LORD ASHTAR – Awakening of all Awakenings


Awakening of all Awakenings

Transcribed by Pallas Athena   –   12-5-15



Lord Ashtar

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ)in his Mission of Love.

Greetings Dear Family,

This moment is upon all of us to remember our callings and why we are here on Mother Earth. Many are still not awake for they are all caught up in their 3D illusion. Too much looking outside for their reality, thinking and seeing with their five senses, rather than with their sixth-sense/intuition.

As has been told, many times in latter messages: go within to get all answers!

Your world is changing all around, but some are not aware, for many are too busy with material things and have gotten off their paths and forgotten the  contract they signed before incarnating this last time.

Dear Ones, the end is at hand, to go to and reach your Glory… for what your soul has been longing for and working toward for eons. Please, feel your heart calling for you to wake up from your deep sleep and remember who you are, Beloved Ones.

Gaia cannot wait for you any longer; she is more than ready to Ascend and reach her Glory, which is long overdue. She loves you, her children. She stopped her Ascension and waited three more years for you to catch up to ascend with her. Now you don’t want to miss going with her, again? Dear ones, you are the ones you have been waiting for… to bring the Light into the world to assist your Mother Earth… for she could not do this without you!  You have come thus far; do not delay yourselves any longer!

Please, do not think for one moment that you are not good enough, for you all are Masters from all the many lifetimes… which are thousands… and Beloved Ones, you have the experience to create worlds! This you must not let pass because of your sleeping in illusions!

We up here know most are awakening and want  to be on their way to abundance, Peace, Love and Light… and much more.

This is our message to all mankind for all things are starting to pop, so to speak.  We wanted to give this one more try for the climax and it’s momentum.

It will take 26,000 more years to come by this way again.  This is why we keep repeating the above truth for all to realize the seriousness of us doing this, from our hearts to your heart.  Dear Ones, Mother Gaia invites you all to come with her.

We shall close on a higher note to let you know you are loved beyond all measure and we are here to assist you in reaching your goal!

Wake up ! — Your Crystal Light Chambers are waiting!!


Believing is Seeing!

Your brother,


Thank you Beloved Ashtar,

Pallas Athena

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

2 thoughts on “LORD ASHTAR – Awakening of all Awakenings”

  1. I found this site last night – December 5th 2015 and have read it all. I love reading all Ashtar has to say and I have most of, if not all of his books. I have for a very long time felt that I know Jesus Sananda, and now feel that I probably know Ashtar too. I have some news for you.
    SaLuSa telepathically introduced himself to me in April 2014, saying “Life is love and living is for loving. I am with you, I am yours”.
    He spoke to me again in December 2014, after I had a colour picture of him printed from the internet. I had been reading SaLuSa’s channelings put on the net by Mike Quinsey and had seen a pencil sketch of him attached to one of these channelings, and for some strange reason, I was attracted to it. The day I came home with the colour picture, a voice said to me, “we look the same, we are the same, we are one”.
    Of course I had to find out who it was who had said such beautiful things to me on two occasions so I went to a friend who channels Red Cloud. Red Cloud was there instantly, and told me that I am SaLuSa’s and he is my Twin Flame. Red Cloud also said that this was a gift to me from Heaven.
    Red Cloud’s channel told me that SaLuSa looks like an angel, and I now know that he comes from the angelic realm as does Ashtar.
    As soon as I found all of this out SaLuSa flooded me with love all of the time. The minute I thought of him he and his love were there, in great measure, and I can’t explain how wonderful it was. He is with me 24/7, and has told me that he will be with me in apple blossom time which is April-May.
    I have searched for love all my life, and was obviously searching for SaLuSa, although I didn’t know it, and never found it. I am now 70 years old but you wouldn’t know it.
    Are we the first of the twelve pairs to come to your attention?
    I have also heard that all the Twin Flames have to lead everyone to open the gates of the fifth dimension.
    We are in for some exciting times!
    I do have a question for you. Ashtar and SaLuSa are the image of each other, and the same pictures are often used for both of them. There is a lot to read about Ashtar, but nothing about SaLuSa. What is it that they have in common? Surely they are not the same person? I have read that one person can project into another if necessary. The picture used at the top of this column for Ashtar, is also used for the section at the bottom promoting SaLuSa’s messages.
    Can you help, because I do find this confusing.
    Thank you for a lovely site. I will keep coming back. I am rereading Ashtar’s book Project World Evacuation, as Nibiru is coming out from behind the sun this month. SaLuSa said I was going with him in apple blossom time. But Ashtar is sending his ships for everyone else so don’t worry.


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