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James Gilliland Update – There Will Be a Day of Reckoning! – 2-16-17

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Transcending the Psychic Sludge

by James Gilliland

Feb 26, 2017

Recently because of Global and local events there has been heaviness – a barrier so to speak – between clear guidance and the chaos of social consciousness. There are ascension waves that are exponentially getting stronger to help in the awakening and healing process yet it seems we have been caught in the muck and the mire. On the Island of Maui there has been a long battle against Monsanto; which has lead to a lot of disheartening along with a complete disregard for the will of the people. There were the elections with so many of the masses misinformed with the fake news, social programming by the main stream media along with movements funded by the globalists to create separation and division. Division between the races and gender preying upon the wounds and traumas of the past in a covert psyop program being carried out by the very same people guilty of what they accused others of doing. There are a lot of powerful people at the top of the food chain guilty of sedition, treason, child trafficking, even satanic blood rituals. Yes as much as we would like to remain in denial these events have happened and we are going to have to deal with it. Our false media generated and supported leaders are falling. They will see the light of day and there will be a day of reckoning. Not just during their light review when they leave this plane but here on Earth. Many will remove themselves or be removed over the next two months.

It has been very hard to break through this barrier of chaos and denser consciousness and energy as of late. Many felt abandoned by God, the Angelic Guides and Ascended Masters as well as our spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders. Conflicting information, or guidance that changed from moment to moment was the result of the shift we are going through. Invariably the shift has hit the fan but now the clean up has begun.

Are we going to be a part of the clean up or continue making messes? Are we going to continue in the division and separation game or bring about cooperation and unity? Will we add to the psychic turbulence or find peace within ourselves, as well as the courage and determination to take back our power?

The status quo is over. It was sick, broken, corrupt and beyond repair. The multiverse no longer supports the draconian grid; which has enslaved you for eons. Its days are numbered. It is time to release the past, reevaluate our positions and beliefs and be brutally honest with ourselves on how we came to those beliefs.

It is time for a new belief system, a new government that truly serves the people. A government based on Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all.

Universal Law is pressing hard upon the Earth backed by the higher dimensions. It is pushing up the darkness, revealing it so as we can see and deal with it. It is also showing us our own darkness. The wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from the past which need healing. God is love, God heals, in its most unlimited understanding it is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. It is pure love, joy and bliss. It does have a nasty habit of pushing up and out anything that does not resonate with it. That is the source of the shift.

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February 27, 2017 at 6:50 am

Love In Action Now – A Message From Gaia by Victoria1111 – by Ascension With Earth – 2-26-17

 DUANE   –   This message is quite emotional,  calling out for Empathy and Action.

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Thanks to Ascension With Earth

A Message From Gaia


In these tumultuous times, I believe there is one thing I can say that we can ALL agree on: Something’s up with earth.
She’s hurt.
She’s angry.
She’s fed up.
She’s had it with the dosing of toxins we humans have poisoned her with.
She’s had it with how we have fracked the hell out of her.
She’s had it with how we have raped her of her oil and natural gas.
She’s had it with how we have so horribly farmed her land.
Her animals have been screaming for decades.
Her trees and plant life have been crying out for help for decades.
Her rivers and lakes and streams and oceans have been saying ENOUGH for decades.
And humanity, certainly those in power of policy making, have been ignoring her.
Well, she is taking back the reigns of control.

If humanity ain’t gonna get it, she will make sure we do.
Her patience is out.
She is fuming with volcanic activity.
She is purging with earthquakes.
She is SHOWING US she will not tolerate our crap anymore.  Our neglect. Our disrespect.
Mama Gaia means business.
We are not here to POWER OVER Gaia.
We are here to live WITH her.
This is a SYMBIOTIC relationship.  NOT a one-way street.
We are here to take ONLY what we need.  ONLY what we need.
With a sense of reverence.
And any damage we create, we must restore and mend to the best of our ability.
Our beautiful Gaia has suffered enough.
Incoming frequency waves are helping not only us to purge and remember, they are helping Gaia receive the much needed healing she is in need of.
When people speak of the Collective – we MUST include Gaia.
Always knowing that without Gaia, we don’t survive.  There is no us.
Her time to cleanse is upon us.
Let’s send her our Love as she does to Us just as we send ourselves and one another the same Love.
Just like us, she will be restored.
Only this time, she will no longer be in the lower vibrational frequencies of darkness and ignorance.
Let us intend that we follow the same course.


