Beverly Nation – Benevolent Beings Radio Show #5 – Interview with Rebecca Barfoot, Multidimensional Energy Intuitive – 1-30-19

Beverly Nation

Published on Jan 30, 2019

Beverly interviews Rebecca Barfoot on her show Benevolent Beings.

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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Possession is Common – 10-4-17


Lisa Renee 

Most people do not realize that we must take the steps to participate with our consciousness, comprehending a context for energetic intelligences, in order to experience the tangible support and presence of our inner spiritual guidance, mentors and feel our connection with Cosmic Unity Intelligence. Many people from their veil of confusion have forgotten who they are as multidimensional spiritual-energetic beings and how to communicate with their inner spirit. This inner schism and energetic disconnection, originating in the control mechanisms of stolen and siphoned light made through technological mind control implantation, has made many humans vulnerable to a host of manipulating entities. These dark entities are parasites that desire to create anxiety, pain and fear in that individual in order to harvest those collective energies for a variety of agendas.

When we are making decisions from socially engineered negative ego thoughtforms and guiding our life from the basis of fear, we become increasingly tormented and confused over time, which attracts even more of these dark forces. When we are fear based, our heart shuts down, and thus we cannot feel the inner compass within us, we do not know what direction in life we are traveling. Is it north or south, horizontal or vertical? Without the unconditionally loving heart guiding us we have little discernment about our higher purpose and life lessons, we make poor choices because we’ve been deeply confused by our own unconscious pain. Deep trauma and unconscious pain when it remains hidden and unhealed, interferes with our clarity and manipulates our direction in life, generating cross spirals of interference that collide between our higher spirit and our physical body. Possessions take advantage of this internal disconnection that results in a person’s state of mental and emotional confusion, in order to infiltrate their perceptions of reality and continue to use that person’s consciousness energy.

Many people are unaware of the lifeless or dead energy flow within the physical body that interrupts healthy internal circuitry which is the main cause of many diseases or chronic pain that is as the result of that blocked energy flow and spiritual disconnection. From this perspective, over many years, I have personally viewed many unconscious human beings totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative alien implants, unaware that they are soul disconnected and technologically mind controlled to limit further self-awareness and consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is consciousness enslavement of the person without their consent, even if they are unconsciously participating with these dark forces, which ultimately remain largely hidden from external perception. Most people are aggressively attacked if any range of unapproved topics arise for further exploration if that discussion is truly designed to help resolve these critical problems for humanity. If this mind control negativity persists, combined with continued patterns of acting out destructive behaviors that are directed to the self and to others, the person becomes sucked into the rock bottom density of painfully low self-esteem, phobias, fears and addictions. This defines the profile of deep psycho-emotional trauma and spiritual sickness.

Most of the time this imbalanced energetic state includes infiltration layers of astral debris, displaced entities, impersonal elemental forces, attachments and cords, and sometimes, this includes full demonic or entity possession. This means that the person is not alone in their energetic aura, their personal energetic body or aura has infiltrations, dark portals or attachments with other disembodied entities that should not be attached into their energy field. Having extradimensional entities and other spiritual-energetic phenomena attached into the human aura and manipulating the thoughts in our mind, makes any human being exhibit a range of physical, mental and emotional imbalances and dysfunctions that radically damage their quality of life. Entity attachments and possessions take control over the body vehicle through controlling the thoughtforms in the mind, which steal away the ability for that person to make clear and informed decisions for themselves. When we observe humans damaged through possession and mind controlled thoughtforms, over time, if this is not corrected, they descend into erratic destructive behaviors, violence and madness. We have many examples to study of entity possession that are highlighted in the mainstream media news, such as the recent massacre in Las Vegas.

When you study the people that have been possessed and suddenly committed massacres, what do you think was their breaking point into carrying out actions of violent madness? Can you connect the dots and see the common patterns that many possessed people have? One of the most important distinctions to note is that all possessed people, no matter what culture, age or religion, exhibit thoughts, emotions or beliefs that promote acceptable forms of aggression and violence that at their breaking point, this accumulative unresolved internal violence erupts into an explosive energetic display of outer violence.  This is why all negative behaviors and actions that promote, glorify or condone inner or outer violence in any form, are especially high risk and dangerous for possession takeover, not only for you, but for the others around you.

