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Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Posted on June 19, 2017

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

Another sleepless night after 2 days of pure exhaustion

(photon energies), and wanting to rest/sleep/chill.

We are back on Gamma frequency…

for now.. wide awake and pulsating with energy.

This switching of frequencies will continue.

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ANASTACIA @ In5D – URGENT ENERGY UPDATE – Souls Going Off The Charts! – Breaking Down To Break Through! – 6-18-17


ANASTACIA @ In5D – URGENT ENERGY UPDATE – Souls Going Off The Charts – Breaking Down To Break Through – 6-18-17

by Anastacia,  Australian Correspondent,

~For those that read this through and feel/resonate to this, I honor you in taking the ‘time’ to do so as the information and guidance here is of such vital soul survival ‘importance’ at this time~


A completion energetically of bringing our own energy back into ourselves from others that we were close to has just come through.

I am away on my third day of being given the ‘tap on the shoulder’ from Spirit where I need to go away from all energies, even those closest to myself. And only this morning did I feel I had ‘come back’ from reclaiming or bringing my energy back into myself from being with so many others’ energies that I had links to.

So many bits, or parts of our energy have been with others, souls close to us that we can now bring back into ourselves.

It has been ‘very tough’ and past posts have been a time-line of this and what has been occurring with the Ancient Family Shadow energies that have been exposed that came through.

Especially for those who have not been able at this stage to ‘own’ theirs.

Many of us have been feeling and transmuting for not only ourselves and those close to us but also feeling this happening in the collective with all of humanity as well.

It was a ‘pushing through’ anger and resentment, feeling this flow through, yet this is not a ‘flow through’ for many, who have not at this stage owned or accepted their shadow sides.

This very much has affected those who had a tendency to have extreme highs and lows and is still occurring.

It has come to a parting of ways and energies with those souls who have done the inner feeling and releasing and those who are in the process of this and yet to do this.

This has been extremely tough/challenging on those who were/are very close when one has done this and those that haven’t. Not putting anyone into any boxes here either, just using this as a guideline and example. As all are experiencing what they are needing to for their own soul and spirits growth.

I am tiptoeing in writing this as I do not want to label souls yet the truth is, those that have suffered with bipolar, mania and so on are ‘off the charts’ right now.

And each situation is different and unique for how to or what to do with this or the situation one is in with someone who is ‘off the charts’.

Souls who are close to someone who is going through this may need to make a choice of whether they can stay in the same situation or there may need to be a parting of ways, in some way.

As the anger, resentment and blame is so fiercely strong right now, that a person can only ‘endure so much’ of this being ‘thrown at them’ from another who is struggling to deal with what is going on for them.

This has been occurring for the last two weeks from when the energies came through in Ancient Family Shadow sides energies (please refer to Pts 1-10 and more posts after this, commencing on the 5th of June).

One of these posts wrote of a new inner inner sanctum and reaching a new peace and freedom…and this is now the follow on from this.

The bringing in parts or fragments of ourselves back in from those we had with others close to us.

Many are not linking their Spirit to their Soul of the Divine…some are ‘flipping’ from the Soul and then flipping to their Spirit without a new connection or link in the human with both.

These people will be struggling to understand ‘what is going on’ as they ‘try’ to move forward in the human, yet until they re-connect to their Spirit of the Divine there will be a type of ‘mis-match’ of energy.

Then there are those that are purely in the human and not linked to their Spirit and the Divine and if they have not felt into their emotions, they are ‘off the charts’ ‘trying’ to deal with everything in the human and then not able to (at the moment) so then they project this blame and anger onto others, especially those closest to them.

There is just so much going on with individuals in all of this, no ‘one answer’ will apply to all situations.

It depends on the trauma a soul has endured…whether or not they have been able to face their inner pain, emotional pain from the past and so on.

So stand back, take a step back from ALL…allow yourself to bring in all of your fragments of energy that has been ‘out’ with others, to allow yourself to regroup…to retain ones ‘sanity’ at this time and from here on basically.

We can only help others that help themselves.

If we step into someone else’s energy that has so much going on, in their personal journey, it can send us into ‘chaos’ energetically.

We are not ‘helping’ them or ourselves by doing so.

I know there is pain and suffering for many souls right now, yet the ‘line has been drawn’ basically now.

