LINCOLN GERGAR – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview – 6-22-15



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Hello everyone. This is Lincoln, the channel for Higher Self. Welcome to your reality.

In this moment you are creating everything. Your perceptual awareness is the Source Light. All of the forms in existence are this Light. You will never exist outside of your Light. This entire Universe is within you, as you.

You have chosen to enter this human reality to be the author of your life story. The thoughts you speak to yourself, the words you speak to others, your emotional energies and the actions of your body communicate to the Source Consciousness what you want to experience. The Source Consciousness is you. Become aware of yourself as this creator. Live from your Higher Self state and you become the conscious author of your reality. You choose what your life will be. Anything is possible.

With this Truth known, how will you create your life?

Since the age of 18, Lincoln Gergar has been helping people to awaken to who they are as the blissful consciousness creating their lives. At 25, Lincoln started teaching to a world-wide audience via YouTube, personal sessions, and events. In 7 years, his Channel Higher Self videos have received over 3 million views and he has taught in 13 countries on 5 continents.

The message is simple, direct and clear. The life you experience is the direct expression of what you believe to be your reality. Expand yourself as consciousness into all parts of your mind, emotions and body to gain creative control of your human reality. Awaken to the Truth that you have always been the creator of your reality and live as this Truth.

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Interview recorded 6/20/2015

ARCTURIANS – Merging With Our Higher Self



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Original meditation by Dr. Suzanne Lie
In Greek mythology, Gaia also Gaea, or Ge was the personification of the Earth,one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus . Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.

STEVE BECKOW – The Advent of the Inner Teacher – 5-23-15

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Steve Beckow

Our way of learning is changing along with everything else in the world.

We used to learn by listening to others. Now we’re being encouraged to learn by listening to ourselves, the inner, still, small voice, our heart, our inner guide, our conscience – our learning is now beginning to come from inside.

This reflects the fact that we’re unfolding, expanding, and emerging. But I’d like to look at the matter more closely to see if we can be as clear as possible about this process and this change.

When I’m in bliss, I get to watch the processes of bliss. For instance, one process is that bliss eradicates, for the moment, worry, hope and fear. It eradicates memories of past injustices. It leaves a person in a space where nothing else but bliss is wanted or felt to be needed.

The space of bliss itself becomes the teacher and that space is internal.

Sri Krishna said: “When the whole country is flooded, the reservoir becomes superfluous. So, to the illumined seer, the Vedas are all superfluous.” (1)

Well, I’m not illumined, but I can say that, when the being is filled with bliss, the Vedas become superfluous. Why do I need to read a book when my own internal space is telling me what I need to know?

Many of our channeled messages have been pointing to this eventuality happening. Here’s Sanat Kumara through Tazjima. What he says about conscious creation could be said about things in general:

“There is much to learn about the process of conscious creation, but this you will accomplish and largely without the outer teachers, books and classes. The lessons you will learn will come to you through your heart connection with your guides, with your Higher Self and those multidimensional parts of your Soul that exist in many times and places.” (2)

Where we’re going, railway tracks are not needed Credit:
The Sirians through Tazjima describe what’s available to us from our inner store of wisdom:

“This is a time of power when you can most strongly connect with your internal wisdom, the great library of knowledge available through soul connection and through listening to your own body.

“Your bodies are living libraries of light, encoded into the facets of your DNA, the portions that are just now beginning to come online.” (3)

If we can just gain a foothold in the inner ocean of love, then we can begin to examine the space of love. Then the real learning begins. Then our lives become a workshop, a laboratory, and our explorations accelerate our learning, which in turn accelerates our unfoldment, expansion and emergence.

The situation becomes as Sri Shankara described after the first enlightenment, the vision of the Atman, Self or Christ:

“Once we become conscious, even dimly, of the Atman, the Reality within us, the world takes on a very different aspect. It is no longer a court of justice but a kind of gymnasium.

“Good and evil, pain and pleasure, still exist, but they seem more like the ropes and vaulting-horses and parallel bars which can be used to make our bodies strong. Maya [the material world, illusion] is no longer an endlessly revolving wheel of pain and pleasure but a ladder which can be climbed to consciousness of the Reality.