The death culture is cultivated through many acceptable societal labels in order to get impressionable people to believe that self-destructive and violent actions are somehow acceptable by labeling them as artistic, creative, desirable, entertaining and cool. People that display these negative characteristics are more easily given power and fame, many are made into the leaders and heroes of the people. The antidote to spreading aggression and violence is cultivating peace, unconditionally loving kindness and the commitment to act in harmlessness towards others, even if they act hostile. The change to live in peace starts within us. This starts at home, practicing these higher virtues within our families, relationships, friends and acquaintances, knowing that our ripple of peaceful energy in our personal life, will extend out into the world to help harmonize the outer fields from the acts of destruction and chaos. When we choose sanity and peace for ourselves, we are refusing to act destructively, and we are a cause for growing peace in this world.

Insanity or Hell Realms

To better understand how to define insanity, it is to describe the destructive beliefs, behaviors and actions that intentionally commit harm to your self, and by carrying out repeated actions that harm and fracture our inner spirit. This accumulative destructive energy gradually destroys the sacred relationship that exists between our loving heart and our direct relationship with God and spirit. Self-destructive behaviors destroy the heart center, it destroys the force of love within us, and over time implodes the lightbody and produces a black heart, which is a black hole in the center of the body. The black hole within or black heart, creates internal sickness that craves to be fed by the external world of forces, and becomes a parasite onto other living things that emanates light radiance. Thus, insanity is a description of the existence of hell realms, a person or black force entity with the unquenchable thirst for energetic power it can never satiate, and the driving need to be fed by something else. Observing this pattern is how to easily recognize possession made through satanic (anti-life) behaviors that are further controlled by the possessing entity.

The dark entity craves energy and physical experiences, and experiences those sensations through attaching to the body and nervous system of an unaware or asleep human that is carrying out these destructive actions to feed the entity, and satisfy the anxiety of deep unconscious impulses. This is not limited to just humans or animals, the possessing entity can also be hijacking the negative alien body. The Negative Aliens group consciousness body is a hive mind controlled by the Satanic forces which are similar to the phantom spaces of black void, massive gestalts of disembodied black shadow entities that troll for human bodies in order to satisfy their cravings, to suck life force energy and to experience certain physical related sensations in many kinds of realities. The Satanics are addicted to material sensations and physical pleasures, many cannot incarnate on the surface of earth into a human body specifically, so they hijack the human body in the extradimensional planes, such as from in the astral layers, as a substitute body that they can exert control over.

Both human and non-human entities that possess others body’s or lightbody layers are referred to as Satanic or anti–life forces, as no other type of benevolent light being will choose to possess the body vehicle and take control of the free will of another being. A Christos being never will take over another’s body or attempt to assert control over any person to propagate destructive acts. However, the eternal Christos being is the only being that can deliver any entity from its satanic bondage back into the heart of the God Source creator, if it is so divinely orchestrated in alignment to the natural laws.

Satanic behaviors in humans and non-humans are the result of being spiritually disconnected and soul fragmented. This makes them parasitic and unable to self generate the energy they need for the reality they have created, so they consume and exist on other people’s soul force and vital energies. With this clarity about the nature of possessions, there is nothing to fear about deviant behavior when it is understood that these dark entities are completely disconnected from the eternal soul, hence they exhibit insanity and madness. Hence, their extreme hatred is directed towards people that are fully ensouled or at spiritual stages leading them towards the spiritual ascension of the Christos-Sophianic embodiment. The Eternal Soul of Christ- Sophia is the only way the bondage of servitude to the dark forces is permanently removed. It is for this reason all representations of Christ, Christ-Sophia on earth have been aggressively distorted into grotesque mutations by the Controllers. This mutation has no bearing on what the actual truth is as the Universal Law is revealed in the presence of the eternal light, the power of the eternal light when embodied cannot be faked, mimicked or replicated. It either is in the body or it isn’t. When we know the difference between false light and eternal light, the proof comes when challenged in the name of Christ, when a person is dedicated to the spiritual path of reclaiming the eternal light of the inner Christ for themselves, all other entities are refused access into that person’s body.

Black Magic

If the possessed person desires to manifest Satanic forces into the material world and into their life in order to gain power over others or get material things, they would use Black Magic or SRA practices to house the demons and the dark forces that exist in the lowest realms, such as hell realms, underworld or phantom. When creating a black house structure, it is designed to house demonic, satanic and negative entities, usually as a trade exchange for receiving earthly power or material possessions. Demonics or Imposter Spirits will trade knowledge or power in some way in exchange for the person’s Soul light or life force energy, or blood or sexual sacrifices, which results in astral bindings, attachment cords, that are connected to these lower spiritual entities that continue to parasitize the human’s energy field. These entity blood covenants can be intergenerational, and span many lifetimes infecting future generations, and children. When a person becomes in consent with Satanic forces, they are agreeing to be in servitude and binding to the will of these lower primitive forces, which will continue to access energetic bindings of that person throughout the current identity and into the death process.

