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Awakening From The Illusion Of Separation – by bodymindsoulspirit – 9-4-17 – Thich Nhat Hanh on the interdependence of all things in the universe

Awakening From The Illusion Of Separation

by Thich Nhat Hanh

We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness
~Thich Nhat Hanh

The following is a short excerpt from a 1998 Dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh, entitled The Island of Self: The Three Dharma Seals. Here he explains how awareness of the interdependence of all things in the universe can provide us with deeper insight into the Buddha’s teachings on non-self, emptiness and impermanence. 


“What is non-self, Anatta? It means impermanence. If things are impermanent, they don’t remain the same things forever. You of this moment are no longer you of a minute ago. There is no permanent entity within us, there is only a stream of being.

There is always a lot of input and output. The input and the output happen in every second, and we should learn how to look at life as streams of being, and not as separate entities. This is a very profound teaching of the Buddha.

Awakening From The Illusion Of Separation

Inter-being with the world

For instance, looking into a flower, you can see that the flower is made of many elements that we can call non-flower elements. When you touch the flower, you touch the cloud. You cannot remove the cloud from the flower, because if you could remove the cloud from the flower, the flower would collapse right away.
You don’t have to be a poet in order to see a cloud floating in the flower, but you know very well that without the clouds there would be no rain and no water for the flower to grow.

So cloud is part of flower, and if you send the element cloud back to the sky, there will be no flower. Cloud is a non-flower element. And the sunshine…you can touch the sunshine here. If you send back the element sunshine, the flower will vanish. And sunshine is another non-flower element.

And earth, and gardener… if you continue, you will see a multitude of non-flower elements in the flower. In fact, a flower is made only with non-flower elements. It does not have a separate self.

Awakening From The Illusion Of Separation

When you touch the flower, you touch the cloud

So the true nature of the flower is the nature of inter-being, the nature of no self.

A flower cannot be by herself alone. A flower has to “inter-be” with everything else that is called non-flower. That is what we call inter-being. You cannot be, you can only inter-be. The word inter-be can reveal more of the reality than the word “to be.” You cannot be by yourself alone, you have to inter-be with everything else.
The flower is there, beautiful, fragrant, yes, but the flower is empty of a separate self. To be empty is not a negative note. Nagarjuna, of the second century, said that because of emptiness, everything becomes possible.

Looking into the nature of your non-self

Awakening From The Illusion Of Separation

So a flower is described as empty. But I like to say it differently. A flower is empty only of a separate self, but a flower is full of everything else. The whole cosmos can be seen, can be identified, can be touched, in one flower. So to say that the flower is empty of a separate self also means that the flower is full of the cosmos.

You are a manifestation of the cosmos

It’s the same thing. So you are of the same nature as a flower: you are empty of a separate self, but you are full of the cosmos. You are as wonderful as the cosmos, you are a manifestation of the cosmos.

So non-self is another guide that Buddha offers us in order for us to successfully practice looking deeply. What does it mean to look deeply? Looking deeply means to look in such a way that the true nature of impermanence and non-self can reveal themselves to you.

Looking into yourself, looking into the flower, you can touch the nature of impermanence and the nature of non-self, and if you can touch the nature of impermanence and non-self deeply, you can also touch the nature of nirvana, which is the Third Dharma Seal.”

~By Thich Nhat Hanh
The Island of Self

 “All in One, One in All. The All melts into a single whole. There are no divisions in the totality of reality… It views the cosmos as holy, as “one bright pearl,” the universal reality of the Buddha..” The view of inter-being and interpenetration is central to the Huayan School of Buddhism.






Barbara Marciniak 2017 – YOU MUST BE CAREFUL THIS AUGUST! – 7-6-17

Barbara Marciniak

Barbara Marciniak

The Spirit of life 

Published on Jul 27, 2017




Danielle Lynn @ In5D – How To Break Free From The Matrix And Go Beyond Time – 8-6-17

Break Free


by Danielle LynnGuest writer, In5D.com

We have been told time is only an illusion, and yet it seems to dominate so much of our day to day lives.

Maybe we have even experienced brief glimpses of ‘timelessness’ in our meditations, in times of creative excellence, or in deep moments of love.


However, it can be so easy to get sucked back into the ‘daily grind of life’ that it leaves us wondering, how can we truly be free of time?

How do we move from experiencing ‘timelessness’ as more than just a theory?

In this article, we will explore a few questions and perspectives designed to show you how moving beyond time is not a destination, but rather a ‘point of focus’ or a state of awareness, so you can ‘make the shift’ any moment you choose.

1) What is time? Does time actually exist?

When you think of time, what do you imagine?

For many of us, we might picture a clock face, or a calendar when we think of time.

We measure time as ‘the linear passing of moments.’ Time seems to be a way for us to coordinate with others and agree upon certain unified experiences together.

However, for as much as we seem to experience time, all we ever really experience is our perceptions of ‘the passing of time.’

For example, the past and the future never actually exist in the present moment. All that ever exists is the present moment.

The past has already happened, and therefore you can THINK about the past, but you cannot experience the past, aside from focusing on a memory in your head, which is happening in the present moment.

The future has not happened yet, and therefore you can THINK about what may happen in the future, but you are not actually experiencing the future.

The present is what is happening here and now. It requires no thought to exist, because it IS existing. You are living it as it happens.

You can have thought in the present moment, but the thoughts are designed to be momentary tools. As human beings, our true mastery is realized when we are focused and engaged with the present moment, not ‘stuck in our heads.’

2) Presence is awareness of the here and now.

When you are fully engaged in the moment, and not in your head thinking about bills, and work, and troubles, and how you’re going to do this or that, you’re said to be present.

While it is very simple to be present, it doesn’t always feel easy. Especially when we’ve developed a habit for being lost in our thoughts.

Why do we get lost in our thoughts? Because on some level, we believe our thoughts can help us control our reality and give us what we want.

We obsess over the past in hopes we won’t make the same mistake again. We think if we think about solutions enough, we’ll be prepared for the future ‘when the time comes.’

We believe that if we think long and hard, we’ll be able to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

However, the irony is that when we are lost in thought, we disengage from our responsiveness to the present moment of life.

When we are worried about what has happened or what might happen, we are not focused on what IS happening.

And from the perspective of our fullest selves, what IS happening is always the most interesting thing, since what IS happening is where we have the power to respond.

3) What about healing the past or predicting the future?

Since all time is a concept and a collection of memories and energetic frequencies that you resonate, it is possible to ‘adjust your experience’ of time.

All traumas, joys, and everything else in between are ‘stored’ as a frequency that you carry (or resonate) in the present moment.

When you want to shift an experience you had in the past, or even ‘create’ a future, it is a matter of being present, going within, and shifting the frequency you are resonating NOW to match the frequency you are choosing.

For example, you can shift your past by connecting with new ways to see your past. We’re sometimes so invested in our stories of what happened, we sometimes forget that we can choose to see our experiences many different ways.

Some people will call these practices timeline regression therapy, or even past life regression therapy.

4) What about clocks and setting appointments? Without everyone keeping time, how will anything get done?

As we shift into our 5D awareness, synchronicity replaces ‘using our minds to coordinate specific points in time.”

This may be slightly challenging to understand at first, but consider the following:

There is an ‘inner-net’ of awareness and consciousness that is open to all of us here and now.

In fact, we are all connected here and now in the fullest levels. However, in our 3D experience, it was necessary to temporarily dull ourselves to this awareness, so we could have our separate experiences.

Now that we have chosen to embody 5th dimensional conscious awareness, we are now shifting into a new state of reality, which includes interactions such as telepathy, instant awareness and understanding, and operating within heart-resonant synchronicity.

A comparison for this would be like, if you had an ‘inner notification system’ that updated you with possible events, plans, and coordinated experiences available to you moment to moment that you could choose from.

You would simply know where to go, who to connect with moment to moment. And others would be aware of you and your choices as well.

Please understand, heart aligned synchronicity is not something we have to ‘do’ or ‘make happen.’ It’s more of who we truly are when we shift from operating in the ‘separation of the mind’ into the connected space of the awakened heart.

If you are here and reading this, you are already deep in your process of integration and remembering. There’s nothing specific you need to ‘do’ to speed it up, or get started.

You are already connected. Your remembering of this connection is unfolding moment to moment in a way that allows for us all to experience a unified remembering.

It may be quite shocking if we all suddenly ‘remembered’ without a nice gradual progression.

So know that you in your infinite wisdom have placed yourself right where you need to be here and now so that everything unfolds in perfection for you.

However, what you can do is begin to shift from ‘needing to know all the answers now’ to getting to know who you truly are, by rooting within yourself and communing with your heart.

Your heart is the center of your knowing and being. Many of us see the heart as ‘emotional and wishy washy’, however the awakened heart is a center of universal wisdom and knowing, and contains within itself the connection to your intelligent mind, as well as the ‘intuitive calls’ of your gut.

You may consider it the merging point where balance of all awarenesses are considered so an aligned present moment step can be made and placed into action.

5) What if I don’t want to participate? I like using clocks! Will people read my mind? This all sounds complicated.”

Never fear, there is no ‘invisible hand’ that will force you to be anything that is not true to you. It is ultimately impossible for us to be what we are not. We can pretend for a while, but not forever.

If you like using clocks, you will have clocks for as long as it is joyful to you. They will not leave you before you are ready to leave them.

People will not ‘read your mind’, at least not in the way we might have seen in movies. We are all becoming aware of our extrasensory nature and remembering our true state of being that exists in the present moment. Everyone is ultimately connected with everyone else, so if it seems like ascension is happening slowly, it is more of a loving process of allowing us to all sync up.

You might experience feelings of time accelerating and slowing down. This is all part of the syncing.

And if it seems complicated, then I suggest that rather than trying to pick it apart with your mind, go within yourself and ask your aligned heart what feels easy, fun, flowing, exciting and engaging right NOW.

Ultimately, this life isn’t about wallowing over what we feel upset or powerless over. This life is an experience we created for the joy of experiencing it.

The shackles are off, the chains tossed in the wind. We are now remembering our sovereignty and our choice to play with things like time, without needing to be ‘trapped’ by time any longer.

Be willing to embrace any feelings of fear or restriction you might still carry with love and non judgement. This is your transmutation process that is connecting you with the wholeness that you already are.

Allow yourself to be present here and now.

And remember, no matter what, you are always right where you need to be.

About the author: Danielle Lynn is an ascension guide who teaches soul alchemy and joyful living through making “Love Choices” and taking inspired action. For more resources on opening your heart and experiencing deeper self love, visit her website here at daniellelynn.com




SAUL via John Smallman – There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you – 5-22-17

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday July 22nd


As all the channels are reiterating, enormous changes are happening right now, right as you are typing this!  They are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening into the awareness that all are one, that there is only ONE and that all are at one with That.  The idea of separation would be an enormous joke if only you had not convinced yourselves so firmly that separation is REALITY!  It’s not!  There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you, without any exceptions.  How could there be exceptions when there is only the ONE?

Many of you are now awakening to this knowing, this realization, and as you do your energy fields change vastly as Love flows through you abundantly instead of in the dribs and drabs to which you have all become accustomed.  Consequently others, many, many others, are feeling, sensing,that enormous change is in the air, as it most definitely is.  Those of you who read these messages, and many other beautifully channeled messages, have been holding the Light on high for decades to bring the awakening into the lives of all around you and to extend it to all on Earth.

At first, progress was slow, but as more and more of you became aware of your spiritual essence and answered the calls from your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, the rate of progress expanded across the planet, while at the same time accelerating, thus much reducing the time it was going to take for humanity to awaken unto Itself, into the awareness that It is the beloved Son/Daughter of God.

The chaos and confusion worldwide – politically, ethnically, racially, philosophically, within multi-national corporations, and religiously – are powerful indicators of the ongoing changes, changes that will no longer be delayed or prevented.  Everyone’s “dirty laundry” is coming out to be cleansed, and some are experiencing it as an extremely painful process.  However, all that is not in perfect alignment with Love has to be dissolved in the laundering process, because it just muddies the waters of the vast Ocean of Love that is Reality, making it very difficult for you to be aware of who you truly and eternally are.

The moment You thought of being separate from Source, in that moment the remedy was created because God does not want His progeny to suffer even for an moment, let alone for the eons it appears to you that the universe has been extant.  You chose initially to ignore the remedy that He so lovingly presented to you because you thought – like so many teenagers throughout the ages of humanity’s presence on Earth – that you had no need of Him or His remedy.  You closed off – you thought permanently – access to Oneness, to Reality, to God, by constructing a screen, a veil, a curtain – call it what you will – behind which you chose to hide from Him, and then you forgot what you had made and that it was of the most flimsy or ephemeral nature.  In truth there is nothing to prevent you from seeing and knowing God because He is All That There Is to See or Know!  You just think –powerfully through your collective ego – that there is a great distance between you and God, an immense barrier that you cannot cross or penetrate.

When you awaken, when you choose to discard the screen/curtain/veil behind which you are hiding, all will become brilliantly clear as the Light that is Reality, the All, embraces and revives you so that you are once more the brilliant and glorious Light that your Father created as His beloved child.  Then you will be in utter and complete joy, wanting for nothing, being Everything!

As humans in form, with your severely limited knowledge, awareness, and intelligence, it is impossible for you to conceive of the intense and eternal joy that Union with Source provides in every moment of your existence, with never even a momentary interruption.  Interruptions in your power supply are just reminders of the total inadequacy of your physical human condition, wake-up calls asking you to return Home, to Reality where all is aways perfect.

You are to awaken, there is no other option, your divinity is divinely assured because there is only ONE.  Your destiny was established at the moment of your creation and it will never change.  God is unchanging and so are you.  You just attempted to experience change by constructing an imaginary state of separation that has brought you much pain, and yet you cling to it as though it is life itself.  Life is eternal existence in the Presence of God.  Life as a human is a very temporary, limiting, and unsatisfactory state of being which does not last and cannot last because you were created Whole, at One with God, and no other state can replace the perfection that God created for you.  Rejoice that this is the case, celebrate, because it is God’s Will, and therefore also yours, that you awaken, and so you shall.  Your awakening into Reality is the only inevitability of your human state.  And the moment of its general occurrence is rapidly approaching.

