF, you leaders will guide humanity into the next octave of reality.

We wish to remind you that, IT IS THE NOW to release your third and fourth dimensional operating systems and remember you fifth-dimensional, higher directives. Being a leader does not mean that you leave your life. Being a leader means that you are ready to create your life.

Leaders are needed to train more leaders, which begins by leaders finding leaders, assisting these leaders, and teaching these leaders. Please remember, if leaders in training become too involved with being followers, they will not remember how to be leaders.

Therefore, we ask you to assist others, as assisting is a form of leading. Then, you guide those that you have assisted – to assist others. In this manner, leadership becomes normal, and followers are just those who have not YET become leaders. As you begin your leadership, you will grow to understand how your entire life has prepared you for your leadership of others.

As you leaders are aware, Gaia has accelerated her third dimensional frequency enough that NOW Her fourth dimensional frequency is intertwined with Her third dimensional frequency. In other words, Gaia is returning to Her Multidimensional SELF.

Therefore, your third dimensional lessons are actually fourth dimensional lessons because Gaia is no longer “just third dimensional.” In fact, Gaia has “gone first” to expand Her planetary resonance, to make it much easier for ALL her inhabitants to do the same. This acceleration of planetary frequency is part of the reason why things appear so dark.

This perception of darkness is because Gaia is NOW moving through Her planetary Lower Astral Plane to fully reconnect with her true Multidimensional Planetary Self. In the same manner, all of Gaia’s inhabitants, including humanity, are moving through their own Lower Astral Plane.

Dear ascending leaders, you are within an era when you must remind yourselves that “the darkest night precedes the dawn.” The Lower Astral Plane, which is the Astral Plane’s darkest night, is where all the effluvia of all the darkness, of all of the incarnations, of all of humanity, exist. Yes, we must add that humans, and/or those disguised as humans, have created this darkness.

However, this darkness did not wear human bodies when it first came to Gaia at the fall of Atlantis. These dark ones did not come from Earth! These dark ones came from other planets in which they also served as the force of “power over others.” The invasion of Earth occurred because the Laggards, those who could not ascend with their former planet, needed to inhabit another third dimensional planet.

Many of these Laggards could not learn on their last planet, and cannot learn on Gaia’s planet.These Laggards, the lost ones, need to be blessed and loved free because they cannot change. The leaders must learn to identify those who cannot or will not change.

More and more of the younger “laggards,” the children of the lost ones, wish to release the dark indoctrination that they received as children. Unfortunately, many of their parents are too addicted to “power over others.” Dear Leaders, your challenge is to send the Unconditional Love and Violet Fire whenever the fearful indoctrinations of the dark ones enter your thoughts.

It is the greatest challenge of the Leaders to remember that YOU are the Master of your life. Therefore, if you want something to change or alter your life in any manner, YOU must change your self first. Gaia, as well as all of the ascending ones are sending Unconditionally Love and Violet Fire into the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane.

Because every journey begins with the first step, Gaia’s journey of ascension begins with the transmutation of Her lowest frequency sub-plane—the Lower Astral Plane. In the same manner, Gaia’s leaders will also be called on to clear Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. This “service to Gaia” will assist you to unite with your Multidimensional SELF.

In the same manner, Gaia is beginning Her planetary journey to re-unite with Her Multidimensional Planet. As you can observe, Gaia is traveling through the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension. This personal and the planetary journey through the Lower Astral Plane represent “the darkest night before the dawn.”

As you prepare for your personal and planetary inter-dimensional journey you will may ask, “What do I take with me?” and “What do I release?” These decisions are best made in a calm state of mind when you can connect with your Inner, Higher Guidance.

We Arcturians are happy that you have connected with your Galactic and Celestial Family to aid you with your  inter-dimensional transition. We wish you to share your higher dimensional connection with all the leaders, as well as those who will suddenly discover that they, too, are leaders. We the Arcturians, as well as the myriad other Higher Beings assisting dear Gaia, send you all inter-dimensional comfort and support.

Many secrets have been buried in Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane, just as there are many secrets in humanity’s Lower Astral Plane. For many millennia, the Lower Astral Plane has shown back onto Earth as the lies and illusions that have blocked Gaia and Her inhabitants from moving  forward on their ascension path.

Fortunately, the Lower Astral Plane can be transmuted back into it’s original pristine state, to provide “fertile fields” of Gaia’s expansion back to Her true Multidimensional Planet. Gaia’s 3D operating System says that, “All energy that has been sent OUT must return to the sender to be transmuted before that person can ascend.”

Do you understand now why Ascended Masters had such huge challenges before they could ascend? “But why did so many fall into the darkness?” we hear you ask. Our answer is that often many were unconsciously guided by one of the dark ones, who had mastered the art of unconscious, subliminal messages.

It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, have been telling you to carefully guard what you allow into your consciousness. There are two primary reasons for this “recommendation.” One of the reasons is that YOU, whether you know it or not, are being deeply changed by Gaia’s rising frequency.

The other reason is that the dark ones have stepped up their “fear campaigns” because they know their days are numbered. As long as the Lower Astral Plane shrouded Gaia, the dark ones could hide there and enter the dreams and unconscious of the humans. We say “humans” because the dark ones could not enter the unconscious of plants and animals because they live in Unity Consciousness with Gaia.

Therefore, Gaia’s planetary SELF protected the plants, animals and other nature creatures. Since the dark ones cared only for their own “power over others,” they attempted many times to destroy, or greatly damage, the planet, as well as the nature that lived on the planetary surface as a means to destroy the humans.

Now that the entire planet is moving through the Lower Astral Plane, the best way to protect yourself is to protect your planet. The way to protect your planet is to expand your consciousness into the highest sub-planes of the fourth dimension, and eventually, into the fifth dimension. This expansion will shift your third/fourth dimensional operating system, into a fifth dimensional operating system.

Humanity was meant to be the Keepers of the Land, The Whales were meant to be the Keepers of the Water, the Birds were meant to be the Keepers of the Air, and the Ascended humans were meant to be the Keepers of Spirit. However, many members of humanity fell into the “power over others” which taught them to gain “Power Over” the Earth, “Power Over” the Water and “Power Over” the Air.

They even sought to gain “power over” the higher dimensional worlds of Spirits, but instead they became lost in the Lower Astral Plane. But, by then, humanity was so wounded that they unconsciously sent their wounding into Gaia. Hence, rather than assist Gaia, they sent their personal wounding into the 4D Lower Astral Plane where it eventually fell down into third dimensional Earth, like an invisible rain of darkness and fear.

Remember, part of Gaia’s Operating System is based on “whatever is put out, will return to the sender.” Therefore, even though Gaia did not send out “power over others,” the humans sent out so much “power over others” that that third and lower fourth dimensional energy fields became permeated with the program of “power over others.”

This “side effect” of Gaia’s Operating System of “Energy out equals Energy Back,” so “broke Gaia’s Spirit,” that Earth became trapped by the Lower Astral Plane. With little assistance from Her wounded elementals, or Her selfish humans, Gaia became increasingly entangled in the darkness.

