Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – 2-29-20 – via


Good morning to you. How would you like to conduct today’s communication?

Firstly, by welcoming each and every one into ‘their’ hearts. For it is there, that we wish to enter. For should one choose not to do so whilst reading our conversations, then that which we offer is received from a ‘shallower’ perspective.

When one enters into their heart and breathes in and out deeply for a few minutes … that which they receive is absorbed by the soul-self on a Higher Vibration.

The Energy in which these words carry, awaken layers within and therefore, are accepted on a level that allows a deeper understanding of that which is offered.

Keep in mind too, that the position/level you have upgraded yourselves to, is very different from that of say, five of your years ago. Therefore, the ‘same’ words are accepted on a Higher Vibration of self and therefore, resonate more fully.

If one were to take a journey down memory lane and re-read many of our communications with you Blossom, although one may ‘think’ … ‘Oh yes, I KNOW all this’ … if read … through/of/as … the silence of the heart … that which is ‘picked up’ … is received differently now, from the many years ago that one first encountered a particular message.

Because YOU … Each One … are vastly different in self NOW, than you were, even … this time last year.

Your Energy is Vibrating now, within a Higher Frequency. Therefore, ALL that you are, is able to FEEL more of itself.

As EVERYTHING is moving ‘UP’ … the veil between worlds is thinning. Therefore, communication is becoming easier and Lighter in its methods.

I feel I will have to leave it for today. We do not seem to be ‘flowing’ as easily as we normally do. (Although, it may read as such.) So much for your last sentence about it becoming Lighter and easier! I will try again another time.

FRIDAY 11th Jan.

Ok. I am back. That is lovely to hear about communication becoming easier. Yet right now, it doesn’t seem to be the case … not sure that we are linked in yet? Are we?

Yes, we are, Dearest Blossom. And welcome, once again. The hesitation you are experiencing is due to the upgrading of our Energies connecting with yours. We are coming through to you on a different Frequency and therefore, there is certain rewiring taking place within you, in order for your Frequency to become balanced within the Frequency that we are connecting to you within.

It is not that our conversations will be seen to be necessarily of a Higher Vibration … as in the wordings that we bring forth … the subject matter, for instance. It is more so, to do with the Vibration carried within the same words.

This Vibration will connect with those who read these conversations and assist to uplift/upgrade the Frequency of the reader in a subtle, yet, profound direction, in order for one to absorb the LIGHT that is carried within them.

Can I ask how Light can be carried within words?

Dearest Blossom, everything is Light, as you know. On a more practical way of explanation, we would take your thoughts to that of a Lightswitch on a wall that has the mechanism of a dimmer switch … up or down for a brighter or dimmer mood setting.

That which we bring forth in Energy now, is of Higher Vibration and therefore, the Light within that Vibration is stronger and brighter.

The level of expansion in which each individual soul-self has progressed to, will allow the Coded messages to be received in the correct Frequency to match that of each soul.

How can/does that work?

Because all Energy is from/of THE DIVINE. There is not one impossibility! Think about that. Not one!

We have been speaking recently about Coding. We would put it this way … Imagine your particular Vibration emitting a Code. Each one different, depending on their thoughts and mindset at any given time.

As one reads this particular transmission, for instance … their brain patterns are continually changing the Codes coming from within that individual … the words and THE LOVE that we offer within our purpose to assist your Planet are Coded within a Frequency of that Love.

As souls read … the Codes emit their Frequency to each individual. Yet, depending on the Coding the individual is resonating upon/within … the Codes from ‘US’ will change in order to fall in with the level of understanding that the individual is capable of, depending on their progressed level of expansion.

So, we would say that although there is the basic fundamental Code within these words of Higher Love emission … when read by each individual they adjust to the ‘temperament’ of that soul. At the same time, working with the Codes that the individual presents and ‘mathematically’, if you like … raising the Frequency that the soul emits by slightly adjusting the Codes that are coming into match them. To unite with them.

This is all very complicated!

Dearest Blossom … these Codes are beyond comprehension. Yet, in the KNOWING that they exist and in the thoughts of them ‘Rising up to greet the Dawn’ … much change can take place.

Within basic maths …

You’re kidding me, right? We are not about to talk about maths … like … my biggest No No! …

We shall keep it plain and simple … Within basic maths … one cannot take sums to a more in-depth working without the progressive steps to get there. One ‘movement’ flows through into the next, yet, all the while, taking that original basic sum into a more complicated ‘working out of’ … if you follow us.