We have passed into or crossed into a ‘point of no return’ of the old relationships and closeness we may have had with another soul or souls.

So right now, honor your soul and your Divinity and all you are as many have been feeling deeply for so very long and are stronger within…and those close to them may not have.

This is the time for those souls to rise and shine in all they are, while dealing with all they need to with others.

This has been ‘taken out of our hands’ so-to-speak.

As this is so much bigger than us.


We are getting to the ‘nitty gritty’ here and the real truth of what is really going on with many souls who are in situations with others in this.

The ‘underneath’ of what is going on with the energies that have come through. The Realness of what is going with humanity and souls, core core deep.

As for some (who are not linked or facing, or not able to right now what is going on for them) this will be enough for them to breakthrough and sometimes it takes a breaking down for souls to do so.

Now this many be in the human or in Spirit. Sometimes something needs to ‘break’ with souls that are ‘off the charts’ as they are at the extreme of what they can endure.

When they are not linking their soul to their spirit and not feeling deeply the emotions of what they are feeling that has arisen with the Family Shadow sides energies. Or are in the process of doing so.

It can go either way. In the Spirit, a person can be delusional (psychotic) and very detached due to the energetic trauma – and in the human it can be outbursts of anger, blame and resentment. Or it can be BOTH.

We will see this come out more in humanity in what is going on in the world…and we need to remember that we are divinely guided and protected with all that occurs around the world and around us.

There will be souls who are very desperate reaching out and again we can only help them when they reach a point of being able to help themselves. (More on this further on).

Keep ‘holding it together’ in all you are going through if you are in a situation with another personally in this.

Pray and ask for guidance from Spirit in – ‘Help me to help myself’ in this situation.

As your situation is not someone else’s and theirs is not yours. So if we get out of that persons energy space and into our own and then BRING IN THE DIVINE with this, you will be guided and you will manage and cope! Read that again.

As this is VITAL INFORMATION at this time to cope and manage. If we BRING IN THE DIVINE say, in the middle of you and another soul, sort of as a buffer, or a ‘go-between’, it allows us to have a form of a connection with one very close to us.

Visualize a huge GOLDEN RAY of light between you, this is quite magical and again, does ‘work’. Consciously bring in the Divine.

I know this as this is what I have needed to do and it DOES WORK.


It is very challenging when we are close to someone and they are where they are at, in all shared above for whatever situation you are in with another. And it may not be ‘appropriate’ to just cut off that person completely.


So then we ‘do the next best thing’ and we bring in the DIVINE with this as this is so much bigger than just us now with our close soul connections.

As many are ‘carers’ (of some form) for others going through this. Again BRING IN THE DIVINE to guide and assist you in this. There will be signs and openings that the Divine will bring through, if one hands this over and realizes you cannot control what is going on for the other person! This part is very important and vital to realize!!

Throw out any ‘plans’ you have have or had with someone and LET GO and allow the Divine to bring forth to you, Divine Guidance in this.

As it has been ‘taken out of our hands’. We have been transmuting for so very long for ourselves and with others, so much so it has allowed the Ancient Shadow side energies to have a break through!

It has been a very HUGE VICTORY for those who have felt and endured all their lives (let alone from Ancient times) and have had many dark nights of the soul and then some.

Going over the edges at times, many times in fact, I know I have.

That part is NO MORE for us. We are so much stronger now, our New Inner Inner sanctum and strength has come through for us that have ‘worked’ so hard and diligently within ourselves.

And just because we have, does not mean others have. And this is where we are now at and facing with others.

There is never ever any blame in all of this only Unconditional Love/True Love that each of us are doing the very best we can!

As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty


Ascended Earth Master
In6D human embodiment/8D in Spirit


On June 21st, 2017, in the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate the Summer Solstice at 1:24am ADT. In The Southern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice is celebrated.

With the New Moon arriving on June 23rd in Cancer, we have a new beginning of a cycle that lasts till the next New Moon, on July 23. The Summer Solstice leads us to this new beginning.

When we celebrate the Longest Day of daylight, we celebrate our Inner Light. This Light is our Source of energy. It is everywhere and within us. Revitalized anew and begin a new journey after being submerged in darkness.

The Sun represents our Spiritual Sun and our life-giving Source of energy, vitality, love and happiness.