With so very much love, Saul.

Era Of Light – The Three Most Pressing Dilemmas of the Awakened Mind – 7-22-17


It used to be easy to hold hostage the consciousness of humankind. The information which wove together societies was monolithic, disseminated by church and state. Understanding the world beyond one’s personal sphere of experience was limited to the assimilation of those perspectives. While evolutionary progress was slow in that paradigm, over time, small advances grew into sweeping changes, and the future is now upon us.

Today, we are wide awake in the age of atomization. A time when knowledge, wisdom, truth, trust, hope and faith have splintered into an infinite sea of preferences, all instantly available to all. An awakening has already happened, but now we’re confronted with the great challenge of deciding what to do with it.


Because of this, the awakened mind is not necessarily a mind at ease, nor at peace. This quandary is more unsettling than that of the sleepwalker. Shallow forms of bliss just won’t do, but now free of the bondage of ignorance, we are lost in opportunity, drowning in unrealized potential.

In the journey from asleep to awake we were possessed by a need for information, for light shone on darkness, but this phase must come to an end, lest our evolution stalls. We have to somehow go from awakened to actualized, along the way facing a new set of emergent challenges.

These puzzles are the pitfalls in our search for meaning in an evermore intensifying environment. Each of the three dilemmas noted below hinge upon the other two; they are not independent of one another. There exists a natural synergy and symbiosis between them, which must be honored. The decisions we make in each of these arenas will determine which paths become open to us in the other arenas.

For your consideration, what follows are the three most pressing dilemmas of the awakened mind.

1.) What do we choose to include in our awareness?

In very practical terms, when immersed in such total information awareness, as we are today, we must consciously or unconsciously choose what information and which ideas to consume. The choices span the entire spectrum of human possibility, from the darkest blackness of the human soul to the most shimmering golden light of infinite consciousness. We are exposed to all ranges of vibration. Choose we must.

There is a paradox at play here, though. In large part, the information which jolted us out of contemporary consciousness is fundamentally of lower vibration. It had to be that way. Total seriousness and gravity were required to brutally force our eyes open, to wake us up.

But continuing to feed on the darknessonly draws us into a different trap. We can be wide awake while helplessly drowning in the abyss of base-level consciousness. As tantalizing and sensational as it is, this level of consciousness is heavy, always working to pull us under.

How much violence, brutality, murder, inhumanity and psychopathy can we look at? How much spiritual pornography can we safely consume? How long can we simmer in the mainline narratives before all progress is lost and we find ourselves stuck in yet another cage?

2.) How will we choose to communicate our awareness?

Just a short time ago, loneliness was the dilemma of the awakening mind. Yet now, so many are awake to some degree. With technology has come such tremendous freedom of communication, but it’s too much to process. To survive we take shelter on islands of comprehension, stranding ourselves with others of identical perspective. We are splintering into tribes rather than uniting as a cohesive human family.

In such a cacophony of competing voices, opinions and perspectives, all of which lay claim to the high ground of the awakened, we are confronted with the dilemma of how we share our perspectives and how we translate those of others. Do we insist that our understanding is final, and demand assimilation? Do we assume certainty and put on a confidence game of defending the information we like best? Do we get dogmatic, insisting that our truth is the only acceptable truth? Do we bludgeon others with self-righteousness?

Now that we know what we know, we have the choice of becoming repeaters of information, or craftsmen of a new story.

3.) What action will we take to honor this awareness?

Choosing to remain stuck in an endless spiral of negative information paralyses is a form of self-imposed psychosis. Nothing is gained if the awakened mind maroons itself on the island of perpetual study and looping examination.

This is resistance to the act of doing what is needed to experience the ideals which have motivated and inspired the awakening. At some point it becomes imperative to declare ourselves aware enough already, then find ways to take action toward the fulfillment of a purpose grander than the task of waking up.

There is infinite possibility in what actions an individual can take to accelerate the drive towards actualization, in both personal and communal terms. Any push toward action, though, great or meager, is honorable, for the body just needs to be set in motion, so it can stay in motion and then gain momentum.

To honor the progress we’ve made in exposing our condition it’s now necessary to accept the call to action. It’s time to actually create the world we wish to see manifest.

Final Thoughts

We find ourselves at the outer limits of the awakening. Can we exploit the momentum we’ve created which has gotten us this far, or will we return to the cave of delusion we came from? Choices.


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Montague Keen: Conection – by Era Of Light – 6-16-17

monaguekeenThe magnitude of the help available to humanity to ensure that the Shift happens has been demonstrated to you over the last ten days. Your connection to the Andromedans was strengthened. The Palladians introduced themselves and worked with you also. We noted your surprise when the Blue Avians joined you to offer help and support. The portals are working as they should with great success. You are now aware of the energy change and the light that accompanies their arrival on our property. They each have different roles to play in establishing the light on Earth.

It is good that this is now established. It is all part of the plan. Help from the light always brings attacks from the dark side. What they put you through on Friday was despicable. It is your strength of mind that gets you through these attacks.


You know that the power of the Cabal is diminishing at a rate of knots. They cannot survive in the light. You are making progress. When you and your friends release the energy from the portals that was hidden from everyone, it makes one huge stride forward for humanity. Time and vibration influence each other, and the body has to be able to maintain that vibration. We are making great strides forward towards our goal. We cannot be stopped. Change is occurring in your 3D world; recognise it and welcome it. We send information out in many forms. We cannot allow the massacre of human beings to continue. Control of the Earth must return to the safe hands of humanity. You were conned into relinquishing power and control to the interlopers who believe, to this day, that they can kill you and take the Earth for themselves. This, my dear, is why help is coming from other dimensions to assist you all to survive and keep the Earth. Their secret societies are finding themselves under scrutiny. This is new to them, as they have hoodwinked people for generations into believing they were there to help us cope with the hardships created through their banking and war machines.

Now you know that you are not alone, help is coming from many directions. We have the ability to make the changes necessary to remove all that is corrupt.

As you know, the Cabal either imprisons or kills anyone whom they deem to be a threat. Not all deaths are due to natural causes. This is an everyday occurrence. A list is made of all those whom they wish to dispose of. They go to great lengths to lock up people of the light who may cause them to be exposed. As yet, we have not found a lawyer who has not been compromised by them. Surely there is someone in California who is honest and has humanity’s best interests at heart. This case is huge and will eventually be made into a film. Books will be written about it. It is so amazing, it defies imagination. It is so extraordinary, only the Cabal could have thought of it.

Please help us to free this innocent young man whose only role in life is to assist humanity. Everything he owned has been sold by the Cabal. He is in jail, without money or friends in California. He needs the energy of your prayers to help set him free. This is but one example of what the Cabal does to hold on to its illicit power.

When each one of you learns to stand in your own power, and know who you are and your purpose on Earth, then everything will change. It is, I can assure you, a matter of taking back the power that you gave to the Cabal. Reconnect with the powerful Being of Light you once were, and can be again, the moment you make the decision to do so. This decision is yours and yours alone. You are now living the moment you have all been waiting for, so make the most of it. Do not wait for TV and newspapers to tell you the truth. Their owners would never allow that. They want you to remain obedient zombies who obey your Cabal Masters at all times. How many more years are you prepared to wait before you say enough is enough. You will find that there is more to life than obeying the Cabal’s every wish to destroy humanity.

Watch the power of the Vatican fade, as each day, more and more corruption and debauchery are exposed, and more eyes are opened to the truth. The veils are being lifted and all that was hidden is laid bare. It is not a pretty sight. It is like a horror film, except that real people suffer and die. This will continue until the scales fall from your eyes and you see the reality of the situation. You must find the strength to take action to make the necessary changes. How many times do I need to remind you that nothing is as it seems.

The Cabal was created in order to sublimate man. Total control they required and total control they got. Humanity walked blindly into their very clever plans. You were taught to revere them, and many of you still do, as you have not yet removed the blinkers from your eyes because you fear the consequences.

To live in peace in a world of plenty is surely every man’s dream. This is what awaits you if you take that one step forward. All war would cease and all countries would flourish. With a little help and assistance from the more advanced countries, the poorer countries would flourish. There would be no need for war. Those who do not belong on Earth must consider their position. They must decide whether they leave the Earth in the same way that they unlawfully entered, or continue to live here as guests, within the laws established by humanity. In this time of change, you must consider everything and everyone, as no man is an island. Everything must be done for the benefit of all. Humanity, as a whole, will benefit.

My dear wife is exhausted. She has worked long hours with a friend from Holland and a friend from Ireland, for the last five days. Quite a lot has been achieved and much was put in place.

I would like to thank her friends for working with her as a team. They saw an attack on her and they are aware of what she has to endure. It was particularly bad when visiting a sacred place. It shocked them. Only the will to succeed gives her the strength of mind to complete her work.

My dear, please get some rest, give your poor body a chance to recover. Your friends from other planets are all on board now. They have shown you their support. I have given them permission to use my bell to draw your attention to their presence.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Angel V. Ornedo Jr @ In5D – Earth and Humanity Awakening in 5D – 7-15-17

Awskening in 5D

Angel V. Ornedo Jr @ In5D – Earth and Humanity Awakening in 5D – 7-15-17

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,  Guest writer, In5D.com





This is the last of a mini-series of our planet and humanity’s history in relation to the universe-multi-universes. Rethink Greeks-Romans myths  and  awaken from deceptions of  colonizing darkness that enslaved-brainwashed  us.  Gods created by religions are super-imposed on our deep consciousness-beliefs and shattered our perfect memories from Source. You are from the Adamic race, perfect.

Earth  after  two planetary  collisions  of 3,400+ years interval with other  planets-Nibiru-Marduk  planetary system was  caught by our Sol gravity eons ago.   Earth is thrown out of realm-the effects of bursting suns-supernovas  on collision with the planets of  our Sun-Sol. These are records written in stone tablets 1x2M+ in Mesopotamia-, Mosul,Iraq-Alexandria,Egypt, sung in hymns in step buildings in  Sumeria as a recital of how we were brainwashed like what we are today by belief systems.  Our planet known as Tiamat was broken to half, with Earth, a moon and asteroids as resultant  ‘debris’ known today. The mini-solar system of  Nibiru caught by the gravitational pull of our Solar System has an elliptical orbit and loop,  sling shot Sol says Physicist  Kaku, Harrington and  anthropologists Zitchin.  It has a dwarf star and seven planets and it’s ‘moon’ or planet  Kingu’ cuts thru.  Theoretical- meta-physicists said that it will be around our sun in the next few years, another fear effect?   Physicists  say planetary star crossing is late 2017 as Nibiru  approaches us that will create cataclysmic effects on our planet’s axis and operating gravitational pull.  For the  record says Zitchin, Nibiru has revolved around us over millennia and created biblical stories of magical religious proportions inclusive of a passing star followed by  three Kings.  NASA says planet X is coming back then kept silent to keep us calm.  They are ‘theoretical’ physicists, made conclusions on what their thoughts and calculations tell them like us. When are they coming?  Guess says  NASA.while  You Tube coverage alarmed us all being part of FEAR factor.

Earth’s dinosaur-reptilian age passed-extinguished  leaving 65M years of skeletal forms displayed at our urban museums, London, New York…. making Earth a reptilian planet.   Gigantic planets and  asteroids  hurtle in space like the  dwarf star Nibiru whose  planet Kingu collided with earth. The dwarf star must be similar to our Jupiter on the way to star brilliancy, knowledge brought by NASA..   It sideswiped Uranus and hit ‘Tiamat’  directly with one planet,  Kingu  says Zitchin and was back after 3,400+ years to divide ‘Tiamat’ into   “FALLEN  earth”,  moon and asteroids, leftovers in the process of collision.  This is similar to asteroid earth collision event says scientists that extinguished the reptilians and an event normal in the universe.  Earth grows 200 tons a day from  space  dust-debris and we see this daily,  meteors falling down or passing by earth.  We experience the same impacts similar to Nibiru collisions discovered and analyzed thru satellite readings that  relocate oceans and continents in the process. Dust, meteors-asteroids form part of our new evolving planet after we have fallen from collision, a very far description of the true nature of ‘fallen earth’ by religions, all false.  If you believe dark and light Archangels falling, that is your belief. There is always light and darkness in the multi-universe.  “The event could have been the provider of seeds of life to earth.”  Seas-oceans-continents are replaced, transferred  or created  as a result of these collisions. We call these tectonic or volcanic in origin says science  where .continents shift and new islands sprout. Continents moved as a result of tectonic  activities.

Beautiful paradise planet Earth has this historical  brief of several billion years:  cut, divided, formed again  to imperfect ball form-  growing, still not perfect sphere by 5-miles.  Dark conquerors write in stone clay tablets to propagate their conquest similar to conquest of Asia and America by the Europeans, history within humans on earth.  Clear as the blue skies, they are commercials to lure us to subservience.  Dark beings saw the wondrous creation of paradise complete with all the resources they need to survive and they came in alternating presence of conquest and dominion. They left their planets as we are left astray and destroyed at the 21st century.  Aside they came for gold and silver to resuscitate their dying planets full of ozone holes similar to acts of the Europeans on other continents. Earth and humans are abused by over-commercialism and  mining  not far from the Archon conqueror’s destructive acts.

