ASHTAR SHERAN – The Cabal Will No Longer Be Tolerated. Victory To The Light Is Inevitable – 1-16-19 – courtesy of Rose Rambles dot org – 1-17-19

courtesy of Rose Rambles dot org


Galactic Updates – Kent Dunn w Pari Bince – 12-31-18 – 2 related UFO videos included


Published on Dec 31, 2018… My Recommendation for a Heavy Metals Detox

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Bwlow are 2 videos related to Dent Dunn video above

James Gilliland Message – Galactic Reunion and the Days to Come – 12-2-18 – courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Eliza Ayres

Eliza Ayres
Blue Dragon Journal

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Galactic Reunion and the Days to Come

There has been a lot of communication with the Galactic Federation. The Pleiadians and Orion Council of Light are saying the end of tyranny is very near. The Shift is hitting the fan so gear up, the deep state is a wounded animal on the way out grasping at straws using all of its assets to fuel the lies that form the bedrock of their foundation. I had a dream last night which is subject to interpretation. There were two people in the dream. A male and female. They were both in military garb part of an elite group operating some very sophisticated vehicles. One was by air the other by land. There were two others male and female dressed in black. The ones dressed in black tried to hijack the mission and the vehicles. They were unsuccessful due to the wisdom and quick responses of the military.


Galactic Updates – Q & A – Kent Dunn w Pari Bince


Published on Dec 17, 2018

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THE QUANTUM SHIFT – 11-14-18 – Dr, Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dun, Drake Baily – KCOR Radio Archive

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Sam MugzziPublished on Nov 14, 2018SUBSCRIBE 9.3KEmpower yourself and do your own research….