The Sun and spiritual Light ~ lives within us.

In every cell.

In every aspect of our Being which is consciousness.

To celebrate this Inner Light and the Light of the Sun on the Summer Solstice and Now ~ let us focus deeply on this Light. Within.

Breathe deeply and relax. Feel the Spiritual Sun, penetrate all aspects of your Being through your HEART, as you read and receive ~ now.

I Am Filled with the Light of the Spiritual Sun. 

I Am Blessed with the Joy and Bliss of the Eternal Sun ~ that knows no end. 

Light as my consciousness expands as the Light of Everlasting Love, that exists as my Presence. 

I Am bathed in the Light of the Sun ~ The Spiritual Sun, that glows within me, in every cell of my body, as its own Glorious Sun ~ Now. 

I Feel Blessed, Abundant and Glowing in this Love ~ Light Sun. 

As the Eternal Light that I Am Now ~ I Receive. 

Reflect, intend, focus on this Light Now and during the Summer Solstice. As You open and Receive, more of what you already ARE.

Your Original Light. Your Divinity.

Your Divine Ascended Being.

All That you are Eternally and Now AS ONE.

I Am with you, bathed in the Glory of a thousand Suns ~ The Glory, Love and Light of All That is ~ Now.

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“You Share Your Vibration By Being That Vibration, By Being That Light, Being That Love Expression Wherever You Go” – Sananda and OWS @ Ancient Awakenings

 “You Share Your Vibration By Being That Vibration,

By Being That Light, Being That Love Expression Wherever You Go”

– Sananda and OWS

hear | mp3 | pdf Sananda and One Who Serves

as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our

weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, […]

via “You Share Your Vibration By Being That Vibration, By Being That Light, Being That Love Expression Wherever You Go” – Sananda and OWS @ Ancient Awakenings — Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker


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Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation


By Archangel Michael, 06/16/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the current energies for the planet and the collective. The Full Moon, Planetary Retrogrades and more have brought much to the surface to be observed, felt and released. All this is in preparation of the Solstice and in helping to bring forth your Souls, the Higher Self into Physical Manifestation. What these energies are bringing forward to look at is Honor, Integrity, Self Love and Service. These are qualities that have been greatly distorted within the collective, as the egoic and mental conditionings has tainted them. All of which stem from the Illusionary mind. Let us delve deeper and clarify what these energies have brought up to assist the collective and Gaia in the Ascension process. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

(For assistance in All these changes, transitions, you can book a Spiritual Session and get your Surprises & Joy.)

Honor & Integrity

Relationships are being affected on all levels. All is coming to the surface with family, friends, intimate partners, spiritual groups and more. These energies are bringing up deep and core energies within the collective. A core issue is Authenticity. Being authentic is a quality most of humanity is lacking. This is due to the programmed ego mind, trying to hide. The ego is a mask, masquerading in a Fabricated, Distorted illusionary reality. So, how can one have or Be Authentic, Honor or Integrity when one is wearing a mask? You can’t. It is impossible.

While there are masks that represent enduring qualities such as bravery and freedom, however the ego is not one of them. A common reaction we observe is coming across a certain scenario where one puts on a different persona or facade to “fit in”, with family, friends and even fellow lightworkers. Some even go as having “hidden agendas”, to get something the mind wants. Quite simply, this is Being “fake”. This is a protective mechanism of the mind, so it can feel comfortable in it’s surroundings. Your Souls are NEVER fake. That goes against what the Soul is… what Love Stands For. To Be Authentic… to Be Real… One must Surrender to the Present Moment of Now, Be in Clear Thought… then your Real. Keep in your Heart Dear Ones, The Heart Responds… The Ego Reacts.

Honor and Integrity is not simply conveying them to others. It’s core foundation is one’s self… your Inner Being…. Your Heart… Your Soul. Honor, Integrity and LOVE are All ONE. You All have to ask yourselves, “Do I Honor myself and others?, Do I have Integrity with myself and others?, “Do I Unconditionally LOVE myself and others?” The concepts of Honor and Integrity in the illusion is misperceived and clouded. In Truth, if one lacks Self Love, how can one have integrity or honor. As you come to these realizations, you Allow, Embrace, Feel, and Transform. So goes the process in transforming all lower and dense energies that doesn’t resonate with the Soul. It’s part of the journey… part of the process of Ascension. One takes full responsibility and forgives themselves and everyone in the experience. This is how one grows in wisdom and knowledge. This is how one Transforms. No judgements, No regrets… Simply Acceptance. In Truth, the mind knows nothing of Honor, Integrity, Selflessness and many other such qualities. When one acts from the Heart, these benevolent qualities are unlocked.

