rysa5 – Great Awakening Q Angels of the Golden Sun = Promise of Humanity – 6-27-18


Published on Jun 27, 2018

Great Awakening Q Angels of the Golden Sun = the power of the GoldRing Game was to awaken the higher mind into the first stages of interdimensional telepathy to engage the unseen into awareness. The group mind of humanity is being activated by the group mind… lol activations — this was produced in 2007 created in 2006 … fundamentally the transformations have been difficult to predict with the force of the dark being so pervasive and fixed. The time of this awareness of leadership is engaging a new point or destination and that being of unity and prosperity with freedom and security. This will allow the galactic renaissance to begin as the true arts and sciences of aquarian equality and philosophy will refine, educate and free the hardened heart to the quest of excellence and happiness, enlightenment, bliss and wisdom for all.




MOTHER GOD – Time Has Come for the New Golden Age on Planet Gaia – by sananda.website – via Dancing Dolphin – by Love Has Won – 6-26-18



By Dancing Dolphin

(Note: I put my comments and questions in italics for clarification) 

Hello dear Mother, I’m sitting in your park on a beautiful summer day. Watching your people walk about, kids play on park jungle jim’s and dogs happy to be outside walking. Bees fly from clover to clover drinking in sweet nectar. Birds are singing sweetly and a cool breeze blows softly. Would you like to give a message to your people today, dear Mother God?

Lovely to see you today, Dear One. It is a beautiful day of grace and rest for many. The summer day combined with Sunday makes for a sweet feel of relaxation and carefree times. Treasure this time. Try to refrain from thought of work on Monday and the dread that comes with it. Those thoughts do not bring you joy.

My Legions of Light have worked ever so diligently to bring these (carefree) days in for everyone for evermore. The White Hats, the great Alliance of the Company of Heaven and your Galactic Family have made it their highest honor to strive towards freedom for all Earth’s humans. Their work will help bring about the RV which I have indeed released this past week, and in turn will lead directly into your Ascension. Songs of freedom and “free at last”will sing out shortly, dear one. The days of sweat and toil and stress are no more.

For into the hands of the Lightworkers and Loveholders and LightBearers I have placed great abundance and prosperity. My Lightworker groups will then gladly and heartily share their prosperity with others and will encircle sweet Gaia with the healing salve of plenty. No one will ever want for food, water or housing. Everyone will share the seeds of plenty. The dark ones have been taken away for I decreed that their time was done. Humanity has lived in slavery;whether they were aware of it or not, for long enough. Time has come for the new Golden Age on planet Gaia. Gaia herself has already ascended and humanity will come close behind her. Your rainbow bridges to the New Earth have already been created by the Lightworker teams. They are in place and awaiting their passengers. Crossing is easy and many have indeed already crossed that bridge. Many whom you have thought of as died or passed on are already there. They have set up many grand things for all of you. They were called to the other side to prepare and they have done a fabulous job.

Dear one, I know you have many questions; this is quite an exciting time. Would you like to ask one?

Yes! OK, I’m imagining the New Earth and the Rainbow Bridge for us to get there. I’m thinking about families, spouses, etc. Does everyone go together or is this an individual thing? If it is individual, will we miss our family if they don’t come with us? Will families be separated?

Yes, this is a very big concern and I am aware of this. Let me explain it this way. You are all individuals and yet all one. So, your life and the progression of your spiritual journey is very personal to each one of you. When you are ready, you will go. Your families may or may not be ready when you are. There will be plenty of Wayshowers there on each side to assist those coming and going. My Angels are also assisting greatly. During this transitional time, each Soul will have their own special Mentor. This Mentor will answer your questions and guide you to contemplate the best course of action for you. You will then have all the information you need to make your own choice. Will you stay on 3D Earth? Will you raise up to 5D Earth? Will you join your Galactic Family on board a ship?