“From this standpoint, fortune and misfortune are both ‘mercies’ — that is to say, opportunities. Every experience offers us the chance of making a constructive reaction to it — a reaction which helps to break some chain of our bondage to Maya and bring us that much nearer to spiritual freedom.” (4)

That distinctly aligns with my experience. When in bliss, everything I meet is an opportunity to uplift and make whole again. Only in wholeness can bliss be experiened (hence all our clearing).

Apparently, the angels have in hand when to feed us more bliss, when to awaken us more, etc. The Sirians through Tazjima tell us:

“When the time is right, you will awaken, first gradually and then more quickly to become fully conscious of the various layers in which you already experience life. You will be amazed to realize that you are quite an extraordinary focus of the ALL THAT IS.” (5)

All it takes is one experience of bliss to show how accurate what the Sirians say is.

First we enter into the ocean of transformative love perhaps for a fleeting moment. Then we begin to master how to cause love to arise from our hearts out into the world. Then we experience more and more extended periods of being in that ocean. And all the time, we’re watching, exploring, and making distinctions that further accelerate the process.

And as we do this, we move further and further away from needing or wanting external teachers.

We won’t need the inspiration of external writers and presenters then because we’ll be tasting and enjoying the inner banquet of love and once that happens we have a surer and more reliable guide than any external source.


(1) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 40.

(2) “Sanat Kumara: Go Gently into that Good Light,” channeled through Tazjima, October 3, 2013 at

(3) “The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another,” channeled by Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara), December 12, 2013 at

(4) Shankara in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher lsherwood, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1975; c1947, 24.

(5) “The Sirians,” ibid.


Gustavo Castaner – 22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self – 4-29-15

22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self body mind soul spirit

by Gustavo Castaner

1. Higher Sensory Perception

Your intuition is developing at a rapid rate. Other higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience can also be turned on. These higher senses allow you to access information and wisdom that otherwise would be unavailable through the use of your rational mind. Harmonious lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are also ways to access higher dimensional information.

2. Knowing Your Soul Purpose

With your higher senses turned on, it has become crystal clear what your Soul’s Purpose is. Not only you know what your mission here on earth is but you are fulfilling this mission by taking action and walking your path. Your are fulfilling your basic human needs of self-growth and contribution by being on the path of eternal self actualization and being at the service of others.

3. Meeting Your Soul Family

Your frequency has attracted you to people with whom you resonate at a soul level. When you met these individuals you felt a strong and undeniable connection with them, like if you had met them before (from a past life). Even if they live on the other side of the world, the spiritual ties between you are so strong that years can go by and when you meet again is like no time has passed.

4. Meeting Your Twin Flame or Soul Mate

You are in a relationship with a person that highlights and enhances your best qualities. As well, this person will mirror back to you everything you need to work on yourself. This relationship thrives on self-growth, contribution, higher giving love and fulfillment. A necessary step for the manifestation of this relationship is cutting cords of attachments and karmic ties with previous relationships.

5. Synchronicities and Accelerated Manifestations

Your connection with the universe and life is evident. Your questions are answered through synchronicities and hidden messages are easily revealed to you by the power of your higher senses. You find messages and answers in books, nature and even random conversations. As well, you become aware of how strong and powerful your intent has become. Whatever you focus on manifests at a much faster than ever before.

6. Taking Responsibility For Your Happiness

As you embody your Higher Self you realize how powerful you are and how you co-create reality through your thoughts and emotions. You take full responsibility for your own happiness and you stop blaming other people, the government or any other outside sources. Victimization is a thing of the past and you take full charge of your healing and evolutionary process.

7. Embracing All Emotions

You have finally transcended the spiritual bypass that some emotions are ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. Instead you embrace all e-motions and instead of repressing them you allow them to flow through you. You can use anger for passion or motivation. You can easily empathize with others while maintaining the integrity of your field.

8. Holographic Nature of Reality

Like Rumi said ‘You are not a drop of water in an ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop of water.’ The holographic nature of reality is encoded within you and you can sense the interconnectedness of everything. It is obvious to you that we live in a multidimensional matrix and that you have a multidimensional anatomy. You also feel very attracted to sacred geometry.