Effectively this also describes full possession, the person is not single soul occupied, and exists in servitude to a lower kingdom than human being. It is important to know that a human being from continually abusing his body and soul, can lose his status as human being, and descend into the unconsciousness streams of animalistic or elemental consciousness. This is the desired outcome of the NAA, that want to subject the earth humans to dehumanization in this last dark cycle, to collect human souls and make them deviant, corrupt and subhuman. Many people do not realize when they conjure demonics or satanic forces, they invite in Negative Aliens also, who will take advantage of that person through implants, siphoning, and a host of other issues concerning access to their human energy field or lightbody. When a human is in consent with Satanic forces they lose their spiritual sovereignty, and become in servitude to these forces, in earthly life and in the death of the physical body. Once these entities are invited into the human body, they do not want to leave. It is extremely difficult for a practicing Satanist to become freed from possessing spirits, if they have selfishly gained from the inter-relationship. Over time, these parasitic spirits take over the mind and body to increase pain, will trick the person’s mind continually with delusions, may haunt and torment the person into black depression, addiction and misery, and they can be hard to get rid of and clear from the body. These types of Black Magic practices easily lead to partial or full possession of the human body from other world spirits, human or non-human identities that leech inside the body or stay attached to that person’s energy field, effectively draining life force. As a result of the drain, some will participate in ritual human sacrifice or child sex to gain more energy. Many people on the earth today that are very negative, internally violent, feel miserable and play out negative emotional dramas repeatedly, are suffering from mental and spiritual fragmentation and have an satanic force attachment(s) or possession.

People that depart from the physical body without any semblance of developing heart based qualities, or do not have a Lightbody or have not made spiritual connections with their soul, or they lived on earth with an extremely selfish, negative perspective of life, based only on the material realm, are generally, at death of their body, brought under the hierarchy of control of negative disincarnates, also called Imposter Spirits, or Fallen Angelics. Higher level negative energies control lower level negative energies, in the afterlife, or in other dimensional planes. This is a form of the consciousness traps that are set up in the lifetime of that person to prepare them for servitude in the afterlife, as many disincarnates are not even aware that they are being controlled by dark forces, while living or when passed on. They are set up to be put in servitude to dark forces, when their spirit body fragments or vibrates to exist in the phantom realm. By understanding that world soul parasitism has been happening on the earth plane in the last dark cycle, puts into greater perspective why so many Starseed people answered the call from the earth, to come here to help her become freed during this Ascension Cycle.

Being possessed does not generally mean that person is levitating off the bed or acting demonic as it is portrayed in Hollywood movies. When a person suffers from possession, there should never be shame or guilt applied to this state, this person is in need of spiritual support. It is through the possession of one’s body and energetic aura which the experience of personal suffering and pain is greatly increased, until this possession is removed, evicted and cleared from the body of the person. There are a million different variations of possession that are possible; however, the only possibility to evict these possessions is to get mentally stable and emotionally clear within your self, and learn that you have the power to heal yourself and claim your energetic sovereignty and spiritual freedom. When one learns to create the unconditionally loving space within to communicate clearly and get on the path to embody one’s spiritual source, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering. The road to spiritual sovereignty begins with practicing God-Sovereign-Free Behaviors and doing your best to align your thoughts, behaviors and actions with the higher qualitites of the Spirits of Christ. Our pure heart, ethical conduct and virtuous actions, our loving kindness and commitment to harmlessness, is what protects us in the face of all darkness and negative entities, to repel and evict possessions.

(Source: Ascension Glossary – Possession is Common)




Multidimensional – What is Lightbody

Michael Forrester – Seeing Through the Veil of Your Limitations – 12-21-14

eye of universe


Multidimensional food for thought…

12 19 2014 ~There is nothing you cannot be, because you are everything and from everything. You are part of all that is. You have devised a veil which keeps you from remembering our true history. It keeps you from remembering your true origin of who you are and where you came from. The true power of humanity is so great that it was necessary to create this reality full of limitations and duality. Otherwise, it would not be a game at all. We would all realize our true power and the game would be over. So why do we persist with this illusion?

To experience. To have a human experience we must attach to at least one emotion here on Earth. It could be love, fear, anger, greed, lust and many others. It could be one emotion or all of the above. But without attaching to at least one emotional base, we could not stay here on Earth. We would realize our true power and the game would be over. So we must experience limitation the its fullest to remind us that we are human.

