Archangel Sophia – These Changes Can Have a Very Beneficial Effect – Paul Butler @Prime Dsclosure – 9-18-19

Archangel Sophia – These Changes Can Have a Very Beneficial Effect – Paul Butler @Prime Dsclosure – 9-18-19

Hello, my dear ones. This is Sophia.

We know that this is a very intense time for you. The last few years have been increasingly transformative. And with these transformations, sometimes there is also tumultuous change. These changes can completely uproot your life. But ultimately, the changes that occur when triggered from within, can have a very beneficial effect.

Many of you are perhaps feeling that you’re on a powerful roller coaster. It may also feel like you don’t have the ability to steer your life or to stop what’s occurring around you. This is why it is so very important that each of you learn to become quiet and rest when the energy subsides.

Learning to rest when the opportunity arises, is part of learning to surf the waves of light. Many of you focus on the powerful transformative process that you are going through. And this is fine. If you contemplate the shifts you are undergoing, it can support you and help you to acknowledge that what you’re experiencing is very good.

But just as you contemplate, remember to also quiet your mind and become aware of the stillness within. This is the lesson in learning to remain in balance. You move when the energy supports you moving. And you take rest when it’s time to rest and the energy subsides a bit. Putting constant pressure on yourselves actually slows down your progress. This pressure is movement driven by your ego, not flowing with the movement of the light.

You may feel driven to get things done. Or you may take on too many things at once because the energy has made you feel much more expanded. It’s fine to keep acting in the physical world. This is part of what you are here for. However when you feel this great expansion, also remember to go within. For the experience of expansion doesn’t come from outside of you. It comes from deep within. As your consciousness expands, you may begin to feel larger, stronger, more able to undertake many things at once. But instead, rest your awareness deep within your own being even as you move through your day.

Practice holding this inner focus no matter what action you are performing. Learn to establish your awareness in the beautiful, divine space deep within yourself. Allow your movements to flow from this space instead of being driven by your mind or ego. This is the exalted state that each of you are trying to achieve. Those who dwell in very high states of consciousness manifest many perfected actions, however these actions flow from the movement of divine consciousness deep within their being. They have learned to surrender to that divine light and allow it to flow outward through their actions, their speech, and even their look.

When you achieve the state of this kind of surrender, your actions come from a state of divine love. This is not love as defined by the human mind or ego. This love is all-pervasive consciousness that constantly explodes through your being continuously.

It takes tremendous strength to surrender this deeply. In doing so, you surrender your limited individuality to divine Source completely. Then you become a true vehicle of light even while living on your earth.

Continue to practice moving your awareness to that space within. Become deeply centered in your own being even as you perform your daily work. Immerse yourself in the love and light of that space.

Sending all of you, great love.



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