Sort of.

Therefore, one cannot leap, in their Coded expression of self, from a particular Code … into one that is far Higher in its expression … just like that … because it needs to take the steps to get there, in order to arrive at its present conclusion.

For the second time, I bring this to a close. It is just not flowing easily. It may read that way, yet it’s not like that in my head. I have no doubt this is The Federation Of Light. Could very well be me, and my energy at the moment! I’ll try for the third time, another time. Over and out for now.

Would you care to stay?



Blossom Goodchild with Federation of Light – 12-21-18 – On the Road to Souljoy

Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light, October 21, 2018.

Hello Guys.

Are you ready to go on this one?

Where to start!

Let us help you.

You are inquiring about a message we brought through

eight years ago concerning vast containers

aboard our ships … containing Energy.

Yes. All thanks to a certain gentleman.

via Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light, October 21, 2018. — On the road to Souljoy

BLOSSOM GOODCHILD – Channeling The Federation of Light – 10-12-18 – via Ashtar Command Crew




Hello. Well, after a three week break and not being able to get through to you yesterday, I suddenly feel LIGHT headed and feel you are here. Go for it!

We thank you for heeding our request. Indeed we are eager to speak with you. Yesterday, your Energies were not conducive to our needs. In fact we would say, it was not just your Energies that were causing the ‘no go’.

Thanks to

Our weather is torrential at the moment, I don’t feel that is helping.

Correct, and yet, we can ‘clearly’ reach you in this moment of your time.

I am sort of hesitant to bring this up, in case it is not what you were requiring to speak of, yet, I guess you’ll let me know. In that … It will be ten years this weekend that you had to abort the mission of having vast ships appear and remain in our skies for three days. (Oct 14th 2008). Ten years. WOW!

We are indeed keen to speak of this as a matter of urgency.

Uh oh! Meaning?

Meaning that we wish to jog memories for those who are aware of that time. There was much expectancy, much hope, much excitement. Many experienced ‘something quite phenomenal’ and many experienced much disappointment, which sadly turned into anger and hate.

Directed like arrows straight at me, as I recall!

Indeed. Yet, with the greatest respect you survived, as we knew you would. Aborting the spectacular show was necessary, as much damage would have fallen upon your Planet and Human kind, if we had not done so. Those with  a lesser than Light agenda knew for sure that YOU/THIS was no hoax and were not prepared to let ‘US’ enter into your skies in this way. In this ‘portrayal of TRUTH’. If we had gone ahead we would have surely been allowing unnecessary destruction to MOST of your Planet .

Much water under the bridge in these ten years … and many, many thousands still hanging on to your every word. That’s got to say something for who you are.

And may we say … who YOU are.

Aw Shucks! A little embarrassed, yet, that’s what came through.

We would then Lighten that embarrassment with the addition of ‘who YOU ALL are’. For inside each one, your Truth is prompting you to follow our words. Even though what ‘did not’ take place as planned, could so easily have ‘turned you away’. Yet, here you are, and many, many more on board since.


TRUTH is within you. TRUTH is the knowledge of KNOWING TRUTH!

You have steadfastly held on to your TRUTH and allowed it to lead you onward.

So many times have you been battered and blown around by the harsh winds that have prevailed and yet … your core … your roots remain embedded in the LOVE/LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

Even though you may sometimes feel like giving up … you never will. You cannot. 

For you are Warriors of Light and you are here to see your mission through … and you ARE doing … and you shall/will.

So close now … So close to so much change.

Change that has been going on behind the scenes … and yet, you shall find that suddenly …

ALL WILL BE REVEALED … As if the curtain fell and all that was hidden behind it, will now be exposed.

Many of you are confused and would we say even ‘afeared’ of what is taking place in your world at this time. One does not know who or what is working for the Light. So much is being branded about, that one does not know which way to turn.

We say … Turn Within … Within YOU. You do not need ‘US’.  You do not need anyone or anything to go within side of yourself and ask LOVE to be your ONLY GUIDE.






We express this over and over and shall continue to do so.

Let go of fear and concern. Channel your Energies into sending LOVE to your Planet and those within and upon her.

Whenever fear or confusion arise … thank it. Thank yourself for recognising this is not of your desire and consciously … immediately … CHANGE that Energy into LOVE.