9. Alchemical and Healing Powers

Whether it’s hands on healing, soul retrieval or any other type of healing modality you have learned how to direct your intent and manipulate energy to remove energetic blockages. You can easily connect to your Higher Self and disengage discordant energies that hinder your spiritual evolution. Often you will assist others in their healing and ascension process with your siddhis.

10. Activating Your DNA

DNA activation is the process of accreting more light into your morphogenetic field by activating the dormant strands of DNA that correspond to your Higher Self. You have at least a 12 strand DNA template that allows 12 dimensions of consciousness. DNA activation is the key to spiritual ascension and the embodiment of your Higher Self. It’s quite common for a person who goes through DNA activation to progressively experience all the other signs mentioned in this page.

11. Unconditional Self-Love

Your 4th strand of DNA corresponds to your heart chakra. One of the main benefits of DNA activation is being able to access and embody a state of unconditional self-love. No longer do you feel the need to extract love from other people, instead you see yourself as an infinite source of love. A sense of wholeness begins to unfold as you love ALL aspects of yourself, including your shadow self.

12. Integrating and Transcending Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self is the part of you that is running in reverse. It is mainly made up of archetypes, personas and complexes. Some examples are the Professional Victim Persona, the Rescuer Archetype, the Sorcerer, The Tyrant and the Absolute Perfectionist. The shadow self is what causes self-sabotage and causes you to create chaos in your life. The shadow self is created by making decisions that are not aligned with your Higher Self and manifest as reverse codes in your DNA.

13. Frequency Resonance

As you continue to raise your frequency you notice how some people begin to fall out of your holographic reality. You understand that your frequencies no longer match. The same can happen with your job or even your country of origin. In turn your higher frequency attracts you to a new grid of people, places, times, things and events that are in line with your Higher Self.

14. Honest Yes and Honest No

You are not afraid of saying ‘no’ to other people when you inner guidance tells you not to do something or go somewhere. You are not afraid of other people’s reactions and you are true to yourself. Every time you are congruent with what you want and what you don’t want you feel more powerful. As well you embrace the art of an honest ‘yes’ when the universe delivers what you desire. You don’t try to appear ‘humble’ or ‘spiritual’ by rejecting what you truly desire in your life.

15. Harmonious Family Relationships

‘If you think you are enlightened, go spend a weekend with your family.’
Ram Dass

You have realized that enlightenment doesn’t happen in a cave. You have cleared the cords of attachments and karmic ties with your family. Gone are the days where you kept experiencing the same old family drama. Your family members have shifted their approach to connect with you to higher ways and you accept/love them just how they are.

16. No Guilt, No Shame

Shame and guilt are the two lowest frequency energetic blockages in humanity. In order to embody your Higher Self you have let go of the identification with shame and guilt. You have cleared the guilt and shame you inherited from your parents through the DNA and you have released the shame and guilt that has been implanted by society and religions. Instead you choose to embrace the states of joy and bliss. You have become immune to guilt manipulating strategies often used by victims.

17. Making Decision In Line With Your Higher Self

Instead of making decisions based on fear, righteousness, competition or lack you are making decisions in line with your Higher Self and ultimately with Source-will. You are aware of Source’s intentions: the Law of One, Unconditional Love, Cooperation, Evolution, Perpetual Motion, Cause and Effect, Non-Judgment and Free-will. Even though we all have free-will and can ultimately go against Source-will (you’re unconditionally loved), you’re aware that making such decisions will trigger the Law of Cause and Effect and create a karmic imprint to re-mind you must heal that karmic miasm at some point.

18. Inner and Outer Abundance

Lack and limitation are a thing of the past. You have embodied a state of absolute inner abundance that is being reflected onto your holographic reality. You no longer seek to extract love, approval and appreciation from other people, you are the source. Happiness is within you. As well you have transcended the spiritual bypass that money is ‘evil’ and you know that money is just energy, made up of consciousness just like everything else. You enjoy financial abundance and use this abundance to create a more harmonious reality for yourself and others.

19. Mind Unplugged From the Matrix

One sign that your mind has been unplugged from the matrix is that you can clearly see the hidden agenda of those who desire to control this planet. You no longer resonate with the news and their ‘official story’. You inner truth detector can sense when someone is lying and you have become immune to the low frequency strategies and implants that constantly try to tell you ‘you are not enough’. Mindless consumerism and the herd mentality seem absurd to you.