Will you join your Hollow Earth family inside Gaia? There will be no judgment of your decision. And, when your decision is made you will experience your choice in a calm and loving atmosphere. Families will not be torn apart in a violent or abrupt manner. Spouses may join their soul families or tribes in various places and will not be heartbroken or ache for their former spouse. All will be well!! It is a grand and joyous time!

Thank you Mother, I know that is a concern to many people.

Yes, I understand. Let me also add that you ALL chose to come here for a specific reason. You all planned and begged to be here NOW. So, deep within you, the knowledge of this time is buried. Your Soul knows the truth of this grand event called ‘the Shift’ or ‘Ascension’ so you only need to go within and connect to that knowledge.

May I ask another question?

Yes, of course.

Thank you! OK, I’m confused about the timing of things. Many of us who were led to buy foreign currencies and have been developing our Humanitarian Projects are awaiting the RV/GCR and GESARA so we will have the funds to start our projects and help others. So, after the RV goes and we get our blessings and begin our projects to help heal everyone…how long after that will the Ascension go—the time when we will either cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the New Earth or go somewhere else? I guess I just don’t get the point of being blessed with all this money to help fix up Gaia and helping humanity only to leave her? I mean, obviously it’s going to be an amazing experience and we cannot wait to help others and see everyone work together in communities to get projects done! To fed and house each other and do all sorts of cool stuff. How much time will we have to do all that?

Oh, dear heart, I know that you know time is relative but of course it is hard to comprehend in your current context. Time doesn’t even exist for me or any of the higher dimensional beings that you communicate with. So, how to answer your question? Think of it in layers. You know how you imagine pieces of history happening? Say, the time of horses and buggies and then came the automobiles. Well, there was an overlap time when first there were only a few autos and mostly horses and carts. Then, more and more autos and fewer horses, etc. There was not a cut off time when poof—cars appeared and the horses and buggies were gone. This sounds humorous but it is how I interpret your question. There isn’t or will not be a certain cut off time where people will all at once stop living on 3D Gaia and the next second all be somewhere else. People have already started going over the Rainbow Bridge, living on ships and living in the Hollow Earth. It is already happening. So, those with burning passions for their Humanitarian Projects will stay on 3D Earth as long as they wish; while others will decide to go to the New Earth immediately. Everything will occur at the correct time and pace for each individual person. The mass needed for your race’s Ascension has already been met, this is why some are choosing to leave already. Do you understand?

Yes. Thank you!

Any other questions today?

Yes. What would you like to say to someone who is newly awakened?

I am here and have always been here when you call on me. I am your Mother God, the Divine Feminine. When you meditate you may call me and I will soothe you with my unconditional love. Also, find time to be alone, to get to know your true self; your soul, your inner self that is connected to me. You will receive guidance from this part of you also if you ask. Some call this aspect their Higher Self. It is essential that you connect with this aspect of your essence, of your true self.

Thank you, dear Mother God!

It is my pleasure, Dear One. We will talk again soon. Be in joy.

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin * https://dancingdolphinlove.blogspot.com/


Thanks to   https://lovehaswon.org/mothergod-time-has-come-for-the-new-golden-age-on-planet-gaia/

SANANDA – The Best is Yet to Come – 4-9-18


Published on Apr 8, 2018

Sananda – The Best is Yet to Come – April 9, 2018 – Channeled by Adele Arini – Greetings my friends, Today I would like to discuss potential futures timelines faced by the Human Collective, based on current Light data and planetary vibrations level. I am sure all of you know that the future is fluid… = https://www.raphaelshealingspace.com.au =




ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Significant Times – 8-25-17

Archangel Michael 02


Archangel Michael 

Dear Ones,

All can change in the blink of an eye. How does that statement make you “feel?”

You are ready!!! It is a knowing.

During this unprecedented time of Spiritual Evolution/Eclipse Season – like minds will be drawn together. The Collective Consciousness will PAUSE at the Zero Point, then consciously breathe in your new destiny. This is the line in the sand. The times are a changing indeed.