The Lower Astral Plane has been known to humans as their nightmares, their fears, that which was destructed, and their “no way out” situations. Unfortunately, just as humans largely ignored the physical “trash” that littered Gaia’s beautiful planet, they also ignored the dark energy fields that littered Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura.

It is for the above reasons that we wish to remind you that

It is the NOW to master “The Art of Letting GO.”

“What does letting go mean? And, what are we supposed to let go of?” We hear you ask. However, only you can fully find that question for yourselves. But we will add that if you wish to “let go” of your third dimensional programming, trauma, and sorrow, please do not “let go” of it without transmuting and unconditionally loving it.

Hence, the first thing that you will need to “let go of” is your third dimensional thinking. Your third dimensional thinking has lost its Unity with all Life. Therefore, your third dimensional thinking is inclined to think that humans are better than the Earth, the Air, the Fire, and the Water.

The training of the “dark ones” remains in the consciousness of many humans. This training said that “humans” were better than any other life form.


Animals do NOT soil their nest, cave or tree.

Animals live in peace and unity consciousness with their flock, pride, school, herd.

Animals risk their lives every day to care for their young and don’t abandon their mate.

Animals live in unity consciousness with all life and only take what they can use or eat.

Fortunately, more and more humans are on the cusp of expanding their consciousness, awareness, recognition, and acceptance of their third and fourth dimensional mistakes and selfish actions.

Therefore, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension by:

Expanding their consciousness to encompass the fifth dimension

Enhancing their awareness to perceive the fifth dimension

Honing their perceptions to accept the flow of fifth dimensional energy fields

Accepting the process of transmuting their physical world and physical body

As humanity expands their consciousness, enhances their awareness, hones their perceptions, and remembers to use their innate ability to love unconditionally and to transmute their reality with the power of the Violet Fire, they will greatly assist in the anchoring of the many “light portals that are NOW being opened to connect the third, fourth and the fifth dimensions into ONE.”

These portal of light will guide humanity to “Let GO” of the third/fourth dimensional illusions and to live within the fifth dimensional truth that: Person and Planet are ONE.

WE, the members of your Galactic Family are always with you,

The Arcturians

15th Dimensional Lyran Council With Lars Sarnhult – Cosmic Awakening Show Show –


Published on Oct 23, 2016

Host Michelle Walling goes on a journey to the 15th dimension with Lars Sarnhult to visit higher aspects of themselves.

Topics included:

Reconnecting to the purpose of your true self
What will happen in the near future with the shift of realities
Why releasing fear is so important
How food affects your transformation
The importance of connecting to Mother Gaia
How we will move from 3d to 5d and back to 3d if we wish
Why some people may choose to drop their body eventually
How to stop “leaking” energy and energy infiltration
Is it necessary to take back your energy?
What it is like on Lyra right now
Why does deja vu occur?
The importance of trusting your intuition
Energy thieves- who they are
Why relationships may be difficult at this time
How to love yourself and the importance of doing so
You can find more about Lars or book a session through his website

Lars’ YouTube channel is Lasse Sarnhult:…

SOPHIA LOVE – AS WE SHIFT – Can I Have This Dance? – by Rose Rambles dotorg – 10-1-16


What follows happened 8 years ago.  There are several parts.  They may not seem connected, yet in a greater sense they each illustrate what’s happening for us right now.

  1. Nothing is at it appears to be.
  2. We are multi-dimensional.

I was sitting in my home in a semi-meditative state.  I was staring out the window.  It was a clear day, with birds & clouds in the sky and leaves on the trees.  As I stared, this picture of reality was pulled back.  What appeared instead was a huge patch of black; a void.  It was pulled back as I watched, like seeing someone rip back a color form* figure from the background black base. I sat up then and said “WHAT???” It re-covered itself with blue sky, clouds, birds and trees.  This pretty much blew my mind.

I was driving very early on a Saturday to return a rental car to the dealership.  It was a quiet sort of sleepy morning and my thoughts were not focused on my task.  I was on a route I’d taken many times; there was little traffic and few lights.

I suddenly realized that I was no longer heading to my intended destination.  I had passed it by miles and was in the country a bit; same road, but not the same town.

I turned the car around and headed back.  I felt odd.  Cars were acting as if I wasn’t there; they didn’t see my car.

I drive an old but high end car.  This dealership treats you like royalty.  When you drive in, they are all over you to help.  There is no wait and two people to assist every time you pull in.

On this day, I pulled in which activates a huge and very loud door. I sat in the car for five minutes while watching three different employees walking and talking and ignoring me. I got out of the car and slammed the door.  No reaction from any of them.  Then I realized, for the second time that morning, it was as if they did not see me.  I sort of stamped my foot and made a decision then to be seen – NOW.  Suddenly one person looked up, surprised, and asked if I’d been helped.  I said “No”, as the other two men rushed over looking confused.

After I got in my car, I noticed I’d missed two calls on my cell phone.  It had been with me and on the entire time, but I never heard these calls. I felt so strange that I later asked my partner to channel his group so that I could consult with them.

They confirmed that I had left the dream. The reason I was ignored is because I wasn’t there physically (until I decided to be seen and stamped my foot).  They told me that I had imagined the door opening because that was the only way I had ever entered the shop.  In truth, I’d just materialized.

They asked me to try and remember where I’d gone, but I did not.  Maybe next time.  They advised me to not do this again until I was sure I could “get back” to this dream!

In truth there have been other times when I moved my focus and ended up elsewhere. In one instance I again de-materialized.  There were witnesses to both my absence and return. On several others my body remained .  Once I was almost fired as whoever was “standing in” for me did not know how to do the intricate work I was paid to do, and just sort of improvised! When I “came back”, I was just one mistake away from losing the editing contract I was working on.  Needless to say, I have been more careful since then!

These occurrences happen in my normal day.  There appeared to be nothing unusual going on, yet a great many things had changed. It is like that now.  Nothing is at it appears to be, and we are multi-dimensional – while everything looks “normal”.  I just heard that the Dakota pipeline has been stopped due the co-creative efforts of several Native American groups. This is transformational. 

We are creating this shift and it appears that we want everyone possible along for the trip.  I am reminded of a video produced four years ago (shared below): Ascension. 

There is no need for worry.  Things are happening in every now. The precise time for any event cannot be foretold.  It must be created first; by us.

We, in a movement of unity and love, are postponing this dance until everyone is out on the dance floor.  It’s more fun that way.

We are writing now what oneness looks like in a human suit.  It looks like us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,
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Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians – The Feel of Dimensions – by Golden Age Of Gaia – 9-4-16


Dr Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians   –   The Feel of Dimensions   –   by Golden Age Of Gaia   –   9-4-16

Steve Beckow:  In the course of looking for articles to post this week, I came across Suzanne Lie’s “The Feel of Dimensions” from October 2013.

It’s a straightforward but deep discussion of what higher-dimensional states are like and feel like.


The FEEL of Dimensions

“An Unexpected Arcturian Message – Simultaneous Perception and Creation, channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 14, 2013 at

You must learn to differentiate between the feeling of the third, the feeling of fourth dimension and feeling of the fifth dimension. We say “feeling” as opposed to “perception” because fifth-dimensional perceptions are FELT with your entire Lightbody.