No being can own Mother Earth seeking higher planetary dimensions to 7thD. Her final destination is Solar,  8thD., perfection for planets.   Jupiter is ahead in terms of climb to planetary climb to 8thD.  Source Energy’s -SE creations is attained when light reaches an integrative balance point of positive and negative in all known universes.  For humanity, death of carbon bodies is the living start of our spirit to reach higher consciousness.  After 26000-  years of the planet’s revolution,  crystalline  light form of our  body-soul-spirit is an alternative to the death of a body,  the latest of Unconditional Lovecreations as carbon bodies are transmuted, transformed to this light form.  Live life in positive-STO ways, sharing your love-overflowing photon lights  with others.  What Photon light you  absorbed flow outward from your loving heart and mind that overflow to all complimented by Central Suns and other Stars in terms of intense energies supplied to Earth and humanity.   STS beings should change and undergo reformation as they seek light of Source. The negative part of life’s balance thru  incarnations  is for them to seek  a flicker, a spark of light  as they have chosen darkness  in their ways of life.   Love provides darkness the avenue to climb, reach and attach to that spark of light of Source.

The dark beings over lifetimes without energy from  Source  propagate dark teachings to create fear, anger and hate to make their beliefs reality in their sense of dark existence.  For the seekers of light, awakened and who realized who we are, our numbers increase and we assist Gaia rise to 5D.  Call it the reintegration of our spirits’ entity fragmented in 3D-4D and the head at 5D.   Each individual has a different experience,  a process  the Creator made in His thought.  The stages of spiritual development and connectivity to Source is individual, thence planetary, cosmic to universal consciousness to ONENESS that we all desire.  They are specific destinations  till you are ONE with Source Energy at the 11th-12thD, Unconditional Love and Free Will. I repeat,  what is significant is we are all here to re-integrate our soul-spirit at 3D- 4D with 5D Spirit Entity fragmented in several  vibrational frequencies.  That is why you are a fragment of the Source of All That Is,  a multi-dimensional being.

For 5-6D starseeds, to  experience  life at 3D an invitation is required.  If you are strong at heart and an adventurer.  Adamu  says- “foolhardy”  you agreed toshattering to live in 3D where  no one from the higher frequencies can live without forgetting or amnesia.  Such is the arrangement for those who agreed to raise the consciousness of Gaia to 5D.  From 5D we fragmented to 4D to 3D and lower 3D.   Intense energies are showered on us and Gaia provide us soul gifts of  inspiration,  intuition, enlightenment, collective consciousness and  unconditional love. They are now coming to fruition.  Is that not beautiful and wonderful for human souls?  We are fragments of light-spirit entity, our embodiment  and  thru  a process of reintegration  we are transmuted to  5D  consciousness where our 5D spirit entity resides.  We all seek a vibrational dimension where the harvest of soul gifts are at hand.  Grandfather  Adamu,  Pleiadian says:   “….But most of all we are here in great numbers because of the critical importance to the entire galaxy that Earth’s human population succeeds in the in-situ ascension process that is being attempted here. This has never been done before. And if it succeeds, it will irrevocably alter galactic relations.   It will end, once and for all, the interplanetary wars that have raged since the beginning of time.”                                                                                      

I hope his remarks have an impact to your lives as it has done with me although mine came from Christ Consciousness-CC at an early age of 12 and  reinforced by Arcturians  and Pleiadians overflowing information from the Light .  Imagine darkness can finally be eliminated from the universal role of evolution, monotony or perfection.


People talk of world wars and forecasting  WWIII,  even movies at dark dominated Hollywood forecast these fear predictions that seeps into our consciousness unknowingly as entertainment but they all talk of love as the only solution to wars. The Wonder Woman of DC  forecasts  WWIII movie in the making and how she saved her in the script“She”, the script writermust be an ascended being like Adamu who says that only “love” can save earth.  My grandchild interviewed me on my experiences on these wars for a school project report.  It is incorrect word for one planet discussing world wars as they are really nation or ethnic wars like the Axis-Germany and Japan and Allied-American-Euro group conflict of WWII..  Planetary wars or world wars As Pa Adamu says are continuing events  in the universe-dark-light  planets.. Imagine at our Milky Way Galaxy, 65M  living planets with  beings like us- negative-positive ones who are at  war and  who will triumph is in the thoughts of Source Energy. You are given the chance to see direct the light of SE and the elimination of these raging world wars.

Advanced beings bring you the whole story in vivid pictures, telepathic, and it is up for you to say it in your words in your language.  Less educated humans eons ago described gold and silver lined homes as palaces and 7th heavens unknowing what they really are and tell us they met or sit with the Father. They never knew they are earth’s properties ransacked by the Archons. They described Christ sitting at the right hand of a Father when All That Is, is Everywhere, Everything.  What brainwashing they did to us for commercials and love of money.   Dark colonizers brought death to  billions of humans, maimed, abused, women  raped, men sodomized,  burned….Tribal wars or killings  is described by the dark as patriotism to look good- to serve their purpose, colonization and dominion over others when you have to perfect love of others from love emanating from your heart,  nothing else. Peace can never be attained by wars but only by unconditional love bringing peace.  We know that at this stage of earth, those are only words and are difficult to attain in an unjust, suffering and ‘çhaos’ environment where extremist of religions turned terrorists to create caliphates.  That is the reason of our presence, why you are INVITED to assist humans in physicality with direct assistance from. Source  overflowing us with intense energies from varied sources.  Refuse to harm or traumatize others and peace and harmony will start in our world.  This means you have conquered implants made by Archons and  humans  are awakened.

The dark created litany of havoc in major countries eliminating-exterminating,  millions of humans,  stories of  fear creation. People  in millions, all in exodus running like rats to Germany-Europe creating terroristic activities for some. Syria bombings, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan  invasion,  PH by ISIS at  Marawi  City takeover in 2017  are current war aggressions by  presumptuous warlords.  Advanced beings SE lieutenants are  not subject to time nor space and has transcended incarnation processes.  They observe us in our skies unseen for the last thousand years of illusion  assisting  humans if asked.  They are not subject to time and space.                                                                                                         

UK parliament leaders apologized in 2016 to their citizens for the death of their youths in Iraq war. USA Bush must be crawling in the dark for his actions.  We hope they ask forgiveness from the people of Iraq who are wronged and traumatized.  Their true purpose is the destruction of records,  lost as a result of bombing  for us not to  know and learn the truth about human real heritage.  Mosul is destroyed including the mosque where ancient records are maintained. This is a continuation of the war to destroy the records of Nineveh Library.

On the nuclear front taught to us by  Sirian Beings,  we cannot waste this golden opportunity nor be bullied by dark beings to pulverize ourselves with nuclear bombs, a repeat  of  seven  Sumerian cities, Hiroshima-Nagasaki,  Japan annihilation.  Chernobyl and Fukushima are worst post-war disasters of the nuclear  type  of power generation,  destructive power and the ocean currents are shifting to Asia.  Sirians, the good Higher Beings of their planet can undo this technology and clear the waste. Truman had his dark ways knowing that the war against the Axis is already won and still dropped 2 nuclear bombs, a horrible trait of negatively polarized beings who had this technology done on Earth.  Destruction of written stone tablets,  monuments-olden buildings is their aim.  Infighting of religions and records  destroyed   created  the  loss  of the Great Libraries of  Niniveh-Mosul in Iraq and Great  Alexandria Library-Egypt.  Keeping  us blind  is dark tool.   7 Nuclear bombs destroyed Sumer. Records lost means DG13- puppets won at least for 26,000 years of dominion.   Other libraries exist humanity know  at  Ascension and that we are in today with Internet.


SOURCE Energy is at 11th-12thD and endless frequencies of unconditional love- free will.    He allows the dark to recognize their ills and to start to seek light again. We have to undergo removal of defects, healing, cleansing and repair to restore us to perfect creations, mind body form as our light spirit is perfect, untouchable but lived in a dark physical body whose dark experiences have to be healed and cleansed.   That is the meaning of SE’s love, light and free will despite impurities.

On false beliefs, analyze the 1800 AD virgin mother stories.  Studies from stone inscriptions  quote Egyptian and Iraqi scholars on questionable teachings  which should be reviewed for record. Analyze records and we quote: Virgin mother story comes in 2 dozens of stories like Horus, 3000 B.C. the Egyptian God is born of the virgin Isis,  Mithra- 1200 B.C, Persian God, Attis, 1200 B.C. Greek god of virgin Nana-Krishna, 900 B.C.,  Dionysius, 500 B.C. Greek god, King of Kings, only begotten son,  born on December 25 with 12 disciples, died for three days; resurrected, a perfect copy for Apollonius-Gesus created by Constantine, now popularly known as Jesus.  Horus life is inscribed on the walls of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt in 3,500BC with images of the “annunciation, immaculate conception, virgin birth, ministry, death and resurrection”  1,500  years  before  ‘Gesus’, Jesus for Constantine.  Scribes of Egypt describe the virgin birth of Dec. 25 of various Gods that went to the underworld and after 3 days resurrected.  Priests and  bishops  tell us that only  Gesus-aka Apollonius had this birth Dec. 25 virgin birth , a mockery to thinking and analyzing awakened humans.  Two websites describe in detail the same stories made by Constantine in 325 AD. That is the meaning of awakening, believe or not,   we start to teach-learn and further analyze and seek the truth.   Everything is an individual path to unity consciousness, what you do is what you get. We do not have a blind eye for truth and reality of events. Analyze and let your spiritual heart and mind decide, as you can feel it in your heart.  Imagine , they are all 50,000+ 200,000+  years old.  Priests use 1,800 years as long religious history. Think-grow,  research.   Change our beliefs and seek Source Energy,  Infinity and there is no hassle, we believe in “GOD”, UNITY.

Predictions of scientists at You Tube about Nibiru collision are preposterous.  They are MSM,   only our  collective consciousness can make things happen with the assistance of All That Is and SE lieutenants.   Our collective consciousness creates the reality we want, final.   Nibiru has been passing by nth times in a million years and the  ‘Sons of Gods’   are beings like us who implanted us with  retardant genes to make us slaves. At one planetary crossing, after learning  gold is common on Earth,  they landed 600 astronauts to be the first miners then  we became slaves.  The astronauts  go on strike after thousand years as they are not  miners nor slaves.  They made us slaves to replace the 600 astros.  We  reproduce  for their fodder and labor in mining, household and agricultural  farms. Go deeper, analyze and learn.  Fear creation has been perfected by Archons and you can stop it now knowing your DNA lineage from the stars.  .Similar to Nibiru that found our gold,  NASA and  other  countries with similar research facilities found planets.  In June, 2017,  NASA scientists have found 4034 exoplanets and 2,335 of them are confirmed as planets;  50 of them are habitable zones with water potential.   Susan Thompson of Kepler Mission made humans  seekers of truth  as we are really made by Source to be the “transferors of knowledge to the universe”. We start our mission by research  and learning.


Every 26000(25920)  years we pass the photon belt that overflow us with intense energies from Central Suns and stars. Dark beings will have to construct dungeons,  tunnels  and  mile long air-conditioned  pits to hide from these healing lights. Some exist near the core of earth, a prison for  the dark. Most of them left for other 3D planets or return to their own planets at the Milky Way Galaxy to escape from intense energies.  Who knows the $11B collider tunnel in Switzerland is of dark origin hiding in the guise of testing and bombarding  light  to neutrinos in underground mountains.  Let us know if you are not dark in origin and a practicing professional in that dungeon as negatives may emerge again after passing the Photon Belt.    The collider was constructed to destroy anything wholesale as it can blast light to neutrinos,   earth minerals to nothingness, all  a matter of opinion.  No human can predict the future.  NO ONE even if he says He is “ GOD” can tell final transformation to New Earth- Golden Age.  The word God is Archon origin, thus untrue. We call them sons of Gods.  Archons create  FEAR, dark ‘God’  and tell us of apocalypse.  Photon energies provide transmutation of human bodies to crystalline form and we are on the march- journey to “Golden Age”.  With these intense energies, we  learn  light language and  acquire soul gifts on our way to 5D  love, light and collective learning.  It is time that unity consciousness be primordial in our thoughts seeking connectivity with All That Is.  For the  dark  seek that spark, that flicker of light and embrace these overflowing pure white light from Source Energy, the Central Sun that create our dreams of a  5D to 6D world-the Golden Age of Gaia.  Join us.   

Once awakened,   Free  Will beings are created as knowledge transferors for other planets evolving, a human test by  the Supreme Creator to His special creation, earth and humanity  as our illusionary experience goes on.  Transform deeds of kindness and godlike actions,  the secrets  of the planets.   After being raised to 5D, should you be invited by Source thru his lieutenants as ‘Experience Transferor to evolving planets’, they are available to you. You earned these knowledge and  wisdom  after your stint at 3D-4D not necessarily Earth.  Awakened humans accepted the ‘invitation’,  an honor for Earth trained teachers.  You are Teachers of unconditional love of Christ Consciousness, Chosen Ones, a  golden opportunity given to human beings.  That is the truth, the reason why we are created to be pioneers in 3D planets of the universe.   You completed your difficult journey-passed  for a new assignment.  Of course you can settle at 5D for a moment NOW, for  R&R as there is no time anyway in 5D or you can be observer of other planets similar to our galactic brothers and sisters, learning and assisting humans where we can easily mix. They are also  learning a new skill,  combination of love from heart connected to mental development.  Emotion of LOVE is new in the galaxies of beings.

We ask why would All That Is have gamut of  experiences-evolutions of creations when  nothingness to intelligence  is the start of the universe?  Intelligent Energy got curious and  curiosity filtered to Source Energy;  gave free will, unconditional love and light with all types of beings, planetary systems, galaxies, universes and multiverses created  out of the curiosity of Source.  Meta-physical  history for you to analyze and think about!!  Think again-death of physical body is one of the ways to experience higher consciousness!!  Choose Ascension as we are led to it by All That Is.  History is taught and learned.

Love and light!

Angel V.  Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at aornedojr@gmail.com or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and Amazon.com.  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’




ERA OF LIGHT – Mira of Pleiadian High Council – Many Are Awakening – 7-7-17

mira pleiadian


I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working full-time with the Earth Council for the Ascension of the planet.

All is proceeding well. Please pay attention as best as you can to what is occurring behind the scenes. The veil has truly lifted. We understand that the facts before you can be riveting. They can be extreme, thought-provoking, upsetting, and nerve-racking. We see how these energies play upon humanity. They appear serious and unending but we assure you they reveal the release of the grip of the dark forces upon planet.