Take a Breath!!!!

IMAGINE what can be achieved as massive awakening takes form!!!

United as ONE – YOU will change the ALL THAT IS.

Dear Ones, use your imaging faculty/3rd Eye to focus on :

God’s Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace and Well-Being for ALL HUMANITY.


Perfect timing to shine your LIGHT even brighter Dear Hearts.

You KNOW all is unfolding in perfect resonance.

Your LIGHT is needed now more than EVER. This is a NOW moment like no other.

The mental/emotional strata of the New Earth is being “seeded” with the intentions of Infinite Abundance, Perfect Health, Healing and the Eternal Peace of Mother/Father God.

A truly significant time to be the LIGHT YOU CHOSE TO BE.

It is incumbent upon you to shine your LIGHT into the darkness, that is playing out in the “old reality.”

The New Earth Patterns are being brought through by those of you choosing the Light over darkness. Remember and Believe, you are the ones who chose to bring back the Christ Consciousness Light energy to Planet Earth at this moment in time – that time is NOW.

As you consciously radiate your Light outwards you attract and magnetise to you that which you are – back into your field.

Hearts are opening more than ever on the New Earth – so much faster than before. Unprecedented awaking of Consciousness will be the new norm. YOU are the Ones bringing this Higher Consciousness to the Cellular memory of Humanity and allowing more Souls to awaken.eraoflight.com

Separation no more Dear Hearts.

Conscious Creators – creating a Divine New Earth – we are walking this path of Light with each of you Dear Masters of Light.

Days of Magic and Miracles are your creative right.

Eyes wide open.

Hearts ever expanding with the love you are, and arms reaching out, to embrace the beloved soul family sharing this journey.

Breathe Dear Ones.

It is NOW.



» Source – Channel: Leslie-Anne Menzies

Sheldan Nidle Update – Your Grand Visions will Manifest – 8-22-17


Sheldan Nidle

2 Muluc, 7 Uo, 1 Ik

Dratzo! Necessary initial movement of funding is now occurring in its own due time. This process was set in motion nearly five years ago, and requires that the Elders let go and rely on what is now called the primary motion. It is this motion that frees all who were involved from this task and gladly gives it up to Heaven. Herein there is a divine purpose. Long ago, vast uncountable sums were set aside to begin this final action, and the process has at last been formally instituted. Now, all that is left is a sacred act that Heaven has longed for. This means that the final release and distribution of monies is close at hand!

   During the past millennium, the Masters have set up this system and passed it on to the Elders and their Royal counterparts. Those given this power long ago began the final means to manifest both this new currency release and the rise of the much-anticipated NESARA Republic. These actions are to quash the illegal USA, Inc and its corollary, the present Presidential administration. It is this procedure that is to throw out the old and introduce the new. In short, the new ways are to completely cancel out the old!

   In this regard please understand the immensities of what is now to happen. We are to see not only the rise of global peace but the advent of global prosperity and a giant opening to disclosure as well. These acts are to start a great leap in consciousness and the formal introduction of our galactic family. Also, to divinely follow a whole series of decrees set forth by Heaven, to signal the collapse of a number of old human cycles and the beginning of several new ones. These new cycles are to free humanity from want and permit the ending of several artificial divisions that have long plagued mankind.

   In this new era, humans can begin the actual road back to full consciousness. The delays so far encountered are, in the long run, simply bumps in the road that this realm had to pass through to achieve its highly valued goal. Now, the final steps before the landings can be achieved. Mankind requires a great deal of training and a vast rewriting of its mostly speculative history. All the unseen dots need to be connected and made known. It is to be a time of surprises and necessary revelations. Out of this is to come the path to the New You!