3D Perceptions

On the other hand, your third dimension FEELS like you are limited to third dimensional boundaries of separation between persons, places, situations and things. To rise above this feeling of limitation, you must release your attachment to third dimensional belief that you can only perceive that which resonates to a small range of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

4D Perceptions

When your fourth dimensional perceptions come online to your waking life, they are similar to your dream images. They still appear somewhat separate, but they are of mutable shapes that waft in and out of your perceivable timeline. Thus the density and boundaries of third dimensional perceptions are quite different from the mutable and flittering perceptions of the fourth dimension.

In the third dimension you “feel” a perception by touching it, talking to it, hearing it or interacting with it in your physical timeline. In the fourth dimension, your perceptions are clear, yet mutable, as you are usually dreaming or in meditation. You may, also, have a fourth dimensional perception of sight, hearing or touch that blinks in and out of your physical life.

5D Perceptions

Fifth dimensional perceptions are only perceivable when you are meditating or holding a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, which is usually delta wave consciousness. While in delta wave consciousness you usually have your physical eyes closed and your intention placed primarily on your inner world.

However, with practice you can remember the FEEL of Unconditional Love and Unity with all life that wafts into and through your higher consciousness. Then you can open your eyes while communing with this frequency of your Multidimensional Self.

Differentiation of FEEL

Third dimensional consciousness reminds you to be alert to ALL fearful stimuli so that you can protect your physical form. Perceptions from your fourth dimensional consciousness will not harm your physical form, but they can give you warnings to protect yourself. Therefore, both third and fourth dimensional consciousness can have varying degrees of the feeling of fear or warning.

On the other hand, the fifth dimension resonates to a frequency beyond harm and, hence, beyond fear. Instead, fifth dimensional consciousness feels joyful, blissful and filled with Unconditional Love. These three sensations are seldom felt in the third or fourth dimension, so you can use them to identify that you are within a fifth dimensional, or beyond, state of consciousness.

Once you can identify your third and fourth dimensional history, you can learn from the failures and/or traumas of your past and raise your consciousness into the NOW of the fifth dimension. In this manner, you can bypass your third and fourth dimensional history to attach to the virgin expectations of the timeless fifth dimension. Understand that if there is no time there can be no history.

Even though your lower dimensional history is an obstacle to your return Home to the fifth dimension, it was the collection of a “history” that was one of your primary reasons for your first incarnation in the lower worlds. We can say “first incarnation” because incarnations in a time-bound reality can be counted in a sequential, numerical manner.

You, of course knew this before you entered your first incarnation, but having never experienced time, you had no idea of the consequences of having a “history.” In your timeless state you were forever new. Thus, you did not have your myriad experiences in time-bound timelines in which every reality was separate from the others.

In the fifth dimension you experience myriad realities within the NOW. All of these realities are connected and intermingled in the ONE of your flow of consciousness. You are not a person, or a place or even a thing. YOU are pure consciousness. Form exists in the higher worlds, but only as a created package for your Light/Energy field…

It is important to remember that you CANNOT perceive the fifth dimension and beyond while in a lower state of consciousness because your sensory preceptors are not calibrated to that frequency. Fortunately, Unconditional Love for yourself will expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

While in this expanded state of consciousness, you can choose to simultaneously use your fifth dimensional consciousness to perceive the higher worlds and your third/fourth dimensional consciousness to ground those perceptions into your third/fourth dimensional form, as well as into Gaia’s planetary form of Earth.

This task takes practice and a strong connection to the Unconditional Love of the higher frequencies. However, once you regain your multidimensional perceptions, you become a portal opener. As a portal opener you continue to wear your Earth vessel while you simultaneously ground your fifth dimensional perceptions into the body of Gaia. In this manner, your fifth dimensional perceptions become third dimensional creations.

Your expectations of fifth-dimensional perceptions activate your multidimensional consciousness. Hence, you can perceive the higher worlds as they intermingle with the 3D Matrix. This intermingling of the fifth-dimensional frequency with the third-dimensional matrix destabilizes the 3D Matrix and allows the higher Light to bleed through into your physical reality.

In fact, this bleed through of higher Light is occurring within your NOW, and is a huge component of planetary Ascension. We will go into detail on this subject at a later date in your 3D time. However, you can always expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension and ask us yourself.

In closing, we ask you to be patient with yourself, as you have been trained to believe that you are only physical. Therefore, remember that Unconditional Love for your Self expands your consciousness and attaches you to the higher worlds of your Multidimensional Self who is eagerly awaiting your communication.

All you need do is BELIEVE in your SELF.

Michele Cornacchia – I AM A 5D BEING – 7-26-16

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Fred Clarke Alvarez – From Above and Below – Hyperdimensional Revelations – 8-29-16


By Fred Clarke Alvarez, Wake Up World

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Why is the world the way it is? What is my purpose on this earth? What is spirit? What is God? What is the archetypal myth that I’m living?

Over the course of my life these questions have emerged and keep emerging. As I’ve walked my path, I realised more and more that I don’t know anything and yet it is all right there, hidden in plain sight. I live in a constant mystery embedded in an eternal present. The energy moves and flows. The mind is like an empty singing bowl that can be filled with many thoughts.

You can empty the bowl only by stopping to identify with these thoughts. When you hit the empty bowl with the stick, the sound vibrates into eternity, as I become part of the whole. My identification with “I”, who I “think” I am ceases to be and washes away into infinity. The stars and planets dance, the birds are singing, the water flows and the sun emerges again and I’m still here on this earth… in this world.

Many years ago, I started to seek answers to those opening questions and many more. On my path, I connected to the spirituality of the Earth and the Cosmos. I found it in power plants, in the mountains, in the oceans, in the desert, in the jungle of Peru, and in some embodied Curanderos I’ve met: a spirituality that transcends our way of physically seeing the world, beyond thought and death.

This continuing process and initiations were the “stick” that played the bowl and emptied my mind, freeing myself from the conditioning in order to learn to love, to forgive, to live and to die. These were years of disillusionment, struggle, healing, un-learning and learning as my warrior-self was activated and (re)born within me. I had visions of the dark and light, of above and below.

About 13 years ago I was working with a power medicine plant in the jungle under the guidance of a native Curandero who also become my friend and teacher. The plant activated my astral vehicle within my body and I left the earth, traveling into space. I saw ‘fireworks’ around me that extended deep into space, a massive golden meteor shower as big as several earths. I moved closer and suddenly I was in the middle of these golden particles.

At this point I started to receive information from other-worldly beings, about their own purpose and evolution spanning over thousands of years in just a few seconds of telepathic transmission. I could hear a chaotic sound/noise while they were transmitting this information. It was intense but also exciting at the same time. There was no fear. I was receiving images during this ‘download’ as well. This went on periodically until I left the cloud of golden particles.

Then I entered a big room. In the middle of it was a large black stone table with some alien ‘glyphs carved in it. The table had a rectangular shape and there were several beings dressed in black clothes and hats sitting at it.