Many are awakening. This is one aspect of the Ascension process for which our Creator has been waiting. Humanity has been asleep living in a foggy bubble of illusion. Fear is perpetuating and allowing for control. Yet this fear is being cleared in all aspects of life. For too long humanity have believed what they were told. Now they are questioning. The ruling hands do not have the clout they once had. It is of primary importance to read between the lines and focus on what is not being said.


The Earth Council constantly monitors what is going on with the planet. We want to assure you again there will be no nuclear war. The threats of this from various countries is merely saber rattling. It is designed to perpetuate fear and to justify military focus and spending. Your government’s focus has been, “If you have a dollar in your pocket spend it on a rocket.” We want you to know the futility of their focus.

We recommend you rise above the drama as best you can. Focus on the light of a new day. Let the light shine within and through you. Keep your vibration high. Focus on raising your frequency which will help raise your consciousness. Please be active; do not stand by injustice and let things happen. Use your talents to speak your truth and to live the life as you would, in a higher dimension such as the fifth. This is what you are learning to do.

Let go of the old. Release what no longer serves you. Do not feed into the negativity and drama the media want you to feed upon. Dispose of it. Work on your own the clarity of thought. Focus on higher actions. Ask us for assistance along with the angelic realms. We are strengthening you in making your lives easier. Allow your selves time to relax. Know that you are just participating in the endgame.

You are rising to a new level. It can feel uncomfortable at first. You will get more accustomed to it as you progress with your Ascension. Please be assured that Ascension is at hand. You will be welcomed into the higher dimensions. Your heart will sing with joy and happiness. You will feel at home at last.

The harshness, pain-and-suffering that you’ve experienced on the earth are nearly complete. It is because of you that we are able to say this and to encourage you. We are all grateful for your dedication and the work that you have done. Soon you will know who you truly are the light of creation.

I look forward to the day when we can meet face to face. It will be wonderful when our ships will be fully visible to you and we will together join forces in the oneness of life. You will remember that you are a citizen of life and creation.

My love to all of you. Mira!

» Source – Channel: Valerie Donner

MORAG – Awakening 5D Healing – Energy Update Cosmic recalibration – You are not alone! – 6-28-17

Thanks to   https://awakening5dhealing.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/energy-update-cosmic-recalibration-you-are-not-alone/

MORAG – Awakening 5D Healing – Energy Update Cosmic recalibration – You are not alone! – 6-28-17

> The consensus on the cosmic cyber street is this wave is a doozie. Intense shaking, sudden overwhelming need to sleep, low energy, aches and pains, blurry vision and disturbed sleep (waking up at 2.22, 3.33, 1.23) are common symptoms of DNA upgrades, recalibration, see http://wp.me/p7Ol3s-4t ’10 Signs you are experiencing recalibration of your mind body soul system’ for more info.

Deeply buried emotions bubbling to the surface, triggered for karmic release, can overwhelm us. Our relationships go through great changes as we raise our frequencies. Masks come off as our third eye is activated and we see people for who they truly are. This can be a very upsetting and challenging part of the awakening process. We can feel intensely frustrated by 3d conversations, increasingly preferring solitude. Before we were concerned with social lives, friendship groups, family expectation and cultural convention, matrix programming of what the ‘perfect life’ should look like. Awakening changes all of this, it expands our consciousness, mutes the ego and liberates us from the limited rules and regulations of this reality. We turn inward instead of obsessing about our outward lives. We stop caring about what others say about us, we grow beyond convention and see a bigger world.

Integrating upgrades whilst trying to stay on top of our everyday lives, can cause us to feel irritable, tearful and off kilter. We can feel lonely and disconnected, let down by people we thought cared more about us, depressed by the state of the world and worn down by the daily demands of the matrix. As we struggle to integrate higher frequencies and raise our own vibration to accommodate further recalibration we reach out, looking for other awakening people. The internet is our friend when we wake up, it is where we find information and other people on this path to higher dimensions.

Gregg Prescott’s In5d on fb, web and YouTube is a brilliant source of knowledge about this transformation on Gaia. Michelle Walling’s website and internet radio show offers tonnes of information on how to exit the matrix, what is happening now and what is coming next. Sacred Scribes is the best site on the web for the meanings of number sequences. Higher Self on YouTube is the go to place for all things metaphysical, multi dimensional and magical about the evolution of our planet and her people. Cosmicgypsy333 will answer all your questions on soul tribe. International Starseed Network has chat forums, discussion pages and more.

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, QHHT, is the best healing tool to answer all questions about our origin, mission and personal journey. Alternative healing therapies like reiki and sound healing will clear static from our energy field and strengthen and balance our mind body soul system. Meet Ups online is also a great way to find people at a similar stage and place as us. There are loads of meditation, spiritual yoga and energy healing groups set up by lightworkers keen to offer safe spaces for sharing and healing.

The evolution of humanity, the activation of Enlightened Unified Consciousness is the recalibration of our mind body soul system. It is the Return of the Divine Feminine, the dismantling of the matrix programs of control. It is freedom, liberation and enlightenment. We are being offered the opportunity to access higher dimensions of existence. Positive emotions emit higher wavelengths, we begin to ascend the frequency spectrum of time and space in our universe. Gratitude, compassion, laughter, joy, peace, empathy and love are all high frequency energies, raising our cellular vibration. We can become quantum beings by embracing this transition.

Don’t feel alone. Reach out. Use cyber space as a library, a meeting place, somewhere you can take your matrix mask off and be yourself. Ask questions, engage with others, get regular energy updates, research the stuff that resonates with you. Energy, healing, intergalactic communities, the elite, how to unplug from the matrix, it’s all out there in cyber space. And for all the other growth and internal evolution stuff don’t be afraid of solitude, welcome it. Use me-time for self care, self knowledge and self love.

We are all in this together, some are still very much asleep, others are denying or rejecting the red pill, but there are more and more people waking up, coming online (energetically and on the internet!). Come join the cosmic recalibration party, it’s all about peace and love maaaaan. Take a seat at the table, all are welcome. In love and light friends.

Mantra: I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

I call my soul tribe to me, I am ready.

I embrace all available upgrades appropriate for me at this time, under the protection of my higher self. Namaste.




Jelelle Awen @ In5D – The Dawning From Dark Night To Light Day – 6-15-17


Jelelle Awen @ In5D – The Dawning From Dark Night To Light Day – 6-15-17 


by Jelelle AwenGuest writer, In5D.com


The sunlight from the Great Cosmic Sun is emerging over the horizon. It is cresting NOW into our world here with Gaia – spreading its light across all the darkened lands, seeming to melt away with its heat all the shadows that remain. Its rays are illuminating that which has been cloaked and unseen. Light is coming in now, offering clarity on that which has seemed like such a mystery, unsolvable, unknowable, and unreachable.

The sunlight is our healing hearts, our compassion, the BEST of our humanity beaconing out AND going in. The sunlight is our healing souls, our bigness, the BEST of our divinity coming in. We, our sacred humanity, is rising as a NEW day of the soul dawns offering possibilities to each individual soul and to us ALL as a collective. We are rising as we remember our capacities of both heart and soul, how BIG we can BE and ARE that takes no power from other, yet is WITH them and comes from within.

Warmth, too, is coming back to us after so long in the cold. Warmth comes with new tenderness for ourselves and with others. Warmth comes with new, genuine kindness for ourselves and ALL aspects of ourselves AND with others. Warmth comes with new compassion for ourselves and WITH others. Warmth comes with expressions and desires for a much deeper and REALER intimacy with self and with others.

It seemed sometimes as if the Dark Night would last forever. The murkiness of being lost would define us and we might never be found. Parts of us feared that we might remain as shadow people, unable to see through the fog of our own amnesia or the veils we placed over ourselves. We worried that our battling, our urge and need to defend, would destroy us and Gaia. We wondered if we would only be defined by suffering, unable to access the joy of our Inner Child or the goodness of our worthiness or the lightness within our souls.

Yet, the Light Day is dawning. With this dawning comes the invitation for illumination of SELF, to clear the fogs and to lift the veils. The invitation is to put down our arms, our weapons, our shields, our battles, our wars, our conflicts – happening on both the inside AND the outside. To meet and greet our inner battles, to feel and heal the aspects that feel suffering and so bring more suffering into our lives. To DO and BE all of this with love and so transmute it ALL into something NEW.

The Light Day brings disclosure of that which has been hidden. That which has been packaged becomes unraveled, no longer able to sustain its false edges. That which has been hollow or superficial is invited to go deeper, to move into an expanded consciousness that the light of awareness can bring.

I feel Archangel Metatron forming these words with me. So his divinity is shining through my humanity. I feel His hopes and desires for humanity. He longs to have more relationship WITH us, together, seen more and felt more as equals because there are NO hierarchies in the higher dimensions because ALL are ultimately One and return to Divine Source. He feels admiration for all that we have experienced in our Dark Night journey and he offers a hand to us now to pull us through, up, out, of what we have known and into a NEW world with Infinite Vistas of possibilities.

It is an EPIC phase for humanity, in this NOW of transitioning from Dark Night to Light Day. The epicness will play out in ways that may be difficult, painful, mean more temporary loss….as the old gives way for the new. So much support is BEing offered to us by angels such as Metatron, Michael, Magdalena, and many others. And by our Star BEing Metasoul aspects and Star family too, who are helping us with this transition on a cosmic level, yet also will be assisting us on a practical level too as we transition from the outdated modes of 3D lifestyle and into the higher consciousness ways of the light. And, we can find comfort and support in each other, in coming together as soul communities as an aspect of our Dark Night was feeling that we HAD to do it alone and that we were separate.

As we move, now, out of our collective Dark Night, so do we also honor the darkness and what it offers us, what it teaches us, the brinks it brings us too and the edges and the cliffs of our consciousness. We are learning that we can SURVIVE this darkness and that we are NOT it, even as it has been inside of us and needed to reign for a while. We are learning that the substance of us is LOVE and always was even when it felt like it wasn’t. We are learning that what is REAL about us is that which cannot be destroyed or claimed, yet just IS, arising and dawning as easily as the sun greets the day every morning. And so IT is and so are WE, dawning into what we were always meant to BE!

Jelelle Awen About the author: Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, WaySHOWer, and Co-creator and Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body And Your Spiritual Awakenings and Keep Waking Up!: Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond . Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.


The 49 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening – by Life Coach Code – 6-15-17

49 Symptoms Spiritual Awakening


The 49 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening – by Life Coach Code – 6-15-17


1. Your sleep pattern changes: restlessness, hot feet, waking up many times during the night.

2. You feel sprinkles and any activities at the crown of your head.

3. You have sudden waves of emotions and mood swings in a spur of a moment.

4. There are changes in your eating habits: peculiar cravings and odd food choices. Suddenly you have food intolerances and some allergies just come out.

5. There is an immense sensitivity of your senses: seeing, hearing, smelling.

6. Eruptions on your skin show up: rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles.

7. You have periods of excessive energy followed by episodes of lethargy and fatigue.

8. You have a shorter period of prayer and meditation and are less focused while doing these activities.

9. You start eating less and less meat and processed foods.

10. You feel a power surge and are heated from head to toe, or at times could be inexplicably cold.

11. A variety of physical manifestations come up: headaches, backaches, neck pains, and flu-like symptoms.

12. You start to look younger as a result of releasing the heavy baggage from the past.

13. You have vivid dreams that seem so real you wake up feeling confused.

14. Major events in your life completely alter it, like death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home or illness.

15. You feel the need to “find yourself” and thus break free from restrictive patterns, life-draining jobs, consumptive lifestyles, and toxic people or situations.

16. You feel confused emotionally and mentally.

17. You feel the pull for more introspection, solitude, and loss of interest in more extroverted activities.

18. Your creativity bursts at a staggering rate.

19. You have a perception that time is accelerating because of the many changes that are introduced into your life.

20. You have a sense that something is about to happen.

21. Impatience starts to creep on you, but you must learn to live with the uncertainty.

22. You have a deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelation.

23. You feel that you have become completely different from the person you used to be.

24. “Teachers”(people, books, movies, events, Mother Nature) will appear to you at a perfect time to guide you on your spiritual journey.

25. You find a spiritual path that makes sense to you and “speaks to you” at the most profound levels.

26. You move through learning and solving personal issues quite rapidly.

27. You feel that there seem to be invisible presences around you.

28. You see things that have spiritual importance for you: portents, visions, illusions, numbers, and symbols.

29. You have increased integrity and authenticity.

30. You are more in harmony with the seasons and moon cycles.

31. When you are around, electrical and mechanical malfunctions occur like flickering of light bulbs and others.

32. There are an increased synchronicity and many small miracles in your life.

33. You have an increased intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness.

34. You communicate with Spirit and put down these inspirations through writing, painting, ideas or dance.

35. You feel a sense of Oneness and connectedness with All that is.

36. You experience moments of pure joy and bliss.

37. You feel you are in alignment of your Higher Self, emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

38. New skills and gifts emerge and you use it to live your purpose.

29. You feel you are much closer to animals and plants.

40. You see beings from other dimensions.

41. You see a person’s true form or see a loved one with a different face – past life or parallel life.

42. You physically manifest your thoughts and desires in a quick and efficient way.

43. You feel your left brain is foggy and focus more on right-brain activities.

44. You feel dizzy when ungrounded.

45. You experience falling, accidents, or breaking bones which mean your body is actually telling you something.

46. You experience heart palpitations.

47. Your hair and nail grow faster.

48. You feel the desire to find your soulmate or twin flame.

49. An array of memories start to surface like body memories, past life images or suppressed memories.

How many have you got?

If some of these 49 signs haven’t taken place in your life yet, don’t worry. Some people are prone to having more and some people experience just a few.

This does not mean that you are less or more spiritually awakened, it just means that your psychophysical structure is less or more affected by the spiritual awakening.

Everyone is different, but no matter who you are, if you are becoming more spiritually awake, you will experience some of these symptoms.

