LISA GAWLAS – Higher Frequency Realms and ET’s Arriving! – 8-18-18

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There is so much happening that I already know I am not going to be able to share it all in one post.  This really is a the greatest time to join, in full consciousness and participation, our family from the stars and other dimensions, to assist the magic happening on earth!!

But I have got to share this amazing experience first, because it really leaves me in awe and gratitude.  I had a lady who has been rescheduled like 5 times for an ET connection.  I scheduled her on Saturday and it was a day I was fully on, she was 4th out of 5 readings.  I was able to see clearly for the first three, the energies tho, wow, they have gotten so high, so vibrantly new, I had a massive headache by the time it was her turn.  The fact that in trying to get everyone rescheduled in a timely manor had me reading back to back with barely 5 minutes in between each appointment didn’t help.  Imagine my surprise when I could not get her connection started.  I was just pissed!!  Finally, one of her team morphed himself into a version that looked like the guy from the show My Favorite Martian and parked himself on my porch railing.  He explained that I could not take any more energy in safely to do their connection, it would blow my circuits out completely.  Even tho I was still pissed I had to reschedule her again, I was glad to understand why!!  I just happened to have one opening yesterday to wiggle her into.

We finally got her connection done yesterday and I fully appreciate the fact that her ET team did not present the day before.

A massive black hole/portal/wormhole opened up just above the treeline of the back yard.  It was easy 25 feet in diameter.  Freakin HUGE!!!  As I put my consciousness into the hole, there was a gentle sucking or pulling sensation and I was being pulled thru this tunnel thing, slowly.  As I was moving thru it, I could feel something like a guess a car would feel as it went thru a car wash, like little gentle brushes gently whacking against my consciousness, cleaning whatever debris was in there I guess!!  It was a very strange sensation, indescribable really.  But I immediately understood why her team rescheduled us the day prior.  The energy coming in thru whatever was happening was intense.

As I reached some part of this tunnel, not the end of it, but some part of it, was her team.  Two in silhouette form and one interesting looking Being.  Mostly like a pig standing upright.  Skin color and texture, very much like a pig.  But his arms were kinda human-like, he had them crossed against his chest and his “hands” were split hooves.  His legs were like a kangaroo, with hair like fibers that were about 2 inches long and brittle.  He had the ability to either hop or walk with these interesting legs.

He then opened to this amazingly bright landscape, his world.  The light there was like nothing I have ever seen before, so bright, so incredible!!  I soon realized why!!  His planet had 4 suns and each sun released a different sort of energy thru its rays.  Let me tell you, I felt every ray!!  Holy zoom batman!!!

Oddly tho, his planet had no green to it, no anything except rocks, a lot of rock looking formations and even the dirt was made of crumbled rocks.

He explained that he was created to live i this environment and do what he does there.  His odd looking legs protect him from damage, and allows easy mobility.

He explained that some of our rocks come from his planet.  They are still within the earth and there is a special charge now taking place, that started just before this eclipse series, from his plane into some of our rocks.  They are not topside yet and won’t be until their energy is ready to be used.

He explained that his realm opened up to our 5 years ago, 2013 when our earth shifted into what so many of us now call, the new earth.  The higher frequencies now available has many higher Beings coming in to assist.

What I have found so interesting this week thru the ET connections, unlike all the other times before, where most have been participating since birth, these new arrivals have not.  Instead, they started to scan the planet for humans that have a resonance of their vibration in their field.

Thru several of the ET connections this week, I was shown and fully explained how they find the humans that could assist them.

I was shown thru my own energy field, the field I call your immediate external field that encircles your body.  I could see the energy codes and vibrations that are constantly emitted from our personal fields.  Each emitting very specific frequencies.  Since we are all hyrbreds of one sort or another, from all various places around the universes, some have specific coding that can assist various frequencies.  Sort of like holding a piece of their DNA to use.

When they find the humans that have this frequency, they also monitor them to see if they would be a good fit to work with.  Meaning, if they are utilizing their higher frequencies to assist the evolution of the planet with, or at the very least, be open to assisting.  They read our energy very much like I do, with the exception you give me permission to go deeper, they can only look at the doorway, unless of course it is lower frequency Beings who invade where they have not been invited.  But even that, you must be emitting a frequency that they find an opening from.  Like a spotlight.

So I had to ask, if they find their humans to work with based off of DNA frequency, and that not everyone holds their frequency in their DNA, then how the hell can I access so many realms.  Instantly I got a reply (I like when that happens.)  It is because of the constant work I do, accessing so many various places that my DNA gets imbued to hold higher and various frequencies without having to be born with it.  It is also why my body has to go offline so much to assimilate the energy frequency.

I should have realized they were giving me a heads up about what was about to happen to my biology within a few hours.  My throat became so sore I could barely swallow, I started running a low grade fever off and on thru the rest of the day.  And of course, my voice left the building, again. This morning I feel a little better, except now the energy is traveling around my core and inner body.  I still have no voice to use and I know it is so I do not take any extra energy in.