They were starring at each other without saying a word. Their faces were very serious and they seemed frustrated. At this moment I realised that these entities were manipulating the evolution of human beings on planet earth, and also on other planets and solar systems.

I also understood that their plan has been compromised because of a higher energy entering the cosmos and affecting earth and space/time. It is counter-acting their agenda and there is nothing they can do about it. So they are just waiting in frustration, and in seeming desperation.

This higher energy that is originating from the center of the universe is accelerating the evolution of consciousness to the next level. It is also accompanied by positive high frequency beings assisting the transition, and anyone who ‘answers the call’ to participate in this transformation, but they don’t do the work for us.

After exiting this room I went through some transparent ‘wires’ that were carries of flowing energy, as I understood and experienced them. After passing through these wires I entered another room. There was a small crystal table and two chairs made of crystal. In each of those chairs were sitting shadows. They had no volume or substance.

There were three objects suspended motionless, right above the table – a cube, a cone, and a sphere – each in a different color. I suddenly understood that these shadow beings use these objects to transmit the energy of fear to humans on earth.

They work in dreamtime and through other people whom they use as portals, including businessmen, politicians, scientists, artists, musicians, healers, spiritualists, writers, journalists, athletes, filmmakers, etc… I realised that they are manipulating our world through a hyperdimensional technology that affects the minds of humans, installing fear, confusion, anxiety, separation, terror, feeding ‘ego consciousness’, and also working with temptation and ego-hooks.

Hence many well-meaning people are also getting hijacked by these entities and their hyperdimensional manipulation, without their conscious awareness. I understood that these beings feed on our life force and manipulate humanity, keeping them in a frequency prison. After I left this place I went even further into space until I came across gigantic stone structures carved with what looked like Mayan ‘glyphs. These structures were unified like pieces of a puzzle. To me it resembled the cosmic alignment, symbolising how everything is inter-related and connected with each other; a cosmic union.

From Above and Below - Hyperdimensional Revelations - Photo by Fred Clarke 1
Pleiades and the Northern Lights. Akureyri, Iceland. Photo by Fred Clarke.

As I was traveling further into space it seemed like I was approaching the edge of it. There were almost no stars visible and it got darker and darker. It was like the border of an expansion and I could feel the space breathing, expanding and contracting. At this point I realised that I was confronted with the unknown and couldn’t possibly understand what was happening. The only thing I realised was that in my human condition, my mind could not process such information.

All of a sudden I started to feel a very powerful vibration that enveloped me. From a far distance I heard the icaros from my Curandero friend. Gradually I heard it louder and louder until I finally began to feel my body again. It was a very heavy sensation to be back in this lower density of our physical body. I opened my eyes and was back sitting in the room with everybody else.

The next day, I started reading a book that a good friend gave to me: “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak. This book resonated very deeply with me and helped me to give context to my experience the previous day. Tears and smiles were coming out of me in the process of reading it. I couldn’t put it down. It was a profound confirmation of what I had seen and experienced, even like a remembering, as if I have always known it.

It also inspired me to give the best of myself, and keep learning more about the healing arts to help others in the process of awakening, while working on my own emancipation process as well; stepping into the warrior self to establish our sovereignty as embodied human beings connected to nature and the divine within.

It’s the path of embodied knowledge, anchoring the higher frequency of unconditional love as we humbly learn our lessons through the great changes and challenges we face as individuals on this journey.

There are negative forces (most often posing as positive ones), who try to keep us locked in a frequency of fear and confusion, as they manipulate our human free will to align with their own negative agenda. And there are higher positive forces who assist and guide us in the emancipation process that is awakening in many of us, inspiring us to “answer the call”, but as I mentioned before, they don’t do the work for us. We need to learn to become our own embodied leaders, tuned in to our inner guidance and not give away our power to any external authority.

From Above and Below - Hyperdimensional Revelations - Photo by Fred Clarke 2
An encounter. Sacred Valley, Perú. Photo by Fred Clarke.

I also realised that sound and music are great keys to help us heal, raise awareness, and our frequency. But it all depends on the intention and how it is being applied. Sound and music is also being used for mind control in the matrix-world, manipulating us in unconscious ways.

Knowledge of how sounds and frequencies work is important. Sound has the ability to influence matter since all matter is energy vibrating on a certain frequency. The whole universe is comprised of frequency and vibration. Most of it is outside our limited five sensory perceptions. Words and thoughts are also made up of frequencies.

Our body vibrates on a certain frequency based on one’s inner developments and level of being. We are also able to create musical instruments that establishes a connection to the spiritual world with the right intentions and knowledge. In that way sound and music can assist in spiritual and consciousness development.

Essentially, I realised that during this time of transition, the crisis we experience in the world and in our personal lives, is an opportunity to make the quantum leap to a higher state of consciousness and being. From this experience in my life I made the commitment to serve in this time of transition, waking myself up into this new consciousness, facilitating healing in some way to help others. This powerful energy is awaking and calling us, and it is up to each one of us to “answer the call” and embark onto the journey of the hero/warrior. It’s the call to transcend this mutant matrix, the current low vibrational paradigm; to heal, to forgive, to give gratitude, and to love unconditionally in order to empty the singing bowl to allow these higher energies to fill it up. In other words, we need to empty our vessel and prepare it to become conscious transducers of higher energies in alignment with Divine Will.

There is a lot of work for us as individuals and as a community to do so we can make it to the next level of the spiral. The process of becoming embodied peaceful warriors in our own personal journey of the hero can be challenging, but the only way out is through. The time is now to align with the shift. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

About the author:

Fred Clarke AlvarezBorn and raised in Lima, Peru, Fred Clarke Alvarez has been researching and exploring the shamanic healing world since 1998 on his path of seeking truth and questioning consensus reality. Learning from native curanderos and living in the Amazon and Andes of Peru, he started to work with the healing power of sound, using ancient musical instruments of Peru and developing his own unique style of shamanic sound therapy.

Throughout the years Fred has also studied the mysteries and hidden knowledge of the world, and his personal experiences have help him connect the dots of what is going on “behind the scenes” during this time of transition.

Fred lives in Lima, Peru, offering sound healing sessions in private and in groups, as well flute making workshops and spiritual retreats. He is traveling the world, taking his work to Mexico, United Stated and Iceland among other places. Fred is involved with music therapy for native children in Peru and working with autistic children. He has also recorded and composed 4 albums: Pacha Paqariy (2006), Rezando a los Abuelos (2008), Paqarina (2010), Willka Unu (2012). You can listen to Fred’s music at

You can connect with Fred via, or visit Fred’s website, which is published in both English and Spanish languages:

Header image created by Pablo Amaringo.

Aliyah Marr – Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew – Moving into 5D – by Infinite Shift – 8-18-16


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Aliyah Marr   –   Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew   –   Moving into 5D   –   by Infinite Shift   –   8-18-16


Those in the forefront of the shift in consciousness have really been feeling the last bout of changes. This year has been a redux of the last six: with every past element revisiting us. Physical pain, emotional distress, and mental insecurity; all part of the last (we hope) vestiges of the dross of 3D.