The End Game Separation

The false lightworkers are not and will not fare well in these energies, as they are choosing (unconsciously or consciously) to hold on to their masks, which is the programmed ego mind. We have observed those Beings shake to their bones, when faced with the Truth, especially from those Shining their Light Brightly, in Truth, Honor and Integrity. They project their core issues onto others, not aware of their own conditionings. This is the mind reacting, as it is being called out. These Beings are similar to robots whom have implemented a ‘spiritual programming’, thinking they know about the Ascension and what it is to be in 5th Dimensional frequencies and beyond. They choose not to Feel, and prefer to think, analyze, rationalize and be logical in their ways into the Ascension Process. Those in the mind will try and mimic or go as far to create their own version of what is Integrity, Honor, Giving, Sharing, Love and much more. This is the ego mind trying to hold on to it’s belief systems, and not allowing the Heart to flow, especially when it’s being called out. The mind thinks it knows more than the Heart… than the Divine… than Love. They put their minds above the heart, their intuition… and try to find those who share into their belief systems and fantasies. They do this to take energies from one another and cause separation, (what the mind does best) within the lightworker community. The mind convinces them, their perverse version of truth is greater, and that they are unifying the collective, when the opposite is True. A common experience after the taking of energies, is the feeling of being drained. A simple way to identify these Beings is;

Dealing with De~Ascension symptoms daily,

Lack of Joy,

Lack of Self Love,

Lack of Self Worth,

Lack of Integrity,

Lack of Honor,

Lack of Perception,

Lack of Wisdom,

Void of their Childlike Essence,

Self Hatred,

Erratic mental habit & behaviors,




Poor Listener




Delusions of Grandeur,



Self Importance,

Thinking they know better,

Analytical & Logical,

Trying to fix the old paradigm,

Inability to Walk Their Talk,

and many other lower consciousness traits of the mind. Many highly empathic ones can feel into these energies exuding these traits. It can feel very dense, manipulative, angry, hateful and much more. Many lightworkers have asked, “Why does it seem those around me are not getting it and are so dumb down?” The conditioning within Human Collective is very deep, and it is in every facet of your governments, societies, cultures, media, education, religion, relationships, family and much more. In these energies, if one is trying to process them with the mind, they are overloading themselves. It is similar to a computer processor overheating. At some point, the processor will either shut down or melt. Those in the mind will experience a decline in;

Cognitive Thinking,

Lack of Motor Skills,

Severe Lethargy,

Lack of Perception,

Degradation of the Body,

and other symptoms, which will further the degradation of the mind in these energies. However, even in these states, the mind will continue to think it knows better, and that it is smarter. Dear Ones, the Ego can not see itself. It is blind to it’s own degradation and pitfalls. We recommend staying focused in the Heart. It is the Brain, Heart, Body and Soul coming together and working in unison, as you dissolve the programmed ego mind and anchor higher consciousness. The mind has no place in the 5th dimension and beyond.  You will not be able to convince these beings of their conditionings, as they are choosing to hang on to their belief systems and security constructs of the mind. In Truth, their minds want something, it can never Be… to become God without God, Our Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, The Holy Spirit. A fantasy created and pursued by the “old controllers”. Many of these false lightworkers fought hard against the 3d paradigm & old controllers, to only become a shadow of the very beings that shackled Humanity, and turn into their pawns. Honor their choices and yours. Keep shining your light, and BE the example. BE Love in Action Dear Ones.