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to inform you that a series of special preparations is now underway. Long ago, a means was developed by Heaven to free humanity from the Will of the Anunnaki and their ilk. This process is based upon the known limitations of the illuminati and their illicit ways of doing things. In the long run, it is to be the final downfall of this most unholy group. They know that there is nothing for them to do except to permit the prescribed results.

Thus, Heaven has forced the current situation into being. This process has finally allowed your grand visions to manifest and permit the new wondrous realm to appear before you. We thank each of you for your wondrous contributions to this most noble cause. It is often difficult for humanity to hold on tight to its most effective visions! We thank you for what you are contributing to aid this most divine cause. Know in your hearts that a little miracle is truly underway and we invite you to prepare for your visions and your divine purpose to appear!

   In this Light, we simply ask that you deeply hold on and be ready to witness the miracle that was contained in this most special Solar Eclipse. It is to signal the end of one era of your life and bring in the sacred beginnings of another. In your heart, cherish what is about to happen. Be strong, and when it is decreed by Heaven, and be ready to work hard in order to achieve your precious goals! You, are after all, are receiving the help needed to end the dark’s rule and to then freely accomplish your goals! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

   Today, we have reported on what is presently going on around this most beautiful blue-green orb. The final efforts to change this world for the better are now underway. The release of funds and the rise of new governance is only the start for this new realm. During this time, you are to joyfully meet your spiritual and space families! Remember, Dear Hearts, the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


» Source

KEJ RAJ – NESARA – Currency Reset – Eclipse – 8-17-17 – by intel dinar chronicles

Magnetic Fire: NESARA – Currency Reset – Eclipse by KejRaj

Greetings lightwarriors! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.


Magnetic Fire

This new energy, this new light, coming to Earth now, and continuously increasing, intensifying, this is what we call magnetic fire. Why? This Divine light is magnetic, it pulls everything towards itself and it is pulled by towards everything that vibrates, no matter how high or low the vibration of the receiver, because this is the essence of ALL THAT IS. It cleanses, it transmutes, it lifts up all in its path. This light seeks to break all barriers and not separate but CONNECT everyone and everything, and restores everything to its original blueprint.


The only thing that survives within this Divine Magnetic Fire is LOVE.

As it grows, as it reaches every single organism on this planet, every little pocket remaining of the old 3D will be infused and transformed by this light, or those that attempt to reject it will be completely rid of from this world. Light is now the new reality. Service to others is the new norm. If you still have doubt, than you are about to witness this first hand. You are about to see many crashing and burning because they are afraid and refuse to let go of the old. However, the time is NOW.

There is no future, there is no past, there is only NOW. And in this now, the old dream is dissolving fast. This is not about causing fear, this is about AWAKENING. This is about realizing that what we thought was real, was far from real. What we thought worked so good for humanity, did NOT. It only worked for those that sought to enslave humanity. What we have today is slaves supporting their masters. This too must end NOW.

Seek and find joy within. Release the old ways, release the “hollywood mentality” or prepare to be cleansed to the core by the tsunami of light.

What was once 3D, is being dissolved as we speak in this moment. There is a new breed of masters coming out into this world. One filled with the light and love of the Divine. One that seeks to serve this world in the most positive honorable way. One that seeks to serve others and not just the self. One that WILL uplift humanity and Mother Earth into the 5th Dimension. YOU are part of this new breed of masters. You are the new leaders of this world that will spread piece and prosperity to all nations.


In this moment there are wonders beginning to manifest on our beloved Earth. Words cannot begin to describe the magnitude of what is occurring. The anticipation by billions of beings on and off world. Theirs and our excitement, theirs and our commitment to SEE that the era of light is born on Earth and becomes our new reality, and so it shall.

The major domino to fall that will trigger many other events, one after another, is NESARA and the Global Currency Reset. This is closer than ever before to being released, and believe us when we say to you all is about to be cut loose. All the good things that have been held off from humanity until now are quickly to be released to the world.

