LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Special 3-Month Quantum Energy Report – Gaia’s Crystalline Grids & Templates – 11-5-19

Lisa Transcendence Brown


We’ve begun a very important and intricate clearing, re-mapping and re-coding process in conjunction with Gaia and Cosmically that affects every living and breathing organism on this planet…

To understand how our physical bodies link-up to everything through our bodies’ DNA, templates and more, means to comprehend the magnificence of what’s possible beyond anything any of us understood before…. 

So keep your heart/mind/energy wide open to what you hear/see/feel/know deep inside and how this will correlate to your own reality/world/body’s processes as they occur on a Quantum/cellular/DNA/molecular/atomic level and play out in your multi-dimensional experience we call “life”. 

I will summarize many things and be-bop all over the vibrational non-linear place/space (Quantum Geometrics) to share this overview for awareness and to support all who utilize as highest vibrationally aligned on a Soul Level here. ♥  H.e.r.e. w.e. g.o…


On October 31th we passed through a huge “null zone”, which opened up portals/energetic vortexes and passageways, beyond important for this next phase and the continuing anchoring of the 2020 template codes that many have been working with. The importance of this entire period is a huge Quantum Jump for Collective HUmaNITY, our planet, all inhabitants…. one that we’ve been leading up to all along… 

Often, until we “arrive” at a certain point, we are often unable to “see”/know what’s coming next. This occurs all along the way, as a “completion cycle” must occur for the “next phase” to become visible…. as all is vibrational, energetic, Quantum and completely non-linear in every way. While we can see some linearity, it’s not like before. It’s a vibrational framework and reference points, rather than a limit or fixed thing like before…. It’s energetic and based upon different equational parameters than linear realities were. It’s based on density/linearity, light codes and Consciousness and all things Quantum…. 

When I awoke on November 1st, the first thing I observed was an Energy Report (that I never wrote/put out) titled “Embrace Your Inner-Power as Love”. It was short and sweet, so I’ll share it here and then move onto the next thing that then became visible/available, which turned into a massive 3-month overview, which is what I am also writing/sharing here as well. 

Embrace Your Inner-Power as Love
Embrace Your Own Inner Beauty
Embrace your kindness, compassion, caring
Embrace your own Magic and Creator Aspect 
Embrace YOU fully AS YOU ARE
Perceived “flaws” and all
BE YOU FULLY – Your Highest and Most Pure, Beautiful Divine YOU
Shine Your Light as Bright as You ARE
Hold Your Energetic Field/Space with the magnificence and simplicity of your pure heart
Your Innocent heart
Your most Sacred You
Your Brilliant, Vibrant and Exciting you… 
LIVE fully…. your Divinity, Sovereignty, Excitement and Enthusiasm
Free of the distortions of before… ♥



November began a template clearing process that will go on all month (longer actually, as we never stop clearing, it’s just done very differently than when we carried immense density within our own physical body forms/DNA). As we near the 11:11 Gateway, this will increase…. 

In October, we “accomplished” many things and brought through/opened up so much more too. I’ve not shared on any of that. It’s just too much information, yet I will include a couple of things here and see about writing up a few others in separate posts/articles ….. 

  • The last few months, increasingly, the amount of Plasma Energies are astounding (in the most awesome ways). This shall continue, so acclimation is definitely key. October brought through an even more substantial increase in Photonics/Plasma Frequencies for all. ♥
  • Mid-October: Days of “new” Ultra-Violet frequencies bombarding our systems from inside of our cells. Immense Cosmic RAYdiation with massive atomic re-writes… beyond immense integration processes to complete. I’ll share more as we continue, as these work with “glowing in the dark” (metaphorically and otherwise), bio-Luminescence, new Neon colors/arrays coming forth, the colors of Auroras visible/changing with Geo-magnetic upgrades and so very much more! ☼
  • 3rd Week of October: All new Quantum Dynamics/Mechanics and Algorithms became available for all upon the completion of immense integration processes. Also “New Roles” for Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Emissaries/Frequency Holders/Star BEings (whatever “descriptive words” you utilize for the many things you do/are/fulfill here too)… 
  • Last week of October: Every day in October was “building” up to a completion cycle, which was accomplished organically with the integration of each new code. There was one morning I awoke to the observation and awareness of an entirely new ATOMIC SPIN RATE having been completed/accomplished as a new “Zero Point” range now anchored fully in, after each day in October (since the 10•10 Divine Alignment Code Release) had been completing acceleration cycles and continual re-gridding processes/re-writes for this to occur. 