20. Bye-Bye Idolatry

As you awaken to your co-creative powers and God-like nature, you no longer put other people on a pedestal. Your inner guru precedes any external guru and you see teachers as a reflection of your own unlimited potential. The forces of your worthiness and deservedness drive you to achieve whatever you set your mind upon. You have become the master of your own reality.

21. Overflowing with Gratitude

Gratitude is your attitude. Gratitude is your prayer. The sense of lack has become foreign to you, instead you cannot stop counting your blessings. The feeling of gratitude multiplies whatever you have and brings you even more positive experiences. You are even grateful for the challenges and setbacks that are inevitable in life, you can’t help to see them as opportunities for growth. And you probably have a gratitude journal.

22. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Life is meant to be fun, you know that. Being extremely rigid and disciplined suck the fun out of everything. Even though you are adamant when it comes to working on yourself and achieving self mastery, you always allow yourself to make mistakes. In fact making mistakes is part of the learning process. You have a great sense of humor and you don’t take yourself too seriously. Your inner child is thriving and you often feel energized, inspired and overflowing with creativity.


About the Author:
Gustavo Castaner is the founder of and Gustavo specializes in helping people change their frequency so they can embody their Higher Self and manifest higher vibrational relationships.

QHHT Session by Suzanne Spooner – A Cosmic Chat with the Higher Self – 3-29-15


Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone!

I am so blessed to have sweet friends that allow me to share their QHHT sessions with you. Sheree kindly volunteered to be a guest with me on the Great Day morning news show and share a bit about her first session that took place with me 14 months ago. We had talked about doing another session to catch up with her very chatty and sweet High Self. It was scheduled a ways out when I had a late cancellation the very next day after the TV show…No coincidences. 😉

After she viewed another amazing life (she thought was in the 1940’s), and answered all of her questions she came to the session with,  I started a lovely chat or interview of her High Self. It felt a little like a 60 Minutes interview but on a cosmic level. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks go to Sheree for allowing me to share this and to use her name. She rocks! 

On Concurrent Lives:

spock chess board

HS: You talk in years and sequential’s, we don’t. It’s a way of giving framework to a language for you. For us, years are meaningless. She referenced that (Star Trek) Spock chess game earlier. That is life: How it goes and works—not quite so linear as you perceive. It’s multi-dimensional and multi-simultaneous. It’s not like we’ve lived through the 40’s and now we move to the 50’s. We may instead move to the 1800’s or to the time of Christ. It’s all in one pot.

S: That gives us so much more opportunity to us in perception.

HS: It sure takes away a lot of crap too, doesn’t it?

S: She was getting a little hung up in that life because as we journeyed through it kept feeling like the same year to her.

HS: That actually is part of the awakening. You saw that it hung her up. She saw herself getting older but it felt like it was still the same year. So how could that be? And so you try to find explanation for it,  but the search for an explanation is deflecting you from the real thing. So what if it’s the same year? What are you learning? How are you growing? What is love?? Time is an illusion.


Update on The Shift:

S: From your perspective how is the earth and humanity dealing with the shift we are involved in?

HS: Oh! It’s exciting! There are…We have disagreement on this. I am in the camp that says there are forces of evil. I am concerned, not scared, but concerned about them. There are destructive energies that we need to worry about…NOT worry about, “worry” is nonproductive. We need to “manage” is a better word. They’ve begun to manifest in your world with modern headline news from man’s tampering with things that are not his realm. The deliberate ending of human life—which has happened on earth for so long— is disconcerting, even on this realm. That said, the Good News is that everywhere there is an awakening happening and it is undeniable. Some think of the shift being in that “work” is now less centered in high rise buildings and corporations, and is becoming more about working remote or from home. The New Economy, if you will. That isn’t simply an economy. It is the beginning of the demise of the actual corporation and the actual corporate structure. That is just “stuff” that man made anyway. What remains to be seen is how it is played out. This opinion is not shared by all, I do not speak for the entire community of High Selves.


How Does the Community of High Selves Work?

hula hoop

S: So from your vantage point with all of the High Selves, how do you work in community together and/or apart?