Ohhh and before I close, I do want to share that my ladys friend, who laughingly called himself Oinky (for the humor value) did state that this black portal sucking thing, did not open until we passed thru the last eclipse.  This is why she had to be rescheduled so much.

There is always a reason, even if we don’t like it.  I dislike rescheduling more than anything, but do know it has value for all of us!!

On that note, my couch is calling!! lol  I love you all soul very very very much!!  Thank you for adding to me in ways that really blows my mind!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of loving adventures to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



KAUILAPELE BLOG – Dr. Michael Salla, – Secret Diplomatic Meeting near Saturn – Discussed Humanity’s Future – 4-2-18


Sometimes we may need to look to where the real decisions about the planet and our solar system are made… on Saturn! This is related to Corey’s recent Cosmic Disclosure show revelations, which is transcribed at the SBA blog. I do view all of this as an important part of humanity’s ascension process, and the process of evolving into operating as a part of the Galactic whole. We’re getting there, baby!!

As always with Dr. Salla’s articles, I’m posting 1/3 of the article, highlighting from the fullarticle, and linking to the original at the end.

Some may also wish to check out Dr. Salla’s latest book, “Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs“.

“It appears that a critical threshold was reached in a December 2017 meeting near the planet Saturn where multiple delegations met to discuss humanity’s future in light of the ending of 22 genetic experiments run by multiple human-looking extraterrestrial civilizations… a group of higher density beings (6th to 9th density consciousness)… have been acting as a kind of Galactic umpire over the last few years to encourage diplomatic solutions to Earth’s multiple conflicts involving dozens of competing extraterrestrial groups, Inner Earth civilizations, global elites and secret space programs.

“At the Super Federation meeting, Goode said he was told to relay to the assembled extraterrestrial delegations that their long term genetic experiments involving humanity needed to come to an end, and that humanity would be left alone to determine its own future… this decision was accepted by the Super Federation

“In the three years that I have been researching and writing about Goode’s incredible assertions, I have found no evidence of deception. Instead, I have found multiple sources corroborating his information from many different perspectives, e.g., whistleblowers/insiders, documents, and contemporary events… It’s quite clear that Goode has been chosen to play a unique and special role as a witness to extraordinary galactic events and meetings occurring today. He has no other formal role except occasionally acting as a spokesperson for the Sphere Being Alliance when they choose to appear at off-world diplomatic meetings.



Footage of Space Craft Attacking each other over Nevada


 DUANE:   Zorra mentions this incident in his recent call.    His report is that  a rogue ship was attacking Federation crafts, prompting return fire.
The witness states: “I was waiting in the car while my buddy went into the store. I noticed about 9 to 10 brights dots in the sky that looked like stars. The dots were in a line on approx 45 degree angle. All of a sudden they started to move upward on that same angle.” Mufon case file ​90328 Read here:… Follow us on facebook:


DISCLOSURE – Sky Reveals a De-cloaked Small Fleet of Large UFOs! – 2-7-18 – by Rose Rambles dotorg

Why am I showing this video? Cobra has told us that our Galactic friends will be sighted much more often in times leading up to the Event. Are we there yet? Remember, we have been told that all things leading up to the transitional shift for humanity will intensify leading up to the Event. I […]

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Open First Contact with E.T.s ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – by Rainbow Wave Of Light – 11-28-17


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is an awakening that the rest of the galaxy has been waiting for. You are the awakened ones who are bringing more light and more love to planet Earth, making it possible for more contact with your extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters. You are the ones who are responsible for the elevation of the status of humanity, bringing all of you to a point where you are closer than ever to having open first contact with extra-terrestrial beings.∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Of course, there has been contact. It has been made. We are talking about open contact, contact that is undeniable, and contact with a large enough portion of the population that there will be a trust. The humans who would have feared the presence of physical extra-terrestrials will be able to sense how trustworthy they are by the effect these E.T.s have on those of you who welcome them with open arms.

Now we are not saying when this is going to happen. We are just saying that you are closer than you have ever been in this day and age. It has been a long time since other beings were able to walk among you without striking fear in the hearts of those who would come across them. However, the groundwork has been laid for this to occur again on planet Earth, and this time the E.T. beings will be coming as your equals, as your partners, and as your co-creators.

They will not be seeking worship, and they will not be seeking to enslave. They want you to be a part of the galactic community. They want it as much as you do. Your leaders of nations are aware of these beings. They are aware, and they are more open than ever to becoming part of the galactic family that you all want to be a part of. We want you to know that the openness in your hearts has tipped the scales.

Those who would be afraid are far outnumbers. And those of you who know who you really are, and know that extra-terrestrial beings are a part of your history are the ones who made this happen.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton





Massive UFO Landed Mount Adams – 11-27-17 – by Rambling Rose dotorg

OMG! Get ready folks…

not for an “alien invasion”,

but rather…an invasion of Love!

This video is from James Gilliland’s ranch

in Trout Lake where ECETI is located

which is near Mt. Adams in Washington State.

I just moved to Washington,

and now live @ 30 miles from there!

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BOB DEAN – What is the Purpose of Life? – Remembering who we are – 10-11-17

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