The process takes time. More signs will show up when all the preparations needed have taken place.

These are all of the symptoms and signs mentioned by almost every text, confession and report on spiritual awakening we were able to find.

If you know of more symptoms, please let us know!

MOOJI – Awakening – 6-15-17 – by Shift Happens

** Either the body is used for awakening to

Who You Truly Are,

or it is the pyjamas of the Being.

We are just sleeping in it.

Mooji ** Thanks to Making A Difference Today for posting this.

Source: Shift Happens

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SAUL – CELEBRATE! – You are moving to awaken – 12-28-16


Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday December 28thAs 2017 approaches rapidly many on Earth are anxious and concerned.  For many 2016 has been tough with much “stuff” of an unexpected nature arising seemingly unbidden into their conscious awareness, and whence they know not.  They thought that they had cleared all their stuff, the stuff that was draining their energy and dragging them even deeper into the illusion, even as they were hoping to rise above it finally by living in the world but not being of it, being more above it, observing it, being of service within it, but free of all their old baggage which they felt that they had done a very good job of discarding.

Well most of you have done a very good job of discarding what no longer serves you.  Nevertheless, you chose to incarnate this time around to assist in humanity’s awakening, and therefore you needed to be fully anchored in the world, experiencing the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, so that you could truly relate to those whom you had come to help to awaken.  If you incarnated on Earth as spiritually evolved souls of a seemingly “higher or wiser nature” than those with whom you were interacting your ability to assist them would have been minimal.  Those whom you are on Earth to assist need to see you as humans like themselves, people who have experienced pain and suffering, and who are consequently truly able to empathize with them having yourselves been in the dark places from which they are attempting to depart.  To choose, as you all did, to incarnate at this moment in humanity’s awakening process was truly most courageous, and that is why you are so honored and revered here in the spiritual realms

You are all allowing the dark or denied aspects of humanity as a whole to arise within you individually, for recognition, acceptance, and release.  It is painful, disturbing, and confusing because you thought you had released your “stuff,” and indeed you have, BUT you are here, by your own choices, to help release the backlog, built up over the eons, of humanity’s mistreatment of itself on a massive scale.  That “dark matter” has to be released and gently discarded because it is the mismatched energy frequency that flows within and through many millions of individuals, basically a load of discordant and out of tune notes, that distort the inflowing Love that is your true and divine nature.  You are Love, but over the eons many became intensely engaged in the game of separation, so intensely engaged that they built a strong resistance to Love – the divine energy field that is the Life Force flowing through all of consciousness – and severely reduced their acceptance of what is their true nature.

Free will is free, not imposed or directed, and so those who chose separation are free either to continue experiencing that state for as long as they desire to do so, or to move back toward knowing Oneness.  Often it appears that people are miserable, suffering, in pain and wanting only to be released from that state, but in truth they are in that state by their own choosing and will only leave it when they realize that they can make the choice to do so.  They have to realize that they do have choices about how they respond to the life issues that they face and that they are not powerless victims.

Victims are those who are under the control of forces outside themselves, that is, those who are imprisoned or physically restrained, but even then they do have a choice as to how they will respond mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to the situations in which they find themselves.  Your mind is always free, but, in your freedom, you are always free to perceive it as not being free.  Over the last few decades many excellent self-help books have been published by experienced and well informed psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, and spiritual healers to help people understand this.  There is a wealth of helpful information available that people can readily access when they are ready to make the life style and behavioral changes necessary for them to move forward.

Of course you should always treat those who believe themselves to be victims with great love and compassion while at the same time not reinforcing this belief by supporting it.

The human collective, the One Son of God who was created totally free and remains eternally so, chose to experience separation many eons ago.  Separation is an unreal state in which you experience limitations that severely restrict your ability to function as the divine being that your Father so lovingly created.  Being immensely powerful, the environment that you constructed within which to experience separation – limitation – appears outrageously real when you are incarnate within it as humans.  However, in order to ensure that you could find your way out of the entangled state of confusion that you had constructed, God immediately created your unbreakable connection to Himself, the Source of all that exists, to ensure that when you made the choice to return to Reality, Oneness, as in His divine Wisdom He knew you would, you would be able to do so.  All that is keeping you from awakening from the dream, from returning home to Reality is your utterly false but collective belief that you, all of humanity, are separate from God.

As you have been told so often separation from Source is impossible.  Nevertheless, as stated above, the illusion that you constructed appears completely real to you, and God, Source, the Supreme Wisdom, All That Is, therefore appears to you to be on an altogether different level from yourselves – infinitely good, holy, sacred, blessed, hallowed, sublime, awesome – way beyond any level of goodness or perfection to which you could ever hope to aspire.  Consequently, over the eons you have judged and condemned yourselves for your sinfulness, worthlessness, and shamefulness, and because the horror of admitting that about yourselves is so terrifying you projected it outwards onto others while denying it within yourselves, thus reinforcing the sense of separation that you had constructed.

The apparent result has been that you have found yourselves forever threatened by enemies, those onto whom you have projected your faults while denying them within yourselves.  Wars have raged for eons as you have attempted to destroy those you saw as enemies of god (the god of judgment and blame like unto yourselves that you had invented), while in fact you were but waging war on yourselves, on YOURSELF, the divine being your Father created to live in eternal joy with Him.

Finally the truth that there is only Love is beginning to permeate your conscious awareness as your scientists and philosophers, who through their experiments and their studies are realizing that separation is impossible, that everything is inseparably connected to everything else, are making this knowledge public.  Therefore you are beginning to realize that war or conflict of any kind and for any reason is totally insane!

It is this growing awareness that is nudging you toward wakefulness, encouraging you to leave the nightmare behind and join together as One in Love; that is, to remember that you are One, and that you have never been separated from your Source or from each other for even an instant.  And that is why we in the spiritual realms are in so much joy and are now repeatedly asking you to celebrate!  Celebration intensifies the Love that is your true nature, the nature you share with God, and with every conscious being that God has created.  So CELEBRATE!  You are moving to awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.

Lisa Trancendance Brown – Powerful Awakenings Now! – 11-29-16

What A Gift To Experience This Mass Awakening With Front Row Seats ~ Amanda Gauci — Our Shifting Perspective

It truly is an amazing time to be incarnated on Gaia (Earth). It truly is a gift to be alive! Those of us who are awake, what a blessing it is for us to watch this awakening unfold before our very eyes. This is what we’ve all be preparing for. It truly is an honour and WE […]

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Nothing is As It Seems, When People Want to Help The World, They Will Be United ~ Aug Tellez — 2012 The Awakening

AsideOctober 24, 2016 o As much as you may feel that everything here is done against your interests, the events that have been taking place are actually to produce a viable outcome for the majority, rather than just one group of people. With the current ‘scapegoat’ based power-structure in the West, people tend to only […]

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The Event (E.T. Disclosure, Financial Reset) — roseramblesdotorg

This is a very nice detailed brief on exactly what the long awaited “Event” will be by Jonathan Carty. This article would be a very good way to introduce those who are either newly “awakened”, or those who are about to “awaken” to what many perceive as the “truth” of our current world. With the […]

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MASS AWAKENING OF HUMANITY – The Pleiadian High Council of Seven – 9-2o-16

Courtesy of   https://rainbowwaveoflight.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/a-mass-awakening-%e2%88%9ethe-pleiadian-high-council-of-seven/


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

The occurrence of a phenomenon on your world is worth getting excited about. The occurrence of several phenomena is the start of a movement. It is a sign of an evolution of consciousness. You’re going to experience anomalies, outrageous events that are inexplicable to your logical minds. You are going to see things that you did not think were possible, and it is all going to happen simultaneously, in different parts of your world.

These events and occurrences are going to have an effect on the collective consciousness. A mass awakening, an awakening of more individuals at one time than you have previously seen, is going to occur. And those who once believed that you were weird for believing in what you believe, are going to look to your for support. This is why you are awakening in waves.

It is for the purpose of giving some of you the ability and the experience to be of service to others. You all have your roles to play, and right now, your role is to be out a bit in front of the rest of the collective. You are the trailblazers. You are the leaders of the movement. And as such, you are often seen as outsiders.

Now, when these occurrences on your world begin there will be a certain amount of panic and fear. But that is all right. You are prepared for that. You are prepared because many of you have been facing your own fears for quite some time, and you are not only capable of handling your emotions, but also of helping others to process theirs. Your world is ready for big changes to occur, and you are ready to support those who are not.

But these changes would not be coming if you were not asking, as a collective, for them. All in perfect timing, and all a part of your master plan as a collective consciousness.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

A Star Child Speaks – Calls for Humanity to Wake Up! – I Can Heal Water – by Golden Age Of Gaia – 9-4-16



 I received the following email about a nine-year-old from Northern Europe who speaks about her ability to ‘heal’ water through star languages. She also gives her perspective on God and her Mission:

“I Can Heal Water.” – A Star Child Speaks, Calls for Humanity to “Wake Up!”

Mary Rodwell, cosmicnews.org, September 1, 2016,


The idea that a 9-year old girl can heal water is astounding enough! Find out what else she can do and the message she has for humanity.

An Excerpt from the forthcoming book The New Human by Mary Rodwell

“Poor us. poor kids who come to volunteer; we have such a difficult time ahead of us, a real fight. I am here to help my family ‘wake up,’ EVERYONE is sleeping.”

Cathy’s Mother:

My nine-year-old daughter speaks ‘star languages’ to heal water. I live in Northern Europe and have four children. At the time of my first pregnancy, a ‘voice’ told me my children were not mine. They would only come through me. These children belong to no one. It wasn’t until recently that I was aware there were such things as extra-terrestrials.

My nine-year-old daughter is a special girl who finds the conventional world and rules difficult. She asks me why isn’t she allowed to do things her own way. Cathy has healing abilities and dictated some healing words in an ET language to purify water. I noticed the water actually tasted different afterward. She says that star languages are from a place outside of the Universe

Cathy receives messages in ET languages and understands what they are saying to her. She says that they are important. I showed her your presentation, where a woman does healing and writes several ET languages. My daughter responded with joy and excitement, ‘She knows what I have written’.”

Astounding as Cathy’s claim may be, a scientist from Northern Europe is researching ways to energize water and explains how this could be possible. Dr. Ohlson (Ph.D.) is a Swedish scientist referred to previously as coining the term letter people.. She is also studying water and its properties. 

Dr. Ohlson States:

“As a scientist, the spiral formations I’ve been working with in my water research, such as loading energy back in water, helps healing recharges and strengthens the energy field, the aura. Healing works on a cellular level, whether you believe it or not. The healing from my hands affected the protein binding to a gene P53, which plays a role in turning genes on and off. Rightly used, it could be bliss for humanity in rebuilding our earth.”

Masaru Emoto, the former Japanese scientist, demonstrated in numerous scientific tests, the crystalline nature of water and how it can beprogrammed, purified and changed by frequencies through certain types of music, prayer, and human intent. 

Note: For studies that have demonstrated how frequency and intent can alter the crystalline nature of water see: Masaru Emoto and The Hidden Messages in Water

God: A Different Perspective:

Cathy’s mother continues:

“Cathy doesn’t use the word God as she says it’s misused. She calls It a ‘BEING’ who resides in the ‘DAY LIGHT.’ It is an ‘OVER TERRESTRIAL’. Day Light is where we all originate. God is not a man or woman. It has no gender. This Being sowed the seed of Light and Love, and it’s where the light and angels live.

Cathy has ‘helpers’ who guide and teach her. One of the beings is called ‘Emenoke’, a female and is blue, has no hair or ears; her eyes are like human eyes, only bigger. The green guide is male. She has a helper from Day Land (dimensions), who helps her understand what her guides tell her. She says ‘my friends are here all the time.’

The Knowledge:

“Cathy’s spirit ET friends have given her information in seven books (not real books, but this is the best way she can describe them).

  • The red book is about creation and our origins.
  • The brown one is about different planets and the life there.
  • The light green one is about nature, and how we can make contact with plants and animals and understand nature.
  • The dark green one is about the body, how it really works and how we get it to evolve.
  • The blue book is about light and truth.
  • The red-brown book she can’t open yet, because ‘a dragon took the key’ from her sometime in the 1700s.
  • The black book explains about darkness and evil and is dangerous.

All the books contain important information.”

Schools, Educational Systems – What is Wrong: 

Cathy spoke via an interpreter on Skype: 

“What they teach in schools is inaccurate. They program you like computers and shut out your light. There is nothing good about this system. The children are programmed, the teachers just push the keys. The children already contain the learning we need, but they don’t allow the children to expand on it and finish because we have to stop and do something else.

The information is set and rigid at school. The school programs are like a virus, it destroys what we have inside us and when we are like the computer, which is old, and we grow up, we will be finished. We lose access to information we had at the beginning.

But education is only one of the ways this happens. Our inner core can be destroyed by too much stress, facing multiple tasks, less sleep and more anxiety. We are deliberately destroyed.”

The Potential of Humanity, Imagination and Making Something a Reality:

 “Everything is possible.”

“People need to know we can do anything we desire. When children play by using their imagination, it’s not just imagination. When we stop them by saying they can’t do this or that, it stops them making it a reality. What they are imagining can be a reality. What at this time we call imagination can be reality. We say it’s not possible, but everything is possible. We need to believe it, then we willhave this capacity. When we rediscover what we can do, we can achieve our full potential.”

Humanity Has to Believe in Itself:

“It is difficult, because first of all, we don’t believe it, then if we believe but still have doubts, this prevents us from reaching this potential. We have to be at a point within ourselves to get in touch with our REAL truth in order to achieve this. There is a certain time we will achieve it, and if one person does, it will spread to other people, and this is the way it will start. But at what time I can’t tell you.”

Cathy shares why the star kids have come to this planet at this time: 

“The star kids have come to show us the way. They are the ones to start the process, helping the rest of humanity to wake up.”