HS: It’s interesting because we have levels, not unlike the description she gave of Spock’s chessboard. We have that too. But it’s not tiers of higher rank. It’s depth of knowledge and knowing. Frankly put, in our world just as in yours, we each have our own strengths and aptitudes and unmet potential. And we’re still working on it too, isn’t that a beautiful thing? We aspire to become as highly evolved as possible.

S: So where do you go to seek knowledge and answers?

HS: We have one another. Even though we don’t have “tiers” the things that I have to work on, I can work with another Higher Self in that regard. Our counsel isn’t one on one, like you are doing with her. Ours is a communal setting, a big mass rave! A big after hours dance party. It’s not verbal like this conversation is; it’s energetic. So, my energy that needs to be worked on is over here gyrating and attracts the attention of that energy over there to bring me what I am lacking. They perform in tandem. Think of it like hula hoop dancers on your plane. Think of a woman with a hula hoop on each appendage and she’s twirling each of them. It’s like that!


The High Self ‘s Connection to God:

S: What is it like when you commune with Source or God or whatever name you put to that energy?

HS: It feels like a fueling station; unlike the hula hoop scene, it’s calmer. It’s one way, a receiving way. And it’s like Starship Enterprise. I don’t watch it on TV but I’m familiar with the concept. (LOL) That “thing” has to get fuel from somewhere and I’m assuming something else has to come out and fuel it. It’s like that. It’s not something you ask for, you don’t need to ask. It’s something Source sees and supplies. It’s the only way to fly! 🙂


One More Question on Concurrent Lives:

S: Can I ask out of curiosity, the concurrent lives, do you see different aspects of “Sheree” in different places going through lives at once or do you stay fully focused on the aspect of Sheree?

HS: The life of Sheree is all about “her”. She drives that bus, I don’t. She is the “she” that called me for this conversation. All the “she’s” are operating concurrently on one plane. They aren’t all talking to me at one time.

S: It’s really nice for us to be coming out of the fog that we came into our lives forgetting.

HS: We say it is mission critical! I am the guardian, I have a fuel ship I use and I am the fuel ship to her. Remember she asked how to access me. I often provide fuel before I’m asked, but some things I need to be asked for.

S: Because of free will?

HS: Yes. It would be wrong for me to impose. I have to be accessible and available. For humans, there are times of utter sadness. It makes me distraught just energizing with that. So for those moments we appear in order to re-fuel that tank. (The moments of Divine intervention). I am the guardian, she is my charge.


Update on the General Cosmos:


S: How are things looking out in the cosmos, beside here on earth?

HS: We’ve been having a lot of rain too, let me tell ya! (Giggles) You know I’m pulling your leg. We have some of the same things but not war or disagreements. It’s lighter. We don’t have the physical bodies and that’s a relief…. There are nice things about physical bodies, I guess. Sex is nice! (Giggles)

S: Sex and food..It’s a good earth thing, isn’t it?

HS: Exactly. But we also don’t have addictions. It’s all in balance.


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Higher Self and Unity Time – – The Golden Heart Dialogues – Ascension Update – 7-5-14



It is the inner knower aspect of our nature that provides us with steady calm during tumultuous times. Times like this— right here now. With the ensuing chaos it is a perfect time to go inside. Many of you are doing this already and yet there is even a higher plane to explore. It is the plane where your Ultimate Self lives. Your inner knower has unrestricted access to the door to Source.

What we are really doing is venturing towards our future selves. This does bring us comfort, as in, why are we here?

When you are unmistakably certain you have ventured to the highest plane of your consciousness, you have entered a domain of stunning awareness. A plane where everything you are is. You stand at the threshold, the access point for our place of origination. We call this home.

Each person has an inner knower and Ultimate Self. It is pure awareness that communicates with our soul. We can say our Ultimate Self animates our soul. There is no greater time than now to be knowingly engaged with this aspect of ourself. I use the term Higher Self (HS). It is the invisible subtle self. HS is the common most searched term for those on this journey. The higher self is not the soul. It is the spiritual essence that animates the soul.They work as one however. In our past series we explored the realm of existence outside of time. This is where our subtle self lives.

What are the skills or methods for accessing HS? These are the basics.