Walking Your Talk

The mind could never exude the qualities of the heart, and if it does try, its poorly exemplified and always inconsistent. This is a prime example of the Spiritual Ego. They can talk it very well. However, when it comes to walking it, they fall. What we have noticed with most of the collective is negligence. The negligence of not fulfilling one’s spiritual work. New energies are being poured onto the planet daily. Some days are subtle, and other can be very profound. If you are not fulfilling your spiritual work in dissolving the programmed ego mind, anchoring higher consciousness, integrating and grounding daily, the mind can consume the being and body. This can result in many physical symptoms occurring on constant basis, such as;

Physical Burn Out,






Excessive Sugar Cravings

Erratic Thoughts & Behavior,

Joint Pains,

Physical Aches & Pain,

And so much more, depending on how deep the mind has control of the Being. These symptoms are due to mind processing the new energies, which it is not able to. Focus and Trust your Heart, to integrate these energies.

(Get your Spiritual Session to uncover your Blocks and get your Surprises. For Emergency sessions, email Visit here)

Unity Consciousness & Service to Mother Earth

Dear Ones, The true end game to the Ascension process is Unity Consciousness, to Be One with Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, The Holy Spirit. The point where the “I AM becomes the WE ARE”. You reach this level of consciousness through the Heart, connected to the Unified Heart. Your intuition, infinite knowledge & wisdom is accessed through the Heart. It is where We are all connected and share our collective wisdom with All of Creation. To put it in simpler terms, “the mind and higher mind has access to a book of knowledge… the Heart has access to an infinite library of knowledge”. Which do You Choose? Only one can access higher consciousness, beyond the confines 3D and 4D frequencies.

The Heart wishes to BE in Service to Mother Earth, and restoring Her back to the Pristine state she once was, before the illusion. Service is about the Whole, not the Self. This starts with your inner healing. As you continue with your inner work, your are able to anchor higher consciousness, your Soul… There, guidance will be provided to your next steps in the Mission of Ascension for Gaia and Humanity.

As always Dear Ones, support those in Unity Consciousness, as they are holding the energies to bring forth the New Paradigm of Heaven on Earth. As your energies merge with all those in Unity Consciousness, your manifestation and other abilities will emerge and expand. This will cause the Ascension process to accelerate. The purging of the old will continue, and a new precipice will be reached coming the Summer Solstice, This in preparation for the full anchoring of the Soul, Higher Self and Heaven on Earth. Let go of All of The Old, and Allow the New to Enter. We, your Angelic, Elemental and Star Families await in Unconditional Love, to your return home into the Light. The Age of Innocence is Upon You All.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.


Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael


Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Solstice Energies & The End Game of Separation



By Zoe Davenport,

It’s ok where you are at, it’s okay you need space, it’s ok to gift yourself what you need.

Aloneness is something we HAVE to gift ourselves without question along our spiritual paths — even when we are with people — we have to continuously show up for our own personal and emotional needs.

This houses the potential for our continued expanded growth into the unlimited possibilities of multi-dimensional experiences and thus have those with the people we love around us.

In order to truly step into this we need to gift ourselves support — time and aloneness.

Not a night here or there — but actual proper time to really tune into the self-care needs for our souls to be held in the space needed to evolve. It can FEEL daunting as inherently as humans we seek so desperately to hold onto the support from others. But if we take these moments it can be the making of our realities and seek to enhance our relationships.

Aloneness supports:

  • Our authenticity as we get back into our own energy to expand.
  • Take a re-set, a re-charge, processing our thoughts and emotions.
  • Spiritual gifts start to enhance as we are purely with self and the divine love that flows through us.
  • We get to untangle the cords of other people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, expectations, ego, dramas and low vibrations.
  • Reminds us of who we are underneath, free from the build up of external energies.

During our transitions there will be many ups and downs, as things we once loved seem no longer fitting to our souls anymore. Relationships, jobs, taste will all change as we hold more love and light in our hearts. Our alone time is imperative while we work ourselves out again, while we shift into our new healing and awareness for life.

When we start out on a spiritual journey so many changes and revelations are happening that it can feel very isolating. At times the more we change and discover things about ourselves and the world around us, the connections we once had with people can often feel withdrawn. These moments of feeling disconnected are the times of feeling the most isolated from life.

We haven’t quite anchored all of our learning, truths and authenticity into practice yet. A sweet spot emerges within self. We know we can’t go back to our stories, fears and limiting beliefs for comfort. We know the person we thought we were is evolving, but haven’t quite worked out how we are supposed to show up in the world yet.

This sweet spot, this void, unrest and uncertainty on how we are meant to show up is the perfect time to get present. Embrace the not knowing, the nothingness, the freedom, the potential and the opportunities not yet revealed to us and embrace aloneness.