Humanity is very much like the elephants that are tied to a rope from birth. As the elephant ages, it could easily break free from that rope at any time, but it doesn’t. It accepts the restriction because it does not realize as it ages that its strength exceeds what it perceives as a limitation to its freedom. It is conditioning that keeps elephant from understanding its power…


All Experiences Lead Us To Higher Learning

We are collecting a wide variety of experiences, some painful, some pleasurable and some in the middle of both extremes. Every single one of those experiences is extremely valuable to the soul and collective of humanity. In the depths of darkness, fear and pain comes incredible learning for the soul. On the other side we understand why this pain must be experienced. When we are finished learning, we will know because we will no longer be here.

The goal here is not be become 100% positive and fluffy in all our endeavors. We are human. We will experience anger, pain and suffering, but the key is to change our perspective of those experiences and integrate their purpose. When we face our pain and fear head on, only then will we see what we are made of. We do not evolve when we bury our past as this only causes more turmoil within ourselves. We evolve when we integrate all past experiences into learning for the present moment. It makes us who we are and defines almost every experience we have from that point forward.

The polarity of love and fear is slowly descending. The options are ascending with our vibrational alignment. We will see things from much larger perspectives and positions more closely connected to our source energy where more transparency is available. Simply put, perception is changing. At this moment, the grand scale that humanity is embarking on from a spiritual perspective is unrealized. We can’t fully see it for what it is because there is far too much chaos. But out of the chaos comes creativity and change…

Your Perspective In The Next Year Is Paramount

The difference right now is how will you interpret crisis? Will you step into fear or into love. Fear of the unknown still divides the planet by a significant margin. The planet is slowly dividing into those who cannot escape their realization of fear and those who can and realize its purpose. Where do you want to be? You can be absorbed by war, violence, political instability, economic collapse, climate, Earth changes, disasters, etc, or you can be at peace that everything needs to change for a new Earth to be born and it is all part of the process.
Start connecting more with not only other human beings, but other life forms. You are beginning to see the connection of everything and everyone to your growth. Your heart will soon function much better than your brain. The magnetic field of the heart is increasing and emotions are taking on a new meaning. This in turn is moving humanity into a place of accepting all life as equal and as one to fulfill our hearts desire.

There is a reason you feel as you do at this very moment. You may not have felt as connected as you could be, or as disciplined as you should be in the past few months. That is normal because the energy that is coming is paramount to your current state of being…

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DL Zeta – Upgrading our Lens of Perception – Shifting to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Channeler:DL Zeta   /   Oct 12   /  Aquarius Paradigm

This year has seen many lightworkers seeking to align with the version of themselves that will help them find their place in the new time. The new time has always existed within its own zip code, so to speak, but as increasing numbers of souls tune into this location in consciousness, its beacon is growing brighter and the notes it sounds in the symphony of life on earth are becoming more prominent.

An acceleration of the new time is on the way as energetic upgrades “phase out” yet another sector of third-dimensional existence. Those levels that are phased out continue to exist but as energies shift toward higher dimensions, efforts along the lower octaves will be met with resistance. In other words, a new layer of the old way of life is about to stop working in ways it has in the past.

‘Reality Filters’ Determine Every Part of our Experience

We’re able to discern the dimensional levels we are working from by becoming a watcher for a time, simply observing what’s going on in our life. One thing we can examine is the filter or “lens of perception” we’re operating from. A ‘reality filter’ is the lens through which we view ourselves and the world. Our filters will change with time as we move in and out of various perceptions and identities.

The filter in place within our present moment determines our experience of reality which includes our level of abundance, creativity, how we relate to others, strength of spiritual connection, health and well being – literally every part of our life.

Negative Filters Transfer you to Negative Timelines

Some people see the world through distorted or negative filters. Negative filters are most always the byproduct of a thought virus. Thought viruses are thoughtforms that seek to enslave us. When we look through a negative lens, we believe we are victims, that others have negative opinions of us and that we have limited capabilities. A negative filter will in time transfer you to the timeline where the negative reality is manifested.

We are just as able to choose positive filters that empower us and help us live our highest visions we have seen in our sleeping and waking dreams. Whereas a negative filter is centered on what you don’t want, a positive filter focuses your energy and attention on what you do want. In creating a positive filter for yourself, look at your strengths, talents, potentials and desires and forge a new lens of perception that will allow you to strengthen your talents and abilities and cultivate the new abilities and experiences you desire.

Spiritual Awareness helps you See through Thought Viruses

Regardless of what lens or belief you hold about reality you will find validation for it in the outer world. You may wonder, if it is just as easy to create a positive filter as it is a negative filter, then why do so many see the world through negative filters? Often people are indoctrinated into negative filters as young children. After a negative lens is implanted, thought viruses keep people from developing the emotional freedom and spiritual awareness that would allow them to see through the viruses’s fear loop. If we can’t see that we’ve fallen under the control of a thought virus, we are helpless to remove the negative lens.