SMILE. Put a smile on your face and breathe in deeply … In your mind’s eye visualise a field of flowers opening up from a bud into full bloom. Visualise a dolphin jumping out of the ocean and splashing in play. Visualise an angel wrapping their wings around you. Visualise your entire Planet holding hands with one another and laughing …


Rise above all that you are being bombarded with.

Listen to us, Dearest Souls and we ask you to listen well.

All that you are presented with in so many forms … is to distract you from THE TRUTH.

Yes, we understand that you are living in your world, upon your Planet … ( or so you think) …

Yet, it is an illusion. This is not the first time we have spoken of this.


If you do not know what to believe … then do not believe any of it!

Yet, YOU DO KNOW how to breathe and visualise a world that you want. EVERY BEING ON YOUR PLANET KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT.



The Energies that are coming in now are SO STRONG … SO POIGNANT … SO DETAILED.

They carry within them ‘Jewels of wonder.’

The Light contained within them CAN BE absorbed by you. Yet, you must be willing to accept them. Accept them by KNOWING THEM to be what they are. 






As you allow them to penetrate into YOUR individual Energy you will Feel/ Experience the heightened level of yourself as the Energy coming in co-joins with your Energy … for it is one and the same. Would we say … an addition to.


KNOWING is so much more of a signature. Believing /hoping is all well and good  and on the road to … Yet, if you want to get there and get there fast … KNOW THIS TO BE TRUTH.

YOUR POWER in much HIgher doses is contained within this combination! 

TRY IT OUT. See for yourselves.

I have to say, my third eye is about to take off right now!

It is connecting and adjusting to the Higher Energies, Blossom.

We are so very excited regarding what is to come about. 

As we watch over and recognise each one ‘coming into their own’ … we revel in the Joy that this shall bring for One and All.

Good Lord Maud. I have to say, it will be so good for this to come about. We have been waiting for what seems like eons.

And yet … in ‘real’ terms, there has been no time at all. Just a movement … an expansion of self. Walking into one’s Truth … one step at a time.

Indeed … at a ‘time’.

At a time when the most Glorious of revelations shall be what they say they are … revealed.

Such ‘Re’joy’cing’ as one recognises TRUTH . Such Celebration when one has become TRUTH.


We and so many, are walking alongside you … all the way.

The time is coming when WE cannot be denied. No one shall be in denial of ‘US’ even though they say they are.

More and more shall our vessels of Light enter into your atmospheres. More and more spectacular Light shows shall be on/at hand.

More and more shall we display maneuverers of a different kind, leaving in our trail … evidence that proves beyond doubt and questionability that we are from ‘elsewhere’ and yet, more importantly, that WE LOVE YOU. 

Evidence of such facts will spread so fast and such excitement will build momentum. It shall be like a crescendo as an orchestra climaxes … ONE WILL KNOW US.

And …


Some think that there could be false flags. Perhaps even showings of ships disguised as you and yet, not.

Dearest souls … even with much secrecy of technology held by your human kind … NOTHING can PRETEND to BE US! When trying to do so … it shall be very obvious as to which is which!

Breathe and smile!  Breathe and smile! Breathe and smile.

If you can do nothing else in these coming days … do this!  

I have been. I know I mentioned it before … yet, it works so well.

This is why we mention it again.

We are showing you an image of your world map and pin points upon it. One would use this to ‘mark out’ a certain conglomeration of a particular thing. We show you this, as if this is what we see when one is breathing and smiling, breathing and smiling. Many, many, many pin points Lighting up your world. Strength in Numbers, Dearest Souls. Strength in numbers.











In Gratitude of WHAT IS. 

You are almost there, Dearest Souls. Almost there.

That would be nice. I won’t put my slippers on just yet though. Thanks Guys. You have given me/taught me so much over the years. I am happy to me NOW . For there was such a huge chunk of my life when that wasn’t the case. Oct 14th for me, brought a new strength within me. A deeper Trust in you … and it is SUCH AN HONOUR to bring these messages through. I am deeply humbled that you consider me worthy. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

  1. Can’t help myself … A massive fly over on Sunday 14th would go down a treat! Preferably over Noosa QLD. HA-HA. Thank you! I’ll put the kettle on!

pps. A message from me…

Perhaps this Sunday Oct 14th … you would do me the honour of taking this ‘Invocation’ into your Being and feel it in your heart. Many for the 1st time. UNITED WE STAND, Dearest friends,  AS ONE. Many thanks.


Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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Website: Blossom Goodchild

BLOSSOM GOODCHILD – Channeling The Federation of Light – 10-12-18 –

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Hello. Well, after a three week break and not being able to get through to you yesterday, I suddenly feel LIGHT headed and feel you are here. Go for it! We thank you for heeding our request. Indeed we are…Read more

via Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – October 12, 2018 — Sananda



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 2/13/2018

Selamat Balik. We return to report on what continues to unfold behind the scenes. The dark cabal, overall, is losing their power over humanity. A new and radiant Light is forming, allowing many new events to manifest. The occasional strategies that we have employed are designed to systematically defeat the dark cabal. As a result, the currency revaluation, growing closer to its release every day, will result in turn in a global currency reset. Our Earth Allies and their friends are methodically preparing to safely transform this world as you know it.

We stand today on the very cusp of Victory. Patience and guile (internal wisdom) are leading us toward manifesting the galactic society that we all have long worked for. It is ready to become a truly wondrous reality based on the principle of Unity consciousness. The dark’s total arrogance is proving to be their downfall. They thought we were playing chess: in reality, we are playing Chinese Checkers, which employs multiple players and strategies. You are prevailing. Know this in your heart of hearts. Ultimately, the cabal has no chance of survival. We are in the course of observing their defeat.

We wish to address a couple of current ascension symptoms that many of you are experiencing. They involve the throat chakra and your newly activating “well of dreams” chakra, located in the area of the occipital lobe (at the base and back of the head). First, the throat chakra. Some of you are experiencing on-going dry coughing fits. These don’t originate in your lungs, but from irritation in the throat and larynx. This chakra helps to collect prana energy that invigorates and purifies the body. It also serves as the communicator for your consciousness, activating your power to speak your Truth with confidence and unconditional Love. The throat chakra also coordinates energies of your body with the regulatory consciousness energies of the head ? a symbiotic dance.

New vibrations are on the rise, affecting the head chakras, especially your “well of dreams”. With this activation many are experiencing vivid dreams, headaches and/or sleeplessness. Some, particularly those with psychic abilities, commonly get headaches from information ‘bottlenecking’ that creates discomfort in this region. It is important to recognize these symptoms and to surround their center with great spiritual protection. As you assimilate these upgrades, it is best to be kind to yourself and your families, drink pure water, rest, and be in nature. We encourage people to share their experiences with each other, as coming together in groups is indispensable. The head chakra assists new energies to flow into our consciousness. The world is changing quickly now. Please ask for our assistance. We are with you.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! The time has come to thank Heaven for what is about to be revealed. The old corrupt political process is doomed to disappear, to be blessedly replaced by a new one, called NESARA and GESARA. You are to bask in the divine light of freedom, and have the capacity to fulfill your joy. This inner passion drives you and is to be Heaven’s most magnanimous gift. It is a sign of just how much Heaven Loves you and deeply wishes for your utmost personal success! It will be the reward for everything you do, to thank Heaven for its marvelous work in fulfilling your dreams!

Your increased inquisitiveness is a wonder to us and is changing your age-old perceptions of this realm. As a result of the new energies you have acquired, the world does not seem balanced and just, and uncalled-for wars no longer stir you. Those who have long ruled this world no longer perceive you as docile puppets, but as people who must be reckoned with. This is yet another series of signs proclaiming that what used to be normal no longer applies. Now, too, you also possess a more insightful understanding of the ways of grace.

Be patient. Know within that a momentous sacred plan is underway that is meant to sweep aside all who vigorously oppose what it represents. What unfolds is the reformation of this new and prosperous reality. Each day, many sacred decrees have been pronounced and made known. An unsullied new world is to manifest, and all existing obstacles are to be transformed. Enjoy what is occurring and allow this gracious new reality to appear. Let us accomplish this task in the name of all that is sacred and profound. Hallelujah!

Today, we reported yet again on what transpires around your world. Events long promised by the Light are at last to begin manifesting around you. See them only as initial confirmation of an astounding, free and prosperous new realm. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization




The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild – 10-14-17 – by Golden Age Of Gaia


Federation of Light

Blossom: Welcome to you. I am raring to go, so let’s see what wisdom is to be shared today?

Federation of Light: Welcome to you also, Dearest Blossom. We are certainly keen to continue our conversations with you and we are aware of a question you shall pose from a gentleman follower.

Many thanks.