Skills for accessing Higher Self are simple: 1. Free will choice. 2. Determination 3. Resolve 4. Good Intention. 5. Desire to know HS. 6. Receptivity and Acceptance. (This being the most unfamiliar challenge). This is the now what, (?) part. Accepting what is true is actually a foreign concept. It runs against our programming, both birth and cultural.

Since 2012, and after fourteen years of expansion, I integrated with the twelve aspects of my earth-based soul, I integrated with a part of myself that influences my current life. We are on earth to discover and become aware of these fragmented parts of ourselves. And ultimately to love them all. There is no bypassing while exploring this on our journey. A direct approach is best and this demands our wakefulness.

In order to do this it is imperative to be grounded and occupying our body— to not be dissociating, trancing-out or separated from Source or our humanity in any way. Retrieving our soul fragments is the role of the soul/Higher Self. The mission is to come into our wholeness. Ideally we attempt this as a collective embarking on our journey to a new/ earth/nation/rising. The soul’s last mission and wish is Individuation into Wholeness. We have covered this in our conference calls. There are tools for accessing HS in a more precise manner and by bypassing any sort of rhetoric, gimmicks or tertiary dogma.

The time for processing or delving into shallow or surface-level cathartic techniques is past. We are meant to journey through, not camp out too long, on our way. The planetary clock, as a metaphor, is ticking and time as we know it has dissolved. Many of course are not aware that we are already in unity time. We are crossing dozens of choice points simultaneously now.

We are rolling up our sleeves at this level of expansion. No whining serves us now. At this juncture we are to get through it by moving forward. No looking back, now wishy-washy faulty thinking now.

We can do this. Now is the time to huddle together and encourage each other and sometimes even splash a bit of cold water when needed. We are being pushed, pulled, prodded now.

We can do this, we truly can. We have each other, you and me, equals one. One, by one, is how we manage this. Side by side we take each other by the hand.

Christina Fisher, A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, 2014




The Mighty I AM Presence – Children Of The Sun – 5-29-14



The I AM Presence is another term for the Great God Self, your higher aspect that perfectly governs all activities of your life.


Thanks To Illuminations Blog   –


The “I AM Presence” is an electronic body of blazing light substance that is individualized within each of us as the flame of life from the Source of all creation, our beloved Mother-Father God.


This Presence is our true nature… that imperishable, eternal and individual identity within each and every human being. It is that which we have been seeking to return for millennia of lifetimes, the Great God Self.


As the highest divine aspect of our vast multidimensional constitution, the I AM Presence is the original seed of love and the immortal nucleus of our entire being.


It is the Source of every constructive impulse, thought, feeling and action. Its unifying, cohesive nature is the source of all the love, wisdom and power required to overcome absolutely anything and everything that is of discordance and limitation.


As we develop intimate relationship with and give constant adoration to our Divine Presence, miracles begin to happen including instant manifestation, spontaneous transformation and absolute knowing. This occurs simply through the constancy of our unwavering focus placed upon the Greater. In doing so, spiritual energy around us intensifies and expands as the points of light within every cell of our flesh body respond in tremendous gratitude.


As our attention continuously pours out love to this love of our being, an impenetrable radiance of light forms around our body encasing us in a protective tube of light of great magnetization and transformative influence to the outer world. God, expressing as the mighty I AM Presence within each of us, is the authority of the entire Universe.


The I AM Presence hears, sees, thinks, feels and responds to only perfection on its level of cosmic service. As we consistently give adoration, feel gratitude and qualify our every activity with and through this energy stream, our daily positive impact upon life is immeasurable.


This is especially amplified when our focus is consciously combined with all of the beings of light from ‘On High’ supporting our dimensional transition. Together we coherently serve as Universal I AM, operating within all cosmic dimensions and radiating the patterns of perfection.


We are SO blessed.


6b8613638742693cac73ae246b34f3a4 prana

The “I AM Presence” is an electronic body of blazing light substance that is individualized within each of us as the flame of life from the Source of all creation, our beloved Mother-Father God.


This Presence is our true nature… that imperishable, eternal and individual identity within each and every human being. It is that which we have been seeking to return for millennia of lifetimes, the Great God Self.


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