This is the moment to really go within, to really work on healing, keep letting go, keep opening and expanding the heart. Learn to not hold onto things that are meant to leave our lives even be it for the time being. Knowing that what will align again will be the most perfect alignment of the soul.

These moments of spiritual growth are the perfect opportunities to get to know ourselves once more, to enjoy our company and connect back in with our intuition.

These are the moments of aloneness is to remind ourselves it’s okay that we are not quite sure how we are meant show up in the world yet, all we have to do right now in these moments is to show up for ourselves in love — with self-care, space, grounding and healing.

In order to understand who we are we need to have some fun again. We already know things are coming up for healing. We already know we are not our stories. We already know we are not the limitations of our fears. Let us embrace once more the not knowing, the sweet spot and surrender in the NOW.

  • Surrender into joy
  • Surrender into fun
  • Surrender into play
  • Surrender into love
  • Surrender into the light

It is FUN to feel alive, to feel awake, to feel at one with who we are. It is fun to be spending time in our own energies again. It is fun to not dwell on the past.

Let us be reminded of the child that we once were. Let us embrace the time to start new creative projects, join new groups with similar interests to us, take long walks in nature, and dance like no one’s watching. Being on our own during these transitions will ignite the flame from deep within again so we may start to gain strength once more in our authenticity.

Let us also embrace the alone time to really let go, to scream, cry, and fall on the floor as our bodies release the emotional traumas of life times.

Let us embrace the solitude to ride the waves of emotions that don’t make sense but find strength because they will make sense to our souls.

Let us be reminded and embrace that our souls are driving and have our best intentions at heart.

These days of feeling like nothing is shifting, no guidance is coming and feeling insecure because the life we once knew is disappearing and we are not sure as to what the future holds. This is really the time to let go, to observe, to not over question but simply allow, to be in each moment, embrace the tears, the fears, the uncertainty for embracing what is in the moment will set these feelings free.

We do not need to push through our experiences. We do not need to feel like we are not evolving when we are feeling down. We do not need to feel like we have to change right now. Loving ourselves is embracing all our emotions and allowing ourselves the rest that we so desperately need in those moments of surrender. Let us embrace these times to really be alone and rest, heal, cry, eat, and switch the mind off and the heart on to being, just simply being. We do not need to show up BIG in the world when we are going through these shifts. All we need to do is show up for ourselves to take comfort, space and rest. Finding our way gently through the shifts and into joy, fun, play, love.

Be gentle, be kind, be nurturing, not forcing, not pushing, not fighting, pure surrender into the emotions that are coming up to be released, simply breathe, relax and do nothing. For doing nothing is doing far more for our spiritual growth and authenticity than we can ever do when we try to fight how we are feeling in the present moment.

This will clear our internal emotional storm, bring out the sunshine and we are reminded to play, dance and laugh once more with who we are. Within time, these days become more common than the feelings of isolation and disconnect for we understand those alone times were never really alone for they were building a relationship with who are once more.

Embracing these challenges within time will bring about the greatest insights, clarity, ideas and changes we could have ever dreamt possible.

We will truly know ourselves — be in support of ourselves and truly be able to show up in the way we always wanted for those around us in joy and love.

Embrace your aloneness — allow yourself to know who you are and gift yourself what you truly need.

YOU are so dearly loved and supported by the universe — by the divine flow of love within the core of your being.

Breathe into these times and all will be well.

I love you all

Zoe Davenport
Ascension Guide & Crystalline Grid Activator


Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport is a channel, master ascension guide and crystalline grid activator. Her multi-dimensional connection helps to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension path. ​ She is running a ​Crystalline Activation Workshop — Join us live on July 1st 10am PT for 2 hours of in depth crystal activation magic — learn to create powerful portal opening grids to expand your potential.




Gregg Prescott׃ Taking A Journey To 5D – Nature Of Reality Show



Published on Jun 15, 2017

Linked from Andrew Fisher’s Youtube channel:

On the June 14, 2017 edition of “Nature Of Reality Radio” I welcome my good friend Gregg Prescott who is one of the key reasons why I started doing this show in the first place. Gregg is the genius behind which is arguably the best esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual source on the internet.

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