The FOL (and other sources) say that the power to manifest has never been stronger or more powerful than now. However, given that our ‘Higher Self’ is presumably in charge, no matter what, then is it not true that as much as we consciously try and manifest (eg, trying to create a new job, attract more money, find a partner etc.), if any of these ‘wishes’ are not in alignment (at this time) with our ‘Higher Purpose’, as controlled by our ‘Higher Self’, then none of these manifestations will come to pass, no matter how powerfully or passionately we try to create them? If this is true, then it kinda defeats the purpose of us trying to manifest down here in 3D land, and instead we may as well just sit back and relax and follow the path pre-prepared for us.

We thank the gentleman for this inquiry for indeed, it is an interesting supposition. Let us explain as best we can, in that, that which one decides to ‘want next’ is simply another step along the journey of life, the journey of the soul. Its choices come and go, and it really is very much the epitome of ‘playing The Game’. Having fun and moving forward, sideways, yet, never backward.

The Higher Self wants for you the very best, as pointed out. Yet, it is also ‘happy’ for you to create anything that your Earthly self desires, because from that experience, no matter what it is, one shall expand, learn and grow.

In essence, the ‘wants and desires’ of a soul, MUST BE the ‘wants and desires’ of the Higher soul, leading on through thought, into the aspect of soulself that resides within the body at this time.

May I interrupt here by saying that, for instance, surely the Higher Self of a soul (on Earth) who desires to kill another or many, is not keen for the Earthly aspect of the soul to do so?

Yet Blossom, it is an integral part of that soul’s journey … to eventually become in fullness who he/she is, BY travelling along any particular chosen path in order to experience themselves … in order to experience LIFE.

So, would the Higher Self be encouraging that? Surely not, Scott!

It is not a matter of encouraging. It is a matter of freedom of choice, which one was Gracefully given when volunteering and being chosen to reside upon your Planet.

So, is the aspect of self upon Earth in control over The Higher Self?

It is one and the same. We realise it is difficult to understand.

I can feel you trying to put all this in order of ‘appearance’ so to speak. Let’s take it slow.

Many thanks to you Blossom. It is indeed so very awkward to translate into words that which will make sense of the situation.

It is one and the same because EVERYTHING IS ONE AND THE SAME! EVERYTHING is FROM/OF the ONE ENERGY that exists … Love. This you know. This we have talked about many, many, many, many times.

Yet, the Energy that IS your Higher Self is of a much greater ‘degree of Loving Pure Energy’ than that which is living and encased within the physical body in which you reside, upon the Energetic degree of Mother Earth.

Here we would like to state that it is not the Energy of Mother Earth ‘Herself’ that we are talking about, yet, the Energy that has ‘come upon it’ that we speak of.

It is this Energy that has dampened down your TRUE Energy.

OK. So, is our Higher Self our God self?

Every part of everything is THE GOD SELF … resonating on/at different frequencies of Vibration.

Would we say that your Higher Self is of a Purer essence, because it is able to be, because … it is not residing within the dense Energies of your Planet.

So, back to the question … to manifest that which we want upon Earth is possible (no matter what it is) because our Higher Self, although more knowledgeable from the position in which it resides … ‘allows’ us to basically have free rein, so that we can experience that which ‘we think’ is good for us.

Would you like our job, Blossom?

Actually, I often feel that what I say is often you, feeding it through me, in order to help these conversations flow.

For, we are One and the same! Again, we shall revert back to that which we have said many times before … in that, if it be the case that ‘nothing matters’ … which is so … then ALL and EVERYTHING is just another experience, no matter HOW /WHAT /WHY /WHEN it takes place … it is just LIFE unfolding throughout EVERY conceivable possibility.


KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE WATCHED OVER, and if it be so that a job /partner/ home/ etc. is not the best of that desire that is awaiting you, a way will be found ‘Universally’ to divert the circumstances, in order for one to then walk into the Highest Good of that same intention.

I’m a little confused. So, the Higher Self IS in control of what is best for us?

No. The Higher self WANTS what is best for you, in that which you have asked for. The best of the best … depending on YOUR beliefs of what CAN come to you … and as you well know … this takes place through the Vibrational KNOWING that, that which you ask for shall be received.

I know this is ‘way out there’, and Lord alone knows why I am going down this dodgy avenue, yet, does that then mean that The Higher Self will find the best way for a soul to kill another, if that is their intention?

What it means Blossom is that the Higher Self will present a circumstance to that soul … IF that is the way a soul wishes to walk.