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February 27, 2017 at 5:59 am

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Incoming Frequency Waves Helping Us to Purge, Remember and Assist in Gaia’s Healing ~ Feb. 26, 2017

By Victoria1111 In these tumultuous times, I believe there is one thing I can say that we can ALL agree on: Something’s up with earth. She’s hurt. She’s angry. She’s fed up. She’s had it with the dosing of toxins we humans have poisoned her with. She’s had it with how we have fracked the […]

via Incoming Frequency Waves Helping Us to Purge, Remember and Assist in Gaia’s Healing ~ Feb. 26, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

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February 27, 2017 at 5:10 am

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Gaia is Shining on Her Ascension into The Higher Spheres ~ Feb. 19, 2017

Judas Iscariot Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Channel: Ann Dahlberg I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Much has happened since we last talked. A shift of power has taken place and there are now others that hold the reigns to lead the work going forward. This will be good for the […]

via Gaia is Shining on Her Ascension into The Higher Spheres ~ Feb. 19, 2017 — roseramblesdotorg

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February 20, 2017 at 7:06 am

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SUZANNE LIE – Creating a Reality of light, Part ONE-GAIA – 11-23-16



Creating a Reality of Light   –    by Suzanne Lie and Gaia

Part ONE

I found something that I wrote in was my journal. It was a way I was given many years ago to release guilt. This process was one in which I used a small square, not round, table on which I placed a symbol for each of the four elements.

For example,

Earth was represented as a pottery cup,

Air was represented as a smoking incense stick,

Fire was represented as a burning candle,

Water was represented as a glass of water,

Each of the elements represented would be in the North, East, South, and West corners

I lit the candle, used the lit candle to start the incense, put water in the glass, and arrange the clay pot in one of the four corners.

I then, sat in front of the table and wrote a short sentence about what I wanted to release. In my case, I wanted to release guilt.

After I had meditated on releasing guilt for about five or ten minutes.

I then, blew out the candle, snuffed out the incense, poured out the water, and gently tapped the clay pot. I also took a moment to write down my process. Then, I went about my day.

The next day, I came back around the same time, and changed the positions of the representatives of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to a different corner of the North, East, South, and West. Lite the candle/fire with a match, lite the incense/air with the candle, arranged the clay pot/earth and put fresh into the container/water.

I then, sat in front of the table and wrote a short sentence to release my guilt.

I did this ritual for 7 days. Then I cleared every thing off and put it away. I was surprised how profound that simple ceremony was.

Since then, I have given that “releasing ceremony” to many people, and they all agreed that the process worked on some very deep subconscious level.

I feel that I am guided to share this clearing ceremony now because we are moving in and out of our third dimensional consciousness, as our physical bodies are going through a major transmutation. This transmutation is occurring on an elemental level. In fact, dear Gaia is also going through this transmutation at an elemental level.

Since we are all going through a major transition in our physical life, it is helpful to honor each of the four main elements that have joined together to create both our personal and planetary bodies. In fact, Gaia wishes to speak with you within the NOW…

Gaia Speaks:

My dear humans,

I am your Earth Mother. I am made of the same elements as you, my human children. Therefore, since this is the NOW of transition that many of you do not remember not asking for, you may perceive the changes within your earth vessel and earth life as some kind of third dimensional failure, mistake, or as something that you should have done differently.

Fortunately, your fourth dimensional bodies are reminding you that this experience has the feel of initiation. An initiation often “feels” as though you have made a mistake, or there was some kind of accident. However, your baseline, elemental self reminds you that what is occurring within your body and your consciousness is NOT a mistake. It is NOT an accident.