You have continuously heard about NESARA, what it is, when it was supposed to be fully enacted, why it has been delayed for so long, and so on. Today I am here to tell you that all is completed. In this we also include the Global Currency Reset. All is prepared and ready to go. There is one being in particular that is in charge of this that gives the go ahead so to speak for pressing the button, this one being is no other than yours dearly Saint Germain.

Saint Germain with his cohorts are now more than ready to move forward with this mission, but he also has an old, old friend with him. This one continues to work behind the scenes on restoring the Republic. He is in embodiment now here on Earth, and fully aware of who he is and who he was. Many may know him, at one time he went by the name of George Washington.

The show will begin by the delivering of the prosperity packages first, and the rest will immediately follow.

This time around NO THING will be allowed to interfere, period. Zero tolerance for any shenanigans anyone may try to pull, they will be stopped out cold. Every thing is in order. With hundreds of thousands of benevolent beings watching every step of the way, there is no alternative but for all to go as smooth as possible.

We say to you now shine your light brighter with your heads high and fully open hearts, for it is time.


Full speed ahead, are the three words that came to mind when I first heard about the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 back in the Summer of 2016.

This event brings with it many great energies, which also means great changes in the physical level of reality.

The good things that have been set in motion for humanity many years ago are about to receive a huge energetical push with the occurrence of this Great American Solar Eclipse as it is being referred to.

Since ancient times eclipses have also been known to change the political order. Are we gearing up for this in America now? Resignation, declaration, announcement of the Republic Nation?

On a personal level the time of eclipses can be used to symbolically clear and cleanse stagnant areas in your life. Find time to go within so what remains of no benefit to you surfaces, this way you can observe, transmute and release.

Focus your energy on YOU to recognize and amplify your positive traits, to bring the light of the soul out. A new higher awareness, increased intuition and flashes of insight will lead to a deeper level of self-discovery.

We shall see what is to unfold. Until then and forever, be a source of the energy of love, that is your true essence. Release now the anger, fear, judgement, and all low vibrational energies.

You are made of the purest lightlove and within this lightlove exists the highest power, it is all within YOU, it is all YOU. You are all ready HOME, all you have to do is AWAKEN.

The brightest light shines from within.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.



Sheldan Nidle Update – Galactic Federation – Spiritual Hierarchy -8-3-16

Pleiadian Observation Deck



7 Kan, 7 Pop, 13 Caban

Selamat Balik! All is coming into view! The key is the new American currency. It is being printed and accounted for by the new Department of the Treasury. These precious metal-backed monies signal that this hemisphere has joined the East. This money is to set up the first stages of a global revaluation that is to be the foundation for a new and fairer banking system. Prosperity requires that these safely secured funds be the stable foundation for this surface world’s prosperity. It is this prosperity that is to successfully fuel a new worldwide reality. Many amazing inventions, long sequestered by the ancient regime, are to be released for numerous revolutions in healing and in a worldview that is no longer appropriate for humanity. Our desire is to aid this growth by at times letting you know how best to expand these new technologies. Our expertise and guidance can permit you to attain your desires quickly. The main purpose here is to help you to discover how the universe really works and, in learning its amazing electrical origins, to alter how you perceive your reality.

You are starting to enter an electrical reality known briefly by your ancestors. Electricity was important to the people of both the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Most importantly, the electrical creation of this universe was something that was well known by most societies like the Egyptians, Mayans and Sumerians. The ancient texts of India and China even documented some of the wonders and catastrophes that were so casually created. These marvels were shut down when your ancient sky masters hid this knowledge from you some three thousand years ago. The Anunnaki believed that these devices were countering what they intended you to know. Many ancient cultures thus have myths mentioning that these devices were taken from you and the whole of this sacred wisdom suddenly hidden from you. Hence, it was nearly two millennia before some of this wisdom was permitted to be returned to you. At present, you stand at the point where you were more than two millennia ago. Your growth in these areas is now to be supervised by the Ascended Masters, and by us.