The new energy pulsing from the Central Sun and delivered by our Solar partner pushes heavy carbon-based cellular debris, fear-based emotions, and eons of human history out of our bodies. This can be very painful, but it is necessary. The body is bearing the brunt of this process; the emotions kick in in response and react to what is being experienced by the physical form. Then we try to explain our emotions with a thought; justify them somehow. But the emotions are simply another form of the dross and an additional way for the heavy 3D to leave us. As I wrote in the last message, The Unraveling of the Matrix, it is the manifestation process in reverse. Just feel it and witness it.

Then there are the points at which it seems that “the bottom dropped out.” This has been happening at juncture points when we go up a level. It is a feeling of being suddenly unsupported, hanging over a cliff; no one to help. Last week, I felt this sensation again because, as stated by Lisa Rising Berry, we just rid ourselves of 10 timelines. W e are rejecting these alternative futures because we are choosing to rise higher. Each time we do this, the forerunners put off their “rewards” by jacking the collective bar up even higher.

The 1st wave, like an ice-breaker ship, is breaking up all the frozen blocks of lower consciousness. What the forerunners want to build on the new Earth won’t be supported by anything less than 5D consciousness.

Any “compromise” lower timelines won’t work for us, so we are forcing all of Earth to climb higher. We get to a level and rest for a while: in the years past, we might get a few months (I remember 3 glorious months in 2014 when I slept through the night), but now, the spacing between rises in frequency is a few days at most. Time between pulses and rises is very short.

51luvtrkydl-_sx309_bo1204203200_A few days ago, I noticed that everyone, including myself were having weird “accidents.” I walked full on into a screen door, not once, but twice in the same night. A friend had a car accident where she found herself suddenly ramming the car in front of her. The accidents are due to timeline slippage. This started out a few years ago with somewhat humorous incidents where I would “forget” where I put something. Often I would know where I had left the object, but it would not be there, despite repeated searches. Then, when I stopped looking, it would be exactly where I remembered I left it the first time. Instead of looking for a place in one timeline, I had to get back to the right timeline to find the object; the same one in which I had “lost” it.

I see the timelines as the panes of a revolving door. Here is an excerpt from the new book I am writing:

The vortex of creation is like a revolving door. As the inner door panes revolve, they reveal the outer passageway. Each door pane reveals a different potential timeline or reality frozen in the instant that the door frame is revealed, as each pane goes by. In a state of inner silence, you stand at the center, the silent center of intent. As you see each potential revealed, you can choose. This choice is not made with your ego or willpower, it is made from a deep level of silence and intent. In that state of undifferentiated perfection you are perfectly aligned with the intent of your Higher Self.

In the state of inner silence, you stand at the zero point of creation. Drop your new intent into the center. The universe will then pivot around you, and the door to your creative power is revealed.

© Aliyah Marr

My good friend, “R” received a message about “chocolate” vs. “material” meaning that she should choose what elements of her world to keep by categorizing them either chocolate (yummy) or material (old stuff).

We are getting ready to “move” to the next level; this one is a really big one, I can feel it. Each time we move up a level, we are asked what we want to keep. In a move to a new house, you want to go through stuff and sort it into at least two piles: what you want to keep and take with you to the new house, and what you want to throw or give away. We in the 1st wave have been envisioning and feeling the new Earth for so long that we sometimes forget that some of the old is valuable too. We forget that some elements, like in a move to a new habitation, will go with us; we will want to take them with us. Since the new is fast becoming “unimaginable” — meaning that we can’t imagine such a high level from the level of our current consciousness — we must choose to recognize the elements of our current reality that best symbolize the new.

We do this through our attention. Pay attention to that in your world that you like. Appreciate these things — they are your personal “chocolate:” you are giving these elements your creative attention, and energizing them to step up to be with you in the next level. Retrieve your attention from anything that doesn’t suit you: you are throwing these elements away by not giving them your creative energy. They will not go to the next level with you.

Choose everything that you wish to take with you to be part of the new Earth: the birds, plants, animals, experiences, and kind of people you want in your world. I’ll meet you on the other side.

~ Aliyah Marr

Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs
Tarot GPS

Copyright 2016, Aliyah Marr
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Dimensional Overview — 2020 Spiritual Vision

A late night moment of clarity so I’m just going to type. Just when I was certain I was letting go of this slant of the journey, I now seem to understand. So much for being a mainstream spiritual being/blogger, lol. So here’s my take on 3-12D and the possible process.

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CERN – Physicists Prove Classical Music Inhabits Separate Realm, Inaccessible To Humans

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October 1, 2015


GENEVA—Physicists affiliated with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) released a report Wednesday revealing that classical music exists in a field of reality entirely removed from the four-dimensional spacetime inhabited by human beings.

Scientists were performing a routine search for fifth-dimensional activity using the Large Hadron Collider, the immense particle accelerator famous for proving the existence of the Higgs Boson, when they came across the entire corpus of Western classical music from 9th-century plainchant to Nico Muhly.

According to the report, the innumerable works making up this body of repertoire exist in a continuum that resides just beyond the limits of human perception.

“Classical music transcends both the linear, forward flow of time and the Euclidean space we are used to,” said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the director general of CERN. “A musical work is a mysterious entity whose essence totally eludes our senses.”

Physicists claim that any given performance or recording of a classical music piece is a kind of audible hologram projected into our everyday reality by the true musical work, which vibrates eternally in an ethereal medium floating in and around us at all times.

“Think about Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Sure, maybe you’ve looked at the score, and maybe you’ve heard this or that orchestra play it. But have you ever encountered it in its pure form?” Heuer asked. “When you leave a museum, you know the paintings are still there. But where does Beethoven’s Fifth go when you’re not around? Now we know.”

While scientists have measured classical music’s density and charge and tracked its position in the cosmos, its role in the universe still cannot be explained.

Some astrophysicists have speculated that the Western classical canon may in fact be the so-called “dark matter” that is thought to account for 95% of the matter in the universe. Others are less sure.

“Classical music exists in a dimension impenetrable to human beings, so we may never fully comprehend it,” said Stanford theoretical physicist Leonard Susskind.

“It’s exciting that science has finally proven that classical music inhabits an independent, autonomous realm, detached from our mundane experience,” he continued. “But the question remains, what is classical music even doing in our universe in the first place?”



Aluna Joy Yaxkin, The Star Elders   –   SYMPTOMS OF DIMENSIONAL SHIFTING   –   PHASE ONE IS COMPLETE!   –   2-22-16


How many times have you thought about doing something, turn around and your intent vanished into thin air? You can’t remember what you were about to do. The simple fact is that in the act of turning around, you shifted the reality you were in. Then you turn around again out of frustration, and it comes back! You are not losing it. We are being prepared for dimensional travel.

Even as far back as the eighties, I was being taught by the Star Elders about dimensional shifting. Back in ages past, in the EL-der days, one 90 degree turn of the physical body (thus the letter L where the term elder came from) an ELder master could enter another dimension. All over the Maya world, there is evidence of these teachings in stone carvings. As the world fell into denser energy, as it does in the rise and fall of ages, this ancient wisdom was lost. In denser periods on earth, the Elders were still able to shift with three 90 degree turns of the physical form.