Cathy says she is from Evening Land, to help us evolve. When her purpose is accomplished, she will go to the Day Light. We have already been in Day Land, but because we wanted to have more experiences, we came to this planet. The beings in Contact with her, like Emenoke, do not live on another planet. They are located at the ‘edge of the universe’ in the White Light. “The ‘light orb’ is sent to protect us. My little brother has a blue orb that protects him.”

Mary: “You said he will also be a teacher ˗ in what way?”

Cathy: “He will be my teacher, as I will be, and he will be home schooled so he will retain true knowledge.”

M: “What do your guides teach you?”

C: “They are teaching me different knowledge so I can teach adults. The danger is that it can be changed and then the true information is lost. Then people get confused and lost by making fun of the star children, or not believing them. Many Star Kids are destroyed by education.”

M: “How many star kids are there?”

C: “Forty or fifty percent of people of a hundred, but many get lost and only twenty percent will remember who they are.”

“We Have to Wake Up!”

“The beings want us to wake up and see reality as it is, to understand how powerful we really are. Some individuals from Day Land and Evening Land have come here to help humanity with the Awakening. It’s very dangerous to come here to help because our past life memories can be deleted at birth and some of this is destroyed by society and education, drink and drugs. Those who come here are aware of the dangers and still want to come and help. We are not awake yet.”

M: “How can we wake up?”

C: “We have to increase our energy as we don’t have the energy required; it’s stolen from us.”

M: “How can we protect our energy?”

C: “At present, we only have point five percent (.05%) of our energy. We need to have one point five percent (1.5%).

How might we begin to increase our energy? Cathy says…

  • Don’t get angry about small things.
  • Don’t speak on mobile phones for a long time.
  • Don’t eat white sugar.
  • Don’t watch TV.
  • Don’t use microwaves.
  • Don’t have wireless internet.

The Next Five Years: 2012-2017:

“Something important will happen in the next five years on this planet. The parents have to listen to us. We need to educate the parents.

Cathy told me that her purpose here on earth is to get her family to wake up and to protect her little brother because he is important for humanity. By this, she means he will become her teacher when he grows up, as he will, in turn, help humanity wake up. 

Cathy then says…

“Mary has BIG ears. She listens. Most adults don’t.”

Arcturian Prologue – Message 2016-17



Open Hand Web – Breaking through the Moment, into your Miraculous Cosmic Self – 8-8-16




It seems to me that just about everybody is searching for something – be it joy, love, material abundance or some kind of fulfillment. And so often, all that’s found, are dancing veils in a world of disillusion. Many people are close, tantalisingly close to the ultimate prize that will complete them. It’s right there, in every single moment – the potential to break through into your deepest Cosmic Self, the magnificent destiny of all toil and struggle; the answer to every question. Where do you look? And most importantly, how do you look?…

The fundamental challenge every soul faces

It helps to first appreciate the fundamental challenge that every soul faces – identification, and thereby a degree of loss of vibration, within the physicality of life.

The soul is a streaming flow of consciousness, from the Source, that is unique for each of us. It’s purpose is to fully realise and actualise itself in every single moment, and there is nothing else going on. In the actualisation of self, reality is created as mirrors, by which to experience the glory of your soul – to see and feel yourself. The unbridled liberation of soul is the ultimate prize – the elixir of life – something available to us in every single moment. It is a streaming flow of abundance.But you have to recognise that the soul also gets stuck within. This is where it identifies with the illusion – where it forgets that the manifestation of Self is the ultimate prize, and not the creation flowing from it. Where you identify with the creation that you’re manifesting (be it a job, a possession or a relationship), then you consign the soul into a limiting eddy current that is lacking. The flow switches off, and you begin to live a life of fate rather than destiny, one that is much less than who you really are; much less than your realised full potential.

However, to realise the potential of your Cosmic Self, is not simply to drop the distortions and attachments like dropping the proverbial ‘hot coals’. Because this simply disconnects you from reality, causes a subtle inner identity that is denying, and limits the true expansive expression of soul. Although peaceful in the beginning, it leads to a life of non-fulfillment and frustration.

Unleashing the Soul in every single moment

There is a way of liberating your soul in every moment, and unleashing it on the outstretched wings of the divine, such that your life becomes not only joyful, but stupendously fulfilling. And it’s straightforward. It’s not necessarily easy, but it is straightforward. I call it Breakthrough.

Breakthrough is to recognise that in any single moment there is likely to be some tightness of attachment, resistance or some disconnect, be it at the mental, emotional or energetic levels. First witness this tightness, go right into the heart of it and express it out into your world. The soul is exposed to its own shadow. It then becomes possible to unwind the attachment by feeling into the ‘heat of the moment’ and becoming as-one with the experience. This unwinds the soul and unleashes full authentic expression. You soar on the out-stretched wings of the divine. It becomes a continually miraculous experience of living. You’re constantly liberating your Cosmic Self by becoming fully present in the moment.Did I say it was easy?

Easy it isn’t. But it is straightforward. The key is not to resist the tightness – the pain of identification with the moment – where you need reality to be a certain way. But then not to simply ditch it either, or to pop some kind of ‘pill’ to deaden the pain (be that soft comfort or distraction). It takes courage and commitment to go right into the heart of it and feel the fullness of it – to express it and thereby fully honour it.

You are seeded to succeed

Ultimately, you become able to identify this tightness in the very moment it is happening, and to continually expand out through it. In every moment you’re now unleashing the fullness of soul. Creation happens as a streaming – non-attached – flow all around you. This is the enlightened state – to be fully in the illusion, and creating abundantly, but not at all attached to any of it. You can create it and then immediately let it go. The creation ceases to be the necessary outcome – the actualisation of your Cosmic Self is what truly satisfies.

In the beginning, it is unlikely you’ll be able to do this immediately, all the time, in the moment it’s happening. That’s no problem. After the event (where you became tight and identified), you can ‘regress yourself back into the situation’: take time out, find a quiet space, close your eyes, then see the images of the event and feel the feelings. Where is the tightness? Is it mental, emotional or energetic? Let yourself express the pain of it. Maybe its a sense of worthlessness or being unloved? Maybe you feel alone? Maybe you don’t feel successful? Express that pain – whatever it is – out into your surrounding reality. Then in the midst of it, locate the inner tightness the attachment creates. Recognise this attachment does not define you, it is not who you are. Open a doorway through it, into the sense of pure presence – of The One. Totally accept the tightness without needing it to go away – “you are NOT this experience”. When you’ve tired of the experience, and you’re totally accepting of it, then you’ve become “The One” in it. Then you can unwind the tightness by putting your attention in it and simply feeling the sense of unwinding, releasing. Now feel the energy of your soul – the sense of Cosmic Self – coming through. Unleash that out into the world through creative expression in the moment. The reflection of your Cosmic Self is now gloriously realised!Breakthrough takes a lot of practice in the beginning. But everyone is seeded to succeed, because I put it to you, that this unwinding process is the natural journey of self-realisation of the soul. Breakthrough is a process that aligns with this naturally enlightening dynamic through the Universe. It’s an aligned reflection of light breaking through darkness in the greater macrocosm.

An epic, true Story of Awakening

To help people understand this tremendous process of “Breakthrough”, I felt to share an epic true Journey of Awakening, a regression through a seekers life, of trials and tribulations in relationships, careers, through sport, academia, the military and business. It it is sure to reflect to situations and circumstances in your life, demonstrating how to work into the tightness such situations create, how to work to liberate soul through them, and what you’re likely to experience the deeper you go. Just reading it alone is sure inspire your own miraculous Breakthrough. And to live that way in every single moment.

Breakthrough, could provide the answer to everything you’re seeking.

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Diana Rose Kottle – A Massive Wake-Up Call for Humanity – 8-26-16


By Diana Rose Kottle, Wake Up World



Currently the planet is going through an epic energetic shift in global consciousness and frequency upgrades, unlike anything we have seen before, and it is happening rapidly. People are quickly awakening and gaining access to their own light, their own power, their own information, their own truth.

With this level of change, comes great challenges (opportunities for learning and growth) and disruptions that may rock you to your core, as you release the old and make room for the new emerging energies to come into form. 

The old structures must fall; the limitations must be released; the castles of corruption must crumble to the ground. Essentially, we must empty out the garbage first, removing the layers of trash from our lives that are clogging the pipes and stopping the flow, before we can be filled with and hold, the high frequency light that is available to all of us, now more than ever before.

We are entering a new era of human understanding, a time where many of us are cracking open out of our old hardened shells, shedding limiting belief systems and toxic thought patterns, dismantling the false structures of control, unhooking from the planetary programming grids and busting through the illusions of fear and separation, that are designed to intentionally keep us small and stuck and complacent, dependent and enslaved; and we are instead gaining new levels of awareness and embracing the true essence of who we are at the core soul level of our being.

We must stop dimming our light and hiding in the shadows of fear!

Now is the time to fully step up into our creative manifestation power as a collective consciousness — as a unified sea of our unique individual voices, whose authentic expression, whose particular specific sparkle, when united in our bright shining light and connected empowerment, creates a tidal wave of healing alchemy, a shimmering ocean of infinite possibilities, weaving together a tapestry of high frequency crystalline light packets of information and sacred geometries, creating the golden grid of the new paradigm.

Why do we dim our light?

Simple. We are programmed and conditioned to from birth. It is bred into us from day one, woven into the very fabric of our society. We see this manifested as agreed upon social norms, via our corrupt political system, through standardized government funded public schooling (which among other things, inserts its own agenda of controlling what, and how, we learn) and in belief system constructs that are constantly hammered into us, designed to limit, constrict and abolish free expansive thought and expression; all under the guise of freedom of course. We are taught to stay in the box and follow the rules, color in the lines, dot your i’s and cross your t’s like a “good little boy or girl”, to be rewarded, to graduate up to the next level, which simply means moving up to the next little box with a new tight little lid, that is promptly set and sealed firmly in place.

We are controlled and manipulated through our food and water supply, not being told what we are really consuming, yet being told it is good for us when it is brimming with chemicals and hidden toxins that our bodies can’t possibly process, which results in dis-ease and a litany of illnesses on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic). We are forced to vaccinate our children who become sick from the poisons and toxic substances they contain. We are told lies of fear through the news and media, as if they are truth; we are really only shown what fits the specific agenda of those with the power, the puppeteers who are installing, and then pulling our strings.

We are groomed to be muppets (aka: mindless puppets) and become hypnotized sheep, who follow blindly, sleepwalking our way through the world, after being led through enticing magical fields filled with beautiful scarlet poppies whose intoxicating aroma of manipulation and unconsciousness makes us check-out, and serves to lull us into eternal sleep. My god, we are even taught to count sheep as children to help us fall asleep at night.

We are constantly being fed fear and propaganda as truth, which conditions us to doubt our natural instincts; so we choose to stay in our separated boxes of imagined safety because we are so afraid of what we are told is “out there”, beyond the iron clad walls that are built around our hearts, to “keep out” and protect us from the boogeymen, and other things that go bump in the night.

Is it any wonder we are too petrified to even turn on the light switch to see if there is really a scary monster in our bedroom lurking in the shadows or hiding under our bed?

We are so traumatized we hide under the covers, paralyzed and trembling with fear, anchoring our feelings of powerlessness even deeper into our incredibly impressionable psyches.

We are pumped full of fear based, hyped-up, trumped-up scenarios (diversions and red herrings), designed specifically to distract us and keep us focused away from the real solutions, and even the real issues, whose discovery of does not serve the status quo, nor the hidden agenda, of keeping us numbed-out, dumbed-down and completely disconnected from the actual real conspiracies (not theories) that are going on, often being hidden right under our noses, in plain sight.

We are told to only believe what we can see, what is “proven” by mainstream Newtonian Physics, which does not address or even acknowledge the effect of consciousness on outcomes (The Observer Effect is a basic premise of Quantum Physics, which simply put says: the mere act of observing something, influences it, and changes it on a quantum level) which affects and changes everything, in a major way.

So we are taught to buy into an old outmoded system of Science that does not accurately reflect the forward movement, the upgraded consciousness (or even the role consciousness plays on matter for that matter) and ignores the new model of the world we are actually living in and experiencing today. It reflects instead a closed system that is now exploding from the pressure of the heightened creative consciousness bursts of the planet expressing itself as higher light frequency, in an entirely new expansive way.

We are taught this because mainstream acknowledgment and acceptance of the Quantum world, is a threat to the current dysfunctional systems run by the select few governing elite, in positions of high power, who financially benefit from the old models staying intact; they profit by keeping us sick and afraid. New thought and change frightens and threatens the old regimes, the corrupt elite groups, the old outmoded structures, that are now beginning to crack and crumble from the pressure, as we enter these new energetic times, where the rules and the rulers are changing.

When we live in a matrix of fear, we are anchored into the lower denser frequencies. The vibration at this level is thick and dense and heavy and dark. This is designed specifically to keep you hooked into the program of control, tethered to the hamster wheel at the bottom of the dark ocean, running endlessly through mazes of circular loops, going nowhere, while eternally drowning and gasping for air.

You really think anyone is thinking about enlightenment or spiritual evolution in that scenario?

Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (pictured below). At the bottom of the pyramid, you have safety and survival. At the top, you find self-actualization and transcendence. To access these enlightened states of being in frequency, you must move up in vibration. And as long as you are strapped to the lower energies and denser frequencies scrambling to get your most basic needs met (and not die), you are trapped, hooked into the control matrix of fear, pain, unconsciousness, unworthiness.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (click image to enlarge.)

In essence, you are suppressed, hypnotized by the very convincing illusion that says “you are unable (not powerful enough) to ever set yourself free”.

The programming and fear is so thick at this level, it is insidious, infused in everything and found everywhere; so we believe that it is normal and that it is “just the way things are”. We become a valley of complacent cows and submissive sheep waiting to be slaughtered by the very hand that fed us the lies to begin with that keep us enslaved and unaware, all the while oblivious that we are even enchained.

Yet we are the chained elephants conditioned to believe we are stuck and rendered powerless, by the tiny little stake in the ground tied to only one of our enormously powerful feet.