It is vital that you start to see this realm in new ways. The old, dark order desperately wants to force you back into the ways of hate, division and derision. However, their specially-constructed false flag operations have failed to work as they had previously. We realize how difficult it is to be conscious of this violence and still remain calm. The dark has operatives who are trained in events that enforce a deep inner resentment. It is this building resentment and growing sense of powerlessness that it is hoped can finally induce what the dark deeply wants, some type of military action. So far, you have forged a reality that uses its growing consciousness to resist a deep and angry response. This continuing delayed reaction is allowing our allies to ready a course of events that can at last alter these grave scenarios. Every day such a violent reaction can be delayed makes it possible for new governance to appear and thoroughly change this set of unwieldy, and potentially dangerous, sequences. The time for these most welcomed changes is approaching.

Your world is now at the very top of a cycle that has taken a long time to manifest. Those who are ready for the events that muster in a new realm realize how these moments need to be done right and with a rapidity that can prevent any potential miscalculations. It is often easy to move prematurely. The very nature of regime change begs the need to be swift, silent and precise. No amount of doubt is to be entered into at the chosen moment. Those in charge of these events know this, and have created a special set of moments designed to work rapidly when engaged. It is often vital that these critical events first produce the required momentum. Such a time is beginning to appear. It is forming just as it was predicted by our allies and by us. Those who have followed the events of the past few months realize that the right time is near. A few more things need to happen on time to properly spring the trigger. This is a very special moment that only a few understand. Numerous operations are to be coordinated and then a whole new set of perceptions is to come online! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This reality is changing presently for the better. Our associates have diligently worked to prove beyond doubt that this world is based on a number of falsities and outright lies first implanted in humanity by the Anunnaki some 8,000 years ago. Before that, humanity was virtually sacrificed by these same Anunnaki whenever they believed their charges had greatly disobeyed them. After the great flood, humanity was simply left on its own and nearly perished in a series of wars and mindless disputes. Those left alive forged a technology that created great empires and a reality that was always on the brink of its utter destruction. This special civilization was in constant deterioration and its remnants are the societies in Egypt, Sumaria, India and China that you know today. Offshoots of these societies can be found, as well in the Western Hemisphere and throughout the Pacific Basin.

You are the ones we have watched over for these 8,000 years. Many of your ancestors perished in the wars that we alluded to in the last paragraph. Humanity has a history that needs to be told in full. Each of you is a sacred soul that Heaven carefully cultivated. Use your great, untapped powers to come together and apply your powers collectively to aid this grand process that is preparing you for a return to full consciousness. At certain times each Ascended Master was picked by Heaven to assist you in this growth from mortal to immortal Being. Understand how the dark still uses its diminished powers to delay this sacred operation. Be prepared to know that this time can be compared to the chrysalis of a butterfly. A number of key stages are required. The last of these is to be accomplished in the Crystal Light Chamber. In this sacred, living entity you are to return to the Being that you were in ancient Atlantis, and who you were as a new colonist in Lemuria.

Creating this new type of You is vitally important to Heaven, and to us. Many times in your past you nearly perished, or were punished by the then-dark Anunnaki. You survived because you have a most glorious destiny given to you graciously by Heaven. This time, despite all that is still happening to you, know that you are on the very eve of a new era. You are to meet your ancestors from around this galaxy and those who live in Inner Earth, Agartha. Ahead of you are truly miraculous times. Things that you vaguely remember are to reappear, giving you the wherewithal to enter into a new age filled with prosperity and immeasurable inner joy. We are privileged to be able to be the Ones who are assigned to lead you to final success. Much is expected of each of you. The time for garnering these great heavenly gifts is at hand. We salute you and know that our reunions are ready to manifest!

Today, we have reviewed what is occurring around this world. As you can see, this is really a time of miracles and wondrous actions. Do not let the minor final delays discourage you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)