People fall prey to thought viruses that convince them they aren’t smart enough, talented enough or deserving enough to live their dreams. Those who focus daily on their spiritual path and inner healing are able to free themselves from thought viruses as their awareness expands.

When you allow yourself to consciously see the negative lenses you have adopted, you are empowered to dissolve them. Old thoughtforms that you are unattractive, impoverished, unloved and unappreciated begin to dissolve when you see them in the light of your higher consciousness. The final death blow to a thought virus is when you make a conscious choice to stop feeding it your energy and attention.

Creating and Expanding Positive Filters in your Inner Temple

Once you’ve turned your back on negative filters, you’re ready to begin energizing the positive filters of your choice. Create images of who you choose to be by going into your inner temple each day and expanding your view of your life. See you being who you want, having all that you want. There are no limitations. See yourself as loving, kind, spiritually connected, empowered and abundant. Keep the images of this positive filter before you at all times and continuously add to the inner movie of how this will change your world.

If you wish to vastly change your circumstances and identity you will want to build in steps of realistic goals you can more easily attain. It is one thing to change your identity to that of a spiritual teacher and another to become an internationally-acclaimed spiritual teacher. While the latter is a future horizon that can be obtained if you’re willing to put forth the energy, it will understandably the take more time to achieve. There will likely numerous steps and upgrades to your lens of perception to help you move toward your goal.

When you begin to live life as you see it through your positive lenses, your mind and soul become harmonized. From this place of inner peace, you naturally make decisions and choices that help you realize your highest visions and find your place in the new time.

©2010-2013 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

Goldenlight – Jumping outside of time – Among dimensions

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“Good afternoon we are the Council of Angels and the Pleiadian Council and wish to speak to you today of this experience the channel had of “skipping time”. She did indeed skip time and was able to “double back” in time to “be” in a time track parallel to one she had previously “been” in, simply with the use of intention combined with the power of the heart and mind. Her desire to “have another Sunday” was so strong (intention + heart + mind= creation), that she simply “doubled back” in time to “re-experience” a time sequence in her calendar reality which she had “already experienced”.. In “reality” she was outside of time but her mind had created a pre-programmed hologram to seem like she was again in the same calendar day as the previous day, so that her brain could “comprehend” what was happening. The skipping time phenomenon which some of you will begin to experience is part of the ascension process. Like all aspects of your ground-breaking earth Ascension, this skip in time is a gradual process which will be occurring slowly and in pieces so that your mind and brain does not start going into overload. Imagine if you went from your current-day reality into “no time”, or the fifth dimension, and you had no calendar date or clock; if this happened too quickly, your brains as they are now would not be able to comprehend what is happening.

So this is part of the process that we spoke of last time where you must begin to train your brain and your body, which are physical organs and physical vehicles, to follow along with your consciousness. In other words, you’re training your brain to be outside of time! You will be training your brain to ascend, basically. Beginning to step outside of the boundaries of time in the calendar is part of the Ascension process that you will be going through. This, as we have discussed before, is something very new for earth humans… this has never happened on earth before, so this is a very new experience in the history of the consciousness of mankind. This is groundbreaking Creator territory! In other words, you have all agreed to participate in this experiment and experience, and part of this experience will be the joyful skipping and jumping outside of time. The first time this happens to you – and it will be a little different for each of you according to what you can handle – you will be literally joyfully skipping and jumping because it brings a great sense of relief and joy. This is what the channel experienced on the day when she realized that she had jumped time! She was filled with a joy and a glee which she could almost not contain!

You will begin to experience this as well. And, as with all aspects of this experience, it is your awareness that will assist you in your transcendence of time… in your transcendence of the illusory material world which is simply a hologram. The “day” that the channel experienced which was a doubling back in parallel time was a hologram that was created by her being so that her mind would not go into overload. The “reality” is – and the term reality is subjective – she had jumped into a pocket of the fifth dimension. Oh what joy she experienced on that “day”! You too will feel this joy and glee as you begin to skip and jump outside of time. This is the signature of being in the higher dimensions, and you are all graduating towards this now. The channel has been moving slowly towards this over the years actually by getting rid of watches and clocks, preparing her brain to be in “no time”. She also began a regiment of daily living in the now and living in the day many years ago, so that each day for her is the now. There are no calendars on her walls or clocks on her walls or watches on her wrist anymore. The only reason she looks at her digital clock or calendar is in completing any of her work responsibilities that she may have, or appointments that she may have.