Now we are entering a lighter, less dense period of physical reality, and this ability to shift dimensions will begin to return to us. In the Inca world, they understand that in lower, denser dimensions there are more laws of nature. These laws confine us, but also protect us until we are aware enough to be self-responsible. As many of these laws are lifted, with the raising of our frequencies from the purging of our old habits, thought forms and beliefs no longer in line with our higher selves, we have less restrictions in physical reality, but we also have the burden of much more self- responsibility.

Some laws of nature are beginning to slowly lift from our dimension in the last few years. As they lift, we will feel many symptoms that we have shared many times in the past. These symptoms are many, but the ones we want to address today are disorientation and short term memory loss.

Disorientation can cause many people to react in different ways as laws of nature are lifted and self-responsibility is heightened in each individual. We have seen a wide range of reactions to learning to cope with more self-responsibility, like a huge rise of bewildering, mass violence and shootings, epidemic levels of depression and anxiety, and the grand “illusion” of being stuck. These time can be frustrating and can manifest in a full range of crazies . . . like all the way to full blown psychotic breaks (for those who are having a hard time with being self-responsible), to just feeling empty and lost in a void or stuck or in your personal and spiritual growth (these are those having a easier time with more responsibilities). When we are given a vastly larger arena to manifest in, all these symptoms can manifest depending on the level of awareness of the individual.

An example…. When we adopted our new puppy, Comet, it was a challenge for him. He was use to a small kennel, a strict routine and eating and peeing schedule. Then he moved in with us. Our house was huge to him, and the back yard was like the Great Plains. Plus, we are not much for following a schedule around here, and we don’t live by the clock. So this was really scary for him. He was so upset by his freedom and all the space that he didn’t want to pee or eat. But slowly he adjusted to his new freedom, and he learned responsibility, like not to go pee in the house and not chew up my flip flops. He has mastered his new reality quite well.

Short term memory is a symptom and a sign that the universe is starting to give us back our responsibility for the ability to personally and physically dimensional travel. This can make us feel like we are losing it. All it takes is for us to lose our thought process is to turn around or walk through a door way. Both these actions are triggering our short term memory loss. Science has proven this fact. But what science does not realize is that we just had a mini lesson in dimensional travel. The same is true when you have a dream, and when you wake up and roll over the dream is gone. You know you had the dream, but you don’t remember what it was.

The Solution!
When you are about to take off to do something, like go find your tea cup, find your glasses, or drive to the grocery store, before you make that physical turn, hold firm to the thought, and you will not lose your memory. The same is true for remembering your dreams. When you dream, wake up slowly while going over the dream in your mind … before you move, open your eyes, or roll over.

So if you are still reading this now, I guess you are ready for this next bit!

If you are ready to dimensional travel and do not care where the darn tea cup or your glasses are anymore, the Star Elders say that we are ready to start playing with this little exercise. When you are about to shift gears and turn around to go feed the dog, or open that window, etc…, as you turn, place a vision of a place or time you would like to be in, then make that turn around and focus on that other reality. Now here is the catch. You cannot TRY to do this. It has to come as easy as breathing, or you are going to look for your glasses! If you TRY, you just push it away. It must come naturally. After all, this is a natural ability that we are remembering now.

Just know that every time you turn a corner, or walk through a doorway, you are in living mastery school. Relax and allow the vision to just be there. Most of the time, for now anyway, you will turn around and just end up in that stupefied, old void again saying “What was I just about to do?” But keep at it. Practice. Then once you manage to do this, you will most likely get slammed dunked back into this reality within a few seconds. You might feel really tired, confused and out of balance. Your eyes will need to re-adjust (blurry), and your hearing will be wonky for a bit (echoing). Coming back to this reality will feel heavier and even depressing for a bit as well. The hardest symptom is being “word challenged” and losing our nouns when we come back. This is caused by flip-flopping back and forth between worlds, and not remembering it. This issue will increase for a while. It is in these times that we need to immediately apply grounding or earthing techniques. This is imperative to your psychological and spiritual health. The more you go out, the longer you will be able to stay in your desired alternate reality.

These alternate realities have less laws of nature. So manifesting and creating will come much quicker and more powerfully. No matter what I say here cannot prepare you for what you will experience there, or how it will feel by making the re-entry back into this world. Here is another catch… We are merging these worlds; not leaving them behind. We are not going to have a mass exit of humanity that will not return. We are becoming a bridge between worlds. We are merging worlds and thus bringing up the frequency of our collective reality.

The fact is that we sure have mastered the ability to let go of our short term reality already. Yahoo! Phase one of learning to dimensional travel is complete! So we have graduated from part of this process. Now all we need to do is put something back in its place, in that void space. We know it sounds so simple! But tell that to a baby who is trying to walk for the first time!

Warning….. Please enter into this practice knowing that you are responsible for what happens in the alternate realty or the realty you come back to. This will accelerate your abilities and change and raise your vibrations. But just like our new puppy, it might make you feel lost in the vast void of a limitless realty at first.

We are remembering, bridging and merging not only dimensions, but also the wisdom in the bones of our ancestors and the stones of their ancient temples. But this is yet another topic that we will go into soon.

The veil is so thin now, and the frustrating void (the rebooting of a huge shift of an age) we entered into in 2013 is nearly over. We can feel and see the light at the end of this tunnel that we have been in. It has been hard work. And if you are still here and with me on this, then you have worked really hard. So the Star Elders want to recognize and honor you for this hard work even if you feel you were just spinning your wheels. We are not hamsters on a wheel after all! We are the re-born Lineages of Light and the Architects of a New World.

Karen Dover – Expansion in new Dimensional Realities – 11-23-15

Karen Dover

We have been taught and repeatedly manipulated into believing that our outer waking reality is “solid” and that it cannot be changed without mass input from our fellow human beings.  This is not TRUTH, reality is but a reflection of the frequencies that run at cellular level within a human vehicle. It is not TRUTH for example to believe that anyone other than you can access the reality that you are experiencing. It may APPEAR to be so but it is not TRUTH, the only person in the entire human race who can feel in the exactly the same way that you do is you, no one else.  Each human vehicle is distinct and unique as is the way that we ALLOW ourselves to experience the frequencies that we then decode through, around and within our human vehicle.

There are many people who believe for example that only those who are “aware” of their energy systems can interpret frequency, this false teaching simply triggers the division frequencies that are laid down at a cellular level within the entire human race.  It is not TRUTH to believe that there are sections of the human race that are “asleep” or “awake” for this again triggers the division, ALL human beings whether they are “aware” or not of their energy system are being affected and are undergoing deep transformation at this time. This is not evolution of only sections of the human race that we are entering into, it is evolution of species, ALL who have incarnated into human form are therefore undergoing the changes that are happening from cellular level outward to the human vehicle.

This sees vast expansion in the way in which our human vehicle can both interpret and understand reality.  There are many false teachings that seek to push us back into our human logical mind by trying to teach that it is what we believe that we experience, nothing is further from TRUTH, it is what we ALLOW ourselves to EXPERIENCE that births the understanding that we then achieve through the experience.  (This is expanded upon within the 40 days podcast series, please click here to subscribe).