I’ll mention here that these processes are only separated out by density (not weight/density, which is very different than weight). Each dimension is determined by many things: Density, frequency bandwidths, oscillatory spin rates, and Quantum/Linearity (and more). The less density, the “faster” these processes occur with ease. Density equates to “how long”, the challenges or how strong/rough/intense all is…. The less physical density (on a molecular level), the “faster” and “easier” all occurs, because of how Consciousness works from within each’s physical body form…

November’s focus is on “emptying out” and template clearing/re-writing, which will continue into December to prepare all’s physical body/form/sacred vessel for integration of all new codes for template building processes that need to occur. Detachment/feeling detached (no feeling at all) is normal when this is occurring. It can take a few minutes/hours/all day or week or month (on/off/longer) to complete various template re-configuration processes… so be very patient, kind and respectful to yourself as your physical body/field/reality undergo immense processes that are beyond important for all. Because there’s not just one code or one template, yet a gazillion of these, then many processes can be occurring all simultaneously/at once… so it’s beyond important to honor the way you feel and are guided/see to “do” as is highest aligned for YOU!

The 11:11 Gateway, 12:12 Gateway, 1:1 Gateway and 1:11 Gateway are progressional “code delivery” gateways where so very much opens up for all. Time/space to process, clear, integrate, harmonize, synchronize and complete “new coordinates” linking up naturally and organically within your own physical body’s StarGate Systems will allow you to jump/travel and shift with much greater ease than ever before. 


Take care not to get hung up on linear dates, linear things…. as these are human reference points used to get each’s energy dedicated/focused/tuned into the importance of each major Activation Point, yet these are occurring 24/7 also, so it’s beyond important for each/you to honor/listen/observe/respect how you FEEL and what your highest vibrational aligned access shows you is appropriate for you. Portals, gateways, passageways are not bound by linear dates or months or even years…. they are all vibrational and energetic and activate on a DNA/Code level when it’s vibrationally time for this to occur…. These continually increasing and accelerating Cosmic Rays/Frequencies/Codes are doing this 24/7 for all of us to awaken to all new realities/understandings/capabilities … in every nano-second here. If you are wide open and ready, the moment any Heart-Cellular StarGate Opens and new codes become available in your own body-field, they will activate and you’ll be able to honor whatever process is relative/important at any given SPACE in “time” in order to “do” the phase/process as is highest aligned for you. (Nature, play, rest, alone time, celebrating or doing your own sacred ceremony…. what matters is you are able to honor/listen/be/do however you need, without distortions and interference….).  

Quantum is INSTANT… so if you want a “linear reference” then nano-second is the best I can do. Realities shift a bazillion at a time in every nano-second. Presence and deep inner connection opens up access for each’s awareness of this.  

As will each therefore too…. 


NEW Codes (Star Codes, Light Codes, Cosmic Rays/Codes) are streaming, pouring, flooding through constantly and in every nano-second/particle/wave….. 

As each’s template clears old, new is re-coding everything…. so maintain presence and connection to observe how this works/feels for you. Some can clear/recode and integrate constantly, while doing many things, while other times we have to let everything go in order to honor/accomplish this… 

Template clearing: Clears old emotions, beliefs, corrupted codes, separation programming deeply anchored before can be released when Gaia’s grids start releasing … which is occurring multiple times a day every day now….. 

Crystalline Grids charging with Photonic Light: Shaking and Quantum Jumping occurs. A synchronization process is constant with these….. 

Loading of “new programs and codes”: As soon as the gridding system is clear, this makes way for “new” to come through and take it’s place.

New foundations, new structures, new systems, new infrastructures and networking/communication systems… are all a part of this process. This occurs within Gaia and emanates out through the grids of the planet and atmospherically as well. The advanced living geometrics and lattices are continually coming online …. 

All of this occurs in each’s physical body as their Light/Soul-Star Body activates and integrates on a cellular/atomic/molecular level to re-code each’s entire physical body gridding/template system… constantly with “all new”….. returning all to a 12D Atomic LightBody/144 Avatar Template/Source Codes vibrationally and harmonically synchronized with 12D Cosmic Gaia inner-linked with ALL as ONE. 


11•11 Ushers in codes upon codes upon codes that continue to increase with/through the 12•12•12 (2+0+1+9=12) Gateway opening, increasing the influx of codes to be integrated… which is why the template clearing process is so important for these new ultra-high-frequencies/codes to be able to be integrated with greater ease. 

DECEMBER: Code integration, a “final” template clearing of all that’s “gotta go” prior to entering the 1•1 (2020) Gateway, where a barrage of all new template codes become available for all. Leading up to/through the Solstice is an additional massive passageway as well. 