As your higher dimensional abilities begin to increase exponentially now, you will begin bouncing in and out of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. And many are talking of these higher dimensional abilities now, such as Andrew Bojarski speaking today of teleportation becoming a reality*, and this is true as many of your higher dimensional abilities begin to awaken now. This will be causing you much exuberance glee joy and exhilaration … ! Of course with the higher dimensional abilities comes responsibility… notice that the word response-ability is an offshoot of the word ability… That is because with these new abilities, one of the responses to these new abilities will be to use them wisely… To use them with conscious awareness and to follow the spiritual law of non-harming of any other being, of respecting another being’s space and solitude and quiet if they so wish… of the spiritual law of the Golden Rule, which is to do unto others as you would have done into yourself… So in being consciously aware and respectful of other people’s space, and that includes their energetic space, you will be using these higher abilities wisely and with love.

The channel Goldenlight is now tuning into many higher dimensional sources at this one moment in time… She has all of the higher dimensional energies of many around her that she’s tuned into at this moment, and she is having a hard time deciding which one to bring in… let us explain. She is connected to her Council of Angels, including Archangel Michael Gabrielle Raphael and Chamuel… She is connected to the inner earth realm of Agartha, represented by Adama of Telos – they are of the higher dimensional awareness who live in the 5th dimensional consciousness… She is connected to her Pleiadian family which is her family on the Pleiadian council and with whom she spent many many many many lifetimes after the creation of her soul…She lived there with them in the higher dimensions starting in the fifth and going up through the seventh and higher …. See there are many in the higher dimensions now who are “around” your world.

As you all begin to raise your frequencies and vibrations into the higher dimensions, you too will begin to sense or pick up on communications from many of these higher dimensional beings, including the angels, the archangels, the beings in the Inner Earth, and the star beings surrounding your earth… There are many many star beings surrounding your world now. We of the Pleiades have the strongest ties with Goldenlight, as she did spend many many eons with us in our faraway home and has not had many earth lives. We are with her now to assist her in this Ascension process just as we are with you to assist you in your ascension process; that is, those of you who have ties with the Pleiadian realm. Not all of you do; some of you have ties with Sirius or Andromeda or Arcturus. So as you raise your vibrations and frequencies – and this is inevitable for many of you as this was your plan before you came here – you will begin to be able to have telepathic communication with us just as the channel is now having with us. For this transmission is simply her tuning into our telepathic message which we are sending to her for transcription. She does have a loving soul contract (pre-birth agreement chosen by her) to be a communicator with the higher dimensions so that this is somewhat “hardwired” into her being… as she does this in service and love, and with a sense of joy and great fulfillment. It is a pleasure for her and one that she signed up for before she came here… that is why it is with ease that she can bring these messages in.

So going back to skipping time and jumping time and higher dimensional abilities… Now this “jumping time” is something that you will begin to do, especially as your awareness of it increases. This is true of all the higher dimensional abilities including telepathy, teleportation, bi-location, and levitation… Of which you are all capable by the way, it is simply your brains that have the catching up to do and the realizing that you have always had these abilities. So begin to train your brain – which remember is a physical organ – so that it can now follow your consciousness, rather than the other way around. Begin to train your brain that it is indeed not only possible but okay to transcend time… it is okay to transcend the calendar… it is okay to teleport… it is okay to levitate… change your brain that these things are possible and “okay”… Your brain will quickly follow suit and begin to accept these messages from your higher consciousness to be true. It will then assist your body in complying with these new “truths”, and that will begin a process wherein your whole being will become “on-board” with these new abilities which are being awakened within you and from within you.

Exciting to say the least! This is a new era for the human earth being… this is the beginning of the awakening of the superhuman, the new human which is a higher dimensional human, and you are all a part of this exciting transformation! What a joy to be a part of …what a beautiful and exciting experience this must be for you All. We of the angelic realm, the Inner Earth Agarthan Realm and the Pleiadian and other star system realms, fully support you in this endeavor. We are here for you only when asked… we all participate in the law of non-interference which simply states that we cannot interfere in your personal and spiritual growth unless we are asked, although there is a small clause to that law which is if you were going to be doing anything as a species to somehow destroy your species or the planet then we could interfere to help prevent this; such as in the disarming of nuclear weapons. But other than this clause, we are practicing noninterference until the day that your vibrations and frequencies are high enough to intersect with ours. When this occurs… when you have raised your vibrations and frequencies and you reach the activation of 80% of your higher-dimensional abilities such as telepathy… This is the point at which we will meet because you will be of a frequency that resonates with ours.