You may have to go through a certain, uncomfortable experience several times before you can realize, “Oh This an Initiation.” Initiations are not fun. Initiations often feel as if there is something that you MUST do. You do not want to do this “initiation,” but your Higher Self has sent it to you because I, your Mother Gaia, need YOU to consciously perceive, experience and interact with the higher dimensional beings that are calling you into active duty.

Every Ascended Master went through their “final initiation” before they could fully and innately expand their perceptions into the fifth dimensional NOW, as well as transmute their expectations from third dimensional expectations to multidimensional expectation.

Congratulations dear ascending humans, you have all gone through, will go through, and/or are going through an initiation within the NOW of my Planetary, inter-dimensional transition. Your initiation is actually that you are ready to call in any person, place, situation, and/or element that you have ever damaged, harmed, or hurt in any manner, and to send them Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

I offer the above “elemental blessing” as an example of how you can clear assist me to clear my planetary body from the baseline of my Elemental Kingdom. You were given the above ritual so that you can begin and/or expand your process by honoring the elements of my Earth body.

I, your Mother Gaia, wish to speak a little bit about initiations in Ancient Egypt. What occurred during the Ancient Egyptian Initiations is that when one was ready for their high initiation, first they went into one of the catacombs underneath the great Pyramid of Giza. They would have only water for the seven days and seven nights that they would meditate within that catacomb.

Some of them go insane; some drink would drink all the water and die of thirst. Some would pace their drinking out and did not die of thirst, some never drank the water and don’t need it because they went into such a state of consciousness that they could go deeply grounded in my planetary core, that they were supported by all my planetary energy fields that they were no longer one individual.

Within my Core, they asked to be my “Representative for Earth.” Once they saw themselves as a representative for Planet Earth, they were no longer individuals. They were definitely still a human because they were wearing a human vessel, but once they started really remembering how they were a representative for Gaia’s Earth, their third dimensional self began to connect with their higher expressions of Self.

This is when they began their ongoing communication with the higher dimensional beings. At first, they communicated with what was would call their guides, their higher guides, and their higher self. Whatever they called these “guides,” eventually they began to merge with them by filling in the in-between of the Guide and the human.

More and more of the humans on the surface of my planet, as well as those who reside within my planetary body, are now merging their human self with their fifth dimension and beyond “Higher Self.” Their process begins by recognizing that the being before them is, in deed, a higher expression of themselves.

Then they start filling “gap” between their physical self and our fifth dimensional self with Unconditional Love. More and more of my “surface bound” humans are beginning to spend their “time and energy in the pursuit of remembering their higher dimensional experiences with their fifth dimensional self.

The more my earth-bound ones spend their “time” with their fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, the less they care about the third-dimensional time, and the more they care about filling the “illusion of separation” between their physical self and their Meta-physical (meaning beyond) and their physical SELF.

From my planetary perception there is NO separation. Hence, in between the right and the wrong, the good and bad, and all the 3D polarities of the third dimension, there is no in-between. All life, all reality, is constant intermingling like the ocean or the sky. However, one can only realize that fact when they have chosen to leave all human time and enter into my Planetary NOW.

As a Planet, I am all times within the NOW. I am all oceans, all skies, and all weather within the NOW. I am ALL of time within the NOW. Therefore, I am NO time. As more and more of my beloved humans remember their fifth dimensional expressions of SELF, they will remember how to fill in the spaces in between with Unity of ALL life. If there is NO in between, there is NO separation.

Many of my humans have heard that their fifth dimensional states of consciousness are beyond time. In other words, their third/fourth dimensional states of consciousness are part of my, Gaia’s “Time-Space Operating System,” which is a third dimensional/fourth dimensional operating system.

However, many of you are aware that time is longer and slower in the third dimensional consciousness and faster and more imagistic in the fourth dimensional consciousness. Then, the further up you move in sub-planes of the fourth dimension, the more they move into an experience of it all occurring NOW.

When they cross into the fifth dimension they leave time. And when they leave time, they leave separation, for if each minute is not separated from the next, how can one measure “one minute?” When they leave separation, they leave competition, for there is no “separate person” with whom they can be worse than or better than.