The human race has simply walked around in circles pulled into believing any expansion has ever taken place by the illusion that is presented through the changing of fashion, through the changing of appearance etc. Human behavior has simply been manipulated and hidden from the human race, take a human being out of their “known” reality and they will attempt at all moments to recreate the exact same reality through their behavior.  This has remained hidden to the human race until this pivot point,  the outer waking chaos that is shown to the human race is the chaos that has ALWAYS been there, created by the old earth construct and hidden through the optical illusion it presented as some sort of structure.

As these constructs begin to dissolve and to disintegrate there are many within the human race who will actively begin to try to RECONSTRUCT in order to satisfy the human logical mind which DEMANDS structure through the very intense and hidden teachings of the old earth construct. REALITY is not perception, reality is the interpretation of frequency.  The only reason that the human race were pulled into the optical illusion that is “same” or “shared” is that the frequency that was available was within a certain bandwidth and was the ONLY frequency that was available.

This is now fully negated and the ability to navigate reality is now moving into full expansion through the evolution process. This sees the human race move out of mind centered living into TRUTH which is beyond logic and reason.  Again this will trigger those who have adopted and allowed the human logical mind to take front seat in the human life experience. This next phase of the evolution process will be challenging for those who default repeatedly to human logic and mind centered interpretation as this is now no longer support by the frequencies that are available. Many are in full panic mode at this time as the human logical mind is trying to hold on to a structure that is not TRUTH and is not in harmony with wider creation.

We are asked to allow the next phase of this process to flow and to understand that at times it may feel as if all is disintegrating but that is simply the human mind trying to remain in the drivers seat. We are here in our human form to harmonize and integrate with wider creation, it already exists, we do not have to create it, we simply have to allow it to flow.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

LISA GAWLAS – Understanding the Dimensions, – The Vortex Pathways – Shifts We Are Undergoing – 11-14-15

LISA gAWLAS   –   Understanding the Dimensions, The Vortex Pathways   –   Shifts We Are Undergoing   –   11-14-15

Wouldn’t be just great if we could develop a camera lens that could see the higher light fields that we can only see and experience with our central eye?  Everything we are turning into, changing all around us, needs a video to go with it, because words have become very limiting, even more than before.But, before I attempt to share the wonders of yesterday’s evolving field, evolving you(s), my team has just pointed something out as I went and poured myself another cup of java, for all of us to ponder and obviously important to go beyond what we think we have known from here on out.When I do readings, I sit at my kitchen table, my chair facing my back door, which is a 10 pane window from top to bottom type door and I put my head to my knees to start the higher light of my vision.  On those precious days where my floor is not visible, nothing else is visible either, except your field of light.  My back door is not there, my wall or coffee pot and stuff, does not exist in my field of vision, at all.  I do not see any of, not initially anywayz.  Even the backyard, the trees, the earth, that big ass mesa, no longer there.  The only thing I can see is you, your field of light expressing.  Even the thing we think of as the sky, no longer the same, it becomes whatever is presenting in the readings.  Your field is moving, animated, interactive, participating within our conversations.  Its audible and deeply feelable (is that a word?? lol)  And yet, in my immediate space, my phone, whatever I am drinking, my smokes and my kitchen table are always there.

The images (are they only images or is it as real as my home is?) have texture, I can feel the textures in my hands while sitting at the table viewing.  My physical body will become affected if there is something I am not getting, or just because the emotion is so big I am engulfed in it.

And yet, none of this ever happens without you.  I have attempted many times to do my own reading just like I read for you, nope. Us together turns a charge on, flips some sort of switch that creates, shit, I don’t even know what to call it.  Parts of the denser realities cease to exist while the higher realities unfold.  And yet, even tho my door or walls are no longer visible, the elements from outside do not make its way inside.  The rains, the snows, the heat… never just pouring into my space while we are together, and maybe that because, they do not exist in the reading either, at least, until I blend the two together.  That usually happens when we are coming to the end of our time together. OR, if a critter shows up on the field that i need to pay attention to for you.  Then my view goes to the back yard as it is, then back to your field of light once we mention it.

So what is really happening?  Is anything REALly happening?  But of course it is!!  But not like I ever imagined.  Suddenly I am remember the many connections I have had with your Intergalactic family and they would show me how dimensions really look and work for their travels, for our future travels.  To me they looked like thin sheets of translucent paper all stacked together, very much like this:


When we try to use our linear mind to see them, the dimensions end up having space within them because that is how our mind perceives our reality.  It also gives view to my team and even the Intergalactic beings that have graced us with so much understanding, both say, the dimensions that truly exist, are uncountable.  However, they do become recognizable when we move thru them, if we really understand what is happening.

Now, if we use this image of paper stacked on top of each other, and using the very bottom as the place we consider 3D reality, the densest of all realities, the place where fear and separation is the school of evolution and where most of us started out before this ever evolving moment we are in now.  To fully be there, our bodies, our minds and even our antennas were filled with gook, on purpose, not as a punishment in anyway.  There came a moment in all of our lives, we were triggered to look higher, look and feel beyond what is in front of your face.  When we cleared a little handful of the gook of our lives, we actually opened to the next sheet of paper, the next dimension, which was only a sliver above the reality construct we were living in.  However, to do this took more energy from within our physical bodies, we triggered a higher frequency to be activated within us.  There is not a soul born into matter that doesn’t already have everything they need to go as high in the dimensions as they are willing to take themselves.

Once we were able to sustain our awareness in that next dimension, we also had to start living the energy, the way of life if you will, that is within that next dimension.  To use my own example, I went from (a non practicing) catholic to this, sin and unworthiness was deep inside of my belief, even if i never acknowledged it as true, it ran deeply and strongly in the background of my wiring and this unconscious part of me, kept me in my own realm of limitations… until I picked the freakin catholic out of my energy field forever.  Meaning, I raised my energy system and all that goes with it and resided in an upper dimension as my reality construct.  No longer living on the lower one I started out on.

Each time we release the limiting belief systems we are programmed to believe and live as an experience called our lives, the lower dimension can no longer sustain our light field and we move up into another dimension and live there.  Living there because the strong hold in our lives and we no longer see, feel or experience anything that once was for us. Sure, we can see it happening outside the windows of our lives, but it no longer has any effect on us.  There is no power source connecting to us.

These “shifts” we talk about, that we feel and experience, more and more now than ever before, is our collective going higher, opening and living in dimensional fields that were never accessed from this realm of density before.  This is why our bodies seemed to go thru hell so frequently any more.  We are moving and shaking and releasing so many of the old power constraints that once held us back, not by their doing, but by our own tie into their systems and working orders.

The amazing and beautiful thing with our lives, we can always see the lower vibrations, dimensions and what is happening there in their reality construct, but they cannot see ours.  Not until some of the gunk is released from their Beingness.

