The Language of Pain – Pathway to Ascension with Almine


Published on Feb 9, 2012

In this part of the ascension manual, Almine discusses the method of healing within and Belvaspata. What is the language of pain and body signs? What are the insights to be gained from cancer, blood, chakras and weight? Are you settling for feeling needed? What drains life force? And where does it go? What is the importance of dynamic balance?

Including: Loss and grief. Seeing through others’ eyes. The big picture. Contract of vision. Destructuring and regeneration. The pineal gland and the life cell. Programming of aging. Mantras and affirmations. Acknowledging oneness. Life of grace.

ALMINE – A Meditation – Coming Home to Yourself – Living from the Core of Authenticity – 9-20-17



This meditation, originally created to work with the Haaraknit, can be used to find your center. Living from your center is the key to authentic living.



Almine – Visionary, Seer, Inter-Dimensional Traveler – Interviewer Alan Steinfeld

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