The distortions and corruption is layered and hidden (running very deep indeed). It is woven into the very fabric of what we are taught to trust. It is sprinkled into our “health” food, added to our “clean” water supply and laced into the “natural” supplements we are told will keep us healthy. All this is done with a big fake smile dripping with enticing false promises, that find and push on our pain points, inflicting scarcity and fear and lack consciousness, to convince us of an illusion designed specifically to keep us in struggle; to keep us separate; to keep us subdued; to keep us from questioning; to keep us from remembering how powerful we truly are.

Well this is not normal and it is not the only available option. Not by a long shot.

It’s time now for you all, especially the Light Workers and Way Showers, the Truth Seekers, the Earth Angels on this planet, the Empaths and Energy Healers, and everyone else who has a deep soul calling to help others awaken to their own light, to start shining your own light more brightly than you ever have before — on these illusions, on these distortions, on the garbage that the masses keep consuming as if it is caviar, guzzling down like it’s the finest bottle of Dom Pérignon, remaining drunk, wandering around in a constant dazed collective stupor, from the countless hypnotic bubbles of toxic corruption that are consistently coursing through their bodies on an automatic drip system.

It is time for a massive wake-up call to all of humanity — to remember and ignite your own inner light; to come together in the frequency of love, truth, and collective empowerment; to know that we are so much more powerful than we were ever taught to believe.

How do we share this message with those who are hypnotized and asleep?

We do this by being the light; by speaking our authentic truth; by releasing our own dark shadows that want to drag us into debate and separation and superiority, triggering our need to be right or better than others (or however this ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’, ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’, ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ separation power struggle out-pictures specifically in your life); we lead by example, sharing our messages of empowerment, worthiness, connection and love with the world, through our own unique authentic voices of truth.

By doing this we will reach a critical mass, a tipping point of awakening, where a new morphic field is created and becomes its own powerful force of light, whose unique signature stands tall, like a glowing lighthouse in the thick dark fog, shining brightly, guiding the way home to those vessels who are lost at sea, being tossed about in the crashing storm of monstrous waves. This is how we create the new paradigm; this is how the new way, the new energies on the planet, come into form; this is how a new world is born.

This is a call to all of you who came here to help awaken the planet.

Please get your own house (your own internal world) in order pronto, so that you can do and be what you came here for. Because the world is waiting for you: to stand tall; to shine brightly; to stop apologizing for who you are and be your true authentic self; and to play your specific role in the awakening of the planet and human consciousness to the absolute fullest now. It is time for what I call, The Alchemy of Awakening. And so it is. Aho. Amen.

About the author:

Diana Rose KottleDiana Rose Kottle, MA, MFT is a Writer, Emotional Alchemist, Mind/Body & Soul Alignment Coach, and Licensed Psychotherapist — Inspiring and Empowering Humanity to Awaken, Be Authentic, Speak Truth, Connect to Source Energy, Connect Within and Embody Love. Diana is available by phone and Skype for consultations and coaching.

You can connect with Diana Rose Kottle on Facebook or by emailing drkottle@gmail.com.

Jesus through John – As you Awaken, the fog will Clear from your Minds – 12-12-12 – Repost


Jesus through John   –   As you Awaken, the fog will Clear from your Minds   –   12-12-12



Many have talked of the End Times approaching, but you are really approaching the Beginning Times as a new age of peace, harmony, and abundance for all humanity comes into view.  The satisfaction and contentment that you will experience, as all that could frighten, worry, or cause you any kind of suffering just dissolves, leaving absolutely no trace to disturb your constant state of sublime peace, is definitely something to which you can look forward.  A New Age, for which you have been yearning, is about to dawn.

As the short period remaining before you awaken winds down it would be good to address any issues that you may have been avoiding, or perhaps considered too insignificant to concern yourselves with.  However, anything that would fall into the category of holding a grudge, a derogatory judgment of another, or something unforgiven, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems, does need to be released.  If you can remember it, then it needs to be released. Everyone has things that have been totally forgotten that could have been released, but if they are truly forgotten they are as good as already released and forgiven.  It is just the small niggling things, which are occasionally retained because they give a person a sense of satisfaction, of being right, that now need to be released to clear your energy fields – that person who queue-barged, pinched your parking-spot, made an unwarranted and unkind remark – small seemingly insignificant momentary occurrences that you still remember.  Let them go.

As the moment of your awakening approaches do not let the anticipation, the wondering about how it will all play out, distract you from holding your Light on high, and from intending that all become engaged with the divine energy field. This field is gathering together all the individual intentions to share compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and love worldwide into itself, where a great intensification of that intent will occur so that no one will be able to remain unaware of its powerful presence influencing them with its enormous sense of peace, acceptance, and of course, Love.

Whenever you can, it is good to join together in groups to meditate at the same instant – you do not need to be physically present with one another as long as you have made the joint intent – to continue strengthening the awaking process for the planet herself and for all the sentient beings whose lives she supports. Intend that Love penetrate the hearts of those most forcefully opposed to the essential changes that are happening worldwide.  It is very effective to do so, and some of them will most definitely have a change of heart, even at this late stage of your collective spiritual evolution because, with God, all things are possible.

The Light that shines out from so many of you and from the planet herself is extremely beautiful, and increases in brightness and intensity with each passing day, because the amount of time spent in prayer or in meditation all over the world has been increasing, as ever more of humanity feels the irresistible urge to develop their spiritual aspects.  The loving intent that so many of you have been expressing, and which has helped you to align yourselves with the divine field of Love that surrounds Earth, has strengthened your integration with that field so that it effects everyone on the planet most positively.

The level of energy required to awaken you from your eons-long slumber has nearly been reached, and when it is achieved, as it very shortly will, it will be impossible for you to cling any longer to the state of sleep that has caused you so much suffering and confusion.  As you awaken, the fog will clear from your minds; your vision, your awareness will become crystal clear, and you will have returned Home and into recognition of who you truly are: the perfect children of God, whose Love for you knows no bounds.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Paul A Philips – Now That You’ve Awakened How Do You Awaken Others? – 8-2-16

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Now That You’ve Awakened How Do You Awaken Others? -By Paul A Philips
So you see the ‘big picture.’  You’ve awakened to the realization that the planet has been hijacked by a small number of ruling elite psychopaths. You know about their planned genocide and New Wold Order enslavement agenda. You want to do something about it. So, you start spreading the word to awaken others, telling them what’s really happening in the world…
Remember, the greater the number of awakened individuals spreading the word, the quicker we as a race can reach that critical mass number of consciously awakened individuals needed to prevent the planned doom and gloom and co-create a turnaround for planetary transformation.
The change in mass consciousness for planetary transformation has to be done, especially with a sense of urgency as it’s a do-or-die-situation.
Indeed, learning how to spread the word to the un-awakened can be quite a difficult task at times. How to spread the word effectively is a subject, I feel, that is not addressed enough in the alternative media community. However, over the years, I have learnt a number of effective ways to do it that avoids many pitfalls.
Remember, know that you can make a difference – insignificance is an illusion:
Here are some of those effective ways to spread the word crucial for playing a part in our mass awakening and planetary change:
Keep it simple
Share your revelations on an increasingly steady gradient over time (don’t get heavy), so that people will grasp more easily where you’re coming from and be more accepting of what you say along the way.
Distinguish the Nay-Sayers
No matter how eloquent you may be, knowledgeable, good at communication, dealing with people’s idiosyncrasies… there are some people who just don’t get it and I doubt if they ever will. –These people will invalidate you without ever investigating your claims… The sooner you can distinguish these Nay-Sayerslike those interviewing David Icke in the video below, limited by their self-imposed bubble of existence, the sooner you can move on to spread the word to others who are more open-minded and receptive:

‘Gauge the person’

If you want to make a difference then try to ‘gauge the person.’   That is, find out if they are open to what you have to say, or establish where they are at with their own awakening (if this is the case). Then you can speak to them on a level that they will gain further understanding…

Pick an area

Many people began with their awakening in a particular area. For example, my awakening began with health. If you can share a common ground with someone who somehow feels that things are not right in a particular subject area then this indeed is the subject to awaken them with. Do you have a specialist area of knowledge you could share?

Set an example

As the saying goes, be that change you want to see in the world. Walk the walk, talk the talk… For instance, if you’re campaigning for health then practice what you preach by livingly healthily… -Be authentic.
Be courageous but do it lovingly!
You may well have something worth saying. However, if you come across somewhat angrily or in a huff.., then the person/persons listening may not hear what you’re saying, not matter how you justified it. They will only get angry with your anger or huffy with your huffiness… So, basically, do indeed be courageous if needed, but try to spread the word lovingly.

Remember, you haven’t anything to sell…

For me, the way I see it is like this. I haven’t got anything to sell: I’m not out to change the world. I couldn’t change one person if I tried. People don’t change people. All we can ever do is present an opportunity to someone. It is up to that person to take and make something out of that opportunity and then change them self.

Questions are answers

One way of spreading the word, getting someone interested and aware is to give them questions.  Giving someone questions not only encourages inquiry but also avoids confrontation. Instead of you being head-on confronted, the person is more likely to confront the question. –Thus, questions indirectly serve as answers.

Know thy stuff!

Be prepared to give knowledgeable responses when challenged! A good knowledgeable response breeds confidence and courage.

Spreading the written word…

There are many free or cheap and easy to run blog sites you can use for spreading the word. Then there are many excellent free article submission websites to get your voice heard… Or how about creating an email list or social media setup..? Or you could give a slide-show presentation to your family and friends…  Can you think of other ways?
-That concludes some of the many ways and suggestions on how to awaken others.

Awake, Yet Asleep — Source of Inspiration – 7-31-16

I am awake, yet asleep moving through dreams of past and yet to be. Images swirl intermingling with dread, fear hope, joy plucking each emotion like a violin out of tune. What are these nocturnal fantasies, other dimensions unresolved stories from the past hopes for the future? They come even in the day when I […]

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Message from Matthew – 7-29-16

Mattew Ward


Message from Matthew   –   7-29-16


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your concerns about a number of issues are shared by many around the world, particularly the frequency of terrorist acts and mass shootings. As sad as it is to see our Earth brothers and sisters killing one another, we anticipated the increase in those kinds of incidents.

They are the natural result of your linear time crunching up and energy levels that have intensified all personal characteristics, including mental instability, and corresponding behavior—those two powerful forces working in tandem are accelerating the activity of energy streamers with violent attachments.

We hasten to add that those forces are affecting everything on the planet, and situations propelled by beneficial attachments are steaming toward soundly-reasoned resolutions. An example is The Hague’s ruling pertaining to the South China Sea. China’s grumbling is not unexpected, but nothing in the energy field of potential indicates a strenuous objection that could lead to open conflict.

Of special interest in the United States and, because of its international influence, in other countries as well, is that nation’s two major political parties’ presidential nominees. We stated in previous messages that prevailing vibrations were not supporting candidates who lack moral and spiritual integrity, but the voters will decide who wins. Each party’s nominee has staunch supporters; however, the energy momentum of the electorate’s widespread dissatisfaction with both has become too strong for either to be elected.

Earth’s monitors in Nirvana tell us that the energy awhirl could manifest any of various possibilities that will put Senator Bernie Sanders in the White House. Souls at this station are apolitical, so it is not on a partisan basis that we will welcome his presidency, but rather that his wisdom, personal qualities and leadership will enable his country and your world to continue progressing toward Gaia’s vision for all life on her planetary body.

“So UK leaves EU. Now what?” The Illuminati’s dominoes will keep falling. It is not that countries cooperating to offer their citizens enhanced trade, employment and educational opportunities is not a grand idea— indeed, it is! But never was the purpose of the European Union to benefit the people. It was to put them squarely under the thumb of the Illuminati. When vibrations reached a rate wherein an organization built on a foundation of dark intent could not much longer stand, it became a matter of when the first domino in the EU would fall.

Let us put this into its larger context. The Illuminati—also now known as the cabal, global elite, shadow government, One World Order, One World Government—began as a group of individuals who felt that they were the most intelligent and learned people in the world. Thus they were entitled to rule everyone else. Over time, others with the same superior attitude were drawn into the fold of this secret society, egos grew, tempers flared, and two competing factions emerged with the same goal, world domination.

Now we fast forward to sixty-some years ago, when the Rockefeller faction that operates out of New York and Washington, DC, was expanding its tentacles far westward and into Latin America. The Rothschild faction, headquartered in London and the Vatican, saw their territorial influence meager in comparison, so they buffed up their Council of Europe by establishing the European Union, European Central Bank and euro currency.

The Union was put under the Council’s flag and shares its anthem—such a duplicitous choice, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” With the first few countries buckled in by their EU belt, so to say, the Rothschilds and their minions set off on their expansion course; they moved into the new state of Israel, then throughout the Mideast, and more recently, northern Africa and some countries formerly within the Soviet Union.

All along both factions have used strategies in the original plan to reach their goal. They infiltrated governments, military forces, intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, law enforcement and justice systems, religious hierarchies, entertainment industry, medical and educational fields. They garnered fortunes by manipulating the global economy through stock markets, banking and lending institutions, usurious interest rates and unfair taxation. They initiated civil wars, wars between adjoining countries, and World Wars I and II; assassinated or imprisoned opposition; formed terrorist groups; suppressed and misused technologies; controlled mainstream media and the illegal drug trade; and took over natural resources wherever they went.

The original plan also included what they have failed to do—reduce the population by several billions via nuclear weaponry, toxic pollution, and pandemics caused by laboratory-designed viruses. All attempts toward that diabolical end have been thwarted by members of your universal family in your skies or living among you. Still, the two factions kept adding to their respective lines of dominoes and each felt that the world was coming within its grasp.

What they hadn’t taken into account is the light. After millennia of being held captive by the darkness that enshrouded the planet, the peoples started responding to the light beamed to Earth by spiritually evolved civilizations. The more enlightened they became, the more determined they were to throw off the yoke of oppression and persecution, and voices for freedom grew in numbers and volume. All the while, the intensifying light also was exposing the Illuminati’s global network of corruption and ruthlessness, and their dominoes started falling.