We are excited for this to occur and know that it will not be “long” now, as many of you continue to raise your frequency of vibration to match ours. Of course for us – being outside of time – we can tune into this happening in the Now moment, as all happens simultaneously in the Now in the higher dimensions, as we are outside of time.  We are here to assist you as needed on both an individual and collective basis… And as you go quietly within during your meditations, connect in first with your higher self, your multidimensional self and your own personal spiritual guides. You may begin to awaken now to your ties and connections with other star systems such as the Pleiades Sirius Arcturus Orion Andromeda and many others. Connect in with us of the archangelic realm if you wish… I Archangel Michael am ever near should you need my assistance with your ascension to the higher dimensions and stand ever ready to protect you in a golden energy shield so that no harm will come to you in your travels. I Archangel Gabriel and I archangel Chamuel and I archangel Raphael also surround you in a beautiful aura of golden energy and love and We all love you most dearly. We send you our love and light in this now moment, and also send a nurturing loving energy to each of you, bathing and surrounding your being in the beautiful love of Source Creator Light. Many blessings to you all as you begin to gleefully and joyfully skip about and outside of Time and begin to transcend the illusion of your former 3rd and 4th dimensional realities as part of the Divine Creator’s Loving light-filled Plan.”

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and full message without alteration when re-posting this message.

Multidimensional – What is Lightbody

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This video is best when viewed in high quality. The information in this video was channeled from Ra, spokesperson for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. I am not the channeler.

Ra is a being who is part of a collective group called the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of Light. These archangels serve as wards of Earth and our solar system. There are four of these Archangelic Tribes that are delineated by the color they emanate: the golden yellow, the scarlet red, the clear sky blue, and the gentle emerald green. There are many beings of each color, and all beings of the same color share the same name. All of the golden yellow Pleiadian Archangelic Tribe members are called Ra and are the keepers of divine wisdom, which is the product of all experience. The other beings are called Ptah, Ma-at and An-Ra. These names are familiar because they were frequently used in ancient Egypt, especially for royalty. The Egyptians were more advanced spiritually in ancient times than they are currently. The Pleiadians, including the Archangelic Tribes, were commonly in communication with the ancient Egyptians who were able to respond to them during their height of spiritual advancement. Usually every 5200 years or 26,000 years, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light make themselves known to awaken us to where we are in our evolution and to what is needed in order to take the next steps. Their common purposes are the overall evolution of the planet and the human race and to store enough higher knowledge here on Earth for the Great Awakening.

I would highly recommend the “Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka” by Amorah Quan Yin for techniques on grounding, self healing, clearings (includes clearing of the chakras), Ka activation, cellular reorientation and repatterning, and more. It really is an amazing book with techniques that help and work.

About the Pleiadian Workbook: The Pleiadian Workbook is a direct transmission from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light–Light beings from the Pleiades–who say it’s time now for spiritual growth, ascension, and healing. Through Amorah Quan Yin, we are taught to open our ” Ka Channels, ” which pull energy from our multidimensional, holographic selves into our physical bodies. These galactic healing techniques align us with our divine selves, raise our vibratory rates, and rejuvenate and balance our bodies, while accelerating spiritual evolution and stimulating emotional healing.

Christina Sarich – Synesthesia: A Multidimensional Blur Of The Senses – WakingTime



Imagine biting into an apple and seeing the color purple, or smelling the salt of the ocean as the touch of a lover’s hand on the small of your back. These types of experiences are called synesthesia: the occurrence of concomitant sensation is a fascinating blend of the five senses – touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight.We’ve all experienced synesthesia to some degree, but, synesthetes (as people are named who can taste the color blue or smell someone’s hand tickling through their hair) have a heightened interplay of neurological synapses that end up quieting some senses and turning up the volume on others.

Forgetting to Distinguish the Taste of Purple, The Smell of Sweet, the Sound of Light

Coming from the latin syn and esthesia (as in anesthesia) those with this forgetfulness to ‘divide’ the world into parts experience it instead, as a contemporaneous blend of lemon zest on the tongue while seeing a Dexter Gordon jazz riff, or touching a piece of fine stationary and smelling a Spring day. Instead of feeling anesthetized through the five senses, they are amalgamated into a tumble of sensual experience.

The brain is a wet, loud, strange place sometimes, and the sensory-motor connections that allow synesthesia to occur are quite fascinating. If to you, Thursday is translucent white and your boss screaming at you the color pale grey, the sound of a symphony tastes like cinnamon and a baby crying smells like wet leaves, then you have synesthesia.

Psychologists, Philosophers, Neurobiologists, Trippers, Painters and Artists with Synesthesia

Neurologists consider synesthesia to be rare, and often abnormal, and in some cases even pathological. Many artists, poets, and musicians consider it to be a gift, and phenomenologists consider synesthesia to be a step closer to spiritual awakening. Some feel that synesthesia occurs due to an abnormal seratonin breakdown. This phenomenon of mixed sense also occurs under the influence of multiple psychedelic drugs. When we are still in our mother’s womb, and up until about four months of age, we all experience sensory input in undifferentiated ways. From cradle to grave, synesthesia can occur in multiple ways.