Yet, what about the poor soul that is wiped out? Surely that is not on their list of ‘Things to do today’. 1. Get killed! (I know the answer here, yet, I am feeding you this to assist those who don’t. With respect.)

The soul who is to be ‘wiped out’ as you put it, has already agreed with the soul who is to do the deed that this is to take place. One would say, it is an honorary position. In that, by offering oneself up in this way, they are assisting not just the soul who is to take the action, yet many, many who are affected by such action.

Although I knew this … it sure is a sacrifice is it not?

It all depends on how you look upon sacrifice. Life continues on forever and ever, whether or not you are ‘dead or alive’ upon your particular Planet!

It is interesting how these conversations travel in many directions. So, because I have no idea really where we are at, at this point in the conversation, I would like to add another question if I may?


It seems that many are still struggling with what are termed as ‘Ascension symptoms’. Is forgetfulness, short term memory loss, one of them?

Yes, only in that the rewiring that is occurring within your ‘every part of Being’ is being upgraded. Little, inconsequential activities can be dismissed, whilst such VAST CHANGES are taking place on so many levels.

Another wrote in to say that you had mentioned that the next three to four months will bring a Lightness in and things would be effortless. Yet, many are still feeling such a heaviness of Being. Is everyone feeling this way still, or just some?

Dearest souls, the releasing and letting go of ‘old’ can be quick and painless or slow and painful, depending on, once again … the soul’s journey … the soul’s attitude. This is one of the reasons being played out. There are those who are choosing ‘underneath it all’ to hang on to the old, besides the fact that are so very keen to let go of it. It is a surrendering of self to the new … and is acted out in many different ways. We suggest for those who feel they are ready to let go, yet, are still experiencing the old, that they are transmuting now, not for themselves, yet, for the Energy that is ‘hanging around’ and in need of either dispersing altogether, or changing into Light.


Many may also be experiencing ‘symptoms’ of thoughts that are estranged from that which they know themselves to be. This too, is an example of ‘releasing and transmuting’ FOR THE WHOLE.

Part of the reason you came. To do this FOR THE WHOLE.

Did you not come down to Planet Earth to move her up into the TRUTH of Herself?


You do not JUST have the ONE JOB of seeing yourself through into this Higher position.

YOU ARE ONE… and therefore, you are serving FOR THE WHOLE and this involves ‘taking on board’ … ailments and negative thoughts of others … just for a split second, in order to recognise them for what they are and then ridding the Earth of them with that recognition … and allowing them to pass on through in the KNOWING you have either transformed or released them … for The Highest Good of all.

So, Dearest Ones, if you look upon this heaviness of mind, body and soul in this way … then you can give thanks for them ‘coming to you’, so that you can work your magic and do what has to be done, without it ‘getting a grip’ … so to speak. Once you KNOW this is the case … it can be resolved in the blink of an eye … and if it should take longer than that … then recognise that the particular experience presented is in need of more Love being sent ‘through it’, rather than feel defeated by it.

Well, I think that will be very helpful to many. Thank you so much.

The pleasure is all ours.

Oh no, it’s not. So much of it is mine also, and those who are blessed to read your messages.

We are ONE. To finish we would add, that when we spoke of things in the next three or four months becoming Lighter and Brighter … we mean what we say. You will find this particular shift to BE A SHIFT WITH A LIFT!

Lovin’ ya style Crocodile! In Love and thanks. As always, an honor to serve.

The Federation of Light: October 14, 2017, channeled by Blossom Goodchild at

Source Link: Blossom Goodchild: Federation of Light

BLOSSOM GOODCHILD, Federation Of Light – Tipping of the Scales – 8-13-17 – by Era Of Light



Image result for blossom goodchild

Blossom  Goodchild

Well, it’s been a very long time. I am settled in my new abode and at last back on line. So, here I am, as keen as mustard to get back in touch. HELLO!

Welcome to you. We are keen to be back in contact with you also, Blossom. For we have kept silent in order for you to accomplish that which was needed on an Earthly basis. You will have felt also, a change in your very Being. Is this not so?

Oh yes! Although, I am not sure if I am yet ‘out the other side!’ Such High Energies and yet, such a lot going on for everyone on a more ‘troublesome’ scale. No-one seems to know exactly where they are.

This is both observant and accurate. For there is the tipping of the scales, once again. That which does not serve is being accentuated in order to release it, once it has been recognised that it is no longer suitable for the soul. Yet, on the other hand … there is a FEELING within the soulself that a Higher Vibration is being absorbed and now integrating within the Core of the Being.