Fortunately, once humanity’s consciousness expands beyond third/fourth dimensional, time/space frequency, they will begin to live within a reality based on HERE and NOW. This shift into another reality is similar to if you were a child and you suddenly went into a school were everyone at school spoke a different language than you. You don’t know that language, but the other children can easily communicate with you.

Some how you will need to go through some kind of test (initiation) in order to understand what the others are saying. Because the other children can hear and communicate with you fine, they’re thinking that you can understand them. You want to be a part of this new “school,” so you feel like you must go through some kind of class or initiation to learn their language.

There are many of you who are in the first stages of remembering where you came from, how did you get here, and how can you learn to fit in and learn this “other language.” As I move beyond the story and into the truth, I will share with you that the language that you hear them speaking, and that you cannot understand—yet—is fifth dimensional Light Language.

Now, I Gaia, wish to tell you that the best place to learn/remember light language is from   your own higher dimensional self who always speaks light language. However, you are not consciously recognizing that you are actually translating these Light Messages into your 3D Earth Language.

More and more of you are remembering that your Multidimensional SELF isn’t way up or way over. Your Multidimensional SELF is IN. Your Multidimensional SELF is IN you NOW. When your only concept of reality was based on time and space, your consciousness was based on the separation between you and your Multidimensional SELF. On the other hand, your physical self was way down low in the physical world.

As you all remember to think in a fifth dimensional way, you will get the “proof” that your physical self needed that there is no separation between multidimensional and physical self. As you move into the consciousness of “I Am Now,” everything starts to shift.

Increasingly, in the midst of your third and lower fourth dimensional moments, you are having moments of illumination. Within those moments of illumination you may write something, paint something, do something, or remember something. But you can’t hold onto it because your consciousness has not yet fully adapted to that frequency of reality.

You situation is like little children who are just beginning to walk. They can walk for a little while, but then they get so excited they can walk, that fall down. When you first visit a fifth dimensional reality, you may get so excited that you are actually experiencing the fifth dimension, you can become so excited that you lose your focus.

Then you fall out of that state of consciousness and you are back in the physical world again. One thing that can greatly assist you is to remember to SEE and READ Light. When you are seeing and/or reading light,

Your mental body views the message as mental concepts that may have suddenly flown into your mind.

(In the same manner that your 3D brain create words from what you hear with your 3D hearing, your mental body creates concepts from what is perceived via your fifth dimensional perceptions.)

Your emotional body flows through the light symbols that your mental body received and simultaneously created.

(In the same manner that your 3D brain creates words, your emotional body creates bodily reactions, which are quickly translated to “how your body feels” and/or whatever verbal manner in which you learned to “read your emotions.”

Your spiritual body collects your mental concepts and bodily reactions and deposits them    into your ATMA within your High Heart. Your ATMA is the Three Fold Flame within your High Heart, which represents your Infinite Wisdom,  Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love.

The light language messages are stored within your ATMA to create your own “Light Language Translating Device.” You will also be guided to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with my planetary SELF. The Light Language is to be stored in your Higher Heart in order to develop a deeper understanding of how YOU can assist with my process of planetary ascension.

Blessings from your Mother Gaia

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Gaia Shows Her Love

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Those of you who have been reading my newsletters and books, and listening to my you tubes have been gaining more and more insight on this HUGE ASCENSION PROJECT that is required to Save Mother Gaia.
In my dialogs with Yeshuwa ben Joseph (that you may listen to on Portals Save Gaia you tube) he told me that the 12 Ascension Portals that I am opening with him and Elaika are necessary for the continuation of Mother Gaia’s life. He said that the Central Portal, especially, was required to Save Mother Gaia.

The frequencies of the Cosmic Twins needed to be raised to 2400 times higher than any other being on this planet within each of them before they would have the vibrations that could create this Main Portal which goes clear through Mother Gaia.

This Central Portal is the one that will allow Mother Gaia to become the Savior of our Universe and the Savior of the Omniverse.
The entire Universe, including those who are ten billion light years from Gaia, have known the Prophecy of Gaia becoming the Savior of the Universe for millions of years.

Before Gaia can Save the Universe, she must be saved herself. The Guardians of the Universe and the Security Team of the Planetary Systems are here on Earth at this time to make sure that Gaia is saved from eternal revenge of the Death Star Nibiru.