So now, let me tie this in to my first lady on the field yesterday, my yarn lady I could not understand when we connected the day before.  I really needed your puzzle pieces first, to understand hers and even, this surprising expression of the dimensions to fully understand how incredible we are!! lol

Lets take an image of her yarn, which actually represented her body, sort of, wrapping itself around the moon.  The color was a deep yellow, closer to the color of gulden’s mustard, but fuzzy link this image:


When she and I connected yesterday, her image took on another element, at the upper part of the moon she was now wrapped around suddenly some part of her made a pin prick in the moon itself, which is, to my view, a little lighter yellow color than her yard.  This pin prick released a stream of pure light that emanated out of the pin prick hole she made (by her fuzziness lol) and then turned blood-red.  What the  hell??

Instantly I remembered my blog from the day prior: “We cannot force light into the darkness, but we can and must create the pin pricks that will one day serve as the avalanche that will happen there too.”   A pin prick of higher light into the lower dimensions changes the electrical field of that person, of that area, of whatever was just pricked by your Presence, and in people, the blood carries the electrical currents and the light changes from the depths of the blood.  Light infused blood be carried to whatever parts of their body that is ready for the upcurrent of energy.

All this just because this lady woke up in the morning.  Her Presence alone is doing this.  Her body naturally emits this current and changes lives by Being!  Changes landscapes, pulls them up into higher dimensions and those that walk upon it can feel it, even if unknowingly!!!

This too, is what people experience as power centers on earth.  These power centers are simply openings solidified (if you will) into higher dimensions.  Now here is something interesting, as that landscape fully engulfs itself in the higher dimensions, that feeling changes, lessons to a degree because it is now spread out.  And yet humans want to go back and fix it simply because they don’t fully understand the grandness of the change.

Damn, this sharing is putting everything I seen yesterday together in understanding.  But before I try and touch on as many of those readings as I can before my day starts, something keeps happening in my nighttime that I finally understand.  I went to sleep with a fully charged phone last night.  I woke up this morning and it was dead as a doornail.  This is a brand new battery in a note 4 phone, a big battery!!  Yet, it was completely dead this morning.

Zero point.

When we open to and sustain ourselves in the next higher dimension, everything is reset energetically, charged but returns to zero point.  Because of what we do together, we opened, enlarged and continue to build the vortex energy that goes higher and higher.  This is how I read the way I do.  We are inlaying the next highest dimension into our evolving field of life.  Changing it with every breath.  When we hit pivotal points together, that’s when I lose electricity, internet, battery drains and my own body goes off-line for the upswing in energies.

There are two readings I really want to make sure I touch on before I run out of time today.  Altho the full moon, the milky way platform and (what looks like) snow is still relevant, bits and pieces are being added to our evolution story.  I had a man on the field yesterday and he confused me (again, my natural state of being these days lol)  because he had a massive amount of snow coming directly out of the bottom of the full moon.  I could see the time alignment as the day of the full moon (the 27th) and his team said “the second coming” WHAT???????

Then they explained that this first avalanche of snow/pure emotions if you will, rained down on all dimensions, all people, places and things in all realities.  It happened that way so that everyone would adjust to the new frequencies.  Those pin pricks of light.  With this full moon, a super release will happen to those in alignment, living in the highest of dimension as their life.  Not peeking in and out, fully resident there.  He is.  Then I could see really thick white space boots on his feet.  No other part of him, just his boots lol.  His team said, the rest of him is out of my field of vision until we pass thru the full moon and I am able to see that high. (I too am an ever loving work in progress.)  He has just embraced the energy worker he is recently.  What I seen thru his reading, think of astronauts bouncing around in space, in antigravity.  His boots had living veins of light in them, showing this is part of his DNA now, and he will be able to freely move up and down the dimensions to bring in higher light to those in lower dimensions for full use and upgrades as needed.

One of my lady’s had a freakin super shiny silver guillotine swinging from west to east, shocked me!! lol  The silver representing the higher frequencies within the earth realms and even tho it was suspended up above where the magnetosphere is, she has the ability to slice and dice anything into a new reality construct.  One of the most precious images was of a person (no one we knew) placed in her right hand at the small of this persons back, her team using the analogy of someone having cancer, and my lady raised this persons vibration, for me it was watching this person laying across her hand at the small of their back and she raised her hand upwards, bringing this person thru the upper dimension, raising their vibration to the degree that the guillotine sliced across the body in the places the cancer was and instantly it was gone.  She can do this with anything that no longer serves the higher dimensions.

Then I had a lady, my last one of the day, holy freakin blow my mind and energy field will ya.  There she was, suspended between the full moon and the milky way platform thingie snow blowing into from both areas and she was become a large (think, beach ball sized) non solid snow ball rotating around and around west to east.  As I was watching her snowball of a body enlarge at the same time, suddenly she was sucked into the deep west… but unlike days before now the deep west is this amazing freakin blue.  Particles of snow being sucked into this stream with her and then suddenly I knew what happened.  She was in both places at the same time, rotating around building her snowball self and sucked into the bell of god at the same freakin time.  The blue, pure Source energy (creator, god, pick a title) and she was in the belly of Source.  He (my personal choice of reference) was doing something to each and every individual snowflake that made her her sphere, whatever he was doing created a silver radiance around and thru each snowflake as he finished (or whatever lol.)  Just before the full moon in our landscape he spit her out like a slingshot to the ground we call her reality.  Holy shit!!  The belly of God, source whatever…

Lets back up a minute… starting out, we couldn’t even barely hold the vibration of our guides.  To be able to stand in their presence we had to raise our vibration high enough to sustain that connection without blowing ourselves up.  Of course, they had to lower theirs to meet us half way.  God cannot lower his, so the only way we can sustain ourselves in his belly (and please, I use that word for lack of a better way of saying it) WE MUST vibrate at that level of purity, of unconditional love, zero judgement for full use of what we have been saying for so long… Creator energy.

We have been working eons and eons of time to clear our energy fields in this realm to this degree and it is sooo freaking exciting to know… we arrived!! This sets the stage for all people, all things in this realm of reality, right down to the densest layer to move on up with speed and actually, not all the work you and I had to put in to get to here.  By doing our work, we cleared the way, created a vortex of upward motion for all to experience, if they desire.

The evolution revolution is in full gear and it is done with pure, radiant LOVE!!  We, together are melting the reality constructs that were once so firmly in place.  Merging the realms we think of as heaven into and onto the slowest of vibrational dimensions.

Keeping in mind, when realities change the appearance is radical.  Unpleasant to look at or experience even.

Just before I went to bed last night, I heard about the Paris massacre.   Altho I wrapped a blanket of comfort for those left behind, I targeted my direct energy to those who created this massacre and to the ones who organized it.  Pouring gallons of pure source love into their hearts, into their reality constructs.  Witnessing them being so separated from their Selfs, that I shot a bridge of light into each one.   Those who appear to deserve to be loved the least, are the one who need it the most.  Please join me of flooding their reality, their dense and divisive dimension with pure love Light.  No judgement, no anger, just… LOVE.

Until tomorrow… holy Heavens batman, We Are HOME!!!  (And its freakin snowing lol)

(((((HUGZ)))))) of well, everything!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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