The two are actually collaborating in a dance of ‘change’ … and when this particular ‘dance’ is complete, the difference in ‘self’ shall become very apparent.

In what way?

In the ways of recognising the Higher Vibration that one is ‘sitting within’. So much more of the Truer Higher potential is able to present itself, once this shift has settled down and there is so much more to benefit the whole.

I feel once again as if I am in a cocoon … ready to emerge, break free and fly. Yet, there seems to be another part of me that has concrete boots on … and then again … another part of me that simply doesn’t recognise who I am, what I am doing and why I am here!  Sort of swimming around in Limbo.

This is all to do with these current Energies. They are stronger and more poignant than ever before. Due to the fact that your world is getting Brighter and Lighter.

This ‘change’ that is within you … this ‘change’ that you are experiencing is also taking place within EVERYTHING. Imagine that! Everything that you are part of is shifting into a Higher resonance and finding its feet. Then it needs to find the ground to place the feet!

When you say ‘Everything’ … do you mean just on our Planet?

No. For EVERYTHING is part of EVERYTHING. Therefore, what takes place within ‘ANYTHING’ … HAS TO … affect ALL.

Yet, we would say that your Planet in particular, is the focus at this time. All eyes on you!

Yet, we are so tiny in comparison to ‘It all’. Why so much interest?

Because you, all of you … and your Divine Planet, are conducting an experiment that has never before taken place. To TRANSFORM it and all upon it, into a HIGHER DIMENSION. To become a HIGHER Vessel of itself is a HUGE FEAT. This is why it is being tested out on Earth, for to do so on a larger Planet would not seem practical.

So, if this works on our Planet … will it then take place on others?


Have other Planets fallen by the way side also then?

It is not so much about that … on other Planets. It is the actual experiment of the ‘raising up of’ … whether or not it has ‘fallen’ is irrelevant.

Have other Planets ‘gone down the pan’ like ours?

Blossom, there are Planets that are of the Brightest Light and there are Planets that have chosen to be of darkness.

Why would one choose that?

Because as we have said before … life goes on and on … and on and on … and on and on … and on and on. There are ENDLESS … understand that word …. ENDLESS … possibilities to be played out. There has to be contrast or how could one FEEL/KNOW the difference?

So, are you saying that this experiment on Earth … this ‘Game’ that we are involved in…. is also played everywhere else?

No. That is not the case. Other Planets have life forms and what is IS what is.

I don’t really understand that.

On your Planet Blossom, you are able to change things. Your essence … your reason for Being THERE, is to MASTER THIS GAME and in doing so, you have the opportunity to change it … in any way you see fit … to suit the self and its needs.

This is not the case elsewhere and yet … in saying that … it depends on ‘where’ you consider ‘elsewhere’ to be. For within the expanse of ‘ALL THAT IS’ … we cannot and would not say that is necessarily the case within ALL THAT IS INVOLVED within the Game in which you are playing. For this too involves  parallel lives, dimensions within dimensions. It is too vast to be able to ‘put in a nutshell’ for you, Blossom. Yet, to round this off we would say that Earth has the capability of change through expression of thought. Not everywhere else has the privilege to do so.

Thank you. Changing the subject for a bit as I feel to continue on that would definitely make me lose the plot. Someone asked if you would give us your understanding of ‘Pure Intent’. It sort of speaks for itself and yet, maybe you can give us its fuller understanding?

In/of/as itself … PURE INTENT in its Purest form is coming from the HIGHEST position of the soul’s understanding OF itself. When one has an intention to perform anything … to do anything … to think anything … to give of anything … to receive of anything … to offer anything … to LOVE anything … when coming from a place of KNOWING THAT YOU ARE CREATORS and the CREATION that you are and the CREATION you desire to CREATE … then THAT OFFERING has to be of Pure Intent. It is the KNOWING of who you are that allows the intention to be of the Purest.

We will explain this in short, for as you say … it sort of speaks for itself. We CAN put this one in a nutshell.


KNOW YOU ARE GOD’S FLOW OF ALL CREATION and when intending ‘anything’ … be it baking a cake … to the healing of your entire Planet … in THIS KNOWING … only the Purest Highest LOVE blends in with that intention and therefore, has the Highest Purest outcome. And so it is.