Regardless of how you quantify the phenomenon of synesthesia, researchers are still figuring out exactly how the brain segregates and correlates information that comes in from external stimulus and becomes filtered through the five senses.

Approximately 100 years ago, being a synesthete was considered tres chic in France and other parts of Europe. In modern vernacular synesthetes have now been categorized by psychologists into more than 50 types. Rimbaud and Baudelaire used the cross-sensory imagery of synesthesia in their poetry and others wrote of experiencing it in concert halls. Notes had hues and metaphors were endemically mixed-sense references. Some say Kandiniski, Van Gogh, and Poe were synesthetes.

Terence McKenna experienced synesthesia in his many psychedelic trips (primarily after experimenting with magic mushrooms and also taking more than 70mg of DMT, familiarizing himself with what has been called tryptamine synesthesia). Narby, Munn, Pankhe, and thousands of others who have experienced Shamanistic rituals have also reported mixed sense phenomenon. James Wannerton of Blackpool, England experiences lexical-gustatory synesthesia, which means he ‘tastes’ words or sounds. In a book by social scientist Cretien van Crampen, Hidden Sense, he points to ways the brain processes information differently in different people:

“When synaesthetes insisted that letters have colors, researchers attributed it to their strong imagination…In other cases, in was felt to be a learned association…Another frequently heard explanation for synesthesia is that the colors of letters are not perceptions but are rather a type of associative metaphor. The word “sea” would thus be associated with a blue color because the word evokes an image of the sea for the inner eye. However, the synesthete may tell you that the word “sea” has red, yellow, and purple colors…

Brain scans of synaesthetes [now]…provide proof of the neurological existence of synaesthesia…In one test, a synaesthetic person was blindfolded and placed in a recording tnnel of the brain-scanning apparatus and wore headphones that produced spoken words at regular intervals…activity in the areas of the brain responsible for hearing and color vision occur simultaneously when a blindfolded synesthete hears a word. Under the same conditions, the brains of non-synesthetes generated activity only in the areas known to be responsible for hearing.”

Universal Common Experience

In a discussion presented by Dr David Luke from the University of Greenwich recently it was offered that “there is a geometric aspect common to many of the psychedelic visions experienced by people in different cultures.’ It doesn’t matter if you are a Timothy Leary devotee, a South American Shaman, a Holy Man in India, a recreational acid head, or a housewife, likely your experience on a psychedelic ‘trip’ will be a complex, interlocking play of shapes, divine geometric patterns and extremely bright colors that are almost ‘alien’ in comparison to the sensory experience of the everyday world.

This phenomenon of synesthesia shouldn’t be so surprising for many people who have premeditated cymatics. It is after all, the study of how sound, ‘looks.’ Evan Grant discusses this in a great TED talks video that shows how to make sound waves visible.  Sound can travel through gases, liquids and solids, and especially our own bodies and brainwaves. It has been proven to alter them, and some of the geometric symbols, like the Sri Yantra, were thought to have been received as a simultaneous visual/sound phenomenon in mediation.

Synesthesia and Super String Theory

So, the question then becomes, no matter what causes our synesthesia experience, are we regressing (as in the womb) or getting closer to a Universal experience of Unity (as we evolve and experience spiritual evolution) where all the senses blend together to describe an Infinite Universe? In yogic terms, once one reaches chittasuddhi, there is often a blending of oneself and others, through both the senses and other ‘strings’ of the consciousness.  From a nucleus of Infinite possibility, a whole experience can blossom forth within multiple dimensions, and not just the one we are currently rooted in with a linear experience of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

If, as super string theory suggests, at the highest levels of existence all things are just vibrating chords of energy tied to everything else, then it would make plenty of sense that smell and touch are interchangeable, as are taste and sound, sight and feeling, and so on. Those distinctions, in fact, might simply be the more gross experience of the dynamics of the more subtle Universe as a whole.

Further, the natural length of scale necessary to test string theory is entirely too small at present. If, however, every particle transmits a force (a boson) and that then makes up matter in the form of matter (a fermion) and vice versa, the symmetry of the Universe is proven yet again, and synesthesia might just be a blending of the senses in much the same way we can empathize with someone ‘else’s’ emotions or taste the sky when we look into a lover’s eyes. The Universe is psychedelia anyhow, to any awakened mind.

If you have experienced synesthesia in a state of altered consciousness or just live with it every day, we invite you to share your experience of it, or related links below.