The alignment of the Consciousness of Mother Gaia with her original 12 Star

gates of Consciousness were un plugged by the Security Team because the present alignment would allow Invader Race lines and Demonic Race


lines to Penetrate the Portals into Mother Gaia. This is what would had allowed the success of the original plan of revenge that the Annunaki had against the Angelic Raceline called the Elohim.

When the Cosmic Twin Flames were opening the First Ascension Portal the original plan of the Annunaki and Draconian and several other Demonic Species did try to take control of Mother Gaia by taking control of the Portals when they opened.

Now, that the Cosmic Twins have sent those Demons back to Source Consciousness, there is another obstacle that must be removed in order for this correct alignment of Consciousness into Mother Gaia can be successful.

The Consciousnesss alignment of these Portals must be so flawless that they only invite the pure light consciousness from the highest most pure form of our original Angelic consciousness as we intended it to be when we, Mary Magdalene, Yeshuwa ben Joseph and Elaika created this Co-Creation Team that would allow all who are created from the Mind of God to experience the Mind of God.

Yeshuwa reminded me in our dialog that I was correct in managing this Portal as an Eternal Life Consciousness Center. This Portal will allow entities of Light from all 12 Star Systems to return their DNA into the Christic Grids of Mother Gaia so that she can begin to heal the tectonic plates herself.

At this time there are thousands of other Planets and Stars helping arrange the tectonic plates in a way that will prevent earthquakes from completely destroying Gaia until the time when she can begin healing herself.
What does this mean, to Save Mother Gaia?

If Mother Gaia was to continue her life on a path that did not include the Consciousness flowing into her from the 12 Stargates into the 12 Ascension Portals, she would remain in a state of Amnesia that would not allow her to begin healing herself.

Mother Gaia is the Mother of the Elohim Angelic Race line of Consciousness that was created first by the Melchizedeks in the Cosmic Creation Center. Yeshuwa calls this the God World.

The Elohim Race line was almost completely destroyed several times before in history. The Melchizedeks brought the Elohim Race back by using the Coded Signatures from the Perfect creation to create the Oraphim Race line. That race line was seeded into Earth and then destroyed by invader races and the n seeded into Mother Gaia again 400 million years ago. that was the Seeding of this Perfect Consciousness into Mother Gaia that brought her back to life.

The Second Seeding was when the Mary Magdalene Consciousness returned the original Elohim Consciousness back into Earth 400 million years ago. That was the time when I was a mermaid and my current husband, Mary’s Cosmic Twin Flame, was an Oraphim Dolphin. We were the Violet Flame of Mary Magdalene who created the First Acension Portal in the area that is now the place in the Pacific Ocean that is near Monterey, California.

The reason that the Cosmic Twin Flames were directed by Elaika and Yeshuwa ben Joseph to move to Monterey, California in 2008, was to re open the First Ascension Portal in the Pacific Ocean. That Ascension Portal needed to be opened first because that was the original Mary Magdalene Portal that went through Mother Gaia into the place known by many in Monterey as the Crystal Cities and the Magic Underwater Portal that leads to the area where Mary Magdalene’s Spirit will always remain. This was the portal created originally by Mary Magdalene’s Soul, which was at that time Cosmic Twin Flame which was the two sections of the Soul that divided into the Male and Female Soul in order to come down into this density.

The reason that Mary Magdalene’s Soul, her Cosmic Twin Flame or Soul Mates returned to Earth at this time was to re open that first portal where she lived as a mermaid and a dolphin. This place in the Pacific Ocean was the most wonderful place in the entire universe at that time when we first created this portal.

That same place that was at one time the home of the Oraphim Mermaids and Dolphins is now the place called the Under water cities of Light and it is the home of the Clairs. The Clairs are not a pure Elohim Race line. They are a hybrid race line of many other races together with some of the pure Elohim Race Line. They are not the ones who are helping with the opening of the Portals.