Rather than looking at each month, look at the whole “frame of reference” for all of this to be an important Gateway Experience…. I separated them by month, as that’s how I saw the progression on a collective level, yet each individual is in a completely different vibrational place/space and experiences relative to their own current multi-dimensional experience, and these can be vastly different, depending on where each functions from and the DNA Consciousness Evolution processes each is experiencing. ♥



Clearing “memory databanks” and “storage”, as well as birthing/creating all new from within, releasing all identities to everything and shifting focus/what we all feed/invest our energy/all into is a huge part of this process…. as well as an entire “re-valuing” of everything, that occurs on a cellular level as each EMBODIES fully the fullness of all selves/aspects as ONE. 

The importance of your DNA…. this is everything. This is your GOLD. This is how we return to BEing Pure Source Consciousness, by evolving ourselves fully through repairing and honoring our DNA evolution by integrating the immensity of all of these Photonic/Crystalline/Plasma LIGHT CODES fully and holding all within our form, which is a massive feat and undertaking within itself…. 

DNA DNA DNA…. There is nothing more important than this. Our LightBodies restore all, repair all, regenerate all and return all to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS…. so take great care in honoring your physical bodies, as they are your Sacred Containers/Vessels/Light Ships that allow you to return fully…………. and live your most magical, magnificent and Pure Love Consciousness REALities here. To say that your LightBody DNA is the most important thing… is an understatement… yet each will have to arrive/come to this realization through their own Divine Connection from within. 


UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is a natural way as we live from ONENESS within. No longer separating off is a part of this process as each achieves keeping their heart open fully so that their body can re-code, re-structure and re-align vibrationally through the Cosmic harmonics and symphonic audible and visible from inside as each’s Crystalline and Plasma LightBody comes online. Pineal Gland abilities work cohesively with each’s electromagnetic field, generated from inside, on a cellular/atomic level and holding the UNIFIED FIELD in place through presence…

It’s not complicated, it just means choosing completely different and “new” ways of BEing/Living/DOing… over the old linear/fixed ways and honoring what your Physical Soul/LightBody/Field shows you it needs/requires to accomplish the immense re-coding, re-writing, re-calibration processes that increase constantly as we go. Your entire life will become Quantum, as will your body and reality…. where all functions in Divine Alignment, Divine Flow and Divine Unison…. it’s beyond beautiful and must be experienced fully in order to understand…. 

Multi-Dimesionality does not conform to anything of before and there’s an immense physical body process that occurs to accomplish the continual DNA Evolutionary Processes that are always accelerating on a Quantum Level.   


JANUARY 1 – 11:
Everything leading up to this “Zero Point” is preparation for ALL NEW HUMANITY Template Codes to come through for integration/embodiment by each. 

From now through then, there may be “ground breaking”, “earth shattering”, complete reality shifting realizations occurring constantly to shift each out of the old everything with as much strength, power and speed is necessary to “expedite” this massive Collective and Individual Shift in Consciousness with Gaia… and to CREATE A NEW RESTORE/SET POINT for our planet and it’s inhabitants (us) to have as a new “starting point” for a UNIFIED HUMANITY to exist. Softness is the way of the Unified Heart… with strength utilized to “break through” that which holds resistance still……….  

All of the old systems, constructs and realities built/existing on unconscious programming/3D levels of consciousness HAVE TO COLLAPSE/DISSOLVE/BE RESOLVED (Merged) for a new Convergence Point to exist…… 



Paramount, pivotal, game-changer… HUGE … these words don’t even get close… 

Transiting from October to November, the words were “Path Changing, Life Changing, Course Changing” Codes… (now)…

The October Atomic Code completion directly correlates to how LIFE CYCLES are experienced. On one level, all has sped up, yet from zero point, all has slowed down, as “how” time correlates to Atomic Spin Rates are opposites all within the same Energetic/Quantum Space. This set the stage for us to enter this 11•11 Gateway that opened with the 10/31 transit into 11/1 occurring now…

As we conclude this (another) “life cycle” and an entire Ascension Cycle too, we as an entire collective move into all a-new. How each experiences will be relative to how connected each is from deep inside, as an external focus yields a different return than an inner-focused/aligned one does…. 

OUR PLANETARY SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS enters a whole new life-cycle and phase. Each’s roles here will continually expand and change…..



Gaia Portal – Presentation of Gaia Energetics requires Hu-manity vision upgrades -5-9-14




Presentation of Gaia Energetics requires Hu-manity vision upgrades,

which are currently in progress.

Succeeding steps in Gaia ascension process follow higher aligned energetics of Nova Gaia,

utilizing upgraded Hu-manity vision.

Current Gaia energetics request precision in intention by Hu-manity.

Blue Star lines supplant previous Gaia grid structures.