Thank you. A rather interesting topic someone wanted your opinion on after you had spoken of walk-in’s and soul’s inhabiting the same body … was regarding transsexuals. Why … if someone is counselled etc. as to what would serve their soul in their next life time … would they arrive on Earth and find out at some stage in that journey, that their soul is being housed in the wrong gendered body? Could you talk about this?

As with all things Blossom, there are a thousand different reasons for a thousand different souls as to why they choose to come into the life they do. One could ask why a severely deformed body would be chosen to house a soul? Or, why a soul would choose a body that seems to be completely malfunctioning in its ‘wiring’? All these things are decided in order to either/both serve the soul and in many cases … to serve others also. So much suffering within an individual can bring about so much change within their reasoning and understanding of not only themselves, yet, also, as to the world and how ‘one is viewed’. Therefore, that which is considered to be a ‘mistake/error’ in the FEELING of bodily expression regarding female or male tendencies, is not a mistake /error at all.

So, if for instance a soul arrives on Earth and from early on, feels the need to swap gender entirely … had they agreed for that to happen before they got here?

For some, yes. For others … it can be … and you can put this into many situations … it could be that the understanding is reached that a soul would benefit coming back to Earth and experience ‘something’ that would assist them in evolving and becoming more of themselves.

Why would that have to be a ‘troublesome’ experience?  Why not choose to be a farmer that produces tulips and roses? Surely, that too, helps one to evolve and discover that they are Love in essence?

We understand that which you are conveying … and yet … so much of self is uncovered through that which does not always ‘appear’ to be in the best interest to an individual. Yet, underneath it all … it is by far the best ‘journey’ that soul could take, when ‘taking it out of perspective’ and looking at it from the Higher place.

For example … the point in question regarding changing a body over from one gender to another. This involves surgery. Surgery, with the greatest respect, is the easy part. The emotional/mental/spiritual/soul transforming part is that which benefits the individual. The courage and the strength it takes any given soul to see such a transformation through, is the reason it takes place.

Many of you at times, struggle in wondering who you Truly are. In fact you mentioned it earlier, Blossom … and that is without the added complication of discovering you do not feel ‘YOU’ in the body you were born in to. When one has ‘completed’ the ‘swap’ … again, we use that word with respect … that individual becomes so much clearer as to WHO THEY TRULY ARE. Not as in being a male or female … as in their soul self … and we are sure that this could be confirmed by those souls that have chosen to do.

Let us mention also … that there is also, as suggested by the one asking the question … that this ‘promotion’ of/by self, also offers others the opportunity to search inside their own understandings. For, is it not the soul that one is speaking with … the soul that one falls in Love with … whether or not one was once male and now female, or the other way round … has nothing to do with how one ‘finds’ that person to be as an individual. They are who they are. Their BEING is who one chooses to be friends with or attracted to. The gender of the body is just the housing of the vessel, as we say.

If one lived in a mansion and it didn’t feel right … they may move to a small flat … because they feel more comfortable living there. To ‘Us’, we see no difference and yet, we are aware that there are STILL many souls that find the ‘move’ by others totally abhorrent. We send our Love and Light to those souls who do not yet understand. Yet, one day they will. Maybe in another life experience they will choose to go through it themselves, so that they CAN understand.

Again thank you. WOW. This hour has gone so fast. And yet, I feel as if we are not yet done … is there something you particularly need to mention?

Blossom, we thank you. We thank ALL OF YOU … for taking the opportunity to be on EARTH at this time.

Patiently have you journeyed on. Knowing in your Truth that the FEELING inside of you that is LOVE … and the connection you have with The Divine Source is WHO YOU ARE.

In this KNOWING you continue to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and you are recognising NOW, more than ever … again, through FEELING … that the days ahead are to become so very exciting.

We ask you to KNOW that there is a LOVE that comes to you from those that are not experiencing Earthly form at this time … Some who never have and never will … And within this ENERGY of LOVE … WE BECOME ONE AND THE SAME WITH YOU.








So much is to shine through onto your Planet as you watch this Divine Plan … that you agreed to be part of … unfold in a way that you have not yet imagined. For your Vibration has not yet reached those Heights. Yet, you are getting there, Dearest souls … You are getting there.

Thank you so much. I am keen to correct all my spelling mistakes from writing so fast and to get this posted out, as I know many have been patiently waiting for you and me to get back on board.

I am so happy that we are. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.

IN LOVE ALSO … WE sign out for this time.

» Source – Channel: Blossom Goodchild