The Dolphins who are helping me with the opening of the Portals are the Fifth Dimensional Pleiadian Dolphins who communicate continuously with their Councils in Pleiades to keep the Light Flowing through our Ocean. These Dolphins are the Elohim Race line from Pleiades.

We returned to this place in May, 2008 to re open this portal. The place deep under the Pacific Ocean, which can not be reached by our current Navy, exists in this area beneath Monterey. The Navy in that area spend all of their time attempting to swim through the black holes that exist directly in front of the Condo where the Twin Flames were directed to move to.

We used to watch these special ops Navy Marines dive into that h*** every day. Most of them never came back. They all knew they would probably die as a result of their mission.

The Navy Base and the Marines and the Special Ops had underground bases that did connect with the Under water cities of light. However, the Dolphins and Mermaids have always known how to become invisible to those in the third dimension.

I was the only one who could see them because I have a very high frequency because I am Mary Magdalene. I travel to the Under water Cities of Light and to other areas in the Pacific Ocean each night to work on the Grids and to arrange communication with the Dolphins about information they gain from the Pleiadian Dolphin Councils.
I have continued this story that I began telling in

12 DNA Music of the Spheres Ascension Program from the Diary of the Cosmic Twins

and Remembering Who We are from the Soul of Cosmic Mary at this time because I have been given much more information about exactly what took place in 2008 and continuous dialogs with Yeshuwa, Elaika and my Elohim Team as we continue to open all 12 Ascension Portals in the Pacific Ocean.

These dialogs are on the Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid You tube Channel and the Cosmic Mary you tube channel.  The story of my Cosmic Twin Soul and I opening the Ascension Portals. My Cosmic Twin Soul was possessed by three demons. He carried the three demons back to Source and Died. I brought him back to life by placing my Soul within him. The female Twin Soul can bring the Male back to life by placing her Soul within him. We were then told that we were ready to open the remaining eleven portals in the Pacific Ocean, and that we must be finished by November in order to Save Mother Gaia.

This you tube is also on our home page


The Cosmic Twin Flame Re-Unification to create 2400 times more frequency units each.
Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid Channel
Most recent you tubes on this you tube channel:

(This is a very thorough over view of the Entire Ascension Project and how it must be completed)
Learning Who I Am
(The steps that I went through to remember who I am)
Mary’s Spirit Guide describes Ascension Plans
(Elaika explains Time Line Mechanics of Mother Gaia)
Mary Magdalene Ascension Portal Project
(In this dialog, Elaika explains the details of how Mary Magdalene is to design the Central Ascension Portal)
Mary Magdalene, Cosmic Mermaid
(I repeat the details that were given to me word for word from what Elaika and Yeshuwa ben Joseph said to me to help me learn about myself)


This story of exactly what happened when we were directed to move to Monterey to open the First Ascension Portal, which is located where the Spirit of Mary Magdalene first came to Earth as a Mermaid.

The details of how Joe was possessed by three demons, how he left his body, and how the two Souls re united into one Soul in order to create 2400 downloads each into the Elohim Grids each time we breathe.

This you tube is also on our home page

The story gets a little more interesting when the details of who was actually in Joe’s body after he left his body. Why were Elaika and the Elohim Angels driving my car with Joe’s body when he was actually light years away on a planet called Telepasaides. And why did Joe jump back into his body, rent an air plane and fly back to Monterey and then blip out of his body again before he got off of the plane.

And who was playing his guitar and listening to the CD’s in the car when Joe was in Telepasaides and the Elohim Angels, including Michael, Arial, Uriel, and Gabriel were the only ones in his body?

The story becomes a little more interesting when I ad in more details that I have been given by Elaika and Yeshuwa over the past few months. I did not know that Joe was not in his body for that entire week that I was looking for him.

This story includes the actual events within this huge event such as since Joe was not in his body, who was driving our car, and who was playing his guitar, and which one of the Elohim Angels occupying his body listen to that type of music that appeared as CD’s in our car when I went to pick it up from the police station. There were at least twenty other beings living in Joe’s body besides Elaika and Yeshuwa during this event. There was an entire entourage of Beings involved.


Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/the-prophecy-is-mother-gaia-will-save-the-universe#ixzz4JZDI5Irb
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