BREXIT is the most recent. Few individuals who voted to leave know of the Illuminati or the real purpose of the Union; what they knew is that benefits they had been led to believe they would derive had not materialized. Few who voted to remain know of the Illuminati or what the Union really was about, but they were faring well or were leery about what would happen if the United Kingdom set out on its own. Few know that the outcome of BREXIT was more than the vote count—it was influenced by vibrations that are undergirding activities leading toward a world of peace, honest governance, justness, and a fair share of Earth’s abundance for all peoples.

There will be some frayed nerves and bumpy patches as the EU unravels; more truths emerge; the economy fluctuates as the Illuminati—some at the peak of both factions have joined forces—futilely try to hold onto their ill-gotten wealth; and violence runs out its energetic course. Every happening in this moment and forthcoming is moving society closer to that aforementioned world. Beloved family, we know how eager you are for that to come about, and your steadfastness as lightworkers is helping to bring ever closer in linear time that which is fait accompli in the continuum.

“I am distressed about countries not wanting to accept immigrants from violence-torn areas and prejudice growing against them in countries that have taken them in. How can we ever live in harmony with prejudice increasing? First let us say that fear—a highly magnified energy form that is the major tool and fuel of dark minds and hearts—is the root of prejudice in all its pernicious forms and the source of all actions stemming from the illusion of separateness.

For the eons that Earth was stuck in deep third density, prejudice was the motivator of the violence and injustices that let countless souls complete their chosen karmic lessons. Now that the society is moving out of that density with its karmic merry-go-round, what is perceived as prejudice increasing actually is putting this basest aspect of humankind into the glare of a global spotlight so its destructive divisiveness can be clearly seen. As vibrations keep rising, healing, harmony and peace will come as love and mutual respect unify the peoples in the Oneness of All.

“Managing millions and millions of refugees seems an insurmountable problem. What will happen to all these desperate people?” The plight of the millions in hastily arranged camps will ease somewhat as aid organizations gain strength in numbers, and donations of monies, food, water, medical supplies and other essential equipment increase. The light radiated by the many aid-givers along with the light in worldwide compassion and the massive amount beamed to the planet is helping to sustain the refugees’ endurance and hopefulness.

As tyrannical regimes fall and warring ends, repatriation of people who fled those areas can begin. Financial and reconstruction assistance will be given in communities where this is practical; where villages and towns are too severely damaged to rebuild, the same assistance will be given to former residents so they can start anew in other locations. Immigrants in countries that gave them sanctuary will assimilate into those populations with benefits for all or choose to return to their native lands.

Please remember that the majority of refugees chose these life-changing circumstances to complete third density karma and evolve; also in keeping with contract choices, not all will survive their traumatic ordeal. People whose experiences are direr than chosen or who die prior to their contracts’ life span receive extraordinary opportunities for advancement in soul evolution, and advancement is the goal of every soul in every lifetime.

Some readers questioned whether loss of life and vast destruction due to wildfires, flooding and earthquakes creates negativity or is part of Earth’s cleansing process. It does both. While all of those events do create negativity, the cleansing effects for Earth are much greater—that is, negativity created by all other sources is released by natural disasters in far greater measure than the amount produced by those events.

“Do soul contracts of alternative healthcare practitioners and whistleblowers include being killed because of their efforts to do good?” Some contracts do. Practitioners who have been killed to prevent them from healing with natural therapies chose that fate to shed light on the collusion of the medical establishment with vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical and insurance companies; those whose services led to being professionally discredited and perhaps incarcerated or who fled to other countries agreed to those disruptions in their lives. It is the same with whistleblowers who have exposed many other situations that also adversely affect your lives. The numbers of individuals who experience or are threatened with one or another of the nefarious means whereby the Illuminati deal with anyone who jeopardizes their money-based interests have decreased as public awareness has increased.

Our explanation of why there will be no nuclear explosions in space prompted questions about the people who were damaged in such occurrences. First, this doesn’t apply to bodies, but to souls, and those that have been damaged were living as free spirits that didn’t embody, souls in civilizations so highly evolved that they have no density, or souls in astral travel. When a soul is shattered in a nuclear explosion, it doesn’t separate into whole personages, but rather into fragments that contain bits and pieces of memories of all lifetimes and whatever was remembered about the Beginnings in Creator. Traumatized by abrupt separation from the wholeness, most fragments drift throughout space, lost and confused, but some find their way into a body—this isn’t “possession,” it is an act of love on the part of the occupant soul.

Specially-trained teams search the heavens for the fragments, which emit vibrations on a unique bandwidth, and when one is found, it is transported to a healing facility where it is lovingly nurtured. When all fragments are located—in linear time this may take millennia—an intricate process is undertaken to restore the soul to its wholeness with every aspect of each lifetime in proper sequence. The diligent search and complex restoration show the infinite, eternal importance of each and every soul to Creator and, in this universe, to God.

“Can the soul be seen in a Kirlian photograph?” No. What is seen is the aura, light emanating from a body’s electromagnetic field that reflects the person’s spiritual status, emotional make-up, convictions and physical condition at the moment the photograph is taken.

Auras change in accordance with changes in the person. A healthy individual living in godly ways has a glowing aura that extends a fair way out from the body and may be multihued; the more spiritually evolved the individual, the brighter and broader the aura. If a person with those qualities becomes seriously ill or injured, the aura narrows and dims; its former status returns as healing occurs. A healthy individual whose mind is closed has a thin, dull aura; if that individual opens to spiritual and conscious enlightenment, the aura grows correspondingly wider and brighter. Someone whose greedy, angry, demanding or deceitful nature causes hardships for others outside their pre-birth agreement has a narrow murky border around the body; and a person who consistently ignores conscience and willfully causes suffering to others doesn’t have enough light for even an outline.

It is the collective auras of Earth’s humankind, animals and plant life that we see when we look at the planet in its entirety. Dear ones, if you could see what we do, you would be both joyous and awestricken by the panorama of love and enlightenment sparkling around the globe. Keep your light shining brilliantly!

All along your Earth journey you have been accompanied and supported by the unequaled power of love from light beings throughout this universe.



Suzanne Ward


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Juliet Tang – Awakening – 7 Steps to Ease the Labor Pain of Spiritual Rebirth – 7-25-16


By Juliet Tang, Wake Up World

Awakening is a unique journey that can only be experienced. The closest description I can come up with is that it feels like finally seeing the true colors of the world for the first time after having taken off a pair of tinted glasses that was tied around your eyes since birth.

As you are running down the path with enthusiasm, you realize just how magnificent everything is and you are eager to inhale all its beauty.

You long to find all the treasures you never thought were there, and every time when you find something and hold it in your hands to examine its intricate details, you remember it is something you’ve left behind long ago. In fact, the entire journey looks familiar.

Eventually, it dawns on you that this is the path that takes you back to your true origin and the further you go, the more illuminated your path becomes until you see an infinite number of paths all around you and billions of souls traveling at their own pace back to the same place, a place that has birthed the light.

With the excitement of finally starting a new chapter in the journey comes a series of challenges and confusions that can be overwhelming. After all, rebirth is never without its labor pains and some can be quite intense to the point of making us wonder whether this is worth it. There is no “one size fits all” formula or linear path that works for every individual; however, these are some steps that can be taken to ease the impact of the speed bumps. Usually, the more out of alignment we are prior to awakening, the more intense the journey can be felt on all levels because there is much that needs to be unlearned.

It is a journey of letting go and home coming.

Step 1. Acknowledgement

“Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one area I believed I truly belonged. I was set free, because my greatest fear had been realized, and I was still alive… And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling

Many would describe one of the triggers of the awakening process is hitting rock bottom. The common feelings accompanying this step are often depression, anger, despair and loneliness. It can be a dark period of time when we feel no matter how much we try, we continue to slam our faces against the cold brick floor of the pit we have fallen into. We condemn life and everything in it believing it has all been a mistake and we have reached an end.
It is only when we can acknowledge the defeat of the existing paradigm will we be able to liberate ourselves from it and awaken to our true nature. When we are faced with our greatest challenges and darkest moments after having failed to change what is outside of ourselves, we often are left with only one choice — taking the journey inward and changing ourselves.

As difficult as this step is, being in a place in the absence of what we desire in life be it love, joy or fulfillment becomes the motivational factor that pushes us to journey within to a sacred place where higher wisdom can be accessed.

This step is the starless dark night before dawn and the ferocious storm before the rainbow. Many refer to it as the dark night of the soul. As debilitating as the step is, underneath the pain is tremendous love and grace that allows us to journey back to who we truly are if we choose to, but the journey must be taken outside of the mind and existing beliefs. The more we can question every belief we hold onto and see beyond the thin veil separating what’s real and what’s illusive, the more we will be able to see our existing system as a mirage created by others around us to maintain a façade of this dream state.

We begin to realize just how heavy our baggage is from carrying and living those beliefs that we have internalized from our caretakers, teachers, peers and culture without ever questioning whether they represent who we are.
Eventually, we begin questioning ourselves, “If I am not my beliefs, who am I?”

Step 2. Trust

“Faith is trust. Faith is a deep sense of connectedness with Being.” – Eckhart Tolle

Trusting that all will work out for the greatest good when nothing seems to be is a crucial step in the process of awakening. It can also be one of the most frightening steps because it requires a giant leap of faith. Personally, I feel it is the catch-22 of awakening. We simply cannot move forward without at some point making a deliberate choice of being willing to let go of any and everything. However, without knowing how long the tunnel is and whether we will ever see the light at the end, we hesitate with each step because we are consumed by fear of possibly making the wrong move hence losing everything we’ve ever worked for.

This step always involves much fear of change. As miserable as we may be with certain aspects of our lives and as much as we yearn for the better, we are so used to things being one way that we fear once we change, we will change for the worse and end up with regrets. This is why we often choose to stay in failing relationships and careers. We tell ourselves we’ve invested too much in something, that the only way we may change it is if we are guaranteed some kind of success while that very belief keeps us trapped in less than satisfying circumstances for years and decades.

Everything in life is energy that flows to us and from us. When we refuse change, we are placing roadblocks to limit or stop the energy flow and eventually causing stagnation in life force energy. Blocked energy in our bodies creates dis-ease while stagnant energy in our lives creates distressing situations. When we say to ourselves we are stuck and we are not moving forward, we are essentially referring to the lack of energy flow.

The truth is, we are change and life is change. In 1 year, 98% of the subatomic particles in our bodies will be different, yet we continue to attempt to hold onto the same beliefs and expectations by imprisoning ourselves in the cages we build with them. By choosing not to change, we are ultimately still choosing and that choice comes from fear.

Awakening requires us to shed our caterpillar skins so we may emerge as butterflies, and trusting the process of metamorphosis is an absolutely necessary step to awaken. Underneath every fear is a dream waiting to blossom and a wish waiting to be fulfilled.

In order to wake up, we must trust enough to take the red pill. That leap of faith is a trade-off with the divine intelligence in the universe. To remember and claim the greatest gift we each have — the gift of our ability to consciously create, we must first give something in return, and that is our very doubt in that creative power. The journey of awakening is nothing but a process of giving back everything that is not us so we can travel with the lightness of who we really are.

Remember, life begins once we step out of our comfort zone.

We may ask ourselves at this point, “How is my fear holding me back from living the life I desire?”

Step 3. Allowing

“The wound is where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

We all have wounds. Prior to awakening, it is tempting to cover them up with bandages so we can present ourselves to the world as whole and perfect based on the world’s expectations. When we finally come to the realization that we have been dragging others’ baggage all along and realize the wounds have never healed from being covered up, anger is usually a common response.

It is easy to slip into a phase of judging and blaming ourselves and others for the flawed lives we have lived. We begin to see problems in everyone and everything. Our families, friends, media, society and often times ourselves all seem to represent sources of our pain. More often than not, we are so eager to shed the disempowering beliefs that we couldn’t purge them fast enough.

The risk of finger pointing is that we can easily slip back into the old victimhood except instead of being the victims with blindfolds on, now they have come off to reveal to us the dungeon we believe we are in. Some of us during this time will turn to teachings of law of attraction without first having taking care of the baggage. We convince ourselves in order to attract what we desire in our lives, we must raise our vibration to that which matches what we seek. As a result, we attempt to bypass all the intense emotions of awakening which is equivalent to introducing new expensive Italian furniture into a packed house that has never done spring cleaning.

The emotions we are bombarded with when we take the first few steps to awaken are part of the journey, and must be processed and integrated before we continue. If we try to resist by judging, denying or repressing any of them, we are still reacting to them and identifying with them which essentially means we are placing ourselves at the mercy of those beliefs we so desperately want to get rid of.

Know that the reason we may still be categorizing emotions into good/bad, positive/negative, acceptable/non-acceptable is because we have been conditioned to attach beliefs to the entire spectrum of emotions that are otherwise natural to us. This is the time to allow ourselves to feel without judgment or resistance. We can do so by journaling, talking to our emotions, practicing sitting with our emotions to understand their language, and inviting all parts of ourselves to participate in our meditations.

The question we may ask is, “What are my emotions trying to tell me?”

By being fully present with all emotions and sitting with them, we are beginning to step into our own power of being conscious creators.




About the author:

Juliet Tang is a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, certified hypnotist and founder of Jewel’s Healing Garden, a holistic practice in New York that combines energy healing, hypnosis and intuitive coaching to help others achieve healing and personal transformation.

Juliet empowers her clients to tap into the power of their unconscious to access the infinite wisdom and inner resources that can be utilized to carry out their visions.

With her psychology background and a decade of teaching experience, in addition to the healing work conducted, Juliet also teaches her clients simple and powerful techniques to rewire old habits to reinforce desirable patterns in all areas in life. Her hypnosis/coaching packages can be found here.

Juliet also offers free remote Reiki healing every Sunday for people all around the world. Details can be found here.

You can follow Juliet online via her website www.jewelshealinggarden.com, or follow Juliet on social media via:


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